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Manos The Hands Of Fate
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We are his faithful hands!

Our previous thread: >>26214161

Human Superiority's Pastebin and Manos green part I, II and III:
http://pastebin.com/QBMRbrPv (Part I)
http://pastebin.com/C3cq16me (Part II)
http://pastebin.com/kGsD5Hwz (Part III)

A character sheet for Manos (Constant WIP):

Backgrounds of Fate (Manos Side Stories)

MedicalKrabbyPatty's (aka: A Black Hand) Pastebin:

A Royalist's Pastebin:

EM1's (aka: ZimZam's) Pastebin:

Heil the Reich!

Heil Manos!
Only in death does duty end.

Heil Manos!
thank you based Harshwhinny!
Thanks Ms. Harshwhinny! I wonder if she will play another part in the story? She should be in the Reich training her Brownshirts, shouldn't she?
good question id like to see her again too
You guys want some early green for this special thread? It's thread 20.
>you are Queenie
>its taken a while but eventually you have made it to Canterlot
>you think..
>honestly you're not sure what Canterlot is supposed to look like but its on a mountain like blackout said
>speaking of blackout
>you look around the group
"where did she go?"
>the other dro-- ponies, look around for her.
>a few give you shrugs unsure as to where she went.
>"hey you down there! what are you doing?"
>you quickly turn your attention to the large gate in front of you
>at the top stand several ponies in gold armor.
>those must be royal guards.
>you quickly look around to your drones then back up to them
"uh.. we, we came from ponyville. its been destroyed and we needed a place to go."
>you watch as the guards talk to eachother
>a few nod their heads before looking down to you
>"Alright, we are going to let you in, but you will need to answer a few questions first."
"oh okay, what do we need to answer?"
>the gates slowly open and the guards shout back down
>"step inside and you'll find out."
>you smile and quickly trot inside, your gathering of ponies following you
>it isnt long before a large group of guards have you and the others surrounded
>they all have weapons close
>"alright, first question, Who are you?"
"my name is Que--"
>shoot... you cant say that.
>think, think
>you look up to the bottom of the hat
>on the rim there is a name written
"My name is Little league."
>you give them a quick smile
>nailed it.
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Yes, please!
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>It's thread 20.
was previous post

>"little league?"
"yup. thats my name!"
>your smile becomes a little more strained
>the guard looks at you for a while before shrugging
>"alright. next question. how did you survive?"
>you rub your foreleg slightly
>what did blackout say again?
"well.. im not quite sure really. one second there were some loud noises then suddenly i woke up and everything was gone"
>you look back to the group
"and i was lucky enough to find others in the square who also made it.."
>"must have been a traumatizing experience, sorry you had to go through that."
"oh! its fine, im alright."
>the guard motions for you to pass
>"alright well come inside, if you have any friends in the group they will be out shortly. just need to ask them questions too."
"thank you! it will be nice to sleep in a real bed again."
>"mines always open"
>the guard gives you a wink, and you blush slightly
>what a strange thing for a pony to say
>you walk on past him and into the city limits
>it really reminds you of the reich, only instead of crystals and factories there is gold and large shops
>not that the Reich didnt have shops, but they werent as large as these
>after a short walk inside you see a figure in an alleyway motion you over
>you look around making sure they are talking to you
>when no one else seems to notice you walk over.
>the pony walks out of the shadow
>its blackout
>>"glad to see you made it inside"
"Blackout! where did you go?"
>>"SHH quiet idiot bug!"
>she looks around making sure no guards are coming
>>"i came in from the guards tower"
"the tower?"
>you look over to a broken down door near a tall stone building
>>"it wasnt easy. and im sure they will be on guard now, at least for me. you should be fine, but i wont be able to meet with you during the day"
"then when will we meet?"
>>"dont worry. ill find you"
>before you can say anything more blackout vanishes
>you look around for the pony
>since when could she do magic?!
>"mines always open"
>the guard gives you a wink, and you blush slightly
dirty foalfiddler equestrians hitting on supposedly traumatized little fillies
they need to be purged
it said earlier that she looked like an adult version of blackout
Doesn't Queenie resemble an adult version of LL? Even though, it's still a disgusting behaviour from the guard.
oops my bad
>Even though, it's still a disgusting behaviour from the guard.
New thread, new green thanx HS and Miss H!
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File: aryanne_manos_flag.png (876 KB, 4000x5143) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Page 9 boop
Shit I forgot I'm going to see deadpool tonight. Green will be late.
>you are blackout
>you walk down alleyways and back roads until you make your way to the Castle walls
>it doesnt take long for you to notice something is off.
>the guards on the walls are all Lunar guards.
>not a single royal guard to be seen
>the gate is relatively low security
>either there isnt enough lunar guards, or something is keeping them away.
>you approach the large gate still using basic cloaking magic to keep yourself unseen
>two guards left side three up top.
>the right side is clear.
>you kneel down and wait.
>it isnt long before a group come to the gate and pass a security check
>once the doors open you rush inside bypassing the guards
>hopefully getting out will be just a simple.
>walking the halls of the castle you notice there are still no royal guards to be found.
>everywhere there are lunar guards stationed
>"i want this entire castle on lockdown... no royal guards are allowed in or out until they pass by clearance."
>>"yes ma'am!"
>you follow the sounds of the voices
>"remember to question each of them... thoroughly. those on the list are confirmed for traitors, just get a confession. i dont care how."
>you spot a mare in a full suit of Lunar guard armor
>its.. different from the others.
>its much more armored, covering the whole body besides the head and mane
>in fact, it resembles that of a knight, only the same shade of blue as the other guards
>>"Ma'am what about these two?"
>a lunar guard steps aside and you catch a glimpse of two royals beaten and bloodied
>>"they resisted questioning, we had to become more violent with them."
>the armored mare steps closer.
>"i know these two.. add them to the list."
>>>"You fucking traitorous pinko.. valhalla will forever deny you entrance!"
>the armored mare draws her sword and cuts down the offending stallion
>"your Vallhalla, your afterlife... is Manos' lie. take the other one away to the dungeon."
>>"understood ma'am"
>things have become far more complex
File: 1454527531778.png (1 MB, 804x555) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 804x555
>going to see jewpool tonight
im dissapoint
pic related is the only legitimate super hero we should follow

