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Need art for this Oc.
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Rustle Clover.png
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Requesting art of this Oc.

>A mare that once lived in the darkness of terror and woe.
>A poor creature that worked as a miner, being abused and treated like a lesser organism.
>She prayed to the sky one night while everypony rested, her slave duty at an end for a mere night.
>Begging for any chance to be freed from the darkness of woe and suffering.
>She looked and to the sky, so beautiful and inspiring.
>"Do not let your jimmies be broken from into that dark night. Rustle, Rustle, Rustle against the dying light."
>Her once green mane went upward into a fiery coloration.
>"Follow my will oh foal of suffering, for you will never have your Jimmies Rustled ever again.
>She felt the knowledge consume her mind, the great primate in the sky would only blessen.
>"Now you are reborn! Go, be free from your shackles that hinder you! Be one with Unrustling."
>As the divine being spoke, her shackles melted into vapor. She was finally free.
>No more to work the fields as a slave of Diamond Dogs any longer.
>Truly this was a blessed day.
>Without a further notice, she went into the forest and chopped down some wood.
>To which she spoke, "This wooden staff will be a conduit to all cleansing of Jimmies being rustled."
>Her words came with a boon. So loud and overflowing with holiness.
>She walked onward, animals watching the blessed one and following her movement with each step.
>Soon, she found the throes of ponykind, working away with wood and more.
>They would ask, "Who are you stranger, and why do the animals follow you?"
>She would reply, "I am, but one who is gone from the world of rustling, one who can not be tainted ever again."
>They watched in confusion, noticing her staff and odd flaming like mane.
>"I feel that you have a foal that is sick, may I look upon her?"
>The couple who were working with the wood gasped at the information.
>So, they brought her to their weakened filly, who was sick in bed and dying.
>The mare raised her staff and she was healed.
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64 KB, 696x460
>mfw OP represents the majority of the board

>The couple were astonished, seeing this pony heal their daughter as if the disease was nothing, but a hoax.
>They brought her to the town square, were every pony would be at.
>"Look! Every pony! My daughter is healed by this healer! Praise be!"
>They all circled them, the diviner watching the group with a vacant gaze.
>Then, they asked questions.
>Things such as, where she came from, who she was, and more unnecessary questions.
>She only spoke with a soft voice.
>"I am here to bring the Jimmies to peace, bring me your sick and your downtrodden, I will make them better."
>They all gasped in astonishment and brought the sick and the downtrodden.
>She raised her staff to the lepers, the hurt and the needy and brought them to health.
>The ponies reveled in her gloriousness, but at some point, she needed to leave.
>She asked, "Come with me and your jimmies will never be rustled ever again."
>Several followed her, bringing supplies and more. And some did not.
>They continued down the road to a broader horizon.
>Soon, news came upon the current Princess of the area, her name was Crystal Starling and she wanted to meet with the devout healer.
>Many informants told her such things as, how she brought the changelings peace, and the masterbators many buckets of lotion.
>She couldn't even come close to finding her, but she did find a relative of the devout mare.
>His name was Biblio the Waterhoser.
>Legends tell of how he would babtise the sad and depressed with his own semen.
>He came as ordered from the imperial ponies of the regime they were in.
>He asked, "Why was I brought here, I must continue Hosing for the glory of the Unrustle."
>The princess asked, "I must know the location of your cousin, The Devout Mare."
>He replied in annoyance, "He who is blessed must not be disturbed."
>And thus she was angered and sentenced the Hoser to bless her.
>The hoser did, and she was covered in holiness.
>They wed together and had several fillies and colts.
Never change, /mlp/.
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34 KB, 420x390
Here, I did this on my phone.
Request OP to eat a bag of dicks.
Thread replies: 11
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