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You couldn't remember anything before this moment. You were just sitting in a chair in this room. Everything was dull and grey. Finally some guy in a suit comes in with some paperwork. What is he, CIA or something?

"Welcome to the Grey Room kid. You may not know it but, you've got to be one of the lucky ones. ".
>" Lucky ones"?
>'The hell does he mean by lucky'!?
He finally takes a seat across from you, sliding some documents in your direction. Opening it up you see it had some basic personal documents inside.

"Here's the deal, somebody high ups has a little plan in store for you. So make sure to fill the documents out right before we send you on your way".

>Alright, seems legit. Well no time like the present.
>You take your time reading the documentation over before you start just filling in boxes.

1. Anon Y. Mous
2. John Smith
3. Noname Ogombe
4. Peter Petrov
5. Karel Novak
6. Jens Hansen
7. Otto Normalverbraucher

[3 Positive Traits/3 Negative Traits]

1. Alicorn
2. Siren
3. Wendigo
4. Umbrum

" After you finish the questionnaire, we can send you on your way". The suit leans against a wall looking out the blinds, the light from the sunset coming through.
John Doe

Smooth talker

Easily distracted

>4. Peter Petrov

[from 0 to fully erect in 3 seconds, can hold his liquor, is always successful in blaming own farts on other people // annoyingly passive-aggressive, tends to borrow small sums from people and forgets about it, chews loudly]

I refuse to vote on that bullshit
High charisma low intelligence average strength.


Vulnerable to seduction
Hungry skeleton

>implying anyone would want to seduce us
This one. Alicorn familiar
This is exactly what I would expect to happen in a CYOA where we play as a human. Also checked.

Good luck, OP. You'll need it.

Pro at finger pistols
can do a handstand for a whole minute
Great at knitting

Kinda clumsy
Sore knee
Can't sleep without a teddy

would have proposed the exact same thing if we had been any canon race
That's terrifying. Never stop doing what you're doing, anon.
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>Great at knitting
mfw I was considering to post this as good trait, too

Doesn't have amnesia.
Has seen MLP: FiM.
Has been on /mlp/ since the beginning.



What are you, a faggot?
Knitting OP.
This scarf is baller.
File: download (6).jpg (11 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (6).jpg
11 KB, 300x168
You finish filling the paper as he takes the paper bad from you. Giving it a good look over he walks over to a filing cabinet placing it inside.

"Alright, your all squared away so be prepared for what may happen during your adventure. Oh, and try to make a few friends along the way, you'll last longer".

Your chair flips backwards as you plummet down a hole into the nothingness once again.
The chirping of birds and the wind blowing through leaves greets your ears. Rising from the grassy bed you see that you are in a meadow, many sunflowers dot the landscape. You saw that you had the clothes on your back, a cellphone, a necklace with a stone cold as ice, and some king of mechanical device. It had a handle and a trigger that seemed to be jammed or something.

>I could see some mountains off in the distance, or maybe I should continue along this valley?
>Look back and see if I missed anything
Looking around the spot you awoke in you find a card on the ground.
It displayed a green hand with on open palm.
It was the image on both sides, Weird.

>Where do I go from here?
just start working forward I suppose.
Take the card and summon your dual monster!
If nothing happens just put it in your pocket.

I didn't really see any clear direction to go so I just picked a direction and went with it. Unfortunately trying to summon something from the card had no visible change or effect. After crossing a few valley's and hills you starting to see some smoke rising in the distance. You quicken your pace to the source of it. Coming upon a burnt out little village you wonder why someone would do such a thing?
Hopefully the instigators of this aren't still around?
Check cellphone for reception. Toss if you don't have reception.
Examine necklace.
Examine stone.
Examine mechanical device.
no familiar? Or does that come later
We need to sneak around town.

You pull your phone out, an old little flip phone. Just how you like them.
All the options and apps were gone though.
>[Inventory ยก

You grasp the necklace in your grasp, it was like putting your hand in a freezer. It blows dimly upon contact but not much else.
Upon closer inspection of the device you can see a little circle the was transparent. Nothing you tried got it to do anything unfortunately, damn machine.

