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Rainbow Dyke Thread #3: Anon's Revenge...
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Original prompt:
>"Haha, you faggot can't even stand a hit from a girl! What you gonna do now, fuckboy? Cry?! Fucking nerd!"

>ZimZam senpaii~

Previous thread: >>26072128
The ride continues!
I fucked up
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Don't worry OP, you'll always be a faggot in my eyes
REMINDER: If you prefer small breasts over large ones you are a subhuman and need to promptly kill yourself.
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You actually used it you monster I'm glad
>I see thred on 9 page
>I cri
>I bump
>I see its made by gsw mah boi
>I cri more
bump for getting Gilda outa jail and having a three way family time with Sunset.
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Could someone edit comatose Sunset in where Anon is sleeping?
>yfw sunset sleeps through it
>and everything else
>until plug is pulled
Not the feels, we are not losing her to rainbow cunt!
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Sorry for the delay, folks. I've been poring over Muay Thai championship footage for research.

>Her face seems to light up at the suggestion
>"R-really? Well, goodness! I have to clean out the litterboxes, and someone has to go and socialize the new kittens some more, and then walk the two dogs we picked up.."
>She's likely wondering what other impending tasks she can conjure up in her head.
>Good thing you have the afternoon.
"No sweat. Let's do it."
>You park the 325i and go inside with your new friend.
>There's a single elderly volunteer at the front desk who seems absolutely entranced with the latest tabloid rag.
>"Affernoon, Fluts."
>She doesn't even look up to notice that you're there.
>You spend a few hours there with Fluttershy tending to the day's tasks.
>She tells you all about each animal. Names, personalities, likes and dislikes.
>Fluttershy is a veritable stray encyclopedia.
>It makes sense, given that she's one of the few volunteers left to maintain everything after the city cut the shelter's budget and much of their full-time staff were laid off.
>She comes in several times a week, often staying past dinnertime.
>But today, she's able to wrap up at five with your help
>By the back entrance, she gushes with appreciation as she runs a tape wand over her clothes to strip off the forest of animal hair.
>"I think I'll actually make it home for supper tonight, Anon! I know all the little critters are grateful, too."
>It seems she can be as clear and undeterred in her speech as she wants, so long as it's about animals.
>"You were really good with them, you know..."
"Sure I am. Just look at me!"
>The evidence of their affection is present in how the exact same jungle has turned your clothes white.
>"Oh, it's really not that bad, Anon. You made everything go so much faster! And we even got around to playing with the adult kitties too!"
>You smile back at her.
>You're surprised by how the last few hours went so quickly. It was hardly chore-like."
Pastebin if anyone gives a shit.

>no doubt Fluttershy's cheery presence contributed to how well the afternoon went.
>As you look back at her, she appears a bit embarrassed again.
>You figured if the Pentagon considered weaponizing cuteness, she would have to go to ground for a long time.
>"U-usually I get a ride home from one of the n-night staff, but we're done early, so..."
"No problem, Fluttershy. Where do you live?"
>She pulls her purse over her shoulder, and you open the door for her.
>"W-well I can just give you directions, it's not like..."
>You can't catch the last of her mumbling.
"I know the city pretty well. You can just tell me which neighborhood you're in, right?"
>"Well, it's just..."
"Just what?"
>"I-it's just that I... live in Mercer."
>You grind to a halt.
>Mercer? What?
>The same Mercer where the average house price is higher than the fucking GDP?
>She doesn't look stuck up to you, and her clothes are plain enough...
>Maybe someone in her family is a live-in butler or some shit.
>Either way, just play it cool.
"Well... yeah, I know where that is. What's the issue?"
>Smooth. Maybe her family is servant poor and she's embarrassed. Or maybe she's fucking loaded and she's embarrassed.
>"Where did we park again?"
>A fair diversion if there ever was one. You point way down the street. Open curbside was a premium the closer to the center of the city you got.
>Sounds of construction filled the air. Roadwork was in full swing just across from you.
>You could just barely see your car. You were half-surprised nobody had taken the wheels off of it.
>Montlake and all.
>You both walk faster than usual down the sidewalk. Montlake wasn't necessarily an unsafe neighborhood, but you never saw a reason to spend more time there than you needed to.
>Behind the cacophonous mask of jackhammers and diggers, you pick up something faint, like it was getting closer.
>You looked around, scanning ahead and to the sides, unable to judge the direction any sound was coming from over the roadwork.
>you're abruptly forced into a car door on your left as something blasts between you and Fluttershy.
>She lets out a yelp of panic backs up against the wall of an apartment building, covering her face with her hands.
>You balance yourself and immediately check Fluttershy to see if she's hurt.
>No, perfectly fine...
>But missing one tan purse.
>You bolt down the sidewalk in pursuit of the asshole who just swiped her stuff.
"Get back here!"
>You yell as threateningly as you can at the top of your lungs.
>He looks back at you and just runs faster.
>But you're gaining on him; you run miles and sprints on alternating days, and you doubt this thief does anything but curls.
>You would chastise him for skipping leg day, but you feel more inclined to smash his jaw into fifty pieces instead.
>In a few seconds, you've cut his lead in half, and he's starting to look nervous.
>Suddenly he whips around and pulls a sharp kitchen knife out.
>"Fuck off!" he spits at you.
>You screech to a halt, and he charges you.
>Your eyes go wide and time seems to stop.
>He's gonna fucking stab you.
>You're gonna get stabbed.

>You remember having a knife pulled on you in your freshman year.
>Ever since, you practiced countering the tanto incessantly.
>Some two-bit purse snatcher isn't going to leave you to bleed out on the fucking sidewalk.
>So as he lunges forward, you take control of his wrist with rehearsed precision.
>You twist the arm and turn him around, putting enough pain shooting through his wrist to weaken his grip.
>You easily guide the knife out of his hand and into yours.
>With the knife hand, you hold on to his wrist, and with your other hand you pull him forward by the elbow into the ground with a thud.
>You twist his arm by the wrist much like you did with Rainbow and put the blade of the knife up to the back of his neck.
"I'm taking the purse back. Don't give me any fucking reason to take anything else."
>He's too shaken to speak, but nods eagerly.
need more mang
Hopefully this is what you mean

"Ay, fuck you mang!" that shit yells back as he scampers off down the road."
>You pick up the purse and leave the knife on the ground, as if there's anything else you could do with it.
>Just as you turn around, you're again attacked.
>This time by a high-speed blur of pink hair and yellow sweatshirt crushing you in a panicked hug.
>Overcoming the initial shock, you wrap your arms around her in turn.
"Hey, hey, I'm fine. Don't sweat it. We're safe. Nobody's hurt."
>Your instructors have always told you that fighting is a last-ditch resort, and nothing is worth the chance of being killed.
>But maybe having Fluttershy hold you like this is the exception.
>In a few moments, her breathing drops from "hyperventilating" to "stressed" and she steps back sheepishly, blushing as intensely as ever.
>"W-why did you go after him?" she asks, a faint hint of awe coloring her tone.
"He took your purse."
>Because you're so kind.
>"N-no, I-I mean yes, but... why just for m-my purse? You could have d-d-d..."
>She gulps before she's able to choke it out.
>An urge overcomes you to take her hands and squeeze them lightly.
"Because good people don't deserve bad things."
>Oh, and she's gorgeous.
>Still, Kung Fu-Tzu would be proud, and likely a few of your teachers.
>Her face somehow takes on an even deeper shade of red.
>"Oh m-my... w-well..."
>She takes a deep breath, and takes her purse back when you offer it by the strap.
>"I'm glad. T-thank you so much, Anon."

>She's obviously still shaken, so you walk the rest of the way to your car holding her hand.
>In all fairness, so are you. You're just better at hiding it.

>Holy shit
>Did you really just risk getting gutted in the street to get her purse back?
>You acted without any consideration for your own safety.
>So did that make you a hero, lovestruck, or a dumbass?
I wanted dubs and all I got was a greentext fuckup.
its ok suppy, i still love you
>You figured it was more the latter two, with a heavy emphasis on "dumbass."
>Either way, you were able to do something good for a girl you were really warming up to.
>That's a victory in your book, regardless of the reasoning that led you to it.
>The two of you finally make it to your car.
>Keyless entry makes its little space-age noise, and you hold the passenger door open for Fluttershy.
>She smiles and mumbles a thank-you.

>You start the car and turn the radio up by a few notches.
>You recognize the song by its opening chords, and you begin to wonder if the station DJ has been keeping tabs on your circumstances...
>You get on the way to Mercer, and once you cross the bridge over Lake Equus your passenger begins feeding you directions.
>Her home isn't just on rich people island, it turns out.
>Her directions take you to the entrance of a gated community, whose entrance is in the form of a Gothic wrought-iron gate.
>When you pull up to the guard box, you're surprised when you notice the man on duty isn't some elderly volunteer.
>It's a cop.
>And not some Paul Blart-looking paid-hourly motherfucker, but an actual honest-to-god CPD officer, gun and all. His Charger is parked just behind the box, and you see his partner inside watching you with a keen eye.
>You roll down the window as he steps out to speak to you.
>"Sir, I'll need your iden-"
>He pauses and leans forward to get a better look at who's in your passenger seat.
>"Miss Fluttershy, I didn't realize you were getting a different ride today. I apologize."
>Fluttershy checks if she can sink deep enough into the seat to be invisible to you before replying.
>"O-oh yes, I should've called ahead. It's really no p-problem, Officer Armor."
>"Whatever you say, Miss Fluttershy. Have a nice night."
>He waves you forward as the gate slides open to let you through.
>What you see is...
>Well, everyone's seen pictures of mansions online or in magazines, but this...
Where are you Zim Zam baby?
shes 2cute
>a protagonist that can handle himself
Yes. This pleases me.

