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Age Difference Thread #12
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"Twilight's Mom has got it Goin' On" Edition
Previous Thread: >>25979713

Come in here, all you /ss/, loli, MILF, and cougar lovers! Talk about or write about relationships between characters with a big age difference here.

BasedPastebinFucker's Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/BasedPastebinFucker

LoreLove's Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/LoreLove

Kid Anon and the Spa Ponies: http://pastebin.com/604wKseg

Right and Wrong (Anon x RD): http://pastebin.com/34vUjssQ

Blue and Orange on the Rainbow: http://pastebin.com/LTHRbaVn

Anon x Changelings: http://pastebin.com/JzKpr3yw

KidAnon and Babysitter Fluttershy: http://pastebin.com/LSXpUfUs

Anon x Ginger Snap (filly scout): http://desustorage.org/mlp/thread/24611358/#24621083

Anon x DT: http://pastebin.com/VX9AexTa

The Wonderful Misadventures of Scootaloo and Kid Anon: http://pastebin.com/BAne48b7

White Cream (Twilight Velver x Moondancer): http://pastebin.com/F13LxLWN

Spike x Rarity x Fluttershy Magic Dragon-cock Harem two threads ago (Get a pastebin or something!)

KidAnon's Family Lesson: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JCuAgpY6DhDHmR7oXTB0tFMi0_

The Nightlight - Young Anon x Twilight: http://pastebin.com/KGAwSJH3

Pretty damn violent, you been warned
Parent's Night Out - Child Anon x Cadance:
1: http://pastebin.com/zwC0NpR4
2: http://pastebin.com/h5PL42Ep
3: http://pastebin.com/KSGt3cXy
4: http://pastebin.com/3cYrn5i9
5: http://pastebin.com/etFHephx
6: http://pastebin.com/jmK3Cpat
7: http://pastebin.com/fsW6SPA3

Babs Tease: http://pastebin.com/wr3d5tQR

Too Fast, Too Young: http://pastebin.com/ktSs353f

MA KidAnon: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zZ8oVIcOiNMfeOsJCpw2lw3ARAhUBOFnhDOrvnDqw9M/edit?usp=sharing

An Uncle and Niece story: http://pastebin.com/fnSHbcsX
Just as a heads up, you forgot to add the Snowdrop story to the list.
>Implying that wasn't totally intentional

It actually wasn't, I just didn't notice it.

Sorry about that m8. Mind giving me the link so I can add it to the next OP?
Any more snow booty?

Actually, I was thinking of writing a completely new story, but I haven't decided on the theme yet.
I come here for the snowdrop green.
Thanks mate.

>She pulls her head backwards, making sure to stop just before your dick slides entirely out of her mouth
>After a moment’s pause, she slides her mouth back down your shaft, but she only intakes the first couple of inches
>She then pulls back fully, takes in the next couple of inches in the next go, and then takes in the last of your member with the third swipe
>You soon realize you should’ve elaborated on your explanation, seeing as she doesn’t repeat her pattern
>Instead, she just sticks with fully blowing you, which is by no means a bad thing
>Despite not feeling fully into her oral performance, you give her a relatively loud moan for encouragement
>It seems to work, seeing as she responds by closing her eyes, and letting loose a moan of her own
>The vibrations created from her throat give your dick a pleasant surprise, eliciting a much louder genuine moan from you
>She quickly takes note of this, and starts purposefully tossing in moans every now and again
>Her timing starts off very sporadically, as she seems to just randomly insert throat movement into her regime at random points
>However, she soon develops a good pattern to go by as she continues to experiment
>Every thirty seconds or so, she would give off a cute, yet somewhat quiet moan
>It did wonders for your dick though
>Occasionally, she would toss in a much louder moan for good measure, adding an extra layer of surprise and pleasure to the experience
>You don’t even need to give her any more instructions to improve her performance
>As a beginner, she was doing a phenomenal job, bringing you to edge at a pleasurably quick pace
>Soon enough though, you feel your pleasure peak, and allow your dick to release your seed into Fluttershy’s mouth
>The second your hot love hits her tongue, Fluttershy’s eyes go wide, and you quickly realize you should’ve warned her before letting loose
>You then yank your dick out… and watch as Fluttershy’s face gets sprayed with your seed
>Glob after glob of hot spunk splatters across her face, which she tries to avoid by turning her head to the left
>Once your dick has finished flexing in it’s climax, she turns back to you, and the mere sight of her face being covered in your seed forces your member to flex one final time
>With a single eye closed to shield it from your liquid love, she begins to whimper slightly
>And it’s honestly the hottest thing you’ve ever witnessed
>Globs of spunk have landed across her nose, right eye, and forehead
>Several strands are currently sliding down her face, and some are even dripping off her chin
>However, her mane received the brunt of your climax, as it is heavily coated in your white love
>She takes a hoof to her face, and collects a good chunk of your spunk on it
>Her curiosity as she carefully examines the protein further excites you, and you soon realize you’re at full mast again
>She takes a bit of the spunk in her other hoof, and slowly separates the two
>Amazement fills her face, as she closely observes the trail of sperm linking her hooves
“If you… really want to turn me on… you could lick some of that up…” you blurt out
>She looks at you puzzledly, then returns her gaze back to the sperm
>”But… that came out of your penis… you pee from there.”
“I know, I know. That was… stupid of me to suggest. Sorry, forget I-”
>”No, no. I… I want to make you happy. And if I can do that by licking your… semen… I’ll do it.”
“Flutterbutter, you don’t-”
>”I do, Anon, I really want to do it. Now, is there anything I can do to make it… ‘hotter’ for you?”
“Well… you could slowly lick it up…”
>”OK. I’ll try that.”
>She allows some of the spunk to trail down her foreleg, and slowly sticks her tongue out
>As she slowly runs it up her hoof, and into the pool of your love that’s collected on her hoof, your dick hardens enough to shatter rocks
>Flutterbutter uses Lick
>It's super effective!
>Anon is fully erect! He can no longer escape!
>Anon uses Pound
>It's super effective!
>Flutterbutter was pounded 5 times!
>Flutterbutter has fainted
File: 1440795050720.png (203 KB, 799x653) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203 KB, 799x653
>Twilight's mom was naked all along
File: 1450149070103.jpg (92 KB, 878x814) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 878x814
No green and slow.
The thread just started, give it a while.
Finally, the Viral has come back to the Age Difference thread!
Been sick with a nasty cold, but enough about that!
I've been doing way to much talking and lurking lately, it's time for me to start writing again and plant a lush patch of green all over your ass!
So that is what I'm gonna do!
I've missed you, familia.
Also, it might not be that long compared to how long you've had to wait, but it's a start.

I see what you did there.

Wow, I thought you guys would have given up on me by this point.
Truthfully, I haven't actually been to the AnonFilly thread in while now.
I'm sorry that I've abandoned you, I'll see if I'll continue my story eventually, but I can't make any promises about when that will happen.

You kinda remind me of me, I was a real straight edge teenager, and even though I sometimes drink now, it only for special occasions, I don't drink anything too strong (except maybe one glass of snaps for a toast). I actually hate the taste of alcohol and I can taste even the smallest amounts in practically any drink, so there really isn't any reason for me to drink it.
Also I never have, nor ever will get drunk. It doesn't interest me and I hate being around people who are drunk.
And I've never done any drugs. I've never had the urge to try even once.
>sole provider of Green for a thread
I know that feeling.
It can be exhausting, but thank you for putting up with it.
You're a real senpai

>You stare silently at the stallion, you had been so wrapped up in your fantasy that you had failed to even notice him walk up to you.
>The heat on your cheeks is still present, having been caught daydreaming by this stranger.
>You swear you’ve seen him somewhere before though, but where?
>He’s got a nice smile though, and the way he’s looking at you, warm and disarming, but with a small hint of mystery behind those eyes. It reminds you about some of those novels you found in the library once; the ones about handsome, mysterious strangers wooing young mares with their charms.
>Wow, your chest is feeling a little warmer as well now.
>Wait, didn’t he say something to you?
>Blinking, you quietly clear your throat as realize that you’ve just been staring at him in silence, giving him a sheepish smile and lowering your face to look up at his face.
>He tilts his head slightly, but his gentle smile still remains on his lips, his eyes silently studying you.
>Oh, darn! You still haven’t answered him!
“U-Um, sure! Go right ahead.”
>You stutter, hands on your laps and twiddling your fingers nervously, feeling so silly for how you’re acting. He’s just a friendly stranger, probably just looking for someone to talk to for a moment, no need to be acting so flustered about it.
>His smile grows a little, making you feel a bit more comfortable again, glad to have not accidentally weirded him out, before he moves to take a seat next to you.
>As he turns to props himself up on the bench, your eyes drift towards the shooting star of his cutie mark, again trying to place where you might have seen him before.
>Quickly, you avert your eyes to his face as he settles into his seat, realizing that you’re practically ogling his flank and fearing to get caught in the act. Not that you were really looking at his butt anyway!
>Although, it was a pretty good looking butt…

>The stallion leans back on the bench, eyes closed as he raises his head and taking a deep breath through his nose as a soft breeze passes by you, his hair swaying in the wind.
>Your treacherous eyes make their way downwards again. Lightly biting your lower lip, you can make out the hints of muscle on his flank under the yellow coat of thin fur. He must work out.
>Noticing his head move, your eyes snap back up just in time to meet his as he turns to face you.
>Giving him a totally confidant and not-a-all guilty-looking smile, you hope he didn’t notice your wandering gaze.
>He gives you a smirk, raising one of his eyebrows.
>Yeah, he totally bought it!
>”You’re the human, right? I’ve seen you around town. What’s your name?”
>Oh gosh, a stallion is showing interest in you? Wait… Don’t get carried away, Fem. Remember that he probably just wants to have a friendly chat.
“Yep, I’m a human! My name’s Femanon, but most ponies just call me Fem.”
>You proudly puff out your chest as you introduce yourself. You’re not quite sure why, but it seems to really catch his attention, giving you an approving look up and down before meeting your eyes again, so you figure you must have done something right.
>”Nice to meet you, Fem. My name is Comet Tail.”
>Comet… Tail… Oh! Now you remember! You grin widely as you lean closer to him, catching him a little by surprise.
“I thought I recognized you! You’re the fast guy!”
>At your words he averts his eyes, turning his face downwards.
>Aww, he’s shy!

Comet Tail
>Dammit, she’s already heard the rumors about you as well! Of course she has...
>You knew it was a long shot, but you were starting to get your hopes up; the way she was checking you out and then showing off her teats, she was clearly showing interest.
>But now, there’s no way she’d want anything to do with-
>”That’s super cool!”

