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Daring Do and the search for Santa Claus
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This is a collection of various posts from the /mlp/ community and Were not done yet. We still need more posts to fill up the rest of the book.

We still need a huge inmprovment on the cover

Drop box https://www.dropbox.com/s/5d2j4l4mfcvmup0/Daring%20do%20and%20the%20search%20of%20santa.docx?dl=0

Last post >>26060033
And so, Glimmer reinserted the hyper dildo into her vagina once more. She groaned. She moaned. She even made some silly faces. Soon, though, a new dildo fell out.
"There," said Glimmer, "now the elf can use the dildo homing device!"
They got all set up once more, and the elf begins wanking it to a picture of Santa they all had to have. MAGIC. The dildi begins levitating and flying through the air.
"Let's follow that dildo!" Daring yelled. "ikimashou!"
Daring's weeaboo side triggered Tracy, and the constant fighting led to many cops pulling them out of the sky for alcohol tests. However, our heroes still managed to follow the dildo to Santa in Rio.
Bunp u faggets
"Rio of Haynero, we did it!" yelled glimmer, doing her fag jump
"stop that insult to the show, we need to find santa" said daring
"okay" replied glimmer, "let's see.... we need to find the place where the dildo landed"
"whatever, coltbana will be fun anyway" said tracy
in coltbana, they had a lot of fun:
they fuck some niggers, tracy kills some criminals in the low areas, and glimmer enjoy the equal fun of the carnival
after that, they took some mango smoothies.
the elf just fucked around trying to find his old boss
Whilst giving 20 simultaneous blowjobs at once, Daring began to suffocate from a lack of oxygen, or whatever ponies breath. She wasn't one to give up, but her lungs sure did. I'm a moments notice, the slut passed out, scrapping her teeth against the many dicks as gravity told hold.
she woke up later tied up
a gang took her prisoner
"why always ropes and chairs? i miss when it was me, azuthoil, the kitties...."
in a moment, she imagine the day both of them stop their differences
>gif related
she wishes now that dick was penetrating her
"well, i wonder where the girls went"
night bump
keep going with the ideas
Daring then bumped the thread
Back with Tracy and Glimmer, they had found their way into another bar. A gay bar. A really, really gay bar. Also, they were both wasted beyond belief. But even in their drunken state, they noticed a strange absence.
"EQUAL EQUAL EQUAL EQUAL," explained Daring
Tracy just started at her, ready to fall right over, lips partially open.
glimmer throw up all the drinks
"so, clean yet?"
"equality.... blegh"
"i'll take it as a yes"
Not enough dicks and dildos on that cover
and now, we go with our elf
"well, if i remember, the place was in hmmmm... and then i go to.... finally, i must mnmnmn... i wish i had something to find that.... wait"
>he takes one of glimmer's dildos
>he makes sure no one is seeing, and shove it up his ass
>while he knew the reindeers's sizes, was his first time with a horse
>he felt how the flare was masaging his prostate
>as he fuck himself with the dildo. he started jerking off like a mad man
>when he reach climax, the dildo flew out his ass to santa's, but the afterglow leave him in a mess
>his body falled, beated by the best orgasm he ever had
>some other dildos falled from his backpack
".... maybe i can try a few more times"
The elf was so busy pleasuring himself, that he did not notice one of Santa's elf bodyguards had followed the magic dildo back to him. The sight of the elf lying in a puddle of fluids with a dildo up his ass and dick in his hands disgusted him and the knowledge that he lead the ponies here filled him with rage. "TRAITOR!" the loyal elf shouted. The sudden noise surprised the cowardly elf as he tried to scramble to his feet. "It's not what you think. Let me-" But is was too late. The loyal elf had taken out his baton of sick spins and crushed the feeble elf's head. Now he just needed to find the ponies before they got to Santa.
"FUUUUUCKDSCS WHERE IS SHE," Tracy drunkenly yelled. She was dragging Glimmer by a leash, as equal horse was too drunk to move properly.
"i can f-feel her..."
Tracy belches with the force of an atomic bomb
"you disgust me, but grab my horn. i'll follow the feeling and teleport us to her."
Tracy grabs her horn. Nothing.
"rub it."
Tracy rubs
*magic teleportation noises*
Cover guy from the first few threads here; I'm still willing to do it, I've just been caught up in a bunch of other projects.
With dubs like those ok. I also wanted the cover we have now to change. Not sure if there is copyright issues with it
>Not sure if there is copyright issues with it
This whole fuckin baord is one big copyright violation.
well yes. But no company would care/ even could do anything

