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Why is there nothing on here of Anon fencing...
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Why is there nothing on here of Anon fencing with X pone?
Blueblood is royalty, he probably knows how.
Show me content of best combat skill.
horses can't fence. They can't take any of the stances nor move their body fast enough to dodge or lunge
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Magic, man. Turns it into a far more mental exercise, which only makes it better.
maybe, but they'd get grappled or flanked far too easy. I dunno how strong magic is, can ponies grab certain parts of objects like a hilt?
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Sure, why not? Magic is more than strong enough to move multiple massive buildings at once, and precise enough to write little letters on a piece of paper with a quill.
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>this is a very classy thread.
as for fencing anon im sure i could whip something up.

although it might be short.
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Tell you what, I'll alternate with you. I love writing action, and there's almost no call for it on this board anyway. You does what you does, and I'll follow.
ill gladly partake in this, as long as you lead my classy fellow.
Trips confirm >>26071194 must lead
Trips compel me, so it shall be.

>You are Anon in Equestria, and for some time you've been dealing with a major issue.
>You live in Canterlot, as the subject of numerous scientific studies, and are forced to deal with the insufferable Prince Blueblood on a daily basis.
>For a month now, you've put up with his constant remarks on your stranger features, and you've come to the brink of snapping.
>There's only one option you can think of that will allow you to avoid simply beating him to a pulp, and it just so happens to be something you're quite good at.
>As you make your way to the main hall, you pass alongside him as you do every single day, and he gives a passing quip that you really don't even pay attention to.
>Something about your feet, or whatnot.
>Without a moment's hesitation, you whip a glove from your back pocket and slap it across his face, leaving a bright red mark where you struck him.
>A gasp echoes around the room from the castle staff, and he glares at you, nostrils flared.
>"You DARE strike me? I am the Prince of Equestria! I will see you hang for this, Anonymous!"
>You smirk a bit, tucking the glove back into your pocket.
"Will you, now? Are you truly such a pathetic waste as to see me die without at least proving your superiority?"
>His eyes narrow, and he begins to return your smirk.
>"Is that a challenge, human?"
"It is. I hear you're handy with a blade."
>He throws his head back and gives a single, harsh laugh.
>"Handy, you say? I am the single greatest swordstallion in Equestria. However, if you wish to test your steel against my own, you're more than welcome. The satisfaction of dispatching you myself would be welcome."
>You nod, pursing your lips a bit.
"Very well, then. In the courtyard, at dusk?"
>He nods, spinning about without another word and stomping off, presumably to get prepared.
>You take a deep breath, glad he decided to accept the challenge.
If you'd like to pick up here, go ahead. If not, I'll continue.
>see me die without at least proving your superiority?
>Is that a challenge, human?
oh, it seems ive been called. ill pick up here
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>after your moment of satisfaction has ended you head off to the courtyard
>you had little to do today, so learning the field a bit more wouldnt be the worst thing you could do
>walking down the halls of canterlot has always been a rather calming experience
>besides of course, when blueblood was near.
>the sounds of the breeze calmly flowing through the windows
>the servants and chefs going about their daily routine
>a calm mind will always win out over one filled with distractions.
>as you reach the magnificent doors leading to the yard you take a final breath.
>you step forward opening the doors
>the sun still hovers in the sky, its radiant and golden glow something of magic unto itself.
"hard to believe that this sun is raised by a being of this little world i now call home"
>the sound of servants in the yard catch your attention
>"be careful with those! they belong to Blueblood."
>by the edge of the yard two ponies carry a arrangement of Foils, Épée, and Sabres.
"well, even if he isn't as good as he claims to be, he is at the least a avid collector."
>the ponies turn to the sound of your voice
>"hello sir anonymous, Blueblood has instructed us to allow you to make your selection upon your arrival."
>the small servant mare looks to the selection before her
>"and he was insistent we brought them all"
>you calmly approach the array of fencing instruments, and you soon notice something.
"i am not to be provided protection?"
>there are no jackets, no masks, or even breeches.
>the mare takes a nervous step back
>"w-well.. you see.."
>she takes a moment to collect her thoughts. or perhaps think of something to say.
>"Blueblood, also told me to tell you that since you think you are a better swordstallion than he, that.."
>she takes a small breath
>"that you wouldnt need anything besides your sword."
>its for reasons like this that people and ponies have a distaste for Blueblood.
>no concern or respect of anyone but himself.
"and its safe to assume HE will be provided protection?"
>the mare nods
>"yes, i-im sorry sir, but i still have much to do. Blueblood has me doing a lot today. i wish you luck."
"I wouldnt want to keep you from it then, have a nice day."
>the mare trots off to continue her chores leaving you alone with your selection.

