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In previous threads anons tried to fight...
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In previous threads anons tried to fight autism with autism and wanted to create Celestia's counterpart of Nyx. Her name was Hemera and she was supposed to be the cool/carefree/mischievous part of Celestia.
But they all were faggots and never got anything done so the thread died.
A shitty writefag was left with a beginning of a story that had almost no Hemera in it.
Not wanting for his autism to be wasted he will now dump what he wrote and see if anyone wants to continue this.
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>It’s a beautiful morning in Canterlot
>The Royal palace glimmers in the sun
>The Princess of the night finished her duty and is soundly asleep in her quarters resting after a long night, protected by her watchful guards
>The room is dark with windows covered in thick curtains
>The princess lays under her warm blanket snoring quietly
>The Guard satisfied closes the door
>He never noticed the white and orange streak that passed him into the room
“It’s been years now and she still feels cold at night.” He says thinking aloud.
“I wonder if she will ever recover?”
>A second later, the doors behind him explode flying of the hinges in clouds of smoke
>trapped under the fallen door the guard can only look in horror, as from the smoke emerges a white filly with a fiery orange mane, doing a 360 on a skateboard, dressed like one of those pony rappers, complete with a backward baseball cap.
>She lands just before him the skateboard coming to a stop
>there is a second of silence before rapid discharges of magic can be heard from the bedroom, the filly takes a sip from a small juice box before lowering her sunglasses
“It seems I turned her day into a nightmare

>You are one of Luna’s elite guards and you never signed up for this shit
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“A-A-And then I heard this loud BANG and there was smoke everywhere and I kind of panicked…”
>Celestia smirks a little while looking at the remains of the west tower where Luna’s bedroom used to be.
“This is no laughing matter Tia!”
>” I’m sorry Luna” Celestia says regaining her composure, before looking at you “Captain how is the search going?”
“We are still looking but the Castle is big, it will take some time before we find anything.”
>” Keep me informed then. Luna I think you need to drink a cup of tea with me.”
>You lower your head respectively as they walk away.
>Now where could a filly like her hide?

>Well you weren’t expecting that.
>There she was in the middle of the throne room looking up at one of the stained glass windows showing twilight and her friends.
>You slowly come closer
>And then it hits you
>She is an alicorn
>You fight through the shock and you try remember how she treated Princess Luna
>Just when you are in hoofs reach
>She looks back straight at you
“Got you”
File: Smug horse.png (1 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Smug horse.png
1 MB, 1280x720
>You wonder while dangling upside down from a rope holding the chandelier, how many times today will you have to remind yourself that you are an elite guard before you start believing it again.
“Now can you tell me how old I am?” she asks sitting comfortably in Celestia’s throne.
>” Excuse me?”
“I mean how old is Celestia?”
>“A few millennia I think, give or take”
>Her eyes grow bigger
“Did princess Luna, you know went a little crazy recently?” She asks with a mischievous grin
>”Erm… You mean the nightmare moon incident like a 1000 years ago?” This is getting confusing for you
“Darn it! I missed it!” She says slamming a little filly hoof on the throne
>”Can you explain me who you are now?”
“Oh I’ am so sorry I didn’t introduce myself.”
You feel yourself being lifted down by magic to the base of the throne, it feels warm
“My name is Hemera the coolest pony around, and you are?”
>”I am Grey Scutum a Captain in Luna’s elite guards” You say fighting the urge to salute to the alicorn, there is something very familiar in her…
“They even let earth ponies become guards?” She says smirking.
>This is it. That smirk.
>It’s Celestia. It’s somehow a twisted version of Celestia.
>Oh Luna what did I get myself into?

