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>"Anon, why do you have a boner"
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>"Anon, why do you have a boner"
Why are you even looking at my crotch?
D-don't look.
I'm sexually aroused.
sorry, i was thinking about your friend sunset. she a cutie.
Just the way you're cradling my balls at the moment.
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>circumcision comment
Ever hear of knocking?
Cause you lookin' real fine runnin' up and down that field, sweatin' up a storm.
Now get yo bitch as back out there *Ass slap noise*
Whoa, man, that's a heavy question. Like, why do any of us have boners, you know?
The better question is why do I always have a boner
The question is, when DON'T I have a boner?
"Why are you asking that? Do you want it instead?"
And yet another thread flooded with spastic crap
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More importantly, why do YOU?
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Well Rainbow, that happens whenever I think about you.
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Well it's because of your foot.
Can we get some green this time you lazy twats?
Writing green for that sentence is akin to paying a babysitter a CEO's salary.
Hey, it happens
Green soon.

Footfags rejoice. But don't expect quality.
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Different writefag with a small offering:

>As you're sitting in the warm grass on a summer day in the Canterlot High shared sports field, a girl you met recently approaches
>Her friendly smiles slowly fades and her eye contact breaks as she takes notice of something below your face
>"Anon, why do you have a boner?"
>Your eyebrows shoot up
>You glance at your crotch
>Jesus Christ
>A small family could live in this tent
>The first instinct you get is to shut your legs, but your brain warns against it. After all, that's like admitting you have a boner
>In reality you're perfectly flaccid. Your threads are conspiring against you!
"No, see, it's just my pants."
>There's a gut-wrenching silence of approximately ten seconds. The sounds of playful competition echo from the middle of the field
>Your face is even warmer than it was when Rainbow wasn't blocking out the sun
>Just when you go to slam your legs shut and accept defeat, Rainbow suppresses a laugh
>"....Okay Anon. If you say so. It's-"
>She pokes and prods the soccer ball tucked beneath her arm as her eyes shoot away form you, and back down to your smoking gun
>"Uh, haha, it's not a big deal. Haha."
"No kidding. I'm as soft as can be."
>Rainbow's eyes stop drifting to you; she stays focused on the back of the school, behind you
>A sneaky little smile returns
>"It's okay dude. You're a guy. If you see something you like... it just happens, right? Haha."
>Something's wrong
>She has denied your explanation multiple times
>She still believes you're packing heat
"No! Rainbow, wait!"
>You catch her gaze with an outstretched index finger
>It drops directly into the tip-top of your make-believe tater tot
>Before you can deflate it and clear your name, Rainbow shocks you with a squeal
>Her soccer ball falls to her side and she covers her mouth with both hands
>"Wh-wh-what the heck, man!"
>"You can't do that in... in public..."
"No! It's not a boner! It's my jeans, damn it!"
>The protrusion in question shifts as you cradle its side
"Sometimes when you sit down, pants just do this."
>Dash's face turns bright red
>"Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Anon."
>Her eyes are glued between your legs
>You ball your fist and raise it far above
"Just watch! I'll prove it to you!"
>She gasps upon realizing your intention, and shuts her eyes
>Only to open one a moment later out of morbid curiosity
>With all the strength you built up back in '06 with Wii Sports, you smash right into your jeans
>"Whhhy did you do that?!"
>Oh boy
>It didn't budge at all
>"Didn't that hurt?"
"No! It's my pants!"
>You mush the mountain with your palm
>Though it shifts left and right, it stands just as tall
"I... swear to GOD. It's not a..."
>You open your legs as wide as you possibly can, and shut them violently, over and over, thrusting upwards toward a terrified Rainbow's legs each time
>"Anon STOP! This isn't funny, you're going to b-break it!"
>Standing up solves nothing
>In fact, it might have added on an inch or so of girth
>You gauge Rainbow's current mental state
>Her shoulders are raised so high you'd think a black widow was crawling around her neck
>God damn it
>You just moved to this town, you don't need this!
>You WILL NOT be known as the local pervert!
>She whines nervously as you unbutton your pants
>Tug down the zipper
>And drop your pants
>Rainbow's eyebrows have scrunched up
>Her legs tremble
>A couple of other girls stop kicking a ball back and forth in order to gawk at the show
>The breeze is all you need to realize your fatal error...
>Your dick might be soft
>But your grip was just too hard

