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>Dance with me Anon!
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>Dance with me Anon!
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>T-thank you..,you too
Take your goddamn skirt off already!
I'm never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm
"uh no thanks"
>you wave her away with your hand
>"don't be silly Anon! dance with me!"
>grabbing your hand she pulls you to your feet and starts shaking her hips.
"Rarity what the fuck are you doing?"
>she looks up at you and pouts.
>"why darling I'm dancing and so should you be"
>grabbing both your hands she goes back shaking her hips in an attempt to get movement out of you.
>it's a good effort but one that achieves little beyond causing you to weakly swing your arms.
"Rarity, this is stupid."
>pouting again.
>"well Anonymous it's not my fault you can't dance!"
"I'm not trying to dance"
>"and why not?"
>shrugging you gesture around her.
"we're in an empty practise room and you're playing really shit music"
>taking a step back from you she smirks.
>"and what music would you like to dance to hmm?"
>time to show this undercoloured girl true music.
Cory in the House theme song?


Best dance song coming through.
>returning her smirk you mince towards the small portable speaker resting on the piano.
"you youngters have no real appreciation for good music"
>"this means you're going to play something old..."
"of course it does, modern music is shit"
>unplugging her white Iphone you replace it with your batterd Samsung.
>scrolling to find the perfect song you press play.
>you hear her sigh at the opening rift.
>spinning on your heels you perform a crude air guitar motion before walking towards her.
"now this is good music"
>"no it isn't"
"shut up and dance!"
>her skirt doesn't move outward as she spins
DHX do you even physics?
>taking her hands in yours you start to mimic her awkward hip swaying from before.
>"what are you doing?"
"I'm dancing you daft bitch"
>you make a half dedicated attempt to twirl her around and she follows your lead.
>"Anon darling, this dancing does not suit the music"
"don't care, spinning you again."
>you twirl her for a second time, but the sudden motion catches her off guard and sends her flying to the ground.
>stooping quickly you manage to get under her, cushioning her fall.
"was getting caught part of your plan?"
>pushing her off your lap you get up.
"nevermind, so what do you think of my skillz?"
>"d-did you just pronounce that with a zed at the end?"
"Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead"
>shaking her head she chuckes.
>"you certainly are a strange one Anon Darling"
>shrugging you offer a hand to help her up.
>"yet still a gentleman"
>you wink.
>As you pull Rarity to her feet the song changes, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRVwcPTnug8
Nice, not the city
Please continue.
prepare to be amazed by my dance moves, rarity!
Do you even rave?
Forgot link...
>moving back to your chair you pick up your guitar and begin to play along with the song.
>instead of practising as well Rarity just sits and watches you.
>"you know Anonymous, I never noticed how well you could use your fingers"
>dammit Anon focus on the music.
>whatever you don't focus on those slender legs.
>those long slender legs that are so gracefully walking towards you.
>sitting on the table next to you Rarity starts to hum along with the song.
>she spends the entire duration with her eyes fixed on your fingers.
>the song finishes and a new one comes on.
>Rarity starts to giggle at you.
>"Anonymous darling as much as I admire your playing, your taste in music needs work"
>you respond by sticking out your tongue.
"could say the same to you princess"
>"my dad listens to this"
"then he has great taste"
>crossing her arms she sticks out her tongue at you.

I use to go clubbing but chilling with a drink and vinyl is more my style.
>setting your guitar to the side you stick up your middle finger at her.
>taking the opertunity to exploit your lapse in concentration she sits on your lap and sticks her tongue out further at you.
"are we sitting on farthers lap now?"
>the glare she gives you could cut glass but you remain strong.
>your clumsy smile is met with more glare.
>in a vain attempt to difuse the situation you start to bounce her on your leg.
>the sudden movement causes Rarity to let out a startled cry before grabbing your arm for support.
>the movement brings her face close to yours, with the music still playing she locks eyes with you.
Kiss her you damm fool!
bump for more green.
Well they don't want the fact that girls wear panties to corrupt the youth and turn them into sex fueled, mega perverts, that smoke da crack
Rarity Rocks!
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Like fine wine.webm
3 MB, 256x144
oh this thread is still alive, guess I should keep writing.

