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Cadence the Widow
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>be anon, sitting on a bench in the canterlot gardens
>you hear the slam of the castle doors followed by crying
>Princess Cadence runs up to you, visible tears streaming out of her eyes
>she jumps onto the bench and finds a confortable spot to settle down
>Cadence Rests her head on your lap like a dog
>The widow has decided to come to you for emotional confort

What does /mlp/ do?
fuck her right in the pussy
Rape. Someone had to say it
"Are you serious? Out of all the people you can go to you got me? I don't know you, you aren't my princes, and quite frankly I was in the middle of lunch before you so rudely decided to drop your head on my dick. Go find somebody who gives a fuck, geez."
>Candence leaves you alone on the bench.
"Dumb horse. It's like she never lost everything before. I did twice before it was cool."
*unzips dick*
ask her whats wrong and confert her .
You gay or something, dude.
No, I just don't write for people with shit taste.
from the thumbnail, it looked like Derpy sucking two grey dicks
Waiting for green
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Good luck conferting her with that brain damage of yours.
Anon, don't to be rude, am sure he is many good at confretting.
He's the best cumfarter around!
writefags pls
>"please anon, you are the only one I can rely on, you are my best friend!
>"please just help me through this."
>not marrying the kinky deranged widow
>cadence emotionally attaches herself to anon
>follows him arround, refuses to sleep without him
>accidentally refers to anon as "shining" occasionally, then bursts into tears
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I don't really care for Cadence, but that would destroy me to see
I actually know of a young girl who lost her husband. She was in denial for months before she accepted that he wasn't coming home.
>Anon, a weeaboo neckbeard horsefucker
>going outside
>ever, let alone getting to know people
Anon, pls. I don't even like animu
Anime fans and mlp fans are strikingly similar
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a weaboo is.jpg
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People here really needs to educate themselves

I was gonna write some yandere green but that just turned me the fuck off
Plesse dont go writefag!
Also how does Anon know she's a widow? Just because you said it? Shitty prompt. Check
My god. are you retarded by any chance? Not kidding. Seriously asking
I am still learning how to write in english as my second language.

The prompt is poorly made, but I am implying that anon knew that shining armor is dead
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Crylight Sparkle.png
397 KB, 1280x720
Then let a real nigga step up and do it.

>"Equestria Weeps" Captain of the guard Shining Armor falls to Bugbear Swarm attack!
>That was what the headlines for the "Ponyville Word" posted in black bold letters about a month ago.
>You remember spitting out your coffee when your eyes brushed past those horrific words.
>The whole town engaged in a country wide sobbing fit, that was so bad, their combined tears was actually enough to create a rainstorm.
>To be honest, you weren't really close to the guy, but you did know him, and whenever you met, you were on friendly terms.
>The funeral was....nice.
>Poor Cadence looked like she was dead inside.
>Twilight was even worse.
>If there was a color past gray, she certainly achieved it that day.
>You are Anonymous. The only human known to have entered Equestria, and since Shining Armor died, it'll never be the same.
>You wriggle around with the bumps of the train, looking off into the distance out the window at the passing scenery.
>A depressed Princess of Friendship sits next to you, eyes downcast.
>"....Thank you for coming with me Anonymous. It means a lot."
"It's fine Twilight. It's the least I could do."
>She smiles without looking up.
>Twilight approached you late last night, asking if you could accompany her to Canterlot for a Royal Summit, to discuss what the next move would be for the Crystal Empire, since the loss of its...well you know.
>A subject she didn't want her friends coddling her over.
>She's trying to be strong in her own way, and you can respect that.
>She sighs, and sniffles.
>A man should offer his shoulder in a situation like this, but honestly?
>How? What can you say that hasn't already been said at this point?
>I know how you feel? I'm sorry for your loss? He's in a better place?
>He was murdered by abominations, plain and simple.
"S-so..where's Spike?"
>"I left him back at the Castle. It was for the best."
Thank you, please continue
I'd like to see more please, if you don't mind.
The hero we need! Like it so far.
Go full white knight, anon. DO IT.
>The mood is awkward, and tense, and you haven't a clue how to lighten it.
>Why couldn't she ask someone else to come? You should have fucking refused!
>Twilight continues to look at the ground.
>You slip a hand onto her back, but not before hesitating slightly.
>She barely moves in response. The slow heartbeat is concerning though.
>Without a word, she lays her head on your ribs, and sniffles again.
>"Why is it always the good ones...?"
>You whisper that out, but she doesn't hear it. Hopefully.
>It's going to be okay.
>It's not. It most certainly won't.
>You hold Twilight all the way to Canterlot, disembarking the locomotive without a word.
>A royal contingent sent by Celestia was kind enough to see the two of you made it to the castle without any problems, but in all honesty, who would be stupid enough to fuck with these Ponies now?
>All of Canterlot city is dull, and dreary. Sadness personified.
>You can feel that they all just want a reason to flip the switch for fury. To lash out at whatever they can.
>It makes you shudder to think what happened to the bug bears.
>The walk is long, and silent. Everyone just looks straight ahead, and trots in step.
>Before long you reach the council doors, when Twilight turns to you.
>"Anonymous...I appreciate you accompanying me this far, but from this point on--"
>You hold up a hand.
"I understand. Royals only. I'll go chill at the garden or something until you finish."
>She attempts a weak smile, and gives your waist a small hug, parting with you shortly after behind the massive double doors, with her escort.
>You shove your hands into your pockets, and head down the west corridor.
>When you first arrived in Equestria, you were "positioned" in the Castle until the citizens of Equestria deemed you normal enough not to flee in terror from.
>It wasn't as long as one might think.
>During your tenure here, the garden was your go-to place. You'd spend many afternoons getting lost in the hedge maze,
Back at last!
File: 1450325568094.gif (4 MB, 540x304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Keep going.
File: Sadence.png (212 KB, 1024x717) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Looks like you have use for it still.
>Once there, you see that the bright greenery hasn't changed.
>Just as beautiful as always. Untouched by the sadness of the world.
>Merging onto a trail, like a car, you wander off in a random direction, not caring where it'll take you, but knowing it'll be fresh, and uplifting either way.
>A familiar obstacle comes up in the distance that brings a much needed smile to your face.
"The maze."
>What better place to forget your troubles after all?
>Too bad though.
>You've walked, and gotten lost in this maze so many times, the only way it could challenge you at this point is to do it blindfolded!
>You can hear some sounds coming from within the maze.
>If any horror movie has taught you anything, you avoid odd sounds coming from places, where no one can help you, but morbid curiosity gets the better of your logic, in this instance, and you head into the vast maze, towards the noise.
>The sounds are becoming more clear, and audible as you get closer.
"Hello? Is someone there?"
>"....ng arm....."
>A hushed sigh emanates from around the next corner.
>Once you round it, your vision is flooded with greyed pink back.
"Princess Cadence?"
>She doesn't turn around, opting to merely hiccup softly.
"Princess, why are you here? Isn't there a meeting they need you to attend?"
>She looks over her shoulder to you with narrowed, bloodshot eyes.
>"Go away."
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God this thread makes me want to write.
>>you aren't my princes
Princess is singular and female.
Princes is a plural and male.

Learn the difference.
But...you did write, even though you claim it was a terrible prompt. So what does that tell us about you?
>You put your hands up in defense, and take a few steps back.
"As you wish. Far be it from me to tell Royalty what to do."
>In actuality, this is for the best. You suck at making girls feel good, and don't really deal with high emotion.
>She can cry it out, and you'll find a nice stone bench to nap on.
>As you about face to leave her to her wallowing, you're stopped when two forelegs wrap around you from behind.
>"W-wait..I'm sorry. Please don't go.."
>You sigh.
>What the hell does she really want?!
"Princess I--"
>"Please..I-I just don't want to be alone right now..I'm sorry for lashing out at you."
>Dropping your shoulders with a defeated exhale, you turn, and kneel to Cadence, who looks down at the ground with tired eyes.
"What are you doing out here? They'll be looking for you."
>She sniffles, and wipes her face with a hoof.
>"I know."
>This may take a while.
>You sit on the soft grass, with your back to a hedge, bringing a knee to your chest.
"So why bury yourself in this garden dungeon? You're probably needed more than anyone attending...I mean..."
>You rub the back of your head, not sure if you should say what comes next.
>"I know Anonymous..my husband is dead. There is no king, and now all responsibility falls on me."
>She moves next to you.
>A little too close for your liking, but you'll let it slide.
"You have family. Friends who will help you Princess. You don't have to undertake all this alone."
>She finally looks up, into your eyes.
>Getting a good look at her face you can see the bags, and wear, and tear of crying for days on end.
>"It's not that simple..Shining was everything to me! He was my support!! My rock!!!"
>Her head drops again.
>"My best friend. How can anypony replace him?"
>Against your better judgement, you slip a hand on her back like Twilight, and gently stroke her.
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File: it begins.png (48 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
it begins.png
48 KB, 200x200
>She shivers, hiccuping again.
"I can't pretend to know what you're going through, but I--uh--I guess I can relate on a low level."
>"Really..? How?"
>You look away biting your bottom lip.
>She's staring at you out the corner of your eyes awaiting an answer.
"I..I have no idea how I got here. But, I know everyone I left behind. I'm sure that when they found out I disappeared, they mourned and wept like you guys. I know I did at the thought of never seeing them again. I don't know if they're alive or dead, and considering I'm stuck here, they may as well be."
>That was awful.You really dug deep for that comparison.
>You should've just kept your fucking mouth closed.
>"I see...I never thought of your situation in that manner."
>You unconsciously rub the back of your head again.
>She shuts her eyes, summoning a few more tears.
"I-I know it probably may hurt to hear this, but--Shining is still with you."
>She peeks at you through wet eyes.
"Your baby."
>Cadence leans back putting her hooves on her stomach.
"A piece of him is still growing with you. That child has inherited his best qualities, and yours. He's still here."
>She sniffs, and looks to you with a soft smile.
>"You're r-right. He is still here..watching over me, and our unborn child."
>You smile back.
>For someone not good with comforting women, you did awfully well.
>Maybe you don't lack as much empathy as you thought?
>Cadence weakly nuzzles your chin with her snout, making your eyes widen.
>"Thank you Anon. I feel a little better."
"That's good. Do you need help getting out the maze or---?"
>She sighs.
>"No thank you. I can fly out on my own.."
>You both stand up, you patting yourself off.
>"I didn't think anypony in this whole world could understand my pain. That I'd find a kindred spirit in a visitor from another world."
"Good thing I'm not a pony then."
>She giggles quietly.
>"Yes. Good thing."
>She spreads her wings outward, and with a mighty flap takes to the sky.
this is good
Well he could just be a faggot.
File: 1448460415956.gif (1 MB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 250x250
Im enjoying this.
This is damn good. I can't wait to see where you take it.

