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That Old Fashioned Highschool Drama
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>You always contemplated the silly things
>It wasn't easy fitting in, nor was it fun to fail
>Did people like you?
>Did you like yourself?
>All these things are small and mellow-dramatic
>It only bothered you now because...You're now the new kid in town
>Getting a new job in Canterlot, your father moved you and your mother
>You dread this
>Being the new face always sucked for you
>Besides, you're gonna miss the few friends you had in your old town
>Your new home isn't so bad
>Bigger room, more yard space
>You hope the school won't be bad
>Your mom and dad do their best to reassure you that this will be for the best
>Hopefully they're right
>After a long day of moving in your things, it's dinner time
>Sitting in your new kitchen, you dine on some spaghetti
>Your father speaks up

>"Settled in?" he asks you

"I'm fine, just trying to sink in the fact we moved"

>"It'll get better, just you wait son"

"Thanks dad, I'll try to get used to it"

>"Maybe you'll make some new friends dear" your mother chimes in

"Heh..yeah, maybe I will" you try to sound cheerful

>Later, you help your mother with the dishes
>Soon after, you retreat to your room
>At least some things weren't different
>Your new room was the same as your old room
>Every poster position
>Every nick-knack position
>It feels relaxing to sit at your desk
>Opening your laptop, you open a bottle of King-Kar lemon tea
>You peek outside your window
>Nothing but a beautiful view of your new home
>Maybe this won't be so bad
>You could try to make actual friends here
>If not for yourself, you could do this for your parents
>You sip your drink and browse the internet
>Tomorrow was your first day at a new highschool so you don't want to stay up too late
>You mostly browse FaceSpace for the time being to see who lived in this town
>There was a new photo on your FaceSpace wall
>It was of your new home, and taken by your mother
>She tagged you and hash tagged the town
>Looking deeper into it, there's a page for Canterlot
>You forward the image to the Canterlot page
>Sitting back, you drink some more tea




>Leaning forward you look at your laptop
>You have two new notifications
>You open it
>Some people liked the image on the page
>Someone commented
>Well now
>These must be some of the people living here
>A girl commented on the image
>Some Pinkie Ponk or something like that

>"Wow! New people! Like, you should totally hire me to throw you a welcoming party!!!1!1"
read the comment

>Clicking to reply, you let her know that'd be a swell idea in a joking kind of way
>Less than 30 seconds after replying, you get another


>"OMGOMGOMG! I can totally do it! I'll stop by tomorrow after I leave my school!" Pinkie commented after your reply

>Welp,this can't be helped
>With that, you closed your laptop and plopped on your bed
I like this so far
Thanks for bumping friend

>You fall into a blissful sleep
>Tonight felt like no other night
>It was as if a new start was in order
>Something rang in your head as you slept
>Don't be that damned shy kid from before
>Be the guy who your friends would walk up to in school and say good morning
>Be the guy who helps someone in need and is returned the favor
>Be the guy who is loved
>Be the guy who is counted on
>Be that guy who didn't know the feel of no friends
>Be cared for
>Sorry frog, but that spaghetti went in your stomach and not on the floor
>Then...there was peace
>Like nothing before mattered
>All you could see was darkness

>*Brzzt* *Brzzt*


>You opened an eye
>Your phone's alarm was ringing
>Fumbling a bit, you manage to shut it off
>In an upright position, you sit up on the side of your bed
>You rub your eyes as your door opens

>"Hey son, ready for a new day?" You father stepped in

>Those words shocked into your mind
>A new day

"Y-yeah...Yeah! I'm ready dad!" you say excited

>"I'm glad son, now hurry and get ready, your mother made breakfast, I gotta head to work, it's a new day for me too"

"Thanks dad, see you later"

>You freshen yourself up in your bathroom
Looking forward for more, friend
>anon meets Eric and Dylan and they become best friends.

>with the lower of friendship they overcome social issues

>they become popular and well known throughout the school almost overnight

>and the school looked like it was a level from DOOM

Goodnight sweet princes
Thanks for keeping tune <3

>With lots of time to spare, you get dressed
>It wasn't a funeral, so you settled with a normal tee-shirt, hoodie, and jeans
>You grab your bag and head downstairs
>The smell of eggs and bacon filled the kitchen
>Sweet, nothing like a good breakfast for a good morning
>Like a wolf, you scarf down that bacon

>"Whoa there, it's not gonna run away from you" Your mother chuckled

"Sorry mom" you say

>"It's fine, you just have a good day at school today, okay dear?" She says as she pinches your cheek

"Of course mom, thanks!"

