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ITT: Show stories. Your best, your worst.
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ITT: Show stories. Your best, your worst.

I'll start with an awful day I had at a festival a few months back.

>go see Danny Brown at 6, get really high, great show
>nothing else I care to see after him so I decide to go home
>friends convince me to stay and see some shitty djs or whatever
>by 9 I'm done, my legs are shaky as hell, I'm dying of dehydration, burning out from the weed
>find myself stuck front row at this fucking awful brostep show
>split up from my friends by moshing retards
>some dude kept grabbing my shoulders and shouting YEEEEAH DUDE COME ON ITS A SHOW GET INTO IT
>some girls tried to dance with me, one jumped on my shoulders and I fell face first into the gate
>some dude just whips his dick out and takes a piss while looking into my eyes, security staring at him, dont do shit
>after the show is done I somehow dragged myself onto a bus, got home and passed out

Great stuff.
this is erotic.
It's from this terrifying commercial that they played every 5 minutes during the NBA finals.

What film is the screenshot from?
>some dude just whips his dick out and takes a piss while looking into my eyes, security staring at him, dont do shit

Fucking lel.
I meant your story.
>go see of montreal
>Kevin Barnes sings St Exquisite's Confessions as he strips
>im gay now

th-thanks, /mu/
that sucks bro
I feel like this would have been very awkward to see in person.
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> banging skrillex on my speaker
<bangarang comes on
>dayum the feels
>probably my favorite song
Another shitty day here.

>go to see Yung Lean
>not a huge fan but all my bros were going to whatever
>expecting a laid back show
>show up, the expected Arizona cans, bucket hats, vaporwave t-shirts all present
>some dude with japanese letters tatooed on his forehead
>at least half the crowd is under 15 years old
>figure out about 10 minutes in that Lean's live show just consists of taking laid back joints like Hurt, cranking the bass and yelling over them, completely obscuring the melody
>hit a joint
>immediately remember why I hate being high in public
>super paranoid
>split from my bros by moshers
>literally thought my ribs were broken because some 300 pound neckbeard rammed into me
>find myself stuck in a crush against the front gate
>remembering hillsborough disaster, the 96, man I love liverpool
>seriously surprised I didn't start screaming like a bitch, just pissed everyone off by putting my elbows out so people would back the fuck off
>wasn't sure if I was being pushed around by everyone else or if I was just swinging around like a retard
>everyone staring at me and security coming and telling me to take it easy makes me lean more towards the latter
>went home and cried while my bros went downtown and got drunk at the afterparty

Scum of the earth. I'm so happy when I go to a show and the band tells them to go fuck themselves.
ITT: No one on /mu/ has ever actually gone to see live music
>go to local show
>know nothing about the band
>shitty simple dreampop band
>it's way too hot inside
>people start moshing
>realize friend in front of me is pushing me back, can't tell why
>also realize I can't see anything
>suddenly aware that I've gone limp and fallen onto my friend and he's asking me if I'm ok
>stumble outside
>sit down
>friend comes out
>agree we want to leave
>discover our ride has already left
>buy and split a single PBR as we sit on the curb in silence
you deserve everything bad that happened to you for supporting an all style no substance tumblr rapper like yung lean
if you're seeing aggressive music moshing makes sense
if you're seeing something laid back, yea, those people are out of line, but if you go to an rock concert and get made at people moshing you need to lighten up
It's ridiculous and dangerous. I don't go to a show to get an elbow in the face from some fat fuck.
>>go see Danny Brown at 6, get really high, great show
sorry I thought you meant 6 years old
though you'd have to be that young to enjoy danny brown
it's not dangerous at all if you know what you're doing
people take care of each other in moshpits
i rarely see people get hurt or fights break out at shows with moshpits
if you don't want to participate, that's very understandable, you should just stand far away from the stage and let the people who wanna mosh and stage dive have their fun
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local band foot patrol
they're a great funk band, lead vocalist/keyboardist is a blind dude who sings about his various fetishes (hence the band name)
one time they did this improvised song about peeing on Celine Dion and some dude whipped out his dick and started pissing on me
went and saw king fantastic. front row. passing a joint with some m8s.

bonfire sessions comes on. about halfway through the song he walks up to the end of the stage and my m8 instictively hands him the joint.

he stops rapping for almost the entire track to bogart the entire fucking joint, leaving me with barely 2 hits.

the crowd is halfway betweem super annoyed and "wooo 420 blaze it faggot"

that's about it.
That's the problem. I try to avoid it but I always seem to get slammed. And if you go to the sides you end up getting crushed as everyone spreads out to make the circle.

>some dude with japanese letters tatooed on his forehead

are you actually serious aha what a prat
That alone would make that a shitty night.