Oh, and Captcha was Waffles, which just confirms the greatness.
>She hovers in place for a few brief moments.
"Is something wrong?"
>She rubs her forelegs together.
>"I'm grateful for your words, Anonymous..c-could I perhaps chat with you tomorrow as well?"
>You lift an eyebrow.
"D-don't you have to run your kingdom? I-I mean, I'm not opposed to it or anything, but won't they ask where you are?"
>You're GREATLY opposed to it.
>The royal widow hanging around the interdimensional alien has scandal written all over it, and frankly, you don't want to be the target of everyone's pent up aggression over a mistake.
>"I-it'll be fine...I think..Unless you don't want me to be near you--"
>The guilt tripping.
"No! No. It's fine. You can come anytime you want."
>Her eyes widen, and lower happily.
>"Thank you friend. I'll do that."
>Why does it feel like you just made one of the biggest blunders of your life?
>She flies away watching you with her red eyes, but a noticeably somewhat happier expression on her face.
>You rub your head again, and pace in a circle for a moment.
"...Shit. I think I messed up."
>Look on the bright side. You may have just helped get the torn, weakened mind of the Crystal Empire Princess back on track.
>You contributed to a whole community, which is much more than you can say you did on Earth.
>Hours pass in the garden, with you relaxing on one of the many stone benches, until Twilight came for you.
>The way back to the train, and then to Ponyville was just as quiet with little small talk between you, and Twilight about the meeting.
>She didn't mention anything about Cadence other than, "She looked a little different".
>Back in Ponyville, the two of you were greeted by the other elements, who bombarded Twilight with questions to the likes of "Why didn't you bring us?!".
>You were able to sneak out of the interrogation, and head to your humble shack on the edge of Ponyville.
>The town is still in its depressed mood, and you don't blame them.
>You also don't want any part of it.

I'm liking this a lot. Please get a pastebin for this so if the thread ever gets page 10'd people can still read this when the next thread starts.

Maybe even consider posting it on FimFiction at some point.
These quads are a good omen

You hold the pony. And you hug the pony. And you remember carrying your wife one last time, the coffin lowering itself into the earth. And you cry together.

There's healing in common misery, honestly shared.

I only had six years with my wife. No kids, thankfully- it took me two years to get anywhere near normal again.
this is gud
Fuck me

>this actually happens when you lose your spouse, even years and multiple relationships later
>you equate "person you love most" with the name of your departed
File: Late night visit.png (203 KB, 900x1159) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Late night visit.png
203 KB, 900x1159
>Slipping into your house, like a teenager who stayed out past curfew, you close the door behind you just as stealthily.
>You kick your shoes off, not caring where they land, and throw yourself on your sofa, exhaling loudly.
"...Shining Armor man...You must've been a helluva guy. Almost wish I got to know you."
>You breathe deeply through your nose, drifting off into quiet slumber.
>All you did was nap, but the atmosphere everywhere nowadays feels so "draining".
>Your body jolts with the annoying sensation of an "out-of-body experience".
>Are you hearing things?
>How long were you asleep?
>You lean up and look to your windows.
>The sky is a soft purple, with the moon shining down.
"I must've been asleep for longer than I thought..."
>You weren't hearing things after all. Someone is knocking on your door right now.
>On shaky legs, you stand up, and wobble to the door, slowly opening it up.
>"G-good evening Anonymous..."
>You blink a few times, making sure your blurred vision of who is in front of you is just that.
"Pinkie Pie..?"
>She tilts her head.
>"Did I catch you while you were sleeping...? It's me. Cadence."
>You wipe your eyes.
>The weary Alicorn stares back at you.
"What are you doing here...? What time is it?"
>She rubs her forelegs.
>"I-it's Midnight."
"And why are you here...?"
>She bites her lip.
>"W-well I couldn't sleep, and..."
"Hold up a second. Did you fly here from the Crystal Empire?"
>"N-no! From Canterlot."
"Okay. Not that much better, but alright."
>Her eyes begin to water.
>"I know it's late, but...but..I just need somepony near right now."
>You make a face at her that says what's on your mind.
>"I know..You're not a pony.."
"Not exactly what I was thinking."
Please dont let this be a general
I sound like such a pussy when I say this but, I really don't want to read this thread because the feels were already spurging hard right when I just read the prompt. I know I'm not the only person who /really/ likes Shiny, this is a real feelsy prompt for me. I'll come back and read all the green when I'm not feeling like such a puss.
The prompt was shit. The writefag's work is exquisite
File: 1443495757860.png (210 KB, 1432x1363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
210 KB, 1432x1363
>midnight visit
shiggity, I like where this is going
I don't want that either Anon. if it does, I'll just finish the story in a pastebin, or Flutterrape

>She slightly recoils at her incorrect assumption.
>"B-but you said I could come see you anytime."
"I meant tomorrow."
>She looks away at the moon.
>"I-it technically IS t-tomorrow."
>You sigh.
"Fine. Come in. It'd be borderline treason to send you away, anyway."
>"Thank you Anonymous."
>You step aside, allowing her to enter your dark home.
>You shut the door behind her, and light up one of your lamps, sitting on the sofa, yawning.
>Cadence joins you, once more sitting too close for your liking.
>You both sit there in awkward silence for the next few moments.
>"..My dreams."
"I'm sorry?"
>"I still see his face in my dreams every night."
>You rub the back of your head.
>"He's gently nudging me with this goofy smile on his face, telling me to wake up. Or he wants me to come with him to some silly convention about a card game he was into.."
"Hyperspace Hyperwars?"
>She looks up at you questioningly.
>"Yes..How did you--"
"I--uh--I dabble in the game from time to time."
>She smiles at you, but it quickly becomes a frown.
>"I get up in the dreams, and follow him out the castle into Celestia's illuminating sunlight, and then--"
>She stops, and looks down at the shadows of the dancing lamp flame.
>"I'm blinded, and Shining is gone...My love is gone...gone forever..!"
>Sobs slowly begin to creep up out of her throat, her hooves covering her eyes.
>You shake your head to yourself.
>Don't Anon. Don't.
>The hole you're digging is deep enough. Don't let this emotional Princess become even attached to you, or it'll for sure cause trouble!
>You rub her back, prompting her to hug your waist, and cry into your lap.
Do you have a pregnancy fetish or something?
*Even More
File: REE.jpg (29 KB, 358x416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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God dammit, I keep forgetting that faggot white horse impregnated muh waifu!!
moar please
Haven't watched season 5, is cadence preggers? Or is it something the writefag pulled out of his ass?
Why the fuck would anon not know all of equestria would know
File: 1452306549866.jpg (769 KB, 2000x1062) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
769 KB, 2000x1062
nah, she's confirmed prego. Wasn't showing yet though in the latest episode, which is gud
Baby Skyla's on the way, nigger.
>"Y-your words brought me some comfort Anonymous...b-but what do I do from now? How do I tell my foal about a father she'll never ever meet?!"
>How in the HELL can you answer a question like that??
>You shouldn't have touched her you fucking idiot.
>Though, not many can turn down a crying woman right in front of them.
"I honestly can't say..Just tell him..or her the truth Princess."
>She continues to weep, slowly soaking your lap.
>You continue to stroke her slender back.
>The sobs die out as quickly as they began, as Cadence lays there in silence looking off into the looming darkness of your home.
>Time to break the silence.
"Princess..I'm starting to get a little sleepy.."
>She leans up to look at you.
>"You are? Sh-should I go?"
"No, you can crash here on the sofa for tonight. I don't want you out there in that inky blackness alone."
>She smiles softly nuzzling you again.
>You blush slightly, and slide out from underneath her quickly, feeling your cheeks go flush.
>A blanket is draped over your armchair.
>Grabbing it you spread it out, and lay it over the Pink Royal.
>She looks the wool over with a dissatisfied frown.
"So, I'll be heading to my room. Holler if you need anything..okay?!"
>"I was t-thinking--"
>You speedwalk out of the room, not giving her the chance to say anything.
>Emotion equals vulnerability. You need to keep this as platonic as possible.
>You storm into your bedroom, and shut the door, breathing hard.
>You rest upon it slapping your forehead repeatedly.
"Idiot! Idiot! God, I'm so stupid! RRGH!"
>You slump down, and tilt your head back.
>It's too late to stress over this now. Just get changed, and go to bed.
>You make it back to your feet, and begin to get undressed, putting on a pair of pajama bottoms once fully disrobed, and climbing into your sheets.
>You tuck in, and look up at the ceiling for a few moments before closing you e-
>Knock Knock-
>"Anonymous? May I come in?"
This is dangerously approaching the pregnancy general kind of shit

Please dont do it anon
It really isn't though. Stop projecting.
File: excite.gif (2 MB, 507x415) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 507x415
>"Anonymous? May I come in?"
yes, moar please based writefag!
>>2607086im glad to read that ufff
File: 1434123617277.jpg (100 KB, 680x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 680x680
You have the wrong version. Here's the correct one.
this thread better be here tomarrow morning when i wake up
>Keep your mouth shut. Maybe she'll go to sleep then!
>You shut your eyes, pretending to be asleep.
>Your door is being opened.
>You unconsciously gulp, as the sound of hoofsteps approaching you get louder, and louder.
>"Anonymous? Are you asleep?"
>Your response is a soft snore.
>She sighs.
>"I'm cold.."
>The hoofsteps move away from you, to your dresser, as the sounds of opening and closing of drawers softly echoes in your room.
>"So c-cold..."
>Fabric rustling comes not soon after the last drawer closes, and the hoofsteps move back to your door.
>Guess all she wanted was another blanket or something.
>She's left.
>Or not.
>The hoofsteps are still in your room, and approach you again.
>Your blanket is magically lifted, and you feel a slender long form climb under the sheets with you.
>This is bad.
>"I'm so cold...so cold without you.."
>You have a mini panic attack.
>Small sobs trickle from her into your ear, as she wraps her legs around you, burying her head into your chest.
>"Oh Shining...I'm so cold without you here to hold me...!"
>There it is. The guilt pangs.
>Now what?
>"I'm so sorry Anonymous...when you wake up, please don't hate me..Please..! I need this so much.."
>She begins to cry once more, her tears forming into a miniature puddle on your bare chest.
>A sobbing sigh comes from her maw, blowing hot breath across your wet skin.
>You clench your fists, as she tightens her grip on you.
>She's so hot right now. You're starting to sweat.
>More than the guilty pain, the fear of this scene being misconstrued is stronger.
>Luckily, you barely get visitors.
>Here's hoping Murphy's law gives you a break.

Gonna stop here, and get some sleep. Pastebin in the next post. If this thread is still up, I'll post more before work.
I'm not sure if you're written in other threads, but you do write rather well.

