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Reversed Gender roles Equestria: angry mares...
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Hello, anyone here? Is this the right place. I'm so lonely.
Whats this about frosty and getting shite? I always loved their stuff though that story where everyone thinks anon is a girl was 10/10 though brutal it never finished.
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>Angry mares
Like they have any reason to be calm around Anon.
What a strong filly.
I wasn't a big fan of the weird magical out-of-nowhere sex change either, but it was a small part of a good story, and I hate not knowing how it turns out.
Maybe in ten years, Scootaloo.
Loli Femanon propositioned for the cocksock life when?
Oh god. First satyr, now the age difference thread. Is this place going to be a hub of general crossover stories?
not that I'm complaining about the latter at all
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>Anonymous and Rainbow Dash are horsemarried.
>Dash goes with Anon's desire for monogamy even though it feels a little strange to her.
>One day, Dash and Scoots have a heart to heart.
>Scoots is worried that she's going to be forever alone after some especially harsh bullying that day.
>Dash gets a bright idea(?)
>Anon is then shanghaied into letting Scootaloo into their herd. Or at least promising her a spot when she's older.
>Anon has no idea how to feel.
>Rainbow is glad to help her surrogate sister.
>Scoots is gif related to every other filly in town.
Also I forgot for a moment that we've had foalcon stories before somehow
Dead thread dead general.

How are transexual and such seen in RGREquestria?
I think transsexual (and gay) stallions are shunned or something cause apparently there aren't enough stallions around already, you don't need stallions going for stallions
What about hermaphrodites?

>Gay Anon ends up in RGREquestria
>immediately becomes a social pariah when they discover his sexual orientation
Tough and sexy question, might depend of they can get pregnant or impregnate mares.
A real third gender might be a good thing especially if the gender ratios (male and female) are so skewed.
Futa pone are weird. Futa humans are hot.
They should be able to impregnate and get pregnant.

I like both
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id an rgre lyra

id a normal lyra
Satyr, age difference, pregnancy, herd, minotits. I welcome most anything RGR.
Grimdark futa satyrs that are younger/older than you are by atleast ten years, are also pregnant and herd with you.
Lump minotits somewhere there and we're set.
... what would Starlight Glimmer be like in rgre?

>Starlight Glimmer advocates gender equality as part of her plan.
>this attract tons of stallionists to Our Town
>she swims in dicks
>all according to keikaku
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Well she had that whole fake equality thing going on. Some kind of Stallion Right activist maybe.
Her colt friend is told by masculinists that he shouldn't hang out with her because she's a filly. Her quest for equality was fuelled by her hate of masculinism.
What if Anon's views on masculinity spread. Would the mane 6 be willing to redone the guise of Mysterious Mare Do Well to strike sense into hysterical stallions and defend Equestrian family values?
>Shotanon in Equestria
>Ponies don't realize he's a child
>They think his naivety is cute
>He gets all the mares
>Then puberty strikes
>He starts listening to griffon speed metal and talking back to his mares
>Slowly, they put two and to together...
>Gryphon speed metal
I'm ok with this
fund it
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Why is it so slow this weekend?
Peoples are doing shits. You gotta be more patients.

I think it's more like... how we view lesbians. In the sense that "It's hot, as long as it's not my daughter" kinda way.

So, colts are paid out the ass (ha!) to do gay porn, but it's mostly stage-gay.

He'd probably be accepted, but also be in a special kind of hell; everyone he gets close to "isn't like that" or is only letting him fuck them because they're both being paid. So he has mare friends who oversexualize him, and colts who won't be seen with him or else be branded gay as well.

Then he meets Caramel.
Hot lesbian anon? Fuck yes.

>Anon is on a date with his horsebando Caramel.
>Sperglight sees them.
>"H-Hey Anon. Are you on a date? Where you... kiss and stuff?"
>suffering intensifies

I don't know. If the gender ratio is so skewed that they need males to practice polygamy then why would they be okay with stallions who aren't attracted to mares? I mean I could see them being fine with bi stallions, but actually gay ones sound like a threat to genetic diversity of the species.
>Somebody says a story in last thread is edgy
>Thread dies before I can call him a faggot
This world sucks.
>stop liking what I don't like
I need me some more Frosty, L&P, BNW, and NOF in my life, soon. I'm going into withdrawal…

Would it help if I said my birthday was in a few days?
>You're Anon.
>You’re new to Equestria, but your short time here has been great.
>You’ve made all these new horse friends, and everyone’s been really nice to you.
>Your closest friend is Rarity, a local seamstress. She’s been enamored with you since the first time you met. She gave you a job at her boutique, a place to stay, and even spending money.
>At first you thought she was just an exceptionally generous person (it was apparently her “special talent” after all), but lately you’ve started thinking she might have a little crush on you.
>You don’t like the thought of leading her on to get free stuff, but you don’t want to hurt her feelings either. She seems a little on the emotionally fragile side.
>The two of you are just coming back from seeing some opera at the Ponyville Theater. You’re not much for that kind of highbrow entertainment, but she absolutely insisted on taking you out for a “night on the town” (at her expense of course) and you just didn’t have the heart to decline.
>As you walk out the door, she holds it open for you.
>What a sweetheart.
>One thing that’s different about this world is that the males are treated a lot like women were in the 50s or so.
>Mares (female ponies) seem to run most parts of society, and they feel obliged to do “gentlemarely” things for stallions (male ponies) like holding doors open for them, or lending them their jackets when it starts raining.
>So far this hasn’t impacted you much. As long as you don’t meet any female neckbeards hellbent on defending your honor, you’re pretty indifferent to being considered “the weaker sex” or whatever.
>The walk back to the Carousel Boutique is a short one. You climb up the stairs together, careful not to make too much noise and wake her sister. You’re about to wish her a good night and get to bed when she beckons you over to her with a hoof.
>”Anon, could we talk in my room for a moment?”
>”Sure Rarity. What do you want to talk about?”
>You both step into her room, and she closes the door behind you.
>”Well darling, I don't want to sound -ahem- indelicate but don't you think you . . . owe me a little something for tonight?”
>”Owe you?”
>You don’t understand. Until now she hasn’t asked you to pay her back for any of her gifts, and she knows you don’t have any money besides what she pays you.
>”Well I bought you dinner and showed you a nice night, didn't I? I’m a gentlemare, but I think I’m allowed to expect something in return . . .”
>Wait, what?
man if its gonna be like that he better dominate the fuck outta her

>You don't like the edge to her voice, or the predatory look in her eyes.
>You clear your throat.
>”Look Rarity, I'm flattered, really, but I just . . . I'm really not looking for a relationship right now.”
>“I’m not talking about a relationship.” She smirks and suddenly you feel a tug on your crotch.
>Her horn is lit up, and you realize she's groping you with her magic. It feels like the temperature in the room has gone up a hundred degrees. It’s too much for you to handle at once.
>“I don't want to sleep with you!”
>You say it a lot louder than you meant to.
>The smirk leaves Rarity’s face, and her eyes narrow and harden.
>”So you're just a tease, then, is that it Anon?”
>”Don't play dumb with me. You’ve been begging for the V with your eyes all night.”
>”Look, I'm very sorry if I gave you the wrong impression-”
>Rarity snorts in disgust.
>”-but you're not “that kind of colt,” right? You know, the honest kind, who has the decency to give a mare what she’s looking for after prancing around town at her expense for a month? After she’s selflessly taken you in, put clothes on your back, food in your mouth, given you a job? No, you're no whorse, right?”
>You're speechless. You had no idea Rarity thought . . . this way. It’s frightening.
>Seeing that you have no response, she continues.
>”Well guess what, darling? A whorse who takes his pay and stiffs his client is still a whorse at the end of the day. And as a successful business owner, I don't like being stiffed. Well, not like this, anyway.” She giggles at her own joke.
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Yeah, about that . . .
>”So I'll tell you what, Anon. Either you follow me to the bedroom right now and pay off your debts, or you can consider yourself fired, pack your things and get out of my boutique. And if that doesn't scare you, know that after a bad review from me you won't even be hired as a bucking dog catcher in this city again.”
>It’s as if the kind, generous mare got mind-swapped with some sleazy Mad Men-era womanizer.
>Your chest gets tighter and your head starts to throb. You don't want to do this, but if you don’t do what she says you're going to be out on the street.
>She can tell she has you by the balls, both figuratively and . . . well, you know.
>”Oh but please, feel free to walk right out the door and go home. I won’t stop you. After all, I'm not a rapist.” She titters at the last word like it's the funniest thought in the world.
>After a deep breath, you steel yourself.
>She smiles. ”So glad you came around, sweetheart. Follow me.”
>She takes your hand in her magic and guides you to the bedroom.
>Inside, she pushes you onto the large, plush satin bed and climbs on top of you.
>You sit there numbly for a few seconds before you see her horn light up again and a drawer in her nightstand flies open. A pink blur flies out and you hear a metallic click and suddenly something cold is wrapped around your wrist.
aaand lost interest
(Guess I should namefag)
>You have just enough time to look down and see you’re locked into one end of a pair of those fuzzy pink handcuffs they sold at adult bookstores back home (...not that you would know) before your arms are wrenched viciously over your head
>You whip your head around and see the handcuffs thread themselves through a hole in the headboard, come out again and snap shut around your other wrist, tying you to the head of the bed.
>You tug at them, but they hold fast and you start to realize what’s happening.
>You’re on your back on the bed, but you can still lift your head up. You look up at Rarity, who’s busy levitating a length of cord out of another cabinet and moving it towards your legs.
>”H-hey! W-w-what are y-you doing? I-I didn’t agree to this!”
>You try to sound intimidating but your voice cracks and you can’t get five words out without stuttering. She ignores you.
>You were NOT about to participate in a genderswapped reenactment of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
>”H-Help! Somebody help me!”
>”Shh! You’ll wake my sister,” she says no less casually than she would have if she had been shushing someone talking during a movie. When you don’t stop yelling, she levitates what you immediately recognize as a gag out of her nightstand and fastens it on you.
>The nuisance taken care of, she ties the cord to a bedpost and starts bringing it over to your left leg. But you aren’t done yet. There’s still some fight in you, damn it.
>You lash out at her with your leg. Her eyes go wide; she wasn’t expecting that. She doesn’t have time to dodge and the blow connects solidly with her right foreleg.
>She cries out shrilly and shrinks back, and you start flailing your legs wildly. You’re determined not to let her get near you.
>For a few moments you actually start to feel a little hope.
>And then you feel something wrap around your throat, and squeeze. It gets tighter and you start sputtering. You realize she’s-she’s fucking force choking you!
>You struggle for air until you start seeing stars and you feel like you’re going to black out and then suddenly it lets up.
>You gasp for air. Your vision is just starting to clear up when you feel the first cord cinch around your ankle.
>You don’t resist this time. You let her tie your last limb down and just kind of lay there limply.
>She checks the knots a few times and when she’s satisfied with her handiwork she walks across the bed to you and climbs on top of your heaving chest.
Just have to get out there that with pretty much any self respecting man, this would end in a murder and a mares body hidden in a swamp.
Well I did warn you.
In sex?
>She leans in until her bared muzzle is inches from you. You notice she’s still nursing the bruise on her foreleg.
>The bedroom is completely dark except for the moonlight coming through her open window. In the pale white light, her narrowed blue eyes glimmer dangerously.
>Abruptly, she raises her hoof and arcs it towards your cheek to backhand you.
>You flinch and let out an absurdly pathetic whimper, but the blow never comes.
>Cautiously you look up at her. She caught herself before she hit you.
>”A gentlemare never hits a colt,” she whispers, giving you a small smile. Her eyes aren’t angry anymore. They’re hungry.
>She turns and levitates a pair of scissors from the nightstand drawer. Hearing your horrifed squeak, she waves away your concerns with a dismissive hoof.
>”Relax. It’s just for your your clothes, silly. I’ll make you better ones later.”
>She undoes the buckle of your belt and slides it off. She does the same with your shoes and socks, and cuts a clean line down the legs of your pants before levitating them off too. Soon your shirt is gone too, and that little bowtie she insisted you wear tonight. She throws the ruined fabric in an unceremonious heap on the floor.
>She stuffs the scissors in a drawer and peels off the last strips of clothing on your body gingerly.
>She whistles like a streetside catcaller. “So it IS true what they say about humans.”
>She laughs a little, and apparently she expects you to find it funny too because she seems disappointed when she sees the terrified expression on your face.
>She crawls up to your chest and leans her muzzle in inches from your face again. You try to avoid her gaze but she uses her face to hold your head in place.
>”Look at me.”
I feel this is really unrealistic but I won't stop you from writing more, you seem good at writing a emotionally charged scene but I feel like not only is this deeply out of character for rarity but that anon is also very out of person for this. This could just be because of the lack of evidence that he would behave his way but a male raised in modern western society would likely in most cases not crumble so easily.

If you are just writing smut fair enough then carry on but if this is for a serious story then I must say that it could use some more time to reach this point. Rarity hinting to anon that she wants this and seeing her get angry and such, to see it form her perspective would certainly make her seem less "evil" but I can only comment.

Honestly I was when I read the first part hoping he'd kick her cunt in or such but if you want to write in this direction that is fine and best of luck to you in writing this.
>you seem good at writing a emotionally charged scene
But, as said Rarity is way out of character and Anon doesn't even read like a man.
Except you didn't you placed in a bitchy rarity and expected us to realise the story end with rape and not anon leaving her home.

As i state here >>26064232 though I feel no reason to stop you, I find this to be horrible characterisation and could have used more build up to this point.

Fair enough, it's definitely not for everyone, but can I ask what you guys would rather have seen? I thought this thread was partly about stuff like femdom.
Oh look, it's the deadfaggot again, now with bait.
You are still pathetic.

Monosexual scum.
it definitly reads as more a Flutterrape-style than RGR. If there was more worldbuilding it would work, but so far the RGR elements are the clothes to a rape-smut.
That's true, there was no warning about the rape. Sorry about that, this was actually my first green so it didn't occur to me.
This thread has never been about femdom.
It's about reversed gender roles.
Fetishes(like femdom) have never been about gender roles, though the roles have occasionally led to certain balances.
I like loving and gentle femdom, not blackmail and slapping. But really, write what you want to. The quickest way to kill motivation is to write something you don't want to.
This ain't fem-dom mate, hell even if that was what you were aiming for this thread is not dedicated to that. This thread is what the world would be like if the roles genders play were reversed, entirely.

I find that anon's generally would have preferred to have seen anon walk out or kick her shit in, as I mention here >>26064232 at the bottom.

I must say though that you're writing would have worked quite well in other circumstances and that you should attempt to start again, try a week before this point and show us some more build up to these actions.
It is a place for femdom, but for some reason, the vast majority of people here absolutely despise it. My recommendation is write what you want, even if some people don't read it.

Well alright, fair enough. I didn't realize this thread was mostly about exploring the sexism itself. This was my first green, so I'm a little new at this kind of stuff and I guess I got the wrong idea. Thanks for being polite about it.
So I'm pretty new to the thread, but for the most part, what I've read here and in the archives, is more light-hearted than anything else.

Anon throws society's norms in the faces of all the ponies he is around, deliberately or not, but the fun comes from Anon being an oak, rather than a reed maybe a willow, in that he bends slightly when it suits him.

Also, you have to write for the general you're in. So Flutterrape requires rapey ponies, satyr requires crossbreeds, tulpa requires neuroses, herding requires polygamy, and so on.

Here, whilst you do have some form of RGR, in Rarity paying for everything, it doesn't feel like part of the story, but like window-dressing so that the story fits here. If you cut out the lines about how gender roles are swapped here, this could just be a more liberal view of our world (although with ponies). The RGR aren't essential here.

Also, femdom is quite niche, especially amongst male readers and everyone on the internet is a man, which makes you less likely to receive a positive response.
It is okay, honestly I don't write but on occasion I add to a thread something for instance,>>26053824, this was me.

I think that you did good writing and would like to see you write more but not this, a good first attempt but you tried to do something too difficult to quickly.

