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AH!! Real Anon monsters!
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So you get to Equestria, congrats!
But your a horrible monster, un-congrats.

Pick your curse and tell us how you do, bonus points for monster pics and scared pony pics.

Your a city destroying beast
Your an average human sized monster
Your the size of an animal, and more annoying than dangerous

>Raw Strength
Most situations are solved with PUNCH
>Elemental Doom
Lasers, lighting, fire, acid. You name it and it's probably coming out of some orifice
>Eldritch Fear
You can make the toughest and roughest shit their pants just by looking at you

You gotta eat living things, or else you lose your mind and go on feeding frenzies
You feed off raw chaos, you just destroy anything and everything to sustain yourself
You have to fuck, no seriously, if the rape train stops you explode like in 1994 Speed

>Demon speak
No one can understand a damned word your saying
Your uglier than sin, probably smell to
>Mr. Unlucky
You mean well, to bad so much as being in your presence causes injuries and destruction

>Fighting power
a large enough army could widdle you down
The elements of harmony can blast you with their rainbow power!
>Rumple stiltSkin
Your one weakness as an anon, if someone says your true name you kill yourself. And yes, there are hints to your true name in Equestria
nigger that a kingdom hearts
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Was just posting anything monster looking I had, sorry
File: Ogre Ogre.jpg (20 KB, 236x264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ogre Ogre.jpg
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Probably go Ogre

>Humanoid- see if I can't get 9 or 10 feet tall
>Raw Strength

I'd rampage across Equestria destroying ponyville and that damn Baltimare. Only to be stopped by the elements and turned into stone or jail or worse a recurring redemption villain
File: b urself.png (200 KB, 738x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
b urself.png
200 KB, 738x600
I'll just be the scariest thing I can think of then.
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>Eldritch Fear
>Demon speak
>Rumple stiltSkin
Just Lovecraft my shit up senpai.
>be vermin sized human with incredible strength and agility, carnivorous and my weakness is that gay rainbow of them
I'd be hiding and feeding in celestia's vagina until the fatefull day I'd make her explode from the inside
File: TheSaiyanOfLegend.jpg (766 KB, 1280x1696) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Raw Strength
>Demon speak

Pic related, is monster.
>Eldritch Fear
>Demon Speak
>Fighting Power

I am become death destroyer of guilds.

I believe that if I try really hard enough, I could make the mane 6 dislike each other very much and possibly disband.
Eldritch fear
Demon Speak
Rumple stilt Skin

Yeah, I also like Lovecraft.
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>God damned vagina goblins, wrecking the place up!

My sides
>elemental (acidic semen)
>Rumple shitskin
Dragon. i want to be the big nice red version of smaug.
I think you ment pussy troll
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>Elemental Doom
>Demon speak
>Rumple stiltSkin
File: 1450657032492.png (118 KB, 900x817) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Eldritch Fear
>Demon Speak
>Rumple stiltSkin

pic related it's the monster I'll become.
File: 1449896805485.png (140 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Goddamn it nyxfag
File: meh.ro11516.jpg (432 KB, 902x1369) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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now im just imagining a bunch of anons turned giant monsters, running around apologizing profusely as they destroy things