>You try to creep your way further into the village going from cover to cover. The bodies of the natives litter the street.
>You see a tall... Minotaur? Flanked by two Bipedal dogs that seemed to ensuring that all the little horses were dead. The Minotaur walks off as you hear laughs coming from the dogs.
>Getting a closer look you see them kicking a very old Pony, hacking up blood and spittle in the process. Damn... That's just cruel.
happen to see a rope?
No rope could be seen in the immediate vicinity. Well damn.
How about anything heavy and made of iron? We could make a noise wait around the corner and when a dog shows up slam it down on top of it's head. A heavy rock will work too.
You only could find a rock next to you. You move around the corner and clank it against a half burnt building.
"Eh, what was that? Snoop go check it out".
You hear a Roger as you hear the dog moving on your position.
The device starts to shake erratically. What the hell?
I'm assuming that to mean that danger is near? just ignore it and bring the rock down.
You bring the dog on the dome as he rounds the corner with a resounding bonk.
The other dog comes looking from him to you and sports an angry scowl as he pulls out his sword.
The device keeps shaking in your belt loop. Whiting and turning of parts could be heard from it.
Take sword from fallen companion. Look at device.
You grab the sword from the one you knocked out while pulling out the device.
It stops shaking as it unfolds into a board. The symbol on the sword was a red sword.
"*Beep* Sequence MK. I activated". A second symbol showed a purple bolt.
So there is a symbol for a sword on the board and it's red? Poke the purple bolt?
"Mage Bolt A activated".
The machine changes to a gun and fires a blast of pure energy at the dog exploding upon impact before he could even react.
>Woah, now that's bitchin'

You hurry to the old Pony trying to see if he was okay.
"Please, help lady Majesty". The old Pony breathed his last. You closed his eyes as you leave him behind to continue through the town.

You can access the phone if you need to.
1. Equip
2. Magic
3. Inventory
4. Learn Path

>'Is there anyone alive in this town'?!
check magic and learn path. I assume equip is just to see what we're wearing right now?
Learned None

Learn Path
Mage Bolt 0%
Light Heal 0%

Turn Strike 0%
Boot & Blade 0%

First Aid
Learn Rate Up I

Hit 100
Magic 8
Strength 10
Gambit 8
Well then. Let's go towards the direction that Minotaur went. Maybe they're heading to the one called "majesty" Did the dog we knock out have anything else on him then just his sword?
The dog has some good coins on him.
Heading in the direction the minotaur went you catch up to him.
"Um, missed one. Alright kill him". The armored minotaur was backed by two more dogs with their swords drawn. Damn, this'll be tough.

Minotaur Captain ?
D-Dog Grunt A ?
D-Dog Grunt B ?

John Doe 100
attack dog grunt A
You rush one of his goons deflecting his weapon as you like him in his exposed gut. The other one runs away in fear.
"Hm, useless". He readies his warhammer to fight. At least you only change to deal with him now.

attack the Minotaur.
Using your smaller frame you dodge a swing and get a few good cuts. Hey doesn't seem to be any worse for wear though.

Minotaur ?

John 100
I guess we just have to whittle him down. Eventually he should succumb to his injuries and then we can strike
After several back and forth dodges and strikes the Minotaur movement slows due to exhaustion. He collapses to the ground dead.
>50 Xp Gained
>30 Bits Gained
>Sequence is about to break.

Alright so where the hell is everyone. You check all around the settlement but find no signs of life. However a map did tell you of two other villages close by.

There was northeast to Flutterdale. And Gemshire to the northwest. Where to, where to?
I think we should go to gemshire. that sounds like a place majesty would be.
You travel across the winding road and by sunset you reach the town's front gate.
The residents run and hide from you as you get to the center of town.

