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One Punch Thread: Only a Class A Thread
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A continuation of >>25982890

Last time when we left our heroes, Saitama released an ancient evil, but he killed it so it was okay. He was denied any credit for beating it, but at least he has tv again to numb the pain. How will our heroes adjust to a world that only pops out a super villain every few months instead of every few hours? Will Saitama die of boredom? Will Twilight die trying to teach him friendship? Stay tuned to find out!
Punch bump
>not posting the pastebin

Ah yes, the replacement for the Undertale meme.
Alright, alright. Writing will start again soon, fear not. Thanks for the reads, guys.
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genos visits b.jpg
567 KB, 851x2819
I have a different one
Needs more cropping.
Bump for the writefag and being better than undertale
After a tiring weekend, I promise I'll get some writing in tomorrow, and don't worry. I still have plenty of ideas. Hopefully people will still enjoy what I've done, and I'm having fun so far.
Come on, 4chan. Stop deleting my faggotry after I type it in.

Page 9.
I lied. Inspiration struck. You get a little bit tonight.

>Not another moment is wasted before you rush to your room further back in the complex.
>You have your hero suit on so fast your clothes retain your shape for a split second.
>You have to get out there and salvage this somehow.
"They have to believe me! This isn't happening!"
>Genos makes a futile attempt to stop you from dashing out the door.
>Man vs Machine and man wins again.
>Poor Genos' went feet up from how fast he was knocked down.
>Sorry Genos but you can't stop justice.
"I am the herooo!"
>Ponyville isn't a big place, it isn't hard to find the market district where most of the reconstruction took place.
>Ponies walk to and for, foals and fillies play.
>Peaceful, and adorable in some ways.
>You hadn't been paying any attention to that whatsoever.
"Ah! You there, sir! Wait, don't you recognize me?"
>A stallion strolled right by you, literally not even noticing you.
>A mare approaches from the east.
"Ah, ma'am! Excuse me, may I ask you a quick questio- Wait!"
>Strike two.
"Wait, you two, don't go! Anyone?!"
>You strike a pose with one hand high in the air while maintaining a strong, straight face.
"The hero who arrived from another world! Challenger of Luna, hero of-"
>"Who is that creep?"
>"I don't know, hun, let's just keep walking."
>"Mommy, who's that?"
>"Don't make eye contact with strange people, dear."
>The voices.
>They burn.
>Nopony here seems to know a thing about you.
>Left and right they go about their business.
>A vendor is even selling figurines of Genos?
>And Puri Puri?!
>You DOUBT that's kid friendly.
>"Hey...aren't you?"
>Could it be?
"You know me?!"
>You turn towards the sound to find a rather lithe stallion eyeing you.
>He seems contemplative and your hopes for having a little recognition rise.
>"Yeah, you're that guy they said tried to take the credit for the defeat of the Dark Lord!"
>Oh not this crap again.

"N-no! I mean, I had a part! B-but, but..."
>The stallion merely tilts his head and seems to be waiting.
>Shit, you really don't have anything to tell him.
>If you claim you did it by yourself you'd only feed the flames.
>You couldn't just say 'Ask Genos' or 'Ask Rainbow'.
>Both were unconscious and it might hurt their reputation if they tried to back up your claims.
>Damn it...you couldn't do that to them.
>Sighing loudly, your eyes meet the ground, blocked by the shadows of your unrelenting regret.
>"Uh...anyways, you don't seem like a bad guy and all but there are other job options than trying to jump into the spotlight."
>Right in the gobber, you would.
>Turning to walk away, you find yourself wandering all the way out to the park area, with the schoolhouse in the distance.
>At least here you wouldn't be alone in the crowd.
>...Okay that sounded way too angsty.
>Snapping you out of that obnoxiously dark bubble, the school house bell rings to let the children out for recess.
"Well...whatever I guess. Maybe I'll get another chance."
>The sounds of distant screams went way over your head.
"Who am I kidding? I finally had the pedestal and I was worried more about those guys..."
>The screams were not those of children having fun, mind you.
"And what about work? As is, the stipend will pay the bills, but from what Genos says it'll still be a little tight."
>A very distant feminine voice shouts out the words 'Dire Timberwolf' in panic.
"I guess Genos is at least popular with the crowds now. So there's that..."
>The voice did not belong to a mare, by the way.
>Panic near the forest rose as a giant beast of wood and magic began clawing it's way through the streets of ponyville.
>A near mindless being with nothing but raw death and destruction clouding it's mind.
>It largely ignored the houses, but was leisurely enjoying the fear in the faces of ponies who fled in terror.
"I wonder what's on tv...?"
>meme punch man

