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Anon in Pone Prison #30 Are We Kill or Nah edition
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Anon has finally been brought to justice. Justice means no dessert and going to bed early.
Previous Thread: >>25819617

I'll post stuff just need to shower and food first
>Hoe my goodness now you iz Chytera dah Changeling
>You and your sisters have made it back to your cave room
>It was quite the wobbly and giddy struggle to get back. One of your sisters even had to be levitated the last stretch
>While Anon’s gesture was a small one it had packed a wallop.
>Sure, it had been a long time since any of you had gotten any /real/, pure emotion and not just background noise, but still
>Whatever was going on in that human’s mind could let loose the most intense and pure emotions you’d ever experienced
>Thank the Hive you’d gotten him to offer that cup around the whole group
>Your sisters would never doubt your leadership after that
“Sister we need to talk about this”
>No, no talk only rest
>You look up from your bed
>It was Chitosan (dah brown one), your youngest sister, sure it was only about a 10 minute difference but it gave her that youthful energy somehow
>Should have figured she wasn’t going to be a very patient bug
>”Can we not speak of this later Chitosan?”
“I don’t think this should wait”
>A chorus of groans erupts from you and your other sisters lounging on your beds
>This time Odonata (Dah yellow one boiz!) speaks up
“Can we not just enjoy the moment Chitasan?”
“I AM enjoying the moment thank you very much, but I think it in our best interests to make sure we can continue to have these ‘moments’ as it were”
>Chitosan’s face and tone lose their anger as she continues, turning to excitement you couldn’t disagree with
“I mean did you feel that! I was nearly blasted over when those emotions hit me, no wonder Thoraxie had to be carried here”
>Thoraxie (grey), the second eldest of the five of you, definitely the smartest, but not very ambitious
>Chitosan had been referring to her heightened ability to sense and feel emotion
“WHY are his emotions so GOOD!”
>Now that was something you too would love to know
“Isn't it obvious”
>Thoraxie’s spoken up without even lifting her head
“You don’t have to be a master at emotion detection to figure it out”
>Thoraxie stops a second for her body to further feed off Anon’s feels
>”Please go on”
>You can’t just get everyone juiced up like that and then not finish your explanation
>Thoraxie rolls herself onto her stomach lifting her head
“By the Hive you girls wouldn't know a thing without me. Allow me to try and teach you”
“Surely you've all felt the emotions of a pony”
>”We've felt their anger enough to be sure!”
“No Chytera, I don’t mean the emotions directed at us, I mean their emotional states in general. Tell me what do they feel like?”
>What do pony emotions feel like in general?
>It’s not like you we’ren’t bad at emotion detection, in fact you were the second best in your familial group
>But pinning down a ponies emotional structure was pretty difficult
>Their emotions were too frantic. They barrelled around too much
>From sad to happy, shocked to terrified, lust to hate, they had so little control over what they felt
>Coleoptrix, your green sister, couldn't have put it better
“Exactly Trix, there is no better description. Now tell me, in the two times we've met anon what did you feel before we interacted with him”
>What was Thoraxie’s getting at now?
>You couldn't feel anything coming from anon’s emotional structure when you’d first met him
>Even when talking directly to him you couldn't feel shit
>Honestly you weren't sure he was actually living when you met him
>Only after he’d directed emotion straight to you could you be sure he wasn't actually dead
>Chitosan speaks up once more
“I really don’t want to admit this sisters but I couldn't feel a thing from anon. I need to practice my emotion detection”
“Hehe, no need Chitosan, I bet Chytera couldn't even feel him”
>To all your sisters surprise, except Thoraxie, you give a conformational nod
>”It’s true, I thought he was dead. I’m thinking however you could sense something Thoraxie?”
>It annoyed you that one of your sisters should so far outclass you in any skill
>She gives that smug look of somebug who knows something you don’t
>”Would you just tell us what this all means?!”
>Thoraxie deadpans at you
“I was just getting to that Chytera”
>By the Hive she bugs you sometimes
“Anon, as you should all now well know does have emotions, they’re just..hmmm, how to put it”
>Thoraxie gives her muzzle a thoughtful rub
“Hmmm. Stable, yeah that’ll do. His emotional state seems to remain n(e)igh on constant even in stressful situations, such as yesterday when we first met”
“Now from our experience with him I’d hypothesis that his feelings are triggered by far more complex stimuli than what a pony requires”
“This combined with his strange ability to stabilize or just flat out ignore his feelings in my opinion is what makes it both extremely difficult to sense his feelings and makes said feelings innately powerful and pure”
>You hated it when Thoraxie went all smart like
>”But how exactly?”
“I’m not really sure but it most definitely has to do with how reserved he is with his emotions, it makes them deliberate and powerful, his behaviour is influenced not just by his feelings but an apathetic center of logic and reasoning. Whereas ponies just feel and act without thinking things through, it weakens the strength of the emotion”
>Odonata speaks up annoyed
“Can you just give a simple simile for what’s going on!?”
>Thoraxie’s lets out an aggressive snort
“If I must to help wrap that arse-gravy you call a brain around what’s going on”
“Think of it like this, Anon's emotions work as a highly focused beam, like a laser pointer. Very intense and only available when activated. A pony would be more akin to a street lamp, on most of the time and radiating in all directions, reducing its intensity, how’s that for you dumb dumb?”
>Odonata looks down ashamed and embarrassed
>It seemed cruel but one needed to show some aggression and will to maintain your position within the family rankings
“T-thank you Thoraxie, I’ve got it now”
>Everybug else nods their head in agreement
>Chitosan directs her attention back to you
“So what are we to do sister?”
>Since Chitosan had brought Anon up earlier you’d been ruminating on just that
>”Well if we can’t feel his emotions we shall have to learn of him through visual observation using a bit of subterfuge. I also want somebug watching his friends too, they should reveal useful information to us.”
>You levitate out your lockbox, opening it up to reveal an album of pony inmates with their names scrawled underneath
>You quickly scan through the pictures until you settle upon the one of your choice
>”Chitosan take this”
>Your sister eagerly grabs at the picture
>”Since you’re so enthusiastic about this you will be beginning our observations. This is your designated transformation, you are to use this pony only when observing”
>Chitosan looks at the picture
“Sea Swirl? I haven’t heard of her before”
>”I’m not surprised, she was released almost a week ago”
>There’s a flash of green flames and before you now lays Seas Swirl the pony
>Sea Swirl speaks up
“So how am I to find Anon if I cannot sense him?”
>”Try to find the emotional fingerprint of one of his friends, like that blue pony he’s with all the time, even if he’s not there I’m sure you could garner some useful information from her”
>Coleoptrix gives a snort
“Or you could stop being so lazy and search the old fashioned way with your damn eyes”
>”Whatever method you choose you may begin only after finishing off your meal”
>A Changeling feeding off such potent emotions would have a sluggish mind and you’d prefer to minimise the chance of being caught
>Especially considering Changeling transformation here comes with a guaranteed 2 hours in time out and an extra 3 days to your sentence
“Very well sister”
>She settles back down, content, for now
>Aah finally, no talking.
Where all the writefags at? was there a mass cleansing?
The endless waves of boopers aren't even here
Their sentence was up and they were released back into the wild.

I loved the update, though. I'm ready for changeling shenanigans.
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Prison? Thats good.

Pony prison? Ohboiherewego
i'm still thinking up idears and catching up on aie threads
I'll write more tomorrow night guaranteed, if not tonight. I dunno what happened to Bluebird, Shukaku and MindWave. Wand should still be lurking. Hopefully.
Thank you writefriend
>double boop
Boop de doop I'll post some more later
Idea: Anon is scheduled to be "hanged" for his misdemeanors. Naturally he freaks the fuck out before realizing they mean just tying a rope around his waist and pulling him up for a few minutes in the town square, as that's what Equestrian "hanging" is. Hijinks + Shenanigans ensue
Something that I want to write and wish for some feedback on: Anon appears in Equestria in the middle of the night, inside of Princess Celestia's bedroom. Being a confused creature showing up in a princess' bedroom in the middle of the night, he trips over shit and wakes her, getting his ass locked up thanks to nobody believing his "I'm from another world don't know how I got here" story.

Due to this, his reputation in prison is one of a legendary thief, a master of stealth, with everyone thinking that he was just hiding all these years without being seen and this is the one time he got caught despite his insistence that he comes from another world.

He turns out to be actually pretty good at stealth compared to the inhabitants of this world due to not attempting to hide behind curtains with the bottom six inches of his legs showing.
Do eet
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pinkie pie go on.jpg
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>99 Sneak Anon in Pone prison
>Best player at hide and seek
>Anon becomes the Anne Frank of Equestria
5/7 would read
A bughorse is fine too.
More when?
>Anon hears he is going to be hanged by these ponies
>As any sane person would do, he acts to prevent this.
>Escapes, killing his guards in the process.
>Flees the town.
>Ponies freak the fuck out, even Tirek wouldn't kill a pony
Using his otherworldly stealth, Anon steals Celestia's heart
are we kill now or later?
Always later.
that's great

Be Short Fuse
>Be watching your conscience making out
>Or you were. Now you are giggling at how cute they were moving around the table
>At first, they were kissing and moving around. They are so tiny that it was funny to watch, but then Devil shoulder got mad at Angel shoulder for something you don’t know or understand
+How come you can’t summon lube? I’m not going to do /that/ if you don’t even summon a simple item!
^Why use lube when bloo-
+Don’t you dare finish that sentence! I’m not willing to continue! …But I don’t mind the kissing.
>This isn’t making sense anymore, at least for you
>If Angel shoulder isn’t going to tell you how to make a creampie, then you don’t need it!
>You still need to bake that cake
>The cake! The time! The lunch!
>Watching your conscience made you lose time! Now you’ll never give that cake to Anon!
>What to do? What to do!?
>Angel shoulder moves his hooves in order to call your attention
^Hey, we are still here.
“I know! And you two made me lost my time!”
+Look, we are sorry for-
^I am not.
+…Okay, I am sorry for making you lose time, but maybe you could get another cake? Check the room if there is any spare cake?
“I could… but then it would take time to find that cake! And Anon will get hungry! And he’ll get mad at me! And…”

>Suddenly you heard a big slam behind you
>The three of you eeped a girlishly yell
>As you looked behind where you listened the sound was coming from, you knock over the milk container with your tail
>And you accidently spilled the milk over the table, covering your Devil shoulder
>You turn again and gasp for the accident you made
“I’m sorry!” you say with a low tone, covering your mouth with one hoof
+So… sticky…
^Hey look! That is what I was trying to do with him!
+S-shut up. I need a bath now… And since that, you and me, we need to talk; we’ll see ya later, Short.
^Oh, you want to talk? Alright. ~ Call us if you need any lesson in love, Shorty!
>Angel shoulder winked at you as he stuck his tongue out looking at Devil shoulder
>And your Angel and Devil conscience disappeared from the table with a ‘poof’, leaving just the milk spilled on the table
>Turning up again to see what that slam was from, you located the one who startled you. Which was White Breeze, he was coming out of the fridge
>”Heya warden! Ah, I made you spill the milk? Sorry, I just wanted to see your work with the cake”
“Right… The cake… isn’t… going so well”
>You say with a sad tone looking at the mess you just did
>”Oh, is the cake invisible? Amazing! How did you do that?”
“No no no, the cake isn’t invisible, I just… couldn’t start baking it, I got distracted”
>”Hmm, I predicted that this would happen for some reason and got a surprise for you!”
>A surprise?
“What… surprise?”
>”Wait here and I’ll find it!”
>White Breeze flies back to the fridge and closes it as he enters it
>You could hear weird mechanic sounds coming from the fridge
>…Which you aren’t going to ask or question
>Then White Breeze opens the fridge and exits it with a cake on his hooves
>Oh wait a cake! A spare cake!

>”I hope an ice cream cake of rocky road is good enough, warden!”
>Is not just a cake, is an ice cream cake!
>You could see the marshmallows overflowing the cake on the top
>White Breeze carefully takes the cake to the table
>”So? What do you think?”
>You start smiling more and more at him for the surprise
“Oh thank you so much White!” you say as you tackle him with a hug
>Is like hugging a snow pony!
>How somepony can be this cold!?
>You feel as his hooves are in your back giving you a pat, as giving you back the hug
>”Umm, warden?”
>Wait, what’s that smell?
>You sniff the surroundings, trying to find that smell
>Where is it coming from?
>From the cake?
>You sniff more; the essence was coming from White Breeze’s mane
>It smelled like… winter!
>How is that even possible! What does winter even smell like?
>Now the hug is getting a bit warmer as White Breeze keeps holding you
>This was supposed to be a quick hug! But instead you hugged him for more than 15 seconds!
>You break the hug as soon as you realize
“S-sorry! I got carried away… I got distracted with, something… you know, warden stuff”

>”It’s not like I don’t mind that hug… is just… umm, oh! You got pieces of dough over your face”
>He grabs one of the napkins which was on the safety drawer
>”Here, let me help you with that”
>You stay still as he starts cleaning your cheeks and nose
>You blush slightly as he cleans your face
>”There, done. You don’t need to look messy around everypony! You are the warden, you know!”
“R-right, thank you”
>He stares you with a happy glance and you glance back a nervous smile
>”And for the record, I’ll help you with my special delivery! I’ll bring this cake to the room you’ll eat it!”
“Oh, White, you don’t need to…”
>”I need to! I want to help you!
“You know I could teleport this cake, right?”
>”You know I could take the ice cream cake to the magic fridge and get it to your room, right?”
>Well, he got a point
“Okay, if you insist. Deliver it to the cell of the block-”
>White Breeze interrupts you with his hoof in the air
>”Don’t need for directions warden, I’ll know where to deliver it! I got my magic compass!”
“Are you sure?”
>”One hundred percent!”
>He picks up the cake with his front hooves and gets back to the fridge
>Magic compass? Well, if he say so…
>Now you can get back to Anon and the tour!
>But first, time to get dress again with your uniform
>You start putting on the bottom part of your uniform and suddenly you heard another slam coming from the fridge
>”Oh, Warden!”
>White Breeze suddenly hugs you, making you drop your uniform on the floor
>”Quick hug for good luck!”
>He stops hugging you and flies back to the fridge
>”You should trade good points for hugs!”
>And with that said you are alone in the room again
>Confused and without words for that sudden hug
>Okay, you just have one word to say
>Better get dressed again, is getting late
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rainbow's pun.jpg
100 KB, 1024x576
If you guys find any errors in the update, tell me so I can fix it on the pastebin.
Also hope someone else updates too.
This thread needs more Ary.
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A-all these hugs!