"uh, hi"
>resting her head on your shoulder she sighs.
>"this is nice Anonymous"
>unsure of what to say you just wrap your arm around her waist.
>you can feel her warm breath against your neck.
>your free hand moves up her back and you awkwardly stroke her hair.
>"what am I doing with myself?"
>shrugging you continue to stroke her hair.
>"I mean, I have a reputation to keep yet every Friday without fail I'm in here with you"
"I just assumed you wanted a place to practise"
>"Oh please, I can't even play the gitboard"
>gitboard... that was a joke right?
"you mean the keytar?"
>"no I don't think its called that"
>you let out a sigh as the song changes to something less intimate.
>"Oh Anon really? do you listen to anything made in the past decade?"
>she leans away from you and lets out a huff.
>she smirks at you.
>"well I don't know"
"can you repeat the question?"
>you see her mulling something over before she leans to whisper in your ear.
>"kiss me?"
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keep at it, i wanna read the smutty part
"I, what? but"
>before you can finish vommiting out words that would eventually form a real sentance she locks her lips with yours.
>your hand on her waist moves down to rub slowly along her thigh.
>breaking away from the kiss she turns a deep shade of red.
>"sorry about that"
"don't be"
>you kiss her back, twirling your fnger in her hair as her arms wrap around your shoulders.
>your hand creeps further up her thigh, slipping under her skirt you feel the touch of frills before she slaps you away.
>"not here and not now" she whispers.
>you mumble an apology before kissing her cheek.
>letting out a giggle she kisses you back.
>brushing away her hair you kiss her neck, taking in the scent of her perfume.
>it's a sweet citrus smell, as you continue kissing you hear her let out a soft moan.
>running her fingers through your hair she lets out another moan, slightly louder this time.
>breaking away you slide your hand down her back.
"enjoying yourself?"
>she nods as the songs changes again.
>she giggles again.
>"I actually like this one"
"of course you do"
>she pouts before kissing your forehead.
>"what are we going to do with you?"
"you could try kissing me again?"
>pulling you in a tight embrace she kisses down your neck.
>"like that?"
"well it's a good start"
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still waiting for the interesting part, anon

keep at it!
>"and where does this good start lead to?"
"you, me, making a lot of noise"
>blushing heavily she turns away from you.
>"Anon, as fun as this has been I make no promises, however"
>she shifts her body, now with your legs between her thighs she kisses you again whilst rocking her hips.
>"we are always left alone her and we are never interupted"
>running both hands against her thighs you kiss her neck again.
>As she starts to moan, Rarity pushes her body against you more firmly.
>"I can feel you" she whisper between pants.
>your hands move up to her skirt, slowly lifting it up and feeling the warmth of her body.
>letting out a light gasp she starts to properly grind against you.
"someone's eager"
>"so tell me, just how well can you use those fingers?"
>you move your hand up around her waist and push it up her shirt.
"well enough"
>unhooking her bra you kiss her again.
>she pulls away from you, her face flustered.
>"Anon, before we go any further we must set some ground rules"
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soon (tm)

i like it anon. by all means, moar
I really wish EQG had an 80s pop soundtrack.
>kissing you on the cheek you, she smirks
>"no telling anyone"
>you nod, that makes sense.
>"If I stay stop, you stop"
>you nod again, kissing her cheek.
>"and finally, my underwear stays on"
>smirking you brush your hand up against her thigh.
"sounds fair"
>she continues to grind against you.
>"take me shirt off" she whispers.
>you follow her instructions carefuly removing her top, before kissing her bare shoulder.
>she slips off her bra and flicks it away.
>"what do you think?"
>with a red face she shakes her chest in your face.
>as you lean in to kiss down her exposed chest the song plays.
>"well that's fucking relevant" you think.
>the song changes
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>>"and finally, my underwear stays on"
no fair

