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Twilights Revenge
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>You're alone in your room getting ready for work.
>It'll be your first day at your new office job being a responsible adult.
>Some lovely contemporary jazz is playing as rain falls down outside.
>You're slipping on your black dress shoes ready to impress.
>But, just in case, time to take one last look in the mirror to be sure.
>You walk into your bathroom taking a close look.
>Gloriously handsome face, well fitting suit, nothing could possibly go wrong-
>"Hello there handsome."
>You wheel around.
>Some purple luciferic abomination is standing behind you in the mirror.
>You scream like a bitch.
"W-what the fuck! Who are you, how'd you get in my house?"
>"I'm Twilight."
"That nerd I used to pick on? T-thats some elaborate cosplay you've got there, you almost had me thinking you were scary for a minute. Also, why are you in my house?"
>You go to try and shoo her out the door but your hand passes through her.
>She disappears.
>You look all around.
"W-where'd you go?"
>Suddenly in your head ringing loud and clear is her voice.
>"In the last place you'd ever 'think' to look.. Your mind.."
"W-wha, how are you doing this!? Get out of my head!"
>"No, I don't think I will, I rather like it in here.. I think I'll stay.."
>Ok, this is bad, so bad, sooooo bad!
>Ok, just focus.. Maybe, it's all just a delusion,
>"It's not a delusion Anon, I'm real."
"Shut up! Get out of my head!"
>"Not going to happen."
>She teases.
>"I'm going to watch you squirm, every moment here inside of you.. All those years you made my life a living hell, I'm going to do the same.."
"Stop, get out, get out get out!"
>"Hehehe, yes, yell, scream like a lunatic, I'm sure your neighbors will appreciate it."
>"Don't want to be late for your first big day do you?"
>She'd better not screw this up for you..
>You get to work, your boss Candance is instructing you on what to do.
>So far no incident..
>You haven't heard her annoying voice in your head so far.
>You're trying desperately to convince yourself it's all a delusion what happened earlier.
>Candance now finished explaining the basics leads you to your cubicle.
>A cute little girl with a stack of papers is passing.
>Suddenly you blank out and knock yourself into her.
>You regain yourself on the ground, papers flying everywhere.
"O-oh crap, I uh, I didn't mean for this to happen!"
>You scramble picking up the papers as she does.
>"I-it's alright, it was just an accident.."
>Candance seems to laugh about it,
>"Haha, making a good first impression I see."
"Y-yeah, hehe.."
>You hand the girl the stack of papers you just collected.
>"My name is Coco by the way.."
"I'm Anon, it's very nice to meet you."
>"Heh, I'm sure we'll bump into each other again.."
>Hopefully not like this..
>Seriously, you seemed to have just lost control of yourself..
>You continue your walk to your cubicle.
>"Is there anything else you need explained?"
"No not particularly."
>"Good. I'm so glad you've been paying attention I'm sure you'll make a wonderful-"
>"Enjoying yourself?"
'I would be if you'd shut up!'
>"Better not get too upset, or she'll notice.."
'Just go away, don't you have someone else to bother?'
>"But it's soo much fun bothering you!"
'You know what, fine, but I won't react to anything, you can yammer on all you like, but it's not going to impact my day in the slightest.'
>"Oh really?"
>Suddenly you feel hands come between your thighs.
'W-what are you.'
>"Shh.. Pay attention to Candance now.."
>You feel lips come over your cock.
>Oh no..
>That hot wet suction coming over the length of your shaft.
>The entire length sliding in and out of her oral cavity.
>It feels so real but it's not like shes actually down there..
>But what is down there is..
>A massive fucking erection..
>Son of a bitch..
>You bite your lip crossing your legs and folding your arms over your crotch to cover up the fucking eiffel tower in your pants.
>Cadanace just shooting the breeze with you as you try to look like you're paying attention..
'Twilight, stop, please.."
>"Why, don't you like it when girls suck you, just, like, this."
>Her lips hit the base, you feel this overwhelming sensation of ecstasy.
>Stop stop stop stop...
>It feels like you're about to cum in your slacks and nothing seems to be happening, you're just listening to Candance..
>Talking to you about some casual Friday shit..
>How can you possibly focus when it feels like you're getting head right there in your cubicle?
