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"Um, I'll give you 20 bits if you...
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"Um, I'll give you 20 bits if you go make out with that stallion. It'll be like a prank! And don't mind if that bush over there starts shaking..."
Fluttershy, you are going to have to get both me and Shining both pretty drunk before we'd make out.
>Fluttershy gets off to gay couples
Well, it wouldn't even surprise me.
If that's your fetish, I'll do it free. You give the bits to the other stallion, cause I am game.
Okay. Where's the catch?
>getting paid to make out
i'll even feign reluctance if that's what gets you off

We ARE talking canon WeeabooShy here.
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Just a kiss? Don't aim so low slutterbutt, we're taking this as far as we can.

>You smirk
"Bits up front, you got it Shutterfly."
>Fluttershy excitedly hands the bits over to you.
>"Um, it's Fluttershy."
>Did someone say something?
>It doesn't matter you're walking over to the booth Shining Armor is sitting in.
>"Yo, Shining."
>Shining Armor looks up from his drink at you.
"What's up Anon?
>You refrain from fist bumping because Fluttershy has to be watching from somewhere.
>Doubt she'd be in earshot of you though, no way she's that bold.
>"So, what do you think of Fluttershy? Would you?"
>Shining Armor pauses for a second.
"Dunno Anon, she is Twily's friend."
>"Oh, come on. You try to use that excuse with everyone."
>Shining Armor takes another drink from the beer in front of him.
"Yeah, you know I totally would."
>You lean to whisper to him.
>"Just be cool and follow my lead."
>A look of concern crosses Shining Armor's face.
"Not this again! At least tell me have you have planned th-"
>You interrupt him with a kiss.
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>A blush quickly spreads across Shining Armor's white face.
>Ha, fag.
>You pull away for a second.
>"One more to make it convincing."
"Celestia's sake! We are in public dude."
>"No homo."
>You go in for a second kiss.
>You hear a squeak from somewhere in the distance.
>You pull away and locate the noise.
>You spot Fluttershy hiding behind a potted plant in the corner of the bar.
>Fucking Fluttershy.
>You smirk at Shining Armor before yelling across the bar.
>It's a good thing this place is empty and also used to your and Shining Armor's antics.
"Fluttershy! Is that you? Come over here and join us!"
>Shining Armor smirks back at you.
>Fluttershy looks like a deer caught in the headlights.
>Eventually she makes her timid way over to the booth.
>"Let me get out so you can sit down! I get bothered if I don't have an edge seat."
>You stand up and half force Fluttershy into the place you were sitting next to Shining Armor.
>After she sits down you sit back down next to her, pushing her pretty far into Shining Armor.
>"So Buttershy, what have you been up to? Watching other people kiss from a distance?"
>Fluttershy manages to turn more red than Shining Armor.
"I-I-I'm so sorry! I just, it's, you and Shining Armor and um, I'm so sorry."
>You put your arm around Fluttershy and give Shining Armor a look.
>He scoot in a little closer.
>Fluttershy looks like she is about to faint.
>Shining Armor speaks up.
>You can hear him try to put on the charm.
>Once a dork always a dork.
"Everything alright Fluttershy? You enjoying yourself?"
>She squeaks and nods frantically.
>Shining leans in and plants a soft kiss on her neck.
>You almost laugh.
>It's awkward as fuck to you, but Fluttershy looks like she's died and gone to heaven.
>You put a hand on her thigh and kiss the other side of her neck.

>You've never seen a pony turn so red.
>No reason to embarrass her further.
>"Do you want to drink with us somewhere else Fluttershy? Maybe somewhere a little more... private?"
"U-um, we could go to my cottage, i-if that's okay with you guys."
"That sounds good to me, Anon?"
>"Sounds lovely."
>Fluttershy lives way close to the bar, damn.
>You and Shining Armor make your way in onto Fluttershy's couch while she slowly recovers from the vicious blush she worked up.
>"C-Can I get you guys a-anything?"
>She still looks so nervous.
>You're going to have to initiate.
"You can bring your fine ass over to this couch."
>The blush is back.
>You always love messing with her.
>Shining Armor smiles at her and speaks up.
"Yeah, I think Anon has the right idea. That sounds great."
>Fluttershy makes her way over quickly.
>You pat your lap.
>"Here, I even saved you a seat."
>She hesitates for a second but sits in your lap.
>Mmmph soft.
>You run a few fingers through her mane and scratch her back a little.
>Shining Armor scoots closer.
"So Fluttershy, ever been with two stallions at once?"
>She turns even redder and fidgets in your lap a little.
>You definitely approve, good move Shining. "N-no, b-but I-I've always wanted to. I j-just never thought it could actually happen to me."
>"Why not Fluttershy? You're a great mare."
>You continue to massage her, working your way to her cutie marks.
>She sighs into you.
"J-just too shy."
>"You want Shining Armor and I to help you out?"
>She moans a little as Shining Armor gives her neck another more passionate kiss.
"Yes! P-please."
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>It'll be like a prank!
OK. But if it's just a prank then why are you need that video camera.
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