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Is Chrysalis the one that bears all the changelings?...
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Is Chrysalis the one that bears all the changelings? If so, who is their father?
Anon, obviously
They hatch from eggs, so

I like to think that Chrysalis is like one of those bee queens. She grew up, but there can only be one adult queen in a hive, so she had to take her most loyal followers and leave for a new place
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>you will never be forced to breed Chrysalis for an entire week to ensure every single one of her eggs are fertilized before she lays the clutch.
>she will never cast a virility spell on you and force you to eat hypernutrient changeling jelly during that time, ensuring you can only eat, sleep, and breed her.
>you will never pound her so hard and so often that her belly swells so much the bottom is translucent, the hundreds of eggs swishing around in your fluids
>she will never waddle off, engorged with fertilized eggs and semen, to lay the eggs in a chamber.
>she will never return, molt, and demand you guard and snuggle her till her new chitin hardens

Life is suffering.
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That was hot as fuck.
I'd guess most changelings are female and every once in a while males who live only to mate are produced. That's the way it works with ants. The queen can then choose when to fertilize eggs somehow and a fertilized egg will always result in a drone.

It's a kids show though so you can bet that changeling reproduction will never be explored.
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Writefags. Now. Please.
They were concieved by the midichlorians
Okay, so I was on my way to deliver a few messages to the Crystal Empire, and now here I am: In the bowels of the hive, chained up and in my undergarments, and you're here to give me food?
>"Well, yes." The changeling chirped as it flies up and begins to spoonfeed you from a bowl of a strange-like jelly substance.
How do I know you're not trying to poison me? Where are the others?
>"The others? You mean the guards? Oh they're dead."
>"Nah, I'm fooling you! The Queen specifically wanted you captured. The others were set free."
>She mimicked the spoon as an airplane while making strange squeaks as you gobbled up more of that jelly.
>You'd expect it to taste awful like in the movies but this jelly tasted exactly like jello. Lime flavored.
>"You're hungry, aren't you?" The changeling asked.
Yep. Shit, I didn't eat breakfast this morning. More please.
>The changeling continues to feed you while the doors flung open as the queen barged in.
Ah, your highness. Right on schedule.
>"Your excellence. This human was cooperative. I do say he'll make a fine one."
>"Excellent. We shall begin soon."
The execution? I am ready.
>"No you dimwit. The breeding!"
>Your face turned blank.
>"Prepare my bedchambers!"
Wait, breeding? What?
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>"Eat, human."
>Second day being held captive by changelings.
>Second day being offered nothing but a big bucket of purple goop as food.
>Second day refusing to eat.
>The changeling guard, a bulkier armored soldier, didn't leave the cell this time.
>The first day you dumped the bucket down what you deduced was the hole for the bathroom.
>Today they're not going to let you do that.
"No. Why am I being held here?"
>"My Queen wishes it. She also demands you eat."
>He glares between you and the bucket of slime.
"What if I don't?"
>"We will use magic to make you sleep, and we will forcefeed you it."
>You smirk.
"Why is it so important I stay alive? What do you want to know? How to get into Canterlot? I don't know. I only got there a week ago, then your goonsquad kidnapped me."
>"No. She cares not for that city now."
"Then why?"
>"Because you are chosen. This is your last warning, human."
>Two more changelings entered the cell.
>Another big one, like your talkative friend here.
>Followed by a smaller one with a slightly larger horn.
>Guess he wasn't bluffing.
"Fine...I'll try it."
>The smaller one snickered.
>Wonder why?
>It didn't make sense for them to poison you, why go through the trouble of kidnapping you just to poison you two days later?
>Reluctantly you lifted the wooden spoon from the bucket.
>The purple goop jiggled like gelatin.
>You braced yourself and took the tiniest bite.
>It was...
>....really fucking good!

