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>Thread archived
You were supposed to keep it up!
About the accessories, how about sunglases and a baseball cap worn backwards.
Giving that old radical look.
Alright I did the thing.
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color scheme for reference, needs own design
>A weapon to fight against nyx
you guys aren't cool
pls respond ;-; we waz suppose to make weapon!
Any idea's about what would suit the character?
Then again, all I know about Nyx is her being cancerous and getting thrown around a lot as a shitpost.
Maybe be she can be like a carefree and slightly dangerous version of Celestia. No bond to protect Equestria or keep order, but that just wants to adventure and have fun, sometimes at the expense of others
So pretty much the Celestia before she got stuck up with bureaucracy.
I would imagine that she would have a desire to help people though, though way too blunt and direct.
I can't stop seeing her as a radical filly now.
>This will never be explored in the show
She looks like she could use a skateboard.
Just ride around Canterlot, not a care in the world.
Would be wonderful, no tears only radicalness.
That is actually rather cute. You're actually making me like the idea.
Well there is a draw thread....
Do we have a finalized idea of her, her name and her accesssories yet?
I'm basically imagining a filly version of this, what about you guys?
I'm seeing a bit of a jaded and careless Celestia, with sunglasses, baseball cap, skateboard and a heart of gold.
a least in the cutie remark did not appear
so is wasted
If nothing else, we're going to call her Red Sun right?
Were not going for Sol or Ra?
If this is going to be more inspired on Nyx I feel that it should be shorter, something like Solaria does seems right, more feminine version of Sol.
Maybe Solly?
A few ideas
Something I'd like to point out is that we should make sure this charcter stands out. Just straight up evil Celestia might soon appear in the show. Nyx is a bring creation, this Tia should be recognizable as a horsefucker creation
Any ideas?
I would imagine making her obnoxious as fuck but always with good intent would be atleast a good counter for Nyx.
Last bump in hopes this thread won't archive before I wake up like last time
Since Nyx is like quriky nerd, this filly Tia should be like the cooler older sister who plays by her own rules
The older, more responsible one or would having her being more of a "you can't tell me what to do" kind of person.
>you can't tell me what to do" kind of person.
Something like this, maybe like a rebellious teeneager. Also do you think we should come with some kind of backstory for her?
Her feeling of being stuck without fun got so strong it manifested as a little filly?
Leaving her alone to do more paperwork, either taking away the feeling that fun is to be had, getting fun though out her counterpart or it all doing jackshit with more paperwork from the little filly's antics.
Sounds interesting, now how about desgin? I was thinking of a grayish coat with a red mane. Maybe a few accessories to make her stand out more
Try showing it a bit, just recolour a nyx like that one post at the top.
I'm on mobile at the moment unfortunately
Which one?
Bottom left
And for mane colour.
Any other colours you had in mind?
Multiple hair colours, eye colour?
Forgot pic.
Bottom midde
For eyes, maybe the same as
Beat me to it.
I like where this is going, any ideas for accessories and cutiemark?
I had the idea to use a red dwarf as cutie mark.
Its kinda edgy as something prior to the death of the sun and its ironic as fuck.
I was thinking a black hole myself, but that works too. We need drawfags in here, I just used pony generator for >>26056689
We sure do, all I can do is crappy ms paint pones.
Yeah, any ideas for her name?
Make her whiter or pick another color, a very strong one, Nyx's color scheme looks like vomit with sprinkles on it, you need to do the same but with another color shceme

And don't forget to give her clothes, acessories are important
No, this is too obvious, Nyx is something that comes from fucking nowhere and is barely related to nightmare moon or even MLP, we need to do the same
This is hard.
>Comes from nowhere
We shall call her Hemera
>According to Hesiod's Theogony, Hemera left Tartarus just as Nyx entered it; when Hemera returned, Nyx left

It works on so many levels
That one seems a good choice.
Everyone for typ aye.
Aye lmao
>acessories are important
But what kind though?
File: versus.png (6 KB, 675x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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well lads, who is the champion going to be?
File: 02.png (203 KB, 2035x1692) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203 KB, 2035x1692
The generator didn't really have much to work with
That actually looks pretty good, just remove the brecelets and make her smaller
This thread is rainboom crash-tier
File: hiresPony.png (174 KB, 2166x1618) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174 KB, 2166x1618
Like this?
