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>Anon, there is an... issue. The Elves...
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>Anon, there is an... issue. The Elves are claiming that your people drove them and the Dragons from their homeworld.
>Both are threatening war with Equestria if you are not handed over.
>Is this true Anon?
"Holy shit, Elves are real? Back home we treat both of those as just myths. Creatures from stories that aren't real."
Well I (emphasis on I) didn't kick them out, so I'M not giving myself over.
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Oh Elves are real alright.
Here, take a hit of acid and smoke this ball of dmt.
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So you are saying humanity DID drive them out?
Does it matter? I'm guilty of nothing so it is irrational of them to want me in their custody. Do they think they can hold me hostage and bargain with my country or do they want to punish me for crimes I didn't commit? Either way they will be eating 9mm before I go peacefully.
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Not really, I am just curios if Humanity did drive them out. And how humanity could have even done it. You told me guns were a fairly new invention, so would humans even win that war?
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>"If those knife-eared, keebler ass motherfuckers think they can just HAVE me, then they got another thing coming."
Honestly, I don't know. It's certainly something humans would do but elves and dragons as you know them are not known to exist or have existed on Earth.
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Oh boy, time for the seasonal elf removal spree.
"That...THAT'S A L-LIE! A DISGUSTING LIE! I've never been so...so offended my entire life!!"
>"...well, calm down. If you say so we will try to get a deeper look at the whole situation...'cause they seem very sure of what they say..."
"LIES! ALL LIES! STUPID LIES! WE'VE NEVER....and I repeat NEVER...d-driven them outta their fucking world!!!"
>"...ok, ok..."
"ok, maybe we bombed them a little. BUT IT WAS A PRANK!"
"Tells those Faggots that I have "it" and if they don't mind their own fucking businesses, I'll have to unleash "it".
Should have been
>It was ALWAYS ours! We just claimed it!
Two words, Twi.

Pocket Sand!
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I hate the fantasy sets where the ancient super advanced elves plus any other developed species are driven out by the rising humans
Just, how does it happen? They have archwizrds, great armies, territories, how come a bunch of monkeys defeat them?
Bitch we have fucking corrosive saliva, poison breath and like toxic blood.
>"Not all of them though."
>"Some were forced into slavery by jolly old St.Nick"
There goes any chance you had of getting laid
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"I don't know what they are talking about."
>"Cut the games. How did you get rid of them?"
"Well some old legends say they're weak to cold iron, but-"
>"Cold iron? Of course I'll have the guards prepare an arsenal."
"Jesus Celestia, I've never seen you so upset."
>"Of course I'm angry, I'm angry about Elves!"
"Oh, you know, an innocent prank my people uses to do with all those civilizations that take themselves too seriously...you drop these small, cute, metallic pinatas over their cities and they BLOW their funny innards all over the place..."
>"Well, that doesn't seem so bad..."
"I know! Ok, maybe some times we are a bit too much trigger-easy with them...."
>"Eh, it happens"
"...and their innards can be hard to taste..."
>"...w-well, you're still giving them a gift..."
"...I mean, they are hot..."
>"...ok, maybe that's not very nice"
"...scorching hot."
"...and they use to blow to smithereens whatever they find on their path..."
"...not to mention our use to 'prank' mostly schools, hospitals and civilian places..."
>"You know, it's starting to seem less of a joke and more of a declaration of war..."
"Cause you're being sticks in the mud like Elves and Dragons! I m-mean, we even drew a couple smileys on dem bombs!"
>"...anon...what exactly are those...innards...?"
"Ah, the usual: for a good prank, nothing works better than phosphorum or plutonium!"
>"SPIIIIIIKE! Send a message to Elves and Dragons: 'We have your butcher, sending him to you in a couple mins'..."
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>Imply two races that lost to spear chuckers and primitives get to make demands.

They have no excuse other then being failures and incompetent.
this dark elf are hot
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>inb4 anon is crazy soviet engineer responsible for genocide of elves
Of course it's not true, as your most trusted advisor I suggest you ignore their false claims.
Those elves are not to be trusted.
Ask the elves about the child-theft and the cannibalism, see what those fuckers say

Also, as an englishman, Ascalon had it fucking coming. I'm willing to talk on the other ones though
kebab - removed
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So they were hiding here? Can I have a few minutes to call back home?
I am angry.
Well, of course we did, faggots tried to keep to themselves quietly in the second war while we defended the routes leading to their lands, if not the traitor kingdom of Alterac they would have still being faggots while we did all the fighting.

Naturally, in the third war they tried to pull the same shit, but this time a certain hero would have none of it. Don't trust those filthy elves, if they want war, me and my dorf brothers will answer in kind.
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Wait, aren't you already in a state of constant hostilities with the dragons? Hell, I thought that the Crystal Empire was basically refounded with a magic item that you straight up stole from them.
Underrated post
fa/tg/uy here.

It really makes sense if you examine the physical differences and how that effects the societies. Here's probably the most important part:
>Humans don't live very long compared to the "old races"
They don't. They have shorter lifespans. As a result, they mature faster and are more prone to breeding. They also adapt and learn more quickly, because they don't have the leisure of taking a few decades to practice the finer points of just one thing.

Basically, the humans as a newer, younger race with a shorter lifespan are able to match older races because of the rate at which they make progress and expand. The only reason that this isn't happening with say, Goblins, is because goblins tend to be incredibly stupid or else put themselves in danger and wipe out their own numbers.
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There's a reason why elves aren't around anymore.
Luthandriel's grandma has got it going on!
Do elves have guns? Crossbows? Nah, they use regular bows.By the time a mage casts a spell to grab that bullet flying at him it's already in his head.And no i'm not talking edgy 9mm and rifle bullets, i mean regular old plain ass musket balls.Because even in the most basic fantasy setting humans at LEAST have invented muskets.
That's actually pretty good
In what setting, though?

Sometimes hobgoblins are show as being leadership to the cannon fodder. They aren't as abundant, but you'd think if enough got together to kick some asses in gear, they might be capable of catching up in a crude manner to human civilization.
In the more common settings, DnD and the like.

Admittedly, goblins are a bit like cockroaches, yeah? They're not as young a race as humans, but they put themselves into danger enough that they don't advance much as a race. There's just so many of them that you can kill one and find five more in the cracks.
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Elf ponies?
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I've been looking for an excuse to use this.
Thanks /tg/, I love you but I love elves more
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That is some heretical knowledge he has...
What a bunch of sore losers.
Well now, we can't just go and leave things half-finished now can we.
I also postulate superior stamina and natural regeneration.
Do you know scars? It turns out only humans have them because their wounds and bones heal faster than those of other animals; dogs are a close second. Also, humans can out-pace horses by just following. Humans outbreed, outpace and outheal elves and tame dragons. Do you know how taming is done?
>creating mongrels
Personally I know mixed children (this includes of the same race but different cultures) and they appearantly hate their own kind with a passion.
>"What the-... all I did was politely ask them to leave. And then they just left."
>"What a bunch of passive-aggressive assholes."
>be anon the mercenary
>be in horse land
>be damn near kekking externally at what sun-butt just revealed to you
Huh... I don't see a specified human in there.