Did you think Twifags were cucks when Equestria Girls came out? That's nothing compared to Chrysalis having massive gangbang breeding orgies.
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>You took another, larger helping, then another, then another.
>In fact, you were shoving the stuff down your throat before you knew it.
>The moment it hit your taste buds, you were overwhelmed with tastes of nostalgia from home.
>Every bite unleashed a different explosion of flavor and memories.
>Tastes from your mom's home cooking, that little diner you and your friends hung out at, everything from the greasiest slice of pizza to the most pristine cut of steak seemed to rush through your sensory memory as you took bite after bite.
>You felt an almost orgasmic bliss over your body, two days without eating had taken their toll and whatever the changeling food was, it was heavenly.
>"Good. Behave now."
>The guard remained but the other two, seeing you eating, left.
>As you gorged on spoonful after spoonful, more sensations of more food flooded your body and not a moment after you imagined hot fudge atop a mountain of ice cream, the spoon scrapped on the bottom of the barrel.
>You felt around the edges, trying to find any scrap of the jelly left over before you resigned that the meal was finished.
>With a mighty belch, you leaned against the cave wall and sighed.
>"Better, human?"
>You nodded, pleased, rubbing your slightly roundish stomach.
>"Then I will report to the Queen. More will be brought when you need it."
"I don't think I could..."
>You covered your mouth and suppressed another belch.
"...eat anymore."
>He snickered again and turned to leave.
>"Oh human, you will require far more than that after the 'Xes Yzarc' has finished. "
>The heck did that mean?
>He left before you could ask.
>You took a labored breath and closed your eyes.
>It was hard to tell if a food coma was coming on the way your stomach felt.
>Full but not heavy and you didn't feel the usual sluggishness after overeating.
>If anything, your mind was wandering back to Canterlot.
>Princess Celestia might be looking for you by now.
>Her and her really round, slightly chubby rear.
>You could picture it clear as day.
>The Princess receiving a report of your disappearance from a guard, and how she would stand up.
>Each flank jiggling as her powerful legs righted her from her seat.
>Then she'd summon Twilight Sparkle in to assign her to search duty.
>The younger mare's plot wiggling as she ran, flexing when she considered her options, her tail swishing just so slightly to the left revealing--
>Why were you thinking about pony butt at a time like this!?
>You sat up and yelped, your pants tented so obnoxiously you nearly poked your eye out.
>Holy hell, you were hard!
>Not just awkward, sleepy boner, but a full on, punch a hole through concrete erection.
>Your balls felt heavier too, and a little swollen.
>Just before you could reach below your belt and explore the area for clues.
>"Ah. Good to see you finally enjoying my hospitality."
>Chrysalis was in your cell.
>Grinning and licking the tips of her fangs as she stared right at the throbbing reaction in your trousers.
>You shifted your weight and tried to cover it up, feeling your cheeks flush red.
>"Oh stop it, Anonymous. I'm the Queen of the Changelings, I've seen far worse."
>She smirked and began to trot slowly toward you.
>As she approached from the doorway, you felt your eyes drawn to her hips.
>They were...wider than the last time you saw her.
>It was a very short time two days ago, but you remember she was skinny and extremely athletic looking.
>Now her stomach looked a little swollen, especially toward her hind legs.
>And her rear was rounder..her hips more curvy, more defined, more...
>Drool slipped from your mouth and landed on your arm.
>It was enough to remove the trance from you, if for a moment.
>"Like what you see, hmm? I am quite fertile now~"
>Your eyes lidded as she spoke, her words like a sweet honey in your ears.
>Her horn glowed a sickly green and you felt your belt being tugged on and undone, while your pants unzipped and were pulled open.
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"Whahhh did you doo."
>You slurred your words, a drunken haze gripping your mind as you tried to resist.
>Your cock was painfully swollen, the cool air of the cell feeling like needles when she finally became frustrated and tore your pants off with your magic.
>She didn't need to touch your shirt, you pulled that off with one swift motion.
>A pounding in your chest was mirrored in your ears, heat flooding your face.
>Her magic pulled your hands to her hindquarters, every tingle of magic pulling a finger across the curve of her belly.
>"I need more children. You will provide me with them."
>A shiver shot from your spine as the head of your cock brushed against her vulva.
>Her tail had been tied and pulled to the side, exposing her engorged and leaking sex to you.
>"Feel them, Anonymous? Feel my future servants?"
>She hissed and flicked her tongue as her magic made you massage her belly.
>It felt like there were hundreds of those little marbles rolling around in some kind of fluid, every squeeze and rub from your fingers made her gasp and make this little squeal you couldn't describe in the state you were in.
>But my god, you were intoxicated by her scent.
>The room was filled with scent, or you should say, scents from every woman you've ever imagined having sex with.
>Every school crush, every co-worker, every failed relationship, every one night stand, even the wisps of perfume you picked up from the one or two ponies you imagined making love to.
>The pliable chitin of her back and thighs simultaneously felt like human skin, pony fur, and even denim and cotton.
>"Fuck me, Anonymous. Your Queen demands it!"
>Even her voice, as silky as it was, changed to a mix of every hot woman or pony you ever closed your eyes and imagined whispering into your ear.
>Senses overloaded, body gripped by a burning, primitive desire to mate, and mind overwhelmed with fantasy, you gripped the base of her wings and pulled her whole body onto your pulsing cock.
>If so, who is their father?
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Chrysalis 633.png
537 KB, 1280x882
>You entered her forcefully, every swollen inch of your member pushing into her trembling lips and filling her caverns with your primal lust.
>She cried out, a mix of pain and pleasure erupting from the queen and her inner muscles contracted almost instantly, trying to hold you still.
>You pulled back, your cock feeling slight pain fighting her powerful grip.
>She turned her head to protest, but you tightened your hold on her wings and thrusted your hips.
>With only a grunt, you slammed your length back into her, nearly topping her front half over from the sudden jolt.
>Her cavern closed on you again, even firmer than before despite being soaked with her juices.
>You repeated your motion, wincing as you pulled your dick halfway out only to slam it home again and again.
>Her forelegs finally gave out, her cries of pleasure echoing in the cell.
