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>"Words cannot describe how much...
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>"Words cannot describe how much I hate you, Anonymous..."
>"Shining Armor was MY husband"
>"My revenge will be terrible, you hear!"
Shining is an object to her. Anon freed him with the power of homo love
>"HI, ANON!"
>"HAVE YOU BEEN HAVING FUn with... shiny..?"
>"Fuck, she got out."

>'TERRIBLE!" Cadence yells, before disappearing in a puff of rose petals and perfume.
>You however are Anon, and you have no idea what's going on.
>You go and grab the vacuum cleaner from upstairs, ruminating without illumination.
>What of earth is Cadence on about?
>You shake your head as you open the closet to retrieve your vacuum cleaner.
>But stop when you notice Shining's head on a shelf.
>Shining blinks at you.
>You blink at Shining.
>"Um...hey, Anonymous!" he says, his voice oddly distorted, "Fancy seeing you here!"
>You blink again, trying to figure out what is happening.
>"Hey, um, can I ask you a quick favour?" he asks, trying to smile but twitching.
>You stare at him for a good fifteen seconds.
>His eyes dart to and fro as you try and grasp the situation.
"Er...okay, strange robot Shining head," you warily reply
>"Er, can I stay with you for a bit?" he asks, "I mean, just for a little while."
"...okay?" you respond, bewildered.
>"Oh? Oh good!" he replies, "It's just that Twi's fixing my body and she kind of got scared by Cadence randomly appearing and teleported most of me here."
>His head just sits there, grinning.
>On further inspection the rest of Shining's body is cluttered around the vacuum cleaner.
"Does Cadence know you're here?" you ask, confused.
>He looks at you, stunned, before he twitches and smiles
>"Cadence? Oh, oh ho!" he chirps, "That's, I mean, OF COURSE she knows I'm here! And not, Twilight's Lab! It's not like Twilight said that you had stolen me while she fixed me up! I mean, if Cadence knew Twilight was fixing me then she'd put in, like, all these unnecessary things like spring legs or boob missiles."
"Boob miss-"
>"Yeah I know," interrupts SHining, "So can I just, you know, stay here?"
"But Shining, Cadence thinks that you're here," you exapserate, "Why do you want to hide in the place where Cadence knows you are hiding, while Cadence is threatening me with bloody vengeance!?"
>you will never be the tiny stallion turned robot being outfitted with boob missiles by an overzealous candy wife
>"Ah, but she won't expect it to be that easy!" says the talking robot Shining head, "The perfect ploy! She'll be going all over actually trying to find me, while pretend trying to find me around you, so Twilight thinks that she's actually looking for me around here, when she isn't."
>That...makes a kind of twisted amount of sense.
>"So can I just, you know, hang out with my bro?" he asks.
"Er, sure," you state, grabbing his head and slinging it under an arm, before moving his limbs out of the way and grabbing the vacuum cleaner.
>You travel back to the lounge room, park Shining's robot head on the couch and remove the flower petals via suction.
"So Shining," you try to ask casually, "How long have you been a robot?"
>"Since I was made," he responds, looking at you like your an idiot.
"I mean, have you always been a robot, or were you built to replace a Shining taht had been ridden to death by Cadence, or what?"
>Shining snorts.
>"Anon, you say the silliest things sometimes," he chuckles, "When I was younger I had a piano dropped on me. Pretty much killed me instantly."
>You watch, baffled.
>those lines should not be stated so wistfully.
>"But Twi, she didn't want me to die. So she got a doll, and bound my soul to it. Ever since she's been making better and better bodies for me."
>You look at him, somewhat horrified.
>He looks at you like it's the most normal thing in the world.
"So you're, like, a zombie pony?"
>"Nah," says Shining, "I'm likea cyborg robot zombie, much cooler."
>You admit that is kinda cool.
>You return the vacuum cleaner, sit back down on the couch with a little chip bowl for SHining's head, a bigger bowl for you, and turn on the TV to watch a hoofball game or something.
>And as you watch a hoofball entranced robot Shining head munch on chips, the residues disappearing down his throat...somehow, a thought occurs to you.
>Damn ponies are WEIRD.
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Shut up A.M