I'm looking forward to reading more of this. You turned a prompt I was treating more as a joke into something I'm enjoying reading, a lot.
well good sleep and come back because we need moar xD
File: 1452473126770.jpg (10 KB, 500x262) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 500x262
Goodnight Everyone. Be safe.
File: untitled67.png (77 KB, 189x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 189x267
<---- this is my friend. you wonna mess with me?
This is pretty good, man. A bit rushed, but enjoyable nonetheless
>Part one
I think this sudden attachment of hers is intended. Also that title says the ride is just beginning Anon. Strap in. It's gonna get Reasonable
>Older Anon who knows exactly what Cadance is going through.
Oh man, this needs to be greened so badly...
We have already a good one.
More the merrier Anon.

Also need one where Anon was married young pre-Equestria to the love of his life. Tragically, she died, and barely a year after was somehow dumped into Equestria.

Cadence lost Shining a good few years ago, and her daughter and their mutual friends think it's time they both fully moved on, and try to set them up with one another.
I don't know. It's pretty obvious from the first few lines of interaction where things were headed. Cadence told Anon to go away, then said for him to stay, saying that she didn't want to be alone. If she didn't want to be alone, then why go out to the maze to be alone? I know Anon addresses her irrationality, but I don't think that excuses it. Then Anon says one comforting thing and suddenly she feels connected to him, and singles him out for something anyone probably would have said. She could be preying on Anon's inability to say no, but I don't see why she'd latch onto him. Also, Cadence doesn't seem like the kind of pony to drop her responsibilities in Canterlot just to have him as a security blanket. I think she could have found a subtler way to keep Anon around in Canterlot during the summit so she can sneak in when he's sleeping. Don't get me wrong, I'm still enjoying this. It's head and shoulders above a lot of other greentexts. I just feel like we're trying to get to the cuddles as quickly as possible, and I think there should have been at least some development between Anon and Cadence with Cadence using their time together to "test the waters" so to speak to see if she could get away with it.
>Only two pastes
Haven't you been around for a while? I'm pretty sure I've seen your name before. I mean, your pastebin has 4,500 views.
Are you expecting cadence to be emotionally sober after losing shining armor?
Bullshit. To oblivious.
so what? did shining die in battle like a weak lvl 1 faggot?
Now now, it will all be fine if they React Reasonably
Are you the writefag from sharing the minds with ponies?
No, but hearing experiences of lost spouses, this isn't how people act after the death of a significant other. They tend to isolate themselves and disconnect emotionally from others. This immediate latch plays more like a bad breakup than the death of a husband.
Does this kind of situation really happen after breakups?
File: image.gif (322 KB, 266x233) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
322 KB, 266x233
I'd agree. Remember though, Pregnancy is at play here. Any man on this board who has had a pregnant wife/GF knows what that does to hormones, emotions and general personality.

My wife went through a clingy phase or two when she was pregnant, its not outside the realm of possibility that Cadence latched onto the first male that showed kindness to her out of maternal instinct
breakups? Not really unless it's been a long realtionship, like multiple years.

It's more common for marriages that lasted years into decades.
Also differnt people react differently to the same exact situation
Not to this extent, no, but speaking from personal experience, and observing other people's behavior, if a long lasting relationship is terminated by one party, it's either signaled by emotional distancing, or can come as a surprise. If there's distancing, one party, or both, might go seek emotional connection elsewhere to fulfill that desire. If it comes as a surprise, then one party might feel betrayed, or start to question their value as a partner, or question what went wrong, or what they could have done to change things, or ask if they can fix that relationship, or rekindle it in someway. If they're an unstable person, they might look to someone else for a quick fling to reassure themselves as having value. Why do you think so many people are encouraged to go out a fuck after a bad breakup? Yeah, the big reason is to remind you that there are other fish out in the sea, but it's also to validate your worth.

Now compare that with the death of a spouse. What do you ask yourself? There's nothing you could have done to save them. There's no chance that they're coming back. This didn't happen because you were a crappy husband/wife. It's not just the loss of a relationship. It's the loss of a person, and it's the loss of an identity. Yes, that is true of a breakup, but the nature of each situation is very different, and does lead to different behavior.

Still enjoying the story regardless
Maybe cadence is a positive mirror of chrysalis in which she craves affection enough to latch on to the closest male figure. Cadence is doing this to replicate the life she had with shining. The only stretch is the species gap between the two.
>Love-Symbiote Cadence needs a decent male to help create/use the 'Element of Love', the Element of Harmony not used by the 6 (it's a comic thing, apparently).
>Latches onto an unwilling Anon.
>Shenanigans with an emotionally-distraught yandere Cadence.
>Unintentionally sabotages Anon's relationship with his his mare-friend.
File: 137593505136.jpg (10 KB, 240x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 240x320
>reading the comics
Fuck no, I just caught that while surfing the Wiki.
>My Little Pony has a wiki
Thats neato, want
>being this new
>year of our lord 12015-10000+1
File: 912.png (205 KB, 680x581) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
205 KB, 680x581
I implore you to.continue write-friend. This is good green.

It's true. Losing your spouse tends to trigger wounded animal reactions. Hide yourself and your weakness from others, avoid reopening the wound.

It never goes away, either. You just work around the loss.
File: 1452319243331.jpg (87 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 768x1024
Dude he went to bed at around 3:00
We wont see him for a while.

Why not post cadence?
Bumping for this legend
What shall we name thee our lord?
>6 hours break
did anyone else read this as cadence the window?

>she basically rewrote her personality to match her husband
>off by 5f
Bump and please continue
>Yea, Murphy is a Dick.
>But so is cadence
>Like, she doesn't even realize she's being a dick
>Her legs tighten on you like a Anaconda once more
>Your mini panic attack jumps to full fledged Hyperventilating
>Your trying to slow your breathes but cadence notices
>Cadence Raises her head up reacting to your sudden Short, Repeated, Breathing.
>"Sh-shining? Is everything ok?" she murmurs into your ear
>Her hot pony breathe easily makes you squirm as it assaults your ear.
>You squint your eyes shut and open your clenched fists.
>This is bad
>On one hand you want to comfort the royal pony in her time of need.
>But on the other you really don't feel like being her makeshift body pillow.
>Damn it shining. Why did you have to go and play 'Mr. Hero' and die?
>That's wrong. He was protecting Canterlot from future disaster.
>You need to make a decision
>You should calm down. its not like she's nuzzling you and actually trying anything...too passionate....right?
>Wrong. After you internal debate cadence had started nuzzling you pretty hard, pressing her nose gently into your neck while still sobbing calling for shining now and then
>This has to end.
>But for some reason her cuddling is starting to feel good......as if you're becoming comfortable with this.
>What are you mad?!
>You've never done this before with any other pony
>Because you were worried i might turn out to be too awkward and make a huge mistake.
>But still.....Princess Cadence's Breath feels really hot and comforting. Every time she exhales hot, warm, pony breathe is blown onto your neck and sends chills down your spin. In a good way too.
>Damn it.
>She nuzzles hard. pressing the entire side of her face into your neck and trying to rest her head under yours
>Her grip on you has become less strong over time.
>Has she finally fallen asleep?
>Its worth to find out
>Slowly you Take your hand furthest away from her and try to move her hoof and leg off of your torso.
more pls
>As you lift up her hoof off your torso, Cadence mumbles something and Regains her hold on you
>She nuzzles your neck even more, opening her mouth as she sleeps.
>Great. Now not only are you being cuddled more by her but your now in a very uncomfortable sleeping position
>You're almost face to face with face Princess Cadence.
>The bridge of her nose is directly under your chin.
>"Shinin.....ove you..." Cadence grumbles
>Oh god, she would be dreaming about him
>You decide to take some action
>If cadence wont let go, Then you will just have to readjust yourself.
>You lift up your arm that was being straddled by her and slowly turn over towards the wall.
>You lay down and pull the covers up more slightly.
>You're now Facing away from cadence
>But she's breathing directly on the back of your neck now.
>You lay your right arm infront of you to make your position more comfortable.
>You could actually fall asleep like this.
>You always liked sleeping on your sides and Cadence's hot breath makes it more comfortable.
>it still feels weird but good at the same time.
>You feel something soft touch your neck
>A slight, soft squeaking sound is herd
>Did she just kiss your neck?
>Okay. That's enough for you.
>You Quickly Get up and Crawl over Cadence.
>She still stays sleeping, To your surprise.
>You try to keep it that way by slowly tiptoeing across the wooden floor to make it not creak
>You open the door, Sudden light fills the room
>You hop out of the bed room and close the door
>You wait to hear if Cadence makes any signs of waking up.
>Just more silence.
>That went better then expected
>You Quickly go over to the couch and make yourself comfortable.
You throw the wool blanket over you and rest your head on the cushioned arm rest.
>You begin to slowly drift away as you start to hear sobbing.
This is gud
Well don't forget Cadence may have isolated herself for a solid 30 days before Anon even came into the picture. If the implications are anything to go by everyone has been keeping to themselves until this summit
Continue, comrade
>Warm light covers your face.
>It feels like you just fell asleep.
>Considering the hell you were put through last night with Cadence sneaking into your room, it's no shock that you were on guard for pretty much all the night.
>All she did was cry, and repeat Shining's name over and over.
>You immediately sit up, noticing the lack of Alicorn weight on your chest.
"Princess?! Hello?!"
>You look around.
>Did she go home?
>You touch the cold hardwood floor, and stand up rubbing your face.
"Thank god it's over. For now."
>You sluggishly head to your bathroom, and look at your self in the mirror.
"Holy shit. You could go on a trip with those bags."
>You snicker at your own bad joke, and splash warm water on your mug, and head to the kitchen, face still dripping, and yawning.
>Putting the incident with the Princess to the back of your mind, you ponder what will be for breakfast today. Being an omnivore in Equestria is by far one of the most taxing challenges to date.
>You need protein, and the most they let you get away with, without spazzing out is Eggs, and maybe fish. Well Fillies or colts with Goldfish freak out still for the last one.
>You're greeted by the sounds of soft sizzling, and the smell of cooking butter.
>"Good morning Anonymous. Did you sleep well?"
>Like when she came to you late last night, you blink a few times.
"Pinkie Pie?"
>She giggles.
>"No! Are you still asleep? It's me! Cadence!"
>You facepalm.
>She stands by your stove with a frying pan, and one of your dress shirts on.
>"Are you hungry? I made you breakfast. Shining always used to gloat about my eggs..."
>She looks down for a moment, but regains her composure, sliding the cooked embryos onto one of your plates with her magic, and levitates it to the table.
>"Sit down! Eat!"
>You rub the back of your head.
"Princess..uh..look we should probably talk about last night..."
>Her eyes water up once more, as she locks eyes with you.
>"Please...Please sit down..?"
File: righto.jpg (21 KB, 320x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 320x220
This thread is going places
She desperately needs grief counseling or some other form of psychiatric intervention.
>Cadence's unhealthy ways of dealing gets worse and worse
>Anon wakes up one morning to find a horn has been magically attached to his forehead and his hair has been turned blue
>Cadence refuses to call Anon anything other than "Shining", or some variation there-of
>Seeks out help from Twilight, who he manages to convince through her crying fit that he didn't do this to himself
>She convinces him to just put up with it while she consults the other princesses
>Princesses shrug and say that Cadence, in her infinite life, will get over it
>Tell Anon to suck it up and enjoy having a princess dote on you
>Not too long after, Twilight starts to show up more often
>Starts calling you "Shining" too
>Oh boy
>Ten years from now, the princesses (and the population at large) just pretend/act as though Shining never died
>His foal calls you daddy
>You're still just a human with blue hair and a fake horn
What the fuck
Man I love happy endings ^:)
>>You're still just a human with blue hair and a fake horn
i lol'd
File: OEE.jpg (70 KB, 400x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 400x390
>You rub your head again.
>You really need to stop letting tears cause you to second guess yourself.
>Taking a seat before the two over easy eggs that return your gaze, you can feel two soft eyes watching intently.
>A fork finds its way to your person, thanks to Cadence, who watches with a desperate smile.
>"T-tell me how it tastes?"
>You slowly take the fork, and cut into the soft eggs, taking a bite of the dripping yolk, chewing it even slower.
>"How is it?"
>It's bland, and tasteless. It's clear she didn't use any form of seasoning, other than a hint of a salty aftertaste.
>Her eyes are still as bloodshot as when you ran into her yesterday.
"So that was where that taste came from.."
>"What was that..?"
>You swallow the eggs, and smile at her.
"They're great."
>She puts her hooves together in a big toothy smile.
>"Really?! You really like them?!"
"Yeah. Really."
>She wipes an eye, sniffling.
>You just want the waterworks to stop.
>Sure her husband died, but all you've seen her do is cry, and cry, and cry. She needs to stop the crying for a moment, and be productive!
>She joins you at the table, and leans on her hooves waiting for you to continue eating.
"So..Like I mentioned before...We need to talk."
>She frowns, and looks away again.
"I know what you did last night."
>"W-when I came here?"
"No. After I went to bed Princess."
>She flinches.
>It's going to be a tough talk for one in her situation, but you have to protect yourself first.
"You can't just--"
>"Would you like to spend the day with me at the Crystal Empire?!"
>You exhale loudly.
>"It'll be f-fun! We can go sightseeing, and you can see how it looks inside my castle, an-and-"
>"-I know this pony who makes the best b-bread! It's out of this world!"
>"Then we can w-watch the stars from the balcony at night..."
>She flinches again.
>A long silence passes between you both.
Keep up the good work
read your other story on your pastebin. was very disturbed.
"I know you're still in mourning Princess, and I want to support you anyway I can--"
>She hangs her head.
>"But you don't want me around.."
"No! It's not that! It's just..shit! How will this look to--you know, other ponies? To your Sister-in-law, and aunts?"
>She mulls your question over.
"I don't want to become a target for anyone, nor do I want that for you Princess. Do you understand?"
>"I..I see. Am I inconveniencing you?"
>She didn't hear, or understand a damn thing you said!
"Princess! Please try to see where I'm coming from! You were cuddled up with me in bed last night. You're wearing one of my shirts! This all looks suspect!"
>Eyes lock once more, but a look of hurt flashes in hers.
>"You weren't asleep last night, when I came into your room...?"
"N-no! I mean I was half--that is to say--"
>Wait! Why are you defending yourself from her?
>Preparing to counter her subject change, you're interrupted by knocking on your front door.
>You both look to it, and back to each other.
"Does anyone know you--?"
>"N-no! I came here in the dead of night while all were sleep."
>You run a hand over your face.
>Fucking perfect. Let's hope you don't get a kidnapping charge or something stupid.
"Look..go..go wait in my room or something. Okay?"
>You get up from the table, and head to your door, looking back to catch Cadence scurrying around the corner to your bedroom.
>Taking a deep breath, you open up.
>"Good morning Anon."
>It's Twilight Sparkle, in all her greyed glory.
"T-Twilight. What's up?"
>"...May I come in?"
>You hear a soft click in the background.
>She slowly trots past you into your home, standing in the middle of the room.
Oh shit
oooo this must be a nighmare
Please don't tell me that Twilight finds out and suddenly starts believing that Anon is trying to manipulate Cadence, no matter what they both say in their defense.
Stop projecting, let the writer do his thing
This...this can't be good.
On one hand, Twilight might actually find it nice that Candyass has found someone to help with her grief, and even encourage the two to stay together (Anon was supporting Twi on the train-ride, so it wouldn't be too far-fetched, r-right?)

