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You take the blue pill, you are now in Equestria....
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You take the blue pill, you are now in Equestria. You simply disappear from the real world and believe whatever you want to believe. After a while you will be presumed dead in the real world. Your friends and family will miss you, but you won't think of them when you are in an eternal state of happiness.

You take the red pill, you wake up in your bed. You stay in the real world, and you will always remember that you chose to stay with your friends and family instead of living in blissful ignorance.
blue pill, no hesistation.
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Blue pill me motherfucker, my friends will get over it and my family hates me.
You wouldn't feel bad for any of the people that you left?
I would, but I would live the rest of my fucking life loathing them for making me hesistate and not choose the blue pill.
Red pill fuck that shit
Red, lmao
I'd most likely take the blue pill.
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>your friends and family will miss you
Red pill

I'll be eternally happy when I die. What's a few decades on Earth compared to an eternity? Besides, I actually have friends and family that will genuinely be grieve for me if I was presumed dead.
Blue mate, I love my family and all but it is fucking equestria
It would be worth spending a few years in the real world, facing all of the hardships of life, when you could have chosen to instead live in a constant state of peace? You would rather live in a world that is temporary, a world where your parents, friends, and eventually you will inevitably die?
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>I'll be eternally happy when I die.

Actually you will just be dead
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I would love to go to Equestria, but the fact that I have to leave my friends gets me every time. If I could bring two people with me, there would be no hesitation to take that blue pill.
they're probably both roofies
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Blue pill for me. I have no family, my parents are dead, no siblings, no friends, and I'm sitting in the hospital with a bullet in my hip. I think I have lived long enough.
Damn, son. Do you live in the iris caliphate? Or perhaps Detroit?
That was not OP or solicited but thanks.

Red pill. I want my life to mean something in this world. Going to a place where everything is perfect doesn't do anything. If I'm gonna solve a problem it's gonna happen here.
>"You take the blue pill, you are now in Equestria. You simply disa-"

"'ulp' Got any water?"

>"I Didn't even finish."

"I heard all I needed too"
Easy. Why not both? Then my eyes will start to glow white and ill become an alicorn. Then earth meets Equestria.
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I don't want your fucking roofies, Morpheus.
No, both of them are just roofies. If you choose the blue pill I throw you through the mirror; if you choose the red one I drive you back home. If you manage to grab them both out of my hands, I put a bullet through your head just drive you back home.
Red because I don't want my friends suffering my death.
I'mma level with you Morpheus-Anon.

In the world I live in, finding work's been difficult beyond temporary jobs. I mean really short term shit. My friends? They've all moved on with their lives. We still greet each other and make small talk, but we aren't a crew like we once were. We've become extremely distant - no better than workplace acquaintances.

Its not like I didn't try connecting with them, neither. The "spark" just isn't there.

My family don't really care about me beyond how much money I can make to be sure that I dont fall on hard times and have to move back in with them again. I dont get along with cousins or any extended ones, and the fact that I dont unsettles me deeply (so much so that get-togethers make me uncomfortable, especially when they ask about my success and goals in life).

The only thing keeping me fairly happy besides this place, for all its shittiness is my one friend who also likes pony and a few other similar interests. We talk often and RP as pastel-colored horses for fun, and Ive met him once too, despite us living quite far from each other.

....We also share an understanding on emigrating to Equestria: Both of us would do it in a heartbeat if given the choice.

So, with all that said? Bluepill me the fuck up. Starting over in a new realm sounds great right now - even if it were just to explore a fantasy world like it.
Maybe I'll see him on the other side one day...
That depends whether I reach Equestria when I finally die, and this is just a shortcut, or if it's a solid choice betweeen earth or Equestria.

If there is pone in afterlife, then I'll wait. I'll have more stories to tell, have a better character through the hardships, and everyone I know will have the closure of my death instead of never knowing where I really went.
If this is a solid choice whether to go or not, and dead is dead, then of course it's Equestria. It's what we all strive to find one day anyway, so why turn down the oppourtunity.
"So, Blue pill, Equestria. Red pill, Nothing changes at all for me? I just stay with my family? So it's like I never took a pill at all?"

>"Not quite. The red pill brings your family to be inexplicably drawn to spending more time with you. Either of these pills can alter reality, which reality you want is your choice."

"So guaranteed happiness in Equestria, but guilt on my conciseness. Or a clear mind, but no happiness. Just regret."