>Lifting your head, you’re met with the beaming smile of Fem, still leaning close to you.
>Dumbstruck, you just stare at her, not knowing what to say.
>”I remember now! I saw you using your speed spell and raced some pegasus once. You left him completely in the dust! You must the fastest pony ever!”
>You blink a few times.
>Wait… So she wasn’t talking about… M-maybe she doesn’t know.
>Feeling your confidence returning, you immediately straighten yourself up, puffing out your chest and your best “smooth guy”-smile returning to your face.
“S-sure! Or, the fastest unicorn at least.”
>Better not overdo it, girls appreciate confidence, but you don’t want to seem like a braggart.
>Fem turns her body in her seat so she’s sitting sideways, facing you. One of her legs now resting on the bench, exposing more of the inside of her thigh, flaunting the smooth skin while still having her skirt leave much to the imagination.
>You swallow a small lump in your throat, the tips of your ears burning with heat. Not wanting to get to excited, you fight to keep your eyes from wandering over her creamy skin.
>She has to be teasing you. Well, two can play that game, missy.
“So, you like speedsters? You enjoy a good race, or do you just like to check out the runners?”
>You cap it off by giving her a half-lidded stare and a smile.
>She looks at you for a few seconds, long enough for you to think you might have been a little too forward, then a hint of pink makes its way across her cheeks, the edges of her lips curving upwards.
>Giving a titter, which she quickly stifles, she turns her face away from you.
>”H-How naughty!” she manages to squeak out before giggling quietly, her eyes darting back and forth between the ground and you, a tiny smile on her blushing face. You’d feel bad for putting her in such a state, if it didn’t make her look so cute.

>Eventually though, you can’t stop a chuckle from leaving you before trying to give her comforting look, leaning lazily against the bench and shaking you head.
“I’m sorry about teasing you, I just couldn’t help myself.”
>Her eyes finally settles on you, some of the pink leaving her cheeks and her brow furrowing slightly in what you think is supposed to be a frown, but it’s hampered by the wide smile on her lips, clearly holding back another giggle.
>”Bad boy~” She coos, “do you make a habit out of teasing girls?”
“Only the cute ones.”
>You give her a playful wink and she laughs. It is a sweet sound, very dainty yet also completely genuine, giving it a very youthful, musical quality. You’re glad that she seems to like your stumbling attempts at being flirty, you’re kinda rusty at this.
>You just look at her as she laughs, gazing at her face, taking note of the cute little dimples forming on her face, how she bashfully twirls the ends of her hair around her finger as her laughter starts to die down, using her other hand to gingerly rub a tear from her eye.
>Once she calms down and looks at you again, your eyes lock and you peer deeply into each other for a moment. Her breath seems to hitch, but then she smiles again, turning away to look out over the lake.
>You admire her profile in comfortable silence, watching the sunlight reflect on her eyes and dark, silky hair.
>Not a bad start, Comet. Not bad at all.
There, that's all for tonight!
Pastebin updated and all that jazz.

Sorry for taking so long, Anon.
D-do you still love me?
File: 1452566048678.png (349 KB, 960x980) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
349 KB, 960x980
Requesting a green based on pic related.
We love you still. You are an amazing Senpai that does amazing green!
You shouldn't make us worry that much!
Good to have you back, mate.
We missed you!
Thank you!
And I'm sorry for worrying you.

Good to be back, m80.

I missed you too!
Oh thank god, Viral's back.

“Oh my fucking god, YES,” you breathe, as she cranes her neck backwards, before slowly swallowing your liquid love
>The small glob of semen etches its figure into her neck, as it makes its journey to her stomach
>Once the sticky substance has cleared her throat, she sticks out her tongue to air out the foul taste still clinging to it
>”Was… was that good?” she asks hopefully
>You can only nod in response, which makes her entire face light up with joy
“Better than good,” you respond when you find your voice. “That little show you did at the end was hot… made my dick real happy.”
>With confusion tugging at her mouth, she looks to your member, and stifles a gasp as she notices it’s fully hardened again
>”W-wow! You mean… I did that?”
>You nod, which makes her face beam with pride
>And a smidge of relief
>”That’s… no one’s ever gotten hard again after… having... their way, with... me. This is-”
“I get it. Glad I could give your ego a slight boost.”
>”No, I’m glad I’m able to do this… just by swallowing your cum…”
“Well… it was a combination of seeing my spunk on your face and you swallowing it. To be honest, it’s kind of a degradation thing. Having a man cum all over your face isn’t something to be flattered over, and I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn't seen your expression the second I started to cum.”
>Her expression suddenly drops, which riddles your body with guilt
>”Oh. That’s an… interesting way of… getting hard,” she says quietly
>You can’t help but grimace, and then shrug as a psuedo-apology
“Eh… it’s not top thing that turns me on,” you say truthfully
>It was honestly your third, right behind choking and dinner dresses
>Yeah, you didn’t understand dinner dresses either, but the dick likes what the dick likes
It's a based day to wake up and see family again.
That's better than floor tiles
>likes dresses
What a weirdo, can't have a normal fetish like balloon popping, pig nose hooks, incest, or anal prolapse like us normal Anon's.
You know, when you said "balloon popping" I thought you meant something like broken condoms, but no, it was literally popping a balloon.

Anyway, I dunnow, it's kind of an unorthodox fetish to me. It's also one of my fetishes. I have an affinity for dinner apparel, specifically blue sparkley dinner dresses complete with white evening gloves. I also like clothes on a woman instead of off. And I haven't met a whole lot of people who share my mindset.

>Implying KidAnon doesn't want to bone his hot adopted grandma
File: large[1].png (493 KB, 1280x1016) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
493 KB, 1280x1016
Hey I was wondering if anyone here would interested in writing a story Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo get into a sexual relationship with each other. But over time Rainbow unknowingly becomes more submissive to Scootaloo in her efforts to please her and eventually she get's molded in being a big pet to the foal. Resilting in this picture.

I frankly haven't seen a Scootadash fic where Scoots is the dom and Rainbow is the sub. It could lead to some interesting dynamics for either character.
So a quick question to my fellow MA fans. Am I writing Flutters OOC? I mean, I feel like I have my moments where I absolutely nail her character and dialogue, but for the most part, I feel like I'm doing a rather piss-poor job emulating Greg's writing for Flutters. I know it sounds weird, but I don't think I've made her enough of a doormat. I don't know if it's just me subconsciously including some character growth since the beginning of the story or something, but it feels like I'm doing something wrong with the character.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
I feel like it's good. Especially with her going on about getting abortions. I feel that is something she would really say.
With the progression of the character, it's tough to get a good feel for the original thing. You are trying to make her something different, so a comparison wouldn't really work.
So far, it's very believable. I am able to read this in Greg's voice,no problem.
>Although your comment does make her ears perk up
>”So… what’s the best thing I can do to turn you on?”
>Your mouth goes dry, as you weren’t expecting that question to come out of her mouth
“L-let’s not talk about that, OK?”
>”Why not,” she asks, cocking her head
“Because… well because we don’t need to discuss it right now! Hey, you ready to get plowed? Because I-”
>”Well I mean, we don’t need to, but I’d really like to. You know, just to know how I can do better in bed.”
“I-I’d rather not talk about it honestly. It’s a little extreme, and I don’t want to scare you with it.”
>”Is it something to do with your sadism?”
>Your once cardboard-dry throat soon becomes drier than a desert in summer
“Yeah, let’s not talk about this any more.”
>Her head then droops to the floor in sadness, sending a jolt of concern rushing through your body
>”OK… I understand. So… wanna move on to sex now?”
>You merely dumbly nod your head in response
>”OK. I’m sorry for pressing you on the issue.”
>You form the words in your head to comfort her, but they’re cut off on your tongue as she turns around
>She arches herself forward, and raises her tail so you could get a better view of her sex
>Suddenly memories of last night come flooding into your head, as does the sudden notion that she’s probably done this before
>A good chunk of the men she’s fucked have probably forced her into this position at some point or another
>And it doesn’t help that you’re one of them
>Suddenly, time around you begins to slow down, and you only become conscious of your body shuffling forward
>Her words from last night begin bouncing around in your head
File: 1450716737727.jpg (35 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 1280x720
more filly fiddler twilight
pls ;_;
File: image.png (797 KB, 1166x982) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
797 KB, 1166x982
is it time for gentle sex with eye-contact
I haven't ignored you Anon, I was just waiting for others to respond so I could tackle them all out at once.

I do appreciate the feedback though, and thanks for the confidence boost.

Ehh, not quite.

Sorry in advance for dangling sex with the yellow one in front of your faces... twice. I dunnow, character development right before the lewd is kinda fun to write. Now if only I could figure out how to make Anon advance and grow as a character while learning these lessons.

I swear, the next time we go to lewd Fluttershy, there will be pony poon penetration.
>"I didn't have any cash to pay Iron Will when I took his seminar, and he was... willing to negotiate…”
>"Please... don't go. You're the only one who's been nice to me... since I've got to Ponyville....”
>"I'm sorry. I don't know how to interact with people. I should've just let you go when you wanted to. I ruin everything I get involved in. You can go now. I'll just stay here, and... take care of my animals…”
>Your thoughts are suddenly interrupted by Fluttershy’s moans, and you look down to find that you’ve placed both hands on her fanks
>You mentally curse yourself, and contemplate your next move
“...Choking,” you say after a few moments of mulling your words over
“You asked me what my biggest turn-on is. It’s choking.”
>She goes quiet for a moment, and then her body begins to tremble
>”O-oh… well then, it’s good to know that you have s-such varied interests Anon…”
“I just killed the mood for you, didn’t I?”
>”...Yeah. Kinda…”
>You sigh to yourself, and remove your hands from her cheeks
>After re-zipping your fly, you head to the couch, and collapse atop it with a groan
>Fluttershy soon occupies the seat next to you, and lowers her head
>”I’m sorry Anon. I shouldn’t have brought up the topic.”
“Nah. It’s nothing you really did. Celestia knows I’ve prodded you quite a bit for information. The least I can do is share some of my own.”
>You begin clicking your tongue to cancel out the deafening silence filling the room
>After several minutes of this, and petting Fluttershy’s mane, you decide it would be best for you to head home
>As you stand up, she glances up at you sadly
>"You're leaving?"
"'Friad so. There's not really anything to do now. Plus, mom's gonna be worried if I don't get home soonish."

...seems you've posted the best pic so far, certainly in terms of MILFs, o OP.

As I can't help but make comparisons, that pic makes me think of "2000 AD"'s Kevin O'Neill and Ian Gibson's art styles combined.

Underpable's style comes to mind.

...meanwhile, humanised Twilight's mum has certainly got it going on. As well as Twi. Quite the cougar Twilight Velvet is.
Why are they chinks?
poignant reminder.
also, bump.
᠎ ᠎ ᠎▲
▲ ▲
That's a pretty sweet shirt.
That was my jam when I was a kid.
File: cuck.jpg (222 KB, 1400x815) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
222 KB, 1400x815
Because multiculturalism is a fucking fucking virus that ruins everything. Nightlight might be a nigger but Twilight's mom and brother are both literally fucking white. Ipso facto, Fancy Pants is Shining's bio dad.
File: Fancypants_id.png (339 KB, 610x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339 KB, 610x720
>exhibit A
Look at this shit. Dude looks almost exactly like Shining. It's almost like Canterlot nobles get first fuck when Unicorns get married.

On that note, anyone else notice the CMC and Shining have like the same cutie mark?
File: deardiaryjackpot.jpg (161 KB, 1909x1071) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
161 KB, 1909x1071
File: Capture.png (157 KB, 286x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 286x242

>tfw Ducky got gunned down shortly after the movie
Isn't this kind of pedo? I'm genuinely curious if this thread contains pediophilia or not.
File: Annoyed.png (108 KB, 307x354) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 307x354
Yes. Most of the stories in this thread do contain pedophillc elements.