but i can do some now

>going to see jewpool tonight
nobody is perfect.

>they leave the body of the royal guard on the floor and haul the other one away
>the mare remains behind looking it over.
>she kicks the corpse once hard
>"i cant believe i was like you. i should have seen the trouble he would cause.."
>the mare turns around and starts to walk your direction
>you slowly move into the shadow your spell still active
>as she walks by you get a good look at her face
>she is scarred and cut, and keeps one of her eyes tightly closed.
>she looks strangely familiar.. but you cant put your hoof on it.
>you accidentally bump a nearby bust
>it doesnt fall, but the noise gets the mares attention
>you hold your breath and keep completely still
>hopefully your spell will keep yourself hidden well enough for now.
>if not, you will have to fight your way out.
>you feel your muscles tense up as she takes a few steps closer.
>you dont move.
>she comes even closer to you, a mere inches from your face
>you watch her eyes as she looks around the area you hide
>her cold stare calm and piercing.
>you can almost feel her vision
>>"Judice Lunae, ma'am, is everything ok?"
>she looks for you a second longer before turning away
>"yes.. everything is fine. must have been a rat.."
>she turns away and follows the other guards out
>you finally exhale and take a moment
>there is a new player in this game it appears..
ill write more when i return, also if anyone has a better translation for Judice Lunae let me know.

im working from my freshman Latin class here
File: torture chamber.gif (182 KB, 587x440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
torture chamber.gif
182 KB, 587x440
>Judice Lunae
Hah, judge of the moon... A very different kind of judge will await that traitorous bitch! I hope Manos has some god-tier torturers, we absolutely need to capture her alive!
Till later, have fun at the movies mate
Early showings are awesome
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Bump b4 bed
>9 again
the fuck guys?!
We'll see.
Will we?
oy vey page 9 again
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loyra boop
>you have a choice now
>either proceed with your primary objective and find information on the elements
>or follow this pony and do your best to link up with survivors and contacts
>Queeine and her drones should find out something about whats going on here
>it would be hard to not hear about it.
"she will have to wait.."
>keeping your breathing calm and your pace slow you keep walking down the hallway
>the further inside the castle you get the more signs of conflict there are
>there are no bodies left behind, but there are a few stains left and the occasional weapon
>this looks more like a purge than a changing of the guard.
"wonder if Celestia knows just how far her sister has gone.."
>there are sounds of hoofsteps coming your way again
>you stop moving and hold completely still, not letting your spell ripple or wave with your movements
>"we are in deep horseshit!"
>>"keep quiet. those Lunar guards are everywhere, and im almost positive we are under suspicion"
>two royal guards creep around the corner
>they spot the body of the other guard.
>"oh Celestia! thats Captain Legacy.. they killed him!"
>>"quiet! do you want to be next?"
>"this is all that Manos' fault! not only are we trying to fight him we are fighting eachother now!"
>the two guards start to creep forward
>right towards you
>>"listen Dust, i promise ill get us out of-"
>the stallion runs directly into you
>>"what the heck..."
>he reaches out with his hoof and pokes your invisible body
>you drop the spell and you and him are now face to face.
>"who is that!?"
"Im sorry.. but i cant have you giving me away.."
forgot to link posts.

