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Queen Umbra Thread
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Parties, Strange New Experiences, and Discord edition

Previous Thread

Twisted Desires Pastebin
Part 1: http://pastebin.com/shurgbZ9
Part 2: http://pastebin.com/WSp0Cpxv
Part 3: http://pastebin.com/ZTwyKsMN
Part 4: http://pastebin.com/dVKsDRhX

Knifey said he wasn't feeling too good, but he might return to us one day. Check his story out here

And Minty, his story can be found here

Like always if you want to write something go ahead
If not sit back and enjoy or talk about vidyas of your choice
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Okay so while i update pastebin and what not, the question is still on the table

Confront Sombra or speak to Umbra?

Real happy to see you back Woo. I think this >>26359300 would be funny to see. I was wondering if you could try something like this, but with Anon spooning Umbra
My answer hasn't changed.
Confront him.
Also, first other than you
Lance needs to be a man and confront Sombra
confront fuck that beta nonsense
confront nowwww
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Be a man, lance. Confront!
Okay, but I think I'll make 2 versions.
Took me a second to realize what this was referencing.
"If I were you, I would talk to him."
>"Anon, not you too!" Wedge says "This is only going to start a conflict!"
>You look over to Wedge
"He asked me what I would do!" You whisper to Wedge "I would say something if someone kept hitting on Umbra!"
>"I know you would! We've seen how you reacted when Alastor did it." Wedge says "The problem is that Lance isn't you!"
>You look over to Lance to see him thinking
>"Wedge, he needs to stand up for himself." Biggs says "Otherwise Lord Sombra is gonna keep hitting on Ariadne!"
>Wedge shakes his head in disapproval
>"I know that, but can't you both see that this going to be awkward?!" Wedge asks "It's not like he's the Queen's brother or anything!"
"It's not like we're asking him to fight Sombra!" You say "He just needs to say something."
>"Why are you being such a bitch, Wedge?!" Biggs asks "You can't tell me that you'd stand by and let this happen if you were in his position."
>"No, of course not!" Wedge says "But-"
>"Guys!" Lance says
>You all look over to him
>"I'm gonna talk to him." Lance says "Just step in, in case things get bad."
>You all nod your heads and Lance turns around
"Just don't lose your cool."
>"And that's how he got his body back." Umbra says
>"That's quite a story." Arthas says "Why didn't you tell me before?"
>Umbra opens her mouth to say something
>"Lord Sombra, I need to talk to you." Lance says cutting her off
>Umbra and Arthas look over to Lance
>Sombra looks over to Lance with a raised eyebrow
>The tension is creeping in
>"Stop hitting on Ariadne." Lance says "She's taken."

