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Drowning Ponies #3
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Previous Thread: >>25962504

What is thread about?

Someone having a interest in drowning ponies or EQG Girls.

Shallows, get back here and at least finish what you started. You don't leave something half-sunk.
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>inb4 dead
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>another thread
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>activating le hentai see where this is going meme
Bump for Shallows, don't die on me man!
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So, since Shallows isn't back yet, what did you guys like about the previous threads? Why did you stick around?

Was it morbid curiosity? Genuine interest? Something else?
Going to copy and paste my post in the previous thread
>I won't claim that share your kink, but damn me if I don't enjoy the thrill of knowing what's coming for each of these characters as they're all blissfully unaware of their fate. I also like that you try to give plausible interactions between each character and anon beyond just "now we're friends, now I'm drowning you". It adds a lot of weight to the moment when their time to be drowned comes, as it establishes a connection with them that I myself would find difficult to overcome in order to kill them, even though anon does not.
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''Drowning fetish story done soon'' bump

Also I really like the new CAPTCHA system
Well at least if someone drowns you, you'll have a hardon.

''...and whistled for a baboon!''
>Across the small mahogany dinner table, Diamond Tiara giggles, a pale, perfectly manicured hand hiding her smooth, full lips from your gaze
>All in all, it's been a near-perfect night
>Both of you are slightly tipsy from the wine, full-bodied reds mostly, to match the three-course dinner you'd prepared
>You've finished your slice of chocolate cake already, and while not telling anecdotes and jokes to entertain your guest, sip the fruity port currently in your crystal glass
>Diamond is taking dainty little forkfuls of her cake, clearly already slightly inebriated
>Slowly chewing and swallowing her dessert, washing each bite down with a tiny sip of wine, her beautiful blue eyes sparkle in the candle light
>You almost want to just toss the table to the side and kiss her, then and there
>It wouldn't be proper, however
>The night is not yet perfect, and you want everything to be just right
>Not just for you, but for her, as well
>She is young after all, sixteen, if you're not mistaken
>Sixteen, but oh-so-beautiful...
>''Wow... I have to say, you've really outdone yourself. Again.''
>You smile at her, practically radiating warmth
''Only the best for you, mon chéri, only the best.''
>She gives a cute giggle and beams at you, just like every other time you've spoken French to her
>''I mean, this...''
>She takes her eyes off you and looks around the opulent penthouse suite, gesturing in turn at the food, the view, the wine, everything
>''This is something almost straight out of a movie, Anon. Where'd you find the time to-''
>She looks back at you, a cute smile still gracing her lips as she gives a tiny, embarrassed laugh
>''Never mind. I really don't want to know how much time you've wasted on me with this alone.''
>You smile warmly and meet her gaze, your hand moving past the candle sticks, wine bottles and empty plates and gently settling on hers

''Trust me, my dear Diamond. No matter how much time, money or effort I put into these things, they'll always be worth it.''
>Her gaze now locked deeply with yours, you slowly bring her hand up to your mouth and softly brush your lips against her fingers with tender, loving care
>She blushes, surprised, and looks away, her free hand slightly covering her mouth
>''So forward...''
>Despite her playfully shocked tone, the sparkle in her eyes tells you that you're definitely going in the right direction
''Now, I think a glass of Cognac would be the perfect way to end this meal. Don't you?''

>Tchaikovsky's melodies filter softly through the study, the soft tunes from The Nutcracker reverberating off the walnut bookcases and armchairs
>You sip the cognac and smack your lips in appreciation, sparing a look towards Diamond Tiara, who, despite her age, seems to be handling the spirits quite well
''A fine vintage, if I do say so myself. I trust everything is to your liking?''
>She sighs, and sets her glass down
>There is a kind of sadness in her bright blue eyes as she looks at you
>''Look, Anon, I'll be honest. This night has been amazing. Every day I've spent with you has felt like the best day of my life. And-''
>She looks down into her lap, and you gently sling a comforting arm around her shoulder
>She continues in a small voice, clearly distraught
>''And-and... I mean... Why me? Why do all of this, j-just for me?''
>She is now clearly on the verge of tearing up, her petite body shaking occasionally
>She turns to you, and opens her mouth, as if to say something, and you keep your eyes on her full, beautiful lips
>Well, you've waited long enough for this
>You slowly lean closer, and instead of backing away, she moves in, ready to meet your lips
>Seconds become minutes as your lips touch, her smooth, soft mouth meeting yours, and leaving a taste of peach, port and chocolate you know will be impossible to ever forget