> Oh this again.
> Back in your homeland you dealt with this kind of prejudice and now it's finally catching up to you.
> Well...
> In a less unsettling way.
> You've been dealing with this for way too long.
> With a heavy sigh you pull away from your pottery wheel.
> Maneuvering your very, very large frame around to face the two girls who've shown you a scrap of kindness you simply frown.
"Yes... it's true that the Orcs and Eleves have been at war for centuries.... what is wrong about this is I never partook in my brothers savagery."
> You shrug and adjust your apron, standing to your full height.
> The two princesses practically shrunk from your height, having to crane their heads upwards to stare at you.
> You at least had a good foot and a half on them.
> "Well..." Luna started first. "My sister and I had heard the stories...but you've been.... docile."
"I am not an animal."
> Celestia suddenly butted in. "There was no offense meant with my sister's words Anon!"
"There was none taken."
> "But... we can't risk a war if this is true. This generation of ponies have never seen the legitimate terrors of war... The elves are a powerful species and with the Dragons backing them up things could go horribly for us.”
“So you're scared of their threats?”
> Your frown deepened as you wiped your massive hands on your clay-stained apron.
> “I'm not.” Luna claimed.
> “I am.” Celestia said with a glance at her sister.
> “I am not risking the lives of my children just to prove our ego's. I'm sorry Anon, but I'm afraid you must go.”
> “Anywhere but here. You can't live in the castle anymore and I'm afraid transporting you would draw too much attention.”
> Battling with her emotions Celestia stared you straight in the eyes.
> “For the sake of my children, I must suggest you leave.”

> You simply hum with annoyance.
"I see where you're coming from... and I'm glad you didn't resort to physical violence."
> A solemn sigh filled the room.
> Luna looked as if she wanted to protest but couldn't bring herself to do it.
> Which made sense, she had anger issues and that little one worked actively to keep them under control.
> She would shatter her image if she got into a fight over a single man.
> Er...
> Orc.
> You simply lumber over to your pottery wheel and glance down at your projects.
> What seemed like hundreds of intricately painted bowls and tea cups lined the work space you had come to love.
> Eh.
> Now you had to leave.
> Eh.
> Not like you hadn't drifted before...

> Tak...tak...tak...THWOMP!
> The tree's trunk you had been working away at finally gave out, the leafy head falling over with a loud creak.
> You simply backed away and shouldered your ax.
> Wiping away the sweat forming on your brow you simply sigh.
> That had been about a year ago.
> You haven't seen hide nor hair of any ponies, Elves, or Dragons ever since rooting yourself deep into the Everfree.
> Though you do still get the occasional news letter from your pal.
> Some strange zebra.... okay maybe she counted as a hid and hair of a pony.
> But truth be told.
> This wasn't so bad.
> Rumors of monsters within the Everfree kept your life easy-going and carefree.
> From what the zebra had told you the Elves have been searching for you ever since you disappeared.
> Eh..
> Bunch of pussies they were, most likely checking settlements and others cities.
> They wouldn't dare check places as dangerous at the Everfree.
> You examine your work with a stoic grim.
> Well.
> Your face always looked like this, it wasn't something you could really change.
> The tusks always pulled up, never down.
> You head over to the head of the tree and begin to work it as well, chopping downwards.
> Tak...tak...tak…
Humans are the africa/middle east to the elves' europe. Breed like rabbits (comparatively at least) and don't compete civilly.

In fact, think of how homo sapiens wiped out the neanderthals because we were meaner and rapier.

> You couldn't help but let your thoughts creep up on you as you worked away at the tree.
> Before you had met Celestia and Luna… you had drifted around for the longest time, always wearing some kind of mask to keep your face hidden.
> Cause y'know.
> Everybody loves humans, so why not appear as one?
> Anyway that did work for the longest time, as you always helped around where you could.
> Even though you never helped your bretheren pillage and rape you rather worked towards bettering the world wherever you went.
> Helping children, doing odd-jobs, protecting towns, helping in little wars, bounty-hunting, and much, much more.
> Orcs had very long life spans, it was usually someone else that killed them in the end.
> You bring the ax down once more.
> Anyway you had avoided the land known as Equestria because from what you had known the species living here was extremely xenophobic.
> Crack!
> You jolted and stopped your work for a brief moment.
> Right…
> You continue once more.
> So going around and helping with your old mask wouldn't work, they were still iffy of the Elves and Humans making themselves at home here.
> Hiding in the Everfree until you could figure something out was your best bet.
> If only you could go back to when you met the two princesses… Maybe tell them to go away instead of accepting their offer.
> Too bad you had been looking to settle down at that time.
> After a couple more minutes of chopping away at the thick tree head you finally broke through it.
> Just as you began to prepare to remove the log something caught your ears.
> Voices…
> This deep into the Everfree?
> You stop your work and listen carefully.
> “Yeah, no. Pretty sure we're lost.” A raspy voice said with annoyance.
> She sounded young...way to young to be out this far.
> “Look, ah heard that Twist went missin' and last we heard from her was her going to go pick some berries.” Another young voice said.
> “For candy?”
> “Mhm.”
I know most people don't like it when you ask to continue. But should I keep going? I don't want to waste anybodies time.
"I.....made POOPS."
yeah go for it I'm reading
I was waiting until you finished, I read the whole thing now and if you have inspiration to continue it then yeah go for it

> Damn...
> These girls sounded way too young to be out this far.
> You pick your ax back up and look around.
> You had made your work space in a little clearing not too far off from your home.
> With a simple grunt you head away from the tree and head out of the clearing.
> Making your way down a path covered in beautiful vibrant flowers and thick shrubbery you come to a stop at the end of the path.
> Pushing your way past some bushes you couldn't help but find yourself moving farther away from the voices.
> Yeah, even if they were too young to be out this far it would be best if you just headed home and-
> You stop and slump over with a sigh.
> Yeah...
> Of course they would run into danger.
> Letting the ax drop you whirl around and sprint back down the path.
> The world became a blur as your powerful leg muscles pumped against the ground.
> Branches, shrubbery, and leaves of all sorts broke under your heavy weight as you went crashing through the forest.
> And suddenly.
> You broke through a line of bushes, coming to a stop in an overgrown pathway.
> Rolling to your feet you stop and stand to full height, glaring all around you.
> You were sure the shriek came from...
> "Somepony help!"
> You peer upwards.
> Oh....
> Three fillies stared down at you with fear, not because it was you but rather because...well... they were entangled in a large web.
> Thud.
> Something heavy dropped behind you.
> The Everfree green fang.
> A spider five times the size of a pony, a bite so venomous it could take down three elephants in a second.
> You managed to avoid them for the time being but that was only because you made yourself a force to be reckoned with.
> These little kids were easy prey.
> And you were interfering with its meal.
> You spin around only to catch the giant, furry black body of the arachnid.
> It clicked its mandibles loudly and examined you, cocking its body to get a good look at you.