Glad to see you're still going!
Was starting to get worried about all these bumps.
Naw man I was writting since yesterday and trying to get out of the Angel and Devil lewd situations
The binding of isaac is draining my life tho..
I'll try to write more often so there aren't much bumps in this thread
Bump from the 9
Writing right now.
>"Nurse Touch-"
"O-Oh, you can just call me Caring, Anon! Er, you can call me Anonymous if I can call you Caring, Anon! Er-"
>Gosh darn it!
>Your brain's all fuzzy!
>He just chuckles
>"I get it, and that's alright with me, Caring. Do you know if I'd be able to get a letter to someone outside the prison?"
>What a silly question! Of course inmates can send letters outside the prison! How else could they stay in contact with their families? Prison would be too much for ponies to handle otherwise!
"Absolutely Anon! I can get you a quill and parchment right now if you want!"
>"I'd appreciate that, Caring. Thanks in advance."
>His hand remains at his side
>Maybe he'll do it again if you're really fast getting him his writing stuff?!
>You bolt across the room, magically rifling through your desk at the speed of Wonderbolts to get Anon his quill and parchment
>Having the two necessary items in your magical grip, you zip back across your office to the bedridden inmate
>He gives the quill an odd look
>Caring Touch, you silly pony! You forgot ink!
>You fly back across your office, seize your bottle of ink, and rush back-
>You forgot to put the lid back on...
>Ink Everywhere
>Including all over poor Anon!
"I'm so sorry! Let me-"
>"It's alright. I'll just-"
>He gets out of bed!
>He can't get out of bed, his foot's still bruised!
>Why can he stand?!
>He peels off the ink-stained upper part of his uniform
>"There. I didn't get much on my pants, so this'll do."
>He wipes his face with the clean part of his shirt, so you get a good view of his torso and arms
>He's clearly in the weights club for a reason
>Bad! No lewd thought about inmates! They're criminals!
>B-But... Anon's nice... Maybe it was a mistake...?
>You can't just ask somepony - er, somehyumin? - why they're in prison though
>You'll just peek at his file later
Yessss strip bait for naughty nurse.
>You are Anonymous
>And this nurse is great
>She bring you some pudding to cheer you up, and inadvertently advised you on how you're going to deal with Discord
>Dude's clearly setting you up for betrayal
>So you'll betray him first!
>You're just going to send a letter to Celestia
>Discord already told you he was going to speak to Luna, supposedly on your behalf
>You're not sure whether he's going to secretly rat you out, or blow her expectations of you way out of proportion, or what, but you're going to need royal help to deal with what he's trying to get you to do
>Which leaves Luna's older, hornier sister
>You're banking on her still being crazy about you, but you're pretty sure she still is judging from Discord's taunting
>Even if she isn't, she still thinks you're a god, so...
>You press the parchment against your leg, dip the quill, and start writing
>This is kinda difficult...
>The first lines of your letter are ugly as hell
>Well, the piece of parchment's pretty big, so maybe you can just rip it off
>After some repeated folds, a lick, and careful tearing, you have a blank slate
>Restart writing.exe
>Better this time
>As you labor over your letter, you feel the nurse staring at you
>You look over at Caring, only for her to avert her eyes the moment you do
>You focus on your letter again
>Sure enough, you get the feeling again
"If there's something on my face, I'd like to know."
>You crack a little joke, but she just squeaks
>"N-No! I, uh, I just... What are you exactly? The Overseer just told me you were a human, but I've never heard of humans before, so..."
She called Brass that earlier
>Dude's got a badass job title
"I'm not really surprised you haven't heard of us. I come from a place called Earth. It's really far away."
>She tilts her head
>If you hadn't already seen Luna do it, your heart would have melted a little
>"Why are you in Equestria if your home is so far away? Don't you miss your family?"
>Right in the repressed homesickness
"Yeah, I do. But I came here for a reason, and I can't go home until I've settled it."
>"What is it?"
>You shoot Caring a grin
>Caring Touch used Pouty Face!
>It's somewhat effective
"I can't tell you the specifics, but someone brought me here to do something. But, when they told me what they wanted me to do... It was bad. I didn't want to do it. But, if I don't take some kind of action, something worse might happen. So like you said, I'm going to talk about it with someone and get help. That's what the letter's for."
>If Discord was telling the truth about that freaky orb, and someone bad really does already have it, the least you can do before you go home is deal with it
>You have no idea how you'll do it, but that's never stopped you before
>You'll beat the mysterious orb thief, then prevent Discord from doing whatever the fuck it is he's trying to set up, then force him to return you
>You owe Discord an ass-kicking anyway
>Doesn't matter if he's a chaos god, he's been beaten twice by six cuddly ponies
>How tough can he be?
>And although a lifetime supply of princess kisses and tight moon-stamped booty sounds absolutely amazing, you have to get home
>Your new friends will be sad, but...
>You can't just abandon your old life
>"Well Anon, I'm glad you have a friend to write to! Who is it?"
>Should you tell her? Would she even believe you?
>...Fuck it, you've told enough lies here
>Just tell her
"It's Princess Celestia."
>Her eyes nearly bug out of her head
>"R-Really? You know the Princess?!"
"Yeah. She was interested in humans too, so she came to, uh, visit me. We're friends."
>"Wow, Anon! That's so cool!"
"Heheheh. I know Princess Luna too."
>"BOTH Princesses?! Why are you still in prison then?!"
>She covers her mouth suddenly
>"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to pry..."
"It's fine. I'm here because I did something wrong, and my sentence isn't even that long anyway."
>You've been working on your letter this whole time, and you think it's ready
"I'm done with my letter, Caring. Where do I take it to get sent?"
>"/You/ aren't taking anything anywhere, mister. You're on bed rest until tomorrow, remember?"
"I remember standing up perfectly earlier."
>She places a hoof on your leg
>Comfort with this situation slightly decreased
>"Anon. I know you're a red suit. I know you have to act tough. And you're very good at it. I'm sure any number of black suits have their eye on you for recruiting. But it's /okay/. I'm here for you. When you're hurt you have to rest!"
>This fucking cute nurse
>You were hoping to weasel your way out of staying here all day, but you can't refuse a cute little speech like that
>Plus, you'd probably just make Brass mad again for going off without him
>Bed rest it is
"Alright. Can you take it for me, then?"
>She beams
>"You betcha! I'll be right back!"
>She levitates your letter, rolls it up, and walks out of the office
>You just kick back and wait

>You're Caring Touch
>And your heart is pounding
>He's friends with the Princesses! And is nice, and good-looking, and probably strong, and is apparently serving a short sentence!
>You want them behind your ears again
>A-And maybe on your tummy too...
>But you don't care how lewd it is, or how recently you met him
>You're a beautiful young mare only a few years out of nurse school!
>You'll do what you like
>And you like that hyumin
>You skip down the hall to the mail office, deposit Anon's letter, and proceed to skip back towards your little infirmary where your favorite inmate awaits
>You have an entire day with him
>An entire day to get him to touch you again!
>You may need a quick shower first...
>You have your own in the infirmary, although it's also for inmates staying overnight
>Anon will have to use it too...
>You just can't keep your mind out of the gutter after meeting him!
>You'll definitely need a cold shower to calm yourself down before you talk to him again
>And then you're going to care for that inmate
>You're gonna care for him so hard
>You make your way back, and Anon's still there
>You half-expected him to be out of bed, just to act tough
>Not that you don't like it when he does that
>Well, you actually don't, but only because he's risking his health!
>Boo-boos are terrible in general
>And his are /really/ terrible
>His poor foot!
"I'm glad you stayed in bed, Anon. Let me take a quick shower, and then I'll right back with you!"
>You take the quickest shower of your life
>For one, because you want as much time with Anon as possible
>For two, you came a little /too/ close to rubbing your own belly in the shower, with Anon separated from you only by a wall
>U-Ultra lewd
>Maybe when he leaves...
>You hop out, towel off, don your nurse cap, and walk back out
>Right into Anon
"A-Anon, honestly, I told you-!"
"I know, I know. I just want to shower too. I didn't get a chance to clean off after weight lifting."
>Oh no
>These mental images
>Thank goodness you aren't a pegasi, your wings would be diamonds
"S-Sure! Go ahead! I-I'll grab you another uniform while you're in!"
>"Thanks, Caring. You really live up to your name, huh?"
>He chuckles as he gives one of your ears a quick scratch
>Sweet Celestia, you're addicted to this
>It takes all your willpower not to follow him into the shower
>Once the door closes, you check the supplies cupboard for a spare red minotaur-type uniform
>Found it!
>You set it next to the door to the shower, then move over to Anon's bed
>You magically strip the sheets and blanket, setting them aside and levitating over a new set
>There! Fresh and clean!
>You move the old sheets to the dirty laundry hamper
>He'll totally scratch your ear again for this
>And if not, then you'll just care for him more until he does!
>And maybe make sure he's single while you're at it...
That'll do for tonight, guys. I shall return tomorrow.
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One free ticket bump

Im gonna read your update btw
Too tired right now
And rest well m8
File: 1427065854274.jpg (34 KB, 414x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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good stuff my mayne
I'm gonna read your update tomorrow morning*
Too tired that I can't even write.
>not rolling around and taking in his scent while anon is indisposed.

You dun goofed.
Get back here and write your totally not gay horse green
Cant think of anything to write bump.
File: 1433270000393.png (461 KB, 700x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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durnk bumping without green? HERESY

>be anon
>be in pony prison
>icewater in a spray bottle is considered a weapon of mass destruction
>those fuckers deserved it
>always breaking in and bothering you
ponies go outside
solitary bump
Page 10 yet again
I like this nurse.
Nice update, Physics

