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Princess Applejack
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Howdy, partner!

What you see here began as a series of comedy-centric stories with the concept of an alicorn-ascended Princess Applejack trying to change a mismanaged Equestria for the better by humorously interacting with the other, quite lazy, princesses.

Not to mention a whole bunch of Changelings with nothing better to do but cause mischief.

The whole thing was set in motion by this gem:


>So, wait, why am Ah' a princess again?

>Because you seem to be the only goddamn one of those ponies who gets that a Princess need to do actual work regarding maintenance of the kingdom. You know how much city planning or trade negotiations Twilight or Luna have done? Fucking nothing. Everyone is obsessed with the world ending threats they think I should fight, but the minute I point out the free health care I have to work to maintain everyone goes quiet. And don't even get me started on Cadence, who can't even manage a basic meeting with the Equestrian Games representative. Fucking annoying. Go do actual princess stuff, because apparently everyone else got the pamphlets mixed up or something and thinks "Princess" means "Beat cop."


Are you feeling creative? Try your hand at writing a story! No contribution is too small and we love having new folks around.

If you're more artistically inclined give a drawing or sketch a shot. Don't fret too much; it doesn't have to be fancy and we appreciate artwork a lot.

If that isn't your style either, writers always need feedback. So tell us what you liked - and what you didn't - to help us improve.

If you are unsure about anything, do not be afraid to ask. We will gladly bring you up-to-date or explain anything you feel is unclear.

Thread 122 and vacations over everyone! Back to work!
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Here is full archive of the stories in condensed, easy-to-read form with all chatter in-between removed.
Check out the pastebin here:

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Check out the previous thread here:https://desustorage.org/mlp/thread/26278593
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And finally, while most of the thread is very much clop free, we have a pastebin in case you're feeling a little more naughty with your writing, find it here. http://pastebin.com/u/PrincessAJAfterDark please upload any like it to a pastebin so they can be added out of thread.
And above all else, enjoy your stay at /paj/!
Well, that's new. And strangely fitting...

It was fun, while it lasted. And hey, at least it wasn't another Partyland... despite taking place over the course of a week.
Yeah, that is kinda funny. PL's three days were like, 12 threads, but we kept going through days just fine with this one.
Meh, we had less storylines going on this time, by shoving everyone in the same two places/one place, we can just focus on them and not "The search for ___" that took up three threads.

We learned.
Pinkie Preview Prophecy

>Rarity needs AJ to drop her pants.
>Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash put the lime in the coconut.
>I drive Twilight in a balloon car!
>Spike falls in love with a mighty giant burrito and has to decide if he wants to eat perfection.
>Celestia and Luna dress up some pigs in pony clothing.
>The Crusaders run into a very slender mare in a suit and have trouble making out her face.
>And her name is BON CENA!
>Diarrhea worth of fanservice!
>Diarrhea worth of fanservice!

I can't tell if you are running out of fan service ideas, or if you are just straight up fucking with us at this point.
The second one.

"Snake Eyes"

>Terribly sorry about that little tantrum, I had no idea those ruffians were your friends.

'It doesn't look like you did a lot of damage thankfully. We'll go say hi after-'

-We deal with this rotten fuck? Aye.-

>Right then, High Roller, what do you have to say for yourself?

"Who's High Roller?"

>Oh piss off with that, I know it's you!

"You're insane, you know that?"

>Why did you look like you'd seen a ghost when you first saw me then?

"Because the bogeymare of Equestria had just casually walked up to me."

>And your immediate attempt to flee the island?

"A bunch of drunks and louts had suddenly taken up residence in my hotel of choice. There went the neighborhood."

>And what about my cockroach?

"...cuckoo! Cuckoo! Are you all hearing this!? These are the ludicrous babbles of a fellow who needs to be in a mental institution! Or at the very least wearing a tinfoil hat! You! All! Have! No! Proof! And there isn't any because MY NAME ISN'T FUCKING SNAKE EYES!


"I said a name that was different from who you said I was, didn't I?"


"I just fucked myself, didn't I?"


=You're bad at this.=




"I. Hate. Everything."
So close to devil quads.
so... how many threads before this stupid fucking reader-unfriendly speaker-indicator style is dropped?
Never? It's a script style design for back and forth sketch comedy. If we tried to go regular script format, then it would have too many lines on the side dictating who is who. If we tried to use that stupid anon format, it would come out looking ridiculous as there's very rarely a singular focus character, and it is more frequently a back and forth with very little description. Usually, if there are more than one character or there is a lot of action, we go to regular prose style. But first back and forth sketch comedy, all you need to know is who is talking, and what they are saying. Nine times out of ten, you don't even need description of where they are located. This also is a result of this website's horribly stupid word count, which only last for a very short bursts. The last word spend on description, the better in sketch comedy.
>are are more than one
More than TEN I meant, fuck brain.

That said, 10 is a little high. More like, 7.
it's fine for short exchanges where u can keep the legend in view, or really long ones where u eventually remember what is who... but fuck if it isn't annoying as all hell. sure sometimes u can figure out easily from speech patterns and context, but often not, so i gotta keep scrolling up (on the phone).
and i don't think

sb>won't we get in trouble?
sl>but it's cool!
ab>yer both idjits

takes up alot more room or makes a greater burden for the writer.
Burden no, but it does take up more room, and that room is very short to begin with. Even in just those three lines you posted right there, you are adding in 6more character count than would normally be. For just that short exchange alone. Now imagine that, on a four post story, or worse. You would be taking out a lot more of the 2,000 character count for no reason. I mean, the freaking DND posts would go insane, they are entirely dialogue and spaced out. If you cram them together like what you just did, reading it would be a mess especially if they ran over.

In addition to that, sad to say, but some people just don't like some characters. So this thing who is in this story at the very top left you just scroll past. If you did the same thing anyway and then also used your format, you would use up far too much of your limited character count on that for no reason.

For this website, the format works the best we found. The one you're suggesting was tried way back in thread four or five, with the 17 stories. People didn't like Reading the format, and it never got on. Sorry its an inconvenience, but it us having to work around a very limited character count without eating up multiple posts for which should be in 1 post story.
You're also not really getting into characters that you can't abbreviate into two letters without it getting confusing. Like, how could you condense chrysalis and Chitty in the same story into two letters? And if you add on just one more letter, you're also eating up more of the 2000 character post. When instead, you could just list them at the top and be done with it.

It's not a perfect system, it's just the one that works so far the best with 4chan stupid fucking post restrictions
Little by little, we learned.
in my example ONE more character per line actually. cause no closing quote mark. you're right about may need one or 2 more for some characters, but we're talking about an insignificant character increase in virtually all cases.
i wouldn't mind the current system if the same characters were always used for the same characters hueyes, that was REALLY pathetic but having them change on most instalments means i can't ever get used to an association.

will just have to agree to disagree.
cause it still drives me fucking nuts.
G'night thread
Night to you
morning anon
And it would have gotten away for it, it wasn't for that meddling roach.
So TV wise, how many eps do you think the Beach Filler Arc was?

I'm thinking maybe 15?
Depends on how much stuff could/would you cram in.
Standard 20min episodes?
I would say, take how fast you can read dialogue out loud of all the arc combined, multiply it by two for necessary transitions, and divide by 20 min per episode.

If someone can provide wordcount and average words-per-minute out loud reading/talking speed, we can actually calculate this.

About 10 or less I think
Ok, so apparently speech speed is about 100 wpm.

Anyone care enough to check word-count?
Then we'd also have to consider 'actions' too, and how the animation itself was handled.

I'd kill to see that entire prank war animated in an over-the-top way like OPM or something.
File: honesty.jpg (76 KB, 913x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 913x367
Maaaay wanna be careful next time we use the phrase "burtal honesty" in one of AJ's big stories
To be fair, the second under brutal honesty is mostly true as a good majority of the cast was stupid as fuck in the beginning. And even now.
The way I see it, its faster to show than to narrate.
The time gained from that could be spent on transitions, cinematics etc.
> how the animation itself was handled
The way I see it, imagine it as a bunch of short moments recorded by a amateur camera, with half-a-second of static in between. Ultimate 'show, don't tell'.
A little bit longer than the Gala for sure, but not 15.
"Guard 2"

>...So the princesses are coming back, right?


>I mean, they wouldn't just run off and leave us, right?

"Probably not."


"I mean, there's a chance, but then there's also a chance that our captain also ran off or something."


"Not saying he did."


"...I mean, sure, I would if all this shit happened, I'd probably run off and just forget about all these ungrateful jerks, but they wouldn't."


"I mean, probably."

>...I should have been a dentist.

>So is there a reason she's been crying on her side for a while now?

"Probably something stupid."

>Lyra! I'm supposed to be the slightly jerkish one!

"...Slightly? You scoffed at the freaking Element of Harmony for not being popular."

>You can't prove that was me and not one of the six or so me's running around! YOU'VE SEEN THEM!

"I have not."

>They're real, I tell you! They're real!

"Just tell me what she's crying about."

>Fine... Berry? What's wrong?

'W-why is the rum gone... why is the rum gone?'


"You were saying?"

>Even a broken clock is a bitch two times a day.
I notice you said careful, not don't, and I applaud that.

>Assumes stupidity of the recipient.

That comes up way more than it should.
>Suckerpunch asks for more time off... while on vaction..
>42 and Spike engage in diversionary tactic, Spike wins.... kinda?
>Fleur goes to check on Fancy, finds him curled up under his desk after getting a first hoof account of all of Equestria's ills.
>They then proceed to go mess around with everything, because of course. It also turns out that when Fancy puts a helmet on his head, Fluer can't recognize him, prompting Fancy to wonder about cloning.
>The prank war gets crazier, with both sides going back and forth, but mostly managing to hurt themselves. Chrysalis especially.
>Twilight needs to make sorry cake for Shiny.
>Cadence, tired and drained due to lack of food, thinks she finished her paperwork, and goes out to celebrate.
>Octavia's and Chitania's battle still has not ended, with so much time passed both are on the edge. When Chitania makes Octy trip up thanks to calling SN food, Chitania is the winner!
>And then Octavia smashed her cello into Chitty's head.
>Chitty then begins chasing Octavia, and nobody can stop her.
>Snake Eyes prepares to leave, thinking that 32 is closing in, it turns out 32 really was just being friendly, and he stops him on his way out. SN's is almost in the clear, until Reggie recognizes him.
>Then 32 gets very, very mad.
>Then begins one wild ass chase, which brings in Daw, 77, Pommel and Sunset as they go after Snake Eyes as he goes all over Puerto Burro and eventually ends up in the water.
>Eventually, after an... odd interlude when Rat and Crew arrive and Lavan's magic wears off, causing them to fall on 32's head before he tosses them to Canterlot, only to have them tossed back, Snake Eyes is caught!... And he is playing the lying game to try to get out of this.
>29 is relaxing on the boat eventually with the others, having put aside his fear. When he asks for one of then to oil him up so he tans right, and don't ask why he's tanning chitin, Trixie steps up to the plate!
>Long story short, he ends up in the water. Longer story short, there's a bunch of ghost children down there. Longest story short, he goes full cold determination, drives the boat to the shore at reckless speeds and nearly crashes when he arrives, and then disguises himself as a random pony, and tells the other three to stay put.
>They don't.
>Lucky spots 29 going crazy and 32 trying to burn down the ocean, flips a bit, ends up going off to deal with the 29 thing and takes Quicksilver, SG and Suckerpunch with him.
>Mane-Iac and Fluttershy want to hang out.
>Cadence collapses looking for food.
>Fuzzy and the Buzz get a weird call
>Screwloose makes it to the Gunclub room, recognizes Blueblood's gun... somehow.
>SA senses Cadence needs him and floats off. Chrysalis has no idea what just happened.
>88 finally can go home! But learns she can't take any mini-changelings with her, they can't leave the valley. She promises to return, and her and lavan leave.
>And then said valley is stumbled upon by none other than... Diamond and Party Favor... from Glimmers village. Huh.
>SA comes across the office, and Cadence's work. To his dismay, he finds that without food, Cadence became a little... off the longer she worked. To the point where she was drawing kitties at the end. Yes, Kitties.
>PJ, who had been hiding until now, notices Jetset having trouble down below, and goes off to say hi.
>Cadence dreams everyone is telling her she did a good job.
>The CMC's train is out of control because Vekir knocked out the conductor, and about to crash at a fork in the road. While Winona wants to do a completely improbable and stupid move to escape, instead Sweetie offers they just let the train run out of steam and not add any more to it. They go with option B, and end up somewhere they don't recognize.
>Applejack, looking for a snack, stumbles across Cadence knocked out. While she just wants to get her food and go, she accidentally wakes Cadence up.
>Trapped, her and Cadence begin to talk, and soon they're having a heart to heart about their failings as Princesses. Cadence on her paperwork front, and Applejack on her magic front. They both wonder why the other took to what they were lacking so readily, and wonder if maybe they just can't improve on them.
>Even so, after revealing that for once she doesn't have an answer to it, Applejack says that regardless, she can't give up learning. Not because she needs to or it's vital, but because all her friends think she can, and she doesn't want to let them down. She leaves after telling Cadence she believes in her too, and Cadence has to decide if she wants to keep trying.
>She does, when she goes back to the office. Shining soon finds her, and he's not going anywhere.
>Twilight and Spike try to get 42 drunk, it backfires.
>Flash and Fizzle are still waiting, talks get... weird.
>Pinkie get crazy in her search for the bomb. Really, really crazy.
>But soon, crazy pays off, and she stumbles across... something.
>Despite her knowing it's crazy, she decides to handle it herself.
>Long story short, she could not handle it herself.
>Out of fucking nowhere, a giant spider-crab the size of a building attacks the Villa and everyone there, and he's carrying Pinkie Pie!
>The crab can talk too, and summons the various denizens of the ocean to rise up and take the surface world.
>Thus, the battle is on! A war wages between the main seven sans Pinkie and Fluttershy with every one of the CE crew sand SA and Cadence, and the creatures of the ocean... except Pinchy, he decided to stuck with Two, because wibbles.
>It's a total curbstomp for the ocean army, who can't even scratch the protagonists and their various teamup moves.
>All the while, Pinkie gets a little sad this means they're probably gonna go home. But a pep talk from Two eventually gets her out of her funk.
>The crab's plans falling apart makes him go drastic. We're talking whalebombs and sand sharks drastic.
>Neither of these work.
>So the crab threatens Pinkie, who manages to hit him in the eye with hot butter thanks to cute changeling delivery service, and is free.
>Then, he decides he's going to detonate the bomb, which might work!
>Kaiju battle goes on, with Applejack joining into the fray at one point, and the crab is defeated when Centitrain remembers that Electric Types are super effective against Water Types.
>Broken and defeated, the crab shuffles off into the water... but he has one last trick up it's Pincer!
>It summons a giant tsunami that will rain devastation upon the land! Destroy everything! Wreck the coast for generations to come! He will-
>"That's enough"
>And now it's all gone.
>The answers why everything, bodies included, all vanished become pretty apparent when they all spot Fluttershy down at the shore, and sure enough, it turns out it was Discord! Just causing a little bit of chaos. Because he does that.
>Still, it looks like everything's fine... until they notice the bomb is active. And Discord can't poof it away because Fluttershy overdid turning off his powers.
>Everyone panics, and after a failed attempt where she makes the bomb BIGGER, Flutteshy sends the bomb off!
>Toooo Pinkie's Aunt's old hatch, where it blows up the rum... and everything. And then launches the shack into the villa, which it destroyed.
>Finally, they get around to asking Centitrain why it showed up, and she spits a note in AJ's face.
>It turns out.. it's time to go home, and everyone is sad. They have to leave...
>But mayyyybe after one last wild party.
>The beach arc... is over.
As always, appreciated.

I know the wiki is fucked, but I am probably going to update the timeline when I get a chance, just cause.
Well, that was weird...
Guess he just wants us to know they exist.
What happened?
Repost of the Flash and Fizzle post from last thread.

Probably a mistake copy from a note pad or something.
>CE guard
"CE Pony"

>You realize you're going to have to put it all back, right?

"Yeah... Yeah..."

