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Slave Pony Thread #22
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Previous thread: >>26031820

>What is this thread about?
Pretty much this thread is about anon owning a pony as a slave. He can do whatever he wishes, be it white-knight or an abusing master.

If you're going to be writing some green, please tripfag yourself. It will be easier to keep track of your story.
>Don't know what is a tripfag and how to be one?
Check out: http://4changboard.wikia.com/wiki/Tripfags

>Want to write your own story but you're new to it?
Check out these guides:

Info about thread maintenance + thread template: http://pastebin.com/ny0npNFS
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/SlavePonyAuction

ALL Stories: http://pastebin.com/cqLCYveb
COMPLETE Stories: http://pastebin.com/82rCVh4j
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I want to ressurect Skittles from the dead so she could taste the joys of piss drinking again.
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Everytime a new green appears
>Please be Celestia
>Or Luna
>Or both
>Or anything but purplebitch of rainbowslut
I'd like to see that Maudfag write a second part to his story, like maybe from Pinky or Marble's POV.
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pamper the pony
File: 1434167240796.gif (187 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Piss aside, I really loved this green. Second for continuation if possible.

>trough the rest of the time you've been out, you didn't meet any more humans
>actualy, just one more, but you managed to avoid direct confrontation, because you turned around as soon as you saw a figure
>at the end, you found your way back to the box you left there and got home the same way you came
>looking at your clock, you've been out for almost three hours
>time quality spent
>and you still have a plenty more, this day is far from over
>but first of all, you should take at least a quick shower, because you smell sweaty
>so does Sarah, although she doesn't smell as much as you
>when done, just like before, you dry her a bit with a towel
>in the process, she asks:
>“Hey Anon, i was thinking. Could we see the continuation of that Lord of the rings movie tonight?“
„Sure, i didn't have any real plans anyway. Though, maybe if you'd leave it for later, you'd have something to look forward.“
>“Well, we could leave the last part for friday night and see the second one today. How about that?“
„It's your choice.“ you laugh „I saw it already, so it's completely up to you.“
>“Another movie night it is then.“ she states cheerily
>though, it's kinda obligatory to have some alcohol for even better mood when watching a movie like that
>but you don't want to overdo it
>fuck it, none of you will drink trough the whole upcoming week anyway
„I'll have to go fetch some wine then. It won't take long.“
>by now, you're done with drying using the towel, but this time you don't continue with hairdryer and leave her fur to fully dry naturaly instead
>you have plenty of time after all
>“If you say so...“
„You'll manage in the meanwhile, won't you?“
>“Of course. But could you turn on the computer for me? I'll be listening to some music in the meanwhile.“
>few minutes, and you're ready to go out again, leaving Sarah by the computer
>just like you promised, it wasn't long you've been gone
>Flutterblind anon

what do you know that I don't?
i thought i had my name on
>Flutterblind anon

After nearly 2k sentences he ends on a cliffhanger before first lewd

I'm crying on the inside ^:)
Do love catbutt
you're like dogs who act like their owner died because he didn't come home for 15 minutes
I posted ~24h ago
>op say u ded
>op words holy, no need to check

Well, wouldn't be the first time I made a fool out of myself today
Will you be writing more blindanon?
what gave the impression I stopped?
seriously, what did I miss?

People love you and enjoy your writing, sweetheart
It's probably the fact that most writefags bail and never finish their stories.

But I believe in you.
couldn't find that image, but baited it out successfully
File: +(2).png (89 KB, 297x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You dirty whore
File: 1449331768677.png (215 KB, 1066x736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Ling X anon fug when
>Be Anon again
>Her words were like a some dumb ALS challenge.
>You had felt her go limp, and now that tone...
>Letting go of her you take a deep breath.
>The last time she went limp it was as a reaction to you... well, hitting her unintentionally.
>Back up brain.
>This was supposed to be a trust building thing.
>A trust you abused when you started to tease her.
>Why did you do it to begin with?
>She's just too fucking cute, and you want to hear the noises she makes when...
>It's not something you can do to her right now, if you wish to make progress on her mental health.
“Fluttershy, this was a trust exercise, do you remember? I merely washed you, but your mind jumped to something lewd?”
>Yes, that's the entire truth.
>You lay down the sponge and move your hand over to her back to her head, and pick her chin up so she would face you.
>A man only ever bothers to look a woman in the eyes if he wants her to believe his lies and check if she buys them.
>At first she slightly moves as if to escape your touch on her face, but then stays.
>Silently she was facing you.
>Without actual eyes this is kinda hard to pull off.
“I know trust doesn't come easy to you.”
>Especially when her mistrust just now was accurate.
“I just hope you can find yourself to do so one day.”
>The master is in control of the situation, reads his submissive's feelings and alter the situation accordingly.
>So you shift the scenario into taking on a disappointed tone, to which Fluttershy will seek your approval again...
>“I'm sorry, Master. I didn't mean to-”
“No, of course not,”
>You interrupt her.
>Not letting her apologize properly will make her feel worse, but increases her need to make it up to you.
“that's why we need trust training.”
>Which allows you to ask for more..
>With a new breath you change the topic.
“I'll rinse you off now, then you'll eat something, I've ordered something."
"And then we're going to go buy you some things."
single post again because reasons
biggest is because this would be a fitting place to cut

sorry, no lewd today

File: 1338619431724.png (43 KB, 386x385) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this draw is terrific adorable, please make on historie
If you're not much of a response, I think it's because the story doesn't seem to know where it's going right now. The slavery aspect isn't really a big part of it anymore, so in this thread it doesn't get a huge reception.

That said, it's still top cute and I do look for more of it.
There really is something with Twi in this pic that really hits me.
Something in her eyes shows how sincerely she believed it and how it terrified her.
this, in a way, the slave aspect of it doesn't have to take premise. But just doing slice of life all the time sometimes doesn't fit.
I shouldn't say that though because maud was purely slice of life. Mine is, to a point, but I'm also taking hints from the readers to mix in some cyoa elements, as well as there are goals in my story that have clearly been established which will see light in the future
And it's SO adorable.
File: 1446269015337.png (310 KB, 1024x1404) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
310 KB, 1024x1404

Third for rebooting the pissy rainbow
The point was so she didn't have to drink piss.

(( Jack is Back: http://pastebin.com/4Cnr8k47 ))

>Another dream? No...
>Another nightmare
>You're in the house again
>The fire is...
>The house is on fire.
>People are shouting from outside
>Loud as a riot
>Pounding on the door
>Pounding on the shudders
>Pounding on the walls
>You look around in a panic
>The hole you fell into last time is still there
>And there's a pounding coming from the basement door, too
>The floorboards are creaking
>Something is crawling up out of the hole
>Several somethings
>You can't see them...
>But you can see their shadows cast onto the far-wall by the fire
>Their forms confuse you...
>You can't quite tell what they are
>They ain't ponies, anyway
>You want to run upstairs and get Master
>But your hooves are stuck to the floor
>The blood...
>Dear Luna, please end this!
>A flash of light, and-


>Master stands by the bedroom window
>He drew the curtains open, and warm sunlight poured in across the bed
>He returns to you, a confused and worried look on his face
>He sits back on the bed, and lays a hand on your cheek
>Your nostrils flared, breathing intensely
>The panic leaves your eyes as you realize everything is okay
>Okay outside of your own head, anyway
"Bad dream? Lie back down... You can sleep in today."
>Master looks toward the door
>Maybe considering the day ahead
>He sighs
>A yawn and a great big stretch creep up through his body
"Let's /both/ sleep in."
>He gently lays down, sliding back next to you
>You wrap your hooves around him
>And he smiles

I didn't mean to quote there, woops.
Seconding >>26075821
We wait patiently, Anon.
No Apple Bloom today. Going into the 13th hour of my shift and I'm not sure it's going to end there.

so, are one of them going to drunkenly feel up the other?
No yes
>"What are you doing?~

Make this happen, Blindanon.
File: 1428304069395.png (797 KB, 1166x982) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
797 KB, 1166x982
Very deliberately attaching 'Shy picture to see if it's fucking up again or if I'm just a tard and forgot the pic.
>Lighting a cigarette, you lie next to Fluttershy in your bed.
>You feel exhausted and satisfied.
>That felt so wrong, yet also so right.
>You stroked that pony mane so fucking lovingly and gently.

is anon going to break rules 1&2 while hes drunk?

to paraphrase a fic i read

I'm talking about the oozed drippings of brains, liquefied into a slurry of madness ment not even for the eyes of (insteart choas related entity here) and within that cesspit, lies every kind of sick or disgusting thing imagianble, and then some, blended into a serum of mindfuck powerful enough to drive even the most pure of being into a twisted, perverted shadow of their former selves... /b/
>What are we going to do on the bed, master?
File: 1450752645734.png (375 KB, 1198x975) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
375 KB, 1198x975
Not sure there's a way to ask this without coming off with the stereotypical 4chan condescension... but is there really a significant contingent of people here who would even feel remotely wrong or uncomfortable being bound at the hips with a pygmy mare like pic related?

I mean, I am a paragon of internal resolve and guilt/shame are completely alien emotions to me anymore, but still. I can't shake the suspicion that anyone who has fallen through the social dogma cracks far enough to end up in a backwater gutter like /mlp/ would've gotten passed such reservations by now.

Pic related.
File: 1415227630907.png (247 KB, 694x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
247 KB, 694x1024
Oh my
File: 1380432075756.png (49 KB, 492x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 492x499
>post cuddles
probably not
But i still feel writefags should hold strong to what they want from their stories and not let anons affect it in ways they dont personally want.
Depending of course, if you write some bullshit and people call you out on it thats different
File: ''sad violin''.jpg (55 KB, 736x490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
''sad violin''.jpg
55 KB, 736x490
Alicorns when?
Cadance has a really long penis
Well shit. Image ruined, thread derail imminent, everybody go home. We're done here.
The perspective on cadence is also really off; it looks like she's only half a pony.
File: image.jpg (93 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 960x640
Waiting for green.
Continuing from >>26027504
Small update, will have more later tonight

>"Well, we could start with Spike?"
>"Yeah, my dragon, he was my assistant back before all of this"
>Your eyes widen a bit
"You had a dragon as a personal assistant?"
>"Well he was only a baby dragon at the time, only helped me clean, organized. Occasionally he'd help us out on the adventures my friends and I would go on"
>You think a dragon would be useful to have in the future
>"By this time he should be in his late teens or so..."
>Her eyes lower and her tone becomes softer
>"I haven't seen him in several years, he must've gotten so much bigger, Hes in his mid-teens by now."
>You reach out and pat her head
"Don't worry, Twilight, We'll find him, wherever he is. After that, we'll find your friends. I promise we won't stop until we do"
>"But they could be anywhere in the world, How could we find them in a world of such scope?"
>You knew the answer to that
"Well, the portal to Equestria opened in America, making it property to the Americans, after intense political debate. I prefer to stay out of politics, though. We almost entered World War three after the world's super-powers fought for any sort of claim to your world."
>"World War... Three" Twilight interjects
>"I... won't get into that. However, after the ponies where defeated in the war, the American government decided, after knowing the potential that you and your friends posed if you were together, seperated you all, but kept all of you in America; as they didn't want any of you to fall in the hands of other countries."
>Twilight perks up a bit
>"So, all my friends are in different parts of this country?"
"Yes, as to not aroused suspision, they were sold and bought to varying Americans, who didn't know your talents. Luckily, all pony sales, especially your friends', are recorded in government data bases."
>"Are you able to access these files?"
>You open up your laptop
>"Well, sorta, because of my... position, I'm able to look at very little information. But we need to focus on getting Spike first. Since he's a dragon, I wouldn't know where he is, noone would dare buy a dragon here. I know nothing of any dragon's whereabouts after we nuked them. We considered them done for, any remaining ones that weren't at their homeland would still be wandering around Equestria, we'd surely know if any entered the portal to here."
>Twilight begins to ponder for a moment
>"Well, he was with me after your bombs hit their land, he insisted on going over there to help out. I tried to convince him not to, but he left anyway. That was the last time I saw him. I was brought here before he returned. But if he did manage to come through the portal undetected, my bet would be that he would find us first. His ability to smell and detect this was stronger than other dragons when he hit his first growth spurt."
>She looks to the ground
>"I remember how when he first sense of smell got better, he was so scared, telling me all the sorts of strange things he had started smelling. The birds, the flowers, the food in the pantry. He could name everything he smelled. After he got better managing it, he helped Rarity with her gem finding, he found more gems by smelling them than Rarity did with her magic. He ate to much and got a massive stomach ache." Twilight giggles "I kept telling him not to eat so much, but he kept at it"
>She pauses
>Twilight's mind, so full of memories
>You took that from her, but you'll do your best to make it up to her.
>Finding Spike seemed like a good place to start
File: 1422876064933.jpg (262 KB, 1592x1240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
262 KB, 1592x1240
>People around here still assumed dragons to be a myth, despite the fact magical horses came into the picture
>It wouldn't stop them from coming up with crazy theories or faked sightings, though
>You're sure one of these sightings could lead to somewhere. You hope
>You decide not to tell Twilight that you weren't sure where to start
>But hey, Spike seemed very attached to Twilight, so you believed that if anything, he'd find you
>It'll be hard to convince him your intentions were good, before he maims you or worse.
>It was starting to get late again. You tell Twilight you'll keep searching for something and tell her if you see anything.
>'Purple with green scales on his head and chest' She described him
>You got her to tell you more memories she had of him, which seemed to cheer her up.
>Always good to keep positive memories
>You remeber that her bed sorta broke, so you insisted that she takes yours.
>Her tired body doesn't argue much, and you carry her to your room.
>You set her in your bed and tuck her in, giving a small scratch behind her ear
>She softly hums and digs her body deeper in the covers
>You had a long way to go if you were going to make things right for her, and yourself
>Maybe this small boost of confidence is a good start.
>Before you leave your room, you look at your broken guitar on the ground
>You forgave her for that a long time ago, you can get a new one
The paste: http://pastebin.com/8fkha0Qs

Ill be back with more in a little

Kudos to >>26077598 for getting me back on the ball
Holy mother of fuck am I angry right now.

Well after having 3 hours of writing time stolen from me, I'm back for real. Continuing soon.

Heavy stuff comin'
Thank you again writefriend
Dude. People were just trolling. Nobody EVER said "Hey. i wanna read about spike" before

This post is the first time something even remotely close to that phrase has ever even put into words.