>You are standing outside the big intricately carved wooden door
>You can hear a muffled conversation coming from what you know is the unofficial “interrogation” room
>It was a strange day
>It took you some time to convince the filly to come with you to see the Princesses
>but now that you brought her to their attention you were relieved to know that she wasn’t your problem anymore
>The sound beyond the door subsided now and you stood at attention awaiting your Princess
>Soon enough the door swung open violently and an irritated Luna stormed out
>You moved to follow behind her but a voice from the room called to you
“Captain I need to talk to you”, you heard Celestia say
>” Whatever you need your highness” you said turning to face the door.
>Celestia was looking down at you with a stern expression on her face
“You are here by relieved from your duty as a guard, protector of Princess Luna of the Night”
>To hear those words was you worst nightmare
“You will now answer to me, Princess Celestia of the Sun, do you understand?”
>You dedicated your life to them and now you failed
>You wanted to say something, to explain yourself, to ask what you did to wrong your Princess, to plead to her not to do this.
>But you couldn’t. This was what you lived for, to serve the Princesses
>The only thing you could do is remain expressionless and answer your ruler.
“Yes, your highness”
“Good. I have a new assignment for you. You will now serve as a… bodyguard for this filly here. You are to follow her orders unless they conflict with mine, you will find more details in an official order awaiting you in your quarters, from which you will move out immediately.”
“Is this understood?”
>” Yes your highness” you answer lowering your head even more as something got briefly in your eye.
>The door closes before you and you are left standing outside.

>Walking back to your quarters you remember all the hardships you went through to get this far
>It wasn’t easy becoming a captain as an earth pony
>It was an unwritten rule that only unicorns and pegasai could become officers
>You got here by hard work and luck, but now you start to question if you really deserved it
>What if this wasn’t a harmless prank but an attempt on Lunas life?
>Maybe if you were a unicorn you could something to prevent this?
>Now Sapphire Gust will probably be chosen as your replacement
>You hate this guy
>He got this far only because of his family connections, and he treated this like any work
>He would never risk his life for Luna if he could help it
>There is an official letter waiting for you under the door to your room
>You pick it up marveling once again at the speed of bureaucracy
>Shaking your head to clear your mind you open the door to your quarters
>You don’t have much in here; this is not going to take much time you think
>Opening the letter you sit on your bed and begin to read
>Privileged eyes only bla bla bla bla
>Official Princess orders bla bla bla
>You are to relocate to the east side room number 542
>”This is not one of many guards quarters in that part of the castle” you think
>You are to accompany Hemera throughout her day
>”Read: you have been demoted to a babysitter”
>Who she is and where she came from, is a state secret
>She is not allowed to leave the vicinity of the castle
>You are to avoid making her seem like a prisoner
>”What the hay is this?” you say out loud almost involuntary
>”That’s not how it was supposed to be…”

>The next day you are standing outside a door
>It’s not a big door
>It’s not a pretty door
>Just one of many in this big castle
>Yet your orders were worded as if it was the most important door in the castle right now
>You wonder if someone is setting you up for another demotion
>Your trained guard ears pick something up on the other side of the door
>Good that means she is alive
>You wait a little bit longer until you feel a cold draft coming over your hooves from under the door
>Oh Luna
>The orders never said anything about opening the door right? You think slamming it open
>You peripherally notice a bed, a collection of cool hats and a wardrobe, what actually took your attention was an open window
>You quickly run and look out the window
>It’s a sunny day, a little breeze is blowing
>and no sign of that darn filly

