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>You are invited to Pinkie's slumber...
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>You are invited to Pinkie's slumber party.
>You were told it was going to be a boy and girl party.
>So you know you won't make it awkward for everyone else being the only guy invited.
>After gathering your things and a nice walk, you then arive at Pinkie's house.
>You knock on the door.
>Pinkie answers it.
>She gives out a huge smile.
>She then yells to her friends.
What now /mlp/
oh boy, six witnesses to suicide!
Slit my throat laughing, then quickly shove a pistol in my slit open throat and fire away.

Well, I guess I'd pretty much have to male strip.
>Pinkie Pie whispers to your ear "Just play along Nonny~ while slipping you a $50 bill.
>"I'll play double if you really get into it and maybe my friends and I will give you little reward afterwards if you be a good boy~
>"NO, HE ISN'T!"
>*slams door*
are wr going yo gey a good green from this?
Whats up with Rarity?
Is she naked?
She is going to strip with you.
Looks like she wanted your boner to be ready..... either that or this guy found thison DA.
You can't strip what you ain't got
Pinkie, stop reversing gender roles...
I really hope you learn good English.
There's like 4 dubs and a trips on this board.
"Where? Is he behind me?"
"I don't see...ohhh."
"No, sorry. I don't do that."
"Yeah I'm out I guess."
"Bye girls."
Only if I'm allowed to strip to this...
I swear we've had this exact same thread before.
laugh at the obvious joke and walk in
>Pinkie looks at you with a huge grin while the rest of the group is confused
"Pinkie darling, I've been telling you many times already. I'm not a stripper.."
"...You sure?"
"Yes, I'm sure. Alright girls, I brought the poles. Once I set them up we can begin the lessons."
"What lessons?" asked Sunset
"Why lessons about pole dancing, of course!"
>the night is still young
Ohh but you have 3 times I believe.
Trying to make it a trend. For about like once every month or so.
Just make it a general or something. Making it like a one time thread three times in a row ain't the way to do it
Realize that she's joking and go home because fuck parties, schizoid-introvert 4lyfestyle
That sounds like a great idea but one question.

How do I make a general?
File: 1417669063182.gif (4 MB, 320x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 320x231
Is anyone going to green this?
No seriously how do I make this a General?
"Pinkie what the hell?!"
>You whispered angrily at the hostess.
>"I know this is kind of a last minute request Nonny but I really need this!"
>"I promised Twilight that I was going to bring a stripper to this party and show her what it is."
"Why me though?!"
"Why couldn't you ask that one guy that always bumps into Twilight?!"
>"Well... you are the only one I know who is willing to do it."
"Pinkie.... when the fuck have I ever stripped for someone?"
>Pinkie then stared to sweat bullets.
>"OK... ummm... you have a nice body.... ?"
"Do you even see my body?"
>She then blushed.
>"OK, OK, I really want to see you naked!!"
"See was that hard to say?"
>"So will you do it?"
"Tough beans the answer's no."
>"Oh come on Nonny!!"
>"I'll even pay you."
"Come on there is no way you have enough to pay-"
>You then stopped by a wad of 20's.
>Pinkie then counted it up to make sure she had enough.
>"That's $200."
>You look at the money.
>It does look tempting.
>I mean this is more than what you get from your check.
"Maybe I could do a tease."
>Pinkie then jumped for joy and proceeded to hug you.
>"Oh thank you Nonny!"
>She then dragged you inside her house.