>go to really kickass garage rock show
>find out a lot of my friends are there
>end up hanging out with large group of people and talking to a chick
>she follows me around like a puppy for the rest of the show
>kickass music and girl trying to dance with me, everything is great
>everyone goes back to a guy's place to hang out afterwards
>sitting next to the chick and having a great time
>everyone leaves, start walking with her
>she lives close by but says she's sick and just wants to go to bed
>she leaves
>alone without a ride on the wrong side of town at like 3:00 am
>walk home
>she gets diagnosed with mono the next day
>find out she was the host's ex and we were really bumming him out
>find out several months later that the guy's best friend who I had hardly spoken to had been spreading weird rumors about me because of that night
>amazing show turned awful night
>there are still people in the local scene who won't talk to me
>didn't even get laid

It was all they had at the show and it was like $4 a can
it was one of -those- shows
>expected Arizona cans
do people just use them for alcohol? or do kids actually drink that shit?
they drink that shit
this is no exaggeration, 15 year old kids wear bucket hats and drink arizona because of yung lean
then just lighten up and mosh
it's not that scary
what type of shows do you typically go to?
if these shows aren't in a basement and are at a bar, i'm amazed there's no where for you to sit down
I drank Arizona before I ever heard of Yung Lean, thank you very much. I have terrible taste.
ah, let me tell you about the worst three hours of my life

>go to some local metalcore gig as a skinny pale underage semi-scenester with my friends at about age 15
>the rest of the crowd is also skinny pale and underage, at various degrees of scenester
>first band comes on and the entire crowd is flinging fists around and rolling about on the floor like idiots
>the band are also doing this
>i'm sitting at a table watching a bunch of floppy-haired teens who weigh 100lbs soaking wet throwing punches and kicks but also being careful not to hit each other
>occasionally one would crash into another and they'd both fall and one would apologise
>everyone looked like dying spiders doing their "hardcore dancing"
>most of the time the vocalist would just disappear into the crowd
>half the time the guy would hold out the mic expecting someone to be able to scream the lyrics back but no one knew who they were
>not a single band had a drummer who could double-kick, but every band insisted on minute-long segments of painfully off-time double kicking
>there were 34 people there, 15 of whom were band members. i counted
>also one of the bands was just one guy inhale growling (bree bree) over MIDI instrumentals
>some guy got his stretched ear ripped and the crowd parted like the red sea to let him get to the exit
arizona is delicious
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>Drive three hours to see Oneohtrix Point Never
>Bombarded by snowstorm the entire way
>Have to park in shitty Columbus
>Walk into the venue with gf and girlfriend, head to the bookstore to check it out
>Peering around bookshelves, I see Daniel Lopatin himself, sitting on a stool, looking at books
>Tall as fuck
>Feel anxious inside, just keep walking around
>Lopatin and co. leave, but then come back immediately as if they forgot something
>Take my chance and say hi, show him my Betrayed in the Octagon tattoo and ask him to sign my tape
>He's super awesome, loves the tattoo. We talk about Laurel Halo and perforation.
>Show starts not long after, some dude talking to me the entire time about vaporwave (pronounces everything in flawless Japanese but he's really sweaty)
>"Russian Mind" arpeggio kicks in
>Best show ever
>Get a parking ticket for being six minutes late.
Only Arnold Palmers are good tbh
wow if you exaggerate this much i wonder about that story
>girl invites me to a gig, tells me nothing about it
>we drive out to some abandoned warehouse
>two little guys (about 4 feet) standing on top of a table covered in effect pedals, in front of marshall stacks
>show starts- they pull the cord on a power generator and stomp all over the table, harsh noise blasts the building
>buncha muscly sweaty guys standing dead still
>girl and I holding onto each other for dear life
>best show ever
If you're not in high school then the people in your area sound like a bunch of immature idiots.
i know someone who saw badbadnotgood on ket last month and ended up getting pepper sprayed by police, arrested, and sent to the ER, then got charged for the hospital bill. the united states really loves to fuck over its citizens.
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>>i'm sitting at a table watching a bunch of floppy-haired teens who weigh 100lbs soaking wet throwing punches and kicks but also being careful not to hit each other
>occasionally one would crash into another and they'd both fall and one would apologise
This is so cute to me.
hahaha wtf that sounds hilarious/fantastic
>Went to see Sunn O)))
>Fog machine starts to fog.. heh
>"Let's fire up guys, they're about to go on"
>Get baked
>Fog machine still fogging..
>Goes on for 45 minutes
>Soundcheck guys enter stage
>Oh god that guitar tone
>Want to play it so bad
>Fog machine still going
>Can't see shit
>They managed to fog a huge warehousey building
>Guys in coats
>Droning on and on
>Lifting their guitars and shit
>Had to piss
>Come back to the same crowd
>Take my front row spot
>They play for three hours
>Would like them to play a double set
>Can't see shit due to fog
>Bass amp in your stomach
>best show ever
>Go to see Lil B
>I don't like him I was there for the qts
>Tons of college aged tryhard qts there
>A few are right up at the stage
>I walk up behind them
>"Accidentally" rub my love rod on each of their tight shorts as I pass
>Stop behind the qtest one
>Unfortunately the crowd pushes me up against her very tight
>Jump up and down
>Nut and leave before the show ends

I thought it was funny the first couple of times
i'm so jealous, anon. you should have taken me with. that would be one of the coolest shows.

