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The Gregorian Year is 4914. After 2000 years...
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The Gregorian Year is 4914. After 2000 years of living in the shadow of Equestria, humanity has finally re-industrialized and is planning to reassert their place as the dominant species of Earth. A young human manages to sneak into Canterlot while the guard are busy protecting the The Equestria Games and tries to assassinate Celestia by firing several pistol rounds into the royal grandstand, and then throwing a phosgene canister into it. Celestia survives, but is in critical condition. The two guards protecting the box's entrance and Prince Blue Blood are killed. War ensues, pitting the mostly agrarian, magic-based society of Equestria against the industrial society of the humans. Who wins?
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If nobody picks it up after the second day you posted it, nobody is going to pick it up.

Stop trying.
A human force consisting of fifteen field corps (see WW1 German army organization) advance out of the west and split into three, Army Group North, Army Group South, and Army Group Central. Army Group North lands in just north of Vanhoover, taking the city and regrouping with Army Group Central and advancing east. Army Group South besieged and took Los Pegasus and began advancing through the mountains. Army Group Central makes quick advances eastward, but is halted 20 miles outside of Ponyville. Trench warfare soon breaks out as Equestrian forces are able to mobilize and human forces dig in and solidify their positions. Cloudsdale has also fallen victim to numerous assaults by human air forces. ***Note: Human advances and positions will be shown in red, Equestrian advances and positions will be shown in lime green, front lines will be shown in black*** ***Original map source:http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Equestria***
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Several divisions of Army Group Central are able to advance the front ten miles closer to Ponyville with heavy casulties, and are thus prevented from entering the city. The air wings attached to Army Group Central commence a carpet bombing campaign against the city and the surrounding Everfree Forrest while human artillery continue heavy bombardment of Guard positions. Princess Twilight was forced out of necessity to open her castle to the city's refugees and evacuation orders are put in place. Meanwhile, the Crystal Empire mobilizes against Army Group North, but their forces are pushed back and lost a rail junction, effectively cutting the Crystal Empire off from Canterlot. In the south, an airborne division of Army Group South capture a bridge over Ghastly Gorge while the main force advances toward Appleloosa, preparing for an assault on the city.
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I'm tired of referring to humans forces as "the humans" or "human forces" so I'm making up a country: The Greater People's Republic of Pananthropotita or Pananthropitan Empire. It is far from republican in its government, organized similarly to the Soviet Union under Stalin in wartime and Brezhnev in peacetime, though the government has a high approval rating (mostly because dissidence is stamped out). It's on a technological and economic level equivalent of the United States and Germany combined during WW2, but no nuclear arsenal as of yet, though it has developed nuclear power generation, computer systems, and CNG engines (mostly used on trains). It's aims in this conflict are to expand the realm of humanity, a reconquest of territory lost as humanity contracted. It has a population ~740,000,000 people and covers a land area roughly equivalent to the size of Europe and the Middle East (b/t Palestine and the Indus River valley) on an as of yet undiscovered continent with a topography and climate range similar to North America. The official language is a hybrid of British and American dialects of English, now known as Human Basic, and religion has all but been forgotten, as national doctrine encourages devotion to state and species over anything else. They use the metric system of weights and measures. Pic related is their flag.
*Pananthropitan Republic
I like this idea. Lurking.
Dude, nobody cares. You keep trying and it's not sticking.
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Bet money that these posts were made by the same guy.

Y so salt, dog? Your favorite general on the verge of collapse or something?
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nope desu
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Note: OP will mainly post the war's progression as I see fit, though anyone and everyone is welcome to shift the front lines or make changes to strategy. OP will also post journal-style entries following soldiers of both sides, documenting the war 1'st person. Again, everyone is welcome to join in. Greentext, writefag, suggestions, etc. all welcome.

That's really not something you'd want to quote seeing as that idiot wanted to declare war on the Soviets right after WW2 and he's reponsible for an abysmal assault on the Dardanelles during WW1.
“Did you know that 'I told you so' has a brother,Jacob?" she asked cutting me off. "His name is 'Shut the hell up'.”
― Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn
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>quoting Twilight
>For any reason
>READING Twilight
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Okay I may not have much respect for Churchill beyond his capabilities as a wartime leader but quoting Twilight is too much.
I have not had literary relations with that series.
September 14'th, 4914
Cpl. Simon Liedholdt, Army Group Central, 4'th Army, 22'nd Potomac Corps, Division A, 2'nd infantry Brigade, B Regiment, Pioneers, 10 km outside of Ponyville
When the war started, our superiors promised us a quick victory; said that any opposition we faced would be disorganized by the SIS's little plot and primitive enough to be more amazed by us than anything. They couldn't have been more wrong. The enemy we met possessed a power we couldn't even begin to comprehend. We were only saved by the fact that these horses were faced by the same problem.
When we crossed our frontier into the strange landscape, I was taken aback by its beauty--it matched anything the Pananthropotita had to offer--though I had also envisioned where human settlements would soon spring up. These reveries were three months ago. I still don't know what happened. Our two-week advance brought us here, only to sit in a trench ever since. The food's already gone to shit, and the never-ending rain showers are flooding our defenses, and it seems as if the terrain itself is attacking us. I've heard that some of our men see flying horses manipulating the clouds and the pilots talk of the flying cities where they live. I my self have seen these horses, having four kills under my belt since arriving (the most action I've seen since the Northwest Insurrection of 4903). The first one I encountered when an enemy formation ambushed us. He hit me with some burst of something. I just remember blacking out, though I can assume it was meant to kill me, as the the poor bloke's face went white when he saw me get up. My rifle was toasted, snapped in two in fact, and I almost felt sorry for the bloke as I bayoneted him; the damn blade went right through his armor, which seemed to be made of gold.
Since then, we've only been able to advance 5 kilometers, and our superiors already talk of taking the city by mid-October. From what I've seen, we're in for the long haul.
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