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>"Awww look!"
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>"Awww look!"
>"My little Anon is so cute. Look at how he waddles in his little diaper."
>"Do you need a change, darling?"
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I don't want your fucking change.
Rara you are one sick mare.
But the marepussy game is ridiculous.
(Twilight is gonna regret making me a baby again and handing me off to Rarity. Just wait until I'm 9 and trying to be dank at CoD again. Fuck you mom I'm 9 I do what I want.)
>stealth diaper thread

im sorry you got pushed to the trash because a mod here has issues even though other fetish threads are fine for some reason.
I wish the disgusting fucking diaperfags would get banned.
Because diaper fetish is too closely linked to scat, and most people don't like scat.
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>"Awww, looks like someone is being a widdle cwanky-pank-wanky!"
>"Does my darling need his binky?"
I demand more. Sissy filly anon.
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cant do dat.gif
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>mfw i walk into the boutique
"But, Mama, your changes make me feel funny... down there."
>Be Dress Horse
>About a week ago, Anon decided it would be a good idea to fiddle with your sewing machine
>Three days before a sizable order was due to be completed
>Do you have any idea how time consuming it was to sew completely by horn?
>You had to cancel your weekly spa trip with Fluttershy
>You had to send Sweetie Belle off to stay at Applejack's
>(Though she didn't seem to mind that much)
>You even had to cut down on your beauty sleep
>And so, childish as it was, you may have given in to your desire for revenge
>You asked Anon over for tea to assure him that you held no grudge for his mistake
>Even though you KNEW it was intentional
>After some light conversation you "accidentally" spilled your tea on his pants
>Him dropping his cup as well was... an unfortunate casualty
>All the more reason for the next fase of your plan
>Muttering a hasty appology, you offered to clean his clothes for him while he washed himself off upstairs
>You set about cleaning up the mess around the table while he went up to the bathroom
>Once you heard the door close you rushed up to collect his clothing
>Coat, tie, shirt, pants, and even those undergarments of his!
>This was perfect!
>All he'd have was his undershirt
>Well that and your little "gift"
>You gave a polite knock (as if you know how to give any other kind)
>and tell him that you're giving him something to wear temporarily.
>What you do not tell him is that that something is a custom made, Human sized, extra padded diaper!
>You also took the liberty of confiscating all the towels from the room without any noise whatsoever
>Oh, you were good!
>Now all that was left to do was to wait
>Be Rarara
>Your mouth is currently watering over the imminent sugary sweetness of revenge
>Figuratively, of course.
>You aren't Rainbow Dash
>You sit patiently in front of your bathroom door next to a pile of clothes belonging to one Anon E. Mous
>The human in question is currently showering after a you "accendentally" spilled two cups of tea on his lap
>The greatest part of this is that, upon emerging from the shower, he'll find naught but and undershirt and...
>A big
>Extra padded
>This was going to be gold!
>This was going to be-
>He turned the water off!
>Let the show begin~
Unf. Moar
Hold your pastel horses, Anon!
It's hard to write one handed.
This is unsolicited foolishness upon a thousand prior.

You'll stop.
Oh will I, namefag?
Will I?


>Be the Incomparable Lady Rarity
>Currently savoring every sound to hit your ivory ears
>The shower curtain slides back
>Two muted thumps onto the bathmat
>A near silent groan of frustration
>Cloth being donned
>Cabinets being searched
>The silence of shameful acceptance
>A door nob being shakily turned
>He's holding one hand over his glowing face, shielding himself from eye contact
>The other fanned out over his groin in a vain attempt to save his dignity
>The diaper is so wide that his legs are stuck in a comically wide stance
>He can't even walk properly
>This is exquisite! Divine, even!
>You can't stay silent any longer
"Awww look!"
"My little Anon is so cute. Look at how he waddles in his 'little' diaper."
"Do you need a change, darling?"
>Look at him squirm!
>You've never felt this powerful!
>Oh he's about to speak
>What'll it be?
>A plea for mercy?
>A choked out threat?
>"But M-mama..."
>"Changies make me feel all funny..."
>He moves his lower hand to reveal-
>Oh my heavens!
>"Down there..."
>Well that's... quite something
So there are two directions I could take on this and I'll let you guy decide which.

