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>"Hey, Anon. You're up late."
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>"Hey, Anon. You're up late."
Get out of my room, cunt, I'm shitposting.
Yes, i am, ugly mutant girl, what do you want?
Every time I see this picture, there's a half a second where I think Sunny's arm is her midriff
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Why do you always want to talk to me when I'm in the tub? If your going to stand there you might as well get in.
because you're a dirty girl;)
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>She's not wearing a bra
>It's probably cold as hell

Old habits die hard. Being a NEET and all.
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>"Yeah, he is."
>"But not for you."
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I can;t sleep, I haven't slept well for days Sunster.

>tfw typo but you just don't care
Hey best get
>ghost is never ever coming back
Nice fanart that looks nothing like the actual design
Wheres that green about little sister Sunset getting jealous that Anon is with Chrysalis so she sucks his cock.
It's the fucking emojis you filthy faggot cunt that's why your homeland gets invaded by foreigners you fucked up piece of shit just go bloody kill yourself and eat shit in that order
Why does she have this much whip cream?
If you haven't watched the source material, go watch it.
If you already have, you should know asking that question is both pointless and conveniently fetish fuel.
to eat it
"Yeah, I'm still trying to get this project done."
"You know you could've asked me for help."
"No, no. I didn't want to bother you."
"Spending time with you is a bother? Please."
>she sits next to you
"I appreciate the thought though."
>you make a big yawn
"C'mon Anon, we can finish the project tomorrow morning."
"Alright. I'll head to my bed."
"Um, how about sleeping with me tonight?"
"..You sure?"
"Alright then."
>you head up to your bedroom
>you get on the bed and Sunset lies next to you
>you cuddle with her
>and drift to sleep
>not before you hear her say
"I'm glad I'm here with you."
"Yeah, I couldn't sleep"
>"Is what happened still bothering you?"
>"I know I can't do much to help you but..."
>Sunset grabs the side of your face and brings you down towards her face and kisses you.
>"I love you, and I'm here for you if you need me."
>You smile
"I love you too Sunset."
>You rest your forehead against her's fro a moment, just trying to make moments like these last.
"Go to bed, I'll join you later hun."
Your point?
So that her late-night lesbian action with Twilight can be tasty as well as steamy
>You smile gently.
"Couldn't sleep. Thought I'd just sit here, maybe quietly watch some television."
>"It's fine, Anon. just come back to bed later, alright? I don't want you falling asleep on the couch."
"Yes, ma'am."
>She gives you a quick kiss on the cheek on her way out of the room.
>Once you're sure that she's gone, you take the small box out from under the cushion next to you and open it up.
>In the dim light, your mind loses itself to thoughts of the future as you gaze into the ruby and topaz gemstones adorning the ring.
Her design in the movies is poorly made OC-tier, especially the pony one
>poorly made OC-tier

Still love my waifu though.

"I'm always up this late Sunset, this is when I count all the sesame seeds. What are you doing here?"
They're actually very professional looking. Definitely on par with the rest of the cast. You might as well just say everyone on the show looks like an OC.
I gotta finish packing for my flight tomorrow morning, baconpone.
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Don't tell lies on the internet
>Three little feelgood bits by writefags.

Man, that's what I like about this board. Creativity can come from anyone for any reason.
>"Hey, Anon. You're up late."
>You remove the milk jug from your lips
"So are you."
>Sunny playfully ponders your reply for a moment
>"Yeah, I suppose I am, aren't I?"
>She slowly walks forward, holding her arms out slowly,
>You walk towards her aswell
>Your hands come closer, before slowly touching...
>And that's when she steals the milk jug from your outstretched arm, taking a large drink before looking at you playfully with a giggle
>You just give a smile and shake your head, before taking the jug back and placing it in the fridge
>Your hand is halfway into the fridge, when you look back at Sunny, and she procures two small bowls, spoons, and a box of Corn Puffs
"You know, you never fail to remind me why I love you."
>You walk towards her slowly, and she closes her eyes and puckers her lips
>As you grab your bowl and begin to pour in cereal
>She looks at you with an adorable pout
"There, now we're even."
>She punches you in the shoulder with enough force to be messing around, but enough for you to misalign the box and the bowl, pouring some of the sugary delectables onto the countertop
She'll pop a new one open, stick it up her butt, empty it and repeat.
>inb4 "lol shimmerfags she's not even canon kys"
"You know you have to clean that up right?"
>She walks over with her bowl, and uses her forearm to slide all of the cereal into it
>"There, clean!"
>As you finish pouring your cereal, you give Sunny the box and begin creating the culinary masterpiece that is Night Cereal
>Sunny takes the jug, and when she is finished pouring, she leaves her bowl on the counter
"I never understood why you like it mushy, I think it feels wrong."
>You say inbetween mouthfuls of the yellow confection.
>"I think it's delicious, annnd thaaaat..."
>She looks to the cieling and puts her finger on her chin in a mock thought expression
>"Your opinion is wrong."
>She finishes that off with a cute smile, picking up her bowl and taking her first bite.
>Meanwhile, you drain the milk from your bowl, savoring the sweet and creamy nectar
>Tossing your bowl into the sink, you walk to Sunset and put your hands around her hips, and she puts the bowl on the table, leaning her head into your shoulder and wrapping her arms around your back
>You both stay like this for awhile, before you look into eachother's eyes for what feels like milennia
>In that moment, you understand eachother. In your own little world
>You see eachother's pain, happiness, experiences
>And you love every second of what you see
>Resting your head on hers, you whisper in her ear
"I love you Sunset"
>"I love you too, Anon."

always see this prompt, wanted to write for it cause im a faggot for romance
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Nothing tickles me more than romance between sunset and anon.

and anon btfoing rainbow cunt i mean holy shit you killed it in that thread
means alot nonny, that was fun to make
Until she's full?
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It's kinda like what >>26034390 said, yeah?

Even the most simple little prompt can draw the attention of anybody that's lurking. This one just drew the attention of some people that like actually like Sunny-buns.
After that whole FG situation I'd keep my fucking distance from her and her gang of rainbow colored mayhem.
>not wanting to get as close to the dreamy horse goddess as possible
I cannot even shig this much dig
I'd be to fucking scared. After seeing reality almost tear itself apart because one girl misuse magic I'd have some concerns

I hate it. Bedbugs won't fucking leave me alone.
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>"What are you doing with that tube of lotion?"
"Doc's orders. They want me as tired and hungry as possible when I go in for this EEG."
>"...oh. Well damn, I was going to try and creep my way into your pants, but when you put it like that..."
>The silence was thick.
>"Well, maybe another night. G'night, Anon."
>She steps back into her room and closes the door.
>You sigh.
>Another relationship dashed against the rocks because of your epilepsy.
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large (4).png
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I always stay up at night thinking about how much of a horrible piece of garbage of a person i am, how much i hate what i am, and try to find someone in my past that i can blame for it

care to join me?
My brother of similar circumstances.

At least it's winter. They tend to go to ground when it's cold.
I'll join you. I always think of how much of a waste of my parents' money I am. Even now that I'm moved out, I really don't think I was worth the investment.
My mind!
My gf sleeps in pajamas but no bra or panties. Anyone else's gf do this?
Yep. You down for some footsies?
File: YFYIbtL.jpg (20 KB, 456x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Anyone else's gf do this?
>Anyone else's gf
>doing playful and innocent forms of flirtation with Sunset like playing footsie
Oh my God. It's like I'm 13 again. Yes please. This excites me.
>"Footsies? Really?" Sunset scoffed.
Yes. Or were you planning on gorging yourself to 200 cans of whipped cream?
>"Well I guess if you're down, maybe we could play in the living room for a bit."
>Holy shit, it actually worked.
>"Yeah. Unless you're too chicken to play in the dark." Sunset giggled.
Me? Chicken? Naw.
>"Lead the way."

>You turn your head from the TV, blinking slowly.
"Nothing strange about that. What's keeping you up?"
>Sunset giggles, walking over and flopping onto the couch next to you.
>"That's what she said!"
>You blink at her again, and pinch the bridge of your nose.
"Um, that's not how that works."
>Sunset frowns at you. "Just go with it, jeez."
"I'm tired. Witty ripostes are beyond me."
>Sunset rolls her eyes. "You don't have to be witty. Just humor me, Anon."
>You sigh, turning more fully toward her, rubbing your face with a hand absently.
"Fine, fire away, you sexy horse demon thing."
>Sunset stares at you. "Okay, maybe you really are too tired for this."
>You can see the hurt in her eyes as she turns away from you.
"Shit, sorry. Seriously, what's up?"
>Sunset pauses halfway through getting up, and turns back to you.
>"Um, well, you know Twilight went back today?"
>How could you forget? You're still recovering from the Pinkie style going away party.
"Yeah. She'll be back, don't worry."
>Sunset shakes her head, leaning in and sliding a hand around your waist.
>"I know, I know. It's just, her leaving just reminds me of everything I left behind."
>You've talked with Sunset about this before.
>"I guess, I miss everyone back there sometimes. Like... My family and all that."
>You pull her closer, your arm slipping behind her back.
"Well, you've got a family here, too. You know that, right?"
>Sunset looks up at you, a small smile gracing her lips.
>"I DO know that, Anon. I guess it just helps to be reminded every once in a while."
>You lean down, kissing the top of her head and rubbing her back gently.
"Any time you need me, I'm there Sunny."
>Sunset let's out a sleepy giggle. "I get enough sugar from Pinkie's baking, Anon."
>You chuckle, laying your head against the back of the couch and staring at the ceiling as she snuggles into your side.
"I thought you were trying to get a little sweetness from me."
>"This is better..." She mutters, falling asleep against you.
girls dont sleep in their bras anon
>sunset will never fall asleep in your arms while you watch a movie
literally why live
Does anyone else remember that 'Merry Christfuck, Anon!' story from ages ago that this image prompted?
Written for a prompt in another thread as a sort of follow on to another story by a different Anon.

Expect typos

>"Hey Anon, I heard you girlfriend won't do anal."
>You look up at your old friend as she takes a seat next to you in the cafeteria.
"Keep your damn voice down."
>She chuckles as you glance over your shoulder to see if you'd been overheard.
>Fortunately for you the cafeteria was filled with the din of raised voices and the sound of laughter, making it hard to pick out individual conversations.
>Satisfied that nobody had heard anything they shouldn't, you turn back around and frown at your old friend.
>"Oh don't give me that look."
"Okay first, hello to you too, Chryssi. Second, how the Hell did you hear about that? It's not like either she or I broadcasted the fact."
>Chrysalis simply gives a non-committal shrug and steals a spoonful of your dessert.
>"Oh you know, you just hear things around. Don't think too hard about it."
>You sigh, knowing that's all the information you'll get from her.
>For better or worse the girl knew almost everything that happened within the walls of Canterlot highschool and was always a valuable source of information and rumours.
"Great, so am I to assume everybody knows?"
>Taking another mouthful of your dessert, she shakes her head.
>"Nah, pretty sure you're good."
>You don't like that smirk she's giving you.
>"But it is pretty funny, don't you think? First little miss Sunday school can't even suck your dick worth a damn and now this? I mean if I were you I'd have dumped her scrawny ass weeks ago."
>You can't help but blush, remembering the incident a few weeks ago in which Chryssi had... well, helped you relieve some stress."
>You still sometimes worry about Sunset finding out, though for the most part you'd tried to put the whole incident behind you.
>"Where is she anyway, sick?"
>You nod.
"Yeah, flu."

