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nearly a year since the last thread i decided it was time

gonna dump some things here hope you like it i guess
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Savage Republic - Tragic Figures
>Post Punk, Experimental Rock, Industrial Rock

Formed in Los Angeles at UCLA, originally under the name Africa Corps. Savage Republic formed in 1982 and in that same year self released this debut album. which garnered some infamy at the time but it wasnt until a few years later when this was repressed in 87 did it begin to get noticed and revered

Tragic Figures is great post punk done up with a lot of tribal drumming, sweet bass lines with industrial drone-ish guitar riffs, screaming nonsense, and some intelligable vocals, under some thin production. despite the use of"tribal" drums on this, the album doesnt really fall in the usual fodder of generic "funky" post punk bands its not manic or choppy, so much as its a dour sound, bleak, very... grey?. i think of something like a factory that makes tv static in large sheets for you to stare at and let your rage grow a bit

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Not OP but I'll share some strange stuff

Antoine Et Les Problèmes – Antoine Rencontre Les Problèmes
>Garage Rock, Freakbeat, Fuzz-Folk

Mari Boine- Idjagiedas (In the hand of the night)
>Traditional Sami Folk, Sounds like a drugged up shaman dancing around a fire with a band of tribesmen playing in the backround.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYevBLUtuLc [Embed]
ge . tt
/3qZ1RQW /v/1?c
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Josephine Foster - Hazel Eyes, Will Lead You
>Folk, Freak Folk, Chamber Folk

Josephine Foster is a musician from Colorado, where she grew up working as a funeral and wedding singer, that aimed for a career in Opera. after completing school and working as a singing teacher in chicago, she began to start playing around and recording releasing an album in 00', and in 01'. this album being released some time later in 05 with a nice gap for songwriting comes out as one of her most strong pieces in her career

this isnt anything too complicated, unlike most "freak folk" josephine actually keeps the guitar from overtaking the one thing that really shines on this, her fantastic vocals, they flutter above and beyond the twaddles of guitar, and ukelele, which have a well done part of their own as well. i get a very kudzu vine forrest feel with this album, it has this slightest tinge of blues with the folk that calls back to a very mystical southern USA feel, hints of sadness, uplifting hope, and wonder speckled in the lyrics and vocal delivery to round this out to a very lovely intimate album

>Girl-O-Y2k Was an Inside Job

>noise trio out of Oklahoma, once they ate a bunch of acid and got kicked out of a Whataburger for having a literal pissing contest in the middle of the restraunt
>recorded the entire album in three days, nude, in the Summertime with the heater in their apartment on full blast

Ugh, Links are dead for download in Mari Boine and the YouTube for Antoine.

Here's the Antoine:
>Savage Republic - Tragic Figures

Here's a youtube link:
The Stick Men - Insatiable
>New Wave, Art Punk, No Wave, Zolo

Are you too much of a bitch to try cocaine? well here is a record for you to rail lines vicariously to. Insatiable is the discography compilation LP for PA, arty whatever you want to call them Punk Rock outfit The Stick Men. formed in 77 after college, and going through various lineup changes before releasing any material finally in 1982. having also opened up for notable acts such as the Contortions, Johnny Thunders, The Pop Group, and even Oingo Boingo before finally disbanding in about 83'-84'

Insatiable is the entire works of the band as i said, which isnt a lot, unfortunately. this band captures the essence of being strung out on cocaine trying to play funk with your friends in a garage. its manic, hyper, the time changes are constant and the moments of non spastic no wavey zolo art rock are accompanied with wacky lyricism and funky disco segments. get this, get some coke, press play on your whatever tricked out Foobar skin you have and proceed to have a good time

here is a price listing for cocaine in your area

2+2=5 - Into the Future
>Synth Pop, Minimal Synth, New Wave

From all the way over in Italy, 2 artists of various talents and abilities met over in some post punk bar in Milan, both with a passion for Kraftwerk, Joy Division and other post punk/synth groups, forming 2+2=5 as an Orwellian dystopia tribute.

A jewel of the minmal synth scene from the 80s, Into the Future has a very empty, dark, and (obviously) minimal sound. the synths are subtle with parts in the foreground, and even some experimentation in analog synth noises, the guitars, and drum machines easily out do them with their simple patterns and riffs, and the bass is smooth and melodic. but what makes this stand out a bit besides being from italy, is that the melodies are pretty on point and memorable, tho if they could be a bit punched up tempo-wise, the songs still have memorability, despite the spacious, minimal sound.the only thing i think somewhat brings this down is the bad vocals, but that could be what you love so idk

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Parenthetical Girls - Safe as Houses
>Art Pop, Indie Pop

Possibly being a concept album of some sort. about a woman who becomes pregnant and births a child that she loathes for ruining her life, and a constantly downward spiral of horrible things in life, the opener being a back and forth exchange in sexual intimacy, the following song being a tale of wasted talent and ruined body due to pregnancy, and the following being a self reflection of sorts in the hatred for the child. so on so forth this album really doesnt lend itself to a concept really. the lyricism is pretty left open to interpretation but what really makes this stick is the beautiful instrumentation and unorthodox, emotive and harrowing vocals by Zac

the instrumentation is something akin to early Xiu Xiu but if it were played to (actually) be upbeat and happy with twinkly glockenspeils, violins, a couple different bass guitars, piano, and some electronics over all of it. the songs give you a magical winter feeling, which sort of makes sense seeing how the band has released 2 different Christmas music EPs. but all of the instruments are just there to back the sort of juxtaposed emotive howl of Zac, whose delivery of such lyrics as "swollen wrists, knees, and you swelled inside me and it took nine months to destroy my body" really make this album something worth hearing.its a pained, beautiful ride down a slide into a hole of self loathing, and sadness

