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Three years ago, this filly was placed into...
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Three years ago, this filly was placed into your care as her hometown was seen as a potential target for the enemy army. The war is now over and she is finally able to go home to her family which has has been wanting to see for the past 3 years. She couldn't be more excited.

Upon arrival, you both find her entire village burned to the ground with not a survivor to be seen. It quickly becomes apparent that the village was attacked suddenly and most of the occupants ended up trapped in their burning houses to die.

What do you say to the filly?
"Oh well. Cya kid."
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>Upon arrival, you both find her entire village burned to the ground with not a survivor to be seen
> with not a survivor to be seen
"Tell me about Bane, why does he wear the mask"
"I am so sorry......."
"It looks like we're in the wrong village"
"I have a sick sense of humor sometimes."
I'd give her a hug.
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"... awkward... welp. I got some shit to do soo... um bye kid see ya never
"Nothing personnel, kid."
"...you know that room is still yours, if you want it."
Trips are always there to comfort her.
We need more heartless bastard anons like this.
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Pony barbeque

>Be Scoots
>You have to stay in another country for a while die to war.
>You have no idea who you are staying with.
>After a nice boat ride to a place called "America" you then search for the place.
>You find the address.
>It's a shady looking apartment building.
>Well "home sweet home" I suppose.
>It's only temporary.
>You knock on the door.
>You wait for an answer.
>You hear grunts and mumbling from the inside.
>You then see the door open.
>You see something you can only consider strange.
>You see a strange, skinny, white, nearly hairless ape just in it's underwear.
>You both awkwardly stare at each other for a bit.
>The white ape is the first to break the silence.
>"Ah. My horse meat is here."
>Oh my Celestia!!
>You try to fly away from the carnivorous creature.
>"No! Wait! I'm just kidding!"
>You aren't going to trust this guy.
>He's too shady as it is.
>Unfortunately you aren't really good at flying.
>The white ape grabs you.
>He then grabs your luggage.
>He then brings you inside.
>You close your eyes shut.
>Hoping that this will be a quick and painless death.
>Nothing happened.
>You look around the room.
>There's not really much here.
>Just a blanket, a pillow, and a laptop.
>You then stare at the white ape who then proceeds to go back towards his laptop.
>"I'm sorry about that."
>"I was just trying to do something funny."
>Something funny?
>What's so hilarious about turning someone into your dinner?!
>"Anyways if you want something to eat there's some yogurt in the fridge."
>"I'm getting more food later today if you to join."
>This is what you're going to be living with for a while.
>Even though you spent two days with Anon (As he calls himself), you can somehow get how he works.
>He doesn't seem to work at all but he does get a source of income somehow, there's no way he can live here and get food for free.
>Whenever he's on the computer he does one of two things.
>He's either playing some strange games he calls "Emulators" or watching a series called "One Punch Man" or "Jo Jo".
>He does go on some site occasionally that is filled to the brim with green text.
>He never writes but usually reads whatever is on there.
>He is always laughing at them.
>They aren't really that funny though.
>Most of them are just over the top reactions of petty arguments.
>He onced laughed at one post of someone threatening to kill another guy just because he liked Twilight's ass more than Rarity's.