> You freeze and wait silently as it examined your whole frame.
> Then suddenly it reared back.
> ....
> It complied.
> "Hrrmm?" One of the girls questioned from up above.
"Sit." You growl.
> You turn away from the spider as it simply plopped down, watching patiently.
"Are you girls okay?"
> Muffled screams.
"Yes...I'd imagine."
> Angry muffled shouts.
"No, he's not dangerous. He just didn't know that you weren't free game."
> You glare back at the Green Fang.
> When you say 'avoid' you meant walk straight into the cave one gods-awful night and ran straight into a nest of them.
> Though you managed to snag an egg and these guys grew up fast.
"Let them down Ralph."
> Ralph complied, crawling up the tree and towards the girls.
> Seconds later a couple of screams and the girls slammed into the ground behind you.
> You turn back to them and cock a bushy eyebrow.
"You girls alright?"
> The orange one spoke first.
> "What in tartarus dude!?"
> You whirled on the girls before they could react, each one collectively shitting their non-existent pants.
"Language young ladies, I know a kid when I see one."
> You back away and cross your arms, steam bellowing from your nose in frustration.
> "S-sorry..." She said sheepishly.
“What are you ladies doing this far out?”
> Thud!
> Ralph landed behind you once more.
> And from the way the girls jumped it seemed to make your presence all the more terrifying.
> You roll your eyes.
“I didn't fight hordes of Green Fangs for him girls, I simply stole an egg. Don't think I'm some rampant damaging warrior, I wouldn't dare hurt a kid.”
> “We're not kids.” The white one simply stated.
> “Yeah!” The orange one buzzed her wings as she exclaimed. “Check it, we've got out cutie-marks.”
> In a creepy display they all pressed their flanks together and showed you their cutiemarks.
“...They look terrible.”
> “W-What!?” The yellow one questioned.
“I said they look terrible.”
>im-fucking-blying that humanity needs firearms to beat the poofy pants off a bunch of lily-livered, leaf-eating, tree-hugging forest pansies

> "Y-You don't actually believe that do you!?"
> The white one pulled away from the other two and began to stare at the ground dejectedly, tears forming in her eyes as her mouth began to waver.
> The other two were instantly at her side, working to comfort their friend.
> ....
> You sigh loudly.
"Look, Ignore what I said earlier. I'm sure you girls worked very hard to get them. But the payoff seems a little undeserved for such hard-workers."
> "Well of course we did!" The yellow on-
> You know what?
"What are your names? I'm getting tired of mentally stating the same thing over and over again."
> "Er... okay... I'm Applebloom." She gestured to herself with a proud smile. "That's Scootaloo and that's Sweetiebelle."
> Scootaloo glared at you silently while Sweetiebelle simply blubbered to herself.
> ....
"Okay... so why are you girls this far out?"
> "We're looking for a friend.... not like it's any of your business." Scootaloo stated coldly.
> You turn your grimace on her.
"Right. Well you won't find your friend this far out, I'm sorry to tell you girls this but if you think she's this far out it's more than likely she's...."
> You stop.
> You've grown cold and rather cynical since the last time you've spoken to a kid...
> Deep sigh.
"Look girls. Where did you come from?"
> "Ponyville." Applebloom stated.
> Your eye twitched.
"Okay. I'll find your friend, let me take you all back home. It's too dangerous for you girls to be out this far."
> Truth be told you were surprised they weren't Timberwolf fodder yet.
> “But it's mah friend!” Applebloom shouted getting to all fours.
> “Ah came out to look fer her and ah ain't movi-URK!”
> You were already picking the girls up and tossing them over your shoulder, Sweetiebelle still blubbering to herself and Scootaloo pounding at your broad frame.
“I'm not letting you girls die out here all because of your ego's.”
> You briefly thought back to what Celestia had said a year ago.

> "Are you okay?" Applebloom asked.
> "But ya'll look...sad."
"I said I'm fine."
> The girls went silent, save for Sweetiebelle who was still crying silently.
> You roll your eyes.
"What can I do to stop your crying!?"
> You pull her away and hold her at arms length, the other two girls balanced on your shoulders.
> She sniffled...
> The suddenly bit your thumb.
> Ever been bitten by a horse? Because it hurts like hell.
> You jolted upwards and dropped all three girls.
> Even from your massive stature they landed unharmed and galloped away from you.
> For fucks sake.
> You whirled around only to catch a brief glimpse of them slipping into the bushes.
> Your grimace deepened.
"Ralph, tack them and mark the area. I'm getting my tools."
> The two of you turned away from the area, heading in opposite directions.

> Of course you would have to search for these girls.
> Why not?
> Things couldn't be as simple as just taking them home!?
> You growl to yourself as you come to a stop in front of a shabby little cabin.
> Off to the left of your ugly little shack was a small pond, a fire pit, and multiple logs strewn about.
> You head up to the cabin and push past the door.
> All that greeted you was a large, dirty bed and a handmade fireplace.
> As well as some racked armor and weapons.
> You slip out of your raggedy clothes and began to clasp on the dark green armor.
> Based on the raw defense of dwarven armor and the mobility of human armor you managed to make a light-weight armor strong enough to withstand multiple blows.
> You had shaped it off of the samurai armor that some humans loved to adore, the helmet topped off with a tuft of red hair.
> After spending a good five minutes slipping into the armor you move over to the mirror and check yourself for any signs of weakness or uneven application.

> The breast plate was a large puffed out piece of metal, shaped specifically for your chest. It ran down until it broke in the middle, leading to multiple pieces of segmented ebony armor that ran all the way down your core until it too formed the clunky, heavier piece of metal that your breast plate was made from.
> Your legs and arms were both covered in the same green armor at the fore-arms, shins, biceps, and thighs.
> While it would be expected for this old armor to clunk around it wouldn't.
> This was evident when you turned around to head out of the cabin, no sound being made from the armor.
> Heading over to your bed you kneel down and reach under, pulling out a large, weathered chest.
> Clicking it open you look down and examine your 'tools' silently.
> A large double-ended one handed battle ax, one end jagged, spiked, and blunt while the other side was smooth and as sharp as any sword would be.
> Taking hold of the heavy handle you pull it and reach in for the second 'tool.'
> A sword with a curved blade, resembling the blades the humans in the desert would use.
> Though this one was bigger and shaped more for you and someone of your size.
> Taking hold of both weapons you jolt upwards and head out of the door.

> It didn't take you long to get back to where you had last seen the girls.
> Of course you were hoping it wouldn't, it would be night soon and then every other dangerous thing would come out among the already dangerous things.
> A rather annoying process of the forest really.
> You stop under where you had last been, laying your eyes on the torn webs that had once held the girls.
> A thinner strand ran among the available trees.
> You began tracing it with both your weapons at your sides.
> You began to follow after the web, constantly flicking your eyes around the forest to make sure you weren't running straight into a trap.
Moar Orcanon please.