>Want to play it so bad
only greg and stephen are worthy of playing that tone.
You can tag along next time :)
thank you. maybe they'll tour when their new album comes out this year.
Lidt skandinavisk grammatik.. hmm
what about that was skandinavian?
The "you should have taken me with" part ^^ It's probably correct english, but it looks like something a native danish speaker (or probably many others...) would have said
>at a show with a couple of friends
>go to the toilet in the intermission between the opener and the headliner
>heading back up stairs from the toilet
>guy steps in front of me, swaying back and forth
>"Hey man, I'm high as fuck, so shhhhhh, just... just make sure I get back to the show"
>"Yeah, okay mate"
>he leads the way back to the show, but I keep an eye on him
>he gets distracted
>walks out of a side door
>keeps walking
>I shout after him
>he keeps walking
>walking away from venue
>crosses street
>watch him for a couple of minutes and he breaks into a run, running away from the venue
>go watch the show
I hope he didn't get hurt.
i didn't know that. interesting.
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Holy shit this is so funny to me and I can't figure out why. I'm sitting here laughing like a little kid.
>in a really shitty band playing keyboard
>get a decent gig playing to a couple of hundred people
>lead singer goes for the crowd surf right at the end
>massive brawl breaks out in the crowd
>lead singer right in the middle of it
>crowd storms the stage
>most frightening moment of my life
>pick up keyboard and try to make it out of there
>end up using it as a club against some would be attackers
>make it out with a cracked rib and broken nose
>my DGX-530 broke in the melee
I haven't played a gig since, and the band broke up.
What the fuck were you playing? Where the fuck where you playing?
Nothing really special, we only played kinda basic rock stuff that kinda sounded like RHCP at times. And it was at this little theatre in the shitty end of town. We were the last band playing in the night, so most of the crowd were pretty drunk. I got the apparent story later, apparently some guy knocked into another guy in the crowd rush, that knocked the guy's drink out of his hand, the guy got mad, punched the other guy in the face. His friends went to fight back, so the other guy's friends went and got into a fight with them, and then while some of the crowd went to escape, the starting fight just got more and more people involved until maybe half the crowd was involved, and the other half had left.
I really miss my keyboard.
Fuck that's hot
I've been to this club if that counts
how was it
did you bump into 1:41

Honestly it sounds like something a teenage girl would say kek.
I didn't run into him, but the bald dude from the very beginning was bartending. It was really fucking bad.
>Go to Preston to visit friends
>One of their friends wants to go to the club
>He's one of those really fat old school acid house ravers who's really let himself go but still goes out clubbing like it's 1991
>Go to club
>Fat dude does a fuckload of e on the way to the club
>Club is packed and we have to park a block away
>Friends leave me with the fat dude after an hour so they can go refill the parking meter
>They leave and I'm inexplicably alone with the fat dude for like 2 hours
>All these really ugly 40 year old women keep trying to dance with me
Probably the worst night in recent memory
>>find out several months later that the guy's best friend who I had hardly spoken to had been spreading weird rumors about me because of that night
what kind of rumors
>lemon tea, sweet tea, lemonade, honey lemonade

You need to diversify yo bonds nigga
holy shit i keep laughing at this wtf im not even high man.
went to see melvins live
make it towards the front of stage
then this fat old lady wheels this like 70 yr old man up to the very fucking front of the stage and asks me to move back
sandwiched in between the mosh pit and the wheel chair guy
can't see shit because i'm shorter than everyone else
was wearing a skirt and kept getting groped by gross old men
some weird looking blonde guy wearing an electric wizard shirt tried to buy me a drink
had to leave half way through set because of ride arrangements
total shit
It was a pretty strange experience.
I didn't see him at the show at all later in the night, so I'm not sure if he returned or anything, or just kept running.
Gee, anon, how come your mom lets you have two gfs?
>wearing a skirt
why were you wearing a skirt?
>Go see Hardcore Devo at the Wiltern
>It isn't hardcore at all
>2 of them are dead
>Mark looks like he's not interested in it at all
>Jerry looks like he's about to have a heart attack
>Half of the songs they're playing got rejected for a good reason
>Mark tripped trying to get off the stage during Jocko Homo and needed help getting back up
>The wiltern people had security to make sure nobody got up and danced

made me sad
>being a manlet
>being a womanlet
>going to see the melvins
outfit looked cute, believe me though, after that experience I have never worn another skirt to a show
>not trying to fuck some ugly slag
>cute girl invites me to her show
>sounds cool
>it's in some warehouse in brooklyn
>there's only a few people there
>she gets up on stage
>starts cooking food, apparently for god
>starts yelling and screaming
>she all of a sudden dumps a big can of chocolate syrup all over my brand new red shirt
>she did it on purpose too
>backstage, I'm about to yell at her for ruining my shirt
>can't make out the right words cause beta-faggot
>she leaves with some other guy