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Blank Dogs - Under and Under
>Art Punk, Synth Punk, Lo-Fi, Noise Pop

Originally a mysterious no name project, before the internet outed Mike Sniper as the mastermind one man band Blank Dogs. on this 2nd effort Mike is found out by now and is a bit ridiculed for having a hidden identity in music by critics, Mike still goes on to create this fun album comprising of lo fi indscernable post punk/synth pop tunes as something he called "blown out Factory Records demos"

these songs while songwriting-wise arent very original, and not everything has to be, this just has a great aesthetic and warped noisy lo fi mess to it. some songs featuring catchy guitars reminscent of noise pop acts like the Jesus and Mary Chain, classic post punk basslines akin to New Order, or synth hooks like mid 80s Cure albums. all these great little elements of revivalism caught in a super muddled filter of noise and kinda wacky tunings and sounds from the instruments to make this a p fun listen for anyone who likes anything this is sorta parodying

Mi and L'au - Mi and L'au
>Folk, Chamber Folk

Set in a Finnish Cabin warmed by a small fire and love French duo Mi and L'au, come together to record this album. apparently, after meeting and falling in love in Paris, the duo
moved to a remote cabin in Finland to record this album, an album i wouldnt believe was recorded in any other conditions.

the album is very intimate, so much so it feels as if it werent really meant to be heard by the public, like it was just for them to have next to their wedding video. the cutesy whispery male/female vocals accompanied by strums from the guitar and amazingly heartwrenching, sometimes subtle, but lush string, wind, and various other instrument arrangements backing these songs. also credit to the production by Michael Gira who does a great job expressing a solemn, cozy, but saddening feel with a slight hint of darkened mania to this little love story.

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DVA - Hu
>Art Pop, Folktronica, Freak Folk

DVA are a Czech duo i dont know much about, i havent found out much about them outside of their own web pages which they describe the this particular album with odd cryptic vague mythos and ideas set around sound themes like "animal motifs and tropical". even including a this statement “On this album, there are thirteen songs written in non-existent world languages, listened to on thirteen non-existent radio stations”

i would say that this mostly describes what this album is, but it is quite a bit more than that though. its a very bouncy and rhythmic album with the electronic music backing the acoustics in a very fun and catchy way, and pretty vocals from the female lead over these seemingly gibberish lyrics with music that has a barebones arrangement but are insanely fun and catchy with a semi lo-fi atmosphere, which kept me coming back to this a lot

really fun record, pls do give it a listen

bumping because froks asked me to. i haven't heard of any of these, so chances are you wankers will love them
The Essex Green - Everything is Green
> Indie Pop, Neo-Psychedelia, E6

Essex Green are a band not unlike a lot of others in the music world back in the 90s, being really into 60s revivalism, and psychedelia sounds. fitting in well with the rest, robert schneider approached them to join the E6 collective where they made on S/T ep before eventually moving onto Kindercore for this album, and later Merge along with many other E6 projects

Everything is Green is a very bright light breezy summer album, good for this time of year where its too hot to masturbate between the hours of 9am to 9pm, so what are you gonna do during that time? well you could get this. the cover pretty much says everything youll be feeling with this album, very bright, very green and peaceful. their folk pop and psych pop influences being soft and pretty vs the overly bounding or hard psych sound. instead giving you a really nice comfy album to hear on a hot day in a big garden full of green fragrant foliage to bask in.

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The Shadow Ring - Hold Onto I.D.
>Experimental Rock, Spoken Word, Drone

Consisting of poet/artist Graham Lambkin and precussionist/musician Daren Harris. The Shadow Ring are an oddball group of sorts, their sound being a lo fi strange rantings of a madman from the UK while synths drone on over him and drum machines pound mechanically into your skull

this album is no different to those descriptors but its very engaging despite the seemingly usual experimental drone projects being some sort of dark ambient project, this doesnt album doesnt sit back to be ambient, it wont let that happen. Hold Onto I.D. is a in your face detuned, demented, deconstructive album that puts you into a position where youre not sure if you want to be here, or not. Graham and his spoken word rope you in to engage you with their seemingly meaningful bits of worldly advice whilst youre hit with a repetetive drum pattern, guitar somehow being used to make you uncomfortable and these big loud synthesizers drone periodically.

this is some interesting but unsettling shit, and its pretty fantastic

i give froks a+! fun for the whole family! give it one try - you'll love it, guaranteed
whats a frok tbh. just.... what.
Jonathan Richman - I, Jonathan
>Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Surf Pop

"Jonathan Richman of the Modern Lovers, comes to California and likes to surf - the album". well sort of. more like Jonathan takes you on a trip into his favortie things about the past.

I, Jonathan is pretty well aware its a nostalgia trip, the opening song says it all, he is from the 60s and he wonders why things changed. taking from many melodies and riffs of pop music from that time like Louie Louie, things along those lines. but what makes this really a standout album, is the usual Jonathan Richman clever lyricism, being very witty and fun to sing along to. he still even talks about how much he loves the velvet underground, along with going to a lesbian bar, kooky people on the Venice Beach boardwalk, and even melancholy times of summers past

a great fun little album about fun times in odd situations all to the rhythm of a rock n roll/surf pop tunes

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Alastair Galbraith - Mirrorwork
>Lo-Fi Indie, Neo-Psychedelia, Experimental Rock

Alastair Galbraith is a New Zealand songwriter who has been in many collabs and bands over the years and in 98' released this home recorded album Mirrorworks.