Should Rarara scold her naughty little boy or should she help her baby out with this scary new condition?
Oh how the mighty have fallen.
My heart says no but my throbbing erection says yes.
I agree with scold. Helping her baby out with the new condition plays too much into the fetish side and I frankly don't want to see this thread kill
And scolding doesn't?
It's just a different set of fetishes.
I think he was largely just asking Hard Dom or Soft Dom
In case anyone's worried or hoping, I'm not gonna touch messing.
I just can't get into it.
I'm mainly using diapers here as a symbol of infancy and helplessness
...soft dom
>Be Ponyville's greatest seamstress
>Face to puffy bulge with Anon
>Absolutely not
>He's not allowed to enjoy this
>This is meant to be revenge
>He's meant to feel humiliated and ashamed, not aroused!
>And by Celestia, that's how he's going to feel
"Is that...?"
>You start indignantly
"Are you getting off on this you little pervert?!"
>Still there's no reason to break character...
"I bathe you, I feed you, I clothe you, and you show me this filth?!"
>He winces and shrinks with every word
>That's more like it
>But you're hardly satisfied with verbal chastizement
>You stand up off your seat and point to it
"Over the chair. NOW."
>Anon starts to tear up, both hands trying to cover his shameful organ now
>"Mama, p-please...!"
>You stomp your hoof
"The longer you make me wait, the worse it's going to be, young man."
>You levitate a hairbrush from your room down the hall and make sure he sees it before he bends down
>He slowly lowers himself to his knees and hunches over the seat of the chair
>Unfortunatly his size means that he can still touch his knees to the ground dispite this
>You make corrections by grabbing him by the diaper (with your magic of course. You know it's clean, but still) and roughly yanking forward so that his fluffy little bottom is pointed at the ceiling rather than down the hall
"Let's see how fun you find this, you dirty little boy."
Well, a bit too late for that, fucker.
Maybe some soft dom later, like motherly aftercare or something.

As a side note, I'm writing femdom pony diaper smut at 3 am.
What am i doing with myself
File: image.jpg (10 KB, 172x156) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 172x156
I dont understand this fetish... But i will lurk to learn more...
Disappointing your ancestors. Keep going .
Well, I acquired it early from a Tom and Jerry episode which gained traction on my budding humiliation fetish acquired from that time Spongebob got plastered buck naked to a glass door that one time. That and the Power Puff Girls episode where they humiliate the Rowdy Rough Boys to "make them shrink" and one of the methods used is stripping them.
So yeah.
>Be Rarity who did not at all expect to be spanking an aroused, diapered, giant, hairless monkey at any time in your life
>And yet here you are
>You bring the flat of the hairbrush down onto Anon's rear 5 times in quick succession
>Only to have the thick diaper slow it to harmlessly
>Ah, right
>And here the extra thickness was supposed to make this funnier
>And it seems that to SOMEONE it has
"Oh, you think this amusing, hm?"
>Anon immediately recognizes his mistake
>"N-no, Mama, I wasn't laughing, promise!"
>He can hear the twinkle of magic and you take hold of his diaper
>"No, Mama, please! Not bare-bottom! I'll be good, I swear."
"Oh, I'm sure you will, once I'm done with you."
>You slowly start to slide his only protection down
>"Mama pl-"
>You cut him off
"Ah! Another word and it'll be a switch not a brush."
>He wisely chooses to keep quiet after that
>More and more of your target shows itself as you inch the fluffy shield lower and lower
>Eventually you let it pin it between the chair and his legs
"And don't even think about letting it touch the ground, either!"
>You give him a quick smack with the brush
>He yelps
"That is NOT how you respond to me!"
>Another strike
"You will say 'Yes, ma'am' or 'Yes, Mama'. Am I understood?"
>"YES, MA'AM!"
"Good. Now, are we ready to get started?"
>Anon chokes out a reply
>"Yes, M-sob-ma'am"
>You may be having more fun with this than you should.
I feel like I'm doing pretty well for someone who's only ever writefag'd twice on /mlp/ before
and once in a place that shall not be mentioned here
Keep going faggot
>Be the same pone as the last five times
>Raining fiery hell down upon Anon's formerly diapered bottom
>And, were it not for the soundproofing enchantments placed on your boutique, everypony in Ponyville would know it
"Break my sewing machine right before a big order, you spill tea on my carpet, you break my tea cup, and then you come parading around to show me your shame!"
>Well, he seems genuine, and this is about as far as you can go without actually hurting to poor dear
>You set the brush aside
"Get up."
>Anon starts to rise, moving one hand to his sore bottom
"Ah ah ah. No rubbing."
>He reluctantly obeys as you turn to collect his clothes from the ground
"Now Anon, I certainly hope that you've learned something from all this."
>You turn back
"And I hope you understand tha-"
>You look up to see Anon standing up straight covering himself with his hands
>Which wouldn't be odd if not for their positioning
>One vertically above the other, covering himself partway up to his navel
>He couldn't be...
>"Y-y-Yes, ma'am"
"Hands at your sides."
>His hands slowly shift away from his nethers to reveal
>What in Celestia's name is wrong with this man
>How can he still be hard?!
>You try to speak but your jaw refuses to unclench
>The most you can manage is
"My room. Now."
>Anon nods terrified and moves to lift his diaper
"It stays on your knees. Not above, not below. MARCH!"
>He pathetically shuffles down the hall showing off his glowing rear
>Perhaps you've been going about this the wrong way
Another crossroads
a. Switch to motherly comforting soft dom
b. Feed him the entire jar of cookies i.e. Orgasm torture
c. no lewd, I'll find a way
>a. Switch to motherly comforting soft dom
This so fucking much.
Will do my best to write quickly, had to rethink some stuff. Was really banking on b.
Oops, forgot the green
kinda important