Someway, somehow, I'm going to get back at her
do what I did and send her a skinned rabbit but make sure you leave the head and neck fur intact so it looks cute as she opens the box
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costanza aryan.png
1 MB, 1017x767
>go to see Lil B
>people keep asking if I'm with his crew
>after the 6th person to ask me that look around
>I'm the only other black guy there
hey qt
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>went to My Bloody Valentine show with a new friend who paid for it
>had to leave after like 4 songs because the kid's parents wouldn't let him stay up past like 12
>kid cried on the train ride home
>his mom yells at him for crying when they drove me home from the train station
I don't have a story, but I was at one of the shows t hey filmed for this video and I think that speaks for itself
but a great show would be:
>go to see Ramshackle Glory
>have fun dancing to opening bands
>meet some kids who said they walked from Hartford to Brooklyn for the show, they give me some whiskey
>get a couple beers from strangers
>The Taxpayers play and it's an all out dance party
>Ramshackle Glory plays, theres like 200 people at least at this little co op/house
>130 degrees inside
>so much singing and dancing
>water bottles being thrown around, everybody soaked in sweat and water
>on /mu/
Pitchfork 2014.
>Smashed a half bottle of jaeger before going in while Schoolboy is finishing
>take a molly half way through Slowdive.
>like two people from front.
>dreamy holiness
>Slowdive ends
>Start lining up for Grimes
>Molly kicks in as soon as she starts.
>Turning up way harder than anyone else around me during Go.
>Grimes set almost over
>Take another molly
>Kendrick about to start
>Feeling pretty fucked up
>Meet qt indie chick
>Ask if she wants bud
>Wants me to shotgun it into her
>Make out
>She finds out I'm twenty
>Find out she's thirty
>Hands me and my friend Altoids
>Actually valium
>Blackout for most of Kendrick
>Vaguely remember yelling "EIGHT DOOBIES TO THE FACE" to black people
>On the train home

/mu/ i think i love her and all i know is she's danish, a latin teacher and from nebraska. i thought about her all day at work.
fuck that seems awesome, especially
>Vaguely remember yelling "EIGHT DOOBIES TO THE FACE" to black people
describe the girl to me anon
Here's a good one

>be at local festival
>been there all day
>headliners are John Legend and Guided By Voices
>really dig Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes, so I'm amped
>GBV starts up
>first song out the gate is something from their pretty crappy new stuff. Make it through a few tunes. Suddenly a new song starts
>Pollard is shouting "WE FOUND DAH HEAD DAH HEAD DAH HEAD"
>I'm confused, frightened, and my pants are feeling a little soggy
>inebriated fellow next to me notices I'm not enjoying it and leans up into my face
"Hey man, are you an asshole?"

and then I left

>that crushing disappointment in a performance I expected so much from
met my husband at a calle 13 concert

had a panic attack during a jarabe de palo set
She was very pale and very skinny and had bangs but so did pretty much every other girl there.I thought she had short hair but my more sober friend said she had her hair up. Her last name is Jensen and her first was something that might be Chelsea. She was a teacher and we flirted about if I was her student and shit. She was looking for her friends and I dont even remember her leaving. My friend started singing "The One Who Got Away" by Katy Perry and then all I remember is saying sorry a bunch during Kendrick because I bumped into people.
After the show, in the surrounding streets I remember yelling ADHD and some said fuck that but then I remember sprinting out of line at a convience store to pee but then asked my friend why we were out of line.

I am seriously having major depression since Pitchfork ended. I hate normal life.
>seeing Andrew Jackson Jihad
>people start moshing
>people fall over and create a domino effect
>asshat next to me lights a cigarette with matches
>a shoe got tossed onstage
>some drunk girl grabs my hand and starts jumping around and dancing
>tfw alone when they play Big Bird