your move my fellow

>You stroll up and down the collection for some time, glancing back and forth amongst the assortment of blades, testing the balance of the odd few that catch your eye.
>They're all finely crafted, likely made by the best smiths in Equestria, but oddly enough, the only one that sticks with you is a somewhat plain blade on the end of the row.
>When tested against even the most beautiful and flawless specimens in the collection, it simply feels perfect in your hand, and your warmup motions come naturally.
>It seems like only a few minutes that you test this newfound tool of yours before you realize you are no longer alone.
>You replace the sword with its companions as Celestia makes her presence known, stepping across the field to you.
"Milady, a pleasure as always."
>She nods quickly, but seems to shake off the compliment in favor of something more important.
>"Anonymous, listen to me. You must go immediately and apologize to my nephew. I understand that Blueblood is a bit of a wretch, but challenging him to a duel of blades was a foolish decision. He is known across Equestria primarily for his skill in fencing, and in some regions of the far west they still refer to him as the Steel Wizard. You are far, far out of your league."
>You sigh, shaking your head.
"I am afraid I cannot, madam. The challenge has been given, to retract it now would be the end of my status as a man. Besides, I know my way around the field as well. It wouldn't surprise me if humans have quite a few maneuvers that ponies have yet to discover."
>She gives you an uncertain look, but seems a bit comforted by your thoughts on the matter.
>"Well, if you're sure, then-"
>Suddenly she is interrupted by a blast of fanfare as a group of stallions walk out onto the field, carrying a huge litter on their backs.
>You sigh, planting your forehead in your hand.
>Ever the dramatist, of course.
>Blueblood steps down as it comes to a halt before you, his chin stuck out even farther than usual.

>"So, Anonymous? Are you prepared?"
"Are you?"
>He huffs, spinning around and stepping back to his little group of servants.
>Almost immediately, they begin outfitting him with a full body jacket clearly tailored for him.
>He flashes you a smug grin before sliding his mask down over his face, leaving only his horn exposed.
>In response, you simply pick up your chosen weapon once again, stepping to the most open area in the field, simply a large patch of grass.
>You hear him chuckle as his horn sparks, drawing his own insensibly ornate sword from a sheath held by his butler.
>"Really, Anon? I would think your honor and life were worth more to you than to bid them on the strength of some centuries-old steel like that."
>You glance at the sword quickly, then back to him.
"I might say the same to you, Blueblood. After all, if my sword does break, this might be a fair fight."
>You can't see his expression under the mask, but his tensed muscles are more than enough to let you know your taunting is having the desired effect.
>Just for an added bonus later on, you decide to take a page from the greats and switch the blade to your left hand.
"Now, if you're quite done playing around, we can begin."