>You can't sleep much for the birds outside
>And the questions burnin' like hot coals in your brain
>But laying with Master in the sunlight is a fine comfort
>It's been an hour, maybe two
>Your head tucked under his chin
>He grumbles something, then his hand starts to pet you
>He's awake again
>You nuzzle his chest
"Good mornin', Master."
>He scritches your ear and mane in response
>You've gotta ask him now.
>You'll both be up and about soon
>Who knows what he'll put you up to
>But... how can you break this moment?
>He's been so good to you...
>Are you really gonna do this to him now, Jack?
"Are you okay, Applejack?"
>You weren't expecting that
"I'm just fine."
"You feel so tense..."
>You hadn't noticed 'til he said it
>You tried to relax your body
>He started to rub your neck, and it helped a bit
>Jack, just forget it...
"Nothin' ta worry about from me... but what about you, Master?"
>Moments pass in quiet
"I'm fine, too."
>You roll over, laying on top of him
>Staring into his eyes
>He 'unf's under your weight, looking mildly surprised
"Ya know I don't believe that."
>His brows furrow
>And he stares right back
"You don't believe me?"
>His voice, cold as stone
>What confidence you had starts to shrink away suddenly
>He starts to play with your collar, maybe suggestively
"I don't mean it that way, Master..."
"Say what you mean."
>That deadly serious, command tone...
>You're in deep now, Jack
>Might as well follow through and take whatever comes
>EoH considered high risks to national security
>"Hey guys, let's ship them out across the country so just anyone can buy them, rather than killing them or keeping them locked away in some dark hole where they'll never see the light of day again."
what the fuck is a eoh?
>You are a drunken human
>That must mean you’re anon
>You grab the small squishy Ling beside you and lift her up
>She hisses and flails her hooves around
>You just laugh and hold her up
>You boop her nose and smile brightly
>Ling laughs and boops you in turn
>“Nothing says Christmas”
“Nuthin says Christmas!”
>“Like a pair of socks!”
>You chuckle and hug her tight to your chest
>You hear her back pop and she sighs, then smacks your face
>The two of you chuckle as you hold to each other for a few moments
>Lings eyes meet yours
>You stare up at her
>She grins down at you and presses your noses together before she hops off of you
>“Ya know what else I like to do?!”
>“Well, In the hive, before all the war started and I was younger, I found out that Chrysalis had a secret room”
>She giggles and leans forward
>“Sort of a dance area for her”
“She was a partier?”
>“Very much yes!”
“I wouldn’t expect that of a queen”
>“You’d be surprised”
>She looks around and spots your radio
>“I wonder if human music is as good as ours”
>You blink
“But, the ponies are still on TV”
File: for fuck's sake.png (351 KB, 428x459) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
for fuck's sake.png
351 KB, 428x459
>what the fuck is a eoh?
Ultra-newfag detected.
File: 1442641543370.gif (1 MB, 528x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 528x528
more ear scratches
File: maxresdefault.jpg (26 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 1280x720
>You roll your eyes and watch her as she drunkenly fumbles with the controls
>She seems to forget she doesn’t have hands
>Doesn’t matter anyway, that things batteries are dead
>You want over to the computer
“What kind of music do lings like?”
>You close out the windows currently up and open the internets
>“Well, fast paced, usually feels good”
>You think
>All you really know are memes
>Time to bring up some old memes
>You type in two
>carsmek dasewn
>and Numa numa
>The O-zone version
>We old school now
>You let her listen to bits of each one but she ultimately chooses Caramelldasen
>Shoulda guessed
>Is this REALLY what changelings listen to?
>You have doubts, theres no way changelings are weebs to
“Ya know theres a dance to this right?”
>Her butts swaying fast with the music, but hearing that her ears perk up\
“yeah, wanna see?”
>She rushes over, bumping into you
>You pat her head and let her watch the video
>Ling balances herself on two hind legs
>She’s extremely unstable with wobbly legs
>still, shes amazing with keeping the beat, even when she can barely stand
>She stops looking at you and watches the screen copying the characters
>Ling has this huge smile on her face as she swings her hips back and forth and bounces her hooves
>When they go o-o-o-oa she claps her hooves together and does a little jump
>oh fuck that’s cute
>Wait you’re watching a changelings in an oversized t-shirt, panties and socks dancing
>Your dick wakes up to see the sight as well
>Lings steps are getting unsteady
>Oh fuck don’t do it
>She’s gonna do it
>Your dicks gonna do it
tiem 4 changeamings
File: 1441062294139.png (1003 KB, 1280x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1003 KB, 1280x800
>swedish version
File: 1420767793309.jpg (42 KB, 500x376) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 500x376
Sometimes you just get so drunk you go full swedish
>What a terrible situation
ohhh. for some reason i thought he was referring to spike as the eoh

"I'm awful worried abotu what's goin' on in your head."
"I todl you I'm -"
"And I hear ya, but..."
>His hand tightens around your collar now
>Get it out, Jack
"You're hurtin' in there, and you're hiding it. You came close the other night to showin' it. Show me, Master, please. Let me lick those wounds and take care of ya like I'm sworn to."
>You continue to stare at each other
"Master... my parents died before I was a grown adult. My brother and I raised a child while we ourselves were still children. We ran the farm, did all the work..."
>There's a hitch in your breath
>Keep on, Jack
"I didn't even have the time to think what death was. I couldn't let nothin' crack me, with all that weight on my back. Now, what'd I tell little Apple Bloom, when she asked me where 'they' were the first time?"
>Master's face became foggy, as your eyes welled up with tears
"They'll be back some day honey, don't worry."
>Your voice wavered as you spoke
>But you heard the words just like you did on the day you said them
>You could never forget
"I lied. But she grew older. A lie never lasts forever. So eventually I had to face her - face myself - accept what was, and share that pain. I had to. When you love someone, you share yer happiness. And you share your pain. You lick each others wounds... Why won't you let me, Master? Why?"
>You shut your eyes and just cry for a good minute
>How silly could you be, Jack?
>You love him, sure
>But who's to say he loves you back...
"Hit me, Master... Just hit me. I'm sorry. I-"
>He let's go of your collar and touches your cheek
>His thumb wipes a tear away
>You don't move, you don't breathe
>In just a few short weeks, you'll be gone
>He won't even look down the road after you...
>Who cares about any of this, Jack
>This is why you had to stay alone.
"What happened to them?"
"I don't even know."
>You dare to open your eyes
"Losing... your parents... hurt you that bad?"
>You just nod
>He stares through you.
"Master..? Master?"
File: 1418279842598.jpg (117 KB, 1058x705) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 1058x705
Doing it anyway! Even without the silly poll, why wouldn't Twilight want to get Spike, character wise?
Im not gonna have to much detail to Spike coming on in, anyway. Shoehorning, as they say
Deus ex Machina
File: 1451152548245.jpg (46 KB, 375x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 375x550

>get to last line
>"Master..? Master?"
>Brain kicks in
>"Where's the dreams that I've been after?"
And now its fucking stuck in my head.

>If things weren't fine then
>You really fucked it all up now
"Get off me, please..."
>You roll off quickly
>Master sits up and gets out of bed
>He slips on some sleeping pants
>Every move he makes is slow
>And almost looks... tormented
"Why'd you tell me all that?"
"I'm sorry."
"No. I appreciate it. Nobody ever has- Nobody has ever told me so much about their, feelings. It-"
>He places his hands on the dresser to steady himself
>You can just barely tell that he's trembling now
"It helped me. Understand. Something."
>You can only sit there and watch, and listen
>Is the door blown open, now?
>What have you gone and let loose..?
>It's okay, because you're going to take it.
"Your turn, Master?"
>He shakes his head, slowly
"Are... Are you cold? I'll go make you a hot meal and some cocoa."
>He shakes his head faster
"Applejack. I know it must frustrate you. I'm sorry that this has been bothering you. I can't tell you now. It would- I can't. Not until the right moment. But I promise you'll know before you... leave here. And you promised, too."
>He keeps mentioning that...
>But you've been keepin' your promise, haven't you?
"You've been such a good girl. I'm just trying to enjoy this. Like you said. No worrying."
>You get up off the bed and move to him, nuzzling his bare back
>He shivers...
"If you love someone. You share your pain, correct?"
"And your happiness."
"Yes, well... The pain has to wait. But you've made me so happy."
>You breathe against his skin softly
"Do you understand, Applejack?"
>You think you do...
>You really do.
"You make me happy, too, Master."


... Fuck.
oh fuck man
whats the fucking bombshell

does he really have applebloom in his basement or something
Great work Vadkram, please continue with you greentext in the future
I really like when the artist tries to give texture to the coat of the ponies, but for some strange reason that picture scares me
I'm certain that was an intended effect. I would still consensually cuddle rape that though.
File: 1452228808527.jpg (47 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 640x480
that little thing's gonna be exhausted after this.
or just gonna throw up all over.

Not sure if i'm talking about the pony or his penis.
looks almost like a painted wooden figurine
nah ... possibly just is me, it is difficult to match this image with real ponies, it is perhaps what eyes are too big for a creature that the artist tries to adapt to our reality
>uncanny valley
>uncanny valley
ok, thanks for the tip anon

Our sickly need to control our "reality" becomes dependent us of our folly to accept that almost do not control anything, it's still a good drawing.
kept telling me capcha was wrong
>Ling falls face forward right at you
>You reach out and grab her
>Your erection tries to grab her to
>That isn’t happening
>For now
>Shes panting a little and smiles up at you
>She licks your nose
>You blink
>She grins and leans up
>She’s still wiggling that rump to the beat
>Penis you need to stop
>Ling hugs to you tight, making sure her face is particularly close to yours
>Apples and rum
>She giggles and holds to your torso
>And then burps
>Oh god
>You grab her up and carry her under your arm into the bathroom
>You’ve been here before
>You quickly bring Ling over the toilet
>Ling tries to look at you to talk
>You grab the back of her head hold her face towards the toilet
>You’re standing right behind her
>For the love of god Ling don-
>She wiggles
>you grab her tail and hold it in place
>Thank god no ones here to see
>Holding her hair back and tail to the side puts you in a hell of a vulnerable position
>Not as vulnerable as her
>Go away dick
>No escape now, only awkward
>You actually feel yourself getting drowsy
>Rum always fucks with you like that
>Lings surprisingly colorful vomit and your light head tells you everything
>So that’s what concentrated love in a stomach looks like
>You lift up Ling
>“Kiss me anon”
>She puckers her lips
>‘aww Anon”
“Ling please”
>You give her some paper to wipe her mouth with as you carry her back to bed
>The two of you collapse together into the bed
>Ling grabs onto you tight nuzzling into your neck
>Her hooves are pressed equally firmly to your-
>You grab her back legs and she giggles out
>“Oooh you like it ro-”
>She huffs but keeps pressed firmly into you
>You hear her yawn
>“Thanks nonny”
>“Thank you”
>You pet her
>“I love you”
(What does he say, first reply gets it)
I keep trying ot post this pic but it kept telling me capcha was wrong, wat

"I fucked your mom."
>(What does he say, first reply gets it)
why would you do this
shit always gets ruined when you take input from these assholes
That's a horrible thing for Anon to say. It makes him sound like he has no self-esteem.
that joke doesnt work when the post contains what its specifically quoting
>mfw it actually fits
well then you get it
>tfw no drawfag to draw Anon with an erection holding Lings tail up and hair back over a toilet while she tries to tell him she loves him and he says wut
Besides, it actually fits pretty well.

>"I love you."


>You are Applejack

>You're a mare in love
>You're a mare in bondage
>Which one goes above the other...
>You're not quite sure

>But you do know one thing
>Master loves you too.
>You hope one day soon, he'll really say the words
>You're not gonna worry about it, though
>You're gonna do your damnedest to make the next two weeks bliss
>For his sake
>Worry is... for the future
>But that just leaves you worried about the future
>You can't help it...
>And your guess is that neither can he
>To be honest...
>You're terribly scared
>But all your life has given you the hide to withstand fear
>You don't understand what Master's goin' through
>But you 'will'
>And It fills you with determination
>So, make these days the sweetest
>Because come the end of the month...
>You're goin' home.
>Leavin' behind a man stronger than he was, you hope

>You're not sad.
>No, you're not...
(( The end is coming soon. ))
I'm around 90% sure he's going to reveal he's a total monster and AJ is going to run and never look back.
So I guess that there will be no more skittles...
Writefag said he wont be updating till at least the end of January. So yes, Skittles is kill.
Am sad
So sad
now where will i go to the bathroom?
>You wake up in a cold sweat
>You had the dream again
>It's a bit after sunrise, 11:21 as your watch says
>Your focus shifts to the window
>It was bright and sunny
>A good day to go for a run
>You go to your room to check on Twilight
>She's still asleep
>But she has one of your pillows wrapped around her arms and legs
>She was small enough for it to be a body pillow
>It's a rather adorable sight, it brings a small grin to your face
>You silently undress, and neatly fold your clothes and lie them next to your dresser
>You slowly open a drawer and pull out some of your running tights
>You slide them on and pull the ends to to your shins
>It looked to hot out to wear a shirt, so your decide not to get one
>You exit the room and pull the door shut
>Tieing your running shoes on, you place your earbuds in your ear and connect them to your ipod
>You exit your home and walk to the end of your driveway
>You forget to lock the door
>You realize that only after you leave your driveway and turn down a street
>'What kind of paranoid vet forgets to lock his door?'
>Don't answer that
>It was a rhetorical question
>You switch your ipod to the next song
>You can dig it
>You need something loud to forget where you are
>Your mind becomes entrances as you set your body into a pace
>Not too fast, not too slow
>Occasionally a car would come, as you run on the left side of the road, so you subconsciously move to the gravel
>You carefully avoid the pot-holes
>The next song comes on
>Not the best thing you have
>But it's loud
>Loud drowns out the senses
>Brings out your inner misanthrope
>The song drops and you pick up your pace, extending your stride and raising your knees more
>You start to build up sweat
>You can't hear how loud you're breathing
>You fatigue
>You get a second wind as you flip to the next song
>Anything but country
>The loweset of forms
>It's been a few miles
>You're still going strong, a few small hills, but nothing you haven't done a hundred times before
>You think you see something out of the corner of your eye
>Probably a leaf
>You're winded
>You always notice the looks of people driving by you in cars
>It's like they've never seen a shirtless guy before
>You still have a few miles to go on your loop
>You made sure to look at the fields of farmland as you run by them
>You appreciate the scenery it offers
>The grains of wheat blowing in waves in the wind, shifting like the ocean's tide
>You don't get much more time to enjoy it, as you are yanked to the side by a strong force
>You were mid-stride, and too tired to react fast enough as you are thrown into the ditch
>the side of the road was littered with trees, any drivers would be none the wiser
>Clever girl
>You're body hits the leaves and you feel a knee in your back and sharpness in your side
>"Are you Anonymous?"
>At least he's polite
"Yep, do you mind?"
>You'd return the politness, but he interrupted your song
>You feel the knee lift off you and the attacker squats by you
>Your turn your head and notice a purple dragon squatting by you with the claw of his index finger to your kidney
>Hot damn, what a coinkydink
"Spike I presume?"
>He simply moves his eyes to you
"You could've killed me if you wanted, I didn't know you were there. I guess you've been following me so I assume you know where I live, whats stopping you?"
>He just stares blankly at you
>"Saw you talking with Twilight, she seemed... calm. I don't know what you're doing to her, but it stops now."
>He puts more pressure on your side with his claw, you wince a bit, his claws are thick
"I know you won't believe me, but I haven't done anything with Twilight. We just so happened to be talking about you, we were going to look for you.
>"You're a really bad liar"
"At least let her tell you that herself, you do want to see her, right? She did say you would find us first with your sense of smell."
>With that his ear scale things perk up
>"Only she would tell you that, but anyone can assume dragons can smell"
"Good enough to outbeat Rarity's gem-finding magic, huh?"
>With that, he sighs and retracts his claw, not looking at anything
"You shouldn't eat so many sweets, kid. They'll upset your stomach"
>His eyes look a bit wet
>"Ok, I get it... can you take me to her? I'm so close to talking with her again"
"Yeah, come on, run with me"
>You finish your run with the dragon, you notice hes a bit shorter than you, about six feet tall
>Whenever a car would come by, he'd leap to the side and the driver would be too lazy to investigate further
"Been years, huh?"
>"Look, I appreciate the small talk, but I just don't trust you yet, you're a human, you know what that means. I'm just here for Twilight and I'll be done with you"
>Ah, teenagers
File: 1413409687536.jpg (120 KB, 440x1018) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 440x1018
>You arrive back at your home and enter it with Spike, who gives you a suspicious look
>Can't blame him
>His eyes dart around, hoping to find what has been lost to him
>You hear something in your pantry
"Yo, Twi?"
>The pony walks out, with your jar of Nutella stuck around her muzzle
>It's a rather puzzling sight
>She freezes and looks a you
>Then to Spike
>Then to you
>Then down at the Nutella
>You notice her toungue on the bottom of the jar
>Caught her mid-lick
>You're first to speak up
"My Nutella..."
>The jar pops off her mouth, Nutella is smeared in her fur and her mouth ajar
>It bounces on the floor a few times then goes silent
>Her brain snaps out of it and darts at Spike
>You notice her wings arn't numb anymore as she slams into Spike full force
>Spike somehow manages to supress the force and catches Twilight
>"I-Is it really you?" Twilight stammers out, already crying again
>"Kept you waiting, huh?" Spike replies
>Did he just-
>"It's been so many years!" Twilight's crying coating Spike's scales with tears and Nutella
>It's a rather heartwarming reunion
>Like a mother and son
>You feel a bit better inside
"I'll leave you two alone"
>You head for the shower to clean off the sweat
And there's my edgy update.
Spike's been alone for many years, tried to make him sound a bit more... something

>"Kept you waiting, huh?"