>That must explain his messed up sense of humor.
>The worst aspect about him is he never goes outside unless it's for food.
>You really hate the fact he doesn't go outside.
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>Pic related
>Day three living with anon.
>You've been eating nothing but yogurt, cereal with no milk, some cheese sandwiches, and ramen.
>You feel like you're getting fat.
>You can't take it anymore.
>Anon jumps a bit from the scream you made.
>He then paused his game.
>"Yes Scoots?"
"For one thing, my name is Scootaloo, not Scoots."
>"I know. I'm just messing with you."
"Anyways, I'm bored. Can we play outside?"
>Anon just stared at me.
>Even though he was giving out a blank expression, you could tell he was giving out some sort of vibe.
>You didn't know what it was.
>Anon then broke his stare and stared at the clock of his computer.
>He then looked at you.
>"Because we're going to have an air raid soon."
>"It will soon be a chaotic area."
>You were afraid of this.
>You were sent to get away from the war and now it's basically following you.
>"It'll stay like that until 6:00 pm."
>6:00 pm?!
>It's 4:00 pm now!
>They could find you within that span of time.
>You decide to hide in the closet for a bit hoping they won't find you.
>Time skip.
>It's been about an hour.
>Maybe they'll be gone for now.
>You decide to check outside.
>You fear what you're about to see.
>You then see....
>The room still intact and war free.
>You even check outside.
>No war.
>You give a sigh of relief.
>But then you notice something.
>Where is Anon?
>You then hear the door open.
>You see Anon coming in with a small square box.
>He then sees you and smiles.
>"Oh! You finally came out of the closet."
"What the buck Anon!?"
"You said there was a war zone outside!!"
>"It was just a prank Scoots."
"A prank?"
"Anon my country is at war right now and you're just making jokes about it."
"I was really scared shitless when you said we were going to have an air raid here!"
>"Scoots calm down and eat some pizza."
"No! Buck you!! I don't want to see your ugly face again!!"
>You then go back to the closet, this time hiding from Anon.
>How could a man be so cruel?
>Making jokes about a war going on at your home town.
>Having to leave your home because of it.
>Having everyone you know and love seperated from your friends and family.
>Some of them possibly dying from this war.
>You couldn't bare even the thought of that and yet here's this ape just making jokes about it.
>Even Pinkie and Dash would never make jokes like that.
>You then go to sleep early tonight.
>You didn't really want to think about this at all.
>The next morning you wake up feeling very tired.
>Maybe it's because you haven't exercised in a while or the stress that came from yesterday's drama.
>You open the closet door.
>You see Anon eating his breakfast jerky.
>"Good morning."
>He says with a stuffed mouth.
>You choose to ignore him.
>Anon continues staring at you.
>"I thought about what you said yesterday."
>"I'm sorry."
>You're hearing him say this but he probably doesn't mean it.
>So you continue giving him the silent treatment.
>"I was thinking...."
>"Do you want to go outside?"
Well, does she want to go outside? We're all still here, waiting with baited breath.
>Is he being serious or is this another one of his cruel jokes?
>If you learned anything from the past three days is that Anon was a very good liar.
>He knew how to tell lies with the straightest face you can think of.
>You know he's most likely lying to you.
>Anon kept staring at you for a bit for a response.
>He then got off his chair.
>He went towards his laptop.
>He then proceeded to close it.
>He then took it and then put it in a high spot in his closet.
>"I put my laptop up."
>"Let's go outside for a bit."
>You look at Anon.
>You can tell he is really trying to make up for what he did yesterday.
>You decide to trust him for a bit.