>Shit, someone finally noticed
>You don't normally have this problem, as you can "de-stress" yourself without too much of an issue
>But Granny 'Nonymous was staying at your house for two weeks
>The last thing you needed was for her to hear you in the act
>Each day became a test of your willpower as you began to notice little things
>was Rarity's skirt was slowly getting shorter?
>was Fluttershy's blouse was getting thinner?
>was Pinkie Pie wearing a bra half the time?
>Questions for later
>you had a immediate problem to deal with
"Dash, I'm gonna level with you: I haven't jacked off in at least a week.
>"So? Just beat off at home."
"Can't, my grandmother is staying with us, and she has the hearing of a moth and beats the bible harder than Pinkie hits her drums."
>"Boys' room?"
"Risk getting expelled AND incurring the wrath of my grandma? No thank you."
>"She's that bad, huh?"
>Dash paused for a moment then sighed
>"Well, You are the reason I'm still on the soccer team, so I'll help you out. Trust me, I know plenty of places you can wack it!"
>"Just keep it between us! Especially now that I know about your granny."
>Shit. This could go super bad.
>A few minutes of awkwardly following Dash, You stop in front of a shed on the other end of the soccer field, away from the main school building
>"Say hello to your new spank bank, Anon!"
>"This is the secondary equipment shed slash catch all storage for stuff Coach doesn't want to deal with, so He gave me a key."
>Dash pops the lock and opens the shed door, to a small, dimly lit room full of random junk.
>"It also helps that I'm the team captain. And that Coach likes to drink in his office."
I'm fantasizing about you and your six friends. UNF.
>You are anon.
>You're sitting on the bottom row of bleachers, watching Rainbow Dash practice soccer.
>You watch, as she deftly maneuvers around the other players.
>Damn, she's pretty fast.
>You and Dash aren't really close.
>You've met from time to time, and your first impression was that she's a lackadaisical braggart.
>But, when she's on the field, it's like another person takes over.
>That person is an extremely talented athlete.
>It's pretty fascinating, really.
>And a little arousing too.
>You've always liked physically fit women.
>You usually spend your free period either on the library computers, or here.
>Especially when the girls soccer team come to practice.
>You occasionally get side glances, but otherwise, they pay you no mind.
>Rainbow Dash kicks another goal, and starts fanning herself. After a brief conversation with another play, she approaches you.
>"Hey Anon!" She says, as she sits next to you.
"Hey Dash."
>She grabs her pack, and pulls out a water bottle, taking a long drink from it.
>You watch in silence, sweat dripping from her hair and skin.
>With liking fit women, came liking the smell of fit women.
>She pulls the bottle away from her mouth, wiping it with her arm.
>"Man, is it hot today, or what?"
"Yeah it is. You were pushing yourself pretty hard out there."
>"Well, we've got a game with another school coming up, I wanna make sure I'm at the top of my game!" She says.
>She pours some of the water on her head, and ruffles her hair, sending water and sweat in all directions.
>"So, what have you been up to?" She asks, unaware that some of the droplets hit your face.
>Not that you mind...
"Eh, nothing much." You say. "Just wanted to watch the team practice a bit before I head home."
>Rainbow doesn't respond, using her shoes to push them off of her feet.
>She peels her socks off her feet as well, exposing her toes to the world.

