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Wander Quest (Thread 2)
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Previously on Wander Quest...
>Wood Spire the Earth pony wants to go on an adventure.
>With his nature magic and two best friends prepare to go on an adventure.
>Spire gets a the timberpony Woodsy as his loyal companion.
>Meanwhile up north the Crystal Pony, Tourmaline Tourney the Jouster.
>Finds herself in a cave system and tries to find her way out.
>After finding a tunnel through a trap door she finally reached an exit.
>Now we return to the Quest...

>Hopping down from the hole onto the cobblestone path you start to going down it.
>You admire the clear blue sky alongside the fluffy white clouds.
>They're just like the patches of snow melting on the ground revealing grass and plants.
>The little mountain flowers beside the road had many different hues and pleasant smell to boot.
>The purple ones remind you of the Crystal berries back at the empire.
>After a while or so and crossing a stonework bridge you start to see a few signs of civilization.
>A Town could be seen off in the distance nestled by something blue past it beyond the town.
>There was a Farm and a tall looking building away from the rest of the town proper as well.
>A Temple maybe?
>You hope they like travelers?
visit the farm. They can tell us things about the town.
>You went off the main road onto a dirt path leading to the farmhouse.
>You see them growing crops such as wheat, potatoes, and some leeks as well.
>A bunch of chickens were also clucking about pecking at the ground and cawing around.
>One black chicken in particular was following behind you as you approached the house.
>After knocking on the wooden door you waited until the door was opened.
>It was an older mare obviously getting on in years, evident by the crows feet and the wrinkles etched across her face.
>"Alright Missy, what can I do for a sparkly mare like you, I haven't all day, I've got to tend my crops in a few"?
ask about the town you're near. what's it called? does it have a temple? who is in charge over there? Ask what the blue thing is.
"Anything you can tell me about that the town further down the road"? You inquire to the older Mare.

"Well its a simple old town, it has all the amenities one might need. A Blacksmith, market for selling crops and jewelry and whatever else suit's ya. All that and a few other little places are over in Hollyfrost. Even has itself a little temple for the gods for the faithful ones. Mayor Jolly Cane makes sure everything goes smoothly for everything. We even have a little Wendigo statue at the center of town. You should watch for that one Stallion and his sister though, they is some strange noises coming from over there and a young'in like you shouldn't mess with that".

"Well thank you for the information miss, have a good time tending your crops".
>Leaving the farmhouse behind you return to the main road.
>Unsure of where exactly you should go first?
Let's talk to the mayor and tell her about the pony we found in the cave.
>You head down the cobblestone as you cross into the town proper.
>The buildings had cobblestone walls and thatched roofs. Quite different than the ones of pure crystal back home in the Empire.
>The ponies consisted mainly of Earth ponies with one or two Unicorn and Pegasi in the mix.
>They all were staring at you for some reason. Maybe it was the armor that was putting them off?
>After getting directions to the town hall, you were let in to see him.
>The mayor came out with a white coat and green/white mane in stripes. Even his mustache had the stripes!
>You informed the mayor of the things you witnessed in the mountain cave.

"That's quite the strange tale indeed. But hoping has come down from the mountain in more than a century, so you may see why we may find your story hard to affirm. We've not even the likes of your sparkling kind in our town in it's history miss Tourney. Well your safe in our humble town, so I hope that your time in Hollyfrost is a pleasant one.

>Leaving the town hall you wonder what you should do first now that you have some time on your hooves?
I guess we need to talk to the ponies at the temple? only other clue we have is a stallion and their sister.
>After asking directions from one the citizens, you get directions to a large building at the outskirts of town.
>This one a large door at the front and a little side door.
>After knocking on the door it pops open, the door creaking as it swings open.
>Stepping inside you hear the clink's and the striking of metal.
>The hell is that?
>Moving down the hallway and peaking out from the wall you see a white fured Stallion with all manner of tools and contraptions scattered about the room. He seemed focused on fiddling with some kind mechanical thing you were unable to see from your angle.
>What the hay is all this stuff he's working on?
get a closer look.
>Creeping closer to get a better look at what he was so engrossed in working on you peek over his shoulder.
>It looked to be some kind of mechanical leg with some bronze looking metal.
>With some small little tools he twisted and tweaked a few little screws, and some strings and other little moving parts.
"Almost got it, and after a few more tweaks you'll be all complete".
>He is too enthralled in his work to notice you standing behind him.
step away from the pony. let your presence be known by saying hello. ask what he's working on and why.
ask if he's in charge here or if he knows who is.
>You back up a few feet from the Stallion so as not to startle him too much.
"Hey um hello?"
>Hey pulls away from the mechanical leg with a look of surprise, then one of curiosity.
>Hey looks at you from your hooves all the way to the top of your head.
"So, what are you working on?
>The ponies face brims with joy as he grabs the leg and shows it to you.
>" This here is a new leg for my dear sister Elpis. She'll finally be able to get up and trot about with some form of fluid motion with this new leg I'm sure of it".
>His eyes were brimming a hopeful shine as he finishes creating the metal Hind Leg.