>These are mansions like you've never seen before.
>Mansions you've never thought possible.
>A single room in any of them was probably worth more than you and your mother's entire one-story.
>The whole drive through the neighborhood, which you figure is named "Canterlot Hills" from the signage, seems to be an uncomfortable experience for Fluttershy.
>She's rubbing her arm and looking at the ground. It looks like she just wants to get through with this as soon as possible.
>In any other case you would ask about the whole "Miss Fluttershy" thing, but you're pretty sure she wouldn't want to discuss that.
>She mutters something incoherent in your direction.
>You slow down once you turn on to her street.
"What was that?"
>"House at the end."
>Your jaw drops for the second time that day, and heartily protests the disturbance of its restful healing.
>All lit up at the end of the road, the fanciest residence you've seen in your life looms over the rest of the homes.
>Surrounded by garages, pools, and storage buildings, it's more of a palatial complex than a single home.
>You pull up in the front drive, suddenly feeling like an international spy or a statesman.
>Or their chauffeur.
>Fluttershy's door is opened by a suited man with dark shades. Two more men in identical style come walking down the drive to join him.
>You turn off the car and step around.
>The first guard takes Fluttershy's hand as she steps out and shuts the door behind her.
>"You're home early, Miss Fluttershy. We weren't expecting you. Who is this?"
>When the other two guards show up, they flank your object of affection and stare menacingly at you.
>"T-this is Anon. He, um... he helped me today. And he, um... he helped me..."
>She seems a bit less eager to tout your bravery now that she's with these guards.
>"And you're Mr. Anon?"
>By god, his speech must register on the Richter scale!
"I am. What is...?"
>"This is the home of Mr. Ocean Rig and his family. Miss Fluttershy is his daughter."
sorry for interrupting suppy, but this is impordant

so some shit happened yesterday and my ISP kinda shut off my shit and im tryiing to find out why, I am posting from my phones hotspot, which is shitty and has one gig left. Im going to post tongiht and probably have someone on my skype post for me by proxy. Sorry maties, im trying to fix this as much as I can.
fuckin finally, ill dl and catch up when im out of internets.

if i drop out randomly, my shit died and i am kill. But worry not anons, I will find a way
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we bourgeoisie now.jpg
157 KB, 736x463

>Oh, fucking naturally.
>Just one of the most loaded men on the planet.
>His company was responsible for pumping out nearly half of the black gold offshore of the Americas.
>The man was almost disgustingly rich, but for all of the media exposure he had, he did a good job of keeping his family out of the spotlight.
>You might not know much about that, except that you just spent your day volunteering at an animal shelter with his daughter, of all people.

>You look over at Fluttershy, silently asking her to confirm if that's true.
>"Y-yes... Ocean Rig is my f-father."
>She says it like she just admitted to murder or something.
>Well, no shit she didn't want to talk about where she lived. All the rich kids at CHS ever do is just hang out with each other and jerk themselves off about how great it is to have money.
>Anyone with a desire to have actual friends growing up would learn to hide their wealth like a master.
>You suddenly feel an odd sympathy for her.
>She's just a person.
>Beautiful, kind, likes animals...
>And you suppose you could add "timid and extremely shy" to that list, too.
>Of anyone on the planet she would be least inclined to want to be the daughter of an oil mogul. But here she was, living in the lap of luxury with a Mr. Smith army receiving her.
>"I-I'll be right in guys. T-thank you for coming to greet me."
>"Of course, Miss Fluttershy."

>The guards turn on their heels and march off to the grand oak doors of the mansion in perfect step.
>No less vigilant, of course. In all likelihood they're ready to charge to Fluttershy's rescue if you make a bad move.

>"I'm s-sorry about them. T-they mean well, honest! But it's just..."
"They're overprotective?"
>She nods slowly in agreement, as if the accuracy of your reply reminded her of a painful truth.
>The two of you stand there for a few moments in silence.
>"M-my father will want me to be at dinner tonight. B-but today was really fun spending time with you and the animals!"
So besides the newscast, lets get back to our regularly scheduled writefaggotry
>The next two weeks goes by in a blur
>You testify for Gilda the best you could, and give some cash for a lawyer
>Your parents were pissed, but you don't care
>He fights his hardest and you fight yours
>You all knew the outcome though
>Gilda gets five years for attempted murder on case of emotion based insanity
>You watched her go out of those big oak doors and that was the last you saw of her for awhile
>Everyone at school except Fluttershy avoids you, it doesn't bother you though
>This was how it always was before
>You decide not to think about it
>Tomorrow you testify against Rainbow Dash
>You saw Agent Norman at school undergoing the investigation of Gilda
>Who knew
>You politely asked to speak to Rainbow at the precinct, and he agreed
>You walk down the long cold hallway, flanked by rooms and the air filled with beeps and voices
>"Just in here, Anonymous."
"Thank you sir."
>Norman opens the door for you, and you stop halfway after walking in
"Sir, if you were going to record this, I ask that you don't, I need to have a personal conversation with Rainbow."
>His brow furrows, but his eye shows sympathy
>"Of course Anon."
>You walk into the room, and there in front of you
>Sits the reason all of this happened
File: 1451866521252.jpg (33 KB, 250x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"burrburrburr you know this is all your fault"
"durrdurrdurr fack you if you werent such a faggot"
"i blewed up your car"
"i blewed up your friend but im sorry"
"sorry not good enough *sunglasses rides to space* fuck you rainblow"

Callin it
>i blewed up your friend but im sorry
Lets hope those dubs are lucky
>You are Officer Jefferson, and you just got done sorting that new lesbian girls belongings for evidence
>Why the hell do kids dye their hair like that anyway?
>You sort through the items one last time
>Everything is the usual
>The usual, but one thing really catches your eye
>And body as it were
>A small brooch makes you think dark thoughts when you grab it
>It has a red gem inset and looks like a black horse
>You handle it and it makes you think about stuff that gets you pissed
>Why the fuck did your wife take your smokes today?
>In fact, why the fuck won't she just let you be? You like smoking in the first place.
>Noone takes a cops cigarettes and doesn't walk away hurt
>You catch yourself
>What the fuck are you thinking?
>You put it down and seal it up again, deciding not to question what happened

>Rainbow doesn't look at you, instead opting for the ground
>You walk in and take a seat on the other side of the table
>You can see the cuffs around her hands
>Good, she needs them for your sake.
>"Hey Anonymous."
>You both sit in silence for an eternity, before you can't stand it anymore
"It was us."
>She looks up, clearly puzzled as to what you mean
"We did it, all of it. Gilda, Sunset, and I. Since you put Sunset in a coma-"
>She flinches noticably
"- and Gilda got sent to prison, I figured you should know, that seems to be where you're headed aswell."
>A new look dawns on her face
>Uncontrollable anger
>"What did you just say."
"We did it. You were right."
>She gets up and tries to reach over the table, trying to grab you
>The cuffs are looped through a small hole in the table, keeping her stuck there
>You calmly get off of your chair, and walk out the door
"You already killed Sunset."
>As you walk out the door, you can hear more crashing before you hear her sit down and start crying
Bonus points to anyone who knows what city I'm basing Canterlot off of in this green.

>She gulps.
>"I-I um... I'd really like to this again with you. But not with the animals! N-no, I mean the animals are great and I love them, b-but I mean-"
>You take her hands to calm her down.
"Deep breaths, Fluttershy."
>"Oh, darnit..."
>Her breathing returns to normal and she almost smiles for the first time since you crossed the bridge.
>"I-I'd like to do something with you again. Just the two of us. I want to give you my number. U-unless you don't want to, in which case I understand."
>Her eyes are screwed shut as she says this, mentally coaching herself to say what she wants to say without any problems.
"Hey." You take her right hand and hold it with both of yours firmly.
>You wait for her to open her eyes and look at you.
"You're an amazing girl. I'd love to go on a proper date with you."
>She smiles with infinite relief. A sigh permits her to relax her shoulders, like a cinderblock was taken off of her back.
>You pull out your flip-phone, whose age and simplicity obviously surprises her.
>She withdraws from her unassuming purse the latest iPhone in gold. You wonder if that's what she picked out or if her family made her to have it.
>You exchange numbers quickly and eagerly.
>"H-how about we get shakes after school t-tomorrow? I have to take care of s-something with my friend first, but that shouldn't be more than a few minutes if she's correct."
>You light up with a contented smile.
>"I'm looking forward to it. And don't worry about your thing, I also have something planned. Won't be long."

>A masculine voice booms out of one of the mansion's dozens of windows.

>She jolts in place.
>"I have to go! I-I'll see you tomorrow, Anon!"
"You too, Fluttershy!"
>You wave her goodbye as she runs to the door.

>You slip back into your BMW gleefully.
>Just as you turn the key in the ignition, your heart freezes in dread.
>rich but not snobby
>actually doing the asking for a date
I like this Fluttershy.
File: 1450144578410.png (372 KB, 514x524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here we fuggin go
>this out-of-nowhere excuse for Top Cunt's behavior
I'm cautious.
File: Movie poster.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Movie poster.jpg
2 MB, 3264x2448
Did drawfag ever finish this?
Oh the plans, Oh the knowledge.

>You walk out of the room, as two officers go in to restrain Dash
>You walk out of the police station and take out your new Zippo
>You rub your fingers over the "G" that was there before and the newly made "S"
>Taking out your pack, you flip the top
>Out of smokes
>You walk back to your car, newly repainted and drive home
>When you arrive, you walk in the door and throw your stuff on the couch
>You walk into your room and sit in front of your computer, just staring at the black screen
>At you in the reflection
>You think of the night at the dance, and Fluttershy's words ring through your head
>"Anon, What happened to you?"
>"I don't know" you replied to her
>Do you know now?
>You see a person in the dark reflection of the screen
>They look like you, but different
>They look like the person you saw a month ago
>The person you remember lying down in the dirt, clutching his dick because he was the victim of a cheapshot from the jock cunt
>But you don't know him anymore
>You recognize the face, but not the mind behind it
>You were always told to be yourself
>But who were you
>Who were you now?
>You are Anonymous
>And thats all you know.
>You walk to the bed and lay down, not shrugging off your jacket or jeans
>You wait for sleep to come to you
Is this the end?
The End man what a cop out nonsense conclusion zam is losing his touch. Better luck next time, right?
Zim zam this is a good time to tell us that this is the end
File: 1996 325i in black.jpg (145 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1996 325i in black.jpg
145 KB, 1280x720
Meant to put a car pic in earlier.

