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ITT: People contribute music stuffs and we combine everyone's efforts into music. Everyone is welcome to participate. You can also discuss show/fandom music, ask for/give critique of yours or other's music, share tips and tricks, etc.

Previous Thread: https://desustorage.org/mlp/thread/26006244

Album Info:

>What is this?
This is a project that aims to actually create an album of music from /mlp/. It'll be a compilation of sorts, potentially containing everything from originals, remixes, collaborations, etc. The past efforts never came to fruition, so we're trying once again. If you create music, sing, rap, create art, write lyrics, have ideas, or just want to participate somehow, jump right in, and email [email protected] who you are, what you do, contact info (May include preferred email, YouTube, SoundCloud, ect), and anything else you want to say.

>What kind of music is the album going to contain?
Virtually anything is acceptable. This means complete originals, remixes, collaborations, soundscapes, etc.
Simply create a folder for your work within the proper folder within the Dropbox (more info in the Google Doc). For example, music goes in the music folder. Your folder will be used for sharing ideas, posting demos, etc. For your finished product, you may submit a mastered and/or unmastered WAV or AIFF, and simply drop it into your folder, indicating it's the final one.

>What about artwork?
Yes, we need artists as well for the album cover. Artwork will be submitted to the Dropbox in the same way as the music. Decisions on how which piece will be chosen will be arranged soon. Artwork for individual songs is possible for those that want it.

Then continue reading this → (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qfmH6zOQ6U0TgOWiT8mkihmbKnjzLoYmHsawwl26W6A/edit#) document. If you still have questions, email [email protected], or just ask in the thread.
I'll post updates after work.
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Octavia, with tricorne, eyepatch and leather jacket, cutlass between her teeth, wind blowing through her mane and tail, stood on the bow of her airship, riding it into battle.
Why is that not a thing.
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Page nine bump.
Not too bad
Reminds me of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW6h03jdvDU
1 bump commin up
>bumping a thread from page 4
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you act like all i do is lurk on 4chan. What do i look like to you? an oldfag?
Bunny bump
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>Page nine once more
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Time to post music stuff and stuff
Where are the updates
Sextuplets demand you post updates soundguy
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Witnessed mate, Have a baby.
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Witnessed and bump
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horey shet.png
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Dear god
Time for it to come through
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>Dead Anons song
Waiting for Shellah's vocals. Maybe Harmonica's...
Also, brass anons potentially wanted in the future after the composition is solid.

>Punk Song
Engie needs to right lyrics and sing? Someone.

>Boom De Yada
Mixing right now

Harmonicafag/Cellofag cello piece. PDF here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rdw5z6kkc64xdj1/untitled_29_2_Cello%20in%20C_One%20more%20time.pdf?dl=0

>Piano thing
WIP Celestia Song

Dzahlus's cover thing. Mixing after getting a couple people to sing.

>Navyseals Copypasta
Guitars are being finalized and recorded. Lyrics are done (I think). Needs some group vocals and vocals in general. Currently on hiatus, but not dead.

>mud pone punk song
Anoridan, ElectroCelloFag, and some others are thinking of making a raw punk song about the Earth Pony uprising

>Luna song
Anon made some lyrics. No music for it yet

>Horse music project
Sample: https://clyp.it/pk1gnjbm

>Song for Lauren Faust
WIP Demo here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qds8rmoj5mr2ixm/For%20Mom%20Update_Bridge.mp3?dl=0

>'cause you were a goddess
Progress here >>25265107
Composition basically done. Needs to be recorded.

>Sonate de le nuit

>Anon synth sound design

>Death Metal song
Anal Death is making a death metal song about cute ponies.
>>26036617 drums for it

>Swing Thing
Anon started a thing. Now sure where to go with it.

Other stuff:

Vote on album name: http://strawpoll.me/5852987
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>Porn music
Some anon posted this voice, and then sexy music happened. Could use some brass and possibly sexy moaning as well. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m8z52shdn69z3l4/RainBlow%20DashDemo2.mp3?dl=0
Most recent WIP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2g0qjpmllr1fhwl/Plays%202%20demo%2006.mp3?dl=0

Needs vocals, Sound Guy working on a solo thing (needs Engie to collab with), and waiting for any brass anon (trombone, sax, etc).

>Still Going
Synthfag uploaded the audio files/MIDI. Needs extending. Structure ideas welcome. Any other ideas and contributions are welcome.

Synthfag uploaded the audio files/MIDI. Robotic Lolita Internet Bunny Princess (TwiFi) will be working on this. Will need contributions.

>Jump cover

also new Anal Death update:
"Vocals are ready to record, gonna have to hold out a wee bit though. I haven't recorded anything in a long time, and when I dug up my old SM58 it was absolutely fucked. So I'm gonna have to buy a new one. I bought a set of 13-57 gauge strings so I should be good to go with guitar stuff soon. Just gotta write solos/breakdowns. I plan on proposing the project next practice and asking my band mates if they'll help me out."

Also TwiFi's gonna do some acoustic guitar for dead anons. This song also needs a real name.

Point out if I missed something
that's the stuff
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I'd bump that ass from page ten.
literally, who?
You know, TwiFi. The lovable rascal.


>all those dead links

I've been working on my second piece for this and this is what I have so far:


I will be able to record tonight and I have some ideas as to where this will go including lyrics
Your music sounds like the "this war of mine" game

Will listen
Page ten bump.
Page ten bumpfest.
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Need Luna tune
I love this
>page 10
fuck right off to page 0
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>Porn song is actually plays 2 demo
Wootmaster told me hard. I have failed, my children. Here is the real song:


Anyone who wants to moan, please do.
don't die
keep on rocking
Night all
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Stop believing
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Page ten "Hot and Flustered" bump.
Time for some "Still Going" update soon
Hey, writer of Sonate de le nuit here. Are you guys planning on putting it on the album?
OK, so, I've worked out the final piano part after the Harmonica. The drums still need to be written out, but I'll do that soon. Anyway, as you can hear, I repeated what is more or less the second half of the song. During it's end, however, I'm thinking of doing bringing it back into the first verse (or a variation thereof) that's only played once so far. Not sure what to out after that.
If anyone wants to play/add something, speak up.
Also, Harmonica, can you play your harmonica part two more times?
Hey guise

Me and Sound guy are working on a panty-dropping song.

Almost no effort is required.

All we have is a half-assed verse and a chorus with some lyrics.


cheesy love song for X_Audio 1-St.mp3

there are still no banjos I'm out of my element
oh god no
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Seriously guys
KKK not today
Gonna post some "BUMP!" soon, regular bump for now.
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610 KB, 1031x681

me, my partner, my bandmate.
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bump before bed.
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Not quite happy with the silence at 1:43. Although it's likely too predictable, I always thought that part should carry on to a Gm.
Also, the synth sounds rather... stilted? In comparison to the original.

Anyway, enough with the negative. I'm glad you got the piano done and dusted.
That was the one part I dreaded (and never actually ended up) tabbing.

>can you play your harmonica part two more times?
Uh... sure. It'll be done within a few days.

Thread may be stale but, be assured, there's still a lot of... "activity" going on in the background.
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>the lovable rascal
i have no idea who are you talking about
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