The album is sort of a mess of mish mashed tunes and ideas just sorta glued together sorta like a broken mirror. the album is as usual of Alastair, a collage of guitars, violin and other shit under a bit of pyschedelia and lo fi production whilst balancing the abrasive and soft sounds in each song

well. all of these tracks are less than 3 minutes at the most and seem to flow well into each other, and leave you coming back to their individual appeal often. this is really a bunch of good ideas completed that just arent very long, while this could annoy some people i find it pretty fantastic.

also gonna add a few things here and there if I can
Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blue (1977)

Dennis Wilson was the original drummer for The Beach Boys, known as the only member of the group who was actually a surfer. Pacific Ocean Blue, his only solo release, is a massively overlooked album, selling a promising 300,000 copies at release, surpassing the Beach Boys' 'Love You' from the same year, but the album remained out of print until 2008. Wilson himself was massively overlooked in the context of the original band, feeling pushed to the sidelines as studio musicians replaced him as drummer on many of their seminal recordings. Feeling like he was only being used as a backing singer for compositions he had no involvement in, he sought to write his own material and establish himself as a solo artist. Dennis had a long-running problem with alcoholism, which can be heard on this record in more ways than one. Most immediately, through his aching, gravely voice (which, unlike Brian's aged voice, adds a ton of character) and most convincingly, through the melancholic feel of the album that addresses a lot of these issues. Primarily a blues album (as the title implies) with driving pop songs interspersed with somber ballads, Pacific Ocean Blue is a wonderfully produced pop album that surpasses most of The Beach Boys' output from this period. Wilson died in 1983 at the age of 39 in a drowning accident, never finishing his follow-up, Bambu. Still, Pacific Ocean Blue tells an amazing story about Wilson's relations to his family, the ocean, and his struggles that are a beautiful testament to an artist whose life ended far too soon.
Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHCzTLnFpLE

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durr what's an album cover I forgot
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Richard Youngs - Sapphie
>Folk, Slowcore, Singer/Songwriter

Sapphie is Richard Youngs', scottish musician with a massive catalog of music and collaborations, tribute to his Alsatian dog Sapphie who died.

Clearly in shambles and destroyed by the sound of this album, Richard took a break from his usually more experimental leanings to make this album, Sapphie is folk minimalism done right. there are only 3 songs on this, the guitars are minimal little arpeggios of nylon strings over a pained, echoey, Richard who almost sounds like he is crying in bits. its an album about a pet he loved, who died, you know what to expect emotively here, this is pretty sad shit, but god damn is it good

TTTTT! (Top Tier Taste in This Thread)!
Deradoorian - Mind Raft EP
>Art Pop, Progressive Pop, Indie Rock, Post Rock

This is the only solo release from Angel Deradoorian, member of Slasher Flicks and former collaborator with the Dirty Projectors on Bitte Orca. its an EP of 6 songs, each one showing off a variety of styles and ideas that are pretty damn


As heard before Angel's key sound here is her amazing voice and how she uses it, like on the opening track Weed Jam. but its not always the main thing up front, this has some droney guitar moments like on Holding Pattern. and even some electronic trip-hop esque bits on the song High Road. and of course the acoustic guitar tracks that ground this in reality

this is a fantastic EP, i just wish she would release a full solo album already, but she is busy being in love with Avey Tare

one of my favorite records, +1
hey man i really like 2 Gud 4 Muzek, gonna check out yr new albums
Jens Lekman - Oh You're So Silent Jens
>Indie Pop, Chamber Pop, Baroque Pop

If you somehow dont have this already, get it, this is a compilation of songs off various singles and eps by Jens Lekman that were recorded sometime before and during his first album. its full of charming, melancholy, lovless tunes from a usual narrative of a man who seems to be too sweet for this world

The songs usually feature heavy use of orchestral samples and drum samples, creating these big heavenly lo fi recordings of twee-ish pop songs. these strings bring this weepy beauty and happiness juxtaposed are Jens' lyrics, usually depressive and a bit self loathing. if you really love to be sad and whistful, dreaming big dreams of romance and life, or you just want to set aside your overwhelming anger and cynicism to see something more beautiful in the world for a bit, get this album.

yawn. i guess todays browse blog day
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Cheveu - Cheveu
>Lo-Fi Indie, Synth Punk, Garage Rock

Cheveu are a fairly well known (in certain circles) lo fi garage rock/punk outfit with many little spinoffs such as The Anals. their sound can be summarized in a pretty breif way,

lo fi drum machines subdued vocals that go from manic to almost spoken in tune over some classic garage guitar distortion and licks. this sound done a million times over and sometimes some groups out there manage to make it just as fun as the first time youve heard it

if you want a great fun little electronics backed garage punk album with some eccentricity to it, this is something to look into for that itch you want scratched once in a while. its like if the network or whatever it was called from tron had a cool punk rock scene, Jeff Bridges probably wouldnt be at the bar this band would play at tho, he is way too much of a hippy