>tfw got into the MKX online beta

Noice, whatever works for you. I eagerly await it
Fuck this headache, I'm back at it though
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>The room is completely silent
>Lance and Sombra continue to lock eyes with one another
>You see Umbra staring at you
>Her eyes say it all
>"What did you three do?"
>"Lance, what are you doing?" Arthas asks "Do you know who you're speaking to?"
>"Arthas." Umbra says "Quiet."
>Arthas looks over to Umbra before nodding his head
>"I'm sorry, I didn't quite hear you." Sombra says "Can you repeat that?"
>You really don't like this
>"I said to leave Ariadne alone. I don't like the way you talk to her." Lance says "I understand you're Queen Umbra's brother, but she's my marefriend."
>Sombra rubs his chin
>"And if I decline?" Sombra asks "What will you do about it?"
>Oh fuck
>"What?" Lance asks
>Sombra rises up from his bed before stepping down from it
>"Sombra!" Umbra says as her horn begins to glow
>"Wait, Queen Umbra!" Lance says "I just want to talk to him."
>Sombra looks back to Umbra
>"Yes, sister." Sombra says as he continues to approach Lance "We're just talking."
>When Sombra finally gets to Lance, you now see how much taller he is than the average pony
>"I'm sorry Lance, but Ariadne has peaked my interests." Sombra says "As I stated before, she is beautiful."
>They're literally staring each other down
>"That light blue mane, those red eyes, her pristine white coat, and that personality of hers..." Sombra says "I find it all very attractive."
>"Well I'm sorry my Lord, but I beat you to the punch." Lance says "Don't feel too bad about it. I'm sure there are other mares that you could have fun with."
>Sombra closes his eyes and nods his head
>"While you are right, none of them are Ariadne." Sombra says "I have my eyes set on her."
>You see Lance tapping one of his hoofs on the ground
>"Tell me something, Lance..." Sombra says "Have you two even consummated your relationship?"
Maybe Lance should let him know that this isn't the old empire, where he could have a mare just cause he wanted her.
>"That's none of your business." Lance says in an irritated tone "That's between us."
>He's getting mad
>"I'll take that as a no." Sombra says "That's good to know."
>You see Lance fly up just so he can get in Sombra's face
>"You know what? I don't care if you're Queen Umbra's brother." Lance says "I will fight you if you keep this up."
>God dammit
>"Didn't I tell you both this would happen?!" Wedge says
>"Damn it, shut up!" Biggs says
>"Okay, that's enough you two." Umbra says walking up to them "Boys, I need you to take Lance outside so he can clear his head."
>Biggs and Wedge nod their heads before walking up to Lance
>Umbra walks in the middle of them before pushing Sombra back
>"And you. This isn't your empire, Sombra. It's mine." Umbra says "You can't just have any mare you want."
>Umbra looks back to Lance
>"Especially ones that are already taken." Umbra says before looking at her brother "If a mare comes onto you, then you can do whatever you please."
>A smile forms on Lance's face
>"So what you're saying is that I need to get Ariadne to make the first move?" Sombra asks "A simple task for me."
>And just like that the smile is gone
>Lance opens his mouth to say something, but before he can, Umbra smacks her brother upside his head
>"Did all that time with no body leave you with so much sexual frustration?!" Umbra asks
>You think you see Sombra blush out of embarrassment before he climbs back into bed
>As he lays down he locks eyes with Lance again
"Come on, Lance." You say "Let's go talk out in the hall."
>You have to force Lance to stop glaring at Sombra before you head outside