Writing is hard
File: Hemera.png (174 KB, 2166x1618) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174 KB, 2166x1618
Glad to see I'm not the only one who wants to keep the dream alive
>You aren’t even sure how you got so quickly down the stairs
>You ran through the door
>riiight into a bubble of water suspended in the air by magic
>It splashed on your face with a loud sound
>Hemera is near, laughing loudly at your surprised face
>She comes closer still laughing and hands you a dry towel
“Oh you should have seen your face, it was priceless”
>”I wouldn’t go that far”
“Come on it was funny”
>”We guards aren’t really known for our sense of humor”
“Well I can see that, I just hope you are not going to stay lame forever Mr. Guard” she says giggling a little
“Now let’s go I want to see a few things!” she said before going briskly back into the castle
>She sounds excited, you hope it doesn’t mean trouble
>You notice she is wearing a baggy hoodie cowering her wings, and that funny baseball cap
>You guess they don’t want people knowing that there is an additional alicorn running around
“Hey! Are you coming Mr. serious pony?”
>This is going to be a long day
If anyone has any comments about my writing,
or Hemera's personality I would appreciate it.
I don't want this thread to be only me throwing green at the wall.
I'm loving it so far, she acts exactly like I imagined she would. Keep going
File: Just like my soul.png (202 KB, 427x654) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Just like my soul.png
202 KB, 427x654
3 IPs
File: Lawrence-of-Arabia.gif (982 KB, 495x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
982 KB, 495x263
We can't lose hope Anon. It's like they say, big things have small beginnings
Pity bump for you.
gimme a sec
i just came here, and i'm reading
also, now is 5
While we wait, what do you guys think of Hemera so far? Is there anything we should add to her desgin or backstory?
and what would be? nyx was a creation of a cult trying to revive NMM, but fail
i don't know what would be Hemera, unless it would be something like, i don't know, an alternative timeline where she was nightmare star, kill everything in the planet so she anted to destroy other shit, but in the dimensional travel she got weak to the point she became a little filly
That sounds interesting, I heard another one where she is a combination of of the different versions of Celestia that the Internet came up with fused into one. Honestly I don't know which one I prefer
goodnight guys
good luck with your idea
One day, maybe.....
Still waiting for the next part
>You follow her back into the castle
"Race you to the top!"
>This is gonna be a very long day
>You chase after her before she breaks something
>You finally catch up to her on the balcony, out of breath
"What took you so long?"
>"I'm not what used to be, anyway what are you doing up here?"
>She points at the sun
>"Yeah it's the Sun, what about it?"
"I bet I could move it!"
>Can she even do that? Sure she's an alicorn but she's still just a filly...right?
>"I don't think that's a good idea"
"What's the worst that could happen?"
>"Do you want a list?"
"You're no fun"
>"Seriously ponies could get hurt, including you. I can't let that happen."
"Oh come on, don't be such a pussy."
>"Why you litt- I mean please, even if you can move it the princess is going to notice. She'll have my head, I don't think she'll be very happy that you messed with her sun
"I'll just move a little bit, she'll never notice."
>"Please don't..."
"Too late, I'm already doing it!"
>You see massive amounts of magic come her horn
>You close your eyes and wait for the inevitable
Someone hijacked my green
Not even mad but say that you continue the story for someone else next time
Unless you are me, then I have bigger problems

>You are no unicorn, far from it even
>But you can see that she is trying, you have never seen this amount of magic come from a fragile little body like hers
>She winces and takes a step back
>“Are you really ok?”
“Yeah *pant* no problem *pant* let me just try *pant* this”
>You aren’t so sure but you see that she closes her eyes and the glow becomes even stronger
>You could swear you see little glowing streams of magic disappearing under her skin
>Then there is a silent bright flash, and a movement of air that almost knocks you over
>There she is, barely standing
>She really reminds you of Celestia with her head held high like this and that triumphant smile on her face
File: I am a horse anon.jpg (933 KB, 1200x1098) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I am a horse anon.jpg
933 KB, 1200x1098
>You rush to her, catching her just before she hits the ground
“H-have you EVER seen something that cool? Huh?”
>The sun didn’t explode and you aren’t sure if it even moved
>You don’t really want to say “twice a day 365 days a year” either
>So you just remain expressionless like a good guard
>She grins
“Just gimme a minute, I need to catch my breath and you need to move your hoof”
>You just noticed that your “Standard Princess saving Hold nr. 06” slipped a little and your hoof is now resting comfortably on her flank
>You try not to blush
>You do anyway
>You help her stand and quickly move away, remaining VERY expressionless and professional
>You also can’t help but to notice that she is bigger than yesterday
>She is still pretty young, but does it even apply to basically immortal Goddesses?
“I want to see the throne room again!”
>A sigh escapes your mouth and you follow that darn horse

>Meanwhile in all of Equestria all the mechanical clocks were a little late compared to the superior Sun based old-style clocks
>Princess Celestia soon found on her desk a formal request from various organizations to postpone the transition to mechanical clocks until they are found more reliable in favor of solar clocks