Try taking in this in a different direction like I said here >>26064232 and have him walk on her. Work from there if you can but please don't give up.
The spoiler is accurate, domination is one of the most common fetishes but among men there are few whom want to be on the bottom.
All spoilered because not completely relevant.
Also, not always true. Bear in mind, talking about trends:

In BDSM, it is common for people to like what they don't have in the rest of their lives. High powered CEOs, politicians, judges - you hear about them being caught in a gimp suit at an orgy. They were tied up, removed of power, and had someone else command them.
Letting go of the steering wheel can be so relaxing, like sinking into a warm bath, with a cold beer, and a beautiful woman rubbing your shoulders.
The ability to KNOW that someone else is in charge, that you can just let go of responsibility for a while, can be brilliant.

And it goes the other way, although less so.
Someone who doesn't have power over themselves in their real world can have power fantasies where they control the situation, where they are in charge.

Lets be honest, most people here aren't exactly magistrates.
We are on a Japanese cartoon forum, discussing animated ponies from a pre-school girls' cartoon show.

You say that as if I am not the guy whom sits at the nuke button on the trident defence and retaliation system.
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147 KB, 1280x843
We're in terrible hands then.
So long as I get my green we all live outside the of fallout 5

Are there anymore stories with mintpone? Only remember this one at the moment.
RGRE-dropping from the start, I see. It's not bad, gotta settle the not-rgre-enough autism sometimes...

You continuing your story as you want? I mean, it feels like you're really writing yourself into a corner here. I just wonder how you are going to get out of it, and whether you can without redoing some of the parts.

I don't know how much Rara is out of it here, maybe she sounds ok to you, but casting Anon as someone so pathetic, clueless and self-serving at the same time.

Didn't the fucker realize what he was doing to poor vaginally-challenged Rara?

You can probably get away with making him a little less pathetic and fearful, I guess? Fight back a little? You don't even have to make him win. Work from there somehow?

Or are you set on making them rapefuck?
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i remember this one
more when

If you don't mind, I'd like to give you my two cents:

Definitely keep writing - the fundamentals are there, and as other anons have said, you're good at writing emotionally-charged scenes.

Just slow down and take your time. I'm not against sexual-predator Rarity, but, don't... just take us there in 2 posts. Maybe she makes him more and more provocative clothing, maybe his job moves less from "actual work" and more "give me some sugar, sweetie, Momma needs her muse" and by the time Anon realizes "Oh... fuck" Rarity's already got the groundwork and expectations laid out - not only to him, but to the town as well. That's why if he backs out it will look all the worse; he's been wearing slutty clothing and being pampered publicly by rarity etc,. etc. and then there's this PUBLIC expectation and he can't just back out.

And then Rarity's got a little slut she can abuse. And now Anon actually has to fucking WORK to get out, get safe and get revenge. Now you have a wide story arc of redemption and vengeance. Does he just leave one night with nothing but hot pants and stockings on? Does he save up over weeks of abuse and then books it to Canterlot to cash in some "I'm an endangered species give me diplomatic immunity" checks? Does he conspire with Filthy Rich, Hoity Toity and Fancypants to UTTERLY RUIN her for how he's being treated - how they can see it, but nopony else can (or will admit it), and they refuse to let "that kind of mare" walk scott free?

So many ways you can go with this, but not if you just jump into it. But keep writing.
Femdom a shit
No this thread isn't femdom general
Get that shit out

Basic writing skills a-ok though
0.5/10 -IGN
Thread has never been about such a shit tier fetish, while there have been some slightly femdom stories most greens are very lighthearted or some drama not pure rape femdom shit

Before you assume the general is about a specific fetish, take the fucking time to see what the thread is actually about

It is not that bad. He just needs to work on the pacing and making it less Flutterape-y and more RGRE.
I think it's because it got too dark too quick without much build up of the rgre elements
Considering that the majority of greens are pretty lighthearted and full of horse shenanigans I can see why it's getting pretty negative in this thread
That said I personally don't like dark hard core femdom either
as i have said, IF he had started the story a week before and showed it from both sides, then it would have been received far better
>"That's MY man!" Scoots barks at the passing mare you had crossed glances with.
"Scoots, please..." you hiss up at her, you then turn to the stunned mare, "I'm sorry miss, kids y'know?" you ask with an embarrassed chuckle.
>The mare seems to relax and she joins in with a cute giggle, "R-right... So you're that minotaur that moved into town not too long ago right?”.
>"With his- whoa!" Scoots begins to interject.
>You nod, purposefully throwing Scoots off balance before she could finish her response.
>"It's good to finally meet you-” her eyebrows raise suddenly, "I-I'd heard things here and there." she quickly adds.
>Her eyes glance up to what you can only assume is a scowling Scooty on your head, the mare begins trotting closer, "Didn't know you were a parent-”
“Uh actually she’s my little sister. Adopted... little… it’s a long story.”
>”O-oh” she starts walking closer, “Well I uh, wouldn’t mind hearing it someti-"
>"Anon!" Scootaloo blurts out, making you jump back from the approaching mare.
>"We have to go buy uh... c-carrots! They're over there, hurry!" she says pointing a hoof out to the stands in the back of the market.
"Scootaloo" your use of her full name causes her to lower her tail against the back of your neck,"I'm sure they’ll still be there for the next few minutes or so, we can afford to spend them talking to some nice ponies right?” you say smiling down at the mare before you.
>The mare returns with a smile of her own.
>You can hear Scooty grunt, you roll your eyes for the unamused looking mare, her face softens and she giggles in response.
“Sorry again, she’s just doing what she does best, look out for us.”
>You reach up and affectionately scratch just above Scooty’s wing joints to tone down her grumpiness.
>The mare smiles warmly ”Oh I see, you’re being the big mare for your brother huh?” she asks in an exaggerated impressed tone.
>Scootaloo snaps back at the mare, ”Bigger than you-"
“Yup! That’s right, You’re just being the BEST LITTLE SISTER aren’t you” you cut her off with an aggressive sweetness while rustling her mane.
>”Yeah, I bet you could probably take care of the rest of the shopping on your own huh?” she says with the same positivity as before.
>Wait, what?
>Reading the look on your face the mare quickly follows up ”Well y’know, such a big mare can probably handle things right? And you can tell me that long story without her say… at Sugarcube Corner?”
>You can feel the muscles in your face pull the smile you had down to a firm line.
“Scoots?” you ask turning your head up.
>She slides back some and plants her rear hooves on your shoulders to look down at you, the worry in her purple eyes is clear.
“How many carrots do you think the stand has left?”
>She quirks an eyebrow at you for a moment before her eyes light up and she climbs back atop your head to scan the market.
>”I think they’re almost out Anon!”
>You face the mare again and shrug your shoulders.
“Sorry, guess they’re going faster than I thought and Scoots really wanted to have carrot casserole for dinner.”
>”Wha- Uh, o-okay maybe some oth-“
“Nice meeting you, bye!” you call over your shoulder as you dart towards the back stands.
>You can clearly picture the smug look that must be on Scootaloo’s face right now.
>She’s been possessive of you since before leaving the orphanage, something you thought she might grow out of now that you’re both out and settled into Ponyville.
>Scooty lowers herself until she's hugging onto your head to continue riding along as you slow your pace.
>You smile to yourself as she lets out a relieved sigh.
>She probably could do the shopping by herself, Ponyville is much safer than the bordertown you both came from, and she’s pretty mature for her age but…
>You chuckle to yourself, maybe she's not the only possessive one.
>”Are you really gonna make Carrot Casserole?” she asks, her wings buzzing lightly with excitement.
>Aw cowpatties, you did say that didn’t you?
“S-sure am!” you chirp back.
>It takes a while to make, you were really planning on getting a quick nap in before going to work but…
>Scootaloo’s excitement as shown by her happy limb wiggling will have to give you the energy to get through your shift tonight instead.
“On one condition though.”
>Her limbs stop wiggling and you can feel her tense up a little on your head, “Wh-what?”
“What in Equestria is a “man”?”
>Scooty shrugs, “I heard Jeff Letrotski say it to those other guys he bowls with. I thought it was another way to say brother.”
>Huh… “man”… kinda catchy!
>Dunno if you'll have the chance to use it much though, you don't really have the time to go bowling.
>The pony in front of you takes drops his purchase into his saddlebags and walks off.
>You step up the Golden Harvest’s counter, she smiles at you both.
“Hey Golden, how many… not so great looking carrots have you got today?”
>She tilts her head for a moment before her eyes light up in understanding, “Oh! Well lemme see here…”
>She hefts up a small sack full of less than ideal looking veggies.
>You drop the last of the bits you had allotted for groceries onto her counter.
>She looks sternly at the bits, most likely crunching the numbers in her head.
“Any chance we could make something work with this?”
>Golden looks up from the money at you and Scoots, she makes a face as if she is suddenly realizing that there was someone who put those bits on her counter.
>Her eyes look from you both to the counter and back, “Uh… well I suppose we could work something out” she says, pulling some of the better of the worst carrots in her sack.
>Scoot’s wings start buzzing again now that she knows for sure she’s getting carrot casserole for dinner.
Too cute, send help senpai

Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm glad that people generally thought the writing was solid, and I understand what you're saying. I was envisioning this as straight-to-the-point clop (because I did think the general would like that), but if I were to do it over I'd follow your suggestions and use a slower build, a more lighthearted tone and more of a focus on the RGRE elements. Like I've said a few times, this was my first green, so I'm far from perfect and really appreciate the advice. I’ll probably keep writing, somewhere.
>In BDSM, it is common for people to like what they don't have in the rest of their lives. High powered CEOs, politicians, judges

You do know that is a super common misconception right? The origins of fetishes are physiologically unknown, but it is most commonly speculated from something exposed to you somewhere around the time you first hit puberty that your mind associates with being a sexual object.

The only reasons cases where powerful people turn out to be subs is at all highlighted is because its result based bias. Much like how being a Catholic priest doesn't actually make you more likely to molest kids its just when you spread the pedophile statistics over a given population big enough some of them are going to be priest. Its just when it DOES turn out to be priest a much bigger deal is made about it than say some random plumber cause he was in a position of power, respect, recognition, attention and this is something completely coming out of left field that is the opposite of what one would expect so the media and public scrutiny jumps on it. Same principal. It is also the same principal of why it seems the light is always red when you pull up to a traffic light. Cause you only notice the times it inconveniences you or otherwise forces you to pay attention instead of just carrying on. Same principal.
Huh, well TILS then
Then by this logic the only thing we can draw from these result is that being in power does not stop you enjoying being a sub
That was adorable. I like it.
File: 160597.png (50 KB, 588x493) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 588x493
>>”Look at me.”
>Then by this logic the only thing we can draw from these result is that being in power does not stop you enjoying being a sub


Did I imply something contrary by my statement. If I did then I'm sorry. My point is that fetishes by their very nature don't really make a lot of sense in developmental physiology and two nearly identical cases exposed to the same stimuli can result in different fetishes. The point was that there is probably an equal rate of distribution powerful people who are subs as there are powerful people who are doms (unless there is some sort of imbalance in the BDSM community in general like there just happens to be more of X compared to Y in the community at any given time; then it would probably follow that trend among ALL 'class' groups of people). Its just that you are more likely to notice the CEO of Exon being exposed as a sissy who likes getting tied up and dominated if its revealed then if it was revealed that he's a super sadistic dom. Because the later one makes sense given his position of being a ruthless sociopath business man, while the former would probably make you double take (and maybe laugh). More attention is paid to it because of how unusual it is and starkly contrary to your expectations, hence a common misconception is derived from it.
No, i was merely summarising what can be taken from your paragraph
Glad to see someone taking the feedback in a positive manner
That said femdom still a shit
>That said femdom still a shit
Femdom is the natural state of affairs, of course writing about it is rather dull
Teen Anon as the number one fan of 20-something year old Gilda's gryphon speed metal band when?
File: gif.gif (79 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 640x480
>>Anon has no idea how to feel.
>It's Hearts and Hooves day.
>You got a little something for Rainbow and Scootaloo.
>Rainbow gets you the generic flowers and a chocolates. She gets a deep kiss for her thoughtfulness, much to her joy.
>You almost forget about Scootaloo until she bursts through the door.
>Held between her teeth is a card she obviously made in class. It's a crude, construction paper affair.
>She nervously offers it to you.
>Inside is a rough drawing of you and her inside of a heart with the words "Happy H & H day Anon!"
>Ponyland is weird, you muse with a smile.
>You pick up the little pegasus and hug her tight, telling her you love it.
>The filly turns to putty in your arms.
>Ponyland is weird for sure, but maybe not in a bad way.
>"Anon, why won't you listen to normal colt music? Countess Coloratura's new album is simply-"
"Shit. Listen to some real music, sheepony."
>"Jeez, racist much?"
Meta is talking right now. Begone taffy horse of smug remarks
>>You pick up the little pegasus and hug her tight, telling her you love it.
Oh, phew.

For a second I was worried, thinking how the hell is he supposed to show a filly in his herd affection.
Princess herd update when?

Soon. Like, within 24 hours soon.

>Countess Coloratura
>tfw you realize she's the RGRE-equivalent of Justin Bieber.
>All these calls for the other authors...
Boy I sure am glad I spent all my free time trying to bang out greens for the thread!

Tho I agree, more of them would be good they good fags, WHEN THEY UPDATEAlso where is Moondancer? I-I w-wanted to see i-if she wanted to do m-more fun stuffs!
File: image.jpg (103 KB, 645x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 645x773
>you will never be brought backstage because Gilda wanted to hang out with 'that big meat eating Minotaur looking thing'
>Gilda will never gently but firmly dominate you, savoring the feeling of taking your virginity
>you will never be there for all of her shows, even though the band isn't super popular
>you will never discover that human lungs are way stronger than other species, and become the lead vocalist
>you will never be the equivalent of a metal band with a female vocalist that's actually good and not just there because they're a girl
>you will never make it big with Gilda and her band, basking in the money and fame
>Gilda will never propose to you on stage after a concert with the fans screaming their approval because literally everyone but the two of you knew this was going to happen
Don't feel bad Comfy, we like your green, but you just put out a big update not that long ago and update a little more often than the others, so we don't need to call you to get green from you.

also you and every other writefag will never compare to L&P desu senpai, no offense
We love you sempai. Also checked. Double doubes all the way.

>That moment when Scootaloo becomes filly Spike
I'm not complainin but that ain't speed metal...
Actually I AM complaining, because fucking speed metal, sis!!
This has potentiole
I-i still l-like-l-like you, C-comfy!!
Shit, hadn't read the spoiler!
Things are getting hectic at work, I'm pumping code out like crazy, so idk when I'll get a chance to pump out a green. Had to do some work today (sunday!) on a task that should have been done before the holidays and got really fucking behind schedule

I'm kinda sorta trying to teach myself vector graphics to switch the medium at least, because text for work and text for play actually isn't that fun. Had some ideas for Bon Notice illustrations flying around my head...
File: 679901.jpg (55 KB, 384x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 384x512
>>you will never discover that human lungs are way stronger than other species, and become the lead vocalist

>Not using those hands of yours to make beautiful music... man.
Come on.

Speed metal a shit. I blast Nile while mowing down hordes of alien scum among the ruins of Karnak.
Are. . . are you to actually gonna fuck? Can I watch?
If you're a writedyke - you can join!

