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Episode ranking thread?
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What happened to the episode ranking thread?
It's ranked Page 11
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no new one? Did the guy finish?
It was almost ready to publish results, too.
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I was bumping it before I went to bed and noticed nobody was bumping
Fuck I'm doing mine right now, he said he'd keep it up till the 11th
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I think he got what, 66 Anons or so in a little over a month?

Some interesting results in there. Hopefully he'll come back.
Fuck I just finished it. 66 anons isn't very good imo, less than last year, but if he thinks it's adequate fair enough
It takes a full hour to do it at least and he was talking about better web design for the next one. I was just intrigued about how opinions of certain episodes have shifted since they've come out.

For example, Bats! is an episode that seemingly aged very poorly while episodes such as Mysterious Mare Do Well and Baby Cakes still held the bottom.

S5 had its ranking skewed quite a bit by the two Neal Dusedau episodes. Like, without them it would probably be almost 1000 points higher.
I guess it just was left un-bumped for too long

I'm sorry.
dont apologize. Not your fault. Just Begin Again when you feel like.
People were too busy shitposting with Nyx and bumping shitty greentext threads.

Welcome to neo-/mlp/. This is the future you chose.
If you want

1 1x11 Winter Wrap Up
2 1x26 The Best Night Ever
3 1x01 Friendship is Magic - Part 1
3 1x02 Friendship is Magic - Part 2
3 1x03 The Ticket Master
3 1x13 Fall Weather Friends
3 5x12 Amending Fences
8 2x11 Hearth's Warming Eve
9 1x04 Applebuck Season
10 2x03 Lesson Zero
11 1x25 Party of One
12 1x16 Sonic Rainboom
13 1x05 Griffon the Brush-Off
13 1x06 Boast Busters
13 1x08 Look Before You Sleep
13 1x10 Swarm of the Century
17 1x23 The Cutie Mark Chronicles
18 5x08 The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone
19 1x22 A Bird in the Hoof
20 2x15 The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
21 2x22 Hurricane Fluttershy
22 2x01 The Return of Harmony - Part 1
22 2x02 The Return of Harmony - Part 2
24 3x06 Sleepless in Ponyville
25 2x07 May the Best Pet Win!
26 4x12 Pinkie Pride
27 5x16 Made in Manehattan
27 5x18 Crusaders of the Lost Mark
27 5x21 Scare Master
30 5x02 The Cutie Map - Part 2
30 5x05 Tanks for the Memories
32 5x20 Hearthbreakers
33 2x04 Luna Eclipsed
34 1x17 Stare Master
35 5x25 The Cutie Re-Mark Pt. 1
36 5x26 The Cutie Re-Mark Pt. 2
37 4x14 Filli Vanilli
38 4x18 Maud Pie
39 2x20 It's About Time
39 3x07 Wonderbolts Academy
41 3x05 Magic Duel
42 2x16 Read It and Weep
43 2x25 A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1
44 2x26 A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2
45 2x24 MMMystery on the Friendship Express
46 3x04 One Bad Apple
47 4x10 Rainbow Falls
48 2x14 The Last Roundup
49 1x14 Suited for Success
49 1x15 Feeling Pinkie Keen
51 4x09 Pinkie Apple Pie
52 1x20 Green Isn't Your Colour
52 1x21 Over a Barrel
54 1x07 Dragonshy
55 1x12 Call of the Cutie
56 1x09 Bridle Gossip
57 4x25 Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1
58 4x26 Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2
59 5x01 The Cutie Map - Part 1
60 2x19 Putting Your Hoof Down
61 5x17 Brotherhooves Social
62 4x01 Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1
62 4x02 Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2
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Ranking Guy still here?
I hope so

I must bump
I've never seen someone put The Mane Attraction this low.
>the rarifag stops bumping
>thread dies
You were our only hope
Actually, I'm not quite sure how that happened, I'd put it more in the middle, let me fix that

64 4x19 For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
65 4x03 Castle Mane-ia
66 3x08 Apple Family Reunion
67 1x18 The Show Stoppers
67 1x19 A Dog and Pony Show
69 5x04 Bloom & Gloom
70 5x15 Rarity Investigates!
71 5x23 The Hooffields and McColts
72 4x11 Three's A Crowd
73 2x17 Hearts and Hooves Day
74 4x08 Rarity Takes Manehattan
74 2x10 Secret of My Excess
76 5x06 Appleoosa's Most Wanted
76 5x07 Make New Friends but Keep Discord
78 4x23 Inspiration Manifestation
79 4x15 Twilight Time
79 4x16 It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
81 2x06 The Cutie Pox
82 2x05 Sisterhooves Social
83 2x09 Sweet and Elite
83 2x12 Family Appreciation Day
85 4x05 Flight to the Finish
86 4x20 Leap of Faith
87 4x21 Testing Testing 1, 2, 3
87 4x22 Trade Ya!
89 5x24 The Mane Attraction
90 2x23 Ponyville Confidential
91 5x13 Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?
92 3x12 Games Ponies Play
93 3x01 The Crystal Empire - Part 1
94 3x02 The Crystal Empire - Part 2
95 2x13 Baby Cakes
95 3x03 Too Many Pinkie Pies
97 2x18 A Friend in Deed
98 4x17 Somepony to Watch Over Me
99 4x06 Power Ponies
100 4x07 Bats!
101 1x24 Owl's Well That Ends Well
102 5x19 The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
103 5x14 Canterlot Boutique
104 5x03 Castle Sweet Castle
105 2x08 The Mysterious Mare Do Well
106 2x21 Dragon Quest
107 5x09 Slice of Life
108 4x04 Daring Don't
109 3x11 Just for Sidekicks
110 3x10 Keep Calm and Flutter On
111 4x13 Simple Ways
112 5x11 Party Pooped
113 5x22 What About Discord?
114 4x24 Equestria Games
115 5x10 Princess Spike
115 3x09 Spike at Your Service
117 3x13 Magical Mystery Cure
118 Mx00 Equestria Girls
118 Mx01 Rainbow Rocks
118 Mx02 Friendship Games
I'm just trying to keep the thread bumped, so let's talk about your opinions. Remember to put when you started watching the show, your ranking for the show out of ten, and your optimism for the future from 1-10.