>"Well, I think that about covers it, I'll leave you to get to work."
>All the time you're at work you try to focus on filing paperwork and doing data entry..
>A simple job, for a simple man..
>Except, you feel like you're on the edge of cumming.
>Twilight really going at it down there.
>Sucking all over, up and down.
>Running her tongue all over the shaft.
>Sucking your balls.
>All of it, might be great if you weren't trying to focus on your work..
"Twilight.. I'm begging you.. Stop.."
>"Doesn't it feel good though? I'm trying soo hard, aren't you enjoying it?"
'I'm, trying, to WORK!'
>"Well go ahead, I'll just be pleasuring you while you type away."
>On the keys you accidentally type,
"Pleasuring me while I type-"
>You slam the backspace key deleting that line.
>Damn it all..
>You get to the employee bathroom.
>You get into one of the stalls locking it.
>Desperate times call for desperate measures.
>You'll just fap and cum so you can focus.
>You yank down your pants as you start to jerk on your flaccid cock..
>Any time now..
>Rubbing on it, yanking on it..
>Nada, you might as well be massaging a rubber chicken.
>"Whats the matter Anon, performance issues?"
'Come on! Are you seriously controlling when I can get a boner now too?'
>"You bet your butt I am.. And the only time you'll get them is when YOU don't want them.. And I'll never let you cum either, I'll ride you just on the edge and stop before you get your release."
'You monster..'
>"Go ahead, stroke it some more, see if it gets hard! I love it when you struggle in futility.."
>You grumble pulling up you pants as you wash your hands and go back to work..
>It's later at home and you're eating a salad watching T.v and contemplating what to do now that you share headspace with this mind-demon.
"Fuck you Sparkle.. Why'd you do this to me?"
>"For years you bullied me, shoved me into my locker, gave me panty wedgies! Stole my lunch money!"
"W-well I mean-"
>"Stole my diary and read it out to the whole class, sabotaged my research projects-"
"Ok so I pulled some mean stunts back then. But they were just pranks Twilight."
>"Just, pranks? JUST PRANKS?!"
>She materializes in front of you as the nerdy Twilight you remember, although her eyes seem different somehow.
>"I could have written a 50 thousand word essay about all the terrible things you did, and made me feel like I was inadequate! Tore down my self esteem each and every day! You'll never understand what I went through, NEVER!"
>"You're going to feel the brunt of what I can do inside your mind.. All those years I read books, they helped me with the anatomy of the brain, now I can manipulate you into doing whatever I want! Back then you ruined my life, and now.."
>She grabs your tie stepping on your crotch as she yanks you toward her.
>"I'm going to ruin yours."
>She makes a grasping motion with her other hand.
>You writhe in agony.
>Every nerve feels like it's burning.
"T-twilight.. Please.."
>"You never understood how I felt, to you I was just some weak helpless nerd you could pick on day in and day out! Now look at whos the helpless one!"
>It burns.
"I BEG you, stop!"
>"Thats what I said too, I begged you to stop, but did you listen? Do you remember what you said?"
>"The weak should fear the strong. Maybe if you weren't such a nerd you could have prevented this."
"In my defense, I was kinda going through a phase.."
>She grasps her hand again as the pain sears through you.
"Ouch! Ok, I'm sorry I'm sorry!"
>"No, you're not sorry yet, but you will be, when I make your life a living hell, you'll have my permission to beg for forgiveness."
I aw more actively bullied than you were in high school. Most of what you had was simple peer pressure. I was a easy target, a tall guy who pushed himself in class and never spoke out. I heard the names, felt the garbage thrown at me. These people DARED to act like I was friends with them after high school, for personal gain. I never did a thing to you, you don't even know what bullying is. Now get out of my house.
>Suddenly you're back in high school.
>You're watching the 'you' from the past interact with the old Twilight.
>Shes walking toward her locker with a stack of books.
>You shove her against a locker and she falls over dropping all her books, her glasses too fall off.
"Oops, you should watch where you're going Nerdlight Sparkle."
>"Did you bring my money?"
>She reaches for her glasses placing them on her face.
>"H-here you go.. It's all I have.."
"Twenty bucks.. Hmm, not quite enough to pay the toll for this troll."
"Stand up."
>"B-but my books-"
"STAND, up."
>She nervously complies.