If you mean a c-collab - I d-don't know! I've n-never d-d-done t-this before!!
that was really fucking cute, I think rgre has proven so far that scoots would be best little sister
File: large (23).png (484 KB, 1024x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
large (23).png
484 KB, 1024x1024
"You what to to WHAT?"
>"C'mon, babe, do it for me? Please?
>She's giving you the pouty face, but you aren't having it.
"Dashie, we talked about this. You know how I feel about herds."
>"I know, honey, but Scoots needs this. You don't know how bad it is for her."
>You don't say anything, but instead give her The Look.
>Every sitcom husband knows The Look; it's the face their wives give them when they're about to do something stupid, like try to renovate the basement, or buy a new TV.
>It's the only warning they get before they end up having a slapstick adventure full of foolish decisions and long, awkward pauses for audience laughter.
>Rainbow Dash takes a step back and instinctively wraps her tail around her crotch to protect her privates.
>"A-anon? Sweetheart? Love of my life? Maybe just try it for a week or two?"
>The Look persists, and Rainbow Dash begins to sweat.
>"I kn-know you've had your eye on th-that new squad of Hyperspace Hyperwars figurines. M-maybe I could pop by the games store and pick them up for you."
>Ooooh... You're actually half-way tempted to agree, now."
>Dash sees your temptation and barrels on.
>"I'll even do that thing in bed that we almost never do."
>Missionary position?!
>You NEVER get to do it in missionary position!
>Ponies HATE that!
>Yeah, sure, you can put up with babysitting Scootaloo for a week.
File: MY COLT NOW BITCH.png (264 KB, 1000x571) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
264 KB, 1000x571
>You are Rainbow Dash
>You're seriously throwing away all of your trump cards with this one.
>It's kind of weird to be the one who rewards their partner with sex.
>Your old herdcolt only ever let you do anal on your birthday or whenever he wanted something, but Anon LOVES it.
>It was so cute when he thought he had to ASK you if you wanted to get bucked in the plothole.
>But missionary position is almost too kinky, even for you.
>Looking into each other's eyes.... breathing each other's breath...
>Oh, Anon can be such a kinky whore sometimes...
>It's a little embarrassing to be shacked up with a colt who's such a slut, but you love him all the same.
>Anon is humming and hawing, and you just KNOW he's stretching it out just to torment you.
>Bucking colts, mare.
>"Done deal."
>Yes, yes, yes!
>Who's the best sister in Equestria?
>This mare right here!
"Thanks, babe! You won't regret this, I promise!"
>You fly up and give him a quick peck on the cheek.
>You'll deal with your aching wallet later; you've got a flightless pegasus you've left on a high-up cloud to break the good news to!
Didn't realize this was the name used by some other faggot over in /tg/, but I'm using the name anyways.

>Be Anon. Day...Something in Equestria.
>Be hanging at the game shop with best buddy Moondancer.
> Things were really weird when youi dropped out of the sky above Canterlot.
>Not least of which was because to the locals, you're some kind of goddamn mythical creature to these fluent equines.
> It's true! These even an army based off of your people in Hyperspace Hyperwars.
>The Human Army is super specialized, and are a bunch of total snobby specists, but that one green about a pony and human falling in love and fighting off both the Equestrian Imperatum and a Minotauric WAAAAGH! Made you super hot and bothered...
>She insists on buying me a "starter pack" of Minotaurian figurines, so that I can get into the game with her.
>We're best friends after all! Why shouldn't we try to be into the same things?
>Nevermind that you already have an entire army's worth of bugs...

Continue? I posted once before a few threads ago, but Big Chief seems to not have panned out.
Her first day in her "Stallion's Studies" class, she made a quick announcement to the other students (almost all of them were colts; surprise surprise) and said that "Herstory isn't enough about HISstory" and got laid the very next week.
Go nuts we could use the green.
>Douchebag frat bro signs up for women's studies class
>Puts hand up
>"I'm not here to learn about HIS-story, I'm here to learn about HER-story."
>Fucks social justice sluts
>You're not an idiot.
>You can tell when a female wants... THE D!
>This girl is trying to butter you up with the most expensive HH merch she can pay for!
>Just one problem though...

>Her cooter smells like a fucking sewage treatment plant.

>She likes to call it her "maresculine musk" but you know she doesn't take care of herself.

Wat do?
Don't fuck me up though sis

Plus, I've found your prevs!


It was actually 7 threads back, and it was good. Shame you ran out though.

You're a good cop, Towerfag.
File: 11360887_original.jpg (53 KB, 449x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 449x773
Pluggo! gj sis. like fucking cockwork!

>Her cooter smells like a fucking sewage treatment plant.
>She likes to call it her "maresculine musk" but you know she doesn't take care of herself.

looks like I spoke too soon...
you huurt me sis!! ^:'(
Simple, go pick up the feminine hygiene products myself and tell her I won't eat her out if she hasn't cleaned up properly.
Intimate shower.
Pick up the pony and drag it into a bath with you. Forcibly clean it and then fuck her senseless. I guarantee that if the ponice are already skeptical about stallions raping mares they sure as hell won't believe a stallion forced bathed a greasy haymaned before raping her.

They'll never beileve you.
>"Hey Anon~!" she says, trying to sound as 'maresculine' as possible.
>Seriously, she's trying to do a more feminine tone and everything.
>"Do you...maybe..." she asks.
>You knod your head in reply.
>You know these kinds of mares....you were the human version at one point.
>You don't have the heart to tell her her fanfiction is wrong.
>"...wanna go get c-coffee with me?" She asks, her face turning a very familiar shade of pink.
>Oh Dear, you see this all the time.
>At least 4 other mares have tried asking you out in THIS very comic book/game shop, and none of them have had the guts to finish the sentence.
>Good job Moondancer! A Queen among mares is you!

So, how should this go down? I'm a not-writefag sponging off of what this thread says. I know it's been impossible to get some green in here lately, but I'm hoping with enough ideas and imput, we can make a game out of this.
Put up with it like a man. Being a naughty boy will earn you WAY more in RGRE society than IRL society.
Do you really want to teach your mare that if she gets too stinky you will clean and fuck the shit out of her? It could become her fetish.
"I like a mare with musk"
And suddenly a thousand nerdy mares cum at the same time.
>>26067637 >>26067644
Amen to that. Actually sexy hygiene is fucking sexy.
Wash her!
Soap her up and use her to soap you up! Skin on skin this is heavenly, fur on skin this will actually also be fucking effective.
Reminds me of the far-eastern thing of always showering right before fucking (Japs certainly do it, I believe other too). So you know that if your partner is inviting you to take a shower then it's sex inbound.
You're really setting yourself for sexy bathtimes. If Anon isn't still the sperg he was, that is.
Keep on the path Sista! You'll get there eventually, i know the feeling of having to work on Sundays, yay for wally world and all it's blue Mr. Meeseeks. Didn't help that I got sick the night before, or that I still had to go to work cuz they are asinine about attendance. Anyway what's vector graphics?
Wha-hey no need to be jumping the gun here Anon!
W-we could totally hold hands tho.
A collab might be rather neat, if nothing else to write something new instead of trying to monkey write the same story, theres something to be had for a fresh new prompt that takes you away with your words.

Either way Im' kinda weh at the moment but I'll update soon I promise!Hopefully school doesn't kill me that is.
Does any one have that picture someone drew for us once? It was a shot of a stallion from behind with him saying "Hey! My eyes are at this end!" I think it was drawn by the guy who does Golden Brisk.
Does anyone have that image where all the ponies have to beat up their dads and fuck their moms as a right of passage?
>Anyway what's vector graphics?
That thing used to draw actual show ponies, ya know.

Better wording: trying to teach myself to draw, using vector graphics as a medium
>>Missionary position?!
>>You NEVER get to do it in missionary position!
>>Ponies HATE that!
equestria sounds like hell now
Now now, He only fails to get it because he has a subpar waifu who's too vanilla. You'd just need to find yourself a kinkier waifu.
File: 1441681096721.png (539 KB, 1280x989) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
539 KB, 1280x989
Like Fluttershy.
Anon gets anal any time he wants. If that isn't the ideal waifu, then I don't know what to tell you.
I don't like anal.
File: how dare you.jpg (29 KB, 500x372) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
how dare you.jpg
29 KB, 500x372
But I have to agree with him. I don't like poo on my dick.
>what is an enema
File: Heresy.png (25 KB, 499x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 499x468
Anon, you will stick your dick in that ponut.
And you will enjoy it.
File: buttplug for ants.jpg (37 KB, 490x327) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
buttplug for ants.jpg
37 KB, 490x327
You are the scum of the earth.
Funny joke.

Next you will be saying that sex in general isnt that great.
Not as gross as getting shit on your dick. Besides, warm water up there feels very relaxing.
Does anyone have a pastebin for the anon makes alcohol green?
Cheers mate loving the green
Cheers mate. Loving the green btw
Fucking iphone on 4chan is a shit
Cheers green. Loving the mate btw
Cheer Nigga. Loving the kidding btw
Cheers mate. Loving the green btw
Cheers mate. Loving the green btw
Can we stop shit posting now?
Can we stop fun posting now?
Dicks no.
>Missionary position
Anon a kinky little slut.
Does he hold hands with her?
Tell her straight up she stinks and needs to fix that.
Throw her in the river if she asks again without fixing it.
Drink her under the table at the coffee shop.
>Showering before fucking
That makes a lot of sense.

What sexist slant can this prompt be bequeathed?
Fixed that for you, chuckle-slut.
Dat pic man.
I didn't know I needed a story like that, until I saw it.
These aren't really RGRE related, but they're all I can remember off the top of my head.

Human Lover Radio by WF-C (who is a pastebin nuking faggot):








Plus One Human:






An Alien Walks Amongst Us (multi-part series):


My Little Human:


Prostitute Anon (multi-part series with multiple p0nes):


Major Lyra Story:


My Little Lyra:


Love and Powerlifting ( http://pastebin.com/u/LaPsbin) has some Lyra content in some of his stories, though they're mostly Anon and Bonbon centered.
Not sure where all the hate came from.
People always bitch about Anon being a fucking superhero but the moment he gets taken advantage of everybody cries about it.

femdom is my fetish tho
You forgot the GOAT Lyra fic
Contains rape and femdom.
Probably why nobody mentioned it in this thread since they apparently can't stand it.
>>Showering before fucking
>That makes a lot of sense.
Making sure you're clean before fucking makes some sense. As I've heard this is taken to the extreme.
Like, what about right-after-waking-up-sex?? Not even that?? wtf

>muh smegmdom
I understand, all Anons in Equestria are either ex-mil operator that operates all evils to death and poor fuck that gets raped by everyone.
When someone asks you for salt at dinner you don't dump the whole shaker into their meal.
>According to ancient texts, human smegma has wonderous properties
>Any pony who consumes even a small amount will become an alicorn with OP sweet-ass magical powers in addition to the super-magic, flight, and immortality of normal alicornness.
>They would be a kingdom unto themselves in terms of magical power.
>Basically an Alicornicorn
>The ponies, having a grand total of twelve neurons to rub together as a species, are wise enough to want that shit.
>There is one problem.
>Anon is not a filthy fucking bastard, and washes himself regularly.
>Thus the scheming begins.

>None of the ponies had enough neurons to rub together to come up with the idea of just explaining to Anon about why they need human smegma
>That would take approximately two hundred neurons
Has it been 24 hours yet? What could you be doing 5hat prevents you from writing?
Booze and education.
File: MvM.png (695 KB, 1496x835) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
695 KB, 1496x835

That's exactly what I'm doing. I've got some writing done, now I'm going to sleep and I'll do more when I get up.

That too.
Anon accidentally horsemarries retard pony when?
You still haven't answered me about the after sleep sex thing.
Admit it! The custom is bogus!
If it forbids ight-after-waking-up-sex it needs to go.
You need to join in on the writing, Anon.

>Be Anon.
>Pony scouts come to your house.
>Small yellow howdy horse, Chickun, and Tiny Marshmallow want you to buy their baked goods.
>You do not trust them.
>Small yellow howdy horse and Chickun might have let Tiny Marshmallow near the food.
>You do not want to go back to the emergency department again this week.
>Those nurse horses keep trying to lick you when they think the others aren't watching.
"I don't want to buy these."
>"Please buy these."
"I do not trust food she has been near."
>They look at you with their freakishly large eyes.
"If you leave me alone, you can have this stack of weird horse things Twilight gave me."
>"It's a deal!"
>The three ponies all leave your property, taking the rubbish with them.
>Roid Rage then crashes into your window.
>You have anti-burgular grilles on them though, so he just falls to the ground without harming your valuable house.
>He bounces off into your roses.
>You spend the next hour removing him from your garden, and removing your garden from him.

>The next day you discover that metal-rose-tenderness is an ancient marriage ceremony.
>And that even though the ceremony was nothing like what happened yesterday, Princess Cadence declared it a legal marriage.
>Fucking shipper pony.
>This sort of shit is why nobody likes you.

Did you shower before bed?
If not, no sex for you.
>Somebody says a story in last thread is edgy
>Anon has sex with pony
>She cums before him
>Turns out that mares become exhausted and lose their vaginal muscle control after an orgasm
>Ponies are far too loose without that muscle control and Anon cannot cum inside her like this
>Anon starts thinking that herds exist so the male can actually get off at some point
File: image.jpg (48 KB, 503x403) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 503x403
Just shove it up her ass, faggot.
That is why G-d invented butthexting
1) you are already stretching it. Japs don't count it like this.
2) but what if a couple showered-fucked-slept and now want to fuck again? DON'T stay in the way of sekhs Durnk! Always fucking, all the time! semper copulo!

Also don't substitute rules for common sense!
Can we post fun stopping now?
File: me and my sis.jpg (61 KB, 1032x774) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
me and my sis.jpg
61 KB, 1032x774
Thank you sir! The cockwork is coming soon ;)

>You are Scootaloo.
>It's been a few hours since your idol flew away and left you on this one cloud.
>But she'll be back!
>She'll be back.
>She said that she was going to have a surprise for you, and you love surprises!
>You really hope that surprise isn't parental abandonment.
>Because that isn't a surprise to you any more.
>In fact, you think you might see her right now on the horizon.
>Speak of the she-devil and she will appear.
>"Good news, Scootaloo! You know that big green ape you have a crush on?"
>You thought you were so subtle!
>How did she ever spot your face pressed up against their bedroom window?!
>No, just play it cool, Scoots.
>Big mares don't panic like little colts.
>And Rainbow Dash says that you're a big mare now.
>For you.
>That's what Rainbow Dash says sometimes. You don't really know what she means.
>"Weeellll.... I talked to the big guy, and I rreaaallly cranked up the charm with him."
>Rainbow Dash strikes a heroic pose, and you're pretty sure you have the mare's version of a half-chub.
>"I puffed up my tuft, stood my ground, and he got the biggest bulge in his human pants. Then he agreed to try out herding with you."
>Buck not looking like a little colt!
>This is amazing!
>Oh wow!
>You do an excited little dance while Rainbow Dash laughs with you.
>Not AT you, you think.
>Rainbow Dash grabs you and plunks you square on her back and instructs you to grab hole of her mane.
>"That's right, kiddo! Yer on trial period. Now, let's go meet that big bag of dicks!"
>Bag of...?
>You're pretty sure that doesn't mean what she thinks that means.
File: does it.jpg (38 KB, 607x581) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
does it.jpg
38 KB, 607x581