gave me a giggle m8
10/10 - could actually see that in the show
8/10 - cant go wrong with cthulu
5/10 - Broly a scary fuck, but not exactly monster material
6/10 - a bit weird, but also hilarious and horrifying
9/10 - for that fukin metal ass pic!
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>How long had it been since you ended up here?
>How long had you slept?
>How long without anyone to speak to?
"Cmon Twilight! It aint gonna move, fella been stiller than stone since it first attacked."
>You hated this place
"Yeah! dumb things probably dead..."
>No....that was wrong, you actually really liked place
"M-maybe he's sleeping?" *squeak*
>Then...you hated yourself?
>Yes, that seemed better
>This place was not to blame
"WOWEE! So much bigger up close!"
>Its hard to remember, all flashes and pain
>The little ones dont help, far to afraid, you wish they werent
>You try to speak but its only gibberish
>You try to reach out but something always breaks
>So you stay still, very still, like a very deep sleep
"Goodness...quite the brutish looking thing isnt it?"
>Sometimes you feel the little ones poke and prod you
>Speaking of what they need to do
>You try not to pay attention
>It only makes you want to talk back
>You love them to much, and your happy to be here
>Better to lay here content then to hurt them again
"Girls please! Whatever this creature is caused massive amounts of destruction and then suddenly went dormant, we cant just ignore something like that!"
>You wish you could say your sorry...
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MLP already has its own lovecraftian monster...
"OH!OH! Maybe we can sing it awake!?"
>please no
"Singing tends to put things to sleep Pinkie dear"
>Pinkie begins bouncing on your face
"Then we sing really loud music!"
>why must you pain me so party horse!
"We are NOT waking it up! It tore a massive swath in the forest AND Ponyville last time, we dont need another bout of chaos."
>The ponies continue to dot about you
>Ponk is bouncing on your face
>Blue Fast is flying about, poking different areas of your body
>AJ and Flutter are somewhere you cant hear
>Rara is trying to flake a piece of whatever your made of off
>And your fairly certain Twolot is just staring at you, thank goodness you cant sweat
>Your eyes are shut and half your body is submerged underground
>If she plans on doing something your not sure what, although it probably involves the elements of harmony since their all here anyway
"Pfft, what a dumb monster, we didnt even do anything and it just konks out like this."
>love ya to rainbutt
"Thats just it Dash, we have no idea what this creature reacts to, or why it did what it did. Which is why we need to seal it away."
>this seems to catch the ponies attention
"Like, statuefy him?"
"No Dash, Tartarus."

im honestly not sure where to go with monster anon, guess if theres enough interest yall can decide
bump for more
File: 1452196411908.gif (2 MB, 283x313) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 283x313
Please give us more anon.
>The mares become a babble of speech and arguing
>Your just trying to hold back the urge to get up and book it any direction thats not here
"Tartarus holds some of the most dangerous creatures and artifacts that have ever appeared in Equestria, this...whatever it is, is no different!"
>gotta calm yourself down, how would book horse even manage to put you in pony hell anyhow? Its all just theory at this point right?
"Which is why I've requested the help of the princesses."

>͉͇͔̯̫"̸̫͓̰͎̦̠F̬̺̙̖͖͍̤U̳̩̣C̮͖K̪̻̗̘͚̟ ̭̻͙̠̝̕Y̼̜̻͕͚̤͓͝O̘͉͉̼̰U͚̗͝ ̵̬͕̖̩͇̲̻B̻͍̗͜O͏̻̝̻̥̭̦O̳̩̤Ḵͅ ̵̟̟̼̮͔̻̰H̷̥̱̤̘̩O̴̗̰̠̦R̛͎SͅE̵̝͓!͔̫͈"͓̩͇̣̠

>Ok so your breaking your self imposed rule super hard right now
>But fuck that your not going to pony hell!
>With one massive lurch you slam your upper body forward, sending Pinkie flying with a "Weeee!"
>Your also staring face to face with the purple pony princess
>Said pony princess looks like a deer caught in the headlights if said deer was also having the biggest asthma attack this side of the west side

>....she passed out
>yeah, ok
>this is actually a good thing!
>just gotta take assessment of the situation
>you look about as best as you can in your half buried state
>Twilight, Fluttershy, and your pretty sure Rarity are unconscious
>You'd sent Pinkie flying when you got up
>Applejack attempted to buck you and hurt her leg
>Wheres Dash!?
>Oh wait there she is, making like an exceptionally annoying mosquito and ramming into your head multiple times
"Why! *slam* Wont! *smack* He! *crash* Go! *bump* Down! *thunk*"
>Your a credit to the team Dash dont let anyone tell you your not
>No more time for internal snark though!
>You slam your hands into the ground around you and begin to lift yourself from the pit
>Seeing you free yourself quickly turns Dash from attack mode to save my friends mode, as she goes about bringing them to a safe distance
>Good, one less worry on your mind
>With one final heave your finally free! And boy do the pones look even smaller now!
>Dash stands in front of her friends with a determined look, probably expecting you attack
>You have a better idea though!
>You proceed to book it the opposite direct like a giant Usain Bolt, leaving sections of destroyed forest in your wake

>Be Rainbow Dash
>The giant seemingly invincible death monster that could have blown you to bits with a small cough just ran away
>You'd be feeling super proud of yourself right now if every muscle in your body wasnt stiff as a board from fear
>Just..gotta say something cool
>Like, Yeah you run away! Or, Next time dont pick a fight with the best!
>Close enough me, thanks me
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Thread images: 16
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