In fact I personally wrote a story about a niece talking her uncle into fucking her on Christmas morning. You can't get much worse than that.
File: 1427425208227.png (60 KB, 246x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 246x263
>I personally wrote a story about a niece talking her uncle into fucking her
I draw stuff and I get that want to be able to create whatever you want, but don't you think you're starting to cross a real dangerous line? I mean, the stuff taking place is kinda not so legal you know? Don't you think that's a sign you should maybe check what you're doing when you got to this point of writing pedo-based greentexts? I know this is /mlp/ and nothing is ever too much, but don't you think writing about pedophilia as an interest may be that thing that makes you go "Ok I'm in some rough waters right now, maybe I should get outta here"?
The laws regarding child pornography are kind of blurred, to be honest. From my own personal interpretation, and from the interpretation of people far more savvy with the law, true child pornography is determined by the realness of the work itself. If a drawing of a child engaging in adult-oriented acts visually depicts the child in a way that is indistinguishable from an actual child, then that would be considered child pornography. If someone writes a story about a real-life child engaging in adult-oriented activities, it is child pornography. However, if it's something like drawings of anime lolis, where the children depicted do NOT look realistic, then that is well within the legal boundaries (and by all legal accounts, anime loli is in fact legal to possess and to view). I figure talking candy-colored horses would fall into the latter most category.

The line becomes a little more blurred when Anon is tossed into the mix, because he is a real human child, but at the same time he's green, and he doesn't have a face, so he doesn't really resemble a child.

And I have thought about the possible legal ramifications of writing sexual stories involving minors. But at the same time, I've done... what is it, three stories now, under a non-encrypted IP, and I'm still writing. Hell, I've got a fourth under way. And if sites like Derpibooru and Rule 34 can get away with hosting visual depictions of foalcon, then I think I'm realistically safe writing.

Also, fucking horses isn't outright outlawed in my state, and neither is possessing pornography involving bestiality.
File: k2EiYPY.png (855 KB, 1280x1359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
855 KB, 1280x1359
Actually since its a fictional story its not illegal in the slightest in a good chunk of the world let alone the fact that its about fictional alien horses.

but enough about the serious stuff have a kitty
Alright, just make sure you keep everything legal. Better be safe than sorry especially in this regard.
Nice trips.

>anime loli is in fact legal to possess and to view
In my country, anime loli is actually considered illegal.
There was this one guy who worked part time on importing and translating manga and he actually ended up in prison because a lot of those mangas depicted underage girls in a provocative manner (I don't think they were even outright hentai, just very lewd, though I can't exactly remember), even though he only owned those because it was his job.
Personally, I think that's pretty fucked up.
I was primarily referring to here in the states when I made that claim.

Here, you can own and view loli images, but you can't own or view porn depicting real-life children.
I know, just making a comment on my own country, senpai.
To be perfectly frank, this was some time ago and there was a lot of complaints against the law because it was kinda vague and hard to interpret. I have no idea if it's been changed since then.
File: 41f.gif (1003 KB, 560x314) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1003 KB, 560x314
>Here, you can own and view loli images
Can you source that for me, Anon?
Is it Green time viral?
More like name a law it breaks. No law against = legal.
>”OK… would you come back tomorrow?”
“I’ve got a couple of things I need to do tomorrow. How does Thursday sound?”
>Her face falls ever so slightly, but it quickly perks back up again
>You could see she was glad to just have someone investing themselves in her.”
>”OK. See you on Thursday.”
>She quickly hops off the sofa, and floats over to where you’re standing
>After planting a kiss on your cheek, she lands on the ground, and heads upstairs
>You’re dumbfounded for a moment, and are barely able to force your hand to return her good-bye wave
>After feeling the ghost of her lips on your cheek, you push her wooden door open, and head out into the night
>And what a night it was
>The clear sky granted you a fantastic view of the stars in all their beauty
>You took a moment to admire their wonder, before making your way home
>The second you walk into the foyer through, the door is enveloped in a purple aura, and it promptly slammed shut
>”Where the hell have you been?” your mom semi-shouts angrily. “Do you have any idea what time it is?”
“N-no… I haven’t had a chance to-”
>”It is eight o’clock in the evening! Spike told me you scattered off earlier on, but I wasn’t expecting you back this late!”
“I’m sorry, I just-”
>”I don’t want any damn excuses. Go to your room! You’re grounded!”
“Grounded? But mom, I’ve got stuff to-”
>”Well you should’ve thought of that before staying out past dark. Now, go to your room! I want you asleep by the way! No comic book reading, and no playing with my chemistry set. Understood?”
>”Good! Now get!”
>You sigh loudly, and head up the stairs slowly with your head down
>”And don’t think you’re getting out of this by bullshitting being sad. I’m your mother, I can tell when you’re faking.”
“Damn it!”
I just recently found this amazing man, I have to force myself to stop watching or I'll never quit
oh no no no no noooo.
So quiet in here.
Bumping for Green to happen!
>"Hey, Mr. Anon! Mr. Anon!"
>You look up from pushing your dinky little lawnmower just long enough to wipe sweat from your brow, then turn to greet your visitor
"What is it, little gray child?"
>The filly is barely as high as your knee, gray, with a silver, braided mane
>"Can I ask you a question?"
>You shrug
"Sure, I guess. What's up?"
>"Do you wanna molest me?"
>Despite not drinking anything, you still manage to do an impressive spit take
"Molest... what!?"
>You glance around you, praying to Pony Jesus that no one happens to be watching right now
"Kid, what the hell are you talking about!?"
>"I wanna be molested! All my friends got molested years ago, and I'm the only one left! I bet they're gonna make fun of me!"
"Uh... yeah, okay. I'm getting out of here."
>"No! Wait!"
>She sprints after you, little gray legs working like mad to keep up with your long strides
"Kid, I don't even know who you are! And there's no way in hell I'm gonna... no! Just no!"
>"Come on! Don't be scared! I promise I'll be good! I won't scream or yell or anything!"
"No! That's disgusting, and I'm not gonna do it!"
>The filly circles around you, planting herself in front of you
>"If... if you don't molest me right now, then I'll... I'll tell everyone you molested me!"
>You freeze
>Sweet Merciful Lord Trump, is this kid serious?
"You... you wouldn't."
>She smirks, clearly thinking she's won
>"Oh yeah? Who are they going to believe? Cute, innocent little Silver Spoon--"
>She pouts
>"-- or you? Big scary alien man?"
We need some green
Man, slow day.
Plenty of loli right now sooo....
Would someone please step up to the plate and write some nice milf/cougar green, pleaseandthankyou?
Don't care who's human, or who's pone, or two human, or two pone, whatever. Please, jus' do it.
and, it would be nice if anyone ever made some colt-cuddler age difference, if only 'cus its rare as fuck.
No, you mean plenty of fillies.
There are just two loli stories right now. One is from Viral senpai who is hopefully writing still. But you are right, there does need to be milf green, no /ss/ just a young adult stallion or human. Or dilf green with a young adult mare or woman.
I suggest two ideas before.
One was Anon at a new years party and he hooks up with a milf pony. He gets drunk or he gets the Milf mare drunk enough to fuck.
The Dilf idea was a young Adult Twilight or Starlight, college students basically, coming up short on rent for their apartment for the first time. They have to pay with "Alternative" means for the DILF stallion or human who would be their landlord.
I might spot ya when I get to 75 pages in my story. It's good to take a brain break every now and again so I don't burn out.

I'm thinking something with Mayor Mare considering she doesn't get much action.
File: 1441015765123.png (105 KB, 682x569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 682x569
It would just die. There's not enough green to support sub genres. We barely get enough to support this one.
I haven't smelled new this fragrant in years.
File: 1427237058789.png (178 KB, 801x609) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 801x609
I love her face.
File: 1441313916432.png (102 KB, 636x531) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 636x531
File: 1451537586817.png (105 KB, 654x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 654x600
>I haven't smelled new this fragrant in years.
I've been on the board for three years now.
Then you haven't utilized your time here well enough if you're this ignorant.
>haven't utilized your time here well enough
Avoiding what I presumed to be the pedophile thread is well-utilized in my opinion. I only recently visited because people in other threads are saying that there was a huge influx of pedophiles on the board, so I wanted to see it for myself.
They've always been here. Anyone thinking there's been an influx is being delusional. There's also the fact you think you need warn us of the illegal and ethical repercussions of writing pornography of fictional underage cartoon characters on an anonymous imageboard. You wouldn't even need to visit specific themed threads like this to figure out that 1. it's not illegal or dangerous to do so and 2. the people who partake in it don't care. You don't even need to come to this site to know this. Look at any porn site hosting cartoon porn.

Basically, lurk moar. Or don't, I'm not going to care tomorrow.
>lurk moar
I was going to retort, but fair enough, your post was full of shit I already knew and still couldn't put it together.
>what is bait
Baby don't hurt me
Get out of here, kid
B-but... I love you...
Not me, I'm just 5 ft 7.
I love you too, shortstack, thanks for the stories
I love Velvet. Is there more?
File: 1451537655472.png (95 KB, 543x569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 543x569
This is it, I think.
>5' 7"
This is why you should've drank your milk as a child Viral.

Yeah, there's one more pic of this little interaction floating around.

>You sigh, as the door to your room quietly shuts
>Really, despite how much you wanted to be mad, you couldn’t be mad
>You should really invest in a watch one of these days so you can figure out what the goddamn time is when you’re boning Fluttershy
>Speaking of boning Fluttershy, you still had some thinking about the issue to do
>Namely whether or not you wanted it to continue
>You hop atop your bed after grabbing your secret stash of jellybeans, and pop on in your mouth
>You immediately spit it out the second you bite into it’s licorice-flavored disgustingness
>After wrapping the black bean in a tissue and tossing it into the bin, you grab a green bean, and cautiously eat it
>Green Apple, one of your favorites
>Now then, back to the matter at hand
>As you bite into a cherry-flavored bean, you begin contemplating your options
>On one hand, you were setting this mare up for extreme emotional disappointment
>Should you ever leave her in the dust, she’ll be left with one more reason to isolate herself from the outside world
>If the one man, or in this case boy, she willingly and gladly gave herself to won’t stick around, then what hope would she have for making any other friends
>It also taught her that the only thing desirable about her is her body
>There was also the issue of sex basically being positive reinforcement in of itself, seeing as recreational sex was a new concept to her and she would probably crave more
>Finally there was the moral stigma behind it
>While you would be spared if people found out what was going on, Fluttershy wouldn’t be so lucky
>What tattered remains of her social life were still sewed together would be instantly ripped apart
But I did, I swear!
Us Swedes are notorious milk-drinkers. Didn't help me though. Kukars skymning...
Sounds like she's considering it. She wants her mature marehood to feel the younger D.

Anyone recommend anything good with Velvet getting it?
File: Rainbow mom wincest.png (695 KB, 1148x6296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rainbow mom wincest.png
695 KB, 1148x6296
File: the feel.jpg (64 KB, 500x411) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the feel.jpg
64 KB, 500x411
thanks for reminding me anon
Slow day #2
>pedophillc elements.

Nice trips.

Loli or shota?

Personally, I'd like to see more milf/cougar pone action...