Nice one, Spike. Pretty solid.
File: 1450921771395.jpg (110 KB, 1024x1117) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 1024x1117
Suspending my laptop above my face with wires is just too sexy. No venue will care but my home general has to hear me brag anyway.

I'm laying on my back.

In bed.

With headphones.

No neck craning, no crushed arm.

Aughnnnn so comfy
what's it like not being welcome in your own home?
File: notthisshitagain.png (173 KB, 900x1048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173 KB, 900x1048
fireking when?
>you stare at her
>She said she loves you..
>Ling just smiles at you as she passes out
>Taking the only logical path from here you latch onto the little Ling
>Falling asleep with her in your arms is a very pleasant experience
>When you wake up the next morning
>Oh god sounds
>Oh god beeping is getting louder
>Oh god is that god
>Nope just the sun
>Need coffee
>You open your eyes fully and look around
>you’re at full mast
>Oh fuck
>Oh no
>No brain that’s bad
>Lings panties are around her strange equine backwards knees
>And she has an obvious wet streak down her leg
>You’re 99% sure its not piss
>This isn’t a piss fetish story
>You gulp and place the box of tissues next to her as you stand
>Coffee time
>3 hours till work
>Oh fuck it’s a work day
>You’re probably going to be late
>Thank god your boss is a based motherfucker
(uh i turned on a function in microsoft word and I dont know how to turn it off. If i type in something then go back and type again, it deletes what i just put down)
>3 hours till work
>Oh fuck it’s a work day
>You’re probably going to be late
Does Anon live miles away from his work or is he a woman? The only possible way I can see being late when you have 3 hours.
File: unflestia.gif (180 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
180 KB, 400x400
>You notice her toungue on the bottom of the jar
>Caught her mid-lick
The issue i was having fucked that up. What its suppose to say is this
>1 hour till work
>Usually you're up 3 hours before
>Oh fuck you're probably going to be late

Turns out i accidentally pressed the 'insert' button
File: 1451727250885.gif (2 MB, 230x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 230x250
Good stuff
I think its the insert key
Or whatever key is to the right of the backspace

Press it and note on the bottom of the word document, where it say page number or whatver, should be 3 grey, abreviated words.

One should go on or off.
>tfw going to sleep with the glorious mental image of Twilight caught with her snout stuck in a jar of nutella


Good night
Crap, you already figured it out
Here i am trying to be all smart, troubleshooting sounding
I pressed random keys on my keyboard like a monkey till something worked
File: 136080418750s.gif (53 KB, 200x138) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 200x138
>You sit in the chair with a soft sigh as you drink your coffee
>You should probably make breakfast
>But your mind keeps wandering to Ling
>You remember
>And an erection
>Oh god
>She’s a pony. You can’t do that
>Well technically not a pony, but still
>You pour some cereal
>Motherfucking French toast crunch
>While eating you wait for Ling to wake up
>What you get is unexpected to say the least
>The equally hung over changeling stumbles out of the bedroom
>She has a changeling head, fleurs tail, and colgates fur on her legs
>Ling looks at you with a scowl
>“I’m never drinking that stuff again”
>You notice she’s made a pad inside her underwear
>Oh god
“heh, they all say that. You’ll be back to it though”
>She just hisses in response, then takes a seat
>You can tell she’s fighting those voices in her head again
>This time she’s in pain while doing it
“You okay ling?”
>“Mom’s telling me I shouldn’t do this. I can’t get her to shut up”
>You chuckle
>“Anon she wont shut up!”
>Ling gives you pleading eyes
>Sorry, no rest for the wicked in this house
“And the rest of your family?”
>She grumbles and snatches your coffee
>You try to grab it back but she already shoves her muzzle into it
>You sigh and get another
>You get your favorite cup for this one
>‘Worlds best shitposter’
>Thanks 4chan
>You’re my only friends
>Filling this one up you look back at Ling
“Hey, they see everything we do, right?”
>“sort of, why?”
“Did we fuck?”
>Lings eyes go wide and she spits out the drink
>“WE WHAT?!”
“Ask them”
>She frantically starts contacting them
>Nothing changes
>She gulps
“I don’t remember”
>“They can only look through my memories”
>“I don’t remember either!”

'worlds best shitposter' mug.

godamn i want one!

now the question is, whats ling gonna do while anons at work?
File: 6d1.png (37 KB, 510x546) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 510x546
Well theres a cause for the liquid running down her leg
Anons about to get a bombshell
Lings going to get a bombshell
Ling needs to wash his cloths
Anything else you'd like to see?
also heres the mug http://www.redbubble.com/people/truenarnian/works/13749201-worlds-best-shitposter?p=mug
>No 'she's not herself' joke or anything along the lines
Ya blew it
I'm not a funny person apparently
Don't have it, mate. Got it from some /mlp/ thread.

huh, i know that one anon kept suggesting Ling find Anons porn stash...

Anon gets home from work and finds Ling jerking of to HIS porn. awkward ensures.
Yeah i have that written down. I've been waiting for a good time to incorporate it. I suppose now would fit in the best actually considering what the future brings.
I didn't post all the ideas I have saved, but theres a few.
i mean hes right
You have my sympathy.
>living in denial
>tfw have that mug
>soon as mum saw it over break shes all
>"oh anon is it because you drew with your shit when you were 3?"
>inb4 "Its because I draw with my shit now"
>not grumbling and shaking your head while walking to your room.

Do you even 20 year old?
>>Probably a leaf
>>You're winded
Not sure if saw what you did there or just paranoid.
This is going to sound stupid but I had an idea for green where anon buys fleur du lis for a discount because the sellers can't understand what she's saying but when they get home anon recognizes the French and basically tells her the jig is up
Anon communicates with Fleur De Lis by saying 'omelette du fromage' in different tones
I didnt even realize that

Fund this
Sorry about being fucking dead, I was at a con.

Will be back at it a couple days, have to write something for >HN and update another green first.
Dropping in from SiM to visit our more... optimistic cousin. Just a very-short two-post story; hope you enjoy.

>"Spread your wings for me my little hummingbird."
>That's how he always started.
>It has become... routine.
>He would come down here, and toy with you for a few minutes, simply to assert his dominance over you.
>He'd always wanted to remind you that-
>"I said spread them."
He delivers a soft slap across between your shoulders, at the base of your wings.
>Instinctively, your wings fan open, and while you flinch for a moment, you manage to maintain the display.
>Then, just like before, his hand begins to trail up your hind legs.
>"Now are you going to fight me again? Or has your stupid little bird brain finally learned better.
>Bird brain.
>He always says that, but it's not true.
>/You're/ the apex predator.
>You have a killer instinct, not some stupid pigeon bra-
>You feel his hand advance further up your leg, and instinctively, you try to tuck your tail.
>He laughs, and brushes it away, before placing his hand on your sex.
>"I don't know why you still fight me my little hatchling, you know you love this.
>But you don't!
>You don't love this!
>You hate him!
>You hate what he's doing to you!
>Before you have time to react, he begins to gently rub your wings, and your sex.
>Instantly, your body tightens, and you flex your muscles.
>You can't give in to this.
>Not this time.
>He doesn't own-
>"You know that Griffons mate for life right? Your body already knows that it belongs to me."
>He removes his hand from under your now raised tail, and holds it before your eyes.
>If your beak wasn't held shut by this damn muzzle, you would bite his hand clean off.
>"It's only been a few seconds, and you're already soaked for me. Your body /needs/ me now Gilda, I'm the only want it wants - Just accept that."
>Panicking, you try to break free, but your restraints allow almost no movement.
>He doesn't talk, but instead chuckles, and returns his hand to your sex...
>A few minutes pass as he continues his gentle caressing.
>You can feel the wetness leaking down your legs.
>Squinting your eyes shut, you try desperately to maintain focus.
>You can't let him win.
>"Are we almost ready to sing my little bird?"
>He chuckles.
>"Of course not, your body would need something a little more... substantial... for that to happen."
>His words barely resister.
>You can't let him do this to you.
>You are the apex predator- not him!
>He's just a dumb monkey!
>An overgrown Diamond dog!
>Your entire body tenses.
>Your claws extend.
>Your chest is unbelievably tight.
>Then, without warning, he removes his hand from your wing, and brings it under your belly.
>Your mind realizes all to late what's happening.
>He gently rubs your chest, and instantly, the tension breaks.
>Your head drops in defeat, as your body instantaneously relaxes.
>There is a soft, gentle, relaxing humming noise in their air.
>The sound that griffons only make when they feel safe laying with their mate.
>You're... Purring
>"There we go Gilda, that's my little hummingbird..."
Done. I originally wrote this a while back, and posted it in SiM. I saw your OP picture, and figured that I could post my green, since it was similar enough.

Feedback, Reviews, Comments, etc are all welcome.
I like it, Gilda a cute
>Look at me! I'm sophisticated; I put a comma before my 'and's. Oxfordstyle, mofos.
You heard you can do it from somewhere, but propably haven't fully grasped how, or rather, when not to use it.
In general I don't know how you decide where to place commas, because at some places where a comma would belong there is non.

a few other linguistic awkward mishaps too...

The content, however, I like very much.
Don't be rude to writefags, or they get upset and hide in their holes. Critisism should be neutral and constructive, knowing what you're talking about helps too.

Being a pleb this is perfect inglish to me anyway.
it deserves mocking if out of the 11 times he used an "and" the optional oxford comma can only be applied once.

also, he's escapade, he's pretty much the soul of sim and wrote half their stories
he's tough, it takes more than a little rude criticism he deserves to make him go away.
But I don't believe he intents to stay here anyway.

And yes, maybe to you it's perfect, but he's an author. He asks for criticism to improve himself, because he knows he isn't perfect.
But apparently a one-eyed is king amongst the blind.
File: Twilight Nutella.jpg (448 KB, 2600x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twilight Nutella.jpg
448 KB, 2600x1600

Drawfagging lovely visual of Nutella pone
>You do as you told her and half an hour later she was already eating while you went back to learning braille.
>You know the freaking symbols, but you can't read them faster than one letter at a time.
>Shit's frustrating.
>You can always have Fluttershy read you-
>No, ponies can't read...
>Fluttershy can read.
“Fluttershy? You said you can read english, right? Who taught you?”
>A small gasp came from her.
>“I- uhh... I... it's not that different than a runic system used by mi- it's similar to a language in Equestria...”
>“I-I mean, the words are the same, but only with different symbols.”
“oh... I didn't know there was-”
>-more than one culture in her entire alternate dimension?
“But you're saying you taught yourself?”
“Huh. That's... uhhh... impressive. You only have to know what a word says and look at the symbols to figure it out.”
>She had more than a year, you haven't been learning braille 2 weeks ago. Your honor is still in tact.
“You're a smart girl, Fluttershy.”
>You reach out with your hand to her.
>She makes a small noise, but meets your hand with her head so you can pet her.
>Her mane and coat feel almost wonderful now.
>It's still grown in a state of malnutrition, and lacks natural softness, but properly washing her did wonders already.
“How's lunch coming along? I want you to eat as much as possible without your stomach trying to reject it.”
>She gave a small confirming hum.
>You had gotten her a pizza fungi, the only type of pizza without meat you know.
>And that's only because prosciutto e fungi counts to your favorite types.
“I mean it, because you won't have a digestive nap,”
>You could go easier on her, but you want something important given into commission.
“You won't have to walk around a lot, but I have yet to find out if you get carsick or not. I've heard that's an issue for ponies.”
>“Then- I think I shouldn't eat more, Master.”
“Very good, Put the pizza in the breadbox and do the dishes, please. I mean... just put them in the dishwasher.”
>“Yes, Master.”
>She quickly goes to do as she's told, but you stop her.
“We're in no hurry, take your time.”
>“O-of course... Master.”
>She's back to calling you “Master” in every sentence.
>It would be nice were it in a sexy submissive “do with me as you please”-Master.
>But it was almost a fearful “don't hurt me”-Master
>You could tell her to call you by your name.
>However, you do plan to be a master to her.
“Fluttershy, I already told you before, you don't have to say 'Master' to end every sentence.”
>Damage control, quick.
>This wasn't the type of scolding which makes her want to suck it up to you.
“Now, I'm not mad at you or anything, but it's a bit annoying. Maybe only use it as the confirmation of a command, or when you want to get my attention.”
>And avert the topic by asking her a question.
“In a dialogue it just seems silly, don't you think?”
>“I- I guess.”
>You smile. Hopefully this won't get exhausting over time, or you'll get better at it.
>Manipulative asshole.
>She goes to do the dishes now in what sounds like a much slower pace.
“I hope it didn't seem like I was scolding you.”
“We'll have a few of these minor altercations until we get used to the other habits and quirks”
“I'll try my best to be understanding of yours, but for that you have to tell me if something is bothering you. So... how are you feeling?”
>She stays quiet for a bit and doesn't give you even a confirmation of having heard it.
>You frown.... What's going through her head now?”
>“P-pain. My wing hurts...”
“oh, damn... uhh... where are your pain meds? Take some. I hope you didn't mean you have to get my permission to take something against your pain.”
>“Th-thank you, Master... I mean 'thank you'.”
File: medium.png (240 KB, 547x440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240 KB, 547x440

Ur a fagit <3

I love it

Good mornin' thread

File: 1415083882313.gif (82 KB, 681x493) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 681x493
I like this song
I've never heard it
But I like it
>Never heard this song before
I'm so sorry Anon.
With the death of Skittles, you are my new favorite writefag.