In the night i'll update I guess

Are you okay, durnk?
You okay there drunk? Yall are worrying me
Page 9 bump. Green after I get some food.
A couple days late but this technically counts as 'later'
If you wanted to know (which you don't) a m8 came round and was like "Lets go camping" So I was all "Okay", anyway let the update commence
>You're in the Gardening club's headquarters
>The room itself looks to be made of still living wood
>Leaves and moss and shit all over
>You sit at a bench with Shear
>There are several other colourful ponies in the room
>All of them look to the same pony you are (earth in nature)
>Deep green coat with a wild turquoise mane
>Her Cutie Mark is a seedling with musical notes coming off it
>It was Seed Song, head of the Gardening club
>She'd been recapping the gardening projects she wanted ponies to work on
>Planting veggie patches, trimming bushes and trees
>They were even planning on introducing a new large addition to the prison grounds garden
>Rainforest ecosystem! Complete with babbling brook
>The plans looked amazing all forestry and shit
>Her voice drifts away as you scan the room for what you sought
>Over there, jarred and shelved in the corner
>But how to get them?
"And finally give a big hello to our new friends Anonymous and Krystal Shear!"
>A uniform drab "Hello" rises from the club members
"Very enthusiastic everypony"
>The sarcasm is so intense it rips you out of your thoughts
>Seed Song has finished her speech and is trotting toward Shear and yourself
>Everyone else had stirred into action
>Ponies assigned themselves to the various tasks
>Some leaving with bags of seed
>Others remain to argue over design choices for the new garden
>The rest get to tending or planting their own personal plants
>Seed Song has arrived
"So new friends welcome to the club"
>"It's nice to be here Seed Song, so what do you have for us new recruits to do?"
"Well anon since you guys are new you can go help plant some veggies, it's an easy enough job"
>"That sounds alright"
>You'll be sure to get those chillies before the club ends
>Seed Song hoofs toward the bench containing the seed bags
"We need all those bags of seed to be planted by the end of our club meeting, Flower Blossom and Fern will be assisting you, now go and enjoy the wonders of greenery"
>Shear moves over to pick up a bag of seeds
>There’s only about a dozen bags but if each pony could only take one bag it was going to take a few trips
>Let’s cut down on that
>You clasp at each of the bags managing to get six in each hand
>"That'll save us some time"
>Shear clearly never learnt not to speak with your mouthful
>"I'll take that as a good job"
>Now to the veggie patch
>Where /was/ the veggie patch
>"Seed Song where is the veggie patch exactly?"
>The pony turns to you
"I can take you both there, I'll be going right past it to get to the CMC building"
"I need to file applications for our new garden addition"
>"Let's move out then"
>Seed Song leads you both along a rough dirt walking path
>A short cut across the grounds apparently
>Supposedly only Garden Club members knew about it
>It was pretty much a back alley behind some of the facilities buildings
>Before you know it Seed Song has stopped you in front of a Hedge wall spanning across two buildings
"Alright this is your stop you two!"
>She trots away
>"I can't see any veggie patch Shear, you?”
>Small pone looks about
>The hedge bursts open and out emerges a green pony with a light pink and purple mixed mane
>She's got some Sugar Blossom flowers as a Cutie Mark
>So she must be Flower Blossom
>And she looks annoyed at you
>Also holy crap that hedge was a secret door
"Oh Celestia! I ask Seed Song for help with the veggies and she sends the two newbies"
>Nice welcome
"The Warden told us it was an easy job but"
>Shear was right
>Flower Blossom just looks more annoyed
"Yeah for her, the master gardener! Not everypony can be an expert at seed planting"
>Seed planting is a skill here? How hard could it possibly be?
>Very apparently
>But only for ponies with no hands
>You'd been lead through the Hedge door into the veggie patch
>It was large for a hobby veggie patch, almost the size of a basketball court
>At one side was Fern, a brown buck with a green mane looking basically like a leafy fern
>Cutie Mark is exactly that
>Wonder how he got his name?
>Flower Blossom had given you a modicum of respect after seeing you'd somehow got all the seed bags in one trip
>Once again thank dem hands
>From there the four of you had to construct 15 rows, one for each seed bag
>Next came the tricky part, planting the seeds
>Currently your pony companions were having a might bit of trouble
>They had no issue digging small holes to plant seeds in
>Nowhere near as fast as you just poking your fingers into the loamy soil and popping a seed in
>Their problem came from actually getting a single seed in their lips from the bag
>Struggling to pick them out of the many others
>Not to mention half the time they actually got one they would eat it straight up and meekly claim it slipped
>It was adorable but fucking annoying cuz it was making this shit take much longer than you expected
>You poke your finger in again, pick out a seed and put it in, cover your hole up
>That finishes your 9th row
>The ponies were /almost/ halfway their first row
>Cute aggression
>You keep planting to distract your mind
Welcome home I thought we were lost.
>It's all fun and games until someone spills a seed bag
>Flower Blossom had accidentally kicked over her seed bag in frustration
>Now she was sitting sadly next to the pile of spilled seeds
>Some joke about you spilling your seed in a pony
>You go over to help when you see the watery gleam overcoming her eyes
>"Don't worry about Flower Blossom. Let me help"
>You begin scooping up the seeds and dusting them off, putting them back in the bag
>It doesn't take too long but by the time you're finished Shear and Fern are also next to you
>Presenting the now full and clean bag of seed to Flower Blossom a cheery smile cracks upon her lips
>You've done it again
>A happy pony makes a happy anon
"Thanks Anonymous, I never would have expected a black suits henchpony to be so kind"
>You're only a HENCHMAN!
>God damn it Shear was lowering your rep by being too cool
"You picked those up with the speed and ability of a unicorn!"
>"Thanks Fern, I do have magic fingers"
>Shear's blush comes in full force for some reason
>Maybe it's just hot
>Come on guys we need to get this finished in time
>Your get back to it, spirit reinvigorated by tiny heese
>In the end each pony manages to finish their rows while you took on the last three
>Your impossibly amazing planting skills have Flower Blossom now thanking Seed Song for sending you
>You'd managed to finish the planting in record time apparently

>But now you were being held up by little ponies trying to clean up their little hoovsies
>Once again as a benefit of hands, you were capable of wrangling with an aggressive hose, making your clean up take seconds
>Once Shear had managed to twist the hose around to blast her face you decide to step in
>Only after laughing your arse off at your adorable friend
>"Come on Shear give me the hose"
>She looks up at you wet faced and spits out the hose
>You kneel down and put out your upturned palm
>Shear just looks inquisitively at it and even dares a sniff
>Much to her shock you reach down and grab a ponies muddy hooves
>She remains silent so you continue
>You push down the odd mouth activated hose piece to get the water running
>Spraying her hooves you use your hand to gently rub away the dirt
>You move your fingers in circles on her soft under hoof
*Pony Pleasure winny*
>How can these soft little things cut gems?
>Having finished one hoof you move onto the next, and the next and next after that
>And then the next pony in line
>Jeez it never ends
>By the end each pony sits shiny hooved outside the hedge door
>Each one looked extremely happy with your cleaning ability
>And also awkward and blushy, like they couldn't look each other in the eyes right now
>Fern also seemed to be questioning some major parts of his self identity, he looked confused
>"So guys should we get back early?"
>Your energy brings the group out of their awkward funk
>Flower Blossom speaks
"Yes Anonymous we should return, I can tell Seed Song all about your help today"
>And Awaaaaay we go

This should keep you guys sated for maybe 30-45 seconds
Now I want more.

Thank you Warden, sir.
Life giving bump
>You're bipedal and in the shower, so you're probably Anon
>As great as the hot water feels, you try to keep it quick
>There's a little bar of soap in here that you use
>Stepping out and toweling off, you peek your head out the door
>Can't see Caring
"Hey Caring? Do you have that spare uniform?"
>"It's by the door!"
>So it is
>You pick it up and bring it back in
>Get dressed
>Check yourself in the mirror
>Not too shabby Anon
>You could do with a shave though
>Maybe you can get some shaving stuff in town if Warden lets you go on that trip
>Considering security is nonexistent here and you're friends with the head guard, you could smuggle it in easily
>You step back out into the infirmary
>Caring's waiting for you
>Did she change the sheets on your bed?
>This is a dedicated nurse
>You heave yourself up onto your bed
"So what now? Do we just hang out until tomorrow? You don't seem to get too many injured ponies in here."
>She perks up a little at that
>"Oh, we can do whatever you like! I can go grab a board game from the game room if you want, or a book from the library, or-"
>She's really pumped about making you feel at ease
>It strikes you how fucking /dedicated/ most of the ponies you've seen here have been
>Warden always seemed really cheery towards her staff and prisoners
>Brass took his duties as your chaperone seriously even after he realized you didn't really need one
>The members of the cooking and weights clubs both were really into their hobbies
>And now this nurse
>"Anon? What do you think?"
>Ah, shit
>Spaced out
"I'm fine with whatever you'd like to do, Caring."
>She looks excited
>"Let's play a game! Do you like checkers?"
>"I'll go get the board, then! Be right back!"
>She runs out of the office
>You feel a little bad about making her run all over the prison, but she's hell-bent on keeping you in bed
>You wait a while, and she eventually returns
>She holds the box in her little magic force-field
>She runs over to you, then hesitates
>"Hold on, I'll get a table-"
>Fuck that, she's run around enough already
"Nah, just hop up."
>You pat your legs
>Her eyes widen
>"O-Oh, I couldn't! You're hurt!"
"It's only my foot and chin, and even those don't really hurt unless I put pressure on them. C'mon, take a seat."
>She leaps up like a cat
>These ponies and their weird physiology, man
>She gingerly sets the box on your lap, then lowers herself down on top of your legs
>You open the box and set up the board
"What color do you want?"
>"Y-You can choose!"
"I'll go with black, then."
>You divvy up the pieces, line them up, and the game begins
>It's been forever since you last played, but you're fairly confident
>After you've been playing a while, Caring breaks the silence
>"Do you mind if I ask you some personal questions?"
"Go for it."
>"Do you... um... have a... a..."
>Her voice gets really quiet
"A what?"
>"A uh, big family! Yeah. Big family. That's what I meant."
>Cute little word-forgetting pony
>Luna's still your girl, but it doesn't change the fact that this nurse a qt
"Not really. It's just me and my parents. What about you?"
>"I'm the same! Only child high-hoof!"
>She holds up a hoof
>You meet it with a hand, chuckling
>The hours pass just like this, with small talk and checkers
>You weren't sure how you felt about her rubbing a hoof along your leg
>But it as probably just her thinking about her next move
>By dinnertime, you were both sick of checkers
>"I'll go get some food for the both of us, and a new game!"
>She heads out, taking the box with her
>10/10 Nurse of the Year
>She comes back with two trays of food, and a box containing another game
>That force field can apparently carry a lot
>She sets her tray down at her desk, and levitates both the game and your food over to you
>Looks like connect four
>You devour your food, while she takes a little more time with hers
>She jumps right back onto your bed after
>"Want to make a bet?"
>You've always been a bit of a gambling man
"What do you have in mind?"
>"For every round I win, you have to..."
>Her face goes a little red
>"Scratch my ears."
>That's a little weird
>But you'll roll with it
>You kind of just did it on reflex, since she's small and cute and all
>But she apparently likes it
>No harm, no foul you suppose
"I can do that. And for every round I win..."
>That pudding was pretty great earlier
"For every round I win, you'll sneak me one additional pudding a day for as many days as wins. Fair?"
>She nods eagerly
>"Fair! Y-You'll have to come get the pudding from my office though! It'd be suspicious if other ponies saw me giving it to you!"
>Makes sense
"Sounds good. Let's do this!"
>You set up the little plastic rack and grab your little colored pieces
>You honestly don't care whether you win, as both sides of this bet are a positive for you
>Win, you get pudding
>Lose, you get to scratch Caring's ears
>You think you might even let her win the first game
>You let her go first
>The pieces stack up until, sure enough, it's her win
>She gives a little hoof pump
>You chuckle and move the game out of the way, feigning resignation
"A bet's a bet. C'mere."
>She eagerly scoots forward, the top of her head meeting your waiting hand
>"Aw yeah, right there..."
>She coos softly as you scratch
>This feels kinda dirty
>Is this lewd?
>You read that book on pony physiology pretty carefully, and you don't think this is an erogenous zone
>She's sure enjoying it though...
>She likes it, you like it
>What's the harm?
>You continue your ministrations, moving your hand up one ear and gently rubbing it
>She's squirming around on your lap
>Her back leg's even twitching a little bit
>You continue a little longer, then decide to resume the game
"Alright, that's enough. Let's play some more."
>"B-Buh? Oh, uh, yeah, totally! Let's play more! Hope you like rubbing my ears, because I plan to keep winning~."
My drawfriend is kind of crazy.

>"Wouldn't it be nice if Aryanne was punishing Shorty with BDSM stuff?"
"Oh, speaking of Aryanne, did you know that she is a warden in another story from the prison thread?"
*1 hour later*
>"Here, take this"

I'm speachless.
Also, sorry for not updating today, Battlefield happened.
Or you know what? I'll listen to some chill music and update a tiny bit.
Fuuuuuuucccckk, that's all I got tonight. Maybe it's just late, but I'm having trouble coming up with what comes next. I'll be back tomorrow, lads.
...well, I guess I can lurk a little longer.

Be Anonymous
>Be walking besides Silver Pie
>Both of you were talking about stuff from your world and this world
>You two now are walking through the prison, going to the mess hall
>Not like you are going to eat right there, but maybe you’ll pick up something to drink and go to shorty’s room
>Speaking of him… he told you to go to your room, not his. But maybe you could surprise him and help him with his paperwork
>Also some water from the kitchen could be good. You were sweating from that walking with Silver Pie and you needed something to drink
>”We are here. If you want something I’ll bring it to you, just sit somewhere”
“Nah I’ll go with you, I have enough of sitting around”
>He shrugs as answer and walks to the trays, you follow him behind
>Silver Pie picked up a tray and started picking up some hay and a bottle of water. He moved a bit to the left so you could pick up some water too
>A voice coming from the kitchen caught your attention
>”Ey, Anon! How ya doing today?”
>It was the chef, Lattore. He had his chef’s hat on which could mean he was making some meals for the inmates, wonder what’s he making?
“Hello Lattore” you greet him with a smile “just passing by, I was just thirsty from some walk on the park. I got some good exercise with this pal” you pointed to Silver Pie which was already leaving with his tray of food to a near table
>Oh yeah, he isn’t much of a conversation to anyone
>Before leaving you with the chef, Silver Pie eyed you with a smirk on his face
>”Pretty famous around here, eh human?”
>Then he went to an empty table and started eating his lunch
>Uh, first pony in this place to call you human instead of your name, eh… not like you care. This pony is different, the first different pony you get to chat with
>”Never saw before someone talking with that inmate like that, besides the nurse for his daily medical check”

>Day two of living in the broom closet
>Two days since those ponies challenged you to hide and seek
>Damn your competitive nature!
>The Warden ordered the entire prison to search for you
>They may never find you
>That's okay though
>You can sneak out at night and steal graham crackers and juice boxes for nourishment
>The question isn't "Will they find you?"
>The question is "Will your story be told?"