>with a quick strike you knock the first guard to the ground
>quickly you position yourself over him ready to strike again and silence him
>normally you wouldn't stop your attack
>but for some reason you hold back and not strike
>>"please, we wont tell anypony! who would we tell anyway?"
>"hes right! we need to get out of here. The Lunar guards seem to have gone mad!"
>you look over to the one you heard was named 'Dust' previously
"any idea why?"
>the younger stallion glaces down to his friend
>"let him go.. ill tell you what i know"
"you know.. i could just kill you both and find out later"
>you continue to stare at him with your face covered by your black helmet
>but 'Dust' apparently finds enough courage to not back down
>"then you will be taking up more time later, taking time away from whatever you are here to do."
>you lower your hoof and take a few steps to the side of the guard on his back
"fine, now talk."
>>"Dust are you sure about this?"
>dust ignores the other guard and spills the beans
>"it started just a day or so ago, at first we were told that it would be a simple changing of the guard."
>while he talks you keep lookout of anypony else who might show up
>"and it was, its was nice to have a break actually, but then.. they started asking questions. and they suspected everypony of being traitors."
>>"they even accused us of working with the Reich. like we would betray the princess like that!"
>you kick the stallions side enough for him to shut up
>"they said they had a list, and those on it were already confirmed for being agents of Manos. those ponies were either locked up, or..."
>Dust rubs his forehoof
"executed. go on."
>"thats pretty much all i know.. besides that they have been accusing ponies who are not traitors. but there really isnt a way to clear them unless they go in for questioning."
"and i assume this 'questioning' isnt just a simple talk?"
>dust nods
sweet new green thanks hs
File: 128472393202.png (108 KB, 504x566) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 504x566
Shiksa a qt!
Oh boy that channel is genius thanks for sharing guys
no prob kamerad
i fucking love these threads more and more.
we love you too hs no homo
>"ive heard stories from the ones who came back.."
>>"they dont really have happy endings."
>you huff and start to walk away from the two guards
"the hallway behind me is mostly unguarded, however that pony mare.. Judice Lunae. she just went that way."
>"Judice Lunae was just here?!"
"speaking of her, who is she?"
>>"she just came out of nowhere. no history of her no formal integration into the guard. just out of nowhere she appeared and was Knighted by Luna."
>that grabs your attention
>Dust quickly walks over to his friend on the ground and quickly looks him over
>>"yeah knighted. there hasnt been a knight, at least in the Lunar guard, since the rise of nightmare moon."
>"there have been a few in the royal guard though, basically they are like guards ponies, but they get to bend the rules as they see fit."
"like executing enlisted ponies in the field?"
>the two stallions look over to the dead guard
>"i guess so.."
>>"by the way, who are you? and why are you even here?"
>you look back at the two for a moment
"i guess you could say it was fate that brought me here."
>>"you're a pony from the Reich!?"
>they watch as you look at them and cast your invisibility spell again
>it takes a few seconds for it to properly form, the time between that looking like liquid air.
>once you feel comfortable in your appearance, or lack there of, you move on.
>seems Equestria wasnt ready for being this well infiltrated by the Reich
>they have to resort to more direct measures.
>this is very valuable Intel for Manos
>all you have to do is find someone who can get it to him
File: 128598398756.jpg (25 KB, 331x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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More please!
File: 1454275954906.jpg (77 KB, 750x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The funny part is that they assume all of the lunar gaurd is uninfiltrated. They went on a vacation. Unless 'vaction' is another word for extended deployment to a foreign country, there's a chance that one or more of them encountered some ponies faithful to manos and in turn got converted.
Squeal little piggy, squeal!
there is already evidence they are. remember back when the 'cult' first started? there was a Lunar guard there.