>All of the terrible pieces are coming together.
>Her friend wasn't around to give her a ride.
>Her friend's name is Rainbow Dash.
>That cunt's hair was dyed rainbow.
>Fluttershy's friend has something to do right after school tomorrow.
>You have something to do right after school tomorrow.

>Please, god no.
>It can't be.

>But you know in your heart of hearts that it not only can be, but it is.
>You pull out of the drive and make your way home, all the while sulking over the fact that you're either going to have to smash Fluttershy's friend to pieces, or get smashed to pieces by Fluttershy's friend.

>You turn the radio on to a random station to get your mind off of what's going to go down after school tomorrow.

>You drive through the tunnel linking Mercer with the east shore of Lake Equus on the way to your little house in Factoria.
>The orange tunnel lights wash over your car, and even in the midst of the irritating traffic, the atmosphere somehow makes you feel even more isolated.

>What do you want more? To teach Rainbow a lesson she won't forget, or make Fluttershy like you?
>The answer is obvious, but it's not like you can just run.
>Martial arts instructors, a gym teacher, and Chinese philosophers comprise your lifelong father figures.
>Every time you consulted them, you became less of a pushover.
>Less of that kid who got his money taken and his ass beat.
>Less of that kid who let what he wanted get away from him.
>You learned that you had to stand up, not stand down.
>You prayed to any god that would listen that Fluttershy would understand.
>You didn't want to go fighting her friends, but you, as a man, had to stand up
>Was it a cruel test of your dedication to your core values? Or was it the universe trying to hold you back?

>Either way, you knew you had two fights tomorrow.
>One fight to be true to yourself
>Another fight to be with Fluttershy.
In an artistic sense it would make for a sublime end.

As a devoted reader, however, CONTINUE STORY WRITE MORE GREEN
Ending music
Gonna roll with LA, for 500 points

Nah, it looks like though. honestly a recurring theme with my stories is that i write one update i think is great and then i have toruble following it up, the Knife fight was that update. I don't want to drag the story on but I also dont want to end it with that cop out bullshit.

Sorry for the short and admittedly shitty update but I wanted to give you guys something before a dry period for a day, hope you liked it and I also plan to reupload my first story ever on my bin sometime, hope you liked it tonight

I will stay around for really short this time, any at all discussion for me and or questions should be made quick, sorry to ask
>>You pull out of the drive and make your way home, all the while sulking over the fact that you're either going to have to smash Fluttershy's friend to pieces, or get smashed to pieces by Fluttershy's friend.
Why not just put her to sleep? Sleeper hold the cunt.
I have ending music picked out, but good choice anon.
Plan on it, not too much more though
Hope you caught they were joke posts. >>26146846
Or at least mine was. Doing fine, G. Shitty? Nah, I've seen worse. Mostly worse.
Damn, i thought i only said that
Im white, and I never did lose the 90s talk.

>She was too kind a girl not to understand your side if she knew the truth.
>But she was also too kind to not be a loyal friend to Rainbow, even if her behavior was turbo-cuntish and erratic.
>Why the fuck were they even friends?
>Furthermore, what the fuck was up with those six, anyways? Who were the other four, and why did they stick together so much?
>You'd heard rumors about them.
>So many questions without answers.

>You just hoped that things went as well as they could tomorrow.

>You returned home, your mother still at work. You heated up some butter chicken and made white rice to go with it.
>Scarfing it down on the way, you arrive at your Muay Thai school just in time.
>There's nothing quite like good sparring to get your mind off things.
>Your style is aggressive, but restrained.
>Wary of going braindead at age thirty, you developed excellent footwork and dodging skills. Your kicking is average, but you more than make up for it with your boxing.
>You can soundly beat most of the other students there, and last quite a while with senior students and the instructor.
>You don't throw as many attacks as them, but far more of yours actually land.

>You head home, exhausted as always after your lessons. You greet your mother on your way to clean up and pass out on your bed.


>School. School. More school.
>You're no genius, but you do well for yourself.
>You're not two years ahead in your math classes like some of the geniuses you know about, but you get good enough marks in the classes you are in.
>Every semester since freshman year, weight training has been in your schedule.
>Well, not technically. You take one class as a student, and you're a TA in the other. Still, it gives you ample time to do your lifts, and you're knowledgeable enough that Mr. Biceps lets you do your own thing in class.

>Ten minutes left in seventh period. You find yourself more devoted to listening to book reports in that time than you can ever recall.

I'm whiter than sour cream in a blizzard, senpai. 90's strong
While I don't consider myself an expert martial artist or fighter by any means, in my experience I find that easier said than done.
Right coast, wrong city. Props for what it's worth.

No matter what happens I remain loyal to your green, pham.

Serious question though: how do you write so quickly?
Let's bring it back anon. Hammer pants are a thing again and so is French Toast Crunch. Also Surge.

This is the age again, lets make it happen

starting with tubular
Sorry for hopping in here like that suppy, really am sorry. I hope I didn't steal your thunder.
I work in IT and I grew up getting 70 WPM, I have 90 now, It came with practice I suppose.
I'm one of his Chinese cuckboys that he has write for him. There's a whole basement full of us.
What kind of high school did you go to where, not only do students challenge each other for fights that will happen at a later time, but people also spectate said fights?
Damn, you're so oppressed that you don't even get to capitalize the "A" in Anonymous.
Oh for fucks sake Duk Dong, do I have to get the stick again?
Dilao! Dìláo, yào bùrán!
please master no

i make u feel good, just let me see my famiry
No, they escaped yesterday and I'm punishing them. They'll be put back down there in two weeks.
Alright guys, my stuff is running down, I'll be back hopefully in two or one days time.

See ya.
please just let xinpao go
you remember him? he the proofreader
he proofread 2000 lines, that was deal, he make deal, now please just let him go
Happened once or twice in my area, wasn't entirely uncommon in the metro area.

Either way, this is CHS. This isn't where I went to school.
Dude don't sweat it, I'm just glad you got around to updating. As for speed, I don't really mean WPM, my problem is that I can type way faster than I can think.

>The walk through the parking lot is excruciating.
>You were almost anxious to beat Rainbow before, and now it just seems like an unfortunate duty.

>CHS had three levels of parking lots behind the campus. The first was reserved for seniors (just one more year!). Behind and about 15 feet lower was the first level of parking for juniors and late seniors, and overflow parking was behind that lot and about 30 feet lower.
>if you kept going past the overflow lot, there was an gravel pit from a cancelled construction project.
>The treeline around the overflow lot was thick enough to obscure the view of the handful of cameras installed there to prevent theft, and far enough from the campus that you could be as loud as you wanted to without gathering the attention of faculty.

>In short, the universe conspired to give CHS the ultimate venue for settling differences.

>The students who didn't peel off to their cars on the way through the first and second lots glanced at you from time to time with silent understanding.
>You had no doubt that some students were already picking sides.
>You only had a few close friends, so the majority of the spectators would have no real reason to back you.
>On the other hand, Rainbow and her group tended to be quite polarizing. People talked about "those girls" being total bitches and others were either okay with them or pretty neutral.
>Right when Rainbow challenged you, you knew there would be some betting.
>if you had to estimate, neither you nor Rainbow would have much of an advantage in terms of supporters.

>What the fuck did it matter, anyways? It's not like it mattered how many random kids were "in your corner" or even bet on you. You wouldn't see a dollar of any money that changed hands.
>You trundle through the short patch of woods with your mind focused on the task ahead.

>The second you emerge at the edge of the gravel pit, an accusatory finger jabs at your forehead.
I know it's a karate gi, not TKW

>There she is.
>That absolute fucking nightmare girl.
>You nearly forget about Fluttershy and the crowd as the seething rage comes back to you.
>Who fucking comes at someone and punches them in the head? You're gonna show this arrogant cunt what for.

>She's gone full moto with a Taekwondo outfit. That black belt of hers is of particular interest,
>"I'm gonna fucking wipe you out, faggot!"
>She pushes you.
>"I'm the asskicker, you're the fuckboy!"
>You snort.
"We'll see. Why don't you go take some painkillers to get it out of the way ahead of time, huh?"
>You force your way past her and slide into the gravel pit.
>You pick an end and lay your things down. You reach into your bag and finger your mongkol. Your instructor may not be here to send you off (not that you'd want him to know you were fighting in gravel pits anyhow), but at least you can remember yourself.

>Hyperdyke slides down the other side of the gravel pit and stretches. Her TKW attire contrasts sharply with your plain tee and ratty jeans.
>There's a reasonable crowd surrounding the edge of the pit, and you scan the area behind Rainbow for any pink-haired girls you might recognize.

>...and there, you see her.
>Staring right back at you with equal measures shock and fear.
>Your mutual gaze holds for a few moments until she hugs her chest and turns around.
>She says something to a wannabe cowgirl next to her and walks away.
>You don't need to be an expert lip-reader to know she said "I can't watch this."
>God, no...
>She must think you're a brute or a dick right now.
>There's gotta be some-

>You manage to backpedal and deflect a follow-up kick, but Rainbow successfully blitzed you and swiped your nose with a mean fist.
>"Don't you wanna be paying attention when I'm fucking you up, bitchboy?"

>That screeching cunt!
>That sinking forlorn sensation in your gut mixes into a deadly cocktail with your refreshing surge of rage.
no anon
you must let that hot rage cool
Dash seems especially cuntish in this story.
GSW (and Zimmazam the pizza man), I'm the faggot from the end of the last thread that was talking to you about Europe.
I'm also the autist that was shitposting under the name >a nonee mouse a few threads ago. no h8 plz thanx senpai
You and Zamboni are pretty cool guys and I want your opinions on something pretty important. Can I ask it?
I just hope we don't get some bullshit Freudian excuse like "But my parents are mean to me, that's why I have to spread my misery around to other people."

>You shuffle forward and lash out with a side kick to the leg, but she telegraphs your move with ease.
>She spins and launches over the low kick and swings her foot around and into your head with crushing intensity.

