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Other one is like completely dead. So how...
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Other one is like completely dead. So how about a proper Bandcamp thread with a twist. Post your Bandcamp, but also talk about what inspired a specific track of yours/what is your track about?
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oops forgot link:


>Dream Pop
>Jangle Pop

The Things I Do For Love is about me wanting to mess around with girls, for sexual or appearance pleasures but at the same time, i want something real. In a way, its shameful that the things I do for love are like this. hence the title.

Coma is about me trying to get this girl to realize and notice how much I truly adore her, it's like she is sleeping in a state of a Coma, hence the title.
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>'experimental electronic music'
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What inspired this album is the creepy chatroom/game named "worlds". Heaven in the game worlds is literally a couch, but as of this year it is now closed, hence the song title "it's closed"

also - I highly recc >>47186701

>post punk
follow the rules of the thread.
<3 Rec you too m8.
Would appreciate a listen if you guys are down

Follow the rules of the thread m8
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ok ummm alamoses is about my cat idk
the things i do for love is chill as fuck
thanks anon. <3
what do you call yourslef, musically

>garbage lofi hiphop

its sort of a joke

i was inspired by listening to yung lean, because he made me realize that literally anyone can put out a rap album

the title track is inspired by a madvillainy song of a similar name

rec all in thread, nice stuff
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>post punk/electronic

The first song, Uncanny Valley, is about sex dolls and the rise of the 'technocrat' in the cold war.

The second song, N.N.D is about someone from the past, travelling to the future, and you think that'd be great for historians nowadays as we've got someone from the past to speak to and interrogate , but the person who came from the past is basically an idiot, so he is pretty useless.

I'll listen and comment on other people's music in my next few posts
ooo fun i get to talk about myself



Hiroshi Nagai was one of the biggest inspiration on Lifter. I feel like im more of an artist than i am a musician, so when i want to make a record or song, i take a picture, edit the shit out of it, and when im done i think, "how can i make this song/album sound like what this looks like?"

i discovered nagai some time ago and fell in love with his style. it reminded me of roger dean with how alien some of nagais landscapes looked, and also how vast and barren they could look as well. pic related is one of the first nagai paintings i ever saw. so Lifter was my taking a crack at transcribing nagais paintings into music. heres his site

try going through the poolside, waves, or vehicle series while listening to patrick air force base and see if the tunes sounds like how they look
Snailhead >>47187711 here


this isn't normally my thing, but the lofi atmospheric songs actually sound pretty cool. I think the songs word work particularly well with a visual accompaniment, so might be worth recording some interesting videos or whatever to go with them. Also, I like the way you keep them short and snappy rather than disappear up your own arse. Despite the lofi nature the production is actually pretty good. Enjoyed it.


I like this. It's like the Smiths being a bit pissed and having a mess around. I'd turn the bass up a bit to give it a rounder feel. I like the falsetto vocals which dip in and out.

>vaporwave, sax grooves

Our newest track "Onward Ye!" is generally about how aliens will view our planet after pollution kills it. A few Confucianism references.

sorry, but i kinda have to explain each of them, i'll keep it short

Quit is a song i worte after deciding "i am quitting music forever" (i didn't)
The people have Spoken was i song i took suggestions on how to make it go
i wrote the title track to this after listening to chelsea wolfe the fist time,
26th hour i actually originally wrote for a 24 hour song challenge, and it only took like two so i called it 26
and the end sound i just named for the sound at the end.
Lizardman and the Goose Grumbler
>Indie pop, experimental, devotional
Give us your best, honest criticism

made out of 60's 70's soul

Pretty lazy release but I think it turned out good!

this just in

you're great


nah I'm
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>first single from my upcoming LP, psychedelic ambient droney stuff, fucking rad

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>downbeat experimental electronic

Ex-gf and I both loved fractals, we had this thing about watercolor fractals that basically meant "everything is fluid and pleasant and I'm happy right now" whenever we used it. One day she took a small piece of paper and drew some watercolor fractals on it. Things started to get really bad in the relationship, we were both depressed and taking drugs, I was coming down and ripped her watercolor drawing in half and wrote "FUCK" in Russian on one side of it.

We haven't talked in a long time, but I named the track after that drawing and how, despite being separated, the fractal is still infinite. I'll be okay, she'll be okay.
That's poetic as fuck, mate.
I haven't even heard the track (my Firefox has been having HTML5 audio problems lately) but I can tell it's great just from that anecdote.
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>noise rock, emo, folk

I based out song laundry off of a story I wrote a couple years ago where a kid with a mental disability falls in love with a really popular girl and starts following her around even sneaking into her bedroom window at one point
Thanks stranger. The whole album is actually named like that, the tracks make sense with the memory's context.