> You followed after the web trail for what felt like hours on end.
> And it might as well been, the sky was turning a distinct tinge of purple as the area around you began to grow darker and darker.
> Which was strange because what you remembered was the moon suddenly popping up in place of the sky.
> Oh well, you didn't want to dwell on it for too long.
> You glanced back upwards, expecting to see the strand of web Ralph left behind.
> But there wasn't any.
> In fact it suddenly stopped, a lone piece hanging downwards.
> …
> You glance at the ground where the strand was pointing at, two things catching your eye instantly.
> Your footfalls rang out against the silent night as you rushed forwards.
> An untied pink bow and a puddle of green goo which smelled oddly enough like a warm ale.
> If that 'goo' wasn't Ralphs blood then the smell would be inviting.
> You recognized it anywhere.
> Coming to a halt you reach down and feel the puddle.
> Still warm…
> Whatever happened here happened not too long ago.
> You take hold of the bow.
> If you're lucky…
> You stop and glance downwards, a smaller trail of green blood running off from the main puddle.
> It was then that a slowed scuttle caught your attention.
> Turning away from the puddle and following the trail you came to a stop at a large wall of shrubbery.
> The smell of warm ale filled your senses once again, this time stronger than before.
> You pushed past the bushes and froze.
> ….
> Ralph lay low against the ground, multiple arrows poking out from his hide.
> He struggled to get back up upon seeing you, failing multiple times in his attempts.
> You simply move over and kneel down next to him.
> He complied, falling to his stomach and resting in the place.
> You flicked your eyes to one of the more obvious arrows.
> Elven made…
> You couldn't help but grit your teeth upon seeing this.
Orcanon writefag here. I've got to go to the store shortly so I'm gonna take a break here. When I get back I'll start back up again. Should be back on in an hour.
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Good stuff so far man, keep the words flowing.
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If you hand me over to them, you know I'll kill them all.
That's crazy. Those don't even exist on my worl--oh...
Sauce on the healing thing? That sounds really neat.
Would you want to fight an army of angry monkey men who can lose half their body before they die?
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Honestly, you take one or two elves captive to serve as your personal sex slaves and suddenly everybody thinks you're the bad guy.
>Anon is a warrior
>Ponies amazed at how fast he heals from every fight
>They think he's immortal
Given that other races, such as Dwarves, are considered more durable and tend to have higher Constitution stats in gaming, I would say that this isn't the case in comparing humans to all races.

> You pull yourself back up and glance one more time at Ralph.
> Despite the arrows and damages he would be fine, his kind were made to take this kind of damage.
> It didn't stop you from hating everything just a little bit more though.
> You take hold of the giant creature and heave him upwards.
> He lazily began to make his way up one of the trees, with you urging his fat thorax up the entire way.
"When did you last see the girls?"
> A couple of mandible clicks and chitters.
> Hmm...
"A group of eleves?"
> More clicks.
"They had what!?"
> Your grimace deepened.
> Apparently a group of elves came by here, yadda yadda they were basically herding a bunch of the ponies together.
> Saw the girls and took them in with the rest.
> You needed to find them now.
> You bring the bow up and take a big whiff.
> That's all you needed....

> Man…
> This camp was huge.
> You sink lower into the bushes, glancing back and forth at the large area in front of you.
> What looked to be some sort of auction was going on right in front of your eyes.
> A large stage set in front of rows and rows of small seats, tents and stands set all around it.
> Species of all sorts sat among the rows, waiting eagerly for the show to begin.
> Ah…
> Ever since Equestria became more accepting to other species things have been rather… different for the ponies.
> Instead of letting anybody and everybody in the borders the ponies rather came to an agreement to only let some species in to help with relations with other nations.
> A buncha politics you cared very little for.
> Though the other species came by ship this little system made things very easy for stowaways to hop on as well.
> And a majority of the time they did nothing but hinder relations with the ponies, bringing kidnapping, slaves, and many more atrocities to this peaceful land.
> It was a good thing your kind didn't care for this land… they would just make things worse.
> A brief slam caught your attention.
File: 1433968264990.png (786 KB, 600x3753) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck those pointy eared bastard. They deserved it!
>how come a bunch of monkeys defeat them?

> You glance over and catch sight of three large cages being transported by pasty looking, rat-faced, milk-drinking...
> Calm down.
> A small squad of Elves transported the cages silently, waving at the crowd gathered in front of the stage.
> All around multiple other species took a step out of their tents or stands to get a look at what was going on.
> A couple of Griffons soared by overhead, searching for any sign of law enforcement or the like.
> A literal black market was in YOUR territory.
> And you didn't even notice...
> If you could find some way to slip deeper into the camp you could figure something out from there.
> Suddenly a shadow fell over your prone form.
> A warm breath ran down your neck, making your spine shiver in anticipation.
> Right….
> You slowly turn around to find yourself face to face with a rather irritated looking Minotaur.
> “An Orc… I heard the rumors but I did-URK!”
> He couldn't even finish his sentence as you tackled him to the ground.
> Throwing your ax into the ground next to him you cock your fist back and sent it straight into his maw.
> Crack!
> He was instantly unconscious.
> You pull away from the knocked out Minotaur and turn back around to the camp.
> As you were saying…
> Black market, Bad things, you needed to figure this out.
> Hmm…
> The camp had a couple of blindspots that you could slip into, whether it be tents or stray hay piles and the like.
> If you waited too long they would start selling, and that looked like quite a lot of ponies.
> Innocent, cheery-eyed kids the lot where.
> In order to do this you would need to be intelligent, crafty, subtle…
> You suddenly stand up and sprint from the woods, both sword and ax raised.
> A loud shout and a flash of blue.
> You leapt out of the way, the ground where you stood exploding.
> “Is that an Orc?”
> “Oh gods take it down!”
> “Hey! It's the angry guy!”
I kek'd

> Before anybody could react you ran straight into the largest crowd you could find, your arms swinging around in a blind fury.
> As you cleaved your way through a horde of bodies like some rabid wolf the others were working actively to take up arms.
> You suddenly stop and whirl around, your sword raised.
> Three Elves rushed from your right, most of the others working to run away from the scene or just move the cargo.
> The cargo being the captured ponies.
> You chuck your ax seemingly blindly.
> It soared through the air and over the commotion, slamming into one of the cages.
> Luckily it didn't come down onto any of the trapped ponies heads, instead it just shattered the trap itself and bounced away.
> Interes-
> A fireball whizzed past your head.
> Right.
> Elves.
> You turn back around and let out your most intimidating warcry.
> The Elves halted.
> And suddenly a blue beam zipped past your head, striking the Elf down in its tracks.
> You turned back to catch one of the ponies galloping away to help free its brethern.
> Maybe not so bad…
> The other two, a slender female Elf and a blue-skinned lanky elf, stared in shock.
> “Wait a minute...” The female suddenly muttered.
> “You're that Orc the king was requesting!”
> You raise a brow.
“I haven't the faintest clue what you are talking about.”
> “Yes you do!”
> An explosion followed by the generic willhelm scream.
“Nope...can't say I do.”
> “Enough!” The taller elf snarled. “End him! We'll be heroes.”
> “Idiot. You're the only Orc in Equestria! Bad enough you held some weight with the Princesses of this land but that's okay, you were thought dead for the last two months.”
> You stop and shoulder your sword.
“How do you know all of this?”
> “I was a jester.”
“Ah. You do seem the fool.”
> “Hah, like I haven't heard that before.”
> The female suddenly bolted forward, hoping to catch you while you were distracted with your banter.
Kill the snobby faggots.