Yeah, better, save the design, it might be useful, fire pony can be useful someday
Done, I wish we had more Anons who were more skilled at this. As much as I had fun contributing, this thread does look a little autistic.
File: 1452408503331.png (909 KB, 2166x1618) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
909 KB, 2166x1618
That's better.
I liked the original Nightmare star colors but this is good too
I can accept the collar thing but the vest is too obvious that it's from a pony creator.
File: muhhabbenin.jpg (81 KB, 720x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Expecting A Celly version of Nyx to not devolve into shitposting alongside her

>"Look anon! I've brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new board!
Your new board?
>"Dont make be ban you."
Hemera, my allegance is to /mlp/, to horsfucking!
>"If you're not with me, anon, then you are my enemy..."
Only a Shitposter deals with absolutes. I'll do what I must
>"You will try, Nonny."
Its over, Hemera! I have acquired quads!
>"You underestimate my digits, Nonny."
Don't try it...
>Anon easily cuts her down when she gets singles


You were my daughter Hemera....
...I loved you.
File: 8E1ZpwL.gif (3 MB, 500x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 500x368
>Its over, Hemera! I have acquired quads!
>"You underestimate my digits, Nonny."
So wait nyx and hemera are sisters?
Will they are the Nightmare versions of Luna and Celestia turned into fillies, so...yes(?)
The longer we take the more she grows.
What do we do?
File: 21457154128.jpg (81 KB, 997x414) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
81 KB, 997x414
But we haven't finished the missle
nyx > hemera
Hemera doesn't even exist yet
Should I say exactly here?
I don't know, this thread is dead as fuck
It's too late, nyx has won. Abandon hope all ye who enter
File: Nyx.png (196 KB, 2000x1864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
196 KB, 2000x1864
Thanks Asian man! I will do my best!
File: 1452406746171.png (219 KB, 900x702) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
219 KB, 900x702
So is thread kill?
It was always kill.
Its not that Nyx has won, we have failed to counter it.
Though in hindsight this was just fighting fire with fire but it sure would give a few laughs.
Maximum laughs should be made

How? It's pretty clear that none of us know what we're doing
That's the beauty of it.
would anyone mind if i wrote a badly written self insert AIE fic featuring this character as anon's love interest?
im poroboally going to do it anyway, but im just asking
This should be good.....or not, but at least it would be something
>you go to sleep
>you have a wonderfull dream where you wake up in equestria
>but wait a minute, this all feels... too real to just be a dream
>it can't be
>you see a pony in the distance
>its not one you recognize from the show
"great, oc's or background ponies, either way, this sucks"
>you call out to the OC
"hey, where the hell am i?"
>the pony turns toward you and with a confused look on its face it says "just outside ponyvile."
>great, familiar teritory
>looking around you can't see ponyvile anywhere nearby, all you see are trees
>you don't know this pony, its probobally an OC
>but then again, this is equestria, where everypony is nice and friendly. there is no chance of getting robbed, and even so, there isn't anything on you worth taking.
"hey, pony, what is your name?"
>great, an OC with whatever personality you can possibly imagine
>knowing the fandom, its probobally an endelord thats going to kill you eventually
"hemera, that sounds like a pretty name"
>you now notice she is an alicorn
>totally going to kill you later, why even bother at this point. she might even use her mary sue powers to do so.
>"i know, my parents twilight sparkle and celestia gave me that name
"wait, how does that work?"
>"jesus anon, don't you know the first thing about sex?"
>holly fuck, this little jedi just read your mind, and knows your name.
"y-y-yeah i do, i was just testing to see if you knew"
>"whatever, what the hell even are you?"
"im a hu- i mean a rare species of pony that walks around on two legs
>"you mean a human?"
>god damn it she saw right through your ruse
"yeah, thats what i meant, although i wasn't sure you'd understand what i was talking about if i just said 'human' so"
>"sure sure sure, now is there some reason you decided to talk to me or-"
"do you know where ponyvile is? im kind of lost here"
>"clearly. i was just headed there myself when i saw a burst of light around here and went here. i guess you caused that light?"
File: 2dd.jpg (14 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 300x300
yeah, that was me
>"cool. follow me, im headed toward ponyvile myself"
>you follow her to ponyvile.
>"let me ask you something" hemera said "you are a human, living in the pony world, right?"
