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/mlp/-tan, /co/nrad and [s4s]-tan in Equestria
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>"Fuck, my head..."
>"Ugh, what's going on?"
>"And where am I?"
>"...no way, this has to be a dream. Maybe if I pinch myself..."
>"...holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, HOLY SHIT! YES! YES!"
>"I fucking KNEW I'd make it to Equestria one day!"
>"What should I do first? I should go find the Mane 6! No, maybe I'll >rape..."
>"Is that... yes! Pinkie, over here!"
>"She ran away... this really is Equestria! FUCK YES!"
>"Oh, damn, did I drink last night?"
>"Fucking hell, my head hurts."
>"Oh, god, why is it so bright outside? Wait, why am I outside?"
>"What the fuck is this?"
>"Wait... no..."
>"Oh, GOD NO!"
>"This isn't real, this isn't real, this is a dream!"
>"...shit, it IS real! I swear on Batman's parents' graves, when I find her I'll..."
>"A pony, maybe she can help. Hey, pink one!"
>"What the...? Hey, I need to talk to you! Ah, she's gone..."
>"/mlp/-tan, you better be here."
>"Ow... my head is all hurty..."
>"What is this place? This isn't my bedroom."
>"Hey, wait! This is that pony place /mlp/-tan showed me! Cool!"
>"If I'm here, then does that mean she's here too?"
>"Hey, a bouncy pink pony! Maybe she knows!"
>"Pink pony! Pink pony! Have you seen my..."
>"Pink pony, come back!"
Anybody want me to continue?
>/mlp/-tan's hands are shaking erratically as she walks through the street
>"T-that's really Sugarcube Corner..." she chokes out, "...and that... that's actually the boutique! I can't believe this is happening!"
>She turns into another street, but before she can point anything out, a man's voice calls her name.
>/mlp/-tan turns around towards the source of the noise.
>"/co/nrad!?" she gasps. "You're here too?"
>"Damn right I'm here," he says while walking to her. "What the fuck did you do?"
>"Me?" /mlp/-tan asks. "I don't know, I just woke up here."
>"We don't just end up in your god-forsaken paradise for no reason, you dick," /co/nrad scoffs.
>"Eat shit, dickhead, I've got squat. All I remember is waking up with a pounding headache," /mlp/-tan retorts.
>"Headache?" /co/nrad asks.
>"Yeah, what's it to you?"
>"I had a headache too."
>/mlp/-tan strokes her chin. "Strange. Maybe we did some weird shit before..." she ponders aloud.
>/co/nrad opens his mouth to speak, but a high-pitched voice in the distant cuts him off.
>"/mlp/-taaaaan! /co/nraaaaaad!"
>"What the?" /co/nrad says in surprise. "Is that...?"
>/mlp/-tan turns around, just in time to feel the wind knocked out of her as a little girl jumps and wraps her arms around her.
>"Yaaaay! I knew you were here!" [s4s]-tan squeals.
>"[s4s]-tan, you're here too?" /mlp/-tan asks.
>"Shit," /co/nrad mumbles.
>"[s4s]-tan, do you know what happened?" /mlp/-tan asks.
>"About what?" the little girl asks.
>"Like, everything about all this," /mlp/-tan says, sweeping her arm through the air to emphasize her point.
>[s4s]-tan pushes away from /mlp/-tan and bounces on her toes. "Ohhhh! I don't know! It was soooo weird!" [s4s]-tan explains as if she's in awe. "I woke up and my head really hurt, and then I thought 'this is the pony land! Maybe /mlp/-tan is here!' So I tried to ask a pink pony, and she gasped and ran away!"
>"Hey, I saw that pony, she did the exact same thing," /co/nrad adds.
>"Same here, that's Pinkie Pie," /mlp/-tan says to /co/nrad. She turns to face [s4s]-tan. "That pony wasn't scared, she's just excited because we're all new to Equestria, and that means we're all going to get a party!"
>"Party? Yaaaaaay!" [s4s]-tan screams. "I love parties! Almost as much as I love MEMES and DUBS and WEW LAD!"