A Unicorn stands opposite of you, the white blue Mare ready to throw down.
"All right you demon, I won't let you and the forces of darkness terrorize this town as long as I draw breath"!
Not horn starts to glow as she levels it at you. Shit! This won't end well. I better think of something quick.
Ask if they know where lady majesty is. A stallion over at a destroyed village they needed help and you might be able to offer it.
She raises her head at the mentioning of that name.
"I am she, the poor ponies of this land are terrorized by Monsters and roving bandits. I appeared here some time ago and couldn't stand by and watch them suffer. If you could find some brave ponies to take up our cause then that would help. I must stay here to protect the ponies".

Objective: Recruit Party Members!
Get Volunteers?
Let's shop since we got some gold from that dog. I would also like to know what they have to sell.
Stepping inside the store you are greeted by the shopkeeper.
"What you do you want to buy?
Funds 30.
Short Sword 10
Short Spear 10
Knife 5
Healing Medicine 10
Get two healing medicine. Now let's look for some volunteers. I think we'll find some in flutterdale if we don't find any in this village.
Healing machine and two knives!!!
Can we get some food and think about the situation!?
Healing machine and two knives. Lets go eat and make a plan!
You pocket a pair of healing Medicine and head over to the town square. You ask for anypony willing to join in fighting the forces of evil.

A few hopeful's come forth.
Aegis: Generic Royal Pegasus Guard.
Rush: A villager Earth pony.
Zekiel: Zebra villager.

John' Troop 1/5.
Who will you bring along?
I hate u samefag. Go die u dirty pile like ur character is a android under control. Walk several miles instead of look for help here ur dumb
Only accept them if they're female, we don't need any dudes in our party.
Is samefagging, end this dirty thread MODS MODS MODS!!!
let's go with the earth pony and see what they're made of.
Aegis Joined! Had Guard armor, short sword.
Rush Joined! Had Knife!

You can go train your party before going on story missions to improve yourself and your party.
>What shall you do next?
Train them how exactly? Aegis shouldn't need that much training since he's already a guard but what about rush?
Train in the art of sex.
Your party members have stats that go up during training. If you keep losing HP then HP will increase. You also get better at using certain types of weapons.
Alright, let's train them a bit.
File: download (7).jpg (9 KB, 193x261) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (7).jpg
9 KB, 193x261
Heading beyond the safety of the village you search for some Monsters to fight.

You come upon a group of goblins!
J.Doe 100
Aegis 25
Rush 30

Goblin 1 30
Goblin 2 30
Goblin 3 30
we attack pony one and aegis and rush attack goblin 2
J.Doe- attack Goblin1
Aegis- attack Goblin2
Rush- atttack Goblin3
You decapitate a goblim in one fell swoop as the body slumps to the ground. While Rush & Aegis double team another goblin making quick work of it.
The last goblin realizing its imminent defeat flees for into the woods.

>10 Bits Earned
>Aegis HP increased by five, Sword skill increased.
>Rush Knife skill increased.

You lead your recruits back into town for some lunch. They are leafy greens and hay while you had some fruit.

>What shall you do next?
We have a base? Already? Let's check it out then.
You head over to your "base". It was more a big pavilion than anything else. Due to the fact you have to place set a permanent one up.

Here you can interact with your followers, equip party members, and more to come eventually.
Let's interact with that guard. We can ask how long they've been a guard for. Then we can talk to rush and ask them if they've lived here all their life and what was that village we came from that was burned down?
You ask Aegis how long she has been a Guard.
"Well I've been a guard for about 5 or so years. Although I really did much beside stand around and keep the peace". You leave Aegis to her sword cleaning and head to Rush and ask about him and the burnt down town.
"Yeah, not really much else to go. The town over openly went against the King, so he destroyed the village to teach everypony else a lesson".

Well that was interesting. Wonder what I should do next?
Ask who the king is. Let's go to town
"King Stallone, doesn't really care for the ponies unless it's collecting taxes or something like that. He's a pretty terrible king".