>...one more, for old times?

"Hi! I'm Shiny! Bubbles Bubbles!"

>Ha ha!

How do we count OOCOs in the recaps?
He's actually brought it up he isn't sure, as its a recap of the storyline of that thread, and OOCO can happen anywhere, and isn't nessecarily taking place right there. The only excepting is in continuous storylines like the Spike one or 7s.

>... We feel like we missed something...
Well, what about OOCO's that happened within the threads story, just not in order?


"Well, dear, you finished!"


"Aren't you happy? It's over!"


"Stop staring."


"Please stop staring at literally nothing."


"You can stare, I don't mind if you stare, but you have to stare at something."







"...Um... that doesn't cout as domestic abuse, right? The mares talk."



>I've heard Apploosa is wonderful this time of year.

"That bad?"

>Don't worry if you forget to turn off the stove and everything burns down, I doubt they'd notice.

When that happens I try to put them in order in the recap in the place where they happened, the only issue arises if I skim over it a little too fast because most OOCO's could have happened that thread or 100 threads ago, like the "Got a question" ones. Another issue is if the timeline is really vague, like that one drowning story last thread, which I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be connected to the drowning story from three threads ago, or if it's supposed to be happening just before the chaos hit. Due to it's referencing of that event, it gets vague, so I leave it up to the writer to come forwards and say "That actually happened ____" to clarify.

>It's about damn time.

Her agents had already informed her that the 'rulers' had been sent for, sure to be back before the setting of this sun. Her time spent idle would pay off, at last.

With a clop of her hoof, a silent set of hoofsteps entered into her private room, never seen, no matter how close they would come. Waiting on her, and her words, as they should.

>Do tell me what they found.

"You're sure you don't want to show up yourself? It'll look suspicious."

>I'm long since past the point of caring.

This did not seem to sit well with the one in her room, but they did not question it.

"As you wish. What am I to listen for?"

>Everything, it doesn't matter what they found.

"...as you wish."

Clearly uncertain, not knowing what that means, yet too loyal to ever say a word.

Everything was exactly as it should be.

>Welcome home, princesses. I hope you enjoyed your stay abroad.

Her champagne bubbled in the suns light as she held it up. Preemptive, perhaps... but she felt it deserved.

>Who knows?... Maybe you'll get to go back again all too soon... and stay there.

If only they knew what they were coming home to....

They would never have come back.
God damn it stop sounding like a-wait you're SUPPOSED to be the villain, carry on
Weird hearing that and not hain it be accidental, isn't it?

=How the fuck do you know that reference!? How!? Fuck you it's not like we have TV over here! How do you know that!?=

>Oh, dear... I guess I've run out of time.

The room was immaculate, pristine, the very picture of what it had been before, down to the letter, and he meant that very much literally. Every single scrap of paper was exactly as he found it, not an inch off from where it had been during his 'investigation'. Why, if any saw it, they would wonder if he had touched anything at all.

Which, of course, was the whole point.

>Well, no worries! I've certainly gotten everything I need.

"You sure?"

His every step was light as he left the office, practically floating on air, much as a pegasus would. But the earth pony needed no wings to fly, he was quite alright as he was.

>Indeed! I've gotten everything I need.

Happy, even as he tossed a substantial bag of bits over his shoulder, to a waiting set of hooves that eagerly caught it.

>You know what to tell them, don't you?

"Yeah. I've got it."

>Good good, pleasure doing business with you, ma'am! Best get back, don't want to look like you're lagging behind.

"No, sure don't..."

He smiled, and he skipped, all the way out to the door.

>Oh, and do give the other guard my regards, I'm quite appreciative of all of your work!

He didn't need to look back to know the other pony had winced. Nor did he need to look back to know that, all the same, she stuffed the massive back of bits into her armor to hide it without hesitation. He was already lost in his own little world.

>My oh my, such a wonderful day.

Already lost thinking about everything that was yet to come.

>I hope the mayor enjoys it, while she can.
Damn it, Filthy!

We have enough problems with the one person who does business as it is!
Now now, he probably has a good reason. Or it is just crazy. It goes the way you never expect with this thread
Probably both.

Leaking crazy.
>CE guard 1
"CE guard 2"

>So you see my problem.



>She just keeps looping, hasn't stopped yet, and I don't know what to do.




"...I say we set everything on fire."


"Oh I'm sorry, did you not want something crazy to come from me? Well then, maybe you shouldn't have expected me to somehow fix this stupid situation you put in front of me."

>You're a real dick sometimes.

"At least I'm not killed by a giant black changeling monster. What do you think, lady?"




"Shut up."
>who does business

I'm sorry, did anybody else just see that guy from Bojack?

"So I was over at the stock place, doing a business..."
I just thought of Princess Unikitty

"Business business business, numbers numbers numbers...is this working?"


Finally caught up on last thread, is the 29 thing getting cut off? Can't tell with the omakes if that was the author or not.
Meh, if we want to shuffle Pommel and co home, we can just leave the guard out of it. That was the original intention, but my fault for not getting it out faster. But hey, that's why I mostly only write 29 anyway, he's disconnected enough from the main plot I can do my own thing and not hold up the overarching story.

Wasn't my intention, but if we want Lucky and his merry band off with Pommel headed back to Canty town, no skin off my nose, just have them lose him and turn around. Storyline can proceed all the same, just tweaked so sans guard.
Awww, that would be a little sad. Was a little interested in seeing the shlub guards get a moment.
well, someone got scared this would be partyland the second, so we're packing up before we could have fun with the side characters who got on their journey late
To be fair, that's a legit concern that we'd get too caught up in the side numbers again.

That is one of the causes that made PL bloat so much.
yeah, but to just cut shit off and leave shit hanging
LIKE A CERTAIN CREW OF A CERTAIN BOAT feels wrong, don't you agree?
And one of the reasons the timeline slowed so much.

I dunno, at the very least right now is a good time so that the side-guard CAN be cut out and not be left hanging, as they hadn't even met with 29 yet. 29's storyline can apparently continue just fine, and he's right, 29 doesn't really have a big impact on anyone else, he can have his fun and not really affect stuff.

Likewise, we don't HAVE to leave the crew hanging, we can just... like, have them and Pom talk if they want, they're right there, the important thing was catching Snake Eyes, who is caught.

I dunno, sucks that Quicksilver and SG and LS can't get their moment, but between that and holding up the storyline for them or stretching out a beach episode for them, I don't see it as worth it.

>...This place is kinda boring.


>It's like, nothing happens around here

"I'm sad to say it considering how many times I've almost died, but I miss Canterlot."





>Ughhh... wanna just go back to the hotel room for a bit and have our own fun?

"I dunno, it's pretty dirty in there."

>Oh pleeeeease, since when do you care about being dirty?

"This is a different kind! This is like.. ick kind."

>Compared to...?

"Look, I just think it's not so... clean?"

>Fine, fine... what if we did it in the shower?

"In... in the shower? That's so... so..."


"...Let's do it."

>Ohhh yeah.




"Juggling in the shower. It's so... naughty! But I love it!"

>This is great!

"You can see the water in every-FUCKING HOLES!"

>... we need to do this back home.

There is something weirdly unsettling about that.
They aren't. They suck, they always sucked, and always will suck.
>and will always suck
>wanting the guard to be a status quo
that shouldn't be how we operate, we need to show them as competent, like the CE guards mostly are
To be fair we haven't actually shown them as INcompetent in... wow, fucklong time. Even against Chitty, they proved they could be competent, though admittedly not supereffective. Though I don't know if that's a valid complaint as the CE guard were competent but not effective against any threat they fought.

It's not like they're still a joke who get punked by plushies, they've been better for a while.
>a dog with a sword was more help during the plush incident than anyone
Amazing. Go, Winona.
Bitch is crazy good.
Anon, if you were hoping to get points for that, you get none.

You get no points.

Yeah, we stopped with the guards sucking a looooong time ago. Now they're just "Not as good as the fuckstupid strong main characters/antagonists". Can't exactly be like "Well clearly these guys should be able to shrek Chitania and if they can't they're garbage."
You misunderstand. There's just plain no helping some things, any time someone gets a pie in the sky dream of helping the guard, something ends up happening and it gets shut down.

>DT steps in to help
>"No, it should be Pommel!"

>Pommel becomes captain
>"He needs to resolve things with DT first!"

>Pommel takes the guard into the simulator to train

>41 and Sucker Punch formulate a way for her to use her changeling powers to help train the guard.

>Daw grabs some action movies to plug in the simulator and help train the guard
>That fucking agony arc starts and it's dropped

>Someone cries Partyland and we close up shop.

