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Princess Applejack
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Howdy, partner!

What you see here began as a series of comedy-centric stories with the concept of an alicorn-ascended Princess Applejack trying to change a mismanaged Equestria for the better by humorously interacting with the other, quite lazy, princesses.

Not to mention a whole bunch of Changelings with nothing better to do but cause mischief.

The whole thing was set in motion by this gem:


>So, wait, why am Ah' a princess again?

>Because you seem to be the only goddamn one of those ponies who gets that a Princess need to do actual work regarding maintenance of the kingdom. You know how much city planning or trade negotiations Twilight or Luna have done? Fucking nothing. Everyone is obsessed with the world ending threats they think I should fight, but the minute I point out the free health care I have to work to maintain everyone goes quiet. And don't even get me started on Cadence, who can't even manage a basic meeting with the Equestrian Games representative. Fucking annoying. Go do actual princess stuff, because apparently everyone else got the pamphlets mixed up or something and thinks "Princess" means "Beat cop."


Are you feeling creative? Try your hand at writing a story! No contribution is too small and we love having new folks around.

If you're more artistically inclined give a drawing or sketch a shot. Don't fret too much; it doesn't have to be fancy and we appreciate artwork a lot.

If that isn't your style either, writers always need feedback. So tell us what you liked - and what you didn't - to help us improve.

If you are unsure about anything, do not be afraid to ask. We will gladly bring you up-to-date or explain anything you feel is unclear.

Thread 123 raise this barn raise this-sorry, force of habit.
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She has made poor life choices, anon. Very poor life choices.
>Chitty finally in the OP

File: Madam Pie.png (3 MB, 2550x3300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Madam Pie.png
3 MB, 2550x3300
>Pinkie Preview

>I make a special delivery
>Vekir’s suit malfunctions
>the Empire’s paperwork wants 18 back
>Vinyl tries to get Octavia and Chitania to make up
>2 picks up a bad habit
>Twilight tries to figure out how hooves can pick up things
>Jetset goes through AJ’s desk
>Gwen doesn’t get enough attention.
>unrequited fanservice
It is funny because she was next in line back when we did the troll headers but it fell on thread 42, and we never went back to her. Mainly because by the time we could we couldn't figure out how to make it funny and not forced.
>>Gwen doesn’t get enough attention.

That's the truth.

Never quite recovered from the Kingsmoot thing.
Think about this, Gwen hasn't been seen in almost two months, But in story time, her bit with Shiny where she said "Our trade or the Changelings" was only a week ago.
I remember that, the problem was she literally had never once actually interacted with Applejack. They had seriously even by thread 42 never actually spoken to one another. It was trippy as fuck.
One could argue that made their eventual meeting in thread 50 something much, much more impactful though. To think, the first time they met during cordyceps, Applejack got to really debate her and even managed to get one over on her. Then of course there was the riding the giant dinosaur bug, that was pretty cool too.
Anon who did the survey last thread here with the results
>Most popular storywise
Got a Question stories with 7% of the vote (20/307) with shipping in last with only 1 vote
>Favorite Arc
Liking all of them won with 48% of the vote (11/23)
>Favorite thing outside of story
Discussion 23% (21/91), Arguments was of course last with 5% (5/91)
>Favorite Character
AJ, Shiny, and Chrysalis tied with 10% of the vote (24/242) and all non-equines were last with 1 vote.
>As for who we have with us
43 of the 59 people who participated have been with us since before Partyland, with 17 being in the original thread.

Thank you again for participating.
That was also at the point where AJ was still not aloud to let anyone get the better of her. We even had her no sell her infection for 90% of the arc. You could have had Faust come down to start shit and AJ would have told her off, been 100% in the right to do it, and win the argument back then.
Should note that Celly was only one off from tying with the other three for most popular character, and that unless the multiple choice was smaller than normal, the survey they answered the most was the when you joined question.
... there was a survey? Huh, I completely missed that somehow. That's what I get for skimming.
Thanks for the cover and a surprising choice in song. Didn't meet too many people who actually know that one.
Also You're welcome, I can't do fillers for Pinkie's show but I can handle story prompts.

'And so then I rammed the big bitch with a centipede train! Granted THAT didn't work either but still, I did it!'

>Lass how you managed to top 'Crazy god made our ship fly' in five minutes, I'll never know.

"Quite a story, quite a story. And the boy?"

'Pom? Get this, he's only cap'n on the bleedin' guard! If you'd've told me the skinny little rotter that flopped onto our ship all them months ago woulda done half the things he did, I'd have spat in your face and stole your rum!'

"Truly remarkable, you certainly picked a winner as far as beaus go."

>Aye, old Evergreen'd be proud.

'Aye...he would be, huh?'

"No doubt about that. But haven't you a train to catch?"

'Yeah, that's right, gotta head back to that high-falutin' fancy town. Shame we couldn't...talk...longer...hmm...'


'Got an idea. You lot took over Barkbados, aye?'


>Renamed it Neighssau by the by.

'I like it. But you'd say that's a nation, aye?'

"An island nation but a nation nonetheless."

>A Free Port if we're bein' precise.

'...I got an idea, keep an eye on your mail.'

>Can do.

'Later lads, behave yourselves!'



>Well that was fun.

"Shame we couldn't talk to the lad but work comes first I suppose."

>Indeed, helmsmare! Set a course for-

-Cap'n! We've stowaways belowdecks!-

>Stowaways!? How in the blue hell did that happen, we've been airborne for weeks!

-I dunno cap'n but they're...odd.-

~Hallo flying ship ponies!~

=We ended up in here when your boat smashed our tower.=

~Do you wish to trade?~



~Yes, Rekulk's deals are splendorous, even if his inventory is far away!~
Goodnight, thread.
>We even had her no sell her infection for 90% of the arc.


I zapped her with the stuff BECAUSE I tried to make her suffer.

Y'know, have to face whateverthefuckus at it's door and struggle on.

"Muh waifu no hurto" would be that AJ doesn't even get touched by the stuff

But god DAMN did we fucking drop the ball by just locking her into the office for that arc
>Got a Question
>most popular
Quite naturally.

>dat spoiler
In a way yes, in a way no. Could we have done more? Yeah, sure, but her struggling not to lose it against waves of suffering and a mental breakdown was an excellent way to go by itself. Felt very AJ to me.
Well I could not agree more with that spoiler, as I actually felt you zapping her was the dumbest fucking move you could have possibly made. It had no rhyme or reason, it had no substance to it, and it took her out of the biggest arc at the very start. Before Canterlot was attacked, before anybody was anything, AJ was just out of the ark again. And this time, it looks like she was personally saddled. She couldn't help with the preparations, she couldn't even interact with anyway because it hadn't hit the city yet, it was an all around bad mood.

And then, apparently somebody else wrote that whole battle with her parents, and her finding her resolution, and her mistake with the changelings, and her deal, and finally her badass final run. I actually have major props to whoever turned what had been an impossible situation that should have sidelined AJ permanently and turned it into one of her best moments.

Zapping her for the sake of suffering was dumb, but we figured out a way around that.
Good, morning.
Most of the questions were not very surprising.
>It had no rhyme or reason, it had no substance to it,

Right? Pretty obvious.
Unfortunately, infecting her that early only gave us two options. Lock her up, or make her one of the enemies

I'm really, really glad we did not decide to make her an enemy like we thought about with thread 50
Well in hindsight ANY alternative looks stupid because what we actually did was HAVE HER RIDE A DINOSAUR!

Only way you could top that if the dinosaur was riding a rocketship like a surfboard!
I think you meant 'disagree' there, or 'could not agree', but I get what you meant.

I also agree that infecting her that early just plain wasn't a good idea, as it really limited what she was able to do and who she was able to interact with. She couldn't talk with the others about strategies, she couldn't try to help hold the shield back, she couldn't do anything but either hide, or succumb to the infection.

And if she had succumb, that literally would have meant she was sidelined/an obstacle to be overcome yet again. So, we had to just lock her up, but not lock her up where anybody could see, which really limited what she was able to do.

That said, it worked out, her scene with her parents was top tier, and it made it all the more impactful when she finally joined the fray, but I really wish we hadn't infected her before the city was even invaded. It really cut down on what she could do before she busted out and went full badass. She struggled, she almost gave in, and when she got out she made mistakes(changelings) and ultimately did more, but it was just a biiit too early for my taste.


Scouting ahead to the Empire had been both the best, and worst choice she had ever made.

"Uugghhh.... my... my head..."

On the one hoof, she got to see what looked to be several dozen Crystal Empire citizens all sprawled about, looking like a hurricane had come through. A hurricane made of alcohol.

"Where... where..."

On the other hoof, she now would have to describe the indescribable, when she saw the look on that crystal ponies face when he woke up, and realized what had happened.

"OH SHIT! WE PARTIED THE WHOLE TIME!... And the prince and princess is going to be back any second! QUICK! EVERYONE START FIXING EVERYTHING!"

Watching them scramble... was magical.

>This is the greatest thing ever.


>Well, I certainly hope everything turns out alright with Dash, but I...needtohidebeforeLunafindsme!



>Yes, random building, she'll never find me in here.



"Me again! Hi, I'm Lavan. Are you here for the cake?"


"Okay, you'll have to wait of course, she wants her brothers to have some first. She thinks they will be very excited for it."

>...whose house am I in?

"This is a house? I thought it was called an Embassy."

The sun Princess blinked, craning her head to look past the blazing inferno that she was speaking to.

There in the kitchen, a look of savage triumph on her face, was a changeling...

...a changeling shoving many many pills into a slice of cake.

>Y'know I think I'll try my luck elsewhere, LATER!



"Okay, goodbye! ...such a nice girl, nothing like her jerk parents."
inspired by >>26413747
We join our heroes looking hung over like all hell.

'Sooo... What did the two most important men in my life do on their 'brotherhooves social night'?'



(see link, only add in booze bottles for each)


>SKEEEEEEE KROOOON- *Cough!* Ugh I mean... RAWR!

"There! The tax office! Stomp it!"

>Smashy smashy, bitches!

Flashback end

>Uhhh... You know...

"Guy stuff."

'ahhh, secret, huh? Well, I'm sure we'll find out about what mischief you got up to when the Hive Gazette comes'

Spike and Shiny blanch while twilight sweeps out

>Oh, how I've missed this.

"I didn't. I didn't miss this at all."

'I actually kinda did...'

"And now I missed this."

[Ugh, these fucking updates.]

{There are new updates?}

[Get this, we're supposed to act out whatever we do in real life for 'immersion'-OW!]

~Bad bughorse.~

[It's seriously in the book!]

{I don't believe you. Nobody believes you. Nobody will ever believe you.}

[Just read it!]

~Chrysalis, just drop it.~


>Let's just let Chrysalis lie for a bit more on her own, we've got stuff to do.

[Fuck you!]

>Because you all find yourself in a dark, dim dungeon, and-

{I cast advanced seduction on Shiny!}


'Yeeep. Saw that coming.'

~Can I jump in the way? It's three spaces, but I feel like my character should be able to.~

>Rules are rules, two at a time. 18? What have you got?

{....Sixteen! Yay!}

>Looks like Shiny is getting himself some enchantress loving.

"Oh faust damn it."


>Can't, 18 already landed on Shiny and it stuck, you'll have to wait for her turn to end before you can try to override-

[Who said I was aiming for Shiny?]


'You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.'

[Now, what were to happen if, say, someone who Shiny has a love spell attached to fell hopelessly in love with me?]


>It's a valid move, she'd get both Shiny's enchantment... and you.



{Don't you dare-}



[...that's the number, not the... not the you.]


[Oh yes! Come to momma, both of you! Serve your Queen!]

'Annnd now I get to watch Shiny have a hot threesome with two other mares in front of me... yep.'

"Ah haah... ahah... thirteen year old me just started going crazy, rest of me is sad."



[Oh come now, I know how to work this! Just have to angle you like... and then him liiiike... hrm.]

{How are you that bad at this!?}

[First time coordinating a threesome, hold up. Maybe... this right here?]

{That's my damn elbow! Why would you think that would excite me!?}

[I'm actually more worried about me right here.]


"Oh for the love of... give me that!"

[I can handle this!]

"You clearly can't, just let me take the reigns here!"

[Fine, let's see what you can-oh, I see what you're doing!]

{Yeah, that makes sense. Oooooh, pretty kinky, actually.}

[Can you bend me back to-yeaaahh.]

{This is amazing!}

[I love this now!]

~My oh my, Shining Armor! Is there something you want to tell all of us?~

'Be warned, I'm about to put a gun to my head if you tell me what I think you're gonna tell me.'

"I dream about myself and four or five clones of my wife doing sexy things every night. Every. Single. Night."


"You asked."

[I uh... I think we can end our turn now.]


'...If we're admitting about dreams, can I say I-'

"[{~DEAR FAUST NO!~]}"


>This is what I live for.
>that's the number, not the... not the you.]
I will never get tired of that gag.
I will never tire of OnO.
>Spike is not drunk during any of this
>He just hates tax offices
...Uhhh, does that mean Fancy just accidentally deported two foreign ambassadors to unknown and potentially hostile lands?

...Well, he's fucking arrested forever.
To be fair, they could only arrest Lavan or the guys who abducted him.
>Snake eyes almost wrangles his way out of being caught. Almost. Then he slips up.
>Hey, it's his first time, he's new to this.
>The guards worry that the princess ran off.
>Fancy wonders if Appleoosa is nice this time of year.
>It actually is, as the Sheriff proves when he laughs off someone asking if they investigated the changeling over there.
>Pennydrop is happy it's all back.
>Filthy Rich finishes his investigation, and pays off a guard to keep quiet about what he did.
>JJ juggles in the shower... it's weird.
>10 continues her infiltration of Stalliongrad.
>88 plots to get nieces and nephews, because she is still a little crazy.
>Cadence is happy she managed to fight temptation, even if she lost spending time with everyone. Still, she's happy. So happy, that she requests that Shining and her go on their 'own' train.
>This is now Shinings favorite vacation.
>Pinkie misses her shack
>Arana isn't allowed to stay in AJ's office until she gets an okay, so she has to sleep with Blueblood... not like how it sounds.
>Q secured evidence. That evidence? A shitload of bits.
>After many chases, Chitania finally has Octavia cornered, and it looks like she's going to start smashing. Except then out of nowhere, 13 chimes in! And starts yelling her head off at her mother for being so quick to anger.
>A tense scene unfolds where 13 demands she stop, and Chitania tells her to never talk to her like that again, before leaving both on sour terms, and saying they will talk later.
>Sweet Note asks if she needs to bury a body.
>2, sadly, cannot bring Pinchy with her, for he is a giant crab, and they live in an icy tundra with no salt water anywhere.
>Tearful goodbyes are had, for both of them.
>29 finally crashes his boat and arrives where he had been seemingly mindlessly charging, and it turns out he was heading towards a seemingly barren shack that had a hidden passage to it. He disguises himself as a pony and tells the other three to stay up top.
>They don't.
>After fighting his way through far too many guards, 29 eventually finds what he is looking for, which as it turns out is a bunch of kidnapped children!
>Reluctantly, they follow him, but unfortunately are still children and thus annoying.
>He also gets lost, because ghost kids are silly.
>Finally, he seems to reach the end... only to be stopped by, of all things, a camel. Yes, a camel. They can talk, you racist.
>Said camel sicks his guards on him, but they are defeated in a flash of light!
>Yes, they have been saved by the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE! And now the final battle can begin!
>Pennydrop is informed by her scientist that it's not possible to do a changeling infusion. Instead, they're beginning work on the 'synthesis project'.
>Luna finally found Celestia!... Just when the trip is over.
>Rarity wants to talk to Cadence, but seeing the look she's giving Shiny, she thinks the better of it.
>The CMC and Vekir get lost in a forest, and encounter a strange pony in a nice suit... so of course Sweetie Belle immediately rushes off to go see them.
>The CE crew, Celestia and Twi talk about why Shiny and Cadence got a train all to themselves.
>They all hop on to Centitrain to head out! Only, there is a clash of who gets to drive, and battles are had.
>Long story short, Rarity is conked on the head and talking funny.
>Also, biting Applejack's ass, because she wants apples.
>This also sets off a chain reaction that ends with everyone except Twilight and Spike biting said ass. Yes, everyone includes Centitrain.
>Celestia is with the CE crew instead of Centitrain. Why? Because she wants to race said Centitrain, obviously.
>Despite the race, both parties stop at a fast food chain called Haydee's Burgers... that serves everything except burgers. Everything.
>Taking Two to a fast food place was a mistake.
>The Ponyville residents hear the Mayor is coming back, and must shut down all the illegal shit they've been doing, which is a lot.
>Also, demons decide to put off taking over the world when they hear Cheerilee shall return.
>Celestia laughs when CE train pulls ahead of Centitrain, and it looks like victory is assured!...Then Centitrain turns, but they don't.
>Because Centitrain is going to Canterlot.
>They are not.
>This JUST hits Celestia.
>She makes a dive for it before she remembers she can fly, and eventually catches up. Only when she lands does she remember she forgot something.
>That something is Luna.
>...this is not Celly's day.
>But, eventually they made it home! Back to Canterlot!
>There is only one person waiting for them when they do. Fancy Pants is waiting on the edge of the train station.
>They expect all charges to be dropped and the investigation to be over... right?
>"Miss Rainbow Dash? I have some... questions."

As always, if I missed something, it was because something flew in front of my face and I saw something Shiny, so put away your pretty things and tell me about it.
>and I saw something Shiny,

I knew recap anon frequented the homohorse thread.
>Imprisonment, this does not please me... finding something that does not please me, this pleases me. I am conflicted.
>Welcome to Not Late Night /pa/ with your hosts the Pink Pony Club! It's during this time that content does matter, but my writer is feeling a little better!

[The dream is collapsing.]
In the background, mulitiple dragons rush through the streets and fill the skies. They burn and smash everything in their way. Buildings collapse. Shadows, nightguards and Dream Eaters alike flee. Tall skyscrapers that were previously normal, morph and crumple into giant dragons. Houses become jagged teeth. The ground shakes and cracks as random giant gems jut out from below. A 3 story tall dragon from the sky lands on the ground creating a crater in front of Luna and the Pinks. It roars fiercely at them, before launching a fireball from it's mouth.

Luna slices the the fireball in half with a sword and it explodes either side of her.
She slashes vertically and horizontally in a cross on the dragon's chest. It glows brightly before the dragon explodes in pillar of light.

[...would you stop playing that?]

DT turns off the music and puts TBDRLIATU away.
'Sorry, Pinkie told me to put in background music.'

A group of Smaller baby dragons run up to them and wave hi.
"Oh, these ones look like a skinnier version of Spike."
They jump and start biting the Pinks.
>"'Ow ow ow ow ow!'"

>Stop, drop, roll! STOP, DROP, ROLL!

A number of moonlike marbles float up and fire into the baby dragons at bullet speed, dispatching them all at once.
[Obviously, we're being perceived as invaders.]
Luna opens a door.
[Leave. I'm going to stay here and make sure the giant Dream Eater is put down.]
The biggest dragon bites the head off of the giant Dream Eater.
[...Never mind.]
She shoves them all through the door and shuts it behind her.
Somewhere in a cave, an elder dragon wakes up.

{...Ugh why is it so hard for a drigga to get some sleep these days?}
>internal conflict, this pleases me
You're back! Yes!
Missed this.

Good to have you back.
I just find it funny LNPP returns in the middle of the day.
Pinkie Pie whenever just doesn't have that same ring to it.
>Or... Does it displease me? Am I pleased that I am internally conflicted, or is that cause for a concern?... Confusion, this confuses me.
More stupid stuff based on the upcoming toyline:


"I kind of miss when you used to just say 'boom, baby'."

>I'm trying something different, but anyway thought, we need to talk about the new, anti-changeling weapons you've been developing!


>YOU'RE WEARING THEM RIGHT NOW! The weird... Uhh... What the fuck are those anyhow?