>Right now the pebble at your feet was the most interesting thing you've ever seen.
>Twilight mentioned a hydra.
>You could always get a pet hydra.
>What did Twilight say?
>'You can totally get a pet hydra' or something?
>Teach it tricks and make some money on the streets.
>That was when you noticed the pebble begin to visibly shake.
>And the earth trembled little by little.
>And the sun was no longer shining over your little bench at the park.
>Stupid clouds...
>Man, the air was warm today.
>...Were you just hungry or was that growling?
>Out of absolutely nowhere, you're certain, something seems to have appeared by your side.
>You're positive you would've noticed this thing.
>It looked kinda like a wolf, but it was made out of wood.
>Man this place was weird...
>It roared violently into your face, twigs and rocks bouncing off of your features.
>The beast rose to it's full height of around 12 feet tall.
>The gears in your head were already turning.
"Isn't winter right around the corner...?"
>It's on the tip of your tongue now.
>The monster is eye-to-eye with you trying to intimidate you at this point.
"Ah...that's right, the dorms don't have heating."
>Another violent roar and the beast's paws were putting cracks in the ground beneath you both.
"Genos forgot to get firewood!"
>At that, the wolf's eyes opened, curiously raised.

"Genos, I'm back!"
>Your robotic ally turned from the tv, seated at the living room table with the tv on.
>"Sensei, welcome home! You sound cheery enough. Did you find some-"
>"Where did you get all that firewood..?"
"Ah. Someone was just letting a whole bunch of it sit out in the open."
>"I see..."
>Seating yourself next to him, you take the remote and gleefully switch to the magic theory channel.
>Magic was cool.

>You are officer gold badge...
>And you have no idea what the buck happened here.
>But that is a big hole in the trees.
I said a little bit. This should put a smile on those faces, and help the thread get situated for when I return tomorrow. Sorry it's a tiny bit less detailed. I'll make it up to you guys.
It was excellent, senpai
I eagerly await your return
And also I hope you have a planned end to the blue-balling of Saitama getting recognition
yes I know that's the MO of the show/manga/webcomic/etc. I'm talking at the very end kind of thing. Like, a happy send off when the story wraps up.
I'll think of something. Also when did OPM become a meme? A week ago this show was obscure. What have I done?

Anyways, night guys. For funsies, what are some fun things you guys can think of happening? No promises anything will make it in.
bump for the based writefriend.
ayy page 10 lmao
>genos visits b
>It's obviously /a/
Damn, nice quads.

Saitama gets somepony approach him to be their sensei (again). Could be M6 or someone else. Shenanigans could ensue.

Genos goes out to get groceries and wins a victory against some sort of villain and cements his position further as the coolest guy around.

Discord and Saitama bro out about being under appreciated. Maybe Discord actually isn't, and he's just being incredibly narcissistic.
File: 1452057947989.gif (455 KB, 360x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
455 KB, 360x270
page 10 bump
>A week ago this show was obscure.
nigga I don't know what boards you read but OPM has been big on 4chan since the murata redraw first came out.
>Discord and Saitama bro out about being under appreciated. Maybe Discord actually isn't, and he's just being incredibly narcissistic.
discord insists he never gets credit for all the times he's intentionally nudged twilight along in her character development.
I've been here for years, and I swear I haven't seen this shit so popular before. Also writing is being delayed a bit, can't control that. But my afternoon looks a bit more free. So patience and whatnot.
It's everywhere nowadays, but eh. It's understandable that you haven't seen it around. Not everyone is up to date on all the latest memes.
Oh my god this is PERFECT!