Face facts. The thread itself doesn't want them as anything more than buffoons to be cannonfodder. Stop trying to do the impossible and focus on characters people actually give a shit about. Move on.
To be double fair though, if Quicksilver and Haymaker and whoever got left behind, uh... would we really be holding up the plot? Could just have Pommel talk to the train pony and-
>Right, did the other ponies who were with me board the train?
>Oh, sweet! Canterlot here we come!
~~~~Five minutes later~~
>Miss? I can't find my other guards
"Who are they?"
>You said they got on the train!
"No, I said the others that got off with you are back on, and there was like... a looooot of them."
>OH NO! What a silly misunderstanding! Oh well, they'll come back on the next train.

Not that hard.
>>Pommel becomes captain
>>"He needs to resolve things with DT first!"
>>Pommel takes the guard into the simulator to train
>>41 and Sucker Punch formulate a way for her to use her changeling powers to help train the guard.
>>Daw grabs some action movies to plug in the simulator and help train the guard
>>That fucking agony arc starts and it's dropped
...Oh no! Instead of montages where the guard are instant better, STORY HAPPENED, and Pommel had to face a new problem with DT that he had to figure out, Pommel takes the guard in to train and everything goes crazy and fun, 41 and SP mention doing a little training gig and instead we get a massive fucking brawl in the middle of the hallway filled with impossible odds and a damn giant monster attack, and Daw sets up something that we can expand upon but didn't right then because a storyline that's older than Daw and Pommel combined finally came to a head!

If you were hoping to make this look like the guard aren't doing anything interesting then wow did that backfire.

I mean, fuck, you just listed events that had them trapped in a VR reality against a god taking over a machine, fighting the threat that stomped Canterlot and getting caught up in a powerstuggle, and even an actual character building moment in there too. And all through it, the guard actually improve, because you get better when you fight giant monsters apparently.

Kinda shot yourself in the foot there.
I guess that's true, we've proven pretty definitively that when we just try to instant fix something the story comes out just fucking awful and boring.

I mean, one of these stories was "41 does changeling stuff" and instead we had the entire guard literally fight CHITANIA instead, and it turns out it's all one great big plot from the Wonderbolts against Dash filled with political intrigue. That just plain makes a more interesting story.

Even the only one of those that didn't have any action wasn't a way to keep the guard down, it was that seeing Pommel clash with DT was way too interesting to gloss over.

Huh. We actually have been doing way better than I thought we were with the guard, and they're right, the guard never slipped back into incompetence, we just had them fight over the top threats to get them there instead of just training. And we didn't even make them super badass ultramarine wankers to do it.

Kudos, /pa/, you did it so well i didn't even notice.
>Stalliongrad soldier

>Do we... report this?

The moment the two thickly dressed, well wrapped earth ponies looked to each other, they shuddered, and it had nothing to do with the cold.

Before them was the third of their comrades to be found outside of the hanger, face down in the dirt, only their strong fur coats staying on keeping them from becoming a victim of the icy wind of Stalliongrad. Upon his face, a smile. Upon his breath, something very, very strong, and alcoholic.

"He will be punished quite severely for drinking on job, comrade."

>Da, but he is third one. This cannot be good, they will get found eventually, and they will blame us for not stopping in name of greatest country, Stalliongrad.

"Suspicious, he is not heavy drinker."

>The cold gets to the best of us, comrade, this makes us feel warm.

"Da, da..."

>...You know, if we take them in ourselves, we will get reward.

"Take them in to commander?"

>Or take them back in and hide them. Big debt, no?

"Ahhh, big debt indeed. But pay for bringing in slackers is handsome."

>Well, there are three...

They smiled again. Had the one before them been awake, he would have been the one shuddering.

>Come come, comrade, we will bring you to place nice and warm...

Soon, there was a single trail in the snow, and even that was quickly covered by the falling ice. There was no sign any had ever been there, and no one around to witness it.

Nor anyone around to witness when a shape dropped down.

A shape that very much resembled the pony that had just been dragged away.

~BBB, I found my in. Going in.~


~Roger that... comrade.~
It's that /pa/ magic, man. Gotta love it.
It's obviously not intentional, we just get wrapped up in concurrent storylines.

The DT one played in to her trying to show up AJ because of the Fillydelphia fallout which meant she had no chance of taking over the guard. The Wonderbolt one was a long result of Spitfire's treatment, and the Red VR thing was the result of Pommel becoming Captain and his past coming back to haunt him.

It's about the story, man. That the guard markably improved is just because story which is how it should be.
...DAMN ten, it's just a hipster.
>the first guy you ever hired
>just a hipster
Yes, but he is her fucking hipster.

10 is the peppy happy reporter who always wants the scoop, yeah, but she is still a MOTHERFUCKING BUG MONSTER

And she is all too happy to live up to that if you fuck with her reporters.
Huh, that's actually a good point. This is the very first anyone she ever hired, the very first guy who ever even wanted to be hired by her, that's gotta be special to her. He really is her hipster.
>we just had them fight over the top threats to get them there instead of just training. And we didn't even make them super badass ultramarine wankers to do it.

I do kinda wish we had them fight someone their own weight class, though. It was nice seeing Pommel get to be useful against Snake Eyes. Impossible fights are interesting, but need some variety.
....Like what we're doing?

I agree, 29 anon. It's not like Canterlot needs Quicksilver so desperate that they can't be without him for a bit, just have Pompom comically leave them behind or something and keep on keeping on.
>he said
>unaware of the truth

Yeessss, Yeessss, soon. Without him THE JEW-er, changeling can take over!
>CE Pony

>Uggghhh... what happened?

"We partied for like, a week."




"We also slept together."

>OH NO! My wife is gonna kill me!

"Oh, I think she'll be okay with it..."



>That's not my wife.

"...Oh, shit."

'I have made regretful choices.'
Motherfucker don't give me that.

Bitch and AJ ain't resolved shit which was the crux of DT fucking off trying to give the guards outside help.

They cowered in a fucking building until Twi saved their asses.

They got their asses whipped until Pommel figured out a plan that required the changelings to help...and STILL failed.

Stand around being awkward while Sunset and Pommel have to deal with Bugzilla and THAT blew up in their faces until AJ came back.

Good stories? Yes. But guess what, none of it means that the guard doesn't fucking suck and them eeeeever actually showing true competence is a pipedream as longas other, better characters are around to do the work that this bunch of douchebags and losers just aren't cut out for (a.k.a anything other than standing around looking ridiculous).
>Bitch and AJ ain't resolved shit which was the crux of DT fucking off trying to give the guards outside h

Which hurts the guard... how? That just means DT's subplot is unresolved, but not the one with the guard, which was resolved when she talked to Pommel.

>They cowered in a fucking building until Twi saved their asses.

No, they eventually did fight, and then just didn't let Red escape. In the simulator is different.

>They got their asses whipped until Pommel figured out a plan that required the changelings to help...and STILL failed.

Nope. They didn't win, but they contain Chitania, didn't run away from her this time, and actually managed to hold her still for a second, showing growth in characters(they didn't flee), growth in competence(they worked together with each other just fine, and when Pommel told them to they banded together just fine with the changelings) and finally growth as individuals when they left on good terms with the changelings, ending 70+ threads worth of strife between the two, strife that has remained dead.

Oh, and then, you know, they got together and all personally stopped the robots that uprose a second later, and they did it without anyone getting hurt.

>Stand around being awkward while Sunset and Pommel have to deal with Bugzilla

Actually, they were busy crowd controlling and holding back the mob, which they did. Remember that? Remember how, even when Ponyville lost it's shit, they got together and made sure nobody got hurt, and even held their ground when Chitania was stomping through? All the while, Pommel and Sunset figured out how to stall said Bugzilla, despite simply not having the ability to stop her?

Face it, they've been showing competence and handling situations faaaarr beyond what they could reasonably handle and doing it far better than ever before, and they're only getting better each time.

Cause that's what happens when you're in good stories, you grow. And that's exactly what they did.

>Okay everyone, the investigation is over, you can all...

The guard, a fine specimen among the new crop of Canterlot's defenders stopped in his tracks.

Before him was a huddle of everyone that had been in the already cramped cell, clinging for dear life as exactly half of it was now nothing but a jagged collection of debris falling off into a scenic view of the city proper.


>Uh, I just meant the people that WEREN'T supposed to be in there, you two guys still gotta stay.

Thiiis close Flim and Flam. This close.

Wait, who were the other two who said thank goodness? I didn't think Blueblood and Arana would mind spending time with them, and the Morlocks would say something creepy
Uh. The thank goodness is more 'Oh thank Faust I thought we were gonna die' because the Pirate Ship crashed through half their cell.
Ohhh, totally missed that the ship hit them, I didn't think Fancy was standing next to it or anything, and we only heard it from them.

I just assumed they wrecked the place themselves.
They'll get out some day.

Some day...
...Wait, was that hole always there, and Flim/Flam didn't run?


They at least better knock some years off your... um... life sentence, I guess? Get out when you're 80 like a boss.
Goodnight, thread.
Night, anon.
Hey man, hope you will still get love.


She walked about the all but abandoned embassay, her steps measured, her posture perfect, she looked this way and that, her face smug.

>Soon they'll be back...

She stepped into one room in particular, grinning over her grisly work, truly this would be a triumph that would go well with her returning sight.

>My brothers have no idea what awaits them! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

"A cake!"


"...but you are baking a cake. It smells scrumptious. I assume. I do not have a nose."

>I uhm...well this is embarassing...y'know my queen?

"I know *A* your Queen."

>Not mini queen, mini queen's a little bitch. Well I mean, so's my Queen but y'know she's got this thing.


>Yeah, thing, she talks all ominous and evil and such but then it turns out she meant like she made you a macaroni picture or something.


>And I just kinda wanted to see what thar was like? Gotta admit, it's preeeetty fun, don't see why 32 complains so hard when he does it accidentally.

"May I try?"


"Ahem, yessss, yesssss...they will all have no idea the reckoning of flavor that awaits them. Their tastebuds will be obliterated by the might of the sweetness that shall overtake them! So great will be the explosion of glorious taste that even their grandchildren will be in awe of its might!"

>Woo, good one!

"That IS fun! I still must meet your Queen, she sounds very interesting."

>Oh yeah yeah yeah, I'll meet and greet you two in no time, but fiiiirst, since you mentioned children, gimme a hand slipping a few of these into 77's slice...

"These are 'Poor Unfortunate Foals' brand...fertility pills?"

>That bastard has been shooting blanks for too damn long! I don't care if it's the Antifaust, I need me a niece or nephew! We need a discreet number so he won't detect them...or y'know, just all of them. All the pills.

"You are very excited about this."

You're enjoying drugging your brother way too much
Faster warm up, soon, soon she will expand her actions. Soon she will get, everything... Everything. Soon come the babies.
I'm sorry folks. I thought I could power though to make the show go on tonight, but I can't. I'm dealing with some rl family stuff that's gone beyond my control and it's depressing me. If I don't post something tomorrow night, it means I'm on a break until I feel better.

Don't worry, I'm not planning to end LNPP, I just feel like crap right now and don't think I'm in a good state to write.
Awwww, that's too bad.

The depressing, not the show thing. The show can go on whenever you feel up to it, but personal stuff is personal stuff. Hope you feel better, and things improve. Will be waiting when you want to come back and bring the laughs.
Get better soon, buddy. Times can be tough, but never forget there some people that are always here to wait for you.
Miss you till you get bacl, /pa/l
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I'm telling you guys, we're gonna end up with Pic Related if 77 and Cheerilee conceive
>Making two strangers have a baby with cake

Well, someone has been playing Minecraft.

So sorry to hear that. Wish I could do more than wish you well, but unfortunately that's all I can do.

Hope things get better for you.


"Ahhh, quit yer' bellyachin' and put yer' dang baggage on the train!"

>That is not a train, that is a fucking centipede.


>You are!


>You're a centipede and I'm not giving you my bag!





"She's a centitain, actually."

>Oh, well, that's so-


>inb4 Centitrain, Reggie, Winona, and that crab form the /pa/ Zoo Crew
>Muscle, smart one and comic relief

It fits weirdly well.
It's also Girl-Girl-Boy, which is pretty unique to trios.

Yay! We're progressive! We get a smug sense of satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment without even having done anything yet! That's how you know you've made it.

Please don't take that serious, I just could not resist.
>Ignoring the Crab

Ok, I admit I forgot his/her name, but still!
It's Pinchy.
Actually, I wasn't counting Reggie in the trifecta, as he would be a mascot, not a comic relief. Pinchy is a guy, and his whole shtick is being comically hurt thus far, so he's the comic relieft. Centitrain would be muscle and Winona is smart one.

>I did it...

She was happy.

A confusing sight to any of the others to be sure. The sight of her sitting there, in her destroyed yet still standing office, smiling, happy, had to be strange at the very least. She did not care, didn't even seem to acknowledge them, she was happy.

>I did it... I stayed in the whole trip...

"You uh, you did. And that's... good?"

Much like them, much like anyone would be, he wasn't sure what to think right now. His wife was happy, that was usually all it took for him to be happy. He was easy to please like that.

It was more what she said, what she implied perhaps accidentally with her words, that worried him.


"But... you didn't get to spend any time with us."

The wall of happiness that had been thrown up cracked. It was not a large crack, it was not enough to shatter her smile, but it was there.

>I know... but... but...

She shook, trying to think with every brain cell in her head, trying her best to use her extended knowledge of everything social to put it into words.

>But she'll understand, when she's older. And maybe she'll be...

It took a second for it to sink in, a second for it to 'click' in his brain. When it did, he finally smiled.

"She'll be proud of you."

That was all that needed to be said.

>...You think we can get our own rooms on the trainride back?

And that was all that needed to be said before the stallion was ready to toss every bit in the Empire for a train that had a soundproofed room.

This was now his favorite vacation.
>Three of them have an exoskeleton
>Winona is only one with fur


Wait, is it racist if we make her the leader?

And thus, Flurry is made.
"Wellllllll, as long as it has an en-suite..."

It's a joke that keeps on giving
>Wait, is it racist if we make her the leader?

Yes, but we don't care because we were progressive in another way, so we get points or something and anyone who disagrees is ___ist.

It's a complicated system.

"You know I feel bad for him."


"Such a good soul condemned to death because of our daughter's pettiness? Never to experience the immortality granted to those around him? It must be horrible."


"You know, *I* haven't used the spell ever, perhaps I could just..."




>Sorry dear, so clumsy, did you miss?

"...define miss."


'OW! My dick! What the hell!? Oh forget it, Cadence is a-calling!'

Nine months later!


"Huh...didn't see that coming."

That is what happened with our third crew. We spent half the arc having Pommel invite everyone individually. I mean we had two different stories for Cheerilee to come and she didn't do anything.
AJ is usually hitting 4 of the 5. And hits 5 of 5 more often than she should. So Brutally Honest is a perfect descriptor of her.
Actually? Looking back at it, she hits 10 out of 10 at varying levels, although the
>assumes stupidity of the recipient
is the most prevalent, especially in the progenitor threads.

She's just brutally loving, or lovingly brutal.
A for those she likes, B for those she doesn't.
I admit sometimes I just want to punch AJ for how she acts but I wouldn't change her.
>Faustmom is as petty as Celly

I love it.

>Sorry about your shack, Pinkie.

"Yeah... I'm gonna miss it. Lot of good memories in there."

>I'm so sorry... is there anything we can do to make it up to you?

"Welllll, there is one thing."

>Oh? That's great! What is it!

"Don't arrest my auntie?"


"You owe me this one Twi!"

>Pinkie she made a bomb.

"DO THIS FOR ME TWILIGHT! Be a princess!"

>That's a horrible abuse of my power-

"I'll tell them what you said about your brother in the diary!"


>Oh, oh dear...


>Apparently the investigation found it's a threat to national security, since you could accidentally hear classified information and nobody would know... also, there is someone crawling around in the vents, that's just plain unsafe.

"I only ever got caught in the fans twice!"

>...Making a note of that, but you're not allowed to be up in the corner anymore until Applejack says okay. Should take like, two seconds.

"But where am I gonna sleep until then!?"

>Oh, Arana! You needn't worry about that, you're always welcome in my abode. I don't have much room, but I'll gladly share it.

"Huh... yay! I get to sleep with Blueblood!"

>...now, see, when you say it like that-

"Me and Bluey, sleeping togeeeether!"

>Perhaps referring to it as a sleepover would be more-

"Gettin' tanlged in the covers, havin' a fun time!"

>Er, that exact description is a little... much.

"We're gonna play hoofies under the covers!"

>...what... oh! Your socks, right, can you please clafity that to whoever might be listening-

"Yayyy! We're gonna get into all sorts of trouble! Who knows what crazy stuff is gonna go where!"

>...I would just like to note for anyone listening, I'm not into children.

"Why would that matter? I'm older than you are."