>Your skull is burning and you taste blood running into your moth from your nose, but at least that brutal hit didn't knock you out.
>You stumble to the ground and roll, climbing to your feet just in time to dodge a triplet of rapid punches.
>Shuffling back, you re-assess the situation. She's got you twice in exchange for nothing. That kick had every right to end the fight then and there!

>You opt to test her with a set of your own punches.
>She blocks two, but a third glances her head and encourages her to retreat.
>You pursue for a follow-up, but all she's done is lead you into a trap.
>She curls her leg and snaps forward at the center of your chest, knocking the wind out of you and putting you on your ass again.
>Recalling your basic Aikido, you roll back and away and spring back to your feet.

>But fuck, that hurt...
>Your lungs and ribs are screaming at you.
>She's not just a sucker-puncher. She knows how to fucking fight, and she's apparently quite good with her legs.
>The crowd has started to yell down at you, most of them encouraging Rainbow to finish the job.

>You can't let this cunt win! You're better than her!

>You wait a beat as she circles. Breathe in, breathe out.
>Your body is in pain, but that can't stop you unless you let it.
>You clear the muck of panic and emotion in your head to consider the situation in front of you.
>You're hurt. But that means you don't seem threatening.
>She's a kicker. You got a punch in. She's not as good a boxer.
>Negate her leg advantage, defeat her with boxing.
>You shuffle back some more as she approaches.
>Just like before, you have to make it look good.
>So you hunch over a little, making it seem like she's hit you harder than she really has.
Fear not. I've seen that shit pulled too much to do it myself.
Unless of course what I do ends up being like that, in which case that would be a rather ironic thing for me to declare.
I sure hope this fight ends with Top Cunt's arms broken. That would be fun. Or maybe have a leg damaged so badly that it has to be amputated.
Anon, that's just edgy.

Not to mention would devastate Fluttershy. No, just beat her ass down and leave her ego shattered.
I'm just saying that the most devastating thing for a soccer player would be to lose a leg. Also, if Dash's ego wasn't even remotely damaged by the first beatdown, I don't imagine this will do anything.
The first fight she rationalized as being taken by surprise, I'm sure. And because he grappled so that doesn't count for some reason.

Also there wasn't several dozen spectators taking bets.
Uhm she doesn't even play soccer she's a asparagus flying horses dont play human sports
Exactly. This time she'll rationalize it as him cheating by getting in close. Narcissists tend to have infinite ways to convince themselves they're the best.
3/10 made me reply.
Probably wouldn't have bothered posting if it weren't for that pagasus auto-correct
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I'll go kill myself

>She comes in for another straight kick. One that you're ready for.
>As she swings the leg up, you rush in and grab the ankle with your right hand.
>There's only just enough time for her eyes to shoot open in shock as you spin around, pulling her forward by the leg, and smash your left elbow into her jaw
>She slams into the gravel, clutching her jaw.
>The whole crowd goes silent.
>...and then starts up again with more fervor, this time with some of the voices cheering you on.

>You take a few healthy steps back and jump in place, ready to keep going.
>Even for all the disdain you hold for her, you have to admire that she gets up, even though the new bleeding is painting her mouth.
>She comes at you yet again, this time with a few jabs in an attempt to confuse you.

>Just as one gets through for a light swipe on the cheek, she comes at you with another kick.
>Once again, you're able to predict its course and grab it.
>You instantly step forward and turn to the side with your left leg so that you and Rainbow are parallel, and push on her neck with your left arm.
>She falls to the ground again, and the crowd flips.
>Rainbow is on her feet as quick as before, and comes at you with yet-unseen fury.
>A storm of low kicks accosts your legs, and you can only deflect a few with your own counter-kicks.
>Your shins start to swell with pain.

>You realize it's not smart to let her make it a kicking match, so you push forward and go for her head.
>She isn't expecting this, and the first solid punch blasts her in the eye.
>She retreats, shutting the eye and trying to wipe some of the blood from her face.
>You get a feeling like you can end things soon. She's off her game now, all you need to do is mix things up. Just one good combination...
Inb4 popo shows up
>Dash claims that Anon attacked her to cover her ass
>Anon flips his shit and angrily screams the events of the previous two days while insulting Top Cunt

>It's only a few seconds before she comes at you once again, careful not to stray too close to you.
>She's not as eager as before, now. She knows you can get around her kicking advantage if she isn't immaculate.
>Rainbow must think she can still pull this off if she can keep up distance.
>Unfortunately for her, you're more than ready to end this fight.

>You move in, and push aside a sloppy defensive kick.
>You open with a left cross to the head, easily blocked.
>And so your plan is put into motion.
>She responds in kind with a jab of her own, one which you knew would be coming even before you made your move.
>You catch the arm with your left and grab her with your right, catching her off-guard and pulling her close.
>She flails impotently at your chest, punching and tearing at your shirt.
>You pull out the essential Muay Thai and go to town on her torso with an unparalleled flurry of knees to the gut.
>She backpedals, and you follow her
>Vicious knee after vicious knee.
>Each pained "oof" is more labored than the last.
>After what seemed like an eternity of brutal strikes, she breaks free from your hold and stumbles back.
>Her addled brain sends her forward in order to regain balance...

>...right into the apex of your right elbow's strike.
>She flies into the gravel, curling up and groaning.
>It's painfully obvious how much agony she must be in.
>Her torso has been mutilated, and she's bleeding from her mouth, her nose, and her left eye.
>The crowd of students is going absolutely nuts, but all you can hear is the heavy thump of your heart.
>You're in the zone. All you see is your opponent.
>And against all odds, your opponent climbs to her feet with pained effort after what must've been half a minute to roars of approval and disapproval from the crowd.

>"F-fuck you..."
>She was really doing it.
>She was going to come at you AGAIN.
>This bitch had no right to get up or even be conscious after that.
>Well, if that's what she wants...

Sure, you can add me and ZimZam on Steam if you don't want to post it here
oh boy here we go

>inb4 Fluttershy defends Rainbow Cunt for bullying

She clearly boasts at Anon and acts like a fucking fuckboy herself. I hope Fluttershy isn't retarded

>You and Rainbow freeze, both looking to the source of that aching voice.
>The crowd's cheering was reduced to a dull roar of confusion as Fluttershy slid down into the gravel pit.
>She ran and stopped between you and your opponent, stretching out her arms as if she could keep you away by sheer force of will.
>Tears flowed like wild rivers down her face, which was red from the despair.
>She looked first to Rainbow, knowing that her friend would be more likely to lose control and continue the fight.
>She then turned to you, staring into your soul with those deep blue eyes so full of hurt and stung by tears.
>In that moment, you felt her heartbreak. You understood on some deep level how much it tore her apart that these people in her life were hurting each other.
>She abandoned her post and rain straight at you, burying her head in your torn-up chest and squeezing you in a desperate hug.
>And she looked up at you, for just a brief moment. Pleading with all the energy the throbbing in her heart could muster.
>"Please, Anon... she doesn't know what she's doing."

>Rainbow was absolutely livid.
>"Fluttershy, you KNOW this guy!?"
>Fluttershy turned her head to look back at her friend who glared with such intensity.

>More distinct voices chimed in from up above.
>"Hey, now Fluttershy's right y'all, this has got to stop!"
>The cowgirl from before slid into the pit, soon followed by girls with purple, lavender, and pink hair.
>Soon, more sympathetic bystanders followed, wanting to break everything up.

>Rainbow saw this, and her face twisted in fury.
>Before anyone could reach the center of the pit, she charged forward with a yell.
>You knew her next attack would be meant for you, but Fluttershy was too close.
>You couldn't risk her getting hurt.
They'd better eject Rainbow from their group for this.
Sure nigga
Im Quintessential : First Edition on steam if you dont want it here

Also guess who bought an extra gig for you faggots

You owe me 20 bucks.

>Fluttershy screamed. The poor girl must've thought the coming fist was meant for her.
>You pushed her away to the side. Not too rough to knock her over, but enough so that she would be clear of what was to come.

>You stepped inside Rainbow's strike, pushing aside her arm with your left, and thrusting your right fist forward into her bloody mess of a face.
>The resounding smack seemed to drown out all of the ruckus in the background.
>Rainbow trailed blood all the way down, and she was thoroughly stained with the stuff.

>Fluttershy screamed.
>Her friends hurriedly carried Rainbow away, cursing the whole time.
>The crowd was torn on what to do. Some swarmed you, others swarmed the procession carrying Rainbow off.

>All you did was force your way through the crowd to Fluttershy, who was kneeling on the ground bawling her eyes out.
>It shattered your heart to see her like this.
>However terrible Rainbow was, she was her friend, and that wasn't Fluttershy's fault.
>As you stood over her, your gut told you not to reach out and touch her. You were conflicted on what to do until she spoke.

>"A-anon? W-was *sniff* she telling... the t-truth... *sniff* about you?"
"...About what, Fluttershy?"
>"T-that *sniff* you... you got the drop on her? And so she HAD to fight you here?"
"Oh Fluttershy, no..."
>You look out at the gang of three girls carrying their KO'd friend up the gravel pit wall.
"She... she sucker-punched me yesterday a few minutes before we met. I acted in self-defense."
>A fresh bout of weeping is elicited by this.
"Fluttershy, please, you have to believe me..."
>She sits there for a minute, continuing to weep.
>"I-I know *sniff* and I do... I just... I just didn't want to believe she *sniff* started another f-fight..."
>Another fight? You guess it's not really a surprise. If she just sucker-punches someone for reading a book, who knows what other conflicts she could stir.
"Hey... hey..."

The prodigal knight returneth.
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And I'm Autism Spirit with Aryanne on profile pic
Welcome back, faggot
I'm gonna start writing later, so I'll have stuff to post in the morning
Damn nigga, I thought he was gonna take the hit not knock her the fuck out.
>you got the drop on her? And so she HAD to fight you here?
I actually can't wait to see what the reason for Dash's behavior is, if she's such a coward that she can't admit she randomly attacked some guy and wanted a follow-up fight.