You leave the large tent and return to Town.
>Where will you go?
Might as well get friendly with whoever runs the forge as we'll be needing them shortly. Then we can go to recruitment.
Inside the Forge you hang with Karim the Blacksmith. She hopes to help you however she can.

Heading over to recruit more ponies more volunteers are here today.
-Radford(Hero): Human Warlock
-Bill(Pawn): Buffalo Archer
-Create your own Recruit
Get the warlock so they'll teach us magic.
Radford The Warlock joined your party!
John' Troop 4/5

>Will you recruit anyone else?
-Bill, Buffalo Archer
-Create your own Recruit.
File: 1452920714681.png (172 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
172 KB, 960x540
Nah, we're fine like this. We now explore.
Traveling through the nearby woods, you run into some soldiers. Your forced to engage!
"It's the traitor General Radford! Kill him"!

John 100
Aegis 30
Rush 30
Radford 90

Soldier a 50
Soldier b 50
Soldier c 50
Captain 140
john soldier a aegis soldier b and rush soldier c use blizzard on the captain.
also what the fuck? general?
John dispatches a soldier while Aegis & Rush take out their targets. Radford freezes the captain in a prism of ice, and shatters into pieces.

"Ex-General. It was more of a job than a duty. I left when they wanted me to attack civilians instead of other soldiers".
The group return to Town with some extra bits in possession.
>What shall you do next?
how many bits exactly? did we take the soldiers other belongings like their armor and weapons? Can we equip rush with something and sell the rest?
do they have a distinctive logo on them that we need to worry about?
Has he ever met or seen the king?
"We have about 500 bits from the stuff those soldiers had on them. They won't be a problem as long as we don't face an entire army. The king is a complete fool, at this rate he'll dethrone himself. So we're fine for the moment".
Alright, let's see what the forge has to offer then.
We also need to ask rush that if he's a villager here then why don't we stay at his house instead of a tent or is it filled up with his various family members already?

Or maybe we need to buy our own house here? How do we do that?
Forge: Iron 200

"Oh, I just like staying with you guys instead, more exciting ya know".

>The town has no houses for sale.
>You'll need to go to a bigger town to do so.
I wish that were a little more specific then just "iron". Let's get it. I assume the same for Aegis then? She just wants to hang around us or did she not have a home previously?
Let's find a bigger town then. Go to flutterdale
You can get Weapons and armor forged with iron.
Karima will be travel with you. Aegis has no home or relatives.

You go on your way to Flutterdale. The town has a distinct wing based population.
>The natives accept with neutral feelings due to being strangers.
>What will you do now?
Find an inn and rent a room or two. Then all of us have to split up and find a job we can do so we can make some money. or find a job for the group.
You rent two rooms at the inn, with Rush and Aegis sleeping in one and you and Rad at the other.
After a restful night's sleep Rad finds work as a healer mending injuries.
Rush and Aegis teach the some villagers self defense.
What will you do?
I suppose whatever is available? we could be a waiter or someone that carries stuff.
>And so...you spent the day loading and unloading supplies from wagons, setting them up in a store.
All in all everyone made a good amount of bits.
Are there any places here that sell maps?
Finding a map from a cartographer, you see the nearby towns Foalmont, Destryshire, and Coltsburg.
try to find out how to get a house around here. We need to establish a real base. then we can recruit more people for our party and then just send them there as reserve. they can also help the town and make some credits too
You get a cheap price on an abandoned building and start to set up shop. Everyone settles in.
>What's the plan
Work here in the city a little more so that we can spruce up the place with nice beds and some reading material. We need to get the townsfolk to like us and then convince them to join what's her faces cause.
After some time had passed, the base was coming along pretty well. Even the citizens were warming up to you.
Your popular enough to seduce ponies if you wanted to.
We should forge ourselves a helmet.
You head over to Karima who forges a Helmet fro! Iron.
After some time the helmet was finally complete.
now we look awesome with our helmet. Let's take Karima out. Seduce Karima.
As the sun sets you take Karima out to eat. It proved to be very enjoyable.
>How will you seduce her?
Kiss her good night.
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