One of my favorite shows overall.
I saw Wolves in the throne Room two days ago. A couple people started moshing and this Andre the Giant looking dude started picking people up on his shoulders and tackling them to the ground.
people mosh at shows that aren't punk/metal?
File: babbymad.png (8 KB, 215x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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if you dont want to mosh in the mosh pit then um, dont go in the fucking moshpit you fuckwit.
saw youth lagoon and pure x and smoket weed with pure x after the show was pretty cool
>>Walk into the venue with gf and girlfriend,
>always really effeminate guy
>go to a tegan and sara show
>see a lot of qts around
>one of them keeps making eyes at me
>flirt with her a bit
>ends up taking me back to her place
>7/10 when naked
>she sees my dick
>goes off at me saying she's a lesbian
>thought I was a chick
>end up grabbing my shit and running
>think that I should've told her I was transgender while catching buses home
>you will never go to Pitchfork

man South FL sucks
This sounds magical.
Come on, guys; it was obviously suppose to be a "b".
oh god im laughing so fucking hard
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>my actual face when I read that
>see Fear at bar show
>stage is 6 inches high
>6 songs in its too crazy and people start damaging the band's instruments
>for some reason security start spraying mace like febreeze
>a dozen fights break out
>4 security vs one chick
>two guys wrestling for some reason
>one gets pushes into wall
>watch his arm snap
>friend's nose gets broke
>in the back I see security wailing on some dudes face
>random dude in crowd starts groping me as everyone pushes to escape
>get punched in eye as I try to escape the chaos
>finally get out
>only one outside except my friend and singer Lee Ving screaming "fuck this shit!"
>"nice set thanks for playing" says friend as he leaves
>huge muscular dude runs outside crying and starts rolling around on ground because pepper spray
>smoke a cigarette
Pretty fun show
It's a commercial.
You were on the Amanda Bynes Show
>be at a Chvrches show
>front row for ma girl Lauren
>guy beside me is high on xanax
>turns to me and says "I really have to pee, but I don't want to lose my spot."
>he says "Do you dare me to pee in this cup?"
>"Umm...I mean..."
>he says "done"
>look down at the cup
>it's nearly overflowing with his piss
>ask him what he's going to do with the cup
>"shit I didn't think of that"
>he places his cup of piss on the floor
>it spills
>everybody is standing in his piss for the entire show
File: FYF2014.jpg (351 KB, 800x1236) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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One of my favorite experiences was from moshing.

>2013 go see My Bloody Valentine
>Shoved my way to the front
>Expect the most relaxing show ever
>They start playing
>People start moshing, not angry moshing but nice relaxed moshing. There are no better words to describe it.
>It was beautiful
>Sound goes out and Kevin Shields throws a few drumsticks into crowd
>Me and some taller dude grab the same one
>I yell dibs and he lets go
>Drugged out awesome dude congratulates me
>Tells me to beat the shit out of people during the next song.
>I dont but I protected the stick with my life
>They play You Made me Realize
>People mosh. Stop. Then mosh again.
>Wall of noise. Everyone is just staring in awe.
>Song starts again. Mosh.

It was the most unexpected/beautiful concert experience of my life. Cant wait for this years FYF
I'm fucking losing it right now, holy shit
Yeah, like "You can come with, if you want."
File: image.jpg (574 KB, 1352x1801) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
574 KB, 1352x1801
>be at pitchfork on Saturday
>have acid and really eager to do it
>decide to drop acid an hour before cloud nothings goes on
>as soon as they start playing a switch is flipped in my brain and start tripping HARD
>music sounds HORRIBLE, and on stage the singer turns into a hairy bear
>all I hear is 'FALINA FALINA FALINA' for an hour
>I'm shocked so many people think this is actually good
>cloud nothings ends and I tell my sober friend that i want to see pusha t
>after half an hour of not showing up he tells me he died and I thought he was fucking with me
>realize I'm surrounded by people and turn to a qt next to me and just laugh uncomfortably
>danny brown starts and everyone on stage looks like they're made of clay
>lose my friends in the crowd when st Vincent starts and I feel like I'm going to die
>someone gives me a bottle of rum and a blunt while neutral milk hotel plays
cloud nothings is probably the most terrifying thing I've seen
>Daughters announce reunion show
>go to buy ticket next day, sold out
>week-ish later
>another show is announced
>even better line up, California X and Black Pus holy shit
>buy ticket, excited as fuck
>fast forward to show
>"holy shit I'm gonna see Daughters holy fucking shit"
>Start playing, first 4 songs incredible
>Lex dislocates his fucking shoulder on the 5th song
>band decides to go on without him since people travelled for this show
>"okay, still pretty cool.."
>fat fuck comes barreling out of the pit towards 5'2", 110 lb me (to against stage towards the corner)
>grabs my noodle arm and fucking punches me in the face, rips me from my spot, and throws me into the violent-ass pit
>get knocked around for undetermined amount of time (less than 30 seconds), disoriented from being punched by asshole, get elbow to forehead
>someone finally helps me out of the pit
>stumble around venue for 20 minutes unable to open my eye, no fucking clue what's going on

to make matters worse, once I recovered a bit, I tried to go back to my spot, and the fucking douche was in my exact spot. I tried standing several feet away from him, he started pushing into me violently, trying to push me back into the pit, being a twat, security is doing nothing.

seriously, fuck that guy
should have stabbed him
The Wonderful World Of Power Electronics
I once got punched in the face at a Sum 41 concert at the end of a one-day screamo festival in Las Vegas.