“Well, he’s a good guy. He’s a detective, has a good work, gets well paid… he can be grumpy is he wants”
>Now that you think, he told you only about his job and Equestria in general. Never touched anything about his friends or family, but well… you don’t need to know, if he doesn’t want to talk about that, then there is no problem. Or, maybe he forgot about talking about that topic
>Nah, whatever. No big deal to know a pony more than another
>…You should ask to Shorty about his family… maybe after the tour
>Damn tour is taking a fucking while
“Well I only came for the water; I’ll go to the warden’s office and see if he needs anything”
>You were about to turn around and walk away from the mess hall, but Lattore stopped you in your tracks
>”Don’t think you’ll need to go to his room, Anon”
“Why not? Is he not there?”
>Behind Lattore someone opened a door, or more like somepony. A cute pone trap saw you with surprise on his face as he made eye contact with you
“Oh, Shorty”
>Short Fuse closed the door behind him and left the kitchen, he was surprised for some reason as his eyes went wide as if he wasn’t expecting you
>Well… he really wasn’t, you said you wouldn’t leave the park. But they don’t sell water outside the park
>”Didn’t I tell you to wait for me on the park or your cell? Are you disobeying me?” he pouted with some sad puppy eyes
“Well long story short: I found an inmate to chat with and we walked a bit, even we went running for a bit. Then he got hungry and I got thirsty, so we went to the mess hall”
>”Oohh… and who is the inmate?” Shorty asked with curiosity on his words
>You point at the table where Silver was eating. He catches you pointing at him but doesn’t say anything, just keeps eating. Lil guy doesn’t give a fuck about anything
>”You talked with Silver Pie!? That’s… amazing!” Shorty looked at you in awe

“What’s the big deal? He is just a normal pony. Doesn’t talk much, and? That’s cool for me”
>Shorty’s reaction wasn’t changing; he looked still amazed as if it was the biggest achievement on the entire prison
>You pinched his cheek in order to give him some other expression, starting to pull it a bit
>”Ow! Ow! Oww! Aaaanon!”
>Damn! Why is his cheek so cold?
>You release the grasp from his cheek immediately
“Were you in a cold chamber? Your cheek is pretty ice cold!”
>Shorty eyed the room very suspicious from right to left very quickly
>”Nope! Just felt like hugging a snowpony! Hehe! I MEAN, I PUTTED ICE ON MY CHEEKS! IS THE NEW FASHION BETWEEN WARDENS!”
>[Suspicious trap warden noises]
>Sweat was starting to come from his forehead
>Shit’s suspicious, you were about to say something just to fuck with him, but something stops you
*Infernal belly sounds intensifies*
>Welp, its motherfucking dinner time. You could eat a horse, haha. Yeah, try saying that phrase and you could get more time in the prison
“What about lunch? Do we eat here or…?”
>”Oh! Don’t worry; I got a surprise for you! Remember that I asked you about your favorite ice cream flavor?”
“Oh, you got me a cake?”
>Shorty nodded his head “But not just a cake! An ice cream cake!”
>Holy shit, was it your birthday and you didn’t remember?
>”The cake is already on your cell, so we can get going!”
“That’s great and all, but… eating just cake doesn’t seems very healthy. Aren’t we going to eat something besides that? Unless the cake is made of broccoli…”
>”Don’t worry about that! Leave it to me! I’m a unicorn, you know?”
>Shorty posed while his horn started to glow a bit yellow
>Was it for show or was he magically teleporting some food?

>”Okay, let’s go!”
“Aight, just let me say goodbye to Silver”
>”Wait, Anon!” Shorty interrupted you before going with Silver Pie
“What is it, Shorty?”
>”Wouldn’t you like to invite Silver Pie over some cake? I mean, it would be a good moment to socialize with him”
>Hmm… that’s a good idea. Yeah, what can go wrong?
“Good idea Shorty. Maybe he and Pancho could make some good friendship, both are pretty speechless haha”
>Hah, as if. Silver Pie being a detective wouldn’t take a single second to notice that Pancho is a box
>Which is going to be a problem, maybe if you tell him to not say anything… he won’t spill the beans
>You walk to Silver’s table as he was finishing his hay, Shorty following you behind
“Hey Silver, the warden and I were about to go eat some cake and we wanted to ask if you would like some, as coming with us. What do you say?”
>Silver Pie was thinking, he wasn’t a good social pony but maybe the cake could change that
>”What’s the flavor?” Silver Pie asked, his expression being neutral
>”Rocky Road” Shorty said wearing a warm smile
>Hell yes! Rocky Road is the good shit
>Silver Pie took a drink from his water, finishing the bottle
>"One slice, and then I’m heading back to my cell..."
>Shorty jumped in happiness as he heard the answer, you just smiled at him
>Flawless victory. I mean, who can resist free cake?
>”Just. One. Slice.” Silver Pie said as he got up from the table

Damn it, this is all for tonight.
Good night folks.

Also, you are the Anon who wanted to create that story or just a random Anon passing by?
>Be Anon
>Arrested for taking creepshots of mares
>Well, not for taking creepshots, for operating a dangerous camera without a license
>If you set off the flash in somepony's face, their eyes could really hurt!
>Instead of fighting, you tried using their logic against them
>I was taking pictures of their backsides, so their eyes were safe
>Despite the court's sympathy, you're now in prison
>Be Anon
>Put into pony prison for reasons involving public touches
>You remain unrepentant
>Proceed to touch every female guard and most female inmates in the prison
>99% of prison guards female
>They all love it
>Gets to the point where guards are abandoning duties to get touched
>Male prisoners escape due to lack of supervision
>Hailed as a criminal mastermind, sentenced to life
>Nothing changes
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Boop bump
>be anon
>be in the caffiteria
>that guard, cookies n creame, just offered you a pudding cup in exchange for cuddles
>you accept, and later hat night, you cuddle the fuck out of her and have sexual intercourse with he lights off
>such is life in pony prison

Wow it's fucking shit
Always fuck ponies with the lights on
Yeah, you'll never know if somepony sneaks in the room and puts his butt in the way so you fuck the wrong pone and start fucking a stallion by accident.
The last thing you need to do isn't say "no homo" after that.
This is a nice prompt. I kinda want to do it, if no one else will.

Also, quick question for folks reading my green. I've got a good idea of how things will progress and eventually end, but do you guys want me to write in some clop?
only if it's tasteful and not forced, but I am totally down for some clop.
Please elaborate. I get the "not forced" bit, but what would you consider tasteful?
To be honest, as long as it's not forced or out of nowhere, and as long as it has a purpose.

For example, if anon is just getting his rocks off it's not tasteful. But if he actually has interest in pone X, or if there is some over arching plot point, then it's worth adding.

I am just thinking back to the super early AiE days when people made clop for just clop. Shit is never good without a ramp-up or point to the story.
Gotcha. Thanks.
Go nuts writefriend.
Do it if you want, i'll do some someday or do an attempt.
I mean, Mythd shared the lewd part of his story in the pastebin instead of posting it part by part.
Alright, Clop will be added. It won't come until way later, but it'll come. Also, I'll start writing within an hour or so.
Sex with the nurse?
You gonna penetrate those ears of her?
1.Ear sex is fuggin weird, mane
2.Royalty will be involved
>The games continue
>You've racked up more bonus puddings than you have actual days left in jail
>You're going to have to claim like three per day or something
>Caring is in a happy daze from all the attention her ears have received
>And is doing that thing where she rubs your leg while thinking about her next move again
>The hours passed quickly, and it's getting close to your preferred hour to pass out
"I think we should call it a night, Caring. I'm kinda tired."
>"Oh, okay! You certainly need your rest, after all."
>She still seems a little sad
>Is her job seriously so boring that the highlight of her day is playing connect four with you?
>...Then again, literally nobody else came in this whole time...
>She cleans up the pieces, putting everything away neatly in the box
>She sets it over on her desk
>You catch a brief glimpse of a pastel glow around the light switch before the lights go out
>You burrow down in your bed, getting nice and cozy
>Even the infirmary beds are decently comfy
>Step up your game, Earth mattress manufacturers
>She's still sitting on your legs
"Caring? Where are you going to sleep?"
>"Ah, I uh... I was thinking- I mean, since we're both comfortable- together, maybe...?"
>You gotta draw the line there
>You couldn't face Luna knowing that you let another mare share a bed with you
>You've pushed your luck far enough in this world anyway
"I'm sorry Caring, but a guy and a girl sharing a bed is considered pretty intimate where I'm from. I'll have to decline."
>She hurriedly clambers off the bed
>"S-Sorry! I didn't know you were spoken for!"
>Well, you technically are, so...
>Better just let her keep that conclusion
"Don't worry about it. I'll see you in the morning."
>"Yeah... Goodnight, Anon. Sleep well."
"You too. Goodnight."
>You shut your eyes, content to go see your literal dream girl without another mare in your bed
Dinner break, now that my roommate's friends finally left.
Whoot whoot
poor little pone
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>A nurse trying to sleep in Anon's bed
I wonder this from every writefag point of view.
Mythd: Brb let me call my herd too
Bluebird: Yes, for my mission to cuddle with ponies is still a go!
Zew: Am I being detained?
Me: Do you have a dick under your nurse outfit?
>You've got a pretty serious heart fracture, so you must be Caring Touch
>Of course he's taken
>The good ones always are
>He didn't seem to mind scratching your ears
>Maybe he'll keep doing it?
>You can only hope
>You don't want to have to kick this addiction the day you got it...
>You hope his special somepony is pretty
>She'd better be
>...what if she isn't?
>Or worse, what if she isn't good for his health?! What if she has bad habits?! She might be the reason why he's in prison!
>You have to find out!
>And if she's no good for him, then...
>You'll convince him! With these feelings!
>You won't give up!
>You didn't quit in nurse school, and you sure won't quit now!
>For him!
>Burning with newfound determination, you move over to the dirty laundry hamper
>You dig Anon's old sheets and blanket out, wrap yourself in them, and take a running leap onto the bed next to his
>You're just doing this because it's too much of a hassle to make up a new bed just for yourself!
>Nurses don't have ulterior motives!
>L-Like sniffing his blankets because he smells nice!
>Only lewd ponies would do that!
>And you're totally not a lewd pony!

>You're a member of the glorious bipedal master race, so you have to be Anon
>Why are you dreaming of the infirmary?
>Caring Touch is even here, too, on the bed next to yours
>That's sunlight coming through the window!
>This is real life, African-American! It's morning!
>What happened?
>Why didn't Luna visit you?
>Was it Discord?
>He said he was going to talk to her
>The fucking snake
>There was nothing you could do to prevent it, but still
>If he told her...
>But why? What would he gain from that? That'd just turn you against him and he supposedly needs your help
>Maybe you're just overthinking this?
>Even if she's a princess, she probably can't spend /every/ night in your dreams
>She's probably behind on work or something
>Let's go with that for now
>Still, you're a little sad
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Kek. Accurate. Also, next post will likely be the last for tonight.
>You check the clock on the wall
>Breakfast isn't for an hour or so
>You check some cabinets until you find the spare uniforms, then take a quick shower
>Clean as a whistle
>After you get out, you just flop back onto your bed and wait
>Brass said he'd come get you, so you'll just wait here
>It'd be kind of a dick move to leave without saying bye to Caring, too
>Speaking of
>She's waking up
>She pokes her head out of a big pile of blankets, bleary-eyed
"Good morning!"
>She takes a moment to process your greeting
>"Oh! Good morning, Anon! How do you feel?"
"I feel good. My foot and chin both feel fine."
>"Are you sure?"
"Sure I'm sure."
>"Hm... Well, If you think so... You're in the weights club, right? I'd like to at least observe you during club hours, just to be certain."
"If that'll convince you, then okay."
>She climbs down from the bed, and heads for the shower
>"I'm a nurse, Anon! I have to be certain!"
>She mumbles something after that, but you can't make it out, and she shuts the door before you can question
>Probably wasn't important anyway
>You continue chilling on your bed until she comes out of the shower
>"Anonymous, I remembered something."
>"You haven't had your physical yet, right? All new inmates require one."
"Nope. Should we schedule one?"
>"Yes! It'd be helpful to get it out of the way quickly! When are you free?"
"Anytime after lunch, pretty much."
>"Okay! I'll get you written in, here..."
>She heads over to her desk
>"Tomorrow, then?"
"That works."
>A knock at the door
>Caring responds
>Come in!
>In walks the big, bad head guard himself
>You crack a smile
"Hey Brass. I'm healed."
>He smiles right back
>"Somehow I knew you would be. Thank you for looking after him, Nurse Touch."
>"Of course, Overseer. It's my job. Although, as I discussed with Anon, I'd like to observe him during club activities just to make sure."
>Brass glances at you
>You nod
>"Well, I don't see a problem with that, Nurse. We'll see you there."
Goodnight, men. More tomorrow.
>Do you have a dick under your nurse outfit?
I bet you ask that of all the pretty nurses.
Well maybe if I get lucky one day...
One never knows
I need an adult
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bump for green to return
Bump :(
bump or are we kill?
We should just let this die, then create a new thread in a week or so.
We're not kill. I'll be on in 4-5 hours. Got work to do in the meantime.
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But why?

Have none of you read the fics where humans are all literally branded slaves in Equestria?
I can post some shit after my sesh for deez sweet and sexy trips
I need something to eat, think about traps and i'll write.
Hey, what happened to bluebird?
That never works. Except for DE way back. We let it die for three months and dumped a shitload of green at one time. It did die again though. Better to just keep the momentum going.