"Oh, these? It's my new CAPTURE CLAW TWILIGHT SPARKLE(tm) power armor. It's meant to keep people from getting too close to me in a fight by stopping them-"

>when they're basically in makeout range with you... Nevermind, even if that was a weapon it's... pretty pathetic.

"Well what about those wheely boot things on your forelegs."

>... Ummm... I'm going to go roller derby with sunbutt?
Glad to be back...aaaand back to sleep I go.

>Dash! Horrible news!


>Batwinged chickens have been spotted just outside of Ponyville, get going to take them down!

"...batwinged what now?"

>Batwinged chickens!

"If this is another Scootaloo joke, I'm so fucking done."

>No! Chickens! With bat wings!




>...Pennydrop bought the trademark for the name, so if we say it we owe her fifty bits.

"How did moronic legislation like that get passed!?"

>Powerful lobbying, Dash.

"...Where did you get that cake?"

>...*munch*... powerful lobbying...
I was kind of curious as to what PD's thing was...
I feel like we're going to get wwwaayyyyy too much mileage out of this toyline.

"Now, Dash, I know you're a little off, but don't worry! I'm sure this will all get cleared... up..."


"...What are you writing?'


"You're writing something."


"Dash, just promise me that's not a note to a changeling, any changeling, to do mind stuff."



>....It isn't ANY changeling-

"Dash no."


"M-miss? You um... you've been doing that for... a while."


"Does this mean I did well? Infiltrating was hard."


"Do I... do I get props?"


"...Do I get a raiiiiise?"


When god giveth wine, thou does not say "Sorry, I'm sober."
>Asking for a raise from PD

It's like you WANT to be fed to sharks.
She's not that bad.

Piranhas, maybe, but she's not buying fucking sharks, what, do you think she's made of money?
Based on her name, about 5 percent of her is a picture of money.
...it's so weird that her name is based off a currency that doesn't exist in that world, I'm just realizing.

Like someone being named Fancy Pants in a world populated by ponies who don't wear pants.

"Are you seriously going to just stand there until she gets back?"

If the serious look on the stallions face were any indication, that was very much a yes.

"It's horribly unprofessional to sit near her desk like that."

>I must ensure it's safety and that no other except for the qualified inspector examines it.

"They've already rifled through it, you know, you're a touch late."

>My Queen okayed that inspection, that is good enough for them... but no others.

"I suppose you're going to be difficult about this."

>That I am.

Stern, unblinking eyes remained dead straight as his head turned, until he eventually locked that unmoving gaze with the desk.

>Nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to get inside this desk-WAH!

"Annnd, down he goes."

Down he went indeed, until only his foreleg stuck out from the desk.


"Need any help?"

>No! I can handle this on my own! My Queen is counting on me!

That foreleg shook, it wobbled, it tried to grasp, and then it stopped.

>...But if I could at least get a promise of some silence, that would be appreciated.


>And you wonder why you're still single-NO NO NO!

She didn't care how angry the princess was going to be.

It felt good to tip that desk over.


"So unprofessional."
>do you think she's made of money?
Wait till she replaces most of her bones with gold.

Then we'll see who's laughing.
>Not titanium
>With lasers
>And infusions
>And also anti-magic waves

>...Say it.


>Say iiiit?






>Chrysalis zooming around on those little things



"So... so you were really put in charge? I just want to double check this before we continue-"


"Ahhh, no. It's um... it's not clean. That would be accurate."

>The Queen is coming home TODAY!

"I thought Chitania was already here-"


"The namecalling is not called for... and hurtful."

>We were supposed to have this place spotless an hour ago!

"Why an hour? That just... that's pretty arbitrary, isn't it? Just random time seemingly placed nowhere for-"

>Get to work! Hurry! If we rush we can beat her here!

"You do realize we're cleaning this for... for our Queen, right? Like we're showing her we're clean, when I mean, we're not, and she knows this, this is all kinda dumb-"

>Go clean the damn place!

"...I will go clean the place."

>Top to bottom, make it sparkle!

"Make it sparkle."






"...So did you mean now or-"


"Going, going!"

>...I almost ruled a hive of these morons...

You mean giant, mutant, one-eyed syper sharks, and that's not a typo.

She don't do shit halfway.


"W-well? The sharks have the lightning rods, the fireball launchers in their mouths, the wings, the jumpjets so they can fly in addition to the wings, the turbo booster to the fin, the sawblades that pop out of the side, the walking legs with sprinting capabilities, the chainsaw laser teeth, and even the motherfucking fuzzy dice! ARE YOU SATISFIED!?"

>...Where is his cup holder?


>Heh, the look on your- wait, why are you walking towards the tank-OH SWEET FAUST NO I WAS KIDDING DON'T JUMP IN- shit... how am I going to explain this to my insurance guy!?
'Another one tossed to the sharks for displeasing you, I take it?'

>No! They jumped in on their own, I swear! It wasn't me!


>Damn it, why does nobody ever believe-Oh riiiiight.
...So does that guy want to get eaten by sharks, then?

Don't feel bad, I missed it too. I mostly skip the nightstuff unless I see some names at the top.
Wait till it turns out that even when they aren't Queens they give birth to entire hives.
Don't worry, AJ understands.

She wanted to use mind control too.
>Anyone seen my roller derby ska- 2, what are you doing with those?

"Imma racin' luvbug! Like Herbie! Beep Beep!"

-When I realized Equestria didn't have movies like Pacific Rim and shows like MASH, I knew this travesty had to be corrected.-

File: hqdefault.jpg (18 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Giving DT access to Pacific Rim

>TBDRLITU is is now a jaeger
>With more rockets
>Like, half it's mass is rockets of various sizes and payloads
>to her chagrin, spike's the only one drift compatible with her to pilot it.
>Why even make it have the drift thingee?


>I'm just saying, this seems kinda dumb-

"YOU'RE DUMB! I didn't even want you here! I wanted sexy!"

>Have you tried drifting with the rocket launcher?


>I wasn't serious-


>Son of a-

"Sexy gets me!"
You fools! The obviously cool looking ones both got punked hard! You need to make it look slightly more generic and pull out the cool shit later!



>Someday, Spike... someday... and then Shiny will ride you.

"NNNN-wait, why do you want to be Shining's chariot?"

>Hm? What are you talking about?



>Oh, she does that too. Wonderful.
Just be thankful Twi wasn't in the room.
Er, DT? Fair warning, that didn't in so well for the last giant robot she faced.
This time.
Good night, thread.
Morning, thread.
Bah, she made another one.

Not like this is the first time Chitty wrecked DT's shit.
That reminds me, she still needs some vengeance there...
>DT Vs Chitty
Wow. That's funny to think about even with our comedy standards, heh. Maybe a verbal one, okay, yeah.
... Did you forget they already fought?
Probably yeah. Who won?
Chitty. Obviously.

Fillydelphia rumble, thread 42.
Okay, so revenge for DT still hilarious to think about.

When the tried finally pulled into the station, they were greeted with about what they expected.

There were banners, there were bits of confetti, there were all sorts of written words to say just how happy they all were that their prince and princesses were home. Of course, there were smiles.

The most forced, unnerving, nervous looking smiles they had ever seen on anyone, bar none. Pinkie Pie trying to hold in a secret had absolutely nothing on the crystal ponies all lined up and stiffly waving, almost robotically, to those that disembarked.

"Take it you didn't find anything?'

There were stutterings, scoffings, forced laughs and oh so many shrugs and waves of dismissal. Resonating far and wide with a-

"Find anything? Whaaaa? Maybe found how awesome this local brand of wine is!"

"Such a kidder, trying to talk about us when it's them who probably got up to something naughty!'

"Oh, I'll bet! We should totally talk to them about it!"

"Everything was fiiiiiine."

This populace was known for many, many, many things, but if there was one thing the group of sparkling ponies who lived in a giant land built entirely out of crystal with a massive beam in the middle that shined light everywhere were not, it was subtle.

"...Well, welcome back!"


"But oh, look at the time, we have that thing in the oven."


"Yes! It's a group thing, sorry you missed it but hahahah you know there was that whole vacation thing well hate to cut and run but we gotta go!"

The speed at which they left was nothing less than magical.

"...So how long till they notice Shining and Cadence weren't here?"

"I give them a week, minimum."

It was good to be back.
The list of "Needs to get some vengeance" with Chitty is somehow even bigger than Chrysalis's was.
>Welcome to Not Late Night /pa/ with your hosts the Pink Pony Club! It's during this time that content does matter, but I like being abrupt and interrrupting!

"That uh...that was that I guess."

'That's not fair! We fought hard and took down a bunch of Dream Eaters. Even saved an old couple.'

[It was a valiant effort, but some nights are just a lost. However, we believe this was an act of desperation. Their hunger is pushing them to become more and more reckless to come in at that many numbers. While we may have lost that dream city, but we are sure he'll have to fall back asleep eventually. Unless there have been dragons dying left and right, folks will have to take up residence in another dream city...hmmm, which reminds me that there have been an unusual number of dream city dragon hosts gone missing lately.]

>That doesn't sound so bad. Folks can rebuild. Do the dragons ever interact with ponies?

[They usually seem indifferent about hosting the cities, so typically no, but when they do take action, it often results in the lost of the entire dream city.]

>What happens now?

[Continue on guarding the night. There are still nightmares to protect our citizens from. Thank you for answering the call, P-Team. Until you are needed again, farewell.]
Luna opens up a door and leaves.




"...Pinkie, we're friends right?"

>Of course!

'and you know friends would be concerned if something bad was happening to a friend right?'

>Uh duh?

"Pinkie...what black eyes you have."

>...what are you talking about?

'Pinkie...what sharp teeth you had.'

>...oh. You're talking about that.

'Are you going to tell us what's going on?'


Life in the Pinkie Pony Club~
And thus, the dramatic reveal!


"What's wrong?"

>Ah' feel like Ah' forgot something.

"Oh? What's that?"

>...................OH CRAP!



'So, how long do you think it'll be until Applejack realizes she didn't even know her 'student' isn't in the Empire anymore?... That's what I thought.'

>Well crud. We're heading back.

"This makes me uneasy."

>I left ticket money and instructions with the station's staff, they'll be fine...hopefully.

"How trustworhy are these guards of yours?"

>They're the best ones I know.


>Er...ok, so I don't really know the names of very many others.

"You didn't learn the names of your subordinates? Isn't that lazy?"

>Y'know it's weird, whenever I think 'I should learn those names' it's like I got a big alarm in my head, as though some angry higher being is forcing me to not socialize with people I don't already know.


>I think I need a therapist.

Things were finally looking up for once for Changeling number Twenty Nine, an occurrence that had been all too rare as of late.

It was a rare feeling that he felt when he watched those five brutes hit the ground in crumpled heaps, blinded and battered by fireworks that had been launched into them at such speeds it almost caused him to feel a touch sympathy for those monsters. It was a rare, but oh so very welcome, feeling indeed.

"Thou followed! Thanks to thee for listening not a word I spoke earlier!"

"Trixie never does!"

He chose not to comment on that.

"Niney! What the heck is going on!?"

"We followed as quickly as we could, but this place is not as straightforward as it should."

"Marey! Zecora!"

He was not surprised at all that those two had followed, if anything the fact that Trixie had been first was the only real shock to be had.

"...Niney, why are you surrounded by children?"

"Hi, misses lady."

"Hello, sweetie!"

It took some doing not to grumble and be annoyed that now of all times they decided to be respectful. A lot of doing.

"I am freeing these imprisoned children from their captors! THAT ONE!"

At last, the three took notice of the camel up high. Strangely, there seemed to have been a reason after all for him to be so silent.

"...Holy shit a talking zebra!"

No one was quite sure how to comment about that.

"And WOW what a zebra! Oh, yes!"

They knew how to comment to that one, though.


"A zebra, a changeling and a show unicorn!? My profits have just gone through the roof!"

A scoff from the most magical of their number was the only verbalization that could be found of the utter disgust on all their faces.

"Have you not been paying attention? Your pitiful numbers fell to the might of the GREAT and POWERFUL TRIXIE! Bring whatever you have to bear, Trixie will destroy them as easily as she could any other!"

"Can I stick closer to her instead of the bug guy?"



The changeling had hoped, perhaps naively, that the camel would admit defeat, flee like some sort of serial comic villain, run away to be faced another day, a day when there weren't so many squishy, small bodies around them. A time later, when the children were safely home, that he could be brought to justice. It was a desperate hope, he admitted.

"Alright, if you insist."

It was a foolish hope, he admitted.

"Let's show them how dumb that was, 'eh boys?"

The rumble that followed could only be matched in sound by the shaking of an earthquake, a powerful noise that sounded as if any second the world would erupt like a volcano and spew fiery death upon them all.

But it was not the fires of lava that poured through as door upon door burst open, it was not liquid or gas or any such form. No, it was a nothing less than a tsunami.

An utter wave, of bodies. Living, breathing, very big looking bodies, and all of them armed in some fashion.

"...Oh dear."

They were surrounded, completely covered in no time at all. Forcing the four adults to form a circle as best they could around the now terrified, screaming children. Blocking thme as best they could, as little as it could do.

"Niney... what do we do?"

He had no answer for her.

"Mister, what do we do!?"

Nor the children tugging at his heel.

"H-hrmph! You think this meager number is enough to worry Trixie!? She fights more than this for her breakfast! Flee now, before Trixie gets really mad!"

They did not seem intimidated, sadly.

"Well now, now that we've more firmly established who is the bitch in this situation..."

The camel smiled, the monster actually smiled, and raised up his hoof. Without a word spoken, the changeling knew that the moment he swung it down, they would all attack. They would all converge.

"What... what do we do..."

There were no options left.

"Twenty Nine, my friend..."

Over the beating of his own heart, he heard Zecora's words.

"...until the very end?"


Her resolution spoke louder than any word ever could have.

"...Marey, Zecora, Trixie... if this is to be the end..."

He called the fire to his horn, and prepared.

"Then if I had lived a thousand lives more, I would have found no others I would rather spend it with."

Zecora crouched into a fighting stance.

"Try to coverage enough to reach the way we came, perhaps..."

Trixie gathered her greatest magic to her horn.

"...we can hold them off long enough for some to escape. It is the best we can do."

Even the Mayor, as shaking and terrified as she was, prepared to dive forth.

"On three... one..."

The Camel, the rotten thing above, only smiled, and raised his hoof higher.


The room, everything, tensed, and all hell prepared to break loose.



A light, like a beacon from heaven, suddenly illuminated from behind the camel. He swung, his whole body rolling on his hooves as he turned around to look at what had suddenly appeared behind him.

There they stood, five bodies, gleaming in golden shining armor, standing proud and tall.

Powerfully, one stepped forwards, and pointed right at the ring leader of it all.

"In the name of the Royal Guard of Equestria and the majesty we serve, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!"

The thing before them looked flabbergasted, eyes wide like a frightened animal as his long neck swung back and forth, looking down below and over again to those standing in the shining, shimmering light.

"...How the fuck does that work!? How did you get into that door!? That's my private room up there! There's no... how did you do that!?"

They all shared a look, but strangely, none of them answered, save to ask another question.

"So, are you going to give up peacefully, or are we going to have to make you?"


Flat teeth in the slightly loose lips grit a bit, brown and dusty fur bristling in waves.

"Wait, is it just you five? Where's the rest?"

Yet, when he finally spoke, it had no anger, nor fear.

"...They're lying in wait."

If anything, what came next sounded downright happy.

"Well? Shoot the fuckers!"

They did not run.

They did not hide.

Despite not being armed, despite being wildly outnumbered, despite there being so many, so little to do back, they did not flee or beg.


They met the battle, as guards.

"...they're gonna die up there, aren't they?"

Regardless of how much, or little, Twenty Nine agreed with the child, he bopped him in the head out of principal.

>The guard get to do something


>and then they were riddled with bullets
>Because you can't punch bullets
That's one way to get rid of shit tier OC's.
I'm just still amazed a team of Trixie, Zecora and Mayor Mare of all random fuckers became so bro-tier in this series.

They're awesome.
You had my curiosity before, now you have my attention.
>"...Holy shit a talking zebra!"

I don't know why, but that is, by far, the funniest line we have done in a looooong time.
>coming soon:
>/pa/: lines through the ages
>where we take you on a look back through the series funniest quotes and get an in-depth interview with the speaker

>Boss? I have no qualms with coming back already, I really don't. I understand the whole... you know, you have to bring in the wanted criminal and yadda yadda yadda, but um...

"But what?"


'He's wondering if the leash is necessary.'

>Right that?

"Pfft, of course it is! This leash is vital, one hundred percent, and if you even so much as think a thought about it's removal, then you will be sternly reprimanded!"

>It's just a little weird.

"I assure you this is a part of changeling culture."

'No, it isn't.'

"Other culture."

>You know.. I'm just not going to argue.

"That'a boy! At last, you're learning! Nod and follow through when I tell you to do things, wisdom incarnate!"




>Please don't let my parents see this.

'No promises.'

>Sigh... come on.

"Oh my! Don't tug too hard... well, maybe a little."

'So we're seriously not going to question the leash?'

>Hey, look on the positive side... at least he's wearing it and not me.

"Pull just a little harder."
I just realized something, it has been bugging me ever since the emprah made his appearance and I thought 'Bruva Alfabusa' was a /pa/l of ours... that trio of greased up sun worshiping fuck pones were basically a rip off of
Bruva Alfabusa's Three oiled up emprah worshiping custode fuck boys... So... was
Bruva Alfabusa responsible for the oily shenanigans?


[...so is he-]

{I have no fucking idea.}
Sometimes I wish I knew what all that was about, and then sometimes I remember that it's funnier that I don't. There's humor in not understanding a damn thing.
Well, Quicksilver is a Unicorn, Haymaker and SG are earth ponies, Suckerpunch is a pegasi, and Lucky Strikes is a... uh....

The fuck is Lucky, again?
See, now I want to see 'Maker haymaker a bullet.
>The fuck is Lucky, again?

Pretty sure he's a unicorn.
I am like 100 percent certain he's a unicorn, but I know for sure he's not an earth pony.
AJ's list dwarfs both of them.

>Back again....

She loved her Empire, she truly did, but some part of her wished she had stayed away forever. Just her and Shiny, on a romantic beach, far away from everything. Just her and Shiny alone, before-


>Well, I mean eventually, but I was hoping for a bit of lead in-


>...Oh riiiiight.

Wordlessly, she flung the well worn door she knew almost as intimately as her own heartbeat at this point, the sight inside not surprising her in the least.



The poor fool, her in training assistant had made the unwise choice of trying to fight the paperwork monster all on her own.

What was she thinking?



With rustling of paper and maybe one or two screams of the damned, the piles collapsed back into neat, easy piles.

"...Miss Eighteen."

>Nice to see you! You ready to get to work?

Without even thinking about it, she stepped aside, sure that yet again she was going to have to watch this mare run off past her, just as she had after Partyland.

"...Yep! Ready and waiting, ma'am!"

She needed a minute after that one.

"Miss Eighteen?"

Her papers rustled, as if her very presence had brought them happiness.

>No worries, baby... Mama's home...

She sat down, tried her best to ignore the signs someone had been looking through her work, and she got back to it.

>Now, let's see if we can alter some budgets to get the school some new updated textbooks, and maybe some more teachers...
>Celestia (more of she will never get over her in the comedy bits and if she does it will never equal out)
>Chrysalis (2 head to head victories to none)
>29 (is he thankful for his position? yes. has she stopped treating him like shit when they interact? no)
>the Changeling hive (until she makes amends)
>Shiny (this is the second time that he personally was not allowed by us to even actually confront AJ on issues he had with her. "he told her he knows" that isn't confronting)
>The wives of Canterlot (another joke because Blowjob's aren't cheating and they blame the one who signed it not drafted it)
>Pennydrop (in process, she owned the lab AJ and co crashed)
>Sunset (just based on the continued neglect)

inb4 someone goes down this list and tears it apart.
Shiny gave her a pass, so that's not it. Her and Chrysalis are square, Chitty doesn't care about her....