"Turn around, and put down that backpack."
>She does what you asked, with her back to you now.
>"N-now what?"
>You wrap your arms around her from behind.
>You're smelling her hair.
"Lift up your skirt, I wanna see what kind of lingerie a nerd like you is wearing."
File: Penguin panties.jpg (40 KB, 736x824) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Penguin panties.jpg
40 KB, 736x824
>With an uncomfortable expression she grabs her skirt slowly lifting it up revealing her panties.
>You're sliding your hand along her ass, along her taint..
>Your fingers slowly slide themselves between her slit.
>She winces as you feel a wetness form there.
"Penguin, underpants? No wonder your diary said you were a virgin."
>You say as you stroke the locks of hair away from her face.
"Who would have sex with some loser with penguin underpants huh? Who sits all alone with her dog reading books?"
>Her expression is downcast.
>"Y-you won't show my diary to anyone else right? I-i promise, I'll do whatever you want.. I'll keep bringing you money, but that diary has some very personal stuff in it.."
"Oh don't worry, I promise.."
>"T-thank you.."
"Just admit to me that you're a loser."
>"I'm, a loser.."
"Say, I'll never make any friends, because I spend all my time reading books."
>"I-I'll, never.. Make any friends, because I spend all my time.."
"Say it."
>Shes biting her lower lip, closing her eyes like shes trying to hold back tears.
>"Because I spend all my time, reading books.."
>Tears streaming down her face.
>You push her again as she falls over like a sack of potatoes, glasses falling off her face again.
>You step on them, cracking them before walking away.
You have my attention
A million other prompts and the one I want to write about is a fetish filled revenge story about Twilight, what is my life?

More will come soon.
Cool as always man. Will you ever continue with "Away from home but not alone CYOA"?
Still good though
File: Lurk.jpg (35 KB, 600x556) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 600x556
Welp. Time to start groveling. Stop talking back, swallow any pride you have, and accept Twilight's punishment like a man. Hopefully she'll see you're no longer an asshole.
>You're in the office again, just typing up some stuff.
>Twilight hasn't intervened in anything yet.
>You hope for your sake she gave up.
>Suddenly you feel a tapping on your shoulder,
"I swear to god Tw-"
>"Oh, goodness, I didn't mean to disturb you."
>You stand up.
"O-oh no, I uh, it's alright uh.. What was, your name again?"
>"It's Coco."
"Ah, heh, like chocolate."
>She giggles.
"So uh, what are you uh, doing in my cubicle?"
>"Candance told me to give these to you."
"Ah, how kind of her to relegate this to me."
>"Hehe, yeah.. Well that's kinda how it goes around here."
>You take the stack taking it and setting it on your desk.
>She's already turned to leave.
>You slap her ass.
>Wait what?
>Oh god, here comes the lawsuit.
>One million years dungeon here you come.
>She turns back to you slowly.
>She walks up to you with a somewhat blank expression.
>Her hands behind her back as she gets close.
>"Inappropriate touching of the other employees is against our policies."
"I-it was-"
>"Just a friendly pat on the rear right?"
I'm curious. How many years have passed since high school for Anon and Twi?
People change but I'm all for what this Anon gets coming to him.
>She wraps her arms around your waist sliding her hands into your back pockets.
>She gives your ass a squeeze thrusting her pelvis against yours with a lewd grin.
>"I could get used to that sort of camaraderie around here.."
>You swallow hard.
>"I've got to get back to work.. But I'll, see ya around."
>She winks turning around and walking away.
>The quiet ones are always the kinkiest..
>"Grr, you lucked out."
'Ha, so that was your doing! In your face nerd-demon, you ain't got shit on me!'
>"You got lucky that Coco was such a slut or it might not have turned out so well."
'Doesn't matter, I still got away with it, thanks for making me touch my cute coworkers ass.'
>You suddenly lose control of your arm and slap yourself.
>Absolutely worth it.

Probably not knowing me.. Sorry..
>You get home.
>Twilight materializes in front of you and snaps her fingers.
>And just like that you collapse to the floor writhing in agony.
"Y-you won't break me! I'm not giving in to your bullshit, you can torture me all you want but-"
>Suddenly the pain intensifies.
>Twilight with an unamused look as she looks down at you.