"i guess"
>"and i haven't ever seen any other humans, so i assume they are quite rare"
"i guess.."
>"so that would make it very unlikely that you have seen any other humans either"
"are you going somewhere with this?"
>"what im trying to say is, you haven't ever had sex with another human, have you?"
"not in equestria, no"
>"yeah, and you happened to create all that light just as i was passing by, right?"
>sweating intensifies
>"yeah, i see how it is"
>she pushes you to the ground, and stands on top of you
>"you were hoping to draw me in with that light and have your way with me"
"what? no way. i would never"
>"you admitted yourself that humans are rare in equestria, and that you've never had sex with one. knowing human nature, as well as pony nature, its unlikely that any pony would willingly have sex with you, so when you saw a young pony walking around you decide to pounce"
"what? no i would-"
>she lifts up her back hoof and puts it on your dick and balls, moving it back forth, playing with your dick
>you get a boner
>"you're actually getting turned on by this? you're one sick motherfucker, you know that"
"what do you mean, your the one who started playing with my dick. how am i sick?
>"because you're enjoying this, aren't you"
>you try to say something, but you can't truthfully disagree with her. in the end all you do is look away with a sad look on your face
>"Aren't You?" she says louder this time, stepping you your balls
>you yell in pain
>she keeps her hoof pressed onto your dick
>"aren't you?"
"yes, hemera"
>"fucking sicko" she says, getting off of you
>still breathing heavily you get up
>hemera looks at you as if she was expecting something
>"well, aren't you gonna have your way with me you sicko?" she says
File: irQUXE6.gif (307 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
307 KB, 500x281
So Hemera is basically Panty Anarchy? I can dig it
File: 1451174006082.png (102 KB, 280x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 280x246
DANGER, this horse is lewd
We haven't even finalized her desgin or backstory yet and she already has lewd greentext about her. They grow up so fast
Well, Nyx is pure fandom autism, might as well make Hemera pure /mlp/ autism as a counter
How is this gonna work though? All the other shitpost ponies got a fan base from something. Cadence and Glimmer have the show, Shimmer has the EqG movies, Nyx has a whole fanfic about her, and Aryanne has a fanbase /pol/ wannabes and people who have a Nazi fetish. How do we get people interested in Hemera?
Make her meta as fuck, not in a Anonfilly kind of way, but more like someone who knows about the fourth wall but stills likes to play along, someone who aknoledges her existence as a fictional character and knows Anon isn't from that world, but who doesn't know about the writter or whoeve is reading her stories

This is something that hasn't been done before as far as i know, and the idea of Anon and Hemera pointing out and having fun with the plotholes and other shit from the show seems fun as fuck
Sounds interesting, I was thinking since she an aspect of Celestia transfromed, maybe she could be a combination of all the different personalities the internet has come up with for Sunbutt. Like Molelestia and Tryantlestia
Could she switch between them from nowhere? Sometimes being a prankster, sometimes being extremely lewd, sometimes being a really kind mother like figure who just wants the best for you? Them its a game for me
I imagine her being all of that at once. Being a sexual devaint but deep down has a heart. Kinda like a the charcter >>26067789 was talking about
That seems overused, multipel personalities clashing with each other is a lot more fresh and it feels more OC ish, specially considering she is also an alicorn and having "dead Celestias" inside her head would be a really fun way to bring them back all at once
I see what you mean, now if only we had more drawfags and writefags around here. Otherwise we're stuck on the drawing board
File: TOO LEWD 4 TV.png (13 KB, 502x606) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 502x606
>you take off your shirt
>"fucking sicko" you hear hemera say under her breath
>you take off your pants
>hemera's eyes go wide, as her eyes are transfixed on your crotch
>she's clearly enjoying this
>you quickly strip the rest of the way down
>you walk up to hemera
>you try to touch her face, but she quickly slaps your hand away
>"don't touch me you monkey" she says, licking her lips afterward
>you turn around and walk away for a bit.
>you sit down and lean against a tree.