>Be Anon
>Be reading a book in your favourite armchair.
>Your "I'm-about-to-fuck-a-child" senses are tingling.
>You don't really want to talk about how you recognize that as a distinct sense, so let's just move on.
>While you're busy trying to forget your dark past, you barely notice the kitchen window smashing open.
>Rainbow: "Oh, Anaawwwn! Guess who I'VE got!?"
>Boy howdy, it had sure better not be a child for you to fuck.
>Rainbow: "It's Scoots!"
>Your perfect waifu comes prancing into the room with an excited orange filly on her back.
>Said filly has the biggest smile on her face and two big wing-erections on her back.
Are you about to take off flying, or are you just happy to see me?
>Scootaloo: "Hi, Anon! Rainbow Dash told me that you agreed to let me try out being in your herd!"
>This is not the baby-sitting position you agreed to.
>No wonder Missionary-Position was promised.
"Er, yup! Yup, yup, yup."
>You give the tiny baby filly a thumbs-up. This gesture has only just been recently understood by the pony community at large.
"Welcome to the team, Scootaloo!"
>Scootaloo jumps off of Dashie's back and hops up onto your lap.
>She trots around in a circle a few times and then lays down.
>How can your filly-friend be this cute?
>She places her hoof on your junk and gives it a squeeze with the frog of her hoof.
>This is less than cute.
>Rainbow: "See? Look at that! Her first instinct is to try and please her stallion. She's perfect!"
>You gently remove Scootaloo's hoof from your penis and start running your fingers through her mane.
>This always gets Dashie to calm down, so maybe it'll work on Scootaloo.
>Maybe you'll get lucky and it'll turn out to be a pegasus thing.
"She's also a filly."
>Rainbow Dash just rolls her eyes and hops up on the armrest.
>Rainbow: "Babe, we've been over this. There are something like, what, ten stallions in Ponyville, excluding yourself?"
>You nod while you pet Scootaloo like a cat.
>Scoots has no complaints.
>Rainbow: "This town has a population of a few hundred mares. Unless we want to admit to being dykes..."
>Rainbow Dash gets a little sweaty and makes sure not to look at Scootaloo.
>Rainbow: "...which I am NOT..."
>Sure thing, Rainbow "let me gather this girl-pony to watch you fuck" Dash.
>Rainbow: "...then we can't afford to be wait until we're older to get a colt. Besides."
>She gets this look on her face that's somewhere between affection and condescending and pats your cheek.
>Rainbow: "We know you colts need a big, strong mare to look after them."
>Yeah, yeah.
"You just remember who sticks things up your butt, Dash."
>Rainbow looks worried for a moment, but she focuses on Scootaloo instead.
>Rainbow: "D'aww. Looks like he's taken a liking to you, Scoots."
>You look down and turns out you've been rubbing Scootaloo's belly.
>Scootaloo: "Awwwhawhawhaw yeahh... Keep those hoof-spiders going, Anon..."
>One of her back legs kicks and you pick things up a notch.
>Scootaloo: "D-don't stop!"
>You look up, and Rainbow Dash seems to be getting a little hot under the metaphorical collar.
>Rainbow: "Belly rubs? On our favourite chair?"
>Her penis-wings become diamonds.
>Rainbow: "Th-that's so dirty."
>"Come on Twi! If you don't bucking hurry up we're gonna leave you here!"
"I'm coming, I'm coming! Just give me another minute!"
>Your eyes snapped over to your mirror, checking to see if you looked presentable
>Your mane was neatly combed as was your fur
>Your face was clean and without blemishes
>You had taken TWO baths not too long ago so smelling bad wasn't going to be a problem...
>It looked like you were ready
>Closing your eyes you took a few deep breaths
"Alright Twilight," you mutter, staring at your reflection. "You don't need to panic. The girls are just taking you out to a bar to have a little fun. You all are going to have a few drinks, you'll dance, and you'll all come home without a problem. You. Don't. Need. To. Panic."
>Unfortunately not all that you just said to yourself was true
>You and the girls were going out to a bar true, but the main intent of such a visit wasn't to just have a little fun
>For some reason Rainbow had gotten it into her head that you needed to get out and mingle
>Go out and talk to ponies; let loose, shake your groove thing...
>...Hit on some stallions...
>Talk to a stallion at all really...
>You had insisted that the party scene wasn't for you--because it wasn't-- but your rainbow-maned friend had insisted
>And then Rarity had insisted
>...And then Applejack and Pinkie Pie were insisting that you go
>So, in the face of ever mounting peer pressure, you had caved in
>And that meant instead of spending your friday night in your treerary reading the newest edition of D.O.R.K.S you had to go with your friends to a club
>You were Twilight Sparkle
>Ponyville's resident smartass/book enthusiast
>And you would have given half of your horn to stop the pounding in your chest
>Knees weak, hooves sweaty and all that
"You'll have fun. You'll have the greatest time of your life. You're going to dance and look cool and YOU'LLSTOPSHAKINGFORCELESTIA'SSAKE!!!"
>Groaning, you let your head flop onto the counter
>Why couldn't you have just told your friends no?!
>It wouldn't have been that hard!
>You even knew just the spell to seal your house if they kept being so pushy!
>You weren't good at things like this!
>And you most certainly weren't ready for what Rainbow and the other girls had planned for you!
>So what if you didn't have all that much luck with stallions?
>It wasn't your fault!
>Whenever you tried to talk to one and get to know them your brain turned to mush and you started to use really big words andyouhavetoreallygotothebathroomANDYOU'REJUSTNOTGOODWITHSTALLIONSOKAY?!?!?!
>Why didn't Fluttershy have to come and suffer through this with you?
>It wasn't like SHE was swimming in the cock either
>...At least you don't think so...
>What if--
>You couldn't help but jump as your bedroom door was open
>You grunted as you hit the chair you had been sitting on at a funny angle
>The chair gave way from underneath you and in an instant you found yourself face planting on your own floor
>You could tell that you night was going to be something else!
>"Come on, Twilight, quit messing around."
>A low groan escaped your lips as you were pulled to your hooves
>Turning your head you see Rainbow staring back at you with a look of irritation on her face
>Unlike you the pegasus hadn't brushed her mane or coat or any of that
>In fact you were pretty sure that she hadn't even showered today
>...But you bet that she'd still go home with a colt while you came home to Mr. Quaker (aka your dildo) for some relief
>Stupid Rainbow...
>Grumbling, you allow your friend to guide you out of your bedroom and downstairs where your friends were waiting
>"Alright, I got molasses missy over here," Rainbow said, nudging your side just a little too hard. "Now we can go out and have some fun!"
>"WHOO!" Pinkie yelled, throwing her hooves in the air like she just didn't give a darn. "Momma's gonna get some tonight!"
>Applejack grinned, walking over and gently bumping your shoulder with her's
>"Ya ready fer tonight, Twi," she asked gently
>Not at all
>In fact you'd rather be doing anything other than what you're about to do
"Y-Yep. I couldn't b-be more ready for anything i-if I tried," you managed to stutter, a big, fake ol' smile coming to your face
>Applejack smiles at that, giving you another nudge
>"That'a girl, sugarcube."
>Without another word you and the other girls spill out into the night
>While the other girls were chatting about this or that you were mentally preparing yourself for what was to come
>Though Ponyville, at first glance, looked like a sleepy little village it actually had quite the nightlife
>In fact the only place that boasted more clubs and what have you was Canterlot
>Which meant that the second that the weekday turned into the weekend the streets were filled with ponies looking for a good time
>Drunk, sober, stallion, and mare; they came in all different shapes and sizes
>"Alright, Twi," Rainbow said, suddenly appearing by your side and wrapping a hoof around your neck. "Before we dive off in the clubhead first we need to set up a game plan to get you some D."
>Hopefully that warmth coming to your face isn't a blush
>That'd be embarrassing
>"Yes, we should have a pow wow before joining the fray, dear," Rarity added, appearing on your left
"A-Alright," you mumbled. "What do you h-have in mind?"
>Both of your friends looked at each other, humming thoughtfully
>"Well... The place where we're taking you to is usually filled with cunt hungry sluts so it should be a breeze to get you some action," Rainbow said, scratching her chin. "But we don't want you getting with any nasty colts..."
>"A trip to the clinic isn't a fun one," Rarity remarked with a shudder
>Skittles and marshmallows hummed and hawed a bit more before the metaphorical lightbulb appeared above Rainbow's head
>Grinning widely she started to playfully shake you around
>"I got it! Me and Rare can pick a stallions out for you!"
>Rarity gasped
>"Rainbow, darling, that might be the most intelligent thing I've ever heard come out of your mouth!"
>"...Well, maybe not--"
>"Just think of it! You and I, veterans in the art of seducing stallions, can teach Twilight here our ways!"
>For a moment it looks like Rarity's going to hop into the air but she just fussed her mane instead
>Celestia forbid that she lets loose for a second and hops into the air...
>Stupid Rarity, stupid Rainbow...
>Maybe you didn't WANT to go home with a stallion!
>Maybe you just wanted to spend the evening reading your Neighpon comics and eating all of the rocky road ice cream in your house!
>Are you being salty because you don't wanna go to this bar?
>You're starting to think that you are...
>Your ears fold back against your head as a pang of guilt hits you
>Here your friends are trying to help you out in the stallion department and you're talking smack about them in your mind because you're a little scared about talking to the opposite sex
>That's not a good pony thinking
>That's bad pony thinking
>BAD Twilight
"...I'm willing to go with whatever you guys plan to do," you say, doing your best to sound resolute
>Rarity and Rainbow smile and you couldn't help but look away from them in shame
"And... I'm really sorry if I'm coming off grumpy tonight. I'm just really nervous and stuff..."
>You look around to see that all of your friends were smiling at you in understanding
>"It ain't no biggy, sugarcube," Applejack said with a tip of her hat. "I'm sure all o' us were just as twitchy first time we went out ta get us some flank." Applejack mused with a sly grin
>"Yeah, even I had butterflies in my belly the first time I went out. Now look at me! I'm a sexual deviant!" Pinkie said with a happy little hop
>You didn't want to know THAT to be honest
>In fact you didn't want to know ANYTHING about Pinkie's sex life
>But you appreciate the sentiment all the same
>You smiled, and were about to tell them as much, when the sound of music blasting found its way to your ears
>"Ohhh! We're almost there! Come on everypony! Let's hurry up before all the good cock gets taken!"
>The four of you hurry onward and upward
>You know, maybe tonight wasn't going to be all that bad?
>Sure, this wasn't your thing but maybe it'd be fun?
>You really hoped so...
>In no time at all you and the girls find yourselves standing in front of Ponyville's most famous nightclub, "Hushed Whispers"
>Though there's an absolutely MASSIVE line stretching around the block you all get in no problem
>For some reason Pinkie knew the bouncer of the place
>And the bartender
>And even the owner of the bar if what she told you was right
>Party pony knew some ponies; who'd of thunk it?
>The second that you all step into the massive building you're bombarded with stimuli
>Music is blasting so loudly and the bass is turned up so much that it feels like your ears were going to bleed
>Lights were flashing on and off and there were flashes and the lights were changing color every half a second so your eyes were hurting in under a minute
>And then there was the army of ponies
>Mare, stallion, a... stallion(?) dressed up in drag
>There must have been three hundred of them crammed into this tight space, all of them talking and dancing and doing all of the nightlife... stuff
>Why was that mare over there selling breath fresheners that had heart shapes on them?
>And why was she covered in glow sticks?
>Did you need to go over there and buy one of them?
>You were pretty sure that your breath doesn't stink right now but it never hurt to be prepared!
>You were about to walk over to the nice breath mint mare when Rainbow stopped you with a wing
>"I SAID--"
>"I SAID--"
>"...Celestia dammit..."
>Shaking her head, Rainbow grabbed you and started to drag you deeper into the crowd with Rarity trailing right behind
>Waving and mouthing good luck, Pinkie and Applejack made their way over to the bar as you, Rainbow, and Rarity began to mingle
>Some time passed
>You weren't counting how long but it felt like a while
>The three of you wormed your way into various crowds
>You talked to mare and stallion alike about this and that and some such
>You had tried to dance but were immediately stopped by Rarity
>Probably because this establishment wouldn't be able to handle you if you had continued
>You were even forced to take a disgusting shot or two
>All the while you were walking around you had tried to absorb everything that your two friends were doing
>From the way that they moved to the way they talk to how their voices changed you did your best to copy everything they did when you talked to a stallion
>You gave it your best shot, really, you did but in the end you didn't have any takers
>No matter what you or Rarity or Rainbow said or did not a single stallion even tried to whisper sweet nothings into your ear
>...Or whatever stallions did to single to a mare that they were interested
>Rainbow, even though she got slapped a few times, had some stallions showing some interest
>And Rarity had colts eating out of her hooves the moment that she saw them
>But you?
>Not a one
>At best they'd giggle and say something you couldn't hear over the blasting music before walking away from you
>And that didn't make you feel all that great...
>What the hay was wrong with you?
>Were you not pretty?
>Did stallions not like the color of your coat?
>Were you too short?
>Too chubby?
>Was your bottom too big?
>As Rarity talked to a group of stallions about some such nonsense you snuck a look at your backside
>To your horror you saw that it was just JUTTING out there
>Being big and huge and... unsightly
>Biting your lip you sneak a glance at your friends bottoms (no homo)
>Rainbow had a tight little muscle-y butt
>Rarity's butt might have been just a little bit bigger than Rainbow's but it was still a heck of alot smaller than yours
>In fact, now that you were looking at mare's flanks (in an entirely nonsexual way of course) you saw that you had the biggest butt in the club
>Bigger than Pinkie's
>Bigger than Applejack's
>Even bigger than that shemale gentlecolt/mare with the pink wig over there!
>It had to be your butt then right?
>Stallion's didn't like mares with giant bottoms
>They like mares with small, tight butts
>... And you didn't have that...
"I-I'm going to go get a drink," you mumble to nopony in particular, turning around and walking away from Rarity and Rainbow
>As engrossed as they were with the stallions they were talking to neither noticed you leave
>Nor did they notice you sniffle or hastily wiping the tears out of your eyes
>Which was good
>You were already a big butted weirdo that couldn't talk to stallions
>You didn't want to be known as a cry baby to top it all off
>With your fatal flaw realized, you couldn't help but notice your flank with every step you took
>The thing bumped into everypony you walked past
>It jiggled and wiggle with every step you took
>You could feel your cheeks rubbing against each other with every step
>Even when you sat down on one of the stools at the club's bar you could feel your flank threatening to spill off your seat
>You couldn't help but sniffle as you ordered yourself something to drink
>You bet your horn that stallions were looking over and laughing at you
>Calling you names and making fun of your butt
>And your horn
>And how dumb your mane style and coat and cutie mark was...
>...It wasn't your fault that you butt was so big
>You tried to watch what you ate
>You exercised a healthy amount
>But you still had this giant butt for some stupid reason
>Heck, you were sure that you botton rivaled your teacher!
>Stupid butt...
>Stupid stallions...
>You sunk into your chair with a sniffle and were about to take a drink of the appletini when you felt somepony sit beside you
>You didn't see it, and it shouldn't be possible to hear them over this blasting music, whoever they were, but you could feel them sitting next to you all the same
>"You alright there, sister? You look like you're having a crappy night."
>Looking up from your drink you see... something sitting next to you
>It wasn't a pony, or a gryphon, or anything else that you've seen or read about
>From the odd but stylish suit that he was wearing and his cheek bone structure you had to guess that he was a... stallion?
>Or at least a male whatever he was...
>Though a part of you just wanted to ignore him and enjoy your drink while you wallowed in your misery you had been taught to be respectful to all stallions, no matter what their race or how tfw you were
>...And besides, maybe you could ask him a couple of questions
>Like what he was, why he was so tall, why he was green?
>...And were those canines you saw?
It begins. . .
>It wasn't like he was interested in a big butted dork like you anyway, so it wouldn't hurt to ask right?
>The worst he could say was no...
"...Y-Yeah, my night's been a little rough," you say, looking down at your drink with your ears pinned against your head
>The male looks you up and down, as if looking for something, before he nudges your side
>"Well, as luck would have it I'm having a pretty bad night myself."
>The bartender walks over and sets a mug of clear liquid in front of the male
>Not looking away from you he grabs the drink and drains it in two swallows
>You don't think you've ever seen a stallion drink like that
>...Well you really have seen that many stallions drink but you get the point...
>Making a face he sets the glass down
>"So, since we're bad night buddies, why don't you tell me your name?"
>Now that you really looked at him you couldn't help but notice that he smile was really ni--
>Oh shoot!
>A stallion just asked your name!
>Don't be a sperg Sparkle!
>And don't you dare blush filly!
"I-I'm Twilight Sparkle. I-It's nice to meet you."
>The bartender walks over and refills his glass
>Picking it up he tapped his glass against yours
>"Well, Twilight Sparkle, I can say without a doubt that it is my greatest pleasure to meet you."
>He throws back his drink again and you couldn't help but feel obliged to take a sip of your apple based beverage
>Hmmm, Apple-y
>"My name's Anonymous. My friends call me Anon."
>Never in your life had a bad turned around for you so quickly after meeting somepony
>You and Anon must have talked for hours as you sipped your drinks
>Well you sipped; Anon drank like a thirsty sailor
>The two of you talked about everything you could think of; you asking Anon anything that came to mind and the "hyoo-man" getting you to talk about yourself
>The longer you talked to him the quieter the music seemed to get
>The crowd just seemed to disappear to so it was just the two of you
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>Even your big butt, which had bummed you out so much that you had originally wanted to just leave the club so you could go home and eat ice cream like the pig that you were, was forgotten as you talked with this interesting and thoughtful male
>In just minutes the two of your were conversing like you have known each other all of your lives, laughing and joking and carrying on like neither of you had a care in the world
>And, by the grace of Celestia, you managed to keep yourself together while talking to an admittedly attractive male!
>...For the most part
>You still got real blushy every once in awhile when he touched or teased you, and more than once you caught yourself using big words to try and impress him, but you liked to think that you handled yourself pretty well
>Anon, the wonderful stallion that he was, made sure to gently guide you back toward normal whenever you were in danger of entering the sperg zone
>It also helped that he was so easy to talk to
>And funny
>And honestly and genuinely nice
>And good looking
>And smart
>And did you mention that he was nice? >Because he was
>Not like most other stallions
>No, this one was a keeper!
>Right in front of you was a colt that you could bring home to your father with your head help up high!
>N-Not that you were p-planning to d-do anything with Anon!
>...It wasn't like he'd be interested in a fatty like you...
>He was probably just talking to you because he felt sorry for you or something...
>The look on your face must have been something because Anon placed a hand on your shoulder
>"You alright there, Twilight?"
>Rocking back forth on your stool you managed to move your head in what you hoped looked like a nod
"Yash, I'm okay," you slurred, doing your best to focus on him
>It looked like you had just a little too much to drink...
>The smile that had been on Anon's face diminished somewhat
>"You sure?" he asked grabbing your chin and looking you over. "You look a little red..."
>Red... hehe
>Red was the color of apples
>And the apple family were a bunch of rednecks...
>You drunkenly started to laugh at your word association
>You started laughing so hard in fact that your body jerked unsuspectingly
>Before you could react you found yourself falling off the stool
>You would have hit the ground to, and looked like the biggest dork in the universe in the process, if Anonymous hadn't quickly snatched you up
>"Easy there, starbutt," he said pulling you close to his chest. "We don't want you face planting there."
>Plants don't have faces you silly colt
>You giggle all the harder, covering your face with your hooves
>Any other time you'd be horrified that a stallion was marehandling you like this but you were drunk
>Very drunk
>So you were alright with being held in a giant stallion's arms like you were a small filly
>Future Twilight could deal with the embarrassment and ridicule
>Right now was silly drunk pony giggle time
>"Hey barkeep, get me some water wouldcha? This little mare's had herself too much to drink."
"My friendsh," you slur, your eyes half lidded. "Take mesh to my friiiiendsh."
>Shushing you, Anon patted you on the head
>"You can see your friends in the morning, Twiggles," he said. "I'm going to take you home. Oh thanks."
>You felt a cup being brought to your lips
>"Come on now, drink up. You're gonna have one hell of a hangover in the morning but if you have some H2O it won't be as bad."
>Heh, H2O
>That's the molecular structure for water!
>Chemistry's so funny
>Still giggling, you gulp down the water as you wiggled around in your new friend's arms
>"Barkeep, get me another water. I'm making sure this one gets home safe and sound."
>Heh, sound is the vibrations in the air that the sensitive organs in the ear can pick up not a state of being
>Who knew colts were so silly?
>You sure as hay didn't!
>...Why did it feel like you had a bowl over your head?
>Oh who cares?
>You're too busy feeling warm and tingly and...
>You barely notice as Anonymous carries you out of the club and into the night
>"Do me a favor and tell me if you gotta throw up, alright Twilight? I don't feel like getting puked on."
>You nodded your head, taking a little sip of your water
>You looked up at Anon
>"Yeah, Twi?"
"Thanksh for spending the nightsh with me. I hadsh I lotta fun."
>Anon smiles and for some reason you feel butterflies starting to flying around in your tummy
>"I had a lot of fun too, Twi. Thanks for, making my shitty day better."
>This time you couldn't help but blush, your back legs twitching as you looked away from Anon
"Y-Yoush too..."
>The rest of the walk is spent in comfortable silence, you trying to get all of the hay back into your pockets and Anon looking around where he was...
>Wherever he was taking you to...
"Anonsh? Wheresh we going?"
>"Since you're probably too drunk to tell me where you life and I don't live that far from the bar I'm taking you to my place," Anon chirped. "You can crash there for the night. How's that sound?"
>You break into another fit of delighted giggles as Anonymous makes his way over to one of the houses and opens the door
>"Here we are! Home sweet home."
>You blink as lights are flicked on
>"Come on, let's get some more water into you huh?"
>You couldn't help but smile as Anon sets you down on an old but comfortable couch and wraps a blanket around you
"T-Thank you," you mumble,holding the blanket tight and taking a deep breath
>It smelled nice
>...Just like Anon...
>You spend the next hour or so just sitting on Anon's couch drinking water while the two of you continued to talk to each other
>After a little while you sober up enough to notice that the two of you were leaning against each other
>You cuddled under a far too big blanket and Anon with his arm wrapped around you
>He felt so warm
>You felt so comfortable
>And in your comfortable and happy state you couldn't help but think thoughts
>Thoughts that you should not be thinking with Anonymous sitting right there
>Especially since most of those thoughts were about Anon himself
>Anonymous looks down at you with a smile that turned your legs to jelly
>"Yeah, Twilight? Did you ne--thmph!"
>You keep your eyes shut nice and tight as you wrapped your hooves around Anon's neck and pulled him into a kiss
>You didn't dare open your your eyes
>You didn't want to see the disgust or outrage in them because you were doing this
>You knew that doing something like this was dumb, maybe the dumbest thing that you could do
>If Anon didn't take this well, and he probably wasn't going to take you kissing him well, the best you could hope for was just getting thrown out of his house
>But buck it
>You just wanted to enjoy this moment kissing this great, kind stallion
>You just wanted to imagine that you had a chance with him for JUST one moment...
>>YOU'RE GAY!!!!
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>...You wanted your first kiss to feel special...
>You could feel the beginnings of tears starting to form out of the corners of your eyes but you continue to kiss him
>Any moment you expected Anon to push you away
>Any second now you expected that he'd start screaming at you
>But it didn't happen
>In fact, if you didn't know any better, you'd say that Anon was kissing you back
>Though you wanted to just sit here kissing this stallion forever you needed to breath
>And while Anon's lips were soft and supple and delicious they didn't produce oxygen or nitrogen or any of the other gases that you needed to live
>Hold it for a little longer, Twilight!
>Hold on for a little longer!
>You needed to savor this kiss!
>When you finally couldn't take it anymore you pulled away from Anon with a gasp, your eyes bulging out of your head as you sucked up as much oxygen that you could with your mouth hole
>Resting your hooves on Anon's shoulders you leaned back so we not to get any spit or snot or tears on Anon
>To your surprise you feel one of his hands on the small of your back, supporting you so that you didn't just fall over
>"Well... that was something."
>You stiffen
>With your heart pounding in your chest you looked down at Anon
>To your surprise and immeasurable relief he didn't look outraged or angry or anything like that!
>In fact he was smiling!
>A dopey smile comes to your face
"Y-Yeah... sorry about that," you say, since you... really didn't know what else to say in this situation
>You've never kissed a stallion before so you didn't know what to do now that you had gotten the whole kissing business out of the way
>Should you hug him?
>Did you need to get him a drink or something?
>Were the two of you married now?
>Should you kiss him some more?
hey, L&P, do you have a fimfiction account? cause I saw your chess exhibition story on there but the account its on doesn't seem to have any other crossover with your stuff and it doesn't really sound very much like you (though I guess that could just be because its not all in second person)