Not sure.

>Alright, my investigation has concluded! And, as I'm sure you're all waiting to hear, I've made a discovery, one that will change... everything.


>...The law abou... ahem, 'oral attention' regarding it's use on married stallions.


>...Yes, Princess Applejack DID approve that law.


>And yes... Princess Celestia not only approved it, but has since kept it approved.


"Told you told you told yooooou!"

"I don't care what the law says, what you did with that mare is NOT okay!"

"the princesses disagreeeeeheheeeee!"


'Oh, my...'



>...No, I would never do that.

'I didn't even need to check, darling.'


'...Unless it was Rainbow Dash.'

>Right, yes, unless it's Rainbow Dash, but that swings both ways.

'And hopefully she does...'

>Rainbow Dash

...That is both somehow the last, and now the perfect choice I could have imagined for their Celebrity Exception.
>>29 (is he thankful for his position? yes. has she stopped treating him like shit when they interact? no)

Yeah, what's up with that? Dude does his job, raises his cousin and even helps ghost kids, give him a fucking break already.

At least he doesn't abandon his charge like you do.
because he's still got hints of that "stick my dick in all royalty no matter the cost" fuckery about him. and he's a prick, a polite prick, but a prick all the same.
He's a prissy asshole.

Look, don't care if you're a saint or not, if you act like an asshole and think you're better than everyone and constantly talk in a way that implies you're talking down on someone, you get treated like an asshole.

There are non-asshole changelings who do just as much as he does.
Having fruit on your ass and a hat on your head doesn't give you the all access pass to be a bitch and never get properly struck back by those you talk down to.
I could definitely see Zecora or MM calling AJ out, yeah.

Or at the very least, 56 renounces Applebooty, which somehow is a bigger insult than anything they could say.
We have seen this song and dance before
>Zecora is AJ's friend and won't say shit
>MM even if she might not be afraid of Spike blowing her head off anymore still is not going to back talk a superior
>Ass vs Family in 56's life, rarely goes well for the latter.
Trixie would be the one to speak up, which would give AJ the softball needed to shut everyone up before it starts.
Huh, maybe that's why he and 32 get along so well. Assholes have to stick toge-wait no ew.

>Right, this will work!

"This is never going to work."

'I am thinking this will work!'

-I disagree.-


'Firing us out of cannon as the train passes is a great idea, strange water ponies, wherefor do you get the idea?'

>Saw it at a circus once.

"International incident, we are going to cause an international incident."

>Nonsense, the pony who did it at the circus survived! Mostly!

-I have reservations.-


-Reservations also means-.-

'Pah with your double meaning words! Onward to the train!'

>You're the one with seniority here, right?


>Good enough for me! Wait for the train to pass through that tunnel aaaaand...

Choo choo!




>Looking glass, helmsmare! Hmmm...aha! They made it! Excellent.

"Now here's hoping we aimed at the right train."

>Oh pish posh, how many trains are travelling along the coast to or from Puerto Burro? HELMSMARE, ONWARD TO NEIGHSSAU! WE'RE COMING HOME!

>...Are they gone?

Two figures, dark as the night they were currently surrounded by, crept up along the side of the train tracks, up to now completely barren platform that connected the Empire to the world.

"Looks like it's clear."

>Neat. So, now we just have to creep pass the rest of town, stay under the radar for as long as we can, and then sneak into the west side of the castle and we're in the clear!

"...This was a bad idea-"



>No! I'm insisting here! That was a great idea! That was a spectacular idea! That was an idea that we should be doing a lot!


>...Admittedly, there were some holes in the plan... heh.


>Sorry, thirteen year old me. Point is, sure, there was a... flaw. Little flaw. Tiny, iiiitty bitty flaw.

"You think?"

>Sigh... let's just get back to the castle, already.... and tell Eighteen to find the budget to start putting showers in the trains.


>Totally worth it!
Funny and true. Hence, Chrysalis.

She gave 56 a boarding in her room for the longest, and would probably root for him to join the guard. I don't see that happening in canon.

Although it would be funny to get 26, 56 and AJ in the same room and see conversation, watch 29 attempt not to act like a prissy prick and watch AJ try not to insult him or something while 56 just stares between the two, all smiles and whatnot like 'booty and family rock'.
You overestimate AJ. She doesn't care about 29, so she won't pull punches. The only one she held back around was 2 and that was out of respect for the other pony royals, not because she is afraid to rip into someone with a child around. It will be 29 trying to hold it together while AJ acts as she normally does. Probably with a "what? no Princess Styrofoam?" thrown in.
I can see that, but you don't really let a changeling sleep with you and bathe with you and continue to love on your rear where others might/have reacted negatively without some molecule of care towards their feelings so knowing how 56 feels about 29, I can only guess she'd make an honest effort at it. And even if she wasn't aware of what 29 meant she's smart enough to read the atmosphere and act accordingly, for as long as patience allowed anyway.
I've seen conversations with 56 around. If he is attached to her ass he is dead to the world. It would take 29 actually saying something about his being treated poorly for 56 to even put 2 and 2 together. And remember, ass beats family in 56's world. (because we made molesting mares his food source he will subconsciously side against 29 if push came to shove)
29 has tried to "act respectful" to AJ before, she just brow beat him until he broke or sicced Ara on him because she knows he is deathly afraid of her..
>because she knows he is deathly afraid of her..

At least that part doesn't work anymore, him and Arana got on okay terms forever ago.
>because we made molesting mares his food source
>50 years from now when 56 is entering his teens hell have touched every ass in the world
>cept cellys
>because fuck face melting
dude, he's stuck his face right in celestia's crack before, he's pretty much the only person to have done so and survived, the only ass he WON'T get is Chitania's

"Wow, you're not beaten to a pulp... neat!"

>Such a wonderful thing to be greeted to, thank you oh so much.

"Nahhh, I knew you'd be fine."

>Hm! As if! I was nearly smashed by that... awful brute! I was terrified!

"Heh, yeah, scary bitch ain't she? Like, wow, just wow. Could punch a castle in half."

>At least! What an awful, awful creature!

"So, how'd you get out of this one? Groveling? Begging? Had to go down low and-"

>UGH! You disgusting thing!

"Juuust saying, survival tactic."

>I'll have you know that things far more approachable daughter called off that beast!

"Oooooh, bringing the kid into it? Smooooth, Octy."

>As if I needed chiding from you! Now, where are the guard?

"Like... everywhere. These guys are way better than ours, I'm noticing, total rip off."

>Well, let's hope they're up to the level of bringing that.. disgusting thing in!

"...for what?"

>For what!? FOR WHAT!? Are you actually blind behind those glasses!?

"Just asking, for what? She chased you, right, but didn't hit you?"

>Chasing me and implying she is going to do bodily harm is still illegal!

"So's smashing a musical instrument into someone's head because you lost."




"...Just saying."

>That is completely different!

"Did you even end up saying sorry?"

>Why should I!? She chased me!

"Because cello to the head."

>HRMPH! She's strong enough not to be bothered, I'm sure!


>Be quiet, and join me! We are going back home, immediately!

"Seriously not going to apologize? She even played with you for like... hours."

>Now, I said!

"...Huh, think you know a girl..."
DAMN Octy, you a bitch.
Thank Faust for the Chitania action figure with rubber foam memory plot!
Sheesh, what a bitch.

Ponies are generally awful.

Barely a nice one in the bunch.

And pretty a sizeable fraction of the nice ones we made up.
>"Ah can fix it"
I know right?

It's not Chitty's fault you're garbage at the Cello and should shave that mark off, Octavia.

Go back home and binge eat some ice cream to get fat as Rarity used to be, you worthless bitch.
That isn't it. Both times they faced off wasn't because Octy was outplayed.
>first was Chitty took the cello off her and started playing randomly and it shocked Octavia and it embarrassed her somehow.
>this past one was an endurance contest that she lost not due to ability but being thrown off guard by Chitty calling sweet note food.

Neither time was saying she sucks.
Nah, she's shitty as a person and shitty as a cello player.
Yeah, it even gets mentioned both times that Chitty makes mistakes and skips a tune or two, but Octavia manages to do it perfect.

>first was Chitty took the cello off her and started playing randomly and it shocked Octavia and it embarrassed her somehow.

It was because she literally grabbed it, and when Octy made dismissive comments very loudly to her Chitty proved her wrong and showed her up, and more importantly it was in public, a public who actually applauded Chitty when it was over. Saying someone is shit at something and then having to watch as they exceed all expectations and get applauding would be an embarrassment for anyone, especially when everyone just watched you call her out and claim they couldn't even hold the Cello right.

She then actually came back again for a rematch, but she only had the one Cello, so she stole her friends Violin, thinking Chitty wouldn't know the difference. She got knocked off her guard again when, in addition to calling her out for thinking them being comparable is dumb She knew that, she just didn't know Chitty knew that. she STILL could play it. As someone who actually knows how these instruments work, that IS a huge thing, as both are wildly different in how you play them and even what they're capable of playing.

Both times, again, Chitty wasn't up to Octy's level as far as actually playing the thing, the concert Cellist was clearly superior.
>Being this deluded

She's a talentless hack that needed to be brought down by the superior musician of the superior species, then lost her cool when she couldn't handle how much better than her Chitania was and resorted to violence like all ponies do.

Worst sub-species of worst race.
What would be the opposite of Pennydrop? 007? Chrysalis?
>Opposite of Pennydrop

A character with depth?
Meant in terms of "RACE WAR NAO"?
No one

Changelings are blameless and cherubic.
I agree, 2 is pretty innocent and cute.
Of course, it's because we love our ideas and our made up characters, so we will make ponies shitty in order to play off that our made up character is better. After all, the made up ones needs to be better than the show ones or else it won't be loved.
Either you're just talking to yourself because nobody took you up on it or you took really awful, awful bait that's obviously dumb.

Either way, come on man, you can be better than that.
This guy gets it.
Eh, point taken. I did take that bait. Thought I had the resentment in check, but looks like it bled though. Sorry folks, back to work.
....This fucking ended with 13 walking up to Chitty and outright telling her she's a shitty person who flies off the handle all the time and frequently says shit like she doesn't care if someone else lives or dies, after other events where she threatens everyone with bodily harm when they try to challenge her. Literally nobody in universe except Sweet Note even likes her, and she's never once actually been shown to be 100 percent in the right.

And that you did it with such shitty bait too... I'm disappointed.
Literally the only example I can think of is Varry, and she is only there to give her a shitty life backstory and get her head ripped off, twice.
Didn't think train sex all the way through, did you?
This is the second time he has fucked Cadence since the thread started, the details didn't matter he was striking while her iron was hot.
Wonder if there's a bun in the oven now
Bad anon, no Flurry. Plus by the time we get to the end of her pregnancy Flurry will be the secret key to save the day in the movie/series finale. Just pointing out that in our timeline we moved around 70 days in our last nine months of real time, and half of that was a timeskip.
Come on, anon, you would deny Two being Best Sister? Besides, she'd be the ultimate straight man, trying to grow up in the world we made and make sense of it all.
File: PA_0001.png (18 KB, 540x1067) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 540x1067
After hundreds of hours in MS Paint, here is the latest in /pa/ comic innovation. Notice the fine quality. :^)
It is hit and miss on the straight men, mind you the last one we tried to bring in is now a half Changeling Zombie.
Heh, oh the classics. Evenin blocky form they never get old.
Oh come now, would we really do something that awful to a small child...don't answer that.
What is that, like story 3, thread 1. DEEPEST LORE.
Close. It's the second one. The one right after, the beat cop rant.
So we literally establish that Cadence and Shiny are shit at their jobs with the second paragraph of the first thread. We fix Shiny in the first 4 threads, while 123 later we are only like 60% done with Cadence. That is the long game
I know what to do! We need an ass beating and some waffles, stat!
I honestly thought we were going to keep her sucky forever. I thought that was the point.
Well, she's halfway there, depending on how can kinky they got.
...it's Cadence. The answer to that one is, not at all.
You never know, she is trying to better herself.
Nah, because, that means we wouldn't fix everything. Any really shitty trait we gave our pones will, eventually, have a storyline where it is either mitigated or removed
That is weirdly adorable

>Hrm. Looks like some of our number got drunk.

"So they did."

>I do not partake that often, is there usually a particularly bad hangover after that?


>I see. Well then, loud noises would be an issue, no?

"That they would."


Without another word, they both held up an airhorn....

And smiled.
I don't care how silly it is, I'm putting it in the wiki.

>Hey alright, the Princesses are back so that means my brother's back, right?

"I do not see him. Is this the hide and seek game I've heard stories of?"


"Drat, that is a shame. Huh."


"Well I can see the train."


"It's going INTO town."

>Holy shit, hasn't this place suffered enough!? Robots, giant monsters, me, now a train crash!? Oh the Equinity!

"Oh it's not crashing, it's just approaching the castle. Here it comes now."



"Modern trains are very stylish...and arthropodal."

>Oh fuck the magic followed us home! Run for it!

"For the train? Ok!"


>No, come back, damn it! Ugh...

"You know, a really loyal friend would go and vouch for a friend when they're being investigated."

If she was hoping for anything other than the lime green pony remaining in her captains chair and smiling, she was left without.

"Just saying, would be real friendly to her right about now. Sure would show some loyalty."

If she hoped for anything besides that smile growing, and her leaning back just a bit, she was again bereft.

"Sure seems disloyal not to-"


She was practically singing.

"You know, because this looks bad?"

>Does it? I wouldn't know, I was completely and utterly unaware that any of this was happening. As far as I knew, I was just showing them what I've personally seen, that there was no reason whatsoever for me to hide or withhold any information regarding my superior officer. I didn't know about any of this.

"You had to have thought they were going to find something."

>What makes you say that? This wasn't a performance review, after all.

"Then at least go tell them Dash never interacts with the changelings."

>I wouldn't know about her personal life.

Feathers bristled, and it took far more restraint than she thought possible not to simply smack the mare in the head.

"So, what are you going to do?"

>Me? Why, Gilda... I'm not doing a damn thing.

That restraint became almost saintly, when that smile grew and grew, and grew.


> I'm going to sit here, and I'm going to wait. If Dash is cleared of everything and comes back? Fantastic! She gets to know I was so confident and helpful this whole time that I gave up as much information as I could, just because I was so sure she was totally innocent. Why, she might even start letting me in on these secrets now, just to make sure something like this never happens again. Most likely, she'll be back within the day. Lets be honest, that's almost certainly what's going to happen. She'll have any suspicions wiped clean and not a single repercussion to this whole thing. She's got enough friends up high to go to bat for her and knock out anyone who would make her frown, hell, Fancy has a better chance of ending up in a ditch, forgotten for all the world, then actually pinning her down with anything, she doesn't need me. She'll come back, I'm sure.

"And if this somehow does come back on her?"

At last, the smile could grow no more.

>Well... at least we'll have Dash's Second in Command, ready and waiting to take up the reigns to ensure that the Wonderbolts remain a fit, fighting force that is capable of defending Equestria and all her citizens, maintained and excelling while Dash does whatever pitiful community service or minor suspension she has to do.

"You really think she's going to get off so easily?"

>Gilda, Gilda Gilda Gilda, you can't be that naive. It's Dash, Rainbow Dash. She's so well connected she could murder someone and she wouldn't even see the cuffs. She'll get off, no question.

"...We'll see."

Her beak clacked, gritting just a bit as she turned to leave, knowing full well there was nothing left to be said. One of them would be proven in time. One of them...

>Either way, I win.
Oh hi Gilda, I forgot you existed.

LD's about to fuck up everything.

>Alright, with the increased scrutiny on us, we're going to have to double down on the politicking, which means...


>No, not puppies, it means...

'Increasing our standing in the foreign community through trade, immigration, and sharing of cultures?'

>.........I'm not questioning that. No! It actually means that we are going to have to look on our best behavior with table manners!

~Wait, is nobody going to ask why Chrysalis just-~

>First off! This is a soup spoon. You all see it? Soup spoon.

[We know what that is.]

{This isn't the first time we've done this.}

(It actually is for me?)

^Don't worry miss Spitfire! You just gotta remember it's whatever it is that gets here the fastest gets the farthest!^

(That makes total sense.)

"Shiny? I um... am not sure this is going to help with the foreign stuff. Maybe we should stick with my idea?"

>Cadence, no puppies.


(Does anybody know why we have a serrated knife in the middle of the table?)

>It's for carving bread.

(Oh... so is this like a sword in the stone thing? Because it's in the table.)

>I... ugh. Chrysalis?

'Wasn't me.'

{There was a bee.}

'HAH! Accidental rhyming.'

>Any particular reason a bee warranted shoving a knife through a table?

{Cadence has a minor allergy to bees.}

>You do!?

"I do!?"

{Not to the level of putting you into shock, but you would have hives for days.}

[How did you know that!?]

{I keep up to date on all of your medical records.}

(...Oooookay, I'm going to uh... scooch away here.)

{That won't help you escape the lice.}



>Can we all please calm down? This is important for our image around the world!

"Shiny, I really think we should talk about the puppies."

>Fine! Fiiiine! What about the puppies!?

"It's just, as a potential massive buyer or competitor, we should know what puppy diamond dogs eat, or else we could end up choking them."

>....huh. That actually sounds pretty sane.

{Unlike what Celestia did with that cake-}



~EVERYTHING SHE SAYS IS A LIIIIiiiiiiieeeeeeee....~

{...You want to know the scary part? I made that last one up, I can't see her medical records.}


>"'([{ABSOLUTELY NOT!}])'"

...well, I mean, I guess that is actually her job, but somehow even though this is totally normal for most bodyguards, it feels... uneasy
I wonder where Centitrain sleeps...

>I'm starting to feel like I don't get enough attention.

It wasn't entirely true, of course, but it was so worth it to watch the pony agent before her squirm.

"Miss Pennydrop sends her sincerest apologies that she personally cannot be here to tell you this information, and hopes you understand."

She did, of course. She knew Pennydrop was quite busy, especially now, but it was so much more fun to watch what happened when she narrowed her eyes, as if in annoyance. As expected, the reaction was simply one of a kind. She never tired of seeing them look as if in any moment, she would take their heads clean from their shoulders. It was never something she would actually do, of course. The mere thought of actually harming a messenger like that was enough to fill her with an unfortunate and quite disgusting feeling, but every so often she would let her catlike side bleed though, and she would enjoy watching her prey squirm.

But never for too long, she was not that cruel.

>I suppose this once, I will understand.

There would have been no fun in this, had she not also loved the look of profound relief that always crossed their faces, and the ways they tried and failed to hide it.

>Tell Pennydrop that I appreciate the information, and will be making fine use of it.

"Of course, your majesty. Your allies in Fawntaine simply want you to be informed, do with it as you wish."

They bowed respectfully, and the instant she waved her talon, the pony was off, hurrying as if she would stop them and torment them some more. A tempting idea, but more important matters awaited.

>So, it seems Equestria also has a problem with the changelings. Hrm, very well.

She rose, already calling over a messenger to go inform her husband of what was to be done.

>It's time to see if they hold the same opinions as their tundra based relatives. If so, well... at least none can claim I'm not consistent.
Annnnd, now Gwen is gonna fuck shit up.

Damn it, this is not Dash's day.

>...Thou knows thou could simply sleep in the-


>Alright, alright!... We do not even ride thee-


>Fine you can sleep!
File: PA_0002.png (22 KB, 540x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 540x1050
I made another thing. This time there's a background sort of.
>Snake Eyes' Thoughts

>Ok, this is a disaster. No, really, mushroom apocalypse? Worse than this. At least you didn't get fucking found out in the middle of that. Ok the dumb bug found you out but that was unavoidable.

>Think, damn it, think, you can't rat Pennydrop out. Well I mean, you can, of course, but then what happens? You're in jail AND that crazy bitch wants you dead.

>Remember your briefing on this jackass, there's gotta be something, anything you can do to throw suspicion off the boss lady. Someone that would reasonably hate him enough to send you to go dick around with his brain...

