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>"This is my favorite book. My parents...
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>"This is my favorite book. My parents gave it to me on my 10th birthday."
>"I...I know this is going to sound silly but.."
>"It's stormy out and we're stuck here together till it clears up."
>"Would you...want to read this book...with me?"
>"I promise I won't turn the pages too fast."
>"Books like these...I like to read slowly."
>"With someone I really care about."
Sorry bitch but I like to read turning the pages very fast. Good luck on the next try
I can't read your fucking horse runes.
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>mfw speed reader
Keep up, girl.
Bitch, you know I can't read. You don't have to mock me about it every chance you get.
Holy shit, you moved into twilight's old house?
Why don't we lay together and you can read it aloud ?
>How to draw mango
>How to eat mango
>How to senpai
Moonpoon must be rich in book learnings
Fine. But I get your sweater for the night.
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This is my fetish
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I would probably sit her on my lap and read the book aloud over her shoulder.
I'v done it before with someone i cared for and they enjoyed it.
thanks for reminding me i need to start reading the dunwich horror
alright, i'll go get princess bookhorse. and you two can read it all slowlike
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get the fuck up.png
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"Moony, I..."
>"Please? You never do anything anyway..."
"I've been just fine everyday."
>"Anon... you used to be so full of life, as if nothing could stop you."
>She cuddles closer, making sure her surprisingly soft sweater keeps your body warm
"...Fine. What's the story about?"
>She giggles a little bit
>"You'll see. Twilight and I talk about him allllll the time."
>Yup, it's about Starswirl
>You buckle up, realize there's really nothing better to do besides stare outside of a window, and prepare to read the... "Early years of Starswirl the Bearded."
>Moondancer opens the book to the first page, and the reading begins
>Starswirl started out like any other pony... he was determined... he got smart...
>You're sort of skimming through the pages at this point
>Moondancer's "slow reading" is still too fast for you, but you can see how engrossed she seems to be towards the pages
>You can feel her body completely relax during a certain page, describing Starswirl's methods of calming himself after a hard day's studying
>The part about how Starswirl created a small raincloud to simulate a small rainstorm outside really got to you
>The sound of raindrops hitting the glass, along with the occasional thunder felt... soothing
>You can even feel it right now...
>Those days are the best for you
>It allows your mind to wonder to different, better times, but without feeling horrible
>While you're still reading, the sense of comfort you're feeling almost forces your body to go on autopilot
>Without realizing, you put your arm over her body, making sure she's close to you
>After the realization, you can't help but feel... happy
>You even pick up your pace when reading
>So much so that you almost turn the page yourself... if you could at this moment
>but... you really don't want to let go of Moondancer
>Your best friend
>Your only friend...

also, am I being subtle?
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>"Anon, are you alright?"
>you snap out of your trance
>"You're actually smiling. I never thought I'd see that smile again."
>She's not the only one...
"Yeah, well... this is a nice book."
>"I know, right? The collective thoughts and moments that Starswirl actually experienced is just so mesmerizing! You just feel as though you're actually there! And then there's-"
>Moondancer just keeps on going about her love for Starswirl and that book
>Huh... things are kinda returning to normal
>At least for a moment
>You're thirsty
>You reach out for the glass of water and...
>During your attempt, you notice the glass become engulfed with magic and float towards your mouth
>As the glass touches your lips, you take a nice, big gulp
>That really hit the spot
>You nearly down the whole thing
>"Wow, you really were thirsty."
>Moondancer always seems to love helping you with that
"Yeah... thanks, Moony"
>"Anytime, Anon."
>Now that you're no longer dehydrated, you and Moondancer silently agree to go back to reading
>You start to pay a bit more attention to the actual words this time
>At the same time, you examine the current situation
>The book is nice and comforting to read
>Moondancer is a cute pony who keeps you warm
>It's a little cloudy outside, so the sun isn't shining on your face
>Maximum comfy status: Achieved
>Even the book is showing something that feels familiar to you
>Starswirl always hated his teachers in magic
>He would go on and on how their use of magic wasn't efficient, the algorithms used for advanced spells were wrong, and how they never really taught him anything useful
>Kinda reminds you of... well, you
>You know, if you decided to be a know-it-all, studied magic, and used your brains instead of your brawn
>Again, you're loving this book
>You're glad Moondancer showed you this
ok, I'm feelin' tired. I'll write when I wake up later today.