>You crouch down and reach out, gently stroking her cheek.
>The crowd has the presence of mind to give you two some space, but the sound of frenzied conversation is still loud and present.
>"A-anon..." she whimpers.
>She takes a few shaky breaths and looks up at you.
>"C-can we leave? Please? I-I want to go home."

>So much for your date.
>No, right now, Fluttershy's peace of mind is most important.
>Anything else can come later.
>You stand up and offer a hand, which she takes.
>She rises and leans into you, silently encouraging you to wrap an arm around her.
>You pull her in close and walk together out of the pit, slinging your backpack over your right shoulder on the way.
>Again, the gathered students are sufficiently reverent and clear a path.

>She's still sniffling when you get to your car, but she's certainly calmed down some. You take her bag and put it in the trunk with yours.
>You start the car but do not pull out, instead resting your hand on the shifter with Fluttershy's.
>The two of you sit in silence, taking some much needed time to decompress.
>Before she speaks, she inspects your remarkable battle damage, including your ruined shirt.
>One of your better shirts, at that.
>Damn. You don't have the cash to replace it.

>"Anon, I... I don't b-blame you."
>You perk up instantly.
>"S-she does this... w-we just want to h-help her, but s-she's always so angry, and..."
>She sniffs again, and a few tears run down her cheeks.
>"We don't want to l-lose our friend. W-we keep trying to get her help, and it looked like it was w-working, and... and that's good, right? W-we're just trying to help her, and..."
"Fluttershy, it's OK, really, I-"
>"It's all my fault! T-trying to h-help her and f-forgive her, and I got you hurt!"

>And she blames herself for this, too?
>It just gets worse and worse...

"Fluttershy, let's just get you home, huh? You can relax. Everything will be alright."
>She nods wordlessly.
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we RKOI now.png
233 KB, 422x303

>You keep the radio silent during the drive to Mercer out of respect.
>It's a quiet ride, and the two of you share no words, but she eventually places a hand on your lap to hold when you don't need to shift.

>After a long drive, you end up at the same gate and guardhouse as yesterday. The same officer steps out to speak to you.
>He eyes you with suspicion when he takes in the sight of the distraught girl in your passenger seat.
>"Miss Fluttershy? Are you alright?"
>Before you can explain everything, she replies smoothly and with an even voice.
>"I'm alright. P-please let us through, Officer Armor."
>He grunts, squinting at you.
>"Alright. Have a lovely day, Miss Fluttershy."

>You're waved through just like before, and you navigate to the Ocean Rig estate.
>As you pull up in the circle driveway, you notice Fluttershy paying unusual attention to your mutilated clothes.
>The same guards seem to materialize in the blink of an eye, helping Fluttershy out and leaving you to step around.
>You hear her protest as you step out.
>"P-please, gentlemen, leave us for this afternoon. W-we have b-business to attend to."
>"Business? What sort of business, Miss Fluttershy?" The lead guard's inquiry shatters her facade of mild confidence.
>"O-oh, um... uh, school b-business."
>Though the guard gives her a skeptical once-over, he nods to the other two.
>"Very well. Let us know if you need anything, Miss Fluttershy."
>They stomp off in unison.
>Before you can do anything else, Fluttershy takes you by the hand and leads you up the path to the mighty oak doors.

>She greets the two servants stationed at either side as they pull the vast portal open.
>You cannot believe that you're about to go inside Ocean Rig's mansion.
>And his daughter is pulling you along.
>Fluttershy is bringing you inside her house.
>She stops for just a moment to greet another servant standing in the foyer.
>"G-good afternoon Ms. Doo."

>There's something off about her eyes, like she struggles to see you when she looks at you.
>But she greets you both with immutable cheer.
>Her training is apparently unable to suppress an instinct to wave giddily.
>"Hello Ms. Fluttershy! Who's this handsome man you've brought home?"
>She either doesn't notice or ignores the sorry state you're in right now.
>"Oh, it's um... would you please make sure my father doesn't know I'm home yet?"
>Ms. Doo winks at her.
>"Who's home?"

>Wait, why doesn't she want her father to know she's home?
>Why doesn't she want her father, the global billionaire, to not know she's just brought a ragged-looking guy home?
>Damn. That's an easy one.
>Fluttershy mouths a "thank you" to Ms. Doo before dragging you off into the mansion's labyrinthine hallways, which she navigates with dizzying ease.
"Where are we going?"
>"You'll see."
>After climbing three flights of stairs and zipping around what seemed like a dozen hallways, Fluttershy stops in front of a muted pink door.

>She leads you through and quickly shuts the door behind her, revealing a sprawling bedroom with an incredible view of the city beyond the lake.
"What the... Fluttershy..."
>"Mhmm. This is my room."
>She sounds a little embarrassed, as she always seems to be when it comes to home and family matters for her, but she's focused on another task.
>"Oh, phooie. Wait here."
>She's gone, and just like that she's back again, her arm covered in clothes hangars with male button-ups and polos in a rampant diversity of colors.
>These she tosses on her monster of a bed before pulling you into her bathroom.

>Her room is covered in animal and nature posters, and even her bathroom is much the same. A delighted family of birds of paradise, one with a wing in a cast, is taped to the mirror. On the walls, other gatherings of dogs, cats, and various pet species are also present.
>Fluttershy pays no mind to your awed gaze, instead trawling her cabinets for medical supplies.
nurse fluttereshy

>"Now h-hold still, Anon."
>You wouldn't be able to move even if you tried.
>Her soft, caring touch graces each of your wounds as she cleans and bandages them one-by-one.
>While she's lost in her caretaking, you're lost in her face.
>Her eyes and sweet features draw you in, and all you can do is stare dumbly at the selfless creature now tending to you like one of her precious strays.
>Something just seems so right about the moment...
>You chuckle, unaware that this thought of amusement would be broadcasted.
"Nothing, just..."
>She cocks her head, curious.
"Just... so much for that date, huh?"
>"W-what do you mean?"
"Well... I suppose if we wanted an opportunity to get to know each other intimately... we've found it."
>And there she is, back to blushing up a storm.
>"I-I suppose you're right."
>She can't help but smile.
>So you can't help but smile.
>It's a positive feedback loop that ends in the two of you giggling it out like madpeople as she finishes her healing work.

>After she puts her supplies away, she leads you off the floor and back into the bedroom.
>"These are for you."
>She gestures to the array of shirts left on her bed.
>You inspect them, growing more incredulous with each item.
>These aren't just name brands...
>These are the brands you see people drop thousands, tens of thousands on for vanity's sake.
>"I suppose I should get you some khakis, too..."
>You look at her in shock.
"These are worth a fortune! You can't really mean to give these to me, can you?"
>"These were my brother's. He doesn't fit into them anymore. Trust me, nobody will miss them."
"But... half of these are worth more than my car!"
>She crosses her arms over her chest and pouts.
>She must mean to threaten you with heart attack from cuteness if you don't oblige her.
>"Take them, Anon. It's the least I can do."
"Why, Fluttershy?"

>She lifts your tattered shirt off of your body.
>"Like you said, Anon. Good people don't deserve bad things.
File: 1448841687656.png (451 KB, 826x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That Fluttershy looks much too old.

>She loses a bit of her thunder as she slows down and bites her lip.
>You do have to take a certain amount of pride in your physique.
>You've got abs, sizable biceps, defined pecs, broad shoulders.
>Between lifting and winning the genetic lottery, you've got it made.
>"Or, um... d-damaged clothes things, I suppose..."

>She starts taking different shirts and holding them up to your chest to see how well they might fit.
>"Y-you're pretty h-handsome, y-y'know..."
>You smirk a little.
"I try."

>She lets out a girlish little giggle and continues sorting through the shirts.
>When she turns back to look at you, you cup her cheek.
"You're beautiful, you know."
>You state this simply, and reinforce it only by looking into her eyes.
>She blushes, grins, tries to hide the grin, blushes more, and ends up looking like the happiest girl in the world.
>"Why do want to fight?"

>You shake your head and put your hands on her shoulders.
"I don't want to fight, Fluttershy. I never want to fight."
>"T-then why do you work out so much? Why do you learn to fight?"
>You let her hang on your words, her face drawing closer.
"Sometimes there must be a fight. And if I can make a difference, I want to keep myself and the people I care about safe..."
>You brush a few strands of pink hair out of her face.
"People like you."
>Your heart hammers against your chest with vigor, and Fluttershy seems nearly breathless.
>"Y-you care about me, Anon?"

>You do not answer her with words.
>You swoop in, placing one strong hand above her derriere and another at the top of her back.
>You kiss her, soft enough to keep it chaste but eagerly enough to demonstrate your passion.
>Your companion's eyes "flutter" shut, and she hums and sighs with relief.
>Her hands wrap around your neck, pulling the two of you even closer.
>An eternity would be too short a time to relish this embrace.

That's probably it for tonight. I hope you guys are enjoying reading it as much as I enjoy writing it, even though it's my first green.

I'm no Zim Zam or GSW, but I guess if you want to talk about sex or your feelings or martial arts and shit (or guess the city!) I'll be around for a bit. I can be a substitute Zim Zam. Loop Zoop.
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>>She loses a bit of her thunder as she slows down and bites her lip.
Oh my

>She blushes, grins, tries to hide the grin, blushes more, and ends up looking like the happiest girl in the world.
>"Why do want to fight?"

>"Why do want to fight?"


its pretty damn great for your first green im enjoying it
oh fuck
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>I'm no ZimZam or GSW
You're much better than me for sure, dude.
bby you're far too kind to me

Pastebin updated and soul-crushing typo fixed. We can just pretend that never happened.

That was actually my first thought as well, but I referenced some old pics from high school, and it's really not far from what some HS girls looked like.

And a disclaimer. I've only practiced some Korean and weabooese martial arts, so all the Muay Thai that will be in this green is based on viewing tournament footage, not first hand experience. So I apologize to all two of the MT experts on this horse cartoon board.
If Anon knew Hapkido Rambowdish would have become kill
>far too kind to me
Nah I'm just a shitty writer with a lot of experience in shitposting
All I know is boxing.