>You finish breakfast and head outside
>There are only two highschools in town
>You'll start going to the one afew blocks away
>Canterlot High
>Oh geez
>You just remembered that Ponk girl might stop by today
>Hopefully your mother is okay at home while you're at school
I can somewhat relate to this.
Switching schools was not fun. Unlike this guy, I didn't set a goal to find any friends though.
>After a couple blocks, you see the school in the distance
>Your stomach is full of anxiety
>You don't know the first thing about making friends, what the hell were you thinking?
>Oh..That's right
>Your parents has done nothing but deal with you for your whole life
>You're a lonely, weirdo
>The few friends you had back at your old town weren't really friends but other losers
>Sad thing is that you drifted from them because they were getting comfortable with others
>You don't want to go home the same loser
>You don't want to disappoint your mom and dad
>If you succeed in this, then you'll actually have friends
>Well, let's just hope tha-



>You accidentally collided with someone

>"Oops! I'm so sorry, I should've been more careful"

>You bumped into a purple girl
>She dropped a stack of books along with her

"Oh no, It was my fault, I wasn't paying attention" you say

>Like the gentleman your mother raised you to be, you pick up her books and give out your hand

>"Thank you.." she says while taking your hand

>You help her up and return her books
>The both of you dust yourselves off

"Again, sorry..um?"

>"Twilight, I am Twilight Sparkle" She replies

>Here goes nothing
>You extend your hand out again

"Hi there, I'm new around here"

And for now, that's all I'll be posting, I'm tired, I'll continue it when I get up, assuming the thread lives on, thanks for reading so far
Let's keep the thread alive
trips will keep this thread alive
Still here
Still here
Still here
Still here and waiting
Can someone else keep this thread alive please?
I'm gonna go to bed
Hey everyone, thanks for keeping it alive so far, It's already MLK day here where I live, So I had stuff to do, anyways, I'll be updating ASAP
>Twilight shakes your hand and smiles
>A great weight has been lifted
>That went way better than you expected
>Maybe this purple girl could be your first friend

>"So you're new around here huh?When you move in?" She asks

"Just yesterday, I didn't really get a chance to meet anyone since I spent most of the day unpacking"

>"Well, Canterlot's a great place, friends all around" she informs you

>Friends all around

>"Hello? New guy?"


>You were spacing out thinking about what she said that you didn't notice she was walking away

>"I said that if you're going to Canterlot High, you could walk with me and I could show you around"


"Oh, yeah, thanks"

>The two of you trek forward to the large castle that is Canterlot High
>Students are all shuffling into the little entrance
>Good chunks of them were just hanging out by the large statue out front
>You could already spot some people at the side of the school smoking
>Whatever gets them through the day
>As you walk on, Twilight informs you of the school
>She tells you of its many fine elements that "outweigh" other highschools around the state
>You learn of the sports that they play here
>It sounds amazing that just one girl is captain of like every sports team
>Twilight mostly rambles on about the principle and how she's not like any other you'll meet
>She also mentions the assistant principle is the head principle's sister
>Well then
>You try to sound as convincing that you're not an introvert
>She asks about yourself and your life
>As cool as you can, you tell her that you used to play soccer but suck at it
>She giggled at your honesty
>You let her know right there that you're a geek
>You play video games, know how to work technology, etc.
>After a bit of talking, you change the subject to not bore her

>"You know, it's fine if you're into those things, you don't have to be ashamed" she tells you

>That tugged a heart string
File: medium.png (219 KB, 424x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
219 KB, 424x600
>All your life, you've been ashamed of yourself
>It hurts to think about it, but that's why you have the internet
>There you could escape reality
>Twilight sees you lower head

>"Oh..I'm sorry if I offended you" she apologizes

"No, no, it's fine, thank you for your kindness, I just feel like I could be more than some nerd"

>Twilight looked down this time
>She looked like she was gonna kick the gravel

>"You know, I felt like you too once" she started "I was just some bookworm with no friends other than her big brother"

>She was opening up to you

>"I thought that I would never make friends, so long as I was just...some nerd"

>She took the words right from your mouth
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 107x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 107x399
>You were feeling bad, having mentioned it
>Then reassurance came

>"But now is different, I made friends, and they helped through things, I now understand I'm much more than just a nerd!" Twilight was beaming

>You felt so much better
>This purple-skinned girl just made your morning

>"Sorry for talking too much" she apologized

"It's fine Twilight, thank you for opening up"

>Twilight was smiling at you now
>This is for you mom

"Twilight, will you be my friend?"