I'm curious. How far do you want this Sombra/Lance conflict to go?
Anon putting his foot down and stop being a little bitch when?
We can't let our buddy get cuck'ed.
Start a rivalry then end up loving each other and forming a herd, with her being the tag along
especially since this is pretty close to what happened to anon in the first place. I'd be more than pissed at Sombra.
I want Lance to get cucked.
You know Eris could ease this sexual frustration.
Why did Umbra ban Eris from her brother. He is single I do not think she has the right to do that. At the same time however I am curious if there will be anything between Eris and Wedge
>"I hate how smooth he is!" Lance says as you lead him out into the hall "Why did it have to be my marefriend?"
>Shutting the door behind you, you turn around
>"What were you thinking telling Lord Sombra you would fight him?!" Wedge says "You know you can't win that fight!"
>Lance sighs
>"I know, I know! I just..." Lance says "I don't want to lose her..."
>Lance looks down to the ground
>You can clearly see that Lance is distressed by all this
>Alright, you think it's time you actually step in
>You wanted to see see if he could handle it
>He tried, but you didn't want to see him get his ass kicked
>Lance is your bro, and you can't let this happen to him
>Umbra will most likely get involved as well
>Besides, you know what it feels like to have another stallion hit on your mare
>You also know what it feels like to see your mare with another stallion
>Especially when his name is Sombra
>You shake your head
>You place a hand on Lance's head which cause him to look up
"Don't worry, Umbra and I will handle it." You say "I'm sure Umbra's already talking to him."
>Lance smiles at you before looking at the ground
>"I'm such a wuss..." Lance says "I need the Queen and my friend to fight my battles."
>"Nah, you stuck up for yourself and Ariadne." Biggs says "At least you didn't go with Wedge's plan."
>"Hey guys!" You hear Ariadne call out "What are you all doing out here?"
>Looking over to the stairs you see Ariadne come up
check em
this is taking forever lol
>You are Umbra
>You watch as Anonymous closes the door behind him
>When the door shuts, you look directly at your brother
"Have you lost your mind?!" You ask "It's not even noon and you're already trying to get into fights!"
>"He challenged me." Sombra says while looking away
"Only because you kept talking about taking Ariadne from him!"
>"Can I help it if I'm attracted to her?!" Sombra asks "She's just so innocent and pure, like the snow that falls from the sky."
>You groan and put a hoof to your face
>If Lance was not seeing Ariadne, you would have no problem letting your brother woo her
>Tartarus you would have set them up!
"I understand that." You say "But it seems you can not understand that she is in a relationship already!"
>"A minor setback." Sombra says "In time I will rectify it."
>You rub your temple with your hoof
>You wish mother was here right now
>You need to step in now
"Look, this is going to stop now." You say "You need to get along with Anonymous's friends."
>"What?!" Sombra asks
"You heard me." You say "You need to cool it when it comes to Ariadne and you need to apologize to Lance."
>"Stop treating me like a child!" Sombra says "I used to be a mighty king!"
"Maybe when you stop acting like one, I will!" You say "And guess what, I'm STILL the Queen!"
>You feel as if you're about to lock horns until you hear Arthas clear his throat
>You and Sombra look over to see Arthas sitting there uncontrollably
>"Um, is this normal for you two?" Arthas asks "I feel uncomfortable sitting here."
>You nod your head
"It is okay, Arthas. We are just bickering." You say "We used to do this all the time."
>"Ever since we were children." Sombra says "Which is why I refuse to lose this time!"
"Sombra, you dolt! Just leave them-!"
>"Hey guys!" You hear Ariadne call out "What are you all doing out here?"
>You look over to the door
>Oh! Ariadne has returned
>Looking over to Sombra you see has a small grin on his face
>You roll your eyes
>Walking away from the bed you head over to the door
"Sombra, Ariadne is not some prize to be won, remember that." You say "She is a very dear friend to me and I will not have you or Lance do something that may make her cry."
>"I wouldn't dream of such a thing." Sombra says
"Good, and another thing..." You say as you turn to meet Sombra's gaze "I want you to know that I better not catch you trying to manipulate Ariadne into your bed. Otherwise you'll wish that a certain part of your body can grow back."
>You see your brother swallow the lump in his throat before nodding his head
>You smile before opening the door
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Otherwise you'll wish that a certain part of your body can grow back
File: 1438804939834.png (586 KB, 637x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw sniper challenges
Fuck, I need to stop letting this game control me. If I get a PC Smite will probably control my time tho.
>When you open the doors you see Lance hugging Ariadne
>They look so cute
>Looking over at your beloved, you see him walk up to you
>"I'm gonna talk to Sombra real quick." He whispers
"No need, I already talked to him."
>"I still need to talk to him though." Anonymous says "For Lance's sake."
"Later then. When everything has settled down." You say "How's Lance doing?"
>"He was scared." Anonymous says "He really loves Ariadne, and he doesn't want to lose her."
>You smile
>You made the right choice with him
>Ariadne trots into the room
>"Lady Umbra, Seth is here." Ariadne says "He's waiting down in the main hall."
>"I think it's time for us to go." Sombra says as he gets up "Anonymous, get dressed."
>"Wait, I have to go?" Anonymous asks
>"Yes, I'm not going to let you slack off." Arthas says "And besides, I'm going to show you four the wall today."
>Anonymous sighs before you stand up and give him a kiss
"As soon as Arthas let's you go, come find me here." You say "I planned on taking Sombra out to see my empire."
>"Alright. Love you." Anonymous says with a smile as he heads out the room
>"Ariadne, you wanna go on a date tomorrow?" Lance asks "At The Icy Gem Cavern?"
>"The Icy Gem Cavern?!" Ariadne says "How are we gonna get in there?"
"It's my treat, Ariadne."
>That's all it takes for Ariadne to nod her head
>"I guess I'll see you tomorrow." Lance says "It should be a fun night."
>"Lance." Sombra calls out
>"What?" Lance asks a slight bit of irritation in his voice
>"I apologize for my words earlier." Sombra says "I hope we can start over and try things again."
>Lance looks over to you and you nod your head
>"Oh, well I guess apology accepted." Lance says "Thank you, Lord Sombra."
>"Now don't go thinking my pursuit is over." Sombra says
>You facehoof again
>This who you share the same blood with
"Okay, everyone beside Ariadne may go." You say "We need to make room for Seth."
>"You heard the Queen, let's go." Arthas says as they make their leave