>"So she'll be out of it for some time, huh?"
"I mean... yeah, I suppose?"
>She gives you an almost predatory grin.
>"Well if you ever want to have a little fun with somebody who actually knows the meaning of the word-"
"What are you getting at?"
>While you can tell she didn't appreciate being interrupted, she did well to maintain that seductive smile of hers.
>"Oh, I think you know well enough."
>You were pretty sure what she was suggesting, but having her now almost playfully trace a finger down your arm made you certain.
"Uh... listen, Chryssi-"
>You stop mid sentence as you feel her other hand on your thigh beneath the table, slowly making its way up your leg.
"I can't do that to Sunset again. It's not right."
>For a second there you almost believed what you were saying, but with each passing second you feel your resolve crumbling.
>It certainly didn't help that her hand had now reached your crotch.
>"What she doesn't know won't hurt her, and judging by what I'm feeling here," she gives a squeeze of your junk to emphasize her point, "you want it just as bad as I knew you would."
>Your salvation comes in the form of Pinkie catching sight of you and greeting you excitably.
>"Hey, Anon!"
>The bubbly girl plants herself firmly down on the opposite side of the table.
>Withdrawing her hand from beneath the table, Chrysalis stands up and leaves with an irritated huff.
>While she may be your oldest friend, she didn't socialize well with others.
>If you don't count fucking them that is.
>"Why you sitting all by yourself, you big grump?"
>Doing your best to ignore the tightness in your pants, you offer the most convincing smile you can manage.
"I'm not sitting by myself. You're here aren't you?"
>The pink haired menace opposite you giggles uncontrollably for a second or two before grinning at you.
>"Good one, Anon!"

>You roll your eyes, not feeling in the mood to deal with the exuberant girl right now.
"That wasn't a joke-"
>You're about to continue when you hear your phone buzzing, signalling that you'd received a text.
>Taking the device from your pocket, you unlock the screen and read the message.

'Anon, if you get bored of ADHD girl, meet me behind the science block. Bring cigarettes.'

>Rereading the message twice over, you find yourself unsure of what to do.
>On the one hand you could stay here with Pinkie, who now appeared to be humming loudly to herself.
>After all why risk what you had with Sunset?
>She may not be the most adventurous of girlfriends, but she was always so sweet and reliable.
>On the other hand you could go meet Chryssi.
>Was it really worth jeopardizing everything you and Sunset had built up over the last year for the sake of a little fun with your old friend?
>Feeling the throbbing erection you were sporting thanks to Chrysalis' teasing, you know the answer.
>Sunset was wrong to trust you.
>You were an asshole.
"Hey, Pinks, I've got to go... I'll uh, I'll catch you later."
>Without another word you stand and make your way towards the door.
>"Bye, Anon!"
>You ignore her, focusing instead on trying to justify what you were about to do.
>It's not as if you're actually hurting Sunset, right?
>Like Chryssi said, she never even needs to find out.
>Swiftly you make your way through the busy corridors and out one of the fire exits behind the science labs.
>The alarm for the door hadn't worked in all the time you'd been at the school, meaning that it had become the go-to exit for any student wishing to leave the premise without walking out the front gate.
>Slowly you traipse down the narrow passageway between the back of the science block and the school's perimeter wall, the ground littered with more dog-eared cigarette butts than you can count.
>"There you are."

>Turning, you see Chrysalis step out from behind an alcove wearing that same subtle smirk you were so used to seeing her with.
>"D'ya bring the smokes?"
>Reaching into your backpack you rummage around for a moment before pulling out a pack and tossing them to her.
>Personally you don't smoke, but ever since her locker got searched by principle Celestia for the third time, Chrysalis had taken to having you hold on to her 'contraband' for her.
>After all, while she may be one detention away from being expelled, who'd ever suspect Anon.
>Good old Anon, who always got good grades and never got into trouble.
>Nice guy Anon who'd never dream of being unfaithful to Sunset.
>You really were a two-faced bastard, weren't you?
>While you're busy feeling bad about yourself, Chrysalis takes the time to light up her cigarette and take a long puff before sighing in relief as the nicotine enters her bloodstream.
>"So you want to fuck or what?"
>As always you're almost startled by her bluntness.
>Turning around, she hikes her short shirt up to her hips and looks back at you over her shoulder.
>"That's why you came here, right? I mean I doubt you just came to hang out and watch me smoke."
>You can't help but let your eyes wander down her body.
>Bending over slightly, she places her hands on the wall in front of her.
>"Well c'mon, don't be a pussy."
>Slowly you make your way over to her, almost as if your feet had a will of their own and had stopped taking orders from your brain.
>Placing your hands on her hips, you look up and meet her gaze.
"You sure about this?"
>"Just get on with it, Anon," she replies as she reaches back and pulls her underwear down her thighs to her knees.
>Hurriedly you set about undoing your belt and freeing your almost painfully erect cock from its confines.
>Say what you want about Chrysalis, but damn if she didn't know how to get you fired up.
>"Well? Hurry up and stick it in me already, I don't have all day."

>Shifting your hips forwards, you feel the tip of your cock begin to spread the lips of her pussy apart.
>Just as you're about to literally take the final plunge and push your way inside her, Chrysalis reaches back once again and takes a hold of your erection.
>"Whoa there, where d'ya think you're going?"
>You look up and meet her gaze almost desperately.
>If this had all just been a game and she was only plying with you, you're gong to be left with a pretty serious case of blue balls for the rest of the day.
>Seeing the pleading look in your eyes, she smirks.
>"Since that puritan girlfriend of yours won't indulge you, I guess it's only fair that I let you have a little fun."
>You're about to question what she means, but having her reposition your cock neatly between her buttocks gives you all the answers you need.
"You sure that's a good idea?"
>She rolls her eyes at you.
>"Just spit on it before you put it in and stop being a pussy."
>Swilling your tongue around in your mouth for a few seconds, you bend over slightly and let a large gob of saliva fall between her cheeks.
>"There, now get on with it."
>Man, Chryssi was such a good friend.
>It's hard to believe this was the same girl that climbed trees and kicked ant's nests with you when you were eight.
>Slowly thrusting forwards, you let out a hiss of pleasure as you feel the head of your cock press its way inside her ass, the tight ring of muscle reluctantly parting around your shaft as you force you way deeper.
>"Ah, fuck! More spit, idiot!"
>Doing as requested, you let another dollop of saliva fall from your lips to try and aid in her comfort.
>Slowly but surely you continue onwards as inch by inch you press on inside her.
"You okay?"
>Fine," she replies with a slightly shaky voice, "just hurry up and get on with it."
>Nodding, you continue thrusting until you feel your pelvis pressed firmly against her ample backside.

>Pausing for a moment, you give Chryssi some time to adjust before slowly starting to withdraw.
>Much like before, you hear her give the odd grunt of discomfort as she angles her hips to allow you better access.
>Every now and then you glance to the side to make sure nobody's coming your way.
>It wasn't so much for your sake that you hope you don't get caught, but rather for the sake of whoever caught you.
>You don't even want to imagine the beating Chrysalis would dish out to them to ensure they kept their mouth shut.
>No kidding, you'd once seen her lay out a guy easily a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier than her with a single punch.
>She was a beast, albeit one in which you were currently balls deep.
>Having withdrawn about two-thirds of the way, you began to once more thrust forwards, this time slightly quicker and more forcefully.
>"Ah shit," she mutters under her breath, "why the fuck can't you have a micro-penis like Flash?"
>"I didn't say anything, get on with it and cum before I change my mind."
>Knowing it's not worth arguing over, you drop the subject and continue fucking her.
>Over the course of the next few minutes you steadily up the pace until the sound of flesh meeting flesh can be heard echoing within the secluded alcove as your pelvis repeatedly slaps against her backside.
>Having finished her cigarette, Chrysalis lets it fall to the floor before once again looking back at you.
>"You almost done? Because this is starting to fucking hurt."
>You nod, tightly gripping her hips as you continue fucking her.
"Y-Yeah... Just give me a minute."
>As if to speed you along, she begins rocking herself backwards in time to meet your thrusts.
"Fuck, keep doing that!"
>You hear her chuckle.
>"Oh, you like that?"
>Of course she'd want to tease you a little before it was over.
>"Tell me you love it," she demanded.
>Whatever resistance you may normally have had was nowhere to be found.
"I love it."

>She grins back at you as if sensing your imminent peak.
>Again you comply without hesitation.
"I love it!"
>"Tell me you like fucking me more than Sunset."
>This time you don't immediately respond, though the tightness in your loins if practically begging for you to say whatever she wishes so she'll let you finish.
>"Say it!"
"I... I love fucking you more than Sunset."
>"I can't hear you."
>This is it.
>Just a few more thrusts.
"I said I love fucking you more than Sunset! You're the damn best, okay?"
>You hear her laughing almost victoriously to herself.
>"Good boy."
>Unable to hold back a second longer, you slam your pelvis forwards and tightly grasp her hips as you bury yourself as deeply as possible into her backside and release almost a week's worth of pent up frustrations inside her.
>You can't help but give an almost animalistic grunt of satisfaction as you feel yourself emptying within her.
>"There we go," she sighs, "remember what I told you when we were kids? Chryssi's always going to be there for you."
>After a final few half-hearted thrusts you pull away and let yourself slip free from inside her.
>That was quite literally the single best orgasm of your entire life.

>"Well don't just stand there, pass me a tissue or something before it gets on my skirt."
>Wordlessly you reach into your bag and produce a small pack of tissues, handing them over as Chrysalis snatches them from you.
>Refastening your belt, you watch as she cleans herself up before pulling her underwear back up and straightening out her short skirt.
>Looking up at you, tilts her head curiously."
>"You okay?"
>You let out a relaxed sigh.
"Yeah... just feeling like I could do with a lie down."
>She clicks her tongue and pats you on the shoulder as she walks passed you and makes her way back towards the fire exit.
>Once she's some distance away she turns back to you.
>"Well are you coming or not?"
>As you follow after her like a lost puppy, you can't help but wonder if maybe you and Sunset aren't so great together after all.

>The remainder of week rolled by without anything more of special noteworthiness happening.
>Every day after school you dropped any homework that had been assigned off at Sunset's house, popping it through the letterbox.
>You'd have rather have handed it over to her directly, even if only to get a chance to see her face to face, but she insisted that you not come into contact with her and risk catching her illness.
>You had to feel bad for the poor girl.
>She's been pretty much housebound for the better part of a week due to a nasty case of stomach flu.
>That's not to say you've had no contact at all with her.
>You've talked on the phone every day and have often received texts throughout the week with sweet little messages like 'missing you'.
>Perhaps it was because there had been no risk of Sunset catching her that week, but Chrysalis had been increasingly affectionate with you as the days went on, and not just in a 'put your dick in me or I'll break your jaw' kind of way.
>On Thursday she had even straight up kissed.
>You don't mean a just friends kiss either.
>No, you swear you actually felt a bit of tongue there for a second.
>You pushed her off you of course... after a couple of seconds.
>You were with Sunset after all.
>Chryssi had naturally played it off as a joke, telling you that you should see the look on your face, but the fact that she'd been doing things like that for several days at that point made you start to wonder if she actually did have feelings for you beyond simple friendship.
>The two of you had known each other for as long as either of you could remember and had always been close.
>Even your parents were good friends.
>You suppose it was natural that maybe she'd develop certain feelings for you.
>On the other hand it could just be Chryssi being Chryssi.