I might continue this..... MIGHT.
You'd think Anon would be more conflicted as a man whoring himself out.
Yes, please continue.
>Pinkie led you near the entrance of door she then went on.
>She whispers to you.
>"When I call your name that's when you come out."
"Just remember, I'm only doing this because you paid me"
>"And because we're good friends right?"
"I guess...."
>As long as you can remember you and Pinkie were always good friends.
>You two were friends since the third grade.
>You both shared snacks with each other.
>You studied together.
>Go home and play video games with each other.
>It was always innocent and fun.
>Well there was the occasional game of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" and skinny dipping but that was just as friends.
>Now you are not just showing Pinkie your body, you are also showing her friends as well.
>This is going to be embarrassing.
>You had no idea how they'll react.
>You then try to stare at Pinkie who is currently using the bed as a stage.
>"Ladies and..... well Ladies."
>She exvlaimed through the hairbrush pretending it to be a microphone.
>"I now present to you, the one, the only, Nonny!!"
"Well.... it's showtime."
Thank you, for continuing this green text.
>You begin to wondet how you make your entrance.
>You gotta put some effort into this.
>Although you never in your life ever done a stripping routine before.
>With all your knowledge of what to do you try doing something you seen in a movie before.
>After gaining momentum you begin to try and slide across the room like Tom Cruise from Risky Business.
>That didn't turn out well.
>You accidentally slid a bit too far and end up hitting the wall.
>You stagger for a bit.
>You then hear a cheer among the crowd of awkward mumblings.
>"Whoo go Nonny!!"
>Pinkie was always good at cheering people on.
>Although you still find it a mystery why she has not tried for cheerleading.
>You then try your best to continue your routine.
>You start by taking off your lovely neck tie.
>Undoing it in the most eloquent way possible.
>You then throw it amongst the crowd.
>No one was willing to catch the damn thing though.
>You then proceed to take off your coat.
>You unbutton your coat and proceed to take it off.
>You then proceed to drop it on the floor as if you were doing a mic drop.
>Again no one was really impressed except for Pinkie.
>She seemed to be the only one enjoying it.
>You then proceed to take off your shirt.
>You try your best to try and get a reaction from the crowd.
>So you try sexualizing it a bit.
>Taking it off slower.
>Dancing a bit.
>Biting your lower lip.
>Now you were getting reactions.
>They were all ogling you for a bit.
>You then finally take off your shirt.
>You could see a few of the girls being amazed by your normal physique.
>Fluttershy was hiding her face from seeing it.
>It's near the climax.
>You try the same method you tried with taking off your shirt with your pants.
>You first take off your shoes.
>It's definitely working.
>You can hear the crowd cheering.
>Especially Pinkie.
>You then finish taking off your pants.
>The crowd is roaring.
>The one with the rainbow head.
>Skittles was it.
>She nudged Pinkie.
>"Pinkie where did you find this guy?"
>"Oh you know Dashie, I have my sources."
>Well your job here is done you magnificent bastard.
>You begin to leave knowing you did a job well done.
>You hear a yell among.
>It was the purple one.
>"He still has one piece of clothing left."
>"Isn't he suppose to take that off as well?"
>Skittles decided to join in this "analysis" as well.
>"Yeah we want to see more!"
>It was then you heard the whole of Pinkie's friends start chanting it.
>Basically begging for you to take off your last piece of clothing.
>You really didn't know how to respond.
>Pinkie only paid you to do a strip tease not the fucking show.
>Speaking of which.
>She seemed to be missing from the crowd.
>Did she just leave you?
>Is she blocking the way?
>Where the hell was she?
>It wad then you all heard a new voice coming from the crowd.
>"Yoo Hoo! Nonny!!"
>You couldn't believe it.
>Her friends couldn't believe it.
>Pinkie was standing near the bathroom door almost naked.
>The only thing still attached was her pair of pink panties.
>She began walking towards you giving off what seemed like an essence of want for you with each step.
>"Hey Nonny."
>She said seductively.
>"How about a quick game of 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours'?"
File: image.jpg (45 KB, 251x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 251x251
You glorious bastard.
File: image.jpg (159 KB, 1242x1483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 1242x1483
>Holy shit.
>Holy shit was the only thing everyone was thinking at that very moment.
>You stared at Pinkie's body for a bit.
>Sure you were used to it because you and her badically saw each other naked since you were children.
>But this felt different.
>Her body was more mature.
>Well fit.
>And well toned as well.
>Her breasts were just as normal as other girl you would see at the school but you felt the urge to squeezr them and suckle them as well.
>"Well Nonny?"
>"Are we going to play?"
>All you could do was nod your head yes.
>"How about we make this even more interesting."
>She then grabbed on to the expanders of your underwear.
>"How about we pull each others underwear off?"
>The crowd was panting.
>They were all into this one big sexual intimacy.
>You especially.
>You were only paid to do a strip tease....
>Fuck it though.
>You then grab onto the sides of Pinkie's panties.
>"OK Nonny."
>"On the count of three we rip off each others underwear."
>"You ready."
>You nod your head.
>You were so fucking ready!
>Just as you two were about to start someone opened the door.
>It's Mr. Cake.
>"Pinkie can you please turn the music down, my wife and the kids are trying to-"
>Well this isn't a pretty image to see.
>Pinkie and you are almost naked.
>You both were about to rip each other's under garments off.
>The fresh smell of sex about to happen in the air.
>And to top it all off some of Pinkie's friends were jerking off to your sexual acts.
>Needless to say.
>We were all screwed.
This is nice
Mr.cake VS anon strip off, winner gets sweet pinkie meat pocket
File: 1434849837477.jpg (47 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 640x640
>So the party ended kinda early.
>Every was sent home.
>Pinkie only got suspended a week from work.
>As for you.
>You are currently walking back home.
>Luckily you weren't alone.
>Pinkie decided to come along with so you wouldn't feel alone.
>It feels kinda nice.
>Brings back memories when you two were kids walking each other home from school.
>It was a very quiet walk back home.
>That was until Pinkie spoke.
>"Hey Nonny."
>"Sorry for getting you in trouble."
"Nah it's OK. I still get paid for it."
>"Well that is true."
>"Sorry for my friends pushing you to get more naked then you already were."
"And thanks for trying to get that naked with me so I wouldn't suffer ftom it."
>"Actually Nonny.... that was planned."
"Excuse me?"
>"I'm going to be honest Nonny."
>"You're the only person in the world that I feel comfortable getting naked with."
>"I never really felt comfortable doing that with as anyone, not even my own family."
>I know you probably think I sound stupid saying this to you."
"Actually...... I feel the same way."
"I never could get naked with anyone else either, hell I never use the school showers unless I know I am completely alone."
>"No wonder students sometimes complained that you smelled."
"Well I try to shower whenever I can."
>"So we both are only comfortable being naked with each other.... When did we first see each other naked again?"
"I think we were dared to see each other naked by some bullies or something like that."
>"Oh yeah, now I remember."
>"You were really freaking out when you saw me naked for the first time."
"What can I say, it wad the first time seeing someone without a dick."
>You both were reminiscing about all the times you two decided to hang out naked.
>They were peacful times.
>Well unless the parents were involved then it ended with pain.
>Other than those times it was fun.
dubs say more
I wish to see more my good man. Pastebin too if you don't mind
>You two finally reached home.
>Pinkie was starting to look a bit down.
>"So..... I guess this is goodbye?"
>She was about to leave if you said "yes".
>But you jad another suggestion.
"Actually my parents are gone for the weekend."
>Pinkie then smiled.
>She knew what you were going to ask.
"How about we finish that little game of ours?"