>...heh...heh heh heh...

>Got it. Time for a wild goose chase~
It's amazing what you can convey with literally nothing but blocks.
File: Mornings.png (310 KB, 721x722) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
310 KB, 721x722
I need a story to go along with this. Any takers?


>Ugh, what a day...lemme just get my hair here...oh damn it the crown's in the way-


I'm pretty sure we established that its not a part of them I could be wrong though, its been a while since then.
>Fuckin morninsh, hate sheedsh, alwaysh gotta look sha besh and.....


>Wait a minute!... I can Fwoosh! Oh dear love, SO MANY HOURS WASTED!
I thought we established quite the opposite.
Not entirely what I was looking for but I chuckled.

Almost exactly what I was hoping for, I just wish you would have had that moment half asleep contemplation before realizing what she did. Maybe I should make her eyes a little more sleepy looking.
The crown can come off, it has multiple times in the past. She even swapped with 42's helmet once for a gag.

There was also a later declared NC backstory to the crown that had it originally be a gryphon crown that momsie stole, but was NC because...obvious reasons.
Huh, can't recall ever seeing this art before.

Is this new for-/pa/ artwork, or just something found? Wanna know just in case.

She hated mornings. Mornings were, simply put, the worst. The time she most wants to laze around, to do nothing at all, were instead spent on preparation.

Perfect hair to hold her crown, perfect fangs to intimidate her foes, perfect shades on her eyes to make that menacing glare the thing of nightmares. Every sleepy brush was one more reminder that she had to be, to look, to act, the perfect thing to scare the masses.

She was the greatest Queen, and she had to look the part-

>PFFFTT!.... Wait... wait..... waaaaaaaait a motherfucking goddamned love-sucking flash frying minion roasting minute....


>...I could have done this the whole fucking time!? OH DEAR LOVE I COULD HAVE DONE THIS THE WHOLE TIME!?

"Finally figured it out?"



>But I can look fantastic afterwards! Put it to the test!


>Well, this day already sucks.
Just drew it a few minutes ago on a whim. I'm gonna start posting more frequently, I don't have that much more to catch up on.

It had been such a nice vacation too.

"Shoot the fuckers!"

In the blink of an eye, every single gun of the few in the massive crowd that actually had them was suddenly pointed upwards, directly at the five shimmering, shining bits of armor that were just barely visible along the edge of the catwalk. Those with more mouthheld weapons such as blades sadly could do little more to join in than whoop and cheer as they prepared to unleash hell upon the poor soldiers.

As the five up there were guards, trained by the finest Canterlot had to offer and those that could do the most damage to this operation should word get out, it would seem focusing all attention on them was the correct choice. In any normal situation, it would have been.

But this, thankfully, was no normal situation.


The lights came before any bullet could be fired, and it's all encompassing explosion of colors meant that as the triggers were pulled by wing or magic or mechanism, they went wild as their wielders let out cries of pain.


Angering those with heavy projectiles was either the dumbest, or wisest, idea she had ever had.


When one of the earth ponies leapt from the side, a rope in his mouth and little else to his name, it seemed the former.


When no less than three of their foes were launched into each other, stopping those that had been preparing to turn the blue unicorn to a state more resembling her male companions legs, at the very least it was closer to the latter than the former.

"Soldiers, FOR EQUESTRIA!"

Three more bodies came down afterwards, golden armor shining in the light as they did. An earth pony, a unicorn and a pegasi descended, and into the fray they went.


The mob met the challenge with gusto, and with rage. Below their leaders, the battle was on.

"Looks like it's just you and me, buddy."


The Camel regarded the last one remaining with a calculating, if slightly dismissive, gaze. Not a single part of him seemed weary of this, as if there was no chance this would ever go any way except that which he intended.

"You really think five guards stand a chance?"

The one standing across from him crouched, every muscle tensing as if to run, and he smiled.

"Well, let's just say I'm feeling... Lucky."

A paused rolled between them like a gust of wind before a shootout. Calm, serene, and unable to hide the strange look the camel slowly gained.

"...Is that supposed to mean something?"

Every muscle that had been ready to jump froze.


"You just said that in this really weird way, like I'm supposed to take something away from that. Is that supposed to mean something?"

"...Well, yeah, I said I feel "Lucky"."

"You put emphasis on that again. Are you a guy with a lot of luck or something?"

"OH! Oh, right, uh... my name is Lucky Strikes."


"Well, you see how it fits now."

"How the fuck was I supposed to get that."

The soldier's eyes darted left and right, and his nose scrunched up.

"Well, looks like you luck... has run out."

"What now, you can do it?"

"At least I have context."

"...Just for that, I'm arresting you extra hard."


From the side of the camels quite noticeable hump, something rolled down.

Something long, and sharp, and hungering for the soldier's blood.

"Try it."

The battle, above, below, and all around, had begun.

And all the while, the changeling in the thick of it could only lament.

"It had been such a nice vacation too..."
>That exchange

For being a child kidnapping asshole, this camel is pretty damn funny.
On the positive side, like... enslaving kidnapper.

Probably aren't gonna redeem that guy.
...So those guys were like, three seconds from being shot, right?

I mean, I don't blame them, not like they knew there were guns, but holy shit they were gonne die.
No worries, Trixie is there to save them.

She is Bro-Teir to all, not just her buggy friends.
Damn, I was seriously gonna do a gag that had Chrysalis try to take 42's helmet an
>...Is... is this helmet fake?
"It is now."
>How long has it been missing?
>Losing the helmet of helmets

>helmet of helmets

This is doubly funny because it quite literally is a helmet of helmets as its made from three smashed together!
>CE guard
"CE pony"


"...So um..."


"...What, ahhhh... what's the point of the giant floating green orb behind like, eight million shields?"


"That's an exaggeration of course, but this looks kinda... evil."



>This place used to be a bathroom...
File: 1453814735639.gif (2 MB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x168
Caves 2: The Redu-OMFG NOT THE FACE!!! AHHH-
File: 77.jpg (352 KB, 1472x2259) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
352 KB, 1472x2259
We have to go back Skiddy! Back to the caves!
Your kid Skiddy! Your Kid!
Two things. One, never again. Two, if you had posted just a moment later we might have had relevant trips shenanigans.
Oh wow... I haven't seen that image in a long, long time. First thing I ever contributed as an draw friend, besides the blood vessel popping images... Man now I'm probably gonna end up drawing 77 for a while.
I'm wondering now how that would go down

>We don't like that artifact being in the castle!

"Where, exactly, do you want us to put it instead? We can't destroy it without possibly freeing an evil mind to take someone over. What, you wanna fucking stick it in Canterlot?"


"Oh! I know! Let's throw it out in the snow to randomly get found!"


"Or lava! Because if there's one thing the evil changeling was missing, it was a giant DRAGON body! No way can that backfire!"

>...You don't have to be a dick about it.
Oh shit, I still remember the story where he grew old and all that...
Just throw it in a robot, it worked last time and then our rabid Red/Varry shipper sub-fanbase will have a ball.
>Variolus in a robot


"Why the hell did you put her in a bouncy clown"




'You know EXACTLY why I did that... how long till she gives up?


"When do you think the sun is going to burn out, approximately?"
And the Varryclown is just laaaaughing

Ironically, that would be a pretty apt description of her at that point.
I'm impressed this is actually giving the guard a decent fight. Them versus a literal mob should be fun.
Good night, friend.
Night, anon.
And one more for the show.
And a good morning to grow on.
Yep, morning to all.
Nobody ships those two.

Now, TBDRLIATU and Varry, that has some legs...
She could make good use of all those accessories...

>Tia? Got a question.

"And I now have the ability to summon a giant creature to shoot you with lightning. Tread carefully."

>Cute, but she likes me more.


>Mah question is, though... where are those dragons gettin' all that treasure?

"Which dragons and what treasure, now?"

>Well, that there red fella had himself a pretty hefty pile.

"Ah... well..."


"Sometimes you have to... look the other way when it comes to a little, em... diplomatic trading?"

>...Ya let them rob ponies?

"Rob is a very strong word."


"Accurate, but strong."

>Ah'm tellin' Twi to develop anti-dragon technologigers.

"Oh yeah, because that'll end well!"

>Worse then constantly gettin' robbed?




'..............It was just the one time!'

>Darling? Are you sure this is... wise?

"My dear, I'm surprised at you! Of everyone I thought you'd understand."

>Oh, I do, I understand completely why you must, it's just that...

"My dear, my morals simply cannot let this slide, this... is quite worrying."

>I know, of course, I know, it's just...


>Oh, fine, I'll come out and say it, they're giant massive laserhorses who can easily wipe out buildings in a single glance and can probably mind control you with either the changeling or the chaos being and then make you walk off a cliff, is shaking the cage really the best idea?


>Just double checking. Have fun today! Love you!

"Love you too!"

>...If he doesn't come back fine and alive, I'm going to blow this whole damn castle to pieces.
D'aw, good looking out, Fleur. You're a good wife.

White unicorn stallions and their tall pink haired wives are always top tier.
Boss wife is boss.

She wasn't so boss on introduction but she's boss now.

"Boss, I respect you, I really do, but calling both the fighters and the fuckers with the guns was the stupidest fucking idea-GAHHHH!"

Another one of the mob dropped, clutching the side that now sported quite the impressive looking wound from a stray bullet.

Their numbers had become all but meaningless as whoever was behind the soldiers instantly began to flee, trampling over one another when they saw one of the few in the mass with a gun point said weapon their way. In all the confusion, it made it far easier to slip in close, and deliver a blow before a shot could go off.

"Why did we all come out!? I have a sword! Why do you need me out here when-OH FUCKING FAUST IT HURTS!"

His cutie mark would never be the same.

"Stay still you bunch of sissies! If you block him, he can't dodge my shots!"

"But we'll still get shot you moron!"


"So that's fucking stup-AHHHHH!"

The mare fell to the ground, wailing in pain at the new mark along her cheek. The two mares beside her scrambled, and regretted that although the camel they worked for was a horrible enslaving monster, he was equal opportunity.

"You want a shot!? I'll give you a shot!"


Too late, the time spent shooting the uppity fellow mobster had proven to be a second too long to prevent a hammering haymaker blow to the side of the head, one that sent him rolling with such force to knock over his fellows like bowling pins.

"Huh, been working out, Haymaker?"

"Heh, PJ's surprisingly good at working a stallion out."

"No comment."


Round after round hit the ground, and most certainly not it's intended target of the wispy green unicorn in the golden armor. With an almost drunken grace, said unicorn slid in and out from the front of every shot, moving in and out of their sights before finally ending the shots in a wild, crazed tackle.

"Fucking crazy mare-"


The blows came quickly. They did not end quickly.


"Huh, so I guess Quicksilver has been working on his dodging."

"More like he got good thanks to everything from robots to Chitania inexplicably aiming right for him. Dude is like a magnet."


"I'd still hit it."

"You mean like this?"

It was cheap, Sucker Punch knew, but he couldn't resist. He had been doing it so often anyway, he no longer felt bad.


Seeing no less than three guns pointed in his direction, on the other hoof, made him feel very bad. He appreciated Steam Gauges words, but it seemed it had come too late.

They were already pulling the trigger.

"Damn... sorry, 41, guess we can't go after all."

Blam, he expected that sound.

He just didn't expect it to accompany all three of the gun wielding ponies smacking hard into the ceiling instead of firing something to bring his swift demise.


She ran through like a wild bull, horn blazing as she tossed ponies every which way, fired off sparkling firework after sparkling firework towards the masses that tried, in vain, to escape her.

"...Holy shit! I'm fine! I'm gonna be-"



The whole world seemed to stop when he heard it. His comrades and foes alike almost froze when they saw it. His heart most definitely stopped when he felt that bullet hit his side.

Time itself seemed to cease to be as ever so slowly, he looked to the pony holding a smoking gun, barrel pointed right at him. It stayed that way as he eventually craned his neck to look to the stinging pain in his side, and inspect what could very well be his end.

"Holy shit..."

"Ho... holy shit."

"Fuck me..."


The spent bullet rolled off, leaving little more than a dent where it had been, and not a single drop of blood.

"Our armor actually does something!?"

"I thought this shit was just for show!"

"Oh dear Faust it actually does block stuff!"


The mob seemed equally as confused as they were now suddenly very worried.

"Quick, someone get over to the others and protect them!"

"Uh... think they've got it."

A body hit the ground like a sack of potatoes, crumpling to a heap atop a growing pile. Content, the striped mare nodded, and carefully chose her next target.

"Do not worry of me, soldiers of the crown. This is hardly the first time we have had to throw down."

She spun a pipe in her hooves, much like she would her staff back home, and casually moved on to the next target.

"...Well! You heard her boys! She's got a hold of that one, let's take these other suckers in!"

"With our totally functional and not ceremonial armor!"

A new invigoration pumped through them, a burst of adrenaline, and pride fueling their muscles as they once more charged into the fray. They didn't have the numbers, they didn't have the weapons.

They had something better.

"Looks like things aren't going so well down there."

Lucky Strikes laced every drop of mocker he could in between grunts. The Camel before him was clearly not taking him seriously, yet all the same was giving him the fight of his life. Every blow was straining the magic on the unicorns head to block, and it was only getting worse.

"You haven't seen anything yet."

So much confidence, so little worry, it gave him pause. He did not pause for very long.

If it took every last drop of magic he had... he was bringing this guy in.

"Neither have you, asshole."
>The armor actually works

>It's not just stormtrooper armor

Somehow this is the weirdest shit we've done in god knows how long.


"...You realize they probably just got drunk and or are in the middle of some kind of orgy, right-"


"Are you sad you didn't get to join? Well, I'm sad I didn't get to walk up to Twenty Nine in a thong and try to tempt him. We all have regrets."

>What the fuck!?

"I know, right? I should not have to work this hard for it."

>...Are you okay?

"I have been drinking heavily."

>You hide it well.


~Fuzzy and the Buzz in the morning, 97.1!~
~Let's do the time warp agaiiiiin!~

"Top story bringing the Buzz, the princesses have returned!"

~Because I'm BACK! I'm BACK! You know it! Really really back!~

>But it's not all cheers this go round, as it seems that one of their number is under investigaaaation.

~Uh oh, you're in trouble! Someone's come along and it's burst your bubble!~

"YEAH YEAH! Sadly, the name of who exactly and what is being withheld pending investigation, but you bet we're going to keep an eye on it!"

>Much like Buzz whenever a mare walks by the station. Well, at least part of her!


~Baby got BACK.~

>But while we wait, we're introducing a new segment! We've setup a mailbox outside, and we want you to tell us what you think they did! Put down all of your naughtiest thoughts, and we'll find the best ones to air!

"For fairness's sake, we've barred Fuzzy from being allowed near the box, mostly because we'd get thrown off the air if we ever saw the things he thinks about the princesses."


~I have such sights to show you...~

"That's all for today, so coming up next is the hit single by Lyre Cariotwine! "I think I'm a clone now!"

PomPom is going to be so proud in a few.
>Welcome to Not Late Night /pa/ with your hosts the Pink Pony Club! It's during this time that content does matter, but a mare's gotta do what a mare's gotta do! Now for our main segment...THE PINK PONY CLUB!

Life in the dreamhouse~
They're all gathered in the living room of Pinkie's Dreamhouse. Cadence takes a sip of her tea.

"...sooo you put cardboard Pinkie in a ball...and ate her?"

'...she's also giving you an insatiable hunger to eat nightmares...like the Dream Eaters.'


"...I think we should ask Auntie Luna what to do in this situation."

>No, don't bring her into this!

'Pinkie, it can't be good to have that bitch gnawing at you from the inside.'

"Can you at least talk to Auntie Luna about it? Just be smooth and ask her a question on the show."

>Neeeeh I don't want to.

'Stop being such a kid. Why not?'

>What if she wants shatter my mind?

"You're overreacting."

>I'm not. Remember how she planned to fix Rarity. She was going to break her mind and put it back together. That sounds really not safe.

'...she kind of has a point. It really doesn't.'

"...um you should ask her what happens when you eat your own shadow anyway...just hypothetically."

'...are you binge eating your house?'

Pinkie's eating a chocolate column.
>...I made my house an edible gingerbread house for a reason. It's too delicious not to do this. Plus it helps keeps the hunger in check.

"Pinkie, I know we're not as close friends as the elements of harmony, but we really are worried about you."

'What she said. What we do here is just a dream, but what we experienced together is real enough, so...can you please talk to Princess Luna?'

>...what if she loses respect for me afterward?

'That's okay. She probably never had respect for you in the first place.'
Cadence smacks the back of DT's head.

"We'll cross that bridge when it happens...together."

>...thank you.

They join hooves
>"'To the Pink Pony Club!'"
Oh thank god, sitcom "I dunno if I should tell her about this problem I have no other solution too" always drives me up a wall, I'm glad she's just gonna ask.
That or feel like a right jackals for leaving them behind.
You know the weird part? We actually did have a scene where Spike and Aj got them better armor back in the early threads.

This is the world's longest brick joke.
>The clones realizing they're clones


She had been staring out the window for so long, she had since forgotten completely why she was even doing it.

Back to Canterlot they were going already, back to home so soon, all because they caught a wanted criminal. Well, that and the Princesses had returned and were returning to duty, so clearly the captain of the guard needed to be present as well, but that was beside the point.

Gone so soon, is all she could think about. Gone, and back to 'home'. Not only that, but back to more important choices.

"Such a shame, isn't it? I was having quite a lot of fun."

She barely even acknowledged him as the weathered solider sat down, plopping without grace to the seat at her side.

"What's the matter, love? Sad it's over so soon too?"

>...Seventy Seven? What would you give, to get your eye back?

"My eye?"

Unconsciously, his hoof rose, poking the soft fabric that protected the empty socket.

"Hm... don't suppose I know for sure. I guess I'd like it back, if only to fix my depth perception problem, but on the other hoof, I like to remember all that I've lost, to remind myself how lucky I am to get a chance at more. Well, that and Cheerilee loves how rugged and dangerous it makes me look. Eh?"

She said nothing to that, didn't even turn away to acknowledge him.


>It's nothing.

"Afraid you can't hide from a changeling, Sunset. Especially not feelings, we're rather apt with those."

>Wouldn't know, I lost all the best secrets some time ago.

He heard her tense with that, deciding to tread carefully for his next words.

"Sunset... do not worry, Applejack is a noble sort, and Twilight is as brilliant as they come, I'm sure she'll find some way to fix you."

More silence, empty as the stare pointed right out the window.

"Or, barring that... it could be worse."

>Could it?


Her words were sharp, so much so they put his favored knife to shame.

"I don't mean to be rude, I am only trying to help you see. Be thankful for what you have, you'll never know when what little there is might be gone."

She shifted, but sadly never looked to him.

"...Sunset? If you don't mind me asking... what would you give up, to get back the part of you that is missing?"

For a long, long while, there was nothing. No sounds, not even of breathing, from the other mare. The scenery passed by, reflected in her eyes, as the seconds ticked away.

>Well, when we get back... I guess we'll find out.

It was waiting for her.

Calling to her.

It needed her.

That shorter, sparkly desk, the joke of the room.

It was waiting for her, filled with papers, filled with work to be done.

It had been waiting all this time, she realized. It had needed her, all this time.


>I'm ready for you too.

She took her seat.

And she got to work.
Just get her some heart surgery


I dunno

We've bullshitted since the thread began, we ca come up with something to get her back to the ol' Flesh and Blood Baconmane
No, she has to suffer because...fuck you she just gotta

It was waiting for her.

>Back again, back again...

She had put it off for so long, held back so much, kept herself restrained, and held down. A part of her missed it, to be perfectly honest.

>Back once more to play.

She didn't miss the feeling of pressure in her head when she thought of this, admittedly. She didn't miss the worries, the weight pressing down, but a part of her missed this.

The thinking, the forming of plans, the preparations for something she admits might never come... but why take that chance?

She was not secure here, not even in this place. She was cornered, more likely. Walled off, to be specific. Surrounded by a dome that was her protection, and her cage.