>suddently you hear noises
>you turn around
>pic related
>she is moaning, and not looking at you
>she winks at you
>she is at an odd height, but you bend your knees and stick your dick into her
>she leans backward, pushing you back, then leans forward again
>she does this slowly a few times, and then stops
>"well?" hemera says
>you grab each side of her flank with a hand
>"get your dirty hands off me you whore"
>you begin to thrust into her, holding her in place, and listening to her moans between thrusts
>you feel her squirming between your hands, but you can also tell she isn't really trying to escape, just trying to make it look like she is
>she begins to sob
>you almost feel sad for her
>but not quite
>you begin to thrust faster, her crocodile tears only adding fuel to the fire that is your raging boner
>you finish inside her and slow to a stop
>you take your hands off of her flank
>you are about to pull out when you are pushed back as far as you can go into her vagina by magic
>"im not done yet" hemera says
>by magic your whole waist violently is thrown back and forth, all the while hemera is moaning
>the rest of your body flies back and forth uncontrollabley, untill you get the idea to grab onto her flank, this time just to keep your upper body stable
>she squeezes your dick as she pulls you into her for one final thrust
>she keeps you inside her for a good 25 seconds as she orgasms loudly.
>you feel magic on your dick, which hurts your dick, but also makes you cum again.
File: 1451690488001.jpg (56 KB, 578x477) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 578x477
oh fuck my dick
>"oh yes, mom was right. that felt amazing"
>hemera's horn glows for just a fraction of a second before emitting enough light to blind you for several seconds.
>you instinctively close your eyes to shield them from all the light.
>when you open them again you see yourself in a room, with what looks like a younger version of hemera and an older version of hemera
"what the hell is going on here?"
>"don't you remember? you fucked me, and this is our daughter.
"how did 9 months pass that quickly?"
>"horse pregnancies aren't that lengthy, anon. didn't you wonder how i knew what your name was?"
>you think about it for a bit, but can't come to any solid conclusion.
>"let me put it this way. i am the 65th decendant of celestia. not only are you the father of this young pony here, but you are also my father, and my grandfather, and my great grandfather, and so on untill 65 generations ago"
"wait, so in the future, i fucked you, then you a couple months into the past, had a daughter"
>"not A daughter, OUR daughter"
"right, right, OUR daughter, and then we raise her the same way you were raised i assume?"
>"that's what is suppose to happen. its happened over 60 times before."
"right, right, and then in the future, she fucks me again, and then goes back to the past, er- to right now, to repeat the cycle?"
>"that should be what happens"
"what was that spell you used on my dick?
>"it was a spell used to remove any impurities that would resualt from over 60 generations of inbreeding"
>"how were you raised?" the smaller hemera asks
>"you were raped every day by anon over here"
"what? i'd never-"
>you are pulled toward the smaller hemera dick first, and you just now realize you still have no clothes on.
>"no, daddy, please no" hemera says.
>you turn to older hemera
"you sick motherfucker"
File: raw.gif (4 MB, 498x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 498x278
>hemera walks up to young hemera
>hemera slaps young hemera
>"what did you just say to your father?
>"y-y-yes, please rape me daddy"
>"you heard the filly" hemera said, increasing the speed of your movement.
>young hemera turns around and presents herself to you the same way her mother did.
>suddently you stop
>hemera walks up to you and whispers in your ear
>"unless you want the whole world to be destroyed in a time paradox, you will rape your daughter"
>she walks toward the door a bit
>"becides, don't you want revenge for what i do to you in the future?"
>she then punches you in the nuts, and leaves the room
>young hemera looks back at you
>you look at her
>you scowl
>she looks away and covers her eyes
"you shut the hell up untill im finished you motherfucker"
>her whole body is shaking.
>you look at her
>you don't feel like fucking anymore, seeing as how just a couple minutes ago, but also in the future, you ejaculated into her mother, twice.
>that and her whole body is too low to the ground to have sex with
>you squat down onto the ground, and you spank her
>you spank her seven more times, she cries inbetween each time
>hemera comes back into the room
>"what the hell are you doing?"
>your fist is surrounded in hemera's magic, and you punch young hemera right in the back of the head.
>she falls to the ground.
"oh great, now she's dead. what sort of time paradox happens now, misses smarty pants?"
>"no, wait" she says "i think i actually remember this. yeah i do. i remember having some sort of memory problem just before i meet my father for the first time. that punch must have done it"
"wait, so even all this was supose to happen?"
>"yes, this makes more sense than i thought. i don't remember my mother being with me when i meet you, and i certainly don't remember being raped like that. infact i dont remember my mother and father ever even being in the same room as each other. as soon as dad"
>she began mumbling the details to herslef
File: EdGWawl.png (530 KB, 668x504) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
530 KB, 668x504
"what? what are you remembering?"