>"So nobody seemed to recognize you, Sensei..?"
>You were currently laid out on your side, as usual, eyes glued to the tv.
"Yeah, but I guess it's okay for now. I'll kick Prisoner's ass later or something."
>You were being taught the fundamentals of how magic in it's raw form is catalyzed with various forms of energy to produce an effect.
>It was surprisingly interesting.
>"I think...that might not be the wisest decision but I'm sure they will see things as they are soon. How about we just keep an eye out for anything interesting and then they can see you save the day!"
>You give a subtle sigh as you slowly sit back up, resting your chin in your palm.
"Well with two S-class heroes around now, whatever I do is going to be outweighed unless you two have an alibi. And my real rank is exposed, too."
>It had crawled well past noon after that ordeal in the park.
>People should really keep an eye on their supplies.
>Does it always walk around in this world?
>You'd have to keep your fridge locked or something...
>"Why don't we hear about anything happening around on the news? We still have to figure out more about our appearances, and we should see Prisoner about how he got here."
>Genos already had the remote in hand when you started to reply.
>Touching your remote without your permission...
>Eh, you'll let it slide this time.
"I'm sure whatever happened, it was likely the same as-"
>"Breaking news! This just in, reports have been made about bodies being unearthed near the outpost of Appleloosa! While not pictured on screen, the casualties appear to be a minotaur, a pony, and a diamond dog."
>In a place like this?
>"We're getting live news now on the findings. The bodies belong to members of local raiding parties, stationed further south. Signs claim that the bodies have multiple blade wounds and severe portions of their bodies blown away!"
>You turn to look to Genos, who returns your knowing stare.
>But who..?

>The bodies have already been covered up.
>But the scene is literally coated with blood.
>Whoever did this certainly didn't hold back.
>Off the top of your head, you can name some people who come to mind.
>But it'd be foolish to assume it HAD to be someone from your world.
>And yet, somehow you doubt anyone else would've done THAT.
>Geez, why were things getting so dramatic?
"That's a ways off though, isn't it?"
>Watching as the news continues to prattle on about the dangers in the area, the other thought in your head is the location.
>It looked like literally a handful of buildings and land.
>Plus the source of the 'raiders' was even further south than that.
"That's a long ways to go though for this. They probably have investigations going as we speak."
>Genos seemed to get restless at the same thoughts you were having.
>"But Sensei! It could be-"
>Raising your hand in a halting manner, you stare to the screen.
>You turn to look at him, with a re-assuring smile.
"We shouldn't believe we're the only heroes in the world. This place has those who protect it, too."
>You let the silence settle slowly once more.
>Genos almost looked dejected, but you can see the realization in his eyes.
>You don't wait long to stand up, catching his attention.
"Come on, let's go find Prisoner. We should check up on him."
>Despite his quiet, Genos is quick to make after you.
>Standing and catching up to you, he flips the light and closes the door into darkness.

>The evening sun bore over the barren hills of Appleloosan hillside.
>There was something in the air along the heat.
>A force, a tension, rising and moving.
>Flowing, almost.
>A lone stallion, running as fast as his bleeding hooves could carry him.
>Home was his last hope.
>The fear and panic drove him to desparation.
>When he thought he had escaped.
>When he could see the glimmer of his flag.
>He took an overjoyed breath.
>The last he ever would.
>The darkness found him, and it gleamed cold steel.

Jesus, today did not go as planned. Sorry about that. I'll see if I can't do a little more writing, gonna be slow though. It's in this head of mine somewhere.
We shall wait
First of all, page 10 bump. Second of all, I think I know why I'm not so up to snuff right now. Never trust sleep medication, people.
Those tabs are fucking gold.
>Bald Porn
>muscular bald hunks
>how to track people on th...
File: 1451362264891.jpg (99 KB, 413x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I didn't even notice that, fuck my sides.
File: 1447528313156.gif (2 MB, 360x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How many heroes do you guys think is too many?