Various Artists - Shadow Music of Thailand
>Rock, Surf Rock/Pop, Shadow Music

Here is a little eccentric compilation of cool shit. Shadow Music for those who arent familiar, is a short lived pop music movement out of Thailand that took american surf rock music and incorporated elements of Thai traditional/classical music into it, the combination being actually quite brilliant. the name Shadow Music comes from the band the Shadows the british band (sometimes) with Cliff Richards, who topped charts in many places around the world, thailand apparently being one of them to cause this small little scene of musicians to come together to create a cool little happening of pop music

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Pink Reason - Cleaning the Mirror
>Indie Rock, Lo Fi, Sadcore

Pink Reason an alias of a man named Kevin DeBroux, who has lived a hard life of drugs and homelessness, apparently moving to Russia at a young age where he was surrounded by drugs and alcohol, then moving back to the USA at 15 to be surrounded by more of the same. Kevin has had some dark and rough times, and this record is basically an expression of that part of his life. all the sadness, and worry brought out

into these songs, jangled by some acoustic guitar chords that feel not isolating, but feel like theyre bringing you closer to him, too close for some maybe.

its dark, lonely and crestfallen and pretty much tries nothing to make that not be the case. the occaisional slightly uptempo tune being thrown in doesnt stop the sadness, and depression either. all these songs were written at the same point in Kevin's life and about mostly the same subjects so there is this cohesion to all these songs being sad, really sad. if you wanted to hate yourself to something, this is a good record for that

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Parts & Labor - Mapmaker
>Noise Rock, Noise Pop, Dance Punk

In my attempts to not encourage you to feel bad ALL the time, here is an album thats the complete opposite of sad. Parts & Labor are a band from NY, coming out with this their 3rd and most "mature" record at the time so far. by mature i mean they took a backseat to the noise being too cacophonous and overbearing letting the noise become part of the songwriting.

Mapmaker is a record for the fun loving kind of people, people who want fast and anthemic as fuck noise pop. these songs are very fun, and entertaining almost coming and going too quickly leaving you wishing you had more of the song. but the next song comes on and youre already hooked enjoying yourself as this process just keeps repeating until the album is over. this may not be original or the "best overlooked album" of all time, but its a really good, fun, catchy album full of anthems of noise

File: folder.jpg (1 MB, 2286x2286) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2286x2286
Yoshimi and Yuka - Flower With No Color
>Ambient, Experimental, Field Recordings

Collaborative album of Yoshimi P-We, multi instrumentalist known for her work as the drummer for Boredoms, and Yuka Honda, another multi instrumentalist famous for being half of the eclectic pop group, Cibo Matto. the two i guess one day decided to hang out and were like hey lets make an album, and just did it, well thats just how i like to imagine it happened.

the album was apparently recorded from the balcony of one of their appartments and on top of a hill in a park, so there are these birds chirping around all the time while yoshimi and yuka play some kind of funky, kind of dreamy, and psychedelic. improvised electric pianos, drumming, bass riffs and even some Morricone-esque trumpets thrown in, while the sounds of a mild summer afternoon play in the background, dogs barking, people walking by, and chirpy birds for atmosphere

this album sort of gives off this feeling like "there is something off about today, but its so nice out, and nothinghas gone wrong. i think ill just make a gin and tonicand look out of the window at the city".

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B L A C K I E Discography

>Noise Hop, Industrial Hip Hop, Yelling Hobo-Core


includes every B L A C K I E release (other than his 2008 mixtape), including 2014's release.
Sonic Youth With Med Mats Gustafsson & Merzbow- Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth


>self explanatory, noise rock greats improv with japanoise great.
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Sound Team - Movie Monster
>Indie Rock, Post Punk Revival

Austin Texas based band, Sound Team, formed sometime in 2000 originally being a project to record german synthesizer music with folk and pop song structures, even releasing some of that work on albums, but eventually when the band had a solid lineup and even a record contract with Capitol in 05, they wrote and recorded Movie Monster, and thing seemed like they were gonna be huge in the music world, at least for a bit. that is until for some dumb reason Capitol was selling the album at an outrageous 19 dollars a cd, and then the guy who signed them was fired and subsequently they were dropped all together causing a breakup
there is no reason this shouldnt have been successful, its a very good post punk and electronics influenced indie rock album, solid energy, and catchy songwriting. Movie Monster was one of the most underrated and promising records of the mid 00s and its a shame things worked out so unfortunately for the band. great groovy post punk basslines, deep electronic synthesizers, big crushing drums, all that good shit.

totally worth hearing even if just to hear an example of how the record industry fucked up making terrible decisions and ruined an obviously high potential band, also a pan from the p4k probably had something else to do with it also, they gave it a fucking 3.7


Richard Youngs is English. He lives here though.
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Soap&Skin - Lovetune for Vacuum
>Art Pop, Darkwave, Chamber Pop

Another pretty popular album that i dont see enough of around here i want to rec for those who havent heard, Lovetune for Vacuum. Soap&Skin released this back in 09 with a love for big lush vocalist driven pop and electronic glitch from people like Autechre, and a hint of dark synthesizers to throw together a really well done album

the sound is very brooding and sultry, Anjas vocals soar above the music as well as weave themselves within and around the sounds, producing this album herself i give her a lot of credit doing as damn good of a job as she did giving herself the sounds that fit best with each of these tracks, glitching occaisionally to something like Bjork on Medulla, or even like on Windowlicker, whilst other times being an intimate affair with her or even just a straight instrumental track of something "IDM"-ish.

but these songs dont feel like someone who likes these kinds of music just making one obvious rip off track after another, they feel really well arranged and blend very well into each other cohesively.

ah yeah? i probably knew that typed it up wrong by accident
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Airospace-Aymie Montreal

>weeb hop, This album was removed from his bandcamp

File: Stitch.png (18 KB, 299x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> little to no samples

The Sexual - Complete Discography 1983 - 1985
>Hardcore Punk, Japanese Hardcore

I dont know much about this group at all, i got this many years ago when i was just bored and getting japcore bands that werent just generic noise or d beat hardcore stuff, which if you didnt know already is way too common in japanese circles. as much as i like Confuse and Gauze you cant really sit there and listen to people who sound just like them all day.