On the other...anon's implications of the worst that can happen when caught will be made manifest, all because he tried being the good guy and lost control of the situation....
File: Hope returning.png (229 KB, 1600x1143) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hope returning.png
229 KB, 1600x1143
>You close the door behind her gulping slightly.
"S-so what can I do for you? Need me to come with you somewhere?"
>She shakes her head.
>"I received a message today..from Luna."
>"This morning they discovered that Cadence wasn't in her chambers ,and Scouts say she was spotted heading in this direction around eleven last night. Did you see her?"
>You eyes go a little buggy.
"I-I didn't see her. Ma-maybe she's back at the Empire?"
>Twilight sighs.
>"I most certainly hope so."
>She sits down, head drooping.
>"Things are so hard now..I don't know how to cope Anon...! I hope Cadence is okay.."
"I'm sure she's fine Twilight. You should head back to your castle ,and I'm sure the Princess will turn up."
>She looks at you with a reassured smile.
>Why does everyone come to you with their problems?
>"You're probably right. She's going through a tough time. We all are."
"Right. She just needs a little space is all."
>You stroke Twilight's mane, making her stretch like a cat.
>It's adorable, and garners a chuckle out of you.
>"Thank you Anon. You're a true friend."
>A true lying one maybe.
>Twilight faces you, and hugs you again like back at the castle.
>"I'll see you later then."
"Of course."
>A pink head pokes out from around the corner watching the two of you with furious eyes.
>You open the front door for Twilight, who slowly trots out, and with a wave, heads back down the trail to her home.
>You wave back, closing the door shortly after.
"That was close.."
>"I didn't realize Twilight and you were so..."familiar"."
>You look over your shoulder, and find Cadence without your shirt on this time.
"She's taking this whole situation just as hard Princess. I'm just doing what I can to help her through it."
>She cocks an eye, and turns up her nose.
>"Perhaps, I should head back home. I don't want you, and little "Twily" having your moments ruined by me!"
"What? What's going on right now? What is this?"
>She snorts, and stomps past you.
I think twilight is a kind and understanding pony
I don't think you know what projecting means, Anon. Besides, "It's always Anon's fault" is a pretty common plot device in green.
True, but she's also the kind to sperg over small things even though its not such a big thing after becoming princess

By the Six, her emotions really are outta control if she's getting salty about Twi. Cadence of all ponies should be aware of how much she cared about her big bro.
Yess... yesss!

Okay, channeling Darth Sidious there, but yandere Cadence is fucking awesome.
Oh you damm good you son of a
Can't wait for more
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>your child

I can't do it. This is too sad.
>Cadence refuses to let you be

>Makes some royal decree appointing you in such a way that you will always be by her side if she cannot marry you

>You get to live in a palace instead of a shack near everfree and get pretty much anything you want

>....but she's adamant about not letting you deal with other mares unless you absolutely have to, and refuses to not keep you where you cannot be seen. No accidents to take her precious Anon from her.

>She stops you from aging with some secret, forbidden magic out of paranoia of losing you to age

>Passive-aggressive threats against anypony who she feels will take you from her or attempt to harm you

>If the foal's a female, she will arrange you to court and marry her once she's older. Even if you managed to avoid marrying Cadence, she refuses to not have you connected to her/her family in some way
>marrying perfect pony candyass princess version 2.0
words can not
Damn, Anon. I'm guessing you know about this from experience?
File: image.png (59 KB, 290x303) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 290x303
And she's lost it.

To quote the Raven, nevermore.

This is the most sad story I've read. And it gets sadder. And sadder still. This is like the most depressing abyss of feels I've felt in forever.
>Shining Armor will never die and you will be the crying shoulder for twilight and cadance
>Twilight and cadance will never fight over you when they want to talk about shining armor
>they will never be real in the first place
Writefag is kill?
Is writefriend at work?
I did not realise how much my boner needed this
Writer did say something last night about getting in a little writing before work. Might have had to go and forgot to tell us.
>She swings open your door, nearly hitting you.
"PRINCESS! What's going on?!"
>She looks at you with the same hurt, red eyes from the kitchen.
>"Why do you only address me as Princess?! Why not by my name like Twilight?! Don't I mean anything to you?!"
>Her head snaps away from you, and she takes off into the sky, droplets hitting your face.
>You scratch your head confused.
"What did I do?!"
>You spread your arms out, as her Pink form vanishes into the distance.
>You slam your door, rubbing the back of your head.
>This is why you don't like getting involved with emotional people. They spaz out at the drop of a dime, and scream, and shit, and just act fucking weird.
"Good riddance. I hope I never see her ass again!"
>You're going back to bed.
>After you throw away the tear soaked eggs.
>As the day passed, you just couldn't get that blow up out of your mind. You're so fucking distracted!
>Where did all that come from?
>You couldn't get back to sleep. you couldn't read. You couldn't do anything.
>Just stayed inside your home all day.
>Your pacing, and stressing finally ended with the comfort of your armchair, as you sat staring out the window at the denizens of ponyville go about their day.
>Things switch up with the appearance of crystal Ponies marching towards your doorstep.
"Now what?!"
>This is what you've been dreading.
>They found out where she was, and now they're coming for your stupid ass.
>Because you were a bleeding heart, white fucking knight.
>You preemptively meet the guards at the door, prepared for your just desserts.
>They march towards you in formation, and line up.
>One of them looks you up, and down, and steps forward.
>"Anonymous the human?"
>"You have been summoned by the Crystal heart Princess. You are to come with us."
"A-am I in trouble?"
>He grunts.
>"Why would an "honored guest" be in trouble?"
You're back writefriend
Man it's worth waiting for you
I'm at work so updates may be a little slow
What job ?
No worries man, update when you can you glorious bastard.
We willl wait for you writefriend
Get a trip and a pastebin, senpai
srsly, its good
You don't need work
You don't need life
All you need is our appreciation
>he doesn't like things like Berserk
>he doesn't like classic games like Super Mario Bros. or Pac-Man
>he doesn't find world history and culture interesting
>tfw I will be at work for ten hours straight soon, and thus will probably miss this story when it fades away
Why live
I'll save it.
I appreciate that, anon.
Have a spoder.
i don't follow many greentext threads, but i am certainly following this one!
Do you think this story will fit in one thread?
this is better and better :D
i hope it never ends
Me too anon
File: RideStarting.jpg (237 KB, 553x936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
237 KB, 553x936
Its only starting
He has a pastebin
"Honored guest? Honored..?"
>"Yes! Honored! I believe you made plans to spend time with the Princess? She seemed excited at the prospect of see ing you."
>You rub your eyes in disbelief.
>She was dead serious about that stuff from earlier?!
"I'm afraid you're mistaken. I-I didn't make any plans with the Princess.."
>They surround you.
>"Surely you're not turning down an invitation from royalty are you Anonymous?"
>A voice rings out from the walls of guards, unspokenly ordering them to part like the red sea.
"Uh...who are you?"
>A non Crystal pony Pegasus stands before you with a hardened glare.
>"I'm the new captain of the guard. Flash Sentry. I'm here to escort you to the palace per her majesty's orders."
"But, I'm telling you, this is a mistake! I didn't make any plans with Princess Cadence! Maybe she means someone el-"
>He flies up to your face, wrapping an armored hoof around the back of your neck, bringing you in close.
>"Listen to me, and listen closely. Her highness has locked herself away, and cried for a whole month straight refusing to socialize with anypony. Not even her own family! This is the first time I've seen her reach out to spend time with with any of her friends, and I REFUSE to let you be the one to tell her no."
>He shoves you back, descending to the ground.
>"Put on something nice. You're going to dinner."
>What is Princess Cadence's deal? What does she hope to accomplish by toying with you like a yo-yo?
>One moment she says fuck off the next, she's cuddling you without permission in your bedroom.
>You Gave Twilight the same support, and she's not being some batshit, hormonal, emotional nightmare!
>Frustration brewing in your guts you follow orders, and get dressed in one of your best suits back inside, lamenting this cat and mouse game you're being drawn into.
File: 1436303216093.jpg (65 KB, 600x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 600x315
has there been a captain kirk in equestria? has he ever beamed down to magical equine planet?
Clearly we need to do the mature thing, and give her an offer:

You'll agree to be courted by her, if she can function normally for a year. Because if she can, then she can prove she isn't just rebounding or making a stupid mistake due to emotions and circumstance.
File: 211377.png (352 KB, 639x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
352 KB, 639x480
I don't know, but I do have this.
Writefriend never fails to deliver
>For the second time this week, you're stuck riding to another castle with another miserable pony.
>You notice every so often on the carriage ride, he'll give you a dirty look.
"I'm sorry...can I help you with something..Flasher Sentry?"
>"It's"Flash Sentry" meatbag."
>You scowl at the unwarranted attitude.
"Okay Mr. Meatbag-"
>He snarls.
"I don't even know who you are. What's your beef?"
>"My what?!"
>He narrows his eyes at you.
>"I don't."
"Then what's with the at-"
>"I have a problem with what you represent to the Princess."
"I'm sorry? What can some stranger who's only spoken to the Princess since yesterday represent anything?"
>He groans in annoyance.
>"Are you really that stupid? She's a vulnerable, and broken-hearted mare. She felt that nopony in the entire world understood her, and despite mine, and others best attempts to get her to open up, the resident freakshow manages to get her to show some emotion other than anger. Go figure."
"That doesn't answer my question."
>"It's self explanatory! She's looking for an outlet for her grief, latching on to the first thing that even remotely reminds her of the former Captain."
>You remind her of Shining Armor? In what way?
"I don't see how I did anything all of you didn't."
>He puts a hoof to his chin.
>"When you spoke to her for the first time, did she tell you to go away?"
>"And did you?"
"I was about to."
>He tilts his head in question.
"I basically said "fine" and tried to walk off okay?"
>"The captain would do the same when her highness would pout. He'd shut down any chance for pity, and walk away. It'd drive her mad."
>Your mouth drops.
>So this is because you DIDN'T do the White Knight act??
>You facepalm.
>no hooves
File: image.png (167 KB, 256x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167 KB, 256x384
"W-well is there a way out of this?!"
>You're starting to panic.
>This is what you feared the most.
>Now she sees you as some possible replacement. Some placeholder for her grief stricken heart,
>"What are you saying?! You want her to remain unhappy?"
"N-no! I just don't want--"
>"You're going to do whatever you can to bring her back to normal, now that it's fallen to you."
"But, I didn't ask for this!"
>"We never ask for responsibility when it just falls into our laps Anonymous. But, it's there. Deal with it."
>You bang your fist on the carriage.
"What am I supposed to do then?"
>"Whatever she wants."
"And if I refuse? You can throw me in the dungeon. Torture me. I don't care."
>He grins.
>"Then I 'll have you turned to Stone, and shattered."
>You narrow your eyes at him this time.
"You can't do that."
>"I can. I will."
>You roll your eyes.
"We'll see."
>He looks at you, with a sinister grin slowly beginning to creep up on his mug.
>"I heard some of the funniest stories today. When the princess came back all she could talk about was how kind, and caring, and sweet you were."
>Funny, considering she screamed at you, and started crying again.
>"She also had a lot to say about some, and I quote: "Backstabbing purple harlot"."
>You gulp.
>"Who do you think that could be? Possibly somepony worth declaring war over, if you make her highness unhappy?"
"What the fuck are you trying to say?"
>"Nothing. Just sharing a story!"
>Your eyes bulge out in anger at the subtle threat made.
>Does he even know that this is Twilight, he's referring to?
File: 1451187942726.jpg (37 KB, 599x503) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 599x503
How fucking Ironic how shining is literally a white knight
keep it up Writefag your doing great
Holy fuck I didn't even see that till you pointed it out
>Brad sentry forcing anon to care about cadence instead of stealing her from him
he knows his limits.... nah who am I kidding he knows Cadence is crazy and doesnt want to be Shining Armor 2.0
You know...Flashiepoo...it would be rather unfortunate to a pony's career to refer to me as a 'resident' freakshow' or something along those lines. I'd think that Princess Cadence would be quite irate and rather angered towards anypony referring to me as such.

So watch your tone. You're on far thinner ice than I am.
And that would be?
here's the pastebin to the story.

Thanks a bunch
Is our writer dead?
>No update for 70 min
>Death confirmed
I'm so sorry Anon
Glorious Writerperson is at work, they even said that earlier. Updates will be slow.

File: 1432151807194.jpg (26 KB, 300x294) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 300x294
odds are he's either writing more or he's doing something else, he will be back
He was churning them out, but now he's stopped.
i will continue the story like i did before.
No I'm not original write fag
Lets pass the time by posting cadence
File: medium.png (258 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
258 KB, 600x600
>>"Captain, what do you mean you referred to my new huggy-wuggy, snuggum-human as a resident freakshow."


And on that day, the whole Crystal Empire learned to never mess with the Queen of Hearts.
I kek'ed
>cadence grows delusional after shining's death
>clings to anon
>begins to suffer from severe memory loss
>forgets shining armor, twilight, and even herself
>only remembers anonymous
>lives in a sad state of bliss
>anon is pressured by cadence's friends and family to take care of her
> Not having the balls to just say "fuck off" and let the princess mope
>Telling the Empress of the Crystal Empire to fuck off in her time of need
>CE, Canterlot, and Ponyville in mourning (and almost looking for something to lash out at)
>Even anon notices this
You'd likely lose those balls and a lot else doing this right now
File: Someday.png (710 KB, 600x558) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
710 KB, 600x558
>tfw no qt3.14 princess widow to comfort
Why even live anon?
File: HHW.jpg (437 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
437 KB, 2048x1536
>You land upon the balcony of the Crystal Palace, where the Princess awaits you with a warm smile.
>Hopping off the carriage you hurry over to the Princess, and kneel down, whispering to her.
"Princess! What are you doing?!"
>She wraps her hooves around you, embracing you closely.
>You gently push her off.
>"I'm so glad you came Anonymous! I regret the little spat we had earlier. Don't worry though. I forgive you."
"Forgive me for what?!"
>She nuzzles you under the chin again.
"Stop that!"
>The guards all eye you from behind. Especially Sentry.
>"Anonymous, please don't make a scene! We have much to do today! Come! Let's go!"
>Your sleeve is magically(forcefully) pulled along behind the princess, as she skips humming to herself.
>The guards merely watch as you disappear further, and further down the hall.
>"Please Anonymous. Call me Cadence. We've shared a bed! I'm sure we're past those formalities."
>You cover her mouth, hoping no one heard what she just said.
"Are you trying to get me drawn and quartered?! Jesus!"
>She lowers your wrist with a hoof.
>"It's okay. Nothing happened, so there's nothing to worry about! Now come on! I want to show you something!"
>You get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.
"All these doors look the same. How can you tell which room is which?"
>Still getting dragged along, she manages to look back at you.
>"Because the heart remembers where to go."
>That makes no logical sense.
>"Right here."
>You're led to a door that looks like the others in the castle.
>She opens it up, to what is quite possibly every HHW nerd's dream.
>Decorating the walls are thousands upon thousands of cards behind glass casing for the HyperSpace Hyperwars Card game.
>"I know right? Shiny built himself an extensive collection."
>You step into the room, and look around, impressed by your surroundings.
>"I remember you saying you played it. I thought it'd be nice to show you."
This story is going places
File: candy and anon.jpg (40 KB, 736x475) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
candy and anon.jpg
40 KB, 736x475
>Celestia sighs and addresses you while Twilight keeps Cadence distracted a few rooms over
>"What is it THIS TIME, Anonymous?"
>Hey, fuck you, Princess. You didn't ask for this.
"There's been a problem."
>Celestia just glares at you.
>"It seems you've had MANY problems since you two began your.... TREATMENT last week. What could po-"
"She wants to have sex!"
>Celestia looks uncomfortable and sympathetic.
>Luna is trying to hold in her laughter.
>Yeah, laugh it up, Chuckles.
>You swear, some day you are going to shove your fist deep into Luna's disgusting horse anus.
>Celestia breaks out of her reverie and nervously begins to start speaking again.
>"Anonymous, we both know that this is a very... difficult time for Cadence. She is in a very delicate state of mind right now, and we can't afford any misstep that would put her out of commission for any length of time."
>She sighs deeply, and the look in her eyes is of the deepest sorrow.
>You're damned, now, and she knows it.
>"Anonymous, please. For your country. For the people. You have to rut Pri-"
>oh nigger what
>"The doors burst open, and Twilight slams into the opposite wall.
>A pink blur rushes over from the door to you before you have time to blink.
>>"Oh, precious! There you are! I was so, SO worried about you!"
Y'know Anon could be more like Shining, By being dead.
Yea, giving a reality check to a princess is more important than your life or your balls.
> Anon castrates himself just to spite her.
> Lusting for shining dick, she sells the kingdom to Chrystallis , if Chrystallis gives her a changeling in the form of shining.
>Cadence has your chest in a vice-like grip, and she buries her face in the crook of your neck.
>>"Oh, sweetheart! I came out of the bathroom and into our bedroom, but you weren't there! I started panicking and ran out of our room, but Twilight-"
>She growls her sister-in-law's name with malice.
>>"-tried to stop me. I thought that they were going to try to seduce you and take you away from me and our daughter, Shining! I was so scared, and... and...."
>Cadence begins to sob pitifully into your chest, and you look up to Celestia for guidance.
>All Celestia does is mime hugging somebody.
>You pull Cadence into an uncomfortable hug and pat her back.
"Cadence... honey... Nopony is seducing me, alright?"
>Cadence wipes her face on your nice shirt and lifts her head up.
>She's giving you her bedroom eyes.
>>"I can think of a couple of ways for you to prove that, Shiny."
>You don't have a choice, it seems. It looks like you've got to...
>Fuck her right in the pussy.
fucking screen-capped when I was looking for the post image and lost the post-text. the re-write isn't as good.
>She enters as well, brushing a hoof along the glass walls.
>"I thought this game was so silly, but he treated it like a religion.."
>You're too preoccupied with the blue eyes, white sandworm card on display.
>"But now...I wish I had supported him with his hobby like he did in everything for...for me.."
>You can hear the sobs echo in the room.
>You slowly look over your shoulder at the downtrodden mare, who's weeping on the floor.
"Prin--Cadence..please..get back up. Okay?"
>"It's so difficult! E-everything reminds me of him! Everything!!"
>You close the door, and help her up.
"C-c'mon. let's go somewhere else, huh?"
>She allows you to help her up, but intentionally,(from what you can tell) falls onto your legs, causing you to topple over like a tree.
>In the panic you find yourself nose to nose with Cadence.
>"...Your eyes are beautiful..Just like Shiny's."
>Her breath becomes ragged.
"Princess please--"
>"Just Cadence."
>You hold her by the shoulders, and lean back.
"This isn't right. You're still grieving."
>"Wh-what if I wasn't grieving?"
>You look at her incredulously, and scramble to get up.
"Cadence. I'm just your FRIEND. That's all I want to be, and all we SHOULD be."
>She clonks herself on the head,
>"Y-you're right. I'm sorry..I shouldn't have done such a thing."
>You take a deep breath, and put your hands on your hips.
"As long as you understand."
>She looks at you with a weak smile.
>"I do. I understand perfectly."
>She starts to cry.
>"I understand that nopony in this world can replace the gaping hole in my heart! I'M JUST SO UNLOVABLE!!"
>She falls to the floor again, bawling like a child.
"Wait what?! No!"
>You try to get her up to stand up, but she bats you away.
>You freeze, as does she.
"Did you just--?"
>Her lips tremble.
dat filename tho
File: 1452568414156.png (30 KB, 156x177) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 156x177
Oh shit son
> She never loved Shining
> He guilt tripped her into marrying him
> She was taken for a ride but as the princess of love, couldn't do anything about it.
File: image.png (84 KB, 265x298) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 265x298
Just when I thought it couldn't get worse...