>Be Best Mama Pone
>Maybe not so much
>So Anon broke your sewing machine
>Diapering him may have been a bit much
>So Anon LIKED being diapered
>Stripping him from the waist and paddling him was probably over doing it a bit
>So Anon enjoyed you spanking him
>Angrily telling him to go await further punishment with freshly warmed buns was not entirely appropriate
>You could just wash his pants, bring them to him, and apologize
>But then he'd still be rosey cheeked, tear streaked and... ehm... rosey cheeked
>That and he might actually be a bit disapointed
>He certainly seemed to enjoy the shaming and the spanking
>He was the one who started the whole 'Mama' scenario
>...and you were the one who decided that 'Mama' plus excitement should equal punishment
>You may have mishandles that
>There's no reason to break character~
you could do both, one is the official ending and the other the alternate ending
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14 KB, 171x207
Nigga, it's almost 5 am.
I am tired, I am horny, and I only got so much green in me.
oh, i see, carry on then
>Be yeah yeah whatever
>You slowly walk into your room to find a terrified, humiliated Anon standing at attention
>In both senses of the phrase
>His eyes sealed shut in fear
>Look what you've done, Rarity
>You walk passed him, over to your bed, sit down, hooves beneath you, patting the space next to you with your hoof
>Anon glances at you suspiciously but then sheepishly creeps over to the bed along side you
>Bizarrely, though, he doesn't si-
"Oh, sorry. Ah, you could just lay down on my lap, if you'd like."
>He seems unsure
"No more, spankings."
>Gingerly, he lies on his side, his abdomen over your legs
>You bring a pillow from the headboard for him to rest his head on
"I'm sorry about all this, Anon. I've had a really rough few days, but that's no excuse of taking it out on you."
>You move your hoof to his head and begin stroking his hair
>"I'm sorry I got funny feelings, Mommy. I didn't mean to- *sniff*"
"Shh shh shh. It's alright, dear. I know you didn't mean to. You probably don't even know why it happened, do you?"
>He looks back at you with big sad eyes, tearing up again
>"Cuz... Cuz I'm bad?"
>You magically lift him up and turn his body to face you, holding his head yo your chest.
"No, darling. You're not bad. You just got a bit excited, that's all?
>You gently run your hoof up and down his side
>"For what?"
>Your hoof wanders down towards his boyhood?
"Hehehe, I could show you~"
>Be not the best Mama
>but for different reasons this time
>Anon's shame-turned-pride throbs as you run your soft, pedicured, frog along it
>"Ah! Mama, I feel-"
"Shhh. I know, darling. Do you think you could sit down a moment so I can get a good look at you?"
>Anon nods and shifts slowly, wincing every now and then, onto his rear
>Difficult as it is, you manage to avoid giddily leaping off the bed, opting, instead, to gracefully hop down and move in front of the now sitting Anon
>With clear difficulty, Anon does his best to keep from covering up
>And there it stands, a tower of viritlity
"Ohoho, look at you! You're hardly a little boy down here, hm?"
>He get a big bashful grin from that one
"Poor thing, you look so hard it probably hurts!"
>"Maybe a little bit..."
>His face is glowing but not with humiliation this time, it's nice
>But now was no time for pure, ladylike thoughts
"Would you like me to kiss it better, my sweet little boy?"
>He nods so hard you fear his head my fly off
>Once you're sure it won't, you get to work
>Deciding to keep it light for now, you gently peck all along his length, bottom to top, then top to bottom
>Seeing a bead of pre start to form on his head, you deliver a long kiss to his tip and snake your toung out to retreve it
>"M-Mama, please, don't stop!"
"Don't worry, dear. I won't stop till your aaaaaall better~"
>You return to the object of your affection, this time taking his head in your mouth and swirling your head around it.
>"Ah! Ya kn-mmm-know... My bottom still kinda hur-"
>That's enough to get you to break your motherly persona for a moment
"Don't push it, Anon."
>"Yes, Ma'am."
Just now realizing that a sex scene from the mare's perspective in a second-person story may not go over super well
>Continuing where you left off you begin to take more and more of him into your mouth
>Making sure not to set him off, of course
>You wouldn't want the fun to end too soon
>It was hardly easy, keeping him on the edge like this
>Quite fun though
>Poor boy is probably trying to figure out if he's in paradise or Tartaros right now
>In an attempt to undermine your efforts, his hips jerk upward but you deftly move along with them and then lift yourself off entirely
"Ah ah ah~ Not yeat, darling."
>"Please, Mama! Don't stop! It feel so good!"
>He punctuates his sentence with another full body jerk during which you hear a telltale crinkle on the floor
>Oh, right, the diaper
>you lift it off the ground, where it had fallen off of Anon's feet
>I suppose we don't need this anymo-
>Glancing back at Anon you see that his eyes are unshakably locked on the diaper and, impossible as it may seem, he has definately gotten even harder
>You can work with this
>You click your tongue chidingly
"Now Anon, I thought I told you to keep this off the ground."
>He panics
>"I'm sorry, Mama! I didn't mean to! It just felt so good, I couldn't help it!"
>You give him a false glare for a moment
"Well alright. No sense punishing you over it, I suppose."
>Anon lets slip a sigh of relief which turns into a gasp when you suddenly lift the diaper back onto him, obscuring his little soldier in it's entierety
"I'll just have to make you love it too much to ever want it off..."