Tell me it's shit and I'll just stop.
Why stop? Keep going!
"What are you doing?"
>"What? It's hot out, my feet are burning." She says.
>A random gust of wind blows across, getting the scent of her feet directly to your face.
>"Anon, you alright? You look a bit flustered."
"Yeah, it's probably just the heat." You say, turning your body away from her.
>"Here. have a drink." She says, giving you her water bottle.
"It's fine, I've got my own in my backpack."
>"Suit yourself." She says. She takes a shorter swig from the bottle, and pours the last of it on her feet.
>They glisten in the sunlight, and she curls them, enjoying when small bits of wind blows across them.
>You stare at her feet for a moment, enjoying the view.
>Looking for a reason to look away, you look to Dash. "Yes?"
>"Why do you have a boner?"
>Your eyes go wide, and you look down between your legs.
>Sure enough, you're pitching a sizable tent.
>"Anon, did you get hard from seeing my feet?"

This one's for you, Damien.
I guess you could call this a divergent point.
Domineering Dash or only a footjob Dash
Dom will eventually lead to footjob.

"Dash, I..."
>You look at her face.
>She doesn't seem mad, or disgusted. Only confused.
>You decide to go for broke. She did ask, after all.
"Yes, Dash." You say, short and to the point. You wait for the inevitable, but it doesn't come.
>"Heh, perv." She gives a short laugh, and puts her shoes on, without socks. Grabbing her socks, she stands up.
>"Follow me." She says, giving you a half lidded look.
>Not wasting anytime, you quickly stand up. She leads you behind the bleachers, and sits down on a discarded weight bench.
>"So, Anon, you like feet, do you?" She asks, with more serious tone in her voice.
>Where is she going with this?
"Yes, Dash. Especially your feet."
>"Hmm, pervert." She says, a rather sinister smile on her face. "Get on your knees."
>So, a domineering type, huh?
>You can dig it.
>You comply, getting on your knees directly in front of her.
>She lifts one of her legs, her shoe covered foot getting close to your face.
>"Show me just how much you love my feet." She says. When you bring your hands up, she adds. "Oh, you can only use your hands to remove my shoe."
>With gentleness, you remove her shoe, and toss it aside.
>Dash's foot is now directly in front of your face.
>You stick your tongue out, and give the sole a lick.
>As soon as your tongue makes contact, Dash moans out. "Mhmm, yes, just like that."
>The taste is salty, and you can only assume the other taste is the fabric of her sock.
>It's not as bad as you thought.
>Your dick certaintly seems to agree. You're as hard as diamonds.
File: image.gif (396 KB, 240x135) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Suit yourself." She says. She takes a shorter swig from the bottle, and pours the last of it on her feet.
File: image.png (1 MB, 2212x2128) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Aw sheeit nigga.
>You move your tongue up to her toes, sucking on her pinkie toe.
>Dash continues to moan, moving a hand down her pants.
>"Oh god, keep going."
>You don't need to be told twice, as you move back down, licking the ball and arch of her foot.
>Dash is moaning a little louder, and you can see a wet spot on the bench.
>You don't give it much thought though, you have more important things to attend to.
>Like Rainbow's other foot.
>After giving her foot a healthy coating of saliva, you gently push it out of your way. Dash takes the hint, and moves her other foot to you.
>Going a little faster, you remove her shoe, getting a nice whiff of it before you toss it aside, and begin working it with your tongue in similar fashion.
>This time, you start sucking on her big toe, and Dash responds with louder moans.
>Not wanting to be heard, she balls a bit of her shirt, and bites down on it.