(( Just one more comfort scene; I need it right now. ))

>And the days do pass
>Could it be his smile?
>Not the practiced one
>It's new.
>One that dimples his cheeks
>And puts a glitter in his eyes
>Could it be these belly-rubs?
>The sun is rising, and Master's hand takes motion
>Awake, a new day
>Snuggled up behind you
>He rubs and scratches your belly, your chest
>Your hoof kicks softly
>And you make the girliest comfort sounds Equestria's ever heard
>He nuzzles your mane
>Could it be when he whispered "I love you" into your ear last night?
>Did he?
>You were so sleepy and comfortable...
>Maybe it was just a dream
>Your reverie is startled as he grabs your hind leg
>Moving his hand along to your hoof
>He starts to tickle the soft underside...
"Stoop. Nooo, Anon~"
>Your defiance just encourages it
"It's my hoof." He grumbles sleepily
>Damn it. Don't let this end.
>You'd let him tickle you forever
>Forever is a nice thought.

"Tomorrow is the last day."
"Oh... is it now?"
>He lets go of your leg, and continues scratching your belly
"So today is your break-day."
"I don' need it."
>He exhales into your mane
>You push your body back into his
>He holds you tighter...
>It's comfortable...
>But it feels like he's hangin' on for dear life
but why the barely a nibble updates

why do you do this to me
cause i write everyday on the train to and from work, and it's seemingly always a small part which might be a scene in itself
fluttershy's pov, the end of the bathing scene, the preperation to head out

I can post less frequently if you want
Check this out while we wait for the return of Skittles
dat dash is a bit too small
File: kft.png (464 KB, 917x958) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
464 KB, 917x958
>You reach out with your hand to her.
>>She makes a small noise, but meets your hand with her head so you can pet her.
>>Her mane and coat feel almost wonderful now.

>TFW no more Skittles

I sure did kinda drift off from the main topic of this thread. I mean: there still is the background of her, being held in the past, but right now it's pretty much completely different.
For that sake, i'm planning to finish this story as soon as possible, because i see this fact as well.
I already have the ending in my head, but i'm getting too slowly to it.
And about getting responses: It's nice to see someone actualy responding, but after i was assured there still are some people lurking for my story, the thought is enough for me to keep going with it.
File: 1383358695993.png (385 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
385 KB, 1280x720
>“I'll try my best to be understanding of yours, but for that you have to tell me if something is bothering you. So... how are you feeling?”
>>She stays quiet for a bit and doesn't give you even a confirmation of having heard it.
>>You frown.... What's going through her head now?”
>>“P-pain. My wing hurts...”

>opening the doors, you can already hear her
>„Anon! You're back! Check this.“
„Hey Sarah,..um, check what?“
>“I found this song and it's great! Come.“
„Better than those before?“
>“Those we're all great, but this one's lyrics are just,..I don't know, it makes me feel so happy for some reason. Kinda like those songs from Bob Marley, but different.“
>as you're closing by, you wonder what is it gonna be, if it's so good
>she clicks play and you hear the start
>nothing special so far, even the singer's voice doesn't seem that unique
>kinda like some radio song
>the chorus starts: „Sun is shining and so are you“
„Well, it's...alright i guess. I think i heard it once when it was new, playing in the radio. But it's a long time ago.“
>“Aww, so you don't like it?“
„I mean: It's good, but not sure if that good. What exactly do you like about it more than other songs?“
>“The lyrics kinda remind me...they kinda remind me of you. Not literally, but in the way you appeared in my life. And the melody is so cheery and fits the lyrics good...I was hoping you'd like it as well.“
„That's actualy really sweet of you saying that...I'm not saying i don't like the song. It's not bad, maybe I'm just too picky in music to like it instanly.“
>“I see...What's your favourite kind of music anyway? Besides from what you shown me before. Like, is there some song you could say that is your most favourite?““
„Oh, i think that constanly changes. I used to hold dear a lot of songs trough my life. Right now, i'm not sure what could i state as my favourite one. But i remember one song that used to make me feel so sad and happy at the same time. I'm not sure if i should show it to you, it's a bit morbid when i think about it.“
>“You already started, show me.“
„Ok then, but don't take those lyrics literally.“

>You're strong
>The strongest mare in Equestria, maybe
>But Time is stronger
>The day rolls over
>And before you know it
>You're back in bed...

>Then before you know it
>Morning is here again.
>The last day
>The moment of truth...
>The birds outside are chirpin'
>Silly birds.
>Why don't they-
>Somethin' tugs on your collar
>You open your eyes
>Master holds your leash
>Standin' by the bedroom door
>Smilin' that sweet smile
>Eyes a'glitter
>You smile back
"Good... Good mornin' Master."
"It is."
>This is... different
>You hop out of bed and follow his lead
"Coffee, sir?"
>Clopping your way down the stairs...
>Looks like he's already had his
>The smell of coffee...
>Just like the first time you came in this house
>There's a spring in his step
>He goes about getting his jacket
>Fetching his hat on and fixin' it on his head
>A suit-case waits by the door
"Master? What's goin' on?"
>He pulls you towards him with the leash
"Time to go."
"Where we goin'..?"
>Could it be...
>What happened to...
>Anon opens the door
>And the bright light of day blinds you

>Then you wake up.
or if you prefer a Tsundere Skittles ...
>you type „Queens of the stone age - Mosquito song“ and click first video
>as the melody starts, it reminds you of times when things didn't seem that bright as they do now
>as it continues, you can see Sarah's smile slowly fading away
>almost six minutes of silent listening, until the very last sound of fading violin brings the end
„...Just so you know, it isn't about cannibalism.“ you add
>she looks still kinda serious and unsure before she speaks
>“I know. I think i understand it. At least partly…Is this how you used to feel about life?“
„Yeah...Not always, but sometimes there were moments or days, when this was...fitting.“
>“When you're not sure if there's any real purpose, right?“
>“That's the reason i liked the song before so much. Because the thoughts it brings are the complete opposite.“
>you smile and pat her head gently
„I see now…“
>maybe it's time to change topic
„Anyway, i was wondering if you ever played any video games?“
>“Guess there is something like that in Equestria, buuuut i never really tried. Not really.“
„Not even once? Come on. I can show you, you might like it.“
>you boot up some racing game, because these are the most easily manipulated ones
>you set steering keys on „space“ and „zero“, so she can steer with her hooves while you'll control speed with „-“ and „+“ on the side of the keyboard
>“Oh, hey this looks so real!“ she gasps when she see's the first gameplay
>it's just one of many racing games, almost all are in someway similiar nowadays, but she never saw something like that, so she's amazed
>you actualy waste good few hours on this
>she's pretty bad at it at the start, especialy when you have to control the speed, but she's enjoying it anyway
>when she actualy manages to win at lowest difficulty for the first time, she looks almost same happy as she was when racing against you and your bike
>so it goes, until both of you decide it was enough
>implying rainbow might be anything but tsundere
File: 1366332673323.jpg (188 KB, 900x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188 KB, 900x1200
>>Then you wake up.
hope nobody minds the choice of songs
I'm trying to make Anon's personality as much relatable to how could people who visit 4chan be like after few years when the ride ends, but fitting everyone's music taste might be nearly impossible.
Being that I'm not that big of a fan of our other SiM writer in the thread, I can't say much different for you either
However that being that there are some rather cute parts in yours. Calling her a hummingbird for example, and its not too far out of our realm. Played right it could easily fit in here.
Bitches love belly rubs
I'm one of the faggots who push the white knighting a bit much though so don't take anything I say to heart
File: 1423903572609.png (352 KB, 1280x1368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
352 KB, 1280x1368
I said it before and I say it now:

The ponies are guaranteed weapons of mass destruction

Most material for the recurring nightmares of Anon for your story, Vadkram.
thats perfect size

I don't want to have to stand up to cum inside
Glad you guys enjoyed it.

Yeah. I didn't expect my stuff to be super-popular, since this general is very white-knight-ish from what I've read. However I felt this story was melo enough that it wouldn't be a major issue, so I shared, because green is good. I'm happy you found something in it that you enjoyed.

I think that there is a pretty clear distinction between constructive criticism and mocking. If you can accurate discribe your feedback as "mocking," which you did, then it's a good time to reconsider how and why you delivering feedback. As you stated, I'm used to getting criticism on SiM. I've thrown the thread into a shitstorm over a story or two. However I like to think SiM has a reasonable understanding of what constitutes appropriate feedback; this is different.

Do I have a existing problem with my comma usage? Definitely. I could give any number of reasons why this particular story was worse, since it was written on a mobile phone a year ago, but that's really dodging the point. At this time, I know it's an existing writing flaw, but it's one of a number of problems I'm trying to correct. Re-reading this myself after you pointed it out, I definitely see how the usage was exceptionally poor. But again, I think we both know you could have stated it in a more respectful manner.

I don't believe it's appropriate to mock people who take their time to produce green for you to read. I'm not super concerned since, as you stated, I don't really intend to produce original green for this thread. But for the sake of /this thread's/ writers, I ask you be more tactful in your approach.
I understand why there are not many stories about Rarity, not because it is a difficult character, but because she actually proves to be very easy to break it
I've known you for more than a year, I writefagged in contests against you, and I know you're one of the good ones
your mistakes are usually very few and when I see something like that it's totally uncanny valley for me.

Yes, you dumped an old story, but you're a newfag to our thread. And I treated you like an old friend whom you have to slap and shake out of something, but as i said, I know you're tough.
But come on, you could have proofread it and make a good impression.
The story was good, but I had to flinch every other line.

You're fucking Escapade, you're one of the best, act like it.
The absolute hate of SiM style stories has given us a bad name and personally I don't like it. Unless your anon started punching gilda and trash talking her, I just generally dont read things i dont like
For this thread my tolerance for what constitutes fitting and what doesn't is rather wide. kind of like the applebloom story, there hasnt been any massive changes or anything to the anon. while he's really not much of a white knight either
>>"You know that Griffons mate for life right? Your body already knows that it belongs to me."
oh my

>A sliver of sunlight peaks through the curtain
>Striped across your eyes
>You squint hard and roll over
>Opening your eyes
>Reaching for someone who isn't there
>Nothin' but the birds
>But even they're more quiet than usual
>You throw the covers off and sit up
>He's not here
>You sniff the air
>He must've woken up much earlier
>No coffee
>No burning logs
>No him
>Your heart sinks into your gut
>It was just a dream
>Just a dream...
>Don't start cryin' now, Jack
>Isn't life just one long dream?
>Could be...
>This feels more like a nightmare

>It's time to get up
>You roll out of bed and stretch
>Stabilize yourself, now
>You approach the bedroom door, and peak downstairs
>The basement door hangs wide-open
>You pull back
>Deep breaths
>Master told you the time would come
>The time to share his pain
>This is your last duty to him
>Not just a duty...
>It's your caring
>It's your wish
>It's your love
>But while your duty will soon end
>And you'll be on the road back home
>Love doesn't leave so easy...

>You go downstairs.

>The house feels empty
>Everything is still, quiet and cold
>You jump as a breeze outside hits the shutters
>You startle as the floorboards creak beneath your hoof
>You stand frozen before the basement door...
>Looking all around
>This home
>This place
>Anywhere but down...
>You swallow the lump in your throat and call again
>Your voice just dully echoes
>You know he's down there...
>Why won't he answer?
>This is the answer
>The door is open
>You have to move now.


>The old wooden steps make quite a racket
>You see the flickering of lamp-light
>It's colder
>And colder...
>As your first hoof hits the floor
>You finally get a good look of the room
>The stone wall closest to you has something etched into it, in large jagged writing
>You just barely make it out in the dim lamp-light
>It's written again
>And again
>Another one...
>But your eyes are drawn immediately to the far wall
>Where Master sits...
>Next to him, propped up on the wall are, crosses
>Three of them
>Grave markers?
>Made out of what looks like old fencing
>You step closer to the middle of the room
>He doesn't react
>He's clutching something, head hung low
>Another cross
>Human names are carved into them
>You don't recognize them...
>Except the one he holds

File: 1407979870019.jpg (218 KB, 637x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218 KB, 637x960
File: PANIC.png (749 KB, 1264x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
749 KB, 1264x1000
>>He's clutching something, head hung low
>>Another cross
>>Human names are carved into them
>>You don't recognize them...
>>Except the one he holds

This really is endgame, isn't it? Fuck.
File: wat.webm (157 KB, 532x530) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 532x530
damn, son, what are you doing?
>twi's face in that pic
I felt a feel
Anon is Bio-cop?
File: Jontron.gif (98 KB, 250x186) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 250x186
Oh boy

"Well, Jack."
>His voice...
"Here we are."
>He peers at you from behind the cross
>Your blood runs cold
>You can't even make a sound
"Back in my world. You see. I killed them. A few people."
>His voice is like nothing you've heard before
>He shakes and twitches slightly, clasping a fist tight
"They said 'kill the man'. They put a gun in my hand. So I went. I broke into his home. I killed the man. But there were others. And they started screaming and shouting. So why not? I shot them too. His wife. His daughter. I just wanted them quiet."
>He takes a breath
"And it was a nice quiet. But wouldn't you know it... I realized one was missing. His boy grabbed his daddy's gun and shot me in the back. Good kid. Brave kid. Just..."
>Another breath
"Too little, too late. Haha..."
>Another jagged breath
"And he shot me again, and again, and again. Until the trigger started clicking, empty! Hahaha!"
>No more...
"Counting the last seconds of my life away, like a metronome!"
>Please stop...
>He stands up suddenly and throws 'his' cross to the floor
>His screaming echoes off of every surface and pounds into your ears
>He slumps backwards against the wall
>Sliding back down to the floor slowly
>You just stand there and watch him breathing
"Here's what I thought of recently. Because 'Man, Woman, kids' wasn't the whole story. I didn't just kill some folks, I killed a... 'Family'. Worse than that... That boy."
>He doesn't finish that last thought
>He just looked up at you
>His eyes a deep abyss
"And if it weren't for you. I wouldn't have known. That other people could... 'Suffer' so much. Love and lose. 'Carry'. Does that have somethin' to do with it? The villain gets his poetic justice?"
"I don't know." You choke out.
>It's getting harder to breathe.
"Oh well. At least it's over now. You're right. Sharing that felt, okay. Thanks."
>He lifts his clenched fist up, trembling
File: Suprised asian.jpg (11 KB, 240x210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Suprised asian.jpg
11 KB, 240x210
File: 465uh56.jpg (572 KB, 2354x1849) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
572 KB, 2354x1849
One day and $36 later.

Lets see if this stuffs worth it.