>............................well, that's conflicting....................

>Right, so that's him squared away, guess we'll need to prepare for the trip home. I'll take my roach and my rock please.

"Right right, I...uhh...what rock?"

>...what do you mean what rock? The tiny pony figurine that's alive!

"The hell? That thing's alive!?"




>Oh, she should be fine, you say? What gives you that idea?


>...securing evidence how?





>Oh, uh...you got his dufflebag. Good work, Q! Wonder what's in it...

"Beeeest not to open it, I'm not too caught up legal mumbo jumbo but that's probably tampering."

>Well one of us is going to have to carry the damned thing.

"One of us? We're in this together, Buggo, gimme some help with this."





>Filly lovers the world over just got a boner

Well, we'll just... confinscate that for... evidence....
>"Why would that matter? I'm older than you are."
HA! Holy shit I almost forgot about that.
Easy system to remember!

>Arana = looks/acts young but is actually older
>2 Looked/acted older but was actually kindergartener
File: Vekky.png (123 KB, 392x716) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 392x716
And remember:

>Vekir is just short, but she doesn't understand you can fuck without having kids so she don't wanna.
>Mane-iac looks like an adult and otherwise acts like a(crazy) adult, but only understands a world that would fit into a childrens comic
>>Arana = looks/acts young but is actually older

>Also she has nothing. Just a leotard. Which is her skin. It's complicated.
Ha ha!

It's actually funny because most animes have some sorta freaky complicated genetic reason like they're elves/dragons/vampires/aliens or magic reason like they're gods or something, but Arana?

Nope! She's just stunted both physically and mentally because she got crammed in a cave as a little kid and didn't get out till way later. That's it. She's just short because while the creatures loved her they couldn't feed her enough, and she acts like a kid because that's when her contact with the outside world essentially stopped.
...we have quite the interesting cast of mentally fucked up characters.








It all happened so fast.

First, the earth pony stopped.

Then her pursuer attempted to stop.

Then, mid turn, the celloist's hoof stuck out at exaaaactly the wrong angle.

Then, next thing anyone knew, Chitania was tumbling... tumbling... tumbling...

Right into a water fountain.





"GAH! NO! No! That is a load of bloody baloney! You wankers are supposed to be weak to water! I got you in the fountain, now melt or something!"

>AAAGG- what? No, we just can't swim, so water deeper than our bodies is dangerous to us. This water isn't very deep at all, it's not a problem.

"...ohhhh, oh that makes sense, I thought you melted or something."




"...Well, I'll be on my way-"


>Octy is doing better against Chitty than pretty much anyone else has, Alicorns included

I love it.
where do you think Celly got it from? her dad's a fucking bro trying to help shiny out here.
...how many of them came from the caves?
no seriously
are there any I'm missing?
Craig's a bro in general it seems, I mean he babysat Lavan for millennia so he wouldn't come back and that seems to have all turned out for the better.

Does Cordyceps count?
Oooh, I haven't done anything with Arana since I redid her legs and hair... Gonna see if I can double the cuteness.
I'm going to assume that from this comment you are Schmoe and you intend to induce more heart attacks. I beg you not to... I can't take much more.

If I am to die, cuteness overdose wouldn't be too bad.
>Double the cuteness












"Where, the heck, would we keep a giant crab back home? He needs sea water, where exactly is he supposed to stay?"

>B-b-but Pinchy's my friiiiend!

"He lives here."

>He can sleep in my bed, I gots room!

"He is several times larger than your bed, and doorway, and most of your room."

>What if I sleep on the floor?

"That solves exactly one problem, at best. One of many."




"Two? You cannot bring a giant sea crab to the middle of a tundra, I'm sorry."




"Hey, there there, it's okay. You can come and visit him sometime, huh?"

>...I guess that's okay.

"That'a girl, go tell him bye."


"........................she gone?....m'kay, then. HNGGGNNNN WHY DOES MY HEART HURT SO MUCH!?"
He resisted. He is growing immune.
>wouldnt let her keep the little baby diamond dog
>wont let her keep Pinchy
Shiny is a dick to animal friends.
This needs to be remedied, I already had it in my mind that Two would be Shining's undoing. Something so cute it would kill him... Not even somesort of life punch would bring him back this time... but that's just in mah brain.

They must never no why though...
That would either destroy the planet or make 6-8 mares very depressed and much more unstable.
Now I am intrigued and slightly apprehensive... what were the reasons and why aren't I aware?

One of which was... puppy breath.
Because a Diamond Dog puppy isn't like a normal puppy and it's a sapient creature that you really couldn't/shouldn't treat as a pet?
Bahhhh what's a little slavery?

Not like the CE isn't well versed in that!
That is kinda even more reason to not do it.

>...So this is worrying, right? This should be worrying us? It's not just me, is pretty much what I want to hear right now.

"It is not just you. This is very true."

'Trixie admits to only a slight discomfort and nothing more as she is sure that whatever this is she could have done it better.'

>Oh, okay...

Ever so slightly, she nudged the unconcious pony on the ground, trying her very best not to focus on the 'interesting' look of what appeared to be an otherwise unassuming maintenance shack, that only became more assuming when one looked closely, and noticed the real interesting feature. Notably, the cavern that seemed to have been hidden away mere seconds ago.

'What are the odds this is like... lizard pony conspiracy or something?'


'Trixie said Lizard Ponies! Lizard ponies taking over brains and replacing governement officials, she never once brought up... you know now that this has been said out loud there is a-'


'Trixie is just saying!'

>Soooo... who wants to go first?

"I notice right away that you never questioned if we actually wanted to go inside. You just seemed to assume that into the depths we would stride."


"...Trixie is obviously going first-"


"-because she is not the worst."




'...Dang it.'

They didn't look in the least surprised when she went forwards.

They just tapped their hooves together, and understood.

>That's my zebra.


'Are you coming or not!?'

As if she needed to ask.
You guys are dicks to your friend.

I love it.
To be fair, it's Trixie.

...it's fucking Trixie.
Yeah, it is Trixie. Full of herself and overly tsun for fear of showing weakness but a bro til the end.
She is weird like that. She's like the biggest dick on the planet, stealing your shit and thinking herself above you, until the chips are down, then she ascends to new level of bro tier.

It's interesting.

>...So how do I tell Two that, um.. 'Pinchy' is actually someone I made huge via chaos, and I should probably shrink him back down now.

"You're asking me how to tell the tiny changeling crying her eyes out and hugging the poor thing so hard even it's looking in pain that not only will she probably never see 'Pinchy' again, but even i she came back she'd probably never FIND him? You're going to look into that wibbling face and tell her that her 'buddy' isn't actually her buddy, but chaos? And you're going to do it within eyesight of Shining Armor."

>... You know, I think I'll just leave him big.

"And thus, at least one of us manages not to get on his 'maybe reconsider running into a fire to save' list."

>...Is that an actual list, or-

"I swear to faust I have seen it."

I literally have zero doubts that's a real list.
All of them are pretty damn interesting in their own way. Thank god Zecora didn't end up, well... like pre-29 I guess. Nobody wanted to even touch her then because of how hard she is to write.
I really wish I could write her, but yeah. That fucking rhyming man, it makes every one of her lines like twice or three times as long as it should be.
...You want Two to literally kill her father?

Damn, Anon!
There can be only one!
Damn, there's a long con and then there's the really long con. That's something to respect right there

>I'm a busy mare, egghead, but you caught me in a good mood, what've you got.

"Ms. Pennydrop the group you set to try and salvage the project Ms. Screwloose was working on regarding the changeling infusion has come to a conclusion."


"Well...we believe that-erm-well-you see..."

>Buddy, I said I was in a good mood. You may wanna frame your next sentence very carefully.

"...it can't be done."

>Blunt honesty, not a complete worm about it, I like that. Explain.

"Well if our findings are correct, the only ways such an infusion could be implemented would be a violation of every right a sentient being should have and would probably be considered torture by most governments."

>Pal, have you even met me?

"...it'd also render the subject almost entirely useless to us in the field."

>Should have lead off with that. Damn, had my heart set on that one.

"But uhm...there is some good news..."


"We may have an alternative if you'd be willing to cut funding to that branch of Infusions Research and redirect it."

>Where, exactly?

"To robotics, we recently came to an epiphany regarding covert operations that I think you might like."

>Go on.

"Well...I'm going to be honest with you. What sounds better? The ability to morph into a different form on command and possibly be found out if not briefed on the details of any single person you may come across or having an operative that is an exact one-to-one replica of a person, capable of impersonating that person perfectly?"

>Well, the first one has the edge in versatility, but it sounds like you've got your little heart set on the second. Give me the papers and you can start work on...what's its name?

"We're calling it the Synthesis Project."


"Thank you."

>Get to work.

"Yes ma'am!"
We roboclones now?
Something weird, that's for sure.

'No more playing with the broom sticks.'
I'm thinking it's something like they replace the brain of one pony with the brain of another, I mean, they can scan memories using Twilight's tech, I imagine they could give it to someone el-
oh god
>snake eyes gets broken out of jail
>has his mind wiped
>all those memories are transplanted into Flash Sentry, making him actually useful
To the writers, do any of you longhand write your stories, or is it all computer?

Random question, yeah, but I sometimes find myself switching between pen and keyboard, and notice a difference in how certain stories come out.
On paper? Never tried it, honestly.
Yeah, I have honestly never thought of even trying to do that. Kind of curious now....

>How I wish this could have lasted just a little longer... oh well, whatever will be, will be, after all.... now where did I put that-




"Thou thought we could be escaped forever!? NAY! We have located thee just as we knew we would! Escape was impossible!"


"Now, thou shalt allow us to stay with thee, OR ELSE!"




"...Thine vacation is over, isn't it?"

>Juuuust missed it.


>You deserved that.
>Stalliongrad soldier

With a One two three four, The solider marched along the floor.

>For Stalliongrad!

With a lock step and his head held high, the soldier marched and he asked not why.

>Her Glory!

For the solider was loyal, and for sure he was strong. He never wondered about right or wrong.

>March! March! March!

So what a shame that there was something that could not be seen.

"Excellent work, solider."

For he could not see his eyes had suddenly become green.

>Nothing shall get past!

His weapon strong and he would let not a single thing though. His words and his mind were set and declaring it true.

"Atta boy, nothing gets past over there. I'll just go this way, if that's okay."


His companion left him sure with a smile on her face and a grin of mirth.

"Now where did he say Trender was..."

Leaving behind the most well guarded supply closet in any other place on earth.

>For Stalliongrad!
Jimminy fucking Christmas, 10!
Hey, it;s not like she's killing him...
And she IS a changeling.

This is just kinda what they dood.

>...Should I go talk to Cadence?


>I think I should go talk to Cadence.


>You know what? I'm going to do it! I'm going to go over there, march right up to Cadence and say, "Hi, we need to talk."

"Rarity? Might not be the best idea."

>Nonsense, I'll simply speak to her as I would any other day! No need to be insincere about it, just get it all out in the open and talk right away!


>Yes, yes! This is what I need to-



"...Look, I'm going to be blunt here, the last time I tried to talk to my mom when she was giving Daddy Pie THAT look, I got put out in the shed for a week."


"Something to think about."

>...Another time then?

"Unless you don't mind Shiny practicing wifetoss with you."

>...Another time, then.
I felt strangely patriotic because of this... am I a horse commie?
Glory to Arstotzka...er, Stalliongrad
Y'know, I forget, did Pennydrop pull her support from the Bullsheviks after that massacre Trender mentioned?
Yes, and she is the one who armed the Stalliongrads that took them down.
Wait, they got taken down? I thought they were the one that abducted Trender in the first place...
...Then why the fuck would 10 be infiltrating STALLIONGRAD'S holding cells to get him back?

Bullsheviks got Shreked by infusions.
>Guys Trender was supporting take power
>Forgot about the guy who was helping being in a prison camp
>Keep using the prison camp

...Bullsheviks WERE Stalliongrad, the guys they were fighting were the Hooviets.

I thought the whole thing was Stalliongrad was divided into a bunch of squabbling political parties and military gangs.
they found him out
Oh for the love of...

77/88wonderland/Kingdsmoot/whatever anon, who the fuck is what? The long gaps between a fuckton of information made this thing hard to follow.
Yeah, I'm going mostly off memory for the 10 thing, since he had Trender get abducted and just left that plot hanging for like a year, but I have no goddamn idea about the politics, I'm just using it for a spy thriller setpeice.

I don't know who's who or where's what, I'm just rolling with it to get Trender out so we can close that handing plot thread.
Found him out what?

He was throwing his support behind them because he got sweet talked by Antlers/Fawntaine.

I don't know what's happened there since I left, but when I left it, it was like this:

>Bullsheviks got bots, pissed off Fawntaine by using them to massacre supporters of the Hooviets
>Hooviets receive infusions and even the playing field
>Pennydrop was going to screw over the Bullsheviks and hand Stalliongrad over to the Hooviets and Josef Stallion
Nobody has touched it since you left it off other than to have 10 go out to get him back, so whatever you did with it, that's what's happened, and nothing else.

So I guess Trender is with the Hooviets, specifically?
I will admit, it's kind of funnier and in character for the country if they just forgot their number one fan was rotting in a gulag while they reap the rewards of power.

How long had they been running?

How many minutes, maybe hours, had she chased the smaller pony so far and so quickly that none had any chance to catch up? How long had it taken, how long had it been?

The fire in the earth pony's legs said years, the panic in her head said second.

She decided to split the difference and just say 'exactly too long' or, since she had not been caught yet, 'not long enough'.








Octavia had never seen a mountain stop it's landslide.

She had never seen a tsunami freeze in place.

She had never been there as an earthquake was locked in time.

That said, she couldn't imagine it looked much different than what she saw before her.


The force of nature, the unstoppable being of power she could only dream of, stalled in place, and unmoving. Locked like a rampaging elephant who had seen a mouse, when a much smaller being strolled right up to her without any fear.

'Why, mom!?'

A fear that she lacked, yet inspired.


'No, you know what, I don't care! Not here, okay!? I don't care why you're flying off the handle AGAIN, just not here where they actually like us, or at least tolerate us!'

Surreal was the only word to come even close to describing it. The only way she could possibly put to a single word just what it looked like when the Titan's brow furrowed, and she did not say a word as the minuscule changeling before her continued to rant.

"Should... should I-"


She did not argue, nor move, as the changeling returned back to the far larger one.


'I've had it, okay?! I've had it! Oh, I get it, you're the big bad Titan and you're so powerful and you can do whatever you want because if anyone tries to stop you, you can just punch them and they don't anymore, but you know what? Some of us actually have to live with that! Some of us actually have to live with the problems of them being afraid of us, and I've had it! If you so much as-'


It made so much more sense when the normal changeling's mouth snapped shut, seemed perfectly logical that she would go still in the face of the Queen's harsh words, but somehow, it managed to seem every bit as ludicrous to behold.

When the Queen's head lowered, going far too close to the other, she felt the unease roll off of her in waves.

>... I am happy that you are alive, I am sorry I hit you, and I want to make up for the time I lost... but do not talk to me like that.

Her neck tensed, the ghost of a twitch there, but it did not move.

'Just... just go.'

>...Fine. We will discuss this later.

With a grunt, she turned around, the chase seemingly forgotten, the battle seemingly over. She simply turned her back on the changeling, and walked off with loud, thunderous steps.

It was over. So quickly Octavia could scarcely believe it, it was over.


'Shut up.'

She very much did that. At least, until the silence got to her.

"Um... sorry for what happened with your mother?"

'Don't be... she can be a real bitch sometimes.'

She too joined the Titan in meandering off, the conversation seemingly over with that alone. Wandering in the opposite direction with nothing but a slight shake in her step, and a brow scrunched together in thought. Leaving the cellist alone with nothing but the sounds of deserted streets, and the gentle wind.

"...I'm counting that as a win."
Aight 13

You moved up my list quite a few notches there.

Miffed it took someone that clost to Tittania to call her out on her.... everything

But hey

We finally got somewhere
Nah, Anon, we'd have to bring 41 in if it was Titania.

And that conversation would be far different.

>Uh, mom? Mind NOT destroying the city?

>Mind actually giving me a goddamn grandkid, you glass jawed shit?
Would she want a grandchild, or would she be happier that she was the last badass of her line?

Her line ending on 41 seems like it would give her some serious cred.
>In aaaaaany sense of the word.

Nah, she'd want a grandkid in hopes the badass skipped a generation.
That's what I mean, TITANIA would be the last badass, and then the line just kinda ends on 41.

She never has to worry about someone surpassing her!
Wew lads I make one spelling mistake and you take it all the wrong, derailing way

>Alright, so... we're lost.

"You think?"

Only the chirp of the creatures in the pitch black, barren woods answered her.

"Huh... so what you're saying it, maybe we shouldn't have left the train?"

>We wouldn't have, if SOMEONE didn't volunteer us!

'Rainbow Dash wouldn't have just sat on a train!'

>That's cause Rainbow Dash can FLY!



>Er... whoops?


She dove, tackling her friend into the brush, limbs flying in ways only a filly was capable of.

