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>You are Flutter Shy
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The true name.png
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>You are Flutter Shy
>And it's such a beautiful day outside
>The birds chirp their happy little songs, the wildlife happily prance about, and the bugs call about eagerly
>As you walked through the serine woods you heard something strange
>You look around for any ponies near-by but there were none
"O-okay guys, if this is a prank- i-it's a good one..." you say timidly as try to find the source of the strange sound
>Nervously you pick up your pace
>But suddenly you spot what was making that noise
>It looked like a strange monkey, was it sick?
>And it was wearing... clothing?
"Hello? Are you okay?" you ask as your heart slows back down
>The hairless monkey responds with nothing but a groan
>It must be hurt, it looks as if it is trying to get up
>You briskly walk over to the poor thing and help it up- to your surprise it stands straight up
>It shifts it's weight onto you for a moment to catch it's balance
>You weren't sure what kind of monkey this was... but then it spoke
>"C-can I rest for a little? My head hurts..." it says as the expression on your face changes from worry to shock
>It can even talk
>"Ugh, my name is Chara." it says while you stand there wondering what to do next
tbqh genocide route was the moral best imho & mrl
Please commit an genocide route on yourself, this board is not for undermeme.
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I like Undertale but, this is pure garbage.
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>sans also found his way into Equestria that day
>You can hear the beating of your heart as you come to.
>Upon opening your eyes, the brightness of the vast sky above fills your vision.
>It was almost too much to take in at once so you closed them once more.
>Sitting up, you reopen your eyes once more and use your hands as a shield from the harsh light above temporarily.
>Where are you?
>As you look around you notice you were laying in a bed of various flowers midst a rather large field.
>The trees seem to go on forever.
>You get up and notice your shorts and your favorite shirt are dirty.
>After taking a moment to brush them off you proceed to walk aimlessly in a direction
>No sense in just staying there.
>Time for a little adventure!
>Of course not knowing exactly where you are is a little bit frightening.
>Not a being in sight to even say hello too...
>Your stomach starts growling.
>You look around thinking a plate of food might be somewhere near by.
>Awww, who are you kidding. You wish something like that could just happen.
>Looking up at the tree, you noticed that they have apples on them.
>Actually all the trees around you have apples on them.
>Your small being could never reach them from the ground.
>Only one thing to do...
>Try to climb and obtain some delicious apples!
>The thought of this action and succeeding fills you with DETERMINATION.
>monsters attack you
>you defend yourself
>this isn't the best method
Never got this
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garbage day!.jpg
46 KB, 1259x680
>Slowly but surely you make your way up into the tree.
>Just don't look down and focus on those red and juicy looking apples.
>You're up at the branches not it's time for the hard part.
>Making your way on the branch to obtain them.
>Something in the back of your head says you might get hurt if you attempt this.
>But right now you were hungry.
>Time to do this in the safe way possible.
>Lay on the branch and sluggishly move your way toward the prize!
>Easier said than done.
>The slight shaking of the branch wasn't helping.
>Almost there...
>An apple is now just within an arms reach!
>Without any more thought you hastily grab it and move back a little to the thicker part of the branch.
>You sit yourself up on the branch and look at your award for your effort.
>You smile and proceed to take a bite.
>Only to stop once a loud thud sends the whole tree violently shaking.
>Apples everywhere started falling....
>...along with you.
>You let out a scream, closed your eyes, and clutched the only thing you have gotten in this world.
>You was gonna hit the ground and get hurt real badly.
>Except the ground never made contact.
>You landed in something, but aren't exactly sure.
>It still hurt, but probably nothing compared to the ground.
>Feels like you fell into some lumpy ball pit.
>You can hear something speak.
>"What in tarnation was that?"
>You open your eyes again to see light pouring out the seams of the all the lumpy spheres that covered you.
>The seams of light got bigger as something was digging you out.
>Completely uncovering you, you are met with a rather strange thing.
>It's a talking monster!
>Well, monster is somewhat of a mean word. It's looks like a pony though.
>It's a talking pony!
>"Little fella, are ya okay?"
>You give a slight nod, still holding the apple you got earlier tightly in your small hands.
>She lets out a sigh of relief and helps you out of the thing you fell into.
>"Yer mighty lucky that I had this cart where it is. Don't know what would've happened if it wasn't."
>You look at the object and see that it was a big huge cart for apples!
>Which your stomach reminds you again that you're hungry....
>Looking at the apple you grabbed earlier, you proceed to eat it as if you hadn't eaten in days.
>The pony proceeds to talk to you once more
>"Did ya get up there all by yourself?"
>You had your face stuffed with apple right now so all you could do was look and smile.
>She gave a slight chuckle.
>"Well, if I got here sooner maybe ya'll wouldn't have had to do that."
>After finishing off the apple, she starts questioning you.
>"Are ya parent's anywhere around?"
>All you can do is just look down and kick a foot at the dirt
>"Don't tell me ya'll ran away from home now."
>You look back up and shake your head.
"I-I don't know where I am..."
>"Well, I'm not gonna leave you out here. So you can come back with me to the house."
So begins the tale of an Undertale-esque MLP story. I know that there isn't a whole lot of love for the topic on this board, but that doesn't stop anyone from making a story.