>"The choice is yours. Or you could always just walk away. There's always another option. Nothing has to change. But it can, if you want it."

>You don't remember what kind of crazy circumstances led to talking to a bizarre drug dealer in an luxury suite apartment, but you didn't have time to worry about that.
>You had a choice to make.
>One that would change your life forever.
>There was always another option.
>Back to your dead end job?
>Back to your lonely apartment and cat?
>Your family might start talking to you again.
>Heck, they might even be forced to come visit.
>That couldn't be so bad right?

>It was Equestria.
>You'd dreamed of it.
>You knew being the only human there wasn't worth it.
>You'd never fit in to the utopia.
>Who was to say you would even ever find your waifu?

>Could you really leave it all behind?
>Once, long ago, you'd had a future, right?
>You had just stagnated.
>Stopped trying.
>Your family could help you. They just didn't want to right now.
>You could change that.

>"You're conflicted. But remember, there's always another option."

"Got a glass of water?"

>"You've chosen your fate?"

Blue pill always
Blue pill
>implying my family wouldn't want me to be happy without them then unhappy with them
They're not that selfish, also
>implying I have friends
No, he's Bruce Wayne.

>The magic drug-man nodded his head.
>A nearby associate produced a glass of water.

>You seriously couldn't remember what kind of crazy events had led up to you being offered magic pills by a strange black man in a luxury suite apartment.
>But that wasn't important right now.
>What mattered was your choice.

>Beautiful planet with pones.
>Shit planet with humans.
>You would never fit in.
>You might fit in if you tried a little.
>You might feel guilt forever.
>You might be able to ignore the regret.

>You lifted your hands above both the pills, lifting them up and down as you weighed your options.
>Each thought brought you closer and closer, until your hands were grasped around both pills.

>You took them from the man, and didn't notice as he slipped away into the shadows.
>You placed them both in one hand, studying them profusely.

>Could you manipulate your family, even without them knowing?
>Or could you abandon them?
>Could you fling yourself into a whole new world without saying goodbye to anyone?

>You'd thought the answer would be obvious, you'd thought about it before after all.
>But now that it was literally within your grasp...


>You looked around, wanting to ask more questions.
>You were alone.
>Beside you was a table, the aforementioned glass of water standing upon it.
>You couldn't understand where everyone had gone. Hadn't there just been six or seven people in the room?
>The room had-

>The fuck?
>You weren't even in the right room anymore.
>You were in your own home.
>The pills still sitting in your left hand.
>A table and glass of water that you had never owned, still sitting beside you.
>You sat down, utterly confused.

>You looked back at the pills.
>One red, one blue.
>A choice, all yours to make.

"Fuck it then. This will teach you to leave me with important decisions."
>You wanted change right?
>Your life needed something new.
>And the Universe told you you got two options.
>Take it or leave it.

>You swallowed both pills, and began to chug the glass of water.

>Fuck, no turning back now.
>You finished the glass.

Oh shit nigger what are you doing
Can I leave a note explaining my disappearance? My family would breathe easier knowing I was living a blissful, trouble-free existence elsewhere.

>Nothing happened.
>For a really long time actually.
>Or at least, not anything you could notice.

>You went about your night as if the entire thing had never happened.
>Fed your cat.
>Watched some videos.
>Shitposted online.
>It didn't feel right though.
>It took you some time to notice, but everything felt a little bit... Off.

>Whatever, you'd deal with it in the morning.
>Eventually you must have gone to bed or something.

>Because you woke up.
>Warm and comfy.
>There must have been a blanket over you.
>You honestly didn't want to get up.
>You'd been laying down wrong though, your hands and legs felt a little bit numb.
>Your eyes opened slowly, as you turned your head to look at the alarm clock.
>It was a little bit after noon.
>May as well start the day then.

>You heard a little blip as your phone received a text.
>Then another.
>And another.
>That's a lot of texts, what the hell was going on?

>You reached for your phone-
>Oh shit.
>Here we go.

>Thats not a hand.
>Thats a fucking hoof.
>You were pretty sure becoming a pony was never in the agreement. So what the fuck was this?
>You pulled back violently, trying to fling the blankets off of yourself.
>It didn't work. You weren't underneath your blankets.
>You had a goddamn coat of fur.

>Was this... Good?
>Or bad?
>You'd decide later.
>Your phone was ringing now.