I am not happy with my youth.
>this samefagging
Holy shit that's pathetic.
wear pants to metal shows. Always.

Also there was a whellchair guy at the Dino Jr show I was at recently, fucking guy wouldn't move so when drunk old women disrupted the front row and shifted me several feet to the right, I ha to spend the rest of my night sandwhiched against this guy
>I went to Summer Slaughter 2013 with my friends and buddy's gal at the time
>Was supposed to be double date, but nope
>Smoked half a gram of 5-Meo DMT the preceding saturday
>Took bong rips before the show, had an intense flashback, come back
>Eat 5 caramels, 2 peanut butter cups, and a brownie (all special)
>Hits me during the Periphery Set
>Peaks during the Animals As Leaders set during Wave of Babies
>Am sober enough to mosh during The Dillinger Escape Plan Set
>mfw covered in the sweat of 60+ crusties and my own.
What a wanker.
But seriously now
>noodle arm
File: College_bar_band.jpg (455 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
455 KB, 1280x960
>Friend in college invited me and a bunch of other friends to watch his band play at a bar.
>Go because why not.
>Have to pay to get in, don't care, do it.
>The place is small, have to take front row to see shit.
>Friends sit down by the bar in a row, I'm at the edge, right next to a speaker.
>Band comes out.
>They're a Beatles cover band.
>They do "punk covers" of the songs.
>Start of loud as fucking shit.
>Speaker right next to me blows a fucking hole in my ear through my brain and out the other side.
>"Holy shit, what?!"
>Volume is so fucking high, the band is so fucking obnoxiously loud.
>Literally in pain from this shit, ears are dying.
>Can't leave because I paid for this shit, and it would be rude to my friend in the band, who basically stood right in front of me on the stage.
>Act like nothing.
>Band doesn't even play okay Beatles songs, just the early shit.
>Singer is literally screaming the lyrics of I Wanna Hold Your Hand to me.
>Finally get to last song.
>So fucking happy that it's soon over.
>Band is done, people applaud, they leave the stage.
>People scream for them to come back.
>Of course they do, encores are mandatory.
>"We don't know anymore songs, so we'll just redo an earlier one."
>Start playing first song again.
>Get annoyed by this, but atleast they'll be done after this.
>Crowd begs for more, they deliver.
>Play the next song.
>Band goes through the show again, song for song.
>I get so fucking pissed at this shit, contemplate just leaving by this point.
>Finally the band stops about halfway through their set-list.
>My ears are ringing so fucking bad.
>Walk out with friends, talk about how this shit was way too loud.
>They agreed, but they weren't seated right next to a speaker like me.
>Hear from inside that the band are going to play the show one more time.
>By this point I'm running for a bus home.
>Have a headache the rest of the night, can't hear shit the next day.
>I am seriously having major depression since Pitchfork ended. I hate normal life.
this is prolly the molly. It makes you depressed for a few days after taking it, as it fucks with your seratonin. If you're on an SSRI it can actually really fuck with you.
man, fuck old dude punk shows
A buddy of mine was telling me about serotonin syndrome when we went to a show together, while we picked up a dub from his guy, as he was on antidepressants at the time, so he didn't take molly, lucy or dimitri. That shit can wreck you.
>>all I hear is 'FALINA FALINA FALINA' for an hour
I can't breathe holy shit
>being this retarded

if you're next to a speaker, FUCKING MOVE. get out more, you dweeb.
what, you're too polite to move a couple feet to the side?
I wish I could have anon, I wish I could have.

My spot was right in front of the guitarist and the dude starting playing with his pedals, and all he said was "FUCK YEAH MAN!!" and gave the douche a thumbs up.

like, salt in the wound... salt in the fucking wound, man.
There was no room, had I moved away it would've looked like I just left.
better you disappear into the crowd than go deaf from a Shitty Beatles concert
Yeah, probably, felt rude at the time though. I would've left in five seconds had it not been a friend.
BUT here's a few INSANE show experiences

first one's a long one
>last October
>still bitter about shit-ass Daughters experience
>Thee Oh Sees are my favorite band of all time
>have only played near me once, couldn't go because I was like 14 and my parents didn't want me going to a warehouse show
>live in RI, for some reason John Dwyer never tours in his home state
>they announce show at 285 Kent
>jokingly ask my dad (I was 17 at the time) while he's taking a shit if we can drive to Brooklyn to see them
>he says yes
>drive to NYC a day early cuz I've never been
>I want to go experience the city, dad just wants to stick around Times Square and do tourist shit
>still awesome because fucking New York
>go to show nice and early so I can get right up front
>see JD smoking a cig outside, too sperg to say anything
>show starts, OBN IIIs
>fucking awesome, singer is an animal, slaps me, playfully punches me in the jaw, accidentally kicks me in the head while jumping off stage
>apologizes for the kick after set, shake the hand he shot a snot rocket into mid-set
>The Blind Shake come on, thank me after for absolutely losing my shit during their set
>Thee Oh Sees come on
>going absolutely apeshit
>I've never been pressed so hard against a stage in my life
>halfway through the set John Dwyer offers me a swig of Jameson
>have to decline because I'm there with my dad but holy shit I still feel so fucking cool
>show ends, get back in car, dad is pissed cuz he wanted to leave at like 12 but I wouldn't (and couldn't, to be honest) leave
>don't give a fuck, can't hear him anyway because it was so fucking loud