>The girl was harder to fathom than a barrel of eels, and who really knows what went on in her mind.
>Then there was her reputation to consider.
>To say she was the school bicycle would be a missed opportunity to call her more akin to a subway train during rush hour.
>Seriously, damn near everybody had had a ride at some point.
>It makes you thankful that you haven't caught some dick-rotting STD from her considering the number of times she's talked you into 'a little fun' as she calls it.
>She was always there in the background, never the focus of attention when she didn't want to be but always with her fingers on the strings, so to speak.
>You're pulled from your daydreams by Chrysalis practically yelling into your ear as she sits beside you in your car.
>Oh, that's right, you were giving her a lift home.
>You really should focus on the road when driving, huh?
>It'd be really embarrassing to die horrifically in a car crash.
>"Have you even been listening to a word I've said?"
>She raises and eyebrow doubtfully.
>"What was I talking about?"
>C'mon brain, you can do this.
"Uh... You said you wanted me to come over and do your homework for you."
>Glancing over you see that she looks mildly impressed.
>"Well fine, I guess you were paying attention."
>Turning, she rests her elbow on the door and gazes thoughtfully out the window watching the world go by.
>"How's your face?"
>You reach up and rub your sore cheek, having caught a dodgeball to the head during gym earlier that day.
"Hurts like a bitch actually."
>Beside you, Chryssi snorts derisively.
>"Don't be a faggot, you didn't get hit that hard."
>You laugh, but laughing's painful.
"Want to bet? God damn Gilda does this every fucking time and it's always me she does it to."

>"Relax, she's just pissed that she lost her virginity to the pommel horse when she was twelve."
>Okay then, that's something you didn't know.
>"Oh my god," Chryssi mocks, "I'm bleeding!"
>You do your best to hide your smirk.
>"Am I dying, coach? My insides hurt."
>Now you can't help but chuckle a little at her impression.
"You're messed up, you know that?"
>A few minutes later and you pull into the driveway of your friend's house.
>You've got to love when you get the timing just right and hit nothing but green lights mile after mile.
"Your destination, m'lady."
>Chrysalis looks at you like you're an idiot.
>"Shut the fuck up, Anon, you queer.
>You nod respectfully.
"Anything for mmmm'lady."
>You don't like that look she's giving you.
>"You know what it feels like to have a steel toed boot lodged in you ass?"
"No, not-"
>"Want to find out?"
>Taking the hint, you unfasten your seatbelt and step out the car.
>Hearing your companion slam the door, you find yourself cringing ever so slightly.
>You love your god damned car.
>How many highschool students could say they drove a Lexus?
>True it may be second hand, but you'd never know it by the pristine condition it was in.
>It was actually thanks to Chryssi's dad that you'd got it on the cheap.
>He worked in the auto repair trade and called you one day to tell you he had one come into the shop that the customer was looking to sell, knowing that you were in the market to buy.
>You'd still had to work your ass off for several months doing part-time shifts with your dad, but it was worth it for this beauty.
>You lay a hand on the roof of your baby and and stroke it almost tenderly.
>"Hey, you want to come inside or are you not done fondling your car."

>You almost look hurt.
"Don't listen to mean old Chryssi, she doesn't understand our love?"
>You see your friend roll her eyes.
"What? I get inside her at least twice a day so it's only right that I treat her nice."
>"Sure," replied Chrysalis as she walked to her front door, "but if I ever find you with with your pants around your ankles fucking the exhaust then I'm calling the cops."
>Following her inside, you wipe your feet on the welcome mat before stepping into the hallway.
>"You want something to eat or drink?"
>You shake your head.
>"My parents aren't going to be home until tonight so you it's just us, relax."
>Walking along behind her, you try and fail not to look up her short skirt as she ascends the stairs ahead of you on her way to her bedroom.
>You happen to know that more than once she'd been called into Principle Celestia's office for dressing inappropriately, not that she ever seemed to take notice and stop doing it.
>Entering her room, she threw her bag down onto the bed and kicked off her boots.
>"Well make yourself at home then, just don't break anything."
>Looking around the room you have to admit you're a little surprised.
>It was actually surprisingly tidy, and only had one or two edgy posters.
>You'd been in here before, of course, but all the previous times it had looked like Dresden with a touch of paint.
"Wow, did your family hire a maid or something?"
>"No, I cleaned it myself," she answered, "is that so hard to believe?"
"Well yeah, for you it is."
>Your companion punches you in the shoulder.

>"Shut up and help me with this damn algebra, idiot. The sooner it's done the better."
>Sitting down on her bed, Chryssi looks at you expectantly, waiting for you to sit beside her.
"You sure I'm not going to catch crabs from that thing?"
>A moment of awkward silence passes as she glares at you menacingly.
"Yeah... okay, I'll just sit down here then?"
>Sliding in beside her, you watch as she reaches into her bag and produces a number of thick maths textbooks.
>It was going to be a long few hours, you can already tell.

>Turns out you were right, it was a long few hours.
>You'd called your folks a little while ago to let them know where you were and had taken one or two piss breaks, but other than that it'd been two hours solid of nothing but algebra.
>Considering you were supposed to be simply helping her with it, she was suspiciously absent throughout the majority of it.
>Still it was done now, meaning you could simply enjoy hanging out with your friend... even if she was presently leaning out the window and puffing away on yet another cigarette while ignoring you.
>Though on the plus side her current position did allow you to admire that shapely-
>"Hey, you staring at my ass again?"
>Oh shit, time to put on your A game and play it cool.
>Flicking her cigarette from her fingers and away in the wind, she pulls back inside and grins impishly at you.
>"Yeah you were, I saw you out the corner of my eye."
>You scoff.
"You're imagining things."
>Slowly she makes her way over to you with a little more sway in her hips than was strictly necessary.
>"Nah, I don't think so," she teased as she placed a hand on your chest and shoved you back before climbing on top of you and straddling your lap.
>With her hands on your shoulders, she pushed you back flat against the mattress as she leaned over you.
>"You know what I think, Anon?"
>You shook your head slightly in response.
>"I think you want to fuck me."

>Trying to sit up, you find yourself pushed back down as she looms over you.
"I'm with Sunset."
>She lets out a brief bark of laughter.
>"Yeah, you say that and yet here you are with me yet again."
>Leaning down, she hovers her lips mere inches away from yours making you think she means to kiss you as her hair cascades down around you.
>"Admit it, you're loving every second of this, aren't you?"
>You know you should resist but for some reason you just can't summon the will to fight her.
>"Having me here on top of you feels good doesn't it?"
>God damn it boner, not now!
>"Oh, you may not want to say so, but I can feel it."
>She lowers herself down further so that her ass is grinding into your pelvis.
>"Your body doesn't lie, Anon."
>Darting forwards, she trails her tongue up your neck and over your cheek before laughing once more.
>"You've had a taste and now you want more."
>Well... you'd already cheated on Sunset before, so really this wasn't that much worse, was it?
>After all, you'd already discovered that you were a two-faced bastard, so this was technically perfectly in character for you, right?
>Your parents must be so proud of the type of son they've raised.
>"You know what else, Anon?"
>You see her smirking down at you.
>She presses you harder down into the mattress.

>"I think you're a little bitch."
>That was honestly not what you were expecting her to say.
>"You heard me," she grins, "I think you're a little bitch who likes being used like an obedient little fuck-toy."
"Hey, fuck you!"
>In an instant Chrysalis draws her arm back and lands a painful slap on your cheek before leaning forwards and locking lips with you while you're still reeling from the strike and unable to resist.
>"It makes sense," she explains as she breaks away from you.
>"First you started dating the biggest bitch in school and then only started cheating on her when she pulled a total personality U-turn and became a little choirgirl."
>That can't be true, can it?"
>"You missed having a girl that wasn't afraid to take charge, which led you right back to your old pal Chryssi"
>You remain silent as you process exactly what she was saying.
>"But that's okay, because Chryssi's always going to be here for you, remember?"
>You nod slowly
>For better or worse and through thick and thin, she had always stuck by you since you were kids.
>"So this is what's going to happen."
>She leans forwards and kisses you once more.
>"You're going to unbuckle your belt and tell me how badly you want me."

"You know this is wrong."
>She laughs.
>"I know I don't give a shit."
>Her blasé attitude must have been more infectious that you realised, because slowly but surely you found yourself undoing your belt buckle almost without noticing you were doing so until you felt one of Chrysalis' hands snake its way inside you boxers.
>Looking up, you notice the victorious smirk she's sporting as she begins working you with her palm.
>"Told you," she practically purred, "you just can't resist being a good little Fuck-toy, can you?"
>As much as your conscience was telling you this was a massive breach of the trust Sunset had placed in you, a far greater part of your mind was telling you to just forget about her and live in the moment.
>After all it did feel good, and ultimately at this point what's just one more fuck?
>You'd been unfaithful to Sunny enough times now that no matter what you did you were beyond forgiveness, let alone redemption.
>When you break another's trust you may as well break it good and hard.
>"Hey," Chryssi's voice snaps you from your brief moment of introspection, "stop feeling sorry for yourself and tell me how it feels."
>In a way you wish you were more like your friend.
>She never thought about what others would think or what was the 'right' thing to do, she just did what made her happy in the moment.
>You let out a shuddering breath as you feel her grip you especially tightly as if purposely trying to coax a response from you.
"Y-Yeah... it feels good."
>She raises an eyebrow.
>"Good? Oh no, we can do better than that."
>With a swift tug she pulls your pants and boxers down to your thighs and positions herself over your lap.
>"Now tell me you want it."
>Poor Sunny, she deserves so much better than you.
>Seeing your hesitation, Chrysalis leans back slightly and pulls her panties to the side, showing you what could be yours if you just said those last few words.
"I... I want it."

>Grinning, Chrysalis slowly lowers herself down onto you, letting out a low, sensual moan as she takes you inside of herself.
>"That's a good little bitch."
>Reaching up, you place your hands on her hips as she begins swaying them in small, circular motions atop you.
>You try to turn your mind away from your lack of morals and instead focus purely on the pleasure your friend's bringing you.
>Is it right to call her that at this point?
>She'd been your best friend since the two of you were little kids, but hasn't your relationship moved well beyond that in the last few years.
>She'd had a physical interest in you ever since the two of you hit puberty and you had in fact had your first time with her.
>Of course you'd omitted telling Sunset that.
>As far as she knew, Chrysalis was just your girl buddy that you occasionally blew her off to go hang out with.
>Though given Chryssi's poor reputation amongst her fellow female classmates, surely Sunset suspected something?
>Hell, half the breakups between students at school were because Chrysalis had fucked the guy.
>Yet despite knowing all of that, Sunset had told you that she trusted you enough to not come between you and your friend.
>Oh god... You're making an awful mistake, aren't you?
>That's it, you're putting a stop to this!
>You'll be damned if you hurt Sunset like that.
>You're going to stop cheating on her with Chrysalis.
>Your mind is made up.
>Definitely... Right after just this one last time.
>The way your friend squeezes down on you and moves her hips like a skilled belly dancer is just too good to resist.
"H-Hey, shouldn't we use a condom?"
>Grinning almost maniacally down at you, Chrysalis laughs.
>"Relax, I'm on the pill."
>You were actually thinking about all the strangers she'd fucked before you and what they could potentially be carrying.
"Yeah but-"
>Darting forwards, she interrupts you by placing and aggressive kiss on your lips as her tongue seeks out your own.