Keep it alive everyone, I'll be back in the morning to drop some sexually awkward green before I go watch the Super Bowl with my family
And I don't even like football
>Arthas sitting there uncontrollably
Damn auto correct...
Nevermind no football for me so I'm here all day
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I don't know why that's so funny, but it is.
>As the door shuts behind the boys, you let out another sigh
>Now it's just you, Ariadne, and Sombra
>"Lady Umbra, why do look a little irritated?" Ariadne asks "Did I do anything wrong?"
>You look up at her and shake your head
"No, Ariadne, of course you didn't do something wrong." You say "It's just a certain stallion is pushing my buttons again."
>You look over to your brother
>"Get used to it, dear sister." Sombra says "This is what you wanted after all."
>You can't help but chuckle
>Sure Sombra can be irritating at times
>You are happy to have him back
>Now those dreams of yours can become a reality
>You just need to defeat Celestia now
>You hear Ariadne giggle
"What's so funny?"
>"The way you and Lord Sombra act." Ariadne says "You may look angry at each other, but you're happy to be reunited! It's just like me and my sister!"
>You smile
"Can you go bring Seth up?" You ask Ariadne "We might as well get Sombra's measurements out of the way."
>"I agree." Sombra says "I can't keep walking around in the nude. At least not in front of a lady, like Ariadne."
>Your eye twitches
>"Okay! I'll be right back!" Ariadne says as she trots out of the room
>"How can she have so much energy?" Sombra asks "Is she always like that?"
>You nod your head
"Ever since I've know her." You say "Now Sombra, when you meet Seth, you'll notice that something is off about him."
>"What do you mean?" Sombra asks
>You really don't know how to tell him this
"He kind of swings both ways." You say "As in mares and stallions. So I'm not sure how he'll act when he sees you."
sombra going gay with seth and getting off ariadne when?
Hopefully never, I want to see Lances face when he finds out Sombra porked her.
It must happen
>Sombra raises an eyebrow
"He's really good at making attire!" You say to reassure him "He's the one who made Anonymous attire."
>"Ah! Well then, I'll take your word for it." Sombra says "I remember when I saw Anonymous for the first time, I thought his attire back then was rather dull."
>You smile
>"Well what do you expect?" You ask "He was living with Celestia at the time."
>Sombra chuckles
>"Just keep him from trying anything funny." Sombra says "I still prefer mares."
"Will do."
>"So what happens after this?" Sombra asks
>You think
"After this I'll show you around the castle." You say "Then hopefully Anonymous will be back and we can go show you around the empire."
>Sombra gets up from bed before walking over to the window
>"I can't wait." He says "I must say, even from here, your empire looks amazing."
"Thank you, brother."
>"So please do mind your manners of our new guest." You hear Ariadne say "They are very special to Lady Umbra."
>"Okay Ariadne, I get it!" You hear Seth say
>As they open the door Ariadne leads Seth inside
>You see that he's carrying a red box with him
>"Good morning, Queen Umbra." Seth says as he bows and holds out the red box "I have your dress for you."
"Really?!" You say as you take the box "That was fast!"
>"When the Queen orders something, I tend to work on that over my other projects." Seth says "I had fun making this."
>Seth looks back up to you
>"So why did you call me here?" Seth asks "Ariadne said you wanted me to make something for somepony?"
>You look back to Sombra
>Well here we go
"Yes, I wondering if you could make something for him." You say before moving out of the way to reveal Sombra "He's my brother, Sombra."
What's the reference?
Star wars episode three when they try to arrest Palpatine and he flies at them.
File: 3bb.gif (410 KB, 300x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
410 KB, 300x200
File: 1448089764103.jpg (614 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You see Seth's eyes widen when they meet your brother
>Sombra has his back to everyone as he is still looking out the window
>"T-That's your brother?" Seth says as he continues to eye your brother's flank "W-Wow..."
"Seth? Are you okay?"
>You know he's not, but you find this funny
>Seth has a heavy blush on his face
>His eyes show that he's in some kind of trance
>You see him pull out a handkerchief from his handkerchief pocket on him clothing
>He wipes the beads of sweat from his forehead and horn
>When Sombra turns to face him you see Seth cross his hind legs
>You are doing everything in your power to not burst out in laughter
>Your brother has aroused a stallion!
>You must make fun of Sombra for this later
>Sombra raises an eyebrow at Seth which causes him to look away
>Seth shakes his head before looking at you
"Are you okay?"
>He wipes some drool from his mouth before nodding his head
>"I-I'm terribly sorry, my Queen." He says "I-I don't know what came over me."
>You giggle inside
>He turns to face Sombra before bowing down
>"A-Apologize, my King." Seth says "I didn't realize you were so... perfect."
>You're sure Sombra didn't hear that last bit since Seth whispered it
>"Yes, well, in any case I am not your king." Sombra says "You may refer to me as Lord Sombra."
>Seth nods his head while Sombra walks up to him
>"Good. Now then let us get on with these measurements." Sombra says
Can't wait to see random boners
>"U-Uh, of course!" Seth says "Let me just grab my b-bag."
>You watch as Seth fumbles around his red bag
>Occasionally he looks back at your brother
>When their eyes meet, Seth's blush worsen and he continues to search through his bag
>You use this time to look at your new dress
>Walking over to where you place the box on Sombra's bed, you use your magic to open the lid
>You let out a small gasp when you see your new dress
"Oh wow..."
>Placing the box lid off to the side, you pull the dress out
>It's a nice long black dress
>You can see the slit where you hind leg is supposed to show
>And you can barely see the red glow that Seth talked about
"It's beautiful..." You say looking at Seth
>"Only the best for you, my Queen." Seth says
>Sombra looks over to you
>"I think it suits you." Sombra says "But I feel it's to entice Anonymous, am I correct?"
>Now it's your turn to blush before nodding your head
>"Of course..." Your brother says "I can already tell I'm not going to be getting any sleep tomorrow because of him."
>You really hope he likes the dress
>This dress plus the way you'll style your mane tomorrow?
>He'll love it for sure!
>"It's for that party Lance was talking about, right?" Sombra asks "The one tomorrow?"
>You nod your head once more
>"Oh! There it is!" You hear Seth say
>Looking over at him you see him pull out his tape measure
>He holds it for a moment before taking a deep breath
>"Don't screw this up, Seth..." He says to himself "Just relax..."
>This should be interesting to watch
>"O-Okay Lord Sombra..." Seth says before turning around "Let's get those *gulp* m-measurements."