By the way, I'm in love with that single you posted, that woozy mix is perfect. Have a SoundCloud? The bandcamp link is broken.
Yeah, I do.
I really should update that, it points to the old URL for my Soundcloud haha.
>garage rock
Aliens is pretty much about shitty politicians. It's not very creative, but hey I didn't write the lyrics.
Followed and looking forward to that LP.
Thanks man, I think it's probably my best work thus far.
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>lo-fi bedroom pop

it's about social anxiety i guess. cliche, but whatever.
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>Ambient, soundscapes, shoegaze, drone

Second-to-last track I Think We're Going To Be Just Fine started in my head as an aural equivalent to a bus ride into the city that I had made with my girlfriend a few months back. The whole experience was really uplifting and pleasant and it inspired the track. Pretty boring but if you're into pretty, Sigur Rós/Riceboy Sleeps/Eno-inspired instrumentals, you might like the song and my album.
oops I killed it
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guitar sounds like UTTER ASS

i love dream pop but in this case i wish this was a DREAM so i could forget that shit within 5 seconds
Got inspired and recorded this
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>acoustic, noisey bedroomcore

I had been listening to a lot of Boris's rainbow album. this tracks just a guitar wank with a lot of fuzz and feedback.
Second song is much better tbh

That first track wasn't mixed that well honestly.
Listen to the second track, and if you still think its bad. Let me know.
This is hilarious and terrifying

Ambient piano composition I came up with when thinking about background music.
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>minimal techno
>scary noises

Played my first show today and almost got cut off mid-set. It was fun!
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I was bored
Don't hate me.
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>The Space Room
>I got really high and imagined what it would be like to travel through the Universe in the ship of the imagination from the new revival of Cosmos
>It's what I wanted to hear on that journey

Future Beats, Hip-Hop, Atmospheric

>Missy Elliott - Work It (Big Enigma Remix)
>I always thought Missy Elliott was a super under rated hip-hop producer. She really made some dope shit. So I was inspired.
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>indie rock, experimental, ambient

Was influenced by being in the middle of a breakup with this girl (ended up getting back together, hence the last track "We Resurfaced What We Lost". probably shouldn't have gotten back with her).

A lot of tracks are also inspired by the thought of how two people kind of become one another by spending so much time with each other.

Myself;Yourself, semicolons are used to put a separation between two ideas that are connected. Being with someone, there may be a separation there but you're also kind of that person too after a while. You may pick up some of their habits, speech patterns, or what have you. Interesting thoughts, ya?
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I love reading what inspired you guys. Makes me appreciate your music even more.

>chillwave, ambient, dreamwave

I daydream a lot and often try to relive certain experiences. Kallang Bahru is the latter. It's basically about walking around Singapore at night. I loved the warm breeze, the colorful lights and just observing other people bonding with their friends and family, At the same time there was a certain feeling of melancholy surrounding me because I had just graduated and didn't know what to do with life. With Kallang Bahru I tried to recreate this bittersweet experience.

Experiri on the other hand is basically just about dreaming.
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>footworky dubstep, electronic

The first track on this (portrait) was inspired by the fact that I rarely make anything melancholy. Someone in another thread said all of my music is too uplifting and I should try something more melancholy sometime. So I did, and then the whole rest of the EP sort of followed. This was my first time ever making music like this, usually I do more acoustic stuff mixed with electronic.
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whole album is inspired by smoking at night
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I can't talk for Four, who wrote this song, so I'll talk about the one track I've written so far that we plan on recording.
I had a dream one day, and close to the end was a line of Children who had no pupils or irises, only whites. Eyes (we don't have a name for it, so we're using "Eyes" until we do) is about the vengeful spirits of children who have been murdered, raped, abused, etc. They attack those who hurt other children, and often capitalize on their darkest fears.

Bretty gud
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>surf pop, dream pop

i wrote a bass line and just recorded it for fun. I continued to jangle over it until i thought it was sounding full. Wrote the chorus and thought, hmm. maybe if i get some drums itll sound professional. found a load of samples of snares, rides, kicks, hats from old boom bap tracks i was listening to.
The second song i ever wrote.
What inspired me to actually record was my new found love of dream pop

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