I'll update after catching up with some freelance stuff.
He is working on a spifire thread
Gonna have to leave a message to get him back here for a bit, he's been writing over there all day.
>Back in the Gardening Club's headquarters
>You sit opposite Shear playing footsies like a child
>Flower Blossom had indeed told Seed Song about you performance
>You were now waiting for Seed Song to return after she left to get you a reward
>She returns with two small badges
>A bronze flower and a silver flower
"Anon since you've shown such amazing potential today I'm giving you a silver Gardening badge. For somepony to earn this their first day is unprecedented"
>She spits up the silver badge to your hand
>ech it’s wet
>Then moves to Shear
"As is this"
>She places the badge in Shears little beret
>Hot damn that was some dexterous tongue movement
>Shear looks surprised and honoured
"B-but why am I getting a badge?"
>Seed Song looks at her proudly
"You managed to hold your own against two ponies who already have their bronze badges, I feel you deserve it"
>What a happy little qt3.14
>What a great day this has been
>Now if you could just get those Chillies
>Actually now you had the bosses favour maybe a simple ask could get you what you needed
>"Seed Song before you go could I ask a favour of you"
"Sure thing anon you've earned it"
>"Could I have a few of those chillies over there?"
>Her green face goes pale
"Good heavens anon you can't be serious, for what purpose would you want those, only dragons enjoy chili and they can drink lava"
>"I must be tough as a dragon then because I love chilli"
>You actually did love chilli
>"In fact can I use some of their seeds to grow my own chilli plant?"
>Seed Songs little muzzle widens into a smile

My leading theory is that he met his long lost identical twin who was also his sister, and was then later diagnosed with lung cancer and is under going a surgery to have one of his lungs removed and deep down he wishes his sister twin would die so he could harvest her organs to extend his own life.
Or his just kill
"Of course anon, if anything that just makes me happier to give them up, feel free to take as many as you want"
>Fuck yes, mission accomplished, diplomat style
>Now you won't lose karma for stealing
>"Thank you Seed Song, you're very gracious"
"haha all you red suits are such flatterers"
"You can take one of the seed pots over there to plant your chilli"
"And I guess that also draws to a close your first Gardening Club meeting, I look forward to seeing you both again"
>You say your goodbyes and depart
>Not before taking a huge bite out of one of the chillies
>Much to your pleasure the ponies in the room almost die from shock
>It’s the only way you can get them back for ruining your heart with their cuteness
>You give Shear a quick hug as you part ways
>She was going to her running club and you had a plan to go through with
>First you put your seed pot back in your room
>Time consuming seeing how you're on the fourth floor
>Grabbing a single chili you move to your target
>You peer around the corridors corner and spy the room you're looking for
>The Guard Room
>Creeping up to the door you look about
>Nopony around
>Looking through the doors window the room is also empty
>Lets hope it stays that way for the next few minutes
>You enter
>Door unlocked as usual
>Silently you close it behind you
>Now let us hope Silver Linings came through for you
>Opening the Guards fridge you quickly find the wrapped up sandwich
>You dismantle the sandwich and add your own secret ingredient
>You wrap the sandwich back up and put it in the fridge
>Quickly you scuttle like a crab out the door
>Now you'll find out who's been eating Silver's food and pull off a fully sik bruv prank
>Who ever it is should strike before lunch
>For now you’ll play the waiting game

I have more I just want to rework it first
Yesss there is green
>Zip bibbity bop you're back to being Shear
>You've been steadily trotting for a while now
>But what did you expect? It is the running club
>Beside you is a new friend of yours
>Sea Swirl, a unicorn mare
>Her coats a much deeper and vibrant blue than yours
>She has to be dying her coat
>Her mane is a light blue mixed with white, the curve to her mane gave it the look of a crashing foamy wave
>Her Cutie Mark was three interlocking spirals which looked similar to whirlpools
>She looks /too/ nice
>Better not introduce her to Anon
>You also need to keep any eye on that Soft Cotton
>She has to have chest extensions or a professional fluff stylist
>Either way it was an unfair advantage
>How could Anon ever notice you with such a small tuft
>Mapone always said yours would grow when you were older, well guess what ma, it didn't
>You must be a freak
>No silly pony Anon does like you
>But does he like you the same way you like him?
>Only time, and maybe a little nudge or two in the right direction, would tell
"What are you thinking about Krystal Shear? You're looking a little flustered, even for a running pony"
>You wish you had better control over your face
>Kinda like Sea Swirl; mare hadn't moved a facial muscle in a long while
>"Oh nothing in particular"
"Oh I bet it is girl"
"I bet it is"
>Could this pony could see into your mind
>She was a unicorn, to your knowledge of their magic if they practice enough they could basically do anything
>So she may well be able to read your mind
>Kind of scary
"On your left"
>A stallion comes galloping past
>It was Sprint Key
>Head of Running Club
>White with a bright blue mane and what looked to be the word "shift" on a button as a Cutie Mark
>He'd been galloping the whole time and this was his third lap
>That Buck is crazy
>But He'd got the other inmares to swoon over his stamina
>Even some of the minotaurs looked impressed
>You should get Anon out here sometime, see how long he can last
>You bet he could last a long time
>You bet he could pat your belly a looong time
"I knew you had lewd thoughts on the mind"
>Sea Swirl nods to your chest
>Oh dear
>You've got a half puff going
>Quickly brushing yourself down with a hoof you continue your trot
"On your left"
>Stupid buck
“So~oo, who were you thinkin’ about?”
>”For now that’s none of your business”
“ahh, fair enough I suppose. But do they like you back?”
>Exactly what you’d just bee thinking
>She’s totally a telepath
>But the question brings your mind to turmoil again
>Did Anon like you?
>Of course he does, common he just out right pats, scratches /and/ rubs you lewdly all over the prison
>But what if all that was just physical for him, like the buck at the festival
>No, no, he was kind to you and seems to care for you
>So yes he does like you!
>”I-I, I don’t know”
>You hang your head sadly, ears downcast
>You couldn't be 100% certain of it unless he confessed his feelings to you
>But what buck would do that? So there must be another way to find out?
>And you may have just the way, but how to give him something like that? From what he’s told you he knows nothing of magic so maybe it just won’t activate. Now that would be whorse business [in my head this was a polite way to say shit]
“That’s a shame girl, but you ain't lookin’ too beat up about it”
>”I think that's because I’ll soon have a way to find out”
>Sea Swirl looks incredulous
>”Yeah, really”
“Well all right then”
> The sound of trotting builds up to your left
"On your left"
>This Luna damned buck
>Please can it be lunch time now?
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Eh, I don't know why I got this idea.
>You are Anon
>You are in rock prison for throwing rocks to the river
>Who knew rocks had sentiments in this place?
>The warden is stone cold, she never shows any hapiness on her expression whenever she calls inmates
>Rock puns aren't allowed, you get one extra day for every pun you make
Nah bluebird has been writing in the spitfire thread might come back later.
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>It’s not quite lunch time according to your imaginary human watch cuz you’re anon
>You remain hidden away watching the guard room
>It's still a while 'til lunch but a few guard ponies have entered the break room
>You wait
>A little more
>And then it happens
>There's a commotion in the guard house
>You can hear one mare shouting out in shock at the spicy pain
>Looks like the sandwich thief has fallen for the trap
>The shouting spreads through the room and before you know it the guards are in an uproar
>Some are shouting in fear at the loud noise
>You can hear others are laughing at the unfortunate pony
>But they're mostly drowned out by the shouts for ice cream
>The guilty pony bursts out of the door
>You'd seen that pony before
>She was the tour group 1 guard you and Shear were originally heading to before the Warden had called you away
>You'd heard her name somewhere what was is?
>Cookies n' Cream! That was it
>Platinum had told you about certain guards to be well behaved around
>She was one of them, apparently the toughest guard in the prison
>The only other living thing in the prison the Changeling sister didn't fuck with
>Oh no

I have a few more pages typed out to post but I'm going to do that later to spread out the green, and yes I do remember what happened last time I said later
Consider this as within twelve hours.
>Bat Guard Whatever Her Name Is lied, and has been stealing Cookies' sandwiches
>Anon has just assaulted a guard unprovoked
>Solitary confinement with a friend
>Bad end
>Bat pony guard goes to jail because of Anon
>Hates him because he got her in trouble
>Tries to make up for it with belly rubs and ear scratches
>Former bat pony guard interrupts Anon at random intervals to have hate filled cuddles
If there is pone and if there is belly there can be no bad end
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Double dubs confirms
back from page 10 bump
>>Bat Guard Whatever Her Name Is lied, and has been stealing Cookies' sandwiches
so... why is Cookies writing the bat guard's name on her lunches?
Hope Anon will come clean to spare his bat pony friend from the blame, he can probably take any punishment the warden can throw at him, and he can thoroughly shame Cookies for /stealing/ from a fellow guard when he tells why he did it.
Id say walk up to the bitch then call her out on it.
>It hadn't occurred to you that Silver would be the obvious suspect for such a prank
>The little pony runs down the hallway
>Tongue out, panting the cool air over it
>Beads of sweat building up on her face
>Those chillies really weren't that hot
>At least she wasn't crying
>She passes you without even noticing your daunting figure
>Need to do something about that
>They'll be sure to get Silver for questioning
>You just have to get there before Cookies 'n' Cream or Honey Cakes
>You sprint off down the hallways to Silver's room.
>As you dive around the corner to face Silver's door there's a blinding flash of light
>Suddenly in front of the door stands Honey Cakes and Cookies 'n' Cream
>God Damn they can teleport
>That's fucking unfair
>The Warden goes to knock on the door
>You didn't want them to wake her up over this
>Adorable mares need their cuteness sleep in your opinion
>Just before The Warden's hoof connects with the door you dive in the way
>It's very poorly timed
>You do manage to stop The Warden hitting the door
>Just not with the intended part of your body
>You fail to get back up as you clutch at your now very tender balls
>Even soft hooves can hurt when moving with force
>Through the pain fogging your mind you can hear the Warden shouting
>Much more tenderly she adds
"Are you okay?"

I remembered to post before I go to bed
>You writhe around
>Thankfully the sharp agony is quickly subsiding to a barely tolerable dull ache
>You sit up, Honey Cakes looking very concerned now at having watched you be put down so easily
>Cookies 'n' Cream would probably be a bit more concerned looking if she didn't have that ice cube in her mouth
>"Ouch. I'll be fine in a second Warden, urg, I think"
"O-okay Anon"
>She looks relieved that you're alright but now she looks at you with annoyance
"Now what were you doing jumping in front of me Anon? I have business with Silver Linings"
>"That's exactly it Warden, I know you think Silver was responsible for what happened to Cookies ‘n’ Cream"
>You look sadly at The Warden
>"But it was actually me"
>"I'm sorry"
>You try to give your best puppy dog eyes
>She just looks at you with mild fear
>Note to self, gruff manly Anons can't be cute
"I find it hard to believe you'd do such a thing Anon, especially this early in your stay"
"Yet what would you gain from telling me this if you were lying?"
>She looks angrily at you
"We're going to my office right /now/ to talk about this and you better have a good reason for doing this Anon. Come along"
>She and Cookies 'n' Cream trot off and you follow
>You managed to save your friend the stress this would have caused her so that's left you happy
>The two ponies ahead of you disappear in a flash
>Being left out of the teleport?
>Now that's left you feeling sad
>You reach The Warden’s office minutes later
>The Warden sits stiffly behind her desk
>Cookies 'n' Cream is across from her eating a bowl of ice cream
>Next to the guard pony is an empty chair for you
>You take it
"We've been waiting Anon. Why in Equestria didn't you come with us when we teleported?"
>"I guess I was too far away for your spell to work?"
>She just looks at you confused
>She takes a breath
"So tell me why you decided to pull such a cruel prank anon?"
>Time to defend yourself
>"I had a good reason Warden"
>You explain having met your now good friend Silver and the issue of the constantly disappearing sandwich
>You go on to explain how your use of the chilli prank would allow you to find out the identity of, and stop, the sandwich thief
>Honey Cakes just silently nods along with your explanation
>When you've finished she let's out a long sigh
"I can understand why you did what you did Anon, it was meant as an honourable action"
>"Thank you Warden"
"However you have pulled a /very/ naughty prank on one of my guards. You still must be punished"
>Damn didn't quite escape justice
"You must spend an hour and a half in time out! And you only get to use the box of bad pencils if you want to draw"
>Oh snap almost two hours in time out, you ain't been punished that fiercely since childhood
>Cookies 'n' Cream speaks up for the first time
"Warden please be a little more lenient"
>"Don't worry I'm happy with my punishment"
>Shocked stares from both ponies
"W-what do you mean Anon?"
>"Well Warden I was honestly expecting something worse, but an hour and a half in time out sounds peaceful"
>They go blank
>404 ponies not found
>A few more seconds pass before Honey Cakes recovers
“Act cool all you want now Anon, but we’ll find out what you really think once you’re in there"

Would post more but I want to revise it again, I also want sleep
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Do you have a pastebin?