oh, and good story btw, as always. you're my favorite writefag.
>You felt like you should wrap your hooves around him and kiss him some more...
>Like a lot more
>Like every second of every day and twice before bedtime!
>...You got it!
>Pick up lines!
>You could use pickup lines to show Anonymous your interest and seal the deal
"H-Hey A-Anon? Do you have eleven protons? 'Cause you SODIUM fine!"
>Oh sweet Celestia...
>That sounded a lot better in your head
>You better stop while you're--
"Can I be the p-phasor to your e-electron and t-take you to an e-excited state?"
>Wat R U doing filly?!
>You were supposed to stop!
"A-Are you made of Copper and T-Tellurium? B-Because you are Cu-Te..."
>With each horrible, horrible pick up line your face got redder and redder and redder
>Anon's smile grew and grew as he leaned forward and gave you a kiss on the nose
>You flinched and reeled back, as red as a tomato, but Anon was relentless as he gave you snoozle another kiss
>Then another
>Then you found yourself sitting in his lap with your arms wrapped around his neck
>The two of you had your foreheads touching with your horn out of the way so you didn't stab him (Celestia knows how THAT'D ruin the mood) just looking at each other
>"Has anyone ever told you that you're adorable, Twilight?"
>Your breath caught in your throat as you felt Anon placing his hands on your sides
>You could feel a fire building up in your belly, arousal making your head spin
"H-Has anypony ever a-asked if y-your pants were were space p-pants? 'Cause y-your flank is out o-of this world..."
His account is LittleBigPony or something like that.
>Chuckling, Anon puckered his lips as you slowly leaned up and kissed him again
>Your tongue darted out of your mouth and licked his lips
>This was how they did it r-right?
>Your back legs twitched as Anon opens his mouth and his tongue comes out to greet yours
>Though yours was a good deal bigger than his Anon actually knew how to prench kiss, so in a bout of drunken wisdom you let him set the pace
>Patiently Anon guides your tongues into his mouth, stroking and teasing your wet muscle as you excitedly explored
>By this point your eyes were shut tight and it felt like you were going to explode
>This was too much
>There was too much stimulation for your poor body to handle
>You let out a moan, running your hooves up and down Anon's back as you savored him
>You could taste the liquor that he had been drinking as well as something that you couldn't identify
>You moaned again as Anon's hands grazed your cutiemarks
>Oh buck!
>Whimpering, you ran your tongue over Anon's teeth before breaking the kiss
>Anon let out a playful growl, giving your nose another kiss
>"Adorable and feisty huh?"
>You bit your lip hard as he gave your rump a squeeze
>"Man I really lucked out tonight didn't I?"
>He was about to lean in for another kiss but he stopped, instead looking down at his lap
>Chuckling, he looked back at you with a grin
>"Adorable, feisty, and more than a little excited by the looks of it."
>Though by this point your mind was screaming at you to just rip this gorgeous stallion's clothes off and ride him until your pelvis broke you couldn't help but look down to see what me meant
>What you saw both sobered you the buck up and turned you redder than Big Mac
>Anon's entire lap and the lower part of his shirt was absolutely soaked with your... excitement...
D'aw, she's adorkable.
>Oh crud
>If Anon didn't have such a good grip on your flanks you would have launched yourself off of his lap in embarrassment
>You tried to wiggle out of the human's clutches but he held you fast, laughter in his eyes
>You nearly jump out of your fur when Anon's mouth mashed up against your's
>You started to struggle a little bit, more embarrassed than you had ever been in your entire life, as Anon stood up and started to carry you somewhere all the while not breaking the kiss
>You felt his tongue dart into your mouth and start to play with your tongue
>Though you didn't like it your tongue started to once again wrestle his for dominance
>...Oh who the buck were you kidding?
>You liked the kiss
>Kissing was rad
>Moaning into Anon's mouth you feel yourself melting in his arms as he carried you up a flight of stairs and into what looked like a bedroom
>Your horn lights up and begins to fiddle with his pants as he sets you down on a giant bed
>Without thinking you grabbed him and yanked him into the bed on top of you just as you managed to unbutton his pants
>This was it!
>You were in a male's house, tongue kissing a stallion in his bed
>This was your moment
>You were finally going to do it
>Time to make your ancestors proud and rut this colt's brains out
"W-Wait. wait!' you cried, breaking the kiss. "A-Anon, are you sure t-that you w-wanna do this? I d-don't want to t-take advantage of y-you because you had t-to much to d-drink."
>Anon smiles again
>"Don't you dare go and think that you're pressuring me to do anything here, Twi," he said, kissing your cheek. "This isn't the alcohol; I really want to do this."
>A shiver runs through your body when he kisses your neck
>"I can't think of anything better--"
>You let out a moan when he slides down a little further and kisses you right in between your neck and your collarbone
>"--than having a little fun with a spectacular little unicorn like yourself."
>Your back legs kick when he gently bites the fur on your chest before kissing it
>You closed your eyes, savoring the sensation of Anon sliding down your body, kissing and biting and licking the whole way
>Desperate to grab onto something your hooves cling to Anon's head
>Anon looks up at you just as he reaches your lower belly and winks
>What the buck doeshethinkthathe'sdoingsweetCelestiaAAAABBBBOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE!
>Your eyes snapped open and immediately crossed when Anon's lips wrap around one of your teats
>Your hips start to buck as he started to suck
>You could feel your marehood aching for something to fill it
>More than anything you wanted Anon to stop messing around and mount you like a stallion
>You wanted to feel him spurting inside of you until you were filled to the brim
>But even more than that you wanted him to keep playing with your teats
>"H-Hmmm~ H-Harder--"
>Managing to open an eye you look down at Anon
>The fire in your belly burns just a little bit hotter when you see him sucking on your teat while looking up at your face
>Your eye snaps back shut when he lets go of it with a lewd pop and starts to suck on the other
>O-Oh yeah
>This is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than using your hoof or a toy...
>For the next few minutes Anon continued to play with your teats, sucking them, licking them, and even gently biting them
>Those few minutes were the best and most torturous of your young life
>Eventually you couldn't handle it anymore
>You were only a mortal mare
With a whimper you started to nudge his head with a shaking hoof
"A-Anon, P-Please..."
>Getting the idea, Anon gave both of your rock hard and hyper sensitive teats a parting kiss before sliding the last few inches so that his mouth was just a few inches from your beyond soaked marehood
>Your eyes snapped open, watching his every moment
>His eyes snapped back up to your face as his hands found purchase on your hips
>O-Oh buck
>H-He was going to eat you o-out
>He w-was going t-to eat y-you out w-while looking up a-at you
>Your already heavy breathing starts to quicken even more as you feel Anon's hot, moist breath on your nethers
>You tried to reach down and stop Anon before it was too late
>Puckering his lips Anon leaned forward and planted a kiss on your marehood
>The kissing, the teat-playing, the gropped, and the smiling had left you at your bursting point
>That single, dirty little kiss was more than enough to send you flying past it
>Your whole body tenses and you shut your eyes nice and tight
>Your hips buck upward, crushing your cunny against Anon's face and your horn erupts with magic
>Throwing your head back you wrap your back legs around Anon's head and you cum harder than you had ever cum in your life
>Wave after wave after wave of pleasure crashed through your body as you twitched and kicked
>You could feel your heart pounding in your chest, so hard and so fast that you were scared that it was going to burst
>It felt like you were floating on a wave of warmth
>You couldn't think
>You couldn't breath
>You could only cum and hope that you'd be alright when it was all over
>Far too soon the pleasure stops, and with a groan you let your head flop onto the bed
great job man, but one little note:
breath = the noun, as in "I need to catch my breath!" Rhymes with "death."
breathe = the verb, as in "I can't breathe!" Rhymes with "seethe."
"Holy... bucking... buck," you mumble, letting your body go limp as you caught your breath. "That... was... awesome..."
>"...Well I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Even if I didn't do all of that much..."
>Your eyes snapped open and you looked down to see a cum covered Anon looking up at you in bemusement
>You were about to start yelling apologizes when he licked his lips
>"But I guess that that's my fault. Not a lot of mares can handle all that much teasing..."
>Giving your very sensitive marehood a lic-
>A-A lick he gets up off his knees and stands up to his full height
>Taking off his shirt Anon wipes his fact and...
>...Are those teats?
>Buck it
>You didn't care if Anon was a girl at this point
>After what he just did to you you had NO problem being a filly fooler
>"Now that we got your first cum out of the way how about we got on to the real fun huh?"
>Your eyes widen when you see a noticeable bulge in Anon's pants
>He's a male...
>Thank Celestia...
>Idly, you couldn't help but remember the silver candle holder that you had first masterbated with when you were fifteen
>It had been your great, great grandfathers and it had hurt like a MOTHERBUCKER when it broke your hymen
>After putting it inside of yourself you had bled everywhere,
>Freaking out you had rushed to your bathroom to clean it
>After realizing that you weren't going to bleed to death you had then gone back with family heirloom on hoof and had a little fun
>But you were a horny teenager and you had figured that a candleholder was the best that you were going to get
>But, years later, here you were
>What awaited you was most certainly NOT a candleholder
>You bit your lip as Anon pulled down his pants, revealing smaller pants beneath his pants (that he was wearing for some reason...)
Nigga. You do that shit /after/ the green is done.
>In these thinner, looser pants you could see the bulge twitching
>You couldn't wait to see what Anon's willy looked like
>But boy were you bucking nervous about this part...
>Excitement and nervous battled for supremacy as Anon slowly pulled off his under pants
>That wasn't a candleholder
>That wasn't a candleholder at all
>Not even a little bit
>There must have been a look of panic on your face because Anon crawled onto the bed and wrapped you in a hug
>"Hey, if you don't want to do this we don't have to do anything more tonight," he said
>You shivered
>You could feel his thing brushing against your stomach...
>Oh my gosh, U-Unf!!!
>Returning the hug you gave him a peck on the cheek
"N-no, no, I'm j-just a little nervous is all," you said, looking up into those green eyes of his
>If you weren't careful you'd get lost in those eyes...
>Gulping, you kissed him again
"Please p-put it inside me," you begged. "P-Please make me a mare..."
>Anonymous looked at you for a moment longer, as if judging whether or not you were actually ready for this, before nodded
>"Alright, if that's what you want."
>He grabbed onto your flank again and dragged you to the edge of the bed
>Though he looked calm and collected on the outside you could see the hunger in his eyes
>He wanted more than another to just stick it in you but he was taking his time
>He wanted to make sure that you felt good...
>A smile works its way onto your face at the thought
>This colt really is one in a million...
>"I know that ponies usually don't like doing to belly-to belly like this but I'd looking at the cutie that I'm having sex with if you don't mind~"
>D-Dolphin style?
"It's fine," you say, wiggling your hips. "N-Now could you please rut me alright?"
>Chuckling, Anon positioned himself over you
>"If you wish, madam."
>The tip of his cock prodded your entrance, coating it in your juices
>You wiggled your hips in a hopefully alluring way
>Alright, Twi
>You got all the excitement out of your system
>You wanted to make Anon feel good too, not be some two second susan!
>Anon bucked his hips just a tiny bit, letting his cock slide up your slit
>He then pulled back and grabbed the base of his cock and was about to spread your lips and enter you when you looked up at him
>Anonymous stopped and looked at you
"D-Do you mind giving me a k-kiss while you put it i-in me? J-Just a little one?"
>You expected him to look irritated that you were dragging your hooves this much but he just smiled
>"Alright," he said leaning toward you. "Just a little one."
>You leaned up to meet him, your lips puckered
>Anon began to push into you, filling you up, but all you could think about were those soft lips of his
>And his lovely sparkling green eyes
>And the loving way that he was holding you
>...And THEN you thought about his penis
>Then you thought about it more
>And more
>And ohmygoshhestillhasn'tbottomedoutyet!
>You moaned into Anon's mouth
>Though just an inch or two of him was in you you already felt filled up but he just kept coming
>He was slow and gentle so he didn't hurt you but he just kept coming
>It was maddening, it was amazing, it was everything you had ever dreamed about and more
>Sex was awesome
>And sex was doubly awesome when you were having it with someone that you maybe, kind, sorta, like-liked
>Your marehood twitched, inviting Anon to push even deeper into you
>Your eyelids fluttered as Anon's stallionhood slide along your inner wall, stimulating you in ways that you'd ever before imagined
>It was taking all of your willpower to not just cum right away
>Your back legs wrapped around Anon's hips, trying to make him go faster
>Your mind felt like it was turning into mush
>You let out another little moan when you felt Anon twitch inside of you, his eyes glazing over the deeper he sank into you
>Breaking the kiss you cupped the stallion's face and just stared into his eyes
>You wanted to see the look on his face as he bottomed out in you
>You wanted to see the look of pure bliss as he came inside of you
>You wanted all of these things and you wanted him to see that he was making you feel just as good if not better
>...And STILL he hadn't bottomed out yet
"C-Come on, Anon," you mumble. "A-All the way in. All the--epp!"
>A dull slapping sound could be heard as Anon's pelvis slapped against your's
>A groan escaped your throat
>He-- hiltafovianofvbairubfjh!
>With a groan of his own Anon gives your nose a kiss
>"You... you alright there Twilight?"
"J-Just... just g-give me a m-minute please," you replied, taking short, controlled breaths
>It feels like Anon's dick is in your stomach...
>But in the best way possible
>After getting used to the cock inside of you you give Anon the nod to continue
>He does so eagerly, slowly pulling back until the tip of his cock was inside of you before thrusting back in
>With each thrust he started going faster and he started being a little less gentle
>Both of you began moaning, and your moans started to get louder and more animalistic
>Soon the bed was creaking under your lovemaking and wet, slapping sounds filled the air
>You did your best to keep your mind off of the pleasure but it was starting to become too much
>You were once again nearing your limit
whoop, sorry
>Your breathing was becoming shallow and your horn was starting to glow
>The fire in your belly was starting to make your body tingly
>Though you were laid awkwardly on your back you did your best to meet Anon's thrusts with your own and you tried your hardest to squeeze his cock as hard as you could, massaging and teasing the member to the best of your ability
>You figured that since you had no idea what the hay you were doing that wasn't doing much
>But you could feel Anon's cock twitching harder and harder with each thrust and his movements were becoming a little more jerky
>So you must have been doing something right
>All the while your hooves hadn't left the wonderful stallion's face
>The whole time you stared into each other's eyes as you bucked
>And it was more wonderful than you could possibly put into words
"C-Come on, Anon," you say. "You b-buck this tight p-pony pussy."
>Anon let out a groan, slamming into you
>Your back legs tightened around Anon's hips
"Come o-on, c-cum inside me. I w-wanna see the l-look on your f-face when you c-cum."
>You wanted to say more but, all of the sudden, your own finish came speeding toward you
>With one final moan your vision explodes into different colors
"A-ah! Oh buck! OHBUCK!"
>Your inner walls clamp down hard on Anon's still thrusting cock, trying to coax out his seed, but he keeps thrusting
>sofngvswdfibv lslskdjfvsldkfjbg vsljgbwircbflsdfkjclkjdfvnldfkfndk!
>You let got of Anon's head and let yours fall onto the bed
>"Twi! TWI!"
"...Huh? Wut?"
>"Where do you want it?"
>He's cumming?
"Inside," you mumble. "Inside!"
>Closing his eyes Anon's hips become a blur as he readies himself to cum
>Your marehood, which still hadn't recovered from your second orgasm of the night, started to clutch around Anon's member as tight as it could
File: TouchyTwi.jpg (112 KB, 988x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Oh buck
>You were going to cum aginsodifbealirbfr fbcaljbf!
>Hilting you a final time Anon holds you close and grunts
>You let out a squeak when you felt the first spurt of cum fire into you
>By the second you were cumming once again
>Your vision goes dark for a moment
>The second after that you find yourself staring up at the ceiling drenched in sweat and panting very, very hard
>Anon was laying on top of you, his body weight pressing you down onto the bed, with his arms wrapped around you and his head buried in the nape of your neck
>Through a haze of exhaustion you couldn't help but smile at the sight
>Call your pussy nyquil
>Cause it puts colts to sleep!
>That was horrible...
>Reaching down you start to pet Anon's head, running your hooves through his mane
>That seems to bring the colt out of his stupor, because he lifts his head and looks at you
>Though there's a content smile on his face (thank Celestia) you could see the same look in his eyes that had been there since he saw you
>Warmth, kindness, delight
>A dorky, squiggly smile comes to your face as you haul Anon up from your neck so that the two of you were face-to-face
>The two of you wrapped arms and hooves around each other
>"Goodnight, Twilight."
>Pressing yourself as close to Anon as you could you kissed him on the cheek
>Your horn glowed, pulling the covers over the two of you
"Goodnight Anon. Don't let the bed breezies bite."
>As you closed your eyes you heard Anon tiredly chuckle
>"Sweet Christ above are you a dork."
>Your smile widened just a hair when he kissed you on the cheek
>"A cute dork but a dork nonetheless."