I fell in love with this album right away cause of how clear you can hear everything and that opening bass riff on MESSIAH just fucking hits you. fast catchy riffs minimal lyrics with maybe cryptic metaphors of lyrics, and as usual in punk rock great energy. a stand out collection of releases from the japanese hardcore scene, really clear and energetic songs, catchy riffs, and memorable lyrics (in english and japanese)

sorta unique band, in a samey scene, long time personal fav

File: Civil-Civic-RULES.jpg (44 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 700x700
Civil Civic - Rules
>Post Punk, Dance Punk, Electronic

This album used to get a lot of posting here a few years back, its remained a favorite of mine and im gonna post it for the sake of those who havent heard it yet. Civil Civic is a Spanish

duo who specialize in making some of the catchiest danciest post punk reminiscent tunes out there

this has everything youd want in a summer album, just as its on the way out, its got a slight sense of melancholy, as well as overly active sense of wonder and happiness in these songs. the music sounds like something that youd get if some sort of depressed post punk robot were to record a dance album. drum machines and distorted bass riffs make up the backing "thickness" in the sound underneath the impressive synth hooks and guitar riffs, which range from being discernable lo fi scratches and jangles to distorted riffs that new order would be proud to have written


i mean, you have hands and an internet connection...
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Siena Root – Different Realities (2009)
>Psychedelic Rock, Hard Rock
Guys from Sweden who basically have two 20-minute jam-outs chopped up into 10 tracks. The first of these is a psychedelic-drenched heavy stoner track that ends up as organ-dominated krautrock/space rock very much in the vein of early Eloy. Second part is a bit more folk-based with some raga instruments (sitars, tablas). pretty sure most of you guys know if you'll like it or not
thanks nigga
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Jon Brion - Meaningless (2000)
>Power Pop, Art Pop. Singer-Songwriter
For those familiar with Brion's 90's output with The Jellyfish and The Grays, you will know what to expect out of this album. His only solo LP, released around the same time as the ill-fated pilot for the "Jon Brion Show" on VH1, this was a period of prodigious work for Brion, with his nighttime residency at Santa Monica's Largo club, as well as numerous collaborations and production work with other musicians such as Fiona Apple and Elliot Smith. This album is a solid solo debut of pop songs backed by highly proficient musicians with a lot more chops than you might expect to hear on a power pop release of this sort. Indebted to the Beatles, Big Star, and Brad Mehldau alike, Brion eventually brought his talent to what is probably his most well-known work in film scoring and production (notably, late registration) but this was one of his most interesting periods that has often been overlooked.


BONUS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQZap5Lct5U The original pilot of The Jon Brion show that was never picked up
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31 KB, 299x289

You're the one selling the idea of an album. You spent paragraphs worth of writing on it, but you can't put an extra line of sample? For all I know these albums could be garbage and a waste of time.
File: cover.jpg (24 KB, 340x340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 340x340
Flux Information Sciences - Private/Public
>Industrial, No Wave, Dance Punk

Produced and released by Michael Gira of Swans under the Young God label, Flux Information Sciences a group of friends from NY living in an apartment together come out

with this amazingly manic and disturbing release, and unfortunately their last one.

Flux Information Sciences on this album come at you with some obviously factory influenced sounds mechanical sounding whirring and breaking noises, all done up with some industrial clanging drum sounds that are just spectacular, this album has some great precussion, realy great highlight along with the thick angry bass guitar lines. the vocalist comes in occasionally to chant some cryptic nonsense at you in a angry shouty voice that may make you feel a but uneasy.

perfectly fitting Michael Gira's quote describing the band as "hilarious, vicious, and a catastrophe of sonic mayhem - simultaneously Life-Threatening and Entertaining"

dont be such a spoiled brat
lmao a tripfag trying to stand-out with sharing obscure titles.
File: Stitch.png (31 KB, 299x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 299x289

I haven't made any unreasonable requests. You're doing a very poor job convincing me to download these albums. Why not do something productive if you're simply going to post albums that no one will download?.
You dont have to be here you fucking twat
yeah cause you sure are being productive right now
File: woah.jpg (18 KB, 299x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 299x300
MIMEO - Lifting Concrete Lightly (2004)
>EAI (Electroacoustic Improvisation), Noise/Drone?
Experimental free improvisation eleven-person group formed in 1997 (also known as Music In Movement Electronic Orchestra). Genuinely hard to describe album (sorry guys) but it sounds like an electronic apocalypse. Does that entice you? Long as hell, expanding three cds and two DL links.
File: ANTI-TAPE 1.jpg (122 KB, 717x784) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122 KB, 717x784
Anti... - Demo
>Post Punk, Synth Punk, Dance Punk