I was just worried that if we publish it something could happen. Cause it was only photoshopped images and not drawn out.
The other books were just copypasted images
I don't see nothing wrong doing it again
This book is a joke and complete garbage and Hasbro will realize that if they saw it. It literally isn't worth their time to file a lawsuit, which, mind you, being for a copyright infringement, can take years to resolve. The worst thing that'll realistically happen is a C&D, the book stops being physically published and no one gets hurt.
"RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGG SHIT THAT HURT," Glimmer shouted at her sudden hangover. Obviously, using magic makes drunkenness worse.
They had teleported infront of a large shady building with nothing but brush and tress in the surrounding. However, there was Daring sleeping and sucking on her hoof. Also. there was a long trail of semen behind her, leading to the closed front door.
daring wakes up
"wha.... oh fuckers! at least they would clean me!"
"uh, oh hi girls, what's cracking!"
"DRINKS!" screams glimmer
"shh! hey, quiet you. these guys still are close"
then tracy runs and open the door. next second, she leaves the room, and closes the door. gunfire goes crazy, and a lot of screams are coming from the other side
a loud bite sounds
"hey, tracy, you are alright?"
she couldn't talk. she was choking in all the brazilian "snakes" she cut off
"mnmnm.... gulp. ah, blood and meat, the best to crush any hangover"
chicken coop?
i'm empty of ideas
i'm sorry
Royal coup?
Is this book still not done yet?
How long does it take to fill a book with mindless shitposting?
"Tracy, what the fuck," said Daring.
Suddenly, they heard an "ALOHA SNACKBAR" from inside the building.
"OH SHIT RUN." Daring grabs tweedle equal and tweedle cum and runs off into the forest. Then BOOM, a massive explosion rips through the forest like a fart rips through every layer of clothing. Wanting to be cool, Daring jumps into some bushes, as if the trees weren't gonna take the blast. However, the collide with someone.
"WHO DA FUCK WAS-" Daring stopped.
"I-...It's you."
Omelette du frommage?
Having finally found Santa, Daring imminently cam on the spot.
"Santa, we finally found you! Please, stick your fat, rotund cock in my horse pussy!"

Santa however seemed uninterested.

"Not now faggots!" he yelled as he stumbled to a conveniently placed telescope "I've got shit to do!"

"What? What could be more important than pillaging my puckered, pony, ponut and filling it with your Christmas cheer?"

"That little shit Jesus is trying to steal my holiday, again!"

"Didn't you technically steal it from him?"

"Fuck you! I'm the one they worship now and I'm gonna keep it that way"

"But, ponut tho..."

"Alright kid, if you want Santa's warm blessings that badly then go down there and kill Jesus for me, no one will be suspicious of me if some random talking horse does it for no reason"

"I am instantly okay with this"

And so Daring Do and whoever the fuck else is with her (I don't know I didn't bother to read any of the previous posts in this thread) head to wherever Jesus was, to murder him in cold blood.
What Santa didn't know is that the gang was doing a full on trap. A bluff. A trick. When he thinks the deed is done, they'll chloroform him and bring him back to defeat NigNog. Santa is notorious for being extremely racist towards blacks and black ponies, so he won't be able to not fight. And when NigNog is dead and Christmas is saved, Daring will finally complete her mission.
"It's the perfect plan," Daring thought.
"get him!" scream daring do
tracy jump like a wild hog, and catch the fat bastard. to mke him sleep, glimmer told him about her boring past because of her didin't call her back
nigga got knock the fuck out man
"now, we need to find that elf again, and go to the north pole"
[a little while later]
all mares are watching the body of the little guy
a big hole in his head, a XXL horse dildo up his ass, and his hands in his balls
rest in spaghetti
never forghetti
always reghretti
it wasn't pretty
"now, what we are going to do?"
i'm out of ideas
good luck guys
good luck guys
With no better ideas, the horny mares had sloppy sex on the dead elf's corpse.
"Now that we've respected the dead, let's find that sleigh and get back North," said Daring.
They stealthily load Santa in the sleigh and get insert each others butt plugs.
"Will this thing fly without someone manning it?" ask Glimmer.
Daring looked confused. "Fuck all if I know. Let's see."
the three mares tried to fly, but the couldn't
they weren't able to turn due to the lack someone controlling the chariot, so there was only one solution: wake up santa
"do you think he'll be mad?"
"i don't know. i'm equally nice to all the people in the world, i don't ant to be in the naughty list"
"bitch, shup ut. if it wasn't for me you'll be getting coal this year"
"cumrags, silence, i have an idea"
"well, what is it?"
tracy grabs santa by the shoulders
"tracy! what the-"
in a quick swift, santa grab the reins, and slap them with them
daring cum like crazy due to her bondage fetish
and they fly quickly to the north pole
During the flight, a skeleton popped out, causing Santa to use the reins harder.
Sorry meant to link to
"hey, Saint N! it's me!"
"move faster, you dumb horses! if he catch us, it's our end!"
"why? it's only a-"
daring was wide-eyed. FUCKING MR. BONES WAS ON THEIR TAILS!
"girls! run faster!"
File: 1450445192675.png (81 KB, 850x850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 850x850
I really love the story but it just feels off to me. It doesn't feel like /mlp/ really made it. It just isn't as autistic/edgy as the other books.