Although undoubtedly there are less in the Lunar Guard than the Royal
File: 124257868537.jpg (10 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 225x225
i doubt that those mutated bat shits could be loyal followers of manos
they're no better in my book than filthy ziggers, griffons and changeling scum
they need to be purged too
File: aryanne.png (86 KB, 683x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 683x600
She's right, you know.
>you are Manos
>your reports are back
>in fact they are all around your room
>papers lay about unorganized and files left open.
>the last one is in your hands and your eyes slowly read every word on it.
"we have no sightings of the missing ponies.. however we have reports of small royal guard forces scouting the lines.."
>you throw the file in the air and glare at Cadence who is sitting in the chair in front of you.
>you continue the report having it memorized already as you continue to look at the mare
"the scouting has erupted into small skirmishes.. likely probing our lines for weakness."
>you stand up and walk around the desk and kneel in front of Cadence
>she looks up from the floor, her face a sad half frown.
"the missing ponies have likely made contact with Celetstia.."
>you point to the papers on your desk
"how many reports was that?.."
>"twelve.. twelve full reports.."
"and how many of those ponies have been found?"
>softly you place your hand on her shoulder and pet her softly
>"Manos.. im sorry... i thought she would believe in me enough to-"
"enough to not want to run to her second mother? and tell her all the 'awful' things we do?"
>you hush Cadence and lower your head.
"I know, i know. Im just. im in a tough spot"
>you stand up and walk back to your desk taking a seat
"Cadence, you tell me.. what should i do?"
>slowly she looks up to you
>"what do you mean?"
"i have one of my highest ranking officers disobeying orders, and there are several guards out there who were given orders from YOU"
>you point to her for emphasis
"to go and guard a irrelevant location so you could be alone with five mares who are now missing."
>you cant help but laugh at the whole situation
"i mean what can i do? i cant let this go, it could cause more insubordination."
>you remove your gloves and take out your sidearm
"you can see the issue here.. cant you?"
>her eyes go to the weapon on your desk
>its obvious she has started to hold her breath
>you let her sit there for a moment, tense, before you start to disassemble the gun.
"so tell me. What would you do, if you were me?"

>you are Cadence
>everything Manos just said is really sinking in
>why did you even do it?
>because you felt you could trust Twilight?
>you are snapped out of your thoughts and you sigh
"i would put the accused up for a demotion.. possibly severe punishment."
>as the words leave your lips a lump forms in your throat
>you watch as manos meticulously takes the small pieces of the weapon apart and cleans each one with care.
>"and what would that punishment be?"
>you suddenly feel your lips become dry, and you even start to find yourself short of breath
>"no, no 'perhaps'. what would you do?"
"I would have the officer.. locked up in confinement, solitary confinement. for an extended period of time."
>Manos stops cleaning his weapon, his fingers clasp together, and he takes a moment to just look at you
>for a few seconds it just the sound of the both of you breathing
>they feel like the longest seconds of your life

I'd pump her full if you know what I mean!
File: 1442000891722.jpg (70 KB, 950x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 950x700
glad I wasn't the only one thinking that.
this development will very much please our hot gestapo twins
and buy us cadence's loyalty for all eternity when she atoned for her foolishness
just a quick question for you anons.
which is more interesting to you, the fighting and subterfuge, or the politics?

just curious for the sake of being curious
i like both a good mix is always preferred
but since we hadn't much major fighting since poneville it would be nice to see some violent action soon
You seem to be the only man who's able to make politics exciting. Do whatchu want.
Politics is nice

But if my father taught me anything, it's that violence is always the answer
File: 1452327618364.png (187 KB, 812x914) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187 KB, 812x914
This. If there was to be an order I'd like to see a bit more of what's going down in Canterlot before all shit breaks lose.
You kept up a nice balance between politics and conflicts so far. But since war seems inevitable now I'm very eager to see what will happen on the front, it would be cool if the map could be more involved then too. And I also wouldn't mind if the war and it's atrocities would take the spotlight for a while, of course there's always a place for politics in the form of diplomacy with the enemy, our current allies and potential new ones!
I also really wanne see manos' naval endeavours. Oh and we still don't know what's up with those casino guys from Vegas that approached us in the past..
im sure they are doing the usual casino stuff.. you know, black marketing and the like..
Im sure they arnt too happy that they have been ignored by Manos though