what do you think? only fucking faggots think self defense isn't the best or at the very least an obligation
>You sense a feeling of warmth from this pony.
>She straps herself in front of the cart and motions toward the cart.
>"Go ahead and hop back in, we got a little ways to go."
>You use one of the wheels to step stool your way back onto the top of the apple cart.
>"You can also help yerself to any more apples if ya'll want."
>Smiling, you pick an apple up and proceed to munch on it.
>The ride was long, but fun. And it seems to be getting somewhat late.
>"Well, we're here!"
>You get out of the cart carefully, feet dangling off the side, before gently landing on the ground.
>The house looks rather old, but sturdy.
>She walks up the stairs and proceeds to look at you.
>"You're more than welcome here. I'll just let the folks know we're havin' a guest tonight."
>"Oh an' I haven't even told ya my name after all this time! The name's Applejack!"
>You look around and see all the interesting things that are around the house.
>"Heh, you don't have to come in right away but don't wander off too far now."
>You give her a nod and wander around the outside of the house.
>Behind the house, appears to be a rather large barn.
>There is also a pile of hay not too far from the front either.
>You decide to play in the hay a little bit.
>While playing, you think about what else this world holds.
>It makes you determined to find out.
>You hear the door to the house open.
>Stopping your rolling around and laying belly first you look in the direction of the house.
>"Haha, ya havin' fun there sugarcube?"
>You flash a smile and proceed to get up from the pile of hay.
>"Well, why don't ya'll come in. Everyone wants to meet ya."
>You nod and proceed to go toward the stairs and into the house.
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Your thread takes away my determination.
This combination fills me with...
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Fucking saved.
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Sorry, forgot it was genderfluid.
Chara is he, Frisk is she.
Chara gives the dicking-
Frisk takes the dicking.
You don't like it? Fuck your head-canon then.
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I hope you continue
bump for Undertale story.
>Upon entering you see that there are three others who live in this small house.
>The smallest of them, who's pretty much your height comes over to you.
>"Hey there, nice to meetcha!"
>The big red colored one simply looks at you with a slight smile on his face.
>There is also a really older one rocking in a chair and looks at you.
>"Well, don't be shy now make yerself at home little 'un."
>Applejack speaks to the others.
>"Ah found 'im while bucking for apples today. Fell from one of the trees I kicked. Just glad I was there at the time."
>The small one proceeds to ask you stuff.
>"So where'd you come from? You aren't a pony. Did you get lost?"
>Applejack gives her a pat on the head.
>"Now now, Applebloom. They just got here. Why don't you save those questions for later?"
>"Alright... Oh I know! Come on! I'll show you the house!"
>Applebloom tugs at the arm of your shirt with her teeth to get you to follow her.
>Meanwhile, Applejack and the other two are having conversation.
>"Heh, kids will be kids. Right, Big Mac?"
>"Tomorrow I'll have to tell Twilight about this. She might know more about it than me."
>"Ah mean they look like one of those humans and all, but they don't seem like a bad sort."
>She shakes her head.
>"Ah well, guess that'll be for tomorrow then."
>Meanwhile in Applebloom's room.
>"And this is my room! It's nothing too fancy, but I play with my other friends here sometimes, but we often go to our clubhouse."
>You move on over to the toy box.
>In it there seems to be just a few toys.
>The toy train caught your eye.
>However, the sound of Applejack's voice stopped you from reaching and playing with the toy.
>"Dinner's ready!"
>Maybe next time.
>You and Applebloom make your way to the dining area.
>However, there is only enough seats for four.
>Applejack notices this and looks around the room.
>"Errr... hold on now I'll get something."
>After being gone for a moment she brings back a small stool and sits it at the end.
>"Sorry, but this was all I could find for ya."
>She puts her hoof on your head and gives you a slight pet.
>"You go on and sit and I'll take care of ya. Ok?"
>You nod and proceed to sit down at the table.
>Looked like tonight was a soup night for them.
>Everyone got a bowl of vegetable soup.
>It wasn't too bad.
>After dinner it was getting late and it got really dark outside.
>Applejack gets up and gets the bowls for everyone.
>"Well, guess it's time to hit the hay."
>She looks at you and gives a slight chuckle.
>"Oh yeah, say Applebloom. Ya don't mind if he sleeps in your room with you for the night?"
>"Sure! I don't mind."
>Everyone sure is nice to you.
>Both you, Applebloom, and Applejack make your way into Applebloom's room.
>Applebloom makes her way onto one side of the bed and you on the other.
>This bed is kind of big, even for a kid!
>Applejack makes sure both of you are tucked in before making her way to the door.
>"G'night you two."
>"G'night sis."
>You look up over to see Applejack.
"Good night."
>After she leaves you turn over and close your eyes.
>You wonder what tomorrow will bring...

This is all I'm doing for the night. I got a few ideas as where to take this. If this thread dies, which is a high possibility, then I'll simply make another thread when I got some ample amount of content typed up.

Stop this before it begins.
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What's wrong guys? It's almost like Undertale is becoming the new MLP...
The name you choose at the beginning of the game is for the first child that fell down that was killed. the one that comes after is frisk who is female and that's the character you play.
>inb4 Chara meets Pinkie
>inb4 Pinkie becomes her good/evil? Not sure what you're going for here counterpart because of Pinkie Sense being her equivalent of Determination
>inb4 Pinkie abuses her ability to Save to give Chara a taste of her own medicine
Thread replies: 29
Thread images: 11
Thread DB ID: 394253

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