File: 1438090106942.png (366 KB, 1080x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>The first thing that you noticed when you opened your eyes was that, like usual, you didn't have a headache after spending most of the night before slamming drinks back like Jordan slammed dunks
>Fucking pony alcohol...
>The second thing that you noticed was that there was a particular smell in the air
>It was sugary, eggy, maybe with a hint of burnt
>Someone was making, or at least trying to make, breakfast in your house
>Like a train the events of last night hit you
>Going to that horse bar with the intent of drinking until either the place was empty of booze or you died from alcohol poisoning
>Saying hello to a qt3.14 little unicorn with the biggest, most beautiful ass that you had even seen
>Talking to said unicorn for like half of the night
>Carrying like adorable little horse home and fucking her brains out like the pimp you were
>Letting your head flop down onto your pillow you take a deep breath
>That's the smell of sex alright
>You know that smell anywhere
>And to top it all off you were naked and kind of sticky under these blankets
>So it looked like you didn't just have some weird alcohol-induced dream...
>Huh, neat
>With a groan you throw off the covers (which were probably going to need to be cleaned later today) and shuffled out of your room and toward your kitchen
>With each step the smell of food grows stronger and stronger
>As does that burnt smell
>Hopefully the little unicorn hadn't burned anything down
>Twilight was her name...
>Yeah, you remember it now...
>The second that you reached the bottom of your stairs you could hear a someone humming a tune
>"Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, Sex pancakes, sex pancakes, there's nothing better than sex after pancakes..."
>You couldn't help but chuckle quietly to yourself as you walked into your kitchen
>There, leaning on your stove with utensils floating all around her, was Twilight herself
>Beside the little mare on your counter were a stack of pancakes
>All of them were misshapen, most of them were burnt, but even so you found yourself smiling hugely as Twilight, still humming, flipped a half finished pancake into the air
>"Sex pancakes, sex pancakes, sugary and fluffy and sweet. Sex pancakes, sex pancakes, they always taste so neat!"
>Your eyes gravitate toward Twilight's rump as she shakes it back and forth
>Sweet Jesus look at that thing...
>Realizing that you had been standing in the doorway of your bathroom butt naked without saying anything to your guest you figured that you should probably say something
"So are any of those sex pancakes for me? Because you're making them sound pretty rad."
>Twilight yelped, launching herself into the air
>The utensils all held up by her magic were flung around your kitchen, thankfully not breaking anything, as Twilight hit the floor with a meaty thud
>You winced, and you were about to walk over there to help the little mare up, but she was already back on her hooves
>"A-Anon?" she said, her face red with embarrassment as she spun around to face you. "What are you... why... how... you're naked..."
>You look down at yourself
"Looks like it huh?"
>Her eyes drifted down to your junk and stayed there
>...And stayed there
>...And stayed there
>This little hoers...
>Still smiling you cleared your throat
>Twilight's eyes snapped back toward your face, her blush deepening
>"G-Good morning!" she said with a smile
>Her smile twitched when she saw the mess that she had made
>"S-Sorry," she said, looking down at the floor. "I j-just wanted to make you breakfast but I usually don't cook formyselfbutIstillwantedtotrybecauseIthoughtthatbreakfastinbedwouldberomanticand--"
>A certain warmth fills your chest as you make your way over toward the adorable little dork
>Leaning down you picked Twilight up
>She let out another yelp, looking up at you in embarrassment and confusion
>Turning off your stove you looked down at the little horse now in your arms
"Twilight, could you be a dear and grab those pancakes please?"
>Nodding a little too fast Twilight's horn sparked to life, encasing the plate of pancakes in her magic and lifting them into the air
>Without another word you make your way into your living room
>Walking over to your lazyboy you sit down, setting Twilight in your lap
>Reaching behind you you grabbed the blanket draped over your chair
"So how are ya feeling?" you asked, opening up the blanket. "I remember that you had a lot to drink last night
>Every single muscle on the little mare was tensed as she sat in your lap
>That was until you wrapped your blanket around both her and yourself, pressing her back against your chest and wrapped your arms around your barrel
>Twilight sighed, leaning back against you
>You bit your lip as she wiggled her hips back and forth, those glorious cheeks of hers hotdogging your johnson
>If she kept doing that you were going to wreck this little mare
>And you'd do it too
>"...My head hurts a little bit," she admitted. "But after what... what happened last night it's worth it."
>The unicorn lifted her head up to look at you
>"A-Anon? Is it alright if I ask you s-something?"
"Ask me whatever you want, Twi," you answered without missing a beat
>She smiled, rubbing herself against you
>"W-Why did you pick me? T-There were a-a lot better l-looking mares in t-that club."
>She looked back down
>"N-Not many stallion's want a big butted dork like me..."
>Frowning, you spun Twilight around in your lap
>Grabbing her chin you forced her to look up at you
Anon's an ass man?
>Twilight tried to look down, her ears pinned against her head, but you didn't let her
"But you know what? Whoever else I would have picked probably wouldn't have made my night as fun as you did. They probably wouldn't have made me laugh or anything like that; they would have acted macho, they would have fucked me--"
>Leaning down you kissed Twilight on the nose
"And they would have been gone by morning."
>Smiling now you give Twilight's face a light squeeze
"I think that the second I saw you I knew that you'd be different. That you were... special."
>Twilight looks a hell of a lot happier as you kissed her nose again
"And look at you! You got up and tried to make pancakes even though you're hungover."
>You kissed her again
"But most importantly when I woke up you were still here. You were here and you said good morning."
>Sniffling, Twilight wrapped her hooves around your neck and hugged you
>Nuzzling her neck you hugged her back
>"S-So you're okay with my big butt?" she whispered
>Big butt this, big butt that
>This little pone needs to stop worrying over her assets
>Her big, wonderful, mouthwatering assets
"Can you keep a secret, Twi?"
>Twilight nodded, still holding you closely
"I might have seen that you were special when I walked over and talked with you, but it was this--"
>The mare let out a quiet gasp as you reached down and gave her flank a squeeze
>Your fingers sunk into the malleable flesh
>Oh yes
>You were fucking this dork's brains out when all of these feels were out of the way
"--This was what got me over there in the first place."
>Suddenly Twilight broke the hug, pulling away so she could look up at you with wide eyes
>"R-Really?!" she asked, excited
"Really-really," you told her
>The joy on Twilight's face when she heard that made you want to kiss the little horse again
>So, without another thought, you did just that
>This time though Twilight was ready, leaning up so that she could capture her lips with yours
>Though you couldn't see if, there was a thoughtful look in her eyes as the two of you kissed

>Be Celestia
"Which to pick, which to pick..."
>The Day Court had just concluded
>You had sent your assistants away
>And you were in your room getting ready to do what all super ancient mares did in the privacy of their own bedrooms
>At that moment you were walking back and forth in front of your bed
>On your bed where every one of your dildos and a gallon of lube stand in a row
>And where did you get a whole gallon of lube you might be asking yourself?
>None of your bucking business was the answer to THAT question
But anyway, there you were deciding what toy to use
>A far more difficult decision than one might think
>You had dozens of dildos of different sizes, colors, and shapes
>Sitting before you were the cocks of every creature on this planet, from the simple pony to the mighty dragon!
>Your collect had taken many, many years to collect, and you could say with the utmost certainty that you had used every single one on multiple occasions
>...Holy horse apples were you lonely...
>With a sigh you just snatched the first toy that caught your eye
"It looks like the two of you have a date with destiny, Ol' Faithful," you mutter, wiggling the dragon dildo back and forth
>...You wouldn't have all of these toys if you could just find yourself a stallion
>If you found a colt that'd be willing to date you you'd have as much cock as you'd need
>But therein lies the problem
>It had been centuries since you had take a stallion to your bed
>Or any male at all really
>And it sure as buck wasn't for lack of trying
>You had tried for YEARS to court somepony, and each time you did you had been rejected
>Not harshly or cruelly mind you, most stallions didn't want to spend a night in the dungeons, but you were rejected nonetheless
>Had that bothered you?
>Yeah, for a number of years, but you had gotten over it
>You were a very busy mare after all and one needed to spend a lot of time with their stallion if they managed to snatch one up
>But that all changed when you sister had returned
>Luna had, almost instantly, become a hit with the male populace, rutting nearly any colt that she wished
>Stallions liked a bad girl and what was badder than trying to cast the world in everlasting darkness?
>And Luna, being the loving sister that she was, started to tease you about your lack of male attention
>The blue jerk...
>And that teasing only increased when she found out about your Hent--MANGA!
>So, in the face of this teasing, you had once again tried to play the field
>Tried to find a stallion to warm your bed at night
>But, just like before, you were shot down time and time and TIME again
>You were like their mom, colts said
>They had too much on their mind to start dating, others said
>I'm looking for a mare that's a little mess...bookish, you had been told
>I'm looking for a mare with a little less junk in their trunk, one brave stallion had said to your FACE!
>If you didn't understand the stallions of yesteryear now they were completely alien to you
>You didn't know what to say
>You didn't know how to act around them
>Time to get off so you could forget about being forever alone for a little while...
>Realizing that you were squeezing Ol' Faithful a little too hard with you magic you sighed again
>Picking up one end of your mattress you pulled out one of your favorite Hen-Manga's
"Well... time to--"


>You blinked as a letter materialized in front of you with a flash of green fire
>A letter from Twilight?
>It had been a while since she had sent you anything...
"What do we have here?..."
>Setting down Ol' Faithful and your gallon of lubricant you opened up the letter and began to read:

Dear Princess Celestia,
A few days ago I met a rather interesting stallion that has a very particular taste...
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Mother of butts.
A couple of threads ago someone said that people write Twiggles like a bitch because they can't write her like a dork. Though I am more of a barbell than a man--a fact that I'm sure some of you have already realized-- I took exception to that.