Maybe he'll get a boner, maybe he won't
Maybe he has the willpower to fight it off
File: Piece no. 8.png (155 KB, 761x763) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Piece no. 8.png
155 KB, 761x763
Just an update, I decided to scrap the first draft I made for this since It's much more promising.I'll try and finish this piece these coming days since this week will be a very busy one. I'll follow up with the sombra-ariadne-lance next after this piece is done.

Stay tuned.
>implying will has anything to do with getting rid of a boner

Rager confirmed for woman or possibly small, highly intelligent child.
ibs gud
oh yes
>You place your dress back in it's box before handing it to Ariadne
"Put this on my bed, Ariadne." You say before looking at Seth "Also bring Seth something that he can use to cover his lower body. Just in case."
>Sombra visions snaps over to you
>You just snicker at him
>Ariadne nods her head before taking the box and leaving
>Letting out a sigh you climb onto the bed
>Now you get to watch as your brother is measured by a stallion who has the hots for him
>As Seth walks closer to your brother, you see that he's blushing even harder
>When he reaches Sombra, his face has taken on the color of an apple
>"O-Okay Lord S-Sombra." Seth says "I'm gonna start with your n-neck."
>"Very well." Sombra says "Just control yourself."
>Seth nods his head before starting his measurements
>While he does, your brother looks over to you before shaking his head
>Sombra must feel very uncomfortable right now
>You shrug before looking back to Seth
>You've never seen Seth like this
>He was so calm when he measured Anonymous
>You don't want to think about what's going through his mind right now
>Seth pulls away from your brother before writing something down on his notepad
>All the while he's still wiping sweat away from his head
>"So how long do you think it'll take to make my attire?" Sombra asks him
>Seth eyes immediately snap up to his
>"I-It depends on what you want, Lord S-Sombra." Seth says "But for you, I could have anything done by tomorrow."
>"Fast and efficient." Sombra says "I admire that."
>You can feel the joy radiating off him from the complement before he walks over to Sombra side
>You notice he's walking funny
>That little comment from Sombra must have uh... "Woke it up"
>"Oh..." Seth says "Now I have to do your b-body."
>"I'm back, Lady Umbra!" Ariadne says as she enters the room with a black cloth on her back "And I have a cloak for Seth."
"Throw it over him, he's going to need it."