And by boxing I mean I know how to make a fist and hit someone with it.
Now that i can grace the thread, im not sure how im following up that amazing writing.
He returneth once more.

Thanks boo. I also sent you a request on Steam. Cartoony drawing avatar.
I'm loving it Anon, keep it up for sure!
>>You take a few healthy steps back

But why? The fight was over. She was down. All Anon had to do was keep her there.
In my experience with tournaments and sparring, it really gets drilled into your head not to get on the ground and finish someone off, so to speak. Anon and Rainbow would have gone into that fight with that in their subconscious.

Of course, that's not the same as getting attacked on the street where your life is on the line.
With that said, it's also a major component in Aikido (one of Anon's arts) to be wary of your feet and legs with regards to a downed opponent, given that so much of it involves ground work.
>Your alarm rings at 5AM
>You wake up and go through your routine
>Checking the coffee pot, you move to your room to get ready for the trial
>Checking the closet, you finally feel the smooth surface of your treasure
>Pulling out the suit, your flooded with old memories
>You used to wear this suit every day at your internship job
>You wore this suit to last years prom
>You always loved the look
>You put on the white overshirt and red tie, straightening it in the mirror
>The black blazer comes on next, followed by slacks and then your black wingtips
>You look at yourself in the mirror, smirking inwardly
>Feels good to be in it again
>You head back to the kitchen, pouring yourself a steaming cup of bitter energy
>You check your watch
>You have an hour until you put Rainbow Dash behind bars
>You stare at your coffee until the steam dies down
>You don't know how to feel about this
>The time passes quickly
>Before you know it you're sitting on a stand, testifying against Rainbow
>You give every piece of evidence you can
>Past history
>The crime committed
>Rainbow takes it, hatred in her eyes as she stares you down
>You can't afford to care anymore
>Rainbow wronged you and Gilda the most
>And she may aswell have killed Sunset
>The judge slams his gavel down on a guilty verdict
>Rainbow doesn't drop the stonewall facade, but her eyes leak tears down, dripping onto the desk beneath her.
>You won.
>She is led out the doors by two officers flanking either side of her, and with a heavy thud, the doors close
>You came out on top
>But you don't feel any better, or any worse
>Revenge is hapless
>It won't wake up Sunset, and it won't bail out Gilda
>As you step down from the stand, and out the doors, you are flooded by cameras and journalists
>You shrug them away and get to your car
>When you open the door, you sit and put your key in the ignition
>You turn the key and set the car in re-
Oh lawdy the suspense!
>You wake up in cold sweats
>That dream has been reoccurring lately
>It always seems to start right on the day you testified against Rainbow Dash
>That was nearly seven years ago
>You still feel guilty about it, she won't get out of prison for another three years
>Deciding not to think about it, you nudge the lump next to you
"Gilda get up, time for work."
>You go through the routine
>Shower, Shit, Shave, Teeth, Dress, Coffee
>As you shrug into your suit, you notice a button missing on the undershirt
>Probably going to have to sew that back
>This is your favorite suit
>Gilda is a bit more sluggish, as always
>She gets out of the shower as you drain your first mug of your black addiction
>You go to make some more as she moves into the kitchen
>"Gotta lighter?"
>You hand her the gold Zippo with an "A" scratched onto it with your knife
>She insisted on getting you it about a month after you picked her up from prison and let her live with you
>You had both begun dating, and things were looking well
>She sits across the table from you, and you hand her a mug of the scalding liquid
>She drinks it cautiously
"We have to visit Sunny in two days, we were too busy to last week."
>Her eyes take on a sad glow
>"Yeah, I know..."
>You both drink the rest of the pot and head out to your car
>It's been running thankfully since high school
>Goddamn it's been through some shit, but as they say
>C'est la vie
>As you start the car, your phone begins to ring

Inb4 >Shitty dream ending cop out fuck you zim zam way to go ruining a good as story fukufukfufkufkfufkufkfufkufufufufuku
You're a good writer.Lazy, but good.Where the fuck is mah waifu's part, you glorious tenderbunny?
>You fumble in the blazer's pockets for a second, before you find your phone
>>Call from "Canterlot Medical Hospital"
>Your heart sinks
>You knew this day would come, some time
>Fuck, why now
>You let it ring a few more times before Gilda looks at you
>"Anon, are you going to answer it?"
>You nod and your thumb slowly moves to the green box
>You press it and bring it to your ear
>You feel like the room froze in ice when you heard the voice
>That's impossible
>Gilda looks to you at the name, her eyes open in hopeful surprise
>"Yeah, long time no see, huh?"
>You hear Sunset starting to cry on the other end
>"So Anon, I need to call in one of those three favors..."

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qIXcwZ1cYA

What a fucking ride, huh? Seriously I didn't think this would get so big, Holy shit. You faggots added me on steam and we talked in here about sex and cheese pizza. This has honestly been the most chill and best fucking threads I have ever been on in my entire time on 4chan. You faggots made laugh and kept me feeling good. I appreciate that you guys liked my story or just hated it and kept coming back tsundere about it. As always Im going to hang around for a little bit and talk. Hopefully I see you guys around the chans now that this is over. And now we let the credits roll.
File: image.jpg (35 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Naah, it was getting too dark anyway. I mean, the ending is ending, why would anyone complain ? The only type of ending that i hate is no ending at all( hello, viridiansteel, burn in hell :3).Anyways, nice green bruh. You' re in my list of cool kids now
What of the brooch! That's some big fucking shit mang! I like it, good story
File: image.jpg (6 KB, 108x136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 108x136
Good job, senpai

Now for the happy ending.
Seeing how we now have a bunch of new writefriends, I think we'll live another thread or so.
GSB said he's gonna continue his part finally, and I'm going back to Anonfilly to bring back the glory.
Feel free to visit me anytime at steamcommunity.com/id/topleljpg
The guy wanted to set a dns instead, should be good now, so to repost and spill my spaghetti

Really hoping someone caught what that really was. Really am

So guys, that server I was talking about is like, up. It's not really finished up but hey who cares. Not to shill, but I'm probably gonna be on time to time. If you want to pal around sometime then the ip is minecraft-utopia.ddns.net
See ya
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Forgot the reply bit >>26150836
Good fucking shit Zammy, what a ride.
Fucking nice zim zam
Gotta say you are probably the greatest writefag I seen on this board, hope you make more in the future oh and please make a aftermath thank you.
Better music choice than straight outta Compton
I thought this story was never gonna end but it did but you know what? It had a happy and satisfying ending
Great fucking job zimmy
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...and everyone lived happily ever after except rainbow cunt
That bitch is gonna steal our kid from Gilda and Sunset aint she?
So..Zim now that you're done here.. You gonna finish your ancient green in Tech isn't Magic?
Also, any of you use Discord?
Rainbowcunt got BTFO and Anon got sweet felon Gilda pussy in the end
And Sunbun is out of the coma too.
What happened to Flutterbutt in the mean time?
Yeah, what did ever happen to Yellow Quiet? It seemed like she was going to have a bit more plot significance than what she did, but she just kinda dropped out of the story towards the end there.
I also would have accepted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLoytewvn0g as acceptable ending music.

I think it's because Anon realized that Gilda and Sunset meant more to him.
Mercer as in Mercer island?
Yeah that's a real place where I live
But I'm gonna geuss either Seattle or Bellevue
Just finished the green Zim. It was a really good read. Hope to see more from you ^:)
To be honest the part after Rainbow Dash's car was burnt felt pretty forced.

Unrelated to that smoking is fucking disgusting.
My phone won't let me reply to all of you, so here's a general thanks for all the really kind Shit. I woke up to all this and it's good feels

Dunno, want sure if there was much interest in it in the first place. Also nope, skype is based. Discord didn't want to work on my pc
Damn anon, that's the nicest thing an anon has said to me ever. And yeah for sure, that's the plan1
I live in your thread too, we are gonna have literary doubleteams my man
alternative ending music, in case while again wasn't satisfying, or too dark. https://youtu.be/Egi0WwnbByk

I'll get working on the epilogue for tonight then
I was waiting for someone to sex the rainbow
guess I was wrong
Zimmy my boy you pulled off an excellent green.

It would have been easy for you to touch all of the easy bases, go for the formulaic ending. Maybe one a bit too feel-good, or maybe one filled with overdone vengeance and anger.

But in the end, you went with something bittersweet. We looked at our core cast removed from their original drama. And it hurts a bit, that the ride is over and everyone's scattered to the wind. But if it makes us stop and think, that's a considerable quality.

eh 2/10 not enough memes ??

Ding ding ding we have a winner.

And Montlake's not even shitty, really. I just always get stuck in traffic there so I'll take any opportunity to disparage it for great vengeance.
the dong was wrong
dat ending though
Wow I won.
Anyway Stanwood is a bit further north than mercer but it's a nice little town. So what city are you in?
i was in class when i read this, a single tear rolled down my cheek, good job zim zam
I'm in Skagit Valley, pretty far off.
The dong is always wrong when it comes to Top Cunt.
pastebin: http://pastebin.com/E5eYC9Xq

Probably won't update in the next few hours, I have to eat and head out to the fire dept. since we drill Mondays, but I should have the rest of the evening afterwards.
>fire dept.
Fire Pone green when!!?
Haha sure whatever you fuckers want. Not sure how good I'd be at >hooves if y'all object to >nohooves but I don't get the appeal of a firefighter story anyhow.
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I tried from three different devices but I can't add you fuckers, it says both of your friends lists are full.
This is killing me damnit.
Is it a newish account? If so then you can't add friends until you spend enough money in the Store.
I got like 30 req, let me clean it out of older fucks again
Doin a write desu
It's all G now anon, shoot me a req
I have like 60 friends, I don't think it's the maximum

>Both of you stand there, wrapped in each others' arms, turning away only to breathe for a moment.
>Your initial passions thoroughly tapped, she rests her head on your chest.
>"Ahh..." she sighs, savoring your shared warmth.
>You lower your head and take a deep breath.
>Her hair smells a sweet, faint coconut.