> You simply turned an annoyed grimace on her.
> She stopped, tripping over her own feet.
> So she had a run-in with your brothers before.
> Most Elves tended to be scared shitless after meeting a clan of Orcs.
> These two were no different.
> You take hold of the back of her neck, bringing her up roughly.
> The taller Elf let out a growl and slung his arm downwards, a whip of air suddenly cutting forwards.
> A sharp pain slammed into your shoulder, forcing you to drop the female elf.
"Fuggin magic..."
> You examine the wound, a deep cut in your shoulder.
> Turning back to the two you rushed forwards, the world turning to a blur.
> Sending out a wild uppercut you felt the kick and resistance of the taller Elf's chin.
> His body flew upwards, limply soaring through the air.
> You turn back to the female and lumber over, glaring at her the entire way.
> Just as you reached her...
> A beam of light suddenly cut through the sky.
> The velvet beam moved across the sky, failing to hit anybody.
> You watched with mild interest as the Elf at your feet scrambled away.
> What the...
> Suddenly a flash and your vision was taken with purple.
> You shielded your eyes and went down, hoping to clear your vision before things got really bad.
> You peered one open, seeing that you weren't permanently blinded.
> Completely opening both you found yourself in a different situation than before.
> Ponies clad in golden armor now moved around the area, tackling the fleeing bodies of the multiple species partaking in the camps acts.
> You glance upwards, seeing multiple winged bodies taking down the flying species up above.
> Picking yourself up you look back and forth between all of this.
> Royal guards from what you had remembered.
> Your scowl deepened.
> Luna and Celestia would be here any moment.
> You pick up your sword and cut through the camp, everybody else to busy to even acknowledge your presence at this point.

> You would have to leave the ax.
> But you needed to find the girls from earlier.
> From what you had seen they were nowhere among all of this commotion.
> Suddenly one of the golden clad ponies galloped in front of you.
> "Halt! In the name of-"
> You simply slapped him out of the way, his form becoming a white and gold blur in the process.
> You mutter a couple of curses and continue on.
> You listened to the sounds of metal hitting metal, shouts rising among other shouts, until eventually you heard it.
> The crying of a child.
> Coming from one of the nearby tents.
> You glance all around you to make sure it was clear to move in.
> You would think the only Orc here would garner more attention, especially from the elves.
> You shrug and sprint forwards, hoping to hear the crying get louder.
> It did.
> You came to a halt in front of a raggedy tent that looked as if it could barely stand a gust of wind let alone a storm.
> But what it lacked in inviting warmth it made up for in size.
> Slipping into the tent the sounds of battle became muffled.
> You glance around, the sobbing now loud and clear.
> The tent was set up like some sort of shop, long abandoned since the battle started.
> You look around at the multiple trinkets and gadgets lining the wall-
> "Help!"
> You glance at the counter, the shout coming from right behind it.
> Lumbering to the counter and peering over you caught three small bodies huddled together, one yellow, one white, and the other one orange.
> You did your best 'smile'.
"Hello girls."
> Three innocent eyes met your own.
> And suddenly they widened.
> “Y-You found us!?”
> You reach down and gently pull each one from behind to counter, one by one.
“Why'd you run off like that?”
> “...We wanted to find Twist on our own...” Scootaloo suddenly muttered.
“It's great you girls want to be heroes and all, but trust me when I say that it's not as glamorous as it sounds.”

> You plopped the last one down and gave them an annoyed glare.
"Not at all."
> "Sorry..." All three muttered in unison.
> You simply hum with disinterest.
"We need to get out of here, things are about to escalate badly."
> "Mister..."
"I was thinking we could cut around the forest, this clearing leads to tons of pathways that we could easily slip through."
> "Mister..."
> You take one of many bit bags behind the counter.
> Yeesh, this guy was stacked.
> You whirled around only to find the girls being herded behind....
> Luna.
> And she didn't look too happy to see you.
> Your frown was practically audible.
> Suddenly her horn began to glow with an intense blue light.

> ...
> ...
> The world flew outwards as you came crashing through the thin fabric of the tent.
> You slammed into the ground, coming to multiple rolls and tumbles over yourself.
> With a grunt you managed to pick yourself up.
> Your ribs never felt better.
> That was sarcasm...
> The sounds of battle were refreshed once more, though waning as it was coming to an end.
> You just hoped the right side was winning.
> Peering upwards Luna came pushing through the tent, a glare fixated on you the entire way.
> “Anonymous...”
“It's been a long time.”
> “A very long time.”
> “No! Be quiet. You don't get to speak. I must say what I've got to say first.”
> Luna nudged her head to the battle going on all around you.
> “This is what we've been dealing with nonstop for the last six months and do you know why? We've had to play on the Elves terms so we're not going to war with such a powerful race… all because of you.”
“How am I the problem?”
> “Ever since you've left the castle they have been threatening war since day one. We've managed to keep them appeased by taking in more of their people but we might as well be at war already.”
“How is your self-destructive negotiation skills my fault?”

> "Because you've never helped! My sister and I do regret sending you away but ever since then we've been looking all around for your help. And it just so happens by fate we manage to catch you at one of these raids..."
> She grimaced.
> "We thought you died."
> "Excuse me?"
> A wrestling stallion and Griffon landed at your feet.
> You simply step over them.
"You cannot put me at fault for sending me away."
> “No we cannot… but we can fix our issues.”
> What?
> “Now girls.”
> All at once multiple things happened.
> Some colorful cannon you hadn't noticed until now suddenly appeared at your side.
> It went off, confetti covering your face as your ears began to ring from the sheer force of the cannon.
> Among your confusion ropes suddenly took your arms and legs, forcing you to the ground.
> You struggled against your new bonds, your strength doing nothing against them.
> As this happened a purple shield suddenly engulfed your form, cutting you off from the world.
> Among your dazed state all you could do was simply watched as a couple more of those child-like ponies appeared, discussing things with Luna and occasionally shooting glares at the little girls.
> The purple one turned back to you and gave you a curious stare.
> She seemed to ask Luna something before turning back to you with a quirked brow.
> You glance all around you, the battle having died down significantly.
> What just happened?
> The last thing you saw before everything went dark was Luna pressing her horn against the purple bubble.

> You were simple.
> All you've done to others was help them not hurt them.
> Not like your brothers.
> But prejudice against a whole race would lead to the good few being more lonely and more hurt than any other.
> That was what your elders taught you before you left your village.
> Your eyes snapped open, being greeted with nothing but darkness.
> “He's awake.” A gruff voice stated.
> “Thank you.” A more feminine voice replied.