Maybe i'll drunk fuck a changeling too.

Probably just wake up with fabric softener on my dong again.

Its gud stuff. I was always partial to mixing black rum like that with like... egg nog. Would probably blend well with Kahlua.
Kraken is good stuff, though I'm a liqueur guy. Tuaca is just to good

I stick to beer. Less likely to make you sick. Though I like things like kraken when I go for harder stuff.
The adventures of Discount Slave Berry Punch when?
shit nigga
Yeah, I've been leaning towards hard ciders and mead lately.
Though i did just learn about Not Your Father's Root Beer this new year.

Yes please

>Three 5-bit coins are throw at your hooves, clattering across the stone floor
>That's when you notice the knife next to him
"You're a good girl, Applejack. That's the last of it. This is your last order, then you're free."
>You finally finish processing all of it...
>The promise. His story. The 'right moment'.
>It all falls into place
>You hear the words in your head before he even speaks
"Kill me."
>You stare at him
>What now, Jack.
"What'd you say?"
"Come on, I know those hooves can crack a skull. It'll be easy."
>You don't move. You can't move.
>Your heart is about to burst
>He raises his voice
"You promised. Do as I command."
>You shake your head
"You expect me to carry that weight, too?"
"You can dump me anywhere you'd like. Who's gonna look for me?"
>You shake your head...
"You really think I'm gonna kill a person?"
"You're a hero, Jack. I'm the monster. I'm the 'human'. When you tell them about all of this; that I'm a murderer, they'll pat you on the back. Your hooves will be clean."
>The cold in you is starting to thaw
"If you found out somebody had killed your parents, what would you do? If they killed Apple Bloom right in front of you? Why not? Just do it. You know it's righteous."
>You look down, your eyes could burn holes into the floor
>'Wake me up now, Luna...'
"You have to."
>He starts screaming again
>You lift your fore-hooves and slam them into the ground
>The floor cracks
>The bits go tumbling away
>The whole foundation shakes
>Those cannons of your eyes, pointed right at him
They are alright. I still don't listen to much but pony music. So anything different is welcome.

Getting her into playing games is interesting to me because i'm working on building a arcade style pc controller. And hooves on a keyboard don't seem to practical to me
File: OhShit.jpg (44 KB, 500x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 500x612
Oh shit son
File: 1430352376072.jpg (86 KB, 640x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 640x512
I'm lovin' this
When do we get more Skittles? I need my Skittles.
He's dead son, the piss lovers drove him away.
His last post said he won't be back for ~2 weeks due to having a lot of overtime at work.
That too son, that too.

>Everything you have, you pour into that gaze
>This man...
>You've broken it
>You're so angry.
>You're so sad.
>Your hooves sting, but it don't phase you
>You could bust this whole place down by hoof
>You'd sooner choose that, than...
"I won't do it."
>You watch the slow transition of his face, from surprised, to angry, to expressionless
"Yes, I disobeyed you. I broke my promise. You can come over here and do somethin' about it. 'Cause you're not dyin' today."
"Because it ain't 'right'. If it weren't right to kill those people... then it ain't right to kill you now. Blood doesn't wash blood! You know it ain't right. Look at you. You 'know' it. You're askin' me to make a bad thing worse. That ain't righteous..."
>You stomp your hoof on the ground again
>It hurts, but it don't matter
"... it's SELFISH!"
>He doesn't budge
"I don't care what you did in that other world. I wish you hadn't. I woulda done anything in my power to stop you. But I 'can't'."
"Then you're just gonna let me go on? And when I kill more people?"
>You're not gonna budge, neither.
"You won't. How do I know? Because you already had the chance to. I saw it, I was there. I saw you bloody up that stallion you had locked up in the barn. I saw you twistin' the broken bottle in your hand as you thought up his fate. The filthy thing, who woulda missed 'him'? 'That' woulda been easy. But you didn't do it."
"Shut it! And on that same day, you let me outta the barn. You cared, didn't ya? It weren't just about your 'property'. I coulda still been out there today, gettin' fucked and takin' more black-eyes for that money right now. But you saw another way."
>You won't lose this...
"And even right now...how about them 'crosses'? Did ya make'em just to decorate the place, Anon?"
>He stares at you...
>You won't lose this fight.
>You won't lose this man.
File: 9nVmmVY.jpg (127 KB, 635x847) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 635x847
Somewhat related
>then Anon does an hero right there.
>applejack loses that man anyway
The End
File: nopeaceEVER.png (357 KB, 600x615) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
357 KB, 600x615
File: whyyoudontanhero.jpg (18 KB, 286x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 286x323
>Be up too late.
>Bill just went to bed, but he should have been asleep hours ago.
>The old man gets tired so easily lately, but he enjoys staying up to watch these shows with you too much to give in to his body’s demands.
>Tonight, it was some British comedy about a bookstore.
>You can’t decide if Twilight Sparkle would have enjoyed it or not.
>On the one hoof, it’s about a bookstore. On the other…
>On the other, you think she’d benefit from having her own copy of the Little Book of Calm.
>With a sigh, you fumble with the remote until you’ve turned off the TV.
>Dang thing is too small for your hooves.
>Bill got you one of those ones with the GIANT buttons, but you “lost” it.
>You can manage with a normal one just fine!
>It just… takes a while sometimes.
>You don’t feel bad about it.
>When his eyesight started going last year, you got *him* one – and he promptly “lost” it.
>When you looked for it, you found it stashed in the closet right next to yours.
>You may both be stubborn, but at least you’re stubborn together.
>Bill and Scootaloo versus the world!
>Until you find Apple Bloom.
>Then it’ll be Bill and you AND Apple Bloom versus the world!
>She’s gotta be nearby.
>You’ve seen a few other ponies from Ponyville around town.
>All of ‘em left the camp around the same time as you and her, so you’re hoping.
>You’ve even seen Diamond Tiara a couple times – always with a different human.
>You don’t know why, but Bill didn’t want you to talk to her.
>He hasn’t had any problems with you talking to any other ponies, though.
>Even taken you to see Derpy a few times.
>You yawn and stretch your wings.
>Time for bed.
>Maybe he’ll let you visit with her tomorrow.
>She’s no Rainbow Dash, but she’s been helping you with your flying.
>Neither of you are on your pills – Bill flushes yours as soon as he picks them up from the clinic and Derpy’s host family has some religious objection – so you can both fly.
>As long as no one sees you doing it.
>Well enough for her to teach you a few things.
>You look at the clock on the microwave as you dump the dirty dishes in the sink.
>Dangit. Nearly midnight.
>You’ll wash those tomorrow.
>Better get to bed.

>Be confident.
>Those two words repeat over and over in your head as you approach the man.
>They’re the most important words in the world.
>Be confident.
>Act like he’s already bought you.
>The man has turned away Trish and Jewel, but hasn’t done more than pick at his meal.
>He clearly isn’t here for the food – or the human women.
>No, he’s here for you.
>He just doesn’t know it yet.
>All you have to do is be confident.
>There aren’t many ponies working the floor right now.
>Certainly none that can match you.
>Cherry Berry is busy with an older man on the other side of the diner – she’s wasting her time, thinking he’ll buy more than the standard package.
>Certainly dressed well enough to have money to throw around, but he’s just stringing her along.
>Might not mean to, but he’ll never commit.
>He’s drinking too much.
>By the time he finds his courage, he’ll be finished.
>You come up to your mark’s booth, flipping your purple-and-white mane to catch his eye.
>An empty tumbler sits by his right hand.
>He may be ignoring his food, but that’s his second whiskey and coke.
>You might have to cut this one loose, but not yet.
“Do you need another, master?”
>You slide onto the booth beside him.
>A little forward, but you’re eager for this.
>He’ll be your last client of the week.
>Well, maybe not, but the last one you *have* to take to meet your quota.
>The man looks at his empty tumbler and sighs.
>”I shouldn’t, but why not?”
>The stench of alcohol on his breath makes you want to gag.
>You don’t.
>Instead, you force a smile onto your face and lean closer to the man.
“And is there anything else you…”
>You bump your hip against his.
”… want?”
>Asking is just a formality.
>He wants you. You know it.
>If he didn’t, you wouldn’t have wasted your time on him.
>The man frowns and goes back to picking at his food.
>Dammit, not again!
>How could you make the same mistake twice in one day!?
>”Maybe,” he grunts.
>You shouldn’t have doubted yourself.
>You *always* know how to pick a client – one that doesn’t turn you down or waste your time.
>The easy marks.
>It’s not that hard, really.
>You don’t know why Silver Spoon found this so difficult.
>Look for a man looking for a pony and get there first.
>Leave the harder targets for the other ponies to fight over.
>It’s not your fault if some of them can’t make it.
>Silver Spoon should have tried harder.

>Stop being a little bitch.
>You’re a grown woman, dammit.
>How could you say those things to him last night?
>Even if you *were* drunk…
>…okay, you were definitely drunk…
>… but that’s still no excuse.
>You have to leave.
>Crash in a different room.
>Maybe if he’s not a jerk, the two of you can pretend last night didn’t happen.
>Yeah, that’s likely.
>He’s a jerk.
>Like right now, he won’t let go of you.
>You’re trying to slip free without waking him up, but he just won’t let go!
>His arm is wrapped around your torso, his hand pressed firmly against your back.
>*Under* the shirt.
>The other is tangled in your hair.
>Why couldn’t you just keep your damned mouth shut!?
>Oh, God. He must think you’re such a baby.
>Or a filthy slut.
>He’s called you that before.
>You don’t think he *meant* it, but…
>Stop thinking about it.
>You’re such a whiny, little bitch.
>Always acting strong, but deep down…
>You have to get away before he wakes up.
>Pretend it never happened.
>You’re starting to panic; your breathing is rapid and shallow.
>Calm down!
>You’re going to wake him!
>He’s –!
>He… he squeezes you against his chest.
>This is fine too.
>Caught in his arms, you try to relax.
>It’s easier than you think.
>Your body still reacts to his touch.
>It’s been so long, but it feels so familiar.
>It feels… safe.
>Safer than anywhere else on Earth.
>You’re surprised he didn’t walk away last night.
>Still not sure if you wish he had or not.
>But that’s okay.
>You’re happy he’s here.
>It might just be nostalgia, but that’s enough for right now.
>You didn’t think it was possible for him to hold you any tighter, but he does, pulling your hips firmly against his and sliding his leg between yours.
>You can’t help but melt in his grip and relax.
>Be comfortable.

>Be yourself.
>That’s the advice your mother always gave you about dealing with women.
>You’re not entirely sure it applies to situations like this, though, considering you’re caught between wanting to throw Lauren out of bed or…
>Your thigh is trapped between hers.
>This is going to get awkward.

end for tonight
I hope those POV changes weren't too jarring, but I wanted to try something besides "Be Scootaloo"/"Be Diamond Tiara"/etc.
>drunk anon buys drunk pony
>drunk adventures
Yeah that would basically be my life, I'm already drunk anon and I constantly have things showing up at my door that I don't even remember ordering, so it might as well be a drunk pone one day.

"Your humor is great."
>A smile
>A cold, cold smile
>The snake's smile...
"That mask is cracked all too much now, Anon."
>He winces
>Then kicks his 'cross' that was layin' by his feet
"They're here because this is a grave, Jack. And you can't change things. I'm sorry this is happening to you. But I don't deserve this place. I don't deserve it. Not another second of looking at your beautiful face. This is the end of the line..."
>Your brain starts to hurt.
>Everything slows down
>You see it.
"... whether or not you accept it."
>His hand reaches for the knife
>And you bolt, charging straight at him
>Your hooves quake against the stone
>You scream with all your might
>You won't accept it
>You won't let it happen, either
>You don't care if it hurts him
>If words can't break it
>Your body can
>You slam into him
>Hammering your hoof against his arm, pinning it to the wall
>He screams in pain
>The knife clatters onto the floor...
>Hearing that, you grab hold of his body
>Throwing him around and onto his back, in the middle of the room
>And you lay on top of him so he can't move
>You're stronger than him
>You're heavier than him
>This man will not die.

"AArrghh! Fuck off've me! My arm!"
>You leave no room between his face and yours, staring at him
>He grits his teeth, breath rattling
"You. Can't. Change. This!"
>You just lay still, your muscles rippling as you hold him in a vice grip
"I already did. Care to do somethin' about i-"
>He headbutts your snout...
>Your nose starts bleeding
>Unfortunately, he managed to daze himself in the process.
>And passes out...
you´re dead bitch with the whip
File: OHGODWHATTHEFUCK.png (161 KB, 443x449) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
161 KB, 443x449
Yeah, Scoot´s time!!
I think this would be really interesting , like ... Anon has to use google translate to figure out what she's saying and vice versa for a few days until he walks in on her talking to herself or something
i like this, make it so.
>mfw one of my random shitposts gets more of a response than my story.
>consider dropping Apple Bloom for Berry Punch
>come up with an idea
>Anon gets tired of drinking alone because fuck bars.
>Anon buys a cheap pony to drink with him.
>Shenanigans ensue. Popcorn is eaten. Shitty movies are watched. Lots of alcohol is consumed.
>Realize that I basically already wrote this, except it was Rainbow Dash, Anon didn't own her, and it was a smaller bit in a larger story.
>consider doing it anyway.