>Damn, Anon.
>As you had once or twice considered before with past girlfriends, you would've asked what you did to deserve someone so perfect, so much better than you (not that the girls in your past even remotely held a candle to Fluttershy).
>But somehow, this feels different.
>It feels... right. Like this was meant to happen, and you were supposed to have her just as much as she was supposed to have you.
>Maybe a bit presumptuous when you consider that you've only known this girl for two days now.
>This didn't feel like an empty teenage quick-burn, though.
>As you looked down at the pink-haired girl hugging your chest, her face smoothed with absolute contentment, you felt no special regard for her plain physical attraction.
>When you first met her, your eyes were naturally drawn to some of her more prominent physical traits, but you now became aware that was also the only time it really crossed your mind.

>You felt affection. Something wholesome. Not just hormones and lust.
"First date, huh?"
>She giggles into your chest, and then looks up at you pleadingly.
>You oblige your new flame and swoop in with another kiss.
>You give it a few sweet seconds, and part slowly.

>"You know, Anon... I have a hot tub."
>She spares one arm from her hug and points at an unmistakeable covered square on her deck.
>Ooh, now that's a suggestion.
>You show her a wry smile and place your hands on her hips.
"Not quite the shy girl after all, are you?"
>"O-only for you, Anon."
>It must've taken a lot of stored-up confidence to make that suggestion.
>What a woman...
You need to write an epilogue soon so this thread doesn't turn into a ghost town with two or three lonely writers.

>"L-let me get you something to w-wear."
>She leaves the room again, probably to pilfer more of her mysterious brother's ill-fitting garments.

>You take the moment alone in your new girlfriend's room to idly look around.
>There's method to the madness, but it's hard to find any wall space not dominated by prints of nature or animals.
>Many of the prints look like photos she's taken herself.
>And judging by the fact that some of the animals look to be in medical-like settings with casts and the like, you assume that these are creatures she's cared for.
>You wouldn't mind being one of those hurt animals yourself if it meant she would touch you like she did when she was cleaning off your face.

>Some basic personal items are kept out across the room, which is kept in excellent order.
>The apparent disparity in their quality confuses you initially.
>In one spot there might be a jewel-encrusted antique next to a plastic picture frame holding a picture of her friends.
>The presence of Rainbow Dash in some of those photos no easy reminder that you will have to deal with her more in the future.
>When you ruminate on it further, it strikes you that not every decorative decision might be her own.
>And when that thought comes to you, you also realize just how odd it felt to see her with a brand-new gold phone.

>You think back to her behavior regarding her family, and mentions of a brother.
>What is her family like, anyways?
>You let the thought slip away and step through a sliding door onto the deck.
>The windows are tinted, and you can only see into the room from the crack you left in the door.
>The view of Lake Equus and the city from here is...
>Something else.
>It seems just as incredible that Fluttershy lives here now as it seemed when you first pulled up yesterday.

>"Here, Anon."
>Fluttershy's sudden appearance pulls you from your thought.
>"I'll c-change inside. Y-you can change out here."
>From the doorway she hands you a pair of board shorts.
>"I'll c-change inside. Y-you can change out here."

>You switch in to those shorts in "short" order.
>Plain blue things, and they fit well enough.
>At least it's not some ridiculous name brand.
>And so you wonder, are there even name brand trunks?

>The question drops far and out of your mind when you see Fluttershy slide open the door and step out into the cool afternoon air.
>A simple yellow two-piece adorns her, showcasing the best of her breathtaking form.
>You knew she had a lovely body, but damn...
>Between her curvaceous, shapely hips and her round and large breasts, she looks like someone pulled out of a swimsuit catalog.

>Bashful as ever, her cheeks take on a pinkish hue and she unconsciously crosses her arms over her chest
"Fluttershy, you're... just... wow."
>The proper words elude you, so you resort to making a show of pinching yourself.
>"W-what was that?"
>Time to turn up the fucking charm.
"Just making sure I'm not dreaming."
>She looks down and away as she approaches, trying not to reveal her silly grin.
>"A-Anoon, s-stop it~"
>She was shy, sure, but is this really the first time anyone's talked to her like this before?

>She passes you, glancing with that flushed face and uncontrolled smile when she thinks you're not looking, and then panicking and looking away again.
>She seems a bit distracted as she pulls off the hot tub's cover.

>You dip your toe in to get a feel for the temperature.
>And it's hot. Oh, is it so deliciously hot.
>You let Fluttershy step in first, holding her hand as she does so, and soon follow.
>You release an involuntary sigh of pleasure when you sink in, the hot water scraping away all of the pain and stress of the day up to your neck.

>Fluttershy scoots close to you, and you wrap an arm around her.
>She eagerly nuzzles into the crook of your neck, making that same happy hum as before.
>For a moment, you just sit there, basking in the hot water and the comfort of your girlfriend.

>"A-Anon, d-do you really think I'm that pretty?"
do we?
Of course.
I've only ever studied tai chi. Stomping someone's head until they stop moving is generally considered to be a perfectly valid survival strategy. Yeah, I know, "3edgy5u".
that flutterbutter
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The Dark Side commands it.
>>But somehow, this feels different.
>>It feels... right. Like this was meant to happen, and you were supposed to have her just as much as she was supposed to have you.
every relationship ever
the fuck kind of question is that
File: 1422391302175.jpg (121 KB, 800x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Just making sure I'm not dreaming."
>>She looks down and away as she approaches, trying not to reveal her silly grin.
>>"A-Anoon, s-stop it~"
>>She was shy, sure, but is this really the first time anyone's talked to her like this before?
>>She passes you, glancing with that flushed face and uncontrolled smile when she thinks you're not looking, and then panicking and looking away again.
My fucking heart.


>You take your free hand and cup her cheek, gently turning her face to look at you.
"How could I not?" you state with resolute conviction,
>She seems to shrink away, just a little, by sheepish instinct.
>You kiss her forehead and wrap an arm around her waist.
"Your eyes? Your face? Your... well..."
>You trace hand up her thigh and past her waist for emphasis.
>You wink.
"Everything. Head to toe."

>You figure she'll fall apart into embarrassed joy at her words, but she surprises you.
>With fortitude you didn't know she had in her, she looks you in the eye and takes the hand on her waist and holds it in her own.
>"Y-you're so s-sweet to me, m-more than I probably d-deserve, but you're just as handsome."
>Fluttershy nearly holds true to form, but she extinguishes the panic that comes alight in her eyes as she hears her own words, soldiering on.
>"N-not that I-I'm as pretty as you s-say, but you know what I mean!"
>She plants a gentle, angelic kiss on your lips. One that makes you feel more loved than any before.
>"A-Anon, you're really h-handsome, and I really like you, and I um..."
>Behind that brave facade you see a welling fear that her courage will peter out before she can tell you all about how she feels.
"Fluttershy, I-"
>Before you can assure her that you know, she silences you with a lone finger placed over your lips.

>"I can't find the words, Anon. So let me show you."
>She speaks with a well-hidden confidence, clear and without a single stutter.
>Hearing her like that sends a shiver up your spine.

>And just like that, the finger is gone, replaced with her lips.
>But this is not like before. A fire burns behind it, warm and enticing.
>You're caught once more off-guard when her tongue presses at your lips, begging entrance.
>She takes control the moment you let her in, tasting your lips with barely-suppressed hunger.
>She wraps her arms around your neck, as if she fears you being torn away from her.
Huh. I thought this story was over way back when they bamboozled the FBI. Looks like I got some reading to do.
You bastard we thought you were dead, welcome home and when are you going too go back to writing?
File: 1442006571631.png (2 MB, 2479x1328) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2479x1328
Hey faggots, the Zim Zam on steam says that the alternate ending and epilogue are pretty much done.
File: 1447118994871.png (96 KB, 334x377) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 334x377
Nice. Now we can finally feel all the feels that we don't really know if we want to feel.
Also, check these mad bumpin numbers mate.
File: 1338772565544.png (75 KB, 424x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 424x364
I've failed at dubs, therefore I have failed at life.
I will now lay that life on the line, a matter of dubs or death, the ultimate price for dishonor.
In the name of the great mootykins I pray for my soul. If you check these numbers and they are singles... I'm already dead.
Based anon.

Yeah the more edgy ending and epilogue are pretty much done. If I'm lucky I can dump the alt tonight and epilogue tomorrow. Maybe both tonight
Page 10 bump.

Also, great story ZimZam. I dunno if I can handle the edgier version, though, lol. I prefer teh happy(ish) ones.
It's why it's an alt, pick your choose. I just hope my story gets some emotion from people, it makes it genuine.

On a sidenote, who else going to sundance
Page 8 bump. Will write relatively soon.
Crocodile bump

>There's no force she could muster to overpower you, but her energy alone is intoxicating.
>You put two lazy hands on her back and recline, softening up under her sensual barrage.
>There are only two sounds: the wind snaking through the evergreens and rustling their pines together, and the quiet smack of Fluttershy's lips when she breaks away for a short breath.

>You reciprocate with subdued zeal for now as you concoct a new plan in your head to return the affection you're receiving.
>You snake a hand down to the hem of her bottom piece, just above her ass, and wait for any sign of her objecting to the move.
>You figure a fresh attack on your mouth with renewed vigor is as conspicuous a sign of permission you could get.
>Your other hand moves in the same direction, and you slip your hands gingerly beneath the yellow bikini bottom.
>This seems to pacify her for a moment, as she withdraws from your mouth.
>"Mmm..." A murmur of approval followed by a series of quick kisses on and around your mouth.
>But now you have the initiative.

>You give her ass a good, long squeeze.
>You nearly forget yourself in the feeling. Deliciously soft but firm enough to fight back.
>You follow up by going at the base of the neck and neck itself, peppering them both with light nips and wet, prolonged kisses.

>You only interrupt your campaign to gauge her reaction at the sound of a protracted moan.
>She turns to putty under your ministrations, her eyes fluttering and her mouth croaking out sounds of pleasure between shallow, hitching breaths.
>You knew you had a few tricks up your sleeve, but damn...
>Either she's one of those girls who just gets it like crazy, or she hasn't been touched like that before.
>Most probable answer? Both.
>You wind it down a little, bringing your hands back to her waist and taking your busy mouth back to hers.
>You and her cool off at that slow pace for a few minutes. Your conscious tugs at you not to go too far so early on.