If anyone wants more story... idk, keep the thread up or something.
Will do
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large (2).png
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Moonpoon bump
>You eye the copy of 'See Spot Run' curiously
>"I dunno..seems a little above my reading level."
This is cute. Hope we see more of it.
This is really good so far. Please continue...
sup guys been a while here I go

>You look at the bookshelf near where her hoof is pointing.
"Why is 'Everybody Poops' a special book?"
>Moondancer snaps her head back, her snout scrunched as she looks where she had been pointing.
>"N-No it isn't, that wasn't what I was pointing at!"
>Her hoof waves frantically around trying to sweep it away.
>It isn't even on the shelf, you're just a spectacular douchebag.
>"Why do you always have to do that?!"
"Because it's amusing?"
>Moondancer sighs.
>"You never know when to -stop- though."
"Sorry, I didn't mean to ruin the moment."
>Silence grips you like the cold of the winter storm.
>What happened to the weather ponies keeping shit in order?
>Lazy cunts.
"Aww, don't be like that."
>Moony slides the books onto the shelf and slumps down on her cushion, pulling the blanket over her with her horn.
>Good thing these horses are light, or else it would be difficult to lift Moondancer when she was all bundled up.
>Pulling her into your lap you retrieve one of the few pieces of wondrous technology you managed to bring.
>The tablet flickered to life, barely sustained by Twilight's jury rigged magical battery.
>Moondancer perks up as the screen opens to the digital library.
>"What books are these?"
"I talked about some of them with Twilight, but never shared them with you. I've got several classic novels here, if you'd like to read through them."
>"Literature from your world?"
>"W-Wow. Flat books from another world..."
>Oh silly ponies.
>So easily surprised by technology but not by the magic they so non-chalantly used regularly.
alright, awake and ready to write if anyone is still here
on a scale of 1/10, How stupid is M.A. Larson?
The angle of this picture mad me think at first that she was talking to a baby in a crib

That would have been beyond adorable
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>Oh boy, Starswirl begins his adventure
>Man, they got to that point fast
>At least, you thought it was fast until you realized you're on page fifty
>How long have you been reading this cook again?
>"Um... Anon?"
"What's up, Moony?"
>You can see a strange look on her face
>One of those faces that just screams "I just remembered!"
>"I think we should skip this part..."
>Skipping the adventure
>In an adventure book
>Shiggy diggy
>You pull her in a little closer
"Come on, Moony. I wanna keep reading. I can't exactly skip Starswirl's adventure!"
>"Uh... ok."
>And with that, she turns the page to chapter two
>He ventures off alone with a bunch of supplies and spell books in his bags
>His quest to discover the missing link within his research would not be a short one
>...But would eventually become a fruitless endeavor?
>That's... wow, they revealed that so early in the book?
>Kinda ruins the surprise
>Moondancer, while showing a smile, looks concerned
>What could she possible be so worried about
>Oh shit, looks like a fight scene is coming up with a group of mercenaries!
>...Wait a minute
Yuss Moonie thread
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Here, have links to some more Moondancer green:

Dancing with the Moonlight by JustSomeAnon (hopefully he'll see this and post here): http://pastebin.com/W95D8fhQ

The Color of Life (same for the author of this one): http://pastebin.com/MGBfKGnh

Massaging Moondancer:

Moondancer R9K:
Keeeeep going
>Moondancer watched with wonder as the titles scrawled by.
"I have some nonfiction on here, if you like. I know you love studying..."
>Quietly you hope she isn't interested in various mechanical achievements of humanity.
>"Actually, I'd like to read one of your 'story' stories. Some pleasure reading if you will."
>That shouldn't be too hard.
"Any genre?"
>You flip the pages over to open an old favorite.
"Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. By Jules Verne."
>Moondancer gives a shiver.
>"Such depths shouldn't be fathomable!"
>...God fucking damn it.
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Carlos-level pun
bumps already?
>One guy has a blade strapped to his hoof while others have spears and lances
>Starswirl, not being used to combat, just pulls out all the combat spells he's ever learned
>Above all, it was Wind Magic that defeated the mercenaries
>The book even went into somewhat gruesome details on how each one of them was defeated
>Who would have thought manipulating wind could make blades appear
>On the last mercenary, he charges forward with his forearm stretched out
>How he did that, you'll never know
>Starswirl panics and sends out once last wind blade, cutting the mercenary's-
>"Anon, I-"
"Close the book."
>"I tried to warn you about-"
"Should have tried harder."
>"Please, you don't have to-"
"Leave. I want to be alone."
>"But I-"
>You just stare at her
>"Fine... I'll be back in a few hours."
>Moondancer looks crestfallen as she get's up and leaves the room
>She doesn't even shut the door...
>You really wish you could simply close the door yourself
>For now, you simply lay there, looking up at the cloudy sky through your window
>Oh dear, it started raining
>Sadly, you don't hear or see the raindrops hit the glass window
>You hate it when it rains like that...
>Moondancer shouldn't have to take care of you
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I don't get it.
all will be explained within due time

I'm being subtle, but there's an... issue with Anon
I thought it had something to do with the picture. I understand he has some kinda PTSD but I thought there was a reference I was missing.
the picture actually gives it away completely
Is one of his legs fucked up?
I don't get it either. Did Starswirl cut the dude's dick off or something?
all will be explained in due time
just need to write more and actually start explaining shit
>Starswirl never had friends
>He always cut their dicks off at one point or another.
>You are Moondancer
>And why does Anon have to be so mean!
>He's been through worse...
>Ok, maybe not
>After finally seeing him smile, you thought Anon may have ben getting over his... issue
>Stupid book...
>You completely forgot about that part
>It's been so long since you've... hold on
>Why did you even get that book when you were so young?
>It's so violent in some parts...
>You decide to not question this and get back to what matters
>Friends always look out for each other
>That's what Twilight said in one of her notes
>Now, what could you do to help Anon feel better now?
>You've tried gifts, therapy, and now just simply bonding with him again
>Come on, think think think...
>You recall something that Pinkie Pie told you during your party
>"Just bake some cupcakes for somepony! Everyone always feels better when they eat something good, and it also makes someone feel special! Trust me, 60% of the time, it works every time."
>It also makes someone feel special...
>Maybe that recipe you wrote down will finally come in handy
>You decide on making cupcakes for Anon
>Perhaps the simplest of gifts are the best for him
>As you pull out what small baking ingredients you own, you can't help but think back to before all this started
>He wanted to join the Royal Guard so badly...
>Anon was so bright and full of energy
>Who would have thought his dream would cost him an arm and a leg
Moondancer is now carlos
Dude, I swear to God if you wrote that green just for a fucking pun, I'm going to come to your house and shit in your toaster.
it's actually kinda funny, I write that pun because of the fact that Ponies wouldn't know it's a pun.
Keep going, fucker. I wanna find out how Anon was injured, and how Moonie loves him back to sanity.
>I wanna find out how Anon was injured,
A terrifying skeeball injury
>and how Moonie loves him back to sanity.
A good hard dicking
this is the worst moonie picture that exists
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Pic related is the best

I need to kill myself now. That game destroyed me.


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snake horror.gif
983 KB, 500x281
>Anon "Show me a nigger and I'll pull the trigger" Miller

This just keeps getting better.