(still cont. plz)
>you continue to kiss alonge her exposed flesh.
>with every kiss you get closer to her breast, before finally you suck slowly on her left nipple.
>her response his immediate, she lets out a gasp.
>"Anon- I..."
>pulling away you look up at her with a shit eating grin.
>"d-don't stop, you basterd."
>she runs her fingers through your hair again.
>eager to please you go back to making her moan, sucking harder this time as your hand slowly scratch down her back.
>gasping loudly she tugs softly at your hair.
>"this feels amazing"
>your hands drift further down her back til you reach her belt.
>taking the hint, Rarity pulls away from you and slips off the belt before dropping it on the floor.
>"something you're after?"
>she giggles before kissing you again.
>"at least the music isn't completly awful this time"
>raising an eyebrow you kiss along her collar.
>your hands push down the back of her skirt as Rarity starts to grind even harder against you.
>The sound of the door opening makes you freeze in fear with a half naked Rarity still grinding against you.
please don't wind up as a "spaghetti" ending
the best seems to be yet to come
>Miss Cheerilee enters the room with her face in a book,
>"don't mind me you two, just dropping off a recorder I borrowed earlier"
>still on your lap, Rarity watches in horror as the young teacher drops the recorder on a shelf and saunters out, apparently oblivious to you and Rarity.
>the door quickly slams, leaving a red faced Rarity still on your lap.
"well that just happened"
>"apparently it did"
>you start to laugh at the close call.
>Rarity is still red but she starts to giggle.
>"I think that's enough for today"
>disapointed but not wanting to jinx things you nod.
"same time next week?"
>giggling she slips on her bra and belt.
>"I think I can squeaze you in before then"
>winking at her you hand over her shirt.
"how about Sunday?"
>"sounds good to me, I'll message you later darling"
>adjusting her crumpled top she performs a cute twirl to show off.
>"how do I look?"
>you respond by pulling her close and kissing her firmly.
>"oh and I just remembered Anonymous can you please get me your report on oh-"
>looking at the two of you exchanging a kiss she lets out a small laugh.
>"I'll leave you to it"
>closing the door again she walks away, leaving the blushing Rarity in you embrace.
>breaking the kiss she smirks.
>"I'll message you tonight okay?"
>grabbing her phone and keytar she rushes out of the room, leaving you to your self.
>collecting your phone and guitar you stroll out of the room,
>smiling to yourself you stroll out of the school.
>feeling your phone vibrate, you look at the message.
>"well that was certainly fun Darling, how do you feel about brunch? xoxo"

thanks for doing that though anon
Waiting for more.
>Sunday, you made plans with Rarity to meet her for brunch, sitting on a bench next to a fountain you wait.
>and wait.
>'She's not coming' you think.
>sticking in your headphones you hit play.
>closing your eyes you relax into the music.
>it was stupid to think she would come, you're probably going to be hit with a bucket of water or something.
>you feel somthing slip into your hand, taking you out of your musical trance
>"hello Anonymous, sorry I'm late"
>looking up you lock eyes with hers.
>she's smiling at you with and you can't help but smile back.
"don't worry about it"
>she pecks you on the cheek and squeazes your hand.
>"shall we get going then?"
Moar green.

Also, Bamp
>you nod and take her hand as you walk to a small cafe.
>"how does this place look?"
>it looks expensive.
"it looks great Rarity"
>stepping inside you take a seat and within seconds. have a ball of pink in your face.
>"hey there Anon! how you doing! Oh hi Rarity! you guys on a date?"
>Pinkie is stood giggling next to the table.
>"Pinkie, darling, I had no idea you worked here"
>"well of course I work here, I'm wearing the appron aren't I?"
>loosing your cool sigh.
"can we just order our food?"
>noticing your discomfort, Rarity smiles at Pinkie before trying to hurry things along.
>"yes please, do you mind if you just give us some time to look at the menu?"
>handing the two of you menus she nods.
>"you got it!"
>she finally leaves you in peace as she zips across to harrass Thunderlane, who's sat in the corner with a macbook pro, fucking hipster.
>"anything you fancy?"
"I can see something rather mouth watering yes"
>Rarity hides her blushing face behind her menu.
>"oh stop it"
But Rarity. The Roland AX synth is so fucking trendy and gay. You only picked it because its fashionable.

Goddamn it Rarity. Thats a fine ass piece of machinery. You better treat that shit well. or else.

