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>"Anon, will you take care of me...
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>"Anon, will you take care of me while I'm sick?"
No, now get the fuck off the show you little shit.
I was about to write a greentext, but I realized that all it was going to amount to was a gag where Anon check's Spike's fever, and burns his hand when he learns that dragons have fevers of 300 degrees
Spike, I'm mexican, the only medicine we ever take is cough syrup, 7 up, or weed.
Requesting greentext anyway
If you let me have sex with your anus. Your sneezes would make your anus clench on my cock.
Sure, but you gotta answer a question for me first. Why not Twilight or any of the other ponies? Don't take it the wrong way; I just didn't expect you of all being to come to me for help.
Twilights probably out fucking flash sentry
Someone else can do it
Well that sucks for Twifags, but that still wouldn't explain why Spike would go to Anon.
no other pone cares about spike
This is gonna turn sad isn't?
"Wait, why can't Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie do it? Hell, why not Fluttershy?"
>"They're all too busy, Anon."
"Are you sure? I mean, I can go talk to them."
>You take a step away from Spike, but he grabs your jacket sleeve.
>"Trust me, Anon. They're too busy. They're always too busy..."
Are we not even considering Rarity?
There is great irony in that post.
Fucking xenophobic ponies... Alright, but just so we're clear I'm doing this because you are my friend and not out of pity.
>Rarity quietly sneaks towards the door as Twilight is going on about how she needs one of them to take care of spike
That's kinda hot, spike sneezing uncontrollably while you plow his asshole.
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It's absolutely hot.
>Spike sneezed and bent over double, his tail shooting straight up into the air.
>You stared right at his rear, his hole slightly visible as the sneeze rocketed out of him.
>"Guh....*sniiiiiiiiiiiiff* sheesh Anon....why'd you...huh....bring those...flowers?"
>His eyes were puffy and he wiped his nose across his arm.
>You had a bouquet of dragonsneeze flowers and were torturing the poor dragon with them.
"I thought they were nice. You think Twilight will like them?"
>You feigned ignorance while Spike's nose wiggled and he panted, fighting another sneeze.
>"Huhh..I...think she...she HAAACHEEW!!"
>You ducked as a blast of fire came from the dragon.
>He groaned and rubbed at his eyes, a little bit of mucus dripping from his reddening nose.
"They're really nice. I like how they smell."
>"They're......IshhhooO!!! dragon sneehhh hhhehhh!"
>He rubbed his nose frantically and struggled to get the next word out.
>You positioned yourself behind him again, watching.
>As he struggled to fight off the inevitable sneeze, his tail was high in the air.
>You felt something in your pants stir watching his little butt pucker.
>"HEhh hehh....it...it won't.....cuh....come....!*sniiiiiiff*"
>Feeling a little bad, you leaned around him shook the bouquet in his face.
>Spike sneezed and sneezed in place, barely lifting his head up for the next one.
>The entire time his tail was up like a flagpole.
>Speaking of flagpoles, your cock was fully up and throbbing with every sneeze.
>Were you really...turned on by this??
>You unzipped, nearing closer to Spike's rump.
>You cock flopped out of your pants, pre glistening on the tip.
>Spike sneezed again, bending so far over he practically presented himself.
>You grabbed the base of his tail, keeping his rump apart.
>"Ahh...*sniiff* Ahnnon? Whuhhh huh.....*sniiiiiiiiiiiifff* What are you...?"
>He turned his head slightly, nose trembling, threatening to send him into another fit of sneezes.
>With your free hand you pulled one of the flowers out of the bouquet and pressed it to his nostrils, right when he sniffed again.
>The effect was instant.
>He sneezed as you lined your cock up with his hole.
>With the second sneeze, you thrusted in hard.
>The sudden shock you entering him snapped him out of his sneezing fit, and he fell on all fours and yelped in pain.
>He yelled as you pushed deeper into him.
>He was tighter than anything you ever felt before
>You wouldn't last more than a few pumps.
>Giving him a firm slap on his scaly ass, you started to work your cock in and out.
>He didn't struggle, at least, not with you.
>The same flower you had pushed into his face was sitting below him, and it was already working its magic on him.
>You pushed in again and again, every hitch of his breath squeezed his ass a little tighter around you.
>You groaned and thrusted harder, already feeling yourself about to explode.
>You tried to pull out, but Spike's butt suddenly became too tight to move.
>His head was high in the air, his nose quivering with his allergy.
>With one final gasp, he was off.
>Fire blasted the ground in front of him, incinerating the flower.
>You came at the first sneeze, each subsequent one making you spurt over and over.
>When the final one erupted from the poor dragon's nose, you slipped out of him with a lewd pop.
>You were on your back, panting.
>Spike had fallen on his side, panting just as hard.
>Thats when you saw his cock was flopped out, leaking pre on the ground.
"Ugh...way to make it gay, Spike!"
>You groaned and dropped the rest of the flowers onto his head and walked away.
>As you zipped up you could hear him sneezing his head off, plumes of fire going everywhere.
Fag fetish and sneezing fetish. Incredible.
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Now spike will be intentionally making himself sneeze so Anon will do it to him again

Hush now, baby, baby, don't you cry
Twily's gonna make all of your nightmares come true
Twilys gonna put all of her fears into you
Twilys gonna keep you right here under her wing
She won't let you fly but she might let you sing
Twily's gonna keep baby cosy and warm