File: 04-1.jpg (220 KB, 670x558) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
220 KB, 670x558
Shitposting begets shitposting, but a good storyteller leaves everyone silent to better focus on the story.
>dropping Apple Bloom for Berry Punch
Don't do that I'm enjoying the story
the part of Diamond Tiara is really sad, of spoiled girl to whore is one big step

>You don't know how long it's been
>Time, though it may be stronger than you
>It can't reach you here and now
>Just laying there on top of him
>Eventually he came to
>The struggling started again
>But it wasn't doin' him no good
>He just wore himself out, and started groaning in pain
"Is this 'change' enough, for ya?"
>No response
>He won't look you in the eye...
"Look'it me. Look at this 'beautiful' face, Anon."
"There's nothin' else to do."
"You broke your promise..."
>You breathe slowly
>Trying your best to restrain him without hurtin' him anymore now that he's pacified
"Eeyup. So, does that convince you?"
"Convince me've what?"
"Things can be different."
>He lays still...
>An occasional grunt or whimper
>You wipe your bloody nose on his face
"Look'it me. Look what you done."
"Look at me."
"Shut up..."
"I need to care for yer arm, Anon."
>He growls and struggles again, but only for a brief moment before the pain sets in
>Wincing, his eyes shut tight
>You pass the time, just listening to his breath
>Slower, and slower...
>He's given up the fight
>It's just a matter of time...
good for the POV´s, good for you work
File: shitposting.gif (2 MB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 480x270
no this is one of my favorite stories
File: PiHfyhV.gif (253 KB, 350x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
253 KB, 350x375
Just a small portion of Anon's POV while he goes to work then Ling POV
>After your panic you decided to get dressed
>Currently you’re putting on a suit
>You always did look good in a suit
>And today, being a Monday, you could feel it’d be a good day to
>especially since you used all your vacation time
>You’re an IT though, they need you
>You also shouldn’t worry about how you dress
>You never do
>Straightening your tie you put the antique tie clip on and make your way out
>Ling is face down in a cup of coffee
>You walk over to make sure she isn’t drowning
>Nope she drunk it all
>Ah yes the first hang over
>Poor girl
>You rub the back of her head and make your way out the door, looking back at her
>Did you bang that?
>Naw there’s no way, you had your underwear on
>You sigh and go out to get in your ancient truck
>Off to work you go
File: 1448460415956.gif (1 MB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 250x250


"You can't lay here forever, Jack."
>You blink, and look down at him
>Though he still won't look at you.
"Apple Bloom. You've got to get home with that money."
>You grit your teeth
"You're gonna get up eventually. You're gonna leave me, even if just for a minute. Because your Apple Bloom is more important. Your family, Jack. You have to try somethin'. And you will... soon enough."
>Your nose scrunches, your face contorts in anger...
>Of course he would.
>He would play it that way, wouldn't he
>Playing. Games. Rules.
>Your words don't reach him
>Violence isn't what you want
>And time was never on your side
>You think you see a way 'you' can play this
>The rules he's so attached to
>More specifically...
>A change in the rules

>A mare in love
>A mare in bondage
>You know now which came first
>You knew the moment you broke your promise

"I'll be goin' home, Anon."
>You tear the collar from your neck
>And strap it around his
>Fastening the buckle tight.
>His eyes widen
>His body tenses
"And you're comin' with me."
no pls, I prefer a small update regularly
File: 140830_011355.png (231 KB, 810x1282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
231 KB, 810x1282
Oh how the tables have turned
>It’s a couple hours after Anon left his house
>Around 10am now
>You wake up with a face covered in cold coffee
>The house is kind cold to
>You sneeze
>Looking down you notice you have hooves
>Oh right you’re Ling
“Well shoot”
>You sigh and get up, stretching
>Why do you feel wetter downwards than you do on the face
>Oh shit
>Its that time of the month isn’t it
>You hurry over to the living room mirror
>Looking at yourself you turn around and lift you tail
>The pink panties are soaked
>Better wash those
>You sigh and make your way to the kitchen, putting the cloths into the cloth bag
>Looking over you notice the home phones light is blinking
>Someone called
>How did this thing work
>Checking the device over you use your horn to press some buttons
>After calling a couple wrong numbers
>One was a very pissed off Indian guy
>You manage to get the right command in
>“Hi Ling, this is Anon. Since you can’t be assed to wake up I left your chores on here. So listen closely”
>Oh damn it anon, chores, today?
>Oh well
>You sigh and keep everything down
>Dishes washed
>Clothes washed
>Bedding washed
>Keep an eye on the phone for the vet
>Oh yeah you visited the vet like, a month ago or so
>They never did call back
>What’s next
>Make dinner
>okay then
>You check the fridge
>Welp might as well add on grocery store
>You look around
>Oh cool anon left his credit card
>Can ponies legally do that?
>Fuck it why not try
>You write everything down
>Today is planned and ready to roll out!

>Ling has anons credit card

This can only end well.
Wasn't anon on a budget or something?
wtf man
You know we're here because this thread is still up.

>Nobody is responding to an excellent story.
>beg and threaten for attention because of your lack of confidence.
Yeah he's budgeting. But that doesn't mean he's poor. this will be mentioned later
Ling will spend around $50-70 today for groceries and clothes washing.
and pretty things in town
>he won't be back for ~2 weeks due to having a lot of overtime at work
It's basically the same as being dead, though.
Ling will need to watch TV today
Anon has these shows on DVD
Bob Ross
Mr. Rogers
MLP gen 1 and 3 (Gen 4 hasn't been made due to ponies becoming real. Rainbow dash still dresses in style)
House M.D
Choose 1. Whats her reaction.
I'm leaning towards bob ross while masturbating

>You stare down at him still...
>This is it
>Your last gambit
>Let it work, please...
"Anon, look at me now."

>He turns his head
>Staring at you wide-eyed
>Tears welling up
>You prop his head up with a hoof
>They fall down his face
>Streaking across the blood you left on him
>His body gently goes limp
"Applejack. You... didn't."
>Make sure of it now.
"It's gonna be 'Ma'am' for now."
>He exhales...
"Anon? You understand?"
>Breathing in...
>Exhaling again...
"Yes... Ma'am."
>Words, fine.
>Test his actions now.
>You give him a stern, but warm look
>Before lifting yourself up off'a him
>He winces slightly, adjusting to the lack of weight
>But he doesn't move apart from that...
"Can you sit up?"
>He struggles to push his torso up, holding his right arm in his lap
>Looking down...
"Keep lookin' at me."
>He raises his head, eyes meeting yours
>The mask has all but crumbled away
>His expression is pained, hurting, lost...
>You must have fractured his arm
>It's better than bein' dead.
"So... About my nose."
>He looks at you terrified...
>What have you done?
"Could ya get me a wet cloth from upstairs?"
>A risk...
>But he stands so suddenly
>So fast that he hurts himself
>Cradling his arm
"Yes Ma'am..." He says meekly.
>He moves to the stairs
>You're right behind him
>Anything suspicious and he'll be down on the floor again.
>not taking that chance to lick her belly

That anon has fuuucked up
Oh and he owns 1990-1995 WWF
do it
File: 1282881645472.jpg (8 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 300x168
That's just not right.

>anon tells her Mr. Ross is dead. hartbreak.jpg
Like i said in my previous post, shes in heat
Also its sort of a joke, over at the mlp anniversary stream we tend to post a shit ton of porn during bob ross
the ross.
>Standing in front of that old mirror you are changing forms
>geeze you don’t have as many as the others
>Fleur De Lis
>Minuette, er, colgate, whatever
>And some orange pony with a hat
>You think her name was Applejack
>Fleur it is, the others have already met you or are well known
>In fact you haven’t seen any mention of her in a long time
>Hopefully she is living her dreams
>She was such a pretty pony
>Shit don’t get distracted, the faster you get this done the better
>Now a little taller and significantly prettier you flash your tail at the mirror
>Tail stop that
>No gotta show off
>Brain you to
>>“I didn’t say anything”
>Well, better hurry
>You grab the bedding and comforter off Anons bed
>Sweet mercy now you know why he wanted it cleaned
>You wet the bed
>And not with piss
>Sorry anon
not really
>You stuff it into the bag with the other cloths and grab Anons coin jar
>You look for his spare key and hang that on your white pretty horn
>Off you go!
>Oh shit lock the door first
>Okay now you go
>Annoying enough the entire walk to the laundry mat is full of stares
>People just cant keep the themselves
>Que old asian bitch
>She’s staring
>“Pony back hele?”
“Yes ma’am I just need to wash my masters clothes”
>She narrows her eyes
>“Pony no go in dlier. You no go in dlier and you cun wash”
>She watches you as you copy exactly as master did
>You, for now, sit the bedding to the side
>Hmm.. some of Anons white shirts and underwear are in there
>Eh its fine
>Humans have conquered the need to separate cloths by now, like ponies, right?

annnd she mixes the reds and whites, doesnt she?
>Now a little taller and significantly prettier you flash your tail at the mirror
>Tail stop that
>No gotta show off
>Brain you to
>>“I didn’t say anything”

I love these little touches in your writing.

>This is all so strange...
>He's collared now
>He's listening to you
>You're the one in control
>But your adrenaline is starting to fade
>All that just occurred this morning is starting to sink in
>You couldn't have imagined he was so...
>It wasn't supposed to be like this...
>But it is.
>You sit in front of him at the couch
>He's relaxed now
>But still seems so lost
>He takes the damp cloth, and wipes your nose clean
"I'm sorry I hurt you."
>You take the cloth from him, and wipe his cheek clean
"You... better be."
>You give him a smile
>But he's not havin' it
"I can't think straight, Appl- Ma'am."
>You get up to your hooves
"Things are gonna be different. I can't trust ya not to hurt yourself. So you... You're on 'my' leash, now."
>You can see the gears turning as he looks around the room
>He can't hide now
"It isn't fair..."
"I say it's fair, Anon. The past is gone. Yer future lies in my hooves."
>Your own gears are spinnin' pretty fast, commandeering this relationship so suddenly
>It's a difficult turn, but you gotta make it
>For him...
"Did ya hear me?"
"Yes I did, ma'am."
"So, tell me what you think."
>He sighs deeply...
>Thinking. Knowing.
>He's not so lost anymore.
"I'm yours. And..."
>He looks at you, wanting something
"I need to say your name for this. Just this once. I need to hear it."
>You nod, and wait...

"I love you, Applejack."
(( That's the end of Chapter 1. Thank you to whoever has been reading. I know the start was rocky, and the ending is a big flip. Some people probably won't enjoy that, but to those who have enjoyed it at any point, I'm very grateful and very happy you did. ))
>Sitting in boredom for around 10 minutes
>You look around at all the other machine
>The face hoof for how stupid you are
>You put the comforter, sheets, and pillow cases into the washer next to the clothes one
>You put in detergent and start it up
>Detergent doesn’t taste good
>Why didn’t you use magic
>NOW the waiting
>Asian stares
>There are some other ponies in here
>They’re staring
>You can’t tell if they smell you or recognize you
>Please don’t notice me
>A stallion walks over
>He smiles
>He’s actually pretty handsome
>Holy shit cut your fetlocks mate
“Uh.. Hi”
>The pony male smiles down at you
>“Hello there. I.. recognize you from somewhere”
“Oh, I uh, sorry I don’t recognize you”
>“I swear I’ve seen that beautiful face in a magazine”
>You begin the blushing
>In your pony form your blush is actually red
>And its bright
>What does one say in this situation
>You don’t want to be rude
>Wait yes you do, that’s the heat talking
>But he IS good looking
(Holy crap its hard to find something by this guy that isnt castration or nsfw)
lurkernon when
>You are a changeling on day 1.5 of her heat
>Big stallion approaches you
>Mind says don't do it
>Body says to prepare your anus
>What do
i like where this is going

>get mentally bitch slapped by your mom
I enjoyed the ride and I don't want it to end
(I feel like he should have a Russian accent since his creator is Russian, but I dunno)
>You shift in your seat
>Is this seat getting hot
>Yeah that’s it
>The stallion takes a seat beside you with a kind smile
>“Where’s your master? All ponies have masters with them do they not?”
“Oh, uh, mine is letting me run chores for him while he’s at work”
>You tap your key on your horn
“This has all his contact on it if there’s any issues, I guess”
>Better gulp that lump in your throat down
>that’s better
>“Oh, your master is really kind”
“Most of the time, yeah. He can be a pain in the ass”
>The stallion motions over to a tall older female near by
>Older looking
>She can’t be a day over 50 though based on her emotions
>“She is mine. She is going blind so she bought me as a seeing eye pony”
“T.. that’s uh, interesting”
>Is this room getting hot
>Probably just the driers
>yeah the driers
>You gulp again
>The stallion extends his hoof
>Thems from pretty hooves boy
>“I’m LD, what’s your name”
>Shit, can’t let him know
>You shake hooves
“I’m Lis”
>Close enough
>“That’s a pretty name”
>He flashes that grin at you again
>He leans forward after looking towards his master
>Oh shit breath on ear
>>“Ling.. You need to calm down”
>No shit mom
>“You smell. Rather nice. Do you need any help?”
>>“I am an adult”
>God damn it mom

The road doesn't end here, partner.
Shit didn't post all this
>The stallion whispers more
>“ya know, if you need help with that”
>“I could help”
“I.. Uh, no thanks”
>He looks confused
>“Oh, really?”
>Oh you’re standing
>Your eyes go wide when you feel something wet hit your back side
>Its warm and soft
>Did this nigga just lick you in public?!
>It did feel pretty good though
>Oh fuck
“yes mom?”
>The stallion blinks seeing you go stiff
File: over9000keks.jpg (9 KB, 200x176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 200x176

>"I am an adult"

I keked too hard

So he beat her, whored her out and she fell in love with him?
yeah this one kinda lost me half way through
Same, I was hoping for death.
>Great you pissed her off
>Understandable considering
“I uh, sorry”
>>“YOU BETTER BE. I don’t care what time of the month it is. You KNOW you don’t want this. Normally I’d say go for it but we aren’t in a love deficit here.”
>You gulp
>>“I’m very disappointed in you”
“I’m sorry mom”
>>“Now reject this stallion like a real mare and go handle yourself”
>>“No buts. You know why I’m mad”
>You are compromising your thing with anon
>Heaven forbid you actually DO anything with this stallion and Anon find out
>I wonder how big his-
“Gah sorry!”
>You turn to the stallion beside you
“You need to leave”
>“Aw, but you look like you like it”
“Trust me LD, I do, but I’m busy”
>You can see the disappointment in his eyes
>And his dick
>Unfortunate but that prize must go untouched
>Maybe you’ll see him again
>er.. maybe not
>The stallion watches you as you stare at the washer
>He can tell something’s up
>what do you say
>What do you do?!
“Look, This is a hard time for me okay? My uh mo-master is always breathing down my neck”
>“Hey, I won’t tell if you don’t”
“I’m serious sh-he’d know”
>“If you insist. But I’ll be here for a while”
>You sit back down and focus on the shaking washing machine
>Your mind and eyes straining to keep focused
>That was a hell of an inviting offer
>And you haven’t seen a stallion for over a year
>At least not one that close
>>“Ling, Listen”
>>“I’ve been through a lot of these. Its just going to get worse. I know you’re still young, but, just focus It’ll go away eventually”
>Wow thanks so helpful
>>“You’re welcome”
>You sit in silence and squirm in your seat
>You swear you can feel that stallions eyes on you the whole time
>What else where you suppose to do today
>Grocery shop
>Check for call from doctor
>Dishes can wait till after you make dinner
>Okay that’s all
>That’s not so hard right
>There can’t be THAT many stallions in town

im guessing lings gonna stumble upon anons porn stash pretty soon?

and possbily masterbate to it
i cant help but wonder if anon actually would be ok with her 'relieving some stress' with this stallion.
I'm not very good at writing the sexy. but i'll try.
File: U6nf63A.gif (5 KB, 500x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Now we'll never know!
File: piss.png (1 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1080
File: 1449004790240.jpg (45 KB, 887x1097) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 887x1097
>Mfw I actually had a plan written if anons wanted to see Ling get back alley fucked and maybe impregnated
>Mfw now i'll never share because i'm a cruel master
dont be like that now i want it even more
No thanks on that, but some AnonXLing sexy times would be greatly appreciated.

>having a plan if anons wanted to see ling back alley fucked.

>on White Knight General
File: 1448954980999.png (317 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
317 KB, 500x500
Fegelein is more cruel than you
-killed Shining Armor green with allies
-ended an fappy idea
Ling must remain pure until Anon is ready for sexytimes
File: 1450520508822.jpg (98 KB, 1166x878) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 1166x878
>killed Shining Armor green with allies
Also computer. Since I'm on vista. Decided to automatically update. So I lost a couple paragraphs and am posting via phone.

