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>Hello, Anon, it's time. Will you be by my side when I raise the dead.
Maybe if you learn how to punctuate properly
Do I have a choice?
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I don't think so, beautiful.
>Be Eugene
>Be on your deathbed
>Not much time left
"Send in my boy..."
>A young Anon enters your room
>So bright, so young. He has his whole future ahead of him
>Hope he doesn't make the same mistakes as you did
>Time for one final talk
"Anon, my son, you are a good boy. I have raised you the best I can. You are the epitome of my existence. I know that you will encounter hardships, but you must always stay strong. You must never give up and you must never sell yourself short. The worst thing you can possibly do is take the easy way out. The easy way may seem like a smart idea, but it will most certainly have serious repercussions. You are better than that. You are a Mous and Mouses never give up."
- Dying words of Eugene Robert Mouse
Father of Anon Eugene Mouse
"I should have listened to my dad when I was younger"
>Be present day Anon
>Apprentice necromancer extraordinaire
>After Twilight Sparkle's latest experiment went horribly wrong and blew herself up, you were given the task, via Twilight's final will and testament to raise her from the dead using given instructions
>You could have denied
>But there was a catch, that she hired a pony to assassinate you if she wasn't raised from the dead in 2 months
>Two months have almost past and you've gathered everything needed for the ritual
>You've excavated her body
>Made some circles here and there
>Time to do this
>Time to break the laws of nature
>Time to play God
>You chant out the incantation while doing a hilarious monkey-like dance
>When you finished, nothing happened
>Still nothing
>A giant beam of green energy pierces the sky and engulfs Twilight's corpse
"I really should have listened to my dad when I was younger"
Dead ponies, dead ponies. Dead ponies aren't much fun.
would still bang
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Here, have a fun read:
Only if you manage to raise my cock
>The Necronomicon
>The source of power and knowledge that helped you resurrect Twilight Sparkle
>Besides necromany, the book contains information on everything from demonic summonngs, eldritch abominations to hypnosis and soulhopping
>It also contains a basic guide for black mages
>One point that stood out to you was the use of opium
>Apparently it's traditional for magicians to indulge themselves in opium and meditation
>A sort of escape from the horror they are and that they have created
>At first you thought that it won't be necessary
>But now, when you saw what you have created, you are gonna need a shit load of opium
>Twilight reanimated body starts twitching and stumbling towards you
>Her vile, decomposing flesh reeks of unholliness
>One of her eyes is looking at you
>The other, white, is off to the side
>You stumble backwards and trip on a small gravestone
>Twilight is getting closer you start crawl backwards and you hit another, bigger tombstone
>Black magic sucks
>Twilight is standing right in front of you
>"Well, Anon, looks like you did it. Could have done a better job. You could have done it earlier. before I looked like this. But still! Pretty good. "
>not refrigerating her body
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This thread needs more Ash, considering what it's about.
She's still fuckable
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>Page 108 of the necronomicon
>Unlike most other undead, liches preserve their mind after being resurrected
>They are able to use magic, if they were magically capable, while alive
>Because of the higher strain on the corpse, liches tend to rot faster than other undead
>Depending on the time of death, method of death and preservation of the body, a lich may stay alive up to 5 years
>Although they have already died, liches, like other undead, are not immortal. If the body is destroyed, the lich dies. If the soul stone is destroyed, the lich dies. If the body rots too much, the soul stone wouldn't be able to send signals to the body and the lich will be incapacitated, until the energy of the stone runs out. It is advised that the lich soulhops as quickly as possible to a host with equal magic power to them. For more information on soulhopping, please refer to page 71.
"Just because I'm willing to talk to you doesn't mean I'm gonna go pillage with you."
>"Anon this is no time to be-"
"Yeah, Yeah. Dead Twibright will cause doom and gloom because her friendship was prematurely torn apart."
"Just be back by dinner. I got to reapply the embalming fluid to keep you preserved...and maybe figure out if I can reproduce the regenerative properties of a living body to a dead one."
>"You know I could just do that with magic, right?"
"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I don't get bored doing nothing all day."
Thank you, anon. I needed something good to read.
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>Twilight starts walking around
>It's not exactly walking, it's more like dragging her carcass
>She looks like a puppet
>"So, Anon, by resurrecting me, you have proven yourself worthy to be my pupil. I will teach you everything I know and when the time comes, you will be my successor"
"Yeah...about that. I don't want to"
>Twilight looks at you with complete shock
>At least you think it's shock
>It's hard to tell from the rancid flesh
>But a piece of cheek fell off for effect
>That must mean surprise
>"What do you mean? Don't you want to rule the world? Demons at your command. Death being your servant. Money. Power, Women. All the opium you could ever want! Living the dream!"
"It all sounds good, buuuut...I don't think I'm cut out for it"
>"Wha? Because you forgot to refrigerate my body? It's ok, it's a natural mistake. You are new. You will learn"
"Ok. It's dangerous and it looks gross. I don't want to do it."
>"Pity. Well, thank you for everything. You can go"
>"Sure. You resurrected me. You've done as I asked. I can't force you into this"
"Wow. Thanks."
>You strut towards the cemitary gate
>Twilight has a couple skeleton ponies capture Anon outside
>Chain him up and drag him into the dungeon
"You said I could go!"
>"I lied. You're staying here and when you die I'll just bring you back. You're never leaving me, Anon."

