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what no derpy thread, let's post our...
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what no derpy thread, let's post our muffin pony
Get the fuck out faggot
Fuck you bitch
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All hail princess Dery.
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Derpy is a top ten cute
Where your thread belong
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Derp horse is cute
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Fucking broknees and their stupid retard horse
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wow rude
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bubble butt is best horse
Continued from line 259 of the third link.

>Derpy is looking at you with a worried expression.
>"Am I sick after all?"
>You take several deep breaths to try and suppress the slight panic you're feeling right now and after a few seconds you don't exactly feel great, but you feel like you can handle the situation.
>"Anon, am I sick?"
>Right, the way you're behaving right now is probably pretty unsettling to her.
>So, Derpy is pregnant.
>She didn't cheat on you with a pony, did she?
>Most of the time she's with you or at least near you.
>Usually the only times you're separated for an extended period of time is when you go grocery shopping or something while she delivers the mail.
"Derpy have you ever had sex with anyone but me?"
>She blinks once.
>"No, because we're married and that means that we're only having sex with each other.
>Why are you asking me this?
>I'm scared, Anon."
>You sigh.
>Maybe you really are the father after all.
>There's just so much in this world that you do not know, let alone understand.
>Is it really that unreasonable to think that you could have impregnated her?
>Regardless, Derpy has the right to know that she's pregnant.
>It's one thing to not tell her that there is still a slight possibility that she's sick after all, but when there is without a doubt something going on with her body she really needs to know.
>You take Derpy's hoof into one of your hands and look her in the eyes.
"You are not sick, this is something different."
>"Something ... different?"
"Yes, you see, when we first had sex I had told you that we couldn't make a baby together, but apparently I was wrong.
You're pregnant, Derpy."
>There's a moment of silence as the gravity of the situation sinks in.
>"But you..."
>She doesn't get further before she bursts into tears.
>Surprised by this turn of events it takes you a few seconds to pull her into a hug and comfortingly rub her back.
>This is not the reaction you were expecting.
"Hey, please don't cry, I'm here for you."
>"But you-",
>she starts, but gets interrupted by a sob,
>"but you said that getting pregnant on accident is really bad.
>And now I'm pregnant, but I didn't want to get pregnant."
It's been a long time since you have seen her this upset.
"Look, it's my fault that you got pregnant, not yours.
I'm the one who has to look out for things like that."
>Still your reassurements do little to calm her down.
>You spend the rest of the day comforting a crying pegasus.
>A sudden cough makes you look up from the book you're reading.
>Seems like Derpy is awake.
"Hey there, how are you feeling?"
>You lean over from the chair you had moved next to Derpy's bed and brush across her hair with your hand.
>It feels like her fever has gone down, though measurement by hand is pretty unreliable.
>You should get the thermometer.
>After another, short cough Derpy rises from her lying position.
>"I'm thirsty."
>Her voice is still hoarse and weak.
"Here you go."
>You hand her the sippy cup filled with water you had put next to her bed and she greedily drinks from it.
>After gulping a few times she puts it down and leans back against her pillow.
>"I don't like being sick.
>My head hurts and I feel hot and tired and I don't like feeling like that."
>With a sigh you resume stroking her mane.
"I don't like you being sick either, but I think the worst part is over now."
>For a few moments you continue to silently pet Derpy's mane as she pulls the blanket back over herself.
>"Am I sick because I'm pregnant?"
>You briefly stop your hand at the sudden question.
"No, I don't think that's why you're sick."
>At least not directly.
>Ever since you had revealed to Derpy that she was pregnant, she has been feeling kinda down and she fell sick shortly afterwards.
>The psychological stress might have been a negative factor, but it's impossible to tell whether she wouldn't have become sick anyways.
>The disease she contracted is apparently called the 'Feather Flu' though it does not seem to be restricted to pegasi.
>Most likely she caught it from a sick pony at the hospital, but you're not telling her that.
>She certainly doesn't need another reason to be irrationally afraid of hospitals.
>Fortunately you convinced Twilight to perform a checkup on her when she visited to investigate the case of Derpy's pregnancy.
>Turns out that as with everything Twilight has extensive theoretical qualifications in the field of equine medicince.
>Anyways, according to Twilight during your stay in Equestria the frequency of your magical aura has increased from 240 to 460 Terahertz.
>Ponies don't actually use metric units -though they have some ridiculous pony names for most of them-, but what it boils down to is that your aura has become more similar to that of Derpy which has a frequency of about 660 Terahertz.
>The measurements Twilight took at the time were very rough according to her and she said she'd repeat them once she got a specially attuned crystal from Canterlot, but what she could tell you was that a similar frequency in your aura is necessary for conception.
>So all things considered you probably really are the father.
"Do you feel like eating something?"
Posting new stuff from here, reposted the old stuff because I forgot to update my pastebin last time