"Stop fighting! You're scaring Winona!"

~Actually, I'm waiting for the orange one to show her back. MY APPLE SHALL TASTE YOUR BLOOD!~


~Do not pretend you can understand my clever words-SQUIRREL! FUCK YOU SQUIRREL YOU GET OUT OF HERE WE DON'T NEED YOUR KIND!~

{Um, companions of Vekir? Something has been found.}

"What did you steal this time?"



{HRMPH! Vekir FOUND this picture, thank you! It was stuck to tree, so free!}

"Huh... Hey, girls? What do you think it means when it says 'She'll find you'?"


>Ya'll ain't got nothin' on me! We fight country style- DON'T PULL MAH RIBBON!


"It's probably nothing."

{Oh, good, Vekir was worried about pony in suit. YOU HEAR!? Vekir did not steal, it is nothing!}

"...Who the heck are you talking to?"

{Pony over there, of course! One wearing suit... not Vekir's suit.}

"There's nothing... huh."

She had to squint, but just barely, she could make out the shape of a pony in the brush. One wearing a very nice suit.

"What do you know... I'm gonna go check it out!"

{Vekir thinks that's a good idea. Do small ponies disagree?}



{Other ponies agree- oh... nevermind.}

She was already gone.

{...This will end well! Agree, fuzzy one?}

~Sooon... sooonn..~

{She agrees.}

'Wait, is what we're doing stupid-'


Whelp, enjoy the tentacles, SB.
I love Winona in this, I really do. She's like a trigger happy nutjob, but sword.
I love the little dog moments that get slipped in there.
You say that like she won't
This is like a kid intervening on their drunk mom.

>Hello, my name is Chitania, and I like to get angry and smash stuff.
"Excellent work, Chitania! We're really breaking down barriers here! Now, what do you think you should do to change that?"
>...Change it? The fuck are you talking about? I was just saying it so you all knew why you should stop trying to talk to me. Smashing stuff is awesome!
"...We have some work ahead of us..."



>Where's our bags!? I don't see them on Centitrain!

"Oh, uh... huh."


"...What do you think she did with them?"

>Where could they have gone!? Some of those dresses costs hundreds to produce!



{Do you ever stop to wonder who's bags those were on the ground?}

(Does thou ever stop to wonder why thou art not helping me get this dress around thine swine?)


(Well, wonder some more! Because mine shall dance better than yours!)

{Not a chance! My piggy can dance a million times better than your piggy!}



"...I'm sure they're fine."
>She mindfucks him into guarding a supply closet

I suppose there are worse things to do, but damn 10 is scary.
A FUN derailing way.
Agreed, 10 is clearly best infiltrator. I wouldn't be surprised if this ends with 10 as new ruler of Stalliongrad (not likely with the long con of Fawntine being there but still).
Lynch now
Go play with your robots Penny.
Bitch is gonna end up with Terminators at this rate
"Guard 2'"

>So, the boss is coming back.

"That he is."

>And the princesses too.

"That they are."

>...We're going back to being horribly irrelevant in literally any disaster, aren't we?

"...that we are...
>PD makes skynet
>Terminators try to look like ponies with the synthetic skin stuff
>Changelings sue for copyright infringement
>Turns out Skynet is vulnerable to litigation
>Changelings and paperwork now save universe
>Chitania gets a cookie for no raisin


That's DT's job, thank you!
She deserves a cookie not razing the cities
...Where the fuck IS Diamond Tiara?
Last seen she was... uh...

Holy shit she's been gone the whole arc.
>Here, thanks for not fucking shit up

"I DON'T NEED YOUR PITY FOOD!...... *nibblenibble*... that's just stupid."
She is just hanging out with SS doing kid things after the plan to wedge her into the the CE&M6 vacation was axed.
I tried to do a thing for survey stuffs
"Silver Star"

The yellow stallion moseyed on in to the sheriff's office, a twinkle in his eye and a letter in his hoof.

>Hey, Sheriff? We gots us a letter askin' how the investigation into the possible corruption of changelings to this here governmental body is goin'

The dusty pony did little more that cock an eyebrow and lean ever so slightly back in his chair.

"Why, that there is right confusin', ain't it partner?"

>Why's that?

Before a single word could be said in response, red hot chains lashed their way into the room, carrying with them three screaming, unsightly looking ponies before depositing them right in the jail cell that had been open seemingly in wait.

'Wot wot, cheeiro! That fire fellow seemed to have flown right past, govna!'

The changeling in the doorway smiled, adjusted his mustache, and ran off a second later.

"On the matter of yer' inquriy, far as Ah' can tell, ain't no changelings around here, right partner?"

Watching the bandits squirm in their cell brought a smile to the yellow ponies face.

>Heh... guess so.
>Pick one on all of those

Uh... might want to at the very least change it so we can pick multiple.

What, I'm supposed to pick between Got a Question, Shiny/Celly GOAT moments and motherfucking DnD? Like I only come for one of those?

Come on.
I actually meant that to be multiple, whoops.
Oh, good. I was about to agree with him, please redo that for multiples. No fucking way could I choose with some of these.
Fixed Number 1
The number 2 and 4 I did intend as pick 1 so I am keeping it that way, apologies.
>The number 2 and 4 I did intend as pick 1 so I am keeping it that way, apologies.

...I'm supposed to pick exactly one character in an ensemble cast I come here to see?

Kind of a flawed concept, as if I like "Got a Question" stories, I like AJ and Celestia. If you take one out then it's not as funny. Likewise if I like the CE crew I'm probably a fan of how funny Shiny and Chrysalis or Celly are together, but alone Shiny is just a straight man, why pick him? He's not funny alone.

I'm just gonna skip that question, thanks.
It was more along the lines of an absolute favorite instead of who works well together. But I see your reasoning. If you have anyone specifically important I should also separate to redo this please do go ahead. I don't mean to be too alienating when I want responses. Mind that I have only 30 spaces and the other 18 choices are staying
Huh. You know, you actually have got me thinking about these, and I'm surprised at one, how fucking big this list is and two, how often going down it I was like "Yep. Yep. Love that, love that one, loooove that one, not a fan of that one though. Ooof, do NOT like that one, but YOU! You I love, come give daddy some sugar."

This place has AMAZING variety...
Alright I gave you the same amount of time I took to respond.
poll 4 with multiple choice allowed

Thank you all for your participation and patience
Nooowww I like it.

That one actually made me wonder what characters work in general, who I get excited to see and who I'm not so hot on when I see their name at the top of a story. This? I can work with this, because I also get to think who proved they can work together, and who's just situational.
Thread 41-50 was Cordy, right? That's when I got on, just curious.
>All those ones at the bottom

Where they belong~

Also, I'm finding it funny that currently across the board AJ/Chrysalis/Shiny/Celestia are the most popular characters, with ones like Chitania taking some pretty surprising leads.
thread 48-53 is Cordy proper.
I don't want to make a change this far in so I won't ask you to redo it, but man I wish that "No sex or anon" one had been separate, I love that there's no anon but I wouldn't mind if /pa/ got a little more lewd.

Also holy shit so much time...
It was a package deal because early thread that was a selling point. We didn't get our first thread related clop until the mid 80's and got the last of our handful in the Afterdark pastebin (which is there for people to write clop) right around the end of the DnD arc.
>Also holy shit so much time...

At least you know how long it's been, I legit do not remember when I started reading this shit. Have no idea which arc you guys were on or when.
There's something special about seeing "Discussion" at the top...
>Spike that low

Whelp, looks like we gotta get a new love interest.

SHINY! We're stealing Chrysalis!... Now, don't be greedy, you got like two other changelings already, share! Don't you be giving lip or we're stealing Celestia and one of the lings too! Don't think we won't. What, you think all that development and heartwarming stories and major events are going to even slow us down? TRY US MOTHERFUCKER
And if he *really* pushes us, we're stealing Cadence. Oh yeah, we'll go there. Flurry Heart will be calling AJ daddy.

And so will Cadence.

...Dear god I hope nobody is taking this seriously.
And here I was writing a SpikexChrysalisx18 threeway, darn.
Boy that better have been AJXChrysalisX18 threeway, we don't take to kindly to you folk who think AJ isn't ending this thread with everything that moves in her harem. Reckon a folk like that would find this place is pretty... accident prone. Be a damn shame if somethin' happened to those fingers.
Uhhh....Look over there! Two is doing something cute
Now iffin' you think that's gonna sway me, that's-OH HOLY CRAP SHE'S GOT A GIANT MARCHAMELLY! Lookit it! Look at her be cute! TWO IS A CUTE!
I legit only remembered because I hopped on at the tail end of Cordy, I only started reading this fucking unfathomable monster because I saw the phrase "And then AJ rode a dinosaur" on the front page.

Needless to say, it's also my favored arc.
>AJ fucks everyone

>Ok, so this here ballroom has now been completed filled with bed. Not beds. Bed. It's nothing but mattress and covers. Ah think erryone'll like this just fine.

"Hey! Stop closing the damn curtains!"


"Then sleep behind a pillar."

'But then Vekir must huddle inside the Titananananana's hooves! They are uncomfy and she is unpleasant!'




'Magic of Friendship.'

"Hey, that's my answer to everything!"

~Sis, ya realize this is weird, right?~

>Juuuuuust fiiiiine.
>~Sis, ya realize this is weird, right?~

I lost.
>Ironically, ONLY Shiny and Spike are not invited
55, the most bro tier changeling to ever be.
...how do you hang something that can fly and shoot lasers? I'm gonna think about that when I sleep tonight...
Very carefully
Goodnight, thread
Night anon.
So, question for you horrible lot.

Have we decided whether Braeburn is gay, or are we all gay for Braeburn
Neithe oner

I know iw, but we actually avoided a lot of the cheap jokes
It usually goes the route of whatever's funnier. If it's funny for him to be light in the hooves, okay. If it's funnier for him to go against what everyone thinks he is and be subtly confused about it, right-o.
Good morning!
I'm here to ask about those new pictures you guys got
Are you guys satisfied?
The three from before? He'll yeah, they were great! Why?
Was hoping you were going to elaborate or something hrre.

You mean the one like which is from the set in the op, or are you shomoe?
I want to hear the story behind them

I feel like this is the part where you admit that we have to give up a soul or something in order to keep them...

The story behind why they were requested? Or you mean the in story explanation?

While I obviously can't answer the first, I can answer the other stuff. The centipede train was an experiment by the company provided by our current antagonist, with the intention to make a train that isn't under threat by dragons. The train uses electricity in order to go faster. They met and fought said train inside an arc, and then eventually used and befriended them.

The plant picture is because there is a changeling who is trying to figure out his way in the world. He's obsessed with his potted plant, that will one day grow into a tree or something. AJ, being a farmer, is encouraging and helping him.

Chitania is harder to explain, as she is a primary antagonist for an arc, and then has her own storyline after that. If you are interested come check her out in the wiki, it explains her back story her arc and all of the events that led up to today. She's pretty interesting.

Anything else?
We're pretty easy to please but yeah, those three were great. Fav is definitely the current OP, because that Ling is just plain cute, and it fits the thread really well.
No, nothing else.
Glad I was able to deliver and make some smiles.
That you did my man. Thanks.
Guy who requested the current op here, hell yes I am satisfied! I never thought one of my request would actually get filled out! Thank you.
The Chitty one is a scene from the last act of Cordy, as that is the only time they interact with her fully grown.
Oh yeah, that would be just before they ride off wouldn't it? Good catch.
Since Chitty is smiling, it's more likely the scene where AJ is telling her not to walk off after she defeated spike. Which means that smug smirk is literally three seconds from getting punched off her face.
..I have no idea when I joined...

Fuck, this is embaressing

>...So we all know why Shining just hired a whole train for himself and Cadence, right?

"I am not jealous I am not jealous I am not jealous."

'Wait, what? I thought it was because that train was too small to hold all of us, so he just took all our bags and such. It seemed logical to me.'

~Oh, you poor, naive soul.~


^That ain't it!? THEN I WANNA GO ON THE TRAIN!^



~Er, she means, the reason is that the train is so BORING.~

>The most boring.

"Grownup stuff booooring."

^Ohhh... okay.^

(What? If thine trip is boring, then why do they not simply go to the other train? That makes no-GNNNN!)

~Because, sister, SOMEONE has to watch our stuff after all!~

>Right... someone needs just a great big face full of 'stuff'.



~...Is absolutely right, hahaah!~


(Oh, we suppose that makes sense. The conductor is a... well, you know?)

>A zebra? Is that a problem?

(WE DID NOT SAY THAT! We have no quarrels with the zebra folk! One of our students is a zebra folk!)

~Please stop calling them that.~

=Yeah, lets just leave them to watch the...wait...=

~Well! Why don't we all-~

^Auntie Twilight? Hey, hey auntie Twilight? Are you okay? Auntielestia, Auntie Twilight stopped moving!^


^Oh, nevermind, she started twitching, problem solved!^

'I don't see the prooooooooooooo-'

>Annnnd it hits.

"Is she going to be okay-"


>...Well, at least Twilight didn't


~...imagine what's going to happen when Two starts.~


^Oh oh! We playin' dead? Weee!^

There was no light.

There hadn't been any, for a long while now. It had been so long since they'd seen it, seen anything, that the eyes looking into the endless black wondered if that was all there was to it, if that was the end.

Those inside the dark could feel the heat from the bodies so closely huddled against themselves, though they could not see what it was attached to. What made those whimpering, frightened sounds. They could not see, and not a one of them dared speak.


The first voice echoes through their room, bouncing off them with a tinny reverberation. They could feel the tingle running up and down their spines as it slowly made its way down their ears.

"You're a..."

They could not hear well with the voice muffled by something. They could not tell from which direction it came, or why. All they knew was that the voice was familiar, it was known.

"You're a..."

And it chilled them to hear it.

"You're a fucking bug monster-"

The room shook with a metallic bang, the sound of meat against metal causing every single solitary one of them to jump. For the still walls of bodies that had previously been unmoving to suddenly become alive with activity. Twitching and pushing and trying to run every which way, never succeeding. There was nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, from that sound.

"A bug I may be, foul thing... but I am not the monster here."

Metal screeched and groaned as it rubbed against one another, a strange suction of air pulling at them for a brief second as something in the dark moved.

Something, in the dark, emerged.

A monster, a creature, of black skin, web like hair and terrible fangs, and solid eyes with pupils near impossible to see. A creature that had twitching transparent wings and fire upon it's ebony horn. A creature of nightmares.

"Hello... my name is Applejack Twenty Nine, and I am here to take you home."

He was the most beautiful sight that any of the children in the cell had seen.

He had brought the light.
Man, I wish you'd have brought the guard in on this.

Oh well.
I am bringing the guard in on this.
Shit's going to get crazy in a bit.
...i am intrigued.

"Well, we certainly hoped thou enjoyed thineself!"

Just time for one last walk on the beach with her sister, so of course she went right to that.

>You know, I did! This was so much fun. I wish it could have lasted longer, but you know how it goes. Duty calls, and I suppose we left on quite the fun note. I wish you had joined us, though!

"Hmh! We had.. better things to do! Of course, did thou think we would waste so much time finding thee? Please, we have a life!"

>I'm so happy to hear that! So, did you enjoy the vacation? How did your student do with the extra learning time?

"...Uh... well? We suppose?"

>Huh... so, how did you at least assure him after he was sent away from his home?

"HE WAS!?"


"...We mean, of course we know of the first! We merely were asking if he was sent away, uh... a second time. Right, if he was sent twice, that would me most unsettling, and terrible since we gave him such free time to cope with having to move to... that place."

>The Empire.

"Right, there."

>...You have no idea where he is right now, do you?

"Pfft, of course we do!"


"...We don't keep track of him at all hours of the day!"


Fuck. Yes. You did amazing, man.
>TFW you realize your brother is gonna pound his wife

Poor twi.
Oh hey, he kept the AJ moniker. I didn't even realize he had it to begin with, I thought he was just Changeling 29 like 32 or 77 are.

>S-s-s-ss-sssso...*sniffle*.... so Shiny says I can't bring ya' with us, cause yer' a crab, and crabs live in the ocean, and we ain't gots an ocean back home! I asked if Auntielestia would just melt all the snow around the castle, but she said that wouldn't work but it would totally work and she was just bein' like that cause Shiny told her and I know it I don't care if that waters all salty or not it can get over itself but... b-but... *sniffle*... I gotta leave you heeeeeear!



>I'm sorry pinchy! Yer' still mah buddy! Yer' mah number one buddy! Love ya' forever! Ah'll come back and visit soon as I can! Can't miss you, yer' the... yer' the only big crrrraaaaabbbbb.


>No... no! I can't take you! I'm sorry!


>No! This can't be, Punchy! I love ya', but we can't be ta'gether!


>B-byyye Pinchy! Byyye! Byyyeee! I love you! Love yoooou!




>...Oh, right, uh.. Ah'm the one who's supposed ta' walk off, cause you live her, and I don't.


>...b-bye pinchy...

She fly's off, waving as she goes.

The other two were because they missed Name day in Canterlot (as well as 88).

55, 56, 29, whatever Akwardling's number is, PJ (she has a number but it was only said once), JJ, and 2 are still AJ#/NicknameJack because they don't have the animosity that the rest of the hive does for the whole forcing the hive out of canterlot thing.(don't start, rest of thread, you know AJ had major fault too)
>PJ (she has a number but it was only said once)

Actually, she doesn't have one. Chrysalis confronted her about that, because she didn't pick one back when it happened and said she would pick it later, and then she just decided to go with Potatojack instead which Chrysalis didn't like because it was her essentially separating her from the Hive. She never got a number.

You're thinking of JJ, who has a number, but it was never said what it was.
The fact that he kept the moniker makes me smile, like 'this prissy, annoying, lovable fuck'.