>You pulled it off of your dresser, and onto your bed.
>It took a couple of tries for you to realize that you couldn't answer it with a hoof.
>You used your nose instead.
Yeah, but then those two people would want to bring two people each.
then they will balance each other out.
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I ain't got any friends, but though I'm not super close with my family they're super close to me, so they'd feel awful about me disappearing with no word. Before I take the pill can I tell them I'm going on a solo backpacking trip of asia or something so they'd have something to find closure in?
Ultimately given the choice I don't know what i'd pick, I mean the type of people who'd leave their friends and family behind aren't exactly the type of person who'd belong in a world like that.
If I had no family then you know what the fuck I'd be picking.
punch in the face and eat both
I'd pick blue in a heartbeat.

I wasn't expecting anon to turn into a pony but other keep going
More pls.

Apparently a TF story. I should probably have just gone to bed instead.


>As soon as you answer the phone, a mostly familiar voice starts yelling at you.
>"Bro! I need your help. Are you there?"

"Yes- I'm kinda-"

>"You're kinda far away, I know. But this is a goddamn emergency! It got Mom and Dad, and I just got word from our Uncle and Aunt. They're halfway, and I think I'm next. It's already started! I'm feeling the same symptoms they were earlier. You're an expert on them, so I need help! I know I live two cities away, but you need to get down here or something! It's not something we can go to the hospital for!"

>What? People in your family were getting sick? With what?
>You were an expert on them? What, on your family?

"What? What are you talking about-"

>"Tiny horses! I- Oh god, I have a tail. Hurry Bro! I know your car works, so shut up and drive!"


>You took both pills.
>You weren't sure what you expected.
>Maybe to send your family to Equestria or something.
>But instead of your family going to the ponies.
>The ponies came to you.
>And then you were the ponies.

"Uh... About that."

>"About what, there's no time! I'll see you here! I'm pretty sure it's localized to just our family, so bring a hazmat suit or something.

>Even if you weren't in your predicament, did your brother really think you would just have a hazmat suit lying around? Those things aren't cheap.

"Brother. Seriously. I don't think it's going to be possible."

>"Pl-Please, don't leave us out here. I know we haven't talked for a while, but, your family needs you. You know all about horses from that stupid show, just... Just come and help us!"

>It sounded like he was about to cry.

"I CAN'T. I'm already a pony you idiot!"

>There was silence on the other line.

>"Th-Then I'm the last one. Oh god. I- Umm."

>You heard a bit of fumbling for a second.
>Then your brother hung up on you.
The Equestria you think you are in is actually a witch's labyrinth, meant to house your consciousness while she absorbs your soul

If done enough times, she will gain enough power to sing the song that ends the earth.

>So what the fuck were you going to do now?
>You were an idiot.
>Now your whole family was going to be ponies.

>Wait, how did that even work?
>Why would ingesting pills turn other family members into small horses?
>And how would whatever this was even choose family members?
>Did it choose based on immediate family, or who you considered family?
>Was it based on family name?
>If you were to marry someone, would they become a pony once they joined your family?
>How far up the family tree would it spread?
>It appeared to be spreading with no regard for contact or distance, would it ever stop?
>Were the bodies of your ancestors turning into pony skeletons even now?

>This was stupid
>And made no sense.
>And worst of all.

>It was all your goddamn fault.
>You did this.
>This was worse than abandoning your family with no warning.

>But hey, at least you'd all be together in this right?
>You felt yourself begin to laugh, but you couldn't understand why.
"Ha ha ha!"
>You were a pony now.
>You'd have to learn to live under human care most likely.
>Or never leave the apartment.

>You felt happy though, almost inexplicably.
>You were now a member of an endangered species.
>With basically no mating pairs, depending on how far it spread.
>You weren't really thinking about that were you?
>Oh god you were?
>You wonder how far down the line your most distant and hottest cousin was.

>How far would it go anyway?
>Would it ever stop?
I take it you wrote yourself into a corner by making an anon in Equestria prompt into a nonsensical fetish fic?
No, nonono. The RED pill takes you to Equestria, the blue pill leaves. You here and you forget this meeting.

Dumb nigrou you.

>Anon was later found after a noise complaint from the neighbors brought the police to his house.
>He had snapped, trying to think of all the ramifications of his actions.
>And then just started laughing.
>Then crying.
>The noise complaint was made when he eventually found himself locked in his own home and began whinnying in fear.
>The police had no idea what to do.