>Eventually, you both go back to just sitting there, her head resting under your chin once more, with that thick, sweet-smelling hair of hers coiling around you.
>She puts a hand up to your cheek and rubs it absently with a thumb.
>"T-that was great..."
>You've still got it, Anon. A well-deserved mental high-five.
"I just wanted to show you how I felt too. I hope I didn't cut you off."
>"N-no! Of course not."

>A minute? Maybe half a minute.

>"I've never done anything like this b-before..."
"What, making out with a guy you just met in a hot tub?"
>You start playing with her hair. You're a little bit in awe with the properties of her groomed pink mass. How the hell does she wash this every day?
>"Y-yes! But I don't mean... I mean, I haven't really..."
"You haven't what?"
>She doesn't sound too proud to admit what comes next, lowering her voice and averting her eyes.
>"I... um... I haven't really ever k-kissed a guy before..."
"Really? As gorgeous as you are and not a single boyfriend?"
>"Huh? N-no, I had a boyfriend once..."
"But you've never kissed anyone."
>"No, b-but we used to hold hands /all/ the time... Oh."
>She makes an adorable sound you can only describe as a "squee."
>"I-I get what you m-mean. No, I haven't r-really had a serious boyfriend before. What about you?"
"Oh sure, I've had a handful of girlfriends since I started at a CHS."

>This news saps a bit of the warmth from her features.
>You pull her in close and lean forward, bringing your face inches from her own.
"None of them hold a candle to you. If I had any desire to be with them, I'd be with them."
>She smiles back at you, her little deflation now eradicated.
>"Sorry, Anon."
"Don't be."
>You move in.
>But just as your lips are about to touch..."

>"Miss Fluttershy!"
Seriously considering making the trip. Might be a little bit of a financial hit but I'm super down to rub elbows with all the faux-elites and pseudo-intellectuals while enjoying a few "indie" pieces.
File: 1414967083123.jpg (2 MB, 4500x4500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 4500x4500

>Ms. Doo is oblivious for only a split-second as she stands in the doorway to Fluttershy's room.
>She whips behind the door.
>Fluttershy lets out a panicked "Eep!" and sinks into the water.
>"Miss Fluttershy! Your father's home early and he saw the guards park your car in the garage! He knows you're home!"

>First question.
>Is this bad?
>Second question.
>If you don't get out of here five minutes ago, will you die?

>Fluttershy is already scrambling out of the tub in panic.
>The wall-eyed help springs into action, throwing towels out to you on deck.
>"Miss Fluttershy, get changed! I'll hide all these shirts! Mister, um..."
>"Mister Anon! Get into your clothes and then follow me!"

>While the ladies tend to their frenzied business, you bolt out of the tub and grab a towels.
>You run the towel over your body a few times before you wrap it around your waist and drop your shorts.
>You thank fate for having made you change out on the deck as you yank your underwear on, followed by your pants and socks.
>Your shoes are still at the front door, but hey, Ocean Rig already knows you're here.
>You duck inside just as Fluttershy emerges from the bathroom, back in her skinny jeans, tee, and sweatshirt.
>Your knight in maid armor tosses the second-to-last shirt inside Fluttershy's titanic closet and turns around, pointing to a blue polo on the bed for you.
>"Miss Fluttershy, blow-dry your hair, your father will be here any minute! Anon, this way!"

>She bolts out of the room with you in tow, walking as fast as she can without generating any noise. You follow suit, struggling with the polo.
>She takes you through a series of side rooms and stairs,leading you to a restroom on the first floor.
>You're shoved inside.
>"Stay here. You just dropped Miss Fluttershy off and you had to relieve yourself."
>Ms. Doo shuts the door gently, leaving you alone.

>In the home of a billionaire whose daughter you just put the moves on.
File: 1324322627137.jpg (17 KB, 442x493) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 442x493
Derpy is a total bro.
Bro Derp is bro
I think that'll be it for tonight. Swimming and essays got me passing out here. Sorry

I hope you guys stick with the ride and ejoy. We're only getting started.

I'm not spoiling anything

Pastebin updated.

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>We're only getting started.
I woke up in my chair so I figured I passed out here, holy shit I was tired
Know a guy who knows a guy who was on the crew for a movie called Joshy. Gonna drink with some execs, maybe you'll see a guy there and be like "hey, I bet he wrote that autistic thing"
What is this "sundance" thing? Some indie film festival?
Ayy zimzam/gsw it's this faggot: >>26158060
I apologize for the shitty level 0 profile, I lost my old account because of an
attempt to bypass regional pricing rates. I'm working on getting it back.. but I doubt the couple thousand I've put into games means anything to Valve.
Here's a link to my new account. I can't shoot you guys any requests because it's new, so hopefully you guys read this.
steamcommunity com/ id/ niggadicks666/
Alrighty, that is mighty sketchy. No offense and not to say that your lying, but nonee that is REALLY sketchy. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.
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Nothing sketchy going on here, I dunno wut you're talking about.

In all seriousness though, I'm pretty pissed about the account. I had over 9000 hours logged into Goat Simulator.
zimzams story went to shit at the end
there, I said it, since everyone was too busy sucking him off
Now everyone gets to suck YOU off, anon. Bathe in the (You)s, faggot.
File: th (2).jpg (6 KB, 209x157) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
th (2).jpg
6 KB, 209x157
trump bump
>9000 hours logged into Goat Simulator.

you realize you will never get those hours back right?
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>le memes
>shitty photoshop is shitty
Fair enough, it wasn't for everyone and I realize that. Thanks for reading it up until you did though, im glad you found some enjoyment in it

Also going into this, the edgy ending is going to be dark-ish and shitty. I got the idea from a friend who wanted to see how I could write this and not fuck it up. This also may not be for everyone.

Let me go grab some coffee and a shit then git to it.
Alright lets do it.

Alt Ending.
>The attendant looks at you both as you slam open the doors
>"Hey! Wait, you have t-"
>You both get inside of an elevator and mash the button for the sixth floor.
>The silence inside of the elevator is tainted by the heavy breathing coming from you and Gilda
>The doors open and you both start running to Sunset's room.
>You turn a corner, and then another, and another before finally seeing the doctor that talked to you yesterday next to Sunset's door
>You both come to a halt in front of him
>Sparing no time, you both look at him expectantly
"How is she?"
>"Is she ok?"
>He takes a moment, to try and search for words
>"There were... complications."
>Fuck, please no.
>"I am sorry, the impact caused hemorrhaging in her brain. We tried our best but as soon as it was apparent we couldn't stop the bloodflow, she passed away."
>You and Gilda let the tears flow freely
>You don't care about the people staring at you
>The doctor's expression is pained to say the least
>You can't guess how many times he has given the same news to other people, but it never stops hurting
>It never will
>Gilda wipes her face with her sleeve, her voice barely rising above a whisper
>"Can we see her?"
>The doctor nods grimly
>"Yes, please come in."
>You and Gilda walk through the doorway as the doctor hold the door open
aww yiss
File: 1449436793992.png (273 KB, 1167x879) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
273 KB, 1167x879
>Gilda walks in, stone faced
>Her resolve shatters more and more with each step
>You keep yourself together, when you see her it puts a strain on your very being
>Sunset lies there, sunshine flowing in through the window
>She looks so peacful
>The color has drained from her face, and her lips are flat and colorless
>You walk closer with Gilda, who is now whimpering silently
>You both sit down and you reach a hand to brush her hair
"Oh god, Sunny..."
>You continue to brush her red and yellow hair, Gilda just sits there muttering things you don't hear to herself
>It stays like this for a short while before Gilda gets up and walks out of the room
>She passes the doctor and goes into the hallway
>You look towards Sunset one last time and place a kiss on her forehead
"See you around Sunset."
>You walk past the doctor, giving him a solemn nod before following Gilda down the elevator
>The short respite in the elevator lets you think in silence
>One month
>One fucking month
>That's how long you knew this girl
>And then she was taken away
>You start to cry, low sobs becoming loud moans of despair as you ride inside of the small box
>You punch the wood paneling
>Your hand hurts, but you don't care
>You fall to your knees, holding your head in your hands
>It can't be true, you were supposed to be friends with her. Graduate together. Fuck around and make mistakes.
>What if you just hadn't talked to them?
>She would still be alive
>What if you had just left it at the car?
>She would still be alive
>God please let this just be a bad dream
>You would give everything just to see her happy and ali-
>Well, again.
>"Sir, are you alright?"
>You let your head out of your hands and let in the outside world again
>There is a ring of people around the elevator opening, and the desk attendant is holding your shoulder
"No, thank you."
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kek bump
What the fuck am I missing here
I don't want to I'm scared
Quagmire autocorrected to Squidward.
god damn no matter how much I listen to this the feels never go away, this music is a fucking masterpiece.
Well chaps I don't know about you but I vote for a good old witch hunt.
Well, with Anon and Gilda most likely on board the murder train, I find it unlikely Dash is going to survive to see jail.

Also page 10 bump.
Page 10 bamp GSW prepare to RECOVER THREAD for I intend to write in the near future.
Just realized that the doors being one-way mirrors makes it lewd as fuck.
You're now in my top favorite writers. You're really good at this. Please don't stop writing, ever.
File: 1451466005614.jpg (48 KB, 426x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have your back with a bump you so desperately need, suppy-chan.
Unfortunately, another anon fuckin beat me to it.
Another bumpo
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>likes pig disgusting shit
Ha, rock on, faggot
This is about to turn into a rape/homicide isn't it?
page 6 bump
page 8 bump
Between events at an intramural swim. I check this thread on the daily. Mon-Fri I swim, Mon I firefight and I can get random dispatches whenever. Sunday martial arts. Classes scattered. That's my schedule if anyone wants.

Also bump. Thanks muchly for the love. Think I have a plan for tonight.
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Gotta keep bumping no brakes
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