Of all the things ive previously shared and you dumbs passed up for some reason, why this, seriously? this is a demo i got a long time ago in highschool, dont know where to find a higher bitrate of it, dont know shit about it other than the band got their name by accident trying to write Anti - Nowhere League on their jackets, and that they consist of a bass player, a drum machine and a synth

this is a really fantastic demo though, the songs are really well done and catchy, on top of having a great bit of punk edge. the super lo fi recording and CHEAP sounding synthesizers are really a cool aesthetic to this as well, you feel the tape when you listen to this. Its from Greece also, whens the last time you heard an album in greek that was also good as fuck.

dont think about it and just get this, it really is just a great

album released as a demo cause of shitty recording equipment from poor greek punks. just trust me on this, its very good

Cause bumping a sharethread is productive too.
File: Stitch.png (31 KB, 299x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 299x289
And OP doesn't have to share shitty albums with no samples, yet here we are.

I'm helping the future of sharethreads by ensuring that people make an effort. Old sharethreads did this, I see no reason why current and future sharethreads shouldn't.
i dont always have room to fit in a youtube link to post under the post limit, if you really want ill go back when im done and post samples
So i guess you immediately can tell if an album is good or not by listening to one song of it.
btw that makes you a fucking tool, more than you've already shown us that you are
File: woah.jpg (26 KB, 320x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 320x312
Wicked Witch - Chaos (1978-86)
>Synth Funk, Compilation
This is a truly odd record that seems to have taken a whole heap of influences, mixed in a dose of oddness and churned out this dirty, funky and downright heavy collection. I suppose it's safe to say that funk is the main influence along with use of some early electronica and a real lo-fi recording aesthetic add to the atmosphere. This stuff's effed up, like Prince on cocaine.
File: folder.jpg (37 KB, 432x428) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 432x428
Ghosts and Vodka - Addicts and Drunks
>Math Rock, Emo, Post Rock, Instrumentals

Bringing back a classic, Ghosts and Vodka. formed out of 2 guitarists of the at the time recently ended Cap'n Jazz, with Victor Villareal and Sam Zurick of Joan of Arc.

Addicts and Drunks is the full anthology of their recorded works which was released soon after disbanding to to return to other band duties. As the background of these musicians suggest this is in the vein of midwest mathy twinkly emo, but without any vocals. which some may think is the best

part or the worst part about it. maybe you cant stand the emo vocalists, or maybe you think "god damn these are some great tunes, if only they had a lyricist" either way its a great album for what it is. good instrumentation with a lot of personality and melancholy, moments of agression, and riffs

I'm with stitch in this one. I've probably discarded 90% of the albums with no samples I've downloaded from sharethreads.
This is really weird.
R. Stevie Moore - Delicate Tension
>Art Rock, Lo Fi, Singer/Songwriter

Another great album from the classic lo fi, one man band, and prolific songwriting artist R. Stevie Moore. Delicate Tension is his first album upon moving to New Jersey and during the late 70s the taste of the music scene reflecting on this work, mainly new wave influences, punk rock, and power pop. unlike phonography in 1976 which had more of a progressive rock and psych rock flair.

Delicate Tension has like a said a lot of more witty silliness to it. with its background in synthier pop from the developing new wave boom and short song lengths done at punchy paces like the punk icons Ramones. with moore playing pretty much every instrument himself and recording from home, it gives you that personal feeling you get with hidden gems of music or lo fi recordings like "this is mine and i will smoosh it right into place in my heart forever" kinda feeling

its like Daniel Johnston tapes only slightly better recording, but happy and fun songs, without all the schizophrenia

File: woah.jpg (37 KB, 600x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 600x599
Glitterbug - Privilege (2010)
>Ambient, Techno
A sprawling double album of minimal, narcotized but propulsive ambient techno from this Cologne-based producer. Twenty abstract, repetitive compositions consisting of simple beats, pulsing synths, and atmospheric washes.
File: fuckingdisco.jpe.jpg (51 KB, 450x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 450x453
Rattus - Fucking Disco EP
>Hardcore Punk, Finnish Hardcore, Punk Rock

Here is some funky as well as catchy hardcore punk, this is the only EP from Rattus i would say had some actual songwriting taken into it. recorded with their less grating original vocalist, and original band lineup, this being their first EP they decided to take to doing the one thing they knew punk was supposed to be, mad at something, so be mad at disco, it was dead almost anyway, but hey finland hadnt probably gotten word of that yet in 1981

the EP is short and sweet, catchy songwriting is especially present on here, which is sorta unheard of for hardcore punk let alone the finnish hardcore scene, which is known for being fast agressive and chaotic. this is the lightest Rattus ever really treaded, but it probably is their most catchiest accessible work they did. which isnt a bad thing by any means it makes this stand out as a fun ep with great songs,

some of which they ended up re-recording much more agressively multiple times over when lineup changes happened.

great ep short, fun, catchy


Entitled faggots like you are more cancerous to sharethreads than any post without a sample.
File: woah.jpg (35 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 500x500
Friedhof - S/T (1971)
>Heavy Psych, Krautrock, Jam Band
Friedhof were one of those obscure artists that popped up in Germany during the start of the 70s. They only released one album in their short existence, which saw the light of day in 1971. Wild and ferocious guitar wielding is what this album was all about, and to top it off the actual recording sounds like it was made in a dark and gloomy basement. The characteristics of this band are psychedelic hard-hitting jams and heavy rock. For heavy prog fans, seekers of early metal, fuzzy n' wild Krautrockers and those of us who seek soul and charisma in our music over production values.
Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship - Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship
>Dark Cabaret, Folk Punk