More Shota than Loli because the prospect of a young boy fucking an older woman is hotter for... reasons.
Are there any stories like this here?
more please
File: 1422664156886.jpg (1 MB, 905x1405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 905x1405
>Milk Drinker
I feel like I should make a Skyrim joke here.
Babysitter Cadance X filly/loli Twilight?
That might make good green.
Or were you thinking /ss/? Because that would be Babysitter Fluttershiy green. Check the OP
Twilight Velvet is smokin
You should make a skyrim joke, before YOU TAKE AN ARROW TO THE KNEE
Why is it slow? I thought we had a >>26120022
writer here.
He really SWEEDEN us with his green.
stop the memes
>"Hey little guy! I'm gonna be your baby sitter tonight!"
"God damn it Twi, this is the fifteenth time this month. I don't need a babysitter, I'm 23."
>"Aw, looks like someone's getting cranky!"
"I am no-!"
>"Looks like baby needs his diner! But there's no milk or formula in the fridge. I suppose he could get it straight from the source~"
"...Goo goo."
File: 1452302865067.png (299 KB, 606x629) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299 KB, 606x629
Slow Night
Alright, so I had an idea for a Harshwhinny story, thanks to that one dude complaining we were all pedophiles, but I need to know something.
Basically, the protagonist is some blue collar dude that was kicked upstairs to Canterlot and ends up helping Harshwhinny with preparations for something, still haven't decided what to be honest, but the thing here is; I was going to use Anon originally, but after writing two EqG fics in a row, I kinda wanted to make a microhorse-only one.
So, what do you guys think, should I make an OC, or just use Anon? Have in mind, all that's getting changed is how they ended up working for whatever Harshwhinny works for, so it's not that big of a deal.
I'd say go with what you want mate.

I mean, I crafted 2 OCs for a story, but I have intent to use them latter.

Although I WILL say that pairing an OC with a cannon character never ends well. In fact, it's a personal sore spot with me and many others. I won't freak out if you decide to go that route, but I'd rather you not.

Are there any cannon ponies you could possibly use? Like Rarity's dad or someone? That way you make it a lot less awkward for everyone.
I can't really think of anyone who'll would end up in a position in which they'll be the ones organizing an event, to be honest.
I could look for some obscure background pony who's only appeared twice in the show, but at that point, using an OC is pretty much the same thing, if you ask me.
I'll check the wiki and Derpibooru for BPs first before doing anything.
Alright, how about this tosser?
He originally appeared in Too Many Pinkie Pies, he showed up as a lead pony in Wonderbolts Academy, then in Rainbow Falls but not as part of the Wonderbolts team.
I could make it so he got kicked out, or got injured, and he had to go back to his day job.
File: 2342342.jpg (70 KB, 920x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 920x1024
That would work very nicely.
Slow Day #3
Sorry about that, familia. I really haven't been pulling my weight and helped keep the thread alive.

The cold I had really knocked the shit out of my sleeping pattern, so I keep falling asleep at the strangest times, from anywhere between 3-10 hours.
I usually experience a period of being exhausted after being sick, so it shouldn't surprise me, probably because of all the hours of laying in bed and eating far, far less then what is healthy.
I can probably count the number of /real/ meals I had during my over one week-long cold on my one hand.

I'm really sad that it's affected my writing, and I hate that I have been coming with so many excuses lately instead of green.
I'm a shit senpai

Like I said though, I'm used to this happening. I just need to be a little more active, get some fresh air and eat a little better and it'll fix itself pretty quickly.

I beg your forgiveness, familia. I'm not giving you the love you deserve.
I'm sure we forgive you mate. You are still a great Senpai.
For the sleep problem, Just try something like melatonin 10 mg, deep breaths before sleeping, Alarm clocks, or valerian root.
Or just listen to some Delta waves. It kinda works for me.
I'm not a doctor, but I always experiment. Like the stupid American I am
Oh and Don't take Valerian root with Melatonin. Never do that. Just take one or the other. I recommend Melatonin.
Valerian Root stinks, literally. Bad smell
I was just about to blame you again too.

Honestly though, if you're having serious health issues, then don't sweat being absent, Get your rest, and rejoin us when you're ready.

In the meantime, I'll try to figure out where I want to go with my story. I may have made it a bit too expansive and a bit too open-ended for its own good. And as a result, I don't really know where to go with it. I have vague ideas, but no real ending in mind. I'll figure something out, no doubt, but at this point I'm still brainstorming. It also doesn't help that I fully planed out the scene I'm writing, and then spent too long away from my story and forgot what I had planned out.
No sir, you don't understand. You have to drink a gallon a day as a kid to grow big. How do you think I grew to the impressive stature of 6' 1"?

>On the other hand though, it was giving her something to look forward to
>Unfortunately for her, she didn’t have as whole lot to lean back on in life
>You, and by extension your dick, were two of the few things she could enjoy
>Then there was the fact that she forced you to have sex tonight, not the other way around
>Clearly she was ready to take control of some aspects of her life if she was willing to rape you to get some action
>Oh yeah… that whole thing did get a little rape-y
>You shrug of the negative thoughts by reasoning that she wouldn’t do it to anyone else besides you
>You hoped
>But anyway, she was at least willing to further lengths to get what she wanted
>You’d just have to teach her to reel it in a little bit
>But beyond all that, one crucial reason remained that, in a way, outweighed all the others
>And that was the fact that it still felt good to receive oral
>Was it a selfish reason? Absolutely
>Was it a reason nonetheless? Absolutely
>While you weren’t planning on making Flutters your cockslut, the prospect of training someone to have sex was an exciting one
>And hell, who knew, this whole thing could turn out to be mutually beneficial to the both of you
>As you finish pondering, a feeling of triumph fills your body as you finally come to a decision, before a wave of guilt washes it out
>While your last decision did benefit the two of you, it was primarily a selfish reason
>And normally, that wouldn’t affect you too much
>But something about pulling that kind of stunt with Fluttershy made you feel… unclean
>You groan to yourself, as your body begins to feign tiredness in order to avoid pondering the matter any further
>And for the first time in awhile, you decided to listen to your body
What are we doing on page 8? This indicates lack of green! or ideas.
We have ideas, don't we?
Page 9 is worse.
No kidding.
>You note that your sheets feel unusually comfortable as you crawl into your bed, and hope that your body would quickly allow you to drift into dreamland
>Unfortunately for you, your mind has other plans
>Most of the night you spend tossing and turning in your sheets
>Not even a quick fap is enough to put you to sleep
>Eventually though, you tire yourself out enough to drift into a very light sleep
>Relief fills your body, as you finally close your eyes to enter the state of unconsciousness
>And it soon leaves you, as the sound of annoying laughter forces your eyes open
>You quickly rise from your bed… well you would if your bed was still there
>As your back leaves the ground that had replaced your bed, it becomes very obvious that you weren’t in your room any more
>Carnival tents stood erect everywhere you looked, various food stands randomly broke up the sea of reds and whites, and the occasional rollercoaster could be seen peaking through the tent
>How you had wound up in a carnival remained a mystery to you, but you had a good feeling Luna was behind the who facade
>And for the first time in your life, you hoped she had entered your dream
>You quickly rose to your feet, and became instantly annoyed as the standard carnival music began to seep into your ears
>Deciding it would be best to try and find the mare of the night, you soon begin your tour of the fair grounds
>A light overcast hung above the carnival, making the whole thing even drearier than usual
>As the music continued to drone on overtop your head, a queezyness began to overtake your stomach
>”Hey there kiddo!” you hear a male’s shrill voice call out
>You slowly turn around, and are greeted with the sight of a clown offering you a corndog
>”Want a corndog? Free with a purchase of fries!”
“N-n-no thank you,” you decline with a smile. “I just had lunch.”
>”Don’t you know it’s not nice to lie to other people kid?”
>You let loose a yelp of surprise, and quickly rush away from the stand
>”Ey, comeback!” he calls. “Where are your parents at?”
>You stop running after you round a couple of corners, but what you see makes you wish you kept running
>A seven foot tall clown towers over you with a balloon in his hand
>And he’s a human
>”Hey there buddy,” he says, in an almost concerned voice. “You OK there? You’re lookin’ a little stressed?”
“I-I’m fine!” you blurt out, as you slowly back away
>”Where are your parents at? Are you lost?”
>And with that, you dart off again
>”Wait!” he calls
>You look over your shoulder as you run, and notice he’s given chase
>”Hang on kid! We can find your parents! I know this park like the back of my hand! We’ll send some workers out to find ‘em!”
>Something inside of you is screaming for you to stop, to trust this man who was chasing you
>You block it out and continue running
>Just when you think you’re about to pass out, you run face-first into something sturdy
>And blue
>As your ass hits the ground, you look up, and see Luna towering over you, hovering a piece of cotton candy next to her face
>Never before in your life have you been so happy to see the crazy mare
>”Hello Anonymous,” she states, takin a bite out of the delicious floss. “Ar’t thou enjoying the carnival?”
“If I’m being honest Luna-”
>”Ah ah ah. You know how much we despite simply being called ‘Luna’.”
“...Fine ‘auntie’ Luna, I’m not really enjoying the carnival all that much.”
“Why not? We thought children loved the carnival.”
“Not this one. They always creeped me out.”
>”Ah. We apologize for frightening you then.”
>Her horn then begins to glow a bright blue color, and the carnival around you begins to dissipate.”
>They’re quickly replaced by a map of the cosmos, which you take a moment to admire before you confront Luna
“So. Mind telling me exactly why you’re intruding on my dreams, ‘auntie’ luna?” you ask sternly
>”We felt a disturbance in your sleeping patterns this night, so we decided to put you to slumber, and see what was ailing you.”
“Yeah, well thanks for the concern, but I’m fine. Now if you’ll be so kind-”
>”I think you misunderstand my power Anonymous. When I’m inside your mind, I have access to every inch of your mind. And I can tell when you’re lying.”
“Well even if I am, I don’t need your help. So if you’d please-”
>”Nonsense. What kind of aunt would we be if we let our nephew go through the night with a mind heavy with woes? Come now, let us get to the bottom of this.”
>Before you can protest further, you feel your mind being pulled apart by the seams, and you ry to resist Luna’s attempts to crack you open
>They prove fruitless though, seeing how magic often triumphs over mind, and some of your dormant fantasies are brought up against your will
>In it, Carrot Top is lying in a bed, gagged and bound against each bedpost of a seemingly comfortable bed
>And then you step into the picture, looking particularly pleased with your handywork
>As you straddle the mare atop the bed, you slowly remove her gag, savoring each moment her eyes plead with you to make her yours
Thanks for the green
Coincidentally, I just finished writing part of the story I'm writing.