With news from across the way that perhaps more trouble would yet come, she could no longer be as fancyfree about it.

>Oh, how wonderful it had been.

How amazing it had been to simply spend time with Shiny in that place, how amazing it had been to be so far away from all worries, all cares. How amazing it had been to be in a world that no longer looked to her with side eyes, and simply allowed her to cut loose. How amazing it had been...

>What a pity that it could not last.

The world was suspicious of them now, and it was preparing.

It was only fair, she prepared as well.

The orb before her pulsed with a sinister, unnatural glow.

In comparison to the smile on her face, it was nothing.

>If they think one Queen is hard to deal with... just wait.
Oh god...she's becoming HASBRO! SHE WAS A VILLAIN ALL ALONG!

She could feel the chills running down her spine as she walked into the office. Dancing atop her fur like tiny little spiders, jumping every which way as she moved into place, and took her seat directly across from the stoic, humorless looking stallion sitting before her.

>Captain Rainbow Dash, thank you for coming to see me on such short notice. I won't waste much of your time, I simply wish to ask a few... questions?

He could see every movement she made, she knew. She was all too aware of his eyes on her throat tightening ever so slightly, watching every detail, taking notes in his mind even as he did his very best to put on a face utterly professional.

"Sure, um... what did you want to know?"

>It's in regard to a few of your forms. While investigating, we noticed some changes in your writing. It's very subtle, I'll admit, so much so that only someone taking a look as close as we did could have found, but there are differences.

He pushed a few forms towards her. Basic stuff, mostly maintenance related for her training facilities. She knew she hadn't written them, she even admitted she didn't know what most of the phrases meant even now, even so she found herself questioning it looking at the writing. As far as she could tell, it was identical.

"What differences?"

>Well, for starters, if you look closely, you'll notice a bit of a, shall we say, sparkle in the ink?

She had to squint, even had to bring a light in as close as she could, but even all that meant she could just barely see the barest of hints of what he was talking about. Still, it was there, she had to admit.

>A bit of testing showed this to be micro particles from... crystal.

"I... see."

>Along with it, buried in the stacks of one of the forms, we found hairs.

Atop the desk, a tiny, tiny little vial was placed, containing in it three distinct colors, that only sat upon the head of a single pony.

One pony, and exactly one changeling.


>And, finally, we managed to detect quite a lot of magical residue on them. While it would be utterly impossible to actually detect who's and what sort of magic it was, or even how it was used, I think we both know I don't have to look very hard, considering...

Her wings twitched, almost subconsciously.

>And taking into account it has now been revealed that the princess has had very little to do with the maintenance of the kingdom, and evidence of where exactly this assistance came from, I'm simply going to have to ask you directly. Captain Rainbow Dash... did you know that you were letting a changeling see classified documents, or were you only letting them be seen by Princess Cadenza, and were fooled like so many others?

Every single muscle in her limbs went as tense as piano wire.

>If it were simply the latter, it would be cause for concern, but not cause for alarm. As the princess was the niece of our own Princess Celestia, and no doubt trained to run this kingdom in case of an unfortunate occurrence, it stands to reason that she was already well versed in this information. As a member of the royal family, you would not be showing her anything she did not already have quite open access to a scant two years ago. While she is a foreign royal, and thus of concern to how much information she is given regarding our military, nonetheless we cannot deny her origins. She would already know everything on this form, and that she gave it to the changeling to be examined would simply make you in another of a long line of those who's trust she betrayed. Of concern, that you did not know, but nothing that requires any disciplinary action. Myself, and likely all of Equestria, would understand. It's not the first time we were deceived.

With a heavy hoof, he pressed forwards quite a lot more of the stack.


>However, if you were aware of such a thing... then that means you willingly, and openly, gave over information regarding the safety of the kingdom you swore to protect to an outsider living quite a long ways away. An outsider whom, reformed though she claims to be, attacked the kingdom, and nearly brought it to it's knees. So, Rainbow Dash, were you aware of this?

She could already feel the warm body in her hooves, just waiting to be thrown under the bus.

If she denied it, all the imperious flew to the changeling and Cadence. If she chose her words wisely and let them take the heat, she could make it out of here with sympathy, rather than scorn. The citizens, her Wonderbolts, they would all see her as nothing more than one who got swindled like everyone else. One who trusted in a friend, and was betrayed.

She knew that Eighteen would understand. She understood that need to keep that which she loved running, and trusting. She better than anyone would know that sometimes what has to be said is what brings them safety and happiness, maybe not the truth. She wouldn't hate her for it. And if anything, Cadence would accept it as just another in the long, long line of mistakes she made in this. She could get out of this right now, Fancy was clearly giving her an out for this right now, all she had to do is step aside, and let her friends take the heat. All she had to do was say five words.

"I knew it was her."

Not those ones. "I didn't know about it" was what he had been hoping for, that was practically screamed from the rooftops by the look on his face.

Damned Element of Loyalty.

>I was afraid of that.

He let out a calming breath, tellingly bringing his hooves up in front of his face and ever so slowly tapping them together.

>Rainbow Dash, I'm going to be perfectly honest with you, this has me worried.

He pushed another piece of paper in front of her, one that at the very least she recognized signing.


>Shortly after the acceptance of the changelings into Canterlot's ballroom, our airforce was suddenly reduced down to a scant few ponies, and you were out of the blue promoted into the highest position of said airforce, deposing the previous captain and reducing her to a much lower position with no power. In addition, you were given this position quite suddenly by none other than the newly christened Princess Applejack, who, I need not mention, was the one charged with overseeing said aforementioned race. In one fell swoop, you and her reduced our airforce to next to nothing, and brought down it's commanding officer.

Before a word could escape her, his hoof shot up, cutting her off.

>Furthermore, this meager number of ponies remained our airforce for a tellingly long period of time, so few they barely qualified to be a band, let alone a defending force against attack. Worse than that, for that time the only two you did hire were a mare accused of nearly injuring several others in a training accident who was disbarred, and a gryphon who didn't even live here. Of important note, their numbers only finally increased when the changelings were forced from Canterlot, and even after that there are claims you were an inattentive, absentee commander, most tellingly during the invasion of those spore creatures. And now, all this while, we've come to find that you've been getting assistance in how they are run from a changeling, from as far back as the Partyland incident, at the very least. In addition to that, you've also been accused of driving out the previous captain through bouts of punishment that can only be described as 'humiliating', and that's putting it as kindly as I can.

Yet another, far larger, stack was shoved forwards. Complaint forms, all with the same name on the top.

>I can only hope some of these from our now long gone captain are exaggeration.


Any words, and defense, died in a wash of regret when she saw the complaint on display. The word 'laundry' jumped out at her pretty loudly.

>I see... well, Captain Rainbow Dash, I'm going to be blunt, as far as worries of invasion goes, this is a rather bright red flag. That said... do you feel there's any reason I should hold this information back?

Something about that last sentence, something in his tone, caused her to at last snap out of her daze, and look to him. It took a close look to see, but he had gone strangely tense around the neck, and the eyes.

"What do you mean?"

>I mean, I likely cannot be the first to have put this all together. Is there any reason it would be wiser to keep quiet about it? Any unexpected... risks, to anybody at all, that this might cause?

Just for a second, his eyes had flickered over to the side. There and gone, she had seen a strain in his face, and his voice. He was worried, really worried.

Simply telling him that yes, this might cause a riot, that someone might get hurt, that this was better hidden, suddenly seemed a viable option. One little command, and his every inch of his body radiated with the insinuation that he would follow through and be silent. She could still get out of it.

He was afraid, all it would take is reminding him who she was, and she could go back to how it was...

"...No, Mister Fancypants, this shouldn't cause anyone to be in danger. Even if they did... we'd still protect them anyway. Nobody should get hurt because of a secret like this."

She had never seen one stallion look so utterly relived in her entire life, and she had seen the look on Bulk's face when he put down enough weight to nearly break his own massive forelegs.

>That is quite good to hear, Captain Rainbow Dash.

"There's explanations for all of that, you know."

>I expected as such, and whenever you are ready I'm set to take down your statements as to why all of this occurred.

"Be honest here. Will it help, really?"


Politely, he cleared his throat, and brought a clean sheet out to take notes.

>I'm afraid if you're hoping me to get you off the hook for this, I'm unable to help.

"I didn't expect you to give me a hoofout."

>It's not that, I assure you. I'm simply reminding you that I am merely an investigator in this matter, and this is nothing like those delightful detective books. I cannot pass or deny judgement on anyone. I will take down your explanations, and present them with the evidence I have gathered. Ultimately, it is out of my hoof what, if anything, comes of this. I am here to get whatever facts I can, and leave them to others to judge. That is how the process should work.

"I...I guess so."

>That said, may I say that, off the records of course and officially without any favoritism, I have a lot of respect for those that have the power to silence problems, but choose to face them instead. I cannot help you, Rainbow Dash, but I can wish you well.

His pen dipped in ink and ready to write, his ears pointed towards her, and he patiently waited. His words resonated with her, stuck with her, and she fond that, even if it didn't mean much, she had the hope that maybe this wouldn't end so badly after all.

>Whenever you are ready, we can start with why, exactly, you were promoted to Captain of the Wonderbolts, an order signed by Princess Applejack herself.

That's what she gets for hoping.

"That's... a long, and sad story."

>I have nothing but time, and I love a good tragedy, whenever you are ready.

So began the most soul crushing, sad recap of events that had ever befallen the prestigious organization of the Wonderbolts.

It was very, very lucky that Fancy Pants always had something strong stashed in his desk.
>Paragon end

Good call.
Is she ever gonna just...not...do that? The whole sounding nefarious thing? I could've promised we'd moved away from that.

...Unless here she actually IS planning to do something nefarious and eventually get curb-stomped.
>I could've promised we'd moved away from that.


She was doing it IMMEDIATELY before the Applejack fight. Like, right up to her going through the portal she was thinking creepy thoughts. And before that, she was doing this exact scene when things were falling apart. When the heck did she move away from that? She literally never stopped.
Cool, that's the first part answered, just my shit-tastic memory.

Now for that second part: I also forget what this orb of hers does, other than it involves the queens of old. Is this something nefarious-bred, or something comedic? Putting on airs or is she really about to bring the shit?
Do they ever actually do anything nefarious any more?

Drones are blank pyromaniac slates until they end up finding some weird thing they like.

Chitty's just a mom until you piss her off (has she done anything to act on operation 'Murder God' in recent memory?).

Hell the last one that came close was Varry and it mostly appeared to just get Chitty and her kid back together.

I'm just saying, it seems more likely a pony would mug you than a changeling.
I vaguely recall it being Variolus minus literally aaaaanything redeeming about her. Just the cold mind of a predatory bitch which can infect whoever holds it with paranoia and bitchiness.

Somehow this = New Queens, but what the hell.

Honestly Chryssy making new Queens seems more a move of laziness and paranoia than anything.

>I don't wanna get off the Quest for Shiny dick to bring forth a new hive so I'll just go through the most ass backwards process to get some other goons to do it for me! Perfect!
It's got all of Variolus's memories in it. Her entire mind, all of it, is in that orb. That includes Titan Form, what the Hivemind is like, how she escaped the Hivemind and potentially any information she gained while in there. With it, Chrysalis has the possibility to obtain Titan form, how to break into the Hivemind and use the souls of those past to possibly ascend some of her Hive into Queens, and other dangerous things.

She can't use it right now because when you touch it, your mind and Various's mind become one. You see the world through her eyes, and take on her personality and morals. Touching it makes you as bad as she was, and she was BAD.

There's a lot of risk, but a fuckton to be gianed.

>(has she done anything to act on operation 'Murder God' in recent memory?)

Yes, just before this shit she got challenged by Discord to take on Lavan, and she began working on something she thinks will do just that. After that she took her kid to go see Applejack, and well...

>Do they ever actually do anything nefarious any more?

That one Dudemareling was three seconds from fighting the whole nightgard because she was being a bitch.
>Take out Lavan
That's just being a fucking jerk.
>>I don't wanna get off the Quest for Shiny dick to bring forth a new hive so I'll just go through the most ass backwards process to get some other goons to do it for me! Perfect!

She doesn't want to have a hive of her own period. Because she doesn't wanna fucking die.

That's not paranoia, that's just knowing if you have a hive you fucking die.

That and yeah, she's just plain not interested in anyone not Shiny, but I think the whole death thing is the sticking point.
This was back when he was just wandering around and Discord was convinced he was going to try to wipe out the planet.

Even if she got Shiny-dick she wouldn't want a hive. Remember? Omnommothermurderingnom? How the fuck is that being lazy?
I thought you could pump out drones all the live long day as long as you didn't give true maternal love to your heir.
She said it's theoretically possible to have more than one hive, but nobody ever did it, so it's not confirmed.

That said, you do realize that the only way to do that, assuming you can just keep making more, is to kill all the girls right? The entire point of an heir is that the mother knows you are planning to kill them and they love living and yet somehow you manage to pull it off anyway.

She would literally have to slaughter every girl and then cross her hooves that it's actually possible to make a hive number 2, since it's never been done before.
Fine, sorry I'm not up to date on all the details of the weird awful horrible lifecycle of theses weird awful horrible creatures. I'll leave it to the experts.

Also this solution is kind of fucked, right? It sounds like she's going to have our bevvy of cute bug waifus EAT THE SOULS OF THE DEAD to ascend.
The TRUE Endgame is Applejack and Pennydrop patching into the Matrix to blow up the Hivemind and make the Changelings NOT inherently evil
>Fine, sorry I'm not up to date on all the details of the weird awful horrible lifecycle of theses weird awful horrible creatures. I'll leave it to the experts.

Oh come on, it's in the wiki. It's not like you have to archive dive, it's all spelled out there.

>Also this solution is kind of fucked, right? It sounds like she's going to have our bevvy of cute bug waifus EAT THE SOULS OF THE DEAD to ascend.

Well, yeah... what, is there a problem with that? She just has to make the ones in the hivemind love their kids and then figure out how to use that to make them ascend, though admittedly it's all just in theory until she actually does something.

Even so, what the fuck is that gonna do? Oh no! You killed a ghost!
File: You know who.jpg (12 KB, 226x234) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
You know who.jpg
12 KB, 226x234
You insensitive bastard! My mother is a ghost!
I thought I had it understood, apparently I did not.

>...I fear Dash is never going to forgive me at this rate... Maybe I'll have to make her one amazing dress-






>...C...Coco!? Coco Pommel!?

"Hello, Miss Rarity!"

>Wha... how... what the devil are you wearing!?

"Guard armor."

>Why are you wearing guard armor!?

"I'm a guard!"

>Wh... WHY!?

"Well at first it was just a mix up, but then it was because Princess Luna told me to in a dream!"


"It's so nice to finally see you! I've been trying to get a meeting with you for months!"



>Wha... I don't...

"Sooo... are you free? I can come back later if you're not."


"...Miss Rarity?"

>Is this a prank?

"Oh no, I would never do that to you!"

>In that case, yes, I have time for a meeting, so long as I am near a bar.

"Why a bar?"

>Because I am faaar to sober to make sense of this.
Man, knowing our love of turning shit into even deeper shit at the best of times, I have this suspicion it's gonna go wrong, get outta control, and Chrysalis is gonna wind up needing to be killed to save everything. Or if not outright deaded then pseudo-killed like Shimmers.

That's hyperbole, yes, but I'd like to laugh a helluva lot more than sigh when/if she gets on that orb business.
So... are you saying there is something inherently evil about Two? Are you implying she has a sinister agenda... maybe something like... Assassinating Shiny with a cute overdose!?
Holy shit I forgot these two never talked.
>and Chrysalis is gonna wind up needing to be killed to save everything

>A canon character dying
>In fucking /pa/


>HRK... HRRKKKK... HRKKKK... well, Spikey-Wikey, it looks like no amount of weaponry is ever going to change your lot in life.

He sighed deeply, taking another labored step as he tried to balance the massive weight on his back. The baggage, both of the literal kind off Centitrain and the metaphorical kind, threatened to crush him at any moment. But he persevered all the same.

"Oh, hey Spike."

Until someone talked to him like it was a sunny day out when his legs were three seconds from giving out, in which case he now set new records for wishing death upon the world.

>H-hey, Silver Spoon.

The tiny gray filly took her time looking him over, either oblivious or uncaring to his state. He guessed the latter.

"Did you guys just get back?"

>How could you tell?

"Heh... say, did you guys spot DT down wherever you were?"

>...She wasn't with you?

She shrugged, casual as could be.

"She was the first day, then she ran off the next morning and I haven't seen her, was just wondering if she tracked you down to mess with you or something."

>Uh... no, not at all.

"Hm. Oh well, she'll show up eventually, not like she has a lot to do."

>Guess that's true, not like she has any missions.





"...Weather is pretty nice out today-"


Down it all went.

"You okay?"

He did not know which god or goddess he had angered, but with every passing day, the urge to join Chitania in her quest grew.

"I'm taking the fire as a no."

He would burn it all to the ground someday.
yeeeees, I have been waiting for this moment and it was executed perfectly! I looooove it and I loooooove yooooou Anon.
>DT is missing

It might not be THAT bad.

She might just be blowing up volcanos, you don't know.
>Being Spike is suffering
>Hey Shiny! Look at this!

"Look at what... no."

>Ah'mma ghost! Woooooo~!



>Yay! Now nobody will tell me not ta' eat the marchmalleys! Jus as kei... keekoo... just as cockadodoodle!
Because I didn't need that cardio valve anyway...
Meh, could be worse.
Goodnight, thread
Night, anon
Huh, fast night tonight


>Right, put this here and that there, an-oh shite! Nonono-phew...damn hooves...

"What are you doing?"

>Hm? Ah, the vampire lass, how do ya do?

"F-vampire? For real?"

>What? Figured you'd appreciate being called a classier member of the undead. I know I'd go on a bloody spree if I got called a zombie.

"Don't try to change the subject here, why are you rifling through a dufflebag? Specifically one that's overflowing with bits?"

>This here belongs to ole fuckface, the tosser we caught earlier. I'm tryna see if it's all cash in here or if he may have a clue...

"What, like an invoice from an employer? I doubt it, James Bond never seemed to do paperwork."



>Oh aye, the racist bug what 32 hates.

"...oh fuck off."

>What? What'd I say?

"Nothing nothing, I...huh, well that's different."

>Oh these? Yeah, found them buried in the center of the bits, buncha glass vials filled with all kindsa liquids. Now I can't really see the difference between a pint and cup o' bleach so I was gonna have 29's zebra friend look it over, but if you think you can-



"They look like dyes...explains how he looked different, but I don't know...if you stacked all of those onto each other, you'd think they would start blurring together on his body, so what's-hey look, there. Another one, in the bag."

>Oh aye, looks ta be clear.

"Let me see it."




>Yeesh, that's a stench for ya. Hey, why ya raisin' your leg?

"Testing a theory..."


Drip drip...


>...well I'll be damned.

"I'm going to assume this would hurt if I could feel it. But there you have it, seems this concoction removes the color from a pony's coat."

>The smokin' gun!

"We need to show this to the captain."

>On it, let's go!
Yeah, right?

We only kill off characters who are far, far, FAAAAAAR away from our main cast.

RIP Camera Pone gone but never forgotten
Oh shit

We missed Hearts and Hooves day


Anon, I have good news, and bad news....
Don't freak me out like that asshole
That artist draws so pretty, but her stuff is so fucking freaky.
Wait, isn't it illegal for them to be going through that?

>...Oh dear lord, it's never going to end.

"Dun nuh..."

>It's true. It's all true. That the Paperwork is an amorphous, endless creature is all true!

"Dun nuh nuh nuh..."

>I take one down, and another one just pops back up! I thought it was a myth, but it's all true!

"Dun nuh nuh nuh, nuh nuh nuh nuh..."

>...maybe I've been a bit hasty doing this-





>Don't nibble on me ear~! What's gotten into you!?

"I just feel lovey."

>Well, I'm trying to work!