Add to it, 56 and Two still have AJ's mane-type, which I also find just two kinds of awesome. Can't really remember if any of the others do.
42 still wears the wig, but is not AJ 42.
Weird thing is, I'm pretty sure there was a story where 77 adopted the AJ moniker but I don't think anyone ran with it.
"Various Children"


That was all that mattered right now.

Escaping this metal tomb and that which had lied within it was of the utmost importance, as vital as the air they did breath. The bodies of unconscious guards lined the way, no doubt soon to wake up any moment. To escape, and to escape quickly, was the difference between being caught, and freedom.

Which is what made the chatter behind him all the more irritating.

>Will thou please cease thine talk for a second! Single file, children! Single file behind me and keep safe, thus we can escape!

"Are you a mutant cockroach?"

>NO! I told thee, child, mine species is a changeling, a creature as old as time itself!

"Cockroaches are old."

>I am not a cockroach!

"I think we already went this way."

>Tis a straight line! How could we have possibly gone this way?

"Maybe we're lost in a time space continuum? We should go left!"

>What foolery, what ludicrous silliness! Stall thine talk of physics gone awry until we have departed this wretched place!

"By going left?"


"I feel like we should go left."

"Are you my new stepdaddy?"

>What!? NAY! What put such a thought in thine head!?

"My mommy likes them black... whatever that means."

>I do not know thine mother!

"Stranger danger!"

>Are thou serious right now!?

"To be fair, that's how I ended up in a cell."

>Erm, fair point. But no, I am not a stranger, I am here to save thee, and bring thee back to thine parents!


>...how long have thou been in here?

"What year is it?"


"Let's go left."

>For the last time, we art not going left, child! We are going straight!

"Through the wall?"

>No! To the... oh dear.

He did not recall a fork in the path before, but sure enough, there it was...

"...Can I make a suggestion?"

>Fine! We will go left!

"I actually think we should go right now."

It felt like the staring contest lasted hours.

"...But if you feel like left, okay, you're the boss."

He did accept it but it was after the point where we stopped putting AJ in front of numbers. However, like 42, he would have dropped the name out of respect for Chrysalis. As an aside, if she didn't become Cadence 2, 18 would still be an AJ because she lacks that respect.
Man the other characters are not gonna BELIEVE half the shit that went down in one seaside resort town.

...holy shit, I just realized, this is PERFECT. If Pommel and AJ learn that THIS was going on in what looked like a shitty little tourist trap, they'd be far more likely to believe Baltimare has an underbelly!
Good job giving a reason NOT to tell AJ and Pom.
I dunno about you lads but I have NO clue what the fuck is going on with 29's story at the minute.

Someone mentioned "The Guard" and now apparently the Guard are straight up evil or something I don't fucking know.

Jesus H I was I was able to get an understanding of this dense as fuck writing sometimes.
No no not THE Guard just some guards.
29 attacked a kidnaping ring because the dead kids that were hanging out in the water told him about it. The named guard-Pom are in route to 29's location. >>26382388 is about using it to connect to other plot thread and have a city be fixed up. >>26382413 is because fuck Prostimare, she doesn't get to be right and no more OC's to take the light off of our Apple
...Wait what? How the fuck did you get "Guard are evil'? Whatev, here's the breakdown.

>29 goes out on a boat with the gang.
>Trixie tries to apply suntan lotion, sends him into the ocean.
>Cue sonic music cause changelings can't fucking swim.
>While down there, he sees a bunch of ghost kids.
>When they get him back up, he goes full on terminator and takes the boat at top speed back to shore.
>Lucky Strikes sees this and goes "Huh, we should probably go check that out", and picks up the other side guards on the way, and now they're all heading to where 29 is.
>29 lands near some rocks, discovers a hidden hatch, says he's going down and for the scooby gang to stay up topside. They don't, but wait to follow him.
>29's terminator bonus lasts while he beats the shit out of or shoots or whatever the fuck he did to incapacitate the guards of said hidden area, not the guards of the canterlot.
>Finds a child slavery ring, grabs kids, is hauling ass out of there but kids are stupid.
Something something partyland, ok now you have to wrap it up. I said the magic word.


"Soooo uh... is she dead?"


"She's not dead, right?"


"I don't think she's dead."


"But if she was dead, well uh... I heard how to... hide stuff?"


"Never did it myself! Just... overheard it? Sooooo if you need to, I could let you... overhear it."


"...I'm gonna go make an alibi now, kay?"


"Can I have some money for ice cream?"


"Oh sure, that you do!"
For a second I thought Sweet Note went to town on Vinyl offscreen for some reason.
I seriously thought the same thing and that she needed to hide her body.

Took a second to realize that she was just talking about Octy.
Man, I was thinking the same thing, like, seriously, I was all kinds of fucked up and lost.

Oooooooh... Yeah, I got lost after he went overboard. That makes sense.
>"My mommy likes them black... whatever that means."

That joke gets real weird considering the ponies...
...Have we ever SEEN a pitch black pony before? Aside from NMM, I mean.
Think the closest you get is Thunderlane, right?


"Wait a minute, why do you get to drive Centitrain?"

>Cause Ah'm the best at herdin', duh.

"But I'm the best at controlling electrical currents!"

'So? I'm the one who has the best driving experience! I've driven everything from bubblemobiles to pinkiecopters!'

"You do not have a bubblemobile!"


[Darlings, please. Since you all can't agree, clearly I should take the reigns-]


[Well! I never!]

{You gonna get in there and say you should drive because you understand animals?}

(Um... no, that's okay. I think I'm good. Are you going to say you should because you're the most awesome or something?)

{Pfft, and not have the freedom to jump off at any second and go fight bandits on top of a train? Pass.}

(...why do you think that's going to happen?)

{Why don't you?}


{Spike! Bring us some refreshments while we wait!}

(Applejack doesn't like it when you order him around like that.)

{Applejack also uses him as personal masseuse and cake delivery system.}


{Yeeeeep, that's what I thought. Now! Shut up, and put the lime in this coconut, and drink it all up.}

~Anything else, your highness?~

{No, my servant, that will be enough.}

~Actually, I was talking to Fluttershy. Or Rarity. Or Applejack. Or Twilight. Or pretty much any of the others, since you know... most of them are actually royalty.~


(Um... burn.)

Dragon brings the FIRE

"We're lost."

>We are not lost!

They were lost.

What he had thought a simple path had taken spiraled into something that had now far eclipsed his initial searching, and at that time he had been accounting for stealth and the odd strike to some brutish looking fellow in order to prevent his presence from being seen. Now, he had spent far longer simply looking for the exit.

Yet, this was not the most unsettling part for the children whom followed his steps.

>What do you mean, you don't know which way!? How can you not know which way!?... Fly through the wall, then!... I don't care which wall! Pick one!

"So, you all see that he's just talking to air, right?"

"Nooooo, I thought he was talking to a tiny pony! What a shock!'

"Now is really not the best time for sarcasm here."

"Well I'm sorry, I was literally grabbed off the street, shoved into a freaking metal box, then eventually shoved into a bigger metal box, and in the interim the original box shover made several implications that me and him were going to have 'fun', and I don't think that would've been very fun!"

"Him and I."

"Go eat a doody!"

"Ooooo~ I'm telling."

"Telling who!? The bug pony thing who is talking to the wall?"

>What do you mean, there's just a random hallway!? Where does it go!?... Scared of what!? What could you be- oh come now, do not weep! I mean not to scream, but this is quite the stressful time!

"Oh yeah, he's really important here!"

"You know, if you don't want to join him, you could run off."


"Sure that guy would loooove to have some 'fun' before he did whatever it was he was going to do with us."


>PUT THE CEREAL DOWN! Where did you even get that!?

"...I just wanted to play hoofball in the park..."

>LOST!? HOW ARE YOU LOST YOU CAN FLY THROUGH- there you go, figure it out, dear child?

"The sad part is? I still kinda trust the guy."

Guys, should we put our buddy on the radio? >>26384617

I mean imagine other Anon's listening to Spike's song or Chitty's!

What do ya think?
Other Anon's listening to our songs? OUR SONGS!?

... I'd be really careful about this if we decide yes.

Honestly we should ask Song Anon if we can/should.
>What do ya think?

Sounds neat!

If you need the links to send them forwards, here's Chitty https://soundcloud.com/applesnack/chitania-awakes

Here's Spike https://soundcloud.com/applesnack/lost-spike
I don't think he's on at this time... I think we should do a quick vote.

I say yes, so along with these guys
and maybe this guy

Yes so that's 3/4
I vote yeah, I'd love to hear out shit "semi-officially" on the radio.
File: 1453679342237.jpg (12 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 400x300
I think your right about him not being on, that being said I vote yes!

Also enough voting, just do it, we're wasting post and we'll deal with the consequences later!
Alright I did it >>26384921 Can't wait to hear it!
Well that was neat.
Yep, I nearly spat my tea when he called Snacks a fuck boy.
Huh. That's oddly motivating, thanks. Especially since I've been sitting on three songs for the longest time, but we all know how RL can be sometimes, heh. But first, a new mic.

Oh, Wootykins and his sweet talk.
Gotta finish that 77 song, man!
>>LOST!? HOW ARE YOU LOST YOU CAN FLY THROUGH- there you go, figure it out, dear child?

That's what you get for asking for help from a special needs child.
>HOW ARE YOU STILL RETARDED WHEN YOU- oh wow I feel like scum now.
File: 1454902359708.png (4 MB, 1500x1637) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 1500x1637
I'm not certain, but I believe this is the last of the requested pictures

Either that or the happiest goddamn demon I've ever seen.

Neat work. Kinda like that you made him look more frightening than a normal changeling, almost twisted and horrifying, it really does fit the inverse of his happy go lucky and peppy personality.
You know, I think I agree. I always just pictured him as a changeling on fire, but in hindsight this works waayyy better considering bandits shit themselves when they see him. If I saw that coming at me, I think I'd shit myself too.

Excellent work, my man.
That's amazing, and props, but after double checking there was one more request
>I would love a pic of Alicorn AJ hugging a tiny little changeling with a crown who is holding a bag of marshmallows. If the bag says "Marchmalleys", that would be perfect.
Oh shit, right!
I'll add it to my list
Holy shit, look at that fucker.

No, seriously, look at that fucker right there.

Don't tell me you wouldn't think "I'm so fucked" if you saw him coming at you.

And I want you to picture what you would be thinking when he started talking like a 1930's comic book superhero, and you learn he's as smart as burnt toast.
55 finally got art!? At long long last, he got it!? Holy shit! My request actually got fulfilled!

You, sir... you've made a happy anon.

Oh, shoot. Now I'm going to have to update his story section. Whelp! Tomorrow's going to be a busy day.
So thaaaaat's why you asked if your work was satisfactory this morning. Clearly, you were hoping someone would go
>Could be better
So then you could be like
>How bout these Applejacks!?

Excellent attetion to detail with the holes in his limbs, and I think that's supposed to be shedding skin? Either that or he's got Iron Man thrusters, which is pretty fucking awesome the more I think about it. But what I like most of all is that smile. Totally looks like a smile that says
>This is the best day ever!
And it's totally the kind of smile that makes you think he always thinks that.

If you ever do another round of requests, I'm totally asking for one with him and Ingrid(I think she's got a yellow coat, I might be wrong, but for sure her defining trait is she has bright red hair.)

Ya' done good, man.
>First 55 story in a while posts today
>55 art posts today
>Broncos win

Well if that's not a sign, I don't know what is. What the fuck it's a sign for, I don't know, but someone is telling us something.
I promise I'll be back when I clear my queue
File: Fire thumbs up.jpg (61 KB, 592x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fire thumbs up.jpg
61 KB, 592x333
For some reason, this also made me think of 42's supermode...

>It's a beautiful daaaayyyyy and I can't stop myself from smiling! If we're singing then I'm flying! And I know there's no denyying!

"So it's okay I just shit myself in terror, right?"


"...and even if it started raining..."

>You won't hear this one complaining! Yeah!


"I can't stop!"


>For what?... holy crap you're badguys!

"Just shoot me now."
File: r2.png (443 KB, 1679x969) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hi thread!
I won't even pretend that I understand what is going on in here, but it seems you guys liked the /d/. Awesome,
and thanks for the kind words.

here's some preliminary work, if you want to check it out :

and the final /d/ : >>26386577

OR@/dt/ was kind of vague, had I known it was an OC with some sort of background I would have taken
the time to check some of it out.
I wouldn't promise that it would be 100% accurate, if anything at least the attitude/posing would
be adjusted to better suit the oc's description.

Last time I did one like so, it was for an older green for pic-related. (limitless magical potential, i think?)
I always end up taking some "creative" liberties, so...

Anyways, to answer some questions:


Well, I figured he would be kind of a living furnace, thus his body would require some sort of
magical/biological adaptation, right?

As for the personality, well, I guess we can count ourselves lucky that it was an inverse fit by pure chance, I guess?

See? That is the kind of trait I would have liked to know beforehand, tho it seems we didn't land so far off, right?

thanks I culd help bro.
I think there's some sort of relayed comm going on here? Gonna just handwave and nod away.

If you want to know, for inspiration since the description was so vague:
search google images for "Aura Phantasm"
and : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSVU7VGVimY (seemed fitting)
yeap, closet old-/m/fag here, sorry...

There's a wiki!?

So... who's Ingrid? who's 42?

Sorry for the WoT, and do take a stroll @ the /dt/ from time to time and drop those /r/s (and even /d/s if you feel so inclined), most of us won't bite!
>There's a wiki!?

Wait, aren't you the guy who did the requests/current OP pic?

The Wiki was linked with descriptions and all that when you asked. But easy enough to miss, I guess. It's in the fourth post here >>26346165

>So... who's Ingrid? who's 42?

Ingrid is his current sweetheart in Appleoosa, where he lives/protects. 42 is a main character of the series, she's the head of Chrysalis's Army.

Here's 55's Wiki article for reference. http://princess-aj.wikia.com/wiki/Applejack_55

If you want to know why he's named Applejack 55, here's the reason.http://princess-aj.wikia.com/wiki/Changelings#Naming
Short reason is they didnt' have names, AJ made them pick one and they all picked Applejack though.
>There's a wiki!?

I could have sworn I linked it when I told you who Chitania was... did I fuck up?

>I wouldn't promise that it would be 100% accurate, if anything at least the attitude/posing would
be adjusted to better suit the oc's description.

In this particular case you nailed it simply because you had him smile, there's not a whole lot more to him than that, he's just a really happy motherfucker. He uses Chains too because Ghost Rider reference, but ultimately he's all bout the fire, so you lucked out and made it perfect.

Like the other's said, he protects Appleoosa from bandits and always makes them shit themselves when they see him and make them think he's a demon, so you actually did better than just going off the description alone. All in all, we lucked out.
>Wait, aren't you the guy who did the requests/current OP pic?

Nope, that was another anon that suddenly dropped a buttload of scanned sketch /d/s @
/dt/ a few days ago, took us all by surprise.

I just started drawing again after a years-long hiatus a couple weeks ago, at /mlp/ of all places.

>>But easy enough to miss, I guess
Sorry, got it now... all those archives, DAM SON.

>>Here's 55's Wiki article for reference.
Thonks many for the context... so wait, this dude is ACTUALLY crazy, nice.

I like him, a lot. So glad I drew thing. Are his powers gonna be explained canonically still yet, then?
>I could have sworn I linked it when I told you who Chitania was... did I fuck up?

That was another Anon, I guess. Sorry for the confusion.

> he's just a really happy motherfucker.
>Sorry for the WoT, and do take a stroll @ the /dt/ from time to time and drop those /r/s (and even /d/s if you feel so inclined), most of us won't bite!

We do on occasion, I've actually requested this very thing before at least once, didn't really luck out.

>I could have sworn I linked it when I told you who Chitania was... did I fuck up?

Just doublechecked, nah, you posted, but I think he missed it because you forgot to post Chitty's picture then posted it in another post.

>Well, I figured he would be kind of a living furnace, thus his body would require some sort of
magical/biological adaptation, right?

Actually? Funny thing is, he mostly just sets himself on fire with gas. Just pours Gas over himself and fwoosh, then he's on fire. Though admittedly he hasn't had to do it in a while, so you're on to something. Short answer to how he got his powers is he was a changeling who was obsessed with fire, like... crazy obsessed. Stupidly crazy obsessed, he kept flying into it, and then one day Twilight was making a portal between the CE and Canterlot, and while testing it in Appleoosa one of them exploded(hence why they were testing over there) and it hit 55. He couldn't be burned after that, so he became a superhero.

Some time later, a mare named Ingrid Marie(Because Apple) got a crush on him, and they're seeing each other now.

His personality is 'Rock stupid, but heart of 24 carat gold'. This isn't like "Shonen protagonist" dumb where he's just dumb because funny but is otherwise brilliant at fighting, he's just thick. But, like said, he's also unbelievably a good person, looking out for everyone and thinking his crappy shack is the best thing in the world. He also talks like an over the top Superman hero from the thirties when he fights bandits, because that's all he knows.
Ohhhh, okay, thought you were current OP's drawer, as 55 was requested with him as well. No big!

>Are his powers gonna be explained canonically still yet, then?

Yep, right here->>26388660
>Short answer to how he got his powers is he was a changeling who was obsessed with fire, like... crazy obsessed. Stupidly crazy obsessed, he kept flying into it, and then one day Twilight was making a portal between the CE and Canterlot, and while testing it in Appleoosa one of them exploded(hence why they were testing over there) and it hit 55. He couldn't be burned after that, so he became a superhero.