>He was re-united with his family several days later, after the bizarre incident was finally reported.
>A strange string of ponification was being reported all over the country.
>It had started with one blood-line, and then moved on to the next, spiraling away.
>Not quickly though.
>Only one new pony would be 'turned' every three hours. At first.
>It eventually slowed down to one pony every 24 hours.
>Not enough to cause mass-panic.
>But just enough that people were always wary.

>And regular ol' humans were always afraid to go near ponies.
>So much so that a reserve was prepared for them.
>It was named 'Equestria.'
>Very few understood why a single pony stood laughing and crying at the same time, just at the entrance.

>Anon had finally made it to Equestria.
>Found a loophole even, brought his family along too.

>But he had taken the offer he was given by the universe.
>Take it or leave it.
>And he had said:
"Screw you Universe."

>So the Universe screwed him right back.


Nah, I ended up right where I expected I would.

I just wasn't expecting it would take me so long. oh well.
Good night random prompt thread. See you again tomorrow.
I really don't know. On the one hand, I love my family and what few friends I have. On the other, I can't remember what it feels like to be genuinely happy. If the blue pill could give me that, I might have to take it. Even if it didn't bring me to horse land.
I'm not gonna take pills from a black guy in an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere.
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>anon, whatever, those are just candies, I am the oner who will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes, red or blue?

Blue for Equestria, right?

>he nods.
>pick it.
>start feeling weird

>i'm no Morpheus. Name's Sweetie Drops. This candy will transform you into a pony, then we'll trot through this mirror.
>some other guy transforms into a green pony
>he's using his magic on Morpheus revealing his true appearance
>a yellow pony!?
You two are...
>feels better like this. Hah! Lyra, is the portal in phase?
>Lyra:100 percent. Anon you might wanna take off your clothes before they strangle you.
>look in the mirror
>i start looking like a green, anthro pony
Holy fuck! Holy fuuck!
>take my clothes off, and fall on four... hooves
Bonbon: let's go, time's running!
This really would be a tough choice for me. On one hand, I have a long-term girlfriend, am getting a college education, and have a supporting, loving family.

On the other hand, I strongly yearn for adventure and a new start, in a world where everyone is a bit nicer to each other and life is just that much easier.

In the end though, I think I'd choose the red pill because the future is bright on earth. Sure, this generation was born too late to explore the earth and far too early to explore the stars, but what we do have is games, and in the near future, virtual reality. I'll get to explore distant and fantastical worlds, and go on great short adventures, without leaving the comfort of my home. People will be more closely connected across the globe as virtual reality continues to break down barriers or traditional communication. We also get to see and experience the progress of our world improving technology at an amazing rate, including so many improvements from electric and self-driving cars to the first manned missions to mars in our lifetime.
What if Neo had thought like that.
The blue one.

Ignorance is bliss.
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what people?
File: 133905008559.jpg (51 KB, 748x566) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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...I have a headache. While you keep popping Red Pills like Tic Tacs, I'll just take a couple of Ibuprofens, thanks.

...and honestly, what did these subhuman 'Red Pill/Blue Pill' retards do before the original "Total Recall" film, never mind "The Matrix"? 'Metaphors'? It's all a load of pseudo-philosophical bollocks for subhumans with too much time on their hands. All that exists is Reality. Nothing more. Now grow up, you subhumans.
the blue pill, my family will miss me for a time but they are better without me and my friends will understand.
You're fucking retarded

No one's life means anything in the world, whether you solve anything or not.
>real world

Kek, but for reals, I'd never get off of the ride.

You guys are worth more.
Nope, Atlanta.
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*gasp* are you suggesting we are getting Batman in Equestria green!!?
Blue pill
>being a slave to family
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Will the blue pill end the ride? Or will it just make it go faster?
Blue pill, anyone I ever cared for has already passed away
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Sorry, there's only one answer here that really exists.

Blue pill.

Turning down the opportunity to explore a new world, make a name for the human race and just generally be happy is damned unhuman in nature

It would be like turning down mapping the New World, or landing on the moon.