>And you're distracting!

"Ammmmm iiiiiiii?"


"Ammmmmmmm iiiiiiiiiii?"


"...Do you like it?"




When you're married, any day you want it to be is hearts and hooves day.


Unless you'd prefer a certain BIG BLACK CHANGELING to do so instead

"Mister, are we going to be okay?"

It was never easy to talk to a frightened child, especially in such dire circumstances. The struggle to keep them protected, covered as best he could to prevent a single shot or stray weapon from reaching them was as obvious to a child as it would any adult. They could see he was panicking, they could see he was worried, and nothing could hide that. The only option was to make them understand, but even that posed such dangers. Explaining to someone so young the gravity of the situation they were in, the uncertainty of it all, and expecting them not to do something utterly rash or harmful to themselves was, at best, difficult. At worst, an impossibility.

Yet, to imply otherwise would be to dampen their instincts, their need to survive. Fear was a powerful motivator, of which he was well aware. Fear could do many things.

"Oh, sweetie, of course we are! Don't worry, we'll all be back home soon enough. Trust me, I'm an elected official."

But it could not do what the words of a kind, wizened mare ever could.

"Children be calm, this will all just be fine. If you do not believe in your own eyes, believe in mine."

Simple things for simple minds, that gave them something that more than fear could.

"HRMPH! You really think a meager mob can stand against the GREAT and POWERFUL Trixie!? You underestimate her power! LET HER SHOW YOU!"

They were not the only ones it gave something to.

It gave something to him, to a part of him he did not use as often as he should. A gift given through the simple act of three bodies standing closer to him. Zecroa to his left, the dear Mayor of Ponyville to his right, and Trixie standing before him. All three joined together with him to make a shield for every child, to protect them, support them.

Support him, and take his fears.


He felt something when they looked at him. He felt something when they put on their bravest, most comforting smiles. He felt something. He realized something.

He realized that, in all the world, in all there would ever be, in all the beings so powerful they could change the tides or bend reality to their whim, in all the things of might so much greater, he would not choose a single being to replace those with him.

They did not have the power of Alicorn, the might of Chaos, the force of a Titan Queen, no. Instead, they had something else. Something they gave to him. Something he could never begin to repay.

He could not, to even try was madness, so instead, he could only do a single thing instead.

"Excuse me, criminals of this foul place..."

They believed in him.

So he was going to prove them right.


He hefted his weapon, a rusty pipe that felt so familiar in his grasp.

And he proved them right



"....I think we're gonna be okay."

He would prove all of them right.
Oddly fitting timing for the date.

Suddenly, Trixie's head starts hurting and she can't remember why.
>the pipe came back

Today was a wonderful day.

He didn't know why he thought that, he honestly had no reason to think that, today had all around been stressful as they scrambled to make up for lost time and get back on track, but somehow, today felt special, like it really was an all around wonderful day.

Regardless of everything that had happened, he was smiling.

So, of course, out of nowhere he heard a familiar flash of magic, a much more familiar tapping of metal covered hooves, and finally the familiar grip that had grabbed hold of him so very many times over the years that brought him to the far larger chest that he knew as well as he did his own horn.


>Rough day, Celly?


With every pained groan, she flopped him back and forth like a sack of potatoes, a brutality he accepted without complaint.

"Bubblehorse, make it go awayyyyy! Your princess orders you to make them all go away!"

>You know I can't get rid of everyone in Canterlot.

"Then bubble me! Bubble me Bubblehorse!"

Bloop. Surrounded again by the comforting shield. In relief, her massive weight pressed down on him, and she began to relax.


>So, what's wrong?


>Celllyyyy, I can't help you if you don't tell me.

"Don't help me, just stay with me in the bubble forever and make it so nobody out there can see us."

>Awww, trying to hide again?

"You try hiding when you're a head taller than everyone and have magical flowing hair."

>Give me stilts and a wig, let's do this.

She chuckled, giving him a pleased squeeze as she did.

"...I really do wish sometimes it was just you, and me, and this big old bubble forever. You need to come back to Canterlot and bubble me forever."

>My bubbles cannot hold back the world, sadly.

"I know..."

She sighed, and he felt her start to slump.

That wouldn't do.




>I wish sometimes it was just me and you too.

"Well, at least we share that in common."



>Even though stuff changed, it doesn't matter where I live. You call for a bubble, and I will bring it, no matter what. That's not changing. I'm always going to be your bubblehorse.

"....And I'll always be your Sunbutt."

His ribs felt like they were being crushed.

He didn't mind at all.

>So, since you won't tell me about it... wanna take your mind off it instead?

"Oh you naughty thing! What did you have in mind?"

>Oh, you know exactly what I had in mind. Celly? Hold on... I'm taking you for a tumble.

"Oh ho ho!... I love it."

He knew she did.

>And... PUSH!


She held on, delighted as a child, as they rolled down his hallway, bubble protecting them and bouncing them from any obstacle in their path.

His bubble couldn't hold back the world for her, no magic could, no matter how much he wanted to cast a shield around her from everything. But that was okay.


He would do that himself.
Cue the janitor booking another therapy session.

We wrote ourselves into a corner by having everyone say she is stuck to extend the her being dead shit. We can't just say "poof, you're fine", because we didn't at the start. the only avenue Twilight didn't look into was plucking the elements shooting her and hopping it works or trying to get Discord to fix it. Failing that we have to piss some people off and have Chitania (the person she is going to) help yet another person.
>why not Fluttershy
because Fluttershy would just take his magic out since she doesn't counter it, she absorbs it, and kill her.

It has a connection to the hivemind and she wants to use it to give the changeling Princesses running around an upgrade. And then setup a their own country. She was draggin her hooves because she didn't want to leave Shiny. but now we made the one place that accepted them suspicious too so she feels her back is against the wall and it is now or never..
Basically new queens=population boom+no potential heart nom for her+being a stable but stupid society..

Trenderhoof had a buddy, he's dead now

If equestria has search an seize laws, yes. However those get overridden with probable cause. That only works for the law though, so a pirate and a zombie looking through it might make getting him tried an issue.
'Do you fuckers really have to have your quirky bonding moment IN THE FUCKING HALLWAY I HAVE TO CLEAN!?'
Their GOAT streak remains unbroken.
Thus, Two learned some colorful new words.
So before I even start, is everyone back in the castle? They are, right? Getting back to business? Aside from PD and Chrysalis' shadowy business?
Nah that was Pavel, he was a bodyguard.

I think he meant Gag Reel, y'know the redshirt that got thrown off a tower.

Because fuck any character ever dying ever. It shows bad writing if every single character doesn't survive, even the villain.
everyone is back in their places except 32 and co who are still in route (88 only saw Centitrain arrive) but the rest are going too busy with Snake Eyes and moping about being dead, so just jump them to where you need them to be. I mean Cheerilee hasn't had a line the entire time and that won't stop her from being in Ponyville the next time we see her.
>Main Six + Spike, Celly and Luna
Back at the castle.
>CE crew
Back home.
>Pommel, Daw, 32, 77 and Cheerilee
Currently En Route transporting Snake Eyes back, can literally arrive anytime you feel like it.
>29's Angels and the Side guard of Lucky, Haymaker, SG, QS and Suckerpunch
Currently in the middle of a massive battle with child kidnappers back in their vacation spot.
>41 and Cheese
Wearabouts unknown

>Because fuck any character ever dying ever. It shows bad writing if every single character doesn't survive, even the villain.
In Gag Reel's case it was pretty dumb, the villain just literally showed up out of nowhere suddenly super stealthy and threw him off the side. There was no buildup, no point, and Pommel forgot about it the instant it happened. That one anon cared more than any of the characters did, and the setup didn't make a lick of sense.
eh, they were his characters so what he did with them was his business. If Chitty's writer wanted to stick to the plan and kill her way back when, not much we could say.
>the original plan of killing Chitty
Was that a thing? Wow, I vaguely remember that....

And gotta say, the only thing I'd mis would be AJ riding her like a comet. Don't get me wrong, I fucking love Chitty but I also have this morose tendency to enjoy the death of my favorite character L, Hughes, Dumbledore, to name a few never to be forgotten.

tl;dr: it would've been interesting.
>Was that a thing? Wow, I vaguely remember that....

Looking back, he said he was gonna put her back in the ice, not imprison her, one or two other anons said that the only way to end it was her imprisonment or death, but a bunch of other anons found her fascinating I guess, and thus she made it out alive.

He's thinking of Meteor Anon, who wanted to use her in his storyline, since he didn't realize that the guy was setting up to use her, and he was going to have her killed off in said meteor storyline after a talk with Chrysalis, but C-anon beat him to the punch and started up his storyline before M-anon's could get going.
Oh, of course, I'd never dream of telling him some random redshirt in his own side story miles away from all the main characters couldn't get killed off, just saying I found it kinda dumb and cheap. Just an opinion on the story, not the guy writing it.
>and thus she made it out alive.

And then made it to number 5 in the poll we had last thread, only behind AJ, Chrysalis, Shiny and Celestia, and she currently has the most art besides AJ and 2.

Guess it paid off.
>Nah that was Pavel, he was a bodyguard.

They weren't his friends,

Paper after paper. So much work to be done. So far behind on everything, so much she hadn't finished, so much that needed her to fix. After the wonderful vacation, it could drive a mare mad.

Scribble scribble scribble.

>Almost done.

She didn't know how long she had been writing, just that she hadn't stopped. She wanted to, several times she had thought of it, but there was always something more that needed to be done, something more to take from her.

Scribble scribble scribble scribble.

>Just a few more, just a few more...

Her eyelids were growing heavy, but she would not let herself quit. Her pen was growing slow, but she would not quit.

Scribble scribble... scribble...

>Al... most...

So much to be done... she could not quit.


>So... tiiiirrrred...

Had... to work... more...



FWOOM went her horn, and she was alive again.

"You looked like you needed a recharge."

She could still feel the cool air on her cheek as she stared to him, gaping wide and blank.

"You okay?"

>F-fine... fine. Thanks.

"...Hey, Eighteen?"


"You don't have to be alone with this, you know."

Her horn grew hotter. Strange, he wasn't even touching her, he was simply sitting there, but she felt so... alive.

>... I know.

Life was perfect.
>Welcome to Not Late Night /pa/ with your hosts the Pink Pony Club! It's during this time that content does matter, but Nyquil can really put you to sleep! Now for our main guest...PRINCESS LUNA!

[Salutations everypony.]

>Hypothetical question. What would happen if you were to eat your own shadow?

[Ahahaha, what would make you ask such a question?]

>Uh just wondering is all.

[It's typically not the first thing that ponies would do, but we'd have to deal with you the same way we did with Buck Norris.]

>...wait what?

[Sadly that's all the time we have now, so we must go, but I had a pleasant time.]
Leaves through a door. Cadence and DT poke their heads in.

'What did she do to Buck Norris?'

"...we should ask her again?"

He found her doing what she always did whenever she had a free moment. Punching. He could just barely contain his shock.

That said, there was one thing she cared about more than punching.

"What can I do for you?"

>I'm just checking to make sure everything's ship shape.

"Hrmph, load of slackers, barely even did anything while I was gone."

>Well, can't blame them for taking a break.

"I disagree."

With the initial problem seemingly solved, she returned to her previous, punchy actions, hammering away at a solid block of crystal in short, smooth blows.

>Giant rock? Come on, you've gotta have something better to give a pounding to.

"Yeah, you."

Her limbs locked in place when she realized what she had said, rivets of sweat now pouring down her head and her breath hot and heavy.

>What was that?

"I... I s-said you! You're starting to look a little flabby, best to beat that fat right out of you!"

She struck a pose, hooves at the ready.

"Come on, let's see what you've got!"

>Is this an excuse to cuddle me?


>I didn't catch that.

"Just like you won'tcatchthis!"

When the blows came, he was ready. He had done this a million times before, he would do it a million times again. He loved it, every time.

And not just because of how funny she looked when she tried her very best to make her grapples look platonic.

>Eyes are up here.



"...Oh, it is ON now!"

He knew he was going to be walking away from this with bruises now.

He had no regrets.

>Come on, you've gotta have something better to give a pounding to.
She is using it for a Rarity substitute, don't encourage her to hit the real thing.
>"Yeah, you."
Oh myyyy~

Orange magic held a stack of papers aloft on one side, while orange magic held a pen aloft on the other.

While she walked.

To some, unicorns and other magically-inclined beings especially, this feat might seem mundane and pretty commonplace, but to Applejack? The earth pony turned reluctant alicorn? The struggle was real and she sported a weary smile.

She figured this would be a good way to not only train and strengthen her magic, and possibly uncover her own special brand, but also keep a more observant eye on the castle as a whole. A proper princess had to be aware of all the goings on, both outside her castle and within, and she felt sure that there existed corridors lost to time itself.

The magic holding her pen faltered like a blinking bulb, a side-effect of her wandering focus, and she grunted, reshaping it.

>Hawh, feels like both my eyes’re ‘bout to pop right on out….

She started to laugh, but then a stray cupcake shot past her head and splattered on the adjacent wall.

>…what in tarnation—?






Well, that solved one mounting mystery, AJ figured as she peeked through the door of the kitchen. At the moment, it was wrought with such chaos she’d swear Discord had had a paw in it. Cooking wares flew through the air along with copious amounts of sugar, baking flour, bowls and blenders, knives and cutting boards, even a few of the cooks themselves—but at the center of that tornado was Jetset, screaming for dear life as he…

As he...

Well, shoot.


AJ honestly didn’t know what he was doing but he seemed to be… glitching, she guessed, into everything from cupboards to the oven, only to burst from each place a moment later. The cooks were trying their darnedest to catch him but each attempt proved more terrible than the last.

She could only blink when one of the cooking mares got launched from a gigantic bowl of pasta and into the freezer.






Alright, so. Jetset seemed to be doing fine. Ish. Fine-ish. She’d… yeah, she’d have a word with him later about this but for right now,

>Yeah, he’s alright, gotta keep movin’ ‘fore Ah’ get too tired.

And, closing the door on that confectionary chaos, Applejack continued on, suddenly eager to see what more the castle had to offer.
He's full on just gone nuts at this point.

I love it.

>Well, that's unsettling. Something I should know?

The mare gave him a stern glare, setting down the box she had been carrying onto her bed. Inside, every one of her belongings jingled.

"I just did it in case."


"Look, I know it's dumb, but I just felt like if you ended up leaving..."

>The wouldn't have sent you off with us. If only because there is literally zero other applicants for my airforce.

"...I still would've gone."

His jaw dropped, and he didn't say a word as she began to unpack.


"Look... better or worse, we've got to stick together, don't we? This world gets fucked up all the time as it is. But at least, you know... it's not so bad if we get fucked up together? It's worse when you're all alone, trust me."

>...Yeah, guess I understand that.... need any help?

She smirked at him, flopping her cloths out in a random heap.

"What, trying to get at my undergarments?"

>You don't wear those.

"Not that you know about."

Her eyebrows waggled, and he tried to hold it in.


He failed.

"Come on, you grab the left pile."

>Oh what, now I'm the maid?

She didn't even look before she bucked him in the chest.

>Heh, guess I deserved that.

"Well if you want to make it up to me, try it on sometime."

>I would literally have to pry Chrysalis off with a crowbar.


He chuckled, shoving her in the side.



>You've got a big life ahead of you, just try to remember that before you do anything rash?

"Heh... Shiny? I've lived a lot of life's, I've noticed. Only found one I want to keep living."

>...I guess so.

Without another word, or look, the put every one of her belongings back where they belonged.

In her home.
One left...
Sombra :^)
>tmw you're rushing to write a V-day related story before the day's finished
Oh time, be merciful....
>AJ has nothing
>Scratch that, NO-one outside of the Crystal harem is going to get one, aside from 77 and Cheerilee.
>not Spike
>not Jetset
>not her sister
>or brother
>or family period
>not Haymaker (who probably doesn't count 'cause he's so far away)
She has a few options there.

Ingrid Marie was a mare of tradition, and she was sure as the sun a mare of keepin' schedule. She rose up to wake every day at five, she worked her tail off till it was quittin' time, and sure as the sun every day she waited on this here porch for a certain someone to come over those Appleoosa landscapes.

He wasn't always on time, fella was a little wilder than most and got distracted easy, but she knew without a single question in that red head of hers that every single day he hightailed it off as quick as he could to come and see her. Sure, some days there just weren't no beatin' it, there was some terrible folk who needed a good old whippin' that that boy just loved deliverin', or some folk might get stuck or lost, and he was there to lend a helping hoof. That's just what he was, and she'd sooner wear a burka to work then change one little thing bout him, funny enough considerin'.

So when the sun started to set and she hadn't seen him yet, she didn't worry. She kept those cutie marks firm as a stone on that porch and she waited, just to see him again.

It wasn't long before her bright star in the sky finally appeared, and came right towards her.

>What in tarnation...

Now, she was used to seein' funny things from that fella, he found them practically everywhere, was downright a magnet for the things, but what she saw that fiery fella strainin' to hold over his head through her for a loop all the same.

When he finally came down the whole gosh darn thing came with it. A thick bowl of rocks, fused together and she didn't have to guess how, all holding up what looked to be, weirdly enough, nothing more than a giant pile of dirt as far round as a small pool for kids to play in, and somethin' else dead in the center.

Right there, like an oasis in the desert, was a tiny red flower, blooming bright and strong.

"Hi Ingrid! Look what I found!"


She loved it when he got like this. When he trotted over, grabbed her hoof and pulled her closer, like she couldn't see it on her own. He didn't mean to force the matter, she knew, he was just so plum excited he couldn't hold it in.

She had to admit, it was impressive. Flowers didn't exactly grow round these parts, certainly none as bright as this one right here.

>Well, shoot, where'd ya' find that?

"At the bottom of Cursed Ditch!"

She gasped, and with a righteous fury she bopped him in the head.

>Now you know better than to go down there!

"I know, but I saw it, and... well..."

He fidgeted, and she felt just a bit of shame she had been so quick to chide.

"There wasn't anything else down there. It was all dark and cold, and she was all alone."

Didn't take two seconds to figure out the 'she' there.

"So... so I just didn't want her to be all alone, at the bottom of a ditch, where nobody could see, or talk, or be there. It would be so lonely down there..."

His ears flicked back, but sure as a fire catchin' in the brush they didn't stay that way.

"But when I saw her, I thought, wow, she's pretty! But then when I thought of pretty, all I could think about was you, so I knew what I had to do!"

Oh sweet Celestia if that changeling didn't know how to make her blush like a filly again.

>Awww, shucks. But why'd you take so much?

"Well, I couldn't pull it out, she'd die! But then I remembered that plants die because they need their roots, and I didn't know how big roots are... did I cut it too short?"

His cute little face, and she never knows how he manged, became even cuter when he looked so worried.

>Nahhh, this here's plenty... you know, think you're right, this here flower looks like she'd like it better up here where she can meet folks, don't you?

He was bright when he got all flamey, anybody could see that. But this smile was a special smile, it put it right to shame. It was that special smile, he only got around her.



>So... why'd ya' think of me when ya' thought bout a pretty flower, hm?

"It wasn't that... it was that she was the prettiest flower I had ever seen. So...."

He looked right at her, with those wide eyes full of a sparklin' somethin' she just plain didn't have the mental capacity to put into words. The way he always looked when he saw her, and not a single other mare in the whole world.

"Like... like you're the prettiest mare in the whole wide world."

If she had been blushin' like a filly before, she was downright puttin' tomatoes to shame by now.

>N-now shucks, you ain't seen every mare in the world.

"I don't need to."

He wasn't sure about much. Always second guessin', painfully aware he just plain didn't know much, never doubtin' that there were some things, most things, he just didn't know, and he needed to ask.

She hasn't ever once heard him doubt it a bit when he said that to her, all the hundreds of times he told her.

>Oh... oh sugar cube.

Kissing a changeling was funny, that's what she told some of her friends. What she didn't tell them, couldn't ever put to the words, was just how special every single time was.