then when I got home, I found out the audio of the show was recorded, so I have it forever. Best show I've ever seen.

about a month later... (to be continued)
>find out Black Pus//Japanther are playing a warehouse show near me
>well-known spot, one of the last shows ever there, never been and love both bands, so I get some ppl together to go
>me and friend show up at listed doors
>doors 10 PM, show 11
>let us in, it's 11 and we're stil lthe only people there
>muh punk time
>show finally starts around 12, place is fucking PACKED by now, opener is weird as fuck
>Ed Schrader's Music Beat come on, are fucking incredible
>Japanther comes on, place fucking ERUPTS
>everybody dancing, tape deck thing gets knocked over but keeps working, handed the drummer one of his sticks, fell into a cymbal, girl from Math The Band dancing next to me, shit is insane
>can barely breathe after
>Black Pus starts almost immediately, previous level of energy instantly doubled
>kids climbing the fucking walls, everybody dancing like they're seizing because Black Pus, people sitting on and jumping from some pipe between support beams
>afterwards, go to buy Japanther patch, Matt give me a free shirt, still my favorite shirt

a month ago...
>me and friend go to see Ratking
>he sells weed, tell him to bring some, plotting to myself
>show is great etc
>afterwards ask Wiki if he wants to smoke
>tells us he has to go get paid and find out if he's staying in the city tonight, definitely down to
>we wait like 40 fucking minutes, he finally comes out
>some other guy from Albany and his friend were there, were also trying to smoke w/him to discuss booking a show
>we all go back to this guy's car to smoke, silently excite as fuck
>sitting packed into the back of this guy's car right up against my favorite fucking rapper
>ask him about the feature on hidden track, think it's DJ DOG DICK but unsure
>he lights up, really impressed and psyched that I knew DOG DICK, start talking hip hop with Wiki
>pass him my friend's bowl, tell him to hit my boy's bud
>get it back, it's like he licked it
>keep smoking, go home, gr8 night
Another fun show was going to this variety show that had a bunch of internet celebrities(music, stand-up comedy, motivational speeches, weird artsy shit) at The Vera Project in Seattle with my qt 3.14 gf at the time. was one of the few people who wasn't a squeeing underage fangirl who spends a wee bit too much time on tumblr. Shared a smoke with one of the performers, Tom Milsom, even got a picture taken with him, and talked art and music. I also found out one of my favorite bands at the time(Minus The Bear when the singer looked like a manlet Jesus) dig a lot of gigging and art work there. Still dig some of the art pop/experimental shit that Tom does, the Explorers eps are actually pretty solid.
>tfw you're the reason thread is kill

I'm sorry I'm so bad at greentext, /mu/ ;-;
I'm curious, what's the calmest show you guys have seen a moshpit at?
Some folks were moshing to The Dismemberment Plan in Spain.
Arctic Monkeys on The AM Tour. People just started moshing during No. 1 Party Anthem which was the weirdest song to start moshing to.
>wheelchair guy

Based on your guys' stories, I wouldn't be surprised if they were some cunts feigning injury/disability so they could wheel themselves to the front.
>laneway music festival 2013
>watching UMO with gf
>blaze it
>her feet on my feet
>high as fuck can't even feel my feet anymore
>So good at being in trouble playing

Best day of my life.
nah the guy at Dino Jr was missing a leg

but the venue has raised platforms in the back, with tables and chairs n shit. I'm not sure why he felt the need to be up front when he could have seen from back there. It's just fucking inconsiderate, since once the crowd starts shifting, you become a literal goddamn wall
Last gig I went to was tame impala almost a year ago now. I hate having no money.
that's nothing, man
last concert i went to was a scene music festival in Vegas in 2011
>at small concert
>a lot of girls with their boyfriends there
>don't really pay much attention to anyone else, just watching music
>get bumped into from behind
>look behind me
>guy holding up his girlfriend and fucking her right there
It was a pretty strange experience, because I just turned back and watched the show while these two people were fucking right behind me. She had a nice bum.
File: metal.jpg (30 KB, 290x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wow that has to be the best line up ive ever seen.
fuck you, so jealous :(