>You pull away and take in her beauty, her ornately braided hair framing her high cheekbones and her perky nose
>Despite her beauty, you feel like her face is merely a canvas for her eyes
>Deep, blue and sparkling like the Mediterranean on a summer's day, hiding warmth and kindness that just needs the right touch to appear
>You gently shush her with a smile and move your hand to the back of her head, her soft violet locks like liquid silk under your fingers
''Diamond. Whatever you're trying to say, you've said it before, and my answer's always been the same. You're worth all of this to me.''
>You wrap your arms around her frail body and move to meet her lips again as Diamond closes her eyes and sighs in contentment
>Behind her back, Tchaikovsky's waltz egging you on, you empty a small vial of morphine sulfate into her glass

>She smiles at you, prettier than ever, her half-lidded eyes showing that the morphine and alcohol are kicking in
>The past hour or so had been marked by gentle kissing, drinking and the occasional slow dance to whatever came out of your speakers
>Of course, up until this point, you'd been as gentlemanly as possible, pulling away whenever her kisses got too heated, convincing her otherwise the times she'd tried to sit on your lap, and so forth
>Appearances had to be kept
>It wouldn't have been proper to take her up on her nonverbal offers, you were, after all, much older than her
>But now, as she rests in your arms, like putty in your skilled hands...
>Now is the time
>''A-Anon? I just wanted to say... Thoday's been th' best day ever... 'fank youuu...''
>Her croaking, slurred voice dies out, and just like that, she's out like a light, her body going completely limp in your arms
>Now, time is of the essence
>You spare yourself a joyful smile as you practically run upstairs with her comatose body
''You've done it again, old boy. You've done it again.''

>The sound of Mozart mixes with the sound of water cascading into the bathtub, bringing a familiar rush to you as you look at Diamond Tiara's naked body, still comatose from the morphine
>You've prepared everything just right again
>After all, you want things to be perfect for both of you
>You mentally rattle off every single item on your mental checklist for the third time, ignoring the aching hardness in your pants for now
>Is the gag in place? Yes
>Have you lit the candles? Yes
>Is the water running? Yes
>Is she undressed? Of course
>Music to set the mood? Check
>And finally, and most importantly;
>The Rack.
>Built from an old situp bench and some odds and ends, the Rack was (although you hated bragging) a real splendid piece of work
>Sawed down and rebuilt, it's purpose was to hold down anyone tied to it while keeping their head inside the bathtub and their rear at roughly waist level, all the while allowing easy access to their, well, ''behind''
>The tub was filling up, slowly but surely, and you grasp the Epi-Pen in your hand slightly tighter, the plastic case of the injector slick with your sweat
>You'd be lying if you said you weren't nervous
>Although you've done this before, the anticipation of consummating with a new partner always sends tingles down your spine
>The water is touching her head now, and you find yourself unable to wait any longer
>You take in a shuddering, ragged breath of air, and allow your hungry eyes to wander over her naked body once more, the light from the candles casting flickering shadows on her smooth skin
>This time, you decided to mix it up a bit, and have her face up, instead of the usual face down fuck you tended to do
>Her breasts were just too beautiful not to look at
>But more importantly, her eyes
>Oh God, her beautiful, beautiful eyes
>You want to look deep into her blue, shimmering eyes as you slide into her and make her yours