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Moonie a cute
Don't you 404 on me
Need more crippled Anon!
"What's the..."
>"Title? It's Dandelion Mare," she says.
>A familiar title, you think to yourself.
>You set yourself down to get comfy, and so does she, snuggling beside you on the sofa.
>"Comfy enough?" She asks, wiggling about, trying to get comfortable herself.
>"l'll start reading now, okay?"
>"Okay. 'The girl on the hill made Mark think...'"
>Listening to the story, you figure it's about a stallion who meets an odd mare on top of a hill, claiming that she's some kind of time traveler from the future.
>The stallion was a little skeptical, but didn't want to be rude, and just went with it and talked with her.
>A couple of days pass, and the two have been meeting at the same place to talk about stuff, until one day, the girl doesn't come.
"Wait, why didn't she come this time?"
>"We'll get to that."
I'll get back to this tonight
alright alright! I'm awake! I'll get something out as soon as I can
looking forward to it
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absolute anger.jpg
180 KB, 373x373
>You shake your head and reinvigorate yourself
>Time to make some cupcakes!
>First, the flour
>You pour a hefty amount into the bowl
"...Ok, maybe I put a little too much."
>After some time taking some of the flour out, you add a different type of flour Pinkie Pie recommended
"Let's hope this works."
>Alright, now for the sugar
>Two whole cups?
"Ok, that's done and done."
>Baking powder...
>Do you even have that?
>You meticulously go through all of your cabinets
"Come on... come on... ah ha!"
>Baking Soda get!
>Now, for the next ingredient...
>Wait, this note has instructions specifically for Anon
>Anon's race tends to use another ingredient to add to the flavor of the base. One of their favorite additions are...
>You nearly fall over
>You make every attempt to calm yourself
>Humans truly are strange!
>Luckily.. you have some salt hidden away in case... well...
>No matter, you bring out the lovely, incredible jar of salt and...
>You pour some of it into a measuring tool...
>Maybe you could have a little bit yourself...
>No! Anon needs... only some of it
>You take a small dab of it and-
"Sweet Celestia!"
>You drop the rest of the salt onto the floor!
"No no no!"
>Although you used magic to levitate it back up, it's all dirty now!
>You quickly rush to the sink and...
"Oh no!"
>You forgot salt will just mix with the water!
>A large portion of it just disappeared...
>There's just enough left for what the recipe for Anon called for...
>And it's all you have left
>You feel incredibly stupid right now
>That salt is messing with your head...
>Through sheer frustration, you start adding the rest of the ingredients with haste
"-And some butter... add some stupid eggs... a little bit of stupid milk... and more stupid sugar!"
>Finally, you add some vanilla
>Alright, done!
>You mix with the fiery fury of a thousand suns
>You teleport the batter and the cupcake pan into the oven
>...Now for the frosting
>baking soda