I have a good idea for the story

In my mind she is a manifestation of Celestias old self or what she wanted to do but cant as a responsible ruler magnified by the fact that alicorns arent really stable by definition when you think about that, this amount of magic in one body can lead to funny things like NMM or something like that. My cannon is that every alicorn has periods of destabilization where her mind can unconsciously project things into reality. It's fun because that means Twilight will go through the same thing.
What do you think?
I actually find myself liking this
>every alicorn has periods of destabilization where her mind can unconsciously project things into reality.
That kinda makes sense actually. If they gave up trying to make the comics canon like people think, then that means Luna transfromed into NMM because her feelings of loneliness and anger reached critical mass, instead of some shadow creatures that made her that way while she was vulnerable
Bumping for more
File: RAINBOW POWER.png (2 MB, 1242x2117) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1242x2117
>In the throne room she sat in front the stained glass just like yesterday
"Can you tell me what this one is about?"
>It was the newest addition, showing Princess Twilight and her friends
>She made you tell her about the stories shown in every single one
>Even the oldest ones
>"Aren’t you like very old?"
"Well of course, I am millennia’s old!"
>"Then shouldn’t you remember all of those" You gesture to the windows
>Something flickered in her eyes
"O-of course I remember it's just I want to hear about them again..." She lowers her head again
>You wonder how it is possible for her to pull of pranks when she is such a bad liar.
>"Sure no problem"
>But this makes you wonder even more
File: READ.jpe.jpg (227 KB, 1600x1071) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
227 KB, 1600x1071
>After that she was taken by the princesses and you were free for the rest of the day
>You used this free time to go to the library and do some research
>The castle library was a strange one
>It often lacked the trivial and obvious books
>But was stocked with rare, impossible or down right books that shouldn’t exist
>And you had a friend there
>"Hello book horse"
>She had a straight purple mane and very light yellow fur
>And she was probably the only unicorn in Canterlot that you could stand for more than 5 minutes
"I told you to stop calling me that" She said obviously taking no offense
>"Oh but it fits so well" you grin at her
"I heard what happened" she says looking at you her expression changing
>"It will never cease to amaze me how fast the news spread around here"
"Well I am not really clear on the details but that’s a pretty big deal you know"
>"Well to be frank I don’t actually know either and I hope you don’t think I will be telling you anything that’s not official"
>"I know, I know..." She said waving her hoof
"Now, is there anything I can do for you as librarian?"
>"Well I am kind of looking for something but I am not really sure what is it yet"
>"Well is there something on alicorns that I haven’t read yet?"
"You basically read every single available book on the subject when you became a Royal guard"
>"All available, what about those less available?"
>She looks at you with amusement
"What did you say Mr. never break the rules?"
>"Right, right forget it"
>"Just give me something about the sun, Celestia and everything in-between"
"That’s pretty specific" She says ironically
>"I know you can handle it"
"This will take some time"
>The rest of the evening you spent reading books but didn’t find anything of interest, yet
File: giphy-24.gif (13 KB, 300x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 300x200
>Every Alicorn has periods of destabilization
>Twilight will go through the same thing
that gave me a kek. Actually, now that I think about it, if she had been in one of those periods of destabilization during the epsisode "What About Discord?", there is a possibility where she might have completely wrecked the space-time continuum...
File: AYYY LMAO.jpg (4 MB, 3279x2494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 3279x2494
Is this good or am I slowing it down too much?
Nah it's gud. There's intrigue now, it builds suspense
Imagine how much worse Lesson Zero would've turned out if Twi was an alicorn
I have written quite a lot today
We really need a drawfag
>Coming late to your room
>You laid yourself on your bed determined to sleep
>3 hours later you were still awake
>When you serve someone who can literally waltz right into your dreams, whether you want it or not, you learn to sleep when they do, otherwise it’s like not thinking about the pink elephant
>But you couldn’t do that now, you changed your sleep patterns 180 degrees, now Princess Luna was awake, when you were asleep
>Today was even worse, you still felt the guilt and a little bit of anger about your discharge from the elite guards.
>You were afraid what your princess might think about you
>As you were laying there you heard hoof steps
>At first you thought it was just a guard
>But guards don’t walk cautiously, unless they are patrolling outside the royal quarters
>It was someone else