I am require of sleep, but I welcome your takeover for the next section or two. If it's still alive, I'll pick up where you leave off in the morning.
then i bid you a good night fellow writefriend
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It is very much alive, greenfags
keep It going friends!
>and switch the blade to your left hand
i quite enjoy the movie you reference

then i shall continue

>you take your place a few meters from him
>already you are noticing the advantage that magic has.
>unlimited Reach..
>his blade hovers beside him
>faster and more controlled Speed
>you give a salute with your blade.
>as you do he strikes, forgoing even the most trivial aspects of respect
>his blade lurches straight forward like an arrow
>you parry the strike, only for him to just slash immediately after.
>so, he is an aggressive swordsman.
>an aggressive swordsman with a temper.
"a good strike, albeit a tad predictable."
>Bluebloods covered face remains expressionless, but his stance changes.
>his blade returns to him as he rotates slightly exposing his side.
>a clear opening.
>you slowly rotate with him, the two of you creating a slowly flowing circle.
>each step you take you are sure to press forward slightly.
>he has reach on you so you need to get close.
>"are you planning on fighting Anonymous? or are you perhaps too cowardly?"
>you ignore his taunting, all that matters is the fight.
>you must be of one mind.
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>"fine, then if you shall not strike, i shall."
>another strike, this one lands.
>out of reflex you hold your shoulder and put pressure on the pain.
>a quick look at your hand confirms you were struck.
>"thats a hit, point for me."
>blood trickles from your wound. its small but deep.
>"Ha, if you continue like this Anonymous. losing will be the least of your worries."
>before he can finish you strike back. making contact with his side.
>you're not sure if thats considered a point here. but making contact is starting to become more necessary.
"i believe we are even."
>"dont compare your luck to my skill anonymous!"
>Strike, Parry. Slash, Counter and Coulé.
>neither of you giving the other an inch.
"this reminds me of my first time fencing in my youth."
>blueblood uses his magic to cause you to trip and fall to one knee
>he strikes again, a straight shot at you as you revcover.
>however you strike too.
>and your blade was closer to target and makes contact first.
"i won that time."
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images (1).jpg
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>a muffled grunt comes from bluebloods mask.
>"you shall not best me anonymous."
>another blade is lifted from the rack to add to his repertoire of steel
>that is surely not allowed.
"breaking the rules already? Blueblood, i thought you were more noble"
>"dont accuse me of breaking any rules! i have not, or perhaps you dont understand them."
>you glance over to Celestia who stands off to the side.
>a larger gathering of servants have arrived to view the match, along with a few royal guards
>"he speaks the truth anonymous. as long as both parties have equal access to blades, they may wield more."
"thats completely absured--"
>blueblood strikes with a blade, and as you move to counter he strikes with the other.
>instead of striking back at him as you originally intended you are forced to block.
>again, and again.
>the strikes come faster, although less precise.
>you find yourself dodging more than blocking now.
"i see why they call you a wizard"
>blueblood takes a moment to gather himself and breathe
>"of course, my skill is unparalleled. as im sure you are starting to learn."
"well they had to call you something did they not? and swordstallion is clearly off the list"
>you strike as he reacts perfectly to your taunt leaving himself exposed.
"he who dares, Blueblood.. wins"
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im afraid i too must depart. hope this thread is alive when i return. if not, then that would be most unfortunate.
This is amazing. Fine detail on the blades and the actions they're using.

I will give this thread a bump, hoping this story will get continued
I have returned, and will be continuing from >>26072022 as promised. Fine job you've done, I must say.

>As you make contact with him once again, you hear Blueblood draw a sharp breath, and both of his blades begin to steady in midair.
>"I see your play, Anonymous. I see it, and I will rise above your petty game."
>He begins to attack once again, far more pointedly this time.
>Every strike is directed to a new area of your body in some indiscernible pattern.
>First it's your neck, now your ribs, now your shoulder, now your neck again.
>You're left with nothing but pure instinct to guard against the rain of blows, and certainly no time to begin taunting him again.
>This continues, wearing you down for almost a full minute before you begin to notice a strange pattern to his strikes, in that they seem to be directed intentionally at all the muscles required to utilize your left arm.
>Fine, but how does this help you now?
>Your self-questioning is immediately punished as you feel a sharp pain under your fifth rib, and your know Blueblood has scored on you once again.
>"Well, Anon? Where's all that daring audacity now?"
>His tone is insufferable, but you take another deep breath and steady yourself, a real plan forming in your head now.
>He presses the attack again, clearly believing he's earned the victory by wearing you down, and you allow him to back you up, continuing until you're pressed up against one of the many columns at the edge of the courtyard.
>He places the points of both swords mere inches from your face and lifts his own mask off, grinning down at you cruelly.
>"Well, Anonymous? What did you think was going to happen when you crossed blades with Equestria's Steel Wizard?"
>You shrug, a little smile on your face.
>It's almost impossible to help, since you can already see your path to victory playing out like a movie before you.
>"Something funny, human?"
>You take a breath as you examine his swords, neither one more than eight inches away.