>Derpy silently looks at you for a moment.
"Alright then, just wait here while I go get the soup."
>You're glad that this will probably be the last you'll see of that terrible soup.
>Back on earth your mother used to make chicken noodle soup for you when you were sick, but since that's not an option in Equestria you had asked twilight for the pony equivalent.
>Unfortunately the soup contains a lot of flowers and other plants that are not very tasty to humans.
>You had made a big bowl for Derpy, but when she lost her appetite you ended up eating most of it.
>At least it seems to be healthy.
>With a sigh you put the last of the soup into your Magical Mini Oven.
>Regardless of the world you live on, waiting even one minute for your food to warm up feels like an eternity.
>You should remember to go grocery shopping in the near future.
>With Derpy being sick you didn't for some time now and your supplies are running low.
>After a few more seconds the food seems to be warmed up, and after retrieving a spoon from a nearby cupboard you bring it to Derpy.
>She's still where you had left her, except now she's looking out of the window.
>From where the two of you have put your bed she can't see much more than a few roofs and the night sky though.
>As soon as you enter the room, she looks at you and smiles warmly through her tired eyes.
>"Feed me, Anon!"
>You sit down next to her and happily oblige.
>After all it would be a real pain if she were to spill anything onto the sheets.
>But you would be lying to yourself if you said you didn't like how happy she smiles whenever you feed her.
>To your surprise Derpy finishes the whole bowl of soup and even asks for more food afterwards.
>It's a good thing that she has regained her appetite, you think.
>After properly measuring her temperature, you can also confirm that her fever has definitely gone down.
"Does you head feel okay?"
>"It's still hurting but it's a lot better than when I woke up this morning."
>Earlier today ou were tempted to give her a pill of pony aspirin to ease the pain, but after checking with Twilight you decided against it.
>Apparently it can in some cases cause miscarriage when given to pregnant mares.
>You settled on giving her a placebo, nothing more than a piece of flour that Twilight had compressed into a pill.
>Fortunately it seemed to have been effective for Derpy as she seemed to be feeling better only ten minutes later.
>Being gullible seems to have it's perks.
>"I want to continue reading Special Agent Red Whip."
>You ruffle her hair.
"Sure thing."
>You put away the bowl and slip under the covers next to Derpy.
>When she cuddles up against your side you start reading where you left off earlier.
"I've got you now, special agent Red Whip."

>That night you have a weird dream.
>Your whole body feels heavy and hot.
>Suddenly there's a scratching pressure in your chest and you convulse as you cough hard.
>At this point you realize that you're awake, everything just feels really hazy as if you're dreaming.
>You reach for the clock on your nightstand, but you fail to grasp it and you let it fall down to the floor.
>When you try to reach for it you get another coughing fit and you fall back onto the mattress.
>"... sick."
>You're startled by a sudden voice coming from the side, strangely sounding near yet distant.
>Your throat hurts as you try to speak.
>"I think you're sick."
>You try to focus your eyes on the source of the voice, but you're distracted by a blurry gray thing heading for your forehead.
>"You're really hot, Anon.
>I think you have a fever."
>If anything you feel cold.
>You shiver slightly and pull the blanket tighter around your body.
>Don't people with fever usually feel cold?
>Maybe you really are sick.
>You try your best to clear your head, but you're soon met with a throbbing pain and you clench your jaw.
>Fuck, your voice sounds terrible.
>You clear your throat and with some effort you manage to take her hoof into your hand.
"Derpy, I need you to get Twilight.
I'm really sick and I need her help."
>Derpy seems to be making a troubled face.
>Before you know it she has climbed off the bed and left the room, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
>You feel very thirsty.
>Remembering the sippy cup you had put on Derpy's nightstand you crawl over onto her side of the bad and reach for it.
>Fortunately you don't drop anything this time and you start drinking from it.
>The water feels cold and you shiver slightly.
>As you put it away you notice that Derpy is back in the room.
>She can't already be back from Twilight's place, can she?
Where's Twilight?"
>Derpy's face seems to fill with determination.
>"You're sick and you need somepony to take care of you so I can't leave you alone and get Twilight."
>You don't have time for this.
"Derpy, please.
I'm really sick and I need help.
I need Twilight to take care of me."
>Derpy hangs her head, her face a mix of disappointment and a pout.
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That's all I have written for now.

In an earlier thread an Anon wanted Derpy to drink alcohol.
I know I said it's unlikely, but maybe she should do it after all.

Anyways, OP, are you a psychic?
Because you started up this thread just as I started writing, though I would have used pic related
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this is pretty guud
I think anon hurt her feelings, poor derpy
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When she delivers bad mail, she helps you through the grief.
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Will this do, Anon?
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Didn't forget. Just dropped a few.