So, nameless Anon, there's your dork Twilight. In fact there's your dork Twilight with just a kind of Dorklestia thrown in.

Say hello to your mouth for me. And tell her to stop using all of those fucking machines when she's in the gym. Us free weights need a little love too.
*Mother, not fucking mouth.

Based as always
Cadence, Celestia, and Luna try to get Anon, an 'impartial observer', to judge who has the finest ass, horn, and plumage.

Bragging rights are everything, and they try to influence the decision by bribing him in various ways...

>Luna stares at you, and then she abruptly *shifts*.
>Gone is the graceful, alien equine; in its place stands a woman.
>A human woman, with silky blue hair, delicate cheekbones, and gorgeous aqua-marine eyes.
>Oh, and with perfect tits and a rear you could bounce a bit off.
>...Yeah, she's naked.
>Very, very naked.
>She arcs an eyebrow.
>"Vote for Us and we shall fornicate with you in this form, all night, every night, for a month."
>...You're as tempted by this as you were by Cadence's offer of a threesome.
>Or Celestia's offer to actually court you, though you suspect that offer was actually genuine and not made in jest.
>Your underwear always seem to vanish when she frequently visits 'Ponyville', after all.
>And many a mare that had interest in you coincidentally seemed to shy away and avoid you after one of her visits.
>Maybe you're just being paranoid, mind: they always do look tired these days.

File: 1435961649761.jpg (229 KB, 663x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 663x1050
I will always love you for your bigass fucking updates.
I didn't write this but I shall paste it still.

"Anonymous, is this really something you have to figure out?"
>Celestia uncomfortably fidgets with her hooves, her sister, niece, and former student standing behind her just as awkwardly.
>You put on your blindfold.
"Of course, princess. This is for science, after all."
>"What kind of science involves guessing whose posterior is whose?" Luna questions.
"Well, there's a couple things," you say, fastening the fold over your eyes. The darkness seems to only encourage you to continue with your experiment. "First, you girls get to figure out how well your butts can please a stallion. Cadance, I'm addressing you in particular."
>"But...Shining already loves my butt the way it is."
"So we'll get to see if he has bad taste."
>Cadance scoffs.
"Second, we'll get to see the effects of food binging. Celestia, Twilight."
>The two mentioned ponies remain uncomfortably silent.
"Last, we'll see if the moon's really as rough as it looks."
>"Lewd, Anonymous!" Luna snapped.
>You shrug.
"You wanted to know."
>As you couldn't currently see, you only assumed the four princesses shared some expression amongst each other.
>"Let us get this over with, then."
>A set of hooves clacks on the ground, approaching you.
>You can feel the presence of a pony in front of you, which shortly turns into the presence of a pony butt.
>Your hands tremble in excitement as they reach out to feel what's in front of you.
>Contact is made with something very...soft.
>A tad squishy, even.
>Squeezing the cheeks of the butt, you already find yourself tantalized with whoever's butt this is.
>Rubbing the butt elicits a slight resistance, tiny creases forming in it from your treatment.
>More squeezes gives you small folds of skin and pony coat across the cheeks, but that wasn't a problem.
>A quick smack elicits a gasp, but you can't discern whose it is.
>There was some firmness to the butt, but also soft squishyness.
>A nice plaything for those who want something in between.
"I'm gonna guess this is...Twilight."
>You take off the blindfold.
>In front of you is a pink butt with a crystal heart cutie mark.
>She looks weirded out, but still asks, "Well, what'd you think?"
"I'll tell you one thing: Shining has a good butt to play with."
>She blushes, though you're not sure if it's from the compliment or the fact that you've been touching her ass the past minute or two.
>The blindfold goes back on.
>Cadance's hooves can be heard moving away, while another set comes up and stops in front of you.
>Like last time, the presence of a pony butt can be felt in front of you.
>When you touch this one, the firm muscles of the butt sharply contrast the slight softness you'd just felt.
>Rubbing it down, there's little skin that folds over, or even so much as moves.
>The butt and the pony's soft coat are all that are to be felt here.
>Giving it a squeeze causes whoever's butt this is to flinch slightly, but they truck on.
>Not even pinching it slightly is enough to get much skin, the tight butt receding into itself with little resistance.
>Smacking it is done in a single, fluid motion, your hand not catching on any extra fat.
"I'm gonna say...Luna."
>The blindfold comes off.
>That is a purple pony butt.
>"Uh..." She grins sheepishly. "Hi."
"You been working out? This is, like, a really toned butt."
>She chuckles.
>"Maybe a little. Spike's got me on a bit of a diet."
>Her stomach rumbles.
>"I'm gonna go grab a carrot," she says with a slight blush before leaving the room.
>This leaves the two royal sisters.
>Your blindfold is back on.
>This leaves the two royal sisters.
>Your blindfold is back on.
"Come at me at the same time. I'll try to differentiate between the two sisters."
>They do as they're told, both approaching your stool and turning around.
>You grab for the left butt first, and you're instantly in love.
>Squishy, huggable, pillow butt.
>Soft to the touch, and warm.
>Squeezing gives you a decent amount of skin, but not so much that it's overwhelming and too fat.
>Smacking it causes a couple ripples to course throughout the butt, and something of a satisfied hum to come from whoever was smacked.
>Calm yourself, boner.
>Rubbing it down is a soft, enjoyable experience, akin to feeling freshly washed sheets on your bed.
>Sad as you were to leave it, the second butt needed some love.
>You move your hands to the butt on the right, and your first thought is, "smooth".
>Substantially colder then the one on the left, but the smooth, almost silky texture of the coat and skin invites you to continue rubbing it down.
>Squeezing it gives you a little more fat then Cadance's, but nothing near the butt on the left.
>As your hands adjust to the colder butt, you begin to appreciate the hidden, firm muscle underneath the couple layers of fat.
>A quick smack makes the owner of right butt moan a little, a grin cracking on your face because of it.
"Whoever this is, you're enjoying this."
>Having done enough blind research, you decide it's time to lay down a verdict.
"Okay, I'll say the one on the left is Celestia, and the one on the right is Luna."
The blindfold is off.
>A white butt with a sun is on your left.
>A dark blue butt with a black smudge and white moon is on your right.
"Haha! I got at least these two right!"
>"That...wasn't all that bad," Celestia says, her face slightly pink as she turns it away.
>Luna scrunches her face, refusing to speak as a pink tint spreads on her's as well.
"You liked it, admit it."
>"I will say no such thing, Anonymous. You have tested our hindquarters. Your request is satisfied."
>You quickly smack her butt again, another pleasured moan escaping her lips.
>Realizing her pleasure's been confirmed, she glares at you with a beet red face and a scrunched mouth, walking away.
>"I'll admit, Anonymous, your hands are..."
"Nimble? Caring? Pleasurable?"
>"We'll go with nice. Perhaps you could become a masseur."
"Maybe your private one?" you say with a sly grin.
>She chuckles, but can't help the blush spreading across her face. "No thank you."

File: 1409793362298.png (376 KB, 700x923) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
376 KB, 700x923
Wasn't quite RGRE but it had butt testing so I decided to be a renegade.
Princess Plot is always good, Anon.
>ten stallions
>a few hundred mares
Holy fuck nigga.
Was good, mang. Though I am an ardent breast-man, I can appreciate a good ass and pony ass is top tier. Good to read an anon that knew how to rock it, and it was fun reading a Twilight that I didn't hate.

She's easy to pick on as a character, so she ends up as an antagonist pretty often. The change of pace was refreshing.
upvote for chairsex

drunk Twiggles is smooth

>A couple of threads ago someone said that people write Twiggles like a bitch because they can't write her like a dork.

I'd ask for your hoof in horsemarriage if you weren't so out of my league, sis

oh shit butt-groping, you're meeting all of my standards ven if you're a reposter
File: Russian Brony 4.webm (3 MB, 720x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Russian Brony 4.webm
3 MB, 720x384
vid fell off
>>To your horror you saw that it was just JUTTING out there
>>Being big and huge and... unsightly
>>you saw that you had the biggest butt in the club
>>Bigger than Pinkie's
>>Bigger than Applejack's
>>Even bigger than that shemale gentlecolt/mare with the pink wig over there!
>>The thing bumped into everypony you walked past
>>It jiggled and wiggle with every step you took
>>You could feel your cheeks rubbing against each other with every step
>>Even when you sat down on one of the stools at the club's bar you could feel your flank threatening to spill off your seat
File: hypnogif.gif (100 KB, 349x342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 349x342
>big booty mare
Yes please.
in her what
It was very cute. I much prefer this Twilight to raging sexist Twilight.
Great read as usual, LaP. I enjoyed the part were Twilight had the best ass.

Does Rainbow Dash look like she's good at math?

>>26075116 >>26074509
picrelated next threadpic?

also picrelated, Pluggo

All the more for Anon to >rape
File: 1431525015641.png (325 KB, 690x891) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
325 KB, 690x891
>the willing
pick one

>stallionly stallion Caramel begins hanging out with Anon
>they are best friendos
>Mel starts talking louder and walking with purpose
>decreases the amount of shit he takes from ponies
>doesn't run when there is a bunny stampede
>tfw humanity is contagious
File: 1434743379922.png (926 KB, 2000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
926 KB, 2000x1500
What a lovely herd.

>in RGRE, big butts are considered attractive on stallions but ugly on mares.
>Anon preys on the big booty mares with low-self esteem.
>gets to have tons of buttsex


we can make our own band of badasses
>Anon gets herd of nerdy girls, eg Twilight, Moondancer, etc
>fund it

Are there any other nerdy girls besides those two?
File: 1446055870877.png (331 KB, 1237x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
331 KB, 1237x1024
Are we adding timid mares too?
only if they're big booty bitches
File: 1439077255010.png (142 KB, 960x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142 KB, 960x1280
File: 1441883609819.png (152 KB, 848x746) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 848x746
They must pass a test.
File: 1445368408281.png (94 KB, 533x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94 KB, 533x480
I like where this is going.

>Anon herds all the mares that would be considered unattractive in RGRE
>others just can't understand it
>he explains that big butts on girls are attractive to human guys.
>they try to make their butts bigger in order to score with Anon
File: 1436684038343.png (1 MB, 2401x2611) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2401x2611
im suddenly imagining anon having all the timid girls wear frilly undies and stockings

dont know whether to hhngg or unf
bump for butts
File: 1450236818756.png (433 KB, 1662x1092) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
433 KB, 1662x1092
mmm yes
timid girls in frilly lingerie
File: p5.jpg (91 KB, 800x733) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 800x733
In honor of the latest and greatest big booty green, I present you the following.
File: p6.jpg (112 KB, 590x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 590x800
File: p8.jpg (129 KB, 620x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 620x800
File: p9.png (2 MB, 2000x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2000x1600
File: p10.jpg (400 KB, 686x899) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
400 KB, 686x899
File: p11.jpg (281 KB, 924x1162) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
281 KB, 924x1162
File: p14.jpg (449 KB, 879x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
449 KB, 879x1024
File: p16.jpg (117 KB, 550x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 550x800
File: p18.png (830 KB, 812x1038) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
830 KB, 812x1038
File: p19.jpg (248 KB, 900x1152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248 KB, 900x1152
File: p20.jpg (774 KB, 999x1367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
774 KB, 999x1367
File: p23.jpg (807 KB, 1000x1414) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
807 KB, 1000x1414
File: p24.jpg (773 KB, 1031x1265) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
773 KB, 1031x1265
File: p25.jpg (631 KB, 852x1250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
631 KB, 852x1250
File: twiplot.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1280
File: twiplot2.jpg (713 KB, 1000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
713 KB, 1000x1500
And that's it for my SFW mare booty collection.

Thank you for the green, based writefriends.
Please continue
Memories of ass worship general have resurfaced
What are the reversed gender roles about?
File: 1408612322918.png (238 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238 KB, 700x700
RGRE, aka refugee general.
so we Shrek now?
"Okay, okay, I think humans and ponies have a different idea of what is and is not attractive. Now, explain to me why this mare-"
>You point to a very uncomfortable-looking Moondancer.
"-is unattractive."
>Roseluck sneers at Moondancer, taking in her physique for analysis.
>"For starters, there's obviously her rump. Look at that thing; it's HUGE! It probably jiggles when she walks. I'll bet you could bounce a bit off of that thing."
>Moondancer lowers her head in shame.
>You bite your lip and try to contain your arousal.
Please, don't. I thought this "Shrek" phase was ogre with.
>Twilight Story
>Not a white knight
You are my hero. My only disappointment is that Anon didn't answer Twilight's chemistry lines with his own.
>Anon makes it rain bits
>Half the city is destroyed with super projectile bits

>Be Anon
>Equestria's only human
>You are currently having coffee with your buddy Caramel
>"Anon, the others and I are worried about you." he says, resting his hoof on your hand.
>You raise an eyebrow at that.
"What for?"
>"We think you may have... poor taste in mares." he says carefully, taking a sip of the diluted crap he calls coffee.
>You take a sip of your own black coffee.
"What's wrong with Twilight and Moondancer?"
>Caramel's face scrunches up adorably.
>"They're just so... homely."
>You were prepared for this conversation, so you didn't get that angry.
"How so?"
>"Their butts, Anon! They're absolutely ginormous!"
>You grin.
"I know, isn't it awesome?"
>He looks surprised at that, "W-What? I don't-"
"Remember how I told you that gender roles are different for humans than they are for ponies?"
>He nods.
"That includes certain standards of attractiveness. Here, a guy with a big butt is hot and a girl with a big butt is ugly. But where I come from..."
>You leave the sentence hanging.
>Best let him figure it out for himself.
>His eyes widened in realization, "Oh. OH! Wow. That makes sense. Well if that's what you're into Anon, I can't really stop you."
>You nod.
>"I can get that part, but they're also so nerdy."
"Yeah, but in a cute way."
....Wait. So Anon is dating the RGRE equivalent of obese social outcasts?