>You ask him if he's the one in charge around here or if you know who is?
>He shakes his head side to side.
>"Nope just me and Elpis out here by our lonesome. We never get visitors anymore, just anggry and ignorant townsfolk thinking I'm doing witchcraft or something such as that. It's to have a guest as pretty and as lustrous as yourself come here".
we look illustrious? well thank him. ask about the wendigo statue in the center of town. what's that about?
"I look illustrious"?
>"Have you not looked in the mirror, Your the epiphany of beauty"!
>" Got body shines like Crystal, you must be some kind of blessed Pony to have such a reflective body that it gleams from even just the light shining through the window ".
" Oh, well thank you. So what's the deal with the Wendigo statue in the center of town"?
>"Oh that? It was made during the event called Winter's Peace. Our ancestors found a way to coexist with the windigo in peace. We all get along all year long until one day when we all settle our problems and anger at each other in a big ball of bottled up frustration. Which the Windigo's that feed off of that until next year when this happens once again, an interesting little tale right? Oh I'm Sophos by the way, what's your name"?
call us tour. when is the next time this frustration happens?
"You can call me Tour. So when does the next frustration occur"?
>He rubs his beard in deep recollection.
"Well it'll be a long time before the next one, as it occurred only last month. Sometimes you can see a few of the galloping across the frozen plains if you're lucky".
"Aw Mare, I wanted to see how it would go down".
>"Don't worry it's just a big old brawl fest. Lots of arguing and exchange's of hooves, with a few choice words in the mix".
Ask where his sister is.
"So where's your sister"?
"Oh right, almost forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me".
>He grabs the the bronze Hind Leg as he motions for you to follow him.
>Leaving the metal workshop behind he leads into a cozy wooden section of the building and to her room.
>He opens the door slowly as he steps inside. His sister had a very elegant frame, like that of the ponies of Prance.
>Her fur was of a bronze hue, while her hair and eyes matched his mane and eyes.
>" Hey El' I got a little present for ya".
"Please oh please don't let it be Another book for me to read".
>"No, it's something even better! Tadah"!
>Her eyes tear up as she inspects the leg in amazement.
"Can, can I put it on"?
>"Oh course you can. Let me just help you get it on alright".
>He helps her off the bed as he positions the prosthetic next to where the new appendage would go.
>Attaching straps to her body securing and fastening it tightly.
>You gives it a test run as she walks a few circles around the room.
>She gives him a hug as she thanks him profusely for getting her a new leg.
>She notices you after they break the hug.
"Hey Sophos, who's your new friend here"?
>" Oh yeah, this is Tour, she's the first Pony to visit that didn't accuse us of witchcraft orntry to run us out of town.
"Well that's a relief, It's good to know there's still some nice ponies out thouse. So brother let's go something, anything as long as we get out of this house
>"Alright you head on without me, don't let me hold you back".
ask where she's going. aren't we trying to get ponies out of a cave or something? or talk to someone about ice monsters.
"Where is she going exactly?"
>"Into town or something. She always was better at socializing with others than me.
>"What? We've never heard anything about ice Monsters since Winter's Peace two-hundred years ago. Nopony could even live that long to tell us about them now".
>"Although nopony has ever somepony of your radiance before either. You might have been in a Time Shard".
"It occurs sometimes out where there high concentrations of magic in the air. I've never heard of one displacing a pony farther than a day though"?
>So what do you wanna do? I've never gotten along with the other townsfolk and your the closest thing to a friend I have".
I guess we should check the blacksmith and see if he can sharpen our weapons? check to see if he has a lance because we like those or are good with them.
"Can we check out the Blacksmith? I wanna see if he has a Lance in stock"?
>"Sure thing Tour, luckily Soot is one of my better acquaintances in Hollyfrost".
>He leads you out from his home and back into the town proper.
>Many ponies were giving hi!m hard stares and cold glares.
>Eventually you reach Soot's, he was sharpening a blade on a grindstone.
"Well, if it isn't Mr shut-in himself. I see Elpes is back on hooves again. That's a good thing you did for her".
>" Thanks Soot That means well to me. Well my friend Tour wants to get a lance, is that within the realm of possibility"?
"I have one actually, It's made of Steel so its".
>Sophos placing it on his back.
" Whereto to next m'lady Tour"?
I wanted that even though we don't have much money. What's a town we're close to? Maybe we need to bring food and jackets to the ponies in the cave.
>Sophos see's how much you want the Lance.
>He reaches into his saddlebag and pulls a bag of bits and hands it to Soot.
>He pockets it in one of the pouches on his apron.
"Pleasure doing business with you Soph".
>Sophos puts the new lance upon his back back as he shows you a road leading to the next town over. Fillyburg.
>"Your gonna owe me one for the lance. It was way expensive, but pretty well made".
>" Those ponies you saw were probably apart of the Time Shard. It's very likely that that place might not even be there if went back to the same place".
>"Well, what do you want to do next"?
Ask what the ponies at the temple think of them. I would like to visit it. Though if it's better to avoid it then let's go to fillyburgh! What's there anyway?
"The Temple had a whole myriad of gods, goddesses, and deities that a lot of ponies worship. I've heard that Time Shards appear in those places all the time, but it's never happened when I went".
" Fillyburg is a slightly bigger town than ours and it's the gateway to the big wide world. I've wanted to go but I've been too preoccupied caring Elpes making her new leg. And I don't have any combat experience in I get robbed or something on the road".