>Though it took you by surprise there was no doubt about it, she was a better kisser than Sunset.
>Pulling away, you seems amused by your shocked expression.
>"You could put on a rubber if you want," she said in a seductive purr, "but tell me it doesn't feel better without."
>As much as you'd like to, you can't argue with that.
>Great, you were an idiot as well as being an amoral bastard.
>Regardless of how you felt about the situation, there was no denying this felt amazing.
>Chryssi seemed to pick up on your subtle hints as to how much you were enjoying yourself, as she began to ramp up her pace and began riding you like a prize winning rodeo bull shortly after removing her leather jacket and tossing it to the side.
>The same part of you that before was telling you to just forget about your worries and go with it was now telling you how much you like to just rip open that green corset of hers and watch her breasts bounce, but from your position beneath her you just couldn't find the willpower to reach up and do so, content instead to just lie back and let her have full control.
>Atop you, Chrysalis has begun to show signs of her own pleasure as her breathing's quickened and the occasional moan of delight escapes her lips.
>Try as you might, you can't help but let your mind drift back to Sunset and how she was never the most spontaneous of partners when it came to sex.
>Though it used to be different back when yo first met, now days she always looked to you for affirmation before trying anything new or adventurous and was pretty much the polar opposite of Chryssi.
>Maybe you were just fussy, but you sometimes liked not having to stop every few minutes to confirm that yes, you were enjoying yourself and no, she was doing great.

>You're once more pulled from your thought by Chrysalis letting out a somewhat breathless moan accompanied by the sensation of her insides tightening and pulsing around you, telling you that she at least was able to enjoy herself without the lingering feeling of guilt.
>You too are nearing your peak, the feeling of tightness in your loins having grown almost uncomfortable over the last few minutes.
>It shouldn't be much longer now before you're passed the point of no return.
>Watching your old friend ride you, her face now a mask of satisfaction and wanton lust, you're suddenly reminded of the girl that would run and play with you from dawn till dusk during your childhood.
>Weeks spent climbing trees and adventuring across the fields without a care in the world.
>She'd grown a lot since then and changed in many ways, but she was still very much the girl you once knew.
>You wonder what had happened to make her into the person she was today.
>"Feel good, bitch?"
>She laughs.
>"You gonna cum for Chryssi?"
>Running your hands over her thighs, you feel yourself edging closer and close to the brink.
>Just a few more seconds and you'd finally get some sweet release.
>Just a few... more-
>To your dismay, Chrysalis ceases all movement and raises herself off of you before leaning forwards and pinning you down by your shoulders.
>"Ah ah, naughty boy," she teases as you try desperately to thrust your hips upwards to meet her, "you don't get to cum until I say so."
>Oh c'mon, haven't you suffered enough?

>She smirks.
>"What's the magic word?"
>This was just cruel even by her standards.
>She simple gives a devilish chuckle.
>Letting go of your shoulders, she resumes her previous position and takes a hold of your now painfully erect member, hovering herself just over it and out of reach as it as it twitches for release.
>She raises and eyebrow expectantly.
>"Please what?"
>Now's not the time for pride.
>That comes later.
"Please let me cum!"
>She seems satisfied by your answer and lowers herself once again onto you, seeming to delight in hearing your sigh of relief as you feel yourself buried once more inside her.
>"Mmm, good boy."
>In an instant, almost as she had never stopped, Chrysalis resumes the motions of her hips.
>This is really it this time.
>You can feel yourself crossing the point of no return
>Thrusting as forcefully as you can manage, you finally reach your peak and let loose a grunt of satisfaction as you release all of your doubts and worries inside of her amid a thick torrent of your cum.
>She must find the sensation somewhat pleasurable too, as she gives a low moan of approval that you admittedly find irresistibly sexy.

>After a few seconds and several last half-hearted thrusts, you look up to meet Chryssi's gaze just in time to have her fill your vision entirely as she again leans forwards and locks lips with you.
>This kiss was different from the last and you can feel there was more emotion that just teenage lust behind it.
>For several long moments the two of you remain pressed together as you lie with your hands still on her hips, content to just forget about the outside world and all its troubles and simply enjoy the brief sense of intimacy.
>Pulling away, she moves her lips close to your ear.
>"Good boy," she whispers.
>You really wished you could believe that.

>Some days later and Sunset was back to her usual healthy self and attending school, which meant that Chrysalis was keeping her distance from you while the two of you were together.
>Often you saw her glancing your way throughout the day during the periods in which the three of you were in the same class, almost as if she wanted to be with you but at the same time not wanting to openly cause you hassle with your girlfriend by appearing to come between the two of you.
>Especially considering that it would certainly seem odd if she was to do so during the first few days in which you and Sunset had been able to spend any real time together.
>Though that wasn't to say that the three of you couldn't be found together at all, as both Sunset and Chryssi received rides home from you three days a week.
>Currently you were waiting by your car outside the school, watching as groups of students passed by laughing and joking with one another.
>"Shouldn't you be doing Chrysalis' homework? Wouldn't want her to get mad and give you a beating."
>Oh great, it's Flash.
>The guy's had a grudge with you ever since you started dating his ex.
"I don't know, shouldn't you be getting your ass hole bleached for your boyfriend?"
>He seems unable to think of a comeback and merely glares at you as he passes by.
>What a cunt.
>Watching the world go by filled with so many people all with lives as-
>"Hi Anon!"
>You're pulled yet again from your idle daydreaming by a kiss on the cheek from Sunset.
>You really should try not to zone out like that so much.
>"Thanks for waiting," she says with an adorable smile as she looks up at you with Chrysalis following a few paces behind.
>You chuckle.
"Well what are boyfriends for?"
>You briefly see Chryssi roll her eyes.
>She'd never been an overly affectionate sort and definitely didn't go in for 'all that touchy feely crap' as she called it.

>"You're just the sweetest guy," said Sunset as you opened the passenger side door for her.
>Though she may not like it, Chrysalis was relegated to the back seat when sharing your car with Sunset.
>Once both were buckled in and set to go, you decided to make a little conversation to cut through the tension you could sense between the two.
>Though they tolerated one another's presence when together with you, they weren't exactly friends, having very little in common and both with personalities that would clash and get on the other's nerves if given half a chance.
"So d'ya have good days?"
>In the back, Chryssi just shrugs and gives a dismissive grunt as you start the car.
>"Ugh, I've have the worst day," said Sunset.
"Oh, did something happen?"
>Sunny lets out a frustrated sigh.
>"Well... no, but do you have any idea how tiring it gets to hear 'no offence' and 'nothing personal' over and over again?"
"Can't really say I care much if I offend people."
>Pulling out into the road, you make into the direction of Chryssi's house.
>"It's like, I know what I did was wrong and I'm sorry about it, but people either just seem to want to keep reminding me of it or else act like they're treading on eggshells with me."
>All you can think to do is to offer her a reassuring smile.
"Well I guess it's to be expected for a while, at least until something else big comes along to take everyone's mind off of it."
>"Like what?" She asks almost pleadingly.
>You think for a moment.
>Admittedly it'd take something pretty spectacular to make everybody forget what your Sunny bunny had done.
"Uh... ebola outbreak in the science lab?"
>By the looks of it that wasn't the answer she was expecting.
>"Well, I mean... yeah, I guess."

>A minute or so passes in silence as you make your way through the light traffic.
>Seeing a light blinking on your dashboard, your attention is drawn to the fuel gauge which is signalling a dangerously empty tank.
>Ah shit, you'd hoped you'd make it through the day without needing a refill since the gas station you usually went to offered a ten percent discount on Wednesdays.
>Oh well, can't be helped.
"Sorry, looks like we'll have to make a quick stop."

That's all I ever wrote for the cheating bastard Anon story.

If anybody actually bothered reading all that crap and wants more, they can choose from either:

>Sunset giving a reluctant early morning blowjob.

Or else...

>Married life with Sunset and your qt daughteru.
some do.
File: Chrissi.png (303 KB, 1664x1856) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I am Anon, finder of obscure green. Fear me!

>You are Anon, the most classy nerd in CH.
>Well, nerd might not be the best word to describe how you are just able to not give a fuck about classes and stuff, still grabbing good grades by just reading smart books in free time.
>You even have made an agreement with the librarian so you can stay here as long as you need or want as long as you are willing to help with library-related stuff.
>Literally as long as you want or need, considering it's 3 AM atm. Fuck sleep, it's for the weak.
>Right now you're relaxing with a book on quantum physics, lying on a beanbag. Fuck, this stuff is really weird. Not weird like incomprehensive, more like turning you on.
>Well, kinda incomprehensive too.
>"Wow, what the fuck are you still doing up, Anon?"
>You rise your eyes from your book and see Chrysalis, looking really weird in this environment. Well, she doesn't give a fuck about classes and stuff too, but for completely other reasons.
>Still, you two managed to get along pretty well in the past few years.
"And what the fuck are you doing here, Chryssie, aren't you allergic to knowledge?"
>"Nah, just too busy to care. So, whatcha doin', nerd?"
>You look into your book looking for a the most smart-sounding scientific phrase that would make her look stupid.
"Ah, just having fun with a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently."
"Quantum entanglement, dumbass."
>"Yeah, whatever. Nerd."
>She tries to look bored, but you can see that she's actually troubled.
"Relax, even I don't know shit about it, it's one of the most fucked up things in science."
>She seems somewhat relieved.

"Still, what made you come to this temple of knowledge?"
>She comes closer and throws herself on another beanbag left to you.
>"Bored, had too much coffee, needing a company".
>She pulls out her earphones, sticking one in her left ear, getting a cig from behind it.
"You can't be fucking serious about smoking in library, there's a smoke alarm here, idiot."
>"Oh, right. Where is it?"
>You point it with your finger
"Still, if you destroy it, I'm gonna be fucked up, the librarian trusts me."
>"Relax, nerd, I'm not gonna destroy it. Now, hold me up there, fag"
>She stays up, followed by you, and searches for something through her pockets. After a while she pulls out a condom.
"Ah, right, fucking first, smoking later, huh? Pretty straightforward way of proposing a sex to someone, though."
>"Oh shut up" she says, opening the condom with her teeth "Now hold me up there."
>Sighing, you do so, grabbing her legs and lifting her towards the alarm. You are instantly glad you did, seeing right under her skirt. Damn, the girl is hot.
>"Enjoying the view down there?"
>Crap, that was obvious she'd be aware of you being able to enjoy the view. And being able means doing so, in a situation like this, that's obvious too.
>Now, what to say...
"Will do, though some underwear obscures the full picture, that's pretty lame."
>"Pfft, perv. Put me down, now."
>You do so and look at the alarm, now covered in latex. That's one way to use a condom, huh.
"I hope you do have another one for me."
>"What? I would not fuck a faggy nerd, I have my honor" She says, punching you on the arm.
"I meant a cig, perv"
>You obviously didn't mean a cig.