Love it already, anything involving Umbra and Anon makes me smile
>"Why is he going to need- EWWWWWWW!" Ariadne says as she looks over to him
>Yup, she must have saw it
>You can't see from your position thankfully
>"A-Ariadne, please shield your eyes!" Sombra says "A mare of your caliber shouldn't have to see that."
>You let out a small giggle
>Ariadne quickly throws the cloak over him before turning around
>"Gross!" Ariadne says as she stamps her hooves around
>Using your magic you cover him properly
>Seth's face is glowing red
>"I'm so a-ashamed!" Seth says as he drops to the floor and covers his face "I'm so sorry, Queen Umbra! And I'm sorry Lord Sombra!"
>Poor Seth hides his face in embarrassment
>You look at your brother
>Sombra is looking down at Seth before patting him on the head
>When Seth look up at him, Sombra takes a deep breath
>"Do not feel ashamed. You are not the first stallion to react like this." Sombra says
"That's right." You chime in "Sombra has had this effect on stallions like yourself for quite sometime."
>"More than I would like, but yes." Sombra says "So come now, we need to finish up these measurements."
>Seth wipes a tear from his eyes before nodding his head
>Seth gets back up before grabbing his tape measure
>He gets back to work and proceed to measure Sombra's body
>He seemed to have an easier time now that Sombra talked to him
>Eventually he wrote down his measurements again before moving on to the part of your brothers body
>His flank and legs
File: 1409805160615.png (35 KB, 283x218) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 283x218
>Seth marvels at your brother flank as if it was a forbidden fruit
>Sombra, on the other hand has his tail pressed against his backside
>He looks uncomfortable
>Seth begins to take his measurements by placing the tape on Sombra's backside
>"S-So firm..." Seth says "I just want to..."
>"Seth! Focus!" Sombra says "You have a job to accomplish!"
>Seth shakes his head in order to come back to reality
>"I'm sorry, my lord." Seth says while moving his head closer to your brother's flank "You're just so..."
>It is at this point that Seth kissed Sombra's flank
>"W-What in Equestria are you doing!?" Sombra yells before jumping away "Have you lost your damn mind?!"
>That was the breaking point for you and you burst out into a laughing fit
>"I'm sorry, my lord! I just...!" Seth says
>"This isn't funny, sister!" Sombra shouts "Stop laughing!"
>You ignore him and continue to laugh at him all while rolling around on the bed
>Even Ariadne is giggling
>"Umbra! Stop laughing at me!" Sombra yells "Or else I'll-!
"Or what? You'll tell mother?" You say "Like you used to when we were growing up?"
>A heavy blush forms on your brother face while you continue to laugh at him
"This is rich! I can't wait to tell Anonymous!"
>Sombra snarls before looking back at Seth
>"Hurry up!" Sombra yells to Seth "I wish to be done with this!"
>Seth nod his head and hurries to take Sombra measurements
>"This is so humiliating..." Sombra says
>You begin to settle down as your laugh turns into giggles
>"Please, my lord. I'll make it up to you!" Seth says "Don't be angry with me..."
>"Just hurry up!" Sombra says
>Seth does as told and just takes the measurements

Sorry about the weird posting of parts today
Bed Bump
When you said you were writin awkward sexual I was hoping it would be Lance X Adriane clop
As soon as Lance whips it out, Adriane goes EEEWWWWWW and runs away.
As did I, I have a feeling we're going to get it soon though.

As soon as Lance whips it out Ariadne laughs at him and says Sombra's is twice as big.
>As soon as Lance whips it out Ariadne laughs at him and says Sombra's is twice as big.

That'd be why she ran from him. Bigger isn't better, especially not to a massive coward like that weenie hut junior club member.
There might be awkward Lance and Ariadne clop
I haven't decided yet. It would be a part or two if I did.
File: 1432582792826.jpg (185 KB, 590x834) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nahh, give us some Sombra and Ariadne clop tho.
Fine, Give us some non-canon Sombra and Ariadne clop then.

Get the fuck out.
I would love you if you do...

No homo...

Maybe a little...
I want Umbra and Anon to walk in on Lance and Ariadne going at it, mirroring the first time Anon and Umbra did the deed and the guards barged in. It's like poetry; each stanza kinda rhymes with the last. I also want the sound of their lovemaking to be so loud it keeps Sombra awake even from Ariadne's room.
I second this motion.
>When Seth finishes taking the measurements on your brother, he jots them down onto his notepad
>"Okay, that should be it, Lord Sombra." Seth says putting his things away "Have you thought about what you wanted me to make?"
>Sombra, now free from Seth, walks over by the bed
>"Unfortunately I haven't." Sombra says "I was never good with apparel."
>Seth rushes up to him
>"Then please let me make you something!" Seth says "Ever since I first laid eyes on you I already started to brainstorm ideas!"
>You wonder if that's ALL he brainstormed
>"Well my sister did say you made Anonymous's apparel." Sombra says "And I did like his style."
>"So you'll allow it!?" Seth asks
>Sombra nods his head
>"Go ahead, but don't make it too flashy." Sombra says "I am no longer a king, so I have no need to dress as one."
>Seth jumps with joy
>As he lands back on the floor he nods before bowing his head
>"Of course, my lord." Seth says "Anything you wish."
>You smile before hopping off the bed
"Ariadne, please show Seth out." You say "On the way give him fifteen bits for my dress."
>Ariadne nods
"And Seth you may keep the cloak, I feel you'll need it when heading back to your shop."
>You don't want any other pony to see it
>"Thank you, my Queen." Seth says before following Ariadne out
>As the door shuts behind them, you hear Sombra grumble
>"What an ordeal." Sombra says "Never have I had another stallion kiss my rump."
>You giggle before heading to the doors
"I'm gonna go grab something from my room for you to wea for the time beingr." You say "After that we can walk around the castle."