It's how the changeling thread rolls. Some downtime never hurt any writefags.
Bumb hard bumb fast
Damn I oversleep 13 hours
Green in some more minutes

Be Short Fuse
>Be with Anon and Silver Pie on Anon’s cell, sitting on the elegant pillows on the floor
> The three of you are eating the spare cake that White Breeze gave you as surprise, accompanied with some fresh milk!
>It’s a shame that he didn’t want to join in, he just left the cake in Anon’s fridge. The cake is pretty big and can be shared in various slices!
>You used your plastic safe knife to slice the cake and let Anon and Silver pick how many slices they wanted!
>Silver Pie said that he only wanted one slice… but he ate three now and was going for the fourth one!
>Anon seemed to be enjoying the cake so much, he’s eating his second one and the reflection on his face says everything!
>And you didn’t eat as much as you though! Only six slices this time!
>You are blaming White Breeze for choosing a delicious flavor for this cake
>”This cake is really good, did you bake it Shorty?”
>What should you say? Lie again? That way Anon would punish you again…
>No… You should say the truth, you are the warden! Be honest!
“I tried to bake a cake, but I got distracted by… warden stuff. So White Breeze helped me and gave me a spare cake from the fridge”
>The truth is always good, you shouldn’t be lying! You are the warden, after all! You need to be a good example for every inmate and guard in this prison!
>”A cake baked from you would have been great too, maybe another day.” Anon took a pause and then continued “So… Shorty, I was wondering about you and your family. You know, since you work as a prison warden, what do they think about your job? You got sisters? Brothers? A pet?”
>Well that was a sudden question! It has been a while since someone asked about your family! Except Jenny which only ask for your family job of course
>Last pony that asked was the nurse. And it wasn’t a good decision to show her my family album…
>That bow still scares you and gives you bad dreams…

“Well, at first they thought I was choosing a bad job, it was hard to convince them. ‘That job is too dangerous for you! You won’t go there and stay in our family’s job!’ they said. They accepted my decision after so many times I asked… I didn’t want to escape home or something but in the end, everything was okay! I send them a letter or two every week and ask about everything” you take a pause and sigh “Although they are bothering me often times with letters like: ‘When are you coming back for a family time?’ ‘Your mother made a cute outfit and doesn’t stop telling me about how cute it would fit you, please come back soon’ ‘Do you have a marefriend yet?’ ‘Your brother sent us a postal; he says that he misses us!’ you know how parents can be… annoying sometimes, but family is family!”
>You take a deep sigh and drink some milk. This is why you don’t talk about your family; it gets embarrassed from time to time
>You still miss them, ashamed or not, they are your family
“What about your family, Anon?”
>Anon stared at the ceiling deep in thought, you could feel melancholy in his eyes
>Oh no! You forgot that Anon is from other world! Oh you didn’t want to make him sad…
>”Well my family is pretty huge; I got my father, mother, sister, brother, nephews, cousins and stepfather, you know, the pretty usual big family. Nothing to say, I had my department in some city near my parents so I could visit them and we made reunions in events like New Year’s Eve. I have nothing much to add, really. Yes I miss them but I hope to see them soon. And of course there is Uncle Incognito… but we don’t like to talk about him, he’s like the black sheep of the family”
>So Anon got a great family! That’s good! …except for one thing you don’t understand
“What’s a stepfather?”
>Anon looked at you with a confused expression
>”You don’t know what a stepfather is? Or this isn’t a thing here in Equestria?”

“Never heard of that before”
>Silver Pie’s expression changed from neutral to curiosity from the word, but he was still silently listening to us
>”Not even I have heard of that before” Silver Pie said adding curiosity to the scenario
>”Well a stepfather is like a father, but like, the second one. My parents got divorced years ago and they split, my mother found a new husband which she married and, well, that new husband become the stepfather. As for my dad, he only has ‘friends’. In some occasions if the father… passed away, and the mother found a new husband, that would make him a stepfather too”
>Silver Pie’s legs started to shiver under the table, was he getting nervous for something Anon said?
>Still, one answer makes another question… now you want to know what a divorce is
“What’s a divorce?” you say with a curious tone, tilting your head
>”Oh for the love of god… well it shouldn’t surprise me that ponies here don’t know about these things, this place is just harmony and cute stuff”
>Are those human things? Stepfather, divorce… those words sound complicated. You are intrigued to know what is that
“Tell us what is a ‘divorce’, please”
>”Well you know what a wedding is, right?
>You and Silver Pie nod
>”A divorce is the contrary. When the couple doesn’t love one another anymore, they split or get divorced, as sad as it sounds, it’s the reality. Or human reality I guess”
>Silver Pie stands up and slams the table with his right hoof
>”That’s a big lie. How could you not love your wife? How ANYONE could stop loving the pony that they are united with? What’s the deal with marrying someone and then splitting? For what? A fight? A misunderstanding? That's stupid! What you said is minotaur s-“
>You stand up and interrupt Silver Pie before he finishes his sentence

>”Sorry. I got carried away by my anger, is not going to happen again”
>Good thing is that you stopped him from saying something that would give him more days in prison, even a week…
>But it wasn’t his fault; neither was Anon for explaining what those words meant. It was your fault for asking
“I think… that we are done with family questions”
>You sit back in your pillow and resume eating your slice of cake
>The cell was filled with silence as we finished our slices
>Things went awkward very quickly… you don’t like when things go awkward like this
>Maybe you should tell a joke? Something to raise the ambient?
>Well, is never hard trying something!
>Before you could tell your master joke to Anon and Silver Pie, you heard some knocks in the door
>You don’t know if someone was reading your mind and wanted to do the same joke as you
“Is someone knocking on the door?”
>Silver shrugged and Anon did so, well yeah… let the warden open the door, thanks inmates
>You stand up and go directly to the door
“Who is there?”
>Nobody said something from behind the door, but the knocks started to go in a weird rhythm
*Knock, knock… knock, knock, knock… knock, knock… knock, knock, knock…*
>You opened it but nobody was in the other side
“Uh… weird? Is someone pranking us?”
>”If there isn’t a weird looking guy with a pink suit saying ‘is just a prank, bro’ then it isn’t a joke” said Anon from his seat
“…Okay? I’m going to guess and say that’s a human thing”
>Anon smiled and nodded
>”Dang I miss Jewtube…”
>You started to walk to your seat but the knock kept going and going…
“Okay! Whoever is knocking…. Knock it off!”
>Somewhere in the prison, a nurse giggled at the pun
>But this time the sound didn’t come from the door, but from the fridge
>Okay, you can guess who it is

“White Breeze, please, stop doing that and come out of the fridge”
>But the knocks continued, this time even faster in the same weird rhythm
“Okay, I’m punishing you for trying to joke with us for this…”
>You walk through the cell and get to Anon’s fridge, opening it
>But nobody was there… just fruits, vegetables and drinks. Nothing weird, which indeed, was weird!
“Okay, I’m starting to get a little scared”
>”There was supposed to be someone inside the fridge?” asked Anon
“Yeah, there is a Pegasus who uses the fridge as method of travel in the prison, filling up every fridge of every inmate and guard. I mentioned him before, his name is White Breeze, but he isn’t inside the fridge…” you say as you close the fridge’s door
>Brrrrt… why all of the sudden the cell went chiller? The fridge was just open for 5 seconds!
“Do you guys feel the cold? Or it is just me?”
>”Indeed is getting chiller, must be the air conditioner. You should tell that pony to not be so lazy and fix the thermostat or whatever it is wrong” said Silver Pie looking at you
>You sit back on your pillow and finish eating the final slice of cake of the day. This one for really!
>”Oh I almost forgot that Pancho was with Jenny! If you excuse me, I’ll go for my friend. Maybe I’ll invite Jenny to take some cake with us”
>As Anon got up, some noise was being made from the fridge
>Okay, keep calm warden. Everything is fine; there is nothing to worry about. Maybe the fridge isn’t working very well?
>The fridge’s door opened by itself and a figure came out of it
>Some creature of snow came out of the fridge! White Breeze never told you that the fridges connected to a bizarre world with snow monsters!
>Whatever it was, it had the almost body of a pony. Looked like a snowpony, even with a tiny red nose… how scary!
“Wha-what are you!?”

>”I’M THE MONSTER THAT LIVES IN THE FRIDGE! AND I CAME FOR YOU, WARDEN! WAHAHAHA!” the snow monster shouted, his evil laugh filling the cell
>Oh no! The terrorists must be involved in this! They hired a monster of snow to kidnap you!? No way!
>Anon got in front of the monster trying to stop it
>”I’m not letting you take him, whatever the hell you are!”
>M-my hero~
>The snow monster took some steps trying to move around of Anon
>”FREEZE, OR ELSE” shouted the snow monster looking at Anon with an evil smile
>”Or else what?” said Anon with a determinate look on his face, preparing to defend from whatever attack the monster was trying to do
>In a split of seconds the snow monster flied
”It can fly!?”
>The snow monster laughed evilly as he was flying
>Silver Pie didn’t show any interest in the fight, as he was only watching meanwhile drinking some milk
>The snow monster hissed as he flied directly at you
“Ah! I’m too young to get kidnapped!” you shouted in a… not so manly way
>You covered your face with your hooves in fear as your horn glow and shot a magic projectile going directly to the monster
>The snow monster easily evaded it and tackled you into the floor
“No! Stop! Ah! No! Anon, Silver Pie, help me!”

>But he didn’t take you as a hostage or tried to harm you; the snow monster was… hugging you?
>What in Celestia is happening?!
>You look at the snow monster which revealed some parts of… his inside body? Wait, you recognize that cloud and snowflakes cutie mark…
“White Breeze? Really? REALLY?” you tried to look at his face and indeed, he was White Breeze
>This was a joke all the time?
>He couldn’t stop laughing as he stopped hugging you
>”Yup! I found some snow inside the magic fridge and got the idea of giving you a little scare! The hug was to say that I’m sorry!”
>You give him a serious and not happy look
“I’m removing you good points for that, White”
>”Aww, it was just a prank, warden!”
>Anon started laughing a little bit
>”Is good that one thing hasn’t changed from this world and the other, pranks are still dumb”
>”I’m not amused, I knew this from the very beginning” said Silver Pie
>So that’s why Silver Pie didn’t do anything or tried to help. Detective, yeah, but at least he could have said it…
“Hey White, now that you are here, can you fix the air conditioner? For some reason the cell was cold a seconds ago. That way you can get your good boy points back”
>”No problem warden! Will do!” White Breeze took fly and went directly to the air conditioner which was on the ceiling
>”And if you excuse me, I’ll bring Pancho and Jenny here” said Anon as he went to his cell door
>Oh right! Pancho and Jenny were together chatting! Hope they had fun!

Dem lucky trips tho.
Well that's my update for the moment
Also sorry for taking damn long in this last one post, my connection fucking sucks.
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>Page 9
Seems like the golden times for this thread died.
It'll probably come back, senpai.
It comes and goes like the tide.
And it's okay if it takes some time between your updates, since you give us such plentiful ones when they come.
Eyy b0ss have you seen an Alien?
Not recently, why?
Yeah, just the other day. He OD'd on coke though mang.
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consensual hugs.png
491 KB, 792x2376
Consensual bump
What happens to little ponies when the zebras come to town?
Mildly racial undertones of pone society get revealed
Sentenced to a day in jail for being creepy and weird.
This, probably.
Where's Anon? He needs to get in on this!
Who was writing that green where Anon and Discord were going to prank Aryanne and Veronika?

And who was writing that green where Aryanne was warden?
Dunno about the first one. The second one's Bluebird. Hunt him down and tell him to get back here.
>She goes to address Cookies
"Well Anon has provided an interesting tale, but what I would like to know Cookies 'n' Cream is why you were eating somepony else's sandwiches?! That’s unacceptable behaviour for one of my guards"
>Yes let’s see what would drive a pony to such Sparta
>Cookies wolfs down the last of her ice cream and begins her spiel
"It all started a few weeks ago about an hour before lunch”
“I’d missed breakfast that day to help detain an aggressive inmate"
"I was starving to death, that hungry I was. I just HAD to eat something and lunch was still forever away"
"When I saw a fresh sandwich in the guard lounge fridge I just couldn't resist!"
"So I took it and ate it"
>The little mare has the decency to look ashamed
>But then perks back up to her story
"Well the very next day it was back, same as the first"
“No pony had complained about it, nor was there a name on it, and as head guard I make sure everypony shares their complaints with me so I can help foster the atmosphere that makes PRC so great”
>Jeez is she being a kiss ass right now, nor would Silver ever have the chance to complain, she’s asleep most of the day
"So I came to the only logical conclusion I could think of"
>This should be good, you've had your experiences with the logic of this place
"The fridge must have been enchanted to make the same sandwich every day once a day"
>What is even what? wat
>Is the magic in this place that pointlessly over powered that it's reasonable to just have magic sandwiches turn up in your fridge?
>No way that’s a reasonable assumption, she’s just lying through her little pony teeth
>However Honey Cakes is nodding
"A reasonable excuse Cookies"
>Fuck me swinging, it’s not, you must speak your mind
>“You can’t actually believe that crap can you warden? It has got to be the biggest spoonful of bullshit anyone has ever tried to feed me”
>The two mares look horrified
“ANON, you can’t use such disgusting language in my prison! I'm afraid that your pudding cup privileges are removed for tonight!”
>”But Warden how can you entertain the notion that Cooki-”
“No buts Anon, or do you need some time in the lock box?”
>Lock box?
>Before you can ask Cookies interjects
“Warden no please, don’t send Anon to the lock box, I feel bad enough about eating Silver’s sandwiches, I don’t want to add being responsible for sending new hay [their way of saying new meat] here to that kind of torture”
>Honey Cakes sighs
File: unto caesar.gif (1001 KB, 440x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
unto caesar.gif
1001 KB, 440x300
"You’re a good cookie, er.. Cookies, I believe what you say, but like Anon you have still broken the rules"
>Cookies 'n' Cream's ears droop down, upset
"As recompense you shall make Silver her lunchtime sandwich for the next week"
>Cookies nods
"Yes Honey Cakes"
>At least she got punished
>You realise something
>"If you didn't know whose sandwich it was to begin with why did you burst out of the guard room yelling about Silver?"
"Oh that’s because I asked somepony what had happened to the magic fridge and they said Silver had been the one to put the sandwich there”
>"And that didn't tip you off to the fact that Silver was the owner of the sandwich and you’d been eating her food?"
>Her face scrunches up and her ears twitch in annoyance
"Maybe I was too distracted by a foolish inmates joke BURNING my MOUTH!"
>Low blow adorable pony, right in the guilt
>From her calm yet angry demeanour you can tell why she's seen as the top guard around these parts
>"yeeeah, sorry again about that"
"Thank you inmate"
>Honey Cakes speaks up once more
"Thank you for helping untangle this mess, you may go now Cookies 'n' Cream"

I fucked up my character count so had to split that last post into two. Wtf am I even doing, also yes this is only smole update
Wait, so she'd found out that Silver was the one putting the sandwiches in the fridge, and she still ate it anyway? Damn, Cookies. That's mean.
No, she found out only after eating the chili sandwich.
Honestly, the reaction she had after eating the sandwich was a little over the top. What if Silver just made a different sandwich for herself? She couldn't get angry at someone for eating what was supposed to be someone else's. She also couldn't have known it was made as a prank either. She just assumed Silver made it to antagonize her and almost ruined Silver's career as a result.