>Your stare moves from her face, to her breasts, down her pale stomach, past her little belly button and down between her soft, pale thighs, to her little slit
>You can't help containing a shudder of arousal as you see that she not only looks as virgin as a girl possibly can, but has even waxed her pubic hair completely, allowing you a completely unobstructed view of her tight sex
>You move the Epi-Pen onto her thigh, a twitch of anticipation coursing through your turgid member as you rip off the cap from the injector
>You take a deep breath and lick your dried up lips as you lift the injector high in the air
>Before you slam it down into her thigh, you quietly compliment yourself for making everything so romantic
>But you wouldn't have it any other way, would you?
>After all, everything has to be just right
>Not just for you, but especially for her
>Diamond Tiara awakes with a gasp as you toss the Epi-Pen to the side
>Or, as much of a gasp as she can manage with her panties stuffed into her mouth, the underwear secured in place with a length of hemp rope
>You gaze lovingly into her beautiful, blue eyes and gently caress her face, the girl shuddering at the contact
''Oh Diamond, my sweet Diamond.. How I've longed for this day..''
>She answers you with muffled, excited squeaks
>You thought you were aroused, but she can't even wait for you to take her!
''Ever since our eyes met at your father's dinner party... It was love at first sight, no?''
>You lovingly cup her cheek as she squirms under your touch and closes her eyes in ecstasy, the ropes holding her solidly in place
''Look! I've made everything perfect, romantic, just right for us two.. And before you start, I'm going to say what I've always said. You're worth all of this, ma chérie.''
>You lean in and kiss her forehead gently, lingering on her face for a moment before moving down her neck to her stomach and even further, until your mouth has trailed kisses all the way down to her little slit

>After a couple deep kisses to the insides of her thighs, you turn your focus to her beautiful sex, and dig in

>You are Diamond Tiara
>And you're not sure if this is real or just a nightmare
>One thing you're sure of, however, is that you've never been this scared in your entire life
>As if being naked in a strangers apartment, bound to some sort of bench wasn't enough
>As if being so drunk you can't remember most of the evening wasn't enough
>As if the gag in your mouth keeping you from screaming or even breathing properly wasn't enough
>Something's happened to Anon
>Something really bad
>His eyes, always so calm and friendly, have a perverse, hungry glint to them, leaving every part of your body he stares at feeling like it's covered in snail trails
>And now he's... between your legs
>Oh, God...
>You look down, or is it up?
>Behind a slimy trail of saliva, left by his sloppy, open-mouthed ''kisses'', if they can even be called that, is his head, a cold, hungry stare in his eyes, his orbs completely focused on your shaved pussy
>Suddenly, he moves forward with his mouth wide open, and moments later, you squeeze your eyes shut and scream into your rope gag at the blinding pain radiating from your vagina fills your every synapse
>You scream in pain and thrash violently, trying to release yourself from the ropes and the gag just so you could scream your throat raw to distract you from the pain
>After what seems like an eternity, he, no, it finally pulls away
>You let your head loll back, the once white-hot pain now just a throbbing ache in your nethers
>And find yourself up to your ears in ice-cold water
>You jolt up in surprise and shock, but the rope around your chest prevents you fromdoing more than raising your head
>Then, you hear it, something that's been in the background all this time but you've never really noticed until now
>The sound of running water

>As everything clicks into place, you start struggling and screaming like no tomorrow, trying desperately to undo the bindings, to alert the neighbors, anything to get you out of this fucking tub
>In your peripheral vision, you notice Anon looking briefly taken back, but as quickly as it disappeared the predatory look is back, this time mixed with satisfaction
>His mouth moves, and you hear him saying something, but you're beyond caring what that psycho has to say
>Then, in mere seconds, you see him pull down his pants, feel something wet on your cunt, and then he's inside you
>Ignoring the water, the bindings, and the gag, you throw your head back into the wet, leathery padding and scream until your throat feels like the inside is peeling off and your eyes tear up

>You are Anon
>And this moment is exactly how you imagined
>Despite the tightness, with a bit of lube (and a lot of enthusiasm) you've finally bottomed out inside of Diamond Tiara
>Luckily, the water is already past her nose
>The moment you penetrated her you knew you wouldn't last long
>Judging by her movements and moans, she's not very far from coming, either
>Finding a good rhythm, you groan with every thrust inside, her walls like a vice around your tool
>She's stopped shuddering, and now lies limp with her eyes closed
>You can't help chuckling to yourself mid-thrust
>You hate bragging, but you're definitely an animal in the sack
>Well, you can't help it
>If every girl you sleep with reacts like this, well...
>You grunt and pick up the pace, the sound of your hips slamming into her pale, bruised thighs echoing in the bathroom