Today wasn't special in the calander, not really. Weren't no holiday or anniversary round here. All the same, just like he did every single day...

He made it special.

>Lets put her where everyone can see.

Sometimes, the prettiest things are down, hidden away, hard to see, and a pain to bring them out to the surface where everyone can appreciate them.

The moment she saw his face, with that flame of his lighting up atop his head and that smile that outshone it every time, weren't a doubt in her mind.

It was worth it, every time.

>Whole world needs to see how bright they are...


She was not in the brightest mood.

She could feel the ticking of the clock pass away as the invisible walls all around her seemed that much tighter.

Things had changed, things were different, and if she didn't act soon, it was possible they would swing further from her favor.

Things were changing...

"Are you okay?"

Every single time.

She was a master of hiding behind disguises. She was a being who could become anyone she wanted, whenever she felt like it. Any face, any expression, was hers to wield. Once upon a time, they had been so great that he was as fooled as any other, once upon a time he had been just as in the dark as any she wished.

>I'm fine.

No more.

With such ease, he saw through her like glass. Without even trying, he pierced her shroud and saw through to the turbulence within, the storm hidden beneath an assured smirk and fanged grin. What once had been the impossible had become the norm. Things had changed.

"You know you can tell me, right? Anything at all, I can help you. You know I will."

A short time ago, she would have laughed off the idea, the mere thought of trusting any other, least of all a pony, with the thoughts, the weaknesses, in her. To give away such was to sharpen a blade that could be used against her one day. To ever even think of such, especially to him, was madness.

>...I'm worried about this all going wrong.

How things had changed.

"You know we'll help you, we'll be there if something happens."

>Oh? You'll protect me, really?

"You know I would."

It wasn't that long ago she would have used this, forged a weapon from their kindness and looked for the weakness within it to be used at her leisure, to twist such a declaration and use it to further her own goals.


"Hey! Put me down!"

How things had changed.


She used to worry when he yelled at her like that, gone on edge and ready for a fight. Now?

She simply enjoyed the stallion squirming atop her head.


As if he weighed less than a child, she reared back, her forelegs grabbing hold of either hind leg and pulling them down so his flank was squarely atop her mane.

>Huh, so that's why you have shields there! I always wondered about that. I feel so protected!

"I hate how much bigger you are than me."

>That just means you have more to hold on to while you're riding me. HAH!

She couldn't see the grimace. She could feel it.

"That was terrible."

>Queen Chrysalis, terrible? I don't think many will agree with you, Shiny so whiny.

"Ah hah, aha, put me down."

>But I'm being protected!

Her hooves tapped his cutie marks, holding them as if they were real shields.

>HAH! Try and get me, assholes!

His groan shook her like a bass drum, rolling all the way down her perfect black spine and tingling her tail.


>Oh, fine.

Flippantly, she flung him back, unmoved when he landed hard on her back.

>Guard that part, it's my best feature.

"Well, at least you stopped pretending your face was the best."


A time long past, she would have thought him serious, taken offense. Now, she couldn't even keep the smile off her face.


His voice shifted on a dime, back to being serious so quickly her head nearly snapped with whiplash.

"I mean it. If you need it... we're here for you, all of us, not just me."

In that day so very long ago, she would never, for a moment, trusted him, or believed him.

How things had changed.

They had changed so much since her arrival, changed so much since she had come to be with him, and Cadence, and so many others. So, so much had changed, and it was only going to keep changing, no matter what she did. Not all changes would be good.

But maybe, just maybe...

>...I know. And... thank you.

The good changes would keep coming too.

She didn't know why, but today was special. Perhaps, even if she didn't know it... something had changed.

For the better.

For the past hour, she had been watching him, foregoing all of her other prior duties and normal visits to just… observe.

And that was an hour in real time. In dream time, the timezone she was currently under, it was just passing the eight hour mark.

Still, he kept going, moving here and there in a frenzy, almost a slave to his work. His work on what, though, she hadn’t a clue.

Trees of a dark bark topped with bright pink cherry blossoms (one of which she was hidden behind) riddled this barren landscape, and that was something she found quite queer as his dreams were never this… hauntingly beautiful. They normally consisted of a marching band of butts, or butts having a tea party, or butts doing a can-can, or butts-

Point blank, butts were the focus.

So the absence of them was cause for concern, yet she continued to hide, letting the dream-version of the plot-hungry changeling do his job.

A job that he finished another thirty minutes later, or four hours dream time.

The little changeling then proceeded to fall out, obviously tired.

But then he did something that caused Luna’s stomach to plunge. He lifted a single hoof, and pointed it right at her.

>By the sun on our sister’s abnormally huge ass.…


But… the hoof continued to rise, and rise, and rise until its new target was the twilight sky. He lowered it back down to her, then up again, repeating the motion until Luna’s ear gave a flicker of understanding.


>Fine, since we’ve been ousted and all….


One flap of her majestic wings and she was airborne. She gave a graceful twirl and glanced back down.

>Now, what nonsense… is… this…?

What met her slowly widening eyes was the shape of a heart, a heart beautifully assembled with cherry blossoms, the words “Be Mine” spelled out in the center using those same absolutely glowing petals.

Seconds passed in silence.

It only became apparent to Luna that she had her hooves pressed to her muzzle when her lips began to throb, but she hardly noticed….

Next to the heart lay that changeling, limp from exhaustion and smiling up at her.

His eyes, so bright and catching the illuminating glow of the gathered cherry blossoms, seemed to ask, “Well? Will ya?”

And she would have loved to answer.

Honestly, she would have.

But his ‘gift’ had shocked her so bad that all concentration went right out the window and she found herself blinking, quite rapidly, coming back to the real world. Her vision was blurred with water for some reason but she didn’t make a move to wipe it clear.

She only closed her eyes, holding the image of that heart, and those words, at the forefront of her mind.

Then the answer to his unasked question left her lips, heard by none except her.

Shining Armor had a lot of mares in his life.

He had tall ones, smart ones, strong ones and ones so breathtakingly beautiful. More than one, if he was being honest, for all of those.

But for all the new arrivals had brought, and he would never belittle what they had or imply that he wasn't eternally grateful for every single one in his life, there was one special mare. There was one who stood out among the rest, and was different. One mare who had a special place in him, in his heart, that simply could not be compared. There was only one on this planet who had this place as it was.

There was a special one, who always, always made him smile.

"Shiny look!"

He smiled, even when his kitchen looked like a firestorm had ravaged his stove. He smiled even when the ingredients tossed every which way like they had been hurled violently from their wrappings. He smiled right back at the grinning face behind layers of flour and chocolate and egg.

He smiled, just like she smiled.

"I made'a marchmalley brownie cookie for you Shiny! Look! It even looks like a heart!"

Because atop that cooking pan was one single solitary perfect heartshaped cookie, and she had made it just for him. The results of a dozen failed tries may be scattered at her hooves, but they were nothing to the sight of that one, perfect cookie.

Just for him.

>Thank you, Two! That's so wonderful of you!

One perfect little thing that had been hidden away in a disaster, who's beauty had only been brought out through careful trial and error, and now was ready, every bit as wonderful and sweet as it could be.

A perfect little cookie, just for him. Because as much as she was special to him, as unique a shining star in his sky, to her, he was every bit as bright.

A perfect little cookie, from daughter to father.

>Love you, Two.

He had never tasted anything so sweet.

"Love you, Daddy!"

Now that is how you end a valentines day chain.

That special kinda love.
I think he means nobody wrote a story for it or had one in mind.

Not even him.

That said, I find it funny that immediately afterwards 55 proves why he's the most based changeling.

Yeah, I fucking said it. He's the most based. Fite me.
Hey, everyone has their own based character.

Non-Changeling wise, my based character would be Jetset.

Changeling wise, it's 56 tied with 42 even if I haven't written for the latter since her Friday Fight Night days.
Just popped on for the first time today a few minutes ago and I find all these v-day stories, so inspired by all this love and affection I gift this to all of my fellows.
Awww, thanks man!
I'm amazed by what you can apparently pull of in minutes, that being said thank you!
Right back at you, man.
>dat pic
Fuck I love me some best princess! Thanks for the treasure, man.

When they wound up walking down the same hallway, a course obviously set by fate if she had to reckon a guess, AJ fully intended on walking right past.

She was in practice mode, paper and pen still being juggled perfectly, and knew the moment she paid him any attention, poof, she’d lose it all and have to begin that long climb back up from scratch.

And the blush.

Why did she suddenly start blushing like a school filly?

Duh, because of the magic training. She didn’t want him to see her practicing and risk getting teased about-

>O-oh, howdy, Spike!

Boy howdy did that come out shriller than a crow’s morning call….

Her magic began to give a few warning flickers but she was caught up now, grinning nervously underneath the brim of her hat.

That grin quickly turned to the smallest squeak of surprise when Spike took her by the hoof, halting her completely.

He didn’t speak and AJ stared on in confusion when he stared intently at the sterling band still there, right where it always was and where it forever would be. The intensity of his stare caused her ears to flatten themselves, partly out of embarrassment and partly because the items she’d stowed behind her were starting to do their own thing while caught in her magic.

>Um… lover boy?


Still, he remained silent, so it came as a shock to the apple princess when he suddenly inhaled, pursed his lips, and gently blew.

Green flames spewed forth, washing over AJ’s bracelet and her hoof like a gust of air. The flames encircled her band and for one brief and shining moment, AJ panicked, thinking he was trying to burn it off.

He kept walking, though, completely at ease, never uttering a word.

A moment later, the flames vanished, leaving her bracelet just as pristine before.


She squinted, tilting her head a ways to the left.

Somehow… applying his dragon magic to her gift had caused a few words to carve themselves out in the metal, the words….“Give it your best, applebutt.”


The sound of Spike’s footfalls disappeared around some corner behind her and AJ’s bafflement turned into a soft smile.

>Well, whatta ya know… didn’t even know he could do that.

She kept walking herself, a more robust bounce to her step.

>Can't believe it's over already...

"Ahhh, it's not so bad."

>Yeah, I guess, but I just wish I could've spent more time with you, that was fun.


>Meh? Ouch.

"Just saying, I don't care if we're at a beach or whatever, I just like hanging out with you."



>...Hey, uh, JJ?


>Are you...


>...Up for, you know?

"Always.... DADADADADA!"


There it is.

...That said, AJ stuttering is weird.
Goodnight, thread.

Happy Late V-day.
Night anon. Same to you
Well, valentine's was a nice breack
I seriously thought he was going to ask the question. You know, the, question.
File: haha what.jpg (291 KB, 1127x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
haha what.jpg
291 KB, 1127x1920
>this is what Chrysalis gains after obtaining the previous queens powers
>a mask
>and a pair of green-spit crafted hoof wheels
>entire world starts laughing
>"Oh you all can just go fuck yourselves, I think is pretty cool..."
Dont forget about elbow swords!
I could make this bad ass with a single drawing, also imagine this combined with tapdancing powers
... Oh my god. Its only on her forelegs too....

The Thread Ghost have amazing foresight, They are the true Masters of the /pa/ threads
File: 1455144962902.png (289 KB, 1000x857) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
289 KB, 1000x857
You just know she will try to jump off the ramp with those.
Thats a nice thought, here's an even better one.

>... Really?
"Yes, now do it."
>... I mean... Really?
"Shiny, bubble me.
>... Rea-
>Ok ok...


"Here we goooooooooooooooooooooo-"

*Cage of death anitics*


>...This went exactly like I imagined it.
File: 1454106845488.gif (297 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
297 KB, 500x281
Well that made my morning.
as funny as these idea's are, these things are projectiles. So what I'm thinking about is

>*Tap... Tap... Tap Tap Tap Tap-Tap-Tap-Tap-Tap-Tap Fling Fling Fling Fling*

This is exactly what I wanted to do with her powers but I never found away to work it in without being bitched at about her powers being purposely useless because reasons.

However, I think the idea that Momsie knew how to do it, trained Chrysalis in the basics, but without the actual fwoosh spinners. And all Chrysalis thinks it is is was tap dancing lessons/powers.

Its amusing, potentially useful, and completely able to be written in easily in the future if we wanted.
Does anyone else ever get the feeling that we are constantly being pulled along by the threads of... well the thread ghost? Sometimes I really truly think that there is something really spooky going on, and these threads were created by them through us. It give me chills sometimes.
If we pray to the thread ghosts, we might get official AppleHammer merchandise.
That actually would be sick.
>AppleHammer loot
That would be fucking awesome.

And I'd buy at least two. At least.
File: explodingknees.png (368 KB, 368x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Knee swords
Fuck you for reminding me of this


"Well, this is new"

>Ah'm tellin' ya, this don't fit protocol an' all, but it's darn well somethin'

"You have "Something to show me" that's important enough to warrant me coming over to Canterlot"

>Yeah, it's mah magic

"I am scared"

>Oh quit it, nothin' bad is gonna happen


>...Ah' think


>Alright, so Ah've been practisin' mah magic, an' Ah' feel like.... mah "Own" kinda magic is comin' along real quick

"So why come to me? Why not Twily or Celestia?"

>Well, fer one, Twilight would get /that/ look in her eyes.... an' Celestia....


>Y'all ever seen a pony try to drown themselves as fast as possible?-


>-Cos that's what she does when Ah' come to her with a simple question. How d'ya think she'll act if Ah' ask her bout mah magic actin' funny?


>Alright, check this... HNK

Fizzle fizzle

"Uhh is the squatting really nece-"












File: 1454585590148.jpg (92 KB, 724x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 724x1024
Well, I need to wipe my wall clean of the coffee I just spit out at it.

Nicely done, also that look.
What even.
I don't get it either but I still laughed.

>Sweetie Beeeeeellle! Sweetie! Come on out ya'll, stop hidin'!

"This isn't funny anymore!"

~I disagree.~

'Vekir is to be making the apologies, she did not know she should glue Belle's of the Sweets hooves to floor when not being paid attention to. Trust Vekir when she says, she muchly understands, and wishes to be doing the gluing for once. Muchly regret for missed chance.'


"You're sure that you saw her run off towards a pony in a suit, without a face?"

'No, Vekir did not see face, and it was the suit of the one of the Fancy in his pants, not a suit like Vekir!'

>Winona, you can't find her?

~I probably could. I don't want to.~

>Shoot! The forest must be too thick for her to search! She can't smell nothin' with all the fog!

"Wait! Vekir, is there some kind of tracking powers in that suit of yours?"

'Huh... Vekir has never tried. Let her see! Talking voice in suit, Vekir wishes to find the Sweet of Belles!'

*DINGDING, playing Sweet Belles*

A pleasant, heavenly tune filled the air.

'No! The Sweetie! Vekir wants the Sweetie!'

A loud TISSSS suddenly sounded from inside her helmet.

'ACK! NO WAIMMMmm.... MMM! Oh great sun demon! Vekir has spray of the bars of candy in here!'


"And then maybe let me try next."

'IT IS VEKIRS! Suit! More!'








'...Vekir fears her suit has run out of the sweet thing, and resorted to using.. other spray to answer Vekir.'



'...Vekir's shavings is not that bad.'

(Targets located.)

>Wait, targets what-

They had no time to question the stoic voice from the mist before tiny, almost unseen projectiles shot out, embedding themselves in the necks of the two fillies and their dog.

~I WILL TASTE YOUR BLOOD ON MY BLLLLLllaaahahhaareeeedd...~

>I shink shat was druuuugg...


All three bodies hit the ground. One remained standing.


'HA HA! Vekir's suit is too powerful! Fear her! There will be no knocking out or the sleeping for Vekir!'

Something else shot out from the white mist.

'Wait, what does this-BZYZYZYZYTSTTZTZTZT!'

In a bout of convulsions, she too hit the ground.

(Targets are down... yes, actually down this time, Skulky. Yes I double checked... I mean I am double checking. No, you cannot see this, stop it. Fuck you Skulky.)

From the mist, a figure emerged. Wrapped in a dapper, crisp black suit, and adjusting the sunglasses that couldn't possibly be of use in the dark.

Strangely, even closer up, their face was no more discernible, looking flat and almost formless, like a dolls.

(Sorry girls, official business.)


(...Ahem. Skulky? Get the tech mares out, the uh.. the robot has malfunctioned... also, get the dry cleaners out, this um... this robot has something biological in them... yeah, I'm pretty sure.)

'Snnnn...V-Vekir is beeeeest...'

(I'm taking them in now.)

Like the whole world blinked, everything went dark.

When it came back, they were gone, without a trace.
...So did they just get abducted by aliens or the mares in black?

>Hey, Tia? Gotta question.

"And I have a FUCK YOOUUUUU! You see this? I had it framed. I literally framed golden "Fuck you" words, just for you. You're special."

>...That's actually a little hurtful.

"As is my hoof to the back of your head, see which one stings more."

>Look, Ah' just wanna know... what businesses do we run in Canterlot?


>It's just, Ah've seen a bunch'a fashion and art shows and all that, and a cafe or two, but most of these buildings don't have signs. Like, where's the grocery store?

"I uh... don't know, I hire to have it delivered like everyone else here."

>Everyone else has their groceries delivered!?

"Well, yeah.'

>...This whole city is mostly just bankers, ain't it?

"Well, that and headquarters for massive franchises."

>...So thaaaat's why they're all dicks...

"It's over, asshole!"

The camel didn't need the guard pony's strained words to know that. He had been listening while he had brutally been hammering into the other's defense, and had heard as the flurry of activity down below had slowly grown less and less. The stamping of dozens of hooves had been dying down with every second. He had heard his lackeys cries of pain, and silence. Silence, unlike what he heard from the opposition. Those fellow guard were as loud and proud as they come, and he never heard a one of them go quiet.

What he did hear, on the other hoof, was the much louder sound of that changeling screaming at the top of his lungs, and the loud noise of metal against pony following it.

"Is it now?"

Even without looking, the camel knew the guard he faced was right, they were losing more and more. He gave one final, powerful smack of his machete to the pony's defense, and spared a glance back, just in time to watch.


Just in time to watch the last of his soldiers fall down.

They were tired, they had bruises, their previously pristine armor now was full of dirt, scuffs and dents, but they were still standing. Them, the mares, the changeling, and every single one of the children, still standing.

Unlike the body upon body upon body at their hooves.

"You hear me... you? It's over! Surrender now!"

"...You have no idea what my name is, do you?"

"Ahhh, no. Not so much. We kind of just arrived, and you never mentioned it."

"Fair enough."

Down below, they joined in.

"Hey! Asshole! You heard Lucky! Give up, now!"

"Or we're coming up there and kicking your ass like we did these losers!"


"Kids, an ass is-omf!"

"Do we count that as assaulting an officer?"

"I'm pretty sure he has more soap, so no."

It was almost funny, how they could be so lax after having fought so hard for their lives.

The camel certainly seemed to think so.

"Something worth smiling over?"

"Yeah, you could say that."


The confusion brought on by those words only festered when, casual as a stroll in the park, he put the blade back in it's holster on his hump.

"I finally get to play."

"If you want a game, I'm more than happy to give one to you."

"Oh please... captain?"

"It's just Lucky Strikes, actually. No formal ranking you see."

"Pity, then this won't sound as impressive when I point out your head mounted on my wall. Oh well, not like I haven't lied before."

The guard's stance went rigid, ready for anything.

"You really think you can beat all of us? The only way you're walking out of here is with a black eye, broken jaw and in cuffs."

The Camel reared back, standing tall as he cast a shadow over the stallion, and still smiling.

"Unlike you, who won't be walking out of here at all."

With simple, smooth strokes, he brought his cloven hooves together.

They felt it before the sound reached their ears. A deep, powerful rumble that shook through the entire room, vibrating down to their very cores.

"What... what is that?"

"Didn't you wonder why this place was a hanger?"

"...Actually? Yeah, I did wonder what-SWEET FAUST FUCKING IN THE MORNING!"

The changeling down below held back any criticism of his use of words, very much feeling the same when, out of nowhere, a massive shape slammed down next to the catwalk. They all watched, tongues like ice, as a head resembling a dragon's opened wide, and in one far too jerky motion snapped over and consumed the Camel in one bite.