File: Just as planned.jpg (29 KB, 360x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Just as planned.jpg
29 KB, 360x360
oh, trust me, it's all according to plan
Song was a nice touch. Fit the scene perfectly.
File: 1454650403116.png (274 KB, 1112x1094) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274 KB, 1112x1094
I see this and will post tomorrow.
Seeing the moondancer thread 404 all the time makes me feel bad about not updating as much as I should, what with classes started
made me feel nice. thanks OP
>It seems you don't need anything else but what you already have
>However, the instructions clearly state that the ingredients must be mixed with a "magic mixer" for the most efficiency
>Well... you did get that new one for an incredible price
>You look through your closet and bring out a large box, still containing the device
>As you open it up, you read the instructions
"To power your magic mixer, all you need is a little bit of magic from a normal unicorn. Just five seconds of charging and you'll be mixing in no time... huh, that sounds rather easy."
>You throw in all the sugar, vanilla, milk, and butter needed to get the frosting ready
"Alright, now to power this thing."
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k3onazsn_Q forgive me for the source
>You begin charging the magic mixer up
>All it takes is magical energy, so you use a slight levitation spell
>The sound of something turning on is heard... and something else
>Why do you hear beeping?
>All of a sudden, the magic mixer starts churning at lightning speed!
"Oh my goodness! What's happening?!"
>The mixer can't even stay on the table as it vibrates
>It steers close to the edge!
>You quickly grab the manic mixer before anything bad happens
"*Phew!* That was close."
>It's still mixing...
>And out of nowhere, some milk gets into your eye!
>The sudden stinging disrupts your magic
>Not only that, you realize the magic you're using may have super charged it further!
>Right as it hits the floor, it begins floating upwards due to the immense speeds of the egg beaters!
>And it's not moving slowly either!
>You wipe the milk out of your eye with a napkin, but soon notice the mixer flying everywhere in the kitchen!
"No no no no no!"
>The frosting is now spreading across every nook and cranny!
>You begin chasing the damn thing
>Magic was your first thought for bringing this thing down, but you realize how much of a bad idea that is
>Finally, you have an idea
>You find one of your blankets you have downstairs and levitate it
>With this in hoof, you'll catch the infernal thing!
>Instead of chasing it down, you simply wait right where you are
>Wait for it...
>Wait for it...
>You open the blanket and fold it around the magic mixer
"Got it!"
>Right as you put pressure on the blanket, the movement from the mixer finally stops
>Perhaps the blanket got caught between the two egg beaters
>However, you still feel vibrations
>It must still be operational
>You quickly take another look at the instructions
>...There we go, there's a port for a magic crystal to be placed
>That must be what powers the mixer after using magic
>You quickly manage to pull out the crystal by using your magic
>And with that out of the way, the mixer finally powers down
>You undo the blanket, which is now covered in bits and pieces of frosting, and throw it in the laundry basket
>The mixer is still intact, along with the bowl you placed under it
>You take the bowl and throw the mixer in the garbage
"That'll be the last time I buy something for such a cheap price ever again!"
>You take on final look at the instructions and find writing with unbelievably small text
"Caution, power may vary on the magical strength of the unicorn..."
>Note to self
>Read the ENTIRE instructions next time
>You look into the bowl to find... barely any frosting left
>Not only that, you used up whatever baking ingredients you had left
>There may be enough frosting for one cupcake at least...
>Enough for Anon
>At least this wasn't a complete loss
>Now you just need to wait for the cupcakes to be done
>Just simply wait...
"...I need to lay down for a minute."
It's all good man, you saw the Moonie signal and answered it's call
Trips confirm
Moonie's gonna dust off the old strap-on and give Anon the dicking he deserves
Story had me thinking:

Is there any green of FullMetalAnon in Equestria?
Page nine save
how nice
u funny anon
u make laugh
u good

>take the book
>open the book
>burn the book
>spit in her face
10/5 stars
File: for what purpose.png (128 KB, 368x321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
for what purpose.png
128 KB, 368x321
>After several minutes of resting, you fight the urge to take a nap and wake yourself up
"The cupcakes should be done by now. Better check on them."
>You teleport the cupcakes out of the oven and lay them gently onto the table
"These cupcakes... don't look right."
>They look flat... and hard... and dead
>Why do they look dead?
>You look back at the instructions you wrote down
>Everything was accomplished correctly...
>So why do they look like this?
>You ponder this thought for a while...
>It must be the salt!
>You've never seen salt in a cupcake before, so that must have made it look so strange!
>Anon is a peculiar... person, so it all makes sense now!
>You take out one of the cupcakes, put the only piece of frosting you have right on the top, and look at your masterpiece
>...Must be a human thing
>Now, to go along with such a delectable treat, you decide to also bring one of Anon's favorite drinks
>Grape Juice!
>You pull out a container, pour a good amount into a glass, and make sure to include a straw with it
>Always include the bendy straw
>You wonder why Anon loves grape juice so much
>Before the indecent, he would always chug down a liter of this stuff everyday
>Oh well, everything is complete
>You pick up a tray, place the special cupcake and drink, and begin bringing the tray with you towards Anon's room
>He'll probably be so happy once he sees what you've done for him
"This can't possibly fail."
This is either going to be comedy gold or the biggest disaster in recorded history.
File: SonataChibiTaco.png (1 MB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1024x1024
Why not both?
ok, as much as I know people hate it when people do this, but I'm truly stuck between two different scenarios. Might as well let people choose.