>You wake up with a muffled scream, hoping the nightmare would be over
>The sharp pain radiating from your genitals crushes your hopes
>Your eyes fly open, and you see Anon's sweaty body above you, pumping away with animalistic fervor, a throaty grunt accompanying every stab of pain
>As he looks down at you, you feel your blood run cold
>His eyes looked hungry, distant, and completely, utterly inhuman
>It was like staring an old, demented pig in the eye, trying to find any semblance of hymanity in something that only knows how to fuck, eat and shit
>He slows his thrusting, and you find yourself breathing just a little easier
>He gropes your cheek with a blood-encrusted hand, his mouth twisting into something that had nothing in common with a smile
>''Oh, mon chéri, you're amazing... You're simply divine...''
>His throat sounds like it's full of porridge, the charming English accent he used to speak to you with now a disgusting mockery of what it once was
>He clears his throat, and you feel a small clump of mucus land on your forehead, hefore being washed away by the water, the cold liquid now at your neck
>He grunts again, and you feel his blunt, horrible pecker tearing you up somewhere deep inside
>''Oohh, honey, you feel so good... You're wonderful... ''
>He resumes his grunting, involuntary, pained groans sounding from your throat with every bloody thrust
>Suddenly, he picks up the pace and the pain doubles in intensity from what it was before, as his hands slither behind your head
>Just as suddenly, the gag comes off, and you finally find yourself able to scream
>And, like opening a floodgate, like breaking a levee, it all comes pouring out
>All the fear, the hate and the pain, Oh God, the pain...
>It all comes flooding out of you, a non-verbal call for help that rips your throat apart and brings tears flooding from your eyes
>Above you, Anon stops thrusting and stumbles backwards with his hands over his ears

>You recoil at the sudden noise, desperately trying to shield your ears from the ear-splitting shriek as your dick pulls free of her bruised, bloodied slit with a quiet pop, blood and lube spattering on the bathroom tiles
>Your pants still down to your ankles, you trip and hit your head on the sink, the ringing in your ears only getting worse with the sudden blow
>You rise to your feet unsteadily, mixed feelings coursing through you
>Your arousal is rapidly being replaced by confusion and concern
>That wasn't a moan of pleasure, it was anything but
>Your sweet little Diamond almost sounded... hurt?
>No, this isn't how it was supposed to go
>You'd made everything so perfect, just right, and she...
>After what feels like an eternity, she finally stops screaming, her voice dying out in a long, breathy rasp
>Slowly, she begins sobbing, her body shaking and shuddering
>You carefully approach the girl, the tub now half full
''D-Diamond? Baby? A-are you hurt?''
>She looks at you with empty eyes, her beautiful, blue eyes now shimmering with tears
>''Please, Anon, let me go... I want to go home...''
>Your stomach sinks at her words, and you brace yourself against the edge of the tub, mutely shaking your head
>You... you tried to make it perfect...
>You messed it up...
>You stand there, just staring into the wall, feeling completely empty except for the horrible sting of dread worming it's way through your stomach
>Beside you, she is clearly getting restless, her tears now replaced with hate
>''Didn't you hear me, asshole? I said, I want to go HOME!''
>She called you an asshole.
>You had tried your best to make this night special for that little bitch, and she crushed your dreams underfoot
>Like a kettle boiling over, dread gives way to cold, murderous hate
>God, you hate this bitch
>This entitled little slut, who thinks she can just treat you like a pile of shit...

>Your eyes narrow, and you move back between her legs, your member quickly rising at the sight of her abused, bloody hole
''You bitch. You little FUCKING SLUT!''
>With a yell, you backhand her, her full, smooth, peach-tasting lips bruising and splitting with the force of the blow
''I've worked my fingers to the FUCKING BONE, trying to make everything perfect, trying to make everything romantic, and you just-''
>You slide into her, much rougher this time, and find yourself enjoying the flash of pain on her bruised, tear-streaked face
>You rant and scream at her, punctuating every word with a violent thrust
>And then, you feel something spatter into your eye
>You pause your thrusting and wipe at your eye, your hand stained with mucus and fresh blood when you look at it
>You turn your gaze back to Diamond Tiara just in time for her to spit again, this time hitting your chin
>''Fuck you, you psycho bastard. FUCK YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HAAA-''
>Murderous rage flaring up inside you, your eyes seeing only red, you shove her head under the water while violently thrusting inside of her again, the sounds of bubbles breaking the surface of the dirty bathwater completely drowned out by your animalistic, hate-filled shrieking
>She thrashes violently, desperately trying to free herself from your grip, but you keep her head underwater while pummeling her petite form indiscriminately with your free hand
>Soon, her struggles weaken and you feel your orgasm drawing nearer, until she gives a final, weak shudder and your seed paints her insides, the world going completely white in front of your eyes