Can you sell it to me? I'll eat your ass.
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>you suddenly become very aware of her foot rubbing against your leg.
>"Anon? I dropped my fork do you mind picking it up for me?"
>with a movement less subtle than a Twilight Sparkle friendship speech she flicks her fork off the table.
>nodding eagerly you slip off the chair and grab the fork, not before sliding yout hand up her inner thigh, slowly planting kisses up her leg.
>Rarity lets out a soft sigh before running her fingers through your hair.
>"I think it's between my feet, look there?"
>shifting around under the table you move further to the centre of the table.
>slowly, Rarity opens her legs, reveiling what she is, or isn't wearing.
>letting out a chuckle you slowly scratch down her inner thigh before surfacing.
>"did you find what you were looking for?"
>winking slyly she slowly bites her bottom lip.
"definetly, do you want the fork now? or later"
>giggling she winks again.
>"is it possible to have that fork on the table?"
>you let out a little laugh at the bad joke before picking up the menu and selecting your order.
>within seconds of putting down the menu Pinkie is next to the table.
>"you two lovebirds reaady to order?"
>Rarity smiles and nods.
>"I'll have the veggie burger and a glass of sparkling water"
>taken aback by the vegetarian order you nod.
"same for me please... and a regular coke"
>"okie dokie lokie! one fuzzy water, one dietless diet coke and two conversation openers!"
>she practically jumps away.
>"Anon, I didn't know you were a vegetarian?"
"all my laugh"
>you blurted that out without even thinking, hopefuly she doesn't notice your leather shoes, or wallet, or belt, at least you didn't wear your leather jacket today.
>still smiling at you she nods.
>me too, I think it's much better for my skin, not to mention all of us girls are after the Fluttershy pepperoni pizza incident"
>you nod solemly, you recall reading about that in the news.
>"all my life"

I don't even know how I fucked that up.
File: 1072383.jpg (787 KB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
787 KB, 2592x1936
Yet this is okay.
Am I the only one that wants to know about the pepperoni pizza incident?
>the next few seconds are taken up by a strong silence.
"poor Flash, I never much liked the guy but..."
>"it's best not to think about it, Flash is walking again and Fluttershy is making headways in her therapy"
>nodding slowly you tap your fingers on the table.
"I guess things found a way of working out?"
>"of course, he's bounnced back well"
>Rarity is smiling but you can see the genuine concern in her eyes.
>poor guy, needed 47 stitches, it's always the quiet ones.
>the sudden reintroduction of Pinkie snaps you out of your train of thoughts.
>"here's your fuzzy water Rarity and for Nonny it's the dietless diet coke"
>placing the drinks on the table she beams at you.
>"you're food will be here super duper soon okay?"
>"that's wonderful, thank you Pinkie dear"
>"no problamo!"
>she performs a salute, puffing out her chest and almost popping her top button.
>"well I'll leave you two love birds to it!"
>skipping away she flicks on a pair of portable speakers on a little wooden stool.
>looking acorss the table you see Rarity smiling at you,
>"Another one of your old man songs I see, you're a bad influence"
"that or Pinkie has good taste"
>her smile turns into a mock smile and she sticks out her tongue at you.
>"I still like my music"
"and I like my music"
>"and I like you Anonymous so I might be forced to settle with your choice in music"
"sounds like you admit that I have good taste in music"
>grinning at your apparent musical victory you spot Pinkie holding up piece of paper in the corner of your eye.
>"kiss her Nonny!"
I havent seen one Death by Glamor video in here.
I am dissapoint.
>Pinkie is waving at you now, she's pointing at the paper and almost jumping on the spot.
>you spot the cook behind her however, he doesn't look happy either.
>turning away from the possible future crime scene you turn back to your date.
"so, how was your week?"
>"oh it was wonderful! I finished one of my dresses and it looks simply divine"
>nodding you listen as she tells you about the finer details of her craft.
>"I also used a gorgeous shade of purple for the thread which really makes the final piece pop"
>you spend the time just looking at her, the soft curve of her jawline, those cheeks, blushing ever so slightly under your gaze.
>you're quickly brought back to reality by the arrival of Pinkie.
>setting down the plates she smiles at the two of you.
>"here you two go! enjoy your conversation starters!"
>"Pinkie? why do you call them that?"
>"because silly! if I call them conversation starters people start conversations about them!"
>she laughs ligtly at Rarity before skipping away, girls madder than a talking pony.
>picking up the burger you bite into it.
>tastes good, tastes really good, it's tangy but the cheese tastes weird, not bad, just weird.
>"oh my I just love halloumi"
"sorry, I don't know this band"
>rolling her eyes, Rarity sets the burger down.
>"halloumi is the cheese Anon, it's a personal faverite of mine"
>shrugging you bite into the burger again.
"cheese is cheese"
>as you say this bits of your meal spatter out.
>a horrified looking Rarity goes back to enjoying her meal, you can tell it's taking all her willpower to not stick out her pinkies as she holds it.