>/co/nrad pulls /mlp/-tan aside for a moment. "Hey, about her story..." /co/nrad begins.
>"What about it?" /mlp/-tan asks.
>"She had a headache too." /co/nrad explains. "We all must have done something together."
>"Shit, good point," /mlp/-tan nods. She grabs [s4s]-tan by the hand. "Maybe we can find Twilight, she could probably figure this shit out."
>As the trio walk up to the Castle of Friendship, /mlp/-tan stands still and salutes the place.
>"What the fuck are you doing?" /co/nrad asks.
>"Paying my respects to the library, dumbass," /mlp/-tan snaps.
>"Respects! Press F to pay respects! F F F F F F F F le sad salute face," [s4s]-tan chirps.
>/mlp/-tan chuckles. "See? She's got the right idea in mind," /mlp/-tan says.
>"I'm not saluting your shitty library," /co/nrad responds, moving towards the castle.
>The two girls finish their respects and catch up to /co/nrad.
>/co/nrad arrives at the golden door and knocks.
>They wait for a few seconds, and the door opens.
>Twilight Sparkle stands at the doorway, prepared to greet them.
>"Why, hello there..." she says, but then she pauses.
>/co/nrad takes it as a casual greeting and begins to talk. "Hey, I'm /co/nrad, this is /mlp/-tan and [s4s]-tan, we're not from..." he manages to say before Twilight cuts them off.
>"Real... homo... sapiens... ON MY DOORSTEP!" Twilight squeals giddily. "My books said they were mythical!"
>"What?" /mlp/-tan asks.
>"Come in, come in, tell me everything, I must know all about your species!" the purple unicorn excitedly continues, using her magic to levitate the trio inside.
>"Weeeeee! I'm a birdy!" [s4s]-tan giggles.
>"Yeah, yeah, we're mythical and shit, ANYWAY..." /co/nrad says, "my names /co/nrad, and these two are /mlp/-tan and [s4s]-tan, and we're..."
>Twilight skids to a halt. Her mouth opens halfway before letting out another giddy squeal.
>"They're real..." she whispers. "The 4chan subspecies are REAL!"
>"The 4chan what?" /co/nrad asks, but he does not get an answer as Twilight starts running again.
>Despite /co/nrad still trying to explain the trio's current predicament, Twilight Sparkle was already running tests on them.
>[s4s]-tan and /co/nrad were sitting in chairs with all kinds of monitors attached to them. Heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, you get the idea.
>/mlp/-tan was sitting with Twilight Sparkle and splurging all her knowledge of ponies and 4chan to her.
>"So, this pony you call 'Tracy' was so named because it was traced from Fluttershy..." Twilight recites from her notes. "...and she is a serial killer, but she's not a REAL pony?"
>"Yes, yes, yes, that's right!" /mlp/-tan squeals excitedly.
>"Will you two listen?!" /co/nrad snaps, immediately getting the attention of the two. "We woke up here and we don't know how and why!"
>"Oh, right..." /mlp/-tan grumbles.
>Twilight canters over to /co/nrad and [s4s]-tan to read their numbers. "Could you explain the problem a little more in detail?" Twilight asks, inspecting [s4s]-tan's blood pressure levels.
>/co/nrad rolls his eyes. "Okay, here's what happened," /co/nrad explains. "We all woke up here in this place with headaches, and with no memory of what happened that caused us to end up here."
>Twilight immediately has an answer. "I'm pretty certain I know what happened," she beams.
>"What? Really?" /co/nrad asks.
>"You've simply traveled across universes!" Twilight explains.
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>Weeeee! I'm a birdy
>"That's what you say when you're a birdy. You refer to yourself and some other people."
More, this is artistically enjoyable
>Before /co/nrad could explain anything about 'longer storylines where the problem isn't solved until later', Twilight had already gathered the trio to explain the situation.
>"I once traveled to a different universe," Twilight explains, before /mlp/-tan immediately jumps up.
>"Equestria Girls! Sunset Shimmer stole the crown and shit!" /mlp/-tan points out.
