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Moondancer thread - don't forget about...
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Green Text:
Dancing with the Moonlight by JustSomeAnon: http://pastebin.com/W95D8fhQ

The Color of Life: http://pastebin.com/MGBfKGnh

Moondancer body type:

Spagoots poll:
Is the thread dead, or are the writefags busy for awhile and we can pick this up later?
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Rip old thread

>Can we sleep here?
>With you.

Sure, let's sleep in toilet.
>page 10

Not with those 2 greens unfinished
bump, writefriends return please

Relax, you didn't get rid of us. It's just tough with only two writers to keep a thread bumpin' along properlike.

Previously, on http://pastebin.com/MGBfKGnh


>you are Anon, destroyer of mane-dos
>you are also flying
>er, floating by force
>naturally, you take the opportunity to do an aerial backstroke as Moondancer tows you along
>from the look on Moondancer's face, she might find you a body of water to get a few laps in


>you are Moondancer
>your mane is a hydra's-nest
>there aren't enough hairpins in Canterlot to get it all back down in a bun
>so you force it (mostly) down and pin the mess to your sweater
>someone is sleeping on the couch tonight, and it won't be...
>It's his couch. And his apartment.
>but he's your stallion, right?


>you are Anon
>still floating
>Moondancer pins down her mane (mostly) and moves on with an "UGH!"
>It doesn't matter what race, apparently you just don't mess with a lady-do unless your name is Steven, you're FABULOUS and a licensed stylist
>off she goes, nose up in the air in a huff
>you're still floating there
>not moving
>ponies are starting to stare


>you are Moondancer
>and now that you've salvaged some semblance of dignity, you shall be off to your hom-
>you walk half a block before you realize you left Anon


>you are Anon
>you feel like a fish on the line as the unseen forces reel you in
>when you stop in front of Moondancer's horn, it'd have left skid marks if you'd been touching the ground
>she stares at you
>and does a perfect Canterlot Walk with you air-planking a foot over her glowing noggin
>at least it's a relaxing trip to the apartment


>you are Moondancer
>and if Anon is going to act like a colt, he's going to be treated like one
>so you tow him the entire way home like the naughty child he was
>and he's not even ashamed of it!
>you drop him on his butt and turn to stomp off to your house

Thanks, really enjoying your story.
Bump for activity
You mean Mooncancer, right OP?

Hasbro ruined her forever.

>you are Anon
>and you have one shot at not having a pissy marefriend
>"I'll...I'll do your hair for you. Nicely."
>you hear your man card spontaneously combust and burn to ashes inside your head


>you are Moondancer
>Anon has just offered to do your hair
>...maaaaybe he's learned something from all this
>plus, Anon's fingers going through your mane, rubbing your scalp...
>brushies. BRUSHIES.
>"OK, Anon. But if this is an excuse to mess up my mane again? You're on the couch."
>Hah! That's how you put your hoof down.
>AND you got to use the couch threat.
>you didn't tell him it was because he'd have to hold you nice and close all night to fit on it


>you are Anon
>you are being "punished" by having a cute pony in your lap
>who you shall brush
>and probably braid her mane for good measure
>"You bring the brushes and I'll do it."
>time for a nice evening with Moonie
>mare is happy
>Anon is happy
>everybody's gonna win here
>it's the Equestrian Way
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>"Anon! You caught me while I'm n-not decent!"

I am amused.
File: 1449434578819.jpg (49 KB, 500x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry once again about not updating a whole lot.
I've been having some sleeping issues and it's been affecting me mentally. Can't think straight.
I'll try and post as much as I can tonight
Ouch. I've been there, man. Do what you can, don't sweat what you can't.
please sleep well if you can
Cute, though her ears should be higher up, to just about where the top of the ears lines up with the top of the eyes, give or take. The way her glasses sit on her face struck me as odd until I noticed that.
seems decent to me
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Oh shit son
wew Iad

>you are Moondancer
>and you're going to do something daring when you get home
>you get inside
>grab your brushes
>and your toothbrush
>the "home" one
>you're going to put it in Anon's bathroom and...
>your Mom looks at you in the mirror above the sink
"You're going to take care of the house when I'm gone, my little crescent roll?"
>you flinch at the image
>and it's gone
>but she's still there in your head
>this is the family home
>you don't get to let go
>no matter how happy you might be somewhere else
>or if you afford to keep it going
>you're the eldest daughter
>it's your responsibility
>and for a moment, Canterlot feels like a ball and chain on your fetlock
>...and you put the toothbrush back in it's place
>M-maybe you'll just stay home like a good mare and read a book
>a lot of books
>you put your horn against the cool porcelain as your eyes start to water...
>...the sink breaks off of the wall and a geyser of water sprays
>all over you
>inside the wall between the bathroom and living room
>all over the floor
>running in a stream out your back door
>and you scream
>do you ever scream


>you are Golden Pearl
>and there's sweet music in the air
>and a Moondancer River
>that letter will be making it's way to it's destination in a day or two
>then they'll inspect her house
>condemn it
>and you'll be ready to snap up your new closet space at last
>maybe Star Struck's house for good measure now that he's out of the picture
>Ooh! Guest house. You've always wanted another one.
>you rear up and rub your forehooves together
>Yes, everything is going to be -perfect-.


>you are Anon
>it's been an hour
>why you no brushie brushie?
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75 KB, 510x443
Plz writefag, I need more of the adventures of A Pimp Named Moonback and Roxanon
What are you talking about? Your ears aren't on your neck??
Get back to work, Crocker.
I-is that you Handsome Jeck?

Your writefag just pulled a double.

I'll see what I can do when I get home.
p.10 bump

>you are Moondancer
>and you're bawling
>but somepony is comforting you
>actually, she smells kinda...


>you are Minuette
>and you were on your way to work when you passed by
>and flood and crying and where the heck is anyone else
>and you realized that she needed
>and you wanted
>and here you are
>you managed to get the water turned off
>well, the water in the house
>Moondancer's a mess
>her hair's all over the place
>and it's covered in sniffles and soaked and yuck
>so you lean against her and tell her it's going to be all right
>till she takes a step
>and you lean
>and she steps
>and you lean
>and she's walking
>and you take her back to your apartment
>and she's crying
>and you put her in the shower and coo at her and wash the yuck away
>and she's not crying too much
>and you tell work you had an emergency
>and she's dead on her hooves from crying
>and you get her a couple of aspirin for the sob-ache
>and you get her into bed
>and you hold her
>and it's everything you wanted
>except for the sobs
>but you'll make it better
>and you kiss it to make it better
>there's a lot of holding
>and a lot of kissing
>and you make wine from her tears
>the intoxicating salt
>the warmth as you cuddle
>she is sad and beautiful and everything with her hair laying about her in candy-colored strands
>and she is yours
>sometime, in the night the sad lets go and there's peace in your little apartment
>just the two of you and the taste on your tongue
>it's a strange way to your happy place
>but you've found it


>you are Anon
>and you're asleep on the couch
>fitful, sorry
>she got mad
>she didn't come back
>you fucked up
>you'll tell her sorry in the morning
>with enough flowers for brunch
>but tonight, you'll give her space
>and since no brushie
>couch it is
p.9 bump
couch is fine with me
Overall, yes, it's better than anything I could draw. It's just that one detail.
>told to sleep on the couch
>actually does it
Holy shit what a literal cuck, sleeping on the couch while someone else cuddles your waifu. I was loving it until this bullshit happened.
Thread replies: 41
Thread images: 7
Thread DB ID: 432100

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