Especially if you're already trained to go. And /mlp/ has trained us perfectly to go there
Im color blind
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It's like suicide, but you know for sure your afterlife gonna be awesome.
You would pass up happiness and peace in a world so you can stick your head into a well-lit box they call an Oculus Rift? You would rather sit on your ass and do absolutely nothing instead of being able to do whatever you want?
Red Pill. Family is Literary better than ponies in my eyes.
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Do you actually think there are people here who into red pill...?
poor excuse for not making a choice
even achromatopsic colorblind people can tell difference between blue and red
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>red pill
I'm afraid I don't understand the question.

You do not become a pony when you die; this is your only chance. Does that answer your question?
I saw a larger amount of people than I expected choose the red pill.
Nice question.

>Take both
>Use Razor
>Cut them into fine powder
>Snort through straw

What happens now?
You wont remember, thats the thing
>this time the red pill doesn't show me how deep the rabbit hole goes

Well, I'll just take the blue one then.

Blue is literally a guarantee that you're going to have an awesome personalized wonder-Heaven.

Red is basically your normal life, then when you die you rot in the ground and your consciousness ends and it will be as if you never lived and you will only matter through memory which lasts about half a lifetime unless you were someone extremely important, which going by the fatc that you're contemplating something like this on 4chan means you probably aren't special.

TL;DR Blue Pill = 100% Happiness guarantee. Red Pill = Working your way towards a chance of Happiness.

I personally couldn't care if I left my family or friends, I'm bound to die eventually and there's a chance it'd be a more painful loss then then it would be me just disappearing. Going to Equestria would be dope, Hell, you most likely could live a crazy ass fantasy to say the least. Everything you ever dreamed of in your fanfics come true? Damn, Heaven any way you slice it.
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Lol, wtf? Are you drunk anon? Are you wandering which pill ends the ride?
why even have the red pill? seems like a waste if its not doing shit.
Pocket the blue pill and slip it down someone i dislikes throat.
Instant removal
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Lol your last three numbers are.308
>emigrating to Equestria
Fool. That's exactly what She wants you to do.
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Blue pill.

But I don't think I could take it if I got to Equestria, finally met my waifu, only to find she doesn't want anything to do with me.
Anon I'm sure she will enjoy your company.
Trust me.
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Your waifu isn't canon lol
File: image.gif (208 KB, 540x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Now the guy you hate is banging your waifu, nice try kid.
Top kek
>You're fucking retarded
I completely agree. He sounds fucking autistic. Such backwards logic should be illegal to spew out over the internet.
>the future is bright on earth.
Anon, I think I died from the keks. He's obviously trolling, calm down.
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Red pill. I desire human companionship and will not throw it away for a fantasy world crafted for 8 year olds. I have a strong attachment to reality. Plus, I don't trust the blue pill. The idea of being transported to a perfect fantasy world is simply too good to be true. Humans were born to suffer and it is a normal part of life. So yeah, red.
>scorp the sameface dk
File: 1452790664487.jpg (67 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can I hold onto these pills for a few years, and take one then? I want to live it up in horseland, but I have unfinished business here.
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Blue pill, but I'll need to kill some people first.
blue pill, duh
I'd have swallowed the blue pill before he even had a chance to explain the red pill.
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>no anon wait! I didn't even tell you that the blue pill leads to an alternate dimension where you will be fucked in the ass by barbed wire dildos for all eternity
No, you have to choose right now.
Nice trips btw.
That fact that people are choosing a normal life with a low chance at success over your own personal guaranteed Heaven is crazy to me.

I mean, shit, you're literally getting your own world, yet you'd rather stay in a society that looks down on you because your a fan of a little girl's show.

Won't judge as to each his own, but the idea escapes me.
Of course. Why would you ever want to stay in a world of disappointment and hatred?
Does Equestria contain ALL human takers of the blue pill or just myself? It would suck if it was the former, especially if you offered this on any other sites.
>tons of immigrants to Equestria because Morpheus goes around to tons of MLP-related places (DeviantArt, EqD, Fimfiction, etc.) offering them blue pills
>most are autistic
>hell, even if just /mlp/ your waifu is stolen
>soon all your waifus are taken and you're stuck in Equestria without your family, no waifu, no vidya, no computer

If it's a personal Equestria, blue pill. Else, I dunno.
It would contain all human takers. However, I don't hand out those pills like candies. Otherwise, the word would get out. The autistic ones get sent to Tartarus.
Describe your interprentation of autism.
IWTCIRD, 20 percent cooler, and the term "brony."
why not just kill them now?
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