>"Er, yes," Twilight says, before continuing on. "Anyway, I proceeded to the universe via a portal, and... well, I guess that's it."
>"Does that explain the headaches we got?" /co/nrad asks.
>"Actually, I have a theory about the headaches," Twilight explains. "You see, I only experienced a small headache when I entered the new universe. However, our universe and your universe has vast differences. In theory, universes with more similarities means less adjustment and therefore, less headaches, and vice-versa."
>"Wew lad, science is fun!" [s4s]-tan pipes up.
>"Indeed it is," Twilight agrees. "Anyway, I'm sure I can get Princess Celestia's permission to modify the gateway I used to travel between universes. Pinpointing the exact universe through magic will be easy, but there's a problem."
>"I know it!" /mlp/-tan shouts, raising her hand.
>Twilight laughs. "Alright, tell your friends," she agrees.
>"The portal only opens once every thirty moons," /mlp/-tan explains, "and if I know the problem, it's closed right now."
>"That's correct!" Twilight confirms. "The portal closed sixteen moons ago, so it won't open for another fourteen moons, or two weeks."
>/co/nrad jumps up. "You serious?" he says. "I can't live in this place!"
>[s4s]-tan reacts differently. "This is super ebin!" she squeals. "I can show all the ponies how cool dank memes are!"
>"Is there a place we could stay?" /mlp/-tan asks.
>"Of course!" Twilight says. "You're guests of honor in our universe! Lots of ponies will open their doors to you!"
/mlp/ is OP pls nef
>About an hour later, the trio are back in the middle of Ponyville in the middle of /mlp/-tan's tour.
>"That building over there is where Rarity lives," /mlp/-tan says, pointing towards the boutique. "She makes lots of dresses for ponies."
>/co/nrad has not paid any attention to /mlp/-tan's rambling explanations, but [s4s]-tan is hanging onto every word she says.
>"Cooool!" [s4s]-tan says. "Maybe she can make a super cool dress for me!"
>"You know, I bet she will," /mlp/-tan agrees, pointing to another building. "Now, over there in the schoolhouse. That's the place where all the little colts and fillies go to school."
>[s4s]-tan looks at the quaint building. "I wanna go to the school!" she giggles.
>"Not now, it might be a school day," /mlp/-tan explains. [s4s]-tan, however, has one idea in mind, and that's to see the little ponies. She runs away from the group.
>"I wanna make pony friends with ponies my age! Wew!" she cheers.
>"[s4s]-tan, come back!" /mlp/-tan orders, but the little girl is already out of earshot. "Rats, better chase her."
>"Oh, come on, my legs are killing me," /co/nrad groans. He begrudgingly jogs after /mlp/-tan, who is already twenty yards ahead.
>Sweetie Belle pushed Apple Bloom on the swingset, while Scootaloo was having no problems swinging her legs around.
>"Kinda sucks that both the ponies without their cutie marks have the flu today," Apple Bloom says.
>"Are we still going to have a meeting?" Sweetie Belle asks.
>"What's the point in having a meeting when nopony here hasn't found their talent?" Scootaloo asks.
>"I guess you're right," Sweetie Belle agrees.
>A few yards away, [s4s]-tan wanders towards the playground, looking around. She spots the slide in front of her.
>"Yay! Slide!" she giggles, climbing up to the top. She pushes herself down and cheers. "Weeeeeeeeee!"
>The cheer gets the attention of Scootaloo. She slows down on the swing and pushes herself off.
>"Hey, look!" Scootaloo says, pointing to [s4s]-tan as she climbs up the slide again. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle look where Scootaloo is pointing.
>"Wow, I've never seen anything like it. Is she new here?" Sweetie Belle whispers while Apple Bloom gets off the swing.
>"I don't think so, I didn't see her in class," Scootaloo replies.
>"Should we go talk to her?" Apple Bloom asks.
>Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo nod.
>"The memes on the board go 'kek kek kek, kek kek kek, kek kek kek'" [s4s]-tan sings as she goes down the slide once more.
>As she reaches the bottom, she's immediately surrounded by three fillies: One orange, one yellow, and one white.