"Actually, yes."
>He raises an eyebrow, clearly curious, and firm in his belief that he has won.
>"Well, go on. Perhaps you can provide me with a laugh before I finish you."
"I doubt it. It involves something only a human can understand. A little something called hand dominance."
>He raises an eyebrow as you casually switch your sword from left to right, and quicker than the eye can see, the point flashes straight upward, casting the two blades in front of your face off to the side.
>Blueblood gasps in horror as you lunge forward, realizing that his swords aren't going to reach him in time.
>You strike with brutal efficiency, first with a strike under his ribs from the side.
>He manages to get both blades after you again, now assigning one to offense and one to defending his own person.
>Now, though, you're completely ready for him, and are able to parry each swipe, high or low, that he sends at you.
>You cast away the attacking blade, leaving yourself a window of opportunity which you quickly exploit by feinting toward Blueblood's face.
>He immediately redirects his defending sword upward as you pull the attack, spinning backward and placing the final blow on his hind leg.
>Blueblood drops to the ground, supported now only on three hooves, and opens up just enough for you take one step back and place your blade just above his cheek.
>Of course, both of his blades are hanging over you, but now the leverage is yours.
"You'll go first, Blueblood. Your swords might manage to finish me if you aim them right with a good burst of magic, but nothing's going to wound me before I turn your face into a tic-tac-toe game."
>A few seconds of silence, and two swords clatter to the ground.

If you'd like to take back over for the aftermath, or write a segue into another fight, either one is cool.
Bumping for the return of fencing fags
I return, and good show anon.
>the sound of the two swords clattering echos in the silence
>each onlooker holds their breath amazed at what they just saw
>you lower your blade directing it to the ground
"you had all the advantages, you had the skill. but two things are what caused you to lose"
>Blueblood remains silent as his glare pierces into you
>you raise your sword indicating the number one
"one, you gravely underestimated your opponent."
>you look to his personally crafted blade, laying on the floor of the yard
>with the point of your blade you fling it into the air and catch it with your other hand
"and two.."
>you examine the blade, the balance is nice, and the craftsmanship superb.
"you decided to go against a human. in a form of art we have perfected since our creation."
>the servant mare from before speaks up from the crowd
>you smile and turn to the mare with your new prize, the blade of Blueblood.
>looking again to your defeated opponent you drop the older blade to the ground.
"if this was a duel Blueblood, and not a simple bout, i would use my right of victory to take your life."
>a few ponies murmur at your threat
>and even blueblood himself seems to shrink
"but ill settle for your pride, and your blade."
>you give the Prince a parting salute with your spoils.
>you bow your head to the servants and the princess
"Servants, Princess, i bid you all a good night. i must retire from today's excitement"
>you turn away and return to the castle doors.
>you remember seeing a good book earlier in the library.
>and it calls for your attention.

would you mind if i saved this story into my pastebin? i ask your permission since you wrote half and its only fair that i ask before acting.
be sure to let me know your decision. i have it saved, but will remove it if you desire it.
is that a preview pic for daredevil season 2 ?
emergency bump?
It's perfectly fine by me. I'm just glad to have found an audience willing to read something like this. Thank you, kind sir.
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Thread images: 15
Thread DB ID: 431004

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