Wanna start a band.
File: 1357852937452.jpg (28 KB, 336x324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thats why you never fucking have your drinks with you in the crowd. people drop that shit all the time and i dont want cheap beer on my fucking nice shoes
I went to see The Antlers, but ticketmaster didn't say it was a 21+ show (I'm 18, gf is 20)
We got there and since they were carding everyone, we figured we'd just tell then what happened, hoping they'd let us stand in the back or something. They were super cool about it and said we could watch from outside, where there were some slightly tinted windows and since stage was right by the sidewalk, you could hear everything perfectly, so it wasn't a waste of money or anything.
While waiting outside for show to start, manager walks by and asks why we aren't in there, so we tell him the same story. He tells us to wait there.
We're so excited and thinking he is going to get us in!
10 minutes pass... he isn't coming back...
then, suddenly, out walks Pete and Darby from the back door.
"We heard you guys couldn't get into our show. That really sucks. So we wanted to come out and say hi!"

Happiest moment of my life.
did you make a move anon
are you asian?
how was deafheaven
you saw dany brown when you were 6? how old are you now?
>Matt give me a free shirt
why? is it because you bought a patch? never gotten a free shirt im so im pretty jelly. also i like the ratking story. wiki seems like a chill bro
>ask him to sign my tape
shit, you have an OPN tape? how did you get that?
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103 KB, 1440x900
iktf anon, i'm in post vacay depression. tfw p4k is the highlight of my year.

>p4k music fest
>third song into Kendrick lamars set
>everyones hype as fuck
>front row, dancing and bouncing with bros
>grinding against chick in front of me
>turns out it was some hood rats girlfriend
>dude pushes me retarded hard
>str8 mean muggin me
>brush it off and keep dancing, just away from them
>end up bumping into them again, and he's looking like he's about to swing on me
>just leave halfway through Kendrick's set 'cause i don't want to get jumped

was super pissed too, he killed it.
>rub my dick into the girl in front of me because she can't get away
>black guy shows up to stop the sexual assault
>get nervous listening to rap music around black people
>leave the show just to be safe
there was huge mosh pit when i saw map and atlases
The Dodos
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
lol, nawh man. i'm no chester molester.
deafheaven was probably the best act there. was hype as fuck, but people we're still really cool.
Fuck that wheel his ass away. Cripples don't deserve the front for fucking up .
shitty. They were just a bunch of hipsters playing mediocre black metal,it was honestly awful. All their fans were hipster themselves..I think the only reason they liked them because they were out of place in their genre.
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Interpol kick-off show Toad's Place

>Get there around 8, nobody there
>grabbed a bev, waited around for Teen to come on.
>Teen was disappointing, but the crowd was kind of into them so it made it better.
>By the time Teen ended, I was about two rows back from the stage gates.
>Hot af in Toad's because apparently one oscillating fan pointed at the ground isn't enough for hundreds of people.
>Chilling next to this one dude who looked like he's still in high school, but he looked like he really enjoyed Interpol since he was all the way up front, and alone.
>I was also up front and alone but w/e shit happens.
>Interpol comes out, place goes batshit motherfucking crazy. No idea there were so many Interpol fans in CT.
>Turns out there aren't.
>They punch off 'Evil' and toward the end of the song some fucking bro uses his girth to plow through me to get up to the front. Doesn't even blink.
>Simultaneously, two dadrock dads are abt three rows behind me getting into a fist fight over what I could assume to be who looked more like a fucking hick.
>Simultaneously some rich, drunk, high school-looking skank starts running into me from behind asking to get to her friends in front of me.
>lol'd and said fuck off
>Bitch starts smacking me in the back of the head. Assumed one of her boyfriends was going to plow my face in within minutes for not letting her through.
>Group of high schoolers was probably about 6 or 7 kids wide, and all of them, at one point or another, took out a blunt to hit.
>Douche-y looking high school guys try to start fights with other guys who are there with another girl, or just blatantly having a good time.
>Security does nothing because why do the job yr supposed to do
>I've been to shows all around NYC and never have I felt more unsafe at a show. Debated on leaving around the fourth song.
>Interpol was pretty sick tho.

mfw "That's kinda jazzy."
>go to ATP IBYM
>seeing swans
>it's during a 40 degree+ heatwave
>in a huge warehouse-y building with little ventilation
>what little air con there is is turned off
>wearing my favourite gig shit (has two pockets)
>buy three cans of beer
>place two in each pocket
>gira et al come on
>really fucking loud, repetitive (as you'd expect)
wish i had been more into them make then

also godspeed and mbv played later that night
that was a good festival
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>She finds out I'm twenty
>Find out she's thirty
>Hands me and my friend Altoids
>Actually valium
>Blackout for most of Kendrick
>Vaguely remember yelling "EIGHT DOOBIES TO THE FACE" to black people
is kevin related to jeremy
top lel
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