>"Yeah, sure. Not like I don't know your male race".
>You grab the book from where you left it and place it on a shelf. No more reading tonight, it seems.
"Well, it's you who carelessly let my eyes under your skirt, dear. Now, how 'bout that cig?"
>She pulls out a pack and looks into it.
>"The last one, you will have to pay for it somehow."
>You come to a window and open it. It would certainly not be good if this place stenched in the morning.
"Oh, I guess I've already paid by letting you smoke here and lifting you to the alarm, hmm?"
>With a sigh she lights her cigarette and throws the pack towards you, followed by a lighter.
>You see her proceeding to throw herself on a beanbag again and you reach out your hand to stop her.
"Better move those beanbags closer to the window, I guess."
>"Oh fuck it, is it really necessary? 10 points to you for opening it and 20 for that alarm, but now you're a real faggot. Plus it's cold outside"
"Books tend to gather various smells, shut up and just do what I say. Plus if you don't like the cold air so much, I can warm you."
>"Pfft, you wish. You're too skinny and faggy for me."
>"Whatever, your loss."

>You grab your beanbag and drag it towards the window, lighting your cigarette on the way and throwing the lighter back to Chrys, who fortunately decided to follow you, dragging another one.
>After arriving, you make yourself comfortable and rip the pack apart making an ashtray.
>You immediately hear Chrysalis chatter her teeth as the cold wind blows on her. You grin, puffing on your cigarette.
"Oh poor girl, you sure you don't want me to warm you?"
>"Ff-f-fuck y-you."
"K, maybe later."
>She throws her beanbag right next to yours and falls on it, a little too close to you for her "Ff-f-fuck y-you" to be considered serious. You look at her, her face giving completely no sign of anything that she's really fucking cold, her teal hair moved by the wind, her thin black leather jacket she zipped up, hiding her cleavage for your disappointment. Well, you've seen something better.
>After a shor moment of complete silence, during which you both just puffed on your cigarettes you hear a silent beat coming from her free earphone.
"So, what are you listening to?"
>She doesn't answer, just passes you the earphone.
>Well, it's not exactly the music you're used to, but it kinda does say something about her personality, you guess.

>You both finish your cigarettes as the song comes to an end. Chrysalis is silent for the whole time, just looking through the open window on the snow-covered landscape, and you don't interrupt.
>As you pull the earphone out of your ear, you'd swear you heared her mumble something to herself
>"So, what do you think?"
"Well, it's kinda like you."
>She looks a bit surprised.
>"What do you mean?"
"Dirty, uncomprehensive and brutal, of course."
>"Oh shut up. And if you can't comprehend the lyrics it means that you're just a fag who cannot listen."
>You don't answer that, enjoying the angry expression on her face.
>"If you want to know, it's not the song I'd describe myself with."
>You want to answer with another insult, but noticing her voice change you decide not to do so.
"Just please don't tell me it's "Let it go" from Frozen, I'm sick of this song appearing everywhere".
>She snorts. Good sign.
>"Here" she said, handing the earphone back to you.
>Well, you expected a more exciting night from her, considering who she was. And now, you were just sitting together and listening to some harsh electronic music.
>However, this one wasn't electronic.
>It started pretty nice, and the singer had a pretty charismatic voice.
>You take a look on her, her eyes closed, and lips moving to words of the song.
>Just now you notice how beatiful her lips are. You were aware of how hot she is before, but never focused on this little, perfect detail covered with green lipstick.

>As the song progresses, she leans towards you more and more, obviously losing the fight with cold air. You can't complain though.
>When she's basically using your shoulder as a pillow, still singing soundlessly, you wonder if she'll back up if you wrap your arm around her to keep her more warm.
>Or if she even realizes what she's doing. Whatever, #yolo.
>You do so and give yourself a mental high five when she not only does not escape, but moves towards you even more, hugging you with her free arm.
>"Merry christmas, Anon" she whispers, with obvious sounds of sadness in her voice.
>Oh right, christmas. You start wondering how she usually spends it. Your family is pretty normal, which leads to normal, boring, but warm and probably some kind of "happy" christmas. You've never talked about her family or anything home-related. You realize that you don't actually know anything personal about her other that what you could tell by just observing her actions.
>You met her your first day in this school, you both arrived late for the opening ceremony and happened to sit next to each other.
>She was alone, though kinda popular, cause of her being "dark and mysterius" and stuff, and you were alone, cause of... well, you were alone.
>The two of you managed to get along, you helping her with studying so she could pass (she wasn't dumb, she understood everything with your help, just never gave a single fuck about the school itself) and her helping you with... getting a life.
>Until now though you didn't think she'd see you as someone other than a buddy that understands the school stuff enough to help her and not as faggy as the other possible candidates.
>When the song ends (damn, you didn't pay almost any attention to lyrics, too busy thinking about that hot girl next to you), you pat her head a few times.
"Mery christmas, Chryssie."

>You two lay completely silent for a while. After a moment, you feel her shivering under your arm.
>The song automatically changed to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS4Q6g6szv4
>Which for some reason made her burst in laughter.
>You rise one eyebrow, and look at her asking her a silent question.
>"Merry Christfuck, Anon" she said, right before a second panical laughter attack.
>Combined with her shivering, you almost had a nice massage. Then you catch the word "chrisfuck" in the song and join her laughing.
>"Oh, this song ruined fucking everything, but it's hillarious."
>You contain your laughing and begin to stand up, pulling the earphone out of your ear.
"I guess I'd better close the window, you're cold as fuck."
>"Nooo, don't. Not before the chrisfuck present" she says, unzipping her jacket with the hand she was holding you a while before.
>If she's gonna strip down, it would make even more sense to close the window, so what the hell?
>It turns out she just reached for another cigarette and zipped her jacket again.
"You said it was your last one, you liar."
>"Yup, cause it was. This one is special, though."
>You examine the thing in her hand and realize it's actually a joint.
>Yeah, this is where the calm night ends.
"Wow. Merry Christfuck, then."
>"You smoked before?"
>You shake your head.
>"Fuck yeah, I've never had a virgin before."
>You wonder if she meant that only in terms of weed.
"So, any advices, master?"
>She snorts. "Just don't cough or you'll be the fag of the year."
>Seems easy, huh?

>She lights the joint, puffs deeply on it and passes it to you.
>As you take a toke yourself, first thing you notice is the resinous aroma.
>The second is itching in your throat that makes you want to cough.
>"You smoked almost nothing, fag, you can do better."
>Well, that's intimidating. You take another toke and quickly regret it.
>"HAHAHA you should see your face now, it's red as fuck, wait, let me take a picture" she laughs searching for her phone, while you are fighting with the biggest urge to cough you've ever experienced. Bitch.
>This fight, however, you lost. Right before her phone flashed and took a picture of you you started coughing heavily, trying to contain it with the rest of your resolve.
>"Okay, so you're the faggot of the year now. And I have a hillarious picture of you."
>You try to answer, but the itching is still too strong.
>"The sad thing is that this year is ending soon, you won't enjoy your title for too long, poor fag..." she says, trying to sound caring, her face expressing concern about your well-being as the king of fags "Now, give it back."
>You hand the joint back to her, finally catching a normal breath. That's when you start feeling like a swarm of butterflies flied towards you, and in some kind of mating ritual gathered in pairs, each pair finding a piece of thread, and then trying to lift you by placing the countless little threads under your arms and pulling up.
>Is that what being high is all about?
>As you were thinking about those butterflies (or maybe they were bees? That's a question that will always remain unanswered), she took another deep toke and passed the joint back to you.
>"Easier now, young padawan, I don't want you to cough your lungs out too quickly" she says, blowing the smoke on your face. Damn, that was hot. You decide to go easier this time.
>After another toke that fortunately didn't turn your throat into a hell, you tell her about the butterflies.
I choose 'continue'
Or at least a reluctant blowjob

>As the joint's lifetime expires, you finish your story of butterflies and their fetishes.
"And I'm not sure if they are really butterflies, or maybe bees" you finish.
>Chrysalis looks at you with a very serious face expression.
>"Yes, my diagnosis is that you probably really are a faggot, I'm afraid" she says, tapping her finger on her chin, trying to look like a doctor facing a serious case of faggotry.
>You storm through your head seeking for a good answer to that for a few seconds, interrupted by a burst of laugh that you quickly join.
>"Seriously though, butterflies?"
"Or bees. I'm not sure"
>You focus on yourself for a while, looking at some point behind her through your fingers. Immediately you start feeling a quiet buzzing in your head.
"Bees. They are bees. I'm sure now."
>"Well, how?"
"Butterflies don't buzz so loud."
>This statement made you two laugh again.
>"Oh man" she says, catching her breath "you're such a beginner it's almost unbelievable."
>You wonder if it's bad.
>"That's freaaaaking cuute, ya know."
>Well, probably not that bad.
>Assuming she'd fuck a cute guy, you've always thought she prefered a different type.
>If she would, then it's fine.
"Uhm, hey, Chryssie?"
"I don't have a christmas gift for you."
>"A chrisfuck gift you mean."
"Yup, christfuck. I don't have one."
>She looks like she's contemplating something, waving her hand (fuck, what a beatiful hand) in front of her eyes.
>"Doesn't matter. Dance with me." She begins to get up, which takes her a little longer that normal.
>"Dance. With. Me." she answers, stressing every word. After a while, she adds another one. "Fag."
Okay, maybe after I'm done posting these.


>How do you even dance to music like this? You're probably going to just make her laugh at your poor dancing skills.
>She extends her pretty hand towards you. You take it and proceed to stand back.
>She pulls a bit too hard, which feels impossible considering her mass, making you both almost fall.
>You both struggle to regain balance for a while, ending in each other's embrace.
>Feeling her body against yours, her breath on your neck... Damn, there's too much stimulation for your high brain.
"You mean, to this?" you break the silence, flicking the free earphone hanging next to her breast.
>"Any problem with it?" she asks, giving you a slightly offended look.
>You try not to groan.
"No, it's okay."
>You plug the earphone in, as she pulls out her phone and selects a song.
>Hey, you know this one!
>Not one of your favs, but you've heard it a few times. You almost didn't expect such a widely known artist of her. This is going to make it easier.
>Only a bit. You still don't know shit about dancing. You decide it will be better if you let her do it her way and just try to join.
>She doesn't leave your embrace, just improves her grip around you and starts waving her thighs slowly.
>Feeling totally awkward, you try to mimic her behaviour.
>Focusing on the music, the first thing you notice is how long... how SLOW it feels. The beat didn't even kick in yet, and you'd swear it should have done so years ago.
>Really, it's like those basses affected the time, kinda like rapid movement or being close to a big concentration of mass...
>You give yourself a mental bitchslap. No time for wondering about science now.
>The beat finally starts, making you shiver suddenly. It seems like you're discovering this song completely anew. A soft, quiet giggle you catch with your free ear brings your attention back to the real world.