>"Hi, little ponies!" she giggles. "My name is [s4s]-tan!"
>"My name's Scootaloo!" introduces the pegasus, "and these are my friends, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom."
>"And together, we form..." Apple Bloom says.
>At once, all three ponies clop their hooves above [s4s]-tan.
>"THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS!" the three fillies bellow.
>"What's a cutie mark? Is it a new meme?" [s4s]-tan asks.
>"Cutie marks symbolize our unique talents!" Sweetie Belle explains, showing her flank to [s4s]-tan. "Our talent is helping other ponies find their talents!"
>"Do you have a cutie mark?" Apple Bloom asks.
>[s4s]-tan looks over her body, wondering if she's had a secret cutie mark her whole life. She looks at her dress and gasps.
>"I think this is my cutie mark!" [s4s]-tan announces, pointing to her dress.
>"Your... dress?" Scootaloo asks.
>"The smiley face!" [s4s]-tan says. "It symbolizes my talent of making dank memes and checking dubs!"
>The Crusaders look at each other for a moment. Suddenly, they cheer.
>"That's a pretty unique cutie mark!" Apple Bloom says. "I've never seen anypony, or... anything have a talent in... what did you say was your talent?"
>"Making dank memes and checking dubs!" [s4s]-tan explains.
>Apple Bloom turns to Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. "Yall know what that is?" she asks. The unicorn and the pegasus shake their heads.
>"Whaaaat? Does pony land have no idea what dank memes and dubs are?" [s4s]-tan says.

gotta stop here and rest.
This is nice
This is good. Continue
>/mlp/-tan finally catches up to [s4s]-tan, with /co/nrad lagging way behind. As she reaches the little girl, she notices the entire school of colts and fillies crowding around her.
>"There you are!" /mlp/-tan says. "Don't disturb them, [s4s]-tan, it's a school day!"
>"Oh, she wasn't disturbing us," Sweetie Belle responds.
>"/mlp/-tan! They don't know about dank memes and dubs!" [s4s]-tan cries.
>/mlp/-tan suppresses a giggle. "[s4s]-tan, this is a different universe, of course they don't note what dank memes and dubs are," she explains. [s4s]-tan looks down and kicks the ground disappointingly.
>/co/nrad finally catches up, out of breath. "Don't make me run, you f..." he grunts, pausing as he notices the presence of fillies, "...fast girl."
>"So, what are ya'll?" Apple Bloom asks.
>"Humans. We're from a different universe. Apparently we mean a big deal to Twilight Sparkle because we're supposed to be fictional in this world," /mlp/-tan quickly explains.
>"You guys are from another universe? No way!" a filly from the crowd replies, awestruck.
>"Our universe is fun! It has dank memes everywhere and lots of keks and dubs and fun!" [s4s]-tan laughs, bouncing around.
>A chorus of oohs spilled through the crowd as Cheerilee comes out of the schoolhouse. She sees the crowd and gallops towards the trio.
>"I must say, you've certainly interested my little ponies," Cheerilee smiles.
>"They're from another universe!" one of the colts cheers.
>"And Twilight Sparkle is interested in them!" a filly chimes in.
>/co/nrad has secretly had enough and decides to end everything. "Hey, it was nice talking to you kids," /co/nrad interrupts, "but we've gotta go and find ourselves a place to stay for the time being."
>"What are you talking about? I'm..." /mlp/-tan replies.
>"Just go, for crying out loud..." /co/nrad hisses.
>/mlp/-tan bids the fillies and colts a goodbye and follows an almost-limping /co/nrad back to Ponyville.
>"You suck, you know that?" /mlp/-tan says.
>somewhere in the center of town, a very pissed off /v/-tan is trying to will his pure hatred into setting an annoying pink menace on fire
Row row fight the ponka
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>/mlp/ nerding out and trying to imitate her AiE stories, without success
>/co/ suffering from whyboners and flutterrape
>/s4s/ teaching the CMC about the magic of equal numbers
dis gon be gud
>/pol/-tan winds up in the Canterlot throne room, screams about degeneracy, then helps Celestia with plans to eradicate the filthy mud pones
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