Time for some action

>You silently got out of bead and put on your helmet and pink bunny slippers from your grandma
>Putting an ear to the door you listened
>You heard hooves on the corridor
>You waited before they started fading in the distant and quickly ran out
>The door was soundless, you made sure of that before
>Paranoia was one of the things that made you such a good guard
>You quickly trotted after the sounds
>The length of those majestic corridors was to your advantage, letting you hear further and allowing you to peak around the corner and see the intruders safely from the darkness
>4 ponies
>One of them was carrying something on his back
>The moment they rounded the corner you started running
>the slippers were helping but that was no magic, you were sure they heard you know
>When you passed the corner you could now clearly see them
>In the moon light shining through the big windows you saw Hemer being carried on the pegasus back and two unicorns who were just finishing casting a teleportation spell
>Two unicorn spell, hey were carrying four its probably somewhere in Canterlot you think
>The one unicorn left turned to you
>If she wanted to kill you she could have done that a long time ago, typical
>She was a young mare her white blue coloring shined brightly in the moonlight
"Oh it's just an earth pony" she said mockingly
>She started slowly walking towards you, confident in her control of the situation, she allowed her flank to sway with the tail following her moves closely
"I am so sorry, maybe if you were a unicorn or even a pegasai I could have made a deal with you"
>She was now just a few steps before you
"But you are no use to us and you will have to die, and that makes me so happy" her grin was disgusting
>She was now standing just before you
"Do you want me to make it quick or maybe I will use my magic to alter your brain so that..."
>She never finished that sentence
>She obviously tried to intimidate you but it wasn’t really working
>She was a mare trying to look down on a stallion much taller than her
>At the same time she was using her magic and charm to get out of work her whole life, while you were an earth pony raised in the countryside a son of a blacksmith who trained the rest of his life to become a Royal guard
>Saying you were bigger than her was an understatement
>But you learned to appreciate those stupid mistakes unicorns like her made
>It was the only thing that got you through the academy
>There was an old custom that graduating officers had to duel their peers to prove their worth
>Not to death obviously, but as an earth pony you were considered free credit
>You never liked history, before you discovered “The chronicles of the race wars”
>It was almost solely thanks to this book that you graduated
>Written by one of the longest surviving earth pony generals
>Book horse was the one that helped you with that one
Lesson number one
>Get close and intimate
>Unicorn not only have fragile bodies
>They also can’t cast the most devastating spells when you are close enough
Lesson number two
>They like things predictable
>They don’t like the prospect of CQC
>The moment they are out of their element they panic
>It’s like if someone took one of your legs
>You lose your balance
Lesson three
>Not many not unicorn know this
>Many unicorns don’t even know this
>The moment you touch their horn
>It’s over
>You can easily brake it with enough force but even touching it with a foreign body disrupts the magic flow and renders it useless
>And not many unicorns can cast spells with unrefined magic
>The moment the unicorn didn’t kill you instantly you by teleporting your brain 5000miles away
>You won
File: maxresdefault-21.jpg (31 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 1280x720
>Saying you were bigger than her was an understatement
>It wasn’t even hard she was basically asking for it
>You raised you front leg and put your hoof down on her head driving it in to the ground
>You heard a surprised “Eeeeep” and felt her squirm under your pink bunny slipper from grandma
>Her horn was glowing but that was the best she could do right now
>You lowered your head and increased the pressure
>”Now Ms. “I am going to kill you so dead”, where did you take the filly?” you asked with your polite voice
“I am gn…” she tried to say through her theeth
>“Think about the answer my dear, I am not going to ask again” You heard her teeth grit when you increased the pressure
File: rrpgWcT.gif (1020 KB, 257x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1020 KB, 257x194
>You found the place
>There was a unicorn in a hood standing outside the door
>It was getting brighter with every minute you have to hurry
>You quickly took care of the unicorn and walked right in
>It was a big round room
