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ello boys

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Why is it so perfect /mu/?
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>Augmatic Disport
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>last lecture of the day done
>/bloop/ thread just started
Oh great, another evening of getting nothing done.


My arbitrary list of some good not-so-well-known eyedeem releases.

Work in progress semi-bloop-core: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72386143/Temp/bb-for_a_better_tomorrow.mp3
So is Jamie Lidell good?

I thought Super_Collider were p shit
Dunno, iirc the two super_collider albums were quite solid. Are you talking about those?
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>Pro Radii
Hot damn, thank you for this.
Gonna download all these 5* and 4* now.

Did you make this?
Yeah it's a three year old track that I started reworking yesterday.

In this edition: post your own bloop-core.
Super dank shit man, you really nailed that synthwork and that percussion is clean as fuck.

I have no experience in music production or whathaveyou, but I'm fucking around in FL atm recording my own vocal arpeggios and hoping to come out with something remotely R Plus 7-ish.
Thanks man. I personally hate clean as fuck production, there always needs to be some dirt to it. That isn't to say it shouldn't sound good though, good mixing is still essential.

OPN-like soundscapes are surprisingly difficult to achieve. Even though it's just basically granular synthesis, there's a certain art to it in triggering the sounds at the correct intervals for an example. Good luck to you.
Haha, well as I said I have no experience in production. I'm just basing that on how it comes across in the mix, yeah.

And I've no chance tackling his freeform arrangements, I'm really just trying to nail the post-human vocal choirs since I have no analogue equipment.
I'm just real interested in messing with human sounds, obscuring, etc.
Similar to this

But yeah thanks, y-you too.

I keep singing this at work.
How long before I'm fired for my insubordinate autism.
new album when
cmon those reissues must be leading up to something
Man I like a lot of r-n stuff but something about SND just completely rubs me the wrong way.
SND are kings fam
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The Trees
This would be a very good album, but it's again sad to me how it's produced. Literally hurts my ears to listen to it. It's just way too harsh and "produced". Compare to something like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ulCYQCW9PQ. Stdio cures headaches, Atavism causes them.
ehh, I can look past the production on basically any given SND album as long as the change ups are sick.
Wasn't feeling it on the link you posted tbh, but I'm in it for the minimalism over the sound design aspect (I guess the two intertwine regularly, but yeah w/e)

reposting from last night because dorian doesn't get enough love
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This was p good indeed, thanks for postan. The composition comes quite close to jazz fusion even.

Thermal Transfer by Vir Unis and Saul Stokes is unbelievable overlooked work, I'd even rank it among top-10 bloop-core.


Only track from the album that is on YouTube. It's one of the "worst" and still great. There hasn't been another IDM album that understands mantraic repetition and timbre so well.
Why is Drukqs so underrated? I just started listening to /bloop/ shit a month ago or so and like Drukqs a million times more than Ambient Works 85-92. Not that the former is bad, but the textures, melodies and harmonies in Drukqs are so much more interesting
It's not nearly as approachable, and the negative reviews don't help. It took me a good while to wrap my head around it as well. People hated it because it wasn't another RDJ album. People hated it because it was too long. People hated it because it's inconsisted. The last point I think is actually valid. I mean, once you understand it's ethos, the stylistic division makes sense, but I still hope he would've blended his ideas together in a more explicit way. Honestly I feel like it would've been even an order of magnitude better had he designed it to be not so all over the place, but nevertheless it's his magnum opus for the ages probably, containing a lot of his best material (such as Meltphace 6).
Druqks is overrated imo
I fucks with his AFX pseudonym the most.
I think Syro is fantastic for what it is though, XMAS is in my top 10 this year for sure.
/bloop/ should talk about this nigga more

aye he's the shit


this thread is too good to die
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Thread images: 8
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