Anyone still lurking?
almost done with the last part
is a biggun
>His confused visage make it clear that he's wondering how you intend to continue pleasuring him from outside his fluffy fortress
>That question is quickly answered by a variant of the basic telekenisis spell that you learned a few years back
>You envelope the diaper in your magical aura and set to work
>Anon's confusion vanishes when the spell that has kept you warm many a cold night begins to vibrate the front of Anon's diaper
>"Ah- Aahhhh- M-Mama, wha- what's ha-ahahaaah-ppening?"
>His hands start to find their way into his diaper to protect him from the vibratory onslaught but you'll have none of that
>You split your concentration to include binding his hands to his sides to the spell
>Anon writhes under your telekenetic torment, doubling over and accidentally falling off the bed
"Oh, my. Anon really likes his buzzy daipy, doesn't he?"
>"MaaaaaMaaaaaaaa! P-Ple-aaaah-ple-ple-PLEASE!"
>You bat your eyelashes innocently, trying your very best to keep from giggling at the sight of Anonymous lying of the floor in a vibrating diaper trying desperately to find something solid to hump
"Please what, my darling little angel?
>He's curled up into a little ball now, hips humping away at nothing
>"Mamaaa, I can't- I can't- I'm gonna-!"
"Ooooh, it's too much? Why didn't you just say so?"
>Knowingly you stop the vibration just as he's about to cum, denying him release
>"Mama, noooooo!"
>He looks up at you wildly, desperately
>"Please, I was so close! You can't just turn it off!"
>You give a mock groan
"So hard to please."
>The vibrations return twice as intense as before
>And they're gone again
"Oh, sweetie! Are you alright? I'm so sorry, I over did it. Why don't you just lie there and rest a bit, while I run downstairs and get started washing your clothes."
>He's just about in tears at this point
>Oh, alright. The poor boy's had enough.
>No more teasing
"Oh, I think I know what you want, now!"
>A mix of hope and terror flashes across Anon's face
"Don't worry, Anon. Mama's gonna make it all better."
>The diaper begins to glow and buzz again, but a bit more gently as you lay down on top of Anon
>You hook your right back hoof inbetween his legs to give him something to grind against, this time
>"Oh, Mama! Yes! It's s-"
>You silence him with your lips and tongue and he begins to moan into your mouth
>As you increase the intensity of the vibrations, his moaning increases as well
>In moments he's bucking his hips against your hoof with all his strenght and then collapses spent
>And while you promised no more teasing...
>Well maybe just a touch more
>As his bucking dies down and he nears the close of his climax, you crank the vibrations up again as high as you can manage
>His eyes shoot open and dart to you as you slide down his chest towards the traitorous garment
>You meet his gaze with a playful but malicious smile as you settle between his legs and push your front hooves against his groin
>With all your might you beging rubbing the now rumbling diaper against him
>He writhes silently, overwhelmed by the rumbling, the rubbing, and the newly slimey texture, all after just having cum
>After a few seconds you decide enough is enough and leave the poor boy be
>Once Anon had recovered understand language you turn to him
"I suppose you really do need a change now, don't you?"
>Anon's head flops over to face you
>"Ye... yes m... ma... Yeah"
"Unless, of course..."
>You lean over and put your hoof against his loins
"You LIKE your slimey buzzy daipy~"
>"NO! Ehm... No, Ma'am. I should get changed..."
>Anon shakily get to his feet and shambles over to the door
>Once there though he hesitates all to tellingly
>His diaper lights up a familiar blue and he falls to his knees
>You grin at him devilishly
>"I guess we could keep playing a little while... Mama."

Fuck, I forgot to spell check these. Sorry in advance.
If anyone gives the slightest fuck.
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Not Ok.gif
474 KB, 300x169
tfw your green was too slow and errybody either went to bed or got bored
Thread replies: 57
Thread images: 8
Thread DB ID: 425836

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