>"I accept"

>Your stomach anxiety grew even larger now that you made your first friend
>Maybe this could be a fun day for you
>The two of you have reached the school
>This is it
>You know that making friends will not be easy
>It hurt just to make friends with Twilight
>But her can-do attitude was making you feel more comfortable
>You both passed through crowds of people at the entrance
>Your stomach was beginning to churn again around all these new people
>Luckily, Twilight was by your side
>Not wanting to look like a lost puppy, you give some space between Twilight and yourself
>A couple glances came your way, but nothing extravagant
>Avoid eye-contact is the best idea right now
>Twilight was keeping quiet among the chatter of students passing through
>You didn't want to pester her if she just didn't feel like exchanging further conversation
>Man, this place is regal as fuck compared to your last highschool
>Red curtains around large, thin, glass windows?
>It all seemed as though this place was taken from a kid's show
>Twilight led you to a door which read "Principle's Office"

>"Okay new guy, This is Principle Celestia's office, she'll give you your schedule and a school guide which comes with a small map of the school" said Twilight

"A small map? Sure looks like I'm gonna need it"

>"Don't be nervous, everyone was new at some point" she said as she rubbed your arm warmly

>You could see how sincere she is being

"Thanks Twilight, for introducing me here and such"

>"It's no problem, now hurry before-"


>"Oh shoot!" Twilight said in frustration "That's the morning bell, sorry I can't help you further for now, I gotta head to class, see you around!" she said while light jogging to her class

>The nervousness was returning
>In front of you lie your new fate
>Let's hope you make a good impression
Starting to get more and more interesting
More bumps
Bump for the story
Another bump for the story
Might as well give you glorious bastards a slice of /my/ highschool drama.
> 'Bout 3 months ago the year 11 prom is announced
> Have my eye on 1 girl
> Some pity attempt at asking her to the dance ends up with me asking her and then facing a 'Sorry, I would've said yes, but someone else asked first' clichè.
Actually you could probably find my 2 text-cap pics from the "Homecoming-Anon" thread from around 2 mo ths ago. Check the archive if you guys want.
>Find some cute looking girl from one of my mate's party, we share details and shit
>FF a few weeks and a few conversations
>Organise event with her friend and my other mate
>Watch movie, only me and mate talk to each other often
>Leave devestated I couldn't talk to her further
>She's not replying to any of my messages about planning another group event
>Valentines day coming up in a few weeks
>Want to ask her to a little day out I got planned if she says yes
>Take her down to the beach, eat some fish and chips and wait for the sun to go down as we lie on the shore, admiring its glow in the distance... >Hopefully become much more attatched from there on
When I started Highschool, I told myself I wouldn't stress over girls until I leave.
Might as well fucking admit it. I regret anything about my choice of not stressing over women. I want to know her more, be with her.
So that idea went up shits creek with the introduction of Mrs potentional soulmate. I love this girl /mlp/. This is currently my little Highschool Drama act. How did you guys go about the matter. Did Anon ever get his dream highschool girl? How did you do so?
>Inb4 age. Not going to lie; I'm 17, and I'm posting on an Anonymous Japanese image-board full of horsefuckers and retards. But I consider the said Horsefuckers and Retards my closest friends. Hopefully the mods will take some fucking pitty on me for once. But my question still stands. How did you deal with your highschool shit?
Wait I recognize this writing style. Have you written any other greens before?
Personally, I never stressed out about relationships during highschool. I'm attending a university now and I still don't care about relationships at all. I've never opened up to someone, or been close enough to someone to even consider forming such feelings.
I had a few friends back in highschool, but only because we had a common interest which was gaming. We were pretty must "that group" of people everyone sort of avoided because everyone else in class thought games were stupid and a waste of time.
Don't think I'll ever form a relationship with someone, and I don't really want to. I prefer to be alone most of the time.
Writefriend, please come back to us
Waiting for writefriend
One final bump for the story
HS memories thread? HS memories thread

I only remember my 11th and 12th year (9th and 10th were a blur at a private school so I don't remember jack shit), but I was a pretty average kid, average looks, average height, the whole 9 yards. I never actively sought out relationships since I had major self-esteem issues and thought it was impossible for chicks to interested in me. I don't know why, that was just my frame of mind back then. Maybe 3 or 4 chicks gave me hints that they were interested in me but I never picked them up until it was too late. I kind of regret it desu.