The hole Shining left in Cadance's heart is now on par with a black hole.
Plot twist! Story ends with happy feels.
Would Anon be considered a cuck if he ends up raising shinings kid?
>my wife's son doesn't like me
>what do twilight
Nope, Shining is the cuck for losing them to him.
>Wifes son.
Don't do this. My heart desperately needs feels.
you know i've been wondering about something, lets say you have a divorce and end up with a kid and marry someone else with a kid. Does that make you a cuck for raising someone elses kid even though you were already taking care of your own? or does that make you a double McCuck
Cuckolding has become very broad because of 4chan. Cuckolding generally is when your spouse is cheating on you, or when you unwittingly take care of another man's child. I see being cucked as when you take care of a woman's mistake because you don't have a spine and/or a brain. Becoming a father figure out of a sense of duty, and having the genuine respect of both the mother and the child is not being a cuckold.
File: Look at the back.jpg (33 KB, 540x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Look at the back.jpg
33 KB, 540x640
>She looks away guilty.
"Cadence..I'm sorry. I know it's rough right now, and I know it must feel like he's not really gone..."
>She nods, sniffling.
"But, he is. And can't anyone ever replace him. If they could, then it'd mean he wasn't special to you."
>She stops mid rant, and slowly closes her mouth.
"You're hurting right now. I get that. But, it's okay to be sad. Just don't be sad forever..you know?"
>She nods once more wiping her face.
>Feeling like she actually gets it this time, you lean in for a hug. A PLATONIC hug.
>It's returned eagerly.
"There. Feel better?"
>"Y-yes. Thank you Anonymous. I lost myself for a moment there."
"It happens to the best of us Caddy."
>You ruffle her mane, making her crown tip to the side.
>"Stop that! You're mussing up my mane!"
>The two of you share a nice laugh, and rise to your feet.
"So, what else is there to do?"
>"Do you want to meet my favorite baker pony?"
"Sure. Let's get some Scones!"
>You both grin to each other, and exit the collection room.
>She looks a little better after your talk. Here's hoping it's the final talk.
>To be quite honest, shit got really creepy there for a brief moment. She's so hot, and cold!
>Walking past numerous guards, you head outside into the empire city.
>It's shin-
>It's sparkly.
>Various townsponies mull about with neutral expressions on their faces. A vast improvement from Ponyville, and Canterlot.
>A sudden chill flows through the air, making you shiver.
>"Are you okay Anonymous?"
"Y-yeah. It's just suddenly cold."
>"Understandable. We are close to yakyakistan. it is pretty chilly up there."
>You hug your arms together.
>"Here. I figured, I'd have this prepared for you."
>She magics up a red and black jacket, and levitates it over your shoulders, with a smile.
>You slip your arms into the sleeves, and nod in approval.
"It fits like a glove! Pretty warm too!"
>"I'm glad you like it!"
>Cadence's pace falls a little, as you admire the jacket.
>Unaware of what's on the back you continue adjusting it.
"This is awesome! It's so fashionable!"
>"It's perfect on you."
>Shining Armor 23 is printed on it, unbeknownst to you.
>"You're perfect."

That's it for part two. Updating the pastebin.
File: 1433966001379.jpg (78 KB, 456x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 456x320
Well...we know about 22...but what happened to 1-21?
Oh.... oh lord no this cant end well for Shining Armor 0.23
that's her game.
the "Shining Armor" we knew wasn't even the original one! IT'S JUST A TITLE FOR HER LITTLE BOY TOY
Absolute madman
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 2962x2825) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2962x2825
I pray you're being ironic. It's clearly a high school letterman jacket and she's being fucking crazy right now, ignoring what anon said
wow so this mean candance killed shining shit this is scarry lol
yeah, i'm not being serious with this
File: image.jpg (126 KB, 2000x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126 KB, 2000x2000
This picture needs a lamp
>being this stupid
You know what? I'm not gonna even bother insulting you. I'll let someone else tell you
ok i wait for someon else :D
im no chris im jayin akhilesh
How does it feel knowing that you took the bait?
>Cuckolding has become very broad because of 4chan
As have "edgy", "autism", "fedora", and a whole entire host of le ebin buzzwords that newfags have run into the fucking ground.
Did you draw this?
File: 1425769741124.gif (422 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
422 KB, 640x480
>Shining Armor 23
>post number ends in 23

Was that planned? If not, holy shit
File: 1418167584364.jpg (23 KB, 234x321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
23 KB, 234x321
we need more art like this
Feels bad, man.
File: webley.jpg (90 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 640x480
>she sits by me, inconsolable with grief
"What happened, your majesty"
>through sobs, she replies
"Sh-shining armor! H-h-h-he w-ww-wa-was sh-shsh-shot. We were just sitting, a-a-a-ann-and--we www-ww-were in the royal box--we were wwwww-ww-watching the race. Aann-d then there were loud bangs. Ththth-the guards were dead, there was smoke everywhere. I cccc-cc-couldn't find Shining--and whwhwh-when I did, there was...a...a hh-hhole...and blblbl-bl-ood everywhere...and...he was rushed here...and now...now...he's...he's
>she can't bring herself to say it and continues sobbing uncontrollably.
>in a comforting tone, I say
"Shhh...shhh, it's alright, it's alright. I'm sorry for your loss. Where I come from, Shining Armor would have been regarded as a great man. Does Twilight know?"
>her sobbing finally subsides
"I--I don't--I've gotten several scrolls from her asking--it's all over the news--I haven't returned any of them. It would crush her."
>in a stiffening tone
"I find the best way to begin the grieving process is to talk it out; I suggest calling her here."
>I take her to her private suite in the castle, and have her sit at her desk.
>We have our backs turned to one another; she is sitting at her desk, and I am looking out the window.
>I hear the *puff* sound of a scroll being sent and unhook the holster of pic related that's underneath my coat.
"I summoned Twilight, she should be here soon. I didn't say anything, this is something that needs to be said in person."
>still looking out the window
"These are trying times, your majesty, but I assure you we will catch your husband's assassin."
"Thank you, Anon, but I don't even know where to start looking. For the past two years we've done everything together. Without him I...I...I feel
>she begins sobbing again
>I bring her head against my chest, comforting her.
"I am terribly sorry, your majesty. But I have a confession to make."
"And what's that? Do you know who did it?"
"Yes, in fact I do."
File: q9UyZuM_.jpg (84 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 512x512
File: 1434232826994.png (3 MB, 886x1389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 886x1389
Fuck me this picture makes my heart hurt.

>"Anon, please."
>"Let me in, Anon. I just want to feel something again."
Keked hard
File: 1423172845434.jpg (43 KB, 500x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 500x371
oh shit shes gonna go apeshit
Kono Dio da!
Muda Da!
>this thread

Holy shit
File: hey anon.jpg (25 KB, 300x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hey anon.jpg
25 KB, 300x444

Soshite toki wa ugoki desu
File: At-the-window.jpg (10 KB, 361x295) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 361x295
>Anon, I want to feel something.
Hell, I had part two typed out already, but I might as well leave it at that.
Should we make a second thread after we reach the bump limit?

Why did I take part in this? I'm the cancers, now.
Ah, that's good.

Not only you, pal.
Sure. Thats ride didnt stop yet, writefag still alive (I suppose)
File: 1452126209149.gif (173 KB, 303x186) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
173 KB, 303x186
>Anon is the kind of faggot to take shit from some queer half his size.