> Suddenly you became aware that a pressure was hugging your face tightly.
> It was pulled away, your vision being greeted by the same purple one from before.
> "Oh wow..." She muttered eyeing your features.
> "I was never prepared for a face to face meeting... oh! My name is Princess Twilight Sparkle! Nice to meet you!"
> You simply stared at her silently.
> "Errr....okay. I'm sorry about your rather...abrupt awakening, but when Celestia and Luna saw you among that raid they told us to be very cautious of you."
> More silence.
> Twilight gave an awkward little cough and simply gave you a nervous smile.
> "S-So you're the Orc who caused all of this?"
> ....
> "…"
> You sigh and glance downwards, seeing the ropes had you restrained to a chair now.
“What's going on?”
> “Well… many things. My friends and I went from solving friendship problems and issues to actively fighting off blackmarkets, slave trade rings, and many other things.”
> She gave you a small smile despite the solemn topic.
> “We're happy to help anywhere needed...”
> “Well… ever since we've taken in the Elves to help keep peace we've been forced to take in other species as well. More Minotaurs, Dwarves, Griffons, Humans.”
“Spare me the history and please tell me what is going on.”
> She snapped her mouth shut and nodded.
> “Well… a year ago when you left Celestia and Luna quickly realized their mistake. They sought you out but could never find you, you had hidden yourself too well. So they worked hard to negotiate with the Elven king, letting more of his people come in and join our own.”
> Twilight went solemn.
> “This is where things started to go wrong. Letting more of his people in lead to other races wanting to partake, so we began to negotiate letting more of them in as well, more Humans, Minotaurs, Dwarves, Griffons, you get the point.”
> “Well not shortly after they came in things started to get rather… dark.”
Luna is such a Neville Chamberlain

> "The Humans and Elves had a falling out, leading to skirmishes on our land. We stepped in an began to break these up, but we were too late. The others who witnessed these acts of violence in our land began to partake in their own, Slave trade, Riots, Drug rings, Things that never even touched our land before these kinds showed up."
> Yeesh...
> Looks like they had a right to be Xenophobic.
> "This last year has been absolutely terrible for my kind... but it's okay."
"Why? Why would any of this be okay? I knew your kind before all of this, you were peaceful... this was paradise."
> "But all of that is gone Mister Anonymous and so is the innocence with it."
> Twilight frowned.
> "I would love to go back before our land was torn apart by all of this but... that's impossible I'm afraid."
> You wait for her to go on.
> "But Celestia and Luna have a way to fix all of this."
"How? Things seems pretty bad to me."
> "We're going to hand you over to the Elven king."
> You freeze in your spot.
"You can't."
> "I'm sorry... but it's for the greater good. We could bring that peace back for our children, and their chil-"
"It's not going to work."
> "Yes it is. Once you're handed over the king agreed to retract his people and help with any upcoming problems in the future. They'll help us with the Humans...and the Dwarves.... and the Griffons...."
"No he won't."
> "And what do you know?"
"He made a deal with my kind. Long, long ago and because of that we became blood thirsty psychopaths!"
> Twilight turned away suddenly.
> "You're just as frustrating as they said."
“He's just going to step on you for his own benefit. Trust me when I say none of this will work.”
> Twilight gave you a disinterested hum.
> “Yes well, I'm beyond listening to you at this point. The King is actually on his airship and headed here right now. But first...”
> She whirled around.
> “What's it like being the last Orc?”
“Last Orc?”
Looks like they need to build a wall and have the other races pay for it
He gets it.
> She blinked.
> "Yeah...uh...didn't you know?"
> You growl and began to work against your restraints.
"What happened!?"
> "The Elven king ordered a complete raze on all Orcs...I'm sorry but your kind didn't stand a chance...the Elves were too strong, especially when allied with the Dragons."
> You stop.
> Your brothers.
> Okay.
> Rapey Pillagey brothers but still your brothers.
> All dead.
> And you were about to suffer the same fate as them if they just handed you right over.
"Your Princesses have gotten desperate haven't they?”
> “I wouldn't say-”
“They have.”
> Your face turned colder than stone.
> “...I see you need some time… I'm sorry about all of this.”
> She simply pulled away.
> “They'll be asking you for your last meal shortly. I'd suggest making it last.”
“Shut up.”
> She simply back out of the room, the heavy metal door slamming behind her.
> You hadn't taken the time to notice before but they had you locked up in a dirty stone room, the only escape being a large metal door.
> This couldn't be true.
> None of this could be.
> You glance down at the ground.
> Is this how things are really going to go?
> And all because you decided to help a couple of others?
> Hm…
> It wasn't really your fault things went to shit.
> You would've gladly come back in a heartbeat if you had heard about this before hand.
> How come the Zebra never told you any of this?
> ….
> Your arms were tied sharply at your sides, most of your armor digging under it.
> Your legs were tied together as well, connected to the legs of what was practically a lead chair.
> You throw your arms up, the rope bouncing along with them.
> It would take awhile but it was worth a try.
> You did it once more.
> And again.
> And again.
> And again.
> This went on for you had no idea how long.
> Maybe hours.
> The rope was only frayed, still holding against your struggle.
> Your biceps felt numb and tired.
> You throw your arms up again.

> The chair creaked against your constant movement.
> You had met the princesses a long time ago, when you were an adventurer.
> You throw them up once more.
> They found you on one of Equestria's shorelines.
> Again.
> You never knew which one, the three of you meant to discuss it over a lunch.
> Again.
> But you had just saved a small colony of ponies from a group of bandits.
> Again.
> And you were headed towards the next adventure.
> Again.
> And they found you, tired and bored of traveling.
> Again.
> You helped them with a couple of problems and that was the end of it, they asked you to come to the castle with them and live there.
> Again.
> You agreed, neither of them caring that you had got past their borders illegally.
> This time the rope finally gave out, letting your arms fly upwards freely.
> That had actually worked.
> You lean over and begin to undo the knots keeping your legs in place.
> The rope was easier to undo then to break.
> As you got up from your chair and massaged your arms you simply trudge forward and wait next to the door.
> There was only one thing you could do to end things now.
> There was no more hiding or negotiating.
> If you wanted to survive and keep this land from falling further into the hole then you would have to end the King upon his arrival.
> They still haven't asked for your last meal yet.
> That was good.
> It would be your only chance to escape.
> Assuming you were in the castle you could make your way to the nearest hiding spot and wait there.
> Talk of the Princesses and King meeting would definitely be buzzing about, maybe you could pick up a time?
> The door suddenly clicked and began to creak open.
> “What would you like your last meal to b-”
> The stallion suddenly stopped, not seeing you in the chair.
> Before he could react you sprung forwards, pulling him into the room.
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Oy u elf gits. U best be givin me ur bees and honey, since u wakin on me frogs and toads.
Is that orc drinking chocolate milk through silly straw glasses?
Pretty sure is lemonade.
Bullshit, I know motor oil when I see it
Coming to a close.

> Keeping you in the dungeons like any other commoner eh?
> That felt like a spit in the face but whatever, they could've at least treated an old 'friend' with respect.
> You ignore the welling sense of sadness in your chest and press on, making your way down the dark hallway by the torchlight.
> You've never really been down here before.
> You can't say that you're exactly torn about your brothers, they weren't the most innocent of species out there.
> But the few that were actually like you... you hoped some of them made it at least.
> You popped your head around the corner and glanced around.
> Aside from two guards at the doors side you couldn't see anything else.
> They stared straight down the hallway, cutting off any chance of you sneaking up on them.
> You pressed yourself back against the wall and sighed.
> Another subtle, intricate plan would have to do....
> You jump around the corner and sprint forwards.
> One of the guards perked up suddenly.
> "Woah! W-wait!"
> Crash!
> The three of you tumbled out among the destroyed door.
> The guards who were already unconscious slammed against the ground as you managed to right yourself just in time.
> You stand up and readjust yourself.
> A simple solution for a simple problem.
> Though you've probably alerted every guard in a nearby vicinity about your presence…
> You've got to figure out as much as you could about the arrival.