going to sleep, would you kindly keep the thread bumped?
>would you kindly keep the thread bumped

Sure thing Atlas
nobody going to comment on that line?
>"was getting caught part of your plan?"
Disappointed in you guys
All of the bump
well I'm back, expect green shortly also.
I think I've found my writefag name at last.
>"yes, quite"
>Rarity continues nibbling at her burger and despite her best efforts, her resolve fades, causing her pinkies to shoot out.
>finishing the food long before she's even half way through you move to picking at the unresonably thin chips/fries on the side of your plate.
"why isn't there any ketchup?"
>you can see her practically wincing at that line.
>"you have a dipping sauce already Anon"
>you eye the white sauce suspiciously.
"what is it?"
>"it's garlic mayonnaise, it's rather nice"
>she flashes you a smile and you decide to wing it.
>dumping the slender fried potato into the tiny pot you get a largeish glob before eating.
>fuck that tastes good.
"fuck this tastes good"
>nodding she takes another bite.
>"I'm never wrong"
>a few minuets of enjoyed silence pass before Rarity exclaims she needs to powder her nose and walks to the small door in the corner of the room.
>looking down at your food you continue to eat, absordbed by the flavours until you notice someone sitting down.
>it's not Rarity.
>without looking up you take a guess.
"hey Thunderlane"
>"hey bro, you got a sec?"
>god you want to punch this guy.
"yeah I guess, what do you want?"
>grinning widely he starts talking, why does he always start talking?
>"I overheard you and Rarity, about, Fluttershy?"
>nodding you finsih off the last of your food.
"yeah, so?"
>"look man, don't tell nobody but I was thinking, can you get me an in?"
>you almost spit out a gulp of coke, was he waiting for you to start drinking before he said that? bet he was, asshole.
File: amXM0AV_460sa.gif (3 MB, 200x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1451143933622.gif (674 KB, 245x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to dance with somebody, dance with somebody
dance, dance DANCE!!!
>you wipe a small droplet of coke from your chin.
>beaconing him to come closer you lean into the table.
"listen to me for a second kay?"
>looking nervous he leans over to you.
"you're a fucking moron, Fluttershy will kill you"
>he recoils back and looks genuinely upset.
>"you don't think if I-"
>cutting him off with finger you continue.
"that bitch is crazy, for christs sake man she nearly killed Flash"
>nodding Thunderlane leans back in the chair.
>he's he grinning? he can't be grinning.
"are you grinning?"
>"bro, I know she's a bit, wild but the ass is bomb"
>this guys a fucking retard
"you're a fucking retard Thunder"
>"if you don't want to help me just say so man"
>he shrugs before getting up and walking away, fuck that guy.
>resisting the urge to throw your fork at him you go back to drinking.
>the feeling of your phone buzzing snaps you away from drinking.
>it's a message, from Rarity.
>"waiting for you xoxo"
>within seconds you're knocking on the bathroom door.
>Rarity whispers in response.
>"Anon? come in it's unlocked"
File: 1449591775426.gif (356 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: image.gif (221 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If you insist
File: image.gif (744 KB, 320x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
744 KB, 320x232
"Snorlax, use teeter dance!"
>opening the door you slip into the tight space.