>You feel her body moving next to yours, not in any organised pattern, just projecting the beat, bass and vocals using her limbs and thighs.
>Not too wild, almost calm, but still a bit harsh, just like you've seen her personality the entire time.
>You try to contain a boner, it would literally fuck everything up now.
>You quickly forget about everything, your world being now made of two elements: the pretty girl in your arms and the music in your ear.
>You quickly feel it flowing through you, not even needing to focus on it anymore, making you move in a way you'd never dare to think you'd be able to, living its own life.
>Every little move being a direct result of the sound, matching with her moves in an almost perfect harmony.
>Or at least you think it's matching, your perception is now completely different from what you're used to.
>Every little moment feeling like an entire eternity. The powerful bass making its way down your veins, the beat having now the full control of your body, the perfect girl rubbing against you, your minds connected on a level you've never thought of to be even possible...
>Damn, you could die happy now.
>After a thousand of lightyears (lightyear is a distance uni- Shut up, that's just a saying!) of dancing in almost full hypnosis you both tremble when the track goes wild, rhytm suddenly rising in pace.
>You can't even tell what's happening anymore, your mind being too busy with all the stimulation.
>You strengthen your grab on her and feel her doing the same.
>For a short moment you can see her face clearly, eyes closed, showing too many emotions for you to be able to distinguish even one.
>Another short moment after you feel her lips, those lips you've contemplated earlier tonight so much, touching yours.
>Her warm tongue sliding inside, trying to find yours.
>And then, suddenly, everything stops.
>Like a heavy rain during spring, making everything and everyone wet and just passing away a short while after.

>It feels like someone switched the light off.
>The only difference is the light is still on, something else is missing.
>No bass, no beat...
>No lips touching yours.
>Your hand mindlessly moves towards your ear, removing the earphone.
>She breaks the embrace and turns away.
>"You did well... for a faggot, of course."
>And all the magic fucking gone. You notice a slight trembling in her voice, though. You'd almosts swear she turned away just to hide her face from you.
>Nothing strange, considering it looked like she was going to blow up with all the emotions for a while.
>You guess you look no different.
>You want to say something, but you stumble on a 404, no words found.
>She comes to the window and closes it.
>"But your dick made me a bit uncomfortable."
>Was there a bit of satisfaction in that voice, or was that only your imagination?
>Holy fuck, you totally forgot about it, getting lost in the dance.
>There's a moment of awkward silence, disturbed only by you two breathing deeply, trying to calm down.
>Suddenly she turns towards you.
>"Let's go and eat something."
>It's rather dark in where she's standing, but you think you see some wetness surrounding her eyes.
>Also, as you realize, you're hungry too.
"Sure. I live nearby, we can go to my place, if that's ok with you."
>It's the only reason that sitting in the library for such a long time makes any sense.
>She nods and starts walking towards the door.
>"What is it?" she asks unpatiently.
"The smoke alarm."
>She nods again and follows you to it, lets you lift her up and removes the condom.
>"Done, let's leave."
>Where did her sharp tongue disappear?
>You quickly grab your bag, put your coat on and follow her.

>You two silently traverse the school's corridors, finally nearing the exit.
>You mumble something about having a good night and merry christmas to the security man.
>He's used to you being here this late, and asks no questions about your company.
>You hold the door for her and you both walk into the cold outside.
>She starts shivering immediately.
>How fucking dumb does one need to be to wear this lightly on such a cold night?
>You sigh with resignation and take off your coat, placing it on her shoulders.
>That's what a gentleman does, right? You still have a hoodie, it should be enough for 5 minutes of walking home.
>She says nothing, but gives you a grateful look.
>As you two walk, you wonder what's going on in her head.
>Not that you're able to come to any conclusion that makes sense considering your present state of mind.
>Instead, you focus on yourself, entertaining yourself with waving your fingers in front of your eyes.
>What did just happen? How is it going to end?
>When for a moment you lower your hand that you used as a tool to keep your thoughts simple, you feel something grab it.
>You both stay silent for the rest of the walk, your thoughts circling rapidly through your head.
>However, her closeness calms you down a bit.
>If you had really fucked it up so much, she would be gone long ago.
>As you approach your house, you break the silence.
"My parents are used to me getting home this late, though we should be quiet, you know."
>"Fine, I'll try not to scream too loud."
>Really? One moment she's teasing you, next moment she's behaving like a true bitch.
>This is making you kinda lost.

>You unlock the door, hold it open for her and throw your shoes next to the wall and take your coat from her and placing it on a hanger, then leading her to the kitchen.
>You proposed her to take her jacket off, but she decided not to, just unzipping it.
>You walk towards the fridge and open it.
>Eggs, cheese and bacon. Perfect.
>A sudden idea storms your head and you rapidly jump towards the cupboard your family keeps potatoes in.
>Praised be the munchies!
>You grab two big ones and hand them to Chrysalis, followed by a peeler.
"Be so nice and peel them, dear."
>"You can't be serious" she tries to protest.
"Be so nice and don't deny my fucking kitchen genius, dear."
>She sighs and proceeds to follow your orders, putting both her earphones in.
>As she's working with the potatoes, you crack a few eggs open and mix them with some sour cream, salt and pepper using a fork.
>"Done here, chef" she says, pulling one earphone out.
>There was a nice dose of irony put in the last world that made you smile.
"Great, now peel them."
>"You're fucking kidding me."
"What's wrong?"
>"I just did it, moron."
"Noooo, I mean, peel them completely, until they disappear. Here's a bowl" you say, handing her a bowl "put the peels in here, dear."
>She lets out a sigh and starts working with the peeler.
>"You're high as fuck, you know."
"What I know is that I'm a fucking genius right now."
>She just shrugs and does as you said. You sit next to her and start grating some cheese.
>Then you notice the free earphone hanging.
"Can I?"
>She shrugs again, so you take it as a yes.
>You've heard this voice earlier tonight, though that song wasn't this heavy and electronic.
>Seems fine for grating cheese though, the bass giving you strength and the rhytm letting you just do it almost mindlessly.

>You're done too. You examine the peels. Well, they are a bit too long for your purpose, so you just take a knife and cut them into shorter pieces.
"Now, watch the master at work."
>She snorts at you ironically, but doesn't say anything, just follows you to the cooker sticking close to you, so you two are still connected with her earphones.
>You heat up a frying pan and pour some olive oil on it.
>First go the potatoes, you try to place them one thin piece at a time, next to each other, so they are all perfectly fried, then throw some salt on them.
>After a while you add some bacon and mix it up a bit.
>When the potatoes and bacon look nice and crispy, you add the cheese and pour the eggs in.
>You fry it, mixing it constantly for about half a minute and put it on two plates.
>Then you reach for the fridge again and pour some orange juice into two glasses.
"Now, follow me" you say, unplugging the earphone so you can walk normally.
>You hand her a fork, grabbing one plate (the one with the bigger portion, of course, you're not stupid), one glass and another fork, waiting for her to do the same.
>As soon as you enter your room, covered in darkness compared to kitchen's illumination, it seems she looses up a bit.
>When you reach your hand towards the light switch, you are interrupted.
>"No, don't."
>You look into her deep green eyes that are almost glowing in the darkness and decide to do as she asks.
>You pull your earphone out and drag an extra chair to your desk, moving the keyboard and a shitload of various papers away, placing your plate and glass on it and signing her to do the same.
>As you both sit, you plug the earphone back.
>The previous song ended, though, now it's
>You decide to waste no time and dig in, feeling a deep urge to satisfy your hunger.
>And fuck your life, you've never thought that adding some fried potatoes to scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese would make it so good.

>You should definitely smoke more frequently and maybe you'd get to a masterchef level.
>Just the thought of it makes you giggle quietly.
>"Oh my fucking god, this shit is so good it almost makes me want to fuck you."
>Yeah, you'd definitely be able to reach a masterchef level. As long as they let you smoke weed during the competition.
>And maybe if the jury smoked too before judging your dishes.
>Or maybe just make a "MasterChef: Munchies Edition", it would be fucking great. Yeah, awesome idea.
>To make sure you don't forget it, you make a note about it in your phone.
>For a moment the only sounds are you and her devouring on your plates and the music coming from her earphones.
>You think you might get used to it. It's pretty harsh, but has some beauty in it.
>Just like your teal-haired friend sitting next to you.
>You both finish and just sit for a while, breathing heavily.
>Feeling too much heat, you take off your hoodie and see her doing the same to her jacket, revealing just a green corset underneath.
>Damn, you were only eating, not fucking, why is it so warm?.
>Not yet, at least. You still hope to get some pussy.
>However, it's been a crazy good night nevertheless.
>Needing to rest, you remove your earphone.
>Even her breathing drives you crazy.
>You two then burp almost simultaneously, which makes you both burst into a wild laugh.
>You quickly remind yourself that you should be quiet, shutting up and placing your hand over her mouth.
>For a moment you just stare into her wide open green eyes that make you want to dive into them.
>She rises her own hand and places it on top of yours, slowly moving it away.
>It appears that your hand is moving towards a very nice spot.
>Is this going to finally be it? Launching boner.exe
>As soon as it lands, she lunges at you and wildly forces your lips to open, getting her tongue inside, placing her hands on your back.

>You play with her boob for a while, trying to return the kiss in such an aggressive way as she's doing it.
>You grab the back of her head with another hand, pulling her deeper into the kiss. Meanwhile, you feel her warm hand going under your shirt and caressing your skin with her nails.
>This corset of her is a sexy thing for sure, but now it's a thing you hate the most in the world.
>You let her boob go and try to untie this motherfucking thing, failing miserably.
>She slowly backs up from the kiss, moving her lips towards your ear.
>"Faggot" she whispers, delicately bites your ear and takes her hands away from your back, proceeding to untie the corset herself.
>You let out a silent moan, as she moves a few inches away from you and your hands wander lower, massaging her hips.
>The corset falls on the floor, revealing no bra underneath, just a beatiful sight of her perfect tits.
>Your mouth rapidly charges at the right one, licking, sucking and fiddling with the nipple with your tongue, caressing the left one with a thumb.
>Your work is answered with a moan of pleasure, which makes you even harder.
>Suddenly she grabs your face in her both hands and pulls you in for another long kiss, during which you both rise from your seats.
>You push her a bit, pointing the direction towards your bed.
>Still kissing, you fall onto it, rolling a few times before you meet a wall.
>It's you breaking the kiss now, moving down, trying to focus both on her tits and taking her heavy boots off.
>Good thing she wears them almost untied, you'd be really mad if you had to tire yourself with it.
>As you take them off, she grabs your shirt and pulls it up, exposing your skin to cool air, which feels very good, considering how warm you are now.
>You look at her, lying on your bed, head supported by the wall, giving you the most seductive smile you could ever imagine, her big eyes staring at you.

>Then you notice she still has one earphone plugged in, her cell lying next to her.
>Really. Even now?
>Fuck it, doesn't matter. You continue having fun with her tits and enjoying the soft moans she's constantly letting out, while taking her skirt off, followed by her pantyhose, both of which land on the floor.
>You decide to go lower, kissing her smooth skin along the way to her vagina.
>You take a deep breath, enjoying probably the most beatiful smell you've ever felt.
>You touch her panties with your lips, noticing how wet she already is, contemplating the taste.
>You lower them, revealing a sight you're never going to forget, and dig your face in her crotch.
>It's even better than those scrambled eggs with potatoes you had before. You could definitely switch your diet to pussyvorous.
>You spread her pussy with your fingers and eat her out for a longer while, collecting every drop of her love juice that comes out.
>"Ffffffffff... just fuck me, faggot!" she moans, a bit too loud.
>You don't fucking care right now. You're so horny that if your mother came in, you'd just fuck them both and be ready for more.
>You rise your head, that she immediately grabs it and pulls you in for another kiss, letting it out quickly and moving your pants down, finally setting your dick free.
>You break the kiss, place your cock in the right position and come in slowly, enjoying how her vaginal muscles grab it, seeming to pull it in even deeper.
>Your eyes stop on the free earphone for a while.
>Fuck it, why not? If she's enjoying it...
>Well, it does seem like a perfect fuck song.
>She's not tight, that's for sure, she must have fucked a handful of guys before, but not stretched out, which makes you glad.
>You grab her legs and place them on your shoulders, giving yourself an easy way to place your whole length inside her.
>When you reach the end, you start slowly moving back and forth.
>"Harder" she moans.