"Ah oh god it burns!"
>"I've been taking it easy on you."
>She rests upon the arm of your couch running her thumb across her nails, legs folded.
>"Could you imagine, if you had a freak out like this at work? Started screaming about some thing you couldn't see?"
"Y-you wouldn't dare!"
>It burns hot like fire all throughout your body.
>"Wouldn't I? I could just switch to writhing agony mode here the whole time, but that isn't very sporting of me."
>She walks over to you.
>You can't move.
>She kicks you hard in the stomach.
>It feels raw as if she'd kicked an open wound.
"Ahhh.. Ouch fuck that hurts.."
>"Unlike you, I have CONTROL."
>She kicks you.
>"Not some animal who just picks on whoever is beneath him.. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.. I was vulnerable, and you took advantage of me.. All you had to do was show me a modicum of kindness."
>She kicks you again but harder.
>"Of RESPECT! But all you did was treat me like I was garbage.."
"I was different back then!"
>"What you did to me was torture, and you'll get your just desserts."
>She suddenly disappears.

>You walk over to the fridge.
>You pull out a container of leftover spaghetti heating it up in the microwave.
>You open the microwave.
>You pull it out grabbing a fork.
>Suddenly, a horrible stench..
>Like literal shit.
>It wasn't you..
>Did Twilight take a shit in the house?
>Wait, oh.. Wait a minute.
>That smell, is coming from the spaghetti.
>Ugh, it smells like a fresh turd.
>God it's fucking raunchy, what the hell..
>You take your fork sticking it in the spaghetti.
>It doesn't LOOK like there's anything wrong with it..
>You take a bite.
>You spit it out immediately as it feels as though you've bitten into shit.
>You wipe your tongue trying to get the taste of shit out..
>Sighing you throw away the spaghetti.
>Guess that's off the menu..
>You walk over to the fridge pouring a glass of milk and taking a drink.
>Tastes like piss.
>You spit it out in a spray of white grossness everywhere.
"Twilight are you behind this?"
>No response..
>You came to find that literally all of your food tastes like shit..
>So bad that you can't even choke it down.
>You decide to watch t.v however your remote doesn't seem to be working and it's stuck on the lifetime network.
>With nothing else to do you decide to retire to bed.
>Slipping under the covers.
>Suddenly you feel these itchy sensations, all over your body.
?That huge itch you can't scratch feel.
>Suddenly a loud car alarm noise.
>Cymbals, drums.
>All sorts of loud obnoxious noises as if from nowhere.
"Ah, agh! Make it stop!"
>"It's just a prank Anon."
>Suddenly the noises intensify.
>The inch intensifies.
>You can't even fap to make youself feel better.
>This must be what hell feels like..
>Make it stop, make it stop..
>It's morning..
>The noises finally stopped..
>You didn't get a wink of sleep.
>You're exhausted.
>Skin red from scratching so much you practically clawed it off.
>You check your fridge.
>All the food still tastes like shit.
>You go to shave the stubble, however you can't keep your razor steady and keep cutting yourself.
"T-twilight.. Please.."
>"Tick tock Anon, time for work.. Don't want to be late."
>Work is the last thing you want to worry about.
"C-can't we come to some agreement?"
>"Gonna be late. Candance wouldn't like it if you were late on the third day of work would she?"
"Twilight come on! Just stop torturing me.."
>No response.
>You sigh as you dress yourself and head out the door.
>Its raining buckets outside..
>You grab your umbrella opening it up to shield you from the rain.
>Only to find that the umbrella isn't blocking the rain at all and it's just going right on through soaking you.
This whole story. It's a car crash. But I love it and can't look away. You've built good hell. Godspeed OP
>You're at the office typing the best you can.
>Soaking wet..
>Scratch marks hurt..
>No sleep..
>You asked to negotiate..
>At this point shes just destroying you..
>You need to find a way to fight back..
>"Except you can't fight back."
"Shut up and get out of my head!"
>Other people in the office stop and stare.
"Heh, song, you know, stuck in my head."
>The people in the office shrug, some of them smiling awkwardly.
>Pent up, irritable as all hell.
>You feel like you're getting ready to blow.
>"Aww, someone's feeling a little, 'frustrated'."
'Twilight, I swear..'