>It was a beautiful day outside.
>You could see the sun.
>Birds were singing.
>A perfect day for riding on your scooter.
>As you were riding your scooter around in the park, Anon was walking a safe distance behind.
>He apparently thought scooters are dangerous vehicles for kids.
>You do things with your scooter you usually would do over in Ponyville.
>You do tricks, perform leaps, among other daredevil stunts.
>Eventually though your wings get tired from all the scooter work.
>You then come across a swing set.
>You get excited seeing one.
>You also notice Anon staring at it as well.
>He seems.... interested with it.
>"Hey Scoots?"
>"Can we play there for a bit?"
"Why are you asking me?"
"You're the adult."
>"Oh right...... I am....."
>You and Anon approach the swing set.
"Hey Anon, do you think you can push me for a bit?"
"My wings are kinda tired."
>Anon stares at you for a bit.
>You then get on the swings.
>Anon prepares to push you while you on the swings.
>"Tell me if I push too hard. OK."
"Anon, pushing me hard would bring me up even higher."
"So go ahead and do it"
>You would later regret that decision.
>Anon does end up pushing you..... off the swing and into the sand.
>You get up.
>You spit out some sand that got into your mouth.
>You then stare at Anon angrily.
>Anon was shaking his head no furiously.
>"No! This was by pure accident!"
>"I never really pushed anyone on a swing before."
>"Nobody evet asked me to."
>Again you could never tell if Anon was lying or not.
>You always tried to find someway to find a tell but never could.
"OK Anon, I'll believe you.... for now."
>"Mind if I try again?"
>You are concerned if he'll try the same stunt again.
>But you will allow him.
"OK but this time try a bit lighter."
>As you finished getting into a comfortable position on the swing, Anon lightly pushes you.
>You begin to swing a bit.
>The height of the swing gets a bit higher and higher.
>It makes it feel like you're flying.
>You love this feeling so much.
>You notice Anon isn't pushing anymore.
>Instead he took the seing right next to you and began swinging away himself.
>Another thing you notice was the expression on his face.
>He isn't giving out that emotionless stare that he usually gave out.
>This time he was smiling.
Here's hoping this thread is still up tomorrow night. I'm going to sleep.
"Cheer up Scootaloo, some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad. Other things just make you want to swear and curse. When you're chewing on lifes gristle, don't grumble give a whistle and everything will turn out for the best."
"Well you know what they say. If every day was perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs."
Did you hear that? If we want to know what becomes of Scootaloo and Sick Sense of Humour Anon, we have to keep this thread alive. Those are your orders, men. Make our thread proud.
there there
>You never really seen Anon smile before.
>Ever since you got here hr either had an expressionless face or sometimes gives out a nervous look.
>Even when he was laughing at those green words he never really wore a smile.
>After a while you and Anon got off the swings.
>"Well it's been two hours.... technically health books say you are only suppose to be out for an hour."
"Why's that?"
>"I don't know, maybe they want us to fat?"
>"Anyways we better head home."
>You two then start heading home.
>Even though he's still an A-hole, you start giving a little respect towards Anon for letting you play outside.
>You then continue on with your day as it was as usual when you get back home.
>Drawing pictures of Rainbow we while Anon watched his "Jo Jo".
>It's been 4 weeks now since you moved in with Anon.
>Now it's become a routine for the both of you to go outside and play for at the very least an hour.
>Felt great.
>You were actually moving.
>What's best is that you felt like you were getting closer to Anon.
>Things have been looking up for the both of you.
>But you decided to lazy today because it was raining outside.
>You both were just watching the computer screen at that moment watching whatever was on it.
>You then hear a knock on Anon's door.
>Knowing Anon is too busy looking at his screen you decide to answer.
>You calmly open the door.
>It's the mail mare from Ponyville.
>She just tips her hat towards you and hands you mail for both you and Anon.
>She then takes her leave and flies off to somewhere else.
>You were now holding onto the mail.
>You were going to give it to Anon but you did have the sudden urge to read it.
>You decide to read the first letter.
>It's labeled for Anon.
>You look inside the envelope to see what looks like Anon's bank acount.
>"Dear Anon, since it is now the beginning of the month the disability services have given you your $500 check to pay for your living conditions. Please don't spend it all on any questionable products or save up over your limits or your disability Service will cut your checks."
>So anon is disabled?
>He looks perfectly fine to you.
>You then look at the next letter.
>It's from the royal guard.
>Maybe it's from mom and dad?!
>You become excited over this.
>You quickly open the letter.
>"Dear Mrs. Mous,"
>"Mrs. Mous?"
>You can definitely tell that Anon was indeed a Mr just by the way he looked.
>"We regret to inform you that Scootaloo's parents are both deceased. We hope you inform her as calm as possible. We would also like to give our condolences to Scootaloo as well."
>You couldn't believe it.
>Your parents were dead.
>You couldn't stop the urge to cry.

>Be Anon
>As you were busy watching anime comedy you heard a noise coming from the door
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