Am I actually doing a good job? Fuck, I must have a talent or something.
>You continue to lick and suck on her foot.
>Her moans, while muffled by her shirt, only get louder.
>Finally, with a sharp squeal, Rainbow cums hard.
>It's like music to your ears, as her cum drips off of the bench.
>You stop licking, as your tongue was starting to get dry, as Dash pants, enjoying the afterglow.
"Well Dash, have I shown you how much I love your feet?"
>"Mmm, yes you have." She says, sitting up. "And I think it's time I returned the favor. Show me your dick."
>The way she just says it is incredible, and you quickly unzip and remove your pants, moving positioning your junk through the hole of your boxers.
>Exposed, Rainbow merely stares at your dick for a moment.
>"Hmm, not bad." She says, off handedly.
>This bitch...
>You're quick to forgive her, as she suddenly positions herself across from your, planting both of her feet on both sides of your cock.
>It's a little awkward, but she manages to find a rhythm, both feet moving opposite from each other, up and down your dick.

Soccer balls are my fetish
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>You take a quick check of your surroundings.
>This shed was probably built for something a long time ago, before the school bought the land and turned it into a catch-all for old gym equipment, and the Soccer Team's practice gear.
>Dash decides to grab your attention by clearing her throat
>"Hey, can you hurry up and deal with your boner? It's distracting and I also don't want to be expelled because I let a guy jerk off in the equipment shed."
"Alright, chill out. Just let me get myself up."
>After a few minutes clearing a spot, you pull out some lotion and tissues
>Time to get to work
>You squeeze some lotion into your hand, while trying to think of something as you apply it to your dick
>You didn't anticipate needing some material
>You slowly start jerking it, building up speed as you go.
>something's wrong. Your Flesh is more than ready and willing to do the deed; You, however, are freaking out from the thought of being caught.
>Your concentration is broken as Dash slams open the door
>"Hey Anon! You done yet? I gotta-"
>She stops talking as she catches sight of your dick, and begins to blush
>You take a deep breath and begin to clean up
"Look Dash, I appreciate you doing this for me, but I need to get going and I prom-"
>You pause and turn to Rainbow Dash; She has a look on he face that can only be described as a cross between devious and nervous
>"I j-just figured it out! Y-you can't finish because you don't have anything to fap to!"
>You can tell she's trying to be seductive, but her body language betrays her
>"Y-you n-need high quality stuff! And who better than the coolest girl in school?!"
>Where is she-
>"S-so choose! M-my shirt or my shorts!"
>...She's going to let you fap... to her?
>Rainbow Dash smiles as she moves in front of you and slowly pulls her shorts down to her ankles
>She then gets down and spreads her knees open, giving you a full view of her panty-covered crotch
>"H-here you go, perv. N-no touching!"
>Soon, her feet move faster and faster.
>The feeling of it, the smoothness of her feet against you, combined with the lubrication of your spit, is indescribable.
>Pretty soon, you're about to go over the edge.
"Dash, I'm gonna cum."
>When you say that, Dash's speed increases.
>With a groan, you start cumming.
>Rainbow manages to avoid it, and you shoot all over the dirt.
>She smiles, as you soon stop cumming, and starts putting socks and shoes on.
>"I had a really good time, Anon." She says, and she kisses your cheek. "If you want to do it again, I'll be here."
>With that, she leaves.
>Today was a 'lubricated footjobs' kind of day.

What did you think? 8 out of 10 on lewd, 3 out of 10 on character?
File: 1445205028203.jpg (37 KB, 398x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You pause and turn to Rainbow Dash; She has a look on he face that can only be described as a cross between devious and nervous
sounds like tomoko
File: image.jpg (135 KB, 629x1269) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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7.5/10, it was pretty much a standard green. But thank you Anon.

>Anon didn't cum on her feet

>Instructions not clear
>End up fucking her loudly against the shed's wall
Beacuse I'm a pervert.
Bump for Rainbow Dash's heavily worn out flip flops.
>Comment on how circumscision is wrong and about how religion is wrong and how natural human beings don't need such things.
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I've been waiting for a footfag green, thanks anon.
10/10 - Lewd as fuck.
>anon points at her clearly erect nipples under the shirt
>"...so what?!"
"...you never told me you were a girl!!"
"H-hey, I thought you were a very skinny guy with long hair!"
bump for warehouse jackoff writefag return.
Go on.
I'm thinking about the time I fucked Rara's sister.
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>It turns into /feet/
Thread ruined. Time to pack it up.
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Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
I know you're still lurking. Don't lie.