>Your hips pressed hard into her rear, pancaking her slightly round ass against your hips.
>Every thrust her body tried to trap you and every time you denied her.
>Her wings trembled and fought your grip but you pulled them harder and pressed her back down.
>She cursed you between moans of passion, for overpowering her, for not sitting still and being milked.
>After a particularly length gasp, she came hard, warm sticky fluid flooding against your crotch and soaking your legs.
>You were too overwhelmed by whatever chemicals you were fed earlier, your balls tightening as you reached your peak.
>Surprising even yourself, you bit down on her neck hard as your thighs trembled and you felt the very fluid she craved begin to boil within you.
>She screamed, a guttural cry of intensity when you plunged you cock into her one final, painful time.
>She came a second time, more fluid hotly gushing from below as you finally held still and surrendered to her body.
>Her inner walls, soaked and shuttering with need, enveloped your dick the moment you finished.
File: Chrysalis 642.png (879 KB, 900x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chrysalis 642.png
879 KB, 900x1200
>Your eyes went wide with shock and you released her neck, moaning harshly as what was already a colossal release became more intense.
>Her muscles rhythmically contracted around your shaft, pulling and squeezing the oversensitive glans while tugging on the base.
>You gasped and moaned, trying to fight the overwhelming sensations but she held you in place, forcing every last drop of cum from your cock.
>It felt like an eternity, your turn to curse loudly and quiver against her every time her muscles clamped down onto your head, demanding more of your fluids long after they were exhausted.
>With a final, full body squeeze of everything you had inside her, she relaxed and you slid unceremoniously out of her.
>You landed roughly on your bare rear, panting hard, covered head to toe in sweat.
>Chrysalis was an equally pathetic sight, trying desperately to stand despite all four of her legs wobbling weakly.
>"You....how did....."
>She struggled to turn around, her hips swaying awkwardly.
>Even in your exhausted state, you could see her belly had gotten slightly larger, jiggling a little with her uncoordinated footing.
>When she finally turned all the way around, she rubbed her hoof on her neck and growled.
>Uh oh.
>"No one has EVER been so...so...!!"
>Her horn flared.
>You braced yourself, expecting her to chop your head off or worse.
>Figures the best sex you ever had would end with you--
>--being propped gently against a wall?"
>Wait a second..
>She breathed deep, ragged breaths.
>Her face was flushed red.
>She wasn't staring at you, she was staring at your--
>"I...I NEED...MORE!"
>A beam of magic hit you square in the chest.
>You felt a warmth wash over you, then begin to focus itself inbetween your legs.
>Your solider sprung from 'at ease' to 'attention' in the blink of an eye.
>You felt energy beginning to fill every molecule in your body.
>She pounced.
>Within moments, she was at you, her ass in your lap.
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>This time was different.
>As much as you tried to fight her, you were pinned against the wall.
>When you almost overpowered her, she used her magic to force you back down.
>Her hips gyrated in your lap, your cock sliding within her.
>Her hind legs pinned your hips down, her forelegs held your shoulders.
>The stone scraped against your back, but the pain was nothing compared to the sensations below.
>Unable to escape her grip, you instead placed your hands on her hips, rubbing her swollen womb.
>You rolled your thumbs along the ridges of her underbelly, feeling the contents shift and cascade against her flesh as you squeezed and massaged the tender areas.
>She groaned and hissed, her inner walls already squeezing and pulling at your cock.
>"B-be still, damn you!"
>She commanded, atop of you it was far more intimidating that early.
>You ignored her though, running your fingers lower toward her rear and squeezing hard.
>She gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut, and her snatch squeezing down tighter and pulling your cock deeper within her.
>With a grin, you slid your thumb around her leg and found her winking clit.
>"D-don't you dare!"
>You began rubbing it.
>Her hind legs trembled and relaxed.
>Her wings fluttered and her hips bucked forward with every circular motion your thumb made.
>The more you felt your own pleasure spiking, the more you rubbed her clit and dared her with your eyes to stop you.
>Just as another orgasm shook her body, and you felt your thighs become soaked, she leaned her head down and sunk her fangs into your shoulder.
Do changelings give birth like ants? If so, (Assuming the colony is mostly male) then most don't have fathers.
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>You saw white, the sudden spike of pain in your shoulder jolting your body with adrenaline.
>The timing couldn't have been more perfect, the moment the pain peaked so did your orgasm.
>With a painful yell, you came a second time, her inner lips clamping down and keeping every drop of semen within her as you spurted again and again.
>Your hips bucked harshly into her, the extra surge of energy from her bite nearly knocking her off you.
>She doubled her effort to hold you down, opening her mouth and pressing her lips firmly against yours.
>You tasted blood on her tongue, a coppery hint atop the smooth flesh she pushed into your mouth.
>Weakened from finishing, you didn't resist, moving your arms from her hips to behind her back, pulling her closer to you.
>Her heavy stomach pressed into your own, and you barely felt your cock slide from her the more she leaned into your embrace.
>She also felt like herself, whatever magic she used earlier to overload your senses was gone.
>Her back was smooth and slightly cooler than the rest of her, the insect-like carapace a sharp contrast to her fleshy rear and stomach.
>She lifted her head up, your lips parting and a a small drop of blood falling from her fang.
>"Anon, I..don't even know where..."
>She shifted her weight and you felt her heavy abdomen push against your abs.
>You stole a peak at your shoulder, two perfect lines of blood ran from where her fangs pierced the skin.
>She was panting heavily, her chest rising and falling, her hair an absolute mess.
>You could only imagine how equally disheveled you looked, your body glistening with sweat.
>She tried to push herself off you, but her legs wobbled again and she collapsed against you.
>"Ugh...I need to rest a moment. I...command you hold me."
>You gave her back a light pet, too exhausted to wonder why you're comforting your captor.
>Not like you could push her off, or get very far if you did.
>Your legs felt so numb you doubt you could walk let alone run away.
Stopping here, you guys want more tomorrow?
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I mean, I *want* more now, but tomorrow is good too.
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Changeling tree.png
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A cursed tree