Hey, were you ever listening to Neutral Milk Hotel and heard the tracks like, The Fool, or Untitled and wondered "how the hell can i listen to more things like this with less indie garbage clogging up my ears?" well the solution has been under your nose for years

Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship, or as ill just abrev' to Big Ship cause fuck typing that out a 4th time, are a band from New Orleans, who take the towns classic whimsical cabaret and turn it dark like most things in New Orleans. big building songs consisting of huge brass, accordion rhythms, and other vaudeville inspired orchestrations, with lines of angry lyrics about sinister and demented things

very fun and interesting album and love the vaudeville sound they keep up, not old timey in a boring way, but in the mystery movie intruiging way

Alien Sex Fiend - Acid Bath
>Post Punk, Gothic Rock, Deathrock

Coming straight out of the Bat Cave, and the UK gothic/industrial scene, Alien Sex Fiend with their 2nd and now completely electronic effort Acid Bath, complete with the industrial post punky dance sound that evolved since the debut album but mainly compilation Who's Been Sleeping in My Brain

this album is a fun ride, its just fucking gothic dance tunes done up by 80s synths 808 claps and all man. the lyrics apparently written whilst the lead Nik Fiend was on acid, which lead to him writing nonsense, but brilliant lines of lyrics and themes paired up with fun as fuck post punk dance tracks. the slower tracks bring down the energy just a bit with their length but honestly its something for the goths out there, couldnt be a real goth record without brooding dark songs, so even though they arent as fun as some of the other stuff, theyre still great songs

third it, you can't describe something about an album. You need to listen to it and form your own opinion to it.
File: Skyclimber_Cover.gif (100 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 900x900
Sleep Good - Skyclimber
>Indie Pop, Twee Pop, Psychedelic Pop

Its getting to be the end of summer and i figured i would try and leave this here before the cold hits everywhere else that isnt where i am, i will be in hot weather until late october probably, which means im probably too late, so here is an album to help you get through the winter.

Skyclimber is a bright, hazy, cutesy, bubbly, warm, summer album. complete with your classic twee instrumentation and revivalist sounds from the 60s and 50s surf and pop sounds. despite that usual cliche these songs hold up on their own as well done entertaining and thought out songs. even while being essentially a collection of songs worked on whilst attending college, recorded on some lo fi and analog equipment in one take. but i think this adds to the playfulness on the album in a good way

File: folder.jpg (30 KB, 400x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 400x398
Cloud Nothings -
Turning On (2009)
Leave you Forever (2010)
Cloud Nothings (2011)
>Power Pop, Pop Punk, Lo-fi
While Attack on Memory and Here and Nowhere Else are both shared quite a bit on /mu/ the early Cloud Nothings releases have been largely ignored (including by the band itself, who never play any of this material anymore). I've put all of it in a zip here: Turning On, a collection of Dylan Baldi's home-recorded material, Leave You Forever, the 4-track single leading up to the s/t , and the s/t itself. Leaning more towards Pop Punk and Power Pop than the grungy/emo style he developed later, these releases are entirely solo recordings with a heaping amount of fuzz and even more catchy hooks.


The Plastic People of the Universe - Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned
>Experimental, Avant Prog, Art Rock

Its 1974 and communism is in full control of the country of Czechoslovakia and the totalitarianist govt was busy supressing rebellious things or potentially rebellious things from the masses. coming from this underground scene in Prague, comes The Plastic People, who recorded this album, and had to delay official release due to the whole if they did release it they would be arrested thing.

getting into the album, youll find the music is a henry cow sorta inspired bit of avant-ish psychedelic rock complete with sweet guitar solos accompanied by violins and saxophone parts. and the raspy and bleak spoken word almost vocals which apparently are texts written up by the albums name sake, Egon Bondy, a Czech anti totalitarian writer. the whole thing reminds me of what would come from russia or eastern europe in general in the post punk/new wave scenes later on over there, seeing how this was recorded in 74 and released officially somehow in 78. i wouldnt be surprised if there was some inspiration there

File: a2021942010_10.jpg (250 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
250 KB, 700x700
/v/ - /v/ The Musical 2
>people having fun-core, parody

anons make parody songs about videogames, videogame journalism, feminism, and general board culture.


Sample: http://vthemusical.bandcamp.com/track/in-the-squareoplane-over-the-sea
I want to suck the fuck out of your dick
File: MORE_cover.jpg (67 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 450x450
Double Dagger - More
>Post Hardcore, Noise Rock, Math Rock, Post Punk

This is the 3rd album by Baltimore minimalist idea based punk trio Double Dagger. who recorded this album in a office in the dead of winter with no heat with the intent to get better sounding drums that pays off well. feeling a bit more cheap than their previous 2 albums, but literally feels like there is "more" to it than usual

the guitars vary from being coherently strummed chords

being able to even hear the guitar pick hit the strings. to a loud dissonant controlled feedback with these bass riffs that are more up front than anything else bringing you in with some awesome riffs, the drumming is well done too, and the lyrics are very personal and grounded. these dynamic features are all brought together though with the really good songwriting that just build from seemingly simple things where you might know where the tone and sound would be going, but then they grow into these great developed thought out songs.