>You’re Stormfeather, Wonderbolt trainee.
>Well, you were, if you want to get technical.
>You signed up for boot camp to try and get into the team.
>You even managed to de well enough to get appointed as the leader of your own two pony team.
>But you sprain one fucking ligament of your wing and Captain Firecrotch suddenly appoints you as “Unfit for service”.
>So, you got stuck in your previous job, good ol’ quality inspection.
>Not exactly “Acrobatics team” glamorous, but hey, you had a good eye for pedantic things.
>And besides, you even managed to get a promotion.
>So you get payed a couple hundred bits more, and have to move from calm, rural Ponyville to noisy, luxurious Canterlot.
>Yeah, you weren’t exactly the epitome of good luck.
>Still, could be worse, they could had made you move to Appleloosa.
>You weren’t very fond of sand, or gust of winds. Getting shot wasn’t high on your priority list either.
>Ironic, considering you did enlist in the military.
>But enough of that, you have a job to do, fancy or not.
>Canterlot is surprisingly easy to navigate when you can just stay above the crowd.
>And thank Celestia for that, since you’re already late as it is.
>You land near the entrance of a 3-story building, kicking up dust, making a unicorn couple shout at you.
>They’re always so welcoming in this town.
>You open the door and walk towards the reception desk.
>You stare at the mare behind the counter for a while, before clearing your throat.
>”Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there, do you need anything?”
“Yeah, I was supposed to start working here today, I was transferred from Ponyville.”
>The receptionist looks at you for a second, then perks up.
>”Oh, you must be Stormfeather, right?”
“Yep.” You simply respond.
>She points behind her, towards a flight of stairs.
>”Go to the third floor, second door to the right” She says. “You came just in time, too, we need someone to help one of our employers supervise a couple events.”
”Well, that’s convenient.” You say.
>She waves you off, then goes back to reading her magazine.
>You start climbing the stairs up to the third floor.
>You could go outside and simply fly up, but this is your first day in the job, you got to make a good first impression.
>You reach the third floor, and head towards your boss’ office.
>As you open the door, you see a slightly overweight unicorn sitting in a recliner, shuffling some papers.
>He looks up to you, and then puts the papers away.
>”Yes, hello, can I help you?” He asks in a gruff voice.
>”Hi, I’m Stormfeather, the new employee?”
>He thinks for a second, before seemingly recognizing you.
>”Ah, yes, the Ponyville transfer, right? Come on; don’t just stand there. Please, sit down.” He says, pointing at the chair in front of him.
>You do as he says, and sit down in front of him.
>He picks up his stack of papers and takes out a file from them.
>”Coincidentally enough, I was just looking at your curriculum. Your boss had some very good things to say about you.”
>She did? That’s new.
>”She was very insistent on you getting this promotion.” He says while shuffling through the pages. “I hope the move to Canterlot wasn’t too problematic for you.”
>What could possibly give you that idea.
“Oh, not at all, the moving services in Ponyville are pretty damn good.” You say. “Well, when they don’t drop all your stuff in top of someone, that is.”
>Your boss laughs, then looks out the window.
>”Yes, I remember one time when I had to move from the outskirts to downtown, it took them an entire week to move all my stuff.”
“I can imagine that must have been pretty annoying.”
>”Like you wouldn’t believe!” He says. “We had to sleep on the floor for four days. Luckily the house was new so we didn’t have to clean anything, but still.”
>Your boss laughs, then puts your folder away.
>”Anyway, I shouldn’t waste more of your time. You were told we needed help for one of our older employees, right?”
“I was told a coworker needed help, but they omitted the age, as far as I remember.”
>Your boss chuckles, then leans on his hoof.
>”Come on now, son, this isn’t Cloudsdale, I wouldn’t let employers older than the firm itself do the field work.”
>He wasn’t wrong, the youngest Pegasus that retired from the Rainbow Factory was 83 at the time, and they had to get more security guards because he sneaked back in every day.
>”Anyhow, you’d be working with Ms. Harshwhinny for the next couple weeks. Don’t ask for her first name, even I don’t know it, and she’s been working here for 20 years.”
>Wait, did he say “weeks”?
“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that, did you say ‘weeks’?”
>”Yes, we are extremely behind schedule, and only you and Harshwhinny were available in such a short notice of time.” He explains. “It’s nothing mayor, we just need you two to supervise Princess Celestia’s birthday—“
“That’s not that bad…”
“—And the Bison‘s visit in Appleloosa.”
>Yeah, that was too simple, now was it.
>“Now, come on, don’t look so blue, it’s nothing mayor, you’ll just be logging around some barrels of cider around, and making sure no one starts a bar fight.”
“So, what, we’re working security too?”
>”Well, no, your job would basically be to tell actual security if anything suspicious is happening. That goes for both accounts.” He adds. “I assume that kind of stuff wouldn’t be hard for you, considering you were in the military.”
>You look at him in confusion.
“Wait, she added that in the curriculum?”
>”Yep. I’m not entirely sure why, but there it is.” He says, while handing over the file to you “It’s even bolded, so she probably thought it was very important.”
>Or that he would think you were some stupid grunt and assign you to menial tasks.
>”So, the Wonderbolts, huh?” He says while reclining back in his chair. “If you don’t mind me asking, is there a particular reason you left? Your file didn’t say anything, and while I love this job, I don’t think you’ll leave such a position for it.”
>You put the file back in the desk and look at your boss.
“I messed up my wing during a test flight. Nothing serious, but I guess if the milliseconds start to pile up, you’re not really much use for a coordinated stunt team.”
>Your boss reclines forward.
>”Well, that must of sucked for you, sorry for bringing it up.”
“Eh, don’t worry about it; it’s not something I had any saying over.”
>Your boss turns around and looks at the clock on his wall, then turns back to you.
>”Well, I guess chat break it’s over, huh? Harshwhinny is currently supervising at Canterlot’s Castle, fairly certain you can’t miss it.”
“I dunno, the white, gold and purple kinda mesh with the sky, I may need a map.”
>”Well, you could always keep flying until you see people wearing even more clothes than normal, that’s probably the castle.”
“You mean more clothes than what’s normal here, or in any other place? Because if you meant the first, I’m going to have to look for people wearing five coats and three shirts.”
>Your boss laughs again, then reclines forward.
>”Nah, you probably reached the Crystal Empire at that point.” He says. “Well, I won’t take more of your time, we both have work to do.”
“Right, see you later, boss.”
>”Likewise, kid.”
>You get up from the chair and start heading for the door, before your boss stop you.
>”Oh, I almost forgot, we put together some money to get you a welcome gift.”
>He opens a drawer from his desk, and passes over a small bottle to you.
>You grab it and examine it.
>It’s a half liter bottle of coconut rum, the expensive kind, if the label is to be believed.
“Oh… wow. Thanks, boss, I don’t know what to say.”
>”Don’t mention it. Your old boss mentioned you drank, so I thought we could get you something as a welcome gift.”
>You guess this isn’t what she had in mind, but you’re not complaining.
>”If you ever need a place to hang out in, my wife owns a bar downtown, so just say the word.”
“I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks again, boss.”
>After tucking the bottle in your bags, you leave the building and start flying towards the castle.
>Not exactly hard to miss, considering it’s the biggest tourist attraction in the country.
>As your approach the castle, you spot a brown mare in a purple coat directing other ponies around.
>Given that she’s the only one without a uniform, that’s probably your partner.
>You land a couple meters away, as to not knock over anything.
>The mare turns around and looks at you, with what you’re assuming it’s either contempt, indifference, or indigestion.
>”This area isn’t open for visitors yet.”
“I was told to look for a “Ms. Harshwhinny”, first name unknown?”
>”That would be me, what do you need?”
“I’m your new partner, Stormfeather, I’m here to help with the preparations.”
>”Ah, yes, I was told you were coming.” She says. “Honestly, I’m glad you’re here, I’m not particularly fond of taking care of directing ponies.”
“Not really much of a choice, considering everyone is booked.”
>”That is true, but I still prefer it when everything is already prepared before I arrive.” She says. “Oh, and before we begin, I’d appreciate it if you were to drop the jokes, professionalism is a very important part of our job.”
”I’ll put my most stern face, don’t worry.”
>”You should be careful, there’s a very thin line between ‘stern’ and ‘constipated’.” She says, scoffing.
And that's all I have for tonight, folks.
Who the hell said I was done?

“Well well well,” you coo when the gag is removed. “Lookie what the cat dragged in.”
>The mare puts on a look of falsified rage, and remains silent for several moments
>”You’re never going to get away with this,” she finally states with false vibrato. “When my husband finds out what you’ve done, he’ll-”
“Intimidation won’t work against me, Mrs. Top. I’ve heard every lie in the book from desperate mares like you. About husbands saving them. About friends saving them. About police, co-workers, neighbors, clients, acquaintances, the fucking milk man, saving them!”
>She cowers at your sudden raise in tone
“I’ve heard ‘em all honey. And none have saved anyone.’
>”W-what are you going to do to me?” she asks excitedly
“What do you think I’m gonna do?”
>You then slowly run a finger up her nylon-clad rear leg, which makes her shudder
>”Now hold on there mister, don’t try anything fun-YEEE!”
>Your sudden prodding at her sex quickly shuts her up
>”S-stop!” she cries in glee. “T-this isn’t right! H-help! Rape!”
>You shut her up again, this time with a kiss
“Screaming won’t help you here. No one will hear you.”
>You quickly unzip your pants, and line up your member with her box
>She cries out yet again as you thrust into her
>All signs of roleplay were now gone, as she began demanding that you increase your power and speed
>Right as things were going full swing, Luna yanks you out of that fantasy, and forces you to spectate another
>And another
>And a dozen more after that
>Fantasy after fantasy continuously ran across your vision, each one worse than the last
>Each one filling you with a mixture of guilt, and arousal
>You prodding Bon Bon with a dlido, while she stayed in shackles
>You biting into Octavia’s chest, then suckling on the wound, and lapping up whatever blood trickled from it
>You forcing Derpy to deepthroat you while she wore a maid’s outfit
>Hell, even the one where you literally raped Rarity while she begged you to stop
>Luckily for you though, that was the straw that broke the camel's back
>With a scream of effort, you break out of Luna’s hallucinations, and re-enter the astral planes
>You fall to your hands and knees, while Luna merely observers you
>”Well, someone’s kinky,” she teases
>You shoot her the best death glare you can
“OK, I get it. I’m a sadist and a sick fuck. What was that supposed to do? Make me feel even shittier about my fetishes than what I normally do?”
>”No, but it did show us some very valuable things. Thou ar’t quite sexually repressed, ar’t thou not?”
“I’m a pubescent boy, of course I’m sexually repressed.”
>”Yet thou has an outlet to act on these urges. Why then does’t thou hesitate to take the yellow one so?”
“I dunnow, maybe because I’m afraid I’ll break her? The girl is fragile!”
>She says nothing for a moment, but instead stands in front of you solemnly
>”We think thou knowest quite well why thou wons’t take Fluttershy.”
>She rips into your mind once again, and pulls out the single fantasy of Fluttershy you’ve kept over the years
>You and her are laying in a field, gazing up at the clouds as she rests comfortably on your stomach
>”Look Anon!” she says, pointing up at one. “That one, looks like an elephant.”
“Really? From here it looks like a hippo.”
>”How can you see a hippo in that? It’s got a really long tube near the front of its face, that looks like a trunk.”
“Looks pretty fat and stocky to me.”
>She can’t help but giggle at your remark, as she turns over to meet your belly with her own
>”Anon, sometimes I swear, you need to get a pair of glasses.”
“Why? All they’d do is make me look ugly. And I don’t want my Flutterbutter to have an ugly boyfriend
>With another cry of effort, you shut the dream out, and collapse yet again
>This time, you can physically feel your body convulse, as you desperately fight the urge to throw up
>Thankfully, Luna remained quiet while you collected your thoughts
>”So thou doesn’t wish to go to bed with Fluttershy, does’t thou.”
“...I don’t know. You answer truthfully. “Fluttershy is so innocent, so tender, and in a lot of ways, so lovable. Honestly, she’d be the perfect girl to sleep with… if she wasn’t such a fucking doormat. The girl’s practically scared to talk back to her own shadow, let alone take any kind of rein in her life.”
>”Did she not take control of your sexual encounter just this night?”
“Yeah, but she only seems to take charge when it’s with me. I had to go to bat for her the entire day.”
>”Did thou have to, or did thou just decide to?”
>You’re about to respond, but you soon realize you have no comeback
>”The matter isn’t of much importance, but we hope thou realizes something. The yellow one might have more confidence than thou mayest think. Thou needest to only give her one chance, and then thou cans’t proceed from there. However, if thou find that she be great in confidence, then whilst thou sleep with her?”
>You mull it over for a moment before responding
“I dunnow Luna. Something about her is… different. It just feels like it’d be… wrong to start a sexual relationship with her.”
>”This coming from the ‘pubescent boy’?”
“There’s more to life than just sex Luna. Even I know that.”
>Luna suddenly cracks a smile, which worries you quite a bit
>”Well then, why don’t we test your restraint then?”
>Suddenly, your entire vision blurs and spins around you
>When the world finally comes to a halt, you realize you’re standing in Fluttershy’s cabin, with that queasy after-feeling of post-teleportation
>It suddenly becomes apparent to you, that you’re not just standing in Fluttershy’s cabin, you’re standing in Fluttershy’s room
>You pinch yourself to make sure this wasn’t a dream, and outside of the slight pain in your arm, you feel the fuzzy arm of your footie pajamas
>You groan quite audibly at the childish apparel, and hear Fluttershy rustle beside you
>You quickly clam up, but she has been awoken regardless
>”Who’s there?” she asks sleepily. “Are you here to rob me? If so, there’s not much here to take. But if you’re here for sexual, t-then I must warn y-you! I-I’m good friends with Twilight Sparkle’s son… a-and if he were to find out, that you did something to me, h-he would go tell his mom, and you would get put in jail, and that’s not a very fun thing to experience. S-so, I would heavily advise against trying to rape me. Everything else is free game though. Except my animals. Also, please do not rape my animals. In fact if you’re going to rape my animals, I would rather you rape me instead…”
“Convincing speech there Flutterbutter. But seriously, putting the values of your animals over your own health? We have got to get you properly prioritized.”
>”Anon?” she asks hopefully. “Is that you? Oh thank Celestia, I thought you were someone dangerous for a second! I’m so relieved tha- wait, what are you doing in my house?”