Maybe it will be fine?
Cool, I had no idea that Libman voiced Bon Bon
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Classic derpy
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I don't get what's so great about her. Anyone wanna clue me in why she's still popular at all?
And you have no one but yourselves to blame.
She doesn't have a canon personality, but I like to imagine her as someone who despite the hardships in her life manages to maintain her optimistic outlook and never gives up.
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Giddy the fuk up!
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You mean Muffins?
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A qt by any other name.
Besides, she'll always be Derpy in our hearts, and in the wiki and the booru and pretty much all of the internet.
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>Once again she leaves the room but this time you're being quiet and listen to the sound of Derpy walking down the stairs.
>When you hear the dulled thud of the front door closing you release a breath you hadn't realized you were holding and lean back into your cushion.
>Might as well try to get some more rest while Derpy goes to get Twilight.

>Soon you can feel yourself slowly drifting off to sleep, but you quickly jerk awake when you can hear a loud pop from beside your bed.
>After your initial panic you can see Twilight and Derpy standing there with some saddlebags.
>Derpy seems to be swaying lightly, probably dizzy from being teleported.
"Hello, Twilight."
>You can't help but cough after you say that.
>"Morning, Anonymous.
>Seems like Derpy was right when she said you were really sick."
>You probably look as bad as you feel.
>Apparently no longer dizzy, Derpy jumps onto the mattress between you and Twilight, blocking your sight of her.
>"Look Anon, I went and got Twilight, just like you asked me to."
"Thank you, Derpy."
>"Did I do well?"
"Yes, you did very well."
>Elated by our praise Derpy hugs your chest trough the covers and you can see Twilight unload her saddlebags.
>Unsurprisingly they are filled with books, crystals and vials that contain various fluids.
>Twilight opens up one of the books and after silently reading for a few seconds she closes it again as she seems to be powering up a spell.
>A brightly glowing ray hits your feet through the blanket and you feel the familiar, tingling sensation of magic.
>The ray starts travelling up your body with the tingling feeling following in it's wake.
>When the ray reaches your stomach, Twilight pries Derpy off of your chest with her magic so she doesn't get in the way.
>Derpy doesn't seem happy about this development, but she doesn't struggle in Twilight's grasp and silently stays where Twilight puts her down.
>Eventually the ray reaches your head and you close your eyes to the blinding light.
>The magic seems to be lingering for several long seconds and you clench your teeth as you endure the sickening feeling.
>Suddenly the light and the tingling feeling stop and you relax significantly.
>You open your eyes to look at Twilight, still somewhat dazzled by the light.
>"It's as I suspected:
>You're sick with the Feather Flu."
"How can I be sick with the Feather flu?
Isn't that a pony disease?"
>Twilight deadpannes.
>"You impregnated a pony just a few weeks ago, but now you're surprised you can catch a disease from one of them?"
"good point."
lol such a funi meem hors xd
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Here have a story with her from RGRE thread - http://pastebin.com/Y11X0Fp3
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Derpy is Murphy's Law, ponied.
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Derpster Rawr!.png
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I want to put a muffin in her oven.
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>She doesn't have a canon personality
But she does? Watch Slice of Life.
Yes, I later remebered that too.
>"Anyways, I recommend that you stay in bed for now.
>If what you told me about human physiology is correct you have a very high fever."
>Twilight sighs.
>"Seems like instead of reordering my collection of arcane levitators I'll be looking after you two today."
>You two?
>Wait, that reminds you:
"Hey Derpy, aren't you still sick?"
>She looks at you for a second, pondering the question.
>"She's still a little sick", Twilight interjects,"she doesn't have a fever or headache anymore, but she's still coughing from time to time.
>Especially after she flew full speed to my castle."
>You look at Derpy apologetically.
"I'm sorry for not thinking of you.
I have trouble putting thoughts together at the moment."
>Derpy looks at you with concern.
>"Does your head hurt?"
"Yes, but it's not that bad."
>Your head mostly just feels a little dizzy from Twilight's examination.
>Regardless Derpy turns to Twilight with a pleading look.
>"Twilight, can you give Anon some of that medicine that you gave me yesterday?"
>Twilight does not look amused.
>She opposed giving Derpy a placebo from the start because apparently for a doctor it's illegal to prescribe placebos to an unknowing patient.
>You don't understand why that would matter for Twilight who is not a doctor, but according to her she didn't want to do it on principle.
>Derpy is probably not helping the cause right now.
"I don't think that will work.
The medicine Twilight gave you yesterday is special because it only works for gray pegasi with golden eyes."
>You start coughing from talking too much, but before your body convulses you can see Derpy's face fall.
>As your coughing fit subsides you reach for the sippy cup only to realize that it's almost empty.
>After draining the last of it's contents you turn to the two mares in the room and ask:
"Can one of you fill this up with water for me, please?"
>Twilight is about to say something when Derpy shouts:
>"I'll do it."
Thread replies: 68
Thread images: 45
Thread DB ID: 453414

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