>You rise the pace according to her will.
>"Harder, you son of a bitch!"
>You start thrusting her with all the force you can, hearing her moan louder and more frequently with each thrust.
>You bite your lower lip, letting out a groan.
>"Hit me!"
>What the fuck did she just say?
>"Just spank me, faggot!"
>You slap her butt, making her groan just like you did.
>"Again, harder!"
>This bitch here appears to be even more dirty than you've expected.
>You spank her again, harder, which made her growl like a wildcat.
>Her breathing, getting heavier and heavier each second tells you she's close to her climax.
>Good thing you gave her a lot of pleasure before, you can't contain your cumshot for much longer too.
>A sudden twitch of her vaginal muscles is all that it takes to make you cum with another groan, shooting a load after load into her.
>You let her suspended legs go and fall on her, kissing her once again.
>Your dick leaves her, making your cream leak out.
>Holy fuck, those eyes.
>She moves her hand lower, giving your dick a light pat on the way, covers her fingers in your cum and then starts licking them slowly, still staring into your eyes.
>"Merry Christfuck, Anon" she says, curling up next to you, covering you both with a sheet, and giving you one last kiss.
"Merry Christfuck, Chryssie."
>She closes her eyes, whispering one last word.

That's the end of that.

Reluctant early morning blowjob it is.

>Sunset groaned tiredly as she felt something prodding into her backside through her panties.
>Opening her eyes slightly, it took her only half-awake mind a moment to process exactly what it was.
>"Anon... stop pressing your dick into me... I'm trying to sleep."
>Chuckling, you continue spooning your wife from behind, your erection still poking against her bottom beneath the covers.
>"Anooon," she moaned testily, "stop it."
>Ignoring her grumbling, you cuddle up closer to Sunset and kiss her shoulder, tracing your lips up the nape of her neck before whispering into her ear.
"C'mon, just touch it a little."
>She shifted position and groaned irritably.
>"No, just go to sleep."
>Undeterred, you again kiss her exposed shoulder, marvelling at her immaculately smooth skin.
"Just take it in your hand and play with for a while... Please, I'm too horny to sleep."
>Sunset sighed in defeat, before turning slightly and taking your cock in her hand and giving it a light squeeze.
>Feeling it throb and further harden between her fingers, she started pumping and playing with it with a distinct lack of enthusiasm, while you let out a contented hum of approval and sat back propped up slightly by your pillows.

>After a few minutes, Sunset had turned to face you completely, her hand still pumping away on your rock hard cock.
>Gently, you place a hand on the back of your wife's head, encouraging her to move towards your crotch.
"Here, just suck it a little."
>"No, Anon, I'm not giving you a blowjob."
>Her protests, though sincere, seemed a little half-hearted to you.
>"I just want to go back to sleep."
>You rub the back of her neck soothingly.
"Please, baby, it'll help me finish sooner and them we can both sleep. I promise."
>Sunset huffed in annoyance but at last relented.
>"Fine... but you owe me for this, Anon."
>Reluctantly, she leaned down and gave your penis a quick lick before taking it into her mouth.
>Clearly she was wanting to get this over with quickly, as unlike her usual style, there was no slow, teasing build up of stimulation.
>Instead, she simply gave her all form the get-go.
>You exhaled with an audible groan of please and let your arms fall limply to your sides, before crossing them behind your head a moment later as your wife expertly sucked your dick.
>Her head bobbing up and down upon your shaft and her tongue teasing your tip, Sunset truly showed her skill as one who'd had several years to learn exactly how to please you, and that knew every trick in the book on how to make you feel good.

>After a few minutes, you felt yourself nearing your peak.
>Placing a hand once again upon the back of your wife's head, you couldn't help but thrust your hips in time with the bobbing of her lips as your cock slid down the back of her throat time and again.
>With a final vigorous thrust, you buried your member deep into the back of her gullet and, with a grunt, shot your seed down her oesophagus.
>Sunset coughed a little as several more thick ropes of your cum flowed into her mouth, before swallowing all you had to give as your seed made its way down into her stomach.
>After she was sure she had received all you had to give, she took a few moments to catch her breath before sitting up straight again.
>"There, now can we please go to sleep?"
>You sigh contentedly and smile at her.
"Yeah... Thanks for that."
>Honestly you were feeling so relaxed that it was hard to mumble out a reply at all.
"You know, you really do have beautiful eyes."

>Sunset couldn't help but give and amused smirk, clearly touched by the compliment.
>Clearing her throat, she resumed the appearance of being slightly annoyed as she took a long drink of water from the glass on her nightstand.
>After a moment she lay back down.
>"I won't be doing that every time you can't sleep, so don't get used to it."
>With a chuckle, you once again cuddle up behind her and wrapped an arm around her.
>Sunset nuzzled into your loving embrace and smiled tiredly.
>"I don't mind doing that for you... but maybe not in the middle of the night next time, hmm?"

There we go.
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Chryssi's sisters..png
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>"Hey, Anon, I need you to take my sisters out for the day and get 'em away from house for a while. Take 'em to your place or something, I don't care, but I swear if I find out that you fucked any of 'em I'll rip your dick off, okay? You're my boytoy and I don't like sharing."

Got tier Chrysalis thread.

What are you doing here, what about bath house?

Decided to continue a little. Hopefully it isn't too obvious that the following parts were written months apart from the original.

>Watching as you flick your indicator on and begin to make the turn into other lane, Chrysalis rolls her eyes.
>"Oh for fuck sake, Anon, is it really too much to ask for you to remember to fill up your own damn car?"
>You chuckle dismissively.
"Guess so, but you know me. Got a mind like a sieve."
>"You're too hard on yourself," reassured Sunset, taking your self-deprecating remark seriously though you'd meant it as a joke.
>That was something that bothered you a little about her.
>She always felt the need to encourage and comfort you, even when it wasn't needed.
>Sure, it was nice when you were genuinely feeling a little down, but when she seemed to constantly believe your frequent little digs at yourself were meant in earnest, then it became a little tiresome.
>You never had that problem with Chryssi.
>No, she always knew your angle and could tell when you were bullshitting.
>It wasn't Sunset's fault, you knew.
>She was just too caring and sweet for her own good these days.
>It was you and your near constant search for new things to be frustrated about that were to blame.
>Still though, it was a bit of a turn off.
>After a few hundred meters, you make the turn into the gas station and pull up beside one of the pumps.
>Checking your wallet to ensure you could in fact pay for your petrol, you undid your seatbelt and stepped out of the car.
"This'll only take a sec, don't worry."
>Closing the door behind yourself so as to not allow quite so many of the gasoline fumes inside to choke your companions, you unhook the pump and make your way to the rear of the vehicle.
>Unscrewing the fuel cap, you could faintly here the sound of your two passengers conversing within, though you couldn't quite tell what was being said.

>Looking down at your black painted nails, you wish Anon would hurry the fuck up and get back in the car already.
>His girlfriend was so damn upbeat, it infuriated you.
>Worst of all was that she insisted on trying to make conversation with you when you'd be perfectly happy with sitting in silence and looking at the world go by through the window.
>What did he even see in her anyway?
>Sure her tits were nice and she had an ass that turned heads, but then so did you, and you were far less prudish about emphasising that fact and showing it off.
>Not to mention that Anon flat out told you that sex with you was better.
>She was the typical 'nice girl' as far as you could tell, and you knew Anon didn't go in for that sort usually.
>Of course she'd been much different when they'd first met.
>A real bitch by all accounts.
>Now that was the type of girl Anon liked.
>Somebody like, well... you.
>"So, Chrysalis," began Sunset, looking back at you through the rear view mirror, "Anon said the two of you hung out a lot while I was sick. What'd you get up to?"
>You hesitate for a second.
>There was no way Anon would have told her what the two of you had actually got up to, right?
>His conscience wouldn't have got the better of him and made him spill his guts to her, you were practically certain.
>This was almost guaranteed to be a simple, innocent inquire made in an attempt to seem friendly.
>Still though, there was a niggling doubt in the pit of your stomach.
>Whatever, just tell her any old shit.
>You shrug and continue staring out of the window.
"Eh, not much. He came to my place, did some homework, watched some movies... that kind of crap."
>Glancing into the mirror, you see that Sunset seems at least somewhat satisfied by your answer.
>At least she didn't show any signs of knowing you were lying.

>"Oh? That's good, old friends should try to spend time together now and then."
>Was she deliberately trying to emphasise the fact that she considered you nothing more than Anon's friend?
>Trying to shove the fact that she and him were openly dating right in your face?
"Hmm, yeah. I do like getting to spend time with him, and something tells me he'd like to get the opportunity more often."
>Sunset chuckled.
>"I know, I'm terrible for taking up so much of his time." She replied apologetically. "I'm sorry if it seems like I'm hogging all his attention for myself, I don't mean to come between you."
>Fucking skank was taunting you, you were almost certain.
>You narrow your eyes and glare at the back of the bitch's head as she sits in front of you.
"Oh don't worry, I'm sure he enjoys the times we're together well enough. I don't want to be greedy after all."
>You look out of the window and see that Anon himself had now finished refilling the car and was making his way inside the store to pay.
>"Anon's so lucky to have such a good friend," continued Sunset.
>You frown.
>"He's always talking about you."
>That caught you somewhat by surprise.
>You wouldn't have thought Anon would have had the balls to so much as think of mentioning you in front of his precious little 'Sunny Bunny' as he called her.
>Ugh, even thinking about that sickeningly sweet pet name he had for her made you want to puke in disgust.
Yes. Moar. My green hole is glistening with excitement.
File: OP.gif (782 KB, 635x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
782 KB, 635x343
Prepare your orifice.


>"Does he talk about me when you're together at all?"
>You sigh disinterestedly.
>Sunset turns in her chair to look back at you.
>"I asked if Anon ever talks about me when you're together, you know?"
>You offer a non-committal shrug.
>True, he did mention her occasionally when he was with you, but usually only to say how bad he felt about cheating on her with you behind her back.
"Sometimes, sure."
>"Oh... only sometimes?" Asked Sunset, seemingly a little disappointed by your answer. "What does he talk about?"
>You groan audibly.
"Look, what d'ya want me to say? He talks about you now and then, but you just don't come up all that often in conversation, okay?"
>Opening her mouth to speak, Sunset looked like she was about to apologise again, but you continue talking and don't give her the opportunity.
"Believe it or not, I have better things to do than talk about somebody I don't care all that much about. Anon doesn't bring you up all the time because he understands that. Do you?"
>The girl in front of you closes her mouth and stops looking back at you, now once again facing forwards as an awkward silence settles over the interior of the car.
>A few tense moments pass with you staring fixedly out of your window before Sunset clears her throat.
>"S-Sorry... I didn't mean it like that. I know we don't really have all that much in common besides knowing Anon, and I get that you're not really bothered... It's just that, well... I just wanted to know if he thinks of me when we're apart."
>You roll your eyes but decide to humour her.
>This kind of tedious relationship bullshit didn't interest you in the slightest.
"Sure he does. Why wouldn't he?"