... yes, I know, the comics aren't really canon, but, it works with them being the setting's version of the fair folk.
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Thanks. In case thread dies, binned it.
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posting best queenfu
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chrys 8.jpg
525 KB, 651x1024
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Olive, the other Changeling.

Wait, sorry, misheard what she said...

All of the other Changelings.
>Changeling spoon-feeding Anon while making bug noises and flying it around like a plane

I need this drawn.
emergency bump
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Gleaming eye.png
2 MB, 1920x1094
i know who you are lol go away
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Um... no.
And why would you want someone who's trying to keep this thread alive to leave anyway?
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If they are mutant pony/horse-flies and Starswirl's blood was one of the ingredients to make them, does that mean he's their father in a way?
>neck biting during orgasm
They're possibly called princes and fledgling queens are called princesses.
I like to think the size of a hive and political intricancies make queens to empresses.
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>all a changeling queen needs is the magic of emotions to breed
>the magic of love is the most suitable who would've thought
>queens bloat visibly to near immobility
Good morning bump!
This is all sorts of yes. Shit, this is the first time I ever cared for a green like this, I always brushed them off, but I thought "fuck it, lemme read..." Damn, was it a good choice.

Fucking awesome.
>Xes Yzarc | crazY seX
You sir have made some bad decisions in the past.
Maybe the changelings wearing helmets are the males? Males in hive type insect species don't fight on Earth, but maybe they're put in command for changelings.

Or maybe they're like ants, and Chrysalis ate the father to provide the materials to hatch the first eggs.

Rather all of them are androgynous because the queens emit some pheromones inhibiting proper sexual developement, maybe here it's magic, and some have a mutation, becoming immune and develope normally.
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No man could conquer such a lusty succubus so who else but the hypnotoad
File: 1452726004890.png (278 KB, 500x939) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I say you stopped at a good spot. Unless you're going to one shot it again don't bother. Leave well enough alone. Good job anon.
don't listen to this nigger, your queen deserves more green.
You can only write sex so many ways before it becomes repetitive.
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