Friends were pretty cool. I was never alone since we were such a big group of 15 people who all knew each other since middle school so shit was also cash with them. I still talk with them to this day.

So yeah HS was alright but I felt like it could've been better if I wasn't such an internal autist.
Bumping, and testing to see if I'm banned yet.

Besides the 2 initial friends I have, I also got that vidya friend group on my side as well. Infact, we just had a few games of CS last night, shit was fun. I'm not worrying about this girl 24/7, but once I do start thinking about her, my mind goes haywire.
File: AJ smile.png (76 KB, 359x362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
AJ smile.png
76 KB, 359x362
Wow anon we're pretty similar, except all the relationship stuff hasn't been a major part of my HS experience both in thought and being put into action most likely due to the fact that the small amount of girls in my HS that are actually worth a damn are taken and have been for a long time and the single ones are stuck up basic bitches. I've never asked out a girl or even considered it so I can't say anything from experience what I CAN tell you is that if anything goes south you'll always have us horsefuckers and retards here in /mlp/.
>Pic related
Oh also my HS experience has been very usual, little to no friends and average grades, and I might transfer to a different school now in my second semester of HSbut its homeschooling so I'm sure I wont have any problem there.
>senior year
>transfer to new ghetto-ish highschool
>completely ignore everyone
>still got people coming up to me asking to be friends or giving me their number and asking me to prom
>tell them to fuck off in the nicest way possible
>the persistent ones became my "friends" who I brushed off the minute I graduated

High School was fantastic. Playing football for two hours a day with niggers was also a highlight of the experience.

Also nice story OP, a good 'what if' situation
I'm sorry guys, I'm very busy outside of 4chan, I was recently gone for more than 6 or so months, but I decided to come back because writing here on /mlp/ helps my depression

Yeah, I've written for Fingerbang,and made my own threads a couple times

You might remember my stories "Rainbow Dash's favor" or "Canterlot Noire"

Don't worry guys, I'll be posting more soon, I just need to get some work done, It's also Tuesday, I just got off classes, and as for everyone sharing their experiences, Thank you for keeping the thread alive
File: 1451702548997.gif (545 KB, 245x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
545 KB, 245x245
Shit guys, I got something I need to do, I'm sorry to be putting it off if you guys are asleep, but if you could bump the thread and post stuff until I get back, I'll make it worth your while
Alright fuckers, I'm back and ready for action, I'll be posting in a bit so stick around
>You open the door slowly but surely
>No idea of what the principle was like
>Twilight's description made her seem as though she were some kind of goddess
>With the door open, you notice a beautiful dame, sitting at her desk, writing things away
>She glances up at you before lifting her head up to look
>At first she had a moment of thought, then she smiled

>"You must be the new student"

"Um..Yeah.." you say still unsure of things

>"You don't have to be afraid young one, I won't bite" she said with a slight giggle "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Principle Celestia"

>She stood up from her desk
>The first thing to catch your eye is her height
>She is much, much taller than you
>Principle Celestia's height intimidated you a bit
>Your head was up to par with her chest
>It felt weird

>"Please have a seat" she said as she motioned you to the chair in front of her desk

>You sit down, with the fear of throwing up
>Principle Celestia made her way next to you, which because of her height and you sitting down, made you feel even more short
>She placed a hand down on your shoulder
>It felt...comfortable

>"I'd like to personally welcome you to Canterlot High and hope that your time here in this school, is the best one yet"

"Thank you Principle Celestia" you spoke as you peered up to her beside you

>Principle Celestia moved to her desk and pulled pout a few things from a drawer underneath
>The contents she pulled out was a student planner, a small map of the school (Thanks Twilight) and a student guidelines sheet

>"Now, please take good care of these things," she started "They're key to helping you get used to things around here, read over them, and apply them" she said with a chipper voice

"Thank you, Principle"