> You pressed against the wall tightly.
> Luckily for you night had fallen, allowing you better cover.
> It looked as if most of the staff had gathered at the throne room, a practical party being thrown for the king.
> He was pretty pompous, he would enjoy that.
> You slowly creep around the corner, peering down the hallway.
> Moonlight poured in from the stained glass windows, revealing two stallions talking.
> Oh he looked important.
> A white stallion with electric blue hair, he bore a red, decorated coat that bounced whenever he talked.

> He gave the guard he was talking to a tired look before turning away and heading down the hall.
> Hm...
> He was already heading your way.
> Like you stated earlier you were stronger than these ponies but this one had a horn.
> One thing you learned was alwa- oh shit he's right there.
> You spring from the corner, tackling him to the ground and clasping your hand to his mouth.
> The two of you rolled around as he struggled to throw you off.
> The world rocked and tumbled.
> A flash of blue forming on his fore-head caught your attention.
> No!
> You smack his horn earning a muffled cry of pain from the stallion.
> As he cried out you got to your feet and whirled around, slamming his back into the wall.
> He simply let out a pained gasp as you let go of him, watching him slide down the wall.
> The other guard was long gone, having already turned the other way.
> Very minimal sound was made during this entire exchange.
> You lean down and examine the stallion.
> He simply glared at you in response.
"I need answers."

> Celestia turned to Luna silently.
> "When is the King supposed to be arriving Sister?"
> "We managed to contact him about three hours ago, he should arrive shortly."
> "How shortly?"
> "I have no idea. But Airships are fast...incredibly so it shouldn't take too long.”
> The two turned to the dressed ponies among the throne room, each one chatting among themselves and testing the food.
> Celestia leaned in.
> “I'm incredibly nervous.”
> “Yes that is understood sister.”
> Before either of them could elaborate a guard slipped in through the doors and began to trot towards the two, a worried look on his face.
> He made his way past the dozens of attendees and stopped at the throne.
> He bowed over and waited patiently.
> “You may arise.” Celestia nodded upwards.
> He instantly rose, his concerned features growing deeper.
> “Anonymous has escaped Princesses….”
> “What!?” Celestia shouted.

> The music and party-goers all stopped in their tracks, turning to face the princess silently.
> She blushed and waved a dismissive hoof in the air.
> "Go on back to what you were doing my ponies I was simply...coughing."
> "Yes! Coughing!" Luna butted in. "My sister has terrible coughs."
> Celestia began to fake a cough in an attempt to cover it up.
> The party goers reluctantly went back to what they were doing.
> “You need to solve this now!” She said in a hushed tone.
> “That's the problem.” The guard said silently. “The King has JUST arrived!”
> She grimaced.
> “No...”
> “Worry not sister. You and I both know that he's coming to us right now.” Luna stated. “Triple security around the King, He's most likely going to be Anon's prime target.”
> “Yes mam!”
> The guard galloped out of the throne room, earning some glances from the party-goers.
> Celestia turned to Luna.
> “Come, we must greet the king.”

“Are you sure?”
> Shining Armor glared at you once more.
> “Yes… he's going to be arriving any minute and he's ready for you Orc.”
“Don't use my race as a curse.”
> “Don't try it. I know all about your kind, I'm sorry the Elven king did everybody a favor.”
> You simply let the stallion drop.
“Get out of here.”
> He kept on glaring.
“I said go!”
> He got on all fours and trotted away, leering at you over his withers.
> You lean against the wall and think to yourself.
> There wasn't anyway you could do this…
> You had no others on your side and the chances of you beating the Elven king in a fight were slim to none.
> But…
> It was worth a try.

> You wandered around the castle for what felt to be the longest time.
> At some points you felt lost but you managed to find your way around.
> Right now you were peering down at the party from one of the over-head balcony's of the throne room.
> Nobody else was up here because they wanted to be down there, and security had been a cinch to get past.

> They already knew you got loose, you didn't care about stealth.
> A quick trip to the Castle's armory and you got your hands on a sword and another battle ax.
> It wasn't exactly your own but they would do.
> You watched from the shadows as the ponies talked among themselves, the two Princesses leading...him down the aisle.
> A smug looking royally dressed elf.
> He wore the most expensive make-up that some of the mares were just eating up, his ears sticking out against his blonde, slicked hair.
> His royal cape flowed behind him as he shared a laugh with the princesses as they moved around the room.
> He adjusted his three-piece velvet suit and smiled wryly.
> Luna smiled back.
> For some reason that just made your blood boil.
> Not only was security heavy down there but the king had his own Elven warriors guarding him as well, each one clad in shining, silver armor.
> Suddenly they headed up to the throne, the three royal heads stopping in place.
> "Silence please, as the mighty King makes his speech." Luna said.
> The chatter stopped as all heads in the room turned towards him.
> “Thank you! Thank you! I must say, it's been a rather… bumpy road with our negotiations. But your Princesses have offered me the most invaluable gift… a real, live Orc!”
> No cheers arose from the crowd but rather the stomping of hooves.
> “Now as well all know the Orcs were wiped out exactly two months ago, each battle was hard fought but it was only to better the world for you, myself, and everybody else.”
> “This last Orc has made his home here but worry not, for when he is handed over and executed things will go back to normal for you...little creatures. No more violence, no more war, no more Humans, Elves, or Minotaurs, I will personally help your princesses retract the violence from your peaceful little land.”
> More 'applause'.
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Fuck em up nigga!
is this appearant anon
you improved
This pic reminds me of a Anon versus Equestria greentext where the human tamed dragons to defeat Celestia and kidnap Luna
File: image.jpg (93 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wez ORKS now!
Go 80's action hero on their keisters.

> "Now...my lovely little Princesses...would you be as so kind as to have the Orc bought up?"
> You fold your arms and wait as Celestia shot Luna a nervous glance.
> They whispered something to the king who's face twisted into a sneer not shortly after.
> "No!"
> "You promised him to me! Don't you want your children to be safe once more!?"
> The two flinched away.
> Enough of this.
> You hopped onto the railing and glanced downwards.
> One of the Elven guards stood just below you, watching the two argue with little interest.
> The world became a blur as you dropped.
> Crack!
> Your entrance garnered the attention of every single body in that room.
> As well as snapping an Elves back…
> Damn you were good.
> You suddenly popped up, throwing both weapons outwards and letting out a roar.
> The King simply smiled smugly at you.
> “There he is… Guards!”
> “Guards!” Celestia shouted.
> “Do not kill him!” Both parties shouted at once.
> From your left.
> You whirl around, just barely catching a spear to the chest.
> The Elf muttered something under his armor but you didn't care.
> Instead you lowered yourself and pushed your shoulder forwards, throwing him off of his feet.
> A swift chop of the ax and he was down.
> You followed up by turning back around, sending a wild kick out.
> One of Celestia's guard… you didn't have much with them.
> You only wanted the Elves to taste your fury.
> You bring the ax downwards, catching one of the charging Elves in the face.
> One of the ponies hopped on your back.
> A simple roll of your shoulders and he was thrown off, laying on the ground.
> You counted three more bodies on their way towards you, two of Celestia's guards and one Elf guard.
> You chuck your ax downwards, startling the two charging pony guards.
> The Elf kept on running forwards though.
> Bad move.
> You held your ground, each step the Elf taking seemed to make time move a little slower.
> He aimed the spearhead down.
True, but dwarves weren't really something we've been discussing here, weren't they?