It feels like it's going to slow of a pace and there is not as much random shit coming up, that you just wouldn't expect. I... no we don't want this book to be a majority of story/lore (what ever it is). It needs to retain the autism that is us.

Do you guys feel this or is it just me?
I think you're a nigger
while i understand your viewpoint, i got to admit, no one gives a fuck about this
only 11 guys are giving content or bumping, but now it's dead
the best thing we can do is give it an ending, or wait til christmas.
but by the time it's christmas, probably the board will be filled with all the new season's hype, so no one will care.
i'm just being blunt, it's the truth
Yeah I think its best to kill it. I'll retry next December when there might be more excitement. Or just leave it dead
at least, save what we got nigga
rewritting is a pain in the ass
I honestly don't expect there to be much difference trying to do this next Christmas. If there isn't much interest now, one year probably isn't going to change that. If you really want to try again, you could try while the show isn't in hiatus and see if there are more people, but you're just as likely to be told to fuck off because muh board space. I'd say, if anyone is still interested, finish what we've got and end it there. It's not like there's much left anyway unless there is a sudden flood of shitposts.
>kill it
After all these threads? People jump on at the beginning, and then trail off toward the end, leaving a few to finish. I don't see that changing in the future. No, it may not be quite as autistic and edgy as before (I get it, but, to me, that's not necessarily a bad thing, as it it still a piece of shit. Just maybe one notch not as shitty), but damn it, it's still /mlp/. That and let's just complete it and not give up like this board does with 90% of the projects it starts.

>It's not like there's much left anyway unless there is a sudden flood of shitposts.
Exactly, the books almost done.
Knowing that there was no way to stop Mr. Bones, Santa summoned an old ally. The earth came alive as rock formed a giant hand and rose up to point at Mr. Bones. A booming voice came forth and proclaimed, "Check 'em" as a beam shot out from the finger and encased the spooky ride man in a never ending cycle of repeating digits.
If people still want to finish it I'll keep it up.

Only thing I don't know is if there are that many people who want to buy it once its done.

Wish we had a more variety in who was posting, but I still appreciate the people who did. I'll look over any spelling errors tomorrow.

If you guys have any advice on the book post it.

Also check em
I'll be working on the cover again by Saturday
Cant wait to see how it turns out
As a sign of her gratitude, Daring drops a very very nice double dildo to appease the rock spirit of Bateman. However, the dildos comically hit the worse spot possible and the giant hand shatters into millions of pieces
Bateman, angered by this obvious sign of blasphemy, reawakens mister bones and throws back the nice double dildo.
"REEEEEEEE" screams the angered spirit of Bateman
"great job, you damn pony. now he will kill us"
"i didn't wanted to make him mad. maybe we can ask for mercy?"
>"hey people, you ever heard huey lewis and the news?"
"scratch that. how we will lose them"
"look!" scream glimmer, " the north pole!"
our team had to crash their chariot (with survivors). after the crash, the team saw NigNog fighting back fat moot's faggotry, but the furries already take over the reindeers by fuck him them to dead, and keep fucking the bodies
Okay, I know these stories are supposed to be nonsensical, but I genuinely have know idea what the fuck happened in that last sentence.
if memories serves me right, fat moot got attacked by a bunch of furries, but then he controled the furries trying to kill daring and her friends
so i decide he manage to reach the north pole with them, so the furries jump over the reindeers
"how the fuck that fat turd follow us here?!"
"never understimate furries" said tracy, "they have a lot of money no one wants to know where is from"
"it wasn't from their families and social services?"
"are OC comissions cheap?"
daring was quiet. she realized their enemy had an incredible funding. there was almost no way to beat them in the cash field
"how we are going to-"
"DARING DO!!!" screamed fat moot cena, "YOU'LL BE PERFECT TO BE MY WAIFU!"
The clock struck 'real nigga hours' and billions of edgy, skeletal, fat moots stream from every crevice, swarming the trio and Santa.
Above the sea of niggers and skeletons, Patrick Bateman fired sick trips from above, turning the north pole into a desolate, Google+ like wasteland
It seemed as if all hope was lost, when suddenly, a bright light appeared on the horizon. A new army had shown up just in time to turn the tide of battle. It was lead by non other than Donald Trump! "I didn't come to Equestria just to see Christmas taken over by niggers or furries. You ponies have my support in sending these faggots back where they came from."
Our heroes, now fighting along side Santa and what remains of his loyal elves, are joined by Trump and his army of freedom to fight the spooky skeletons, moot and his furries, and Nignog and his niggers. This truly was a Battle of the Fag Armies.
"AHALLU AKBAR" bellowed a voice from above, a storm of shit and heads spread from the direction of the noise, and amongst the shit, Allah had arrived to fuck up donald trump.
With one mighty blast, Allah covered Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton-and-Communist flavour shit.
"FUCK" Screamed Daring Do, as she watched the nignogs shitting on the donaldtrump knights.
Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a heavenly voice was heard saying "ey b0ss you habe cancer."

