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Suddenly Spectre enters Equestria. What does...
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Suddenly Spectre enters Equestria. What does he do?
Literally who?
Notice the watermark at the left of the picture.
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Who and why should I care?
CODfags still exist?
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The proper term, I believe, is CoDomites.
But yes, strangely enough.
I was legitimately unaware that CoD had characters.
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Oops, sorry, wrong SPECTRE.
(It was me, Twilight. The author of all your pain.)
Captain Price was pretty chill
I want /tv/ to leave.
Gaz and Ghost were the same person
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Farms in everfree forest until gets some nice glowing sword, then goes for Celestia's throne.

>Be Spectre
>Tonight you're going in the simulation to prefer in front of the world again. The Boss said it's going to be a new map with interactive A.I.s, but not like Nuketown where everyone has to activate the mannequins.
>You wonder what they had in planned tonight.
>You stand in the Open Simulation area customizing your loadouts. The quietness is comforting, in a few moments things will get loud and the only enjoyable sound will be your enemies screaming in pain.
>Match Begining in 10
>Who will be your teammates this time?
>Is Ruin still mad about making him the last kill? It was pretty funny beating his Gravity Spikes with your Ripper.
>Today, you feel like going loud instead of stealth.
"Here it goes."
>The simulation changes and suddenly you're surrounded by a colorful simulation. It looks like they placed you in some cartoon.
>This time you're teamed with Ruin, Reaper, and Firebreak. A guy who likes to charge and destroy a room, a robot gatling gun in his arm, and a pyromanic.
>An interesting team this time.
>"Attack! Attack! Attack!"
"You need to attack more than once? You should work on that."
>Ruin gives a nice glare at you. Seems he is still salty about the last game.
>"Which map is this?"
>Firebreak's question gets answered by the Announcer.
>"Today is a special event! We're placing our favorite Specialists in a closed off area from the cartoon... My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Sponsored by Hasbro who will be releasing a toy line this Fall of own Specialists!"
>"Remember now, do not hurt the cute little ponies! Each one killed equals one point deducted from your team's score, an automatic death, and spawn delay."
>The match begins and everyone runs out. You run parallel with Ruin going through a market, Firebreak decided to run through some alleys, and Reaper made a sniper's nest on top of a building. The ponies scream and move out of your way, this is not good for you and Ruin.
>The enemy team can figure out your position with the screaming equines.
"Ruin, stay low! I go high up!"
>You jump up in the air and run along the buildings. A loud crack is heard and you feel a bullet graze you.
>Fortunately her aim was off at that time, giving Ruin a chance to get a quick headshot on her with his KN-44.
>"What about those reminders?"
>Quickly you dive down and hide behind a stand trying to recover. As you try to catch your breath, a grey pony comes up to you with a basket of muffins.
>"Would you like a muffin?"
"... No. But do you mind if I borrow you for a moment?"
>The poor thing looked confused, she had no idea what you had in mind for her.
>"Uh sure?"
>You pick her up and use her as a shield as you switch to your pistol. Quickly you charge at where you believe they will be spawning.
>Battery saw you and decided to be dumb enough to shoot, the poor thing in your arm exploded in pixels as you fired back at her killer.
>You reload your pistol and grab another pony that gave a nice squeak as you picked it up.
>"Oh! Hello! Whats your name? Mine is Pinkie Pie!"
>Regrets. It won't shut up.
>You holster your pistol and run along the walls. Nomad tries to stay hidden in some tree that is completely out of place in this town!
>"Oh! Look it's Twilight's house! She is my best friend! Could you believe she is one of Princess Celestia's pupils?"
"Hey Nomad! Catch!"
>You jump off the wall and throw the pink pony at the bearded man.
>"Huh? Pony!"
>He jumps out of the tree and you pick him off.
"I am Deat-"
>You couldn't finish your line after getting blown up by Battery.
>You spawn again and jump onto the rooftops. Reaper is just camping with his Scythe taking out any poor soul dumb enough to poke their head out.
To be fair, I think this is were people go since they can't post pony images on thier respective borads
>Prophet tried to throw a grenade, Reaper gunned him down while avoiding killing any of the town ponies running around in fear. That grenade he had exploded killing multiple ponies and earning some point deductions to their teams.
"Yes. That's more like it."
>Quickly you run across the map and see Battery copying your tactic of holding the ponies as shields. It's time for revenge.
>You drop down behind Battery who is struggling to keep the pony in her arms.
>She drops dead after you impale her with your Ripper.
"Couldn't see, couldn't evade."
>The scared pony looks up at you and thanks you.
>"Th-Thank you so much Mister Robot!"
>You run away and go back to fighting. With the little remainder left of Ripper ability you stab Nomad hiding in a dumpster.
>Then you hear the terrible familiar sound of a H.I.V.E. activating.
>The alley fills with your screams of pain as you're eaten alive by his bugs.
>You spawn annoyed that you missed the little red ball of death.
>There's a great lead in points that you're team is having. Reaper and Firebreak must be just butting heads with Prophet and Seraph. This game might end soon.
>Again you run over to the market where you know you have cover fire from Reaper. Then it happens, Ruin runs out and sees Prophet and Seraph who try to gang up on you.
>"Don't worry Spectre! I'll save you!"
>Reaper didn't have a chance to stop it from happening, he was busying dealing with Battery who tried to flank him after finally getting Firebreak. You ducked down and heard it.
>The sound of dozens of ponies dying and exploding into pixels as Ruin drops down with his Gravity Spikes. He killed Prophet and Seraph, but along with a market full of tiny horses.
>Your lead vanished in a single second.
>Someone pokes your arm.
>It's that Grey horse from before. Seems they respawn too.
>"Hey! Would you like a muffin?"

And that's all I could think. i got to start my day.
>be spectre
>see pony
>aim down sights to shoot
>raspberry jam is smeared on the screen
>another pony was behind you
Lel who cares?
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Thread images: 5
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