>You and Pinkie were secluded in you room.
>Stripped down to nothing but your undrrwear.
>Both grabbing each other's under garments.
>You both began to count.
>You both ripped off each others last piece of clothing you had left on.
>You both decided to gaze at each other's body for a bit.
>Seeing what matured and what got bigger.
>Well both you and Pinkie could both say you both got bigger in more ways than one.
>It was then both of you had an urge.
>An urge neither of you had before this.
>An urge to touch one another.
>Before this neither of you had the idea of having sex together.
>But this time was different.
>Now... it felt like ectasy to look at each other like this.
>It even felt better when you two were touching each other.
>You were sucking her tits as she was rubbing you dick.
>You both were sucking each other genitals in sweet bliss.
>Until finally you decided to tie the knot that night with you two intertwining as one.
>Needless to say.
>That was the best time you two had spent together naked.

The End
How do I do that?
File: image.png (296 KB, 636x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
296 KB, 636x420
post thred every tim
Bumping for the story.
File: 1450949932484.jpg (41 KB, 460x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dude it says "The End"!

I think it's over.

Yeah it's the end.
end already?
maannn I hoping more
gotta love that stripping part
>some of Pinkie's friends were jerking off
God damnit every time and it's just another fucking futa thread.
and then they go fucking each other
>"Oops, sorry girls it's just Anon."
>The door is slammed in your face, breaking your nose.
Rarity is naked and doesn't have any nipples
>Say nothing
>Turn around
>Open the door
>Get on the floor
>Walk the Dinosaur the fuck out of there
>Key Pinkie's car on the way back to mine
>Go home and get some WWII incendiary bombs
>Use one on a large gas storage facility
>Go back to Pinkie's house and throw a couple through the back windows of the house
>Firefighters are all fighting the gas fire
>No units are available to fight the Pie House fire
>Fire spreads to the neighbours house
>Fire spreads further and burns down the whole block
>Get caught because it was obviously me
>Go straight to prison
>Get fucked up the bum by Big Bubba
>Maybe I should have just stripped instead
File: 1449169862193.jpg (24 KB, 284x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 284x253

We need either more green from this guy or another one from someone else.

Who's willing to do it.
She wasn't lying about the guys right I'm willing to be tricked into stripping but not if I was lied to about the guests genders.
>rubbing you dick
literally ruined the entire story for me.
nah i'm not that autistic, nice green bruh

That was badically my first successful green
I'm going to ask again.

How do I pastepin or at the very least can someone paste bin for me?
First if you plan on making more, make an account on pastebin http://pastebin.com/
then just click new paste.
What if I don't plan on making more?
then don't create an account, I mean it would be a bit harder for people to find your story as they probably would nee the the direct link to the paste so in either situations it would probably be best to create an account that you can remember so people who want to find it will just need to search for your pastebin name.



BTW it's supposed to look like this right?
Sorry that last one failed.
Here's a better version.

Save that lunk if can folks.
Safe her junk from becoming cold, lads
Very good story
we're going to make another bump general, shitpost on in other threads, and post shit on other boards until another writefag turns up
Bumping. I am wanting my thread to live long enouf to see another green text story.
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Thread images: 8
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