“Eh. Luna had me doing some somewhat redundant soul-searching, and then teleported me here for… reasons.”
>”Oh… well, while you’re here… you wanna just spend the night? And maybe sleep with me?”
“Sure ‘Shy,” you say with a smile. “Scootch your cute toosh over some so I can crawl in there with you.”

And with that, I am finished for the night.

I hope my surplus of parts has made up for my overall laziness for the past few days.
any greens with Celestia please?
Is it morning already?

“Eh. Luna had me doing some somewhat redundant soul-searching, and then teleported me here for… reasons.”
>”Oh… well, while you’re here… you wanna just spend the night? And maybe sleep with me?”
“Sure ‘Shy,” you say with a smile. “Scootch your cute toosh over some so I can crawl in there with you.”
>She complies with your request, and you slide into the bed
>Just like her couch, it's outrageously uncomfortable
>Luckily for you though, you have a cuddly pony to snuggle up against
>You wrap your arm underneath the mare, which makes her tense for a moment
>But she soon relaxes again as you begin to stroke her stomach
>”Your pajamas are really warm and soft Anon,” she comments
“Why thank you.”
>For what will probably be the only time in your post-child life, you were glad to be wearing footie pajamas
>You continue to cozily, and silently snuggle for a minute
>”Um… Anon?” she questions, breaking the silence. “You know… if you want to… we can do it. Right now. If you want to of course…”
“Not tonight Flutterbutter,” you mumble contently into her neck. “This is pretty nice.”
>”OK. I just wanted to make sure."
>She doesn't seem to mind though, seeing as she merely snuggles tighter into you
>Soon enough, Fluttershy’s warm body and snores snowy lul you into a happy, deep sleep
>You wake up the next day in your bed, much more comfortable now
>You wonder if last night was a dream, but the sudden warmth you feel provided by the footie pajamas
>As you go to roll out of bed, you hand touches a note left of on your bedside table
>"Don't worry about Fluttershy, we left her a note explaining what happened"
>Signed by Luna
>Well thanks Luna
Thanks Lunabama.
Good lord, the board's moving fast today.

Trying to pump out another part right now.

Also working on that Mayor Mare story for the 75 page break. It's on paper now, but I'll re-write them on a Doc later on.
You know, that guy that was constantly complaining we were having a slow day would actually have a point today.

Slow Day #4
page 7 already? How
>Age difference hit page 10
>there were no survivors
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I remember the sailor rose garden filly. Anyone else?
A troll came on and acting like a tumblr user. Got people to draw the oc by acting like they didn't want the oc drawn.
They got green too.
Here: http://pastebin.com/AtN9s52J
I wish I could find the thread.
Wished it was Barb instead of spike. We had a lot of dedication to spike when the age difference thread wasn't called Age Difference.
Oh look it's Michael from vSauce
This one?
Well, "If it's stupid, but it works, then it isn't stupid."
Yeah it is. Thanks buddy
We really need more writers around this time for green. We don't want thread to die.
Oh and Bump
I'll try and get an update done for tonight.
I mean, I kinda wanted to play the MGO beta, but I want this thread to keep going too.
Meh, you don't have to. The thread can stay alive. I think that Anon was just wanting more green. We have 3 or 4 writers, I haven't kept track, and they are great writers. Maybe he wanted more great writers in this thread?
If I sacrifice one of my older works to the shadow rhelm, can I summon Viral or Cosmic?

>As you rub your eye awake, you hear a pounding on your door
>”Oi Anon!” Spike calls. “Yer mum told me to tell you that it's time to get ready fer school! She's still got a bitchin’ headache, and she can't tell you ‘erself!”
“Has she had anything to drink?”
>“Nei! Thus far she hasn't touched any alcohol a t’all.”
“Good,” you mumble. “Thanks Spike. I'll be out in a minute to get ready.”
>”Al’ight. I'll see ya when you get home. I'll be in the cellar, burning the spiders and cobwebs to a crisp. In the meantime, breakfast in on the table. Two eggs, a short stack of pancakes, and a couple pieces of grapefruit.”
“OK. I'll see ya later Spike. Thanks for breakfast.”
You then hop out of be, disrobe, and head for the showers
>After cleaning yourself thoroughly, you get dressed, scarf down breakfast, and head south of Ponyville
>When you reach a clearing in the forrest you’re trekking through, you’re greeted with two guard pegasi waiting for you there with a carriage in tow
>”Lord Anonymous,” they both state as they bow
“At ease gents. I’ve told you both multiple times, there’s no need for such formality.”
>”As you wish, Lord Anonymous,” they both say in unison
>You sigh loudly, and enter the carriage
>Once you’re safely inside, the two pegasi dart off towards your school
>Even if you have experienced it a hundred times before, it was always a fun experience
>So you take a moment to admire the adrenaline pulsing through you for the full twelve seconds your ride lasts
>You step out of the carriage as it touches the ground, wave good-bye to the pegasi, and head into Canterlot Elite Intermediate
>First class of the day: History
>Hopefully this will be one of the easier finals you’ll have to take this week
Sacrifice your older work? Why?

Also, Viral is not healthy yet.
Because my older work isn't super good, and I can live to see it go.
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Oh boy, do I.