Will the next scene be either:
A. serious and feelsy

B. lighthearted and silly
>A. serious and feelsy
Nice dubs.
File: Uh... yeah....png (16 KB, 250x391) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Uh... yeah....png
16 KB, 250x391
>Secret option C. lewd and lascivious
Flip a coin, bub.
File: brainblast.png (637 KB, 729x797) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
637 KB, 729x797
alright, A. was chosen by the coin
let's do this
File: awkward.png (74 KB, 324x283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 324x283
>You open up the door without a big smile on your face
"Oh Anon! I have a little surprise for-"
>Sweet Celestia's grace!
>You quickly lay the tray on the floor upon realizing what is currently transpiring
>Anon is on the floor... trying to crawl towards your direction!
>You attempt to help him up, but the second your magic activates
>"Don't! I need to get this done!"
>His anger alone convinces you to cooperate
>Anon just keeps crawling
>He can only use just one arm and leg, but it's not stopping him
>Eventually, you move away, allowing him to crawl pass you
>You can't help but wonder what he's trying to accomplish
>The process is slow as Anon continues to use every ounce of strength to move himself forward
"Anon... why are you-"
>"I'm thirsty..."
"So why are you-"
>"I'm getting myself a god damn glass of water."
"...I have some juice right here. You can stop-"
>"Hell no. I'm doing this myself. I gotta do something for myself just once."
>As he still moves forward on the wooden floor, you can't help but stand there and watch your friend become... this
>After weeks of sitting in that bed...
>When suddenly
>"Ah! God dammit!"
>Anon rolls onto his back while screaming profanities
>His hand isn't making a fist like normal... and that's when you see it
>A big splinter right in the center
>You should have seen this coming...
>Anon finally stops thrashing around and simply lays there, nearly motionless
>Alright, enough is enough
>You use your magic on his injured hand and slowly retract the wooden shard
>As you do so, you fail to notice any blood coming out, a sign that it was not a deep enough for any real damage
>Still, you warp in a small bandage and wrap it around his hand
"Yes, A-"
>"Take me back to my room..."
>You do not speak a word as you levitate him back to his bedroom
>As you lay him down gently, you take a look into Anon's eyes
>They fail to actually look at anything in particular, even when you block his view with your head
File: sadness.png (56 KB, 240x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 240x280
>He's just sitting there... motionless
>You have to do something about this
"Anon... are you alright?"
>Ok, perhaps that wasn't the best thing to say
>Even then, he doesn't react to it at all
>You bring up the tray next
"Here, I made you something... you know, to make you feel better."
>He still doesn't move
"It's a cupcake, along with your favorite drink! Doesn't that sound good?"
>Still, nothing
>Darn, you thought that would get at least some reaction out of him...
>In fact, why is he like this again?
>Anon wasn't this bad since he first came out of the hospital
>He was recovering so well too...
>Wait, does this have something to do with the book you showed him?
>Considering his current state, that may be the case
>You try to ask him about it
"Anon, is this all about the story I showed you before?"
>His eye twitches
>That answers your question quite clearly
"Please, I'm sorry I even made you read that story. I didn't mean to make you act like this. It was just my way of bonding with you again..."
>And yet he doesn't even look at you
"I know losing your limbs took an extreme toll on you, but I just couldn't stand aside while you rot away in here! This strife doesn't have to be fought alone... and..."
>You're at a loss of what to say next
>What else can you say?
>Anon still isn't reacting to you
"Anon... if there's anything you want to say, you can let it out. I'll listen to whatever you have on your mind, and you know that. Just speak to me, at least!"
>That's it, you're out of options
>He just won't speak to you
>You start to tear up
"...Fine, if that's how you want it, I'll just leave you here. I guess a friend trying to help you in your time of need just isn't worth a gosh darn thing!"
>And with that, you begin walking away
>Stupid Anon... he won't even open up to you
>If only he-
>"Why am I still here... just to suffer?"
>You immediately stop yourself
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