>"you know, i never did actually ever see my mother ever sense my dad came into my life"
"so what doe-"
>"and i thought her voice sounded weird. it seemed weird thinking back that she for some reason took a year long vacation t-"
>hemera ghasped
>"hemera will not see me ever again. i need to go"
"where? a vacation?"
>"no, i need to go to the future. but before i go, give this to celestia exactally two years from now"
>hemera hands you a cube
"what is this?"
>"its a cube that contains a message. its highly encrypted, and can only be decoded by advanced magic only few even know of"
"what does it say?"
>"it tells celestia to send my daughter to fuck you in the future, as well as some aditional instructions"
"wait, i will be fucked again?"
>"not you, another time travel clone of you. from your point of view this will have already happened to you, you are just viewing that same thing happening again"
"but what about you?"
>"im going to go two years and one day into the future"
"but when am i going to see you again?"
>"look over there, look at your daughter. see that? that is me, or at least that will become me through the magic of time travel loops, whatever you do to her, will have already been done to me"
"that is unless we change something.
>young hemera started to make noise
>"i should go before she becomes fully concious"
>hemera's horn glowed for a second before she dissapeared.
"anything i do to her right now, will have already happened to her in the future?"
>you laugh an evil laugh
"and she can't even do anything about it for two years"
>your laughter gets louder
>"daddy, why are you laughing? where's mommy"
"shut up bitch"
>you say, slapping her across the face
"now stay in this room, i need to talk to your mother outside"
>you walk out the room
"hemera woke up"
>you put on a feminine voice and say "so how is hemera?"
"hemera is fine"
>"that's nice"
"wait, where are you going?"
>"i need to take a vacation"
>you walk back into the room
"well look what you did, you made your mother leave. I probably won't even see her for another year."
>"what did i-"
"shut up, you know what you did"
>hemera runs into the corner
>it seems she was mentally fucked up even before you got here. hemera really did a number on herself.
"i am your father and you will do as i say"
>hemera wimpers in the corner
"come over here"
>hemera slowly walks toward you.
"give daddy a kiss"
>she stands on two hooves, and you get on your knees, and you kiss her.
"good girl. what other tricks did mommy teach you?"
>hemera gulps
"oh thats a great idea, let me see that mouth"
>"are you gonna make give you a 'blow job'"
"well, if you already know what im going to ask, then by all means go through with it"
>you stand back up
>hemera moves her mouth close to your dick and opens her mouth
>she stays there with her mouth open, breathing heavy for what feels like forever, even though it was about ten seconds
>she slowly moves her head forward and then closes her lips around your penis
>she bobs her head back and forth
>as your about to cum you grab the back of her head and shove it on your cock, cumming down the back of her throat.
>you take your hand off, and she pulls her head back, coughing a little.
>you look at her face
>you thought you'd see more destruction, more emotional turmoil, but you don't really see all that much emotion at all.
>"anything else you wanted daddy?"
"yeah, could you tell me where the hell i am?"
File: eef.png (272 KB, 989x707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
272 KB, 989x707
Now what?
Solar Flare you guys
We already agreed on this >>26057163
File: sweetdreams.png (588 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
588 KB, 1280x720
Shitty green incoming
>It’s a beautiful morning in Canterlot
>The Royal palace glimmers in the sun
>The Princess of the night finished her duty and is soundly asleep in her quarters resting after a long night, protected by her watchful guards
>The room is dark with windows covered in thick curtains
>The princess lays under her warm blanket snoring quietly
>The Guard satisfied closes the door
>He never noticed the white and orange streak that passed him into the room
“It’s been years now and she still feels cold at night.” He says thinking aloud.
“I wonder if she will ever recover?”
>A second later, the doors behind him explode flying of the hinges in clouds of smoke
>trapped under the fallen door the guard can only look in horror, as from the smoke emerges a white filly with a fiery orange mane, doing a 360 on skateboard, dressed like those pony rappers, complete with a backward baseball cap.
>She lands just before him the skateboard coming to a stop
>there is a second of silence before rapid discharges of magic can be heard from the bedroom, the filly takes a sip from a small juice box before lowering her sunglasses
“It seems I turned her day into a nightmare

>You are one of luna’s elite guards and you never signed up for this shit
File: grinn.jpg (74 KB, 492x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 492x640
more green
“A-A-And then I heard this loud BANG and there was smoke everywhere and I kind of panicked…”
>Celestia smirks a little while looking at the remains of the west tower where Luna’s bedroom used to be.