Of course, sometimes logic and ponies don't mix.
Logic and ponies don't mix but neither does being high af and logic
Glad to see you're posting more green, man. And bad things happen to good threads. Don't worry about it.

>Wtf am I even doing
Dunno, but I like it.

Also, more green from me tomorrow. Probably.
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hug the police.png
154 KB, 600x600
Yes, hug that little slut.
File: bump.jpg (96 KB, 800x970) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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music bump?
Oh god... that picture, I remember that thread now
File: unf.png (66 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey guys how should I deal with anon and magic? Bare in mind I've already decided what I'm doing with it, I'd just like to know what you would have liked
File: 1409782401928.png (73 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I hunger for more of this delicious story!
Do it however you want.
You could make it so some magic affect him and other doesn't.
Like, teleportation spells affect him but others spells like levitation doesn't.
But eh, is your story, your Anon.
You asking this for Nope's story?
Show first then we'll see.
good night bump
>You and Brass leave the clinic, headed for the cafeteria
>"How was your night in the infirmary? Personally, I can't stand being bedridden."
"It wasn't that bad. It was fun, actually. Caring thinks I'm pretty awesome. We talked and played board games all night."
>You also think she may have been coming on to you, but you aren't sure
>If the sisters are anything to go off of, ponies are pretty direct
>She knows you've got interest in someone else, so it shouldn't be an issue
>Hit the cafeteria, acquire edible substances
>You and Brass claim your usual table
"So how was your day off from following me around Brass?"
>"It was kinda nice. I'll admit I kind of missed watching all the chaos that happens with you around, but I got to check on the guards that brought you in. They're feeling better."
"That's good. They, uh... Are there any hard feelings about that, by the way?"
>"They're pretty scared of you, Anon. I wouldn't worry about any rude behavior coming from them."
>Brass leans in, shielding his mouth with a hoof
>"Between you and me, a lot of the low-level guards here are weenies."
"Yeah? How'd they even get the job?"
>"Sometimes a pony just falls on hard times. Warden takes them in just because she's a kind soul, but I'm the one who has to make them into prison guards. At first, most of them can't even stand to look at the red and black suits, much less break up a scuffle."
>Brass shakes his head
>"All my best guards handle the black suits and their gangs. I got one mare, Cookies n' Cream, who can handle anything, but she's just one mare. It's situations like this where I miss being in the guard. At least everyone there was capable."
"Why even leave then? I get that you got tired, but couldn't you have just sought a managerial position or something? If Celestia personally chose you to keep tabs on me, she must think you're pretty capable. You could've landed a cushy gig."
>Brass is silent for a moment, eyes falling to the table
...Not sure what happened there.
Just role with it green is green.
>"It... just wasn't for me anymore."
>...something happened
>You can tell that much
>But if your quadrupedal bro doesn't feel like talking about it, you aren't gonna pry
"Fair enough. You wanna lift with us this afternoon?"
>Brass looks up at you, blinking
"Of course, man. It sucks that you have to just hang out and watch. Let's lift some heavy stuff together."
>Brass grins
>"Sounds good to me."
>Internal fist pump
>Gonna get swole with guardbro
>You turn your head to see Warden rush up to your table, breathing rapidly
>"I herd that you spent yesterday in the infirmary! What happened?"
"You heard right. It was a weight room accident. I'm fine, though."
>"Are you sure? Nurse Touch reported that you were struck on the chin and foot!"
"Warden, it's okay. I promise. I just made a silly mistake."
>She stares at you for a moment before replying
>"...If you say so, Anonymous. Just be careful."
"I will, ma'am. Thanks."
>Warden smiles
>"Such a polite prisoner! I'm proud of you, Anonymous. You've come so far in such a short time!"
>That reminds you
"Warden, is good behavior enough to get permission to go on the field trip to..."
>Shit, what's this city's name again?
>It's some kind of pun...
>"Canterlot. Anon's hoping to go along on the trip into Canterlot, Warden."
>Brass picks up where you left off
>Warden puts a hoof up to her chin in consideration
>"Hmmm... I don't see why not. I think it'll be a good thing for the citizens to see a reformed high-level inmate. I'll add you to the list, Anonymous!"
>Fuckin' sweet!
"Thanks Warden!"
>"No need for thanks, Anonymous. You've earned it!"
>Warden says her goodbyes to you and Brass shortly after, heading out of the cafeteria
>You and Brass focus on your food, but you still hear snatches of conversation from the tables around you
>".../how/ much weight?"
>"Only one day in the infirmary? What is he?"
>"I hear both Twitch /and/ Alexei are after him. He's doomed, I tell ya."

We <3, Mr Physicist.
>"I heard them too. Alexei and Twitch are both black suits."
>Brass leers over at the noisy table
>The inmates, seeing his gaze, instantly fix their eyes on their trays
>Is Brass really that intimidating to them?
>Though if some human prison guard who was also a former soldier was looking at you like that, you'd probably shut the fuck up too
"The black suits are kept separate from the normal inmates, right? Do you think it'll be a problem?"
>"For you? No. Knowing Alexei, he'll just wait for an opportunity to send some of his goons to bring you to him. Twitch, though... He's a strange one. He doesn't have any lackeys, but he's been able to slip by his security detail before. He might come looking for you himself."
"What are they like? What should I expect if I run into Twitch?"
>"Alexei's the griffon nobility I told you about the other day. Twitch is the serial smacker."
>You manage to contain your giggles this time
>Brass still knows what you're thinking though
>"Don't take him lightly, Anon. He's disturbed, and fast even without his wings."
>Brass is pretty serious about this
>But you honestly aren't that worried
>What's he gonna do? Sneak up behind you and slap your ass? It's not like he can reach your face without flying
"I'll keep it in mind. C'mon, it's time to lift."
>You both dump your trays and head out, walking to the weight room

>You're Nurse Caring Touch
>Presently waiting outside of the weights club room for Anon and Overseer Badge to arrive
>You're here to make sure Anon's healthy enough to be exerting himself, and...
>And to see if his marefriend is in the weights club too
>But what if she isn't? What if she isn't even in the prison to begin with?
>You don't have the nerve to ask him who she is quite yet
>...what are you even doing?
>What if he starts to not like you because you're so nosy about his life?
>You can't help it though
>You want to know more about him
>You put in a request for his file after he left this morning
Glad you like it!

I think that'll do for tonight. I got kinda blindsided by coursework this week, but I should be able to post nightly updates for the rest of the week.
Sweat, and good luck.

Keep it up. Creative writing is good for the scientific writer's soul.

I have published shit in my field, but god damn, creative stuff is a good way to unleash stress.
File: image.jpg (89 KB, 736x498) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 736x498
>literally 0 people suggested "Are We Kill, or Are We Dancer"

I am indescribably disappointed in all of you.
Anon who created the thread here. Words cannot describe my regret.
Is physics the only writefag with a good grasp of the English language that isn't kill?
[Muffled mexican crying out in the distance]
File: image.jpg (39 KB, 640x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 640x363
Your story's plot is good, but the grammar and such needs work. Same goes for basically everyone that isn't Physics. At least, until the prophesized day when all the writefag a return to us.

you get bonus points because oh god traps are so my fetish
Well since I don't have help on my stories with edit, I go full retard. (Well I do check 4 times before posting)
Good to know my plot is good, I don't want to ruin anything.
Traps for life tho
File: Foot_1.jpg (13 KB, 600x446) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Instinctively you get up to follow the pony out
"I said /Cookies 'n' Cream/ Mr Anonymous"
>You were halfway out the door before your body freezes in a golden glow
>Honey's got you in her telekinetic field
"We still need to discuss you going to time out"
>You begin drifting back into the room
>Things are about to escalate very quickly, you just know it
>Being trapped in this force field is becoming unbearable very quickly
>It's not painful just the most odd and uncomfortable experience of your life as of yet
>Your muscles burn under your skin, bulging, constricting and twitching
>Nerve endings send signals through your body like lightning
>Your skin tingles with pins and needles
>And worst of all you couldn't move
>Being bound and restricted has always set you off, especially after that night with uncle incognito
>You continue drifting towards your chair
"Now I'd have liked you to go now but lunch is just around the corner"
>You honestly can't listen to Honey Cakes like this
>You need to fight back before your brain explodes
>With as much might as you can muster you begin pushing against the forces restricting your movement
>Honey Cakes rotates you around to face her
"However after lun-"
>She stops talking when the glow around her horn flickers
"A-anon, why are you making such a silly face?"
>You can hear fear in her voice and see it in her eyes but you couldn't properly make out what she’d said
>Something more annoying was afoot
>A deafening noise was crashing through your mind
>Like a thousand thoughts zipping around your brain all at once, but you keep pushing against the hold
>The glow around you has become red
>As has the glow around The Wardens horn
>And she looks absolutely terrified
>Her ears are plastered back and she lets out the occasional, adorable horsey squeal
>You can almost see your pained face in those saucers they called eyes
>You push against the force once more; energy renewed by the fierce desire to hug the fear straight out of the poor mare
>Like the sound of an anvil hitting a pony’s skull
>And you're once again free to move
>All the noise and sensations vanish
>You can focus on the outside world again
>Everything is awesome once more
>"Warden calm down it's going to be alright!"
>The panicking mare calms down at your soothing tone
>Her horn still glows a dull red
>You still remain floating in a red field
>But at least you are your normal self
"I'm sorry Anon, I need to calm down, I am the Warden after all"
>She takes a few deep breaths
"By the look of it something has caused my spell to backfire"
>She's still shivering from the adrenalin and fear
>"I take it that doesn't happen often"
"For a spell like levitation? I've never heard of it happening"
"Even worse I've lost control of my horn!"
>Now those are very valid reasons to be beyond terrified
>"What does that mean exactly?"
>Your body slowly starts to roll in the air in front of Honey Cakes
"Something along the lines of what's happening now"
>Oh joy
"When a unicorn loses control of their horn it never does what you tell it, stupid things!"
>As if to prove her point the glow around her horn brightens
>You suddenly begin to rise and the speed of your rotation increases
>"Uh can you please stop before I hit the roof?"
>It's hard to make out Honey Cakes as your field of view whizzes between her and the ceiling
>But she looks to be slowly moving her head side to side
"I'm sorry Anon but the spell's locked, I can't stop or even change the Celestia damned thing"
>Her ears go flat in fright again
>Come on Warden don't have a breakdown now, your limbs might get torn off or crushed if this magic pulls you the wrong way
>You don't really know what their telekinesis is capable of
>"Hey, hey Honey Cakes it's alright. It's just a freak accident, stay calm and you will be fine"
>You couldn't speak for yourself though
>While initially fun the spinning has increased to a now dangerous speed
>Don't be sick anon, don't be sick!
>All the worse that ceiling is getting a lot closer
>Hitting /that/ spinning /this/ fast would guarantee at least one broken rib or dislocated shoulder
>"Uh Warden I might need a little help here"
>There's panic in your voice now
"Don't worry Anon everything is going to be alright"
>Now you're the one getting comforted
>For a good bloody reason mind
>Dear god here it comes! This is gunna HUUUURT!
>You stop spinning
>You stop rising
>Unfortunately you also stop floating
>You crash onto the ground, a pile of thankful limbs
>You had avoided the roof
>Then what was that sound?
>Honey Cakes looks dazed and confused like she'd just been hit on the head with a nightstick
>Which she had
>Well not head but horn
>"What happened Warden? are you okay?"
>She waves your concerns off with a hoof
"I'm fine Anon. I am The Warden after all"
>"How'd you stop your magic?"
>She holds up the nightstick
>Actual nightstick too, none of that inflatable shit
"It's the manual, and painful, way of stopping a spell"
>She rubs her now sore horn
>Managing to get yourself standing you address Honey Cakes once more
>”So what was that all about? Why did your spell backfire?”
“I'm so sorry Anon, but I haven’t a clue”
>Honey Cakes gloomily rocks her head
*Musical Bell Chime*
"Ah it's lunch time already"
>She sighs sadly
"I need a break from this madness. Anon I'll tell you when to go to time-out after lunch"
>"Thanks Warden, I could use a break myself"
>You move out, finally permitted to leave
>But first you turn back to The Warden
>"Would you like to come to the cafeteria with me Warden?"
"No, no I need to deal with some things here first"
>"Suit yourself"
>She must still be shaken up
>You on the other hand were feeling ecstatic at having broken out of that weird pseudo torture
>Gotta be sure to lock that memory away in the vault to be actively forgotten. Now then,
>To the cafeteria!
Bump from 10
> " Oh you poor, wretched creature, slave to your animal instincts. Perhaps an hour in the Chamber of Penance will bring you to a more...ponylike state of mind. "
> If not for the screams of terror and fear, the name would have given you some indication of the fear that it evoked.
> Had you known that scooting that mare out of your way with your leg would have yielded such drastic consequences and charges of assault of every variety, you might not have done it.
> Of course, it did save you a few minutes of waiting while she chatted to her friend at the breakfast counter.
> Decisions, decisions.
> " Not the Chamber of Penance! "
> " Ms. Hardflank, don't you think you're going too far? "
> " Think of the children! What kind of example are you showing them? "
> Support for you rained down, but Longleg Hardflank stood her ground, trying to attach a cuff to your leg before realizing that it was far too small and wrapping it around your leg, leaving her somewhere around five inches of flimsy chain to tow you with.
> " You fools, this is for the good of society. Any one of you could be next! "
> With that announced she began pulling on the chain, which had no avil.
> " And now he's resisting arrest! If you continue your conduct, Mr. Anonymous, I'm afraid I shall have to extend your sentence by half an hour. "
" I'm going, just let me finish my burrito. I paid for it, after all. "
> Your logic is an iron bulwark against her, and you can see the realization that there is no possible argument that she could make dawn upon her.
> " Fine! But once you're finished, straight to the Chamber of Penance! "
" Deal, daddy-o. "
> " You will refer to me as Officer Hardflank! "
" Deal, daddy-Officer Hardflank. "
> " I've had enough of your insolence! Two hours in the Chamber! "
" That's good, because I'm done. Take me away, coppers. "
> The room fills with as wet, heavy silence as Officer Hardflank pulls you for five feet, then demands that you hold your own chain so that you won't escape, as her hooves are sore.
> Just like a funeral procession, a line forms behind you as you are walked to the back of the Ponyville Prison, then out the back door and into a building adjacent to a flower store where you stop to purchase a sunflower and chat about the weather.
> " Prepare to be horrified by the Chamber of Penance! Nopony has told of its horrors and surived, partially because we haven't had any serious offences since its construction. "
> With that, you are directed into a cell roughly the size of your bedroom.
> Its ornamentation is as follows: two throw pillows (understuffed, so your behind gets cold), one table (with sharp edges), three chairs ( if they put four ponies in the Chamber, one would have to sit on the floor! ) and one bed (with wool sheets that haven't been washed in a couple days).
> As your congregation stares through the bars, you hear the telltale 'thump' of somepony falling unconsious and falling down due to the sheer torture you're being put through.
> " To top off the suffering, you will be given only three meals a day, and dinner's meal is pea soup and brussel sprouts! Are you feeling penant yet? "
" Not particuarly. "
> " Not even a little? "
" I've slept in worse places. "
> " You monster. "
" Keep 'em coming, and get on with the soup. "
...go on.
> " What are you? "
" I'm hungry, that's what. Chop chop. "
> For the first time in her policing career, Officer Hardflank feels a peculiar fear.
> Your eyes lock with hers, and reclining on the bed you decide to see how far your luck will carry you.
" Either you're going to come back with soup, or I'm going to go ge some. Take your pick. "
> You can see her, struggling to keep her knees straight in the face of your brashness.
> " You're in no place to make demands, prisoner! You're in the Chamber of Penance! "
> There isn't a strong argument against that, especially because you walked in yourself.
> So, with nothing to say, you stand and begin advancing towards the bars.
> Whoever had thought to place them there had no idea about keeping anyone anywhere, as they were far too wide to stop even you from squeezing through.
> Despite this, you chose to grasp one in each hand and shake them, giving a shout that sends Ironclad the pegasus back a few steps.
> The ponies that followed the spectacle began pleading with Hardflank to return with soup, stating that you must surely be hungry after your trials.
> " Just this once, I'll allow you a snack, because you're so insistent. But don't forget who's the policemare here! "
> She gives an agressive shake of her hoof at you from well away from the bars.
> " But if I do, I'm going to put in another punishment for you to suffer. I'm going to give you a coloring book... "
> You are positively quivering with anticipation.
> " .. but no colors. Understand? I can make your life very troublesome! "
> Those seem like workable circumstances.
" Deal. Shall we shake on it? "
> You jab your hand through the bars, to which she recoils.
> " I don't trust convicts. "
" Probably a smart choice. "
> When she return with your soup and book, you get immediately to work, lest you lost the crowd who are awaiting your next move with dread and excitement.
> You disregard the soup entirely and tear the first page out of the coloring book seconds after she gives it to you.
> Leafy Lakes, the prisoner in the cell across from you, vomits at the sight of it.
> " Anonymous! What are you doing? "
> Hardflank, taken aback, takes nervous step after nervous step towards you.
> Several ponies flee the scene, running back the way they came.
" I don't have any colors, so what else am I supposed to do with it? "
> " You were supposed to think about your choices and feel bad about -"
> Another page.
> " Anonymous stop! You're going too far! You can leave the Chamber of Penance, just stop! "
> Tears are beginning to form in the corner of her eyes, which quickly evolve to outright bawling.
> She's the most composed one in the room.
> " Please! "
> Rip.
> " Anonymous! "
> Rip.
> " Anyone! Help! "
> Rip.