How many new characters?
if you keep adding characters it might as well not be equestria anymore
I don't care. Sure, it's Equestria, but it's also a OPM crossover. And in OPM, villains just come out of fucking nowhere.
New heroes I'd keep sorta limited, at least from OPM. Otherwise you kinda gotta stop and think "How exactly is OPM's world dealing with all these disappeared heroes". A way I think might get around it might be something along the lines of Saitama being sick of not getting the recognition here in Equestria, so he starts his own Hero Association, or Equestria just starts it's own in light of the recent villain attacks. This gives you the chance to make up some heroes or create some expys of some of the OPM characters that Saitama and the others might recognize.

In the end though it's up to you, this is just my two cents.
I'm mostly asking out of curiosity and to get you guys to artificially bump the thread, but I've been keeping ideas for writing in mind. I've got ideas for interesting story, I'd like to think. But some thoughts and comments have made me wonder how far I should take the story. I don't intend to bring that many heroes in. I mean the entirety of S-Class isn't gonna pop into Equestria, though as seriously as I'm taking my own writing, I've got plenty of ideas on how to deal with that thought and fill in the gaps. Another funny thought I had was to essentially re-write or 'write' episodes of MLP and throw some OPM characters in, see what chaos I can stir up for my own twisted amusement. Gotta get some shut-eye, though. I got my own thread now, gotta put aside 'some' time tomorrow to put a little more on the table.

I have far too many dramatic or 'intense' ideas though. Moments that play out in my mind as that defining moment of a scene. I think I need some time to stop and put something gag filled. Little jokes aren't hard, stringing them together properly takes time though. And you gotta have major themes. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. But I still gotta take it easy and not force anything.
WOW that took forever to post. Anyone else have captcha take a shit in their cornflakes today?
Fair enough. I have enough faith in you from what you've written so far that what you have planned isn't likely to disappoint.

Also, on thr idea of 'writing/rewriting' some MLP episodes, that definitely sounds like it could be fun, and could definitely gI've borth to some nice gags. Even if it's just taking a plot element of am earlier episode and reapplying it, like someone rediscovering the mirror pool or somesuch.
Holy Bump Batman
Just realized its him hovering over the "i am not a robot" as well
I absolutely LOVE the idea of putting Saitama into normal MLP episodes, or even just scenarios like MLP episodes if you can think of any off the top of your head.

Personally I dislike the idea of having a big dramatic plot with OPM-level powerful villians because at some point it stops being a greentext about Saitama in Equestria and starts being a greentext version of a OPM episode that just so happens to take place in Equestria.

But as has been said it's up to you and you're a good enough writefag to pull it off so I'd be happy with whatever you wana write.
This is a good point.
Yeah give Saitama a situation he can't punch.

Give him a Friendship Problem
I'd also like to add that I would love to see more of your Discord

It's nice to see Discord actually acting like a 1000-year-old spirit who loves to mess with people instead of an man-child like he is in the newer episodes of the show.
>implying he can't punch friendship

They say Friendship is Magic, and Twilight IS (the element of) Magic, so...
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Question. Does he ever become S-Rank?
In the webcomic so far he's up in Rank A territory
Perhaps, perhaps. Though then it becomes a question of which is which. Is it saitama in equestria or OPM in equestria and the like. And where does the line get drawn? I'll keep this thought in mind but I'll need to take today from writing unfortunately.

Also here's a question; if MLP stories get involved with OPM level scenarios, is it more like mlp, and if opm characters get involved in mlp stories is it vice versa? I think you guys feel the setting defines the story but as a writer the characters define it just as much. But this is why I'm asking because I'm curious about what you expect. It gives me some more ideas.

There's always the joys of Saitama and company introducing Japanese bachelor living to Ponyville.

Puri Puri Prisoner getting some outfits at Rarity's.

Genos discovering how zap apples are made.

You combine enough different slices of life and you get yourself a tasty sandwich.
Back from the dark. bump, bump I say!
Out from page 10 with you
Back to the front bump
bump yall
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Comfiest song.
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>A stick

This writefag deserves a bump
I'd say just Tornado then tap out.
But it is your call.
I want her to gush over ponies real bad
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