>"Also, here is your schedule, you'll be needing it" she handed it to you

>You skimmed it a bit as she sat back down in her desk
>8 classes, two breaks, one lunch period
>Your first period class was a "Ms.Cheerilee"
>Your head was up to par with her chest
Unless Celestia is like 6' 10" - 7', Anon must be a fucking manlet.
>Principle made it very clear that in order to graduate highschool, you'd need to make all eight credits for the classes
>There were also set criteria for the school system
>Students would need one Gym credit, one Math credit, and one Language/Reading credit
>Fair enough

>"Now, if you ever have any concerns, questions....anything, please just let me know" she began "If anyone however is bullying you, or you find discomfort or know anything that could be a threat to anyone here, let the assistant principle know, her office is next door"

"Thank you for all the info. principle"

>"It is no problem, now you'd better hurry to first period, you're already late"

>With that, you get up to leave
>As you begin to open he door, Principle Celestia speaks up

>"Oh, and one more thing," she starts

>You look over to her

>"Goodluck out there" she says reassuringly

>You nod and walk out
>Taking out your schedule, you trek on to your first period class
>Here it is
>So far, so good
>Made a new friend, nothing is wrong with the principle, aside from her unusual height, nothing can get worse right?
>Opening the door, you already feel it
>Fuck, you hate that feeling
>That burning sensation of wandering eyes
>You already know everyone in the class is staring you down
>Why was it this way with schools?
>You slowly step inside
>There was your teacher, Ms. Cheerilee

>"Oh, hello dear! Come on in, you must be the new student" Ms. Cherilee presented to the class

"Uh, yeah, that's me hehe.." you try to say with ease

>You already can hear the murmuring of students
>Just try to tune it out
>Ms. Cheerilee spoke up

>"Well, I am Ms. Cheerilee, is there anything about yourself you'd like to say to the class?"

"Um..I'm new" you say trying to avoid being the center of attention

>"Oh c'mon dear, just something a little more specific" she was prodding

"Well...I can sort of play the guitar, but I'm not that good"

>What the hell was that?
>Guitar? Really?
Keep this thread alive,bump for a good cause.
Keep this thread alive,bump for a good cause.
>Well, it could've been worse
>You could've spilled spaghetti on the floor
>Ms. Cheerilee stepped up in front of you and faced the class

>"Okay class, it appears we have a new student! Why don't you all have give a nice warm welcome to our new friend!" said Ms. Cheerilee

>The class gave out a robotic "Hello,welcome"
>They sounded more bored than the time your internet went out
>At least no one threw you papers or made fun of your appearance
>The feeling of faces looking at you has yet to leave
>Ms. Cherilee went over to her desk and gestured you to follow
>She pulled out a form from her desk
>It was a syllabus

>"Okay, you need to fill this out and have your parents sign it, it also has the list of materials you'll be needing for this class" she informed you
>Pretty basic stuff for starting a new class

>"Well, if there's anything you need, please feel free to come check me, I'll always be here during class time, and breaks, except for lunch"

"Thank you Ms.Cheerilee"

>"Oh, and as of today, you'll be sitting on that empty desk at the back next Apple Jack
I never went through that shit in highschool, my spaghetti was legendary. Both my first kiss and relationship waited until I got to university, and that ended sour after a couple of years. The next girl I got involved with fucked me over pretty hard so right now I'm pretty jaded on relationships in general. I've always had it better off outside of them so I'm avoiding them as of now.
So when I tell you it's not worth it, take my advice with a pinch of salt or three.
Before class bump
I'm enjoying it so far, I like how it's flowing smoothly and not really dragging one scene more than it should
File: 1452025417016.gif (155 KB, 678x422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155 KB, 678x422
Do you read Homecoming Anon don't you?
You're pretty good man
Delete it before they'll ban you for a year, idiot.
I did

I'm off to school now guys, when I get back, I'll gladly post more.

Damn, wish I saw it
Looking forward to it
Bump for the story
File: story-time.jpg (408 KB, 1587x945) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
408 KB, 1587x945
Would you look at the time? Now, where's that gosh darn writer?
Bump for the story
Homecoming Anon was a solid 10/10
Very long read, very worth it
New bump reporting for duty.

I see you've been inspired by my two favourite greens, good luck to you. Also, let's get one thing straight, do you plan any lewds in this story or it's about drama and humor?
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