>After several minutes, you finally manage to even out your breathing enough to disengage yourself from the bruised corpse of Diamond Tiara
>Stumbling out of the bathroom, completely dazed, you somehow manage to get to the study, where you unscrew the cap off a vodka bottle
>The following ten minutes asre spent emptying the bottle into your mouth while trying to get your head around what just happened
>Finally, after emptying most of the bottle, you feel clarity overtake you again, together with a sense of deep foreboding
>It couldn't have happened again, could it?
>You look at your hands, knuckles bruised and spattered with dried blood
>You move your gaze to your exposed member, the flaccid pecker completely covered with brownish stains
>In the dead quiet of the apartment, the faint sound of a tap running can be heard
>You stand up and quietly, slowly walk up the stairs, bottle still clutched in your hand
>As you reach the bathroom door, you want nothing more than to run down the stairs and jump out of the window
>You take a deep breath and slowly turn the knob, the hinges creaking as the door opens
>What you see inside almost makes your heart stop
>The tub is spilling over, the melted candles around the room reflecting off of the rippling water
>Inside the tub, amidst a floating mass of purple-and-white hair something that used to be Diamond Tiara, but now just... isn't
>Somewhere right behind you, there's the sound of glass breaking on ceramic
>You absently note you've dropped the bottle, and make a mental note to clean up the shards later
>Gingerly shuffling over to the tub, while doing your best to not look at the bloated, purplish monstrosity inside, you turn off the water
>You stare at the wall, and like so many times before, you gingerly bring your thumb and pointer to where the thing's jugular should be
>No pulse.
>Well, you did it again..
>You fall onto your ass and rest your head in your hands, taking solace in the darkness behind your eyelids

>After what could have been minutes, hours, or even days, you finally open your eyes again
>The Rack is still there, and so is the thing attached to it
>You rise to your feet, legs shaking, and wonder just what to do
>You'll need to dispose of... it, for one
>Clean up the apartment, remove all traces of her ever being here
>Get an alibi
>And finally, throw away the Rack...
>The sooner you get rid of it, the better
>This time, you really mean it
>But then that nasty part of your brain starts talking again
>''Come on now, don't throw the old Rack away! Just think how much fun we've had, me, you and him!''
''N-no... I really n-need to... to throw...''
>You brace yourself against the wall as the familiar, painful nausea courses through your head
>''Oh come on, man! Splendid piece of work, ain't it? Besides, look what it's caught for us! Still fresh, eh?''
''No, nonono, I have to stop... I mean, you have to stop, no, the Rack has to...''
>''Just take a tiny little peek. Who's it gonna hurt, hm? Just us three here now.''
>The nasty voice jovial but mocking, fades away, and for a moment you obey your instincts and keep your eyes tightly squeezed shut
>A moment later, you find your eyes tracing every curve of her slender body, finally moving down, between her bruised, bloodstained thighs
>As you feast your eyes on her ravaged, destroyed hole, a mixture of semen and blood steadily dripping out of her, you know there will never be any hope for you
>Crying and retching (at the corpse or at yourself you don't know), you mount her lifeless, abused corpse and slide inside

>The January air assails you the instant you step out of your SUV, as if trying to punish you for your crimes
>You parked it beside one of the many lakes that are not only popular to camp around in the summer, but also accessible enough to practically guarantee some idiot trying, and failing, to skate on it
>Luckily, the ice is thick enough to walk on, as long as you pull the... bag behind you
>A short trek later, you're roughly in the middle of the lake, the black bag filled with concrete and a corpse
>You quickly saw a hole into the ice in the pale moonlight, and quckly slide the bag into it
>It sinks with an anticlimactic ''blub'', and a couple bubbles lazily drifting to the surface are the last you see of it
>Feeling inexplicably lighter, you replace the piece of ice you sawed off, before powerwalking back to your car and the warmth within
>After smoking a quick cigarette, you wave goodbye to the lake, start the car and speed away






Oh jeez, that was some ride.
Nah it's pretty good and you've guaranteed us a Drowning Pony thread #4
saving thread from drowning
Kill yourselves my familia
>kill yourselves
by drowning?
By siren?
I don't know why mermaids and sirens and shit wanna kill sailors, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't up for it.
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>This is not your grave
>But you are welcome in it
lol bump
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