> Suddenly, Hardflank stands on her own four hooves, and amidst tears begins to make proclaimiations.
> " Anonymous, for your crimes against Equestria and common decency, I hereby sentence you to one day-no, two days-no, life in prison! "
> You give her your smuggest smile.
" Life in prison? I'll tell you, the fire rises, little pony. "
> You push against the bars, feeling them quake uneasily in their sockets.

> Suddenly, the room is filled with blinding light and the Princess of Equestria herself stands before you.
> " I was informed that something horrible happened here, what's going on? "
> That's when she notices that the coloring book is bare-spined.
> " Anonymous, what's the meaning of this atrocity? "
" I'm paying for my misdeeds, your Highness. "
> " By terrorizing the village? Anonymous, crimes of this level are not dealt with easily. "
" Then don't deal with it. "
> With that, you push the bars down and walk out of the Chamber of Penance, past the Princess.
> " Anonymous, you can't just walk away from this. "
" Princess, with all due respect, I've got a cake in the oven and lots of gross human bodily functions to do. "
> " Anonymous, stop. "
" No. "
> The Princess of Equestria, master of the day, trots to your side and keeps with your pace easily.
> " You're going to have to pay for this, you know. Judging from your acts, however, the traditional methods wouldn't be effective on you. "
" If you want to spank me, you can. Or, I can spank you, though that's not much of a punishment for anyone. "
> Your reward is a stern look.
> " Anonymous, something has to happen. "
" I know. "
> You turn and walk into your home just in time to turn off the oven.
" That thing is cake. Are you going to help me frost this or are you just going to sit there? "

That's it, thanks.
bump for more.
maybe tomorrow
I think I'll write some updates tomorrow, speed up Anon's tour and end chapter.
Why I get more ideas on the night...
Yay bump for the coming dawn.
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Bump for great justice
Bumping. The warden. In the butt.
Woo Hoo, page 10
I request to know the colors and type (Earth, unicorn or pegasus) of each and one of the wardens.
For drawing purposes.
Okay, this or the most popular characters (like Cookies from Mythd's story)
If you want to know what Cookies looks like, that's her up in the thread image.
I'm asking for important characters for a draw, like, a grupal draw of the important characters.
Or the wardens, I don't know.
It's dancer, as confirmed by the band members.

Flowers confirmed that the lyric was “dancer” and that it was taken from the Hunter S. Thompson quote - 'We're raising a generation of dancers'.
>page 10 bump

Be Anonymous
>Be outside Jenny’s cell
>You are about to knock on the door but you heard multiple voices inside
>Jenny got company, uh?
>You knock three times on the door and wait for an answer
>”Jenny, someone is knocking on the door! Must be a guard; let me go open it for you!”
>Well Jenny indeed had visit, and you could remember that voice which was from…
>The door was opened and a white and black pegasus was surprised at your sight
>”Oh, it’s Anon! Hey!” Yarn Feather said surprised as she saw you
“Hi Yarn, feeling better from before? Last time I saw you, you were fainted from all that blood”
>”Don’t remind me… I still can’t see how you survived that! There was blood everywhere! …Well, in your arm. But everywhere!”
“I’m just tough, that’s it” you say while you giggle a bit
>A certain giraffe showed her head in the door as she spotted you
>”Hello Anon, did you and the warden finished the tour? Are you here for Pancho? Did you enjoy the prison?”
“Hi Jenny, well we haven’t finished the tour. We were eating some cake in my cell since it was lunch and that, then I forgot about Pancho being in your cell and well, since I’m here I wanted to invite you to some cake. And Yarn can come too since she’s here”
>Yarn Feather flied at your head height and glared you a smile
>”The warden baked a cake? He never bakes desserts!” she said adding a little squeak at the end
“Well he didn’t bake the cake; a pony named White Breeze gave him the cake. He said that he got distracted with warden stuff, so he couldn’t bake it”

>Yarn Feather’s ears dropped as she heard that from you
>”Awww… so you mean that- Wait. You said White Breeze gave him the cake?”
“Umm, yes? What about that?”
>”Is he in your cell right now?”
“Yeah, he is fixing my air conditioner on the ceiling”
>”Now that pony is going to know about me! Lazy Pegasus!” Yarn said as she flew towards your cell, leaving a tiny trace of smoke behind her
>Well that was weird, you don’t even know that blue Pegasus or what he didn’t do, but hell you wanted to talk with him and see what kind of shenanigans he could talk about
>Better question is, how Yarn got into Jenny’s cell? …Maybe she was searching for Pancho. Crazy pony with a crush on your little box friend
“Problems with the air conditioner?”
>”Yeah… we got sleepy and we… slept… on the pillows near the table! Yeah, we were so full of cookies that we slept on the table!” Jenny said as she scrunched her face
>Even giraffes are suspicious sometimes
>What they did without you now? Damn now you were curious
“So what adventures you three did on the cell?”
>”N-NO ADVENTURES! JUST TALK” Jenny shouted “S-SORRY I YELLED! I did it again! I- Okay, you get it”
“Ha ha, can I go for my friend? I’ll return it to you when I get back to my tour”
>”Sure thing Anon! Well, maybe he could fly to the cell. Let me talk to him” Jenny said as she entered her cell
>U wot m8
>Did she say the words Pancho and Fly? Boxes can’t fly
>Unless you throw one. …maybe they did throw Pancho by mistake and thought that he could fly
>Without permission of Jenny, you enter her cell. Not entirely, just on the entrance of the door watching her talk with Pancho, the little bastard was on the bed and she was trying to get a word out of him. Of course, she was failing at it
“Whoa, the room /is/ really cold, what happened to the thermostat?”
>Jenny stopped trying to talk with Pancho and answer your question

>”We don’t know. We woke up and the room felt way more chiller than before. Also… Anon, I have a serious question for you”
“Don’t worry, I’m not into giraffes”
>”Wha- No! I wasn’t going to ask something like that! Anon, take my question seriously, please. I feel concerned for something with Pancho…”
>Oh boy, what did he do this time?
>…Wait, Pancho can’t do anything, he’s secretly a box
“Let me guess, is about Yarn and Pancho? Because I know that Yarn has something for Pancho, I can see it in her eyes”
>”That wasn’t either! …but that concerns me too, Yarn Feather acts in a… lewd way towards him”
>That Casanova fucking box, you knew it. If Pancho gets laid before you, you’ll kill him
>Or at least try to reveal the true and say that he is a simple box
>You should get into a box and talk like Pancho, saying that you are his cousin or something
>Then see the reaction of everyone as you came out of the box as Snake
>That would be the silliest of things, be walking around the prison with your legs showing up
>Man, if only there were computers here in Equestria you would write the story and share it online
>If only. Man you miss the Internet
>”Anon, did you hear me?”
“Ah sorry, I was thinking about something else. What did you say?”
>”I said, that if you knew that Pancho could fly”
>Of course he can’t, he’s a fucking box
“No, he can’t fly. Is this some kind of joke or something? Because we were getting pranks from someone and-“
>Jenny interrupts you and she looks at you even more serious than before

>”Anon I’m being serious with this. When we were sleeping on… near the table, Yarn woke up first and spotted him flying near the ceiling, she freaked out and called me, but I couldn’t believe that. If he wasn’t flying, then he was floating in the air, we tried to talk to him and he answered in a very creepy tone. He then flew, or levitated back to the be- table, and I swear I could see a blue aura surrounding him!”
>Jenny finally finished talking and was waiting for your answer, you really don’t have one
>”Although I appreciate that he ate some of my cookies”
“He doesn’t speak often, only when I’m near him. And Pancho… he doesn’t eat cookies. He feeds by… the sunlight. And to clarify your question, no. Pancho can’t fly, is impossible for him to do so”
>You two were speechless as the conversation got serious and you were getting sweaty
>You turned your sight to the box sitting on the table, his eyes silently watching the both of you
>You regret already drawing those eyes and that smile…
>Jenny notices that you are now watching Pancho and she turns her sight to her
“What’s the matter now?”
>”H-he was on the bed seconds ago…”
>You start yelling inside as the cell goes silent


Welp, I was going to update on the morning but my nephew invaded my house, couldn't write with him near.
Is just annoying the little son of a bitch.
Also, if you find any bad grammar, tell me so I can fix it on the pastebin.
need to look over again but it didn't immediately jump out as wrong for me
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We really need a topic to talk about.
Or give some ideas.
What do you think anon would do out of prison? Could he survive or go straight back to gaol after sneezing without covering his mouth
I give him like a week before he unwittingly commits another "crime" and goes right back to lockup.
>Anon finally gets out of prison
>Turns around as he's leaving in order to wave goodbye to the warden and prisoners
>Guard escorting him bumps into his knee
>Three extra days are added on to his sentence for minor assault
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