>In no time at all the hoof ball has ended and it's getting dark.
>After a quick dinner, where you had to hand feed Shining (For which he was grateful for), you shower, clean up, and go to bed.
>Shining is chilling on a pillow on your wardrobe.
>You turn off the light and get comfortable.
>"Er, hey, Anon?" you hear.
>You roll over and look at Shining's head.
>"Um, thanks," you says, "Seriously, you have no idea how much it sucks to have a vibrating dick."
>You shrug, responding with a non comittal noise.
>You're about to go off to sleep when-
>"I mean, if there's anything I could do to help, like with the royal guard or anything?" he says.
>You roll over again, and grumble something more.
>You're about to slide off into sleep, getting a nice warmth into your soul, when-
>"Or, or if you need a little 'attention', y'know?"
>You open your eyes and look at Shining annoyed.
>Can't he shut up?
>You grumble angrily at him.
>You roll over.
>You roll over to face him, thinking about the ways to shut him up.
>"Can I sleep with you?"
>You blink, uncomprehending.
>"I just, don't like sleeping alone," he says pathetically.
>You stare at him in the dark for a moment, before sighing.
>He better shut up once you do this, so help you god!
>You get up, grab Shining's head, lie back in the bed, hugging Shining's head, before getting back to that important job of SLEEP.
>Before you are fully claimed by Luna's realm, you feel Shining's snout snuggle into you.
>And you hear him whisper.
>"Thanks Anon,"
>You awaken with a strange, somewhat wet sensation against your groin.
>You lean into it a little before your senses wake up and you throw yourself out of the bed.
>Too many Fluttershy encounters have primed you to her wiles!
>You land on the floor, about to whack the bed with a baseball bat when you see a startled SHining Armour head.
>He's blushing deeply, looking like a deer in the headlights.
>He smiles awkwardly.
>"Morning Anon!" he says, laughing weakly, "Um, jeeze, I was trying to get you to wake up and, and you just, didn't, so I had to resort to, you know, other ways of getting you up!"
>You narrow your eyes at him as he smiles weakly.
>You raise an eyebrow.
>Well, it's clear he does want the D.
>And he isn't Flutterbutter.
>And it didn't feel TOO bad.
>And it wasn't Flutterbutter.
>You drop the bat and waggle your eyebrows.
"Oh, ho, ho, really?" you say, swaggering over to the bed.
>Shining's blush has REALLY gone up.
>He looks like a big tomato sitting on your sheets.
>"Er, yeah, bro!" he says, "I mean, it's, it's not like you have a lickable dick or, or, or..."
>You sit down with Shining's head between your legs.
>His eyes are stuck to your bulge.
>You smirk as you unbutton the boxers, your dick flopping out onto his nose.
>You swear you see Shining's head shiver.
>His eyes quickly dart to yours, then your dick.
>"Bro," he says, "If you don't take your dick out of my face, I'd have to lick it, and that's, like, super gay."
"But Shining," you joke, "you ARE gay. You can't not look at a dick like THAT and not be gay."
>He looks at you, your dick, then you.
>"Well, I guess it's alright then," he says, "But, um, I'm kinda gonna need you help."
>You lean back, and grab Shining's head so his nose nuzzles your balls.
>He loving licks at your sack, before working up your hardening shaft.
>You slowly raise his head along, his tongue lapping at your dick from base to head.
>You moan as you put his head over your dick, his mouth slurping at your tip.