And like said up there, he's not crazy. He's actually pretty sane, he's just dumb, but he's also got an unkillable optimism and is just plain all around a good person. If you're curious about some of his deeds, I'll go into it, or if you want the Wiki-Guy tends to completely write out their stories within the day of a side character getting art, and 55 shouldn't take long. He's not a main character.

Just in case it got confusing because sarcasm, the part in the wiki that says he's a 'legendary' disguise artist is a joke. He's actually hilariously terrible, to the point where he thinks putting on a fake mustache makes ponies forget he's a changeling. He also puts on a fake british accent for no reason.

He's pretty great as a character.
>Are his powers gonna be explained canonically still yet, then?

It's the explanation in the wiki, the wiki is just saying it was ORIGINALLY NC, as in it wasn't canon and someone just wanted to write a gag, but the idea caught on so we ran with it. The whole "Twilight tested a portal in the desert and he got nuked, now he's fireproof" IS his origin story. Also, sorry for the confusion with anons, out other Drawfriend just posted three not that long ago, and one of the requests he took up and is presumably still WIP was for 55, it was just weird timing.
>didn't really luck out.
As long as the /r/ seems interesting enough, I at least C&P on a requests.txt file, for future
Sometimes, well, the requests are pretty dire, so one needs workable stuff for practice.

>he mostly just sets himself on fire with gas.
Just checked that wiki page, man was I off, at least he looks cool, right?

>Some time later, a mare named Ingrid Marie(Because Apple) got a crush on him, and they're seeing each other now.
d'aww, they grow up so fast.

>'Rock stupid, but heart of 24 carat gold'

>if you want the Wiki-Guy tends to completely write out their stories within the day of a side character getting art, and 55 shouldn't take long. He's not a main character.
kk, guess I'm leaving that tab open.

Got it! also, double deliveries are always good!
>I won't even pretend that I understand what is going on in here, but it seems you guys liked the /d/. Awesome,

Short answer, this is one long fanwork.

Yes. One long, long, long long long long long looooong, fanwork. Thread 1 is the start of the story. We are not finished with that story. There is not "A whole bunch of anons with their own universes/storys" in here, it's "A whole bunch of anons are contributing to the same single, long ass, unbroken story".

There is no anon in equestria. There is very little smut, and none of it is posted in thread, it's pastebinned and then linked too. It's mostly comedy too.
>As long as the /r/ seems interesting enough, I at least C&P on a requests.txt file, for future

I'll keep that in mind! I'm not the one who requested it this time, my last request for smokey was a loooong while ago, but I'll keep trying now. You've inspired me.

>Just checked that wiki page, man was I off, at least he looks cool, right?

Like I said, this ended for the better, because regular him is just changeling on fire, and this certainly adds a bunch of flair to it, and helps the reader visualize his stories where he's terrifying someone a lot better. I'd say just consider the hanging pieces remnants of when he wasn't fireproof and thus actually got his chitin burned, and that's why it looks like shedding. I dunno if the wiki mentions it or not, but he was really into setting himself on fire for a while before he got his boost, everyone thought he was gonna die. You did fine, no worries. Better than expected.

Now, if you had made him frown and look sad, then you would've been way off.

>Got it! also, double deliveries are always good!

That they are!
One would think this to be more the norm than the exception, right?
So glad I could at least contribute with a little something.

> I'll keep trying now.
yeap, please do so, if you mention it's for /pAJ/ and put any reference in there,
I at least will check it out. Seems you guys have curated a lot of interesting material!
>One would think this to be more the norm than the exception, right?

Which part? Because sadly, finding good write thread without any green faced people having sex with ponies is sadly hard to do. No impossible of course, but it's still too rare these days. It's one of the main draws of this thread for a lot of people.

The solo universe with which to build on instead of building from scratch each time is more of a personal taste thing. I personally love it which is why I love this thread, but I get why most are multiple self contained stories each thread and do their own thing.

And by all means, check it out. Go to the pace been in the 4th post and just start from the beginning if you want. You don't have to read the individual threads hanging low, those are just for referencing stories quickly. Or, if you want, on the very front page of that wiki is a picture with all the highlights from thread1 condensed into 3 or so pictures. Check it out, and if you like the thread garlic keep reading the story only gets more interesting from there. This is a pretty massive world and there's a lot to see. Check it out, you might find you love it.
*Pastebin, fuck you phone, don't correct me.
>consider the hanging pieces remnants of when he wasn't fireproof and thus actually got his chitin burned
>I think that's supposed to be shedding skin?

The way I see it?
They look like those leather protectors(?) you can see cowboys wearing over the trousers.
And considering hes living in Appleoosa, he looks the part.
File: bellvine_ap.jpg (21 KB, 310x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 310x405
The other guys were closer to the interpretation
I was aiming for -picrelated.

He was meant to have a set of armor besides
the charred carapace but those base colors are
simply gone with the amount of flames going
on there.

Oh well, I may post a pic without the
flame layers if anyone wants to see that.
Thaaaaaat's pretty fucking badass right there, man. Wallpaper worthy, even. The smile makes it.
Morning, thread!
Damn, that is cool.
Appropriate dubs.
yesterday was definitely his day, I wonder whose day will be today?

>Okay, so... let's agree, that got out of hoof. And I'm sure when Rarity wakes up, she too will agree.

"I agree with yer' agreein'."

'And I agree too.'

>So, in the interest of fairness, I say... firstonetocalldibsDI-





"Gimme yer' dibs, Ah'll be right on it."


>Oh sure, I get asked second. Pfft.





'Specify better next time!'

>...You know, it just occurred to me that Centitrain can probably drive herself, she did it to go back and then when she came over here to get us.

'What was that? Couldn't hear you over the noogie I'm giving Spike.'


... Does 007 even have any unique traits to draw?
Uhhh...really really racist?
There was this pone, who is a self insert seen in WBA, but also a mare
Ah hah!

Draw him to look like Colonel Sanders!

Things had been getting worse, the longer they walked.


"But I gotta gooooo."

>Does thou wish death or imprisonment upon thine head!?

"Do I have to choose one?"

The longer it went on, the less it became about the fact they were in an underground bunker or some such that was staffed entirely by child kidnappers.

>Children, please! Stay close! This is not the time to be idling about, who knows what foul, disgusting creatures lurk about in every corner! I do not wish one of thee to be grabbed, and thus risk going back to that disgusting place! Stay with me!

"Are you planning to eat us?"

>No! I am returning thee to thine parents!

"Are you planning to eat them?"

"Don't eat daddy!... mommy kinda likes it though."

>I shall not devour anyone!

"Not even the big jerk who put us in here? You can eat them."

"Yeah, I'm down with you eating them."

>No one, I said!

"So who are you eating?"


"...You suuuure you can't eat the guy that hit me over the head and dragged me in here? Please?"

His eye was quite honestly seconds away from rupturing from his skull when he came to the set of double doors that, hopefully, would finally grant him and his charges freedom.

Alas, all it did was take him to yet another pitch black, dark room.

>For the last time, all I care about is-

~Stealing my merchandise.~

He felt no joy when every single child finally, at long last, went silent.

~I don't like that.~

The sound of light charging and the clack of power flowing through the room buzzed in their ears as one by one spotlights lit up all around. The room was illuminated in a flash, allowing them to find that it was even larger than previously dreamed. Looking for all the world like a hanger in which a Zepplin could easily be stored.

~However, considering how much someone would pay for a changeling... I'm not so angry.~


With the light, he could see where the voice originated from at last. Atop a catwalk high above all their heads, a spotlight nearby shrouded the speaker in light that pained to look at.

~So, how about you just give up, and maybe I'll give said buyers a live one, instead of just a trophy.~

He should have been terrified, he should have been at least worried, he should have been a million things. But, strangely, he was just one thing.

Very, very confused.

"...Camels can talk?"

Thank goodness the child said it.

~Get'em, boys.~

He heard the thunder of hooves, and he could do little more than prepare for the fight of his life.

"I don't have to go anymore."
Huh, learn something new every day.

The ventilation shaft was nothing short of suffocating, but at least she fit.

Not naturally, sadly. It had taken a swift fwoosh of fire and a bit of magic to make her filly sized, but she fit.

>Think I need to lay off the pretzels, BBB is always nagging me about those.

Finding the plans of the whole building, that had been easy. This place had been renovated so much due to the political strife that they were practically lying around.

Finding the entry point, simple as cake. Icy winds meant that heat needed to be pumped in practically everywhere.

What was hard, however, was trying her best not to listen in to these conversations as she scuffled about overhead in her search.

"So then his wife tells me to get out, and of course that is just not happening. What, am I going out into the frozen tundra? Bah! So, instead, I hit him over his head. His wife says he slipped when he wakes up, everything is good!... Except for her 'bun' in oven, I mean, but I figure strong push near stairs should clear that up."

If she had to hear one more of these, she was just going to have BBB burn the place to the ground.

'You clearly should have used backdoor, comrade!'

"Hindsight is twenty twenty."

She was not joking.
>"...Camels can talk?"

I still find it funny that despite one of changeling main themes being racially profiled, there is this one super fucking racist changeling in the mix.

It's just funny to me,
And it's mostly against other changelings from non-Momsie hives.

So it's suuuuper pointless and petty racism.
>Animals originating from arid, desert like climates.

It's entirely against other changelings, he's never mentioned looking down on literally anyone else. Just not-"Pure"-hive changelings.

Though I guess it's pretty realistic that most of the other infiltrators don't seem to like him, with the exception of ones like 77 who, being Momsie Hive, don't see him as all that bad because he acts normal around them. Like I said, just funny that there's a changeling who will go

>Did you just call changelings sneaky worthless thieves? Why you racist motherfuc- wait, we talking pure-hive or flakes? Ohhhh, flakes, okay, yeah that makes sense. Fuck those guys.

>...So I notice you've decided to join us on the train, instead of riding Cenetitrain.

"So I have."

>Is there a reason?

"Oh, you know, I just enjoy your presence."



>...pfft, so seriously, what are you doing?

"Racing Centitrain."

>Ah. Full throttle?

HEY!.. they don't have to be middle easter, they could come from Africa too.

Be fair.

>SPIKE! I said no stops! We're going straight home, Princess Celestia wants to see who can get back first!

"I have to stop, Twi! I haven't eaten anything in a week! Literally!"

>Wha? We had soy cubes.


>So just eat tha- oh riiiiiiight. Gems. I um... forgot you primarily eat gems.




>I mean, it can... happen.


>You eat other stuff!


>I don't know!

"Seriously, Twilight!"

>Why didn't you just get some on the beach?

"Oh yeah, plenty of freaking gem deposits ON A BEACH."

>There were though.


>...Did I not mention that?


>...So! Where do you feel like going for food?

"I want a divorce."
Twilight just can't stop being a shithead.

>Rar? Ya' feelin' okay?... Sorry Ah' uh... smashed you in the head in that little leadership scuffle. Guess we all got a little crazy, eh?


>Ooooh, Ah' think Ah' overdid it.

"I see sunshiiiiiine, on a cloooooudy day..."

>Or under did it.



"Cause Iiiiiii want some apples!"

>Okay, one, that don't make no sense. Two, Ah'm not wearin' any-YEEEEOW!


>Get offa there!


>SOMEONE HELP! She's eatin' mah' dang cutie mark off- wait, are cutie marks on the fur, or skin... huh-YEEEEOW!


Fur actually.
These make me smile super damn hard for some reason.
So.. can you shave off a cutie mark?

Do bald ponies never learn their special talent?

No idea, I just know that Cutie mark confidential shaved Snips and Snails' cutie marks off and I never heard of a naked horse, as a bald one just wouldn't have a mane. But this does lend to a theory I have about Changelings (at least ours) having the special talent system too but without natural fur, they never get their tattoo.
I always just assumed Changelingd don't have a cutie mark simply because they all have the same job, serve the queen.

Gets pointless eventually.


'Oh, um... me?'


'Oh... okay.'

>Thank goodness! Not, you grab there, and-EEEEEYOW!

'Ahm ah doinh ih righ?'



'Buh.. you sahid help.'


'Ah'm confushed.'


That is why I said OURS. Because for better or worse we gave each of them a talent, fuck we even did the pony thing and started naming them after what they do (fanficling, Gambling, etc)
AJ, you did this to yourself. Be specific when asking for help

[Hey, Aj? where do you want to...]

>Are ya' just gonna stand there!?

[Wait, so...Can... can I join? There's a spot right there that's open.]



{Ha, nice try dragon.}

>Oh thank goodness! Dash help!

{On it!}

>Good! Now, just try to-OW! ARE YOU FUCKIN' KIDDIN' ME!?


[She gets to but I don't!? MY HEART!]

>Ah' didn't tell her to bite me!

{Yesh oooh dih.}


>Why is everyone obsessed with bitin' mah' goddang-OW!

56 is gonna upset when he hears about this...

Although I get the feeling Spike has it worse.
Sooo your telling me that if she had fur, that there would be a picture of Kyle's Mom on Queen Aurelia's ass?

~...What even.~

[The betrayal of my heart, that's what even!]


~I am absolutely not going to bite your ass.~



[Awwww... gotta friggen watch others get to enjoy applebooty. This is the worst.]


>Ah' done conked Rarity too hard and now we got us a full on domino effect!

~This makes perfect sense and I am not questioning it. I'll just shoot you and this will all be fine.~


~It's honestly the first thing that popped into my head, if only to make you not so prone to stuff like this.~




~Well, I'm not biting you, so unless someone else suddenly-OH HOLY SHIT!~


>AJ booty love
Whoooooa, dude! Its like I've been thrown back into a wonderous time!

Also, this reminds me of that one Sundown pic, where Rarity and Dash were fawning over AJ's rear.


=...Did... did Centitrain just do a backwards roll specifically to bite Applejack's ass?=

(Sure looks like it, doesn't it?)


(You know what this means, right?)

=And that is?=

>Although I get the feeling Spike has it worse.

He has to watch literally everyone else enjoy the booty.

If Shiny was there, he'd just hang himself.

He had been worried when five of what looked to be some of the local ponies stepped forwards.

He had been unnerved, when they all smiled, seemingly ready for a fight.

He would even admit to a touch of fear, when they started to advance, single file.

'Feel like giving up yet?'


But he would not move.

>Foul creatures wearing the skin of those who live in this place, creatures of blackened souls behind pristine coats, I dare thee.

He would not let them take one step closer to the children.

>I dare thee to search into thine hearts, and souls, and seek the fire thou needs so dearly to face me, as I am. Search deep, search true, for what you need. For the fire you will need to burn me away is that of the sun. The blades you would need to cut me down are those that carve mountains. The strength you need to make me budge one single step would grant you the power to move the continents themselves to your liking. Search deep for them, and if you cannot find them, then find the courage to face your end!

Nor would he let the smile leave his face when he saw them stall.

>I am a changeling! I am the beast that hides in plain sight! I take thine mind, I take thine might, and I thine love in the beating heart, though I know you would leave me hungry! I take them away on flying wings upon mine back and fire upon mine horn! Monsters you may be, but I am a monster unlike any seen before! I am a darkness thou has never seen, for I have not willed myself revealed before now! GATHER YOUR COURAGE, OR FALL TO ME!

"...So are you bullet proof too, mister?"

>Child, be silent.

"I had to ask."

>Could thee not hold on for a second longer?

The guns, seconds later, started clicking.

Not a one of them looked worried.

"That's my answer, by the way.



'Pfft, was that really supposed to scare them?'

Nor did the camel up above, as he lit another cigar.

'Do you have any idea who you are messing with?'

One by one, they prepared to pull the trigger.

~DO YOU!?~

One by one, they fell. Consumed, beneath the bright explosion of color, and fire.


One by one, every single one of the five were knocked aside in flashes so dazzling, they would have been the centerpiece of any show. Burned fur, bruised bodies, fell to the floor.


Something about that question made him smile.


If only because he knew exactly what came next.


...Okay, that was a little cool.
Trixie is best Tsunbro.
Okay, you see that, 29?

Less shittalk, more firepower.
Trixie knows a show needs some action, not just blabbing.
Huh, I thought she just turned around.

Her literally looping upside down is somehow funnier though.
She'll steal your orange juice and FUCK UP YOUR ENEMIES
So, all someone would have to do is shave one of them, and they'd be completely oblivious as to their cutie mark.

Wow, Glimmer REALLY overthought this.
oblivious, yes. Equal, no. They would still be really good at something which went counter to the Baker cooks as well as the blacksmith society they had.
She'll also kick you out of your bed, drink your good wine, set fire to your apartment and then steal your shit.

Then she'll fight zombies for you because she is fucking weird.
File: the_greatest_bitch.png (232 KB, 1280x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
232 KB, 1280x1280
Actually? Aurelia's cutie mark would most likely be a picture of Winona.
So, what are the odds she is just faking it?
Up to the point of omnoming AJ ass I would have bought it being an act. I would actually want everyone else to get their head examined for translating "help" into "I need you to bite my ass". Centatrain could be giving off fumes not safe for pones.
You know a part of me realized that them sitting on top of what had to be magic electricity couldn't have been the healthiest thing, but I never said a word. Too late, it's just too late now.
Thats kinda sweet.
G'night /pa/
Good morning anon!
File: Pinkie Bump.png (3 MB, 1504x1408) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pinkie Bump.png
