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Let's wrap it up.
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There was a thread about sunset being beaten on, so I used it to jumpstart a story.

>>25946337# old thread. I'll pick up where I left off.


For anyone who needs to catch up, or is new.
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>Be a very frustrated Sunset.
>Found Anons old hangout but there wasnt shit there to point you in the right direction.
>Twiligaht was happy about some old laptop with a processor she needs.
>Right now you are all driving in the two car convoy back to town, where you'll split again.
>In fact, youre nearly back at the bar when your phone vibrates.
>You glance down and read "RESTRICTED NUMBER" on the screen.
>The hell?
"Hello? Who is this?"
Like that ever works
>"Sunset, ask AppleJack to take you back to her farm. Theres something there for you."
>His voice stuns you, and for a second you do nothing, not even breathe.
>When you come to, a fresh wave of hysteria takes you.
"Anon?! Goddammit!"
>You jump to the contacts list and repeatedly try calling him.
>The girls take notice of your outburst.
>”That was Anon? Where is he dear, did he tell you?”
“No, all he said was that I need to head to Apple Jack’s farm.”
>”Say no more sugarcube, we can head out that way now if you’d like.”
“Yeah I guess, but what about Rainbow and Rarity?”
>Rainbow speaks up, “Well I’m for a detour, and I have some words for Anon about how to treat a girl.”
>Rarity chimes her assent, and AJ turns onto another road, splitting up with the other three.
>The next few minutes consist of attempting to dial Anons phone and listening to the girls go on about him.
>When you finally pull onto the dirt driveway, you see two men standing by a big pickup chatting idly.
>They perk up at your approach, and walk towards the SUV as you unload.
>”Sunset, you probably don't remember me, my name is Shining Armor, Anon sent me and Mac here to get you.
>You still haven't gotten over yourself, and you reply with just a bit much fervor.
>”That’s not really what’s important right now-“
>”Like hell it ain't, we been searching high an low for his sorry hide! He better have something really shiny to get himself outta the trouble he’s in.”
>Mac walks over to AJ and puts a hand on her shoulder.
>Shining waits a second, presumably to see if there are any other outbursts.
>”Anyways, he managed to find you a place to sleep, rents been payed for three months, and you have several job interviews lined up. We're here to take you to your new place and help you get situated.”
>You wonder for a second how he's managed this on no resources, but the hope of seeing him at this new place overshadows it.
“Fine, but these three have to come too.”
>Shining looks over at Mac.
>”He didn't say anything about that, what do you think?”
>Mac simply shrugs.
>”Then I suppose it's fine. Get back in the truck and follow us. But, I’d rather if you rode with us Sunset, I think we need to talk.”
>There is no opposition to this plan, and now you're on the road again in the backseat of the truck.
>”So, Anon wanted to reassure you he’s fine, but that you probably won't see him again. He can't find it in him to be around you since he… uh, beat you I guess. But the point is that as a sorry and a farewell, he's making it up to you by making sure you're stable.”
“Fucking coward, he'd make it up to me like this but doesn't have the gall to tell me in person that he's ditching me again, but permanently.”
>”I can understand his choices, but I'd have to agree with you there.”
>Mac nods, “Eeyup.”
>There's still something bugging you though.
“How the hell did he pull this off? I mean, he's been in the same situation I've been in, so where’d he find the money to do this?”
>Mac and Shining share an uncomfortable look.
>Uhh, well, I'm not really sure how to say this. I think it's something he needs to tell you himself.”
"Assuming he actually does.”
>Something from earlier comes back to you, and you put two and two together.
“What in the hell is it that anon did fifteen years ago that has so many people bending to his will so easily? What kind of “favor” did he do to make it so that you all drop what you're doing to help me? Wasn't he the biggest introvert then?”
>”*ahem* well, that's kinda what he needs to tell you.”
>It doesn't really look like you're getting anywhere with him.
>All the more incentive to find anon.
>Shining sends you a message, apparently they're at the apartment.
>Catch is she brought friends.
>Oh well, you didn't want them involved for this part but there's no avoiding it.
“Hey, tree hugger, thanks for letting me rest for a second. I gotta go, but I'll remember this.”
>”Yeah no problem dude. You're cool to chill anytime.”
>You vacate the friendly stoner’s abode and come down the stairs until you're at the door of Sunsets apartment.
>You knock, and wait, and the door opens.
>Sunset stands there in the door way for a second, before flat out punching you in the jaw.
>Your teeth clack together and you stumble, a bit punch drunk.
“I deserved that…”
>At the sound of your voice, you see a group of girls rush out into the hall.
>Right off the bat you're getting jumped, punched and kicked.
>Boots and rings and hateful words and all.
>You don't even try to shrug them off
>”You're damn right you deserve that.” Sunset bends over and grabs your collar.
>”But you deserve this too.”
>She slams her face into yours and kisses you madly.
>It's like there isn't blood pooling in your mouth.
>She pulls away, a thin trail of bloody saliva connecting you before separating as well.
>”Now, we're going to have a nice, long talk.”
“Ugh, uhuh.”
>Mac and Shining pick you up and dust you off before depositing you on a worn out couch.
>Sunset sits in your lap and leans into your chest.
>Her face, looking much better than last you saw it, is millimeters from yours.
>”What the hell is it you did to make everyone help you out?”
>Oh fuck.
>You look up at the others, who conveniently find some spot on the walls very interesting.
>Thanks for the backup…
“Shit. Okay, so I thought you didn't want me back after…that thing… this makes what I'm about to say so much harder.”
>She furrows her brow but let’s you continue.
“Well, I guess I’ll put it out there then… I was the reason you failed to take the school over so many years ago. The principals gave me a deal, that I graduate on time if I played along. Twilight and her band of girly girls were distracting you while I set everything into place, leading right up till they zapped you with some crazy magic thing.”
>Her eyes widen, but you can tell she still hasn’t put the pieces together yet.
“Part of the deal was that I swoop in and… well rescue you I guess. I wasn’t much happy about it at the time… but a deal was a deal. That's it I guess, what I'm telling you is you've been played. Then you sold your heart to the guy that played you. There's no way for me to sugar coat it.”
>There’s a moment there that she simply zones out, no doubt shock at having been told her life up till this point was set up.
>You're worried she might-
>”Was it real?”