>The dome had a slit in the ceeling where the telescope used to be, sun was shining through it creating a puddle of light
>In the center you saw Hemera, still knocked out cold or maybe Dead
>She was tied to a cross, around her you saw 3 unicorns and two pegasai standing in a circle with magical inscriptions on the floor
>There was also the pegasai who you saw caring Hemera before and one of the two unicorns, you guess that the one outside was the other one
>You can already hear the chanting
>The unicorn charges her horn obviously prepared to wipe you out
>The pegasai launches into the air gaining altitude in the spacious dome
>Two on one
>But you came prepared
>Standard officer issue [s]cursed[/s] magically protected helmet and gear should protect your brain from being teleported out or anything being teleported inside
>You also brought the other thing that got you through the academy
>Your shield
File: DISABLE.jpg (43 KB, 500x491) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 500x491
>You weren’t named Grey Scutum for no reason
>Your father was a blacksmith, just like his father and grandfather, you still help him when you come home
>What you need in a fight with a unicorn is something that will let you close the gap and not get burned to death
>While most shields aren’t laser proofed if you have a willing unicorn who knows the right spells you can reforge it embedding it with protection magic
>This shield has 10 years, every year you reforge it using every spell that you could find and convince Book Horse to actually cast
>Now you take it out of your saddle bag and grip it with your teeth
>You hide behind it while the unicorn fires laser beams at you, waiting for the pegasai
>Now it’s time for another lesson from the past
>Finding your opponents strength is almost as important as finding your weakness
>Now let’s look at pegasai
>Their obvious strength is the ability to fly, speed, and agility
>But the source of all that is their wings
File: KICK.png (84 KB, 900x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 900x650
>They don’t have a long range attack so they have to get close and personal
>And that’s the way you like it
>The pegasai after circling above you for a few seconds seeing that the unicorn is doing no damage dived straight at you
>You slammed the shield into the ground making it stand upright facing the unicorn
>When you see something going fast at you its normal to try to dodge
>Sometimes your opponent can forget that
>You crouched and when the pegasai came in with a kick, you jumped straight into it extending your front legs
>The kick hit you pretty hard in your chest but you were prepared and it didn’t do any serious damage but it hurt like a bitch
>The pegasai on the other hand didn’t expect that
>Your front legs were now ready
>You pushed both of them down, knocking the pegasai out of the air
>He landed on his wings
>Pegasai wings are quite fragile, enough force and they are useless
>Pegasai with no wings is not a threat anymore
>This one was knocked out cold
>You take your shield and charge the unicorn
>He tries different spells but all of them break on the surface of the shield
>In his last ditch defense he tries freezing you but it was too late and your momentum knocks him into the wall
>Always push your initiative don’t let them remember all those spells that can hurt you
File: A PRINCESS.png (263 KB, 712x805) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
263 KB, 712x805
The climax is tomorrow don't miss it!
If I finish it on time
What did you think of the fight scenes?
I hope it's not too much autism, I just like the concept of an earthpony fighting unicorns and shit.
I think it's pretty good. I found the tactics interesting.
I think it's fine, I kinda like that an earth pony gets to do shit for once. Can't wait for the conclusion
So what do we do while we wait?
File: DISCUSSION.gif (750 KB, 260x146) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
750 KB, 260x146
You can discuss Hemera
1.What is the extend of her powers?
2.What is her relationship with Luna/Celestia?
2a.Luna can see her as another NMM.
3.What will she do in Canterlot?
4.Will she become another princess officially?
5.Isn't the concept of bad ass earthponies great?
5.3 I would read a green like that that's not mine
You have the advantage over canon characters that you create the canon. You don't have to be a writefag, I mean Hemera was your idea anons I just put your ideas into words.
Whatever you think off, if other people like it BOOM its canon you can now pester the writefag to incorporate it.
Or you can start your own green with blackjack and hookers.
>1.What is the extent of her powers?
I say she's on par with current Twilight at the moment, getting even more powerful as she gets older.