>stood before you is a red faced Rarity, biting her lip she gestures you to come closer.
>the moment you are in arms reach she pulls you into a tight embrace, kissing you firmly.
>stepping back from the kiss Rarity flashes you a smile before dropping to her knees.
>before you can question her she's slipping off your belt.
>not wanting to fuck things up by talking you just run your fingers through her hair.
>placing your other hand on the wall you prepare yourself.
>nothing, she hasn't even unzipped you yet, is she scared or something?
>looking down you see Rarity holding your belt and examining it.
"what are you doing?"
>"Anon, is this belt Italian? oh it's simple divine!"
>this is a joke right?
>you nod.
"Uh yeah, it was a Birthday present, my Grandma got it for me, didn't think much of it"
>still looking over the belt she lets out a squeak in delight.
>"oh Anon! it's a Coco Pommel!"
"No Rarity it's a belt, can we pick up where we left off please?"
>she suddenly becomes very aware of the crotch in her face.
>"terribly sorry dear"
>slipping her hands around your waist she pulls down your zipper with her teeth.
>moving your hand to undo your button it's quickly intercepted by Rarity, she takes time sucking on your index finger.
>as you run your fingers through her hair she moves to tugging down your jeans.
>you feel her warm breath as she kisses above the waistband of your boxers.
File: image.gif (3 MB, 360x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 360x270
File: 1453869436708.gif (225 KB, 285x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225 KB, 285x224
Let's fucking do this Rara! Take my lead!
Try to keep up then
>tugging them down she starts to stroke her fingers along your shaft.
>you continue to run your fingers through her hair as her warm breath tickles the head.
>holding your cock deftly, she leans in to kiss the tip, as she continues to rub.
>slowly, at first she begins to slide her mouth over you, taking in the first few inches as your grip tightens on her hair.
>as she starts to suck, her left hand slides up her thigh, lifting up her skirt.
>eager for her to continue you push her head slowly down on you.
>she gags lightly before pulling back, blushing heavily and grinnig up at you.
>moving your hand to stroking her cheek you smile.
"don't worry about it, take things slow okay?"
>nodding she goes back to sucking, taking in even more than before.
>letting out soft moans and sighs she continues to suck.
>moving back once more she takes a moment to catch her breath before slowly licking up the underside of your shaft.
>"am I doing okay?"
>you give her a quick nod.
>"take you shirt off okay?"
>she nods, still blushing as she slips off her top.
>"and my bra?"
>you nod again as she slips it off.
>her right hand begins to grip your shaft as her left start to rub her exposed breast.
>a sudden knock on the door causes Rarity to go into a death grip, your eyes buldge as her grip tightens.
>the knocking continues as before you can hear Pinkies voice.
>"manager told me to tell you guys to stop fucking and pay for your meals!"
>finally, Rarity relinquishes her grip as she frantically slips on her bra.
>"Pinkie, whatever gave you that idea?"
>sigh you slip up your jeans, stupid Pinkie.
>"It's pretty obvious Rarity! we could see him under the table before!"
>Raritys face goes redder still as she straightens out her top.
>"how do I look?"
>she whispers to you, performing a quick twirl, her hair swatting you in the face.