To disable Windows 7 / Vista from downloading automatic updates, follow these simple steps. Open Start menu, right-click on Computer and click Properties. This will open System dialog box that will show basic information about your computer. On the left sidebar, under See also heading, you will find Windows Update.
chapter one?

And here I thought you were ending it. could have been a good ending spot

>Not googling shit when you dont know how to do it
she may get close to giving it up but remember/be reminded she loves anon. and how it would make him feel
wew you got it spot on
unless you read ahead
lol I actually meant to delete that because i forgot to update the page.
too late nigga
>Soon enough, everything is washed
>That stallion is still there
>You quickly shift everything over to the drier and go outside
>The cool air feels way better on your
>Mare bits
>And red face
>You sigh and walk back and forth in front of the building, thinking
>Its only 4 days, no big deal
>You sit outside waiting while the cloths dry
>Soon enough its done
>The stallion walks by you and looks down at you
>You swear you see pity in those beautiful eyes
>You go inside to gather up the clothes and bedding and carry it home
>Luckily the only stares you get are from humans
>Thank the queen
>You manage to position the key with your horn and unlock the door, dropping everything inside
>You make the bed and fold the cloths
>Admitably you have no idea where to put his cloths, so you just drop those in place
>Your two bits of clothing you put away as well
>Next you begin writing out your li-
>ring ring ring
>You check the caller ID
>it’s the vet
>Oh crap
I think i'll leave it there for the night. if you havnt read it, go back and read the clinic visit ling did. And keep in mind the two biological factors listed. Green piss and green blood. one of those will play a big factor here
You should just do a noncanon offshoot where she fugs. Then continue the story from where you left off.
File: 1448312726910.gif (83 KB, 225x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 225x245
This green is like getting a nice snack that you weren't really in the mood for. That's a compliment.
Or it could be her fantasizing or dreaming about it?
Then you could write sexytimes and it would keep with the storyline.
This, some Ling solo would be a nice start, maybe fantasizing about anon while masturbating.
>>bought me as a seeing eye pony"
You wot, mate?
What kind of stupid idea is that?
Yeah stupid idea. Who knows where I got it.

damn son, your still up? its like 4:30 am in my timezone!
Your anon's IT
You didn't even google your problems
I take online interactions for 1000, Alex
>This is the reason a person is online at 4:30 pm
What is Insomnia
8am for me
Kill me
I never said the restart was a problem. I just pressed enter at an unexpected time. Yes I'm the faggot who actually does the automatic updates.

Your welcom for the tech advice btw
>tfw I'm a laborer and can't into computers very well
Thanks. [Spoiler]nerd[/spoiler]
Shit. Yeah I'm going to bed.

first rule of ANYTHING except fixing your internet connection:

When in doubt, Google it.
when in doubt.

>except fixing your internet connection

I see what you did there
Get some New Ides Reprise up in this bitch.

seconding >>26091169
>not having multiple ways to access the internet
Okay then.
Windows update is every second tuesday of the month
Mind the date, you should keep it but delete old updates every month as well
So was Ling wearing a disguise when she was at the cleaners? Or was she just going as a changling?
pay attention
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Oh, there it is
Can't brain today, have the dumb
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Here you go, king
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vadkram is most based writefriend
>even posting that degenerates 'art'
how did I miss that?
Thanks, this means a lot to me
Here we go again.

"VOR beacon is set."
> "Good, I see it. Two thousand feet."
> Anonymous hadn't been kidding when he described Vickersville as isolated.
> The community practically leapt out from the rocky bluffs it was built between, an island of even green fields among the miles of orange, white, and red rock.
> Nor was he mistaken about the way they kept the airstrip.
> Even from this distance away, the black tarmac was clearly visible.
> "Consider yourself lucky we're coming here in the winter this time, Spitfire. Landing out here is hell on Earth in the summer. The trip radiates all that heat straight back up."
"Didn't consider that when they built it?"
> "Nah, they don't care. It's all air conditioning for them."
> Again marveling at the awesome hubris that had built this place, you place a quiet note of thanks that at least Anonymous hadn't seen any ponies here.
> Somehow you doubted they'd be given the same consideration as their owners.
> Passing over the city itself only reinforces your opinion on the absurdity of the place.
> Each and every house seemed to come with a grassy square; a few lines of trees have even managed to be forced into place around the edges.
"Sweet Celestia, I can't even imagine how much water you have to ship around - and without Pegasi to do it..."
> "You said it. A monument to greed, wretched excess, and the sheer power of hypocrisy."
> "Like I said, they came out here because the rest of our society is apparently too 'impure and corrupted' for their liking. They take a rather particular reading of our religious traditions."
> Pausing to bank and line up with the runway, Anonymous continues:
> "One that apparently neglects the whole 'be meek, humble, kind and so on' bits. Y'know, so they can keep their consciences clear and all that."
"...says the one telling it to a slave."
> "Yeah, yeah. I didn't enslave you; I didn't start this. It was me or a work farm; remember that."
> Your only response is a snort.

> Hypocrisy and clear consciences indeed.
> At least the landing was smooth.
> No jolting, or jostling to be had; it was as gentle a run as any of the airports you'd flown from now.
> They even had a hangar prepared for you; Anonymous cuts the engines as you roll to a halt in front of the cavernous building.
> A small truck rolls out to collect you and travel the rest of the way.
> Feelings of thankfulness for the service begin to fade as the interior comes into view, however.
> Like everything else here, it seemed to exist solely to show off its owners' property.
> A half-dozen small aircraft reside in it, each a gleaming, chromed testament to their owners' wealth.
> Despite being as much Anonymous' property as the aircraft he flew, a touch of inferiority at the creaky, slightly rusted appearance of his plane tinges your thoughts.
"Well, they certainly like flying in style."
> "What, these things?"
> Anonymous chuckles softly.
> "Don't gotta feel to bad about them. They're pretty and all, but loaded down with too much gear. None of them have our altitude, or legs for more than hops to the nearest strips. Rich fools' shine."
> Pointing to one in particular, he gestures to the twin engine pods mounted to its tail.
> "You see those? Turbojets; he doesn't have the facilities out here to really service them, though, so he's probably spending a bunch of time somewhere else having work done. Me, my stuff doesn't have to be fancy and pretty as long as it works."
> Briefly you wonder if that applies to you as well.
> Fancy and pretty certainly aren't words you'd apply to yourself, after all.
> "Alright. Set the brakes, get everything shut down in here, and calculate our fuel usage. Then do an exterior check; I'm going to be outside getting the stuff unloaded."
"Got it, got it."
> Already hatches are being unlocked by ground crews, quick to unload their employers' bounty from your cargohold.

> Taking a brief moment to peer from the cockpit window, you see Anonymous leap out and head straight for the edge of the hangar.
> Three figures were striding in to meet him, and immediately Anonymous' demeanor changes.
> No longer is there any sign of the dismissive, mocking way he'd described them to you.
> Instead he throws his arms open and enthusiastically shakes each of their hands.
> "Greg! Greg Latimer, feels like years since I saw you last! How're you doing? How's the young ones?"
> "Oh, you know, you know. Growing up way faster than it's seem possible for them to. Found my second eldest sneaking around some nudie sites a few weeks back..."
> Huffing, you set about finishing your duties.
> The annoyance at your owner's own hypocrisy sets a small fire burning in your heart, but that's something you can focus around - keep your mind centered as you chew through the tasks he'd given you.
> By the time you're done, the grunting and creaking from the cabin behind you have ceased.
> Evidently the hired muscle had finished unloading the cargo, though their smell - stale cigarettes and fresh sweat - had not.
> ...funny, you'd stopped noticing Anonymous' scent.
> Hadn't even noticed when it had happened.
> Rising from the seat pulls a powerful yawn and several smacks from your lips.
> Hopping from the aircraft, your ears detect the distant, animated chatter between your owner and several of the locals.
> You know...
> He'd told you to run an exterior inspection after you were done with the paperwork, but that determination had left you done faster than normal.
> A few fast beats of your wings carries you up to the top of the cabin, between the two massive engine pods - each still radiating a fair amount of heat - and touch down softly to avoid your hooves clicking too loudly on the metallic skin.
> Walking along the aircraft until the tail rises from just behind the glass-covered blisters is like pacing along the back of some beached, behemoth shark.

> No shark would have the horizontal stabilizers mated to said tail, however, and climbing atop one provides the perfect place to watch your owner from.
> Settling down with your hooves tucked beneath your belly and head ducked to keep your fiery mane from being too obvious, you peer just over the edge of the tail and down to where a number of figures are clustered together.
> Anonymous' patron seems to have fallen off on a tangent - something about how the country was ruined because it wasn't being governed by 'people who let their beliefs guide them' or something.
> For his part Anonymous seems to be just nodding away, throwing in the occasional line about how 'that's why he's always happy to fly out here and help you'.
> You're torn between the conflicting urges to be audibly sickened by his patronizing, or laugh at it.
> Or keep your mouth shut and out of trouble.
> He'd probably appreciate that.
> ...though at the moment, you're not sure you care what he'd appreciate.
> After all, this just seems to build on top of the hypocrisy he'd shown-
> Something latches tight onto your tail and pulls hard.
> With an undignified squeak you're pulled from your comfortable perch, spinning about in midair to face your assailant.
"Hey, what gives?!"
> Standing on top of the plane and clutching your tail in one meaty fist is one of the ground crew who'd unloaded the aircraft earlier, an ugly grimace on his face.
> "Mister Latimer don't like no one spying on him."
"Oh, go bite a thundercloud. I wasn't spying; I'm supposed to be here."
> Grabbing your tail between both forehooves, you rip it from his grasp and drop down to the hangar floor.
> Two thuds sound as the goon jumps down after you, again snagging your tail.
> A second later a greasy arm wraps itself around your barrel and pins you - and perhaps more importantly, one of our wings - to his chest as well.

> Even aside from the ache of twisted muscle and ligament, you can feel feathers being shoved out of alignment - the delicate arrangement that made flight possible disrupted.
> Flying's going to be awkward, if possible at all.
> "No, y'ain't. I dunno where you come from, but if y'wasn't spying, why were you hiding up there?"
"The hell I'm not. I came on this plane!"
> Unable to spread your wings and pull away into the air, you settle for a far baser pony instinct.
> Both hindlegs lash out in a double kick; while one misses entirely, the hits his thigh with a satisfyingly meaty thunk.
> You're certainly no earth pony and not in shape to boot, but even so your assailant staggers back with a cry and allows yout to slip free.
> Seconds later a fist sails over your head fast enough to whisk through your mane.
> The next blow comes downward, as he awkwardly tries to compensate for your lower height.
> That one too is easily dodged, as is the third - you might not be the fastest anymore, but you've certainly still got the skill.
> Staggering forward to the aircraft's side hatch just forward of the wing, you're about to climb in when a fist closes around your mane and pulls hard.
> Again your hindlegs lash out; though both land hits and pull a pained grunt from his lips this time, it's not enough to kick you free.
> "You ain't going nowhere, beastie. I got you-"
> "Hey, what the fuck? That's my damn copilot!"
> Anonymous' voice cuts through the haze of the fight.
> Despite the pain it causes you, somehow you get your head twisted around to spot him.
> Three other men beside him had appeared, each looking as surprised - if not more - than he had.
> One of them you recognize as his patron, Latimer; the others you only vaguely remember seeing enter with the first.
> "Let her go. Spitfire, get the fuck down. What the hell is going on here?"
> "You know that thing, Anonymous?"
> "Know it? Hell, Greg - I own its ass!"

> At least his order had resulted in you being put down; hissing, you painfully flex your wing before folding it back against your side.
"Thank you! See, if you'd just listened to me in the first place..."
> "Quit being mouthy, Spitfire. What the hell were you doing?!"
> "She was spyin' on you, boss."
> Rolling your eyes at the hired muscle's protestations, you raise a hoof to point towards the tailplane.
"I was outside doing an inspection, just like you told me to!"
> "...have to say, Anonymous, I didn't take you to be keeping around one of their kind."
> Narrowing your eyes at Latimer's comment, you decide that now might be an optimal time to shut up.
> "Something wrong with having her around? I own her, she works for me. Nothing more."
> Anonymous' voice still maintains its jovial, friendly tone - but there's something else layered beneath it, a hint of a warning.
> Greg Latimer misses it entirely.
> "Works for you? Don't - you didn't seriously get her to take over for Eddie?"
> "Not everything, but she's learning. That an issue, Greg?"
> "Her kind aren't anything but trouble. We keep 'em out of Vickersville, I thought you'd be smart enough to keep them out of your life as well."
> "Hey - you see this?"
> Anonymous' fist closes around your collar, jerking it around to put bring the shock pod into full view.
> You wince at the sudden movement, but don't protest.
> "This means she's mine. She makes any trouble for me, I can take her down. Understand?"
> One of Latimer's friends steps forward, jabbing a finger at you.
> "That doesn't matter. Their kind isn't saved; they ain't supposed to be here."
> He seems about to go on, but a hand on his shoulder and a shake of Greg's head halts him.
> Shaking your collar a bit more, Anonymous growls out.
> "Spitfire, go ahead and apologize to the man for attacking him."
> Apologize?!
> But they were the ones being unreasonable, and he went for-

> Spotting Anonymous' hand in his pocket and suddenly very, very aware of the shock collar pressing into your throat, your swallow heavily to force down the biting reply you'd wanted to give and duck your head submissively.
> You'd forgotten; you were the slave and he was a human.
> And the slave was always in the wrong.
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have attacked you; it won't happen again. That was my mistake."
> The taste left in your mouth by the words makes you want to spit, but that wouldn't help.
> Anonymous, at least, sounds relieved.
> "See? No problems. Are we cool, Greg?"
> "...look, Anonymous. I know you've done a lot of good work for us, but I'm really going to have to ask you not to bring that thing back again. First time here she started a fight; what'll it be next time?"
> Offer denied, your owner's tone turns rather harder.
> "She's my crew, Greg, like it or not. Now, you want to settle up out for that little scuffle earlier, I'm willing to forgive your guy for going off on my property. But I can't throw her out of here."
> His face turning stormy, Latimer scowls darkly and snarls.
> "Eddie would be raging mad if he knew you'd got... that pony in place of him. You should've given that position to someone who really needed it!"
> A pause while he slowly returns his face to normal, and then goes on:
> "Tell you what, Anonymous. Whatever you payed for her, I'll pay on to you plus a bit. Then you can take on someone who actually deserves that seat."
> Your stomach clenches at that.
> Before the feeling can go too far, however, Anonymous pointedly shakes his head.
> "No. I'm sorry, Greg, but she's my crew. I've got her able to handle things onboard; finding another copilot, training them up, and getting them to the point where I can trust them? It'd take too long."
> "...you won't be flying in to Vickersville on business anymore, Anonymous. Not as long as you have her around."