Don't go down this road.
The actual grieving cycle takes six years from loss to resolution.
You'd think that with all of their magic there'd be a spell to help get over the grieving and such.
>faggot white horse
Show some respect for the dead, asshole.
He got further with her than you ever will.
No, no, continue. I just saw the perfect opening and I went for it.
This is like when Neil Armstrong died all over again. The "moon landings are fake!" faggots came out of the woodworks when they heard the news.
I don't think any sort of spell to block the natural process of mourning the dead would end particularly well.
File: webleypt2.jpg (4 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 259x194
>with the most soulless whisper uttered since 1994
"I killed your husband"
>I back away, Cadance is frozen with shock that quickly bleeds into fury
>She prepares to strike, but I draw pic related out before she is able to.
>the life in her eyes fades almost as fast as the flash from my pistol
>Twilight calls out from the main room
"Cadance? Cadance, you called for me?"
>she enters with Spike to find the seen and is visibly confused
>from the shadows, I train my sights for her forehead
"Come out, you coward!"
"If you say so."
>I leap out from behind a tapestry with an iron candlestick.
>I hit Twilight across the forehead, knocking her unconscious.
>Spike manages to tackle me, pic related skids across floor.
>both of us scramble for the pistol
>he reaches it first, but I charge him as he tries to figure it out.
>I pull a knife and stab him in the shoulder, then go for pic related.
>pick up the gun and aim it at his forehead
>Twilight comes to, sees both Cadence and Spike dead, and makes a half-conscious attempt to strike me
>misses and hits the wall behind me, blowing a hole in it.
>hear foal crying in nursery
>walk to the door, three shots left
>I kick in the door, only foal is there
Pastebin link?
File: 1390732298455.jpg (341 KB, 574x850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
341 KB, 574x850
Cmon Anon... who wouldn't try to cheer up the Princess of Love? She's also a beautiful pony! Clear the raincloud over her head, hopefully the write-friend succeeds at that.
> first person
> Le edgy
File: 1451594400869.png (2 MB, 2479x1328) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2479x1328
File: 1448264434830.jpg (156 KB, 800x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156 KB, 800x1136
I don't waste my time on used goods.
Where is our writefriend?
My guess is sleeping after a day at work.
>pull out cellular phone (I can't believe these even work here) and index card with number on it
>Dial number
>rings for about a minute and connects
>Female voice answers
"Hello? Who is this."
>I reply dryly
"This is Anon."
>a sigh of relief breaks over phone
"Is it handled? I can't believe we had to stoop to violence to work this one out."
>looking over the four dead changelings
"It's handled, though don't count your chickens before they hatch, your highness. The blood of these agents of the Queen are on my hands, and since you contracted me, it is on yours as well. The Queen will not look kindly on your ruse, nor my involvement. In the mean time, I trust that you are safe."
"Yes, we are safe."
"And how's the captain?"
"He suffered a cracked rib from your *little* bomb and my hearing is just now coming back, but Twilight managed to protect us. How did you know the guards were changelings, too?"
"I can't explain it, exactly, but a quote from 'Jaws' comes to mind...'lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eye'...nevermind. Stay hidden until I make contact again. And I expect my payment"
>a slight pause
"Oh, yes, of course. 40,000 bits in the steel case you gave us, left in the pastrie oven in the main kitchen."
>I turn toward the window
"Then my work here is done."
"Yes, and thank you."
>she hangs up
>outside the window, a large swarm of ~10000 changelings is rapidly approaching the Crystal Empire's gates
>the whole empire is swarming with dug-in royal guards and human military units.
"Hmm-hmm. Yes, indeed."
Please, please come back
Probably sleeping.

Patience Anon, patience.
dude. stop. this sucks. like literally sucks. stop trying to be edgy and cool.
>puts on fedora and ray band sun glasses
U wot m8?
this is my final words
goodbye faggots
F ;_;7
File: image.png (403 KB, 781x724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
403 KB, 781x724
It was http://pastebin.com/u/Schwartzanigger but writefriend did not upload part 2 yet. Let's hope he has stronger survival instincts than Shining and is alive still
I call thee CrystalJazz
>You really like this jacket
>It's wool and even has a hood on it.
>It has buttons, and even pockets on the insides.
>It seems whoever made this took their time on it.
>You notice Princess Cadence had stopped walking.
>You turn around to see her eyeing you.
"Princess, is everything okay?"
>She quickly makes eye contact
>"Oh! yes! I...um... was just thinking of..things."
>You cock a eyebrow
"Anything you want to talk about?"
>"Oh It's nothing important. Shall we continue?"
>You and the princess walk together to Cadences favorite bakery.
>Talking about several different topics.
>Everytime you would think she was about to bring up Shining Armor you would quickly fake a story to interrupt her
>The whole thing was still a little awkward yet relieving that she is seeming to get over his death.
>The weird thing was. Every time you would bring up a story about anything involving Twilight, her sister-in-law, she would give you short answers and seem not into the conversation
>At times she even seemed..disgusted.
>But you were more disgusted at Cadence.
>But you had to keep your cool. You needed to keep the Princess of love Pre-occupied.
>You had to help the princess...but you also needed to keep from anypony thinking anything is going on between you two.
>You finally reach the Bakery, Sugar cube Corner.
>You open the door for Cadence and she thanks you
>The place was filled with a couple ponies.
>But one that stood was Twilight.
>"Cadence! Oh my Celestia! Where have you been I've been worried sick about you!"
>Twilight leaves her friends, who you recognize as Rainbow dash, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie.
>You waive to them and they raise their hooves at you
>"Don't worry Young Twilight, Anon her has been helping through whole ordeal. I'm very grateful for his kindness and understanding"
>She looks up to you as you say this
>You rub the back of your head and laugh nervously.
>"Actually,I spent the other night at...."
>>"Actually,I spent the other night at...."
File: image.png (71 KB, 280x261) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 280x261
>"Actually,I spent the other night at...."

High impact sexual violence
Lets see if she exaggerates it in order to assert dominance in her imaginary lovers triangle with Twilight
>He's still trying to steal the story
Do you want the story that bad?
>"Actually,I spent the other night at...."
the only way Anon can get out of this one is through the sweet release of death
Oh no..
Something does seem a bit off about
>crystal empire
>sugar cube corner
Geography wise is off as fug, but as long as it's the same writefag I could care less. This anon's writing is based
ur right i fucked it up ;-;
Here's the updated pastebin. I was so tired, I fell asleep last night. I apologize for the tardiness.
I most certainly tried. Glad to see I got it right for once.
Yes I did
The current additions are not me just in case anyone is confused.
what do you think of them?
honesty i think they are ruining the story
All I ask is that he makes it known he's not me. If he wants to do his side thing that's fine. I'd prefer not using a trip or namefag when I draaw or write as I find the cancerous when you're not contributing.
Letterman jackets don't have hoods
>Sugarcube corner
>Twilight suddenly in the empire
>Anon has started calling the Princess by her name

There's so many errors in this one post alone, anyone who would believe this is the original writefag has to be hella stupid, autistic, and gullible as shit. My god. Let's count the retards kids!
File: why.jpg (9 KB, 264x191) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Flash Sentry
>Captain of the Guard
Where is the REAL writefriend?
I swear he did it only to see if he could get away with it.
Don't be bronies.
But anon, this shit is starting to confuse me as to who is writing where!
if you can't honestly read,and tell the difference between the writing styles then maybe the real wriefriend should go.
>unbeknownst to everyone Shining Armor is Alive
>The Bugbear only mauled him shy of the point of death
>Flash Sentry Seeing the opportunity to become both Captain of the Guard and a potential suitor to Cadance, left Shinning for dead in the wilderness
>Now with Anon seemingly moving closer to the Princess, Flash Sentry's plans are falling apart.
>Meanwhile out in the woods Shining is slowly regaining his strength and making his way back to the Crystal empire to confront his treacherous Lieutenant
>Oblivious Anon stands at ground zero, he just doesn't realize it yet
>The Revenant with Shining Armor
Yes please.
>Shining gets back
>it's pandemonium
>he goes full on Odysseus
>Flash is kill
>anon manages to DODGE long enough to explain he wasn't trying to woo Cadence
>Cadence gets the talking to of a lifetime
>ponies tell stories of this scolding
>Shiny gets all the Hyperspace Hyperwars for the rest of eternity
>anon gets financial security for the rest of his life for his troubles
>anon and twilight get to live happily ever after
File: image.jpg (80 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 600x600

Both need to happen
More Yandere Cadence pictures?
Yes please
is it dead?
But Mysterious writefriend, can you finish this story?
Allow Dr Robotnik to use his Pingas to make her happy
Probably at work and can't write/post from there easily because...working.

But I don't waaana wait
File: 1395968114201.png (143 KB, 900x506) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 900x506
While we wait, have a picture of how Candy looked when Anon put on the jacket
>Cadance turns into my grandma.
Well shit.
Now I'm picturing an old Cadance, looking like Granny Smith.

>>"What did you say there sonny? O'course I'm the princess of love, here, let me get my walker and I'll show you all about love."
>Implied gerontophilia
This could go places
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, GMilf of Love.
Princess Celestia raises the sun.

Princess Luna raises the moon.

Princess Cadance raises the stallions' attention.
Is writefag dead?
Best guess is that writefag is at work, they did say they were tired last night and I'm guessing they're busy at work so not writing.
File: LOL.jpg (3 KB, 124x124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fucking kek
there was a comic like that.
Please based writefag, don't be dead.
Have the fake wriefag write?
Let's post some green of our own! Don't just fucking stand there and wait. I would make some green myself, but I just tried for about 15 minutes and it looked like shit.
Post it

You can't be bullied here anyway
Mine's shit (revolvers) and I posted it anyway. This is what this site was meant for.
fake writefriend here. I'm sorry for confusing everyone and fucking up the story on the last post. I actually tried to do my research but i guess i didnt go deeper. the only reason i did it was because real writefriend was taking sooo loooong to write so I thought i would try to carry it along

I'm gunna admit my writing is shit, lol, so I'm gunna stop. let writefriend do his thing and enjoy the rest of it.
well, instead of piggybacking on the regular writefriend, how about starting your own thing?
Getting close ti the bump limit
I'm going to admit that when I start a story. I stop halfway through because I cant seem to find any more interest in writing in that particular story. I have dozens of unfinished EQG fanfics and mlp in my word folder. I have the time to write. I'm currently unemployed and I'm only going to one class a day so really I dont do anything all day. Idk. but im sorry for confusing you guys.
File: image.jpg (205 KB, 3000x1688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I'm currently unemployed
>I don't do anything all day
Sorry for that nothing personal kid
File: GetFile.aspx.jpg (48 KB, 600x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I'm currently unemployed and I'm only going to one class a day
well aren't you just a huge winner
Normalfags, all of you.