I hope that wasn't too disapointing but I'm fucking awful at writing smut, more to follow
You did good man.

"Cough" I need moar. "Cough"
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Ok let's dance
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>kissing your cheek she moves past you and opens the door.
>"so how big is he?"
>looking shocked Rarity slaps Pinkie playfully.
>"big enough"
>or at least you think she said that as she slipped past.
>as you walk past Pinkie you notice the large grin she has.
>"did you cu-"
>you cut her off with a swift finger to the lips.
>looking dejected Pinkie slinks back to the kitchen as you follow Rarity.
>walking into the main area of the cafe you notice Thunderlane has gone.
>you leave the money to pay for your food before walking out of the cafe with Rarity.
>a few meters down the street you feel her fingers slip in between your as she leans her head on your shoulder.
"where would you like to go now?"
>don't say clothes, don't say clothes, don't say clothes.
>"what shops do you like to visit?"
>you make an attempt to shrug but Rarity just grips you tighter.
"I don't make a habit of coming out, want to catch a movie?"
>she shakes her head uses the change in positin to pull closer to you.
>"I don't much care for films, we could visit the record store?"
>nodding you slip an arm around her waist.
"sounds good to me"
>she quickly changes pace to dragging you along the street by one arm.
>must be eager to get out of the cold.
oops, I didn't link the previous post.
>leading you by the hand she pulls you throught he streets.
>"is there anything in particular you're looking for?"
"not espichally, maybe something new to listen to"
>nodding she leads you to the front of the store.
>'we da best muzik'
>strolling inside you take note of the music playing outloud.
>Rarity quickly pulls you along to the chart music.
>you feel your stomach churn as you look at the near identical looking pop artists on display.
>as she roots through the music you slowly inch away to the area marked '80s'
>searching along the music you curse under your breath at the poor selection.
>"looking for something in particular?"
>glancing at the ground you notice the feet belonging to the owner of the voice.
>heavy black boots move on to torn fishnets that move on to a black miniskirt before passing the tight fitting black top.
>after far too long establishing that does in fact have tits your eyes finally make contact with hers.
>grinning at you Flutters nods.
>"so you can read my badge, well done"
>she's pointing to the tiny 'hello my name is Fluttershy ' badge on her shirt.
>not wanting to pass up another opertunity to look at her chest you stare at the badge before nodding.
"we both go to Canterlot aswell actually"
>"cool story, you buying anything or fucking off?"
"just browsing..."
>she lets out a angry sigh and stomps off.
>watching her go your balls finally decend from your stomach.
>Prison changes people...
>as you stare in a mixture of shock and awe a tap on your shoulder drags you back to reality.
>"Anon, did you know that girl?"
"It's Fluttershy"
>you let out a relieved laugh.
>"really? she's certainly changed hasn't she?"
>you nod slowly, still suprised she hadn't tried to hit you or anything.
>then again, you never mentioned pizza to her.

sleep calls to me, goodnight and would you kindly keep this bumped?
I had a great time reading this, bump for more please. Love the work so far
>as you go back to browsing, Rarity stands on her tiptoes in order to peak over your shoulder.
>"anything that looks good?"
>resting her chin on your shoulder her hands slowly slip around your waist.
>"Anything you would like to buy?"
>shaking your head you brush a few of her strands of hair away from your face.
"nothing at all, you?"
>you hear her letting out a soft sigh.
>"nothing for me I'm affraid"
>you continue to move along inside the store, Rarity practically clinging to you.
>"hmm, Anon?"
"uh huh?"
>"would you mind picking me out some music? perhaps for us both to listen to this evening?"
>Evening? she wants to spend the entire day with you?
"yeah, sounds good... anything in particular?"
>squeazing your wasit again she giggles.
>"something to cuddle to?"
>nodding you pick up an album you reconise and slip it in her hands.
>"this looks good"
>she leads you towards the counter to pay.
>the bored looking assistant scans the cd and bags it, before looking up.
>"that everything?"
>nodding, Rarity hands over cash and walks towards the door.
>you follow, eagerly eyeing her up her short skirt.
>walking down the nearly empty streets with Rarity hugging your arm you follow her lead.
>"now I must warn you Anon, my siter has her friends over today, they might be a bit... wild"
>you nod, well aware of Sweetie Belle and her friends.
>after walking for a few more minutes you reach her street.
>you follow her up the drive and wait with your hands in your pockets whislt she fishes for her keys in her purse.
>she finally finds them and unlocks the door, ushering you in.
>"shoes off thank you"
>you slip them off and leave them next to the door, stepping further into the house.
>it's impossibly neat and well kept, you can hear giggling from upstairs.
>Rarity leads you through into the kitchen and pours a glass of water, leaning on the counter she sips slowly whilst eyeing you up.
>"would you like a drink?"
>nodding you lean against the table.
"just a water please"
>smiling, she turns around and grabs another glass, pours it and hands it to you.
>"so I was thinking that we can listen to that CD I bought in my room?"
>taking a sip you nod again.
"sounds good, we won't be disturbed will we?"
>you shoot a glance above you, the sounds of stomping are the only response you get.
>"Sweetie Belle knows not to disturb me and I highly doubt her friends will"
>taking a long slow gulp her she maintains eye contact, blushing lightly.
"sounds good to me"
>walking swiftly past you she makes her way to the hallway.
>girls eager to get to her room.