Stone, not metal, rumbled as the massive thing they could now see as an amalgamation of head of dragon and body of lion stood tall. Strange runes danced across it's body, lighting up like lightning with every twitch of movement along it's frame.

It's swallowing seemingly finished, the jaws snapped open, and a loud, booming roar shook the room.

"You realizing just how bad you fucked up yet?"


The Camel's voice reverberated like an echoing megaphone, sharply stabbing into their ears, and their hearts.

Lucky Strikes, the only one who was high enough he need not painfully strain his neck to look at the glowing, unholy eyes staring down at him, felt a weight lodge itself in his throat as he looked to the stone creature. A being so tall, so powerful, one that brought out memories so familiar.

But there was no prince to ride in and save them now, no airship to do battle while they watched. They were alone. Five guards, nothing more. Not special, not unique, not all powerful. Just them.

"...In... in..."

He felt the sweat on his head, the rapid pace of his heart, the chill in his spine as he forced out every word.

"...In the name of Equestria, YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!"

Even while he shook, he still stood tall.


The massive stone claw slammed down on the catwalk, an act the unicorn only barely dodged.

He still did not run.


With the words of one of his guards, it matters not which one, the final battle was on. They only had each other...

It would have to be enough.

To the guys who use them, don't take this the wrong way, but is anyone else besides me really fucking happy that's not another robot?

Don't take this to mean I don't like the robots, BBB is my Robobundo and I love him to nuts and bolts, but holy shit I was so fucking happy that this thing actually sounds like a magical creature made of fucking rocks and magic, I was seriously starting to groan because "Oh fuck, even goddamn child kidnappers have fucking superrobots now", but you know what? I am on board for this.

Thank you.
So guys, a few quick questions, how do you all feel about surviving for just over 2 years? Do you think you could survive another? And how is it you haven't all driven each other mad by basically writing a collaborated story with multiple on and off again writers.
>how do you all feel about surviving for just over 2 years?


> Do you think you could survive another?


> And how is it you haven't all driven each other mad by basically writing a collaborated story with multiple on and off again writers.

Loads of characters and people who love the ones who take up the most space. The multiple writers also means that every Arc is unique too.
You know, sometimes I don't know how I feel we lasted this long. I mean, we're still getting amazing stuff, we just had AJ's best arc no question, but I don't know how the hell we're still going sometimes.

A part of me hopes we do end the main storyline sometime this year.
>how do you all feel about surviving for just over 2 years?
I feel great, and blessed by the apple princess herself.

>Do you think you could survive another?
Yup, and another, and another. The source material is great in the sense that anyone can write about anything at any time thanks to an incredible lax and free-flowing theme. It's not centered around just one purpose or 'end'; it's about Applejack trying to make Equestria and, given everything that can happen in-between, that's going to take a long ass time.

>And how is it you haven't all driven each other mad by basically writing a collaborated story with multiple on and off again writers.
I like to think it's because we're made up of writers (who enjoy working together and building off other ideas), the readers (whose feedback is always appreciated), and the archivers and recappers (who are invaluable in reminding us of stuff we forget). Many cogs to this apple.
>how do you all feel about surviving for just over 2 years?

It's fucking awesome

>Do you think you could survive another?

I'm with it to the end of the line. If Mr Bones wants to ride to 4chan's end itself, I'm on board.

> And how is it you haven't all driven each other mad by basically writing a collaborated story with multiple on and off again writers.

Who the fuck said we weren't crazy?

Honestly? Yeah, I dig it. Maybe because PD overuses robots a bit, but seeing something that's actually magic and made of magic and sounds magic and weird(lion dragon? Cool.) is a breath of fresh air.

Follow up questions

Do you think that your success as a 'Continued Thread' is completely related to the fact that you've kept everything confined to the same

And depending on your answer, if yes.

Do you think that if other threads followed the same thing system so to speak, that there would be an increase in quality content?

If No,

What do you think/know is the reason for your thread's success over the past two years?

Do you ever include things added to the 'Canon' into your world? As in do you update your world by adding content from 'Canon' if possible?

>Many cogs to this apple.
Your community seems to be very supportive of eachother, has their been times when this wasn't exactly so?

You seem ready for "This Ride" to end on a high note, are you perhaps afraid of it degenerating into something you could not bare to see it as?

You on the other hand seem ready to keep going, do you also share the possible concerns of the above anon, or are you completely sure in your community's capability in sustaining its "Golden Age" for many years to come?
>Do you think that your success as a 'Continued Thread' is completely related to the fact that you've kept everything confined to the same 'Story'?

Probably, yeah. Being able to build on each other and knowing your character might serve an important point or someone else might actually give them development or cool scenes is attractive.

>Do you think that if other threads followed the same thing system so to speak, that there would be an increase in quality content?

There isn't a correlation between it and quality, I don't feel. What is more important is that /pa/, if they see something bad, are not afraid to say it's bad and tell you a way to make it work. We're lax for light comedy, but when something flies in the face of characterization we step up, archive dive if need be, and help. You could make the argument that because it's one big story, this is made easier because so many people have seen it and can bring out the stories to help their arguments and show it, but on the whole it's more that the writers have thick skins, know when they mess up, and work to better it. You can do a whole story over if you fuck up.

>Do you ever include things added to the 'Canon' into your world? As in do you update your world by adding content from 'Canon' if possible?


>Your community seems to be very supportive of eachother, has their been times when this wasn't exactly so?

There have been multiple heated arguments, but deliberate shitposters aside(like that one guy who said he was actually trying to dissuade writer so they 'go back to fimfiction'), the worst that happens is that two people simply cannot agree on a story or character. It's natural.
>You seem ready for "This Ride" to end on a high note, are you perhaps afraid of it degenerating into something you could not bare to see it as?

I wouldn't say that, no. I guess it's just because that's what I'm more used to. Stories see problems, address problems and eventually it's all resolved and everyone gets their happily ever after.

I guess a part of me is just ready for Shiny to get his wings, for AJ to fix Equestria, and for everyone to come together and get their cake. I look back on how long and how big this ride got and a part of me just wants to see the characters I've grown to love get their happy ending.
>You on the other hand seem ready to keep going,

I've invested this much time in it, strap me the fuck in riding it on.

>do you also share the possible concerns of the above anon, or are you completely sure in your community's capability in sustaining its "Golden Age" for many years to come?

Ehhh, there's always gonna be down points, or high points, so calling it a golden age is hard. Cause the golden age of comedy was back in the first six thread.

The golden age of action definitely came during the chitania arc and continued until Partyland

The golden age of the more traditional epic storytelling was Cordy for me, and I feel like we're currently in the golden age of character development. With the changes to Aj, Cadence, Rarity and Chrysalis, I feel like they're evolving pretty rapidly.

What I'm saying is, as long as they can bring it, I'm happy to enjoy it. I don't write, so long as they bring it, I'm onboard. Do I worry it'll go to shit? Obviously, everyone's worried about that, but I never forget that even if we drift that way, it just takes one kickass writer with a plan to bring us back. That's the joy of crowdwriting, if someone gets inspired and has the time, something good this way comes.
>Your community seems to be very supportive of eachother, has their been times when this wasn't exactly so?
Like every 'good' community, you're going to have arguments and the like, disputes here and there about where to go, how to handle a story, what qualifies as canon and so on.

And to that end, I believe we've reached this point where even if an argument does break out, it's understood to be lighthearted regardless of the language used. We are very open about our dislikes, worries, and fears concerning /pa/ and I feel that's helped us shape it, by taking those dislike, worries, and fears and analyzing them. Through the method, we've managed to solve most problems story-wise.

We aren't afraid to speak up against something that rubs us wrong or doesn't make sense, and far from that person or group being singled out and ignored, we talk it out, find a common ground.
>Do you think that your success as a 'Continued Thread' is completely related to the fact that you've kept everything confined to the same

That contributes to it, yeah. Because so many writers are contributing, they're more invested in the story, so they pay more attention and the fact the writers listen make it feel like their voices can be heard.

That said I think the bigger sticking point is it's not motherfucking anon. When you see that, you just assume characters are gonna be OOC, the story is going to be stupid, the world isn't going to fit, all that because of course it's just about Anon fucking a pony. This has characters who change, who evolve, and who act in character.

>Your community seems to be very supportive of eachother, has their been times when this wasn't exactly so?

Oh yeah, we've argued like hell. The DT VS Pommel thing or the debate over the Wonderbolts was nuts. To say nothing of the Changeling arguments.

That said, I feel like aside from that really sad guy, it's all just because we want the best story we can get. We like it better when the stories are good, but sometimes we don't agree what that is, so obviously we fight. Still, it's all in the grander scheme of 'making the story good', so I feel it's still supportive. It's never about making someone feel bad, it's about making the story better, and we've pretty much come to understand that.

Some near Final Questions

Do you think that despite your community surviving this long that your way of doing things has discouraged other Anons from joining you here in your beloved Thread?

Do you have any regrets, about bridges you may have burned from going down one path instead of the other?

Have you considered that the 'Happy Ending', when all the 'goals' are accomplished, doesnt' actually have to BE the ending? Do you think /pa/ could survive past the achievement of its goals?

That is a very nice way of putting things, Golden ages of certain aspects, what do you expect to be the Next Golden age if you can think of one to come?
>Have you considered that the 'Happy Ending', when all the 'goals' are accomplished, doesnt' actually have to BE the ending?

I have thought about that, but on the whole I just think I, personally, would consider it THE ending, and just go on thinking everyone lived happily ever after.

> Do you think /pa/ could survive past the achievement of its goals?

Without a single doubt in my mind, yes.
>That is a very nice way of putting things, Golden ages of certain aspects, what do you expect to be the Next Golden age if you can think of one to come?

I feel like we're setting up the golden age of political thriller. With all the changes made to the world with Pennydrop gaining a foothold in everywhere NOT-Equestria, Chrysalis's debate as to bringing about new home for the Lings, Gwen and the Griffon's stepping things up and AJ's current subplot involving the Harmony Apple Seeds, I feel like we're going to see things much broader in the future, politic wise, and that's going to come to a head like it never has before.
>Do you have any regrets

Partyland. Many things about Party land, most of which was the length that is lasted and the consequences of it.

S-Anon, a story writer focusing on Sombra regaining his body, was pushed aside for it. I think that, if we had let him get it out of the way then when he had everything figured out if not all prewritten, things would have progressed with that to its completion. He was pushed aside for so long that during that time he was in an accident that left him hospitalized and apparently out of the loop of what was happening in the thread.

And I think while trying to catch up, adapt to what we had done and finish what we had come to "Expect" from him, he burnt himself out under the pressure and left us feeling bitter.

That is my biggest regret, and I am sorry that I was one of the one who pushed for party land to go before he was done.
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... I did not need to feel this feel today.
>Do you think that despite your community surviving this long that your way of doing things has discouraged other Anons from joining you here in your beloved Thread?

Maybe, because some writers simply want things to go 'their way'. They had an idea for what they wanted the world to be, and it just didn't gel with what people liked or what other writers would go on. That and of course, due to it being so long, some writers just plain don't want to have to read all of it to get to where we are. It's a big story, VERY big, could take weeks to read it all if you're quick, so reading all of that so you can join in the writing is a sticking point for some, no getting around that. I think one example is a guy who wanted an AU where Applejack caused a civil war, but it didn't fit character wise or otherwise, and he gave it up.

That and S-anon. He unfortunately started up his storyline right when we were getting ready to go to Partyland, a storyling that ultimately got out of control in length, and he sadly didn't have the drive to finish later.

>Do you have any regrets, about bridges you may have burned from going down one path instead of the other?

Me, personally? I wish we hadn't put so much emphasis on Spike at the start, that ultimately reduced AJ's involvements in Arcs and that remained until Partyland's finale.
>Do you think that despite your community surviving this long that your way of doing things has discouraged other Anons from joining you here in your beloved Thread?
It's crossed my mind once or twice but then we usually get the newcomer once in awhile so, not really a pressing concern. More is always welcome, more stories and art and comments, but like with other threads, it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Or apple.

>Do you have any regrets, about bridges you may have burned from going down one path instead of the other?
Yeah, I regret I have less time to write like I used to back in the day. In the beginning, I could get at least five in a day. Now? Probably two or three a week.

Story-wise, I regret whatever happened to Sunset Shimmer to make her dead-not-dead.
>Do you have any regrets, about bridges you may have burned from going down one path instead of the other?

Ehhh, kinda wish we had helped out the Kingsmoot sooner, as Gwen got lost in that for over 30 threads thanks to it when before she was shaping up to be a much more engaging character.
I never really cared for Kingsmoot but the loss of Gwen for that period really annoyed me.

Alright Final Questions

What are the best things about this thread besides its kind and supportive community?

What do you personally think/feel is your favorite part of what you have all created here?

and lastly...

Would you change anything, anything at all about this wonderful experience that you and your fellow Anons have been so lucky to have been apart of?
>What are the best things about this thread besides its kind and supportive community?




>What do you personally think/feel is your favorite part of what you have all created here?

Hard to pin it down on just one thing, but I suppose if I had to guess, I'd say creating Two was a damn fine idea.

>Would you change anything, anything at all about this wonderful experience that you and your fellow Anons have been so lucky to have been apart of?

Yeah, I'd make it so S-anon got to finish his story and Partyland was only two days!
>What are the best things about this thread besides its kind and supportive community?

Plenty of content every day. Never a day where it's just "Bump... Bump... waiting on writefag... writefag come back... finish!... bump.... bump... buuuump." Was in a lost of threads where that happened before this.

>What do you personally think/feel is your favorite part of what you have all created here?

The comedy, and the characters.

>Would you change anything, anything at all about this wonderful experience that you and your fellow Anons have been so lucky to have been apart of?

It ain't perfect, but I love this apple all the same.
>I regret whatever happened to Sunset Shimmer to make her dead-not-dead.

I regret the fact that we inadvertnelty (Or deliberately) ensured the only way out was through accepting Changeling mumbo-jumbo or becoming a robot.
>What are the best things about this thread besides its kind and supportive community?

That the writers listen.

>What do you personally think/feel is your favorite part of what you have all created here?


>Would you change anything, anything at all about this wonderful experience that you and your fellow Anons have been so lucky to have been apart of?

Maybe work on the Spike/Aj relationship to be more natural and real, it's a little lacking right here.
>Maybe work on the Spike/Aj relationship to be more natural and real, it's a little lacking right here.

Mah nigga.
Thank you all for you answers, and I hope it was as informative for you as it was for me. I wish you the best, in your en devours.

>Twi? Special delivery from Pinkie Pie.

"Oh no... what is it this time? Is it another request for her own cake budget? Making skipping a birthday party an imprisonable offense? Reeducation for the ponies who don't join in the musicals?"

>Uh... says here she wants to claim a trademark on Partytastic.

"Oh... that's not so bad! Thank you!"

>How do you do that anyway?

"File a trademark? Well, you just have to-"

>No no, I mean, how do you grab paper like that with hooves? It makes sense for me, I have claws, but how do you do it?







"Lock the door, and turn on every one of my machines... ALL OF THEM."

>...Just haaaad to talk, didn't you Spike.
You know, I did learn a lot, seeing the other responses.

Happy trails.
>Even the smoothy machine?

>TFW can't finish the damn 29+guard story this thread

Damn it, I promised myself I would too, but there's no way I'll get to write before tomorrow... It's so very close to being done too! So very, very close, I promise, I'm not trying to stretch it out. I'll have it done in a hurry next thread, Pinkie Promise.
No sweat, take your time. It's not like you're holding up a main character, you've got side guys we never pay attention to anyway.

Take it easy, write it when you need it done.
Speaking of, I would give my right hand to be able to write more for Zecora in particular. I've had so many ideas for her it's not even funny, but that rhyming schtick... it's uniquely her and uniquely difficult to write, although obviously not for some.

Guess I'll try my hand next thread....
OOCO not viable? Glorious thing, don't have to wait for it to be over to do some more with her.


~Fuzzy and the Buzz in the morning! 97.1!~

"Breaking news Buzzers! The identity of the one who is now under scrutiny is none other than RAINBOW DASH!"


~Oh, my, GOSH, Becky-~

"The famed Element of Harmony is now under investigation for leaking classified documents to the Crystal Empire!"


>And, not only that, but she's under investigation for misconduct with the former Captain, Spitfire!

~Oh behaaave!~

"We'll keep you updated every step of the way, but for this is all just alleged accusations, and have not been confirmed."

>Innocent until proven guilty, much like Buzz when you walk in on him with his face in your underwear drawer.


~It's not what it looks like!~

>That's all we have right now, stay tuned you beautiful listeners and we'll keep you updated as it develops! For now, why not chill out with Sapphire Shores latest single for the Batmare movie, "I Never Even Told You"

"Oh hey, isn't that what everyone says to you when they start feeling itchy after you touch them?"


~It's not like you're gonna die.~

"Play us off, Fuzzy!"

I think he means he's gonna actually give it a shot next thread, since it's so hard to write her speech he never does for her.

I wish I could write her as often as 29 anon too, she almost phased out completely in the early threads, now she's kicking ass with shaman kung fu.
>he's gonna actually give it a shot next thread, since it's so hard to write her speech he never does for her.
This exactly. I'd get an idea then completely blank on how to get her to portray it rhyme-wise.

These fuckers, man... these glorious fuckers...

For some reason I now see them as having dueling fanbases. The Buzzers and the Fuzzyones.'

They constantly battle and think the other's fav is pointless and want them off the show.



>...Soooo... that's not good.

"That's not good."

>That's bad.

"That's very bad."

>This could'a been way worse.

"But it could've been way better."





>...This is gonna hurt, ain't it?

"The world is going in dry, Applejack, bite the pillow."
>Maybe work on the Spike/Aj relationship to be more natural and real, it's a little lacking right here.

Seriously, this. 18, 42 and ESPECIALLY Chrysalis/Celly got a lot of work put in to make it believable with Shiny. Those four? I buy the polygons right there, I could see it happening no problem, but Spike and AJ need a lot more. I get their relationship is supposed to be chill, but what stuck out with the others and Shiny are those heartwarming moments that stick with you, not the problems. They need more of that, not even the drama parts. Her Valentines Day story was a good start, even if the stuttering felt a little forced, just more of that.
You know the weird thing I noticed with Spike?

Are we just afraid to have him be the stuttering, silly one in the relationship? The Rarity thing, the scene with DT back in Partyland and then later, and now with AJ, are we just worried to have Spike be goofy and stuttery and wonky? He's like that in the show, he's not super confident about any of this, but that's his only mode here. Just always on top of things and capable.


The moment he stepped inside, he knew something was very, very wrong. Granted, he didn’t quite know what it was, or if he was just feeling at odds due to the long absence, but his scales prickled uncomfortably.

He glanced about the once-lively room, now reduced to nothing more than a barely warmed after-thought. Oddly enough, the hearth was still alive and roaring silently. Only the top help for Canterlot Castle.

A deck of cards, their favorite time-waster, was laid out in the center of the large square table and Spike glanced at it fondly.

>Boy, them were the days, weren't they? Trying to teach Forty-Two was like puling teeth from a fis-


Now that prickling sensation from earlier made sense.

>I see….

As casual as a cactus, Spike made his way over to a chest of drawers, pulling third one open to reveal a bevy of bullets with a light blue tip. Special Charity-exclusive paralysis rounds.

He glanced back at a certain display. A certain display noticeably missing a certain sniper rifle….

Nodding to himself in a reaffirming fashion, Spike filled each and every slot with one of the specialized bullets.

He didn’t know who had taken it, or even when, but none of that mattered. As he gave the chamber a nostalgic spin, Spike started to whistle an upbeat tune as he strolled from the room.

>Guess it’s time to go’a gun hunt-WHOA!

He tripped halfway out the door and fell right on top of Charity with a loud BANG.

A bang that left him unable to move even an inch of his body save for his eyes.