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Post em up!


>synth and turntable experimentation
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>electronic, ambient, experimental, droney soundscapes, noisy

Alternating long and short songs. Emphasis on texture and atmosphere.
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gettting lots of positive responses on my debut album!

>glitch hop
>original sound design

thanks for listening!
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>woops there goes my ears
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Hilter Kilter EP.jpg
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> stoner noise, indie improv, covers

3 Albums of utter shit insanity. Don't come crying to me when you hate it.
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I really like the breakdown with the saxophone solo. Everything sounds great.
Sounds really good. Reminds me of Flying Lotus. Great use of stereo. The percussion in Solitary Confinement is crazy
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>lofi, acoustic, antifolk
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>experimental pop / electroclash
>chiptune / digital chaos
New EP and ACFA cassettes available now!

Checking you dudes out when I've eaten
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>Alt/Jazz rock

I've posted this a gorillian times. Not mine, but a few local kids I know. They'd love feedback from people more than me and their friends.
Wow, dude, that's a huge compliment, thanks so much!

Yeah I'm listening to "death" and I find it to be extremely spooky, but I'm really digging it. Makes me wanna work more on my dark ambient project lol. Great job though, I wouldn't really know how to critique this kind of stuff, but I really like it!
> lo fi analog musings, electro psych with delicate harmonies, hip hop and noise influences
For fans of baths, tobacco, animal collective, grimeth, gorillaz (comparisons made by people on sc, not me)
New album up in a month or two, with a cassette / vhs release

/mu/ reviews:
"The composition, transitions, and originality are fucking golden. If you stop making music I'm afraid I might have to find you and punch you." - anon

"dude you are fucking amazing
i love complex shit and you somehow were able to make convuluted as fuck music thats insanely chill at the same time lemme suck yo dik" - anon
recommending this guy!

I love your stuff dude, also Baths is one of my fave producers.
>beattapevolumeone is sampled beats, boom bap, chill stuff (touche amore, radiohead and aaliyah are all sampled), guitar
>ep05 is more instrumentally focused, instrumental electronic rock

fuck your music makes me so emotional for some reason. those kids samples are fucking beautiful. supported x1000
voice and brass are tops as hell. the writing is very reminiscent of state radio. good shit
cool as hell the higher pitched wobbly synths you use are very cool.
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galactic survey.png
1 MB, 900x900
>trash beats

fuck yeah man i think i'll cop one
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SAS 1.jpg
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>Glitch, DnB, Ambient, Breakcore
No problem man. You could probaby do something cool if you keep doing what you're doing but with a darker theme to it. Maybe more stuff like your song Horizions. That's really cool kind of dark song.
I like it. Reminds me of The Child of Lov
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>electronic, experimental, ambient, bass music, chillwave, 808, sampling

>vaporwave >dreams >sonic >afterlife
Evo! Thanks man, I've been meaning to check you out but I tend to post in these threads whenever I'm working on music, and I'm working on the final song for my new album. I promise I'll make time here at some point to groove to you, I love your album art.

Child of Lov? Wuzzat / t'ank u brudda
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Lots of variety on this one
This is really neat,
do you perform live?
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2 MB, 2048x2048
>electronic: electro house, dubstep, bass
He's really good but he passed away after his first album.
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> post punk, pop

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last time im posting this for feedback, i swear
>distorted chiptunes
>dark ambient
this is more intended for feedback, a full ep might come in a few weeks
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> ambient dream pop
That's wicked, thanks for the rec. I'll be downloading that album
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kata2 2.png
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>glitch hop, shoegaze, electronic
New album out! Like me on Facebook here: /cashewmusic
Yeah its a really good album. It's got DOOM and Damon Albarn on it.
Okay now I'm downloading for sure, doom is too good
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>noise rock
Just uploaded my first official release, "Purgatory EP", about 10 minutes ago. If you listened to my previous compilation, this is a hell of a lot better. Tell me what you think, all criticism is appreciated.


>IDM, minimal, microhouse
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I'm in.


>minimal techno
>scary noises

Thanks to all the anons who have given my music a chance.

Working on stuff. Just some emo, punk stuff
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Found this on last.fm


>trippy, space, 70's, progressive dreamfunk, chillwave
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>lolicore, vaporwave netlabel
only 5 free downloads remaining, I have some of our stuff uploaded but i don't have some in mp3 and i don't want to waste any downloads ://
check out the maedasalt release, it has some old and new stuff!
this is me

Really like the mood and tone of your songs, I feel like they'd be great if there was more progression within the songs.

Really like the use of the ambient pads with the breakcore beats. No criticisms here.

The soft vocals fit compliment the mood of the songs well, but imo the I-IV songs don't add much to your album
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Vol. III is out. Full of feels and folk.

>Folk-rock, garage rock, elements of punk and western-saloon
Dig the hell out of this. Tell me you have en EP on the way, I'd love to hear just more than one track of yours.

One the most genuine "lofi" tags I've seen. It makes it a little hard to listen to all the way (this would be rad as hell with production), but it sounds like you had a lot of fun recording it. Repping the Jersey act.
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Released an album recently.


>ambient rock and a little bit of folktronica
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>lo-fi, bedroom pop
4 song ep up
The a Capella tracks?
They're there to denote the different movements of the album, and to reflect lyrically where I was mentally. The whole album is about me trying to stop abusing drugs and hurting friends / family through my actions. Trying to find healthier alternatives to my issues than alcoholism and infidelity. Musically, they don't add much at all, I agree. But psychologically, for me, they add a lot.
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>experimental, electronic, neo-psychedelia
Cool explanation, I didn't realize the backstory behind it.
I don't think I've explained to anybody before now, actually. Thanks for providing new stimuli!
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Locas Demonstration by LOCAS

>garage punk, fuzzed out, emo

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>psych pop
Hey thanks dude!
Loving Pineapple Big Mac! Amazing stuff, kind of song that males me wish I had friends so I could play it at a party haha.
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>New split
>Post-rock, ambient, vaporous at times
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>cloud trap, trillwave, ambient memphis trap

"Albeit vastly intricate, this is a playful album - you can tell Arcade City is learning and exploring. Nonetheless, any hiccups should be overlooked in lieu of Biosphere 2’s captivating peaks and valleys. This is a rewarding listen."
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noise rock, teen

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>instrumental, garage, shogaze(sort of), idk what to call it

File: a4096872936_2.jpg (62 KB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my current projects

>bedroom pop

>emo/kinda twinkly
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>black/death metal
>chill atmospheric guitar with upbeat tempo
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>electronic, experimental
>tfw you get 5 downloads in the last half an hour but no feedback whatsoever
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experimental electronic avant garde
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>Electronic, glitch-hop, instrumental, sample-based

Also, looking for something similar if anyone has any leads.
>getting downloads (or even any plays at all)

>sadwave, vapor, shitwave

dropped $AD GURL yesterday and SYSTEMATIC today under my vapor project. i also am dabbling in folk and hopefully will have some new stuff from that soon
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forgot pic
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