sorry it's been so slow, I've had a busy day
Bump bump bump
why not make one anon get some popular 80s pop edit it into eqg profit
>you continue to follow her up the stairs, slipping quietly Sweetie Belles room.
>Raritys room is beyond pristine, you sit awkwardly on the bed as she moves to play the cd.
>"now Anon, I have no idea who these people are so I hope you don't disapoint me"
>flashing you a sly grin she winks.
>as she moves to sit next you the music starts to play.
>you lay back on the bed and within seconds she's lying next to you.
>looking into her large round eyes you smile, her cheeks flush under your gaze before pulling you into a tender kiss.
>your start to run your fingers through her hair as her arms slip around your shoulders.
>with a quick movement you roll onto your back, pulling her on top of you.
>letting out a delighted squeel Rarity stradles your hip before leaning down to kiss your neck.
>her lips move up from kissing your neck to whispering in your ear.
>"do remember I'm not wearing any panties darling"
>she giggles before softly kissing your cheek.
>your hands quickly slide up her thighs to grope under her skirt causing her to let out a long soft sigh into your ear.
>"Oh Anon, the things you do to me"
>booping your nose against hers you run your hands up her back.
"you have no idea"
>looking down at you she bites her lip before slowly starting to grind against you.
>"why don't you tell me about that?"
>pulling her more firmly agaisnt you, you kiss her cheek and whisper.
"how about I show you?"
Pls moar
>"I think I'd like that"
>you can feel her fingers push through your hair as she grinds more firmly against you.
>she leaves a trail of kisses down to your collar before letting out a short gasp.
>"I think I'd like that a lot"
>your crotch starts to feel damp from her wet grinding.
>moving her off your crotch, you sit up, kissing her as your fingers slide up her inner thigh.
>"oh Anon, I want you to mess me up"
>breathing heavily she starts to unbutton your shirt.
>pulling it open, she kisses slowly down your chest as your fingertips reach the desired location.
>as you begin to rub with your index finger she exhales loudly.
>"oh fuck"
>encouraged by her moans you start to rub with a second finger.
>"inside me, please?"
>with her arms wrapped around your shoulders she starts to kiss you as you slowly push inside.
>pushing in as far as the second knuckle, you start to slowly spread your fingers.
>pulling back from the kiss she moans louder than before.
>kissing you again she softly bites your bottom lip and tug lightly at your hair.
>you push in slightly further, spreading your two fingers slightly more.
>Rarity starts to rock her hips, trying to ride more pleasure out of you.
>"I want you, so much"
>kissing her forehead you grin.
"you've got me"
>her hand slips away from your hair, scratching slowly down your chest before she starts to rub your crotch.
>"I'm 13 but I listen to good music like queen and beetles not this new popular crap I was born in the wrong generation"
>"I cannot possibly understand why someone would like music that isn't brand fucking new."
>"at my Skool everyone listens to stupid Taylor Swift and rap music. I always tip my fedora and call them plebs. Then I do a 180, my sweaty flaps slapping my sides as they go up and down due to my fast spin moves. They will never understand what good music is."
>slowly, she starts to fumble with your belt as she rocks her hips more firmly.
>she beg for more speed between pants as she finally pulls slips off your belt.
>making sure to not have her getting distracted again you throw the belt agaisnt the wall.
>as it makes contact she flinches.
>"I hope that doesn't leave a mark"
>she has a genuine look of concern on her face as she looks towards the wall.
>not wanking to risk her getting worries you distract her with a quick peck on the cheek.
>"sorry, I shouldn't worry about such things"
>you cut her off with another kiss which she returns eagerly.
>"you sure like to do that"
>kissing her again you pull her even closer.
"I sure do"

stopping for the night because I can't write for shit with a headache
I can't.
I'm even whiter than you
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>tfw spicburger
>can't tan
>can't dance for shit
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oh dear, dead already?
nah writefag went to sleep
Bumping to safety
Bumping again
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but why?
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>"I have never played Fallout"
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