Humans are also usually designed as all-rounders in gaming and fiction. Dwarves, on the other, belong to the "old races" like elves and giants. See >>26153043
Because most depictions of elves are immortal non-breeders.

> Just before the tip made contact you suddenly moved to the side.
> The guard let out a surprised shout as you caught his abdomen.
> With your immense strength you suddenly lifted him over your head.
> Before anybody else could do anything you bought him downwards...straight onto your knee.
> A sickening crack was the only sound he was able to make.
> Tossing the body away you turn back to the King.
> “Why aren't you killing her guards!?” He shouted. Suddenly a look of rage overcame his face. “They''re helping him! Kill them all!”
> “What!?” Celestia shouted turning on the King.
> Before she could react he sent a blast of fire into her face, sending her unconscious body slamming into one of the thrones.
> Luna reacted instantly, a blast of white light slamming into the Kings chest.
> He didn't go down easy, instead he sent out a blast of magic her way too.
> She dodged and popped off another blast.
> It wasn't long before the Elven guards turned on the Royal guards, both sides fighting furiously to win this battle.
> You were at the midst of it all, charging forwards and taking down as many Elves as you could.
> Cleave.
> Charge.
> Smash.
> You were doing it all to win.
> Fireballs and beams of multi-colored magic flew by overhead.
> More Elven guards and Royal guards poured in, each one blasting off magic or charging forwards with their spears.
> By now the royal guard had forgotten you, instead working to protect the ponies attending the party.
> You took this chance to focus on the Elves more and more.
> One of them jutted the spear forwards, hoping to catch your face.
> You simply ducked below and slammed the swords into his gut.
> Among the commotion, the sounds of battle, the shrieks.
> You had forgotten why you were even there.
> The world went dark.
> Glimpses of retreating armor...golden armor… your ax cleaving downwards.
> You roaring.
> A guard tripping as he tried to run away from you.
File: 1399732331448.jpg (72 KB, 500x380) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 500x380

> Eventually everything just went dark.
> ....
> ....
> .....
> You slumped over, breathing heavily over yourself.
> By the time the battle was over most everybody had left or died.
> Yeesh...
> You pull yourself up and glance around at the once beautiful throne room.
> Multiple bodies littered the ground, all curtains and stone chipped, torn, or scorched.
> The only ones left who hadn't ran or died was you, Luna, Celestia, and the King himself.
> Celestia's unconscious body still lay slumped against the throne.
> You simply give her an off-side glance before turning back to Luna and the King.
> The King had her trapped with some sort of magical, rainbow beam.
> He simply grimaced as she writhed on the ground, calling out for her sister.
> He ignored you, continued to blast Luna.
> He stopped and turned to you, raising a carefully plucked brow.
"It's not over..."
> "Ah... seems as if my guard's weren't enough to take down a simple Orc."
> He turned away from Luna and grimaced.
> "Funny how that works... especially since all of the others were such easy slaughter you could call it sport."
> You simply hum with disinterest.
> And pick up your sword.
“We're going to end this here.”
> A stout laugh followed by the Kings smiling face.
> “You…. Taking on one of the most powerful magical being out there!?”
> He threw his head back and laughed.
> “Brave creature you are but this will only end badly. If I win I'm going to order a raze on every single one of these little creatures of this land… if you win then my people will go to war and destroy everything here anyway.”
> He tapped his chin lightly.
> “Things might even be worse for them then they already are...”
“Shut it.”
> You take hold of your ax, pulling it from one of the Elves back.
“At first I could handle hiding but it's obvious that will not work anymore...”
> “No.”
“And those two...what of them.”
> “Traitors to you. I'm surprised you still care.”
Really liking this anon

"They were friends at a point."
> "But look how desperate they got! Their little nation goes to tartarus because they let in a couple of species and they instantly work against one of the few who were only trying to help."
"Then you know of me."
> "I've always known. Still doesn't change the fact that you're an Orc, a mistake to the world."
> Another disinterested hum.
"Why'd you order them to hand me over?"
> "Oh I simply couldn't let an Orc be in political power."
"I wasn'-"
> "You were living in a castle Mister Slowpoke, with two beautiful princesses which I couldn't let go on, despite them being horses."
> "You seem to be taking all of this rather well."
"Because I'm letting it all sink in..."
> "...I don't know if you're stupid or just crazy Orc. Probably both but I'll let you know one thing. I'm going to enjoy wiping out another species, maybe if I plan it right I can do it faster then the last.”
> His hands began to cackle and pop with power.
> Your grip tightened on your weapons.
> You didn't know the outcome of this battle.
> But you weren't going to let him get away with all of this.
> As his body began to flow with magical power you simply deepen your grimace.
> With another battlecry you charge forward, both weapons raised.
> You are Anonymous, the last Orc.
> One of a kind.
> So it was obvious how things were going to go down.
> And if it isn't?
> Stories were made of the day the Orc took on a King.
> Days were Celebrated when Celestia and Luna awoke, a terrified, cold King at their hooves.
> And it was remembered when the Elves refused to declare war on anybody else, the terror of a god struck into their hearts.
I hope you guys enjoyed it. Though the ending may be a little cheesy I really enjoyed writing this out for you guys and I hope you had as much fun reading it then I did writing it.
Saved. looking forward too your next great work.
Your spelling is well above-average, but your grammar and conventions need improvement and your phrasing is clunky. "order a raze", "nobody else was up here because...", things like that.

7/10 overall, I'd say. If only because of the novel concept and the mostly-decent spelling.
great story
Wait, hang on, it's not entirely clear, what way did the fight go? Did orcanon kill the king? If so how is he terrified? Why's he cold if not? I have no idea what's going on.
Orcanon won, the king is cold because he's dead m8
Was good, writefag
damn, this make wih more RPG's use orks as heroes
i know WoW is one, but i never catch on with it
I liked it
So the humies took advantage of the collapse of the power structure and wiped em out right
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Wow how stupid can you be. You got the comparative wrong. The Middle East was far more advanced than Europe during the medieval times. That is why humans are less advance than elves in fantasy genres because the humans are based on europe in the medieval times who were behind compared to places like the Middle East and China.

I believe I have an explanation for this. Holy books such as the bible stated humans used to live for hundreds of years. Why the longest living human is Methuselah who lived up to 969 years. And Noah himself lived up to 950 years. So humans could have augmented bodies and lifespan in the past allowing us to perform impossible feats. Concepts such as Chi and Life energy could have originated from that. And as for the elven magic. Well we couldn't use magic but magic didn't affect us either. Making the elven magic useless against us. Thus we were able to overcome the Elves and their dragons and taking over the world ourselves. Afterwards, us being humans afterall, we started a huge civil war with ourselves that basically resetted our society.
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