>you are Queenie
>and wow is this a nice city!
>the other drones have all split up to go their own way besides one or two that are still following you from further away
>the streets are bustling with different kinds of ponies.
>shops are open and ponies seem genuinely happy
>and all the emotions in the air...
>you could feed here forever and never go hungry!
>"did you hear about the guard?"
>you look in the direction of a few chatting mares
>>"no what about them?"
>the mare leans in to her friend and lowers her voice
>you calmly walk over trying your best to look disinterested in them
>"i heard that the Lunar guard is taking charge since Celestia is worried about spies."
>>"SPIES? in the royal guard? surely you're joking"
>the two mare giggle
>"it does seem a little strange, but its just a rumor. im sure that the royal guard is more than capable--"
>you notice the mares have stopped talking and have looked over to you
>>"uh.. hello there, is something wrong?"
>it takes you a second to realize they are talking to you.
>"well it just, you've been standing there looking at my salad for a few minutes now."
>you stand in front of their table and look at their meal
>then back to them
"uhh... uhhh..."
>quick queenie think!
"im sorry, i just came from ponyville and-"
>"OH MY! ponyville?! i heard it was destroyed! you must be starving, here"
>the mare pushes the Salad over to you
>"please take my salad, and dont you worry about paying me back!"
>>"oh and have some of mine too!"
>the two mares push you in a chair and watch as you sit there staring at the..
>the food?..
"uhm.. thank you?"
>the two mares push you in a chair and watch as you sit there staring at the..
>the food?..
do, or better, can changeling eat normal food?
Bump b4 bed.
nighty night
Good balance between the two. We need our soft moments, but we also need our loud moments too.
>im sure they are doing the usual casino stuff.. you know, black marketing and the like..
>Im sure they arnt too happy that they have been ignored by Manos though
page 10 shame!
File: you saved me.jpg (17 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
you saved me.jpg
17 KB, 480x360
Fuckin' bumped!
beep boop bump
Musical Reichsmarine bump.
Any NHbros voting to MAGA?
File: oh_come_on.jpg (22 KB, 620x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 620x350
while that is true, he's the lesser evil i guess
what option do americans have anyway
if you're a nationalist it's either vote for him or don't vote at all...
>it's either vote for him or don't vote at all...
Yeah but you always have that option. I'm taking it.
File: dt.jpg (18 KB, 550x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 550x367
Trump bump
Manos will make Equestria great again
Voted for trump today

I did it for you
Listening to AC/DC and waiting for green. Bumparoo.
I salute you!
File: 1443982684627.png (172 KB, 404x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172 KB, 404x300
hello anons, sorry about not posting green tonight, had to work a double shift.

ill post some extra stuff tomorrow to make up for it.
No prob buddy.
>extra stuff tomorrow
I already feel a thrill of anticipation!
>memegenerator watermark
fuck me, i never noticed that until now
File: RaaiLUx.jpg (43 KB, 500x407) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 500x407
Never an issue. Heill. Side note, I'm feeling silly. Pic.
File: dududu.jpg (28 KB, 800x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 800x450
Bump for trump
trump bump b4 bed
victory speech at 1:43:00
page 9 boop
Why does human not use proper capitalization? I want to like this story, but the fact that he ignores such a basic thing irks me.
Also he could use an editor or something to get rid of those grammatical errors, especially during speech. It's a good story despite the multitude of small errors, though.
>proper capitalization
>grammatical errors
just ignore them like everyone else you pussy
this story is way too gripping how could i worry about form or some petty mistakes when im deeply immersed in it
and i rather have fresh new green than waiting for hs to edit out all the mistakes before continuing writing
if someone wants to do it instead please go ahead if you have the time that is
File: 1445691665779.jpg (56 KB, 970x724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 970x724
>I want to like this story
And some grammatical errors keep you from liking it?! You can't make this shit up...
Thread replies: 112
Thread images: 30
Thread DB ID: 519891

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