“This is no laughing matter Tia!”
>” I’m sorry Luna” Celestia says regaining her composure, before looking at you “Captain how is the search going?”
“We are still looking but the Castle is big, it will take some time before we find anything.”
>” Keep me informed then. Luna I think you need to drink a cup of tea with me.”
>You lower your head respectively as they walk away.
>Now where could a filly like her hide?

>Well you weren’t expecting that.
>There she was in the middle of the throne room looking up at one of the stained glass windows showing twilight and her friends.
>Slowly you come closer
>And then it hits you
>She is an alicorn
>You fight through the shock and try remember how she treated Princess Luna
>Just when you are in hoofs reach
>She looks back straight at you
“Got you”
File: Smug horse.png (1 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Smug horse.png
1 MB, 1280x720

>You wonder while dangling upside down from a rope holding the chandelier, how many times today will you have to remind yourself that you are an elite guard before you start believing it again.
“Now can you tell me how old I am?” she asks sitting in Celestia’s throne.
>” Excuse me?”
“I mean how old is Celestia?”
>“A few millennia I think, give or take”
>Her eyes grow bigger
“Did princess Luna, you know went a little crazy recently?” She asks with a mischievous grin
>”Erm… You mean the nightmare moon incident like a 1000 years ago?” This is getting confusing for you
“Darn it! I missed it!” She says slamming a little filly hoof on the throne
>”Can you explain me who you are now?”
“Oh I’ am so sorry I didn’t introduce myself.”
You feel yourself being lifted down by magic to the base of the throne, it feels warm
“My name is Hemera the coolest pony around, and you are?”
>”I am Grey Scutum a Captain in Luna’s elite guards” You say fighting the urge to salute to the unicorn, there is something very familiar in her…
“They even let earth ponies become guards?” She says smirking.
>This is it. That smirk.
>It’s Celestia. It’s somehow a twisted version of Celestia.
>Oh Luna what did I get myself into?

Do I continue?
please sir, I want some more
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I will write some more tomorrow.
Good night /mlp/
this is perfect, just the sort of green i was hoping for in this thread. please continue.
should i continue making my shitty green or just keep bumping the thread without content?
for refrence im this dude
Well you made it that far, might as well
Can't believe this thread is still up and has content.
maybe it's because dumb asses like you keep it up
I'm not complaining fag.
to page 1 with you
this thread is incredibly autistic
Don't you think we know that?
thats kindof the point mate.
>Hemera walks over to a box and opens it up
>she takes out a map and hands it to you
>on the map the nearest landmark you actually recognize from the show is manehattan
>to get there you would have to cross a mountain range, that is only refered to as "draggons" on this map
"when this map says 'draggons' does that mean what i think it does?"
>"is there some reason you would want to go across that mountain?"
"everyone i know is across that mountain"
>"so are you going to go across it?"
"hell yeah, and you are comming with"
>"you should take that sword hanging on the wall there"
>hemera points to the wall she is talking about, and you take the sword off of it
"this some sort of important ancient sword or some shit?"
>"i don't know, but do you really care?"
"not really, lets go"
>you go outside, and hemera follows
>you look at the mountainside
"how long you think it will take to get across, assuming minimal interuptions?"
>"maybe a day"
>you keep walking, but this sword is heavy and you keep switching which hand is holding it every minute or so.
>you see a cave at the base of mountain
>you see a draggon sleeping on a pile of treasure.
>you walk up to the sleeping draggon
>its a pretty heavy sleeper
>you get into position, and drive the sword directly into its skull.
>the draggon wakes up, and screams in pain, blowing you out of the cave, but the scream slowly subsides, and as far as you can tell, the draggon is not moving.
"you see that?"
>"yes, you killed something that was asleep, well done. i couldn't have done better myself"
"no need to be a sarcastic asshole about it"
>"if we sit here all day entering random caves and killing draggons, we will starve to death before we reach anything"
"uhh... hello? is anyone there? did i not just kill a huge draggon? that thing could probably feed a whole village for a week. get cooking, bitch"
>you say slapping hemera on the ass.
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