>"With all the stress you're under, wouldn't it be nice to, just lean back and, let stuff happen?"
'What do you mean?'
>Nerd Twilight materializes sitting on your desk.
"W-what are you-"
>"No one can see me, look."
>Someone walks by looking in your cubical.
>They don't seem to notice Twilight.
"So I'm just seeing something that isn't there?"
>"The brain really is a marvelous thing. Maybe you'd know that if you read any of those books. But that would be too 'nerdy' for you wouldn't it?"
"Twilight come on.."
>"I could make it feel like I'm sucking you off right in the office, I can even make it look that way to your eyes only."
"S-so.. Then, why are you, telling me this?"
>"To tease you of course, I'm not actually going to do it."
"Y-you bitch.."
>"Oops! Sorry, I'm distracting you from your work aren't I?"
>She disappears.
"Yeah.. Great.."
>>"I could make it feel like I'm sucking you off right in the office, I can even make it look that way to your eyes only."
So when does the hate fucking begin?
>You finally get back home.
>You try to collapse on the couch, but you miss collapsing on the floor.
>"Boy Anon, you sure are clumsy."
>Twilight appears on the couch.
>You look up at her.
"Stop this Twilight.. You.. Can't break me.."
>"You and I both know that's a blatant lie."
>Your stomach growls.
"Just.. Let me eat at least."
>Twilight's eyes go up giving you this coy playing innocent look.
>"Why, whatever do you mean, I'm not stopping you from eating, if you want to eat, by all means do so."
"Grr you know what I mean! Stop making my food taste like shit!"
>"Oh my someone is grouchy, that's not a very polite way to ask for something."
>"Sorry, maybe try again tomorrow, maybe then you'll be feeling a bit nicer."
>She disappears.
>You go and make yourself a salad..
>Doesn't matter what you put in it, it'll just taste like shit..
>You bite into your salad, forcing yourself to eat what quite literally tastes and smells like shit.
>It's awful, but you also need energy.
>You go to lay yourself down.
>This blanket, feels uncomfortable, like sandpaper scraping on your skin.
>What the fuck?
>Fucking Twilight, messing with your head..
>How could anyone be so cruel as to fuck with someone on a daily basis without any regard with how they feel about it?
>Well screw her.
>You throw your blanket off you and on to the floor.
>Suddenly you hear the window open.
>Rain coming in from the outside.
>Cold air coming in too.
>"So sorry Anon, it was getting a little too stuffy in here. Nothing like a little fresh air is there?"
>You sigh getting up as you try to close the window.
>You can't budge it.
>You go back to the bed.
>Freezing cold air.
>No blankets.
>Eventually you manage to fall asleep.
>You're back in high school again.
>"I can't believe you read the whole thing out loud to the class! Do you have any idea how embarrassed that made me feel!?"
"So what?"
"I read your stupid diary out loud, so what? You never should have let me hang onto it in the first place."
>"Y-you told me that you were just hanging onto it, that you wouldn't let anyone see it, you promised!"
"You actually believed me? Haha! You can't be serious."
>"I trusted you.. I did everything you asked.. Anon, how could you?"
"Pfft, stop acting like we're friends or something, you're just a weak, hapless little nerd. You will always be a weak nerd."
>"N-no, stop it!"
"The weak should fear the strong, maybe if you were stronger, this wouldn't have happened, but you're weak.."
>"W-why are you doing this to me, why do you always try and hurt me like this!?"
"Because I can. Its not like you're going to stop me, so I'll just keep doing it. This is just the natural order of things."
>"Y-you're.. So cruel."
"And you're weak, a spineless nerd who will always be there as my punching bag."
>"T-that.. Can't be true.."
"Try and stop me then. Go on.."
>You walk up to her.
>Twilight winces cowering in your presence.
"See, the natural order, there is nothing you can do."
>Twilight crying as she slumps against the wall.
Lovin it so far keep it up.
I feel that Anon went through some shit as a kid and just took it out on Twilight. Wonder if what Anon went through was worse then what Twi got.
Maybe his dog named Spike died.
I just don't get why he's insisting on being a dumbass with this tough guy act when all Twi is trying to do is humble him.
There's a lot of stupid kids out there. Pretty sure Anon is one of them.
That or he had power issues growing up. An abusive household or perhaps an older sibling or figure that kept putting him down.