>You can tell you’re going to get along just fine.
“So, what do we need to do?”
>”Luckily for us, the preparations were mostly done by the time I got here, so we’ll be able to do our actual jobs in short notice.” She says as she turns around towards a cart full of unpackaged cargo. “Or at the very least, I hope we can.”
“You’d think they’ll get more than one pony organizing this stuff, considering the occasion.”
>”That’s what you’re here for, Mr. Feather.” She says. “But yes, some outside help would have been nice as well.”
>You start checking out the boxes around you, and realize you have no idea what are you even supposed to do.
“Now that I think about it, they didn’t even tell me what you needed me for.”
>”You’re in charge of food, drinks, and decoration. They need to be perfectly accommodated, we don’t need anypony knocking over vases or plates just because they can’t reach the cheese.”
“Right, and the decoration?”
>”It has to be perfectly spaced, neither too busy, nor too sparse.” She says, waving her hoof around. “I was told you have a great eye for this kind of stuff, so I’m expecting results, Mr. Feather.”
>Great, first day in the job and you’re already expected to do everything perfectly.
>I mean, why would they? It’s not like it’s the birthday of the person who’s been ruling over the kingdom for like two centuries.
“Hey, no pressure, right? It’s only Celestia’s… what, 2000th birthday?”
>”2034th, to be exact.” Harshwhinny corrects.
“I already feel bad for the guy in charge of putting the candles in the cake.”
>”Professionalism, Mr. Feather, we already discussed this.”
“Right, sorry.” You say sarcastically. “So, is the food already inside, or..?”
>”Surprisingly, only a small part of it was brought inside. The rest of it it’s still sitting on that cart over there.” She says while pointing at a cart parked in the middle of the road.
>You walk towards the cart, meaning to inspect the contents inside it.
>As you reach it, you see that’s it’s not even refrigerated, and even if it was, the back doors are half open.
>Either Harshwhinny was right and the contractors are terrible, or they were in such a hurry they put everything in the first squared object they found.
“How long has this been sitting here?”
>”It was already here when I arrived, so three hours, at the very least.”
>That can’t be good for the neither the food, nor the drink.
>You open the doors, and fly inside.
>At least everything’s where it’s supposed to be.
>You open one of the boxes to examine what’s inside it.
>Cupcakes, muffins, and other assorted pastries.
>You close the box and go towards the back, where a rack of bottles is.
>White wine, and champagne.
>Yeah, this is definitely the dessert cart.
>You poke your head out of door and motion to Harshwhinny.
“Hey, could you get someone to help me get these inside? This stuff shouldn’t be out in the sun.”
>Aaaaand she’s not here anymore.
>Glad to see the team is willing to communicate.
>You hop out of the cart and start heading inside, trying to find your partner.
>Along the way, you told two ponies to bring out the stuff in the cart inside.
>Well, they whined they were on break, but working for the company that’s paying them has its advantages.
>As you go inside the main hall, you see Harshwhinny ordering around some ponies that were setting up the sound system.
>Huh, you never noticed how toned her rump wa—
>”Hey, work first, ass later.” You say, berating yourself.
>You approach Harshwhinny, who turns around when she hears your hoofsteps.
>”Ah, Mr. Feather, I assume everything was fine?”
“I wish, they left the freaking desserts out in the sun, it’s a miracle nothing went bad.”
>Harshwhinny scoffs, then looks at the ponies setting up the speakers angrily.
>”That hasn’t been the first time we had a similar problem, the first batch of potato salad we brought in had to be returned after somepony left it outside the fridge overnight and rotted.” She says, while glaring at somepony in the kitchen. “Let this be a lesson, Mr. Feather, just because something’s cheap, it doesn’t excuse the headaches it brings.”
“Heh. Yeah, my grandpa used to say som—“
>”Hey miss!” One of the working ponies interrupts. “We’re ready to do a sound test here, do you want us to?”
>”Yes, go ahead.” Harshwhinny says.
>As soon as he flips the switch, the speakers let us a screeching noise, making everyone cover their ears.
>Well, except for Harshwhinny, who looks like she protected her ears with sheer contempt alone.
>The pony flips the switch back, turning off the speakers.
>You’re fairly certain you heard a window crack.
>Either that or one of your eardrums, you’re not sure.
>”Do I even have to say it?” Harshwhinny asks indignantly.
>”Yeah, yeah, I probably put some cables in the wrong place, give me a minute.”
>Harshwhinny raises her hoof in frustration and looks at you, before sighing.
>”I’m getting a drink, you want to come?” She says.
“Drinking on the job? Count me the hell in.”
>Harshwhinny lets out an exasperated sigh as she sits down near the kitchen counter and opens a bottle of cider.
>Unsurprisingly, it was some off-brand that probably came from Guoxia, so Celestia knows if that thing was even made with apples to begin with.
>You sit next to her, getting a glass from a nearby cabinet.
“I think they’re doing a great job so far, wouldn’t you agree?”
>”Please, spare me the sarcasm.” She says, before taking a large chug from the bottle. “The amounts of corners they cut so far would make a sphere look edgy in comparison.”
“Yeah, I can see that.” You say before pointing outside. “Did you even see the brand of wine they brought? May as well serve the bastards ethanol with food coloring in it.”
>”Which is ironic, considering I seen children beverages with a higher alcoholic content than this.” She says while looking at the empty bottle of cider, before tossing it in the trash can.
>You walk over to the refrigerator and put some ice cubes in your cup, before pouring some of the rum your boss gave you.
>Harshwhinny looks at you with a confused expression, then points at the bottle.
>”I doubt they brought something like that for the event, where did you get that?” She asks.
“Oh, the boss gifted this to me, said you guys pilled the money for it.”
>”Hm, so that’s why he went around asking for some bits the other day.”
“Wait, so he didn’t tell you?”
>”He said it was for ‘a surprise for the new guy’. Which if you were aware of his wife’s profession, it wouldn’t be a surprise at all.”
“What, you’re meaning to tell me all the bottles in his office weren’t just fancy jugs of water?”
>”When an alcoholic is married to a bartender, it’s a pretty surefire bet that any bottles you see around either are probably not water.”
“You make it sound like it’s a bad thing when you put it like that.” You say, before taking a sip out of your glass. “Hey, I didn’t even ask, do you want some rum?”
>She looks at the bottle, then back at you and shrugs.
>”I’m not particularly fond of flavored rum, but I’m willing to make an exception today.”
>You pass over a glass to her, and pour some of the contents of the bottle in it.
>Harshwhinny takes a large gulp, downing a third of the glass in one go.
>You chuckle, before taking another sip form your glass.
“So much for professionalism, huh?”
>”Legally speaking, we’re on break, so for now, professionalism is not required.” She says before taking another large gulp of her glass, finishing it.
“Speaking of breaks, do you think that guy finished fixing the cables?”
>”I sincerely doubt it, but we should check nonetheless.”
>She gets up and puts her glass on the sink, you doing the same after finishing what was left of your drink.
>You walk back into the main hall, as soon as the pony taking care of the cables stands up.
>”You’re just in time; I think I managed to get it right this time.”
>”For the sake of everyone standing here, I certainly hope so.”
>The worker flips the switch and, surprisingly enough, the souls of the damned didn’t try to escape this time, but rather a song.”
>It was nothing special, just a sample made to test the range of the speakers.
>It sounded well enough, but some parts clipped them, and the bass was too loud, drowning the rest of the instruments.
>”So, what do you think, pretty good, or damned good?” Says the worker while leaning in one of the speakers.
>”Yes, I’ll admit it sounded adequate enough.”
“Eh, I’ll have to disagree with you.” You say. “It’s too loud and it’s clipping the speakers during the parts with more instruments, and the bass is set too high and drowns the music.”
>”Hm. I didn’t notice it at first, but now that you mention on, some parts did seem to be overtasking the sound system.” Adds Harshwhinny.
>”Well… I could try and get the DJ to check it out before the party starts.”
>”Yes, please do that.” Says Harshwhinny, before turning around.
>As soon as you walk out of earshot, you turn to Harshwhinny.
"You totally noticed it, didn't you?"
>"I'll be honest, I thought it was part of the song. After 2000 years, who knows what kind of music the princess may be into."
And that's all I have for tonight, folks.

Gotta admit, the way I'm writing Harshwhinny's professional speech it's kicking my ass with how much stuff I can cram in one post, I should probably start using more abbreviations.
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You're doing great!
Can't wait for more Harshsexy.
Hey, guys! TiberiusPonificus here! I really need to set up that name thing you guys got going on. That, and post more often.

Anyway, I want to ask something. I know we're on a /ss/ kick right now. Just in case anyone missed it the first time I posted it, I recently finished a LunaPip story and posted it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5540162

Read it? Cool. Now onto my problem. I've been thinking of making it a little longer, but I'm not totally sure where. I'm also thinking of changing one detail in the begining.

Should I still have Pipsqueak stripped before he flies to Luna's tower or after he meets her?
Its good. I liked it.
>Captain, requesting permission to dock
>Permission granted, commence docking
>Anon unzips dick
Hey guess what guys, I'm giving you what you all want!

MORE talk of history and politics!

Just like you loved in the Starwars Prequels!

>And low and behold, all that studying you did paid off
>You fly through the multiple choice section, and the short-answer questions aren’t too had either
>List the seven events that lead up to the Minotaurs vs Trolls war?
>Lack of land on both sides, weak economies, low standings in the rest of the world’s eyes, troubles that arose from their treaty, rumors being spread about either side attacking the other, lack of resources on both sides, and the capture and torture of minotaur civilians
>What fueled Charter’s rise to power in ancient Galopia?
>A strong propaganda campaign, a good military backing, and his national status as a hero
>What lead to the fall of the Diamond Dog’s empire?
>Lots of political in-fighting, more focus on wealth than education or military, and the election of dog-breath as president
>And those were probably the only tough questions in the bunch
>As you wrap up your test, you set your pencil down on the table, and look around the room
>Every other student is still working diligently on the multiple-choice sections
>And all of their faces are scrunched in concentration
>Well, there was one exception
>Betty in the back was at the short answer section, and from her writing, you figure she’s halfway through the section
>And oh how smug she is about that fact
>The smile she wears says it all
>Also the way she was bragging about it at lunch was a pretty good indicator
>”I TOTALLY destroyed that final!” she brags at your table
“That’s great Betty,” you respond sourly
>”I mean, what lead to the fall of the Diamond Dog’s empire? Common, everyone knows it was a lack of focus on education and the election of Dog Breath!”
I actually liked the starwars prequels.
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Anon please...
>The Force Awakens was retarded fanfiction where they shipped two OCs
>And it was still a better love story than the prequels

Man I want MAnon to hate fuck Betty. Just have her bitching at him to pound her harder with his stupid monkey dick, and him yelling at her to clench her loose horse pussy so he could feel something.

Then sarcastic bitchy cuddling.
>"Oh Anons! Your humble-wumble mayor is staring in her very own story for this thread! So read what's been written, and ENJOY IT, because it's had a lot of effort been put into it!"

Anyway, here it is for anyone who wants to read what I've got so far: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FxyJtDqEt5QMcztkS6-WQPUV2bS4n-OJY6mdVz1Ptx8/edit?usp=sharing

Let me know if it made you kek, or made your dong expand.

I wouldn't rule out a bonus non-canon scene
Trust us. it did both.bump
>political favors
>in her horse vagoo
What's the pastebin again? I need to read this all again. For reasons involving Betty. And dicks.
Found it. So there's a Sadie and a Betty? Dang, I thought Betty's cumming was foretold by crystal prophecy.
Wait what?

Mind telling me what exactly you're talking about?
Anon bitched about Twilight giving Sadie the crystals he grew for brownie points and how she was a cunt. She seemed to be a filly that Twilight approved of. For the possible sexing of Anon.

Oh shit, I completely forgot that Sadie was a character.

Uh... fuck it three-way.
>"How did you like that tight filly pussy Anon?"
>"The one your purple princess mommy picked out juust for you?"
>"I bet you are gonna run up and tell her aaalll about it. How much fun you had getting my pussy nice and wet before stuffing your hard monkey cock inside me."
>"Are you gonna tell her how I taste? How I had to push you down to make you stop eating my "magic candy Pocket?"
>"I bet my cute little Anon will wanna show her. Little mammas boy, you're probably thinking of your horse mommy right now while you're still fucking my hot filly plot.
>"But I'm not gonna let you. Well see if you can even walk straight once I'm done milking that cute little monkey cock of every. Single. Drop. Of your delicious spunk.
>*penetrated horse noises*
>pic related for mental advancement of masturbationary purposes
>tfw you realize she is a solid grey pone
Don't you mean that dick you get?
Well, I guess if getting sloppy seconds on a horny little cum splattered filly in glasses and ponytail is your idea of...
>unzips dick
Touche Anon.
>Anon's mom is turned on by his dong
Where's the "slow day" guy when you need him?
File: image.jpg (37 KB, 232x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 232x232
>Mayor Mare story


bump with benefits.
I came.

Also, I hope I'm making you laugh Anon.