> "I can handle loosing a job. I can't handle being grounded while I train another copilot."
> Wait.
> Anonymous had been flying even before he bought you.
> He'd told you as much.
> Was he lying to Greg to protect you...?
> Sighing with a shake of his head, Latimer frowns deeply.
> "Well. We'll clear you to take off, then, and you can call me when you've got your head screwed on straight again. Mark my words, Anonymous, she'll turn on you."
> "And I'll be sure to give her a good jolt when she does, right before I throw her out. Now, if you could clear me out?"
> Your collar is released and immediately you're climbing back into the plane.
> No need to stay here one second longer.
> Anonymous follows moments later, crawling into the captain's seat opposite you.
> His stony gaze is firmly kept on instruments and windshield, though - barely a glance is sent in your direction.
> Not until the hatches are sealed and a truck is again pulling you out does he actually face you.
> Instantly you know you're in for it now.
> "What the actual fuck was that, Spitfire?"
"He just came up and-"
> "You started a fight! You don't ever start fights, you understand that?"
"I didn't start-"
> The slap comes hard and fast; though you'd seen it coming, somehow your reflexes hadn't quite been up to snuff.
> Cheek stinging and head wrenched to the side, you slowly turn back to face him.
> "You. Started. A fight. If you can't solve it by apologizing, you call me and let me deal with it. You do not pick a fight with the people who are paying me!"
"So, it was a fight because I didn't give up and let him hit me? That is the dumbest logic I have ever heard."
> "It is. But it's the logic of someone in your position. I can't afford to have you pissing off my employers; do you have any idea what you just cost me?"
> It's a slave's logic, he means.
> That knowledge puts a bitter taste on your tongue and a sick feeling in your gut.
> "What'd you even do to start that, anyhow?"

"I was up on the plane, and he just grabbed my tail and pulled me off!"
> "And what were you doing up there, huh?"
"Doing the exterior check! Just like you told me to!"
> Again Anonymous looks back to fix you with a fierce glare, and you squirm like a rookie being chewed out on her first day of training.
> Pride and honesty wrestle inside of you, but all the time you know there's only one winner.
> Your pride crippled its own cause; you'd never been good at lying.
"...fine. I might've stopped for a bit to watch you, but I wasn't quitting my work."
> "And so when you got accused of spying, you decided to wrestle it instead of apologizing and getting back to work. Fucksake..."
> Hand running through his hair, Anonymous slumps back in his seat.
> "You know why I told you to do an exterior inspection, Spitfire? Because it'd keep you busy. Out of trouble. I could've told you to just wait in the plain, but you'd have gone and gotten inquisitive."
> He isn't wrong about that, you'll admit.
"Fine. Next time I'll just let someone beat your copilot senseless and you can deal with it then."
> "I'd rather be grounded while I look after your recovery than be out of work because you're picking fights."
> That brings you up short.
> Did he actually care for your well-being...?
> If so, he certainly had a strange way of showing it.
"Hey. Anonymous... I got to ask you something, though. When you said you couldn't sell me off... did you lie to cover for me? You told me you could still fly alone, it was just harder."
> For a long time he doesn't answer; instead, he waves the truck away and starts to kick the engines on with their typical whine-cough-rattle.
> Nor does he say anything more than absolute necessary as you taxi into position and lift off from Vickersville.
> Only when you're at altitude and steady does he finally respond with a heavy sigh.

> "Yes... and no. I lied in that I can fly this thing solo if need be. But, I didn't lie in that I can't really afford to throw you out."
> Your eyebrows rise in surprise.
> He's got to know he's shooting his own threats about being sent to the work camps in the foot.
> "You think I let you off your chain, have you work alone, let you hold the controls just for giggles? I'm pissed right now because I thought I could trust you not to be petty and stupid, Spitfire. I can find another trained copilot, but finding someone I can rely on? That's a lot harder."
> You don't really have an answer to that.
> Mostly because his words - you could hear yourself saying them.
> How many times had you chewed out an over-eager pegasus, too ready to trade being part of a team for some personal achievement?
> But you weren't a team.
> He was your owner.
"And if I'm not going to just be a 'trusted slave'?"
> "If you keep shooting me in the foot, I really will have to get rid of you and Greg Latimer will be right."
> Before you can respond, he adds in a softer voice:
> "I don't want him to be right. You've been a good copilot so far, Spitfire."
> ...
> What had Giselle said?
> If you were more open with him, maybe he would be open with you?
> Sure sounded like he was being open.
> Just maybe, you could put aside your pride for a moment as well.
"I'm sorry."
> Saying it twists your insides, but you manage somehow.
"I'll... try and remember this the next time something like that happens."
> "...appreciated."

And there we go. Bonus long update to make up for being absent.
Great work
Has anyone done Coloratura yet?
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Dear Diary;

Anon has managed to plan a long weekend trip back out across the Rockies, and we are going to meet up with Rainbow Dash and her owner. We are gonna go pick them up in Gleenwood Springs, then go up to the mountains above Moab.
Anon is going to pull what he calls his pop-up camper, and all of us are going to stay in t hat. It should be plenty warm, even at the high elevation now that the weather is starting to get cooler.
Rainbow dash seems really excited when I've been talking to her over the internet. Time off her job and away from human civilization is something she wishes she got more of.

I haven't been too terribly sucessful so far in rock farming in Anon's back yard. I'm not sure if its this entire world, or just where Anon lives, but I can't get it to work like back home.

I also think I have found a new friend. I call him cobble. He will never truely replace boulder, but he helps fill a hole in my heart. I found him digging through Anon's rock collection. He said cobble is a chunk of nephelene syenite from some place called 'are-can-saw".
I've also ran into a few ponies living in the neighborhood around Anon's house. No one I knew back in Equestria, but they all seem decent enough when I run into them on trots outside the house.

I'll be sure to write more after returning from the trip.

-M. Pie

Moar incoming later, have an intro
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Planning on updating tonight at some point. Someone call me out if I am still dead.
off by 1 means liek so ded
Oh, snap! Colgate's gonna be back. Yissss.
>The first taxi refused service for ponies and you had to wait for a new one.
>Waiting outside of the comfort of your home made you feel really helpless.
>It's like eyesight is an important thing to have and you don't know how to live without it.
>The second taxi was awesome. The driver didn't say a word the entire way after you confirmed the address he typed into his navi
>You're now armed with only a stick you don't know how to properly use and a pony you also don't know how to properly use.
>Better than a stick alone, but you hope Fluttershy's up to the task.
>The pony in question is on the leash and collar she came with.
>You assured her you were certainly not going to shock her with it, and she'll be the one to lead you, therefore deciding how much she tugs into the leash.
>The taxi eventually drops you off before a smallish looking leather ware store.
>At least that's what everyone will think when walking by or when they enter the front.
>Bags, obviously. But custom fit shoes, gloves, and jackets. High class, fancy shit, outside the price class of your standard issue douche bag.
>Nothing off the rack, everything handmade by some guys and girls upstairs.
>Custom tailoring was a dying art and was slowly replaced by off the rack stuff that's adjusted.
>You like niche stuff and sticking it to the system, but the regular leather ware wasn't what you were here for.
>Fluttershy lead you to the door, which, after a little testing around you find the handle for and push open.
>The pungent smell of leather, rendered by birch tar whisks towards you as you step in. >You simply had to take a deep breath once the door closes.
>Then you crouching down to Fluttershy and pet her head, before removing her collar and the leash.



Chapter 1 can be considered 'done' for the sake of the lists

I got more interested in what I was writing about, it began as a flow of consciousness, and wanted to leave some threads going for later

I have more ideas and will write a shorter interlude soon
>“Good afternoon, sir... and lady”
>The clerk, a woman whose voice you don't recognize, hesitantly addressed Fluttershy as well.
>“Welcome to Maria's leathers, goods and tailoring since '78. How may I help you?”
>You pet Fluttershy one more time before facing toward the source of the voice, and lift up the collar and leash you had just removed.
“Yes, I'd like a new leash, a collar, and commission a custom fit harness for her.”
>“Sir, I'm sorry, but this isn't... that kind of shop.”
>You smile at her, nod, and stand up again.
“It's exactly that kind of shop. I've already left a considerable amount of money here too...”
>“Okay, but costumers are already upstairs. For discretion we don't allow more than one customer, or couple up.”
>You nod. You know of their policy, of course, but without eyesight you couldn't pass the time by pretending to look around down here.
>So you step a little further into the shop, halfheartedly swinging your white cane around to not bump into anything.
>Finding a spot with enough room you crouch down again.
>You have your hand raised at about the height of her head, she get's the cue to come and lean her head in.
>“Yes, Master?”
>It's only to know her position, but you might as well pet her while you have he chance.
>Her mane and coat just feel so fucking nice now.
>And you hope she comes to like it as well.
“You don't like leather, do you?”
>She looks off.
>“It's the coat of an animal. I-I know they are not sentient here, but... but they are still living, breathing, feeling creatures. It's... It's just not right.”
“I understand.”
>you continue to pet her.
>What would PETA has to say about the issue?
“It's the world we live in. And this world's top predator is the human. It's the privilege we have, and by extension the privilege of the pets we keep.”
“A cat, dog, guinea pig, or even a pony. They don't have to worry about hunting, harvesting, shelter and survival, because we take care of them.
“It's the natural order, and, if it make you feel better, we use almost every part of the animals we kill.”
>You sigh.
“I mean, the thing with ponies is a complicated matter. But you can trust and rely on me that I will keep you alive and well, alright?”
>She nods weakly.
>“But... do I have to wear leather?”
>You want to tell her she doesn't have to, but she needs to get used to it.
>She has been proven to be able to prepare meat already, and you're bullshitting up reasons anyway.
“You don't have to, no, I could commission what we need from a different material, but its pretty much the sturdiest material.”
“And Maria's people know what they are doing, a custom fit is what you'll need if we plan to have you lead me around. You don't want me to just tug on your neck.”
>She nods more sincere this time.
“Come here.”
>You take a knee down to be more stable and open your arms for a hug.
>She obeyed and snuggled against your body into a hug.
>So soft.
>It's like fluffy kitten soft, but she's much bigger.
>Come to think of it, you also pet her like you would a cat.
>At least you have mad cat petting skills and can make almost any cat jelly.
>She quivers as you pet a spot at the end of her mane.
“You okay?”
>She gave a weak nod.
>She seemed... sincere.
>Did you just find a weak spot?
>You continue your assault on the base of her neck a second or so before you let go of her again.
>You don't want to make this too awkward.
>Someone was watching after all.
>As timing would have it you hear the door to the back of the shop open just as you stood up.
>Some business talk, you didn't feel the need to eavesdrop on, later the door to the entrance opens and the couple went away.
>“Anon, dear. What happened?”
“Hello to you too, Maria.”
>She quickly comes to give you a small hug, squeeze, and kiss on the cheek as she always does.
>Maria, or rather this Maria, wasn't named Maria at all, but... something else that didn't want to pop in your head,
>Something cat sounding... Caitlyn? Kathrine?
>She was around a decade older than you, and had the assets to display her products quite well.
>Said assets are pressing into your chest right now, and from the hardness, she was also wearing product.
>She's damn fine eye-candy, and you're missing out on something awesome right now, you just know it.
>She also puts in a little more bodily contact than usual, maybe to give you the rough idea of it.
>“Miss Maria, I don't think your mother would appreciate you being in the front store in... this.”
>The clerk was apparently not into BDSM if she can't even say “corset”
>Maria slides her hands down on you as she turns around.
>She is the horrible tease she always is, but so are you.
>You too slide your hands down as well, and give her ass a small clap as she walks just out of your reach.
>Hmmm... silky smooth bare skin of bubbly milf butt.
>Your thumb has hit leather, so she wasn't completely exposed, but it still fuels your imagination as to how exactly she looks like.
>“I know, I know. I was just showing our customers out. Now, Anon!”
>You practically hear her spin around again.
>“And what's your name, my dear?”
>You imagine her bending over, giving Fluttershy a view all the way down her cleavage.
>Whether or not the pony is embarrassed about this view, more just her usual self you don't know, but all that comes out of her mouth was a very quiet mumble.
>You nudge her with your leg ever so slightly.
“Go ahead, Fluttershy, tell the nice lady your name.”
>You were, of course, aware of the fact that you gave said information, but, again, it's about trust.
“Maria is among the most gentle humans you've met, you can trust her.”
>It was only barely audible, and only recognizable because you knew what she was saying.
>“What was that my dear?”
>”I-I'm Flutter... Fluttershy.”
>“Fluttershy? That's a pretty name. My name is Katrin,”
>It was Katrin! German pronounced name, just like Maria.
>“but everyone calls me Maria, like my mom, who is also not called Maria, but my grandma who opened this shop.”
>”Oh, and look at Anon's reaction, he forgot my name.”
“Well, I knew you weren't called Maria, and my guess had been close.”
>“Of course you were.”
>She takes your hand and begins to lead you back.
>”Now, Anon... your face! What happened?”
“Public service announcement, wear your seat belts kids.”
>“Oh no, you didn't!”
“That's right, I didn't!”
>She lightly punches you in the chest.
>“That's so stupid, I thought you were a smart guy.”
>You sigh and start ascenting the stairs.
“I really don't want to talk about it.”
>“Mhm... and your eyes?”
“Irreparable damage to right eye, and glass so far in that they decided to remove it. I have a glass eye now, and the left is damaged heavily enough, that, uhh...”
“If it's really super bright I can recognize that it's somewhat bright, but no shapes or anything.”
>You reach the top of the stairs and enter the workshop.
“So I can't see shit, and am officially 100% handicapped.”
“So, anyway. I got a seeing eye pony, and I'd like to commission a custom fit harness.”
“Something where she can lead me around and not cut into her anywhere like a collar would.
“And a regular decorative collar for her which can be worn together with the harness. Nothing sexy.”
pastebin up to date http://pastebin.com/0rmywwyB

comments, questions, concernes?
I'd like to ask for some feedback for once
point out my flaws
aw yeah been waiting forever for this. fantastic as usual, my favorite story.
awesome more maud
now thats a good sized update

muh addiction has been sated
for now
>"I'm just a slave ponyyyy"
>"I fuck my master from time to tiiiiiiiime"

Maud storytime AND the Marble Pie tumblr updating like mad?

This just might be my favorite story at the moment.

The first post you did today was a bit wonky to read through. Not sure if it was the writing or me getting distracted by something, but I had to reread it a few times to make sense of it.

Probably just me though.
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>smallish looking leather ware store
Transitional scenes are nice. Please use them. They need a home and are running out of time in the shelter. Please they promise to be good and do whatever you want them too. Honest. Please don't let them die.

You write the best Fluttershy I've seen a long time really nail her shy submissiveness and adorable squeaks/whimperings. I stil want lewd though. She is for gentle sexuals.


Yes. Glad your back more comfy story with rockhorse

You better nigger. Your story being dead was a devastating blow before. Please don't re-die
thank God
No knowing how use FS is to traffic. so her learning to lead outside along roads may be hard.

getting her an animal friend may help her a bit even just a gerbil or something.

anon still going after her previous owner?
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my fucking sides
I love his art. he draw gud.
>Fleur it is, the others have already met you or are well known
>>In fact you haven’t seen any mention of her in a long time
>>Hopefully she is living her dreams
>>She was such a pretty pony

Great, now need known to happen with Fleur De Lis in you historie Fireking!!!