Ooooh, baby...
Of course Twilight's gonna help build the wall
Want to see this
me too
>Be Spike
>On your side, in the dirt
>Covered with ashes from the incinerated flowers
>Nose completely numb and dripping profusely
>Chest hurts like you just lifted a boulder over your head
>Panting heavily, trying to catch your breath
>Your bottom was sore, it stung where Anon slapped it and...
>There was a good, almost pleasant feeling in the middle.
>And your cock was swollen so red it looked like it might explode.
>What the heck happened!?
Yes, continue.
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Do it.
You can't type the exact same letters without a 3-4 minute waiting period. How does it feel to be wrong?
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"Sure thing spike... Sure thing"
I want Spike to discover he has a sneezing fetish and keep a dragonsneeze flower under his bed in a plastic bag so he can sniff it whenever he wants. I want him to get so used to associating sneezing with jerking off that whenever he does sneeze in public he has to hide an erection.
Why do you like sneezing so much, whats the appeal?
sneezing causes the muscles to contract. Makes the butthole squeeze harder.
thats it? nothing to do with his actual sneezing?
"Sure, now lemme go get my shotgun."
Writing Spike developing a fetish is interesting. Writing about his butt being tight is boring.
Then write about Spike developing a fetish. I'd sure as hell read it regardless of what turns me on.
Bump for sneezyspike
I second this.
Different writefag

>Spike paced around his room in Twilight's castle.
>Atop his bed was a shoebox.
>A little souvenir from Canterlot that even Twilight didn't know about.
>A Dragonsneeze flower.
>Despite the amount of destruction and chaos he caused from being exposed to the things, Spike felt something else that day.
>A tingling, and not just in his nose.
>Down below, somewhere he hadn't given much thought of till recently.
>A month before, he had been helping Rarity and she bent under her table to grab a loose spindle of thread
>In the briefest of moments, her butt had been unobstructed by her tail and he saw everything.
>Her slit, her perfectly puckered knot, everything.
>He felt like any other time he would have gagged and looked away.
>Ponies do their business from there.
>But for some reason, he stared.
>His face was flushed with heat and for the first time ever he felt...something...tingling between his legs.
>By the time Rarity had turned around, he had run away, abet very awkwardly.
>He hadn't thought about it again until last week.
>When he was exposed to these flowers and he felt the same tingling feeling again.
>It wasn't as pronounced, but it was there.
>So, quietly, before he and Twilight left he snatched up a stray blossom and confined it to the box.
>Curiosity getting the better of him, he slowly lifted the top off the shoebox and held his breath.
>The flower had wilted slightly but it still was covered in pollen.
>His eyes began to itch just looking at it.
>Steeling himself, he took one quick sniff before slapping the lid of the box back down.
>He could already feel the reaction begin as he took a step or two away from his bed.
>When he was in Canterlot, he was assaulted by dozens of these flowers, hanging outside from their precarious branches.
>He had sneezed instantly, and his allergy to the offending plant quickly overtook him, giving him no time to really experience how it felt.
>This time, however, the exposure was brief.
>He blinked a tear from his eye and felt his nostrils flare involuntarily.
>A warm sensation began at the tip of his nose, the feeling of pins and needles creeping into his nostrils.
>He felt the first hitch of breath when a sudden tickle flared in the back of his sinuses.
>He gripped the side of a chair, grateful most of the furniture in his room was made of crystals and not wood.
>Sneezing back in the library was always a recipe for disaster, but here he could let them come naturally with no worry.
>A second hitch of breath followed quickly after another sharp, almost pulsing feeling deep in his right nostril began.
>He felt his itchy eyes close, his back arching slowly.
>He sniffed as the beginnings of moisture formed in his sinuses, pulling the offending particles deeper into his nasal cavity.
>His grip on the chair tightened, his chest expanded slightly, his neck craned back and...
>A torrent of green flame erupted from his mouth as the sneeze practically propelled him airborne.
>He landed on his feet and rubbed his eyes.
>The inside of his nose still tingled, but not enough for a second sneeze.
>But as he predicted, the buildup, the anticipation, the release, and even the idea that was doing this to himself, all caused a second reaction to begin between his legs.
>He looked down and saw a reddening beginning around his lower belly
>Triple checking the door to his chambers to ensure it was locked, he took his claw and very gently rubbed the darker colored scales with his palm.
Keep going? Never wrote this kind of thing before.
>When he rubbed over the slit where he...well you know...from, it felt weird.
>Not bad, but almost like whatever was happening in his nose was happening down there too.
>A tingling feeling, but a lot more pleasant and a lot less, well, sneeze related.
>He sat back on his bed, utterly fascinated with rubbing his slit.
>It was funny, he knew what he was doing was personal enough to lock his door, but he had no idea why.
>He sniffed back some fluid, trying to pull in a pleasant breath as his hips wobbled a little.
>With a little sigh, the dragon let himself lean further back and close his eyes, enjoying this relaxing but exciting sensation.
>The more he rubbed the more he felt a weird lump beginning to form under his palm.
>When his fingers ran over it, he gasped and sat upright.
>What the heck?
>He looked down and saw his slit looked swollen and...something red and wet was beginning to push its way out.
>At first he was scared.
>Did he hurt himself?
>Was this supposed to happen?
>He thought about running to Twilight but he told himself he was too old to be running to her with things like this.
>No, he was a dragon!
>He could figure out what was going on with his own body.
>As if to give him a clue, his nose suddenly twitched, a tickle blossoming deep within his right nostril.
>His breath caught in his throat as the invisible strings of an unexpected sneeze worked their magic.
>He sneezed directly down, without much buildup he was spared the plume of dragonfire.
>Stupid flower, he thought, must have been some leftover pollen floating around his--
>He blinked and gasped when he opened his eyes.
>Between his legs, the bump had grown and was getting bigger!
stopping for now
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my life is shirt.png
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You are all faggots.
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Way to bump the thread.
Thread replies: 65
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