Please do continue.
Don't stop.
Uh...Why don't you?...
sorry about the delay, prior commitments and such; Starting to write now.
Yes, please!
Blue Balls Bump
No reason.
File: large.jpg (50 KB, 569x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1442022198897.png (978 KB, 1280x1682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Your heart begins to pound as you process the current situation
>Rainbow Dash, the School's star soccer player, lead you to a remote shed on the edge of the school grounds so you can jerk off in peace.
>And now she was sitting in front of you, teasing you.
>You can feel your anxieties melt away as you watch beads of sweat form and roll down her toned athletic thighs...
>the fabric of her panties clinging to her crotch...
>the sound of her panting as she watched you eye her body...
>and the smell...
>a mixture of vanilla, sweat and arousal.
>You begin to jerk yourself off with a vigor you havent felt in years
>You'd done this a thousand times before, to pictures and videos.
>Your breaths get shorter and shorter as your got closer and closer to climax
>This feeling of pleasure...
>This was next level.
>All of the stress of the past week leaves your body as you orgasm
>You feel the weight of the world being lifted off your shoulders as the afterglow kicks in
"H-Holy shit..."
>You take a moment to lay back to catch your breath and collect your thoughts.
>Which are suddenly interrupted by the sounds of Dash moaning.
>You look over at her, one hand up her shirt, the other in her panties.
>She snaps out of her trance
>"Huh? W-Why'd you stop?!"
"Um, I'm finished."
>"What?! Y-you can't be done! I-I was just getting started!"
"Sorry Dash, I guess not jerking it for so long made me extra sensitive."
>Dash pauses, clearly frustrated.
>there's an awkward silence for what feels like ages
>"A-alright jerk, lay down."
>"I said lay down!"
>You lay down on the gym mat as Dash steps over your face
>"S-since you got to use my thighs to get off..."
>She squats down and positions her crotch just above your head
>"...I'm gonna use your face!"
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This thread can't die.
File: 640-1.png (272 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No! No! Fuck! Not again! I can't be in another failed thread!
Bump! Please!

File: 1442009185624.jpg (705 KB, 1320x1800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
705 KB, 1320x1800

"My.. face?"
>"Y-yeah! I-I mean, what could be better for a thigh man like you to get up close and personal with the best thighs in school?"
>Well, she wasn't wrong
>The feeling of her thighs aganist your cheeks
>the fabric of her underwear as she slowly lowers her crotch onto your face
>You can feel her getting more turned on at the feeling of your breath aganist her flesh
>That smell of vanilla, sweat and arousal is now a thousand times more intense
>Your boner returns with a vengence as Rainbow Dash slowly begins to grind across your face
>You begin to jerk yourself off again
>"D-don't forget!" She says inbetween moans "N-no touching!"
>Your face is slowly covered in her juices as her rhythm and panting increase
>suddenly you get a wicked idea
>"Y-Yeah... A-Ah..."
>As she pulls back, you stick out your tongue, catching her by surprise
>"GAH! Is t-hat your ton-ugh! A-Anon, don't stop!"
>She pulls you close you feel her orgasm all over your face
>You climax, covering your chest and her butt with your jizz
>"H-holy shit, Anon... That was amazing!" Dash says as she climbs off you
"Yeah... We should clean ourselves up though."
>"No problem, I got the key to the girl's locker room too."
"Seriously? Dash, how do you have all these keys?"
>Dash pauses for a second, her face turning red
>"I, um, caught Coach in here... with, um, someone else..."
"...who was in here with Coach that could give you so much access?"
"...P-Principal Celestia..."
"Seriously? When was this?"
>"A-after we beat Crystal Prep; I stayed behind to help clean up and found them in here. That's why I knew about this spot and also where I got the idea to... um..."
"Sooo... you got some spare keys in exchange for your silence."
>"And because I'm awesome. But enough about that, we really need to going."
"What about the smell? Among... other things."
>Dash reachs over and grabs what turns out to be a can of air freshener
>She holds down the nozzle and sprays it for a moment
File: BfVeT0kCEAAHNK1.png (156 KB, 598x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 598x333
>Your boner returns with a vengence
High holy kek
File: GIvq0Rz.jpg (184 KB, 533x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184 KB, 533x800
I took Viagra and it's been longer then 4 hours, I need you to drain the blood or I'll lose it
File: 1441264315802.png (219 KB, 784x566) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
219 KB, 784x566