>not teaching your reanimator Gentle Repose

Plebe tier necromancer alicorn.
The Dead shall serve.
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>When you could become an all powerful lich to rule over the ponies.
You are the weakest lich, goodbye.
>As you walk towards the gates you start to feel more light headed
>Everything starts getting blacker
>You can barely keep yourself on your feet
>You open your eyes
>You are right where you were standing
>You try to turn around, but can't
>You are paralyzed
>"You're still here? Didn't expect you to last"
>You try to open your mouth to speak, but can't
>"Be still. You can't do anything now. I am in control"
>It's Twilight's voice
>"I soulhopped in you "
"You did what?!"
>Exerts from page 71 of the Necronomicon
>Soulhopping is the practice of transferring your consciousness into another living body or object with soul containing qualities
>Depending on the being the hopper chooses, soulhopping can have different results
>The most preferred result is that the hopper takes full control of the body, while the original consciousness fades away
>Other results may include one of the consciousness to establish itself as a dominant force, taking complete control over the body or the two souls controlling the body on different occasions
>It should be noted that there is a difference between soulhopping, soultrapping and soulexchanging
>Soulltrapping involves forcefully removing a consciousness from it's body and putting it in another one
>Soulexchange is the consensual exchange of the bodies that two consciousnesses posses
>"Didn't you read the books I gave you?"
"Yes, well...I skimmed through them."
>"Poor ignorant, Anonymous. You should have been named Ignoramous."
"Yes, yes, very funny Twilight. Now put me back in charge of my body!"
>"I don't think so. You see, you denied the greatest offer I could give you. I took that as a personal offense. So, I took your body. Mine doesn't work so good as it used to and I thought it would be a waste if I let you just walk out of here."
"Fine, fine. I want whatever you were willing to give me"
>"It won't be that simple Ignor"
"Don't call me that"
>"You already said "no". You have betrayed my trust as your teacher..."
"You haven't thought me anything, you just gave me books"
>"...and to regain it back, you have to become my servant and help me out with my work"
"You are kidding"
>"No, I'm not."
"Alright, I'll be your servant"
>"Excellent! We are gonna have so much fun together! You won't regret it"
>Where did that come from?
>"I-I mean..erm...excellent. You will not regret this"
>Twilight in control of Anon's body
Now this is something I'd like to read
>The Joke


>Your empty head
Undead cuddles with Lich Twi on top of the power / technical immortality of undeath?
I'm ok with this.
Holy fuck do I feel stupid.
Just ignore that post and wait for >>26041815 to continue.
I have a new found respect for you anon
Best Thread.
I want to see this finished, so I will bump.
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"Oh, god, the smell! Kill me now!"
>Twilight kills Anon and then resurrects him.
"What was that for?"
>"You told me to kill you!"
"It was a joke Twilight."
>"... Oh."
"... Well at least I don't have to worry about the smell."
>But, that had become the least of Anon's problems.
>He had become undead, without a care in the world.
>... Well, even more so than before.
>And they unlived? happily ever after. The end.

I won't be a regular on /mlp/ these days. Got some exams to prepare for. I uploaded the green on my pastebin and I will try to update it as soon as possibe. I'm glad there are a few interested in it

Muh nigga. I don't know what that thing is, but it sure as shit ain't Twalot.
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