>You awaken.
>It's your day off..
>And you feel like shit..
>"Good morning!"
>You feel a massive surging headache.
"I get it, I get it, the dreams, the torture, I fucked up!"
>"Oh my, just now starting to realize that? It seems I can get through that thick head of yours."
>She materializes in front of you.
"Twilight, please.."
>"Please what Anon? Why shouldn't I continue just because I can?"
>Your head throbs harder.
"B-because.. If you do, you'll just be the same way I was?"
>"You certainly didn't seem to have a hard time being you."
"It wasn't all it was cracked up to be?"
>"OOOH? Try being ME, try being told you're weak, ugly, and a nerd, and that you're a virgin who will never get laid."
"You're right, that was pretty fucked up.."
>"Hmm, you think?"
>You feel yourself lose control as you flop off the bed onto the floor.
>You look up at Twilight standing enigmatically above you.
>You feel yourself paralyzed as she places her shoe on your forehead.
>"You're disgusting, a waste of human flesh, an actively decomposing organic mammal waiting to die. Your thoughts are primitive and animistic, and so are you."
"Twilight, I'm.. I'm sorry.."
>"Funny how you're sorry now and you weren't sorry back then, funny how you can be civil to everyone else but to me I was nothing!"
>You feel a teardrop hit your face.
>"Heh, you know.. Whats funnier? You're the only person who talked to me.. Even though you were just a bully, you still talked to me, and touched me.. I was going to ask you out the day you read my diary aloud.. Thats right.. I was going to swallow my pride, and ask out my bully, because somehow I was fucked up enough to like you.. But then you really showed me what a complete monster you were.. I learned, that I couldn't trust anyone.. Not anymore."
"Twilight.. I'm, really sorry."
>"I hate you.. I hate you, so much it kills me inside.."
>Her angry face dripping with tears.
>You struggle getting up and getting to your feet.
"Twilight.. I'm sorry, for everything.. This time, I mean it, alright? What I did, it was beyond fucked up. I was going through a phase, I felt lonely too. I thought, if I could make someone else feel bad, then, maybe I wouldn't feel so bad about myself."
>"Did it make you feel good about yourself? Are you proud of what you did?"
"At the time, it did.. But, looking back on it, I realize, that I was wrong, to mistreat you like that.. Honestly, all that stuff about you being a virgin, and.. about you being a nerd.. Well, it was true."
>She gives you an angry look as she gets ready to make that grasping motion with her hand.
"But, I liked that about you."
>"Pfft, yeah, so you could use me."
"I actually thought you were really cute.. And everytime I saw you I honestly wondered how you never managed to get a boyfriend."
>"Don't think, that this changes anything.. I'm not ready to forgive you yet. Too many nights.. Too many nights I went home and CRIED myself to sleep because I felt worthless.."
"You were never worthless.. I just said that stuff cause.. I guess I was just projecting all the stuff that I was insecure about.."
>"Why.. Why didn't you ever just TALK to me!?"
>"All you had to do was just talk things out! I would've been your friend in an instant!"
>You yourself are tearing up now.
"I.. Realize that now."
>Twilight walks over to you pounding on your chest with her fist.
>"Don't you cry damn you.. I refuse to feel sorry, for.. Someone like you.."
>You wrap her in your arms.
>You feel her warmth.
"I promise, I'll never treat you that way again."
>"You made a promise last time, and you broke it."
"I can't take back what I did, all I can ask is that you forgive me.."
>"Not yet.. NOT YET.. I won't.. Just yet.. Not until I know.."
"Thats fine.. Why don't, we start today?"
>"W-what do you mean?"
"Just, a simple little outing, no demonic possession, just, you and me, going out together and, trying to forget what was."
>"What makes you think I'd still be interested in dating someone like you?"
"Because you're holding on to me now, and, you haven't said no."
>"I swear.. To god, if you ever, EVER, treat me, like that again, I will NEVER, forgive you."
"Thats fair."


Inb4 everyone hates the sudden turn. I'm a sucker for happy endings ok?
>sucker for happy endings ok?
Me too man, keep going.
I'm a sucker for happy endings too writefriend.
>You go out to get breakfast at a coffee shop.
"Promise me, that it won't taste like crap again?"
>"I promise."