>”Was any of it real? Did you ever love me? Or was I simply your ticket out of school that you had to put up with all this time?”
>Her zoned look is still there, and she speaks in a perfectly level tone.
>It would scare you if you didn’t already know what comes next.
>Sunset just smacked you again, but her face remains resolute.
>Save for a single tear on either cheek.
“Heh… it doesn't matter any way, but yes. Sometime after ma died, I’m not sure when. Look, Sunset, I think you’ve had enough of me. I got Mac and AJ to hire me as help on the farm, so if you ever need closu- HMMPH!”
>For the second time in twenty minutes you get a kiss that you weren’t expecting.
>This time its softer, and a plethora of fluids mix into the embrace.
>Sunset pulls back and quickly places a finger on your lips.
>”If even a little bit was real, it was worth it to me. I’d do it all over a hundred times.”
>She looks up at your guests, who share looks of…something.
>Probably the same something plasters all over your face.
>”You can leave now… we need to put a few demons to bed.”
>At that there is a sort of scramble to get out, AJ hollering something to the effect of “See you tomorrow” or something.
>You can’t tell, mainly because of the big ol pair of titties in your face hypnotizing you.
>”Just so were clear, the only time you can hit me is when my clothes are off.”

I'm pretty sure the end is a bit (read:steaming pile of) shit, so I'm working on an epilogue. I'll have it done today, posted probably later though.

You guys are awesome, thanks for being patient.
I liked it.
Pretty nice friend
Alright alright alright
I'll try not to make it 3 threads for a short story.
Waiting for the epilogue
Anon as abusing husband and father
Epilogue. A few weeks later.

>Life has somewhat returned to normal for you and Anon, save that he works with moving equipment on the farm and you do accounting for a small clinic.
>The girls made amends with you, and it’s a pretty regular thing to hang out at the mall now.
>When he's not working either for aj or Luna, Anon is mostly playing poker with the guys.
>Which includes Luna actually…
>Anyways, your favorite time of any day is when you're with him.
>Kinda like now, he's making steak for you two, with potatoes, and some sorta salad.
>Your phone vibrates as you stare at anons back.
>Oh hey, it’s a message from Twilight.
>”Hey sunset, thanks for letting me keep that old laptop, I took the processor and fixed it up. Is anon there by chance?”
>You look up, and he thinks he’s slick by sneaking one of your chocolates from the table.
“Yeah, he's here, why?”
>Her next message comes up and you have to keep from cocking an eyebrow.
>”Ask him why he has so much strange porn on here. Mostly centered around a small children's show. My little pony, you know the one.”
>The file insert has about sixty gigabytes of very colorful equines posing in what you'd imagine are seductive stances.
>You can see she forwarded this to everyone, but the subject reads to “Don't say anything.”
>You type back, “Yeah, I'll be sure to ask. Thanks.”
>” ;3 “
>You pick up the remote and flip through the guide…
>A few minutes later, he comes back out to the dining room laden with food, and youcant keep a perfectly straight face.
>”Here babe, rare, A1, and sour cream for your potato.”
>He leans in for a quick peck before taking his spot across from you.
“About time, you were going to miss your favorite TV show from a long time ago.”
>Anon looks cute, all confused with his cheeks puffed out like a squirrel.
“I had to find it on demand, you better enjoy this.”
>Under your breath you add
“Cause I will.”
>He’s focused on the TV, leaving you free to smile manically.
>You point and click the remote, and immediately after a cutsie girly jingle plays as a bunch of colorful ponies dance around preaching friendship and love.
>Anon stops dead in his pensive chewing; you can see the chill roll down his spine.
>You've reduced the mad smile to a shit eating grin.
“I can see why it might have some appeal, but it's so out of character for you… oh well, you always were strange in bed, so it makes sense for you to do something extra when you're alone.”
>He chokes on apiece of meat as you dangle your phone in front of his face, wet horse vag starting him down between a pair of crotchtits.
>”How, *hughk!* how many people, *hem* know?”
>Even though he's having trouble speaking, his voice is laced with disappointed acceptance.
“ohh, just me and twilight….”
>You finish dinner with only light teasing, and you head to bed together.
>On the way up the stairs, anon slaps your ass.
>You respond by backing into him but first, the stairs giving you leverage, and let loose a whinny.
>You’ve literally never felt him get so hard so fast.
>You think cowboy will do for tonight…
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Okay that last bit caught me by surprise.
Bumping for the guys who didn't get the update yet
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