It's like a dream come true
File: 1436138909540.gif (307 KB, 680x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
307 KB, 680x383
>All those big butt mares.
>Begging to be take a good dicking.
>Glorious plump hills as far as the eye can see.
>Plunging into them full force as they wrap their legs around never wanting you to leave.
>>26078874 >>26076222 >>26075872
Yeah, fuck this shit. a big flank is still a foal-bearing flank. And foal-bearing is good, Equestria (fuck yeah!) needs more soldiers to subjugate underdeveloped nations (read: every one of them except Equestria)
And a fat stallion is fucking useless for work and useless for fucking. I bet they can't even mount!

eh. Sounds like Anon explains everything with "reversed gender roles"

>"hey why are you bringing shit to the shop and taking money???"
"serversed gender roles mate"
>"ah ok then in soviet humanland soup eats you right?"

Notice how ogre and rgre are a single letter apart

>Sounds like Anon explains everything with "reversed gender roles"

Eh, it's what I'd do in that situation. I don't like misunderstandings unless they're harmless and funny.
nigga we're reading stories about shy insecure ponies with big asses getting plowed, stop trying to bring logic into this shit and enjoy the ride
>Anon finds Moondancer/Twilight at a club/bar being miserable, as has already been covered
>Anon seduces said mare and is taken back to her place
>Anon fall asleep after love-making session, but the mare lays awake, her mind racing
>"Dear Penthorse: I never thought it would happen to me."
>Anon finds Moondancer at a club/bar being miserable, as has already been covered
>Anon attempts seducing MD with all his smooth
>Moondancer shoots him down because this shit is obviously too good to be true.
>Goes home and sadly clops alone
>Cries herself to sleep
File: 926695.png (345 KB, 1280x1668) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
345 KB, 1280x1668
Mr. Cake is the only pony that understands.

>in RGRE, Mr. Cake is considered incredibly kinky for being into mares with big butts

>Mr. Cake is treated like female chubby chasers on earth
>"How could a self-respecting stallion allow himself to be seen with THAT? What a disgrace to our gender!"
>"Honey, I know you colts love foals, but you should wait and find your true love rather than pumping foals into the nearest loser!"
>"Hey babe, wanna be with a real mare? My butt fits inside a toaster!"
>>"Hey babe, wanna be with a real mare? My butt fits inside a toaster!"
lmao what
>What a disgrace to our gender

People who even consider using that phrase out loud are bigger losers than the people they make fun of. Seriously who the fuck ties their entire identify to their junk other than SJW and people in denial about being gay.
On behalf of my gender, I apologize for using that phrase.

did you feel it, sis?
toasted buns
File: rarity tearing up.gif (938 KB, 650x731) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
rarity tearing up.gif
938 KB, 650x731
Catching up.

>If you get the correct ratio of crunchy noodles and cheese powder, you can ALMOST pretend that you don't think about killing yourself every night.

That... doesn't sound funny. That sounds actually sad and depressing.
sounds a lot like reality
I know. It's descriptive enough that I can really put myself in the character's viewpoint.

Plus, I think I tried crunching on a couple of uncooked kraft dinner noodles with a bit of cheese powder once, just to see what it would be like, so I can imagine the texture/taste pretty well. It sucks.
>SFW mare booty

Nice work, dude.
We need more homeless Anon. Ten real-life dollars to the Anon who finishes green on this.
>You step in front of a carriage and die instantly
What's your skype? I'll send you my Paypal.
And then I was called on my bluff.
>but you should wait and find your true love rather than pumping foals into the nearest loser!
>Roles are reversed
>Ideas of beauty are reversed
>The physical qualities you enjoy the most now belong to mares with the lowest of self-esteems
>Pump depressed, self-hating mares full of your babies
>Watch them strut around town showing off just how BADLY a male wanted them
>"Look who's preggers, you buckers! That's right, I might even be having TWINS. Oh, what's that? You... you don't have ANY foals? WELL GUESS WHO'S MORE ATTRACTIVE NOW"
>Enjoy sexy, loyal, and indebted mares for the rest of your life.
>Roles are reversed
>EVERYTHING is reversed
>even vaginas
>they are upside down
>tails are attached upside-down too - they still hang down though
>and anuses.
>and everyone travels by moonwalking
>but in reverse
>so it's just regular walking

Anon, you are better than this.
I just want to feel wanted for once, Anon.
File: 1452397159217.gif (2 MB, 476x268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 476x268
>Everyone is inside-out, organs trailing behind ponies as they walk.
EVERYTHING is reversed
>the moon rises and sets before the sun does
>carriages roll faster in reverse than forward
>light refracts off surfaces rather than reflecting.
>ponies who rewind VHS tapes are considered pariahs and outcast form Blockbuster
>OP is not a fag
Best writefag finally returns.
Pls continue
I love you
>OP is not fag
Welp, there goes my suspension of disbelief out the window.
>OP is not a fag
As OP I like this
Well, there goes my self-esteem. What did I do wrong??... Did I forget to reverse my anus?
Unless proven otherwise, OP is always assumed to be a faggot.
File: 3722763.jpg (143 KB, 600x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 600x389
What >>26081943 said.
You can't deny the fagness, but wear it like a badge. It is the burden you have to carry as OP.
Full image please? There's absolutely nothing on Google.
File: 668860.png (271 KB, 600x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
271 KB, 600x500
That is the full image. Nothing else to see.
Here, have this instead.
This is acceptable
>>OP is not a fag
Basically this
And this.
Write more butts.
It feels like there's more to this and you just stopped because you're intimidated by LaP
Please post more.
Refugees will be tolerated if they contribute and don't shit up the thread.
File: c1c.png (740 KB, 600x575) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
740 KB, 600x575
Weird you post dio, cause that story made me think of dio
>It's finally ready, the salts are spread, offerings placed
>This spell takes immense knowledge and magical power
>Luckily, you had both which means you're none other than Moondancer, Dork Extrodinaire
>After a few words with a fellow bookworm friend who happens to be an alicorn, you got access to a hidden Library within the palace
>And you're going to use this limitless knowledge wisely, by summoning yourself an Incubus
>After repeated failed attempts with stallions this is what you're lust has driven you to do
>If you were in any right mind it'd seem pathetic, but Celestia be Damned you need the D right now, morals won't stop you
>You begin to utter the secret incantation passed down through the millenia
"No Hooves, Not RGRE enough, Teat Twisting!"
>Your offerings evaporate, the ancient salts shuddering as dark magic engulfs the room
>In a blur with a flash everything disappears, leaving in their place thick smoke
>As it clears you see a figure starting to get up, it appears to be wearing clothes
>"Where the fuck am I?"
>You didn't think this far ahead
>Do you have to introduce yourself to an incubus or do they just follow your bidding?
>"I really need to stop drinking so much."
>It's walking towards you, act cool Moon!
"DEMON, I have summoned you here to fufill my bidding and do Uh, well, do what Incubi do."
>Smooth like a Griffon's beak
>"Holy shit a talking horse!"
>Does this thing think you're a whorse?
"Maybe I wasn't clear, I summoned you so that we could possibly..."
>It's a demon from another realm with its purpose being to make you a mare, stop being so awkward for once
>Probably not the most elegant way of putting it, the Incubi seems taken back by it
>"So you brought me here?"
>"To fuck?"
>"Can you send me back?"
>Even an Incubus doesn't want to buck you, maybe you just have to learn to accept being an unlovable-
>You're now Anon, and you're looking at an adorable pony bawl her eyes out
>What do you do, she wants you to take her virginity, it's too early in the morning to be coerced by a pony into sex
>Plus for all your outer confidence you're a Virgin too, do you really want to lose your virginity to a pony, even if they are Adorable?
>Better do something fast
"I didn't mean to upset you, are you okay?"
>"I'm Sorry. I must look so pathetic to you. Of course you wouldn't want to take me."
>Her every sentence is seperated by sobs, you can't stop your inner whiteknight now
"If it'll make you feel better, I'll stay here with you for a while."
>You're going to regret this
>"REALLY?! You mean you will take my virginity?"
>But her eyes are sparkling with hope, you don't have the will to break her heart
>You'll just have to try and talk her out of it
"How about we just sit and talk for a while, get to know each other? I mean Virginity is a big deal."
>"But I've thought about it, I don't want to be a virgin forever. And the Wizard world is cutthroat."
>This mare right here just won't give up
>"Plus you're an Incubus, don't you live to seek out Virgins? Please, I'll do anything!"
"Alright let me stop you right there, I'm not an Incubus. I'm not some Virginity stealing demon."
>"O-Oh, so what are you?"
"I'm a Human called Anonymous. Just call me Anon."
>Before her coat was a cream color, but looking at her now it's almost completely red
>"You're not going to have sex with me?"
>She's starting to look sad again
"Not right away, I mean we can't get together before getting to know each other."
>You tried to let her down gently but it looks like you've failed
>You're holding back tears in order to not look like a colt, so you must be Moondancer again
>It's probably best to chalk this down as a failure and let the poor stallion go home
>Being transported to some alien world with a neckfluff mare trying to coerce you into sex must be creepy
"Anon, thanks for trying to be nice. But if you want to leave you can go, I don't want to force you to stay."
>"There's no need to worry, a cute pony like you will find someone willingly soon. I'm sure."
>Cute? He really thinks you're cute, take that Twilight, a stallion finds you cute
>When you snap out of your inner joy you realize you've both been sitting in complete silence for a minute or two
"Uh, are you leaving?"
>"I thought you knew how to send me back."
>The shocking realization is plastered on both your faces, Summoning is a one way kind of thing
>"Please don't tell me I'm stuck here."
"You're probably not stuck here."
>Time to put on a reassuring smile and talk your way out of this
"Well, I'll just need time to look for a way to send you back. With all the knowledge of gods at the Library I might find something!"
>He's not buying it, say something before you have a colt breakdown on your hands
"Until then, you're welcome to stay with me. I mean it can't take too long."
>He looks like he's lost in thought for a moment, you can only pray he isn't mad at you until he looks up
>"Fine, I'll stay with you for a little while until you can do something.
"GREAT, you won't regret this Anon! I'll get you back home as soon as possible."
>Anon Sighs "Being upset won't solve anything, I guess we should head back to your place."

This is just a test story since I wanted to try out something longer. But I have no idea what direction to take the story from here.
Criticism and opinions would be greatly appreciated.
File: 1393827338602.png (43 KB, 889x863) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 889x863
Please continue but what's with the random capitalization?
Damn, I try to not let that get into stories.
But when writing normally I'll capitalize anything I want to put emphasis in without thinking.
Keep going.
Don't do that.
It Makes your Writing look Absolutely terrible.
Use capitalisation sparingly, at he beginning of a sentence and for proper nouns.
For example:
>You are Rainbow Dash, 8th grader at Ponyville Elementary.
>Today Miss Cheerilee broke this one filly's wing for bad grammar.
>English class is fucking hardcore.
Moar, moar, moar!
>Durnken English lessons
Truly, these are the end of days.
After some escapades(read sexcapades) in whatever town, Anon is offered a job as a diplomat. Catch is, he's supposed to keep the demons of Tartarus happy.
Kicker, the demons are all female.
Bonus points Twilight summons one who has a "date" with Anon later while trying out a new spell.
Perhaps she is German and capitalizes all Nouns by Force of Habit?

I mean we already figured out that you are from Nippon you antisex hygiene-obsessed prude, and we have slavdykes here. We're fucking int, sis!
Durnk is folded 1000 tiems? I figured him for a Oz or a sheepfucker.
>Is called Durnk
>Not considering leprechaun or cyclops
I really wish I had the picture of that demonhorse nobby drew.
He can't be Irish, because he doesn't end all of his posts with a Cato-like: England must be destroyed.

I have no idea who cyclopses are.
Scottish. Hat Trading Sim reference.
File: giphy.gif (936 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>this thread right now
Eh, that makes sense. I guess you can't have two different countries call sheepfuckers, and while Scottland may have the historical claim, kiwis are the more devoted practitioners.

File: 1414474189182.png (3 MB, 2713x1633) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2713x1633
Yes, there's the semen Demon.
Speaking of, what would an RGRE semen demon be, and what would they be called
Beyond the character design, which is great, I love the way the lettering in the text bubble implies something eldrich.

I'd fug her.
I want Anon to knock her up.
I'd read about a demon layer Anon.

Dick was diamonds and I'd almost pay for a part 2 with celestia
I will love you forever if you write this
Perhaps later. Anon needs to be a single dad first.
>Be Princess Celestia in Equestria.
>Weird demon apelien stallion was summoned from somewhere beyond Tartarus
>Seems pretty chill for a demon.
>Hasn't been anywhere as shouty or firey or violent as the ones you've met in the past.
>Bit lewd with all the clothes though.
>You like him.
>Offer him a position as an ambassador so you can hang out.
>Tomorrow you're gonna read some comics with him.
>Luna can take care of the country.
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Yeah, for as much as I'd like to see you tack the demon bit that single dad story seems like it's a gold mine.
Sold! Here's my soul
that's all pudge, baby
File: 1445727612320.png (423 KB, 2700x2300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mmmh, yes.
I was Implying more of a male demon being a cum fountain or something. Since RGRE after all.
Probably unaccostomed to being lusted after, with the coltish incubuses being more popular in culture and the succubusses rarely mentioned.

Imagine the surprise of a succubus that has been summoned throughout its nonlife as a brute warrior or mage, suddenly called to be a nice dinner date?

>"Wha? Oh, here again. So who do we have to kill now?"
>"No killing?...Hmm. Ah! You want assistance with casting some heretical spell, right? No worries, just show me where you keep the virg-.."
>"W-wha? B-but... Really? I-...err... i´ve never...tried that...before"
>20 minutes later
>happy demonic horse noises
So incubus?
T-tail wrap?? So L-lewd!
Tentacle demons, sis. With many tentacles that just go on and on.
Well no wonder Neighponese comics are so popular with the mares. So many tentadicks in all holes.
I would rather something that doesn't seem as willing to eat me in the literal sense.
>It feels like there's more to this and you just stopped because you're intimidated by LaP
He's so swole.
fund it!

>Succubus is unaccustomed to snuggling
>Succubus is confused by hoof holding
>Succubus is taken to meet Anon's friends for a nice dinner and is visibly flustered
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>Anon in RGREquestria.
>He's a toddler.
>Somepony adopts him and tries raising him like a good colt.
>Unfortunately for the little horses, even a human toddler is bigger than them, and can overpower them easily.
Foreign ponies who first meet him are amazed at the sheer quantity of food he can consume compared to a pony
>Ponies have tiny, tiny tummies in comparison
>"Did he just drink a whole 8 ounces of water and not drown?!"
>You smile at your date as you sip your starbucker's coffee
>THRAGNAR, RAVAGER OF COCKS shifts a little in her seat, her internal body heat making the pleather stick to her rump
>"I-I uh... A-are you sure you don't want to pervert some children? M-maybe, uh, break up a herd or t-two?!"
>Shaking your head, you push over the marliest drink in the house, a large cup of iced triple-caramel-pump-frappuchino with chocolate sprinkles on a bed of lite whipped cream
"Have a drink, first."
>As she reaches for it, you make sure your hand brushes up against her black-as-the-abyss hoof
>She squeaks, and you grin
>Sitting back, you watch as she grips the cup with both hooves and takes a sip through the wide-mouth straw
>"O-oh! It's cold!"
"Yeah, I uh, figured they didn't have any iced drinks in hell, so..."
>"Y-you're really thoughtful....th-"
>She swallows hard
>She mumbles the rest, filling her mouth with the straw as a diversion
"Well, fill up. After this we're going to share a bench and feed ducks in the park, and then I'm going to hold your hoof as you walk me back home."
>"N-n-n-n-no w-way~!" Thragnar squeaks, the fur on her face going from blood red to bright pink
>You nod
>today was a "if you're going to hell, might as well get a good reputation going" kinda day
What a cutie.