>You enjoy the furious sensation, before hilting yourself in Shining's mouth.
>You hear him moan around your shaft, his tongue lapping the underneath of your shaft, his throat massaging your head.
>You let go of his head and just feel him balancing on your throbbing cock, enjoying the wet warmthness.
>Until you hear Shining practically whining.
>You look down at his eyes, looking up at you with need.
>With a smile, you grab both sides of Shining's head, then raise him along your shaft.
>His tongue slurps all around your shaft as you raise him up.
>You then thrust into his mouth, getting another huffed moan from Shining.
>For the next while you use Shining's head like a fleshlight, pounding away at his lips, getting closer and closer to orgasm.
>Eventually you bury his nose into your pubic bone as you spurt again, again, again into his throat, your balls squeezing tight to your body as you empty them into Shining's hungry mouth.
>You lie there, softening inside Shining's mouth, enjoying his ever-so-gentle suckling of your dick.
>Hot damn that was AMAZING.
>You extract your dick from Shining's mouth with a rude slurp, before parking his head on your chest.
>He quickly licks his lips, before looking at you, dazed.
"So how long have you been gay for?" you tease.
>"Since Cadence programmed me to take dick," he responds eerily and without emotion.
"What?" you ask.
>"She wants me to share the love with all her lovers, all her guards, basically anyone she wants," he continues.
>He twitches, then blinks at you.
>"...I didn't say that," he states.
"I'm pretty sure you did," you respond, eyebrow raised, "Trained to take the dick, huh? Makes you sound SUPER gay."
>He blushes hard.
"Heck, I bet you're now loving the idea that I could use your mouth whenever I want," you smile.
>He stammers, eyes wide as saucers.
"Or maybe," you grin mischeviously, "I could go to my closet and grab all your bits, and just have some ... fun?"

>He bits his lip, not in fear, but in anticipation.
>You go to wave it off - you've teased him bad enough-
>"C...Could you?" he says in a small voice.
>You stare at him, watching his small head somehow fidget.
>"At...at least you let me eat chips and hoofball," he says, sadly, "Unlike Cadence and her guys who just pee on me and everything..."
>You blink, before sweeping Shining's head up in a hug.
"I'd never do that to you bro!" you state.
>You feel him smile against your chest.


"Seriously Twilight, fuck off," you grouch.
>"But Anon," she whines, "I swear I didn't mean to let Cadence think that you have Shining, and I think I may have teleported him in there,"
>She points a hoof past you into your house.
>You casually brush the hoof away.
"Yeah, and how a likely story is that, huh?" you say, "I've been hiding my brother in my lab and threw you to the proverbial Cadence wolves, who has been annoying the crap out of me the the past couple of days with really shoddy pranks. This brother is actually a zombie robot, who has been teleported into my house. Honestly Porchlight, this is the worst story you've come up with for both explaining your own infatuation with him, AND for getting into my house - to help Flutterbutter no doubt."
>She just gasps and sputters in front of you.
"Seriously Purple Smart, bugger off,"
>You go to close the door.
>She quickly slips a hoof in.
>"No, Anonymous," she says all regal-like, "You will open this door, or you will suffer the consequences!"
>You roll your eyes, grab the vacuum cleaner, turn it on, and open the door.
>Twilight shrieks, and quickly books it to the other side of the street.
>You wave the nozzle of the cleaner at her, and she quivers, quavers - and promptly faints.
>You smirk, shaking your head, and closing and locking the door.
>You lock the door with a click, then walk back into the bedroom.

>Parts of Shining litter the ground.
>On your bed is his butt, some of his barrel and the upper parts of his rear legs.
>His tail is tied forward, his dick and balls sitting like a buttplug,jammed into his pucker, which is slick with lube and jizz.
>Underneath, afixed so he's looking straight up is Shining's head, with jizz and lube all over his face.
>He looks at you, both embarrased and hungry.
"Now, where were we?" you say, grabbing his head and unbuttoning your trousers.

...and that's it.

Hot damn, why on earth does everything I write turn to smut!?
>>"Words cannot describe how much I hate you, Anonymous..."

That's only because you have a shitty vocabulary.
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because you know you love it.

joking aside though good work anon it was a very cute story.
I want to cum inside robo-shiny.

Seriously though, cute story.
>She wasn't lying.
>She did terrible things to you.
>And Shining...Kinda.
>Either way you were fucked and not in the good way.
>Cadances methods were justified.
>Your bro left you to hang.
>It's 'kay though cause you would of done the same.
>But before you faced judgement they asked if you would liked to speak a couple words in light of your endeavor.
>You spoke to the ponies the only way they would understand.
>Through song.
>Anon was still fucked.
you do realize Flash is called "the waifu thief" ironically right Cady?
He's a product, so "it" is fine
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Thread images: 5
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