It was, miraculously, not Pink Guy. It was in fact Andrew Jackson, first President of the continent of Americana. He knew Trump was the incarnation of cancer, and he had come to reap bloody vengeance upon the flat-haired demon; not for disgracing his fair nation, but for stealing David Bowie from this mortal Earth. Armageddon was nigh.
As shit rained from Allah's asshole and weeaboos closed in upon them, they had a hurried, depressing foursome.
somewhere, anon felt a great disturbance
leaving his cave, he went and travel far away, to destroy the strongest source of autism
But he got distracted on his way there and masturbated instead.
"Is this book done yet" Pinkie Pie asked herself, clearly breaking the 4th wall inside her own mind. "This whole read is a fucking mess, and golly do I know messes! This is a bigger shitfest than the time I poured a bottle of laxative in the chocolate fountain at Rainbow Dash's birthday party as a prank, and then some retard pegasus with weird eyes drank it all and ended up shitting all over everypony when she flew off!"
When retard pon got home is went upstairs to her room. She flew up by the closet and pulled out a silver case. She opened up the case and lifted up the gun. She pointed it to her temple and shot as punishment for being one off
Should have some free time coming up this weekend to work on the cover.
and after retard pon kill herself she shat
she shat so hard a wave of turd washed away all ponyville
no one survived
While the ponies were having their impending doom sex, moot moved in to take his final revenge. However, moot forgot one important thing, Mr. Bones never forgets. Skeletons surrounded the cuck as Mr. Bones strapped moot into his never ending ride. His terrified screams could be heard as the roller coaster descended into the pits of hell where he will be doomed to yiff for all eternity.
With Trump and Fat Moot defeated, the battle was left to team Santa and team NigNog.
"Ponies," Santa said, "Stand back, I've been waiting my whole life to use this power, and now, it's finally time."
Daring and friends stepped back, waiting for Santa's move.
"the fuck is he doing," whispered Tracy.
"I don't know,' Daring said, "But I feel a strong disturbance in the dick force...."
Santa then completely disrobed. NigNog would, if he wasn't already naked. The master elf then started chanting old, forgotten Christmas hymns, channeling his inner anime. But his dick also grew. In fact, it grew so much, it matched the ferocity if NigNog's. He then screamed a mighty scream, and his penis became instantly erect.
"A penis battle," NigNog said, "Well, it's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-DUEL." NigNog also became massively erect.
With lightning speed, the two threw down, clashing penises like lightsabers, each impact like the roar or thunder.
Santa was impaled on NigNogs massive cock; jizz splashed everywhere, drowning all of equestria, except for Allah and the NigNog
However, at the last moment, Daring risked her life, and absorbed all the semen. Yes, all of it. She then fired it out of her vagina and into the hole in Santa, healing his flesh wound. Exhausted, she collapsed.
"pls santa I have healed u kill him now..."
The NigNog cum was contaminaing santa, turning him into a Giga-nigga of the largest proportions
By the power of Patrick Bateman, you have been checked
Santa was now not only fighting the might of NigNog's girth, but also his new nigger thoughts as they threatened to take over his mind.
NigNog was starting to getting weak against the might of santa's cock
"damn nigga, go down"
"ho-ho-NO!" screamed santa as a big cockslap hitted NigNog's face
"hol up *smack lips* we wuz kings an shite!"
"but now you are slaves and losers!"
with another hit, santa defeat it NigNog
he run away faster than a nigger being followed by a five-0
"yes santa! you did it!" said daring
santa fell. the nigger cum was starting to take effect
"christmas was.... saved"
"no santa... don't go..."
"but there's no cure for the nigger cum"
"there's one!" said tracy "daring! you have to fuck santa!"
"but he's covered in nigger cum"
"there's almost no time! yo have to shove down your marecunt on santa's face! the squash soup is the best to remove nigger cum from any body system!"
"how you know that?"
daring sigh
"okay.... santa, prepare to have your present"
and she sit on santa's face
daring started to rub herself against santa, to no avail
"come on daring! you can do it!"
"it isn't working!"
"try harder!"
"keep going!"
"do it stronger!"
"groan... *plooo!!"
a stream of shit came off daring's ass, getting inside santa's mouth
"ugh! blaaarggghhh! blarhgg!"
"oh god, santa! calm down!"
one more bump cause i'm empty of ideas
I don't have any more ideas
Tracy and Glimmer joined in to help Daring Do. Tracy began pegging Santa's ass with a strap-on while Glimmer somehow managed to take his full, jolly member.
"You like this, don't you, you fat fuck?" Tracy said as she began thrusting harder.
Daring had now emptied the entire contents of her bowls (which consisted mostly of Doritos and Mountain Dew) into Santa's mouth. "I think it's working." she managed to say between moans.
A soft glow began to emanate from Santa and slowly grew brighter as the spirit of Christmas began to flush out the niggerness.
"See, girls. This is the power of equality."
"Shut up, you no bf cuck."
"Grils," Daring whispered, "I'll take it from here."
Daring then slides ALL of Santa's master COCK into her little pony VAGINA. Her hips thrust to the pulse of Darude - Sandstorm©.
"WEED WE-WE-WE-WE-WEED," she cried out in ecstasy. At this point, things were getting so hot and heavy that all of the crap and semen began to evaporate off Santa's body. Daring start screeching like a Japanese girl in a bad porn. This would normal cause Santa's DICK to shrivel up, but the PUSSY game was so good that not even weebs could kill his ERECTION.
This is pretty hard to type with one hand.
>Darude - Sandstorm
That ruined it
Darling Duke and the search for the succulent pecker!
Santa came with great force, but at the same time, the nigger cum had reached his brain, giving him autism
"I WANT KFC" bawled the niggerified santa.
"fuck a brick" whispered Daring Do.
Tracy got out the brick and Daring began to dry hump it