I'd say you should work on your spelling and grammar first, before you start thinking about seriously writing. Don't know if you're a fellow Burgerstani, but I think it's safe to assume you are considering probability and whatnot. Learn your native language. It's really not hard; just lots of reading and rote memorization until basic conventions are internalized. Reading is the most important part. Read a lot of books. Not badly-written fanfiction, actual books. S'what worked for me, anyways.
So is the story dead?
ok i can see where you think im some creepy no life lol. But were going off topic here
Don't worry m8 I just wanted to bust your balls a bit. We're all friends!
Now say it with me gang
i used to read alot of books but then i just stopped as i got older. I'm 18 now and i think the last book I fully read was like Gregor the overlander

Is burgerstani suppose to be some sort of representation of an American? Because yea I'm American. I didn't really think my spelling and grammar are bad. I just dont proof read is all to check for mistakes.
>Is burgerstani suppose to be some sort of representation of an American?
Holy shit you're new as hell, ain'tcha?

And yes, your grammar is pretty bad. Spelling could use a little work, but there were around fifteen and twenty grammatical/conventional mistakes in that post alone. Do proof read. Proof read a LOT. That's how you make it habit, how you internalize it.
*fifteen TO twenty
I should have proofread my own post more gooder, 'twould seem.
Life is too stort to be a cunt, Anon

>You are Anon, and this isn't your bedroom.
>Well, not TECHNICALLY, anyway.
>But who really cares, at this point?
>Not the Princesses.
>"Help the Kingdom," they said.
"See the world," they said.
>"Keep her sane for a few weeks," they said.
>A few weeks.
>It's been three FUCKING years and you're still just this faggot with dyed-blue hair and a porcelain horn magicked onto his forehead.
>It was fine at first.
>Cadence pretends that you're her late husband, Shining Armour; she uses you as a crutch until her mental state would allow her to deal; and you go home with your finances taken care of for the rest of your life.
>Simple, right?
>That was until Cadence wanted sex.
>"Surely," you thought.
>"Surely, she will see my monkey dick and will be repulsed."
>All you got out of THAT reveal was "Oh Shining, how did you know THAT was my fetish!?"
>Who knew xenophilia got the Princess of Love hot under the collar?
>After that, things went down-hill.
>You're pretty sure that Cadence was lucid not long after her human-dicking.
>Going above and beyond the average 30-40 second-mark with your cock probably clued her in that something was wrong, but she wasn't about to give up pleasure like what you could provide.
>Then her daughter was born.
>Guess what HER first words were?
>Guess who got CALLED "daddy"?
>That's right; this guy right here.
>The princesses very awkwardly explained to you that you were in too deep to pull out now.
>They promised you a Prince's life, filled with luxury as such that you would never want for anything.
>That kind of softened the blow.
>Fast-forward to today
>You have a loving wife who has probably come to terms with her husband's death and has just moved on to you; a beautiful "daughter" who loves to play with her "daddy"; and a sister who sometimes slips up and talks you to about something she and Shining did ten years ago.
>Overall, not bad.
>You are Anon, and you're gonna stop without an ending.
>You are Anon, and you're gonna stop without an ending.
I feel some malicious vibes off that last part... writefag kinda deserves it for not delivering
That's why I didn't really want to post it. I had the gist of it, but I couldn't for the life of me think of an ending.
nice dubs, also why cant anyone think of an ending for this story? I mean dont look at me I dont intend on writing this shit but you'd think an ending would be a given either Anon either gets stuck being a stand in for SA or Cadence goes insade or Cadence snaps out of it and moves on with her life and realizes she's already loved and doesn't need to look for it else where
Life's too short to live it without improvement
>No one reads his RL updates
I'm gonna have to call bullshit on this. He's said several times he's working, but he will update. Most of us knew it, so saying "HE WAS TAKING SOOOO LONG LOL" is just a shitty excuse. You were trying to steal his story, and shitpost the thread you fuckboi.
>'m gunna admit my writing is shit, lol, so I'm gunna stop.
why not do your own thing? The writing was still solid, and you aren't going to improve if you stop trying
No. I was not. How you stop lurking and actually contribute?
>You are Anon, and you're gonna stop without an ending.
Perfect. Absolutely fucking perfect. Brava, anon.
moar yes this is good.
I'm going racist, it will be fucked up, but praise me if i fall.
>Not this shit again.
"Yes, Shinning? What is it, honey?"
>Shinning; not Shining.
>Cadence somehow got the idea into her head that adding an extra 'n' somewhere in the middle would make her husband's name more feminine.
>"Whycome you don't look like me?"
>And they say the youth of today is stupid.
"That's because... uhh... Daddy... is going to get you some ice cream! Would you like that, Shinning?!"
>"Yay! Ice cream!"
>You take that back.
>You scoop your daughter up into your arms and walk down to the royal kitchens.
>For all the bullshit you put up with in your new position, raising Shinning is probably the least-bullshitty thing there is.
>You honestly wouldn't trade her for anything.
>You are Anonymous and you are preparing everything to one of you human traditions.
>Pinkie seems happy that you decided to share something from your world to them,
>Twilight jumped to the oportunity to learn.
>Rarity insisted to help with the decorations.
>So outherworld traditions needs the best she can give.
>Fluttershy, came to help, it is good to see her.
>Rainbow Dash, always trying to be the best is helping too.
>She find the tables to make this.
>What tradition are you doing?
>It is a surprise.
>It mid-day, and the sun is in it's point.
>You get a book of botanics and wrid magic from Twilight.
>You get to the Everfree forest and to a patch of the plants you need thanks to Zecora.
>She is getting weird very time you see her.
>She even said to you that " the flowers that you seek are in bloom, but take care, the will bring you doom".
>Then closed her door and chantings were heard from the inside.
>But whatever.
>You are happy now.
>You find more than enough to make this plan works.
>Here is called Tropical Marygold
>But you remember it from the name that your grand grandma called it.
" Yep, cempasĂșchil"
>Everything is falling to a T.
>You have the plates to light the candles and keep them and you safe.
>You have the fruit, some booze, salt and pepper.
>Pinkie will bring the candy skulls and some materials to decorate them, yum!
>Rarity the mantels and decorations
>Rainbow the tables.
>Applejack some apples and booze.
>You can't have enough booze.
>Fluttershy, Twilight and Spike will be helping too.
>With everyones help, you will be before dinner.
>You are Anon and for the first time since grand-grandMa died, you are going to celebrate The Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos).
>This will be fun!
Too lazy to continue, will be back tomorow night.
Come back anon
You can blame it all on me
>Two years pass
>Cadance, guilty for her near-infidelity, becomes more recluse, only emerging from her chambers for official duties
>Anon tries to get her to come out, not for romance, but to try to get her back to her old self.
>Flash continues to make more romantic advances
>After two years of this, tensions between Anon and Flash come to a head
>fist (hoof?) fight in main foyer
>Door opens
>Shining walks in
>wtfface.jpg @ everyone
>Insert Odyssey Books 22-23
>that you would never want for anything

>you stand in front of that princess Sunbutt
>dead pain on your face
>"Anything, yeah? Huh. The only thing i wish is leave"
Keeping the dream alive
I kinda want to write... though I have a total asshole Anon in mind. One that mirrors the womyn of todays world...
Go ahead, it'll be fun
Writefriend please comeback and finish this >>26080223
File: hqdefault.jpg (13 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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His pingas shall make her happy forever
>red and black jacket
Shit, why did I think of King Sombra?
File: 1422480130370.jpg (75 KB, 680x984) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 680x984
because edgy?
Was super exhausted last night. Will update today
yay! based writefriend returns!
Pls do
Getting closer to the bump limit
Writefriend please do
page 10 bump
"The empire is absolutely gorgeous."
>You do a quick spin taking it all in with a somewhat joyful grin.
>Cadence giggles at your display.
>"I knew you would like it Anonymous. Could you see yourself living here?"
>She stutters a bit.
>"I-I said could you see yourself visiting here again?"
>Was that seriously what she said?
>Not wanting to "stir the pot", you disregard the first question, rubbing the back of your head.
"Well, sure. It's a pretty nice place. Things are a little down right now, but I bet when it really gets going, it's amazing."
>"It is! We even hosted the Equestrian Games once!"
"I-I don't know what that is.."
>She smiles.
>"It's like a series of sporting events for representatives from all over Equestria. Shining was the..."
>She starts to tear up again, as you walk.
"H-hey! So how about that bakery you love so much!"
>She looks up at you with a weak smile.
>"Okay..Let me show you."
>Crisis averted.
>You talk about things like the crystal heart faire, and how Spike saved the empire.
>Little Spike saving an entire kingdom. You could hardly believe it.
>You both get a few greetings from passing ponies--well Cadence was greeted by passing Glass Ponies that is. You just got funny looks, and a wide berth.
>It's not like you can eat a crystal pony or something. Jesus!
>Soon enough a colorful building came into view.
>"Sweet tooth Bakery". Where all your Sweet dreams come true.
"That's laying it on a bit thick, don't you think?"
>"That's why I love it! Their cakes are out of this world! Like a dream~Isn't it romantic?"
>She makes butterfly kisses at you.
"A-aha ha..?"
>She trots forward, and opens the door for you.
>"Strapping stallions first."
"Still not a pony Cadence."
>She giggles, her eyes giving off this dead expression, despite her smile.
>You're getting a bad feeling again.
The hive welcomes you.
File: 1429580958275.jpg (111 KB, 735x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 735x960
wew lad this gon' be interesting
balls deep into the museum all the way into the ballpit!
File: 1452438235168.gif (1 MB, 200x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 200x254
Moar pls

Though maybe start a new thread since this ones almost at its limit
>You head into the Bakery, relishing the vibrant aromas of baking bread, and pastries galore.
>The inside looks empty of all life besides Cakes, and Pies on display.
"...Where is everybody?"
>Cadence looks around, and trots to the front counter, knocking her hoof upon it a couple times.
>In comedic fashion, a blue pony in a chef hat pops up, her purple mane sticking out from the sides.
>"Princess! It's good to see you!"
>She smiles widely at Cadence, but gives you a look of unease.
>"Hello Healthy Candy. It's good to see you too."
>"You and your husband used to come everyday! I missed you!"
>Ooh. She just said the forbidden word.
>Healthy hangs her head, holding her hat to her chest.
>"Bless his soul. He was taken from us much too soon."
>Cadence closes her eyes as if deep in thought.
>You clear your throat.
"S-so Healthy Candy! I'm new to the city! Wh-what do you recommend?"
>Both ponies look at you with deadpan expressions.
>You scratch the back of your head.
>"O-oh..right..you're customers."
>Cadence holds up a hoof.
>"Yes. Please give us the "usual"?"
>She looks from her to you.
>"The usual? With him?"
>Okay, what the fuck is the usual? And why is it so unbelievable that it's with you?
>Cadence leans in with an urgent look.
The "usual" sounds delicious
File: 1426628931688.jpg (65 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 512x512
Oh boy, this is going to end well.
>The "usual"