>Now it's Sunset's turn to shrug.
>"I don't know, it's complicated."
>Oh great, that usually meant that it'd take ages to explain and mostly consist of her talking about her 'intuition' and 'feelings' and that kind of crap.
>You hated other girls sometimes.
>Why did they have to read into things so deeply and see shit that wasn't there?
>You were glad you weren't like that.
>You liked to fuck a lot, that was all there was to it.
>No underlying emotional turmoil, no harrowing sob story of unrequited love driving you to act out.
>You just like to fuck, end of story.
>"It's like... I get the feeling Anon's losing interest, you know?"
>Oh great, here we go.
>"I mean he still acts the same and always makes time for me and all, but I sort of sense that he's just going through the motions without his heart being in it. Do you get what I mean."
>You groan, resigning yourself to having to sit and listen to her stupid emotional overthinking of things.
"Nope. You're probably just imagining it."
>Sunset shook her head slightly.
>"No, I'm sure of it. I think he's getting bored of me and our relationship."
>God, please, kill this annoyingly whiny bitch now!
>"I mean I try to keep him interested. I'm always surprising him with little love notes and kisses, but he seems unsatisfied."
>Well shit, you wonder why.
"Why don't you just suck his dick more often then? I bet he'd be satisfied with that."

>Unseen by you, Sunset blushed fiercely in the front seat and tried to hide her face from the window with the collar of her jacket.
>Another moment of silence passes before she speaks once again.
>"I uh... I do that for him sometimes, but it's not easy."
>You have to withhold a bark of laughter at hearing the embarrassment in her voice.
>Anon told you before that she couldn't suck dick for shit, though now she'd pretty much confirmed that fact.
>You could sympathise of course, given Anon's size.
>That's not to say that you hadn't had bigger, but his was a respectable dick for sure.
>You could see why a prude like her could have problems with it.
>Forcing down a smirk, you offer your advice.
"Yeah well keep at it, he probably appreciates the effort at least. It's the thought that counts, right?"
>Sunset nodded hesitantly.
>"Well yeah, I guess so... God, this is so awkward to talk about. Promise you wont tell Anon?"
>You nod.
"Sure, I promise I won't."
>Oh, you are so full of shit.
>You're totally going to tell him the first chance you get.
>Seriously, did she really expect you to keep her secrets for her?
>You barely even knew her.

Who would you choose? Sunny Bunny or Chryssi.
Chryssi, but that's probably because I hate talking about feelings as well. It's just not easy finding a grill who'll agree with me on it. So I usually just fake it. I'm an asshole
>I hate talking about feelings

If I'm happy then I'm happy, I don't feel like having to pick apart every single reason and explain why they make me feel that way.

Big surprise, I've never had a relationship that's lasted more than six months.
I-i'll be your girlfriend anon.
I don't get feels when we part ways either. It's inevitable for me now so I just get used to it, funny how a fuckin green prompt on a Chinese image board can make experience more emotions then my last 2 break ups.
I get you.

For example, my cousin that lives on the other side of the world visited recently. I really like her* and all, and I hadn't seen her in about five years, but even so I felt no real need to actually go around to where she was staying and see her face to face. I'd spoken to her regularly over the phone throughout the years so I knew she was doing fine and what was going on in her life, so meeting her in person just seemed pointless to me. I mean it's not like I really cared what she looked like, so what did it matter?

I did go to see her eventually though, just so I didn't seem like an unsociable fuck.

*Probably an inappropriate amount actually.
You don't want to be, trust me. I think I may have an STD but I'm too lazy to go to the doctor to get it checked. I'm pretty sure it shouldn't feel like I'm pissing acid every time I pee. Since I'm not getting sex any time soon I've just sort of let it slide.
Don't jump to STD straight away like that, that's probably a UTI. Go see your doctor before your kidneys get infected.

>She smiles at you sweetly.
>You bet she thinks you're friends now.
>"Chryssi, I hope you don't mind me asking," Began Sunset.
>Wait, did she just use Anon's nickname for you?
>What the fuck gave her that right?
>Looking thoughtful, she doesn't seem to notice your sudden scowl.
>"I'm sorry if this seems rude, but... have you and Anon ever... you know?"
>You raise an eyebrow, pretending to be oblivious to what she meant.
>"I mean I know you've been really close ever since you were kids, and I was just wondering if you two have ever, uh, been more than friends, shall we say?"
>You feign a look of realisation.
>Despite how much you'd like to break her heart and tell her that the pair of you have been fucking like rabbits almost the entire time they've been together, you just can't bring yourself to dump Anon in the shit like that.
>You shake your head hurriedly.
"No, never anything like that."
>You can practically hear her sigh in relief.
>"Oh, okay then. I was just asking, sorry if that made you uncomfortable."
>You offer a honeyed smile of your own as she looks back at you.
"That's okay."
>"Thanks, I'm glad you don't mind me being so nosey." She replied. "Anon's right about you, you know."
"About what?"
>Sunset giggled and turned back to face forwards.
>"You really are nice once people get to know you."
>Anon said that about you?
>He's going to ruin your reputation if he goes around saying shit like that.
>You are so going to rip his dick off next time you get the chance.
>You give an insincere chuckle of your own.
"Yeah, I'm glad you think that... Fucking bitch."
>Clearly she didn't hear that last bit you'd muttered to yourself under your breath.

That's probably all for today.

Pastebin here if anybody cares. http://pastebin.com/tgRf94s2
I will be following these escapades. Write on when you are ready, good writefag.
>some changelings are born princesses
>they fight to kill other princesses
they then proceed to kill the current queen
>if that doesn't work out they'll make their own hive
>your sister gets jealous
>sucks your dick out of jealousy
>your sister
never change
Oh sorry, my bad... should I stop?

Link to the married Sunset story.

File: giphy.gif (487 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>anyone elses gf
File: killingmemesle.jpg (251 KB, 869x764) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251 KB, 869x764
My medallion is shaking...
When it comes to pony Chrysalis I can take her or leave her, she isn't my favourite but I'm far from hating her. Human/EQG Chrysalis on the other hand, especially that picture, my god she does things to my dick.
The what are you doing up thread that's already been posted was gold and the Merry Christfuck story was probably one of the best, though I am a sucker for aggrotech/Combicrist.
If you're going to post the story at least post all of it.

>You wake up to a loud sound of something heavy and metal falling on the floor.
>That's your sister.
>You rub your eyes and check your phone.
>12:07 PM, 24 december
>Oh dear, you want to kill the bitch who has woken you up. You're feeling like a total shit, having not enough sleep at all.
>You just lay there for a while, rebuilding the memories of last night.
>Then a sudden realization hits you in the head.
>Chrysalis isn't here.
>What the fuck?
>There's absolutely no sign that she was here at all, other than an extra plate and glass on your desk.
>Suddenly your phone starts playing a song. Strange. You don't remember setting up an alarm clock.
>Really, this one? THIS one?
>You look at your phone again, it's 12:12 PM. Yeah, funny.
>Was it her last message to you before she left, or were you just too high to remember doing it?
>You groan, get up and leave your room.
>You walk into the kitchen and make yourself some coffee, while your mother comes in.
>"You've been reading the whole night again, haven't you?" she says.
>She's either unaware that you had a guest or pretends very well.
>You just nod.
>"Get yourself together, we're going shopping in an hour."
>An hour. You groan again.
>"Fine, one and a half."
>Not exactly better.
>Somehow you manage to get ready, listening a few times to the song Chrysalis left you and leave the house with your mother.
>Dad's working today and your sister stays home to bake some cookies or whatever.
>After a few years during which getting gifts for you became harder and harder, going to a mall on 24 december with your mom became a little tradition. You two collect a few last things your home needs for christmas and grab something for you.
>Not exactly christmas-like, but convenient.
>You think of calling or texting Chrysalis, but have no fucking idea what to say, so you just keep wondering, listening to "Behind blue eyes" on repeat.
>Why did she leave you such an obvious one? It does not seem like her, considering what you've heard last night.
>After a few more times you remember all the lyrics completely.
>Except for the color of her eyes, they do seem to fit her a lot.
>You arrive at the mall and leave the car.
>Not so excited about getting yourself a present.
>Right now, there's only one thing you need.
>One person, to be more specific.
>You midlessly follow your mother around, silently singing to yourself.
>"So, do you have any ideas yet?"
>You shake your head and go back to wondering.
>Then you stumble upon a jewelery store, one particular thing catching your eye.
>A necklace made of a dark, almost black, shining metal, with a beatiful green gem.
"This one."
"I'd really like to have this necklace over here, please. But not under the christmas tree, we can put some placeholder there instead."
>"Anon, are you serious?"
>Your mother looks worried. Yeah, you're probably acting pretty weird.
>You two end up buying the necklace, packed in a nice black box, some chocolate as a placeholder for your gift and some additional stuff, like extra flour. She tried asking questions, but you didn't say anything.
>As you arrive at home, you say only two words.
"Thank you."
>The day passes by, everyone working on christmas stuff, including you.
>You constantly unlock your phone and try to think of anything to say to Chrysalis.
>Sadly, you 404 again.
>Fuck, why is life so hard?
>Everything gets finished, and your family becomes more and more worried about you.
>You are not interested in their tries to understand what's going on.
>As the tiring day comes to an end, you lie yourself in bed, staring at the green gem that shines in darkness in front of you.
>Before you fall asleep, you decide to finally text her.
>If you ask her any question like "What happened?" or something, you're going to look like a faggot.
>Then you realize that you did not answer her "Goodnight" last night.
>Yeah, seems perfect.
>After sending it and about an hour of uneasy, racing thoughts, you fall asleep, holding the box with the necklace in your hand.
>Another day comes, everyone cheering and so on.
>Not you. It's not christmas for you anymore, it's christfuck.
>And christfuck is ruined without Chrysalis.
>After opening the gifts (wow, chocolate, what a surprise) all four of you sit at the table and start the christmas breakfast.
>The food has no taste at all.
>Then, you hear the doorbell, which makes your heart skip a beat.
>Is it possible it's her?
>Please, please let it be her.
>You offer to check it out, stand up, head towards the door and open it.
>And there she is.
>Wearing an outfit unusual for her, a simple, elegant green dress and a surprisingly light makeup, holding a black cubic cardboard box with dark green closing, about 15cm in each dimension.
>It says "Chrysalis' Christfuck Fun Box (tm)" on it.
>She looks at you, smiling awkwardly, offering it to you.
>You take it and put it away, pulling her in for a hug.
"Merry christfuck, Chryssie"
>She does not answer, but you feel a few tears dropping on your neck.
>You break the hug and stand away, diving for the necklace you kept in your pocket, offering it to her.
>Yeah, a good question. Who is she?
>You see her opening the box and gasping, seeing what it contains.
>So, who is she? You decide to go with a term that you hope will stay true forever, no matter what happens.
"A friend. May she join us?"

The end.
sure, but generally they dont.
i wish it didnt end there
And even further
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