>The Next Day at School, in between classes
"Alright, Algebra's over, so now I just need my English textbook."
>You're sore in... places.
>But you haven't felt this good in a long time
>You turn a see Rainbow Dash standing next to her with a bag in her hands
>"So what'd you say?"
"Official Story is I stayed after school to get some Soccer Tutoring from, I slipped into some mud and changed into my gym clothes, but I washed most of the mud off my clothes before bringing them home."
>"Did they buy it?"
"Like a black friday DVD player. Soo... I feel like I learned a lot yesterday."
>"Um, About me...?"
"Among other things, yes."
>"Well, keep them to yourself. I don't need this getting out."
"Got it. Sooo... now what?"
>"I've got a game tonight and then I'm going on Vacation until next week. But when I get back I'll need some...tutoring"
>She winks at you, then hands you the bag
>"So, in the meantime, you can have this to keep yourself entertained."
>The class bell rangs
>"Shit! Gotta go, talk to you later Anonymous!"
"Later Dash."
>Granny Anon leaving, Week almost over and Dash needing more tutoring?
>Things were looking up for you, just had to get through study hall
>"Hey Anon!"
>You turn around and see a familar red-haired girl walking your way
"Hey Sunset, what's up?"
>"I was going to meet Twilight at the bookstore after school today, wanna come with?"
"That girl from Crystal Prep? Sure, I've got some time to spare.:
>"Great! uh..."
>She notices the bag in your hand
>"Whatcha got there?"
"Huh? oh, Dash gave this to me."
>"Neat, what is it?"
"Lemme see..."
>You open the bag
>It's Dash's Panties from yesterday
>a familar smell hits you in the face like a brick.
>Boner 3: High Noon at Mega Mountain
>You hear Sunset gasp
>You look up and see that her face is nearly as red as her hair
>"Anon... Why do you have a boner?"

>>You glance at your crotch
>>Jesus Christ
>>A small family could live in this tent

Ah shit, my sides you ass.
you could say it was manger in size
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Why do you horse women always act so surprised by that? I don't go around asking why you smell like cunt blood.

Fuck My Life
With beautiful human Dashie near you, having a boner is completely understandable
man i love tgweaver. wish he would do more pone.
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large (1).png
485 KB, 779x1024
>Comment on why fedoras need not be tipped.
Why are you trying to say?
File: 95549.jpg (293 KB, 1800x1767) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
293 KB, 1800x1767
How can one man be so fucking based? Ponut Joe is my hero
Kek. I vote for a part two.
File: 1452719792122.png (2 MB, 1793x2144) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1793x2144
bump for summer sequel.
File: rAt7MgU.png (514 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Bump for the summer/rainbow threesome.
Just imagine Rainbow and Sunset are scissoring between your dick. Or fucking Rainbow Dash while she is eating out Sunset.
Because reasons,now continue doing stretches.
trips for part two!
Where's the feet? I want moar feet.
>comment on how circumcision is practiced in other countries not for religious purposes but hygiene purposes instead and how uncut faggots can stick to their stinky dick cheese while everyone else is totes fresh
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>comment pic related
>comment its you
Why don't you?
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