>Collaborative album of Yoshimi P-We, multi instrumentalist known for her work as the drummer for Boredoms, and Yuka Honda, another multi instrumentalist famous for being half of the eclectic pop group, Cibo Matto.
fuark how did i not know of this things existence?
thanks m8

>parody songs about videogames, videogame journalism, feminism, and general board culture.
File: front.jpg (112 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 500x500
Дубовый Гаайъ[Dubovyy Gaay] - Stop Killing Dolphins
>Experimental, Psychedelic Rock, Alternative Hip Hop

Whoever said Russia doesnt know how to have fun? cause this album is fun out the ass. i find this album hilarious and fucking engaging as hell, taking these hyrbid sound of noisy psychdelic rock akin to Boredoms (especially in the opening track) along with Sonic Youth and meld it with classic late 80s rap rock complete with Beastie Boys type sampling and turntable scratchin, even including fucking flava flav samples.

the lyrics according what i can pick out and what ive read are about suicide, drugs, and unrequited love. the mood ive

gotten from these song is not really that dour but fun, maybe a bit manic depressive because of the more slow moments,

but hell who cares what happens if you wanna die right? smoke weed, do crazy shit, be sad, cause you dont give a fuck its Russia.

fun and moody Russian Psychedelic Rock/Hip Hop/Trip Hop/Rap Rock. whats not to try out man, fuck there is so much to like about this album

opinion discarded
; )
File: CS1272803-02A-BIG.jpg (741 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
741 KB, 700x700
Scout Niblett - This Fool Can Die Now
>Indie Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Punk Blues

I dont need to explain much about this album, its simple, stripped down and emotional as all hell. it has this bluesy, meloncholy, and booming sound that may have something to do with Steve Albini being on production. the moments of harsh guitars and heavy bombastic drums are just really intense and juxtaposed by the emotional weight of more solemn ballads that include string arrangements, hell even duets with Will Oldham are on this album. just so you get a bit more sad at this

This is an angry, heavy, sad, and bleak feeling album. vocal delivery from Scout being top notch at expressing the emotional narratives as well as her expression in these songs. playing around with dynamic intensity, minimalist repitition, and just her vocal phrasing in general. scout does a great job at providing you with something swampy and dour with this album, almost feels like stepping through muck in a swamp with a heavy emotional burden on your back, with brief moments of danger along the way

File: zegota-reclaim.jpg (54 KB, 600x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 600x562
Żegota - Reclaim
>Post Hardcore, Hardcore Punk, Art Punk

Named after the polish council to aid jews, Zegota is a group of politically conscious and influenced punks out of North Carolina. the band is plays some SOME frills hardcore punk, shown in their finesse for their guitar riffs, tempo changes, big composed building punk anthems with self inspirational, political, and anarchistic themes

the album was produced in sweden by David Sandtrom of Refused. and this album reflects his style of recording quite a bit. but i wouldnt say its enough to cause for crys of "its just a ripoff of refused" its quite a bit more than that. the band does keep themselves in their own with these sorta interluding instrumental tracks usually played with some spanish influenced acoustic guitars accompanied either by piano or a sort of hand drum i cant name. but there are quite a few surprises here and there you wouldnt expect from this album i found interesting and just really cool

File: 61MB+kx-gOL.jpg (65 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 500x500
Picky Picnic - Ha! Ha! Tarachine
>Art Pop, Zolo, Childrens Music

I have no clue what this is supposed to be exactly, but its hilarious. an album possibly made by japanese people released in germany or a german album released in japan idk whats going on in this wacky shit. its not really childrens music cause its way too demented and obtuse to be for kids. it feels like it only gets away with that tag because the hi pitched vocals and just generally way too obtuse sounds used
the album is zany kooky and goofy in all those words, i genuinely find it pretty fucking hilarious and actually damn interesting as well, not really something to scoff at for being silly. its even got high pitch proto-lolicore high pitch japanese spoken word samples. seriously i just, i dont really

know what to call this or how to describe what sounds are being used here, its pretty wild shit

this is fun, but also obtuse and somehwat terrifying in the best way

File: MI0000421420.jpg (22 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 400x400
Haco - Ash in the Rainbow
>Art Pop, Progressive Pop

Technically a release by Haco (of After Dinner) and Hiromichi Sakamoto (a cellist from the avant folk group Pascals), and even more so a rerecording of Sakamoto's first solo album.

Haco came in to add in vocal melodies, and other electronic manipulations to help transform this beautiful piece of work into something even more the album is more so centered around Sakamoto and his playing. Usually playing the cello, singing saw, pianica (a

blow keyboard) but Haco doesnt feel like the add on, it for sure is a equal collaboration. the music is amazingly dour whimsical, and otherworldly, saws, and cello waver above backwards sounds, and Haco's fantastic vocals, and subtle electronic drum beats. the album is so dreamlike and floaty it feels like a walk into a park on a dark dark rainy day thundering clouds above and a sadness in your eyes about the world

whistful, bleak, haunting, but hope filled string based beauty, absolutely fantastic

well thats all for now, i had another bunch i was gonna share bit i figured id just wait a while and do them later

i suppose i should go get sample links for that one guy now

hope you all enjoy something, i really love these albums
File: kisses.gif (851 KB, 250x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
851 KB, 250x249
Listening to this atm... fucking gorgeous, thanks for sharing!
Everyone get this i love this album its awesome plz thanks
I don't think this is the right link.
Yeah man it's fun as shit.
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