I can't cuck Lance tho...

I guess I'll do it then
File: 1433630528964.gif (2 MB, 195x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 195x150
>I can't cuck Lance tho...
C'mon man, it'd be non-canon so no one really gets cucked.
I don't know, Anon. Other Anons have voiced their opinions on that.
>After rummaging around in your closet, you found something for Sombra to wear
>One of his old capes from before he left
>It was the only thing you had to remember him by
>Returning to his room, you throw the cape at him
>Sombra catches him before bringing it closer to him
>"You actually kept this?" Sombra asks as he looks down at it
"What was I supposed to do? Leave it on the floor as you walked out of the empire?"
>"You're right." Sombra says as he begins to slip on the cape "I'm sorry, Umbra."
>You walk up and hug your brother
"Hush, you're here now and that's all I care about."
>"How can you not be angry with me?" Sombra asks "Anonymous must have told you about the things I did. And you've been reading my journal..."
"Yes I know, but that's in the past." You say "You've changed from the stallion Anonymous told me about."
>Pulling away, Sombra has a small smile on his face
>"Thank you, sister." Sombra says
"What even happened to you back then?" You ask "You just changed one day."
>Sombra shrugs
>"I don't know." Sombra says "One day I woke feeling angry and jealous at you and the empire. After that, hatred fill my heart."
>You think back to the story that Anonymous told you about the other Sombra
>Perhaps he was evil at the start, but then turned to good?
>In turn making your brother evil
>But when the other Sombra absorbed the evil from Celestia and Luna it allowed your brother to return to his usual self
>If that is indeed the case, then damn that other Sombra for changing your brother in the first place
>Upon hearing the door open, you look back to see Ariadne
>"Seth has his bits!" Ariadne says "Are you ready to show Lord Sombra around."
>You look back to Sombra
"Ready to see how I changed the castle?"
>Sombra nods his head before you both head out of the room
Bed bump
>As soon as you step out of the hall you look down to your room
"Eris is going to be your neighbor, Sombra." You say "And you've already seen my room, because of your constant interference of mine and Anonymous's... activities."
>You see Ariadne move closer to your brother
>"I don't like when they really go at it." Ariadne whispers to Sombra "I always have to clean it up in the morning."
>"You poor thing..." Sombra says "I could only imagine the horrors you have to endure the morning after."
>You growl at Sombra which make him look at you
>"You and your lover should stop doing that all together, for Ariadne's sake." Sombra says
>You look over at the both of them
"No." You say "Besides I make sure Ariadne is well compensate for it."
>"She's right!" Ariadne says with a smile "I get to get off work early and that lets me do all sorts of things! Like go on dates with Lance!"
>You look your brother dead in the eyes with an expression that say "Are you going to say something about that?"
>Sombra remains silent
>With a triumphant smile, you walk across the hall before opening the doors
"Here's my study." You say "You can take any book out, but please return them afterwards."
>Sombra walks inside and looks around
>"Impressive." Sombra says "What are these inside this cabinet?"
>You look to see him looking at the one the hold the tomes and scrolls
"Those's are gifts that Star Swirl gave to me after his visit here." You say "They contain very powerful magic."
>Sombra continues to look around before walking out of the room
>"I'll be sure to grab some book tonight before I go to bed." Sombra says
"Help yourself." You say before moving towards the stairs
>Off to the war room

Okay so we'll get to the War room, the maids quarters that hold Ariadne's room, and the ground floor tomorrow. Then after that we'll be back with Anon

You've actually given me ideas about what I can do for that scene
Thank you, Anon
bed bump
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