>You take a bite of an egg sandwich.
>You spit it out.
"Hey what the-"
>"Now we both have promises we haven't kept."
"Alright. You got me."
>Twilight smiles snapping her fingers.
"I'm going to assume that now I won't be biting into a turd sandwich again."
>She nods.
>You take a bite finally tasting real food.
"Oh, yes.. Thank you Twilight.."
>"It's nice, to see you smile like that.."
>"Give me your hand."
>Skeptically you offer out your hand.
>She takes it from across the table holding it.
>"It was hard on me too, to see you miserable like that. It, reminded me too much of myself.. But, I started to put things together about how you might have felt too. How sometimes degrading someone else can take away your own pain."
"Twilight, I'm truly sorry, if I could take it back I would.."
>"Well.. You can't.."
"I know.. You look really cute by the way."
>"What prompted you to say that? Thinking that if you flatter me I'll forgive you?"
"I just think you look cute is all. I always thought you were cute. I guess its a belated way of me making up for calling you ugly."
"I should be thanking you, for giving me a second chance, for a while I thought you were gonna torture me forever.."
>"Lets, not talk about that.. I didn't want it to come to that."
>You go out shopping with her.
>Buying her clothes and whatever else she wants.
>Arms full of all the bags you insisted on carrying.
"So, what do you wanna do now?"
>"I want to come back to my place, with you.."
"What? Why?"
>"Is that a problem?"
"N-no, I was just, wondering why is all."
>She sighs.
>"Because, I've always wanted to come home with a guy.. I wanted to know how it felt.."
"Gotcha, then that's what we'll do."
>You get home with her.
>It's well kept, everything is neat and tidy like a museum, but it also feels a bit..
>You're led upstairs to her bedroom.
>Suddenly you hear barking.
>A small dog jumps up on her.
>She catches it in her arms as it licks her.
>"Hehe, down Spike, we're home."
>You and Twilight walk into her room.
>You put the bags down in her room.
>Everything in the room is a shade of lavender.
"Your dog is pretty cute Twilight."
>"You can pet him if you want."
>You walk over to Twilight sticking your hand out slowly before petting her dog.
>It seems happy as you stroke along its scalp.
>"Hehe, he likes you."
>Twilight nuzzles into him.
>"Yeah, you like the cute boy I brought home today don't you, yes you do, yes you do!"
>You stand rather awkwardly nearby.
>"Wanna watch a movie?"
>You're munching on some popcorn.
>Spike is asleep in Twilights lap.
>You're cuddled up next to Twilight on her plush bed as you watch a movie together.
>This is the same girl who literally tortured you.
>Not that it wasn't warranted, but..
>Well, maybe it's weird for both of you..
>She seems happy though.
>"Just think Anon, it could have been like this every night if you hadn't been so thickheaded."
"You can still read my thoughts huh?"
>"That was just a guess actually. After being in your head for a few days, it isn't hard to figure you out."
"I guess that must be true.."
>"Do you know how many nights I came home alone, just wishing for a night like this.. How many nights I was up studying, wishing there was a guy cuddled up next to me?"
"A lot?"
>She nuzzles into you, then says in a somber tone,
>"Too many.."
"I'm sorry."
>"Anon.. Will you, always be with me like this?"
"I mean, it's hard to know what the future will hold and all, but, I'll try."
>"How about an answer that's less flaky and ambiguous?"
"Yes. I will be with you for as long as I can be."
>"Thats good. Because I wanna get into college, and, I could use someone warm to help keep me company while I'm up late at night studying."
"I can do that."
>"I haven't forgiven you just yet."
>"But, if we have more days like this one, it probably won't be long before I do."
>You and Twilight keep each other warm throughout the night.
>And eventually you both fall asleep in each others arms.

And they both lived happily ever after, the end.
You missed a golden opportunity to go for a BAD END where Anon is driven to suicide. Worst ending if him killing himself made it 10x worse.

But yay happy ending
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Thought about that end. Anon pulls a gun out on himself and refuses to bend his knee to Twilight. Twilight freaks out because of her morals. Would have been run.
You could still continue it where Anon just did all that to trick Twilight out of the torture. Goes for Cocoa instead at work then drama follows.
Writefriend does it and was his plan all along.
Also comfy ending/10
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