I'm not the guy in charge of this but I want to keep it up

Honestly seems like a standard bottom to me. A lot of people seem to have a lot of reasons for disliking What About Discord. What is yours? Ditto for Equestria Games.
File: medium.jpg (75 KB, 800x443) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mid S2
Overall: 8/10, S1-2: 10/10, S3-5: 8/1-
Optimism: 8/10

Thanks for the reminder. What about Discord felt contrived, and they kept the joke unknown. Overall it just felt grating to watch. EqG, first off, it doesn't have full pone so it's instantly put below most, and the setting lost me, generic american high school. Not to mention the writing was overall bad, the villains shit, and animation flawed. I don't really want to get into too much detail or any extended argument, I've done them before
Provide your age and gender too.
I meant Equestria Games, the one with the Olympics. The pony episode.

I'm right there with you with the contrived shit Neal Dusedau writes. Literally worse than Williams. Princess Spike and What About Discord were at my bottom I believe.
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>already lost save code once
>browser crashes
Sorry I'm blind and an idiot. Equestria games was just "spike is retarded lmao." And of course we got barely anything on the actual game ceremony. End scene was cool though

Mid S2
Overall: 8/10, S1-2: 10/10, S3-5: 8/1-
Optimism: 8/10
Male, 24
He wasnt retarded (except the mindfire thing) he was just put into unlucky situations. It also showed incredible courage on his part to knowingly fuck up in front of thousands just cuz he said he would, and when the chips were down he stepped up like a real badass.
Moral was great too. I am fine with the episode being underrated though. Every season has one or two.
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Unprepared GM.png
620 KB, 1920x1080
>It also showed incredible courage on his part to knowingly fuck up in front of thousands just cuz he said he would
This. I do not understand how dumbasses cite that moment as a mark against the episode.
Fuck me that image is legitimately inspiring. I feel like a faggot for getting emotional about the show but Equestria Games was fucking great because of that scene, not bad because of it.

Fucks actually dropped the episode at that scene and never saw the rest. I wonder how many rated the episode based on that.

Why is it that a thread collapsing is irrecoverable apparently?

Why not start a new one?
Hopefully the anon in charge of it didn't give up.
Well to be quite honest, I wanted to see more of the actual games than Spike spilling spaghetti. Between mindfire and volunteering to sing a song without knowing any of the stipulations and in front of the same crowd which scared him before, I can't help but think he behaved like an idiot
>incredible courage
More like blind stupidity imo
You wanted to see more games? Even after Rainbow Falls?
Fall Weather Friends 2.0? He volunteered cuz he thought it was the crystal empire anthem, which he knew.
Hes always been shown to be courageous, like attempting to fight off diamond dogs so rara could run, and getting between a giant timberwolf and AJ.
Well they certainly built it up, maybe not even the games but rather more pertinent things to them. The Olympics is a grand spectacle, I'd have loved to see something properly mimic it and pertain to ponies. We saw Twilight having a little struggle with being on the stands with the princesses, I was honestly more interested about that than Spike fucking up. I actually like Spike, so spaghetti him embarrassing himself wasn't interesting.
I liked FWF, especially when I first saw it.
>he thought it was the crystal empire anthem
Again, he volunteered to say something in front of a massive crowdm which he had nearly failed earlier, based on a hunch, he didn't ask or inquire about exactly what he was doing. I wouldn't call that courage but rather foolishness.
True, and I've always liked that, didn't see it in him in Equestria Games
The courage was him staying there even though he knew he was about to fuck up because he said he would when he could have just ran away. Youre confusing the two.
Not to mention the courage it would take to propel yourself towards what could have literally been death falling from the sky when he had just failed earlier to make a simple flame because he thought he was the only one who could do something to save everyone.
I actually stood up and yelled yeah at that part.
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I was tangled up in work related stuff and couldn't attend to any of the thread related stuff last night, but I made a new thread so you guys can let this one go now if you'd like:


I've got yours.
Thread replies: 42
Thread images: 13
Thread DB ID: 394134

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