>2.What is her relationship with Luna/Celestia?
Like what others said, she created as result of Celestia's giref and desire to be just a carefree pony that built up overtime. Luna saw this coming, so she did a thing where instead of Celestia turning into a nightmare version of herself, they extracted all the energy which resulted in Hemera

>2a.Luna can see her as another NMM.
Yes, she probably keeps a close eye on her in her dreams, but kinda has soft spot for since she is sorta her sister

>3.What will she do in Canterlot?
I feel like that's something the charcters should work out overtime

>4.Will she become another princess officially?
Not sure, most anons don't really like it when an OC afftects the canon too much, even if it is just a fanfic/greentext. I kinda like how sorta small scale this is. It can be like the comics where stuff happens but the main show doesn't mention it

>5.Isn't the concept of bad ass earthponies great?
It is a nice change of pace
What do you think about shield guy?
After the first prompt I needed someone to be the main character and anon didn't really fit in there. So I just used the character that was "closest". But I fear that he takes too much "screen time" from Hemera.
Also I wonder where is the guy who wrote the other crazy green.
It was fun in a sort of wtf is going on sense.
Shield guy is pretty cool, I mean he does work as a self insert but he also kinda stands on his own.

As for what happened to the time travel rape story guy, I have no idea
>time travel rape story
It was in the other thread
when do we ship her with nyx?
Whenever you want honestly. There are no rules to shipping
Tomorrow Anon
Drawfags when?
For Hemera's cutiemark, I think something like this would suit her nicely. How about you guys?
Drawfags never it seems
that was a neat surprise
You ain't dead yet!
>You stand there, over the defeated unicorn, your shield covered with remains of magic ice that melts quickly, water slowly drips on the floor.
>The sun is now shining straight at Hemera
>You start to run
>One of the ponies standing in the circle falls to the ground
>Then another
>The only one left is a fairly big unicorn with his horn glowing strongly
>The inscriptions light up with a sinister light
>The ray of sunshine that fell upon the filly solidified it took the form of a gold liquid flowing from the sun
>You could feel the warm radiating from it even from here
>You saw the unicorn turn towards you, his eyes glowing with power
"You are too late now!" He screams before casting a powerful spell
>The ice bolt that hit your shield stopped you almost in place with its power
>You could hear a cry of pain from Hemera as the “sunlight” touched her
>At least she was alive
>You try to close the gap to the unicorn again
"Dint you hear me stupid? It’s over"
>His horn glows even stronger
>The ice comes at you like a water current, swaying and turning and just before hitting your shield it turns going around and you feel as hundreds of ice bolts hit you in the side throwing you around the room like a doll
>You feel the warmth of blood running down your right side
>But you stand up again
>You are still making progress
>And if you fail, she will die
>or worse
>You run and when you see the ice beginning to form again
>You spin around throwing the shield as hard as you could straight at him
>But he was fast
>The ice broke into millions of pieces in the air
>The shield bounced of the force field he created
>Not wasting time you run at the magic shield
>You kick it with all your force
>This is not normal
>Even very strong unicorns can’t hold a shield that deflects actual physical objects for more than a few seconds
>But he probably drained all those other ponies dry of magic, you think as you look at the bodies lying around the magic circle
>One of them raises their head "Why did you do that?" he whispers looking at the unicorn
"Oh I just needed a little more magic to start the ritual that's all"
"You will be rewarded of course like we decided before, everyone here will become immortal alicorns!"
>The circle glows even stronger and the pony head hits the floor limply.
>"You know you can't really divide alicorn magic like that do you?" You ask raising your voice so you can be heard through the field
"Maybe...?" He smiles devilishly
"Now excuse me for now I need to prepare for the final part"
>You try breaking the barrier once again, but it doesn’t look like it will give anytime soon
>You need to hurry
>You can’t go underground, there is not enough time
>You can’t wait him out or she will die
>Looking around the room you notice a scaffolding that was probably used to remove the telescope a long time ago
>You pick up your shield
File: ROYAL GUARD STRONK.jpg (452 KB, 900x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
452 KB, 900x1080
>You are now standing before the pillar of light that extends from Hemera into the sun
>It's so bright you can hardly look at it
>The sun essence
>You take a second to remember your family and friends
>There was no turning back the moment you became a royal guard
>Putting your shield into the beam you break the containment magic
>The bright liquid sprays everywhere setting everything it touches on fire
>You step into it putting your body behind the shield, you have to use all your strength to not get blown away
>You can smell the burning fur
>Your tail is already gone and you can feel you skin burning
>You can’t feel you mouth anymore
>"J-just a l-little l—longer!"
Below you there is a puddle of molten metal as your shield starts to melt in the immense heat
>You feel nothing
>You fall to the ground
>Only one of your eyes still works
>But you have the front row seat
>Hemera literally blew up the magic circle overloading it with raw magic
>She is being suspended in the air by her own magic she doesn’t even bother to use her wings
>Radiating with light, it’s hard to look at her directly
>Her hair like the raging inferno around her that consumes the old observatory
>The unicorn tries to use one of those super lasers on her
>You can’t even smile on his stupidity
>She didn’t even put a shield up
>The laser curved around her making a hole in the ceiling above
>Hemerea responded in kind
>There was a flash
>The only thing left from him was a missing wall
>You close your eye
>You did your duty
>You made your Princesses proud
"Can you hear me?"
"Oh no are you alright?"
"Please talk to me..."
Shit is getting real
File: BATTLE.jpg (107 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 1280x720
OST to this part:

>The wind is blowing around the planes, bringing the smell of ashes and blood.
>"And that’s Lesson number 3!"
"YES SIR!" a rumble of voices responds
>The sky is clouded with smoke and thunderclouds. The pegasai and unicorns from both sides have been fighting for control of the weather for some time now
>A big earth pony in immaculate armor, caring an impossibly big shield, encrusted with gemstones and gold, is walking in front of a row of armored earth ponies, in the background there is a massive army lined up, stretching to the horizon
>He notices something and looks away
>On a rock not far away an alicorn with a mane that moves like fire raises a glowing orb into the sky
> ”Notify everyone that everything goes according to the plan” He says to a pegasai sitting next to him
>”We lead the charge”
>The pegasai salutes and goes up into the air, waving colored flags to signal the other commanders
>The alicorn looks in his direction
>There is something on her lips that might look like a smile
>The orb that was lifted into the sky releases a powerful flash of light before diapering
>”For the Queen!” The General booms
“ For the Queen!” The ponies respond
>He starts to run into the no mans land with his soldiers following suite
>The whole horizon starts to move as the massive army goes into battle
>The opposing army soon responds with a volley of magic spells and arrows
>The cloud of dust kicked up by the magic attacks moves with the attacking army as the wind blows north
>The charging ponies disappear in it
>Then the dust swells on the other side and spits out a solid wall of steel and fury that crashes into the front row of enemy troops.
“Are you awake?”

This is it for today I think.
Please share your thoughts I really appreciate it.
Pretty cool, kinda disappointed Hemera didn't do much though. The stuff with the gurad is interesting though
File: still a horsey anon.png (188 KB, 1024x1289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
still a horsey anon.png
188 KB, 1024x1289
To be frank I am still not sure what I want to do with her.
I don't want to brake the cannon too much but at the same time I don't think that slice of life would be so interesting.
So I'm kind of torn between wanting to do some crazy shit and turning it down for the sake of her staying in character and staying in the canon.
I would be grateful if the thread could tell me what they want to see in this green.
You could play loose with the canon, it is just a greentext after all. More interactions between the gurad and Hemera would be nice
The secret is I am bad at writing character interaction and I don't want to make everyone cringe, I think I picked a wrong green with that in mind
don't worry man, you will solve it before you know
Thanks anon, I will try
So where does our little sunshine go from here?
to whenever she wants
she is really cute, so she'll be okay
You know, I'm kinda tried of endlessly bumping the thread while we wait for the writefag. We have to do more if we expect this filly to fly
but where do we start?
i mean, so far the writefag is doing good.
what we could discuss about her?
I think what we really need is a drawfag
Still waiting
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