>Temple, or Fillyburg?
(Temple: Use Temple to switch Protagonists.)
what would we switch to? Let's go to the temple then.
>Heading to the Temple you find the interior filled with may idols, totems, stars and etc.
>Three glowing idols are grouped together.
>A hammer
>A Bow & Arrow
>And a Wooden Spire.
>There was also two other idols other side of the room.
>A Leaf.
>And a Ball of Fire.

>Switch to Wood Spire?
>Switch to the Leaf or Fireball?
>Continue as Tourmaline Tourney?
we can be wood spire for a bit.
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>Wood Spire & Co. Have been traveling down pleasant road for a couple hours.
>Accompanied by the chirps of woodland birds and the chatter of other forest critters.
>Among the winding path Spire saw a promising looking cave that surely must be filled with excitement and treasure!
>But then again, maybe finding some official work in the next town like slaying bandits might be your forte?
>What to do, what to do.
To the cave.
Worst case scenario its empty.
Or even worse, filled with bats.
Fuck bats.
Let's go into that cave and find something that we can use! We can always run away if it's something we aren't able to handle.
File: images (13).jpg (23 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (13).jpg
23 KB, 259x194

>Inside the cold, dark cave you make your way even further into the cave.
>Unfortunately there's a bucking bear living here!
>An Ursa Minor!?
>No. A regular one.
>We gotta deal with the bear to get deeper into the cave.
>Any ideas?
shit. weren't we good at telekinesis or rock magic?
You know Telekinesis, Rock, and Nature Magic.
summon rock. lift with telekinesis. punch rock into bears face.

also we can't just sneak past it? Is the bear sleeping right now?
Bear is sleeping.
Although everyone is carrying all their things so you might create too much noise.
We could take off our stuff and then sneak past the bear while our friends stay behind and keep an eye on it.
>Taking your saddlebags off you start to creep you way past the bear.
>Mark and Flynn keeping watch I case the beast awakens.
>After some strategic tiphoofing, you make it past the snoozing brown bear.
>Contuing further along the cave, you admire the stalagmites and stalactites forming on the floor and on the ceiling.
>After coming upon a den of sorts you find some fruit stacked neatly in a pile.
>Well someponies been living her, and recently because the fruit hasn't rotted yet.
Hmm what now?
Explore a little more. Let's try to find a small camp.
Go back and stab the bear through the eye.
Thread replies: 44
Thread images: 3
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