The sound of a white man screaming "niggers" was enough to distract the now niggerfying Santa as he turned to fight. "WHAT YOU SAY, CRACKA?"
With his back turned, Tracy hit Santa over the head with the cum soaked brick and knocked him the fuck out.
As Santa was turning nigger, Daring and Tracy realised it was too late.
Santa was a nigger.
The End.
suddenly, Billy Mays appears
"but wait! there's more! if you call right now, we'll give you the nigger vaccine for only 1999 bits! you heard well! 1999 bits! you only have to call!"
"give me the number!" said daring
"it's 1-800-FAG. call right now!"
he left as quickly as he appeared
"we need to find a phone" said daring
"damn horses, fuck off" said nigger santa
"don't worry santa, we'll save you"
"yo', you got 20?"
glimmer gives 20 to santa
"cool, i'll pay you back someday"
the trio leaves santa in his crushed house
"now, where we can find a phone?"
"there's one in my village" said glimmer
"alright cumsluts. let's go before that nigger follow us" said tracy, "i don't want to kill christmas"
As the group made there way back to the village, Glimmer told the others about her service provider and how they were able to bundle her internet, tv, and phone service all together to make one equally low price. Unfortunately, she hadn't paid that bill for quite some time due to planning her revenge.
Night bump
Good night
"great, so we don't have a phone" said daring
"no, but if we pay the bill maybe they give me cable TV"
"fuck that, no one watches TV anymore. now it's netflix or youtube"
"so, what do we do?"
"i say let's go and fuck candycunt and cucked armor for a while" said tracy, "they probably have a phone"
"fine. to the crystal empire!" said daring in a triumph voice
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Thread images: 2
Thread DB ID: 453069

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