>She continues to yammer on, while you try to enjoy your lunch
>You take a look over at Sadie as you munch on your mashed potatoes, and notice she’s reading her chemistry textbook
>She’s always been the black sheep of the group, despite being fairly popular in her own right
>You pick up your tray, and take the seat beside her
“Hey,” you say, scaring the piss out of her. “How’s it going?”
>With a crimson face, she looks up from her books, and into your eyes
>”N-not too bad,” she states. “T-the history final was kind of tough. How are you doing Anon?”
“Oh, not too bad. Think I did pretty well on the final.”
>You notice her smile begin to fall slowly, which amuses you somewhat
>You instantly feel a pang of guilt, as your own mouth curls into a smile, making her own fall quite a bit further
>Which only serves to heighten your joy
>Another pang of guilt fires through your body, as you know you shouldn’t be this happy over someone else’s distraught
>And another pang of guilt shoots through you, knowing that you were always going to enjoy the distress and pain of others
“I-It wasn’t all easy though!” you say through somewhat clenched teeth. “Some of the multiple choice questions really tripped me up.”
>”Really?” she asks with slightly brightened eyes. “Like what?”
>Your brain scrambled to think of any one of the questions that you found difficult to answer
“Like the uh… ah! The four causes of economic decline in a country!”
>She gives you a funny look, and you hear Betty laughing at you in the background
>”What are the four causes of economic decline? What are you, stupid Anon? That was one of the easier questions!”
>You really wanted to put her in her place
>To tell her that you had finished your test long before she did
>But your pride prevented you from saying anything, as it didn’t want to go back on the lie you just told
“Hey, it’s only been two-thousand thirty four years, how bad could it be?”
>”She may be into hardcore electric banjo orchestral dueling, we may never know.”
“For some reason all I’m picturing is plucked Slayer solos being played passive-aggressively while a tuba plays in the background.” You say. “And I don’t mean playing a melody, but rather a constant bellowing sound, like if you insulted Cthulhu’s mother or something.”
>”That’s… an oddly specific description.”
“So was yours.”
>Harshwhinny looks at you for a second before seemingly agreeing with you and looking forward again.
>As you walk past the kitchen, you notice that it’s still mostly empty, except for a couple boxes.
“Hold up a second.” You say to Harshwhinny before entering the kitchen.
>You go in and confirm that the ponies you sent only brought one box inside.
>The fact that it’s not hot to the touch means they probably brought it in a while ago.
“For Luna’s sake, how much did are they paying these guys, three bits and a box of soft cider?”
>You storm out of the kitchen in frustration and head outside.
>Much to your surprise, the cart is still mostly full, with the two workers you sent nowhere to be seen.
“Well, that’s just fucking great.” You say before sighing.
>”It’s there a problem, Mr. Feather?” Harshwhinny says while walking through the door.
“No, I just send some guys to get the heat-sensitive stuff inside before it went bad and they decided to be smart-asses, nothing mayor.”
>”Ah, good, I was afraid something important happened, like say, the pastries for the party of a princess with a sweet tooth went bad.”
“You know, I’m starting to understand why you’re annoyed with sarcasm.”
>”What could possibly give you that insight?”
“Leading by example is a good thing, you know.”
>You walk towards the cart and set up some boxes on your back, using your wings as support.
>”Um… what are you doing?” Says Harshwhinny in a worried tone.
“The job we’re paying the guys inside to do.” You say while hoisting another box on top of you.
>”Mr. Feather, do leave the arduous job to those wh—“
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll stop when they actually do their jobs.” You say while putting a third crate on your back.
>”Or you can do that.” Says Harshwhinny while staring at you. “How exactly are you planning to bring all those crates inside?”
“Through the door.” You say, sarcastically. “Unless you willing to hop on my back and keep these in place, I can’t fly in through the window.”
>”Mr. Feather, I sincerely doubt you’ll be able to bring those in without spilling anything.”
“Yeah, but it’s not like anyone else is going to.” You say, while working towards the door. “Can you open this thing?”
>Harshwhinny sighs in annoyance before opening the door.
>You drop the last box in top of the table, putting as much effort as possible to keep the bottles from breaking.
“Right… that should be the last one.” You say, panting slightly.
>”I must admit, I was wrong.” Says Harshwhinny. “Now please, put your jacket back on, Mr. Feather.”
“Ah, it’s not we wear clothes to begin with.” You protest.
>”We are given these uniforms for a reason, Mr. Feather, we—“
“Yeah, yeah, I get it.” You say, while reaching for your jacket. “Honestly, I don’t know why they gave this thing, purple isn’t my color.”
>”Would you have preferred green?”
“I think grey would have fitted me better.” You say. “But seriously, purple? I mean, it looks good on you, but I feel like I’m trying to signal Cloudsdale when I’m wearing this thing.”
>Harshwhinny looks slightly confused for a moment, but she recovers almost instantaneously.
>” I appreciate the compliment, Mr. Feather.”
“I wasn—“ You stop yourself when you realize she actually meant that. “Don’t mention it.”
>You put your jacket back on and walk next to Harshwhinny.
“So, do you think they’ll actually get this ready for tonight?”
>”They better have, or I’ll make sure they never gets contracted for anything ever again.”
“Jeez, that’s kinda harsh, don’t you think?”
>”Says the pony that had to bring in 30 crates of cakes inside all by himself.”
“You know what, let’s pretend I didn’t say anything.”
And that's all for tonight, sorry for the short update, but I couldn't come up with anything for some reason.
“I focused more on the bigger battles and the political aspects rather than the individual problems the cities face.”
>”Oh, of course a stupid boy like yourself would! All you care about is the carnage and weapons in war! You couldn’t care less about the people, or their problems! But I guess that’s expected, considering you’re a boy. And not just any boy, but the son of the famed Twilight Sparkle! Child of Celestia’s favorite student! Everything you’ve ever needed has been handed to you! What would YOU know about the struggles of the commoners?”
>Your teeth grit themselves without your permission, as you notice it’s suddenly become much harder to maintain your composure
“A helluva lot more than you do, considering I actually mingle with Earth ponies and don’t cast them aside like the trash you think they are.”
>The crowd around the table gasps slightly, and you put a hand to your mouth in mock shock
“Oops, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to sling in any mud.”
>She smirks at your remark
>”Oh, was that supposed to be a witty retort? I’m sorry, all I heard was a truthful remark about mud ponies. Which honestly, you’re no better than. You don’t even have a cutie mark! Letalone a horn! Honestly Anon, you’re little more than the scum I wipe off my hooves at the doorway. We’d all be better off if you just went home, and never came back.”
>The crowd gasps yet again, and the few Earth ponies at the table shoot Betty their dirtiest look, but don’t say anything
>Fucking cowards
>But no matter, you could take a little bit of abuse from this bitch
>In fact the thought of the goat blood smeared all over her wall provided you with a nice little jolt of joy before you responded
“You’re gonna regret that,” you state blankly
>”Oh am I now? Please. If you’re trying to scare me then use something with a little more meat than a simple ‘you’ll regret that’.”
“Oh believe me, I intend to.”
>Before you can elaborate, the bell rings, and you move onto your next class
>You shuffle through the rest of your classes, seeing as most of them involve nothing but listening to your teachers drone on in lectures
>All throughout the day, she shoots you weird looks that honestly makes you feel kind of uncomfortable
>And it makes you regret trying to cheer her up at lunch
>You quickly rush out the door of your geometry class the second your school day ends, and head for the carriage
>”Lord Anonymous,” Guster says as you approach
“Please Guster, stop calling me ‘Lord’ Anonymous. Anon is fine.”
>”Yes Lord Anon,”
>Why do you even bother?
>”By the way, the princess requests an audience with you.”
>You stop dead in your tracks, and a chill runs down your spine as you realize what he just said
“Sh-she requests an audience with… me?”
>”Yes sir.”
“Did she… did she say exactly what the nature of this meeting was?”
>”No sir.”
>You begin to feel yourself quiver, and it takes you a couple of minutes to get into the carriage
>”Are you alright, Lord Anon?”
“No, of course not. It’s an ‘audience’ with the princess. The last person who had an ‘audience’ with her had molten gold poured down their throat before they were executed.”
>The two guards remain silent during takeoff, but Guster speaks to you a good few seconds into your journey
>”Listen Anon, I know it might seem bleak, but it probably won’t be that bad! Just, don’t get your hopes down, alright?”
>You don’t respond, and instead focus on the numbness you feel inside
>After another few moments of flying, you arrive in Canterlot, and touch down at the princess’s castle
>You hesitate to leave the carriage for a moment, before you reason that it probably wasn’t a good idea to keep the princess waiting
>So you open the door, hop out, and head inside the beautiful building
File: 789478923490.png (193 KB, 1182x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193 KB, 1182x1024
Viral senpai is still not healthy. We hope he is ok and can still write for us.

Loving the Mayor Mare story Yeepz and your contiunation of the green.

OrangeBooty, keep up the good work as well! I'm sure we love it. I am loving it.

Anons appreciate all of you!
Glad you're likin' 'em.

>You know the route, seeing as you’ve been there enough times for check-ins before
>When you finally arrive at the marvelous marble doors, you take a moment to sigh, before pushing them open
>No need for formality, seeing as you were going to die regardless
“Good afternoon Princess,” you state loudly
>”Afternoon Anonymous,” she answers back
>You nervously stand in the doorway for a moment, before you grow a bit of a backbone, and advance towards her throne
>”Guards!” she calls when you stop. “Leave us!”
>You don’t bother to watch them swing the giant doors shut, you just listen to their loud “slam”
>The room descends into an easy silence for several moments, while you wait for Celestia to speak
>Finally, she stands to her feet
>”So. I hear you’re taking lessons from Twilight on defending yourself from Unicorns.”
>You gulp, and nod in response
>”...Show me your progress.”
>You stand there stunned for a few moments, before you see her horn glow a bright yellow
>As her energy beam blasts towards you, you quickly roll out of it’s way
>You barely have enough time to glance up, to catch her firing several more beams in your direction
>You roll forward to avoid the first one, and begin sprinting away from the rest
>When they’ve all collided with the ground, you glance up at the god, and sprint towards her
>Every shot she fires you expertly dodge, but then she throws up a stone wall in front of you
>Your reflexes react quick enough to hop over that wall, and the next five she throws at you
>When you reach the start of her small staircase, you leap at her, and thrust your fist towards
>She dodges your punch, and backs down the stairwell
>She continues to expertly dodge each strike until she reaches the bottom of the stairwell
>”Right then, I think that’ll do it.”
File: image.gif (691 KB, 255x209) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
691 KB, 255x209
>Also, I hope I'm making you laugh Anon

Whatever do you mean.

>MAcelestia attacking you.

something tells me those beams were not going to just stun.
Woot, awesome green everywhere! Loving the MAnon, looking forward to more Harshhiny.
I mean I hope the comedic bits in my Derpy story were funny enough to make you laugh.

And no, those phasers aren't set to "stun". They're set to "maim of kill". I'll get into countering the beams latter in the story.
Aaay, glad you're liking it.

>As you go for another strike, she fires a beam directly into your chest, sending you flying
>As you’re about to hit the ceiling, she catches you with her magic, and lowers you to her throne
>”Twilight has done well trainig you. The average unicorn would have quite a bit of trouble dealing with you in a fight. However, as you can see, I am not the average unicorn, and neither is your mother. I assume you lose to her quite frequently as well.
“I haven’t won a sparing match yet,” you state, rubbing your stomach
>”Right then. It appears you need more rigorous training than what Twilight is providing you. And with your summer break coming up rather quickly, now would be a good time to find a new trainer.”
>You blink a few times in confusion, as you try to figure out if you’re interpreting her words correctly
“Wait… are you-”
>”I’m offering you a place as my pupil, yes.”
>You look at the older mare as if she’s gone mad, and wait for her to tell her she was playing you, and kill you on the spot
>But her expression remained stoic, and she remained silent
“You want me…” you begin. “To be your pupil?”
“...Your highness-”
>”There’s no need for formalities, my student.”
“O-OK, C-Celestia… if I may ask… why me?”
>”Simple. I long for a challenge, and I know you can give it to me.”
“Wait what?”
>”Throughout my millennial reign, I have held the throne without much opposition. The only real uprising I’ve faced was from my sister, and she was easily thwarted. You, on the other hand, show potential. From Twilight’s notes, it appears that humans do not have a skill cap. They’re able to continuously and endlessly increase their abilities beyond what was previously their limit. Ponies do not have such an ability. Once we reach our full potential, that’s it. We’re done. It’s just the way we’re designed. It is my hope that you will provide an adequate challenge with enough time, and training.”
File: horsepussy.jpg (44 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 400x400
Yes yes omg yes. Also looking forward to Anon getting sick from gross consensual vanilla sex. Just to clarify, was Luna showing him things he's done, or things he wants to do?
That's what he wants to do.

The most he's done is bone the odd filly and two mares.

I think I'll only write the choking though. Maybe light bondage.
That's damn good.
Digging it.
Also, why the whining about diaper fags? In the last two threads there was one short story and a one shot that had them. That's nothing compared to the rest of the shit posting that happens here.
Was Sadie shooting him the weird looks in class or Betty? It looks like its probably Sadie craving the evolved ape penis she's probably gonna be soaking her sheets over, but it continues from the argument with Betty.
rip Iwritefilth
One of the comments of this picture is right.
There needs to be a gif or Filly fiddler Twi, Starlight, and Ginger Snap from the lovelore story.
If VSDrawfag wants to that is.
Sadie was.

Sorry for not classifying that in the story. It's been fixed.
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