3 MB, 1504x1408
Huh, haven't seen that one in a while.
Sweet, or crazy?

Seems more like the latter to me..

>Alright, we are not stopping for long, so just pick what you want and let's go!


>Spike, it clearly says "Haydee's burgers". It says burgers literally right that. That is that word. Why, oh dear sweet honey why, would you-


>Oh for the love of... fine, but when you get-


"Wow, that's some fast service. Thank you!"

>...not even gonna question that. Who's next?

'Can Ah' get a buncha eggs? Scrambled, please.'

>It's the middle of the afternoon! Why would they-


'Thanky kindly!'

>I just... fine, what do you want?

[Um... can I have some teriyaki noodles?]



[Oh, thank you so much!]

>...Dash? Just order whatever you want, clearly they are wizards.

{Tall glass of whisky.}




>...Rarity? Do you-oh, right, unconscious... look, can I just get a hayburger and fries?

~Sorry, we don't serve hayburgers here.~


"Twilight, hurry up already!"

'Yer' holdin' up the line!'

>Alright, hurry up and load up so we can head out! We've got the lead and we're keeping it!

"Yes, and I'll be damned if I lose to an oversized insect!... again, I mean."


'I wanna smiley meal.'

"Two, Sweetie? Wouldn't you much rather order something off the healthy menu?"

>If she wants a smiley meal, give her a smiley meal.

"But they're so high in sugars."

>That's why she wants it!

"But she doesn't understand it's bad for her!"

>Yeah but it makes her be quiet!

"That is a terrible mindset to have for her!"

(I agree with her, have you seen these things? So much empty calories, if she got the salad she'd be a lot better off.)

>She doesn't want the salad!

'I wanna smiley meal.'


{It might be prudent to simply accept it in lieu of losing our lead.}

"We are not sacrificing her health for petty victory!"

>Oh, sure, nooow you don't care about petty victory.

"Don't you throw that back in my face!"

(And I still agree with her! She should get the healthy option!)

{And I still say we should just go already.}

>And I say you all can shove it!

'I wanna smiley meal.'


"She also wants to hoofboard in the house, should we let her do that too!?"

>We do that, you and me!

"That's different!"

'I wanna smiley meal!'


>Thank you!



With that, the cashier handed over the bag.


She promptly reached inside, grabbed the toy, and chucked the rest in the trash.

'Can I getta salad too?'



"She gets this from your side."

>Do not pull that out of your giant rear!

All the while, the poor cashier just... stared.

He was not paid enough for this shit.
New /pa/ spinoff, 4 mares and a baby.
Love the joke, however, with a love based diet it is all empty calories. She gets sustenance from people being happy to give her the food, not the food itself. I think 18 said it best "She chooses the sweets because it makes you happier to give it to her vs forcing the veggies because you feel she needs to eat them." Without the need to blend in, changelings just eat to eat.
True, but Celestia and 18 are more likely to appear responsible in public knowing that if they just saw her being fed unhealthy sweets and nothing else, it would set a bad example for the others. While it is different to an adult for changelings, if a kid sees the princess saying another kid can eat sweets and nothing healthy, that's going to stick.
Very true, just siding with the kid who doesn't follow normal biology.

>Why do I have to babysit? This is humiliating.


'I sincerely resent the idea I need babysat.'

>And I sincerely resent not being able to get my super double whammy with cheese sauce.

'...How are you still so-'

>I burn a LOT of calories.

"....OHHHHHHHHHH! So THAT'S why your name is Spitfire! I just got that!"



"I just thought it was neat."

'...Okay, now her, I understand the vernacular for.'

"DO NOT CONFUSE ME WITH YOUR WOOOORDS!... I don't understand it."

>I have chosen my profession poorly.
If anything the biggest concern is kids watching her trash that food.

Probably didn't set the best example.
See, this shit is why you need Shiny around during. He's the only one who actually talks to her and can resist the wibble.
Shiny's busy eating out elsewhere.

If you know what I'm saying.



Cadence totally isn't though, because she is so vanilla that she breaks out into hives at the thought of chocolate.

>Awww, crap. The mayors coming back.

"Right? Such a shame. Do you need help clearing out your cockfighting ring?"

>No, it's fine. You need help getting rid of your unlicensed brewery?

"Would you? That would be a big help."

>Sigh. It sucks having her pay attention now.

"I know, right? Things were so much easier when she didn't care. Oh well."

>Bonny? We need to-


'The names BON CEN-'



>Mayors coming back, you have to shut down the wrestling ring.

'...Do you have any fucking idea how long it took to set up those lights and fireworks?'

>I know, I know, just how it is.

'No, you don't understand, I'm mad.'





"I knew she was a heel all along."
cause of course they went full Wild West in a week.

Of course.
Mayor? Who cares about that! Teacher is gooone!

>Teacher is gooone!

"Behold! From the depths of Tartarus I have returned to reclaim my infernal throne. Soon, all the land shall be flooded in an eternal ocean of blood!"

'Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.'

"Yes, we'll find your little ring too, and then you can rule over Maredor once again."

<Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn>

"Fine, you can have the oceans, as I shall flood the land with BLOOD!"

'Snaga nar baj lufut, amal shufar, at rrug. Nar Mat Kordh-Ishi!'

"Of course I can flood the world without getting any blood in the water! When I hold dominion over all things, I will compel the blood to stay on land!"

'Nar Udautas, mabaj nar armauk'

"Yes, I'll keep the blood from your empire too. Now, can we please start our conquest of the world?"

<Iä! Shub-Niggurath!>

"What do you mean the Mistress returns- OH FUCK! ABORT! ABORT! ABORT!"
There have never been quads more appropriate.
>Dem quads

Spooky Thread Ghost Quads are Spooky?

"You know this lady, right?"




>... she's probably one of mine very best of friends.

"...I am suddenly less confident about staying with you."

>I understand completely.

>~Sounds of a paper shredder~

/pa/, the only place where a Cena heel turn works.





>...They're coming.

"I'm sure."

>No, really, you just relax, I've sent for my guys, and they're gonna come along any second now.

"Oh, absolutely."

>Yep. Because they're well trained, and they listen to me, and they're gonna come around any moment to pick this guy up and we're gonna take him in and book him. That's what's gonna happen.

"I have full confidence."



>...if I start hitting my head into the wall, promise you will stop me.

"I can only promise to try."

>Burning daylight!

"No luck, Celly, she is... she's in there."


>I'm going in after her!

(YOU FOOL! No adult has ever gone in and made it out alive!)

>I have to try!

{No... let me do it. If someone must be sacrificed, then it is my duty, and I will bear this burden.}

"Or we could not. There's probably easier ways to do this."

>No, Forty Two! Cadence needs you! You're the only one who isn't secretly happy she got exposed and are glad she's not being lazy anymore!

{What? I am not!}



>I'm going in!

(Noooo, Celestia, noooo! If you leave Applejack will make me do more of her paperwork again! I need you!)

>I know... but I can't sit by any longer!


"Seriously? Am... am I going to have to be the one to point out the obvious? I don't like this. This is like a fish trying to swim on glass."

{I should go in.}

(No! If anyone should, I should! At least that way if a disappearance happens, it means LESS paperwork for me for once!)

>I'm already going in!

{...What about all three of us?}

>And completely leave Chrysalis alone in case we all die? Brilliant, let's do that! One!



"Two, I have marchmalleys."



'Thanks not-mom!'

>...Good job, team! I um... guess we should go now?

"You just wanted to play in the ball pit without it looking weird, didn't you?"


"...Oh no! Two forgot her toy in there."

>({I'LL GET IT!})


"...so this is what it's like to be Shiny... *shudder*"

What do you think whoever is watching this is thinking?

>Don't stare, honey.

"How can I not!?'

>Just pretend like they're anyone else with a bratty kid.

"It's the friggen princess!"

>Just don't look.



"...Which one do you think is, uh..."

>They mention "Shiny" multiple times, three guesses.

"Meant the mom, clearly."

>Well, obviously it's princess Celestia.




>SA and Cadence are 2's fairy god parents, who she got because her life was so awful.

...Nahhh, that's just silly.

>...So are you going to eat that burrito or what?

"I... I don't know. I see it, I can smell it, but... it looks..."

>Looks what? Bad? Done? Rancid?


>Oh for the love of...

"It's so perfectly wrapped, just the right amount of ingredients, there's not a single flaw to be found in it!"

>I cannot be hearing this right now.

"It's such a delicate blend of spices and wonderful flavors, it's... it's perfection."

>So, clearly, you're in love with it and can't eat it-


>Spike! Language-


>Er... maybe you shouldn't eat that so fast?

"Pffhfh, wash gonnah happeh-"



>Now!? This is hitting you now!? We're on a bridge several hundred feet above a river, Spike! Not the best time!


>I am not carpet bombing the wildlife with that burrito.


*Charging electricity noises*


>I swear, this is at leas the third or fourth worst time you have ever asked me to fly you.


>Sorry, fishies... and anyone down below.

>So, how do you think the Empire is handling stuff without us?

"If my past experiences with them are any indication..."




"Pretty much that.'

>...pretty much what?

"Oh, right, you can't see it."


"It was fire."

>I'm gonna move on ahead to the next car...
No regrets, Spike.
Oh, I'm sure he has a ton of regrets right now.

He's probably coated everything down below a thick brown.
>That happens
>Everybody thinks they're talking about Cadence
>She gets kicked out
>Everyone agrees that maybe they should have a better system for this than just calling every royal female a 'princess'
>First one who says "Queen" gets shot
I actually find it funny that Queens next in lines for Changelings aren't ever called princesses, despite them being exactly that, they're 'heirs'
>What about "Mega Princess"
>But I'm the tallest!
>Chrysalis doesn't like it, proof it's a good idea!
"She has a point..."

>...Ahahaha... ahahahaha... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

"Went full Mane-Iac, did you? Well, that certainly made this seem much more normal."


"Did what?"

>We pulled ahead! There's no way she can catch up to us now! We're almost there! Ahahaha! AHAAHHAHAHA! We're going to win! WE'RE GONNA WIN!

"Huh, guess we are."

>YES! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES... no... no no... no no no no NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOO!

"Oh, what now?"


"Because they're going to a different place??"


"To get home, presumably?






"...is it really just now hitting you that you actually live in Canterlot, not the Empire-"

>SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT! I've got to bail and get over-

She leapt without thought, hitting the ground hard and rolling to a stop in the dirt.

"Nice job jumping out of a moving train!"

>FUCK YOU!... Oh shit, I'll never catch up to them now! I have to get their attention! I-

"YOU CAN FLYYYYyyyyyyy..."

She still heard it, even as the train went off over the distance.

>...I knew that.
I was wondering how this race was gonna work...
It would massively inflate the princess count
all Changeling Princesses

She couldn't keep from grinning at the princess struggling to catch up. Try as she might to fight it back, the apple loving mare just had to smirk.

>Finally hit ya', did it?

"SHUT... UP..."

She panted and wheezed, clearly out of shape and even more clearly out of breath from her mad dash, as she flew alongside.

>Ya' realize Ah' still technically win this here bet, don'tcha?


>Ah' was wonderin' when ya' were gonna catch on. Honestly? Ah' thought it was gonna be back at the stop.


>Ah'm never gonna let ya' live this one down, ya' know that right?


>Good, now that this here is finally as it should be-

Her horn sparked, a bit unevenly but it sparked all the same, before she finally pulled the winded princess atop the moving mutilegged transportation.

>-enjoy yer' stay.

"...used... magic?"

>Been learnin' a bit.


>Awww, shucks, thanks... wait.

"What... now?"

>You feel like yer' missin' somethin'?



'SISTER! We have emerged from the snack cart, and we bring many a tiny delight!... Sister?... Sister, are we not going to play the game of cards?... Sister?....C-celly?'






Luna, just turn heel, you'll get more attention that way.
Technically, they're all FORMER princesses, except for 2 and 13 who are current princesses, and of course except 42 who was never recognized as such by her Queen.

They no longer have subjects, soldiers, political clout or a kingdom/land to rule, they no longer have any claims to official nobility.

They could'a been somebody, but now they're just could'a been.
18 too, since she basically ran the empire while Shiny was off with Celestia and Cadence was spending tax dollars on her hair care.

Also while that is really fucking depressing to point out, as heirs, they have the ability to jump to queen either through the bitch, the orb sub plot waiting for Twilight back at the castle, or whatever way we get 2 out of eating a heart.
>18 too, since she basically ran the empire while Shiny was off with Celestia and Cadence was spending tax dollars on her hair care.

Still technically not a princess, as she was never officially inaugurated or granted status, but I see the point.

That said, the second part just points out they have the potential for ascension, which everyone technically does. Any earth pony could be the next Applejack or what have you, so saying they have the ability doesn't really change their current status. Anyone in Ponyville can be somebody... Well, all the females at least, we still don't know if it's possible to make male Alicorns.
yeah, fucking faust doesn't want a male alicorn and now flurry heart is on the way
also celestia needs to get her shit in gear and give him his god damn wings, I don't care if it takes until thread 200, I'll find a way
...huh, thread 200 would probably be the best time for it wouldn't it?
She did everything BUT put a ring on it and that is on us.

They are PINO (Princess in name only), not to bring in the weebshit but that was part of Vegeta's shtick. He was the "Prince of all Sayians" even though he had no dominion over any of them and zero political power on Earth or even physical place to rule since it exploded.

Unrelated but did we ever actually rule on whether flutterbutter is a princess

In canon reason is Celly can't as punshment for Rarity, and Faust doesn't like his pro chigger attitude.

Meta is that we won't let him until the thread is dead and if we do it before it will be something temporary or he will willingly refuse.
>Unrelated but did we ever actually rule on whether flutterbutter is a princess

Fluttershy actually declared she's not during the Guard-Debate, so no, she's technically not, even though she gets treated like one by the populace because lolicorns.

>In canon reason is Celly can't as punshment for Rarity, and Faust doesn't like his pro chigger attitude.

Actually, we never gave a direct canon reason in-story, Celly just said she can't but wants to. She never outright said "After Rarity I can't do it again for some reason". The Rarity thing just makes the most sense and is the reason I subscribe to, I admit, but we never SAID it.
"You don't think she'll be too mad, do you?"


They could see the mushroom cloud rising already.



>Hrmph, this is dumb. Me and Applebloom don't fight like this.


There it was... Canterlot.

Canterlot. The city of Sunshine, the city of magic, the capitol of the great land they so did serve.

Canterlot. The place they had fought and struggled to protect, the place they had struggled to improve.

Canterlot, dear Canterlot...

They were actually a little sad to see its sights.

"Time to get back to work..."

It had been a fun vacation, a fun little distraction, but the time had closed, as little as they all wanted to admit it. The time for no worries, no troubles and no problems had ended, and they had to get back to work to make their home everything it could be, and more.

It was time to get back to work, for all of them.

There was no parade to welcome them back home, no sign of partying and joy to proclaim their arrival, in fact there wasn't anything at all. A barren, empty train station welcomed them.

Barren, and empty, save for one single stallion standing in wait.

"Howdy, Mister Fancy Pants."

One single stallion, armed with nothing but his suit, and a clip board.

"Ah, so good to see you my dears! I hope your trip abroad was at least entertaining."

One by one, they stepped down, not a single one carrying their worry with them as they left Centitrain's back.

"You could say that. So... guessin' this here whole mess is done already? Found out there weren't no infiltration or nothin'? Bout time. Iffin' ya' don't mind, we have work to do."

"Ahem, actually..."

Nothing he could have said, up to and including 'we lost the antidote', could have chilled them more than those words.

"There is a... concern..."

He looked to each and every one of them, one by one, eyes locking just long enough to unsettle them, before he finally landed on a single one of their number, and held.

"Miss Rainbow Dash, I'm afraid... I'm going to have to ask you some questions."

Only one of them spoke, only one had the courage to do so. Only one, to voice what they were all thinking.


They were truly back.
She has been gone for 25 threads and we keep hinting at this coming back to bite AJ...so how are we going to sneak the CMC back without anyone but Vekir ever knowing?

Surprised given the AJ connection anything came from it. Who other than Applepone knew 18 was doing Dash's work? And will AJ let the bus hit Dash alone?
They probably noticed something was off in the hoofwriting, and then worked backwards from there.

And I hope AJ will at least consider riding that painbus with her. She used 18 too.
I cannot resist that clifhanger!

>Yes, there have been a lot of spending reports on birth control and thongs. Care to explain?





"...the thongs weren't for me."

>That... is not better.
>Surprised given the AJ connection anything came from it.

Looks like AJ's finally going to have to answer for the whole promotion thing.


>That is right, the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!




>Oh! Um... neat?


>Uh huh... so then turn yourself in, in the name of Trixie?


>...Trixie does not know what to do in this situation.

Think she'll use this chance to take RD down, or just play it safe?
She won't and most everyone used 18 at one point.
Let's be honest here. We are not going to have AJ answer for shit. The most that will happen is we get LD as the bolt leader, Dash mopes, Spitfire gloats, and then feels bad and they make up. This will roundabout result in a win for all involved.
>AJ gets out of the whole nepotism thing
>18 gets nothing because, who is going to extradite her?
>Dash gets out of a job she hated and really was struggling with
>Spitfire gets to see the tables turned and stops being mean to Rainbow
>LD get to be the leader like she wanted
>And the bolts return to their pre-dash ways. Attentive captain, who doesn't do her own work. More than likely thrown on FF and Soarin' because she is smart enough to delegate.
>Oh and Pennydrop gets the smallest of victories, through them finding this.